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Weather deters aphid migration The John Deere 9560RT is pitted against Case-IH’s Quadtrac 550 and Agco’s Challenger MT865C in our tracked tractor group test. See pages 21-28. PICTURE: Marcello Garbagnoli

RSPCA’s hard line stance blasted by farming leaders rChief executive calls for milk snub

rAnger over Ramsgate debacle By Alistair Driver RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant makes ‘no apologies’ for the hard line stance taken by the charity on key farming issues such as the badger cull and live exports. Mr Grant told Farmers Guardian he saw the RSPCA’s role as giving a ‘voice to the voiceless’. And he insisted he would be campaigning to ‘stop consumers

drinking milk’ if supermarkets were unable to differentiate between ‘badger friendly milk’ and milk from the cull areas. He was responding to claims from farm industry leaders the RSPCA had overstepped its mark as a charitable organisation and was potentially causing damage to farmers in its lobbying activity under his leadership. NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond said this week: “I think it’s quite despicable the way the RSPCA has tried to intimidate farmers and landowners in the Gloucestershire area. They are threatening farmers’ livelihoods by telling consumers to ban their product.

“They have gone way outside their remit as a member of the Charity Commission. What is their remit? They are not meant to be a lobbying organisation. “They are there for the welfare of livestock but they don’t seem to be concerned about the 34,000 cattle that have been killed in the last 12 months.”

Spotlight The RSPCA is also under the spotlight over its role in an incident at Ramsgate port, Kent, where RSPCA officers shot more than 40 sheep brought to the port on a lorry because they were deemed unfit to travel. Mr Raymond said the NFU

had written to Defra Secretary Owen Paterson demanding answers to ‘a whole lot of questions’ about the incident, many focusing on the RSPCA’s role. National Sheep Association (NSA) chief executive Phil Stocker said, while it was waiting on a report from AHVLA on the incident, NSA had ‘real concerns about RSPCA’s alleged involvement’. He said the animal welfare charity appeared to be ‘unaware of the unintended consequences’ of some of its actions and urged it to ‘deal with the facts’ when campaigning on issues such as live exports. In a robust response, Mr Grant said it was ‘factually wrong’ to say

the RSPCA had overstepped its remit. “It is very clear. As with all charities we have a responsibility to advocate in accordance with our charitable purposes. And that is precisely what we are doing.” He added the RSPCA had been campaigning on live exports for 50 years and would ‘take great pleasure’ in publicly refuting any claims levelled at the RSPCA over its handling of the Ramsgate incident. “I make no apologies for it,” he said. Reiterating his calls for the public to boycott milk from cull areas, he said farmers were making personal choices to engage in the badger cull and should ‘stand by the consequences of that decision’.




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“The cows are now inside, which gives us the chance to spoil them a bit and hopefully get them to respond to a little TLC”




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Farmers ‘standing firm’ in the face of cull intimidation rPeter Kendall ‘sets the record straight’ By Alistair Driver

THE MART’S THE HEART Getting the best price PAGES 54-55

NFU PRESIDENT Peter Kendall has insisted farmers involved in the planned autumn badger culls are ‘standing firm’ in the face of ‘increased intimidation and harassment from animal rights activists’. Mr Kendall said no farmers had pulled out of the Gloucestershire cull area, contrary to reports, and told animal rights activists their campaign was ‘not working’. He was responding to the increasing number of media reports on threats of direct

action against those involved in the cull. Activists are urging supporters to contact farmers they believe are in the cull areas with threatening phone calls and emails. ‘Jay’, a spokesman for the Stop the Cull group, is quoted as saying the group will create an interactive map highlighting those involved in the cull, while activists are threatening to film marksmen involved in the culling and mount a campaign of noise to disrupt the operation. Responding to reports the threats of direct action were making farmers question their participation and jeopardising the cull, Mr Kendall issued a

Badger cull round-up

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■ Farmers affected by TB lined up to give heart-wrenching accounts of how bovine TB affects their lives during a Twitter discussion on Monday. Search #agrichatuk to see the discussion ■ More than 144,000 people have signed the ‘stop the

badger cull’ petition launched by rock star and animal welfare campaigner Brian May ■ A vote by Forest of Dean District Council to ‘not allow badgers to be culled’ on its land will not affect the policy because it cannot stop farmers taking part in the cull

Ferry operators launch legal action against port decision THE people behind the live animal export ferry have initiated legal action against Thanet District Council over the decision to suspend exports from Ramsgate port. They were waiting to hear back from the council this week before deciding whether to continue their attempt to get trade reinstated at Ramsgate through the courts. The council suspended live exports from the Kent port on September 13, following an incident there the previous day. The council said the lifting of the temporary suspension would depend on the construction of ‘suitable facilities’ at the port. It said this decision would

depend on the cost of the new facility and ‘whether it is a priority of the council in comparison with other issues’.

Support In a letter to Defra Secretary Owen Paterson, the council has asked Defra to support the decision to ban the trade, ‘including financial support in the event of a legal challenge’. Live exports briefly resumed from and Ipswich port aboard the MV Joline last month, but were quickly suspended again after the port owners, Associated British Ports, acknowledged the port also lacked suitable facilities for the handling of animals in the event of emergencies.

Farmers remain committed to helping Government deliver on its TB eradication programme PETER KENDALL statement ‘to set the record straight’.

Tactics “I want to get one thing clear for those who think the tactics of harassment and intimidation from animal rights activists are winning the day on the serious issue of how we deal with TB in this country,” he said. “Farmers remain committed to helping Government deliver on its TB eradication programme, which will reduce TB in both cattle and badgers. “To the animal rights protestors who are intent on intimidating and harassing people

Peter Kendall has confirmed no farmers have pulled out of the Gloucestershire cull area, despite increasing harassment.

who are simply trying to run their businesses and look after their families, I would say your tactics are not working. Your campaign is based on misinformation, scaremongering and bullying with no scientific basis.” Natural England granted a provisional badger control licence for West Gloucestershire in September and the NFU said the money was now coming

in ‘quickly’ and the contractors were trained and ready to go. The West Somerset licence had still not been issued by Wednesday, although Natural England said it was still ‘dotting the Is and crossing the Ts’ and a provisional licence would be issued ‘within days’. An NFU spokesman said he believed the outstanding issues would be resolved in time for the cull for an autumn start.  

NFU calls for a ‘full and frank’ inquiry into Ramsgate incident THE NFU has called for a ‘full and frank’ investigation into the incident at Ramsgate during which more than 40 sheep were shot by RSPCA officers and two sheep drowned. Farming Minister David Heath has ordered an inquiry by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) into the incident, which is expected to be completed by mid-October. AHVLA and RSPCA inspectors made the decision to shoot the sheep at the Kent port after vets examined 500 on board a lorry which had travelled from Northamptonshire on September 12. In all, 46 sheep died.

The NFU and the National Sheep Association have voiced concerns about the incident. The NFU has asked Defra Secretary Owen Paterson to ensure the investigation answers a number of key questions, including: ■ Whether the proper contingency arrangements were implemented when injured sheep were found. ■ Why 41 sheep were shot at the port because of lameness, rather than taken for treatment or to a nearby abattoir for slaughter. ■ Whether the slaughter was carried out humanely by a suitably trained and qualified person. NFU chief livestock adviser

Peter Garbutt said concerns had been raised about the ‘pressure placed on Government officials to sanction the slaughter of these animals at the port by the RSPCA, when more humane alternatives may have been available’. The RSPCA has insisted the decision was taken on the basis of veterinary advice the sheep were ‘not in a fit state to be transported’. It said the animals were shot by RSPCA officers ‘trained in the humane euthanasia of animals’. RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant said the charity welcomed the inquiry and the subsequent decision to suspend exports from Ramsgate.

paracide 62 sheep dip

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DAIRY DELIGHT Brown Swiss and Jerseys in South West showcase

Judging at the South West Dairy Show at the Bath and West Showground. Full report in next week’s Farmers Guardian. PICTURE: John Eveson

Finalised voluntary dairy code gets the green light rProcessors to be ‘named and shamed’ By Olivia Midgley THE newly-approved voluntary code of practice for dairy contracts provides ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ after a turbulent few months for the sector, according to industry chiefs. Farm leaders said the code, which was finalised on Wednesday, would act as a catalyst for change. But after months of debate, dairy bosses said the code should be implemented immediately and any processors found not to be adhering to it would be ‘named and shamed’. However, industry chiefs were confident there would be buy-in to the code from processors and retailers. The code aims to enable dairy farmers and processors to build relationships of trust and mutual understanding, without one party having more clout than the other. NFU chief dairy adviser Rob Newbery said the most impor-

tant points were producers’ rights to terminate contracts with three months notice, and a processor obligation to give farmers 30 days notice of any cuts to milk prices.

Contracts “Most contracts will have to change,” said Mr Newbery. “This is our first stab at improving contracts, but it is now down to the industry to make it work. “Processors should be looking at their contracts and making sure they are compliant. “Farmers should be lobbying their milk buyer to make sure they are compliant and we, as the NFU, need to make sure the

Key points from the voluntary code ■ 30 days notice of change to a farmer’s price or other contractual terms ■ A farmer can terminate the contract with three months notice if they disagree with

code is being adhered to by all parties.” Mr Newbery warned the code, which will be reviewed in 12 months, was the industry’s last attempt to improve dairy contracts before legislation became necessary. Dairy UK director general

a contractual change ■ Encouragement for processors to engage with producers via democratically accountable and representative producer groups

Jim Begg called the finalisation a ‘landmark event’. NFU Scotland milk committee vice-chairman Rory Christie said the code was a ‘significant step forward’ which would bring positive and substantial improvements to current dairy contracts.

Growers should plan for more drought THE drought at the beginning of the year was a ‘near miss’ situation for growers with rain arriving just in time, the NFU’s new water expert has claimed. Paul Hammett said the drought, which left some areas including Yorkshire fighting the driest 12 months since 1910, should be seen as an ‘opportuni-

ty to improve the situation’ and make farmers more resilient if drought hit again in the future. “Farmers are looking again at the security of their water and Government is listening,” said Mr Hammett, who recently left his position as the union’s environmental adviser in East Anglia.

“The time is right to come up with some clear ideas about what we expect Government and others to deliver and what we expect farmers to do for themselves.” On top of weather-related issues, the Government’s water white paper signalled its intention to revise how water was allocated to different users.

Farmers’ sheep are found butchered and mutilated on Dartmoor SHEEP are being butchered as they graze on Dartmoor. Dartmoor livestock protection officer Karla Mckechnie said she had received several phone calls from distressed farmers who have found their animals mutilated. “Most of the animals have been jointed, so you can tell it’s been done with a knife and by someone who knows what they’re doing,” said Mrs Mckechnie. “They’re the types of joints you’d have for a roast dinner. I don’t know, but I would assume that’s what they are being used for, whether to eat or to sell on.” Mrs Mckechnie said farmers had been fighting a constant battle with rustlers over the last few months. She added: “People are certainly more aware of the problem, and I see many dog walkers with their animals on leads, but there are still owners who do not control their dogs.” She also said Farmers Guardian’s sheep worrying investigation earlier this year, which revealed there had been 700 reported attacks in the UK

it’s been done with a knife and by someone who knows what they’re doing KARLA MCKECHNIE

in 2011, had highlighted the extent of the problem. “The FG article showed how bad the problem really is and it seems the number of incidents is going up all the time,” said Mrs Mckechnie. “Farmers have had enough of it. “Abortions are high in sheep which have been chased and there’s the obvious danger of biting. My message to walkers is – if you think there’s a chance your dog won’t come back to you, keep it on the lead.”

Royal Welsh chief steps down CHAIRMAN of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s board of directors, David Lewis, is to retire from office in what he calls a ‘planned sideways move’. With the appointment of a new chief executive following David Walters’ retirement in

spring 2013, there will be a new top team heading up the society for the 2013 summer show. Mr Lewis said: “Although I am giving up as chairman, I remain totally committed to the Royal Welsh and shall continue as a member of the board.”



NEWS Faster change of details at RPA THE Rural Payments Agency (RPA) is introducing what it claims is a faster process for farmers wanting to change their business structure details. RPA has pledged to turn around any changes to business structure details within five working days by introducing a dedicated team and a new process. This comes in advance of proposed Common Agricultural Policy reforms, which could see many farmers reviewing their business structures.

Wagon driver pleads guilty A HAY lorry driver admitted endangering the lives of rail passengers after his lorry was hit by a train in Carmarthenshire. Swansea Crown Court heard how Oswald Huw Davies, of Castell Pigyn, Llanboidy, got out of his cab seconds before the collision at the Henllan Amgoed railway crossing on December 19 last year. Mr Davies pleaded guilty on the basis of neglect. He will be sentenced on October 26.

Harper Adams tops the bill HARPER Adams University College, Shropshire, topped the bill in the Sunday Times’ university guide as the best UK higher education institution for graduate employability and third best for teaching excellence, behind the Open University and Cambridge.

Defra grants new wet weather NVZ slurry spreading extension rDecisions based on circumstance

rFurther extensions possible on review By Alistair Driver DEFRA has allowed slurry to be spread in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) in England and Wales during normal October closed seasons because of problems caused by the wet weather. It has asked the Environment Agency to be flexible and use discretion during the first two weeks of the closed periods – October 1 to 15 for tillage land and October 15 to 31 for grassland. The decision relates to where the wet weather has hampered farmers’ ability to spread slurry and the farmer has no other options. In Scotland, the Government has not brought in similar derogations. In England and Wales the agency has been asked to ‘give credit to the farmer’ when it comes to deciding on enforcement action when the farmer has: ■ At least the legally required slurry storage capacity. ■ Taken all reasonable steps to avoid the need to spread during the closed period. ■ Only spread when the conditions were suitable.

Farmers must follow Defra and Environment Agency guidance, otherwise they could still be in breach of regulations.

■ Observed good practice to minimise the risk of pollution when spreading slurry. Defra said it would keep the policy under review, suggesting it was open to a further extension if the conditions warranted it. The NFU and NFU Cymru said it would be a ‘huge help to farmers struggling with the wet weather’, although it was long overdue. The union urged its members to use all other alter-

natives before spreading, as this will be taken into account by the Environment Agency during inspections.

Welcome NFU head of policy services Andrew Clark said: “This is a welcome, but very delayed announcement, given the NFU first raised concerns with Defra and EA in mid-July at our members’ request.”

The Scottish position THE Scottish Government said while it had not granted any derogation over NVZs, farmers experiencing difficulties should contact their local Rural

CLA president Harry Cotterell added: “It is important farmers follow Defra and Environment

Payments and Inspections Directorate area office. A spokesman said any approach would be considered on a ‘case by case’ basis.

Agency guidance during this twoweek period, or they could still be in breach of regulations.”

Welsh SSAFO changes are scrapped Showcasing produce in Commons

Helping Farming People Through Difficult Times Talk to us. FCN Helpline 0845 367 9990 7.00 am until 11.00 pm – everyday of the year.

FARMERS have welcomed the announcement there will be no changes to rules governing slurry, silage and fuel oil (SSAFO) stores built before March 1991 in Wales. The decision is part of the Review of the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) in Wales and follows a consultation earlier in the year which proposed all pre-1991 stores would have to comply with modern standards.

However, the Welsh Government said it was aware of the significant cost implications for farmers who would be affected by the implementation of the proposal and would now undertake an approach based on individual reports and advice. NFU Cymru president Ed Bailey said he was pleased, in response to the union’s ‘robust response’, the Welsh Government had taken its views on

board and decided not to repeal the exemption which meant pre1991 SSAFO stores did not have to comply with the newer rules. He said any change would have impacted on farmers throughout Wales, not just those within NVZ areas. In England, the proposed changes to 1991 regulations were scrapped by former Farming Minister Jim Paice at the height of dairy crisis.

Tackling ‘hurdles’ on renewables vision FARM chiefs have called on the Scottish Government to help drive the country’s ‘renewables vision’. Speaking at the Energy Now conference in Edinburgh, NFU Scotland president Nigel Miller said the agricultural sector had ‘enormous potential’ to deliver green energy, but needed Government intervention to secure its success. The call came as the Scot-

tish Government revealed 2012 was on track to be best renewables year yet. Renewable electricity generation in the first half was 13 per cent higher than the same period last year, and around 35 per cent of Scottish electricity demand in 2011 was met from renewables, exceeding the target of 31 per cent. Mr Miller said: “It is a big ask for Scotland to generate 100 per cent

of its electricity from renewable sources in the future.” But he said farmers had come up against new ‘hurdles’. “Renewables does have an impact on the environment and can bring rigid controls,” he added. “The last few months have clearly shown planning controls, grid connection and grid capacity are now the real limiting factors.”

PRODUCERS in Cumbria will be able to show off their food and drink at a special event in the heart of the capital this autumn. This comes as plans for a larger food and farming showcase in London have been delayed until at least next year. South Lakes MP Tim Farron is planning a Taste of Cumbria day, which will take place in the House of Commons. But organisers of Farming in the Park, due to be held in London’s Hyde Park, have had to put their plans on hold after the park’s owners reneged on a provisional agreement to hold the agricultural showcase in September 2013. Event secretary Guy Smith said the committee would continue to push for a date in May 2014.

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Face mask option after slurry deaths rProtection from toxic slurry gases By Olivia Midgley FARMERS could be given breathing apparatus to protect them when mixing and spreading slurry. Farm chiefs in Northern Ireland called for an investigation into the possibility of supplying farmers with breathing support

masks and oxygen bottles in the wake of the recent deaths of three members of the same family. Noel Spence, 58, and his sons, Graham, 30, and Ulster rugby star Nevin Spence, 22, died when they were overcome by fumes in the slurry store at the family dairy farm near Hillsborough, Co Down, Northern Ireland, last month. Health and Safety Executive in Northern Ireland (HSENI) revealed there have been six slurry-

related deaths in the last 10 years. Ulster Unionist Party agriculture spokesman Jo-Anne Dobson said action was ‘urgently’ needed. “There have been so many deaths due to the slurry gas it is an absolute necessity a system is put in place to protect farmers,” she said. “A breathing support mask with a small oxygen bottle would

which minimised the risk to farmers, but said reliance on oxygen masks was not the only solution. He added: “Other measures to help prevent the problem could be the design of slurry storage and handling systems to reduce the need for human intervention and to provide well ventilated areas to avoid the build-up of gas.”

give significant protection for farmers, would be neat and lightweight, and hopefully costefficient.” The Ulster Farmers Union backed the proposals, adding farmers were keen to use breathing apparatus and gas monitors. NFU vice-president Adam Quinney said the union was keen to see technological solutions

The Spence family tragedy shook the farming community and the NFU and farming organisations throughout the UK rallied to offer their members guidance on working with slurry. It led HSENI to launch a hardhitting campaign, Stay Farm Safe, aimed at reducing the amount of accidents on farms.

Fee for Intervention scheme THE Health and Safety Executive (HSE) cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention (FFI), came into operation this week. The FFI scheme sets out to recover costs from those who break health and safety laws for the time and effort HSE spends on investigations, inspections and helping to put matters right. The cost for those in breach of the law will be £124 per hour.

Law-abiding businesses will be free from costs and will not have to pay. But some have questioned the process. Chris Hall, managing partner of health and safety consultancy firm Lighthouse Risk Services, said: “Apart from knowing the hourly rate, businesses will have no way of knowing what the final bill will come to until the very end of the case.”

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IAH is rebranded Pirbright THE Institute for Animal Health has been renamed and rebranded as the Pirbright Institute. The centre, which is a leader in surveillance and research into livestock diseases, will remain at its current site in Woking, Surrey. The organisation has operat-

ed under various guises since it was set up in 1913. The Pirbright Institute will now be developed into a state-of-theart facility to enable researchers to develop a better understanding and control of livestock diseases and viruses which spread from animals to humans.



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Lamma scholarship deal THE bosses of leading machinery event Lamma have shown their ongoing commitment to developing the next generation of agricultural engineers through the Lamma Scholarship. Neil Thackray, director of Briefing Media, which owns Lamma and Farmers Guardian, met with the head of Riseholme College, Lincoln, to formalise the ongoing deal. The scholarship means every

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NEWS What is the fallout from one of the wettest harvests in living memory? We asked an expert panel to discuss the implications for arable and livestock farmers in a live Farmers Guardian web debate. Alistair Driver reports.

NPA calls for dedicated supply chain to help protect pig farmers from cereal price volatility rCereals prices have hit producers hard

THE National Pig Association (NPA) has called for the introduction of more dedicated pigmeat supply chains to help

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protect pig farmers from cereal price volatility. NPA chairman Richard Longthorp said global supplies of pigmeat were almost certain to fall next year on the back of high cereal prices, which have ratcheted up the cost of feed. Levy board Bpex estimates UK pig farmers’ cost of production currently stands at 170p/kg, while average prices stand at 151p/kg – an ‘unsustainable’ situation, he said during a Farmers Guardian internet discussion on the cereal market.

WEB DEBATE ducers the confidence to invest. And there hasn’t been much of that in the past 12 years.” He said, historically, a 1 per cent drop in pig supply had resulted in a 10 per cent increase

in price, meaning the projected 10 per cent drop in supply next could see retail prices double, if the relationship is linear. He said the NPA was talking to Tesco and food service company Compass about the current crisis this week.

Solution “They all recognise the problem,” he said. “They all recognise the solution – more money. But who will be the first to jump?

Impact Mr Longthorp said: “Production will fall and prices will rise. It’s just the interim pain which is the issue and the long-term impact on critical mass going forward. This is also a worldwide issue. EU pig prices are now higher than UK prices and we are actually exporting carcases. “What we need is a supply chain where all efficient participants can receive a fair return on their capital employed. “The solution in my view to the pig situation is dedicated supply chains. The only section of the UK pig herd to have expanded of late is where dedicated supply chains exist. Risk is shared, rewards are fair, but not excessive, and this gives pro-

Global supplies of pigmeat were almost certain to fall next year on the back of high cereal prices, which have ratcheted up the cost of feed, says NPA chairman Richard Longthorp.

Millers forced to look to imports

Rob Morgan. County Durham. oss across Specialist insurance for thousands of farms acr Wales England, Scotland and W ales


We need to understand where the money needs to come from processor/retailer margins or the market –difficult in recessionary times but reality will have to prevail at some stage.” Kent farmer Andrew Barr backed the concept of dedicated chains, which are currently the source of much debate in the dairy sector. “Selling food at below cost of production will not help feed the rising world population,” he said.

MILLERS have acknowledged they will be forced to rely increasingly on wheat imports to fulfil demand at the top end of the market, after a hugely difficult harvest. Opening the web discussion Jack Watts, AHDB senior market analyst for cereals and oilseeds, said 2012 has ‘probably been one of the most challenging harvests on record’. He said: “Yields are expected to be well down on average and the main quality problem is specific weight – a national issue. Variation in both yields and quality has been huge, even on individual farms.” Two arable farmers who took part, Andrew Barr, from Kent, and Richard Longthorp, from York-

shire, said their own yields were 515 per cent down on last year. Mr Barr, a member of the NFU combinable crops board, said: “We went from the crops looking fantastic and high hopes to being worried about a complete disaster in a short space of time. We ended up with a very variable but overall disappointing result.”

Tough Martin Savage, trade policy manager at the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim), said the poor harvest had made life tough for millers, too. The amount of flour produced per tonne of wheat received was ‘much lower than in a normal year’, meaning UK millers were

struggling to find the quality of grain they need from the UK. But they ‘cannot fail’ their customers in this area, he said. “It means we will have to source the material we need from wherever we can find it. In recent years we have increased our use of UK wheat to 80 per cent of our requirements. It is inevitable there will be a reduction this year.” Mr Savage said there had been a ‘rapid move to import parity’ in terms of cost, but did not rule out an increase in flour prices. “How this translates into bread is another matter.” Mr Watts said it was possible the UK will be a net wheat importer in 2012/13, although there will be some exports.

Cereals debate THE event, sponsored by HGCA-AHDB, took place last Friday. The panellists were: ■ Jack Watts, AHDB senior market analyst - cereals and oilseeds ■ Allan Wilkinson, HSBC head of agriculture ■ Andrew Barr, Kent farmer and member of NFU cereals board ■ Martin Savage, National Association of British and Irish Millers (Nabim) trade policy manager ■ Richard Longthorp, National Pig Association chairman If you missed it, you can see it again at

Penalties dispute could lead to grain contract review

Northamptonshire Te Tell 01604 782 782

Shropshire Y oorkshire Yorkshire 01584 873 040 Te Tell 01423 326 363

Te Tell

Ayrshire A yrshire y 01292 285 555

Te Tell

GRAIN contracts need to be overhauled to ensure penalties levied on farmers are fairer and reward producers for ‘above spec’ deliveries, according to Kent farmer Andrew Barr. Mr Barr’s comments reflect widespread ‘alarm’ among farmers over penalties currently being

imposed on wheat affected by the poor weather. “We have heard of claims nearing £80/tonne,” he said. He urged millers to engage in talks about a new type of grain contract with ‘specific, reasonable penalties for below spec grain and rewards for above spec grain’, similar to those in place for OSR.

He advised testing grain before delivery and stressed communication between farmers and merchants was the key to ‘avoiding nasty surprises’. Nabim trade policy manager Martin Savage suggested millers would be willing to discuss the issue with the NFU.

“Farmers should know the terms of the contract. Deductions will only be made relative to what is agreed in the contract,” he said. But he rejected the concept of rewarding farmers for above spec quality as millers might not be able to make use of, for example, higher protein wheat.

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Land facing ruin if rivers are not dredged, claims farmer rAgency says it has wider view of problem By Barry Alston FOLLOWING one of the wettest summers on record, farmers have hit out at Environment Agency Wales for not dredging local rivers. The criticism has come from Montgomeryshire NFU members in Mid Wales, particularly those farming around the Dyfi Estuary and the banks of the River Severn. But Environment Agency Wales said dredging was not always the best option and it had a wider view of the challenges. Edward Chapman, Montgomeryshire NFU’s county chairman, claims his land has been hit hard due to the River Severn flooding on numerous occasions.

River Parrett SOMERSET recently saw an arable and beef farmer call for dredging to be reinstated on the River Parrett after he claimed fallen trees and silt were blocking the flow of water and causing flooding

He said: “All the rivers used to be dredged. I expect as with many other things it is down to money, but I believe not dredging actually costs much more in the long run. “The excessive rainfall and consequent flooding of recent years could be much better absorbed naturally by rivers and estuaries if they were regularly maintained by the dredging of sand and removal of grit and other debris. “Farmers regularly clean out their own field drainage ditches as part of good management to aid water flow and avoid water logging.

and obstructions from rivers and streams, to reduce the risk of flooding. “However, dredging is not always effective at reducing flooding. We make decisions on the

best way to tackle the risk on a case-by-case basis, using engineering knowledge and evidence of how each river responds to make sure we give best value to the taxpayer.”

Farmers around the River Severn have called for it to be dredged.

Priority “The same principle should apply to the major water ways. But it appears their maintenance is not being given the required priority necessary for a much improved flow of water.” An Environment Agency Wales spokesman said it did have a largescale programme of keeping the water flowing. He added: “We maintain almost 2,000 miles of flood defences and more than 5,000 sluices, outfalls, floodgates and barriers in Wales. “We also spend more than £20 million each year in Wales and England on dredging to remove silt, as well as removing vegetation

Scottish college merger finalised By Olivia Midgley EDUCATION chiefs in Scotland have finalised the merger of four land-based colleges. Barony, Elmwood and Oatridge College have joined SAC to form Scotland Rural College (SRUC) – the largest of its kind in Europe. SRUC educates more than 8,000 further and higher education students across its six campuses and provides rural business consultancy for more than 12,500 customers. The college’s chairman Lord Lindsay said the need for rural and land-based research, education and consulting had never been more important. He said: “Within the lifetime of today’s  SRUC  students, world food production must almost double to feed the growing population. “This must be done on less land with diminishing resources, while protecting the environment and addressing the challenges posed by climate change.” Lord Lindsay said the new college would go some way to giving

This merger of our land-based colleges will ensure Scots have access to the highest quality training and research RICHARD LOCHHEAD the next generation the skills they needed to ‘raise the competitiveness of the agri-food industry’ – currently worth more than £12 billion a year in Scotland. Rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead added: “This merger of our land-based colleges will ensure Scots have access to the highest quality training and research, which will stand our rural communities in good stead for generations to come.”

Using Less Fuel LEXION 630 • 359hp Tier 4i CAT Engine • 9,000 litre grain tank • VISTA II cab • APS • Colour CEBIS II

“In what has been a very difficult season, the new LEXION 630 has really gone very well. The most noticeable difference is that even though it has a more powerful engine than the LEXION 530, because it’s lower revving it definitely uses less fuel and only used about half a tank of fuel a day.” “Also having the larger grain tank (9,000 litres) certainly helps output.” Contractor Michael Parker (right) and driver Harry Dilks, September 2012.

CLAAS has one vision – to provide even greater efficiency, and reliability, and to further maximise profitability in the field. Order before November 2012 and take advantage of our Early Action finance offers. Talk to your local dealer today or call the CLAAS hotline on 01284 777666.



LETTERS RSPCA stands by Ramsgate decision ONLINE COMMENT THE RSPCA has defended its handling of an incident at Ramsgate port in which two sheep drowned and more than 40 were shot. Readers had their say at

■ THE RSPCA is a political lobby-

ing organisation, well funded by people like Brian May, and led by Gavin Grant, a PR expert with little knowledge or expertise in animal welfare, but great knowledge and expertise in the art of ‘spin’. The RSPCA was well aware Ramsgate did not have handling or lairage facilities, but it went ahead anyway. End result, chaos, with animals drowned and shot in a public area. A PR coup for the RSPCA, live exports suspended. A cynical manipulation of events to suit its own agenda? Nothing would surprise me. Disgraceful. Sian Wombwell.

■ WHAT hypocrisy. If that had

happened in an abattoir, the RSPCA PR juggernaught would be calling for those involved to be criminally charged and that extreme measures be brought in. This highlights how little experience it has in dealing practically with animals. It should be absolutely embarrassed and ashamed it is no better than those it decries. Anonymous. ■ IT seems to me the movement

of animals in large numbers should be vet controlled before transport. A vet in attendance like at an abattoir. Lame or damaged animals do not travel. The haulage companies should be held accountable as well as the crooked farmers dumping livestock. Bob Dean. ■ WHY is this story not in the national news? People need to know where their subscriptions to this so-called charity are spent. This appalling organisation increasingly shows it does not have a clue about animal welfare, probably because it is too busy spending subscription money on political campaigning. It is no better than the League Against Cruel Sports and animal terrorists,

The RSPCA is enthusiastic when prosecuting others, who may have an excuse for ill treatment of pets – often dementia or insolvency. What is its excuse for this fiasco? David W.

More than 40 sheep were shot at Ramsgate port following discovery they were unfit to travel.

obsessed with shooting, fishing, hunting, badgers and not a care for the everyday welfare and conservation of animals. C. Gilmour.

has no more authority than I do, being a civilian charity, and cannot take any action whatsoever even though it goes to great lengths to convince otherwise. Anonymous.

■ SIR, the lorry should have been

sent to the nearest farm and unloaded, the dead ewes removed, and the others treated for lameness and let them rest. To kill sheep which are only lame shows whoever handled this fiasco did not know what they were doing, as any farmer knows sheep can go lame overnight, and it is not rocket science to vaccinate them. Peter Dyson. ■ SURELY the one to blame is

Animal Health and not the RSPCA, since Animal Health is the one with the authority. The RSPCA

■ ALL livestock which travel across a national border have to be vetted first to certify they are disease-free and fit to travel. This has to occur within 24 hours of loading. The journey plan and health certificate have the ear numbers of the animals which are loaded. The vehicle used was in perfect working order and was certified by the French authorities for more than eight hours transport. Trading Standards is at present carrying out a criminal investigation, it will be interesting to see if the RSPCA employees who

appeared to have botched the unnecessary slaughter of these so-called lame sheep are charged. In all the pictures of sheep killed during foot-and-mouth you did not see any blood when animals were killed correctly with a captive bolt gun. Why does the RSPCA picture of the sheep killed show blood everywhere? Anonymous. ■ IN the 24 hours before leaving

the farm, all livestock for export have to be inspected by a vet. It is hardly credible any competent vet would fail to notice so many lame animals. I understand when unloaded at the port, the sheep were herded across an area of loose gravel where the ‘lameness’ was diagnosed. That is ridiculous.


Sponsored by

ACROSS 1 Kentish marsh producing hardy longwool (6,5) 9 Coiffed like a bun (7) 10 All in on making an unguent from wool (7) 11 Tone fades out when nothing is heard (5,4) 12 Boadicea’s East Anglian mob (5) 13 Jobs involving several deliveries (5) 14 Move into other areas of business on the farm (9) 16 Spring bloom conveyed the Pilgrim Fathers (9) 18 All stuff sent to the mill (5) 20 Remove the pants from (5) 22 Grace lent style to a plane figure (9) 24 Measure of 220 yards old style (7) 25 Give life to a team in upheaval (7) 26 Roman duties could cause parasites in lambs (11)

DOWN 1 Make so unruly with one acting disastrously (9) 2 Beet could be Globes or Tankards (7) 3 Chap picking Premium Bonds winners (5) 4 Disorder in the dairy herd is hypocalcaemia (4,5) 5 He lives on income from property or investments (7) 6 Hearty about five cutting by 50 per cent (5) 7 Plays the game to suit the occasion (4,2) 8 Hostility met in unknown format (6) 14 Absolutely below starboard (9) 15 Gelatine once used to preserve eggs (9) 16 Fielding position near the bowler (3-3) 17 Nematode fisherman find in casts (7) 18 Ice creeping down the mountain (7)


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■ ALTHOUGH I agree the RSPCA was out of its depth and handled the situation badly, I would like to comment on the shooting of the livestock. We all know lameness will not kill a sheep and although, when taken at face value, shooting them seems like a crazy thing to do, think about it like this. Those animals had already travelled a couple of hours to get to the port, and the ferry crossing for them is another 15 hours, plus further travelling once on the continent. Because it is safer to pack the animals closely, none can lie down. Lame animals standing in excess of 20 hours is not acceptable, and I suspect that was why they were shot. We all have a responsibility for the welfare of our stock, and the owner of those beasts should not be compensated, in my view. He should have sent fit animals, as most good farmers would have. Anonymous.


19 Losing weight, the loudspeaker wavers on the brink (6) 21 Nobleman presents a joint (5) 23 Place in Somerset supplying beet (5)


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RSPCA’s radical stance must be tempered FOR the most part, farmers generally feel fairly ambivalent about the RSPCA. It has had a role in prosecuting people who represent the worst of our sector and is usually associated with helping to tackle uncalled-for animal abuse. Some producers may have had visits from inspectors alerted to perceived cruelty by over-zealous ramblers and neighbours, and, in other cases, have then wondered why it did not respond to call outs. But, for the most part, farmers have accepted its role in animal welfare. However, the relationship between farming and the RSPCA appears to be taking a radical turn for the worse. A string of high-profile decisions, whether in the Ramsgate incident or its threatened campaign to stop



consumers drinking milk, makes for very uncomfortable reading. It is not merely the rights and wrongs of its decisions – it is the fact it has suddenly changed to a hard line campaigning organisation which seems to be intent on targeting farming. Its headline-grabbing tactics are less than helpful at such a critical time – and it would seem to be unusual for an organisation with Royal patronage to threaten farmers’ livelihoods. If its motive is to protect animal welfare, surely it should be spending an equal amount of time and money campaigning for cows to be protected from TB? Why should the 34,000 cattle killed last year because of TB have a lesser right to life than a badger? Why didn’t it generate the same

volume of outrage at the deaths of cattle? Advocacy, which it says is its aim, surely does not just apply to wildlife – or why would it bother with its Freedom Food scheme? Its new radical stance – which some may suggest is a way of garnering more financial support – needs to be tempered if it is to truly be an advocate for all animals. ■ This week’s issue also includes the biggest tractor test we have ever done. There will be few of these which find a home in the UK, but it is a great example of the breadth and depth of our independent testing programme. Whatever size of tractor you have, this week’s test is sure to provoke plenty of discussion, and a fair amount of envy too. See p21 for more.

DEBATE Do tenants get a fair deal at rent reviews? MANAGE THE IMPACT


e all know the starting point for setting a farm rent is governed by legal process. But this year the market is sending a powerful signal, and for many landlords rocketing commodity prices will be a key reason for a higher-than-usual increase in this autumn’s settlements. Not only is the National Trust not immune from the rest of the sector, but as a charity we need to have regard to the market in line with the Charity Commission’s rules and regulations. But we believe real success lies in a healthy negotiation be“The good news is – they’ve only got a one way ticket!”

WIN A UNIQUE PORTRAIT OF AN ANIMAL OF YOUR CHOICE THE East of England Smithfield Festival has teamed up with JP Framing to give away a commissioned animal print in a free prize draw. This competition is to promote this year’s East of England Smithfield Festival, which will take place on November 30 and December 1 and which Farmers Guardian is

R once again media partnering. The winner will be able to send a photograph of a cow, sheep, horse or dog to JP Framing, which will use it to produce a unique portrait. ■ Simply complete an entry form at /eastofengland

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tween landlord and tenant. This should look beyond the market and help cement a long-term partnership rather than a simple transactional relationship. In practice, this sees us aiming to work with our tenants to deliver our core purpose as a conservation organisation which provides public access, so

REVIEWS ESSENTIAL ent reviews are always a stressful and emotive time for tenant farmers, particularly when they are wholly or mainly reliant on the rented holding and especially when it involves the family home. Negotiations can go on for many months, involving professionals from both sides whose fees can outweigh the difference in rent in dispute. Given very complex issues often arise as a result of case law or legislation, it can seem to the tenant the review is being conducted in a foreign language.



GEORGE DUNN When farm profitability improves, the confidence of the tenant looking to invest in his business can be snatched away by a landlord's agent looking to harvest too much of the profit away in rent. Similarly, as profitability falls away, negotiating for a rent reduction needs all the

that in a rent negotiation we are very often prepared to ‘buy’ additional conservation or access by agreeing a lower rent. We are also looking to be a more efficient landlord and to work towards reviews happening on a regular, three-year cycle. This should avoid any huge, one-off increases in rent, which is what can happen if there’s a period of long-overdue review and accelerating commodity prices. We are not there yet, but we are working on it. And even when steep rises are assessed as fair, we would aim to step the increases over time to help tenants manage the impact. ■ Patrick Begg is the rural enterprises director at the National Trust. strength and determination the tenant can muster at a time when the fundamentals of the business may be under pressure. The backstop when there is disagreement is arbitration. However, what used to be a reasonably inexpensive method of resolving a genuine difference of opinion is reserved now only for those who can afford it. Of course, landlords are entitled to a fair rent for the land they let and rent reviews are probably a necessary evil, but the conduct of parties and their agents will be key to ensuring both parties remain able to look each other in the eye when the review is over. ■ George Dunn is chief executive of the Tenant Farmers Association.

