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Marking 25 years of specialist service An open day celebrating 25 years representing Vaderstad products included displays by Cambridge Farm Machinery’s other brands.

for medium sized farms. The Opus stubble cultivator, first available in 2015, has also proved popular with local users.

Strong support

A Cambridgeshire open day marking 25 years selling and servicing Vaderstad machinery was enjoyed by customers and suppliers of Cambridge Farm Machinery. David Williams writes. Held at its Hauxton, Cambridge depot, the event included the dealer’s other main brands; Gregoire Besson, Opico, HeVa, Cultivating Solutions, Suton, Lely-Welger, Stocks and Stihl with products from each displayed and representatives onsite to assist potential purchasers. Cambridge Farm Machinery took on the Vaderstad franchise in 1991, having previously sold the brand since 1986 badged first as Overum Tive, then Kverneland.

Managing director John Noble took on the franchise following a meeting with Vaderstad representatives at that year’s Smithfield Show. With many large arable farms in the area, the range offers the high work rates and precise operation needed. Recent additions to Vaderstad’s line-up include larger Tempo precision drills, ideal for large-scale maize producers and a new Spirit R drill, offering superb performance

Pictured with the celebratory cake are (l-r) Vaderstad UK marketing manager Andy Gamble, managing director Mike Alsop, and from Cambridge Farm Machinery; Chloe, Georgina, John and Ben Noble.

John said there was good attendance despite the ideal spraying weather. “We enjoy great relationships with our customers and many came for a short while to show support then returned to their farm duties. There was a lot of interest in the Cultivating Solutions Rapid Lift, which has been popular for oilseed rape establishment as well as the Vaderstad Aggressive Disc system, which improves drill performance later in the season when ground conditions are more variable. Orders for four or five sets of the 3-row discs and coulters were taken at the event.” Other brands were in demand too and HeVa rolls created a lot of interest as did Stocks applicators for slug pellets and Avadex. “As well as local farmers we enjoyed meeting potential customers from Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, many of who came to see the huge selection of refurbished Vaderstad drills we have available,” added John. It was a very enjoyable and successful day and we enjoyed support from all our main suppliers. Vaderstad is a very innovative company and we see recent developments such as the SeedEye as ideally suited to our customers, reducing costs and ensuring accurate seed rates for every square metre drilled. Users are always interested in anything that helps ■ them farm more efficiently.”

A recent development from Vaderstad is the Aggressive Disc 3-row disc coulter arrangement for the Rapid drill. Replacing the front Crossboard of the SystemDisc Aggressive, the extra front row of drilling discs and coulters and improves trash flow. Mike Allsop explained that this is proving popular with those including cover crops in their rotations, allowing the drill to cope with the additional vegetation and improving performance in variable conditions typical of later autumn drilling.

Demonstrations of the Protect antitheft smoke generator, stocked by CFM, impressed visitors throughout the day. The device can be linked to an alarm or door contacts and activated automatically if a building is targeted. Harmless smoke fills the building within just a few seconds making it impossible to see more than a few inches, and preventing a ‘trolley dash’ by thieves in the time available before emergency services arrive. Typical cost is approximately £750 installed and smoke refills cost £35–40.

Representatives from all the companies involved are picturds at the open day.

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