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rear and 1,000 and 1,000Eco at the front and on 6-series models there is also a standard 540rpm rear output.

Lights Halogen lighting is standard but generation 4 LEDs are an upgrade option. Up to 16 work lights are available as a package providing 40,000 lumens of illumination.

Brakes Access for servicing is good. An all-new aluminium cooling pack opens fully for ease of cleaning. Air flow is from an electronically controlled viscous cooling fan.

Hydraulics and PTO Hydraulic performance has been upgraded. Rear lift capacity is up to 10t on the most powerful 6-series, and 7-series models. Front linkage capacity is 5.5t, increased from 3.5t. Up to five rear, and two front, proportionately controlled hydraulic valves can be specified. Hydraulic flow rates start at 120 litres/min but an optional upgrade supplies up to 170-litres/min on 6-series tractors and 160-litres/min on 7-series models. PTO outputs on 7-series tractors are 540Eco/1,000/1,000Eco at the

Optional new external dry disc brakes are available and a booster brake system needing just toe-tip pressure provides added safety.

Test-drive The event provided an opportunity to test-drive the new tractors in the field, with cultivators and a trailer. The MaxiVision2 cab impressed when it was first shown on the 9-series flagship range last year, and on the 6- and 7-series it makes the operator environment hard to beat. Access is good, a rugged handle low down on the front corner is easy to grab and the door opens wide. The passenger seat is a good size, but doesn’t get in the way. The operator seat is comfortable with plenty of legroom. The new InfoCenter LCD instrument display is clear and easy to see, even with the sun

Graham Barnwell (left) and Dave Jefferson believe the new tractors will attract both new and existing customers. Gaps filled in the range, as well as in the dealer network, have helped achieve a UK sales increase of 63 per cent this year-to-date. Long-established dealer Mark Weatherhead took on the franchise in May, and said he has received nothing but positive feedback about the brand from users.

shining directly on it. The right hand control console is well laid out and reassuringly chunky controls come easily to hand. Visibility all around is excellent, and the clever emissions system design and cooling pack arrangement has resulted in an engine hood low and narrow enough to provide a very good view to the front. Farmers Guide had the opportunity to test-drive the 6-series models with the new RCshift transmission as well as the flagship 7250TTV with its CVT unit. The new robotic shift modes were easy to select and fast reaction ensured a suitable gear was always available even after sudden acceleration or braking.

Relaxed driving style meant changes were gentle and barely noticeable, while harsher acceleration made gear steps more noticeable, but never enough to affect operator comfort. A small rotary dial on the side console selects the engine ‘droop’ allowed before the transmission reacts and changes down and the affect of this was most noticeable when cultivating. Allowing the engine speed to drop further before the system reacts to increased load gives better economy whereas turning the dial to the ‘Power’ end of its scale produces a quicker reaction, to maintain operating speed. The larger 7250TTV with its CVT transmission provided a good continued over...


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August 2016  

Farmers Guide Magazine August 2016 Issue

August 2016  

Farmers Guide Magazine August 2016 Issue