10 |


NEWS PARTY CONFERENCE SEASON 2012 Labour MPs admit they need to build bridges with the countryside, but they are more opposed to the badger cull than ever. Alistair Driver reports from the party conference in Manchester.

Labour would drop badger cull if it returned to power rCulls would make things worse – Creagh A NEWLY-elected Labour Government would be ‘minded to’ abandon any badger cull policies under way in England, according to Shadow Defra Secretary Mary Creagh. Mrs Creagh told an NFU/Food and Drink Federation fringe meeting in Manchester her position on badger culling had ‘moved on’ from last year’s event, when she accepted any culls already under way would be continued. “The more I have looked at the science, the less effective I think this cull is going to be,” she said. Mrs Creagh said the science showed it would take three or four

Mary Creagh

years of culling ‘before you even begin to get a reduction’ in bovine TB levels in cattle due to the perturbation effect, which largely cancels out the benefits seen in later years. She said the overall impact could end up being less than the estimated 16 per cent reduction in cattle disease over nine years because the pilot culls differ from the Randomised Badger Culling Trial, for example, in the use of controlled shooting.

The more I have looked at the science, the less effective I think this cull is going to be MARY CREAGH


He insisted, as long as culling was carried out in line with certain criteria, such as using hard boundaries to prevent perturbation, and is done by professional people, the policy will deliver benefits in terms of disease control. “As a farmer still under restriction, I know exactly what it feels like to have 34 cows disappear off the farm,” he said. “I have seen farm businesses absolutely destroyed because of bovine TB. We have got to give farming families in these areas some hope for the future.”

Irranca-Davies calls for greater urgency in farm science policy SHADOW Farming Minister Huw Irranca-Davies called on politicians to ignore short-term electoral concerns and take a longer term, more co-ordinated approach to agricultural and food-related science. In a debate on food security at an NFU/FDF fringe meeting in Manchester, he said there was an urgency to address the need to produce enough food to feed eight billion people by 2025, while coping with climate change and looking after the environment. He stressed the importance of applied science to help farmers play their part in the food security challenge, ‘with society also expressing a view about what sort of farming and landscape they want to have’.

He said: “Bearing in mind the 2025 timescale, investment in science needs to be more far-sighted, rather than around electoral cycles or even the budgetary year. We need to be more strategic. We need to be much more co-ordinated, which will mean sharing information about science, rather than worrying about intellectual property rights.” NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond said there had been a 20-year decline in publiclyfunded applied research and development. He called for a greater emphasis on ‘turning basic research into actual products, technologies and practices which can be used by farmers and growers on a commercial scale’.

“I am worried about the risk to the farmer of making the problem worse,” she said. “And the taxpayer is going to be picking up the bill for testing, compensation and police costs – armed police costs, overtime, overnight, in the dark, in the winter. This is not going to be achievable by anybody. “It hasn’t started yet, but at the moment I would be minded to stop it. I would have to see some pretty convincing results to get me to change my opinion, but there will not be any data collected on it, so the science will be there. I am pretty certain I will be proven right on this.” NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond urged Mrs Creagh to consider the 34,000 cattle culled in England and Wales because of bTB last year.





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K\c1'(0)++-+)/* email:


As Labour leader Ed Milliband spoke about his ‘one nation’ ideals, his farming team sought to woo rural voters. PICTURE: Getty Images

More power to adjudicator? LABOUR MPs will push for amendments to the Grocery Code Adjudicator (GCA) Bill to provide the option for the grocery watchdog’s powers to be extended to cover processors. The GCA Bill is due to return to the House of Commons in the next few weeks for scrutiny by MPs after its third reading in the Lords. Shadow Farming Minister Huw Irranca-Davies said Labour MPs were concerned, in the Bill’s current form, there were no provisions to extend the GCA’s powers to cover ‘intermediaries’. He said: “One amendment we will be putting down is to allow the GCA to be able to ask for its remit to be extended to cover intermediaries. That will give it the bite everyone is talking about.”

He stressed Labour was not asking for these powers to be granted immediately, but to give the GCA the power to request them from the Government when it reports to Parliament. He said it would be a ‘disaster’ if it became evident these new powers were needed, but took five years to bring in the necessary legislation. Melanie Leach, director general of the Food and Drink Federation, said: “My preference would be, rather than start to complicate things, let’s get the adjudicator up and running. That would be a fantastic achievement,” she said. NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond said the option should be there to ‘give the adjudicator more teeth’ if it falls below expectations when it comes into force.

Connecting with rural communities A NEW Labour Government would need to ‘build bridges’ with rural communities if the party wins the 2015 election, Shadow Farming Minister Huw Irranca-Davies has acknowledged. The MP for Ogmore, South Wales, said there had been a perception in rural areas, reinforced by controversies over issues such as the hunting ban, foot-and-mouth, the Single Payment Scheme and bovine TB, that Labour rural policy was driven by ‘urban’ Ministers out of touch with the countryside. “I accept there is that perception, although I think it is

wrong. I also accept we need to challenge it more and be a lot more forthright and outspoken on countryside and rural issues,” he said. “I think there are parts of rural Britain we will need to build bridges with, and that means engaging and arguing very vigorously the case for rural Britain.” He said the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have ‘played up endlessly’ the perception the Shadow Cabinet did not understand rural and farming issues. He said it was a ‘myth’, but acknowledged the party could be ‘stronger in promoting our rural credentials’.


| 11

12 |


BUSINESS Fears for jobs at creamery FEARS are growing in North Wales over the potential loss of 40 milk processing jobs at the South Caernarfon Creameries producer co-operative site at Chwilog, Pwllheli. Management have called a staff meeting after losing a major contract to supply liquid milk and will now have to decide whether to sell or continue the milk production side of the business, while continuing to make cheese. The lost deal accounts for 50 per cent of the 12m litres of drinking milk processed by the creamery every year. Cheese, accounting for another 65m litres, will continue to be made at the plant.

Entitlements RECENT entitlement trading has seen English non-SDA entitlements achieving between £180 and £200 per hectare excluding VAT, according to agents Rostons. SDA and SDA moorland entitlements are guided at £160 and £35/ha (excluding VAT) respectively. The firm’s Sam Catling said changes to original CAP reform proposals could see entitlements currently in circulation, now roll over into the new scheme, in 2015.

Arla amba and Milk Link merger gets EC approval rCreates the UK’s largest dairy company FOLLOWING European Commission regulatory approval for the Arla amba – Milk Link merger, the deal went ahead on Monday. It creates the UK’s largest dairy company, processing more than three billion litres of milk per year and having a combined turnover in excess of £2 billion. Both businesses will now be concentrating on detail, investigating potential synergies not already identified – and sharing commercially sensitive information hitherto off limits. The merged business retains the name Arla Foods UK although Milk Link, now as a corporate member of Arla Foods amba, will now be known as Arla Milk Link. Effectively, the ‘new’ merged business is owned by Milk Link and Arla Foods amba farmers and the Arla Foods Milk Partnership members – the latter through

their Milk Partnership Limited (MPL) investment company shareholding in Arla Foods UK. Chief executive Peter Lauritzen said: “The integration of the new business will harness the best of both organisations, give rise to a range of incremental growth opportunities and deliver synergy related savings. The process of identifying and maximising these opportunities is underway and is a key focus across the business.” Milk Link’s former chief executive and Dairy UK chairman Neil Kennedy, is now responsible for milk and member services.  

Transitional He said the Arla Milk Link milk price for October, would be based on the agreed transitional pricing mechanism which is linked to the performance of both the UK market and Arla amba’s on-account price. The Arla Milk Link standard litre price of 27ppl is unchanged from September, although Mr Kennedy maintained

this was 'a short-term situation and we anticipate an early recovery in the on–account price'. However, Milk Link members will also be receiving an agreed and accumulated 1ppl on their production over the three months from merger-approval to this week’s completion. And an average (1m litre) fully paid-up producer will also receive in the next few weeks, a £28,000 payout which equates to about

57p per £1 of qualifying loan. While Milk Link’s existing member capital is being retained and fully reflected as individual contributed capital in Arla Foods amba, members’ rights to interest and the payment of a premium, is being cancelled and this average £28,000 cash payment – a share of the total pot of £22.7m – is effectively a one-off compensation in lieu of that interest. However, they will begin to receive interest on the underlying loan itself, after full membership in just over three years time. It will be paid in the form of Arla amba’s ‘13th payment’. As there is a limit on membercontributed capital of 5ppl, those who have chosen to invest more in the co-op than that will have the excess purchased back on a £1 for £1 basis.

Milk drinks business THE only condition of the EU Commission’s approval of the merger was that Milk Link’s milk drinks business at Crediton, Devon, is sold off as a viable and separate, stand-alone business. As of now, that business will be ring fenced from the rest of the merged business but Arla

has committed to maintain the business’s economic viability including resources for development in line with existing plans – and retaining a senior management team. The Arla Foods UK long life milk business at its Settle creamery is unaffected.

January milk price must rise 10 per cent DESPITE the recent turnaround in milk prices, most producers have no confidence that processors can deliver a cost of production price, or continue to pay a sustainable price into the future, according to the director of The Dairy Group, Nick Holt-Martyn. And once the high prices of wheat and protein feeds are fully reflected in farmgate feed prices, then the demand for further milk price rises will increase. Mr Holt-Martyn said: “The recent milk price rises were only sufficient to bring the ‘milk-feed ratio’ back to July 2012 levels – which were unsustainable and saw production fall.”

Significantly If the levels seen in January 2012 were to be achieved, he said, then milk prices would need to rise significantly in the coming months. “We said last month processors should get on and pay 29ppl without prevarication as an absolute minimum. Now we are saying by January 1, 2013 that figure needs to be 32ppl just to stand still. With market returns almost 30ppl and rising there will be no excuses,” said Mr Holt-Martyn. “Without price rises of this order confidence will not be restored and production will continue to decline.”

Pig prices set to continue upwards

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01264 334747 %" $/& 2)12/ ) ,/1$ $" ,/-,/ 1&,+ "$&01"/"! ,##& " % /)1,+ ) " % /)1,+ , ! +!,3"/ *-0%&/" "$&01"/"! &+ +$) +! +! )"0 +, " 2/"! ), +0 3 &) )" #,/ 20&+"00 -2/-,0"0 ,+)5 &+&*2* ), + 6 "+!&+$ &0 02 '" 1 1, 01 120 %" $/& 2)12/ ) ,/1$ $" ,/-,/ 1&,+ &0 - /1 ,# 1%" ),5!0 +(&+$ /,2-

AN independent pig industry report has confirmed existing warnings from UK livestock bodies that pork supplies are to become seriously tight. The Rabobank report cites EU pork prices reaching almost €1.90/kg (£1.52/kg) deadweight equivalent – a near record high of this century and close to the BSE and foot-and-mouth disease impacted prices of early 2001. And it suggests prices will continue upwards. But it does not predict whether or not these higher prices will eventually cover production costs – or how serious the impact might be on retail demand. The reason for the tight supply, the report says, is a 2.5 million head reduction in the EU sow

which cannot be compensated for by per-sow productivity increases. Rabobank maintains pork prices will remain at elevated levels into 2014 for four main reasons – the shrinking sow herd, high piglet prices, the sow stall ban and strong export demand.

Weaner prices AHDB/Bpex senior analyst Stephen Howarth said weaner prices in the EU were also increasing, but was the result of a trend in Eastern Europe for some breeders to switch to finishing. While the suggestion that pork prices would rise was a ‘no-brainer’, he said the question was how high, and where in Europe. “It might be that in other parts

of Europe where prices have already risen a little higher than ours and where production costs might be a little lower, further increases might cover production costs, but we don’t know. “China, too, will be an influence. If feed prices deter domestic pig production there, then import demand will increase. All major exporting regions of the world will be short of pigs,” said Mr Howarth. However, Mr Howarth said in the UK, there was still a belief major retailers could probably pay more for their pork while keeping retail prices at an acceptable level – and make a margin. Inevitably the squeeze would remain on the processing sector and there could be casualties, he said.


| 13

14 |


BUSINESS First Milk upping pace FIRST Milk producers descended on Llanelli on Wednesday for the co-operative’s annual meeting and conference. Chairman Bill Mustoe said the pace of development in reshaping the business would accelerate. “Everything we do is about getting more value out of the supply chain, by doing things smarter or getting involved in sectors where we can make cash. This is all with one over-riding solitary aim – to improve returns we can pass back to farmers. “We have reshaped First Milk over the last couple of years, and that pace of development is going to quicken. The drive is constantly on to do more and faster.” ■ Full report in next week’s FG.

Milk price up A SMALL increase in Sainsbury’s aligned producer milk price saw the standard litre at 30.66ppl from October 1. The retailer said the price was calculated through the sustainable Cost of Production model. It entails a quarterly review of feed, fuel and fertiliser prices.

Cereals market stability short-lived rUS drought having global implications VOLATILITY is again the name of the game in the cereals market, following more telling reports on global supply and demand. For the first time since midAugust, the London futures feed wheat market dipped below £200/tonne as it fell £8.45/t from Monday to Thursday last week. However, it did not last long and on Monday of this week, the market picked up again. By Wednesday it was still showing values just above the £200/t mark from January through to May 2012, although the November 2012 contracts were slightly below £198/t. AHDB/HGCA senior analyst for cereals and oilseeds, Jack Watts, said UK prices had recovered last Friday, after declining all week, as a result of a bullish US grain stocks report. And the latest International Grains Council estimates reduced global wheat production, and increased soyabean forecasts – this on the back of record production potential in South America. Feed barley has tended to trail

wheat by some £13/t to £15/t or so. Commenting earlier, during a Farmers Guardian internet discussion on the cereal market outlook, Mr Watts said the US drought could have profound implications for cereal prices over the next 12 months, He said yields in the US have been ‘well below average’ as a result. “With the US being such a key exporter, it has global implications,” he said. “The big issue is the US drought and tight supplies of maize and soyabeans,” he said.

Demand Looking at demand, HGCA analyst Helen Plant said this week it was extremely difficult to predict as two enterprises, which the June census results spotlighted for potential expansion – pigs and dairy bull finishing – could go the other way, as high cereal prices threatened profitability. These species were the second and third largest consumers of UK wheat for animal feed behind poultry. They would play a strong role in shaping domestic animal feed demand in the coming season, she said.

Dairy bull finishing – one of the enterprises to shape domestic animal feed demand in the coming season.

QMS boost for Scotch lamb A PERTHSHIRE livestock producer who ‘loves everything about farming’ is the face of Quality Meat Scotland’s (QMS) latest lamb promotion. Part of the QMS ‘Get Behind the Label’ campaign, it was launched on Wednesday and is aimed at communicating to consumers the Scotch Lamb label guarantees farm assurance,

taste and outstanding quality. Jim Fairlie, who farms at Kindrum Park Farm in Logiealmond, is pictured in the adverts working with some of his 2,000 pure and cross-bred Blackface sheep. The 2,225-hectare (5,500acre) farm, also carries about 75 native breed suckler cows. The four-week Scotland-wide

campaign, builds on existing strong consumer awareness, but features advertising in print as well as on key cooking and recipe websites. QMS marketing controller Suzie Carlaw said: “The Scotch Lamb label guarantees traceability of the meat from farm to fork, ensuring it was born, reared and slaughtered in Scotland.”


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NEW ZEALAND ■ Meat company Alliance Group is launching two research trials in a bid to understand the effect of different lengths of tail docking for lambs. The company said there was limited objective information or research on the benefits, or otherwise, of the practice. The three-year trial is partly supported by UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, as well as Beef and Lamb New Zealand and others. UNITED STATES ■ Meat industry giant Smithfield

Foods has reacted to media reports which have spread beyond the UK, but based on National Pig Association’s statement which warned ‘a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable’. Smithfield issued a release to assure customers there will be plenty of bacon to eat despite reduced pork supplies. NEW ZEALAND ■ Farmer-owned rural supplies co-operatives Farmlands and South Island

farming co-operative Combined Rural Traders (CRT) are in merger talks. A merger would see them have nearly nationwide coverage. The New Zealand Farmers Weekly DENMARK ■ Researchers at Aarhus University have been experimenting with feeding chickens hemp to test whether giving the birds extra roughage, with a high nutritional value, can benefit the environment, their welfare, and their product quality.

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FRIDAY OCTOBER 5 2012 www.farmErSguardian.Com

BUSINESS Firm stance on raising milk prices needed to better producer returns

passed to farmers

“We have simply informed all our customers the price they pay has to go up. “Many have agreed, hence our ability to raise our producer price. But if there are those who choose not to, then I am afraid we will inevitably have to part company. “It is simply a stance that we and others who are supporting the British dairy farmer must take to make these producer increases stick,” said Mr Payne.


Ian Matts Agronomic Coordinator Yara UK Limited 01469 554608

Autumn Oilseed nutrition With some oilseed crops emerging later than anticipated, either through delayed drilling, or through a lack of moisture in the top layer of soil, the focus should be on improving plant development in this autumn. In the autumn, the number of leaf axils determines the potential for flowering branches in the spring. Flower initiation usually takes place from early November (when sown in August) to mid-December (when sown in September). The onset of flower initiation can have a strong influence on flower, pod and seed number; therefore it is important that any limitations to its development are prevented. Last season Yara’s trials showed a 0.78t/ha yield benefit from autumn nutrition in oilseeds, through applications of either nitrogen, phosphate, boron, or a combination. We are now over a month into the closed period for manufactured fertilizers for fields within an NVZ across the UK, however up to 30kgN/ha may still be applied to oilseed crops where there is a requirement. If nitrogen has not been applied at drilling it should be applied soon after, rather than waiting for deficiency symptoms, as this may prevent the crop from reaching its full potential.

ers [from October 1], following its recent move to increase the price it pays for its milk. From August

Knowledge grows

£79,805 The approximate value of a €100,000 Single Payment claim this year.

AS workplace pensions are phased in over the next few years, farmers need to make plans, according to NFU Mutual. The company’s pensions spokesman Steve Meredith said: “A lot of farmers and rural business owners might think they don’t need to be concerned about auto-enrolment and workplace pensions. “But they only have to have one eligible employee to be affected.

Phased in “The good news is there is a long time for businesses with a small number of employees to prepare for these changes as workplace pensions are phased in over the next few years.” Nevertheless, he suggested employers should not ‘stick their heads in the sand’ over

Employers only need to have one eligible employee to be affected by the new regulations.

pensions, but must take action. “They need to use this time wisely, seek sound financial advice and get their workplace pensions in place before the deadlines start to creep up on them.”

Pension changes ■ Auto enrolment of pensions phased in from October 1, 2012 All sizes of business will eventually need to take part ■ Good advice and forward planning is critical

■ See www.thepensions for your company’s auto enrolment date (PAYE reference number needed) and for more information




FREE please contact Specialist, Ian Procter (Solicitor) direct at

07970 404 536 supporting the Farming Community.

Moy Park sales top £1bn NORTHERN Ireland’s largest food company, Moy Park, has announced sales revenues of £1.07 billion for the year ending December 31, 2011. The poultry processing company has 13 facilities in Northern Ireland, England, France and Holland, and its figures represent a sales uplift of 16.4

per cent against the previous year. While margins were impacted by ‘unprecedented levels of inflation, which significantly increased feed and other raw material costs’, the company achieved an operating profit of £7.4 million and pre-tax profit of £4.8m. Moy Park is part of global food company Marfrig.

First Milk raises pool prices


01254 822330 Green Solicitors

1, 2012, Aldi increased the price it paid by 2ppl and was the first discount grocery retailer to make such a move.”   Despite the increases, Aldi said it would be able to keep milk retail prices competitive for consumers.  “We support the processors’ models and welcome any move which benefits UK dairy farmers.  “We understand the pressures dairy farmers are facing and believe all farmers should receive a fair price reflective of the costs of milk production,” said a spokesman.

THE Single Payment Scheme exchange rate has been set at £0.79805, which means a €100,000 claim will generate a single payment of about £79,805. Having weakened during last week, the euro responded positively, according to World First foreign exchange specialist Tom Barclay, to ‘a confusing and disjointed Budget from the Spanish authorities’. The rate on which the 2011 single payment was fixed was £0.8666.

Deal with pensions changes sooner rather than later

The benefits of boron in the autumn are down to its requirement for root and shoot development, as well as its ability to improve a crops frost tolerance, which may be a bigger issue this season with small crops if we have another harsh winter. YaraVita Bortrac 150 is a well formulated, quality product with good tankmixability with the a large range of pesticides to help supply the crops boron requirements in the autumn.

KEEPING milk prices competitive for consumers does not preclude a retailer from supporting dairy farmers, says discounter Aldi. The supermarket said it supported new milk sourcing models, and claimed it was the first discounter to pay more for the milk it buys. In a statement it said: “Aldi’s support of the new models represents a further price increase to be passed directly on to farm-

Down on the Farm

rFurther price rise

NORTH Yorkshire processor Paynes Dairies, which announced a ‘no-strings’ 2.75ppl producer price increase from October 1, said this week it was vital it, and all suppliers, stood firm in recovering increases from their own customers. “Our price increase has put our standard litre price up to 29.2ppl, which is a flagship price in this market sector. “It is a flagship price because it represents cash in the bank for producers in that it is a genuine price with no hidden deductions,” said managing director Charles Payne. “But we have to get this money back from customers. If we don’t, then we will see these better prices eroded again.” Mr Payne, whose firm is actively recruiting new producers, said he would walk away from customers unwilling to support British dairying by paying more for their milk.

Discounter backs dairy producers

SPS rate fixed for 2012

FIRST Milk is further increasing its milk-for-cheese and balancing pool prices to 28ppl, based on market return expectations. The cheese pool increase will be in two phases – on November 1 and December 1 – while the new balancing pool price will come into effect on December 1. The co-op said it had taken ‘a forward view on where prices are going, having some robust conversations with its customers and identifying some further business efficiencies’. Chairman Bill Mustoe said: “We know all feed costs are rocketing, silage has been poor

The increases ■ Cheese pool: 1ppl on November 1 and 0.75ppl on December 1 ■ Balancing pool: 0.65ppl on December 1

in most parts of the country, and farms are looking at a hard winter. So it was important we made this move.  “However, the job is never done for us on squeezing the business to get more returns for our farmers.”



The red meat sector relies on strong retail demand, so how is beef and lamb levy-paying producers’ money being spent to this end? In the first of a two-part report, Howard Walsh looks at the activity undertaken by Eblex as the first TV advertising campaign for four years hits our screens.

Driving home the beef and lamb message to consumers to boost sales and demand


ince 2008 there has been no dedicated television advertising for domestically-produced beef and lamb. Beefy and Lamby – remembered by many, but not necessarily by all with fondness – were nevertheless successful in increasing awareness of beef and lamb until the ad run ended four years ago. The main reason for pulling back from TV slots, according to Eblex, was budget restrictions. Since then, more targeted opportunities for advertising online and through social media channels such as Facebook, as well as traditional print media, have been the backbone of the work. Of course, price is one of the main drivers for shoppers, and as

food prices have risen steeply over the last two years, beef and lamb have seen no refuge. In the last 12 months, beef retail prices have risen by 7 per cent, with lamb up almost 5 per cent. Over the last five years, beef prices have risen almost 23 per cent, with lamb up 41 per cent.

Better returns We have seen a corresponding better return for producers, but the general rise in price is down to relative tightening of supply on a global scale – and long-term forecasts suggest this will continue. In terms of volume sales, lamb has fallen 31 per cent over five years, with beef dropping a more modest 3 per cent. Now, however, following a


The new £1.4 million advertising campaign promotes both Red Tractor and Quality Standard Mark schemes for beef and lamb.

commitment by Eblex in the 2011 review to focus on exports, and better communicating awareness to consumers of Quality Standard Mark beef and lamb, television advertising is under way again. “The campaign is supported by online and print advertising on a scale we have not seen for some years,” said Jane Ritchie-Smith, head of consumer marketing for Eblex. The £1.4 million campaign promotes both Red Tractor and Quality Standard Mark schemes for beef and lamb. “Research has shown us many consumers think cooking with beef and lamb is difficult and timeconsuming, so it’s therefore not necessarily suitable for a quick mid-week family meal,” she said. “It is designed to communicate that cooking with beef and lamb can be very simple and rewarding.” The new TV advertising was aired for the first time during Gordon’s Ultimate Cookery Course on Channel 4 on Monday, September 24. Four individual adverts feature different consumer life-stage groups, and also run on UKTV Food. They are supported by a videoon-demand campaign, press advertising and online activity, in the form of display advertising and social media content on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. “Early indications are that the campaign is being well-received, though it will be some time before we get fuller analysis of its impact and be able to report back to the industry. “Ultimately, the aim is to stimulate demand for beef and lamb produced by our farmers. That will be the acid test,” said Ms Ritchie-Smith.

The new TV campaign focuses on letting consumers know cooking with beef and lamb can be quick, simple and easy and is backed up by print, online and social media advertising.

Rules prevent ‘English’ promotion MOST of the marketing work carried out by Eblex in the UK is done under the Red Tractor or Quality Standard Mark branding. EU State Aid rules prevent the organisation from promoting domestically-produced beef and lamb on the basis that it is English, or even British. Eblex has therefore had to be more innovative, promoting its Quality Standard Mark scheme to differentiate it from rival products. Eblex sector director Nick Allen said: “The difficulty is that

much of the work Eblex does is behind the scenes, so farmers may not always link promotional work for their product with us. “The reality is we spent almost £5 million in 2011/12 on promotion in the UK of one form or another. “But because we are not allowed to promote as overtly as, say New Zealand Lamb, Scotch Beef, or Welsh Lamb, we have to look at a different approach. We have to differentiate the product in other ways.”

In foreign markets, the same is true. The Quality Standard Mark and the Red Tractor logos are gaining ground and helping to differentiate products. In addition, there are a growing number of other labels, such as St George beef and lamb, supplied by producers here, specific to individual retail chains. And the generic promotion continues overseas, with organisations joining together to promote beef and lamb.

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Edited by Teresa Rush 01787 281 438


Challenging season puts wheat varieties to the test rLater ripening types fare better THE 2012 season may have turned out to be one to forget as far as yields and quality are concerned for commercial crops, but it has been a good season to put new varieties to the test in challenging conditions and to measure the consistency of existing varieties. That is according to HGCA senior research and knowledge transfer manager Simon Oxley, who says since 2012 was so unusual, the five-year average Recommended List trials results are the best to use to compare variety performance.


High disease pressure this season has provided a test of disease resistance ratings in existing and Recommended List varieties.

Top performers in 2012 Recommended List trials include nabim group 4 feed variety KWS Santiago, which took the 2012 season in its stride with a yield of 108 per cent of the average of control varieties. This is consistent with its five-year figure of 107 per cent.

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In terms of quality, nabim group 1 wheat Crusoe has maintained its position and also showed effective disease resistance, particularly to septoria tritici, yellow rust and mildew. “The nabim group 1 variety Gallant has also had a good year based on both its 2012 and five-year average yield. This is probably an example of how early-maturing varieties have performed better than later-maturing varieties this year,” says Dr Oxley. Candidate varieties which showed higher yields in previous seasons tended to be later-ripening types. Cocoon is the latestmaturing variety on the Recommended List, for the East and West regions only, and its yield was down in 2012 compared with the five-year average. Revelation is also a later-maturing variety which performed less well in 2012 compared with the previ-

ous season. In contrast, Weaver is a nabim group 3 candidate variety which is earlier than most of the new candidates and achieved a good yield in 2012.

Varietal differences Quality tests on Recommended List varieties have shown some interesting varietal differences. Dr Oxley says: “The group 4 feed variety JB Diego typically provides grain samples with good hagbergs and specific weights. It did exactly the same in 2012, making it an interesting variety worth further investigation. “In 2012 RL tests, JB Diego achieved a Hagberg falling number of 258, compared with the Group 1 variety Gallant at 218. Its specific weight of 73.4kg/hl compares favourably to Gallant at 72.6kg/hl. Perhaps this variety has interesting characteristics for breeders to explore if seasons like

2012 become more common?” Disease pressures in 2012, in terms of rusts, septoria tritici and fusarium head blight, provided plenty of new information with which to shake up disease resistance ratings. A new race of brown rust on Stigg saw its rating tumble and Torch too has taken a hit now the new race of yellow rust is more widespread. Panorama and Cocoon have stood up well to high fusarium head blight pressure and their rating remains at 7, joined by Alchemy, with 7 currently the best rating on the RL. Some new candidate varieties also have a 7 rating. Septoria tritici pressure was also high, and the nabim Group 1 variety Crusoe has stood up well to the test and maintains a good rating of 7. The candidate variety Cougar is the only other variety with the same level of varietal resistance for septoria tritici.



Rotation rethink combats black-grass and brings winter wheat yield benefit


aving to introduce break crops on land previously in continuous winter wheat in order to manage bad black-grass has had a spin-off benefit for Kent farmer Thomas Reynolds. As well as helping to fight back against the problem weed, it has also boosted wheat yield by an extra two tonnes per hectare (0.8t/ acre), thanks to all wheat now being in first wheat. Mr Reynolds’ strategy was highlighted when he became one of five finalists in the Syngenta Grass Weed Manager of the Year 2012 award. “We manage two separate businesses,” says Mr Reynolds, who farms with his uncle between Ashford and Folkestone. “One on light land of 210 hectares of cropping at Skeete Farms, and one on heavy land of 150 hectares of cropping at Pent Farm, Postling.” On the light land, black-grass is

not a massive problem. Here the rotation comprises oilseed rape and spring breaks, together with hybrid barley seed crops, which he says give the best margin on the light land they can find. But it is the other 150 hectares (370 acres) on heavy Gault clay where black-grass is the problem – and where the rotation has had to be so radically changed. “The land had been in continuous wheat while oilseed rape prices were poor, so for about five years.

Change “We changed it specifically because of black-grass. Two years ago patches of wheat had to be mowed out because black-grass was so bad. It destroyed the crop. “We went to a four-year rotation of oilseed rape, winter wheat, spring linseed and winter wheat. On very bad black-grass areas we grew linseed first, which we can drill in mid-April, so it is


Problems with black-grass have led to the introduction of linseed and OSR into Thomas Reynolds’ previous rotation of wheat.

Farm facts Thomas Reynolds ■ Streete Farms, 210ha (519 acres) light land and Pent Farm, 150ha (371 acres) heavy land, Postling, Kent ■ Light land rotation: OSR, spring break, hybrid barley seed crop ■ Heavy land: OSR, winter wheat, spring linseed, winter wheat and short-term grass ley where black-grass is a continuing problem ■ Minimim tillage ■ Suckler cow herd

beneficial for black-grass control. “When we were in continuous wheat we were at about 8t/ha. Now we hope for 10t/ha of wheat. So there’s been a double benefit of introducing linseed,” says Mr Reynolds. “Linseed is also a similar price to oilseed rape, and we did well with it at 2.7t/ha. But you have to make decisions economically on spring crops. We’d also consider growing spring beans, or maize for an anaerobic digestion plant.” As well as making rotational changes against black-grass, Mr Reynolds has underpinned these with attention to detail in other areas – including cultivations, sowing competitive crops, and with choices on herbicides and how they are applied. For cultivations, he is unconvinced about the benefit of ploughing annually to bury blackgrass seed, instead believing the optimum is to plough one year in four or five. “We use minimum tillage and hope to get two sprays of glyphosate on in a stale seedbed. The thinking is to use minimal soil disturbance to deal with the problem on the surface. Also, getting a seedbed after ploughing on heavy

Kent finalist Thomas Reynolds (centre) received a farm visit from Grass Weed Manager of the Year judges Jason Tatnell, of Syngenta (left) and Dr Stephen Moss, of Rothamstead Research (right).

land is not good. Though we did autumn plough before linseed,” he says. Additionally, drilling is delayed until mid-October on bad blackgrass land, and seed rates chosen for crop competition – ranging from 170kg/ha for early drilling up to 200kg/ha for October-drilled wheat.

Testing Based on testing, target site resistance to post-emergence herbicide chemistry is believed to be present on the farm, so extra reliance is placed on using stacked pre-emergence treatments in wheat. These are followed by a post-emergence sulfonylurea, which Mr Reynolds estimates gives about 60-70 per cent control. Close attention is also paid to application to get the most from pre-em treatments. “We use Defy nozzles forward and backward facing – I like the spray patterns.

“Also I think timing is key. All of us on the farm can drive a sprayer so we can spray when it’s needed. We also put a cable tie on the end of the boom. It’s very basic but it helps us get the correct boom height. Speed is also a maximum of 12kph for pre-ems.” With break crops in the rotation, another benefit he recognises is black-grass can be tackled with different herbicides in different crops, rather than using the same treatments year-on-year. And with suckler cows on the farm, Mr Reynolds has the opportunity to include short-term grass leys within the rotation – a strategy he is now starting to adopt on fields where black-grass has not been fully controlled. In future, he thinks applying non-selective herbicides between rows of oilseed rape or maize may be useful for black-grass control. Shorter term, it is the introduction of break crops which has given the biggest benefit. “Rota-

When we were in continuous wheat we were at about 8t/ha. Now we hope for 10t/ha of wheat. So there’s been a double benefit of introducing linseed THOMAS REYNOLDS tion is the key. I think it’s the only way for us to get sustainable yield.”

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NFU Mutual Financial Consultants advise on NFU Mutual products and services and in special circumstances those of other providers. NFU Mutual is The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No.111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. A member of the Association of British Insurers. For security and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.

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Stormy weather helps deter BYDV aphid flights rRange of tactics to

control infestations By Teresa Rush Act now to limit BYDV infections in cereals this season.

APHID migration into cereal

crops this autumn has been interrupted by recent storms, says HGCA. Latest aphid monitoring results from Rothamsted Research, published in HGCA’s aphid advisory alert, show bird


cherry oat aphid numbers had started to increase before the arrival of wet and windy weather, although no field reports of aphids on emerging crops have been received. Last season saw early infestations and high aphid pressure throughout autumn, resulting in the highest level of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) infection seen in cereals for many years. Growers are being advised to take action to minimise the BYDV threat this season. Frontier technical manager Bob Mills says successful BYDV control requires a range of tactics, including use of seed treatments, effective grass-weed and volunteer control, sowing date, aphid monitoring and effective timing of foliar applications.

Spray applications Mr Mills says: “Where insecticidal seed treatments have not been used, spray applications may be required once aphids have migrated into crops, but before they have had a chance to spread virus from their initial colonisation point. “However, many BYDV infections reported in 2012 occurred because application timings were more linked to black-grass or other weed control. Although this is a cost-effective approach it may not necessarily provide the most effective method for BYDV control.” While there are concerns about

fast, efficient, effective

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the development of resistance to insecticides in aphid populations, there is no evidence of pyrethroid resistance in the bird cherry oat aphid, the principle vector of BYDV, says ProCam agronomy manager Nick Myers.

Concerns He says: “There are some concerns about resistance among aphid species to the commonly used pyrethroid insecticides. The principle vector for BYDV is the bird cherry oat aphid, while the grain aphid can also play some part. There is no evidence of pyrethroid resistance in the bird cherry oat aphid, so applications of a persistent pyrethroid based on beta-cyfluthrin, alphacypermethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, tau-fluvalinate will give effective control. “Pyrethroids will still be effective in the majority of cases. However, if grain aphids are identified as the main species present in crops in the autumn, using insecticides with alternative modes of action could be considered.” Mr Myers adds that the timing of the first foliar insecticide application for control of BYDV-transmitting aphids should be when 170 degree days over a base temperature of 3degC have been accumulated. “This signals the start of secondary spread of aphids and BYDV within the crop. The calculation should start from crop emergence,” he says.

Another record year for seed potato exports THE seed potato industry is celebrating another record year for exports, which have exceeded 100,000 tonnes for a second consecutive season. According to Potato Council figures, exports this season have surpassed 103,000 tonnes. Potato Council head of seed and export Rob Burns says: “This year, despite the testing conditions experienced by growers, we have achieved another record for our exports of seed potatoes. “Key areas of growth have been the North African countries and the Middle East, thanks in part to careful development of seed potatoes to ensure great results in varying climatic conditions. This is really exciting news as these markets are developing, and should show important growth in the coming years.” Mr Burns attributes the success to the professionalism of exporters, combined with the Potato Council’s work with overseas governments to help smooth the path for interna-

Key areas of growth have been the North African countries and the Middle East ROB BURNS tional import conditions. Independent specialist advice from Mylnefield Research and from Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture plus support from the Scottish Government is also key to achieving a strong export position for varieties from GB. The Potato Council assists importers and exporters by working with the authorities in importing countries, so importers can have confidence their high quality seed potatoes will arrive in good time, says Mr Burns.

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Senior machinery reporter James Rickard 01772 799 496


With a peak of 616hp, the 9560RT is John Deere’s most powerful tractor. In this exclusive test, James Rickard and Geoff Ashcroft pitted it against Case-IH’s Quadtrac 550 and the original rubber-tracked pioneer, Agco’s Challenger MT865C. Pictures by Marcello Garbagnoli.

Manufacturers flex their muscle in big horsepower tracked tractor showdown GROUP TEST


e should not shy away from the fact that if you want high output for cultivation work, then you need horsepower – and lots of it. Where tyres were once the only choice for those seeking serious grunt, the advent of rubber tracks has allowed power outputs to climb to dizzying heights, while keeping tractor widths manageable – more so for those who need to negotiate public roads and narrow lanes to reach their fields. How long it will be before we see 1,000hp on tracks is anyone’s guess, but we have already seen it with foragers. In this test, we assembled stalwarts from Agco and Case-IH to put up against John Deere’s new 9560RT in this exclusive handson with its all-new flagship. As tested here, the 9560RT (serial number 0002) promises considerable improvements in power, hydraulics, hitch, cab comfort and controls. The cab provides 10 per cent more internal volume, has 7 per cent more glass and four times as much storage space as the previous 9030 series. Squaring up to the Deere is Case-IH’s latest Quadtrac 550, complete with FPT engine and AdBlue exhaust after-treatment. Since its arrival in 1997 as the 9370, the Case-IH Quadtrac has divided opinion – should you choose two tracks, or four?

Developed from the Steiger 4WD articulated tractor range, the Quadtrac has four positively-driven tracks. Each track assembly can pivot around its respective drive sprockets, so the Quadtrac’s ability to keep all four 1.8m-long tracks in constant contact with the ground is unrivalled by the longer footprint of twin-track systems. The UK is Case-IH’s largest Quadtrac market in Europe and


is the third biggest after North America and Australia. However, there are firms offering track conversions for wheeled tractors, so the concept can be applied to conventional tractors in addition to other makes of articulated wheeled tractors. Our final warrior is from Agco’s MT800-series Challenger range. In this power range, we have opted for the MT865C.

