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The Independent Spreader Trailer & Tanker Specialists





2010 BUNNING Widebody 230

2004 BUNNING 2500 gallon tanker

1995 AS MARSTON 10t Root Trailer

2008 JOSKIN 20000 TL tanker

1995 HI SPEC 1600 gallon tanker

hi speed spec, air/hyd brakes ABS & LSV, s/d/bar, hyd door, g/chute, rollover cover, silage sides, arched full width f/window, etc, exc cond, choice of 2 2015 STEWART RoadKing XV20-26S 38cu/m, hi speed tipper, 7’ fixed sides, tri axle, r/steer, a/susp, a/brakes c/w ABS & LSV, s/d/bar, Nokian 560/60x22.5 rads, hyd f/to r/flip cover, etc, etc, exc cond 1995 AS MARSTON Fenlander 10, 10t, Michelin 340/65R18XP27 radials, hyd brakes, spr susp with twin 8 stud axles, auto up & over taildoor, lights, f/ window, gc 1997 BUNNING 14t semi-high-lift monocoque tipper, Michelin 500/60x22.5 radials, s/drawbar, hyd door with auto locking, grain chute, lights, hyd braking, rollover TRAILERS cover, rocking beam axles – 10 stud, good condition, 2016 STEWART GX18–23 S, 560/60x22.5 Nokians, full stored inside, choice of 2, ideal multi-purpose use inc hi speed spec, with a/ABS & LSV, s/d/bar, hyd door, g/ tipping into drill hoppers chute, rollover cover, silage sides, arched full width f/ OTHER TRAILERS COMING IN, PLEASE RING FOR window, etc, exc cond DETAILS OR REQUIREMENTS

NEW KOMPACTOR push off trailer NOW BOOKING FOR DEMOS, Model K36 twin axle 36cu/m cap, larger Model K40, 3 axles 40cu/m cap, full spec, up to 40% extra cap to normal tipping trailers, grain & rape tight, exc design features PLEASE RING FOR FURTHER DETAILS 2016 DEMONSTRATION K36 KOMPACTOR push off trailer, twin comm axles 10 stud, non steer, tandem parabolic comm susp with torque arms, air/hyd brakes with LSV, BKT 600/50x22.5 radials, LED lighting, hyd s/d/bar, hyd r/door, extra hi-level lights, pusher headboard, exc cond

1995 BUNNING 14t Semi-Hilift Tipper

WANTED – TRAILERS & ALL TRAILERS MODELS BUNNING SPREADERS Contact Alan 01263 861500 or 710679 • 07887 722978

2008 HI SPEC 3000 gallon tanker

HI SPEC (SAS Agri Ltd your Main East Anglian Dealers) 2015 STEWART GX18-23S, 560/60x22.5 Nokians, full

2009 MAJOR 2600 gallon

1996 BUNNING 3000 gallon


Large range of 20, 18 & 16t tipping models, flat, industrial dumper & low loaders






2009, Challenger MT765C 30" Tracks, 16 Idler Weights, One owner from new. 6000 hours.

2008, Challenger MT765B 30" Tracks, 8 Idler Weights, Leica RTK Autoguide, Two Owners from new. 4900 Hours. Call Les Bacon: 07774 296380

2003, Challenger MT755A 30" Tracks, 5583 Hours, Low hours for year.

2002, John Deere 8520T 4 Spool Valves, Idler Weights, Nearly New 30" Tracks, Very Clean Tractor, 4800 Hours

1991, CAT 65 4 Spools, Linkage & PTO. 8700 Hours

Call James Owen: 07771 942099

Call Les Bacon: 07774 296380

Call Les Bacon: 07774 296380

Call Andrew Walker: 07827 773605


Sell online —

radials, 3’ dia r/door, pipe trays, mudguards, lights, hyd brakes, hyd r/discharge, 2 inlet manual valves, in gwo SPINNER DECK ATTACHMENT for Lowlander Mk 4 2004 BUNNING 2500 gall, twin comm axles/susp, a/ spreader, one piece lift on/off brakes & LSV, s/d/bar, 500/60x22.5 radial flotation 2008 LOWLANDER 150 HD Mk2, wide body augers tyres, pipe trays, etc, etc, vgc (sludge cake design), guill door, 710/70x38 Alliance Hiload radials, 20mm floor chains, close spacing box 2008 HISPEC 3000 gall, comm tandem spr susp, 10 floor slats, wider body, lights, hyd brakes, 1000rpm stud comm axles with r/steer, 600/50x22.5 flotations, speed, serviced, vgc mudguards, s/d/bar, r/hinged door, hyd brakes, lights, gc 2010 WIDE BODY 230 HBD, 3 horiz beaters, built in 2 1995 HISPEC 1600 gall vacuum tanker, single axle–8 spinner deck, canopy hood, BKT 600/55x22.2 radials, stud, BN 3 tyres, mudguards, 8000L pump, lights, hyd s/d/bar, 20mm chains, twin axles with parabolic spr brakes, hyd r/valve, manual side valve susp, r/d/bar, etc, r/steer axle, elec floor control, guill 2008 JOSKIN 20000 TS 20000L, galv, twin axle – door, etc, large flare to body with built in higher sides, forced r/steer, BKT 750/60R30.5 radials, hyd damper, large cap spreader, choice of 2 d/bar, a/brakes & LSV, 8” f/mtd auto-fill unit, ind sight OTHER SPREADERS COMING IN – RING FOR DETAILS tube, mudguards, 4pt r/linkage, pipe trays, various OTHER valves, various lights etc, vgc SANDERSON SB55 Rough Terrain forklift c/w duplex mast 2009 MAJOR 2600 gall, single axle, 800/65R32 radials (one new), air/hyd brakes with LSV, sprung drawbar, TANKERS MEC 8000 pump, lights, mudguards, hyd & manual 1996 BUNNING 3000 gall vacuum, twin comm axles, comm susp with torque arms, 425/65x22.5 comm valves, low level spreader plate, vgc


2016 STEWART GX18-23 S







2013, MF5610 ES & 956 Loader Comfort pack, 2.0M Wide rear & Std front fenders, 450/85R38 & 340/85R28, Worklights on handrails and Rear fenders. 2550 hours Call James Owen - 07771 942099

2006. MF6497 Front Linkage, 3 Spools, 540/65R30 & 650/65R42. Very Good Condition. 5100 Hours

2005, MF6470 Dynashift, 2 Spools, 10 x 45kg Weights, 18.4R38 & 14.9R28. 4300 Hours

2007, MF5470 Dyna 4 Transmission, A/C, 2 x Spools, 380/85R28 FT W12 6L & 460/85R38 W15 8L Press Wheels. 5700 hours

2007, JCB 531/70 Agri Super 445/70R24, 40kph, Smooth Ride System, Pick Up Hitch, Q Fit Carriage. 3479 Hours.

Call Craig Bradshaw: 07774 296393

Call Adam Clubley: 07771 843080

Call Marcus Bourne: 07774 296390

Call Craig Bradshaw: 07774 296393

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