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The company operates teams of hand roguers in the Cantley, Bury St Edmunds and Wissington beet growing areas at a cost £17–£50/ha, depending on how much material needs to be removed. The season runs from late May until September and can also include hand rogueing of wild oats and black-grass in wheat, as well as removing weeds from potato crops. Growers can go to for more information.

Root of the problem

Rural and Agricultural Service’s Sebasitian Hall.

Work at the University of Nottingham to try and understand sugar beet drought stress and the crop’s ability to take up moisture at depth, is

on-going. “Roots grow to depth but we have found that they are not efficient,” said Tamara Fitters who is halfway through the four-year project as part of her PhD. “Down to a 30cm depth, roots take up all the available water moisture but this takes a little longer at 60cm,” she explained. “However, at a depth of 90–100cm they only start drinking once moisture levels become depleted. “We can see that the roots are there but perhaps they are not mature enough to take it up,” she added. Further work will study plants in soil columns and in the field, before harvesting the roots and studying them at different depths using a

PhD student at the University of Nottingham, Tamara Fitters.

molecular technique to distinguish their maturity. “In the field we know that there are differences in roots between varieties and so there is the potential to breed for certain traits, such as low transpiration, to better withstand drought conditions.” ■

British Sugar and NFU announce 2017/18 sugar beet contract Following the end of quotas in 2017, British Sugar and the NFU anounced an agreement on the sugar beet contract terms for 2017/18, earlier in July. According to the organisations, the agreement heralds the beginning of a new era with both one year and three year contracts available, each with market linked

bonus elements. On reaching this agreement, British Sugar’s agriculture director Colm McKay (right) said: “This innovative agreement is a first for our UK beet sugar industry and it

Don’t let one bolter turn into a nightmare! We specialise in eradicating weed & seed beet throughout East Anglia. Whether just bolters or something worse call us for a free consultation. East Norfolk 01603 905950 West Norfolk & Cambs 01353 933223 Suffolk & Essex 01728 495051 @weedbeet

will provide security for our growers by confirming their contract entitlement and providing a guaranteed minimum price. “In addition, when market conditions are good, our growers will share in the benefits. This will also mean that sugar beet competes in the rotation on farm and British Sugar can compete in a very competitive market place.” NFU Sugar chairman, William Martin (left)

said; “This agreement provides a solid basis for the future of UK beet production. The sugar market link, and the opportunity for a multi-year contract, will allow growers to plan and invest for the future. “This deal represents a clear signal from British Sugar and NFU Sugar that by working together, we can face the challenges of a more competitive market place with confidence.” *Growers should have received their contract offers on-line or by post during week commencing 25th July. ■

The 2017/18 contract • £22/t guaranteed minimum price (both one and three year contracts) • Market bonus paid above a €475 trigger point up to a maximum EU

sugar price of €700 One year contract: 10 per cent of the sugar revenue above the trigger point will be paid to growers as the market bonus Three year contract: 25 per cent of the sugar revenue above the trigger point will be paid to growers as the market bonus • The benchmark for sugar market price assessment will be the average EU reported market price for each marketing year (ie one year contract is 2017/18) • Bonus payments, if triggered, would be made at the end of the marketing year on the contracted tonnage delivered during the 2017/18 campaign • Growers can chose any combination of the one year and three year contract • The three year contract is available up to a limit of 30 per cent of the national tonnage Sugar Price €475 €500 €550 €600 €650 €700

1 YEAR CONTRACT 10% Bonus: £0.00 £0.33 £1.00 £1.66 £2.32 £2.99

Full Payment £22.00 £22.33 £23.00 £23.66 £24.32 £24.99

3 YEAR CONTRACT 25% Bonus: £0.00 £0.83 £2.49 £4.15 £5.81 £7.47

Full Payment £22.00 £22.83 £24.49 £26.15 £27.81 £29.47

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