It is worth remembering this is the only tractor in this group which was purpose-built as a rubber tracked machine. That was 25 years ago, when it first broke cover as the Caterpillar Challenger 65.

Popular The MT series remains a popular machine, with more than 30 MT800s sold in the UK in the last 12 months. But the MT has

been around since 2002 – and in 800C series form since 2009. It is one model which might need a botox injection. With our trio, we intended to find out how they would compare against each other in a group test carrying out primary cultivation. To do this, we took them to Essex and presented them with some challenging, heavy clay land and various cultivators.

These included a Lemken Gigant tool carrier with 8m of Rubin discs fitted to it; a 6m Vaderstad Topdown featuring 22 legs, two rows of discs and a packer; and a 6m Simba Great Plains SLD 600 deep-legged cultivator. So, will the MT’s grunt win through? Will the Quadtrac walk all over its competition, or has Deere’s new flagship 9RT got enough under its skin to rattle the old guard?

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We do right by you

NFU Mutual Financial Consultants advise on NFU Mutual products and services and in special circumstances those of other providers. NFU Mutual is The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No.111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. A member of the Association of British Insurers. For security and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.

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MACHINERY Challenger MT865C


ith a rated output of 510hp and a peak of 583hp, Challenger’s MT865C sits just below the range-topping MT875C, making it comparable with the others tested here. It is also the only tractor available designed from the outset as a rubber tracked machine, rather than one which has had its wheels replaced by belts and idlers. For those who remember, 25 years have passed since the first Challenger 65 appeared – albeit with Caterpillar emblazoned across the bonnet. On first impressions, the Challenger MT865C looks right – its squat, wide stance on 760mm (30in) belts makes it look fit for business. Put a dozer blade on the front and it looks as though it could remodel the landscape. It is the tractor equivalent of a propforward. The Challenger has no fancy power boost or trick modes – just an 18.1-litre Cat six-cylinder engine, with just one turbo. Grunt is its middle name, and such is the grin-inducing bark emanating from its exhaust stack, those outside the cab can hear it long before it comes into view. It falls behind with 250-hour engine oil change intervals, and is one reason why Agco has recently announced an engine change, using its own Sisu Power on the new 700D series. Expect this to eventually filter through to the 800s. Inside the cab, it is an altogether quieter affair. We found it not quite as quiet as the Quadtrac, but still a pleasant place to sit – once

you have ducked in through the cab door without banging your head. That is because our test tractor had four optional sun blinds fitted, which are part of a £2,600 comfort pack. One blind is fastened to the cab roof, in the doorway, which eats into headroom and acts as a scalping tool to the unwary. The comfort pack also includes a leather-clad high-backed seat, sub-woofer under the passenger seat and four optional Xenon lights – two in the front grille and two at the rear.

Environment Once seated, the grey and black interior is not as dull as you first expect, although it does not feel modern or bright, like the other two. We reckon the Challenger’s cab is its Achilles heel and is in need of updating. A bit of leather does not make it a premium environment either. However, there is ample room to stretch legs and get comfortable. Angling the seat to help your view of the implement does give the cab a feeling of roominess and the steering wheel is easy to adjust. A long bonnet makes it difficult to spot where the front of the MT ends, but in this respect, it is no different to the other two. However, it beats them hands-down with a platform around the cab so you can clean lights and windows without needing a cherry-picker. The four-post cab offers a reasonable view all-round and there are plenty of mirrors. However, the steel bracket for carrying control boxes was just in the

Specification (as tested) ■ Engine: Six-cylinder, 18.1-litre Cat C18 ■ Rated power (ECE R24): 510hp ■ Maximum power (ECE R24): 583hp ■ Transmission: 40kph, 18x4 full powershift ■ Total track footprint: 4.56sq.m ■ Weight – bare: 18,400kg

wrong place. There is no intermittent windscreen wiper control either and the climate control settings are awkwardly placed on the rear pillar. That said, its armrest-mounted controls are conveniently laid out, with most falling to hand, including hydraulics, throttle and power management. Transmission functions are taken care of via a chunky direction lever, on which gear selection buttons are mounted. The lever also incorporates a park position. Using this lever to engage drive does result in a sharp jolt, but it is designed to handle heavy loads. Agco recommends only using the clutch pedal for hitching up and light manoeuvring to avoid premature clutch failure. Any gear between first and 10th can be used to set off, and if you do get too greedy, anti-stall takes over. Once up and running though, gear shifts are the smoothest and most responsive out of the trio, except when reversing. Be warned, there is an unnerving speed difference between third and fourth.

■ Weight – maximum: 25,000kg ■ Weight – as tested: 22,400kg ■ Number of hydraulic spool valves: Up to six double-acting ■ Diesel tank capacity: 1,250 litres ■ In-cab noise levels: 77-78db(A) (measured when working for comparative use only)

As well as monitoring performance, headland management is set up via the tractor’s own 180mm (7in) terminal. It takes a little bit of sussing out, but you soon get used to it. Using a scroll wheel and shortcut keys to navigate, up to 35 functions per sequence can be pre-programmed and edited. There is no record function, but sequences can be played out as a whole or triggered in steps using the ‘one-touch’ rocker switch. The terminal also handles the tractor’s power management system. Once a target speed is chosen and activated, the system manages engine revs and gear selection for optimum efficiency. It works well too, reacting quickly to changing conditions. Like the Quadtrac and JD, the Challenger features a decelerator pedal to reduce the revs at headland turns. And like the others, we question why? There are plenty of other functions on-board which make the decelerator redundant, including two rpm settings, which can be pre-programmed and used

in a headland management sequence, or chosen via a rocker switch. Ours came with optional automatic steering, which can be accessed through a second terminal from TopCon (Agco’s preferred supplier). This latest X30 touch-screen terminal is easy to fathom and has certainly tapped into the iPad generation, with icons depicting different functions. In no time at all, implement dimensions can be inputted and saved for future use, and A-B or contour lines effortlessly set up. Auto-steering can either be activated by touching an on-screen button, or by depressing a switch on the armrest – it automatically deactivates when the steering wheel is moved.

Second terminal The X30 terminal can also be used as a virtual IsoBus controller for functions such as section control and variable rate applications. On the down-side, having this large, second terminal in the cab does take up a fair bit of space, impeding slightly on forward visibility. However, it is a joy to use. As a twin-track machine, you soon become acutely aware of ground disturbance when making headland turns. But heavy steering soon deters the scuffing – it needs a firm grasp to wrestle the Challenger on tight and twisty headlands, so you soon learn to turn gently. GPS guidance also helps to alleviate scuffing as it lets you skip every other bout or every third, essentially taking a wider arc.

In dry, flat conditions, the MT865C feels unstoppable. Our test model was equipped with just over 4,000kg of additional ballast, helping those tracks to put that 3m-long wheelbase in firm contact with the ground. Challenger’s hard bar system, which links the track frame with the chassis, complete with solid rubber blocks, does its best to keep the machine planted, while delivering a surprisingly comfortable ride – even at 40kph across a rutted field. Yet it needs every kilo. Despite its 24-tonne operating weight, if you show the Challenger a steep slope, especially in our heavy Essex clay conditions, or worse suffer a shower of rain, it can fidget on the surface like a pike on the end of a fishing rod. However, unlike the Quadtrac, the MT can shed its weight for lighter duties. Hitching implements on and off, albeit trailed, revealed the Challenger’s rear-end to be very user friendly – on a par, if not slightly better than the Quadtrac, and definitely way out in front of the Deere. Spool valves are conveniently placed along with IsoBus and light sockets and power beyond couplings. If you can justify it, the rear linkage is a £20,000 optional extra, adding another two tonnes to the rear of the tractor. A pto can also be fitted. Most daily check points are convenient, with engine dipstick and coolant levels accessed off the main steps. Rear-end oil level is checked using a sight glass, but the tractor must be running.



To watch videos of the group test, visit

Costs ■ RRP: £310,000 ■ Warranty: Up to five years or 10,000 hours, depending on package, which equates to about £3-£4/hour ■ Replacement tracks:

£5,270 each for 30in (76cm) belts ■ Replacement idler: £341 ■ Service intervals: 250 hours engine, 500 hours axle, 1,000 hours transmission and idlers

HANDS-FREE STEERING FOR FREE! EZ-Pilot steering system and FM750 scrreen een worth over £6,000. Easy to use and fulllyy transfferable betw ween een combine bine harvves estesr and tractors Free with w all new C CX5000-C X5000-CX6000 combines orrder deerred by 30th November 2012*

Pros and cons

*T Terms and conditions appllyy.

What we like ✔ Walk-round platform for good access and maintenance ✔ Sheer grunt and sound from the Cat engine ✔ Intuitive controls and TopCon terminal

What we dislike ✖ Heavy steering ✖ Squirms about on a greasy surfaces ✖ Getting a bit dated

Set to significantly improve efficiency and productivity for farms of between 200 and 600 hectares, the new CX5000 and CX6000 range of conventional combines offers:

• Opti-Thresh™ variable geometry concave allowing the operator to tune threshing performance as required for the ultimate in versatility; both crop-to-crop and condition-to-condition

• Award-winning Opti-Fan™ system neutralising the effects of slopes on the cleaning system • Powerful and fuel efficient Tier 4A compliant Nef and Cursor 9 engines with ECOBlue™ SCR technology for improved productivity and a reduced environmental impact

What we think

• Varifeed™ grain header with fore-aft 500mm adjustable knife position for top cutting efficiency and correct feeding in any crop

FG ratings out of 10 Cab comfort Cab visibility Cab layout Headland management Automatic steering

Total (out of 100)

7 6 7 8 10

Transmission/power management Traction Manoeuvrability Ride Maintenance and storage

9 7 8 8 7


• Autofloat™ II system for maximum header positioning accuracy in rolling conditions • All new armrest and award-winning CommandGrip™ and IntelliView™ III colour touch-screen monitor for ergonomic excellence and intuitive control NEW HOLLAND TOP SERVICE 00800 64 111 111 |

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24/7 Support and Information. The call is free from a land line. Check in advance with your Mobile Operator if you will be charged.

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MACHINERY Case IH Quadtrac 550


he Quadtrac model supplied for our tractor test was the 550, and sits below the range-topping 600. Power comes from an FPT 12.9-litre six-cylinder engine, which gets AdBlue exhaust after-treatment to meet current Stage 3b emissions legislation. Two-stage turbocharging helps the 550 to produce a rated output of 558hp and a peak power output of 614hp. This is no shrinking violet. First impressions are of a towering brute, and getting to the perch requires a lofty, almost awkward climb to the cab from behind the nearside front track. Once up there, the seating position gives a panoramic viewpoint, which makes this tractor feel smaller than its physical size first suggests. It feels narrow too, but never unstable. The 550 is just 3m wide, compared to the MT865C’s 3.3m and 9RT’s 3.46m overall width – and that is before you put ballast on the outside of their front idlers and track frames. Quadtrac operators get a tall cab, giving the impression you sit on the tractor, rather than in it. Getting around the outside of the cab to clean windows and lights first requires a risk assessment and assistance from a magic carpet. The idea of self-cleaning glass, as used in conservatories, is not such a silly suggestion for cabs, although there are large grab handles to hold on to, on each of the cab’s four corners. Tractor performance and information is shown on the righthand A-post, while air conditioning and heating is supplied from vents tightly packed around the

steering wheel console. It could be better. Beneath this console is an Easy Rider-style steel bar on which you can rest your feet. Not the most comfortable aspect of cab trim if you want to sit with the seat slewed to the right, but ideal when the auto-steering is engaged and you just want to kick back. A flat floor does offer plenty of open storage space, but with an opening right-hand window, it is easy to lose small items put on the floor, as they can simply roll out of the open window.

Specification (as tested) ■ Engine: Six-cylinder, 12.9-litre FPT ■ Rated power (ECE R120): 558hp ■ Maximum power (ECE R120): 614hp ■ Transmission: 40kph, 16x2 full powershift ■ Total track footprint: 5.47sq.m ■ Weight – bare: 24,405kg ■ Weight – maximum: 25,401kg

■ Weight – as tested: 24,405kg ■ Number of hydraulic spool valves: Up to eight double-acting ■ Diesel tank capacity: 1,800 litres ■ AdBlue tank capacity: 242 litres ■ In-cab noise levels: 7677db(A) (measured when working for comparative use only)

Bonnets It is better to put loose items in the two tool boxes which flank the front grille and serve as steps for those who want to polish the 550’s large bonnet. When you want to delve deeper, to fold out radiators for cleaning and make daily checks, lifting the big bonnet is effortless – but getting it down again could take two pairs of hands. The Quadtrac features a decelerator button on the cab floor, allowing you to toggle between two preset engine speeds instead of reaching for the throttle lever to ease back when making headland turns. But with so many buttons on its armrest consoles to make life simpler, we do not understand why there is still a need to fit a decelerator to any of these tractors – pedal or button. For instance, the 550 has two engine speeds which can be preset and selected via buttons. These can also be worked into a headland management sequence – much like the Challenger system. But while the Challenger’s headland management is rela-

tively simple to master, the Quadtrac’s is a faff, with sequences recorded only – they can be edited for refinement, but functions cannot be added. To activate a full sequence, the headland management button needs holding, or it can be pulsed for step-by-step activation. Our 550 was fitted with the firm’s own AFS 700, top-spec terminal to monitor performance and set-up all tractor functions. The terminal does include practically everything you need, including up to several individually tailored performance monitor screens, and a virtual terminal for implement control using IsoBus. But navigating the large touch screen terminal is a pain. It is cluttered and there seems to have been no logical thought process from its designer – unlike the Deere’s, which is much more intuitive. However, we do like only having one screen in the cab, which creates a little more space. The screen also duplicates a lot of the information found on the A-pillar.

Whether you are in-field or onroad, the 550 has a driving mode for it. These are selected by two buttons on the console, depicted by a plough for field, or a trailer for road. Choose neither and the tractor defaults into fully manual mode. Press road and the hand throttle then becomes a travel lever and drives like a crude CVT, which saves you juggling the throttle and transmission. Perhaps an accelerator pedal holds the key here? For field mode, the 550 requires a bit more set-up. First you have to get up to the working/ target speed you want to travel at. Once at the desired speed, press and hold the field mode button, which remembers that speed. The hand throttle can then be used as a travel lever with your target speed as the top speed – similar to road mode. In doing this, the 550 tries to achieve the desired speed at optimum revs. This system works pretty well, but would be much easier if the target speed could be pre-programmed, much like the Challenger’s.

We found the Quadtrac’s transmission a bit lazy, particularly when downshifting. Frustration is further compounded between gears four and 13, as the transmission skips every other gear. Single shifts can be chosen, but you also need to press a button on the rear of the hand throttle to execute a single shift. All new Stage 3b compliant Quadtracs get automatic steering as standard, controlled via the optional AFS terminal. Setting up the system is relatively easy, and the reaction and acquiring of the line is very good – aggressiveness of this can also be adjusted. We really liked how it learned where the field boundaries were, sounding an audible alarm when getting close. This is particularly useful if you are taking full advantage of the Easy Rider bars during night shifts.

Hand throttle Unlike the other two, a lot of the Quadtrac’s primary functions are located on the hand throttle, which we found convenient to use. The only thing missing from the hand throttle was a button for activating the automatic steering. The first aspect to get used to when operating the Quadtrac is how the tractor steers. As an articulated machine, the 550 feels very different to the Challenger and Deere. It does not spin on the spot, but steers smoothly around, all the time keeping its rubber tracks firmly in contact with the soil. While you need to adjust to the quirks of pivot steering when setting back into work, the upshot is a totally undisturbed headland and supreme traction. While the 550 might not have

the yard-negotiating ability of the 9RT or MT865C, it does ride comfortably thanks to those independent track frames and the two halves of the chassis oscillating. However, compared to the other two, which use frictional drive, with some give over a large area of their tracks, the Quadtrac uses positive lug drive over a small area, which has to cope with a lot of pressure. Cab suspension does make you feel isolated from what is going on beneath you. As a result, there are no shocks, jolts or thumps in the back – it seems the Quadtrac has an ability to flatten out surfaces while delivering an armchair driving experience. In standard battle dress, the 550 weighs 24,405kg – of which 1,800kg is diesel when the Quadtrac’s fuel tank is brimmed. It can also be equipped with an extra tonne of ballast, but compared to the Deere or Challenger, you could not take several tonnes off the Quadtrac to make it much more suited to low-draft top work. But, while the other two will be waiting for their escorts to arrive, the svelte Quadtrac will be down the road and already working in the next field. Despite its rear-end being further from the seat than the other two, it is surprisingly easy to hook up implements. A remote control on a wanderlead for the three-point linkage provides safe and convenient hitching up, and a hefty handle on its Cat V pin also helps when some man-handling is required. Well positioned hydraulic couplings and electrical connectors add to its user-friendliness.



To watch videos of the group test, visit


Costs ■ RRP (including optional three-point linkage and pto: £375,237 ■ Warranty: One year, £5,142 ■ Replacement tracks: £9,453

■ Replacement idler (small): £637 ■ Service intervals: 600 hours engine, 1,500 hours transmission

Pros and cons

R RTV TV FREE UPGRADE UPGRADE P PACK ACK What we dislike ✖ Cluttered terminal ✖ Lazy throttle and transmission response ✖ Lacks an element of pre-programming with target speeds and headland management

What we think

Total (out of 100)

7 9 7 6 7

Transmission/power management Traction Manoeuvrability Ride Maintenance and storage

8 10 7 8 7


Plastic roof / Windscreen / Wipers / Anti-theft Save more with Kubota Kubota when you buy an RTV900 RTV900 and RTV1140 RTV1140 between August 1st and October 31st with a FREE Upgrade Pack Pack worth wor th up to £1029+vat* £1029+ vat* With outstanding versatility, versatility, simple operation and legendar legendaryy reliability it’s even more affordable to own a K ubota. Kubota.



PACKAGE 1029 £10



What we like ✔ Fold-out radiators ✔ Narrow overall width ✔ Sheer amount of traction

FG ratings out of 10 Cab comfort Cab visibility Cab layout Headland management Automatic steering

Versatile Value


*R RTV900 upgrade pack value £1029 + vat. RTV1140 upgrade pack value £705.50 + vat.


Tel: T el: 01844 01844 268 268 000 000

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MACHINERY John Deere 9560RT


ith a peak output of 616hp, the 9560RT is the most powerful tractor ever built by John Deere. It sits at the top of the new 9R/9RT range, replacing the 9030 series and contains three tracked and four wheeled models. Flanked by the squat, hunkered down stance of the Challenger and the slim, lofty Quadtrac, the 9RT looks aggressive and unfinished. It is as if the Deere broke its chains and headed for the field before all the body panels were fitted. However, this is styling based on a wheeled tractor. Walking up to the steps, the Deere is an imposing machine. Its sharply sculpted front grille and bonnet, complete with shark-like styling of the smaller 6, 7 and 8R series, hides a big cooling pack and a sub-station of a power house. Like marmite, you will either love its looks, or loathe them. Lifting the bonnet demands you have had your Shredded Wheat. Once up, there is ample access to the cooling pack, and also for daily check points. Deere fits the 9560RT with a six-cylinder PowerTech PSX engine. With twin-turbochargers, the 13.5-litre engine delivers a constant power of 560hp from 1,500-2,100rpm and 616hp peak at 1,900rpm, reinforced by maximum torque at 1,600rpm. On paper, it looks as though it will hang on like the Government’s Chief Whip. Deere favours cooled EGR in

combination with a DOC and DPF to avoid using AdBlue – at least while EU Stage 3b emissions are in place. Plenty of handles and six steps

lead you safely to the cab, but on the way back down, be mindful of the guillotine-edged marker boards waiting to snag you, should you slip.


This aside, the climb to the cab is worthwhile. In true American style, operator comfort has been super-sized and the Deluxe CommandView II cab on the

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Reduces weed germination: Carbide-plated tine coulters penetrate the ground and move only minimal amounts of soil to help reduce weed germination.

Improves seed germination: Unique 800mm wedge ring tyres give targeted reconsolidation of the soil just where the seed sits, giving perfect conditions for seed germination.

Increases productivity:

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9RT is certainly roomy. It is also a pinnacle of clarity and nowhere in the cab will you find clutter or untidiness. It is the same for the Command arm. Where Case has tried to bundle several functions on a joystick, Deere has laid them out on an armrest which puts controls at your fingertips. Its logical philosophy continues with the layout and navigation of the touch-screen GreenStar terminal. Shortcut keys and a scroll wheel can also be used to navigate easily through the terminal. From the home page, it is clear where all tractor functions are located in the system, making set-up and adjustment of the 9RT child’s play. It is much like the headland management system, which can either be recorded or pre-programmed – we favoured the latter. It could not be simpler to use and is by far the best of the three, with gaps between functions dictated by distance.

The terminal also takes care of auto-steering. This takes a little more thought to fathom, but once the parameters of the tractor and implement have been inputted, set-up of an A-B or contour line is relatively easy, but it took us a few attempts. Aggressiveness of acquiring the line can be adjusted; a high setting results in the tractor quickly snapping on to the line, but initially it is not as accurate and can take several adjustments to get true. A low setting means the tractor gets on the line gradually and smoothly, taking more time, but with an eventual higher degree of accuracy.

Power management As with all the tractors on test, the Deere features its version of power management. This is achieved by pre-programming two target speeds using the thumb-scroll wheel mounted on the gear lever. Operators can toggle between them using a

Specification (as tested) ■ Engine: Six-cylinder, 13.5-litre PowerTech PSX ■ Rated power (97/68 EC): 560hp ■ Maximum power (97/68 EC): 616hp ■ Transmission: 40kph, 18x6 full powershift ■ Total track footprint: 4.56sq.m ■ Weight – bare: 20,371kg

■ Weight – max: 24,494kg ■ Weight – as tested: 22,491kg including hitch ■ Number of hydraulic spool valves: up to six double-acting ■ Diesel tank capacity: 1,287 litres ■ In-cab noise levels: 77-78db(A) (measured when working for comparative use only)



To watch videos of the group test, visit

switch for making headland turns, or by incorporating them into a headland management sequence. While Case’s version works well and Challenger’s version works exceptionally well, the Deere’s was tardy to respond to changing conditions. We eventually gave up using this as it was quicker to do it manually, with more efficiency – which is what the system is designed to do. Being a pre-production tractor may account for some of its lethargy. However, John Deere assures us that production tractors will be on the ball and all pre-production tractors will undergo an extensive software upgrade. Deere has also put useful storage compartments behind the seat. There really is room for all manner of things an operator would want – except for tool storage. The greasy, oily stuff will need a separate toolbox because the standard Deere box, adjacent to the steps, is barely big enough to hold a drawbar pin. We do like Deere’s roof-integrated air-conditioning, which is something the Quadtrac would benefit from. This does a great job of keeping that voluminous cab cool. And for those concerned about tractor security, the 9560RT gets a new immobiliser key too. We can vouch for its security. On more than one occasion, the big Deere would fire up, then immediately stop as it failed to recognise its own key. Again, we

put this down to pre-production niggles and John Deere assures us out of the several thousandplus production tractors it has sold with the system fitted, it has had no issues reported. Once running, the faster the Deere travels, the smoother it feels. This is a result of using an air cushion suspension system which allows the walking beam and swing-arm track frame to oscillate around the rear axle. Its steering is sublimely light too, requiring very little effort. But while the Deere is a comfortable tractor to operate, and a smooth rider too, it is wide. From the seat, it feels like a big tractor – and this is not helped by Deere’s poor mirrors and their equally poor positioning.

Track widths Without front idler weights, it measures 3.46m across its 760mm (30in belts). The four 205kg weights bolted to the front idlers pushed the 9560RT out to 3.65m. But, while narrow track widths are useful in transport, its wide track gauge did provide decent directional stability and traction. Although it could not quite match the Quadtrac when it came to getting its power down on slopes and greasy stubbles, it got along better than the Challenger in similarly tricky conditions. Having produced a cracking working environment – the cab –

the Deere is let down by a badly arranged rear-end, or at least when it is fitted with a threepoint linkage and quick coupler, as ours was. Spool valve positioning was its biggest problem. To get at them, the rear linkage needs lowering, but, depending on the imple-

ment you are attaching, this is not always possible. When plumbing in hydraulic pipes, we were precariously perched on either the drawbar or linkage. Its drawbar pin needs a rethink – with a small handle and sharp edges, it knows how to get you rattled in a morning.

Front Linkages Maximise the versatility of your tractor

Costs ■ RRP: £357,739 ■ Warranty: Engine – two years, 2,500 hours; all other items – one year, unlimited hours ■ Replacement tracks: £8,780

■ Replacement idler: £1,012 front idler, £409 small idlers ■ Service intervals: 500 hours engine, 1,500 hours transmission

Pros and cons What we dislike ✖ Lack of external storage space ✖ Transport width ✖ Awkward spool valve positioning (when fitted with rear-linkage)

What we like ✔ Phenomenal power ✔ Large, comfortable, uncluttered cab ✔ Logical controls and terminal or call us today on 01327 843215 9 5 8 10 7

Transmission/power management Traction Manoeuvrability Ride Maintenance & Storage

7 8 8 8 6 More ways to add more productivity

Total (out of 100)

tRecommended Recommended by most tractor manufacturers tPTO PTO output up to 300hp tOptional Optional - Eco 1000rpm, 540rpm and clockwise PTO

For more details of the range, visit

What we think FG ratings out of 10 Cab comfort Cab visibility Cab layout Headland management Automatic steering

tIntegrated linkage and PTO design tLift capacities from 0.6t to 6.0t tLoader compatible


Lynx Engineering, Wharf Works, Long Buckby, Northampton NN6 7PP Email:

28 |



To watch videos of the group test, visit

FG Verdict


pending a week behind the wheel of these arable giants carrying out long days of primary cultivation work – and some nights – gave us an opportunity to gain an indepth evaluation of each. Our aim was to assess traction, comfort and control. After all, you do not buy the thick end of 600hp to be unproductive, while fighting with the levers. Our stubble test site in Essex, courtesy of James Nott, provided a perfect setting to put these tractors through their paces. As if heavy Essex clay land was not tough enough, it was sodden too. For good measure, our fields included gradients and twisty headlands, which really gave our American-bred muscle something to think about. The plan was to deep cultivate, opening up the soil structure in preparation for drilling. During the week, all three spent their fair share of time wrestling with a 6m Simba SLD 600, 6m Vaderstad TopDown 600 and an 8m Lemken Gigant 10 tool carrier, complete with a pair of 4m Rubin disc cultivators. As you would expect, each tractor had its good and bad points, but none really shone brighter than the other. Considering these tractors carry a premium price tag, none were really premium machines, with several shortcomings to be found with each, and this is reflected in the scores. Despite attaining similar overall scores, they remain some way off the available total. In the field, in comparable conditions, it was interesting to see their differences. In relatively good conditions – flat and dry – the performance of each machine was almost inseparable when hitched to the benchmark cultivator – the Simba SLD 600.

With forward speeds of about 10kph (6mph), we noted trackslip of 3-4 per cent and working fuel consumption of 110 litres per hour with each tractor. It was only the Quadtrac which remained fully composed when the surface got sticky or steeper. It also managed much better than the other two when we increased the working depth of the cultivator – something our host farmer was eager to see, as we nudged 280-300mm (10-12in). But traction is just one part of the equation – user friendliness, in-cab comfort and controls are big factors, particularly if you have to live with such a tractor day-in, day-out throughout the intense cultivation period. Even daily service checks need to be practical and within reach.

Comfort and control John Deere certainly leads on cab comfort and control, with the latest CommandArm getting a big thumbs-up for clarity, simplicity and ease of setting headland turn sequences. Years of evolution, along with R&D have gone into every aspect of operator comfort, but the spartan feel of that spacious interior makes the 9RT feel as though the cab is not quite the premium environment it should be on a £350,000 tractor. Deere is not the only firm which needs to take note – this is a feeling replicated by Case and Challenger’s cabs too. However, the 9RT’s biggest let-down is its wide proportions and frustrating rear-end. While many users might not choose the three-point linkage, it was fitted to our tractor and caused us a few headaches. But it is a fair chunk of weight that, no doubt, helps the tractor to maintain an impressive level of traction. Similarly, the Challenger has a great engine and super smooth

transmission, but the old girl is getting a bit long in the tooth and is in need of an update. We particularly liked the auto steering and its smooth ride too, while the ability to shed ballast weight makes the Challenger as useful for top-work as it is for heavy draft applications. Yes, it is roomy and userfriendly, but it is time the 865C and its C-series stablemates had an overhaul. We suggest Agco skips straight to the E series. The Quadtrac’s phenomenal traction is by far its most impressive feature, and thanks to its articulation and sympathetic preservation of headlands, it also allows you to go drilling without the worry of scuffing. But a lack of logical electronics, especially its headland management system and scattergun approach to control layout, are just two reasons you might think twice about buying one. Choosing one of these, which is essentially a self-propelled drawbar, is difficult. All three are good at what they do. Good, but not exceptional, and this is why they all scored mid-70s out of a possible 100. There are some potentially ferocious running costs to be aware of too. All have their strengths, and the best tractor would be a combination of all three. We would take the Quadtrac’s articulated four-track system, the Deere’s cab and controls and the Challenger’s engine and transmission. But such a beast does not yet exist. As with all major purchases, individual circumstances and requirements, a good deal and service back-up influence the decision-making process. If we had to choose one, it would be the Challenger. Its ability to deliver good all-round performance was just enough for it to raise its head above the crowd.

| 29



Edited by Katie Lomas 01772 799 450

Rigorous hygiene crucial at winter housing rDry cows highly susceptible to mastitis WITH the recent wet weather leading to many dairy farmers bringing winter housing forward it is important to make the necessary preparations. And with hygiene related payments amounting to a significant proportion of available milk price, Deosan global technical manager Alison Cox says it is important to act early to ensure as much of the income is realised as possible. “Cows are most vulnerable to infection when they are stressed as the immune system is compromised,” says Ms Cox. “Returning cows to winter housing is a major period of stress as it is associated with a whole host of management changes in terms of diet, grouping, daily routine and so on. “The winter housed period also presents a different range of bacterial challenges. Cows are confined in an environment with increased numbers of environmental pathogens, most

notably E.coli and Strep.uberis. These pathogens are synonymous with housed cows and effective control requires a whole host of out-of-parlour management routines on top of the standard hygiene regimes carried out at milking.”

High standards Ms Cox says high hygiene standards are crucial to reduce the levels of micro-organisms which challenge the udder leading to mastitis outbreaks and fluctuating somatic cell counts and bactoscan levels. In housed cattle, this means a focus on removing the environment in which pathogens thrive and by doing so reducing the population and infection risk. Once cows are housed, Ms Cox stresses the importance of keeping beds clean and dry. She says cubicles and yards should be regularly bedded down with clean, dry material. “Dry cows require the same housing/bedding management treatment as the milking herd, if not better. The concept dry cows

are highly susceptible to mastitis infections during the start and end of the dry period is quite often over-looked.” With housed cows, Ms Cox stresses the need for rigorous hygiene both pre- and post-milking. “Udders need to be thoroughly clean and dry before milking. A routine involving a pre-milking disinfectant and

paper towel or cloth wipe will ensure bacteria and soiling is effectively removed. “After milking make sure the teats are totally covered with a post-milking disinfectant to help prevent infections. Choose a disinfectant formulation which ensures broad spectrum biocidal activity and promotes supple and conditioned teat skin.”

Preparation for winter housing ■ Cows should always be bought back into clean buildings ■ Clean all old bedding out of the cubicles, yards and calving boxes, followed by thorough cleaning with an effective high

detergent foam gel and then disinfect the buildings with peracetic acid to help reduce bacteria levels to a minimum ■ Make sure cubicles are in good condition and clean under the cubicle mats if used

Goes where others fear to tread From


Cubicles should be regularly bedded down with clean, dry material.

Calibrate feeders to deliver correct feed

All farmers should make it a priority to test their parlour and out-ofparlour feeders NICK JOHNS

Nick Johns, sales director at HST Feeds, says the consequences of poorly calibrated feeders are huge. “Based on an 8kg/day feed rate for high yielding dairy cows in peak lactation, the highest feeder we tested was delivering 16.7kg, while the lowest feeder was only delivering 1.2kg. This kind of discrepancy means cows are potentially being massively overfed, leading to huge costs, or significantly underfed, leading to potential performance and fertility problems later on.” With feed prices at an all-time high, Mr Johns says it is important to feed the right feed to the right cows at the right stage of lactation. “This means all farmers should make it a priority to test their parlour and out-of-parlour feeders as soon as possible, and then re-calibrate them every month following the manufacturers’ guidelines.”

Need a partner that works as hard as you do ? Meet the new Gator XUV 550 Utility Vehicle. A powerful, yet economical V-twin engine, in a rugged chassis with fully independent, 4-wheel suspension and a 4-Wheel drive system that gets you almost anywhere you need to go. A full range of attachments makes it even more versatile. Test drive the new Gator 550 XUV Utility Vehicle at your local John Deere dealership. Freephone 0800 085 25 22




C 758.1 E_Gator550

RESEARCH conducted by HST Feeds suggests some dairy farmers are not feeding the correct amount of feed to their cows due to incorrectly calibrated feeders. Trials conducted across a random sample of 176 parlour feeders found most were delivering the wrong quantity of feed, with the worst delivering more than twice the required amount.

30 |



Tackle rat problems early and monitor as wet weather sets in rResponsible use urged on rodenticides WITH thoughts turning to winter housing, farmers should now be thinking about rat control measures for the coming months. Paul Butt from Natural England is advising farmers to be

particularly vigilant for an early influx of rats caused by wet weather. “The heavy rainfall in many areas will accelerate the movement of rats from field conditions to farm premises. “Many farmers will find they are slowly seeing signs of rats appearing. It is vital these signs are picked up early and a

Be vigilant against threat from sheep scab infection SHEEP farmers are being warned to be extra vigilant for signs of sheep scab, which is typically rife in the winter months. Recent figures released by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) show 37 of the 76 cases of sheep scab reported in Scotland this year were in Aberdeenshire. While this was the region with the highest number of reported cases, parts of the Borders, Perthshire and Lanarkshire all had relatively high numbers of confirmed cases reported too. Scotland is the only area in

the UK which has a control scheme in place for sheep scab. It is based upon mandatory reporting of suspected disease by farmers and vets, which allows trends to be identified. The number of cases reported this year has been converted into a map showing the regions which seem to be struggling the most with infection. The apparent geographical concentration of cases in northeast Scotland is particularly worrying as this region is typically associated with growing and finishing lambs, says AHVLA.

Sheep scab ■ A highly contagious condition which can cause significant production losses on sheep farming enterprises ■ Affected animals continually nibble their fleeces or rub against rails and posts to alleviate the irritation ■ Fleece damage and disrupted feeding patterns

leading to poor liveweight gains are the most significant sources of loss to farmers ■ Bought-in animals which have an unknown treatment history should first be dosed for scab with an effective product and then quarantined in one place for at least 17 days

monitoring system put in place.” Mr Butt says as soon as there is evidence of rat activity on farm, the appropriate control measures should be put in place to eliminate them at an early stage. He adds a common pitfall is not putting enough bait down in enough areas. “Rat bait is a costly material, but by putting enough down in the right places, you will reduce the amount of time the rodenticide is on the ground.

Rat activity “It’s important to establish the full extent of where the rats are, where they are feeding and travelling, and to put sufficient amount down and monitor it.” He says this monitoring should be taken right through to the end of the rat control programme. When rat activity has ceased, bait should be picked up. Dr Alan Buckle, chairman of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU), says farmers should resist the temp-

Farmers should plan winter rat control programmes now to ensure problems are dealt with swiftly.

tation of leaving bait down after rat activity has ceased ‘just in case’ another rat comes along. “These baits are very often eaten by small wild animals and that causes contamination in wildlife. “When you have finished treatment, pick up the rat bait and if it’s in good condition, it can be used again. If it is in poor condition, it should be discarded.” Dr Buckle says unless the issue of possible contamination of wildlife is taken seriously, there is a risk more regulations will be put in place to make the use of these products ‘more difficult’. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is currently undertaking a consultation of stakeholder groups looking at future use of second generation anti-coagulants.

CRRU’s rat control code of practice ■ Use a planned approach, keeping a record of actions, locations and dates ■ Use enough baiting points and mark each one on a site plan ■ Record quantity of bait at each location, including top-ups ■ Collect and dispose of rodent bodies regularly

Dr Buckle says: “The HSE has proposed some new rules and regulations and is now asking for feedback from interested parties.

Regulation risk “But unless these substances are used responsibly, there is a risk of having more and more regulations on them, and it will get more difficult to use the products.”

■ Ensure bait is not accessible to non-target species (including pets and children) ■ Inspect every bait location regularly and replenish accordingly ■ Remove all bait from every location at the end of the treatment period

While Dr Buckle says he sees little risk of these second generation anti-coagulants being banned outright, he says further restrictions, if they are not used properly, could limit who uses them, and where and how they are used. “We really do need to be using these products properly to achieve effective control, while minimising the problems which can sometimes occur,” he says.

Vendors should ensure lambs are categorised correctly SHEEP farmers should make sure their lambs are entered into the correct categories to get maximum returns at livestock markets. This is the message from Chris Dodds, executive secretary of the Livestock Auctioneers Association (LAA). He says the wet summer has meant in some parts of the country lambs have been late to reach prime condition, but vendors should be

aware marts will take all categories and weights of sheep. “Markets throughout the country have buyers who attend on a regular basis for all breeds, condition and weight of sheep, so vendors can be assured they will continue to get the true market value for all their stock,” says Mr Dodds. “Although market buyers can accommodate all categories, vendors are advised to make

every effort to ensure the right animals are sold in the right category.” Having out of ‘spec’ or underfinished animals in the prime ring is not particularly good for the industry, and at times can make it difficult to achieve optimum values.” Annabelle Morshead of Nilston Rigg Farms in Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, says lambs were late in her part of

the country because of weather conditions over the summer. “I don’t think we have had a dry 10 days since April, which has affected the grass quality in this part of England. I usually sell between 1,200 and 1,400 fat lambs, but I’ve sold half of what I do in a normal year,” she says. She adds with rising feed prices, the question is whether to sell in the store market or keep them to feed.

Saves time. Saves money. Saves your flock from fluke and worms. Combinex fluke and worm control. The convenient, one dose solution to two tough problems. For further details about Combinex, visit: or telephone: 01276 694402, Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd., Frimley Business Park, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 7SR. Combinex Sheep contains 3.75% w/v levamisole hydrochloride and 5% w/v triclabendazole. Combinex® is a registered trademarks of Novartis AG, Basle, Switzerland. Advice on the use of this or alternative medicines must be sought from the medicine prescriber. Use medicines responsibly ( Legal category: POM-VPS.



