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e a harder select to mak n ca u yo w bigger 5 “For stra trol box and n co e th n o dling for bale core eans less han m es al b ch foot 6 in bedding.” Angus Wielkopolski runs 2 mixed arable and livestock farms in Yorkshire. The two farms are 40 miles apart and on one farm Angus runs a Fusion 3 and on the other farm a Fusion Vario. Before Angus bought his Fusions he was making all hay but wanted to get into haylage due to the increased feed value. “We get much better output and milk production from the haylage when compared with the old hay system” he commented. Angus makes 12,000 round bales per year, 10,000 of which are 4ft round bales of haylage and he also does two thousand 5 foot 6 inch bales of straw. Angus said “The McHale Fusion Vario is a very versatile baler, with it you can make different bale sizes depending on the crop type and the way you have the farm set up.” He continued “For straw you can select to make a harder bale core on the control box and bigger 5 foot 6 inch bales means less handling for bedding.” On evaluating whether to buy a McHale product or not Angus said “I spoke to a lot of McHale users and they were very happy with their McHale products. McHales reputation for machine build and service was good and the second hand values in magazines was excellent.”

Angus Wielkopolski, Seaton Ross, York, North Yorkshire.

View the McHale Fusion Vario video at :

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Farmers Guide February 2017  

Farmers Guide Magazine February 2017 Issue

Farmers Guide February 2017  

Farmers Guide Magazine February 2017 Issue