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OptiDisc M version is adjustable at the unit, and offers 40kg. Hopper weighing and filling by hydraulic-driven auger are both options. New seed drill control options were also launched. The EcoDrill baseline version, transmitting data by a CAN bus network has a 4.8in touchscreen while a MegaDrill control system is an option for Isobus operation through the CCI-200 terminal. Automatic GPScontrolled part-width drilling is available with HeadlandCommand and TramlineControl automatically manages tramlines. Both are new through the company’s FieldTronic electronic modules. Initially the new Solitair 25 will be available only in 4–6m semi-mounted folding versions with more to follow.

Precision Previewed four years ago, Lemken’s Azurit 9 precision seed drill will be available in limited numbers next spring, with full production predicted for late 2017 or early 2018. Developed primarily for maize, Lemken’s exclusive DeltaRow technology places seeds in staggered twin rows. Providing 70 per cent extra growing space and better access to light, water and nutrients, the two rows are spaced 12.5cm apart, but are fed from a single metering unit. In front, two residue wheels clear debris and a fertiliser coulter places a band centrally between the seed rows. A trailing trapeze packer closes the fertiliser groove and rings consolidate the furrows. Seeds are supplied to the singling units ‘on-demand’, and two synchronised perforated discs, with easily adjusted mechanical seed scrapers, distribute seeds alternately to the two double-disc coulters of the DeltaRow seeding unit. Parallel linkage mounting with 10-step hydraulic adjustment allows coulter pressure of 35–150kg/unit. Seeding depth is regulated by a large solid depth wheel between the coulter pairs. A feature of the Azurit drill is that the singulation

The Azurit precision seeder can be operated independently or mounted to a Solitair base unit. An exclusive feature is DeltaRow, producing two rows of seed with synchronised spacing for optimal plant growth.

units sit directly over the coulters providing a short and direct 60cm drop down the seed tubes, reducing misses and doubles. A V-shaped pressure roller closes the seed rows. Advantages of the system include optional electric seed scraper adjustment allowing individual seed line feeds to be switched off, increasing space between rows for tramlines. The remaining disc turns at twice its usual operating speed maintaining the required seed population per hectare. Row spacing can be up to 87.5cms and the distance between seeding units can be adjusted down to 37.5cm. Because each singling disc carries every other seed only small diameter discs are needed, maintaining accuracy even at high drilling speeds. Product specialist Lena Busch explained that during trials, drilling speeds of 18kph have been achieved while maintaining almost perfect accuracy, although typical work rates have been 12–15kph. “From the start we have said that accuracy must be 100 per cent,” she said. The new seeder has been trialled with maize, soya beans, oilseed rape and sunflowers, and row spacings tested so far with great success have been 50 and 75cm. Lena added that the design means those growing maize currently on traditional single row systems would gain all the benefits associated with extra space for the plants, while maintaining compatibility with existing machinery. An option is GPS-controlled tramlining, available with the electric seed scraper adjustment upgrade.

Trials have shown the drill to be almost 100 per cent accurate at up to 18kph, in ideal conditions, stated product specialist Lena Busch (above).

The Vega trailed sprayer is now available to order.

Rear visibility past the cleverly designed tank and rear fold booms is outstanding.

Sprayers Vega trailed sprayers were first displayed four years ago and, following extensive development and trials of the design, were available to order at Agritechnica last year. Along with class-leading performance, many innovative features are standard. Available in 3,000-, 4,000- and 5,000-litre capacities and with 15–24m booms the sprayers are aimed squarely at the European popular mid-size market. Centre of gravity is low, helped by rear folding aluminium booms and integration of the frame with the tank. With large wheels, and an upper hitch, underside clearance is up to 80cm, but stability is so good that the sprayer is rated for transport speeds up to 60kph. The rear fold booms don’t just keep the centre of gravity low; they also aid rear visibility allowing users to see immediately behind the sprayer through standard tractor cab mirrors, even with the largest tank capacity and widest spray widths. Along with standard or high-level drawbars, a suspended drawbar

and drawbar steering - providing a steering angle up to 41 degrees, are options. Pneumatic axle suspension can replace the standard rubber block set-up. The chemical inductor is integrated within the left side of the main tank and operating height can be adjusted. Electric switched valves minimise the pipework length resulting in just 3.7 litres residue, across the entire system, when the tank is emptied. The aluminium booms are designed to operate close to the crop minimising drift and a key feature is automatic boom locking. This effectively converts an 11-section boom to six sections when the boom is extended, by locking the first four sections automatically on each side. Single-side folding is possible and BoomCommand includes sensors for automatic height control over target. Individual boom selection is achieved using the Eltec Pro system and nozzles are switched instantly when combined with GPS-linked SectionControl. The new Vega sprayers are available to order. ■

Lemken UK general manager Paul Creasey (left) is pictured with Lemken export manager Niels Veltmann.

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