Action needed as fluke infection risk likely to be high this autumn rWet weather raises

Dealing with liver fluke

challenge on pasture BEEF and sheep producers are being urged to take action against liver fluke this autumn, as the unusual weather patterns mean the risk of fluke infection is particularly high. Eblex senior livestock scientist Dr Mary Vickers says this year the risk of liver fluke infections is high across all farms, including those with no previous history of fluke problems. The wet summer weather is likely to have increased mud snail numbers dramatically, and hence the liver fluke challenge on pasture. “Liver fluke infections can be detected by screening stock for the presence of fluke eggs in the dung, or via blood testing,” she says. “Abattoir feedback on rejected livers is also an important source of information.” Dr Vickers says in autumn, where there is a risk of acute liver

■ Be aware of the possibility of re-infection if animals are put back on high risk grazing areas ■ Quarantine treatments for incoming sheep and cattle are also likely to be needed due to the high risk of fluke infection this year ■ Make sure you dose correctly; do not over or underdose. Be prepared to split groups if there is

Abattoir feedback on rejected livers is a source of information.

fluke disease, triclabendazole is the drug of choice for sheep and cattle, unless it has been established there are resistant liver fluke on the farm. In this case, seek advice on suitable alternatives. She says cattle rarely show signs of acute fluke disease, so unless acute disease is suspected

or diagnosed, a flukicide with activity against late immature/adult fluke stages (closantel, clorsulon, nitroxynil) may be selected, especially for treatments given in the late autumn/winter months. This should also help reduce the likelihood of resistance developing to triclabendazole.

significant variation in the weight of animals in the group ■ Do not rely on chemical treatment alone – management tactics are an essential part of liver fluke control ■ Seek veterinary advice on product selection and timing, preferably as part of a regular testing and treatment protocol set down in the herd health plan

Board changes THE UK Jersey Society has appointed Mark Taylor as chairman. Mr Taylor, of Blodwell Jerseys, took over from Charles Reader at the recent Society AGM. Other new appointments to the society’s board include John Whitby, of the Raylands herd, and Steven Bland of Clifton Jerseys. Gordon Hastie also joins the board at president elect.

BVD vaccine THE BVD vaccine Bovidec is now licensed to prevent BVD virus infection of the foetus for 420 days. The vaccine actively immunises adult cattle against the BVD Type I virus and calves against BVD Type II virus.

Feizor herd wins Holstein UK award WINNER of Holstein UK’s premier pedigree herd 2012 is the Feizor herd, run by the Booth family of Settle, North Yorkshire. The Booth family – David senior, Elizabeth, Colin, David junior and Robin – run the 100-strong milking herd with an average yield

of 11,500 litres. There are currently 32 cows classified EX and 70 VG in the herd. The Booth’s herd qualified as winners of the northern region, the first time they have done so. There were seven regional winners from Great Britain and

Northern Ireland competing for the title. The national judge was the 2011 winner, Hefyn Wilson of the Tregibby herd, Cardigan. Runner up was the Corringham herd, owned by the Winter family at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

A Unique

Combination... for Easy Parasite Control to treat FLUKE and WORMS in Sheep Closantel


A Powerful, Fast-Acting FLUKICIDE

An Effective WORMER

· Kills fluke within 24 hrs · Kills triclabendazoleresistant fluke

· Broad spectrum · Wide safety margin


Quick and easy administration



Please read the product data sheet and seek advice before use. The dosing programme should be established by a veterinary surgeon or suitably qualified person. Manufactured and distributed in NI by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP. Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd, 1 Saxon Way East, Oakley Hay Industrial Estate, Corby, NN18 9EX. Legal Category: UK: POM-VPS. Closamectin Solution for Injection for sheep contains 0.5%w/v (5mg/ml) Ivermectin and 12.5%w/v (125mg/ml) Closantel. 1505-LA(S)-v1-GB-16/07/12

32 |


LIVESTOCK NEW PRODUCTS & RESEARCH Guide on ram management New variety offers Product aims to boost dairy cows’ more compatability glucose levels TAKE care of your rams – and they will take care of your ewes for years to come. That is the message from Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) in a new booklet on ram management. The new booklet on managing rams all-year-round, ‘fit, fertile and profitable’, is available on request from HCC.

rMixture productive

A GLUCOSE supplement Glucose Aid, has been launched to the UK dairy market by Harbro. The company says the product has been designed to ‘bridge the energy gap’ which is the cause of ketosis and metabolic problems in dairy cows postcalving and into early lactation. Glucose Aid is designed to bypass the rumen and boost blood glucose levels in early lactation. By safely providing high levels of energy in its most readily available form, excess mobilisation of body

for four-five years

Details on 01970 625 050, or

Book boasts beef and sheep value A POCKET book of key facts about the beef and sheep industry has been produced by Eblex, to highlight the benefits the sector brings to the country. ‘Proud of beef and lamb’ includes 10 key facts, from export levels to water use and the number of people employed in beef and sheep meat production. The booklet is intended to prove thought-provoking for the wider public and present the facts about beef and sheep production in the UK. Details on 08702 421 394, or email diane.northrop@eblex.

THE first long-lasting red clover variety AberClaret, is to be included in a specialist silage seeds mixture. The new mixture Aber Red 5 HSG, containing three high ranking Aber high sugar perennial rye-grasses (intermediate and late heading) alongside AberClaret, is classed as a medium term mixture, offering around twice the persistency of conventional red clover mixtures. Paul Billings, agriculture director for British Seed Houses, says: “This is a significant breakthrough which now allows livestock farmers to exploit the advantages of red clover more easily and cost effectively, as the four to five year productive life is more compatible with many farms’ rotations. Conventional red clover is generally consid-

fat can be limited, thus reducing strain on the liver.

Improved fertility The product also incorporates specific biologically active additives, which enhance the key hormone signals required for improved fertility, as well as aid liver function by helping it process and clean out excess fat deposits. It can be safely fed to postcalving cows in the first two to three weeks. Details on 01555 820 358.

Calcium bolus launched A CALCIUM bolus Agrimin 24.7, has been launched by Agrimin and its developers say it will provide 36 hours protection for dairy cows at a cost of £5.50. The boluses dissolve within 20 minutes and deliver 43g of calcium to the rumen, which is

AberClaret is the first long lasting red clover variety.

ered productive for two-three years only.”

Measure growth rates with weigh band



Two problems

Details on 01179 823 692, or

then released as calcium chloride and calcium sulphate. The bolus is administered via an applicator and the boluses are widely available from vets or distributors. The boluses are packed in units of four, priced at around £22.

A NEW weigh band has been launched by Volac enabling all dairy producers with Holstein Friesian calves to measure and monitor growth rates. Developed by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute based on Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and AgriSearch funded research, and supported by the Royal Vet-

erinary College, the weigh band has been calibrated to provide a good estimate of calf weight in kilogrammes.

Retail The weigh band retails at £10. The company is offering a weigh brand free to each of the first 50 farmers who contact them. Details on 0800 919 808.

Weigh band launched by Volac.

& W ke

rm o

Fl u

Yeast in diet increases margins, reports trial



tl e




n for


One Pour-On solution New CYDECTIN TriclaMox Pour-On for cattle provides broad spectrum fluke and worm control in an easy to use Pour-On formulation.

A NEW bull beef trial at Harper Adams University College suggests the dietary inclusion of a fermented yeast culture can increase margins by at least £13 per bull. The study looked at the effect of feeding Rumenco’s XPLS fermented yeast culture on the performance of intensively finished dairy-bred bulls fed ad lib

Control (kg/bull) 570 204 1.23

XPLS (kg/bull) 581 198 1.32

Brinicombe website revamp

Helps to control production losses. Ask your animal health provider about the benefits of CYDECTIN TriclaMox Pour-On for your cattle. moxidectin


Fluke and Worm Pour-On for Cattle

Further information please contact: Pfizer Animal Health, Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NS For full details – see data sheet. Active ingredients: moxidectin and triclabendazole. Speak to your medicine prescriber about the use of this or alternative products. Use medicines responsibly: ®Registered trademark Date of preparation: May 2012

POM-VPS 3-ML AH450/12

0.4 per cent XPLS yeast culture. All the cattle were housed in straw-bedded yards with free access to straw from feed racks. The XPLS fed bulls recorded significantly higher daily liveweight gains compared to the control group due to an increased slaughter weight (+11kg) and earlier slaughter (six days) – see table.

Animal performance (bulls at 320kg start weight) Slaughter weight Days to slaughter Daily liveweight gain

No other Pour-On or injection is more effective against adult or immature fluke.

cereals right through to slaughter. The trial commenced in midAugust 2011, when 36 January to February born bulls weighing around 320kg at seven months old were spilt into two groups of 18. One group received a standard Harper Adams 14 per cent crude protein barley beef ration, the other group was fed the same ration supplemented with

A NEW-LOOK website has been launched by the Denis Brinicombe Group. Among some of the new features is a registration opportunity to get regular free online newsletters and the ability to ask its mineral clinic a direct

Significance No significant difference No significant difference Significant difference

Bull joins Genus

nutritional question. Online ordering and purchasing is also now to be offered to the company’s agricultural accounts, something its equine division customers have been able to do for some time.

A NEW British Blue sire, Remires Freddy, has joined the Genus ABS progeny testing programme. The bull is sired by Moorsley Anderson and Freddy has been selected for calving ease, low birth weights and a pedigree of proven success for use on dairy cows.

Details on

Details on 08701 622 000.

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For Further Details or Advice Contact Meg Elliott on 07967 007049

DAIRY SALES On Instructions from J A & E M Ratcliffe, Cottage Farm, Rodsley, Ashbourne

26 AYRSHIRES & HOLSTEIN FRIESIANS Being the most genuine sale of 25 Cows & Heifers In-milk & In-calf & 1 In-calf Heifer. Towards half are Ayrshires, many registered to the Yerley prefix, with many newly calved. The herd is pipe shed milked and tied by the neck or loose housed with management based on a low input system of round baled silage and some concentrates. Nevertheless the herd is yielding well with the latest NMR average running at 7348kg 3.85%F 3.21%P cc83. This is a most genuine herd where inspection is thoroughly recommended.

IN-CALF - IN-MILK - YOUNG STOCK Catalogue entries close 2pm Monday 8th October

Strong Stores, Suckler Cows with Calves, Young Bulls & Suckled Calves Show Potential Animals, Continentals, Named Sire Herefords & Angus

Friday 19th October in conjunction with normal weekly sale New "Aberdeen Angus Day" Special Prizes for the highest priced pen of 2 or more Angus Store Cattle, individual Angus Calf (under 49 days) and Angus Stirk (under 6m). ALSO Sale of All Classes of Breeding Sheep & Sale of Store Lambs (entries close 2pm Friday 12th October) Monday 22nd October Prime sheep to include a "Bonny Lads" prize show for pens of 10 Mule Wether Lambs Prizes - 1st £30, 2nd £20, 3rd £10


NWA KENDAL - Tel: 01539 720603

TUESDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2012 Following the Usual Commercial Entry at 11am For Further Details & Catalogues Contact (01889) 562811 Ref: MEE


Entries Close – Saturday 6th October

Tuesday 9th October 11.30am – Monthly Sale of Breeding, Store & Fat Pigs 1.45pm – Weekly Sale of 2,000 Prime Lambs followed by Cast Sheep.


Thursday 11th October First Autumn Show & Sale of

Viz 6100 Store Lambs (Chiefly Suffolk & Cont X) 874 Ewe Lambs, Shearlings & Breeding Ewes



10.15am – Rearing Calves – inc. beef & dairy breeds 10.30am – Cast Cows, OTM & Clean Cattle Followed by 400 SUCKLED CALVES & 100 STORE CATTLE

Sheep: G L Watkins – 07976 370894 Fat/Barrens: B Daniel 07768 368686 Stores: Mark Elliott – 07973 673092 Dairies: Meg Elliott – 07967 007049

Saturday 13th October Annual Prize Show & Sale of 190 ROUGH FELL RAMS Kindly Sponsored by H Pigney & Son, Appleby Thursday 18th October Fortnightly Sale of Store Lambs (entries close Thursday 11th October)


Saturday 20th October Late Season Sale of All Classes of Breeding Ewes, Shearlings & Gimmer Lambs & Breeding Rams (entries close Thursday 11th October)

Monday 8th October at 10.30 am Show & Sale of 1800 Spring & Autumn Born Suckled Calves Incl 2nd Perth Sale of Autumn Born Suckled Calves Sale of Scotch Mule & Texel Cross and other breeds of Ewe Lambs, Gimmers, regular draft & Stock Ewes

Wednesday 10th October at 11 am October Show & Sale of 1600 Store Cattle Incorporating Special Sale of Native Bred Cattle Monthly Sale of Young Bulls Sale of Suffolk Cross, Texel Cross, Mule, Chev & BF Lambs Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th October STIRLING BULL SALES 875 PEDIGREE BULLS & FEMALES Catalogues available to download at Tel Stirling 01786 473055 Email

Tuesday 23rd October Prime sheep to include a "Bonny Lads" prize show for pens of 10 Mule Wether Lambs Prizes - 1st £30, 2nd £20, 3rd £10


OCTOBER 17 Dispersal of the entire milking portion & in-calf heifers (130 head) of the NMR recorded herd of M.G.T. Corner (Easingwold), together with Auctioneers pick of 100 cows from the NMR recorded herd of W G & Y B Walmsley (Harrogate) and 11 fresh cows and heifers from C Holtby (Beverley) at York Auction Centre, York (with Stephenson & Son). Full details next week.

Catalogues/Enquiries: Waterlane, Oakridge, Stroud, Glos GL6 7PL. Tel: 01285 841333 Fax: 01452 770445

Saturday 27th October Sale of Horse Drawn Vehicles, Agricultural & Architectural Antiques & Bygones On behalf of Coniston Coppermines (further details in due course)

Livestock Auctioneers Association one stop outlet for all


One stop outlet for all stock



NEWARK LIVESTOCK MARKET LIMITED THE UK’S NUMBER ONE PRIME BEEF AUCTION Wednesday 26th September Young Bulls to 229.5p OTM’s to 206.5p Steers to 233.5p Heifers to 239.5p Lambs to 168.0p Pigs to 115.0p

Top Prices £1,691.50 £1,655.89 £1,624.85 £1,624.50 £87.50 £151.20


David & Louise Todd sell Steers & Heifers to 239.5p or £1,624.85 Ian Wildgoose sells 8 Steers & Heifers to 239.5p averaging 229.85p Stan Evans sells Blonde Steers to 233.5p Colin Watts sells 30 Bulls to 229.5p averaging 208.03p Gary Priestley sells Limousin Bulls to 220.5p or £1,691.50 David Holling sells Limousin Cows to 186.5p or £1,436.05

TB Restricted finished cattle sales Have you had a TB Herd breakdown? Sell your finished cattle and cull cows at our red markets

10th October 24th October 7th November 21st November

Store cattle sales All cattle from 1 and 2 year testing parishes must be TB tested for all green markets · To have your cattle advertised here – ring us with out delay · Or contact us to visit you without obligation

Store and breeding cattle sales 30 Charolais, Limousin and British Blue Steers 18-20 Months Old Farm Assured from Mr S R Dorey. 13 Limousin X Beef Bulls 10 months old from Dennis Burton. Further Entries Invited. 17th October 31st October 14th November 28th November

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGES TO NEWARK’S GREEN DAYS As from Wednesday 25th July 2012 Green days we will be able to sell FINISHED Young Bulls Over Thirty Month Clean Cattle Cull Cows and Stock Bulls Finished Clean Cattle from TB one and two year WITHOUT PRE MOVEMENT TESTING. Store and breeding Cattle MUST be either from a four year TB Parish or pre-movement tested ‘6’ Day Standstill must be observed by RED and GREEN Cattle On · · · ·

To discuss these changes contact: Paul Gentry 07801 032846 Rachel Gascoine 07885 432939 Keith Miller 07801 032847 Lewis Dean 07854 438249 Our red markets remain unchanged · No pre movement testing required · ‘6’ day rule does not apply · We can sell all types of slaughter cattle from TB restricted holdings

Tomorrow 6th October ‘Limousin Day’ Official Society Show and Sale of Pedigree and Cross bred British Limousin Cattle in Association with The East Midlands Limousin Cattle Breeders Club and The North West Midlands and North Wales Limousin Cattle Breeders Club. This is an open sale, 237 Head of Cattle Comprising of: 33 Pedigree Limousin Veterinary Tested Bulls 42 Pedigree Limousin Cows with calves at foot 17 Pedigree Limousin In calf/served Cows 1 Pedigree Limousin Heifer calf weaned from dam 6 Pedigree Limousin Bull calves weaned from dam 17 Pedigree Limousin In calf Heifers 18 Pedigree Limousin Maiden Heifers 13 Pedigree Limousin Frozen Embryos 102 Straws of Pedigree Limousin Semen 1 Commercial Limousin Bull 15 Commercial Cows with calves at foot 7 Commercial Heifers with calves at foot 2 Commercial In calf Cows 16 Feeding & breeding Cattle Also 13 exciting Embryos comprising 6 Grade ‘A’ Wilodge Vantastic X Hafodlas Shona - dam of Hafodlas Domino Interbreed Champion RHAS 2012. 2 Grade ‘A’ Grahams Samson X Ronick McAinsi. 5 Grade ‘A’ Saphir/Hafodlas Llion X Bellmount Helen and 102 Straws of Semen including Neuf, Greenwell Major, Broadmeadows Cannon, Cloughhead Umpire, Ronick Hawk, Cloughhhead Charlie, Mas Du Clo, Cloughhead Lord, Nobel, Marron, Vivaldi, Highlander, Bedell Maurice, Malibu, Rocky, Ulm.

Saturday 20th October Official Society Show and Sale of Pedigree Lincoln Red Cattle. For further details, contact Breed Secretary Jayne Borrows on 01522 511395 or email Comprising of 112 Head comprising of 7 Pedigree Lincoln Red Bulls, 3 Pedigree Lincoln Red Cows with Calves at foot, 24 Pedigree Lincoln Red In Calf Heifers, 45 Pedigree Lincoln Red Maiden Heifers and also featuring in this sale is the Complete Unreserved Dispersal Sale of “Rowston” Herd on behalf of Dennis Estates - 1 Pedigree Lincoln Red Stock Bull, 15 Pedigree Lincoln Red In Calf Cows, 7 Pedigree Lincoln Red Maiden Heifers and 7 Pedigree Lincoln Red Steers

Further dates for your diary sponsored by Farmers Guardian: Prior to the sale is you opportunity to bid for a professional picture to be taken of you and your stock on this day. The picture will be published in Farmers Guardian All proceeds go to RABI. Wednesday 17th October Newark Marts The Heart Sale £100 to the highest pence per kilo Young Bull £100 to the highest pence per kilo OTM £100 to the highest pence per kilo Steer £100 to the highest pence per kilo Heifer £100 to the highest £ per head of Store Cattle £100 to the highest £ per head of Prime Lambs Friday 30th November and Saturday 1st December 2012 at Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, The East of England Smithfield Festival Wednesday 5th December Newark & Nottinghamshire Christmas Primestock Show and Sale

Saturday 10th November within Newark Livestock Market Complete unreserved Dispersal sale of the ‘Tamhorn’ Herd of Pedigree British Blue Cattle on behalf of Danny & Jane Wyllie

Saturday 8th December Production Sale from the ‘Dyfri’ Herd of Pedigree British Limousin Cattle On behalf of Messrs DG & MJ Edwards At Llandovery Livestock Market, SA20 0AW with Clee Tompkinson Francis

Contact Paul Gentry ANYTIME on 0780 1032 846 mobile or 01522 789152 home or Keith Miller 0780 1032847 mobile or Rachel Gascoine 07885 432939 mobile or contact the Office on 01636 676741, why not be added to our Market Report service (no charge) via e-mail or post or simply check out our website for up to date information, views and prices.

Great North Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BY • Telephone 01636 676741 • Fax 01636 611190 Our hours are your hours - call anytime!!





Comprising: 226 FRESH CALVED - COWS (65) & HEIFERS(163); 76 IN-CALF HEIFERS; 180 MAIDEN HEIFERS; 73 FRESH and WEANED HEIFER CALVES and 10 BULLS. This is the largest collective Sale of Dairy Cattle anywhere and feature quality cattle in all age groups and is very much orientated to Commercial milk production. Where else can you go and have such a fantastic choice! Some 75 different vendors from all over the Country. A good entry of Pedigree Bulls include: * 3 Simmental, 2 Angus, 1 Hereford & 4 Holstein. The Milkers include several major consignments of Holsteins, the largest being: * The Entire MOSC herd of Pedigree and Commercial Holsteins (40 Cows and Milking Heifers, 14 In-calf Heifers and 8 Bullers) from Yeaton Peverey Farms, Shrewsbury. * 21 Fresh Calved Heifers from DJD & JB Taylor, Shrewsbury (A2 Tested). * 16 Calved Ped.Cows & Heifers from Colin Dent, Penrith. * 13 Calved Cows & Heifers from R N Thompson, Sudbury * 13 Calved & In-calf Unreg. Heifers from ER Owen, Anglesey. * 10 Calved Cows & Heifers from HR Taylor, Church Eaton (A2 Tested) * 10 Calved Heifers from Ivygrove Holsteins, Whitchurch (A2 Tested) * 14 Calved & In-calf Heifers from AJ Thompson, Kent. * 8 Calved Heifers from OC Whittaker & Sons Ltd, Knutsford * 8 Calved Heifers from AG Burton, Bedford * 9 Calved Cows & Heifers from A Grimshaw, Bolton PLUS many more other top quality consignments from Farmers, Breeders and Heifer rearers. The Super Entry of In-calf and Maiden Heifers include (All Holstein unless stated): * 50 Commercial Bulling & Yearling Heifers - unselected group, all by Joylan Specialist from The Langley Partnership, Iscoyd, Whitchurch. * 45 Young Maiden & Heifer Calves from the pedigree MILLSCO herd of DM & P Scott & Son, Hanmer, all sired by top bulls such as Tiergan, Million, Sam. * 34 Served & Maiden Heifers & Heifer Calves (A2 Tested) – mostly proven Sires from Mrs JM Griffiths & Son, Nantwich. * 19 Heifer Calves & 6 Served Heifers from Grosvenor Farms Ltd, Chester. * 17 Maiden Heifers from Harwick Farms, Ellesmere. * 15 Pedigree Bulling Heifers from J & A Parkinson & Son, Preston. PLUS MANY, MANY MORE !! NOTE: OTHER BREEDS: In all sections of the SALE THERE ARE SEVERAL MEMBERS OF OTHER BREEDS INCLUDING SOME VERY GOOD PUREBRED BRITISH FRIESIANS, SHORTHORNS, JERSEYS & GUERNSEYS. SALE TIMES & SALE ORDER RING 1 - 10.00 am : HEIFER CALVES followed by STOCK BULLS followed by MILKING COWS & HEIFERS RING 2 - 12 Noon : IN-CALF & SERVED HEIFERS followed by MAIDENS


Early Notifications: * The Entire MOSC herd of Pedigree Jerseys (20 Cows & Milking Heifers and 26 Served/Maiden Heifers) from Yeaton Peverey Farms, Shrewsbury. * 50 Fresh Calved Jersey and Jersey Cross Cows and Heifers from E E Pryce & Son, Shrewsbury. * 10 Pure x Crossbred Montbeliarde In-calf Heifers from F E Buxton & Partners, Stoke on Trent * 6 Pedigree Brown Swiss In-calf Cows and Heifers from DJD & JB Taylor, Shrewsbury. Plus: Some very well bred Maiden Heifers for the KALEIDOSCOPE of COLOUR including: For CHARITY, donated by Barry & Jenny Daw, a superbly bred Jersey Heifer by Rapid Bay Resurrection and the Res.Champion, South Wales All Breeds Brown Swiss Calf by Superbrown Rud Zaster from Mark Williams,Carmarthen.




The Famous Horticultural Sale will now include a NEW & EXCITING SECTION “FUR & FEATHER”. A Sale of all Categories of Poultry and Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. For further details please call 01829 262120; Stuart Hassall 07960 167513 or Tony Icke on 07536 043011. PLEASE NOTE - NEW SALE TIMES: HORTICULTURAL SECTION: 5.00 pm; FUR & FEATHER 5.30 pm

Dispersal of the entire herd of NMR Milk Recorded Holstein Fresians, the property of C Mather & Partners, Massey Brook Farm, Lymm, Cheshire. This is a Splendid long established herd of cows which are strong and have great udders. All year round calving, milked in an abreast parlour and housed in cubicles during the winter months. The herd is managed on a grass based system and are currently achieving a very credible 6439kg 3.48 Fat 3.22 Protein. Cell STANDING MAIZE count 174. This really is a most genuine Dispersal and the herd comes highly recommended. We have clients with Maize to sell at Norley, SPECIAL NOTE: The Vendors are offering to the purchaser of the most cattle at the Sale, the Sandiway, Whitegate and Wrexham. Interested opportunity to have the first option to purchase the clamp of grass silage on the farm. parties contact Andrew Wallace on 07850 250 641.



2nd NOVEMBER: HOLSTEINS: The First Sale to disperse the Entire Commercial Milk Recorded herd, the property of KG Phillips & Son, comprising the entire June to October calving portion and removed from Walton Grange, Walton, Newport, Shropshire to Beeston Castle Auction. 9th NOVEMBER: HOLSTEINS: Sale of the Entire Milking Portion and Close Calving Heifers (140 head) from the Pedigree and Commercial herd, the property of DJ & SL Sant, Chorlton Green Farm, Chapel Chorlton, Newcastle-underLyme, Staffordshire and removed to Beeston Castle Auction. 16th NOVEMBER: BRITISH FRIESIANS: Dispersal Sale of the Entire Unregistered herd (130 head), the property of B L Leeder and removed to Beeston Castle Auction from Hall Farm, Long Stratton, Norwich, Norfolk for Sale convenience. 20th NOVEMBER: RED AND BLACK HOLSTEINS: Dispersal of the Entire Milking Portion of the Commercial Milk Recorded herd, the property of JH & FW Green Ltd and removed from Middle Barn Farm, Eartham Estate, Selhurst Park, Chichester, West Sussex to Beeston Castle Auction for Sale convenience


484 Calves-£455 Ch x Bull. Black & White Bulls to £235, ave. £76.83 36 Weanlings to £610 Sim 4 mo 254 Cull Cows to 183p or £1,509, ave. 108p 34 Beef Cattle: Heifers to 219p or £1,322, Steers to 183p or £1,326, Bulls to 185p or £1,000. 119 Store Cattle: Steers to £1,170 or 195p, Heifers to £1,025 or 185p, Bulls to £850 or 169p 6 Cows & Calves to £1,285 FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER AT 2.30AM THE DISPERSAL SALE OF THE LAVENTHORPE HERD Of RED POLL Cattle AT Beeston Castle Pedigree Centre, Tarporley, Cheshire Briefly Comprising of: 9 Cows with calves at foot. 2 Served Heifers. 5 Open Heifers. On behalf of Mr Ray Burt (Due to the sale of the property) Catalogues are available from Beeston Castle Auction or can be viewed on our website



COMMENCING 10.30am Comprising: DAVID BROWN 990 (T Reg), MF 690 4WD, KOMATSO Tracked Digger, Range of Farm Implements, Sheep Sundries, Builders Equipment, MEASRSK Storage Container, TITA Fuel Tanks, Ag Miscellanea . Vendor Not VAT Registered. On behalf of Mr and Mrs D Williamson. Catalogues being prepared. Enquiries to A K Wallace 01829 262132

One stop outlet for all stock




Richard Turner & Son

Tel: 01768 864700


Monday 8h October- 9.30am- Prime Cattle, Bulls and Cast Cows – Green Market Wednesday 10th October- 7.00am Cast Ewes and Rams, 9am Prime Lambs –Green Market

800 STORE Monday 8th October 800 STORE CATTLE CATTLE 10.30am - Sale of 800 Feeding






Tel: (015242) 61246 (Sale Days) 61444 (Office) Auctioneer Stephen Dennis 07713 075661 Greg MacDougall 07713 075664

Sale Days 01200 445376, Sawley 01200 441351, Rachel Capstick 07713075659, Jonathan Turner 07834772276, Fred Spurgeon 07713075660, Jane Chapman 07841050693 Daryl Capstick (Foreman) 07747892728

Tuesday 9th October


Blks & Hfrs 7-11mths (fit for future breeding)

Wednesday 10th October

Tuesday 9th October

11.00am 30 Newly Calved Dairy Cattle Inc. Special Entry of 10 Ped. HF Hfrs 5-9mo by Shottle, Dancer, Gerrard & Loader 12 Noon 100 Rearing Calves


11am- Second Sale of


Mule Gimmer Lambs and breeding ewes and shearling of all breeds

Comprising:- 150 Continental/Mule Shearlings & 300 Mule Gimmer Lambs; 120 Euro gimmer lambs


4.30pm 5,000 Lambs, Feeding & Cast Ewes Inc. SHOW

Herdwick and Cheviot and other hill bred Ewes and Gimmer Shearlings also Swaledale and Herdwick Comprising: - 458 Herd/Swale Gimmer Lambs;

160 Cheviot Ewes; 225 Herdwick Ewes & Shearlings; 3705 Swale Ewes and Shearligns;

This sale includes Dispersal & Reduction Sales From: Messrs J Cartmell, Burns 250 Sw 1-4crop Ewes; 50 Sw Gim Shlgs, 60 Gim Lbs;

Messrs Woodhead, Stoneraise 135 Sw Ewes;

Thursday 11th October at 2.30pm

413 RAMS 213 CROSSING RAMS viz. 71 Texel; 47 Suffolk; 36 Beltex & X Bred; 9 Charollais; 1 Teeswater; 5 Cheviot; 2 Lleyn; 1 Zwartble & 41 Blue Faced Leicester. Followed by Annual Show & Sale of

200 SWALEDALE RAMS Friday 12th October at 11.00am

1744 DALESBRED DRAFT EWES, SHEARLINGS & GIMMER LAMBS On behalf of the Dalesbred Sheepbreeders Assoc.

50 Sw Gim Shlgs; 90 Sw Gim Lbs;

Major Flock Reduction on behalf of

Monday 15th October Annual Show & Sale of

80 Sw Shlgs; 120 Sw Gim Lbs

On behalf of the Dalesbred Sheepbreeders Assoc.

Messrs T Whitfield, Swindale 180 Sw Ewes 1-3 Crop; BLUEFACED Thursday 11th October BLUEFACED LEICESTER LEICESTER Show 4pm; Sale 5pm RAMS RAMS The Ninth Annual Show and Sale of Registered Bluefaced Leicester Rams under the Auspices of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association

Selling Flocks :- Howgill Grange; Wythop Hall; Kirkby

A very productive and fertile area of arable land with long frontage and two access points to Back Lane at Betley. An easily worked medium soil suitable for intensive arable cropping TOTAL AREA 6.325 HECTARES - 15.63 ACRES GP £8,000 - £10,000 per acre

Redgate; Hewgill; Pooley; Ling;

Fog Close; Laund; Whin Tarn; Croftstyle

Wednesday 17th October

Sale of Store lambs of all classes

Friday 19th October

Native Breed Mountain and Moorland Pony Sale – (Principally Fell Ponies)

entries close noon Monday 8th October

Tarporley office

Wednesday 24th October (New Date)


(Subject to reserve, conditions and prior sale)


Annual Prize Show and Sale of Swaledale Rams also

Bluefaced Leicester, Cheviot, Suffolk and Continental Rams entries close noon Wednesday 17th October

Wednesday 31st October

Special Lake District Store Lamb Sale







Comprising a most attractive and conveniently situated parcel of pastureland located in an accessible strategic semi rural setting on the outskirts of Tarvin, with access off High Street adjoining it’s junction with the A54 of interest to a wide range of prospective purchasers. For



01244-317833 – Ref: PDL




BRETTON MILL SHEEP SALE Re-scheduled for Sunday 7th October 2012 To be held at Holmfirth Cattle Market Sale at 12 Noon. Woodland Show at 11 am Entries: 800 Texal x Down x Lambs, 500 Hill Lambs, 400 WF Woodlands all classes, 300 Shearling Texal x, Suffolk x & mule, 200 Ewes, all breeds, 120 Feeding Ewes, 50 Rams Whitefaced Woodland Society Official Sale Entries now closed for this sale Now taking entries for next week 38 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9 3JH Tel/Fax 01484 683543

10.30am Saturday 6 October

400 BREEDING/STORE CATTLE 10.30am 5 Breeding Bulls, 70 Cows & Calves In Calf Cattle, 50 Young Bulls & 275 Store Cattle

2000 BREEDING/STORE SHEEP Ewes, Shlgs, Gimmer/Store Lambs & Rams 10.30am 150 PIGS Entries accepted on the day 11am Monday

DALESBRED RAMS Tuesday 16th October



for Native Breeds e.g. Angus, Hereford etc. Entries Inc:- 30 Luing Blks 17mo from Low Moor Howe Entries for Catalogue Close Monday 8th October

Wednesday 17th October

MONTHLY SALE OF 200 STIRKS Please Contact the Office with your Entries

Saturday 20th October


DISPERSAL SALE Saturday 13th October at 10.30am On Instructions from JS Brown

Complete Dispersal Sale of Farm Machinery & Livestock Equipment at Ireby Green, Ireby, Cowan Bridge Viz. DISCOVERY & CARAVAN 2001 Land Rover Discovery TD5; Windrush 13-2 Caravan; TRACTORS & ATV MF399 4wd Tractor; Ford 5610 2wd Tractor c/w Steelfab Horndraulic Loader; 1968 MF35 (3 Cylinder); Polaris 4x4 500 Diesel ATV (13078 miles) LIVESTOCK & ATV TRAILERS 2009 Ifor Williams 14’ Tri-Axle Trailer (c/w Sheep Decks & Cattle Gates); Latham Bike Trailer; Latham Snacker Trailer; Latham Large Bike Trailer; Calf Trailer; MACHINERY 15’ Single Axle Flat Trailer; Flat Fencing Trailer; Vicon PS953 1/2T Fert Spreader; Team 50g Crop Sprayer; Transport Box; PZ CM165 Mower; Haybob; Twose PO Buck Rake; Twose 8’ Land Roller; Fraser Muck Marshall Spreader; Lister Bale Elevator; PTO Cement Mixer; 4T Feed Hopper; Large Qty Scrap. LIVESTOCK REQUISITION Horner Longhorn 12v Portable Clipping Machine; IAE Lamb Weigh; 2 IAE Lamb Creeps; Ritchie Lamb Creep; 3 Galv. Sheep Ring Feeders; Lamb Adopter; Lambing Hurdles; Qty Troughs; Milking Requisites inc. SS Bucket, Churns etc. SMALL TOOLS & SUNDRIES Honda UMT 24 Strimmer; Bosch PSS-23 Sander; Bosch PKS46 Circular Saw; Bosch Angle Grinder; Plastic Diesel Tanks (Red & White) BYGONES inc. Antique Hedge Cutter, Garden Roller HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS 2 Bedding Chests; Large Oak Dresser; Gate Legged Table; Balloon Backed Dining Chair; Ex-Railway Station Office Desk; Glass Front Cupboard; Waring & Gillows (Liverpool) Wardrobe; Dressing Table; National Geographic Magazines (1950s forward); Various Books & Ass. Household goods. BY PERMISSION Marshall Side Rotor Spreader on 400/60-22.5 Tyres (as new) TERMS Cash or Cheques by prior arrangement. VAT will be charged unless announced otherwise. DIRECTIONS signboards will be posted A65 Ireby Road CATERERS Cath’s Country Citchenwill be in attendance. AUCTIONEERS Bentham Office (Ref: SJD) Tel:- 015242 61444

8 October


On Behalf of the Masham Sheepbreeder Assoc. Prizes for Best Pens of 10

Annual Prize Show and Sale of 5463 Swaledale and

Gimmer Lambs



11.00am Entries for Accepted on Sale Day 1.30pm WEEKLY SALE OF CULL COWS

This sale including entry of 80 BB and Lim X Friesian

EST 1803


Bulls and Store Cattle of all classes

BREEDING Thursday 11th October SHEEP Show 10am; Sale 11.30am



Thursday 11 October 10.30am

350 PRIME CATTLE 75 Young Bulls, 75 Steers & Heifers, 50 OTM & 150 Cull Cattle



Judging 10am Classes:- BB Bull, BB Hfr, Bull & Hfr 11.30am


12.30pm HAY/STRAW 1pm 1500


10.30am Saturday 13 October Only Ewes, Shlgs, Gimmer & Store Lambs

STORE LAMB SHOW Class (1) 10 Conts (2) 10 Natives 11.30am

350 BREEDING RAMS Multibreed Ram Show & Sale Judging 10am Entries by noon Tues Tel 01200 445376

Thur 18 Oct COGENT PEDIGREE DAIRY Saturday 20 October

SUCKLED CALF SHOW Judging 10am Classes (1) Best Bull (2) Steer (3) Best Heifer All animals 12mo Cash Prizes!!!

