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What the breeders said... Bennington is the highest yielding soft wheat variety in Group 4 and is suitable for export, said plant breeding company Elsoms, which had four new recommendations to the RL winter wheat List. The variety has a very high agronomic merit and very stiff straw with a very high specific weight. Moulton, also a Group 4 soft wheat, is approved for both distilling and export. It has a very high specific weight, stiff straw and a good overall disease resistance package. Dunston, a Group 4 hard wheat, has the highest untreated yield on the list and is identified in the AHDB variety notes as “one of the relatively lower risk varieties on the List”. Freiston, another Group 4 hard wheat, has one of the highest specific weights on the Recommended List as well as one of the highest treated yields. Like all Elsoms wheat varieties, it has “first class” disease resistance, claimed the company. One other Elsoms newcomer to the AHDB 2017/18 Recommended Lists merits particular mention, continued the company. Chanson spring barley, bred by Saaten Union, is an exciting addition to the market as it combines ‘null lox’ malting quality with high yield; characteristics that could initiate a fundamental change in the barley used by maltsters for the brewing sector.

Group 1 quality “At 102 per cent of controls KWS Zyatt is the highest yielding Group 1 (P) variety with high grain protein of 13.0 per cent from trials grown to a milling specification. KWS Zyatt is a good protein scavenger and this enables it to maintain high protein levels with a new standard for yield,” said KWS wheat breeder Mark Dodds (right). “We have seen KWS Zyatt 01R53B

perform impressively in private baking trials producing loaves with volume and a fine structure without needing additional gluten,” he added. In addition, KWS Zyatt is the first Group 1 since Crusoe in 2012 to receive ukp status as an approved export variety. “An untreated yield of 120 per cent of controls reflects the strength of its disease resistance package, including a septoria tritici score of 6.4,” says Mark. “KWS Zyatt has performed consistently well over three seasons and across all regions. It has good grain characteristics, stiff straw and is an excellent second wheat choice.” At 106 per cent of controls KWS Kerrin is the highest yielding variety to be added to the AHDB 2017-18 Recommended List. A KWS Santiago cross, it takes yields on a step from its parent, and has an exceptional performance in the east, said breeder KWS. “KWS Kerrin is a variety that will appeal strongly to growers. It is two per cent higher yielding than last year’s highest yielding variety, KWS Silverstone. It performs well as a second wheat and offers a high specific weight for a feed wheat as well offering improvements in disease resistance compared to KWS Santiago,” commented Mark. “With similar straw height to KWS Santiago it also maintains the stiff straw strength and medium maturity characteristics of its parent,” he added.

Four new cereals Farmers will have four new high yielding cereal varieties from Syngenta to choose from on the new AHDB Recommended Lists – two new winter feed wheats, a new hybrid winter feed barley, and a new spring malting barley.

“The first of our new high yielding winter feed wheats is the hard endosperm variety Shabras,” said Syngenta seed and seed treatment manager, Samantha Brooke. “Like the popular hard winter feed wheat Graham, which we launched earlier this year, Shabras also has good disease resistance and a high untreated yield and is quite early maturing. However, what differentiates Shabras is that it is for later drilling. As a quick developing variety it doesn’t want to be planted early, so is quite a traditional wheat in that regard. Shabras also looks good in the second cereal position,” she added. “What is particularly appealing about Savello is that it has been accepted for distilling, and is very high yielding in the North – an area noted for distilling. So it looks an exciting option for the North region,” she added. In the winter feed barley sector, a new Syngenta hybrid, Hyvido Sunningdale, joins Syngenta’s three other Hyvido hybrids on the Recommended List. “With hybrid barley now accounting for about a quarter of the UK winter barley area it is good to be able to expand growers’ Hyvido hybrid barley options even further.  “A key feature of Hyvido Sunningdale is that, in the North, it is even higher yielding than Bazooka, which itself has set the bar for winter barley yields. It is also even slightly earlier maturing than Bazooka, which will also be useful for the North. That said, it is on a par with Bazooka for yield generally, so it’s not just a Northern option,” she pointed out. Finally, a new high yielding spring barley, Dioptric is under test for grain distilling, as opposed to malt distilling which Laureate is targeted at, says Mrs Brooke. Two new winter oat varieties


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Elsoms’ head of agriculture Adrian Hayler (left), and head of wheat breeding, Stephen Smith at the company’s plant breeding station in Spalding, Lincs. Elsoms has four new winter wheat additions to the 2017/18 Recommended List.

from Senova have joined the AHDB Recommended List 2017/18.

High output “Conventional husked winter oat Griffin offers high output, milling quality and sound agronomics in an attractive package,” said Senova’s Tom Yewbrey. “This combination of attributes is needed in any winter oat variety which is going to find favour with both growers and end users.” Griffin’s kernel content of 75.5 per cent and specific weight of 50.3kg/hl meet the criteria set by millers, while its slightly later maturity of +1 will help to spread harvest. Like most winter oat varieties, Griffin responds well to PGRs, continued Mr Yewbrey. “It is quite a tall variety at 120cm and has moderate lodging resistance, so a robust PGR programme will ensure that it stays upright until harvest.” The variety has respectable 5 ratings for both mildew and crown rust, he added. Peloton (the highest yielding naked, or huskless, oat) is a real step forwards for growers aiming at this specialist market, noted Mr Yewbrey. “As well as high yields, it offers the agronomic characteristics that will make it easier to grow and manage.” ■

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