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Range updates increase choice for UK farmers Latest developments from Lemken, announced at an exclusive Hungarian press event in late June, include updated and brand new models. David Williams was there. Lemken’s recent heavy investment in R&D will continue, indicated director Nicola Lemken, adding that a brand new product development centre near the company’s Alpen, Germany headquarters opened earlier this year, employing 140 engineers. She said electronics, including data recording and record keeping is seen as an area of growing importance. Further investment in a new sprayer factory, and an AgroFarm for visitors, demonstrations and training, and a brand new sales and service facility in France demonstrates the Lemken family’s commitment to the brand. The company employs 1,300 staff and its turnover for 2015 was 377m euros, of which 73 per cent was generated by exports. A third of sales revenue is from ploughs with stubble cultivators accounting for a similar amount. Drills, added to the range 20 years ago, generate 13 per cent and are seen as an area of potential growth. The event included demonstrations of machines previewed at Agritechnica last year along with totally new products.

Ploughs gain technology Replacing EurOpal 8 and VariOpal 8 ploughs, the Juwel 8M was previewed

at Agritechnica and seen working for the first time at the event. Juwel 8M and MV models have a hydraulic reversing mechanism with mechanical pitch adjustment. Four working widths can be set for the mechanical version while the hydraulic model provides infinite variation. Underbody clearance is a generous 85cm and the plough swings in during rotation for additional clearance, then returns to its previous setting. This means wider front furrow widths, needed for large rear tractor tyres, can be used without risking ground contact during headland turns. Available with 3–7f and Dural or DuraMaxx full or slatted bodies, the new M range is rated for tractors up to 315hp and suits medium and larger farms.

Added Isobus Lemken has offered electronic control for its ploughs for many years, but has introduced Isobus compatibility for added ease of use. TurnControl Pro allows control of the electro-hydraulic swing gear and hydraulic angle adjustment through a CCI200 terminal or the tractor’s Isobus display, without manual control of the spool valves.

p Juwel 7- and 8-series ploughs are Lemken’s best-selling products, with more than 1,000 of each sold each year. Updates include an improved turnover action to increase ground clearance and GPS-linked control of settings. u The Diamant plough with OptiLine. One ram behind the headstock provides weight transfer increasing grip and a ram in front cancels out lateral forces which can cause crabbing.

Rotation, working angle and depth control - via the hydraulic support wheel, and GPS-linked working adjustments have also been added. Additional functions including front furrow width adjustment, packer operation and settings for the Hydromatik overload protection, are options. Operating settings can be combined as a profile and saved as four pre-sets to suit variable soil types and topography or for repeat operations such as automatically creating shallow end furrows. For GPS-linked working a second screen is required currently as there is no recognised industry standard for GPS compatibility with the implements. The tractor’s Isobus screen controls plough functions, while the Lemken screen is loaded with the A-B line and used by the plough system for automatic operation.

rear tyres have to be tucked in tight, leaving a narrow gap between. This means that when large, semi-mounted ploughs are used the effective centre of pull moves out from the middle of the rear axle between the tyres, to a virtual position outside, causing crabbing of the tractor and increased fuel consumption. OptiLine solves this issue. A hydraulic ram with pressure accumulators at the headstock continued over...

More speed, less fuel

Larger Diamant ploughs have a new option. OptiLine corrects lateral forces which can cause tractors to yaw, saving tyres, fuel and driver effort.

Larger Diamant semi-mounted ploughs have been updated and, from 2017, OptiLine adjustment will be available. Transport requirements mean overall tractor width is restricted, so wide 650 or 710mm

To make the most of Lemken’s precision farming plough control features, two screens are needed. The tractor’s Isobus link adjusts plough functions while the Lemken unit provides GPS information.

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