Thur 25 Oct WEANED STIRKS SHOW Sat 3 Nov MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT Sat 17 Nov SUFF & CONT IN LAMB SALE Entries & photos for advertising ASAP


MORE DETAILS 01200445376

DISPERSAL SALE Saturday 27th October 2012 @ 10.30am Auction Sale of Tractors, Excavators, Building Machinery, Stone Handling Equipment, Joinery Equipment and Builders Materials at Jacksons Builders Yard, Carnforth Plant: Scania 6 wheel skip loader (03), Red Rhino Crusher (05), 2 x Ausa 108DA dumper 4wd (99), 4 x diesel mixers, Barford 3T SX dumper (98), Benford 5T dumper (98), Bomag 80 roller (92), Case CK12 Mini Excavator (98), Fermec 860 digger (03), Stone Splitter (75), Koblenco 5T Excavator (02), Kubota Excavator KX161-3 (06), Kubota Micro Excavator (05), Merlo Telehandler 40.16 (99), 3 x Ford Escort vans, Ford Tipper, 2 x Ford Transit vans, Berlingo van Buckets & Equipment: Range of buckets and equipment to fit above plant, 4 x block grabs, air saws and discs, kerb lifter, engine lift, 3 x machine security covers, saw benches, 2 x diesel tanks, tumble skip, diesel bowser, mortar tubs, skips, toilet blocks, 4 x roll alone cabins, 5 x steel containers, water pumps, power wash Builders Equipment & Materials: Metal barriers, ladders, generators, water pumps, jack hammers, drills, chainsaw, skip net, transformers, security fencing, 19 x RSJ’s (various sizes), large range of house building materials (various quantities and sizes), sandstone, limestone and crusher run, various items office equipment Joiners Workshop: Contents of entire Joiners Workshop including Wadkin Bursgreen saws, scriber, sander, morticer and a range of other quality machines. Sanders, grinders, jigsaw, laminate trimmer, drills, routers and benches DISPERSAL SALE DUE TO RETIREMENT OF COMPANY MD Full details from: 14 Moss End Business Village, LA7 7NU Tel: 015395 66800

“All livestock sold under national conditions of sale recommended for use by the L.A.A.” Old Sawley Grange, Gisburn Road, Sawley, CLITHEROE, Lancs BB7 4LH. Tel: (01200) 441351 Fax: 441666 Main St., BENTHAM, Nr Lancaster, LA2 7HF. Tel: (015242) 61444 Fax: 62463 14 Moss End Business Village, CROOKLANDS, Milnthorpe LA7 7NU. Tel (015395) 66800 Fax: 66801. e-mail: website


Borderway Mart, Carlisle Tel: 01228 406200 sale catalogues can be downloaded from the website

Show and sale of 97 SHETLAND PONIES Saturday 6th October Show 8.30am Sale 10.30am also 285 LOTS OF TACK – 10.00am

Monday 8th October STORE LAMBS – 11.00am BREEDING SHEEP – 12.30pm Entries include dispersal of 222 Jacob sheep from one farm comprising 74 ewes, 20 shearlings, 125 lambs abd 3 stock rams Also Includes special section for unregistered Lleyn breeding sheep (No commercial rams this day)

TRACTORS, MACHINERY & IMPLEMENTS Thursday 11th October – 10.30am SMALL TOOLS – 11.00am (in the Exhibition Hall) also PLANT EQUIPMENT – 12.30pm Sale includes large selection of engineering & fabrication machinery. To view visit


The one day agricultural event not to be missed Friday 2nd November 8.00am – 5.00pm For full details visit our website

Monday 15th October Special sale of breeding rams mainly Suffolks and Continentals Catalogue sale entries close Friday 5th October

Special sale of CONTINENTAL CROSS STORE CATTLE Wednesday 17th October Entries close Monday 8th October


FRIDAY OCTOBER 5 2012 Borderway Mart, Carlisle CA1 2RS

**740 Livestock Entries ** 180 Trade Stands** Machinery demonstrations

150 HOLSTEINS & JERSEYS SELLING Pedigree Dairy Day Wednesday 17th October 2012 – 11.00am

Autumn show and sale of YOUNG CALVES Up to 12 weeks of age Wednesday 17th October


WALTALL DISPERSAL Pedigree Dairy Day Monday 22nd October For EH & LI Fearon, Walton Hall, Cartmel, Wednesday 17th October 2012 – Special sale of breeding rams mainly Grange over Sands Suffolks and Continentals 11.00am 22 Pedigree Holstein & 11 Pedigree Jerseys Catalogue sale entries close Including dispersal sales of the Friday 12th October MONYRUY, KEPCULLOCH & WALTALL herds. Also selling semen Second sale for all classes of & embryos full details next week rams and females of KEPCULLOCH DISPERSAL BLUEFACED LEICESTER SHEEP Monday 22nd October For R. Steel & Son Kepculloch Farm, Entries close Monday 8th October

Balfron, Glasgow

45 Fresh Cows & Heifers

Annual autumn show and sale of 855 BLUEFACED LEICESTER SHEEP

WALTALL LOVEJOY ELLA 1ST In Calf Heifer Westmorland Show 2012 SHE SELLS

Mainly hill bred and spring born Wednesday 24th October Entries close Monday 15th October

Friday 12th October Show 7.30am Sale 9.30am 9.30am 586 lamb rams 10.00am 147 shearling & aged rams, followed at 12.30pm 122 females. KEPCULLOCH SHOTTLE SUMMER EX92 Sale includes Reduction Sale of the Rowandale Flock (A Bastian) and Reduction SHE SELLS LOT 103 Sale of the Dalpeddar Flock (S Park & E Mills) and quantity of flock books. This is the second sale to disperse the highly respected KEPCULLOCH herd. After the 67 PEDIGREE success of the first sale in May this sale will comprise all the most recently calved cows BRITISH BLUE and heifers of which many are classified CATTLE Excellent and Very Good. Kepculloch animals Saturday 13th October tick all the boxes they give lots of high quality Show 9.00am Sale 11.30am milk and have a built in robustness gained on behalf of the Border British Blue Club from living in the hills surrounding Loch 44 bulls, 18 maiden heifers, 5 cows and Lomond. quantity of semen. Catalogues £3 on request The pedigrees are simply world class. Many Sponsors – Davidsons Animal Feeds & Agri Lloyd National Champions appear in the catalogue. Here is a brief insight of the opportunities on offer: KEPCULLOCH DRAKE DARLENE 4 VG88 sister to Douglas and 1 week fresh in her third LOMOND MR SAM TORY EX90 tremendous pedigree 9 EX & VG’s from Wilsondale TT Triuna EX94 KEPCULLOCH TALENT MARRIETTE Included in the sale ‘BRINGLEE FAWN’ a awesome heifer from Wiesenfeld Raider Blackstar dau. out of Rasputine, she has Maryam EX97 family been a star of the show during 2012. KEPCULLOCH DOUGLAS SAPPHIRE fresh heifer with an udder that flirts with perfection 146 PEDIGREE The herd is vaccinated for IBR, BVD & Lepto ABERDEEN ANGUS and is tested for Johness. They are cubical CATTLE housed and in a TB four test. Saturday 13th October We know how well KEPCULLOCH animals Show - 10.30am Sale - 11.30am perform when they go to new homes as we 19 bulls and 127 females have been selling them for twenty years. Sale includes: Draft Sale of the Wintersvale Come and experience these wonderful Herd (JA & AD Daish – 5 lots), animals on the 17th October they really will Dispersal Sale of the Catrionas Herd impress. (E Penty – 10 lots), and Draft Sale of the To view the animals prior to the sale please Ribble Herd (HC Rowntree – 63 lots) contact Robert Steel 01360 440719 Bob Steel followed by Frozen Embryos and Semen. 07885 257630 Jane Steel 07768 890724 Sponsors – Coomara Veterinary Practice


BEEF BREEDING CATTLE Friday 26th October

CLIFTON EXCITATION ANGIE Champion Heifer Westmorland Show 2012 SHE SELLS The WALTALL dispersal has quality from start to finish. Many of the Holsteins are bred from respected families renowned for the high type and milk production. There is massive potential in the Jerseys both for milk production and breeding. One of the attractions of this sale has to be the youngstock. Waltall Roy Ella is one such calf, a dream heifer for next year’s show season. They are cubical housed and in a TB four test. To view the animals prior to the sale please contact Ted Fearon 07768 722074 Order your catalogue today from the Pedigree Office: 01228 406230 or view it online at

Two day show and sale of 323 PEDIGREE LIMOUSIN CATTLE Friday 19th October 10.00am – judging of all classes of bulls and championships 5.00pm – sale of 50 females followed by frozen embryos & semen Female Sale from NORMANDE Herd (Cruickshank Normande), 32 cows and heifers served and/or suckling (26 calves) and 1 stock bull (Moloskey Claus) CLURY Herd (WF Cruikshank & Sons) 5 served heifers and 9 maiden heifers

Saturday 20th October 10.00am – Sale of 276 bulls kindly sponsored by Igenity Catalogues can be downloaded free at or on request at £4 plus £1 postage

Beef breeding cows and heifers in calf or with calves also bulling heifers and breeding bulls Entries close Monday 15th October

National Society show and sale of PEDIGREE AYRSHIRE CATTLE Wednesday 7th November Entries close Friday 12th October

Borderway Black & White Pedigree Dairy Sale Saturday 1st December Entries close Friday 5th October

Swaledale Sheep Breeders Association Ram Sales Middleton in Teesdale Mart ‘A’ DISTRICT Friday 12th October - 11.00am Show 9.00am 15 aged rams, 160 shearling, 5 lambs

Kirkby Stephen Mart ‘C’ DISTRICT Wednesday 17th October Show 8.30am Sale 10.30am 111 aged rams, 104 lamb rams

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October Show 7.30am Sale 10.00am each day 938 shearling rams These sales consist of the finest selection of Swaledale rams, renowned for power and conformation consigned by noted breeders and well worthy of buyers attendance


One stop outlet for all stock

7 Auctions


CBSCFSTBVDUJPOTDPVL Broughton Mart Tel: 01229 716308 Show and sale of 1700 MOUNTAIN EWES Tuesday 9th October Show 10.00am Sale - 11.00am First show and sale of SUCKLER CALVES Also Store & Breeding cattle Tuesday 16th October Entries close noon Monday 8th October

Principal sale of STORE SHEEP & FEEDING EWES Tuesday 23rd October Entries close noon Monday 15th October

Kirkby Stephen Mart Tel: 01768 371385 Weekly sales of PRIME/CAST SHEEP Tuesday 9th October - 4.30pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 day rule Tuesday 16th October - NO SALE Tuesday 25th October sale as normal Also STORE LAMBS & BREEDING SHEEP Please advise entries

4,400 SWALEDALE EWES AND SHEARLINGS Friday 5th October Judging 9.30am Sale 10.30am Sponsored by Farmers Guardian Prior to the Sale is your opportunity to bid for a professional photo to be taken of you and your stock on this day. The photo will be published in Farmers Guardian. All proceeds go to RABI

Prize shows and sales of 2,000 SWALEDALE GIMMER LAMBS and 150 BLUEFACED LEICESTER RAMS Saturday 6th October Judging 9.30am Sale 10.30am (commencing with Swaledale gimmer lambs) Also 20 Terminal sires Sponsored by Farmers Guardian

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Luke Fairâ&#x20AC;? sale of STORE CATTLE also OTM cattle Monday 15th October Entries close 10am Monday 8th October

SWALEDALE SHEEP BREEDERS ASSOCIATION RAM SALES â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; DISTRICT Wednesday 17th October Show 8.30am Sale 10.30am

Lazonby Mart Tel: 01768 898313 Annual prize show and sale of 1200 STORE LAMBS also feeding ewes Wednesday 10th October - 12.30pm

Annual special sale of 2750 UNCROSSED & CROSSED SWALEDALE EWES And other breeds of ewes and shearlings also Swaledale gimmer lambs

Saturday 13th October â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10.00am Followed by 275 BREEDING RAMS Show 9.30am Annual special prize show and sale of SWALEDALE rams, Main sale of BLUEFACED LEICESTER rams, ram lambs and females Also rams of other breeds

Third sale of MULE GIMMER LAMBS Wednesday 17th October Entries close 10am Monday 10th October

Fortnightly sale of STORE LAMBS & FEEDING EWES Wednesday 24th October Entries close Wednesday 17th October

BREEDING SHEEP Wednesday 31st October Fourth sale of Mule gimmer lambs. Special sale of breeding sheep of all classes including Swaledale ewes and gimmer lambs. Special sale of Bluefaced Leicester females and rams also rams of other breeds Entries close 10am Monday 22nd October

Middleton In Teesdale Mart Tel: 01833 640281 SWALEDALE SHEEP BREEDERS ASSOCIATION RAM SALES â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; DISTRICT Friday 12th October â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 11.00am Show 9.00am 15 aged rams, 160 shearling, 5 lambs

Second sale of SWALEDALE BREEDING SHEEP 111 aged rams, 104 lamb rams also RAMS OF ALL BREEDS Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October Also special sale of Show 7.30am Sale 10.00am each day STORE LAMBS of all breeds 938 shearling rams Friday 26th October â&#x20AC;&#x153;Luke Fairâ&#x20AC;? sale of Entries close 4pm Friday 19th October BREEDING SHEEP Saturday 27th October Prize show and sale of Swaledale and other breed ewes STORE CATTLE & autumn born and gimmer lambs SUCKLED CALVES Second sale of Mule gimmer lambs, store lambs and rams of all breeds Entries close 4pm Friday 19th October

Prize show and sale of SUCKLED CALVES

Tuesday 30th October Entries close 10am Monday 22nd October

Pedigree Limousin Sale

Monday 29th October

Saturday 27th October

Entries close 10am Monday 22nd October

Sale from the Sarkley herd on behalf of Messrs Pennie, Gwern Yr Ychain, Powys To be held at Welshpool Livestock Centre (In conjuction with Welshpool Livestock Sales)

HORSES & PONIES Friday 9th November Entries close 10am Monday 22nd October


DISPERSAL SALE On Behalf of Messrs K.C. & D.L. Morris Friday 19 October 2012 at 10.30am prompt at Villa Farm, Cantlop, Condover, Shrewsbury, SY5 7DG Complete Herd Dispersal of 90 Friesian Cows & Followers, 9 Angus Store Cattle Range of 2 Tractors, Manitou Loader, Iveco Van, Grassland,Yard & Livestock Equipment, Produce, Poultry and Household Sundries Tractors John Deere 3130 (1978), David Brown 780 (1972). Loader Manitou MLT 527 Turbo (P193 AEP). Vehicle Ford Iveco 5T Van c/w. Ifor Williams Cattle Box (P Reg). Grassland Equipment Pottinger 305 Mower, McHale 991 LBER Bale Wrapper, Abbey 8F Offset Topper, International 440 Conventional Baler, Howard Rotavator, 8ft Cambridge Rolls, 8ft Discs, Slurry Tanker. Trailers Single Axle Bale Trailer x 2, Wheel Drays x 2. Dairy Equipment AI Flask, 1150L Dari Kool Bulk Tank, Springfield 18 Gallon Water Heater, Dairy Chemicals, Fullwood Commander Pulser Box, Pressure Washer, 3ph Milk Pump. Sundry Items Qty of Timber, Qty of Fencing Posts, Qty of Wire, Diesel Tank, Qty of Mineral Buckets, Qty of Molasses Lick Feeders, Cattle Crushes x 2, Various Gates, Feeders, Hurdles & Hay Racks, Qty of Electric Fencing Equipment,Telegraph Poles, Coal, Footbaths, IBC 1000L Containers,  Yard Scrapers,  Chain Saw etc. In-Situ Items Qty of Concrete Blocks, Bull Pen c/w.  Gate, Portacabin, Approx.10 Lorry Bodies, 90 x 30 Steel Shed, 90 x 25 Lean-To-Shed. Produce Approx 30 Quadrant Bales of Wheat Straw,Approx 50 Round Bales of Silage (2012), Small Qty of 20.10.10 and Nitrogen Fertiliser. Poultry Approx 70 Hens/Pullet (warrens, R.I.R. & Marans), Runner Ducks x 7, Moscovy Ducks & Drake and Ten Ducklings. Livestock 53 Friesian Cows (In Milk/Or In Calf) Many Fresh at Time of Sale, 4 In Calf Friesian Heifers, 26 Youngstock viz. 19 Friesian, 6 Brown Swiss Cross, 1 Jersey Cross, 9 Aberdeen Angus Heifers (6 to 18 months) etc.. For Further Information & Catalogues Contact Barbers Auctions LLP on 01630 652926 or Visit our website

MACHINERY SALE Autumn Sale on Friday 12 October 2012 at Market Drayton Market, Adderley Road, Market Drayton, TF9 3SW Commencing with New Tools at 10.30am Followed by Sundry, General & Livestock Equipment at 11.30am Followed by Agricultural Machinery & Tractors at 12.30pm (approx) â&#x20AC;&#x153;Entries Now Invitedâ&#x20AC;?

MARKET DRAYTON LIVESTOCK MARKET GREEN MARKET - EVERY WEDNESDAY FAT STOCK, STORE STOCK, DAIRIES & CALVES 250 to 300 Calves 9am - Auctioneer Ben Baggott 1000 to 2000 Lambs, Cull Ewes & Store Sheep 9.30am - Auctioneer Mark Jones 250 to 300 Bulls & Clean Cattle 11am - Auctioneer Bernie Hutchinson 10 to 20 Dairies & 150 to 300 Store Cattle at 12 noon - Auctioneer Bob Oakes Farm Assured & Non-Assured Stock Required. All Weights & Grades - Premium Prices - Premium Cattle. DEDICATED BARREN COW & OTM SALE â&#x20AC;˘ Every Monday Evening at 5pm â&#x20AC;˘ Possibly The Biggest Barren Market In The UK â&#x20AC;˘ Average 280 Cattle â&#x20AC;˘ 14 to 20 Buyers In Attendance â&#x20AC;˘ All Grades & Weights of Cattle Required. RED MARKET â&#x20AC;˘ Monday 8 & 29 October & 12 November    at 5pm  Classes OTM,  Cull  Cows & Bulls â&#x20AC;˘ All â&#x20AC;˘ Direct to Slaughter/No 6 Day Rule â&#x20AC;˘ T.B. Restricted Cattle Sold. WEANLING SALES â&#x20AC;˘ Wednesday 17 October â&#x20AC;˘ Wednesday 21 November Anticipated entries in excess of 200 Further entries invited â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Call Ben 07791 791356. CHRISTMAS MARKET â&#x20AC;˘ Wednesday 5 December â&#x20AC;˘ Over ÂŁ4,000 In Cash Prizes and Awards â&#x20AC;˘ 20 Silver Cups and Trophies â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Prize Money & Awards for 16 Cattle Classes Prize Money & Awards for 4 Sheep Classes Prize Money & Awards for 2 Classes of Calves Prize Money & Awards for 2 Classes of Dairies â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Schedule & Entry Forms Now Availableâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

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Visit our website â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;SELL LIVE & THRIVE AT MARKET DRAYTON MARKETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Market Drayton Agriculture Centre 01630 652926 Bernie Hutchinson 07778 164274, Mark Jones 07813 625787 Ben Baggott 07791 791356 & Adele Higgins 07794368223

LANARK AGRICULTURAL CENTRE TUESDAY 9TH OCTOBER Show 9am Sale 10.30am 1000 SECOND SHOW AND SALE OF CROSS 1000 CHAROLLAIS,LIMOUSIN,SIMMENTAL,ANGUS,BLONDE, SUCKLED CALVES Kindly Sponsored by Sure Calf The above Sale once again comprises the finest selection of Suckled Calves ever presented at this Centre ,offering buyers the opportunity to purchase Calves of the finest breeding and quality. In recent years calves purchased at these sales have figured prominently at both National and Local prime stock shows. Also, Ayrshire Young Farmers Rally Calves. Prize to highest placed animal purchased from Lanark Market Lawrie & Symington Ltd Tel 01555 662281 Email


BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS (DISCLOSURE) ORDER 1977 Classified columns contain advertisements from private individuals and from traders. It is the legal responsibility of traders to make it clear in their advertisements that they are in fact: TRADERS, DEALERS, MANUFACTURERS, AGENTS ETC. TRADES DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 Advertisements will only be accepted on the understanding that descriptions relating to goods are accurate and in no way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.






RESULTS: WEDNESDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER - 11,550 Lambs – Overall Average £63.78 RESULTS: MONDAY 1ST OCTOBER - 704 Cattle & 2,117 Sheep 399 Store & Breeding Cattle: Cows & Calves to £1,770, Steers to £1,245, Hfrs to £1,370, Bulls to £1,460 125 OTM Cattle to 177p & £1,525, 103 Finished Cattle to 220p & £1,482 77 Calves: Bulls to £316, Hfrs to £360, 1,259 Lambs to 180p & £85.56, 858 Ewes to £125, ave. £58.22 See the Full Report on Monday 8th October – Unrestricted First Call Alastair Sneddon on 07973 982441

On Instructions from PA & HM Wilson & Son Red Barn Farm, Fradswell, Stafford

240 HOLSTEINS, BROWN SWISS & MONTBELIARDE X Being the most Genuine Dispersal of the Entire Herd. •

Comp 124 Cows & Heifers In-milk & In-calf, 42 In-Calf Heifers & 72 Youngstock together with a Pedigree Simmental & Purebred Danish Red Stock Bull. • Consistent Type – Strong Cows with Good Udders & Feet. • Good Proportion of Herd is either R/W Holsteins, First Cross Brown Swiss & Montbeliarde. • 42 IN-CALF HEIFERS – Due Next Spring. STORE CATTLE SECTION - MONDAY 8TH OCTOBER • Over 70% of Milking Herd 1st – 3rd Calvers – 33 Heifers, 20 2nd & 38 3rd 1 Blonde Stock Bull, 4½ yrs, 1 BB Cow, 7yrs & BB Hfr Calf, 3mths, 1 Lim Cow, 5½ yrs & BB Bull Calf, 2wks • Herringbone & Cubicle Housed, Semi TMR Grass & Whole Crop Silage. • Latest Bulk Sample: 4.32%F 3.37%P cc90 BAKEWELL STORE SHEEP SALES 2012 • Annual Average Calculated from Milk Sales: 8214kg WEDNESDAY 24TH OCTOBER 795 RAMS Also JD 5100 4WD (09), 2010 Kioti EX50, Strautmann 2010 143 Feeder Wagon, STORE SHEEP 473 MV ACCREDITED & 322 NON ACCREDITED THIS SATURDAY 6TH OCTOBER Entries Close Today: Friday 5th October Lucas G Bedder/Chopper, 2010 Major Tanker, 2011 NC Rear Discharge FYM Spreader AT BAKEWELL LIVESTOCK CENTRE AT 10:30AM Westfalia 16/16 Auto ID Herringbone, Machinery, Cattle & Dairy Sundries & Effects. SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER MV RAMS & SALE ON BEHALF OF With a wealth of choice, this is a brilliant opportunity to purchase some superb cows that CHAROLLAIS SHEEP SOCIETY will be a welcome addition to any herd. Both the milking herd and youngstock are looking Ram Entries Close Today: Friday 5th October very well with attendance a must for all producers.

9,918 LAMBS

WEDNESDAY 31ST OCTOBER STORE SHEEP & NON ACC RAMS Entries Close: Friday 12th October

For Further Details & Catalogues Contact Uttoxeter Office or Meg Elliott on 07967 007049





AT BAKEWELL LIVESTOCK CENTRE AT 10:30AM Catalogues Available from Bakewell Office or



4,244 SHEEP 458 RAMS, 961 EWE LAMBS, 539 SHEARLING EWES & 2,286 EWES

CASE IH 856 XL PLUS 4WD Moffett MFT 4WD Handler 2011 Teagle 8080 Trailed Bedder Trailers, Spreader, Mower & Tedder Two Cattle Crushes, Cattle Equipment, Feeders Sundries & Effects ON FRIDAY 12TH OCTOBER 2012 AT 11AM Full Catalogues With Photos From Uttoxeter Office or

On Instructions from Mr & Mrs HD Connor GENUINE RETIREMENT DISPERSAL FOX’S WOOD FARM, SANDON, STAFFORD, ST18 0DW Zetor Proxima 65 & Loader Ford 6610 4WD & Fordson Diesel Major Yamaha Quad Bike, Daihatsu Fourtrak TDX Teagle 5050 Tomahawk Mounted Bale Chopper Implements, Machinery, Trailers, Barrel Spreader Cattle & Sheep Equipment Poultry & Poultry Items ON SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER 2012 AT 11AM Catalogues Available Soon from Uttoxeter Office or


SATURDAY 13TH OCTOBER AT BAKEWELL LIVESTOCK CENTRE AT 10:30AM Catalogues Available from Bakewell Office or

Uttoxeter 01889 562811



Leek 01538 398466

Free Monthly Planning Clinic for People to discuss any planning or Farm Development proposals or concerns


Bakewell 01629 812777

Derby 01332 200147

Ashbourne 01335 342201 ST BOSWELLS LIVESTOCK CENTRE Thursday 11th October


At 10.30am Show & Sale of 1600 Charolais.x, Limousin.x and Multi Bred Suckled Calves


Sale of 3000 Store Lambs plus Breeding Ewes Together with 500 Store Cattle Inc. 50 strong Continentals from WG Vant Details from Ludlow Market Tel: 01584 872251

Tuesday 9th October At 11am Show & Sale of 800 Continental Cross Suckled Calves Tel(S): 01835 822214 Tel (W): 01668281223

One stop outlet for all stock







01 6 2 5 8 6 1 1 2 2 • • • • •


KNUTSFOR D 01565 621624 WIGAN 01744 893371 NO RTHWICH 016 06 41318 BUXTON 01298 23038 KNUTSFORD 01565 653284 (MARSHALL HO USE)




Every Monday all classes of Store and Breeding Stock; Calves; Produce and Poultry, Store & Breeding Pigs. Every Thursday Prime Cattle and Sheep, Cull Cows and Ewes. Every Wednesday at 9.00am and Thursday at 5.30pm the U.K’s leading Horticultural sales by Auction



Entries to date already include: 1974 Leyland 255 Tractor, Pr Stone Gates Posts & Gate, 12 Pheasant Sheds 8x8, 05 Fiat Ducato LWB Van, 04 Nissan Navara Double Cab, 03 Isuzu Trooper Citation, 02 Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab, 01 Renault Kangoo, 98 Ford Explorer 4x4, Various Timber, Insulation, Builders Sundries, Lawn Mowers. Nissan Terrano II Diesel; Mitsubishi L200 D 4 Door Pick up, etc., Entries/Enquiries and some Photographs

MONDAY 8TH OCTOBER- PIGS AT DAIRY SHORTHORNS 10.30AM – 4 Pedigree Registered Tamworth Gilts and 3 Boars DAIRY CATTLE AT 10.45AM - MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER at CHELFORD 3 fresh calved Shorthorn x Heifers. BEEF Annual Autumn Show and Sale for the BREEDING CATTLE AT 10.45AM. 2 Pedigree SHORTHORN SOCIETY OF U.K Hereford Cow and Calves STORE CATTLE AT AND IRELAND. 11.00AM On behalf of A. J. Brighouse & Son, A fine selection of DAIRY SHORTHORNS from 20 Steers and Heifers comprising 13 Herefords, the U.K’s leading breeders, including Cows and 3 Blues and 4 Angus, approximately 18 months old. Heifers in-milk and in-calf; Served and Maiden Heifers; Mostly named sires and all Farm Assured. Bulls and to be followed by SHORTHORN 20 Hereford x Steers & Heifers. 23 Friesian Holstein CROSS STOCK of all categories. Steers 15-30mo. 3 Limousin x Steers. STORE & MULTI-BREED BEEF CATTLE BREEDING SHEEP AT 12.30PM – 16 Lleyn Ewe Lambs, 50 Texel Shearlings, 4 Pure bred Texel Annual Autumn Sale on SATURDAY 10TH Shearling Rams, 4 Pure Bred Texel Ram Lambs. NOVEMBER BEEF SHORTHORNS (Society Show and Sale) BRITISH BLUES (Pedigree and BREEDING SHEEP Crossbred) NATIVE BREEDS – (Pedigree, Pure Every MONDAY at CHELFORD. and Crossbred, Hereford, Angus, Highland, Store and Breeding Ewes and Lambs of all classes. Longhorn etc). Entry forms from our office, or from Forthcoming Special Sales. our website MONDAY 22ND OCTOBER market /entry forms Breeding Ewes, Ewe Lambs and Rams BRITISH BLUE CATTLE MONDAY 5TH NOVEMBER “Big Bang” – Final sale of Breeding Rams SATURDAY 17th NOVEMBER At Hay Lane Entries for advertising by the previous Farm, Nailsworth, Gloucester. GL6 0QA. Monday please. Dispersal of the highly regarded PAULERN Herd of Blue Cattle (approx. 100 head) on behalf of E SUCKLED CALF SHOW & SALE British R Hemmings Esq. Full details and catalogues in due MONDAY 15TH OCTOBER 2012 4th course. Autumn Show & Sale Of Suckled Calves WEBSITE At Chelford Agricultural Centre in conjunction with For full details of all our Special Sales, together with details the usual weekly sale of Store Cattle. Contact Jonathan Farrall 01625 861122 or of Our Valuation services please view our website market

01756 792375



Auctioneers:- Jeremy Eaton 07747 780481 Ted Ogden 07855 958211 Saturday 6th October

Annual Show & Sale of 4,747 SWALEDALE EWES & SHEARLINGS Classes For Ewes & Shearlings Judging 8.45am Sale 10.00am Main Ring

Monday 8th October CALVES - Sale 10.45am CROP & PRODUCE - Sale 11.45am SHOW & SALE OF DAIRY CATLE Judging 11.15am – Sale 12.00 noon (incl. 20 Newly Calven Hfrs & Cows Pedigree & Commercial)

PRIME CATTLE - Sale 12.30pm followed by U/48MOS & CAST CATTLE PRIME LAMBS & CAST SHEEP - Sale 1.30pm EVENING SALE OF 136 SWALEDALE RAMS Judging 5.00pm Sale 6.00pm

Tuesday 9th October Annual Show & Sale of 6132 GIMMER LAMBS Comprising 425 Masham Gimmers, 4249 Mule Gimmers, 71 Cont Gimmers & 1387 Swaledale Gimmers

Judging 9.30am MULE GIMMER LAMBS - pens of 10 MASHAM GIMMER LAMBS – Kemp Spokes Trophy for best pen of 10 Masham Gimmer Lambs

Sale 10.30 Main Ring Masham followed by Mule

1387 SWALEDALE Judging 11.30am Craven Cattle Marts Trophy for best pen of 10 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs

Sale 12.30pm Lingfield Ring Wednesday 10th October Sale of 150 YOUNG BULLS Sale 10.00am 550 STORE HEIFERS & BULLOCKS + Special Autumn Prize Sale of Native Sired Store Cattle Inc 77 Beef Shorthorn x Heifers & Bullocks, 23 Hereford Bullocks & Heifers, 42 AA Bullocks & Heifers, 10 Belted Galloway Bullocks & Heifers

Sam Bradley 07538 539077

Saturday 13th October

STIRKS 10.00am (ent incl. 1 Here Bull, 1 Here Hfr, 4 Simm Hfrs 46 mnths, 4 BB x Hfrs 4-5 mnths, 1 Here Hfr, 5 B/W Blks, 1 AA Hfrs, 3 Swedish Red Blks, Ped Belted Galloway Hfr 10 mnths, 2 AA Hfrs, 1 Here Hfr, 1 Lim Hfr, 1 BB Bull, 1 Lim Bull all 5-7 mnths) followed by GOATS & SHEEP (ent incl. 10 Goats + 2 Kids R/W Billy, 6 Saanen Females, 1 Toggenburg Female, 1 Anglo Nubian Billy, 1 Boer Female, 5 Boer Female Kids, 2 White Hornless Breeding Nanny, 12 NC Cheviot GL, 12 Dorset Horn GL, 20 Mixed Goats, 2 Zwartbles Ram Lambs, 5 Black MGL, 2 Blk Tex Shrlgs + 1 Black Gimmer Lamb & 1 White Gimmer Lamb, 3 Badger Face Gimmers, 3 Badger Faced Ewes, 5 Jacob Gimmers, 4 Herdwick Gimmers, 3 Kerryhill Gimmer 4 Mixed Gimemrs, 2 Ewes, 3 Whitebred Gimmers, 1 Saay Ram) then PIGS IN PENS (ent incl. 2 GOS x Saddleback, 3 Large Black x Saddleback x Landrace, 14 Welsh, 6 Pietrain x 8wks, 2 GOS Gilts 6 mnths, 1 Pietrain Boar, 4 Kune Kune Gilts) POULTRY & WATERFOWL (Please pre book pens by Wednesday 10th October) Next sale of ANTIQUE & FURNITURE Sale 10.15am RECLAIM & SALVAGE Sale 10.30am GENERAL MACHINERY Sale 11.30am (ent incl. Alligator Sheep Handling System + 15 Hurdles, Galv Cattle Ring Feeder, Round Bale Handler, 3HP Elect Motor + Milking M/C Vac Pump) VEHICLES, TRACTORS & QUADS Sale 1.30pm (entries for advertising now being taken)

Tuesday 16th October Sale of All Classes of BREEDING EWES, SHEARLINGS & RAMS & UNREGISTERED LLEYN SHEEP (ent close Monday 8th October)

Wednesday 17th October Sale of STORE LAMBS (ent close Mon 8th October)

Saturday 20th October

Sale of 220 PEDIGREE IN-LAMB CHAROLLAIS FEMALES Incl.Flock Dispersal of 74 Ewes on behalf of JK Foster, Leyburn Tuesday 23rd October

80 BREEDING CATTLE Sale to follow Pedigree Bulls at approx. 1.00pm

Sale of GIMMER LAMBS entries close Monday 15th October + 13th Annual Show & Sale of DALESBRED RAMS

Ent incl. 12 Beef Shorthorn Cows & Blonde x Calves, 12 Pedigree Shorthorn due end March to Croxtonpark Orville (pedigree Beef Shorthorn Bull) 3 Ped Luing Cows & Calves & 1 Ped Luing Bull

Autumn Sale of WORKING SHEEP DOGS (ent close Friday 12th October)

Friday 26th October

Saturday 27th October

AUTUMN PEDIGREE EVENT Multi Breed Show & Sale of 17 Breeding Bulls (Limousin, British Blue, Charolais, Aberdeen Angus, British Blonde) Judging 10.30am - Sale 12.00 noon

On farm dispersal sale at RAIKES FARM, Hartlington on behalf of MESSRS WALKER & READ

Wednesday 7th November Autumn Show & Sale of PEDIGREE BEEF SHORTHORN BULLS & FEMALES


On kind instructions of A.G. Wright & Son (Farms) Ltd



Saturday 27th October 2012 at 10.30 am

Claughton On Brock, Preston PR3 0PH 01995 640280


Tuesday 9th October, 2012

being the renowned Badlingham, Hermitage and Hillrow Herds Badlingham Hazel 13th – Horned Female of the year 2004 Her daughter is Lot 1

Comprising: • 60 Registered Cows, 17 Registered In Calf Heifer • 28 Registered Maiden Heifers • 34 Registered Heifer and Bull Calves • 21 Unregistered Steer Calves 2012 born • 4 Registered Stock Bulls and 3 of 18 Months VIEWING FROM 15TH OCTOBER BY APPOINTMENT Enquiries/Catalogues from the Auctioneers Brightwells Limited, Herefordshire tel: 01568 611166

9.00am Prime Lambs to £86/hd Followed by 241 Cast Ewes to £88/hd 10.30am 48 Fat Bulls/Prime Cattle to 223p/kg 11.00am 116 Store Cattle to £1100/hd Followed by Dairy Cattle 11.30am 105 Rearing Calves to £400/hd Already entered 4 Bulls & 5 Hfrs Simmx 3-4 month

Wednesday 10th October, 2012 10.30am 154 OTM Cattle to £1648/hd

1pm Wednesday, 10th October, 2012 Gimmer Lambs, Store Lambs, Breeding Sheep & Tups





Breeding sheep trade is faster than expected By Chris Dodds, executive secretary, Livestock Auctioneers Association AS I write this month’s article, the sheep farmers’ annual harvest is in full swing, with breeding sheep sales proving to be a faster trade than most could have expected and the store lamb trade also meeting most expectations, contrary to some sceptics’ thoughts following the extreme weather conditions the country has recently been experiencing. The large breeding ewe lamb sales have seen tupping lambs at prices well over £130 per head and smaller running lambs at between £80 and £110 per head. Prices few of us could have imagined two, or three years ago.

Prime cattle The prime lamb trade, although at the annual seasonal low point, is still level with, or even slightly dearer, than at the same period last year. Prime cattle continue to experience a strong trade in the live ring, with most markets looking for more numbers to supply the demand experienced. Cull cows, like prime cattle, continue to be an ever increasing asset to most bovine farmers farming businesses. It is a fact within the red

meat industry most people compare prices achieved through the live ring before setting deadweight bid prices. It is also a fact auction mart average prices achieved and reported through AHDB (to Eblex, Farmers Guardian, etc) are true averages. They include all animals sold, the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for cattle and sheep prices reported under the deadweight sections of such reports. However, after considerable pressure, the deadweight cattle prices reported by most publications now show an ‘average price paid’ for cattle slaughtered by abattoirs. These prices are considerably less than the 3 and 4L prices originally reported. I do wonder if this new average includes the P grade cattle, I doubt it. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the deadweight sheep prices reported. It is a fact barely 25 per cent of deadweight sheep

LEYBURN AUCTION MART North Yorkshire Friday 12th October 2 Mart Shares at 11.00am followed by 120 Rearing Calves & Stirks. 150 store cattle & Suckled Calves at 10.30 am 1200 Store Lambs at 12.00 noon Entries by noon Mon Oct 8th Every Wednesday (6 Day Rule) 30 Prime Cattle & Cast Cows at 10.00am followed by 1500 Prime Lambs & Cast Sheep Friday 19th October Swaledale Breeding ewes, shearlings & Gimmer Lambs at 11.00am followed by Mule, Masham & Continental Gimmer Lambs. Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Rams of all breeds at 12.30 pm. Entries by noon Mon Oct 15th Farm Machinery, Tools & Agri Jumble Friday 26th October Entries for advertising by noon Wed 17th Oct. Store & Breeding sheep Enquiries: 01969 623167 Stephen Walker 07866 358 130 Fieldsman: Jimmy Wilkinson 07917 710 168

slaughtered are included in the average deadweight prices we see and read in the press reports. I would suggest anyone selling deadweight, and comparing liveweight against deadweight prices reported before sending animals to the abattoir, should consider these facts before making a decision.

Schmallenberg The recent reports of new outbreaks of Schmallenberg virus in the UK sent a chill through us all and serves as a real reason to be extra vigilant. The latest announcement of an outbreak in West Wales suggests the virus is more widespread within the UK than most of us would have suspected, certainly most of us would not have predicted such outbreaks at this stage of the season. There had been a hope the virus would not have overwintered, but clearly this is not the case. Detection of the virus within your herd, or flock, should be reported to Defra and/or AHVLA. Although compensation is not paid for animals confirmed as being infected notification will help our industry to monitor its possible spread.

Primestock Sales every Tuesday 10am 1500-2000 Prime Sheep & Cull Ewes 12 noon 200~Prime Bulls & Clean Cattle 12-15 Buyers in attendance ~ Excellent Trade Week in Week Out

Store & Breeding Sheep & Cattle every Wednesday Commencing 10.15am Sales of Store lambs, Breeding Sheep 70-100 Cull Cows at 11.30am Followed by Store & Breeding Cattle This Week! 92 Clean cattle to 259ppk or £1465 108 Prime bulls to 217ppk or £1339 1667 Lambs to £85.50 or 195ppk 463 Ewes to £114 or av £58.17

Forthcoming Sales SALE OF 1500 STORE LAMBS Wednesday 10th October 10.15am Wednesday 17th October Show and Sale of 300 Suckler Bred Cattle and 1500 Store Lambs Competitive Commission & a reliable trade week in week out!

Need a Farm Visit or marketing advice please don’t hesitate to call!! Further details contact Giles Drew 07876 696259 Mart Office 01609 772034 Up to date Market Reports & Catalogues ~


Show and Sale Saturday 13th October 2012 Clitheroe Auction Mart Show 9 a.m. Sale 10 a.m.

