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40–10,000L dispensers

available at competitive prices

07860 352739

CHILLTON 6000L vacuum tanker, pump removed serviced & working well, c/w suction pipe, straight condition. £1,350+VAT ono. S Parrish Tel 07785 502436/01992 572511 (Essex).

2007 500 GALLON BUNDED DIESEL BOWSER fast tow, c/w pump & hose. £800. J Hicks Tel 07539 367336 (Berks)

13,000-LITRE free standing, stainless steel fertiliser tank with donkey engine. £1,750. D Tutt Tel 01480 212340/07831 165546 (Beds). PLASTIC clean water tank, 300 gallons. H&R Collins Tel 07900 334969/07767 891601 (Cambs).

TILLAGE TACKLE USED 10,000L BUNDED FUEL TANK with pump, filler & meter, bought in 2014, no longer required on the farm, will need to be collected. £3,000. Please email or call. J Peck Tel 01954 210211 (Cambs)

LEMKEN 2 leg subsoiler, new metal. £500. BL Clarke Tel: 07799 881727 (Norfolk).

Twose 12.4m rolls

£9,450 F42-18A

FUEL tanks, one about 1200L, the other 1000L, both heavy galvanised steel with riveted seams, brass gate tapes on both, only been used for heating fuel - RBO. Sensible offers considered. J Jewson Tel 07732 042987 (Cambs).

2007, 24” Cambridge rings, horizontal folding, good ring life remaining

more photos and detail at

07748 004794 01245 442224(T)

BUNDED steel gas oil tank, 10,000L. £100+VAT. C Griffin Tel 01206 337363 (Essex).

STAINLESS STEEL water/liquid fertiliser bowser, 16000L, baffled, dolly with hydraulic brakes, chemical locker, 3” Clarke water pump with 3” & 2” hoses. £6,950. JD Birch Tel 01530 222747/07831 113316 (Leics).

STAINLESS steel tank, ex Knight demount, rectangular, 2500L, very tidy. P Lodge Tel 07802 693321/ 01302 835944 (S Yorks).

HE-VA 16.3m King Roller

1998 Maschio DC3000 front mounted power harrow, can soon be changed to rear working, packer, new blades, oils, etc, done very little work, ready to go. £2,500+VAT. M Desborough & Sons, Tel 07881 908811/07946 557156 (Cambs).

MAIDWELL MOLER Well proven design

£20,950 £10,000+ SAVING ON NEW 2012, 24” Cambridge rings, 10,350kg, horizontal folding, contour following, good condition more photos and detail at


EDLINGTON 6.3m Cambridge rolls, 22” breaker rings, recently new pins & bushes, rear folding, gwo. £2,000. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts). LELY 6m hydraulic folding power harrow, good tines (straight type) packer roller, odd leak. £1,500. S Bartle Tel 07884 238552 (Notts). LELY 4m power harrow, flexicoil, star cleaners, plus various spare parts, good working order, plus 4m Lely/Accord drill, works but needs some wearing parts. £1,650 ono. R Vick Tel 07967 795372 (W Sussex). GALUCHO Tilth Master 5m good working order. £1,000+VAT. Can send photos. C Sly Tel 07973 188977 (Lincs).



07748 004794 01245 442224(T) GLENCOE 9 leg Soilsaver, ready to work, c/w any spares we have, can send photos. £800+VAT. C Sly Tel 07973 188977 (Lincs).



ANDY GUEST 01636 700608 07860 637654

DOWDESWELL power harrow in working order, 3m with working rear coil & new spare tines. £1,200+VAT ono. G Ollett Tel 01359 230990 (Suffolk).

Single and twin and three legged machines available Mounted and trailed

STORAGE TANKS SALE & HIRE 1,000–15,000 gal mild steel, stainless steel, bunded & glass lined



TELEPHONE: 01604 686216 MOBILE: 07973 265378


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01638 712328 Suffolk 01992 451629 Herts/Essex

10,000 LITRE STEEL BUNDED FUEL TANK excellent condition, tank & bund gauge only. W Hoad Tel 07967 954373 (E Sussex)

1800-LITRE plastic tanks in metal stackable stillages, M5/M50 triangle. A Warner Tel: 01684 592126 (Worcs).


01502 710100 Fully searchable database at...

20,000L stainless steel water/fert tank, all in good working order. £1,200+VAT. M Robinson Tel 07786 673396 (Herts)

CLAYDON Furrow Cracker 4+1, good condition. A Clements Tel 07873 263687 (Suffolk). RABE hydraulic release press arm as removed from Rabe Raven 5 furrow plough in good working order with paperwork & fittings. £190+VAT. M Knock Tel 07973 614409 (Suffolk). SUMO Quatro 4m, fully refurbished, 2 sets of legs, little used since 2012, 2008. £16,000+VAT. M Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warks). BOMFORD Dynadrive, 5m, cage roller, gearboxes are off & split open ready to refit, no parts required other than gear oil. £2,000+VAT. M Sutton Tel 07970 658813 (Warks). TWB subsoilers 3.5m, 5 swivel legs with shear tab system, large diameter toothed packer, exceptional condition, very good wearing metal £5,750. R Chapman Tel 07860 401855 (Lincs).

