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Farmers Guide attended the launch of new 6- and 7-series tractors from Deutz-Fahr in Germany.

Not just new engines

Deutz-Fahr has updated its best-selling 6- and 7-series tractors, adding many features from its flagship 9-series models. David Williams tried them out.

While new tractor sales overall have declined this year, Deutz-Fahr has bucked the trend with a 63 per cent increase year-to-date (Jan-June), for its UK operation. Marketing manager Graham Barnwell is delighted, and suggests there are many reasons for the success. “Our tractors have a superb reputation for efficiency and reliability, and operators love them but, in the past, we have not offered a full line-up,” he commented. “New models and specifications have brought the range into consideration by more potential customers, but we also had gaps in our dealer coverage and worked hard to find

businesses which could offer the high standards of service needed. Recent appointments of some very good and long-established dealers have been welcomed by potential users, generating increased interest and sales.”

and 100 agricultural journalists. Six new 6-series models (156–226 max hp), replace five in the previous line-up and the slightly larger 7-series has two; 226 and 246hp. As with most recent range updates, the catalyst has been increasingly stringent exhaust emissions regulations, but Graham stressed that while updating the power units to meet the targets, the opportunity was taken to upgrade every aspect of the new tractors, including a revolutionary new ‘RCshift’ transmission. A key design feature of the new power units is a very flat torque curve between 1,100–1,900rpm providing lugging power across a wide speed range. Benefits include greater economy through lower engine speeds, reduced noise and vibration and great flexibility. Meeting the latest Tier 4-final emissions regulations has been achieved using SCR (Adblue) with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), and a diesel particulate filter. The combined system, with electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection means Adblue consumption is just 3–5 per

New models The new 6- and 7-series tractors are particularly important for the manufacturer, as the power segment and previous models accounted for 60 per cent of its UK sales. An ambitious event near Berlin, Germany to launch the new models was attended by more than 1,000 European dealers

6155 PS/ TTV RC Shift

6165 PS/ TTV RC Shift

6175 PS/ TTV RC Shift


164 171 2767 675078230 11500 9200 4110


Engine Max power Max power (boost) Wheelbase Unladen weight Max permissible weight Lift capacity-rear Lift capacity –front

2767 6750/8230 11500 9200 4110

2767 7530/8290 12500 9200 4110

The 7-series consists of two models; 226 and 246hp, both with CVT transmission.

6185 6205 PS/ TTV PS/ TTV RC Shift RC Shift 6cylinder - 6057cc 188/183 207/203 188 207 2767 2848 8105/8340 8200/8580 12500 13500 9200 10000 5480 5480


17-29 West Street, Horncastle, Lincs LN9 5JE

Also at Boston Aerodrome, Boston PE21 7NY

Lincolnshire Main Dealers for

Tel: 01205 361281 08R27B

6215 7230 PS/ TTV TTV RC Shift 212 226 2848 8200/8580 13500 10000 5480


Tel: 01507 523233 Mob: 07715 324301

cent and total fluid consumption (diesel plus Adblue), is approximately five per cent lower than for previous models. The emissions control system will need little tweaking for future Tier 5 standards, claims the company. The brand new diesel particulate filter is a passive system, which regenerates during normal operation, and without diesel injection. It has a 6,000hr service interval. The compact unit fits under the engine hood, just in front of the cab. Air for combustion comes through a brand new PowerCore air cleaner under the bonnet. The highly efficient but compact pre-cleaner and filter housing means the previous cab-mounted intake column is no longer needed, improving forward vision.

Transmission choice

The new 6- and 7-series tractors at a glance Model Transmission

The 6-series includes models from 156–226hp with a choice of three transmissions.


7250 TTV


2868 2868 8200–9100 14500 14500 10000 10000 5480 5480

The new 6-series has a choice of three transmissions, all from ZF. Powershift - with five mechanical speeds plus six powershift steps, controlled manually; TTV - a CVT system offering infinite speed control; RCshift - designed exclusively for the new tractors and offering great versatility with the efficiency of a standard mechanical transmission. Operating modes are Manual – where the operator selects the range and gear manually; Semi-automatic (field mode) – the user selects the range and the system automatically selects and changes the Powershift steps; Fully automatic (transport continued over...

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