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mode) – range and Powershift steps select automatically based on the working load, throttle position and travel speed. At least two powershift speeds provide overlap at any given travel speed and there are 17 gears available within the main working speed range. Control software uses ‘fuzzy logic’, which means control adapts to suit the operating conditions rather than selecting the same speed shift-points regardless of application. Speed matching, where the system automatically selects the gear and range for the travel speed making it easy to resume acceleration after sudden braking, for example, is standard. Maximum speed is 50kph, and Eco and SuperEco modes allow 50kph to be achieved at just 1,447rpm. The system is 60kph-ready, future-proofing the design. “The new RCshift will be ideal for those doing a lot of transport work where the economy and efficiency of a mechanical transmission is a benefit,” said product specialist Dave Jefferson. “It’s as easy to use and almost as smooth as CVT, and automatic gear and range selection, optimising efficiency and reducing driver effort, will have lots of appeal.”

The MaxiVision cab, from the flagship 9-series, features several improvements over previous models.

A new front instrument console is standard on all models, using bright LCD displays and is clear to see, even in bright sunlight.

of up to nine commands can be stored for recall. Previously only TTV variants were supplied AgroSkyready, but now this is standard across the range. Isobus Class 3 is an option.

Operator comfort The MaxiVision 2 cab is based on the unit developed for the flagship 9-series tractors launched last year, with excellent visibility, a logical control layout and superb comfort. It is much quieter (5-6dB) than the previous unit, partly due to its design, but also because there is a gap between the engine hood and front screen reducing noise and vibration. The instrument panel is straight from the 9-series with large, clear LCD dials and the main controls are console-mounted to the drivers’ right. All three transmission variants

The rear linkage capacity and hydraulic flow rates are improved over previous models.

Optimal performance The cab of the 7250TTV, with the optional 12in iMonitor.

have control joysticks.

Precision solutions There is a choice of 8- or 12in touchscreen displays. The 12in iMonitor is brand new and a ‘comfort button’ can be programmed for different functions including transmission control and sequences

Modular construction means the tractors can be built for any market. The front module with integrated front linkage also allows wiring and connectors to be included and incorporates front Isobus sockets. The narrow front section allows tight steering angles for excellent manoeuvrability and an all-new front suspension is standard and improves ride quality for higher work rates.


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