WEAVING 6m stubble rake, 5 rows of hydraulic tines, hydraulic folding, LED rear lights, first used 2013, approx 800ac use, tines have plenty of use left on them, in good straight condition, ready for work, photos available. £5,000+VAT. C Whitton Tel 07957 870362 (Suffolk)


MEADOW haylage, 140 x 4’ round bales. £14/bale. A Read Tel 07977 930401 (Lincs). GOOD horse quality hay, conventional bales in packs of 21. £75/pack collected. Can deliver around the Bury St Edmunds & Diss areas. R Spink Tel 07935 302873 (Suffolk). 2016 crop, round bale hay, equestrian quality. £25/bale collected. Mark JD Adamson Limited Tel 01580 291506 (Kent). HAY, good quality conventional bales, local delivery available. £3.50/bale. E Elsden Tel 01449 740574/07900 365595 (Suffolk). BARLEY & wheat straw in conventional bales. £1.50/bale can deliver locally. J Rice Tel 07759 650475/01449 711294 (Suffolk). BARN stored meadow hay, no weeds or rain, conventional bales. £3/bale. J Rice Tel 07759 650475/01449 711294 (Suffolk). GOOD quality small bales of meadow hay. £2.50/bale. J Freeman Tel 01353 740629/07784 770497 (Cambs). APPROX 75 conventional bales good quality hay, 2016 crop, barn stored. £3.50/bale. A Catchpole & Son Tel 01508 482450 (Norfolk). APPROX 200 conventional bales of OK quality hay, 2016 crop. £2/bale. A Catchpole & Son Tel 01508 482450 (Norfolk). 2016 quality hay, 4’ round bales & traditional small bales, good for horses. A Saville Tel 01371 831382 (Essex). HAY, 2016, conventional bales, good quality meadow with no fertiliser. £3/ bale, delivery possible. P Blades Tel 07889 305138 (Northants). THIRTY 4’ round hay bales £22/bale. D Bloomfield Tel 07788 993772 (Norfolk). 4X4 round bales. £18/bale, could deliver locally. M Banham Tel 07946 542816 (Lincs). QUANTITY of wheat straw in big round bales, very cheap, stored under cover. D Pask Tel 01284 830225/07970 915594 (Suffolk). FIFTY bales of hay in half Hesstons. GC Gapp Tel 07979 495492 (Norfolk). WHEAT straw in conventional bales, barn stored. £1.50/bale. G Shepherd Tel: 01283 732275/07940 597410 (Derbys). NICE hay, suitable for horses & ponies, baled end of June 2016, barn stored. £3/bale. G Shepherd Tel: 01283 732275/07940 597418 (Derbys). QUAILTY ryegrass hay, some first year ley. £4/bale; barley & wheat straw. £1.50/bale; both in conventional bales. DJ Thompson & Sons Tel 01953 860353 (Norfolk). BARN stored good quality hay, conventional £3/bale, round £20/bale. R Chapman Tel 07860 401855 (Lincs). MEADOW hay, approx 170 round bales, 4’, string, barn stored, can load. Please phone to discuss viewing. DG McCreadie Tel 07879 818207 (Cambs). WHEAT straw in quadrant size big bales, nr Braintree. £12 each. R Everson Tel 07974 385741 (Essex). HAY small bales, 2016 crop, barn stored, in good condition. £3/bale ex farm. Discount for clearance of the 400 bales remaining, Colchester area. J Howells Tel 07973 915181/01206 242293 (Essex).




01394 460408 07885 594143

We can supply all your



25,000-LITRE artic double axle water tanker, stainless steel, only used for water. £2,500. R Davison Tel 07831 145002 (Suffolk).




Good quality round & small bale hay Mini Hesston hay & straw available Also round bale haylage & barley straw always available Call us for a good deal



Trade advertising — Tel: 01473 694451 Email:

MEADOW haylage, 2016, 95 bales, made for horses but not suitable, OK for cattle etc. £10/bale collected. S Bailey Tel 01327 261083 (Northants).

FOUR-STRING meadow hay, space now needed. £20. C Maddocks Tel 07889 032695 (Kent). SMALL bales of good quality meadow hay, 2016 cut, barn stored £3/bale. F Ivens Tel 01327 361351 (Northants). WHEAT straw, 26 4x4 round bales, 2015 cut, barn stored. £10/bale. F Ivens Tel 01327 361351 (Northants). HAYLAGE, 4’ round bales, top quality, 100 available, IRG ley, no ragwort, no thistles. £35 each. S Rix Tel 07786 083729/07713 470297 (Cambs). 2016 round & conventional bale meadow hay, round bale haylage & barley straw available, both Hesstons & mini-Hesstons, all barn stored near Saxmundham, Suffolk, delivery possible for cost, please call for details. S Aldred Tel 07917 876572/01728 663308 (Suffolk). BARLEY & wheat straw in conventional bales, excellent quality. £2/bale. SG Hill Tel 07881 786690/01603 759536 (Norfolk). WHEAT straw for sale in 4x4 Hesston bales, good clean quality straw. WH Beckwith Tel 07979 36004/ 01268 747302 (Eseex). CONVENTIONAL wheat & barley straw, dry stored. £1.50/bale. L Emery Tel 07811 122089 (Beds). SMALL bales of seed hay, suitable for horses. £3/bale; bullock hay £2/bale. B Habgood Tel 01327 620620 (Northants).


STRAW & HAY (cont)

CLAYDON SR 4m, 2010, in good working order, batter boards & harrow tines, many seeding coulters & lots of spares included. £12,500 ono. W Boulton Tel 07801 529956/07515 324535 (Bucks). OPICO HeVa subsoiler, 3m, 5 leg, with Opico seeder, both 2008, hydraulic depth packer, in good clean working order. £5,750 ono. W Boulton Tel 07801 529956/07515 324535 (Bucks).

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