Thanks to sponsors: Dugdale Nutrition Ltd., TE Mansergh Food Supplies, Rawtenstall, A Rothwell & CJ Metcalfe Rowans Butchers Waterfoot, Blue Merle Ltd., Derbyshire, Nigel Davis @ TH Commercial LLP Katherine Walsh Hollins Farm, Helmshore CCIB Insurance Longridge, John Wood Cattle and Sheep Scanning, Trawden, JW Mettrick & Son, Glossop Minexcel Ltd, Driffield

SELBY AUCTION MART LTD SATURDAY 6th OCTOBER at 10am 2000 Lots of Poultry, Fur Feather & Miscellaneous Items ******************************************


Sheep 9.45am

580 PIGS

Cattle 10.30am


SATURDAY 13th OCTOBER 250 Home Bred & Store Cattle of all classes inc: 6 Pure Lim Cows in calf, 15 LimX Strs & Hfrs-8mths, 6 Char X bulls-8mths 200 Store Sheep & Goats 250 Store Pigs & Sows Pigs 9.45am Sheep 10.15am Cattle 10.45am

Tel: 01757 703347 (Market Office) Richard Haigh 07768 594535

Livestock Auctioneers Association one stop outlet for all


One stop outlet for all stock





Young Farmers Competition




SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER at 10am GREAT ANNUAL “KIRKCAMBECK SALE” OF 900 MAINLY BLUE GREY & GALLOWAY BULLOCKS & HEIFERS Catalogue sale, entries close 12noon on Friday 12th October.


Hexham Mart are once again running a Suckled Calf Wintering Competition that is open to any current member of the Young Farmers in Co Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria. Please contact the office for details

Friday 12th October Kindly Sponsored by Hodgson Toyota Newcastle & Pfizer Animal Health At 8.30am Annual Prize Show of Charolais and other Continental x Suckled Calves (Excluding Limousin) At 9.30am Weekly sale of 1000 Store Cattle and Suckled Calves At 12noon Weekly sale of Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes

Monday 15th October Kindly Sponsored by NFU Hexham Under Auspices of the Blackface Sheep Breeders Association (North of England Branch) At 8.00am Show for Blackface Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs At 10.30am Sale for 272 Shearling Rams & 25 Ram Lambs

Tuesday 16th October Monthly sale of Beef Breeding Cattle Sale of Young Bulls, Stirks & Calves Entries invited by 10.00am Wed 10th October

Thursday 18th October Sale of Bluefaced Leicester Rams & Female Sheep Second Sale of Suffolk, Texel & Continental Rams & Ram lambs Special sale of Pure Bred Suffolk & Texel Females Entries invited by 10.00am Thursday 11th October

Friday 19th October

Please advise all entries.

SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER at 10am PRIZE SHOW & SALE OF 700 HILL BRED SUCKLER CALVES Kindly sponsored by Dodd & Co. Accountants. Catalogue sale, entries close 12noon on Friday 19th October.


Weekly sale of Store Cattle Prize Show and Sale of 1500 Limousin cross Suckled Calves Weekly sale of Store Lambs & Feeding Ewes Entries invited by 10.00am Monday 15th October Prior to the Sheep Sale is your opportunity to bid for a professional picture to be taken of you and your stock on this day. This picture will be published in Farmers Guardian. All proceeds going to RABI.

Thursday 25th October

Sale of Rare and Minority Breed Poultry, Waterfowl, Cage Birds and Equipment. Entry forms available on our website or from our office. First 600 paid entries accepted. Tel (01228) 791215-791300 Archie Hamilton (sheep) – 07733 362 391 Ryan Roddan (cattle) – 07733 362 389 Norman Douglas (fieldsman) – 07786 366 833

‘Bellingham’ Prize Show and Sale of spring born suckled calves

Friday 26th October Third Special Sale of Store Cattle and Suckled Calves Includes Annual Prize Show and Sale of Native Breed Store Cattle & Suckled Calves


Monday 29th October

Fruit Farm Dispersal Sale


Prize Show and Sale of Cheviot, Swaledale & Blackface (Aged) Rams Final Sale for Blackface, Suffolk, Texel, Bluefaced Leicester and all other Rams, Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs

( a ft e r sa le o f th e f a r m )

To include Dispersal of 110 stock Limousin x cows with Spring born calves and 4 Limousin stock bulls (cows been running with bulls from 1st June/BVD & TB Clear/photos on website) on behalf of A. McFadzean, Mosside, Dunscore, also 8 Pure Simmental heifers (in calf to Sim Bull due March and 10 BB/Lim heifers (suitable for breeding). MONDAY 15TH OCTOBER at 10.30am ANNUAL SHOW AND SALE OF 1,000 SUCKLED CALVES ALSO STORE CATTLE Tel (01387) 279495

Wednesday 31st October Special Prize Show and Sale of Beef Breeding Cattle of all classes

Mart Offices, Hexham. Tel: 01434 605444 Fax: 01434 604651 e-mail

Agriculture’s National Newspaper FREEPHONE 0800 2799928

Friday 19th October MOAT FARM, COLLIER STREET, TONBRIDGE, KENT I n c l u de s 4 Tr ac tor s (08 Fen dt 206V, M F 35X , M F240 ( 1980), R en a u lt Fr u i t), M a n ir ea ch M LT 626 tel eh an d le r, I fo r Wi llia m s L iv es to ck a n d Pl an t Tr ai ler s (a s n ew ) L a n d R o ve r (P R eg ), Ba le Sh r edd er s , P u lv er i s er s , Sp r a ye r s , Cu l tiv ato r s a n d Ir r i ga tio n E q u ipm e n t an d ot h e r g en er al f ar m m a ch i n e r y M a n y R u r al B yg on e s F e n c i n g St a k e s Catalogues online or by request 01892 832325



Auctions Market Street Ruthin Denbighshire Tel: (01824) 702025 Fax: (01824) 702593

in conjunction with Clough & Co.

Vale of Clwyd Mart, Parc Glasdir, Ruthin, Denbighshire Tel: (01824) 705000 Fax: (01824) 705555

THURSDAY 11th OCTOBER 2012 Annual Sale of

89 Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

(Being 45 Shearling Rams, 38 Ram Lambs & 6 Females) (On behalf of The Bluefaced Leicester Sheepbreeders Association) At The Vale of Clwyd Livestock Centre, Parc Glasdir, Ruthin, LL15 1PB

Judging @ 10.30am ­ Sale @ 12noon

Catalogues available from the Auctioneers 01824 702025 *** *** *** *** ***

ALSO SAME DAY Complete Dispersal Sale @ 11am Of 43 DAIRY CATTLE Being: 1st Calvers to Aged Cows

(in conjunction with usual weekly Store Sale) From: Messrs Williams, Cae Graig, Rhoshirwaen, Pwllheli For Catalogues and further information contact Glyn Owens on 07867 977703 *** *** *** *** ***

SATURDAY 13th OCTOBER 2012 18th Annual Autumn Sale Of 350 Beef Type Continental X Store Cattle From Beef Type Healthy Upland Suckler Herds @ 11am prompt Catalogues available from the Auctioneers


Autumn~Winter Store Cattle Fairs 1st October Store Cattle Fair Friday 12th October Approx. 600 plus feeding & yarding cattle from across the Midlands to include a high proportion of single suckled cattle

2nd October Store Cattle Fair Friday 19th October

Annual Suckled Calf Show & Sale Friday 26th October

1st Martinmas Store Cattle Fair Friday 16th November

Quality stock from Cumbrian farms

Lakeland Livestock Centre Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 OQQ Tel : 01900 822016

Monday 8th October ANNUAL LAKELAND SHOW & SALE OF 4,000 SWALEDALE EWES, SHEARLINGS & GIMMER LAMBS Show at 9:30am Sale at 10:30am

Monday 15th October ANNUAL SHOW & SALE OF SWALEDALE RAMS Judging at 11:30am Sale at 1pm Also this day – Breeding Ewes and Rams of all types including the second Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs,

Friday 19th October Great Annual Show & Sale of 700 Lakeland Suckled Calves Entries close Thursday 11th October at 10am

2 Martinmas Store Cattle Fair th

Monday 26 November Catalogues & Entry Forms available from the Auctioneers

02476 697731 ~ 07774 723758

OTLEY LS21 3BD SATURDAY 6th OCTOBER Monthly Collective Sale of Machinery/Sundries at 10am Also Sale of Fur/Feather at 12noon (Please pre-book cages) Entries inc: Leyland 245 Tractor c/w Loader, 1985 Range Rover TDI (No T & T), Petrol Rav4 (3door T & T), Diesel Citroen Saxo (R reg T & T), Bateson Type L/Stock Trailer c/w decks, Pasture Topper, Pallet Forks, 7 x 1000L IBC Containers, Electric Poles, Rabbit Hutches, Chicken Coops & usual selection of Tools, Gardening Equip, Plants, etc.

MONDAY 8th OCTOBER WEEKLY FATSTOCK SALE ‘6 DAY LICENCE’ Pigs at 9.45am Sheep at 10am followed by Cull Cows & Prime Cattle Inc. Show/Sale of Masham & Mule Prime Lambs (Pens of 5)

Fortnightly Sale of Dairy, Calves, Store Cattle & Pigs Entries inc: On-going Herd Dispersal of Lim Stock Bull (12/2/08) and 16 Lim.x Cows & Lim.x Calves (born May onwards - Cows RWB since 1/7/12), 12 Lim Suckler Calves (Bulls/Hfrs), 20 Fries Strs (2yrs), 5 Lim.x Strs (16/18mths) (Please notify entries for advertising)

SATURDAY 13th OCTOBER at 11am Sale of Spring Bulbs, Shrubs & Trees, etc on behalf of Messrs Roncol Ltd (sold in handy lots to suit everyone)


Plant & Machinery

WEEKLY FATSTOCK SALE ‘6 DAY LICENCE’ Inc. Monthly Show/Sale of Prime Lambs

THURSDAY 18th OCTOBER at 11.30am

Tractors: To include – John Deere 5090M c/w Loader, John Deere 5820 4wd, John Deere 3350 4wd, 2 x John Deere 3130, New Holland TS90, MF 135 2wd, Leyland 270 2wd. Loading Shovels/Telehandlers/Forklifts: To include – CAT 950G, JCB 415, JCB TM300, JCB 535-95, JCB 540, JCB 540-70 Wastemaster, Terex T252 c/w Strimtech muckfork, CAT TH62, Manitou 626, Manitou MLT420 Buggyscopic, 2 x JCB 2CX Airmaster, JCB TLT30D Teletruck, Kramer 312SF Allrad. Backhoes: To include – JCB 3CX, Lewis Badger. ATV’s: To include – Honda Foreman 500 4x4, John Deere 6x4 Gator, 2 x Kawasaki 3010 Mule, Kubota RTV900, Kawasaki Trans Mule, Kawasaki 4010 Mule, JCB King Quad, JCB Groundhog, John Deere Electric Gator. Along with a Large Selection of Dozers, Dumpers, Rollers, HGV’s, General Contracts Plant, Agricultural Equipment, ATV’s and Trailers. Further Entries Requested Storey Street, Madley, Herefordshire HR2 9NH

HOLMFIRTH ATTESTED AUCTION MARKET LTD Riverside, Woodhead Road, Holmfirth, HD9 2PR

Tuesday 9th October Weekly Sale of Cattle & Sheep 1 AA Cow & Calf 8 Quality Blue & Lim Cows & Calves


12 AA x Suckled Calves - More Entries Invited

Herd dispersal of 150 Jersey Cows & Heifers in milk. Contact Anthony on 07739479914 for more details

Sunday 14th October Meltham Sheep Fair at Holmfirth - 1200 Sheep Store Lambs, Shearlings, Tups & Ewes Fur & Feather Every Thursday @ 6pm

Poultry Sale - 1st Saturday in every month

Agriculture’s National Newspaper FREEPHONE 0800 2799928

Wharfedale Farmers



Friday 12th October 2012 at 10am




National Agricultural Centre Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

next sale Saturday 6th October Auction starts 2.00pm - Cage access 1pm Tack & Horse Sales every Saturday 10.30

Telephone: 01484 683652 Mobile: 07783 956745

01568 611166


BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS (DISCLOSURE) ORDER 1977 Classified columns contain advertisements from private individuals and from traders. It is the legal responsibility of traders to make it clear in their advertisements that they are in fact: TRADERS, DEALERS, MANUFACTURERS, AGENTS ETC. TRADES DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 Advertisements will only be accepted on the understanding that descriptions relating to goods are accurate and in no way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

Sale of Store Lambs followed by Ewes & Rams (Please notify entries)

FOR SALE PRIVATELY Ped. AA Stock Bull (4 Years Old) Ring the Office for Details Ian Smith (Market Manager) 07738 043771 01943 462172

ON INSTRUCTIONS FROM MR D MARSHALL Heath End Farm, Snitterfield, Stratford Upon Avon (Approx. 2 Miles M40 Junction 15)

A COMPLETE FARM DISPERSAL SALE INCLUDING A MOST INTERESTING COLLECTION OF VINTAGE & CLASSIC TRACTORS To Include 1977 Massey Ferguson 590 Tractor c/w Power Loader 1983 Massey Ferguson 2640 4wd Tractor 1982 Ford 5610 Tractor with Safety Cab 1977 Bamford Laverda M132 Combine Harvester Tractors for Restoration: 1976 County 944 All Wheel Drive, 1977 Ford 4600, 1967 Ford 3000, 1977 Leyland 2100, 1977 International 674, 1967 Massey Ferguson 175, 1970 Massey Ferguson 165, 1963 Massey Ferguson 35, 1964 Massey Ferguson 65 Grassland & Arable Farm Machinery: Welger RP-12S Round Baler, New Holland 376 Hayliner Conventional Baler, Massey Ferguson 30 Combine Drill, Dowdeswell DP8 3 Furrow Reversible Plough, Kuhn HR300 Power Harrow, Opico 6 Tonne Gas Fired Portable Grain Dryer, Marshall 6 Tonne Monocoque Grain Trailer, Marshall 5 Tonne Grain Trailer with Timber Sides 6 Tonnes Yara Mila 21-8-11 Fertiliser Vintage Farm Machinery & Equipment Agricultural Requisites & Workshop Tools

FOR SALE BY AUCTION ON THE PREMISES SATURDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2012 at 10.30am Catalogues & Information Tel: 01788 564749 7 - 11 Albert Street, Rugby, CV21 2RX

One stop outlet for all stock




PATELEY BRIDGE AUCTION HG3 5HN Saturday 6th October at 11.30 a.m. Annual 2nd Gimmer lamb sale including Rams, Store Lambs & Show & Sale of Horned Breeding Ewes

2007 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;57â&#x20AC;&#x2122; MITSUBISHI CANTER 75 7C14D DOUBLE CAB CHASSIS CAB DELIVERY MILEAGE **143 WARRANTED KMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S**

2007 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;57â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DAF LF55.180 4X2 DAY CAB BOX VAN C/W WARRANTED KMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S *DIRECT LEASE COMPANY

2007 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;56â&#x20AC;&#x2122; RENAULT PREMIUM 280 DXI 15T 4X2 BOX VAN


Saturday 13th October at 11.30 a.m. Show & Sale of Suckler Calves & usual Store cattle, Cull Cows, followed by Store Lambs Please note: Christmas Show & Sales Saturday 10th November at 11.30 a.m Christmas Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Cull Cows

2002 â&#x20AC;&#x2122;51â&#x20AC;&#x2122; VOLVO B7R PLAXTON PRIMA BODY *DIRECT FINANCE

2008 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;57â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DAF XF105.460 6X2 SPACE CAB TRACTOR UNIT C/W WARRANTED KMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S *DIRECT COMPANY X5

2008 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;08â&#x20AC;&#x2122; VOLVO FM13.440 6X2 GLOBETROTTER CAB EURO 5 TRACTOR UNIT C/W WARRANTED KMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S *DIRECT COMPANYX2

2007 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;07â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DAF CF85.430 6X2 SPACE CAB EURO 5 TRACTOR UNIT C/W WARRANTED KMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S *DIRECT MAIN AGENT

Saturday 24th November at 11.30 a.m. Christmas Show of Primestock with Store Cattle & Sheep

All entries/enquiries to: 01423 712032 / 07587147587 2007 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;57â&#x20AC;&#x2122; RENAULT MIDLUM 280 DXI 18T 4X2 CURTAINSIDE 250K WARRANTED KMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S *DIRECT COMPANY X2


2002 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;52â&#x20AC;&#x2122; RENAULT PREMIUM 420 DCI PRIVILEGE CAB 6X2 BEAVERTAIL



Benford Roller etc Qty of Buckets for Mini Diggers, 13T and 20T Machines,


01603 629 871

Range of Implements, Silage & Dump Trailers, Sundry Farming Effects etc FKDUOLHPDFN#EURZQFRFRP

On instructions from JR Cozens-Wiley Limited and others


OF MODERN AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, POTATO AND IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT At Little Plumstead, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 5EL On Wednesday 17th October 2012 at 10.30am

Viewing Tuesday 16th October 11 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4 pm and on the morning of the sale only


silage contracting with the continuation of other contracting and plant hire) Further Entries Invited, Sale to Commence at 11am ************************************************

Friday 19th October 2012 On Behalf of Mrs J Mees Wood Farm, Yarlet, Stafford, ST18 9SD Complete Dispersal Sale Tractors:- New Holland 4WD TS100A(05plate), Massey Ferguson 135 Implements Incl: Lely Splendimo 205LC Mower Conditioner, Ktwo Duo 600 Rear Discharge Spreader, Fertiliser Spinner, Kverneland 3F Rev. Plough, Dragon Grain/Silage Trailers. Int Baler,Armer-Salmon Beet Harvester Webb Beet Drill,etc Wooden Purpose Built Pig Weaning Building 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;other buildings Range Trailers, Implements, Cattle, Sheep and Pig Equipment Farrowing Crates, troughs etc,


(Sale Due to a change of farming policy and decision to cease

The Livestock Auctioneers Association

2007 Yanmar 3T Excavator, Barford 3 & 5 T Dumpers,


Tractors Incl: 2 x Ford 7810(one Silver Jubilee), JD6610, JD6910 with Front Linkage, JD6920 with MX front loader etc

Contact your local Livestock Market at

Wednesday 17th October 2012 On Behalf of Brooklyn Farm Products Brooklyn Grange, Thorncliffe, Leek ST13 7LP Dispersal Sale of Surplus Machinery, Tractors, Trailers etc

New Holland 2010 T5060 2 Wheel Drive (325 HRS), Manitou Masat 4WD 1989 Loader, Manitou 725 Telescopic 1994, Cat 302 360 Mini Digger 2005,2 X Vaderstad 6.2M Heavy Duty Rollers, High Sided 14T Heavy Duty Dump Trailer, Case Int. 844 X LN 4WD 5000HRS, Man Cattle Wagon 7.5T Tax & Test (V REG),Yamaha 660CC Quad (only 145 HRS) Road Legal, 2008 Transit Pickup Drop Side & Tail Lift, 2010 Isuzu Pickup 37K, Vaderstad CR650 Carrier, Kverneland 10 Siloking Diet Feeder( 1YR Old), Kverneland Forage Box, Alven Blanch Rv140 Roller Mill & Mixer, Major SM800 8FT Topper, 6M Folding Vaderstad Roller, Keenan 100 Feeder Wagon, 6M Spring Tine Grass Harrows, 8T Grain Trailer, Single Rota Glass Rake, Ransome TSR 300 SF Plough, Knvernland 3 Furrow Plough, Haybob 300, Vicon Fert Spreader, 3 Furrow Rev Lempkin Plough, 4 Furrow Rev Dowdswell Plough, 3M Combination Machio Drill, Flat 8 Grab,Yard Scraper, Flail Mower, Twin Axel 6T Tipping Trailer, Conventional Topper, Cooks Bale Sledge, Ritchie Flat 8 Grab, New Holland 376 Baler, Rotary Muck Spreader, Triffit 10T Grain Trailer, Tarrop Trailed Straw Shredder, 20FT Bale Trailer, Slurry Tanker, 24FT Bale Trailer, Herbst 25FT Bale Trailer (As New), 30FT Tandom Axel Trailer With 30FT Haughton Livestock Box, 6T Lamb Feed Hopper, 10X Walk Through Sheep Troughs, 8x Calf Pens, Fraser PTO Driven Roller Mill + 1T Hopper,Sheep ring Feeder, QTY of Gates, Ritchie Pig Feed Barrow, 7 Cattle Feed Troughs, Graham Edwards 12FT Cattle Trailer,12FT Flat Bed Ifor Williams, Foster Yard Scraper, Fuel Bowser, Diesel Dumper, Wooden Strainer Posts, Steel Gate Posts,Large QTY of New Timber, 6â&#x20AC;? x 2â&#x20AC;? x 12FT Timber, Quan Trap Post Driver, Murray Ride On Mower,12FT Car Trailer, Small Car Trailer, Motorcycle Trailer, Mazda Wheels & Tyres, Corn Elevator, Graham Edwards Car Trailer (As New), Qty Hydraulic Rams, QTY Of Tyres & Wheels.

SMA LL T OOL S E NT E R ED ON T HE D AY â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9A M

EN TRIES TAK EN UNTILL MONDAY 8TH OC TOBER 2012 --------------------------------------------------Further details contact Office 01325 464529 Andrew Armstrong (Manager) 07766 914075 Tracey Gilhespy 07867 974688 Emma Coupland 07866 143834 Stephen Dodsworth 07778 737431




Sale to Commence at 11am, Catalogues Available

Classified columns contain advertisements from private individuals and from traders. It is the legal responsibility of traders to make it clear in their advertisements that they are in fact:

69 Derby Street, Leek, ST13 6JL, Tel: 01538 373308


Small Tools, Sundry Farming Effects etc




Advertisements will only be accepted on the understanding that descriptions relating to goods are accurate and in no way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.






Your Autumn Guide To Beef Sales - Breeds - Breeders

RAM SALES 2012 Friday 5th October - Runswarp, Whitby rams of all ages Tuesday 9th October - St. John’s Chapel, Co. Durham rams of all ages Thursday 11th October - Hawes, North Yorkshire aged rams and ram lambs Friday 12th October - Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham rams of all ages Wednesday 17th October - Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, aged rams and ram lambs Thursday 18th October - Kirkby Stephen, shearling rams Friday 19th October - Kirkby Stephen, shearling rams Wednesday 24th October - Hawes, shearling rams Thursday 25th October - Hawes, shearling rams

For further information please contact John Stephenson Tel: (01833) 650516 email

Every Tuesday Sales of All Classes of Prime Cattle and Overage Feeding and Finished Cattle. Special section dedicated to untested cattle from 1 and 2 year TB parishes. Sales of Rearing Calves, Suckled calves and store cattle all on the same day.





s s s s


Saturday 13th October, 9.00am


Phone Bryan 07970 756637 The Cattle Market Scalford Road Melton Mowbray Tel 01664-562971 Fax 01664-561153 Email

Saturday 13th October, 11.30am

on behalf of the Border British Blue Club

‘Blues’ Renowned for Docility Short Gestation - Low Birth Weight and the Ultimate Quality Carcase

Tel:01768 88775 Entries listed @

Catalogues available from Harrison & Hetherington Ltd Tel:01228 406200


WILMER James Holden (Jim)

Of Hewn Gate Farm, Gregson Lane, Hoghton, Preston, who died suddenly on Thursday, 27th September 2012 at Royal Preston Hospital. Funeral Service at All Saints Church, Higher Walton on Tuesday, 9th October at 11.30am prior to Interment at St. James Church, Brindle. Inquiries to H & G Wilde, Bamber Bridge, Tel. 01772 335974.

The family of Mrs Edina Ollerton, wife of the late Mr Fred Ollerton formerly of Cross Farm, Standish who passed away peacefully on 19th September 2012 aged 88. We would like to thank everybody that has sent messages of sympathy or donations in aid of Diabetes UK in our time of sorrow.

Personal Services Personal Services

OIL BOILERS High Efficiency/Con-


Single? Widowed? Divorced? Call New Day Introduction. 1st intro within a week. Hundreds have married through New Day Tel 01706 224049 THE COUNTRY DATING site,the premier national website for meeting country people

RELAXING, SAFE , massage offered by English lady, near Salisbury. Tel 07943 191216. Weekend appointments available.

Cookers & Heaters

Partners4farmers The place to meet country-minded people.

densing C&A rated. 90,000 BTU £499. Worcester, Trianco, Warmflow. 7 Years Warranty. Free delivery and technical helpline - Tel: 01706 822603 or 07885 434717 Private Chat rooms – New format. 1000’s in new search database Share your passion with a new friend!

RAEBURN SUPREME solid fuel cooker, cream, used 2 years only, £2750ono Tel 01335 300642daytime, 07974 419288 anytime. Der-

byshire (P)

Public Notices

DERBYSHIRE FARM INSTITUTE Broomfield Hall. The Class of 1961/62. Where are you now? Regarding : Union 50 years on.

Please contact Dave Adsetts 01246 824027 or John Pheasey 01298 812297

Also for Sale - Quality Cows & Calves, and Bulls

One stop outlet for all stock



Your Autumn Guide To Beef Sales - Breeds - Breeders



Comprising 20 Bulls and 81 Females And including the dispersal of The Catrionas Herd (Messrs Penty) and a major Production Sale from The Ribble Herd (Messrs Rowntree) Catalogues and full details from H&H Borderway 01228 406200 or on line at


Comprising 89 Bulls and 45 Females Including consignments from Ballathie, Belhaven, Braeview, Ettrick, Galcantry and Rawburn Also a Major Reduction of the Award Winning Mosston Muir Herd (Messrs Rennie) comprising 38 lots Catalogues and further information from United Auctions on 01786 473055 or on line at

en-Ang Aberde

us - the leading beef brand for P rofitability , Marketability, Traceability

For information contact: The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society, Pedigree House, 6 Kings Place, Perth, PH2 8AD, Scotland


Tel: 01738 622477 Fax: 01738 636436 e-mail:

Richardson and Smith 8 Victoria Square, Whitby, YO21 1EA




Come and visit our stand at AGRI-EXPO, Carlisle Brand marketing with Dovecote Park & Woodheads South Devon Herd Book Society WESTPOINT, CLYST ST MARY, EXETER, EX5 1DJ 01392 447494

THAME FARMERS AUCTION MART LTD The Cattle Market, Thame, Oxfordshire 01844 217437


**206 CATTLE £1000 AND OVER!!**

A market full of quality cattle again experienced a total clearance and at the highest market average of the year. A run of Continental and Hereford x cows and Charolais calves from Ivy House Partnership topped at £1610 for Charolais x, £1430 for Hereford x, £1420 for Blonde x and £1400 for Aberdeen Angus x. Charolais x steers from PW & GE Hinton topped the steers at £1370, £1262 and £1235 – all 18 to 24 months.

AG & J Williams took their usual top spot in the heifer section selling Aberdeen Angus x to £1255. Charolais from the Hinton’s sold to £1190 with Blue x selling to £1095. PW & GE Hinton also sold Limousin x at £1090 followed by J & H Tustian at £1040.




PD In­Calf To Simmental Bull From GD Swerling & Sons


On behalf of members of the NEYSC Association

858 CATTLE WED 10TH OCT 515 SPRING BORN STEERS & HEIFERS THURS 11TH OCT 162 BULLS 181 OVERYEAR STEERS & HEIFERS All Cattle bred on the North Yorks Moors with many lots of outstanding quality START AT 11.00AM Each day Tel. (01947) 602298

Agriculture’s National Newspaper Website

FREEPHONE 0800 2799928






Your Autumn Guide To Beef Sales - Breeds - Breeders Beef Shorthorn Society Sales Perth Bull Sales Stirling 22nd October 26 Bulls and 120 Females Tel: 01786 473055

“THE ULTIMATE SUCKLER BREED” 21st Premier Show and Sale of Pedigree Females and Bulls With 200+ Commercial Salers

10th November - Chelford Tel: 01625 861122

All cattle tested free of & vaccinated against BVD and are from Johnes monitored herds – Vendors are members of a CHeCS health scheme

Friday 2nd November 11am – Show of pedigree cattle Saturday 3rd November 11am – Parade of Bulls followed by Sale

7th November - Skipton Tel: 01756 792375

WALLET’S MARTS CASTLE DOUGLAS LTD Tel: 01556 502381 Email: Farmers Kindly sponsored by Guardian & Natural Stockcare Ltd

SALERS also for sale at Stirling Bull Sales 22nd October Tel: 01786 473055 Come see us at the Agri-Expo in Carlisle 2nd November Beef South West, Westpoint, Exeter 8th November and at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair 26th, 27th November For easy calving, quality milking, hardworking Dams, For agile, fast growing docile Sires

Pure bred or crossed, try Salers; “The Ultimate Suckler Breed” For more information contact the secretary Liz Wilde - 07903 626249 - www.

AS SEEN ON COUNRTYFILE! • Avoids handling problems, saving time and expense • Injects up to 20 ml of medicine • Inject up to five feet away safely, with no need to restrain the animal • Provides stress-free treatment for you and your animals! • Ideal for grazing and housed cattle 1 4 D AY T R I A L , M O N E Y B A C K G U A R A N T E E

See our website for a video demonstration


Agriculture’s National Newspaper


0800 2799928

2012 Autumn Show & Sale Saturday 20th October & 2013 Spring Show & Sale Saturday 23rd March at Newark Livestock Market

For further information and leaflet, please contact: TEL 01490 460256 FAX 01490 460646 EMAIL: or contact your local stockist Please visit our website at

Safer belly trimming, fostering & caesarians

Agriculture’s National Newspaper

Heavy-duty, bison-proof, American cattle handling systems. Multiple access gates, portable solutions, choice of head gates. Tel: Edward Penty 07770 457453/05601 150 511 See us @ Agri Expo, Beef South West, Welsh Winter Fair


A native breed that's hard to exceed Visit our stand at Borderway Agri-Expo The Whitebred Shorthorn Association Tel: 01697 748228

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0800 2799928 Whitebred Shorthorn



Lincoln Reds are: polled; hardy; long-lived; docile; calve easily; cross well; have strong maternal instincts; suitable for finishing extensively or intensively and produce marbled, flavoursome, succulent beef.

For further information please contact: Jayne Borrows Tel: 01522 511395 Please see our website for news and more details


BAZADAISE Dexter Cattle Society Charolais Pavilion, Avenue M, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2RG Sue Archer Breed Secretary Tel: 02476 692300 Fax: 02476 692400 email: Website:


BREEDING BETTER BEEF British Bazadaise Cattle Society Mrs Rachel Loadman, Unthank Farm, Constable Burton, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. DL8 5LX Tel: 01677 451852 email:

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18 Dairy Equipment


Fullwood 10-20 Herringbone Directline with ACRs and Powerpurge Clusterflush, Afi-lite meters, legato life pulsation (All new 2010)


Muller Europa 5000ltr Dx 3 phase, c/w single phase 120ltr water heater

removed from farms • 25 years experience

Fabdec Heatime, Heat detection system cw master control 2 id units, 70 collars and 2 visible light indicators, (New 2010)

• Registered waste carrier • All farm tyres & tyre bale removed in bulk • Competitive prices For free quote call Chris Ingram on

Collinson C60 galvanised frame, plastic coated bulk feed bin 10 ton capacity vgc. Fullwood Augermaster electronic feeders c/w Datafeed (New 2011)

07860 670 201

22,000 Ltr Roka (Only 5 years old) 13,600 Ltr Fabdec 12,500 Ltr Packo Fullwood DX 8,000 Ltr Japy 8,000 Ltr Fabdec 7,000 Ltr Roka 7,000 Ltr Fabdec 6,000 Ltr Fabdec 6,000 Ltr Packo Fullwood 5,000 Ltr Mueller 5,000 Ltr Packo Fullwood Instant Cooling 3,500 Ltr Delaval Kilkenny 3,000 Ltr D/X Open Top 2,500 Ltr Fabdec DWX Open Top **2,200 Ltr compact Japy Complete with built in unit - This Tank can be rented as an emergency overflow tank if required** Smaller sizes available. Also tanks wanted 6,000 Ltr and above. For further details please call 01392 210344, maintenance service also available for all makes of tanks All Tanks can be fitted or ex-yard and all come with a 12 month warranty.


07977 270311

KRISTAL D&D Ltd Bromyard Formerly Domestic and Dairy

Tel: 01885 483576

9/18 HERRINGBONE MILKING PALOUR ATL Milk meters and auto ID Feeders and auger system Vaccar cluster flush ACRS 2 plate colers , water heater , plant washer

FABDEC BULK MILK TANK 5500 litre tank. Also plate cooler, water chiller and two compressors available. Flintshire

Tel: 01352 720259 Mobile: 07974 817969 ¬ FEDERAL 6/2 rotary poly filler, c/w Graham labeller and Allen coder. Udec 9/3 rotary glass filler, with Ford capper, Mallinson 300gallon pasturiser with cream take off. Top 5 filler.Udec crate washer. Udec bottlewasher 6 wide. Free standing header tank approx 45gallons.Tel: 07779 771318 or 0114 230 1873

South Yorks (P)

Good working order

Tel 07929 484981 Welshpool (P)

14 ALFA LAVAL alpro meters complete with acr's and processor 70ltr receiver tank & milk pump 146 transponders

Mobile: 07713 063665¬

PARLOURS Designed by farmer for the farmer, complete package available. S/H dairy equipment: A.C.R.s, milk, vacuum pumps, motors, jars, stainless lines, milk meters, claws, pulsators, feeders, etc- Tel: Vic or Tracey 01260 226261


Borehole Drilling Commercial & Domestic Surveys & Licensing Water Analysis, Pumping & Filtration Supply & Install, Service & Repair

01625 878411

The Old Brickworks, Pott Shrigley, Macclesfield SK10 5RX


Tel: 01204 853960 E-mail: Website: Working in association with J P Whitter (Water Well Engineers) Ltd

J P Whitter (Water Well Engineers) Ltd

and ceiling systems. For milking parlours, dairies, food prep areas. Colours available. Fitting service. Trade enqs welcome. Tel: 01282 773712 or 07710 934133



Brian Armistead

Crops & Protection POULTRY MANURE Delivered and / or spread. Available all areas or Ex yard Lancs. - Tel: 01772 321307 Mobile 07773 780848


DUTY replacement troughs for any parlour. Trough and manger frames, any type. Tel Vic or Tracy 01260 226261



WANTED FULWOOD AugermasCumbria (P) 12 ALPHA LAVAL alpro milk meters with MPC's etc will split Tel Vic or Tracy 01260 226261

DARI KOOL Refurbished and sold as seen Bulk Tanks, most sizes. Tel: Vic or Tracey 01260 226261*

Trees & Shrubs VERY LARGE, SEMI-MATURE TREES AND INSTANT LARGE HEDGING IN BOXES Open Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Saturday 1pm - 5pm To arrange a viewing or enquiries call 01254 826285. Clough Bottom Trees and Shrubs, Bashall Eaves, Nr Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 3NA Tel: 01254 826285

CHRIS ALTY FENCING hedging,walling, fencing, building work, farm maintenance, and welding work undertaken.

Tel 07831 711608 or 01524 701335 Lancs

Stock, Post & Rail, Electric. Small repairs or full contracts Tel: J Hodkinson 01282 425059 or Mobile 07779 604801 Lancs

ROUND BALING Bale Stacking, mowing and rowing up.

• BOREHOLE DRILLING • PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY PUMPING INSTALLATION • IRRIGATION • PIPELINE • WATER TREATMENT • DESIGN • RAPID BREAKDOWN SERVICES Witherick Lane, Melmerby, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 5JB Tel: Ripon (01765) 640646 (01765) 641810 Email. FENCING All types. Stone cutter, tree shearer, hedge trimming, bob catting, muck spreading, flail mowing & digger work, Shakaerator Tel Mobile 07966 285240 Brewers Contractors


posts all sizes Post & Rail. Metal and wood gates in stock. Stock, barb, plain and Chicken wire. Nail, staples and all gate fittings. We deliver. Golden Soney Fencing, Darwen, Lancs - Tel: 01254 773648 16" blade,Wadkin Bursgreen Fully restored. Ideal for joiner / firewood etc. £250 Tel 07816 428349 (Lancs)

Building Materials



For further information: Contact Alan: 07889 454914 or 01695 722315 email:

Pest Control

• Railway Sleepers Wood & Concrete • Play logs & Jump Poles • Chestnut Paling • Forest Bark • Woodchip, for Equestrian Surfaces & Landscaping • Hardwood Entrance Gate • Treated Softwood Gates • Galvanised Field Gates • Rabbitt Netting • Garden Furniture

(Est 1965) Shay Lane, Longridge, Preston Tel: 01772 784626 Fax: 01772 785103

WOODSFOLD SAWMILL & FENCING CENTRE M65, Jnt 3, 11⁄2 miles towards Bolton DOLE LANE, WITHNELL, CHORLEY TEL: 01254 830293 FAX: 01254 831323 Opening Hours: Both Depots 8.00am - 5.00pm Weekdays 8am - 1pm Sat Garden Furniture Showrooms Now Open At Both Depots

from £7.00 each

£35.00 each

SHIPPING CONTAINERS VARIOUS SIZES £POA From sites nationwide plus delivery

Telephone: 07515 279198

Suppliers of Thermal Insulation, acoustic, fire protection materials and plasterboards and related products. Everything you need for Walls, Floors & Roofs. Supplying the Trade & Public. Sap ratings and energy performance certificates Prompt deliveries made throughout the Northwest. Lewth Lane, Woodplumpton, Preston, Lancs. Tel: 01772 690360 Fax: 01772 690842

CUMBRIA CONCRETE PRODUCTS Prestressed Concrete Panels For Livestock Housing And Crop Storage For Competitive Price Contact: Grant Charters Tel: 01228 674561 Fax: 01228 674485



also mink, squirrel and larsen traps. Field Tested, Proven Effective. Laine End Farm

8"x4" universal beams. 60 of 26ft long and 60 of 23ft long. Please call Peter on 07799 400226. Cumbria (T)

01726 813166

• Treated Sawn Posts and Rails • Large Stock of Forestry Timber • Round & Split Treated Posts • Machine Turned Posts • Wire Fencing products • Chain Link Security Fencing • Stock Fencing • Bulk Supplier of Tree Stakes & Tree Straps • Decking • Panels & Trellis


Varley Insulation Products Ltd


DEREK FOX & SONS (Timber) Ltd

SAW BENCH Pull out cross Cut,

Tel: M. Stanworth 01282 861890 or Mobile: 07885 683597


Work,blockwork, stonework,groundworks, etc. North Lancs Tel 0785 5990068 (T)


tor and CITB - Tel: 01200 445284 or Mobile: 07976 942769 Clitheroe


Tel: 01270 253220 or 07889 425532

Full or part service available

JCB 3 TON Mini digger with opera-

TEL: 01942 871900. FAX: 01942 896843. Out of office: 01942 893660 Visit our Website Email:

Excellent condition, very little use, electric, £8000 ono + vat.

