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Plenty of cultivator choice Proforge joined forces with P Tuckwell, which supplied John Deere tractors, to demonstrate its wide range of cultivation equipments at this year’s Cereals event. Not only were a trailed 4.5m Inverta and 5m InvertaMax put through their paces, but two new tined machines were also at work. These recent additions to the range were a 3m DisruptaMax and a 6m MaxTilla. Agri-Linc sales manager Ben Whyles says: “There were an excellent number of visitors to the stand, and to be able to go behind and see the machines working on the demo plot is

a definite bonus that Cereals offers. “Not only does it demonstrate our products’ capabilities, but also our own confidence in the products we’re selling.” Since the Inverta was launched by Proforge at Cereals 2105, it’s established itself as a versatile frontrunner in stale seedbed creation, and as a secondary cultivator, with sales outstripping supply last summer. All trailed Invertas can also be used as mounted machines. The prices for the Invertas are often lower than three- to five-yearold versions by the more established

Keen interest in the Inverta.

brands, says Ben. The MaxTilla also generated a lot of interest among the show-goers. This fully-mounted heavy-duty spring-tine cultivator has strong tines and plenty of clearance, for those growers looking

for tines strong enough to pull up headlands and stubble, but plenty enough to create a seedbed finish. A 6m hydraulic-folding MaxTilla with heavy-duty rear crumbler and following harrow costs £8,250. ■

Stack protection made easy Suffolk farmer and contractor PJ Reed has developed, and is marketing, a convenient and effective straw stack sheeting system, which can be fitted mechanically from the ground using a telehandler, and a lifting device designed by Paddy and Will Reed. The sheet is made from heavyduty PVC and comes complete with all the components needed

to secure it in place. Steel tubes fit in pockets on the sides of the sheet, where six ratchet straps on each side attach to the tubes and are fixed to anchor pins driven into the bottom bale. The ratchets pull the sheet down evenly each side forming a tight waterproof roof over the straw. The ProStrawSystems 16x13m sheet protects 50 4x4 size top bales, but will work with square bales

of all sizes and can be tailor-made to fit round bale stacks too. It costs £1,495, and lead times are 4–5 weeks, so Paddy suggests orders are placed as early as possible. For more information visit the company’s website;

P J Reed

Agricultural Contractors

P r e s e n ti n g

The ProStrawSystems bale sheet has been designed by Suffolk farmerand contractor PJ Reed.

Grove Farm • Barrow

s h k eet c a t s s m e t s y S w tra s o r the P

Paddy and Will have developed a straw-stack sheet that pays for itself in the first 12 months. The sheet can be mechanically fitted to correctly built straw-stacks. PJ Reed are marketing it under the brand Prostraw Systems. For more information call Paddy on 07768 353910 or visit P J Reed are the UK Importers for Parkland bale accumulators. We now have 3- and and 5-bale accumulators, new and secondhand, in stock and ready for the 2016 season. For more information call Will on

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August 2016  

Farmers Guide Magazine August 2016 Issue