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The new Datatronic 5 touch-screen offers swipe navigation.

A convincing case for triple wheels

wide-angle wing mirrors standard, helping remove blind spots. A new option, likely to be popular with users, is a second built-in toolbox by the left-hand cab steps. The tractor weighs just 10.8t unladen but offers flexibility of ballasting with a maximum permissible 18t gross weight. An option fitted to the test tractor was new Michelin AxioBib2 VF tyres. These are designed to provide the largest possible footprint while maintaining a narrow profile and David Broad explained the rear 650/85R42s have a ground contact area similar to a 710mm tyre, but are more suitable for in-furrow ploughing.

What we have waited for “For us the biggest advantage is the new touch-screen,” explained Thurlow Nunn product demonstrator Gavin Ludkin. “This is something customers have been requesting in recent years and the new Datatronic 5 is very easy to use and will be popular. We sold a large number of 8737 tractors for larger farms and contractors and they have a superb reputation for reliability. I think they were Massey Ferguson’s best kept secret actually, as once users tried them they were impressed but the lack of a touch-screen was seen as an issue where several competitor tractors offered them. The LED lighting option will also be welcomed. We supply a complete

mix of user types including specialist vegetable producers, root crop and potato growers and larger arable farms and in this power class users have come to expect bright working lights, as seasonal use demands long working days. These features open up a new market to us, and create an attractive offering when matched up to Massey Ferguson’s reputation for strength, reliability and dependable technology. “Anyone can get on a Massey Ferguson and use it easily for basic tasks, and the new control system allows even less experienced operators to take advantage of more advanced functions and make the best of its efficiency and performance,” he said. ■

COMBI-DISC The Combi-Disc Subsoils, Cultivates and Consolidates all in one pass.

The Starco system installed.

Starco is advocating the use of its dual-wheel system, commonly known as the Schaad system. Its patented clamp enables safe and easy installation of duals next to the original wheels. The two inner wheels are permanently welded together while the third is fitted with Starco’s clamp system and spacer for the installation of dual wheels. Besides being cheaper and stronger than a single-tyre installation, this gives better traction, allowing the use of lower-horsepower tractors for the same job, and the narrower tyres are better at self-cleaning, says Starco. Ground pressure is reduced by up to 20 per cent because the tyres’ surface area is larger with dual wheels, and there’s less wear and tear on the shoulders.

The Combi-Disc brings together Subsoiling and Disc Elements in one frame and HE-VA’s clever design allows all the components to be adjusted Hydraulically on the move.




3 year 0% Finance available on orders placed before 31st July 2017. See website for details, terms & conditions


Hydraulic Reset Tines - Subsoil to 16” (40cm) deep. Increased leg Stagger - Reduced soil squeeze means lower HP requirement. 510mm Discs - Cut and mix to 5” (125mm) deep.

Rolls + Shattaboard

Front Press

Disc Roller Contour

King Rollers

Euro Tiller

Accu Disc

Triple Tiller


Crimper Roller

600mm V profile press roller - Weather proof consolidation. Hydraulic Tine and Disc Depth adjustment - On the move. 3m Mounted to 5m Trailed models

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