£4.00 each.

Hedgelaying & Fencing

Cumbria (T)



CHESHIRE (T) 015242 71312 07774 250018 Lancs, Yorks Cumbria

Stone Walling Cumbria Tel 07780 620025

1994 FABDEC Dari-Kool DWX tank, 3,500ltrs, single phase, cold wash, £1800 ono. Also, 400gals, Fabdec IB tank, single phase, ideal ice builder, £850 ono. Tel 0780 564 1984 North Yorks, (P)

gapping,and all stewardship work undertaken


Stainless contruction. Fast exit. 32/32. No feeding. Auto ID. 300 transponders. Alpro meters,etc Containerised for freight. . Contact Vic/Tracey 01260 226261

ter Feeders, Tel 015242 71241

Available Now - Will Split


PURECLAD hygenic wall linings


1.5 tonne. £30 each. Tel 01253 790883 / 07831 199316 (Lancs)



This is only a selection of the tanks currently in stock. Please ring for further requirements.

POTATOE BOXES - Second Hand,

someone who understands and supports? Total confidentiality assured. Tel 07837 931894 *

For details please call John 07973482993

Part exchange considered

Building Materials

GAY FARMER? Need to talk to

Briggs Rota Rainer m5, mk3, dirty water irrigation system c/w approx 800m pipes and Merlin mono 3 phase pump cw auto cut off.

Ro-Ka 4,000 Litres Fabdec 5,000 Litres Fabdec 6,000 Litres Mueller 8,000 Litres Fabdec 8,000 Litres Serap 8,000 Litres Mueller 10,000 Litres Ro-Ka 10,000 Litres Serap 10,000 Litres Ro-Ka 18,000 Litres


Services Features 1

Collinson twin auger 3 phase auto cut off, 20 droppers for feed points.



WHISPER PUMPS Borehole/ Deep Well Pumps

Multi use Submersible



01777 871100 -

Heavy Duty Sewage/Slurry

Well pump/ Booster set

Slurry/ Effluent

Variable speed Booster set

High Volume Washdown Pump From


£395.00 All Prices ExludeV.A.T.





C/w 25m hose & Nozzle


Fast Free Delivery, Nationwide




Building Materials Standard type Galv. crash barriers. 3.5m x 305mm x 3.2mm g.

(11 ’6” x 1’ x 1/8” g.)

18”x7.1/2”x44ft 26 off 27”x10”x40ft 15 off 10”x10”x10’-25ft 10 off 12”x12”x50ft 50 off Expanded box type, crash barriers. Hy. duty 5mm g. Galvanised 4.8m long 450 in stock. Ring Bill - Mann Buck Steel Ltd 01277 364344 (fax 364014) e-mail -

JACKSON’S ROOFING MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS Huge Choice - Massive stock • Box profile & corrugated • All sheets cut to length • Curved sheeting • Anti-condensations backing • Rooflights & accessories • Special offers available • Nationwide deliveries

JACKSON’S BUILDING COMPONENTS Tel: 01904 400215 Fax: 01904 400517

Asbestos Off Metal Cladding On We specialise in stripping Asbestos Cement Sheeting. And recovering with box profile metal cladding. All work guaranteed

Contact Metclad on 07974 206163

~ New Barns & Stables For Old ~ • Plastisol • Polyester • Flashings

• Fixings • GRP roof lights • Z Purlins

North West Sheeting Supplies Top quality box profiled colour coated steel manufactured to your required length 40mm, 60mm, 80mm insulated composite panels

COLLECT AND SELECT MISC SECONDS ALWAYS AVAILABLE Unit 23, Bizspace, Lomeshaye Ind Estate, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 7DR

TEL: 01282 619430 FAX: 01282 619431

METAL ROOF SHEETS Box profile & tile effect. Flashings, purlins etc. Also fibre cement. Stop those drips! Check out the fabulous new Tek 28 insulated panel - perfect for livestock sheds. Good prices. Free advice.

The Roofing Solution for Agricultural & Industrial, Domestic & Commercial Projects.

M.C.S. Roofing & Cladding Supplies 01538 398708 • •









BARGAIN Grey 3m x 1m £11.95/sheet

Unit 3, Brooklands Way, Basford Lane Ind. Est., Leekbrook, Leek, Staffs, ST13 7QF Fax. 01538 398979




Bradclad Group Harrogate 01423-779555 Depot now on Tyneside 01661-854900


Quality pre stressed concrete panels


Prompt delivery


Concrete Panel Company


Tel: 01757 282299 or mobile 07802 360866 (T)



01282 844213

Box Profile, Corrugated, Tile Effect

CONCRETE AND PLASTIC PIPES SECONDS 1ft - 6ft dia (8ft lengths) Suitable for tanks and culverts. Concrete rings also available. Bridges, new and Sh

Specialists in retaining walls and concrete prefab elements with over 25 years of experience.

Delivered & installed throughout the UK



5 East Park - Crawley - West Sussex - RH10 6AN

2440x1220x6, 9 and 12mm. Embossed black available for delivery in full pallets only. Telephone:

Craven Concrete Products

07876 474989 Nationwide Delivery

BENTHAM NR. LANCASTER Vertical Craven walls underground tanks slurry stores slurry channels square ducts

Tel: 01922 649 795 Fax: 01922 720 937 Nationwide Delivery Service Available

01694 751265 T: 0330 20 20 128 or 01293 312034 - F: 01293 312035

• • • • •

Roofing Sheets All Manufactured To Your Requirements Various Colours & Coatings Available Stockists of Skylights & All Accessories Also Z-Purlins manufactured to Order

• Prestressed panels • portable A walls • feed/water troughs • cattle & pig slats TEL: 015242 61145 FAX: 015242 62060

Box Profile Roof Sheets Prices from £1 per foot, Plastisol and Polyeseter finish available Composite and fibre cement sheet supplied All flashings and fixings

Contact Dave on 01978 856898

The tough general use plastic board for all areas of farming

01582 437 180

Road Plainings and recycled crush Supplied to Rainford, St Helens, Wigan, Leigh, Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Contact: 07860356106 01925 227472

SPECIAL OFFERS Best prices on fibre cement sheets and box profile sheets, flashings and fixings, gutters, zed purlins

Tel 01948 770111 or 07961 669271

########## # # SEWAGE # TREATMENT # # PLANTS / SEPTIC # # WATER TANKS # # # Ex-Stock # Delivery to all areas # C.H.F. SUPPLIES # # # 01995 670888 # ##########

20 Building Materials



COURSE RANDOM BUILDING STONE Honey coloured, £55 per ton, suitable for all buildings. Tel: 07973 459740 CHESHIRE (T)

CONCRETE PIPES Most sizes available Seconds.

Tel: 07966 470344 Steve Jones Plant & Machinery. Telford* FLAT STEEL SHEETS Plastic & Poly-Coated & Galvanised,large choice, 8x4 from £28 per sheet+vat, also basic cutting & folding service Tel J Sharples 01772 628644 or 07860 559578

Agricultural Building Contractors. Buildings & Internals made to your individual requirements, Competitive Prices. Registered fitters and supplier of ACP Concrete Products Nationwide

Tel: 01253 799100/07876 453 367 Email:

GUTTERING Problems solved, aluminium seamless gutters, valley gutters our speciality. Also guttering for Dutch barns/farm buildings. Gutter repairs - Tel: 01367 810380 Fax 01367 810390*

STEEL PORTAL Framed buildings. 100ft x 75ft x 20ft, fully clad in box profile. 132ft x 66ft x 26ft to eaves, box profile roof. Tel 07974 569954 or 01630 684004 (T)


All sizes available. Nationwide delivery Whisper Pumps Tel: 01777 871100

UK Industrial Doors Ltd SUPPLY FOR COLLECTION, DELIVERY OR INSTALLATION ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL DOORS R o l l er s h u t t er s I n s u l a te d R o l l e r s h u t te r s Se c ti o na l Over h ea d do o r s St e el Per s o nne l D o o r s & Wi c k et D o o r s

★ ★ ★

RECLAIMED Pitch pine and yellow pine, sawn to requirements. High quality flooring, beams and short oaks suitable for lintels, mantelpieces, etc. - Tel: 01204 841416

FIBRE GLASS & RESIN supplies. Delivered or collected 01270 529111

For more info & Quote Tel: 07856 700111, Fax: 01942 887049

TWIN WALL Pipes 4'' to 36" dia. Septic water tanks. Land Drain coil 3'' to 6'' dia. Tel Farnells 01200 445874 Mobile Ben 07881 448344

Agricultural Agricultur al and Equestrian Buildings



railway sleepers. Nationwide delivery Mob 07976 206477 or 07976 226308 or 01782 723083

ROOFING SHEETS All types inc Composite, Anti Condensation etc - Tel: Alan Hebden 01253 592159 / 07721 340311 (T)

CONCRETE / WOODEN Railway sleepers. Nationwide Delivery -Tel : 01909 772302

TARMAC PLANINGS Available Gtr Manchester area - Tel : 0161 6241118 (T)

SLATES WANTED All types. On or off roof. Tel: 01772 782172 Mobile 07921 358587 (T)

EXTERIOR Plywood 18mm and 12mm. - Tel: RJ Sharples 01772 250708 / 556019 (T)

TELEGRAPH POLES 8 - 9 M long - Tel : RJ Sharples 01772 250708

Lancs (T)

Buildings EX USED INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS FOR SALE *280ft x 130ft x 23ft Clear Span with roof and side sheets, also guttering *120ft x 80ft x 43ft to eaves, with sides and end sheets. Ideal for grain store or high straw barn *300ft x 100ft x 20ft - Will split to suit *150ft x 74ft x 20ft *100ft x 50ft x 20ft *125ft x 100ft x 24ft (no sheeting) Other buildings in stock and coming available. All buildings in excellent condition. High Oak Works 01953 604800 or 07836 201752 Email mannionchris@btinternet .com


Operating nationwide

Supply & erection of portal frame Buildings Re-Cladding of roofs & Repairs Extension works to existing Buildings Ground Works Tel: (01204) 692874 Mobile: 07957 149 026





PAINTED GALVANISED 60X30X12 £5,130 £5,750 60X35X12 £5,648 £6,325 ANY SIZE 60X40X12 £6,760 £7,593 IMMEDIATE 60X45X12 £7,672 £8,698 QUOTATION 60X50X12 £8,299 £9,397 Well Made High Spec Buildings-15’ Bay, Fibre Cement Roof 7x3 Purlins, 6” StormFlow gutters, 10% Rooflights, Roof & Side Bracings, TekScrew Roof Fixings & Bolts included.

AC C JACKSON J A AC CKSO ON agricultural agricultura g al & equestrian ti nb buildings

ROLLER SHUTTERS SSS Industrial Doors Manufacture, supply and installation DIY kits available. Nationwide Telephone Bolton 0845 8630590 or 07917 864585 email Redearth Farm Bolton Lancs.

01785 851618, 851811, 851941 Fax 851624


Slurry Store Roofs


Contact: Cow Comfort

and collection service, from £100.00 per ton plus transport. Fully Licensed Also plastic waste disposal

01704 821717

Tel: Mobile 07764 270208 or 01270 884296 Any Area Quoted For

For further details and a no obligation quote, please cont act us: 01270 8 42599 0 7967 00 7078 01270 842599 07967 007078 info@acjac Ltd. www





• • • • • •

BUILDING COMPANY “Simply better buildings”

Supply only or Fully Erected Agricultural Buildings Industrial Buildings Equestrian Buildings Planning Service Available Structural Engineers


Steelforce UK, Well House, Sarn, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 7LN Mobile: 07961 669 271 Email:

Tel: 01948 770 111

RIDBA Looking for the complete package? Then look no further... one call does it all!

A wide range of products and services available - visit our website or call for details.


01630 657 647


PORTAL STEEL FRAME BUILDINGS Approx 50ft x 100ft. Also, large quantity of RSJ steel beams suitable for buildings. Cheap to clear. Tel: 07973 459740 or 0151 4243229 CHESHIRE (T)

We are a family owned company with over 30yrs experience as a respected manufacturer & supplier of steel portal framed buildings to both industrial & equestrian sectors.

Please visit Call 01282 864550 Email: STEEL


D. & GL REDFORD HOLME-ON-SPALDING-MOOR All enquiries welcome

Tel: (01430) 860932 Mob: 07850 925122 E-mail



200"x112"x20".160"x67"x24". Twin span 148ft long - 132ft wide - 18ft to eaves, box profile roof. Tel01630 684004 or 07974 569954 (T)

SEAMLESS ALUMINIUM Valley Liners. Supplied & Fitted, no joints. Any length, made on site. Eastern Guttering, 01553 811398 / 07789 066021 (T)

PORTACABIN 9 x 12 £800 plus VAT. Chemical Toilet £300 plus VAT Tel 01254 852267 or 07581 032662

Lancs (P)

3 X 30X150FT POLYTUNNELS Framework only. £1000 each Tel: 07980 578686 Derbys (P)


Cumbria Steel Fabrications


Fuel & Renewable Energy

DEVERS COAL BRITISH COAL AUTUMN OFFER Steel framed buildings Foundation works Concreting Shuttered walls & pits

Tel/Fax 01228 539103 Mob. 07545 070727

Supply & Erection Family run since 1992 All buildings built to BS5950 Agricultural & Industrial Tel: 01547 428078 or 07977 898525 or 07857 704354

Miscellaneous Wanted

Miscellaneous Sales

Coa l f r om £200 pe r t o nn e , Sm o k e le s s f ue l f r om £260 pe r t o nn e . F r e e d e l i v e r y i n L a n c s , Ch e s h i r e a nd Gr e a t e r M a n c h e st e r P a l l et s o f l o g s a n d k i n d l i n g s t i c k s a v a i l a bl e - r i n g f o r pr i c e Te l : 07816 406519 or 01772 454367


New in Autumn Specials To Advertise in Farmers Guardian please call


0800 2799928

WANTED Stone Troughs & Sinks, Mill Stones, Hayracks, Bird Baths, Sundials, Iron Pumps. Staddle Stones Will collect. Tel. Bill on


B&Q Last years kitchen range up to 75% off B&Q Prices. High gloss kitchen with appliances was £3000 now £795. Solid Oak framed Kitchen with appliances was £5000 now £995. Tel: 07870 223335 or 01204 322525 National

CANTEEN FRIDGES displays, food mixers, dishwashers, tables, compressors Tel: 07973 409990

Lancs (P)

DIABLO DOUBLES Our new quantity coal from £185.00 per ton INFERNO Our New Smokeless Fuel from £295.00 per ton All fuels available at summer discounts All areas covered

☎ 01782 534110

BROWNS LOG SPLITTER • Hardened splitting wedge • Slitter operates with 10 tonnes of force

Browns Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 4UX Tel: 01525 375157 Fax: 01525 385222

PRE-SEASON SALE British coal, £165 per ton. Cliviger Coal. Tel : 01282 432621 (T)

22 Fuel & Renewable Energy

Milk Quotas



Business Opportunities

DAIRY FARMING OPPORTUNITY WANTED We have a client who is looking for one of the following: • A dairy farmer looking to reduce workloads • A livestock farmer seeking to increase his return • A land investor seeking a competitive return

Entitlements Naked Acres Milk Quota

England, Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland

01392 823935 Finance

Our client has an excellent track record in the dairy industry and wants to grow his business through the establishment of a Joint Venture dairy business.

PENNANT FINANCE ARE YOU PAYING MORE THAN 1.5% OVER BASE RATE INTEREST ON YOUR FARM MORTGAGE, LOAN OR OVERDRAFT? IF SO, LET US FIND YOU A COMPETITIIVE RATE ON YOUR BEHALF We arrange mortgages, loans, overdraft and day to day banking facilities with specialist agricultural funders.

CONTACT HAYDN JONES TEL: (01492) 580202 MOBILE: 07768 025440


ARIA Libellula 50kW Wind Turbine for Agriculture Manufactured in Italy, developed from well proven Dutch technology.

Favourable exchange rates against the Euro currently offer an opportunity for a substantially reduced payback period.

• Twin blade upwind rotor guarantees high energy production at very low wind speeds through variable speed rotation and large swept area. • Maximum output achieved at 11 metres/second.

• Patented energy conversion system achieves minimum cost per kWh of energy produced with the maximum reliability of industrial turbines. • Supplied with 18 or 24 metre tower with an internal ladder for safe maintenance in the nacelle ­unique in a turbine of this rat­ ing.

For further information please visit our website or contact us direct. email 01259 740021 Mobile 07786 757 481

Contact Ian Dodd an Ex Agricultural Bank Manager, if you are paying interest above 1.5 % over base on secured Agricultural Mortgages loans or Overdrafts Tel: 07838 104141

RICHMOND ASSET FINANCE LTD Vehicle/Machinery Finance & Refinance Deals £15K to £1M Short term property finance 1 Month - 24 Months 1st & 2nd Charge transactions considered. Non Status. CCJ’s, Defaults, Arrears, Crown debt (all considered). 0113 288 3277/07949 490930

FAST FARM FINANCE Finance secured against Farms, Agricultural land and machinery. Significant funding lines available. Please call for details.



Caravans & Log Cabins

Barrel Sauna Can be used as office or kids playroom, fitted with wood burner. Was featured in Weston Daily Press twice and Finnish Sauna Magazine. Sleeps 2. Purpose made trailer (removable) £3,500 ono

01205 461594 www.dragonheat.



Street, Somerset

LOG CABINS Log homes, holiday chalets, mobile homes. All built to your requirements, delivered and erected anywhere, we offer builds in round, square, cavity and random log up to 360mm thick meeting all current building regulations.

***************** SEWAGE TREATMENT

Tel 01580 212141


STATIC CARAVANS For sale, excellent selection. I will have the caravan you're looking for! - Tel: John Dewhurst 01535 658846 or Mobile: 07885 047114

Delivery to all areas

Ring C.H.F. SUPPLIES 01995 670888 PLASTIC LIQUID Storage Tanks from £25. Also 1 mtr cubed cages for log storage. Can deliver. - Tel: 01257 473463 day or 01257 450400 eves

Large Selection Of Used Static Caravans On Display All sizes 2/3 Bedrooms, Double Glazed. Central Heated. Visit our web site for an up to date stock list or call us on 01995 602412 Creamery Ind, Est. Kenlis Rd, Barnacre, Garstang PR3 1GD

STATIC CARAVANS For sale 10ft & 12ft wide selections. Woods Caravans, Carnforth, Lancs Tel 01524 732609 or 07889 771344(T)

STATIC CARAVANS Clean & tidy, two & three bedrooms. 10ft &12ft wide. Selection from £550 can Deliver National-Tel: 01938 570265

Including tenants. Immediate help. Tel Farm Assistance Service 01782 341425

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In return for the opportunity to farm with someone on their land, the farmer would receive: • A very competitive rental equivalent • A 10% return on capital employed • Retain tax advantages as a farmer • An opportunity for additional profit share Interested? Please contact in complete confidence to discuss further Joe Scarratt Tel: 01664 503200 THE ANDERSONS CENTRE OLD BELL HOUSE 2 NOTTINGHAM STREET MELTON MOWBRAY LEICESTERSHIRE LE13 1NW


Introducing the New Camping Pods. Relatively low investment. Planning Permissions favourable. Rental Incomes of £30.00 to £40 per night The very latest high specification Insulation. BUY THE LATEST HIGH SPEC CAMPING PODS. CALL STEVE 07894541638 OR 01257453791 VISIT


Thorpe Trees Thorpe Underwood, York YO26 9TA T:01423 330977

ORDER NOW for Autumn Planting

m: 07764 410 154 e : s a l e s @ yc t g r o u p . c o . u k


EGG Contracts (Limited availability) with guaranteed margin to earn approximately £6000 per acre to produce a special type of egg with no need to worry about feed costs. We have a flock on our own experimental farm which can be viewed together with actual performance and costing data. Available to Bowler producers and new build sheds only. Details will only be released in person or on our open days and will be subject to a confidentiality agreement.

Agriculture’s National Newspaper


0800 2799928



APPOINTMENTS General Appointments

Agricultural Appointments

Chief Executive Starting salary in the region of £75,000 plus Benefits This is an exciting opportunity to join the Society founded in 1904 to promote Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Conservation in Wales, which is based on its superb permanent showground in Mid Wales. Due to a retirement in 2013, the RWAS is seeking to recruit a Chief Executive to undertake the day-to-day management and leadership of the company. The person appointed to this post will head one of the most successful European agricultural societies. Further details can be sought from A letter of application and C.V. should be sent to the Chairman, RWAS Board of Directors, RWAS Ltd, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys LD2 3SY or by email to Please mark your correspondence strictly private and confidential.

The closing date for applications is Friday 19 October 2012.

Agricultural Appointments

Unit Manager / Herdsperson

Wanted for a new green field site ­ 300 cow spring calving dairy unit in West Wales.

Rural Practice Surveyor / Land Agent

This is a pastoral based system with a possible long term opportunity for profit share and capital investment

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills: • Minium three years herd management or suitable agriculture education with excellent stockmanship skills • Passion for the Dairy Industry • Grassland management skills • Enthusiasm to apply good technical and people management skills.

Hexham & Northern Rural are seeking an experienced, self motivated rural practice surveyor to cover Northumberland, Durham & Cumbria. Applicants should be full members of CAAV have experience of all types of work particularly farm and rural property sales, lettings, single farm payment, environmental stewardship, valuations & surveys, landlord & tenant compulsory purchase & compensation and town and country planning.

The benefits are as follows: working in a very progressive team, learning new skills and gaining valuable experience. We will also offer a very competitive salary and a house to live in. To apply for this excellent opportunity in a growing family business please contact 01545590239 / 07815920343

HERDSPERSON REQUIRED An opportunity exists for an herdsperson to assist in the running of a 160 head conventional dairy herd (AYR calving) in North Shropshire. Some arable work. Previous relevant experience essential.

Full cv to JM Davies at or telephone 01630 652652

All applications marked private and confidential will be treated in strictest confidence and directed with full C.V to EXPERIENCED DAIRY PERSON Required to work alongside existing staff. Milking 260 pedigree holsteins on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. Duties will include milking and AI Foot trimming. New 3 bedroom house.

To apply contact Stuart Reid - 01770 600317 or email

Robert Addison MRICS Managing Director Hexham & Northern Marts Mart Offices, Tyne Green, Hexham, NE46 3SG Mart Offices, Hexham. Tel: 01434 605444 Fax: 01434 604651 e-mail



Agricultural Appointments Exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and motivated person with experience milking and breeding cows

GARSTANG AGRICULTURAL & HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY SECRETARY (Self employed, flexible, part-time post) We are seeking a person to organise and administer our annual agricultural show. The successful candidate will have excellent organisational and communications skills, be computer literate and have the ability to delegate and motivate others. Please apply in writing to: David Hewitt, Thornlea, Longmoor Lane, Nateby, Garstang, PR3 0JB Tel: 07711327069 Closing date for applications: 10th October 2012

HGV CLASS 2 DRIVER REQUIRED The National Beef Association exists to improve the general standard of cattle as well as improving cattle management and treatment throughout the supply chain. We are currently looking for a highly motivated National Director to take the organisation forward. The location is flexible but the successful candidate must have good access to London and regular access to Hexham. Negotiable salary, depending on experience plus competitive pension scheme.

Preferably with drawbar entitlement but not essential for agricultural feed and straw deliveries. Good rate of pay available.

Essential requirements of applicants: • Experience of leading an organisation or department • Extensive communication, networking, negotiating and lobbying experience in Government, farming or a similar environment. • Be a natural leader to manage the Association and report to the Board of Trustees • Proven ability to increase membership and provide support to members • Exceptional communication and inter-personal skills to represent the Association on a local, national and international basis. • Good knowledge of economics, policy development and implementation. Please send your CV along with current role and salary details to: Helen Dobson National Beef Association, The Mart Centre, Tyne Green, Hexham, NE46 3SG or email CLOSING DATE: 12th October 2012 For further details see

AGRIVENTURE ­ PUTTING THE WORLD AT YOUR FEET ! PLACEMENTS IN USA & CANADA – DEPARTURES IN FEBRUARY & APRIL 2013 Fulfill an ambition, experience work and a different way of life Wide range of jobs waiting for you, 7 – 12 months We arrange everything, you enjoy the experience! Dairy, Sheep, Beef & Arable placements available Aged 18­30 Driving License Passport Why not find out more? Just call Clare on 01664 820074 for more details or visit

To apply call James on - 07968 362227 or 01772 690002 I D Bailey and Son, Catforth, Preston

HOUSE KEEPER REQUIRED Duties include general housework, cleaning, cooking etc...Also working on the farm when required. Sheep farm only. Accommodation available. To apply call Andrew Davies - 01874 636378. Call between 7pm and 8pm. SOUTH WALES


Dairy Herd Managers, Herds people and Assistant Herds people available for positions across the UK. See latest candidates on our website Call us on 01380 720567

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0800 121 4226 Register using your mobile:

0333 313 7375


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Call 0844 800 1188 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm or email us at

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M^^\MO^U`Q ’„Š’L ŠL tdiL ‹„‡ŠT ‡Š‘„‰‚TL~|„‰‚TL€“~€‡‡€‰L~ŠŠ†TL‡Š‘€ €‰€|„‰„‰‚TL ƒŠ‡„|”ŽTL |ˆ„‰‚ }|~†‚Š‰TL Ž€€†ŽL ˆ|‡€VL ^hk; YmL BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EJEFCG

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OQWUM ‡„†€ŽL |‰„ˆ|‡ŽTL ~Š‰”Ž„€T ’|‡†ŽTL~ŠŠ†„‰‚TL‚|€‰„‰‚TL~„‰€ˆ|T ˆŽ„~TL |”ŽL ŠTL Ž€€†ŽL ˆ|‡€VL ^hk YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EJJDJI

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]aQQ^ ƒŠ‰€ŽTL ”Š‰‚L k‰‚|„|‰ ‡|”L Ž€€†ŽL „TL ‚€‰„‰€L ˆ|‡€L Š Ž€„ŠŽL €‡|„Š‰Žƒ„‹VL ^hk; YmL; BKBH GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EGFBJK

Agriculture’s National Newspaper


0800 2799928

340 spring block calving cows on a grass based system on beautiful North Devon Coastal Farm If you are happy to take responsibility, have a passion for dairy farming and want to further your career, please get in touch. Good salary, regular time off, 2 bed house.

Contact James at or 07816 865283


HERDSPERSON REQUIRED 220 Pedigree Holstein Herd TMR Fed. Must be hardworking and reliable.

To apply call 07950791796 CHESHIRE

Small moorland farm outside Whitby providing training for disabled adults, seeks Assistant Manager. Farming / gardening experience essential. Excellent package

Contact Lucy on 01287 669294

Situations Wanted Looking for Staff?

Looking for work?

4XtraHands Ltd EXPERIENCED NIGHT MILKERS REQUIRED Person’s required to milk as of a team Thursday and Friday nights. 250 Cows on 3 times a day milking. Forty four point parlour. Must be clean thorough & reliable.

Tel: Jason Middleton 07760 410290 after 7pm Clitheroe, Lancs - No Agencies

Milkers, Lambers, Stock People, Tractor Drivers, Pig People, Farm Mechanics, Fencing and all Rural Staff. or 01284 747292




Classified columns contain advertisements from private individuals and from traders. It is the legal responsibility of traders to make it clear in their advertisements that they are in fact:


TRADERS, DEALERS, MANUFACTURERS, AGENTS ETC. For modern 200 Pedigree cow family farm. Milking and tractor driving experience essential. Accomodation available. Harrogate area.

RM\XQ\ ’|‰€LŠL\Z”LŠ‡L}‡Š‰€ €ˆ|‡€TL]L_„‰ŽTLŠ’‰LŠL€|ƒTL†„‰ |‰LƒŠ‰€ŽTLŽ€€†ŽL|‡‡TLŠ’‰LŠL€|ƒ ˆ|‡€TL\XU\`VL^hk;YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC Nmt;YmL;EJKHKJ  ]WUX }‡Š‰€L €ˆ|‡€TL ^^TL ˆ|‰” „‰€€ŽŽTL ~Š‡L ŽŒ€€•€L | ‡„†€ˆ„‰€TLŠ‹€‰TLƒŠ‰€ŽLˆ|‰L„‰Š }Ž”L‡„€VLw‹LŠL„cL^hk;YmL;BKBH;GCG IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EKGJEG RM\XQ\] |‚ƒ€L \\TL ]L ^„‰ŽT }‡Š‰€TL Ž€€†ŽL ‚€‰„‰€TL ƒŠ‰€Ž |ˆ€L ŠL Žƒ|€L „‰€€ŽŽL |‰L ‡„€ Š‚€ƒ€VL ^hk; YmL; BKBH; GCG; IDEC Nmt;YmL;EGKJKE 

GR^ _„‰ŽL €ˆ|‡€TL }Š’‰L €”€ŽT |}‰L ƒ|„TL ‡„†€ŽL ~„‰€ˆ|TL |‘€‡T Ž‹ŠŽTL ~Š‰”L ’|‡†ŽTL ‹}ŽT ŽƒŠ‹‹„‰‚TL Ž’„ˆˆ„‰‚TL Ž€€†Ž ‚€‰„‰€TL ƒŠ‰€ŽTL ~|„‰‚L ˆ|‡€TL \X ‹‡ŽLŠL„€‰Žƒ„‹TLˆ|”}€LˆŠ€VL^hk YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EFHCED ]_]MY ]]TL||~„‘€TL]L]„‰ŽTLŽ‡„ˆT „TLqWuTL†„‰TL~|„‰‚TL‡„†€ŽL|ˆ„‰‚T ~Š‰”L ‹Ž„ŽTL |‰„ˆ|‡ŽTL ‰|€T |‰~„‰‚TLŽ€€†ŽL~Š‰”L|ˆ€W‚€‰ ŠLovtVL^hk;YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt YmL;EKGGGI 

UYPQ[QYPQY^ ‹€”L [^”L Š‡T ‡„†€ŽL ‚|€‰„‰‚TL |‘€‡TL ~ŠŠ†„‰‚T ‡ŠŠ†„‰‚LŠLŽ€‡€LŠ’‰VL^hk;YmL;BKBH GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EDFDBI WUYOZWY]TU\Q €ˆ|‡€TL ]XTL †„‰T ‰L‡Š‘„‰‚TLqWŽTL‰ŠL„€ŽTL‡„†€ŽL|‰„ˆ|‡ŽT ~Š‰”Ž„€TL Ž€€†ŽL Ž„ˆ„‡|L ˆ|‡€ ~Šˆ‹|‰„Š‰VL^hk;YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC Nmt;YmL;EKHDGK

VUX \]TL]L^„‰ŽTLŽ‡„ˆTL}‡Š‰€Lƒ|„T }‡€L €”€ŽTL ‡„†€ŽL |‰„ˆ|‡ŽTL y€Ž‡„€T ~Š‰”Ž„€TL ’|‡†ŽTL €|„‰‚TL Ž€€†Ž ˆ|‡€LŠL„€‰Žƒ„‹TLˆ|”}€LˆŠ€VL^hk YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EBFCBI

OZ_Y^\c ’„Š’TL^_TLqWuTL‚€‰„‰€T ~|„‰‚TL ‡„†€ŽL ŽŠ~„|‡„Ž„‰‚TL ’|‡†ŽT ~ŠŠ†„‰‚TL |‰„ˆ|‡ŽTL ‰„‚ƒŽL „‰WŠT Ž€€†ŽL ‚€‰TL ^XU_[L Š „€‰Žƒ„‹W€‡|„Š‰Žƒ„‹VL^hk;YmL;BKBH GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EDFDEK RQXMWQ \_TL Ž€€†ŽL ˆ|‡€L ’„ƒ ˆŠ}„‡€L ƒŠˆ€L ŠL Žƒ|€L Žˆˆ€ ƒŠ‡„|”ŽL|‰L’€€†€‰LŠ„‰‚ŽVL^hk YmL;BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EHIHID

Tel: 07739 363854 ]WUX ~‘”TL‰L‡Š‘„‰‚L‡|”TLƒŠ‰€ŽT ~|„‰‚TL ‡„†€ŽL ~Š‰”L ‡„€TL jurkT Ž€€†ŽL ˆ|‡€L ~Šˆ‹|‰”L ŠL ‰L |‰ ‡|‚ƒ€VL ^hk; YmL; BKBH; GCG; IDEC Nmt;YmL;EJICDE  PU`Z\OQP €ˆ|‡€TL\]TL|}‰Lƒ|„T }‡€L€”€ŽTL]L\„‰ŽTL‡„†€ŽL~Š‰”Ž„€T ~”~‡„‰‚TL’|‡†ŽTL|‰„ˆ|‡ŽTLŽ€€†ŽLˆ|‡€ ŠL„€‰Žƒ„‹TLˆ|”}€LˆŠ€VL^hk;YmL BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EBDJGH GR^ ^„‰ŽL Ž‡„ˆˆ„ŽƒL €ˆ|‡€TL ~‘”T }Š’‰L ƒ|„TL ƒ|•€‡L €”€ŽTL ˆ|‰” „‰€€ŽŽTLŽ€€†ŽLˆ|‡€LŠL„€‰Žƒ„‹T ˆ|”}€L ˆŠ€VL ^hk; YmL; BKBH; GCG IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EKEDEG

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TRADES DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 Advertisements will only be accepted on the understanding that descriptions relating to goods are accurate and in no way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

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[M^\UOV ‚€‰„‰€L[\TL^TLŠ’‰LŠ €|ƒTLqWuTLˆ|‰”L„‰€€ŽŽL„‰~‡„‰‚ Ž‹ŠŽTL ˆ€|‡ŽL ŠTL ~„‰€ˆ|TL Ž€€†Ž ||~„‘€L ~Š‰”L €ˆ|‡€L Š „€‰Žƒ„‹TL ˆ|”}€L ˆŠ€VL ^hk; YmL BKBH;GCG;IDEC;Nmt;YmL;EJBFHH

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Tenant farmers should negotiate on rent demands By Philip Meade, Davis Meade Property Consultants WITH ongoing volatility in commodity markets, CAP reform and inclement weather making life difficult down on the farm, a tenant may feel the last thing he or she needs now is a rent increase. March and September are the traditional rent days for farmers and many tenants will have received a letter from their landlord asking for a rent review six month ago and others will find one dropping through the letterbox before September 29. Tenants have a year to respond to the notice or face going to arbitration, an expensive option and one best to be avoided, so it is vital they take advice from their agent at the earliest opportunity. If, however, the landlord does nothing during those 12 months, the rent will stay where it is, so tenants should not feel unduly pressurised into an unsuitable settlement. In an ideal world the tenant and landlord’s agents will communicate and work together to ensure sensible deals are achieved so tenants can continue to farm long-term and landlords retain secure income from the rent. Encouragingly, this is happening in many cases. Rent demands coming to our attention at the start of the year

of headline high grain prices, these rent increases do not seem to take into account the higher costs of production. A considerable amount of the jump in grain values will be taken up in fuel, fertiliser and energy costs which have soared. Furthermore, grain prices can (and do) easily fall, whereas input costs rarely do. Both parties need to be realistic and should look at the bottom line. Landlords, whether private or institutional, also have financial were as high as we have ever pressures of their own, and these known, with a significant number of should not be dismissed in landlords asking for 40 to 50 per sensible negotiations, although cent increases and some actually strictly speaking this is not a seeking to double the rent. consideration to be taken into While we have not been account under the rent review absolutely inundated with these criteria. reviews, they are still significant, The CAP is under reform, the especially bearing in mind these dairy sector is still under pressure rent agreements will stand for and the eurozone could still three years – well beyond the CAP crumble, having a huge impact on reforms in 2014 when support agriculture. arrangements could significantly The imminent CAP reform is change, likely to the detriment of also having an effect on Farm farm incomes. Business Tenancies (FBTs). If 2014 becomes the reference year As expected, most of the high as is suggested, the demand (and demands are for arable land, and we have been working with clients price) for FBTs will only increase. Many landlords are seeking to and landlords agents to negotiate claim the Single Payment (or its for a more acceptable settlement. Some of rent reviews have been successor) themselves and hence take their land out of the settled already, at a 10 to 15 per cent increase compared to original FBT pot so, with supply short, there will be a mad scramble for demands for 30 to 40 per cent or land which is left available. more. Although requested on the back


Exceptionally well equipped 170 acre Dairy Farm with comfortable 5/6 bedroomed farm residence with extensive range of modern farm-buildings including purpose-built Dairy Complex housing 20/20 Fulwood Parlour, Cubicle Accommodation for 224 Dairy Cows, ample covered fodder conservation stores, etc. and being south-westerly facing, productive and easily worked pastureland. VIEWING JOINT AGENTS: Evans Bros. Mart Office Llanybydder.SA40 9UE Tel: 01570 480444 & Dai Lewis Cyf., 15 Wind Street, Llandysul. SA44 4BD Tel: 01559 363401. PRICE

£1,450,000 (subject to contract).



Farms & Property CATTLE WINTER housing wanted in Holmfirth/ Penistone area for up 10 animals. B&B elsewhere considered

Tel 07880 554986 ¬

A Selection of Property for Sale

EST 1803

Settle – 12 miles


Detached stonebuilt 3 bedroom cottage for renovation with garden and driveway fronting a quiet country lane to the south of the river Wenning. Freehold with vacant possession. Ideal location for M6 motorway, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Park. Price £225,000. Enquiries to Richard Turner & Son 015242 61444 Edward Metcalfe or 01200 441351 Richard Turner

8.92 acres of mainly Grade 1 land with large yard and 8 stables close to Preston City centre. Freehold. For further contacts contact P Wilson & Company. Offers in the region of £150,000

Pewitt Hall Farm, Rising Bridge, Accrington/Haslingden border. Extensive range of stone built cottage, farmhouse, barn and single storey shippons (475m²/5115ft²) plus 19 acres of good upland pasture and meadow. Secluded yet convenient location – added attraction of telecoms mast rental (£5,526 per annum). Offers over £350,000.

