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Create the best conditions for Avadex applications

Gowan UK & Ireland technical manager Robert Plaice.

Growers must understand what has happened on their farms this year in terms of the level of black-grass control they achieved in order to help plan for the up and coming season, and maximise weed control from the start. That’s the advice from Gowan UK & Ireland technical manager Rob

Plaice, who reminds growers that the main strategies for dealing with black-grass have not changed and that cultural control methods must be employed, alongside stacking of herbicides, to help achieve the best control possible. “Cultivation techniques, drilling date, stale seedbeds, spring cropping, crop selection, seed rates – growers must do everything in their power to create the best conditions to help maximise their level of black-grass control,” he advised. With more growers integrating granular grass weed herbicide Avadex (tri-allate) into autumn weed control plans in recent years, Mr Plaice stressed that correct application is as critical as ever for this season. “Drill, roll and then apply Avadex as soon as possible is our preferred method of

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Avadex reminders • • • • • • • •

Don’t apply to shallow drilled wheat. Wheat seed must be drilled to a minimum of 4cm to keep the chemistry separate from the seed Don’t apply to cloddy seedbeds otherwise granules can bounce off clods leaving gaps in the herbicide layer and there is also an increased risk that the seed will be at variable depths If conditions prior to application are very dry, wait for moisture to maximise efficacy however Gowan suggests that it is one of the more reliable herbicides in dry conditions If it’s too windy to spray, it’s too windy to apply Avadex Avadex has a following crop restriction for grass and oats. Don’t sow either within one year of applying it Avadex granules must not land on moving soil when applied from a drill as granules can be taken down towards the seed. Speed of application is also a factor and growers should be guided by individual applicator manufacturer recommendations If applying off the back of rolls, remember that not every field always gets rolled so if this is important make sure the two operations (drilling and rolling) can be completed Avadex can be applied when frosty or cold but check deflector plates are dry and operating cleanly

application,” he highlights. “Avadex can be applied just before, or after, other pre-em herbicides – trials work has shown no difference in its efficacy in either situation – but a consolidated seedbed with moisture, no clods, and an evenly applied product will maximise weed control levels,” he said. Timing and sequence of Avadex use is often dictated by individual farm circumstances, continues Mr Plaice, who says that over half of all applications are made by contractors. “Avadex is ‘pre-emergence’ on its label and at the most there’s a 10-day window, depending on conditions, in which to get it applied after drilling to maximise efficacy, but the sooner it can be applied after the drill the better. “It’s also clear that a lot of farmers have invested in kit to apply the product off the back of a drill, or a set of rolls, but it should be noted that, as from the 26th November,

all vehicle-mounted pesticide applicators of five years or older, have to have a valid National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) certificate. “The NSTS test includes a comprehensive overall check of application equipment, but not patternation or evenness of granules across the ground, so I would encourage growers to consider this as an added option – it’s worth it,” he says. Mr Plaice adds that operators applying Avadex off the back of a drill or rolls are legally required to have a PA4G Granular Application qualification. ■


MAPP number change The Avadex Excel 15G MAPP Number has changed to 16998. Any farmers that have product with the old MAPP Number 12109 in store should use it by 31st December this year.

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With thoughts soon turning to establishment of new season crops, Dominic Kilburn gets some top tips for growers planning to include granular herbicide Avadex as part of their weed control plans.


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