Full details of both properties on request – Lea Hough & Co., Chartered Surveyors Tel: 01254 260196 email: Regulated by RICS

Telephone Preston 01772 882277

Grazing / Wanted

For 200 hogs, November - March

Tel 01200 422687 / 07815 895532 Lancs (P)

80 ACRES SHEEP GRAZING NEAR WEETON (Near Blackpool ) for approx 6 months Tel Mobile : 07768 823997 (T)

WINTERING WANTED For hoggs (from October) and ewes (from December) to March Good price for good wintering Northwest Region

Tel - 01539 821181



for 100 ewes, from November to end of February. Staffordshire / Derbyshire / Cheshire

Large Lincolnshire Farm would like to run a joint Sheep breeding / fattening venture .. Open to discuss other options

Mobile: 07811 945 448 (p)

Tel G James 01507 466644


WINTER HOUSING 38 Cubicles plus Sheds FOR 100 Cattle Fodder/ Litter available Tel 01686 668332 Shewsbury / Welshpool (P)

GRAZING WANTED For 6 horses in Leyland/Preston area. Preferable fenced.

Tel - 07970 261658 (P)

CATTLE WINTERING Available 100 Cubicles West Wales

Tel : 01559 395229 (P) WANTED WINTER GRAZING Must be fenced for Sheep. Till Mid March -Tel: 07779 398957 Derbs

WANTED Winter grazing for 160 Hoggs. From October to Spring. Must be well fenced. Good price for good place

Tel : 01729 825358 or Mobile 07970 800430 Lancs

WINTER GRAZING WANTED For 300 Swaledale Hoggs Must be Fenced From Oct- till end of Mar Mob : 07974 189801 Tel 01931 716653 (P)




Available for 50 cattle.

For Hoggs, Must be well fenced

For 70 heifers or cows.

Tel: 01691 648441 North Powys

Mobile 07711 076252 Lancs

Tel: 0750 2005361 (P)

Ingleton area.

Agriculture’s National Newspaper


0800 2799928

The Livestock Auctioneers Association

Lancaster - 15 miles


Richard Turner & Son


Contact your local Livestock Market at

Steanor Bottom Farm, Nr Littleborough, Rochdale. 1975 stone built detached 4 bed bungalow (2049ft²) and substantial stone barn, formerly with benefit of planning permission for conversion to two 4 bed houses together with 3.7 acres (1.49 hectares) valley bottom grazing available with 18 acres of woodland in attractive rural setting between Littleborough and Todmorden. Offers over £450,000


Farms & Property



Property Services

The National Rural Property & Planning Specialists

Are you thinking of expanding your farming enterprises (i.e. new buildings)?

The rural property professionals

Poplar Grove Nateby, Preston, Lancashire PR3 0LL

Substantial 5-bedroom family home. Detached triple garage and store. Private plot, mainly to lawn garden; generous parking and turning spaces in total extending to 1.02 acres or thereabouts. Occupation of the dwelling is subject to an agricultural occupancy condition.

‡ Planning Applications & Appeals ‡ LDF Representations ‡ Full Architectural Service ‡ Barn Conversions ‡ Equine Development ‡ Agricultural Development ‡ Intensive Livestock & EIA ‡ Occupancy Condition Removal ‡ Certificates of Lawfulness ‡ Property Sales ‡ Expert Witness Consultancy ‡ Grants and Financial Advice

Do you need to diversify your farming business?

Guide Price £445,000 Clarke House Farm Chipping, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 2GQ

Have you redundant farm buildings?

Detached 5-bedroom stone farmhouse set in a large plot to include driveway, garage, gardens and orchard. An exceptional opportunity to buy a truly characterful farmhouse within walking distance of the Village of Chipping. Occupation of the dwelling is subject to an agricultural occupancy condition.

Has your farm development potential?

Guide Price £350,000 Inglewood House Preston, Lancashire PR4 3ZA

A 5-bedroom detached property. Subject to an Agricultural Occupancy Condition. Set in Greenhalgh with close proximity to the major road networks and Junction 3 of the M55. Set in a large garden plot.

Cheap elecricity quotes.Call FCG-Tel:01522 813950

With House and Buildings on a 5 Year Farm Business Tenancy. From 25th March 2013 or earlier by agreement. Applicants must have at least five years fulltime practical experience in Agriculture of which up to three years in agricultural education may be taken into account. Farm Particulars are available for purchase until 9th October 2012, priced at £6.00. Purchase online at or send a cheque made payable to “Gloucestershire County Council” to Asset Management and Property Services, Block 4 3rd Floor, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2TG. For enquiries contact or call 01452 425831.

South Lancashire



Muller is seeking to promote areas of land on the edge of towns for housing, commercial and mixed use developments across the UK. Working at our own cost and risk, we have the skills and expertise to deal with difficult sites and handle the challenge and complexitiy of getting land allocated in the Local Plan. If you think that you may have land with development Richard Lee 01270 878888 / 07967 607238



of sheep grazing land to let in the Wakefield area, West Yorks. Well fenced and troughs in situ. Short or long term lease available.

Contact Gwen 01132 853506

Overseas Property FARM FOR SALE MANITOBA, CANADA Mixed farm of 635 acres only 15 minutes from the growing city of Brandon. There is presently 450 acres of land that can be cultivated with the remainder in pasture. Good farm buildings and farmhouse. Tel - Gordon Gentles 001 204 761 0511 or email

HomeLife Home Professional Reality Inc


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Approximately 101 acres (Mostly Grade 3) As a whole, or in 4 convenient Lots. 15 year fixed term Farm Business Tenancy from 1st December 2012. Substantial 5 Bed detached farmhouse (needing modernisation) with extensive ranges of traditional (stone/slate) outbuildings. All currently pasture, but suitable for arable/mixed livestock production, and all Without Entitlements (Single Farm Payment). Full particulars and Tender forms available (upon payment of £10.00, - card payments accepted) from Jones Peckover, 47 Vale Street, Denbigh, Denbighshire, LL16 3AR

Tender Date – 26th October 2012


The Livestock Auctioneers Association




Contact your local Livestock Market at

Guide Price £275,000 Up To 51.33 Acres (20.77 Hectares) ota Land rear of Fentons Farm, Eagland Hill, Pilling, Preston, PR3 6BA

North Lancashire

North West 01524 793900


A well-presented detached 3-bedroom bungalow set in 0.42 acres or thereabouts. Large gardens, orchard, ample parking and a detached garage. Set in a quiet rural location with views over the River Wyre. Occupation of the dwelling is subject to an Agricultural Occupancy Condition.

01995 603180 01704 895995

East 01284 753271

Wales 01902 625023

To Be Let

Midlands 01902 625023

Guide Price £310,000 Meadowcroft St Michaels on Wyre, Preston PR3 0UH

Chartered Surveyors • Auctioneers Valuers • Property & Estate Agents

South East 01284 753271

North East 01609 773206

appeals. Dwelling house appraisals. -Tel: 01522 813950

Guide Price: Lot 1, 27.77 acres (11.24 hectares) £140,000 Lot 2, 23.55 (9.53 hectares) £130,000

South West 01392 873900

To discuss any planning issues call Acorus.


Productive block of Grade 2 land in ring-fence. Mains water available. Single Payment Scheme Entitlements included. Available in TWO LOTS or as a WHOLE.

Planning Design Property Sales



Livestock Equipment

FEEDSTUFFS & BEDDING CALF &â&#x20AC;˘ LAMB COLOSTRUM (7 In one) â&#x20AC;˘ EBL FREE â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Broad Spectrum Cover â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Biostart (Probiotic) â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Vitamin / Tracelements â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ High Fat / Protein â&#x20AC;˘ Telephone: 01387 750459 Farmers Guardian Please be mindful before entering into any deals. Proceed with caution. When selling your item always ensure you have the full payment prior to releasing goods. Farmers Guardian are not responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.

FINE POWDER SAWDUST 24kg Bales Stable pallets Text QUOTE and postcode to 60777 or call 01978 851238 N W Resources

200 BALES Of Haylage. Good quality. In 4ft mini hestons. Six wraps. Suit Horses, cattle and sheep. Weed free. ÂŁ25 per bale collected, cash on collection..-Tel: 01948 770401 or 07949 717933


Richard Evans Hay and Straw Quality big bale lorry & trailer loads delivered nationwide.

General Haulage Work Undertaken Tel: 07850 427783 or 01952 691200

FOR SALE Round Bale Haylage

size bales, very competitive prices, haylage and hay also available. UK wide delivery Tel: 07973 297902 or 07968 134768 or 01254 812106

Lancs (T) GOOD CLEAN fodder beet for sale Plus carrots. Delivered in 20 tonne or 29 tonne loads. Any Area. Tel: 07831 577753 or 07843 274637 Lancs

FEED vegetables for sale Delivered. Tel: I D BAILEY & SON Tel: 01772 690002 OR 07968 362227

Lancs (T) R E & S BALDWIN For Sale, Round Bale Straw, stored outside. ÂŁ10 per bale, Collection Only 01942 723479Lancs (T)

HAY ROUND bales and silage. Hay young grasses, had no rain, all enquiries between 7 and 8pm. Tel 01874 636378 Powys (P)

SQUARED BALED Haylage 2 different grades, ÂŁ25 and ÂŁ30 per bale. Burscough/Lancs Tel 07768 051800 (P)

HAYLAGE/HAY superior quality in large round bales. Delivery or collection. Also square bales - Tel: 01772 321307 or 07773 780848

CALF MILK Replacer. Full range of top quality products. U.F.A.S regd.Tel: Chris 01522 680815 / 07778 743080

ROUND BALE haylage ,good quality 2012 haylage, near Eccleshall, Tel 01630 620292 or 07801 355574

Staffs (T) HAY IN small bales, barley straw in


Tel 07712 625805(T)

A fattening ration for Cattle and Sheep Collections ex store Can deliver bulk/bulk blower/big bags 16% Protein, 11 ME


Please ring for prices and samples

Preston Area

Dairy-Gypcubicle cubicle bedding â&#x20AC;˘ Dairy-Gyp conditioner NE W  UPER

â&#x20AC;˘ Nationwide deliveries Nationwidebulk bulk deliveries S FIN E G â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Cost

R A D Costeffective effective E  A V A IL  A â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ No BL E No burns burnsorormarkings markings N O  W â&#x20AC;˘ Reduces dermatitis & mastitis â&#x20AC;˘ Reduces dermatitis & mastitis â&#x20AC;˘ Does not support bacterial growth â&#x20AC;˘ Does not support bacterial growth â&#x20AC;˘ Compatible with all bedding products Superior to all otherbags bedding products â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Now available in 20kg â&#x20AC;˘ Improves Compatible with all slurry systems cow welfare â&#x20AC;˘ Field-Gyp conditioner alsoalso available Field-Gypsoil soil conditioner available


Tel Tom Noblet:

Hay & Straw for Sale in all types of Bales. Good quality. Reasonable prices.

01995 605179

TEL: (01625) 531629

07951 962064

OR (01625) 522249

HAY, WHEAT & BARLEY STRAW In mini hestons etc


DRY CEREAL BLEND, 50% PELLETS, FATTENING RATION Suitable for cattle, sheep & breeding stock in bulk & bags (700kg-1000kg) 15.2% Protein

From ÂŁ165 per tonne ex Bottesford store Contact Pete Norris/Richard Clayfield 01949 844 700

01387 750459 LOWER YOUR VET BILLS WITH WASHED SILICA SAND CUBICLE BEDDING * Helps to eradicate mastitis problems and lowers your milk count * Equestrian sand also available Tel 01484 662455 / 07730 897140

BEDDING SAWDUST For sale, ÂŁ10 per ton, can deliver. Contact Dave on 07598 848516 Lancs (T)

Drier Beds â&#x20AC;˘ Sanitised Beds

Tel 07752 636160 (P)

Chorley (P) PREMIUM QUALITY Hay, Big Bale and conventional bale,analysed. Tel 0797 9476377

Staffs (P) APPLE PULP maize yields down? economical succulent apple pomace available this autumn. A Whitfield 01588 640432





SMALL BALED Hay, wheat & barley . Big baled haylage Tel 01254 271203 (Lancs)


ROUND & LARGE BALES OF HAY & STRAW AK SHARPE & SONS Tel:- 01925 762286 Andrew 0797 005 2419 Alan 07973 631070

haylage can deliver. Tel 01254 775051 or 07903 032104 Lancs (P)

250 SMALL BALES of second quality hay. ÂŁ2 per bale, Tel 07860 847527 Blackpool Area (P)

FOR SALE Seed Hay in mini Hestons also Haylage in round bales Tel 07770 844894 West Lancs (T)


100 Acres , Chorley area - Tel: 01772 321307 or Mobile 07773 780848 (T)

HAY, STRAW & Silage. J.E. Simpson - Tel: 01765 658383 200702 North Yorks (T)


01325 312154 Edgar F Shepherd

30 ACRES STANDING MAIZE Chorley/Preston Area. Best Offer Secures.

RYE GRASS Quadrant Hay Bales 100 available, 8ft long, 6 strings, perfect in the middle, no rain Can be seen opened.

01387 750459

Tel: +44(0)1671402775 Mobile: 07712595362 Email:

HAYLAGE & Sheep Silo for sale.No rain. Prices from ÂŁ20 -Tel 07884 185599

Tel 07860 656125


small and big bales, collection or local delivery. Tel 07733006917 or 07711369694 Lancs (T)

Manufacturers of Livestock Handling & Feeding Equipment


for dairy cubicles fine and dry Now available while stocks last UK wide delivery

RUMEN GUARD Helps protect the Rumen from clinical and sub clinical Acidosis Ring for Competitive Prices







In cheshire area

HENRY BELL & CO (TRADING) LTD Enquiries Tel: 01476 566474 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

10 Year

Cheshire/Shrops 0771 8833900 (P)


ROUND BALE Straw, ÂŁ16, Kirkham Tel 07885 304110 Lancs (P)



Cow Mattresses & Cow Mats Slat Rubber Greenstall Cubicles Parlour & Dairy Resins


BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS (DISCLOSURE) ORDER 1977 Classified columns contain advertisements from private individuals and from traders. It is the legal responsibility of traders to make it clear in their advertisements that they are in fact: TRADERS, DEALERS, MANUFACTURERS, AGENTS ETC. TRADES DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 Advertisements will only be accepted on the understanding that descriptions relating to goods are accurate and in no way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

Tel: 01768 864977 www.quattro.or


CALF-O-TEL Calf Hutches. Complete with fencing. A large selection of all animal and calf feeding equipment and all other associated products also available. Massive saving on list price Livestock Supplies Ltd. Tel: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328



Livestock Equipment

Starlings Clear from 10 to 10,000

& Crows!

From Sheds & Farmyards With

• Humane • Effective • Inexpensive


0800 988 0499 See BirdGard in action at FOR BROCHURE Trade + Retail




working farmer

Very well grown. Bred for carcase, shape and tight skins, Large selection available. Please contact Paul Slater on 07775661736 or 01625820431


• Sheeted at the top to prevent the sheep jumping out and becoming caught.

“Making Life Easier”

• Gives a better all round view of your sheep.

(Can feed from 10 to 100 calves)

• All Aluminium therefore prevention of scab and lice.

Tel: 01387 750459

Ewe know it makes sense and so do your ewes!

• Tel: 01461 600203 •

1000 NZ Romly Ewes Closed Flock Vac Lots More Other Offers More Wanted.

• Taller, stronger hurdles.

Agents wanted throughout the UK

Automatic Drafting/Sorting (We build quality not quantity)

less stress on you and your cows, accurate and robust,

contact Dairymaster directly 01527 878505 SHEEP SHEARING Equipment specialist, new & second hand mains & 12 volt machines in stock. Comprehensive range of spares, sheep shearing, handling pens & trailers. G Mudge & Co Tel: 01822 615456 Devon ANTI-SKID PARLOUR & yard rubber. Speeds milking & reduces lameness. Direct from importer. . Best price & quality guaranteed. Fitting available. Free quotes. Quattro -Tel: 01768 864977

FREEZE BRANDING IRONS and concrete grooving machines available.Good returns for a small investment. Tel 078805 70070



01939 270670 or 07971 970918

BELTEX X TEXEL SHEARLING RAMS Excellent conformation, powerful, all home bred shearlings from award winning flock. Flock results for 2011 Smithfield Supreme Champion, English Winter Fair Reserve Supreme Champion, Newark Fatstock Supreme and Reserve Champion. Reguar Newark Market Toppers.

"Become a price maker not a price taker". Tel: 01295 660245 Northamptonshire

UPRIGHT HYDRAULIC HOOF TRIMMING CHUTE. Remote control, gates, fully refurbished. Tel: 07896 834729 Lancs (P)

COW COMFORT mattress, cubi-

TMF MILK FEEDERS A Range of Powdered Milk Feeders for calves and lambs. Calf and Lambs machines in stock. Tel: 07976 871198 www.tmfmilkfeeders .com

cles, cubicle straps, and scrapers Tel: Alan Hebden 01253 592159

Pigs BREEDING PIGS Large White, Welsh, Duroc, Landrace, X bred gilts and boars, and maternal AI Very high health, World renowned pigs -Tel: John Millard 01954 719263 or Mobile 07836 312922 (T)

Boars. Piglets ready to go now, Blacks and Coloured, quality stock. -Tel: 07966 183563 or 01200 445284

Made in barnsley


Lancs (P) 2 GOS BOARS 12 months old 1-50 Tonnes Capacities

Williams Livestock Box Hydraulic lift to 3rd deck All alloy Good cond £3750

Tel 01550 740681 Mobile: 07970 434 423 ¬

good confirmation and nature .Tel 07889680997 (P)

LARGE WHITE AND LANDRACE Breeding pigs boars,gilts in pig,Tel 07725741509 (P) Lancs SMALL SCALE Pig Keeping, Learn more

BACA 01604 764144

QUALITY TEXEL CROSS EWE LAMBS FOR SALE From £75 300 to choose from Tel 07970 190905 / 01527 541335 Worcs (P)

E. LEWIS & SON Beulah Speckled, Improved Welsh & Welsh Mountain Ewes from £45 For Sale. Also Grazing Ewes, Ewes, Store Lambs & Stock Rams Available Finance Available Delivery Nationwide

01267 235493 07966 296137

Telephone: or

NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT (Park) Shearling Rams.

100 SUFFOLK X BLUE LEICESTER 2 shear to full mouth Ewes. 20 Suffolk x Blue Leicester and Suffolk Mule shearling Ewes. 35 Mule Ewes. 3 Blue Leicester shearling Rams (good stock), 2 Southdown Rams (New zealand type) and 2 Hampshire Down Rams. For sale due to change in farming policy. All M.V Accredited

"TEGSNOSE" is one of UK's top performance flocks on SIGNET, good maternal, and weight gain figs. Powerful, strong sheep on high ground. N. HAMMILL, Macclesfield

Tel: 07870 193131

Tel: 01328 700277 or 07785 397746 Norfolk (P)


MICRO PIGS Breeding Sows and

Tel: 01226 730037




Designed by a

Top quality Beltex x Texel, Beltex x Charolais and Texel Shearling Rams

01630 654888 07879 402246


• Ability to draft sheep more effectively.






MIDLANDS AREA 07976 412319

(3) yearlings and (5) 2year olds. By 100% New Zealand Suffolk Sire. Registered flock. D.W. & G. L. Charles.

Tel: 01291 689359 (after 7:30 pm) Chepstow (P)




Goats CORRIECRAVIE Signet Recorded, M.V. Texel Shearling Rams by Connachan Rooster Cogburn. Reasonable prices. Paul Johnson

Tel: 01782 721165 or 07761 216324 Stoke-on-trent (P)




Delivery can be arranged.

100 Breeding females make ideal mothers

Tel: 01239 820775 or 07773 789850 West Wales (P) JOHN PARKHOUSE Livestock,

2X TEESWATER SHEARLING TUPS Price on application

Tel 07810 742210 Cumbria (P)




ELDWICK LLEYNS Flock 1084 MV Accredited. Top quality Shearling Rams regd and non regd. Excellent quality and selection


Will split.

2 Berrichon shearling rams and 20 Ram Lambs.

For more details.

Tel S J Kavanagh - Mob : 07759 907961 or 01756 711482 Yorks

Pure bred. Well grown, ready for work.

Tel: 01335 330346 or 07940 049960 Derbyshire (T)

WEEKFIELD DUTCH TEXELS Offer Shearling Rams For Sale Bred to breed what the butcher needs! Producers of a record number of carcase champions of both Smithfield & Birmingham National Shows

Tel: 01544 328417 Mob: 07855 162480 Robin Slade, Herefordshire


Tel: 01829 260325 or 07763 009857 Tarporley, Cheshire (P)


Registered ‐ none Regd Shearlings Strong, very well grown M.V. Acc. Flock 1448 Signet Hept P. Culland Hall Farm

Tel: 01335 360247 Derbyshire


North of England Mule & Masham Ewe Lambs all from high Yorkshire Dales Farms. Shearlings & Ewes of all ages. All enquiries welcome, all sheep delivered to farm.

E Thackray + Sons, Ripon, N.Yorks.

Tel: 01765 635219


Tel: 01538 300101 or 07977 549425 Leek Area (P)

Tel: 01978 823403 or 075250 39993 Wrexham (P)

LLEYN MV Top SIGNET recorded Shearling Rams, top 1%

Tel: 01283 733242 or 07792 689813 Derbyshire (P)


BREEDING SHEEP NE Mules Suffolk x, Texel x Shearlings, also strong Gimmer lambs, home bread in the Yorkshire Dales.

Tel 07761158355 07921267904

DISPERSAL SALE of 130 Crossbred Ewes. White Faced, strong ewes. Some broken Mouth, various ages.

Tel: 07813 854419 or 01352 710408 North Wales (P)

LLEYN SHEARLING RAMS Pedigree and none Pedigree. M.V Accredited and EAE supervised. Past both tests September 2012. Genotype 1's and 2's.

Tel: 01750 21281 or 07749 724349 Borders Selkirk (P)


Tel 01407 860117 Anglesey (P)

HILL NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT RAMS Strong hardy sheep at affordable prices. Can arrange delivery to Longtown Tel : N Robertson 07768 506826 Fort William (P)

HERDWICK FLOCK DISPERSAL Ewes (100), Shearlings (55) and Ewe Lambs (30). Also North Country Cheviot Tups.

Tel: 01142 851429 or 07811 378666 Sheffield (P)

Rams and ram lambs pedigree un reg.Good conformation

Tel 07769948940 North Wales (P)

For sale

Tel - 01931 713281 or 07836 337270 Cumbria (T)

WILTSHIRE HORN EWE LAMBS Registered, well grown, 6 available

Tel 07973 628756 / 01246 853556 Derbys (P)

For sale. Robert Maitland on:

0780 1399964



registered. 3 only selected Shearling Tups. Powerful and Mobile. Tel: G. Barrett on 07789 055904 or 01535 633863 Near Skipton (P) rams, ram lambs and females. Great carcass and skin, all sensible prices.Tel 01260 252291 / 07707 536035 Cheshire (P)

Ewe Lambs avalible now.

for trimming mule, gimmers and tailing. £145+vat. Tel: 01200 427419. (T) BLUEFACED


(Choice of 12). Pedigree Sheep for sale. -Tel: 01550 721831 or 07984 976540 South Wales (P)


5 CHAROLLIAS Shearling rams.3 charollias x Textel. Very well grown -Tel: 07977 402535 Mid Der-






Tel 01527 892752 Worcs (P)

100 TEXEL X MULE Gimmer Lambs. Also, mule and texel x draft ewes. Homebred. Tel - 01282 601889 or 07808 931349 Lancs

17 CHAROLLAIS Yearling Ewes.

Tel Mobile : 07918 680346 North Yorks (P)

Ready for the Ram. Richard Geldard -Tel: 07855 115138 Cumbria


Tel 07850 423535(P)


(95) 4 CROP Full mouth North Country Mules. Well bred, good condition. Tel: 07976 539835 or 01963 23704 (P)

BREEDING EWES All ages, from

LLEYN TOP QUALITY SHEARLING RAMS Tel Daniel 078128 58893 Lincs (P)

(60) 4 TOOTH North Country Mules. Excellent quality sheep -Tel 07836 508384 Gloucestershire


100 SUFFOLK X Yearling ewes all had lambs. Excellent strong sheep -Tel 07836 508384 Gloucester-

shire (T)

ZWARTBLES Shearling Rams -Tel: 01254 761449 Mobile 07714 648524 Darwen,

Lancs (P)

SEAFIELD PEDIGREE SUFFOLK Rams, delivered. Ewes and


ewe lambs -Tel: 07715 764351 or 01527 66191 (P)

PEDIGREE KERRY HILL And Derbyshire, Gritstone Ewe Lambs. From prize winning flock. -Tel: 01455 213115 Warwickshire (P)

100 MULE EWES And 100 Suf-

Tel 01547 510346 Shropshire Mid Wales border (P)

folk X's. Quality sheep -Tel 07836 508384 Glos (T)

TUPS TEXELS and Millennium Blues for easier lambing -Tel: 01706 639155 Rochdale (P)

ZWARTBLES SHEARLING Ewes and Lambs. Pedigree and M.V. Accredited .

Tel 01260 224620 or 07552 963507 Cheshire (P)

pedigree Ewes and lambs for sale Tel 01257

265114 Lancs 300




strong,Well bred,Flock ages Tel

0776839800 (T)


Very MULE EWES strong,Well bred,Flock ages Tel

0776839800 (T)

150 SUFFOLK X MULE Gimmer Lambs. Dipped, Hepatavac, will split. -Tel: 07739 361725 Skipton gree yearling ewes for sale. -Tel 01544 230864 Herefordshire (P)


120 New Zealand bred, all reared 1 crop.

Tupp lambs pure

Tel: 01745 860234 or 07796 334973 Conwy, North Wales (P)

Tel 01665 570273 07808 489985 Nothumberland

Norbreck Genetics Quality In-Calf Dairy Heifers. Call the team who care about EVERY animal we buy & deliver to your farm. Fly & buy or use our experts

ZWARTBLES MV accredited.

TB free, high health. Contact : Richard Lawson - 07949 733747 Philip Halhead - 07949 733747

SPECIALISTS IN THE IMPORT OF EUROPEAN DAIRY HEIFERS Now ready for selection In-calf and Fresh heifers now being selected from: Holland, Germany, Denmark and Ireland. Top Quality and Excellent Value. New Finance package Available. Also available A2 in-calf Heifers from Holland & Germany

call Alan on 07812 663167 or Di 07710 268 546 for prices and our current stock list

Buying or Selling UK Holstein Friesians or Importing? Call BACA we have upto 40 years experience in the UK and on the Continent. We have an excellent supply of Dutch, German and French Cows/Heifers. We have an excellent list of UK Dairystock for private sale. Many New Offers! Phone for details

BACA farm to farm 01604 764144




Dairy Cattle

Rams for sale from the Greenlands flock. -Tel: 07979 856281 Wales


Hill type, tups and draft ewes, South West Scotland

goat. 18 months old. Tel: 01455 274576. Leics (P)

SOUTHDOWN And Oxford Down

£50. Glamorgan Welsh and Easycare X. Also strong Ewe lambs. Tel: 01646 641254 Pembs (P)

Reg and none reg MV acc




byshire (P)

On the Heptavac-P.

Tel: 01550 720429 Mobile: 07970 902299 ¬

length. With or without end loops -Tel T I Askew 01729 840094 or mobile 07973 951066 N Yorks

Never had corn. Price according to selection. Tel - 07977 402535 Der-


SHEEP WINTER GRAZING Wanted For upto 500 Welsh Cheviot Ewes. Dec to 1st Mar. Any area considered.Must be well fenced

WANTED All types required from the North of England. Full prompt payment. -Tel: Grace Dobson: 07840 957803 L.Pierce Wool Merchant *



All had lambs.

07977 732191 ¬


Tel 07966 225513 Mid Wales (P)

Mule Shearlings.

& E.lambs 4sale & Dorset x Dorper E.lambs

Cheshire (P)

Tel 07974364532 Staffs (P)

BELTEX TUPS M.V Accredited and



Texel, shearling rams. EX confirmation and skins. Commercially reared, fit and ready for work. MV Pete Crossmore accredited. CROSSGILL FLOCK, 07889 781228

WOODEN Sheep hurdles. Any

Good udders, teeth as found. Strong, healthy stock

Well grown, pure.

Tel: 0753322 3116 Staffs (P)



S.W Scotland (P)




Please phone

Tel: 01387 810292 Lockerbie (T)

Internet Marketing e-mail: info@agri-Tel: 01769 579840 or 07971 963943. 300 Fm Mule ewes; Mules Shearlings and others on behalf clients. All classes stock for sale and wanted. Please see website. (T)

Goats Kids,young stock and milkers up to 4 years old. Excellent condition health status, full history.Will split Tel Ken Harrison 01653 628228 York (T)

CHAROLLAIS Shearling rams and ram lambs. MV. High EBVs. Tel 07976 955382

Pedigree Ewe lambs and 2 Tup lambs.


Registered. Ideal for cross breeding

10 REGISTERED Lleyn Gimmer Lambs. -Tel 01422 842897 West Yorks (P)

Tel 01948 890270 Shrops (P)


ewes and one ram. POA. Tel: 07590 444368. Cheshire (P)

Shearling ewes for sale.Tel 01422 844501 W York-

shire (P)

DAIRY REPLACEMENTS Pure Breeds and Cross Breeds always available Pedigree and Commercial Pedigree Fleckvieh available direct from Austria No consignments too small or too large Select in Europe or on our farm in Cumbria Finance available subject to Terms & Conditions • Andrew: 07950030586 • Chris: 07885731502

SMELLOWS 2 Pedigree Holstein Bulls For Sale BOMBADIER: 13mo. by Askew Reece. Dam 11,000kg, 4.77% fat, 5gens. Ex RATEPAYER: 11mo. by Gerard. Dam 11.500kg, 7gens. VG or Ex Tel. 01756 792551 or 07773 289167 (p)

40 IN-CALF PEDIGREE JERSEY HEIFERS Calving October through to Mid April. From a 5,800 litre herd with 10% solids. All from proven Jisex or Society Sires.

Tel: James 07973 396306 Cheshire (P)



Dairy Cattle



From Holland, Germany, France & Ireland. You can select on the holdings in Europe. All the above livestock are of the highest quality and all paperwork and testing meet our stringent regulations. German, Dutch, French and Irish In Calf, & Fresh Calf, Pedigree Heifers available now A weekly selection of Fresh Calved Cows & Heifers sourced within the UK. All guaranteed & delivered anywhere in the UK. Finance can be arranged

Livestock Supplies Ltd Tel: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328 • Fresh Calved and In Calf Heifers and Cows available now • Bulling Heifers • Select on Farms of Origin in Ireland • Fully Tested/Competitive Prices • Free Flight and Accommodation For Quotation Call DAVID CLARKE 0035387 2576434 or 07712815792

4 Strong Bulls for immediate use. Carrying the Hereford Society “Superior Carcase Premium” £500 payable to the purchaser. Delivery arranged

Telephone: 01981 570231

FRESH REARING CALVES 10 Hereford, 15 months old 15 Continental Steers 16-18 months old • 12 Continental Heifers 16-18 months old • •


Available in suitable batches delivered to most parts of the country Continental Bull and Heifer calves 3-5 weeks old available now. Quality store cattle sourced directly from Welsh/Shropshire Borders Farms, delivered to your farm. Delivery Nationwide.

In-calf Pedigree Hefiers for sale. (4) Pure Monty Heifers, ready to serve. (10) 6month old Monti Heifers. (3) Pure Danish Red Heifers, (very good), ready to serve. (1) very good 8 months old, pure Montbeliarde Bull by "Urocher" top for type and production. H.M Dent & Sons Tel: 07764 464180 County Durham

Livestock Supplies Ltd TEL: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328


We are looking to increase our number of producers throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, North & West Yorkshire. Other areas maybe considered. For more information contact Carl on: 07971 923028 or 01257 791337



• 150 NZ Friesians - Due Feb /


March • 30 Holstein Friesian Cows /

We offer unique access to some of Ireland's finest livestock. Whether you are looking for a top show Animal, Holsteins, Jerseys, Cross Breads or NZ Genetics, they can be sourced straight form the reputable farms of our network. Freshly calved and in calf heifers and young cows available from top Irish herds Spring calving heifers available for grass based system Maiden heifers fit for service For your specific requirements email or call and we will be delighted to facilitate. John Dillon: 00353 87 686 4034 George Gleasure: 00353 87 681 9535

IN-CALF HEIFERS Great Prices & availability Can you afford not to buy? • Dutch & German Holstein. TB FREE Fresh or in-calf. • Irish grazing, organic and many other breeds available. • Choose Yourself or use our Experts. Full or Part Loads.

Call Bernard 01297 22523 or 07907 883329

2 E.T. HOLSTEIN BULLS FOR SALE Bred from 6 generations of very good & excellent cows. Sire-Braedale Goldwyn, vaccinated for lepto, BVD, IBR. Ready for work

• 12 Ped Holst x Ayrshire Heifers. Due Oct For Details and Full List

01604 764144

01604 BACA 764144

More beef breeding stock wanted w w w.bacalives k

Tel 07967 386065 / 01772 690259 Lancs (P)




From disease free Irish herd. Calving as 3 year olds from January 20th. 550kgs. Well bred stock. Can arrange transport

40-60 MILKERS IN OCTOBER Would like small herd or part of.

Tel: 07952 414777 Cheshire (P)




Brother with Cogent. 17 Months old. Details

Tel: 01530 260315 (evenings) or mobile number 07976 306847 (anytime) (P)

Tel: 00353 876778285 (P)

HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN BULLS Some Red & White For sale, from the BIDLEA HERD Plenty to choose from, first come first served! Tel: Ray Brown on 01477 532220 or 07885 652718 Cheshire

Livestock marketing

• • • • •


Spring born single suckled bulls 30 yearling Hereford steers 400kg+ Holstein/Friesian steers 400kg+ Hereford & Angus steers 350kg+ Hereford & Angus heifers Please call Clive Mahony on 07703 563782 for more details




Heifers Calved • 18 Mnth NZ Bullers only £535

45 Pedigree Angus. 25 Black Hereford Bullers. 40 Angus x 18 mnths. 20 Sim Cow Herd. Details and Full List


Fabdec Every Day collection Bulk Milk Tank 5,000lt c/w Water heater,2 compressor units and control box

Tel: 01455 282919 Mobile: 07702 107851 ¬

2 PEDIGREE MONTBELIARDE Bulls For sale. 4 Year TB.

Tel: 01524 751468 Lancs (P) DAIRY FARMERS if you want unassisted calvings of your heifers plus the sale of the calves by Red Poll bull.Reasonable prices DFQ. Tel 01485 578500

SUPREME CHAMPION of North West British Blue Club Calf Show 1st September 2012 By Colos Van Daisel out of New Close Cilla Blak FOR SALE at Carlisle on Saturday 13th October Further details at


PETER JONES LIVESTOCK LTD Pe t e r J o n e s : Tel no 01829 730 580 / 07720 892 922 Email: info@peter joneslivestock

/ 07831165705



4 years old by Denmark but not registered. Dam can be seen Ideal for Heifers.


Tel 07931127452 Preston (P)

2 JERSEY Bulling Heifers £350

Ideal for Heifers. SAC Health Scheme, 4 year TB. -Tel: 07921 674041 Lancs (P)

Heifers. -Tel 01974 821396 or 07929 338883 West Wales (P)

each. -Tel 01995 640492 or 07979 503145 Lancs (P)

PED SIMMENTAL BULL 4YO By Wishful Thinking.Also Pure Sim bulling Heafers

Tel 01332 700643 07803180609 S Derbys (P)


07850 574309 (P)



Beef Cattle

Willnant Gina Lot 56 - Carlisle British Blues 13th October

LOCKETT BULL HIRE & SALES All pedigree beef available. All collected and delivered anywhere.

Tel: 01260 226286 or 07712 043517 anytime

Sire; Mountjoy Utopia Dam; Lukeroyal Bimbo (RWAS Supreme Champion 2008)

Contact; Adrian WIlliams M; 07709 509806 E;

DIEULACRESSE PEDIGREE ABERDEEN ANGUS & PEDIGREE HEREFORD BULLS Have for sale a selection from 12-24 Months. Good shape, easy calving strain, quiet to handle. Progeny suitable for the Waitrose Beef Scheme. High health status herd. Delivery possible. Tel: 01538 300331 or 07968 622950 Staffs


WANTED Limousin Bulling Heifers

Contact Stuart Tel - 01942 723479

4 BLACK GALLOWAY Steers. Well grown and healthy, 23 months old. TB4

14 Heifers.

Tel: 01200 446704 (P)

16 Months old. 4 year TB area.

Tel 07533 934007 Lancs (P)

Tel 01729 825517 Settle, North Yorks (P)

20 BLACK HEREFORD X FRIESIAN HEIFERS Approx 2 - 2 1/2 years old. Good well grown cattle. Have run with saler bull since mid May. TB 4 Area. Tel 01362 683527 or 07747 762801 (NORFOLK)

PEDIGREE HEREFORD CATTLE 6yr old incalf cows with calves at foot. Quality blood lines. TB Free, Hi-health acc Tel 07723339774 West Wales (P)

5 BELGIUM BLUE X HEIFERS For sale 2 with lim x calves 3 in calve very good sort and quite.£1500 Each.

Tel 01938 570515/078669678 75 Shropshire mid Wales

BEEF SHORTHORN 3 Pedigree 18 Month old Bulls.

Fit to bull.

PEDIGREE CHAROLAIS HERD For sale. Cows, Heifers and Bulls. Some natural polled. Never had TB. Tel: 01239 682022 or 07832 142617 West Wales (P)

PEDIGREE BEEF SHORTHORN BULL 5 years old. Roan. Sire "Uppermill Recto". Tel: 01484 606789 or 07785 301742 West Yorkshire (P)

BROOK BULL HIRE & SALE All Beef/Dairy Breeds. Delivery/Collected. All areas covered Tel: Karen 07721 775157 New Stock Bulls Available

PURE BRED WAGYU BULL 20 months old 650kg Good temperament

Tel 017684 83245 07970671225 Cumbria (P)

LIMOUSIN BULLS (2) 3 years old. Quiet, good workers. £1,600 or £3,000 for both. Tel: 07788 585309 North Wales (P)

8 LIMOUSIN HEIFERS 13-16 months, Suitble for breeding

BEEF SHORTHORN 5 pedigree bulling heifers 18 months old 2 cows and calfs for sale sac health,bvd and jhne's accredited

Tel 01544 262703 07846128149 (P) Herefordshire

HIGHLAND CATTLE 6 Pedigree Cows, unregistered, with 6 calves.

Tel 07780886219 North Wales (P)

SAC tested, BDV, Lepto, Johnes and IBR,


Tel - 01228 576304 Cumbria (P)

Cows plus beef Shorthorn Calf.


TB 4 year.

Tel: 01256 701379 Hampshire (P) PEDIGREE SALERS BULL RIGEL BRED Black, very quiet. Easy calver, progeny can be seen. High health status, TB 4 Area.

Tel: 01904 738239 or 07850 699980 North Yorkshire (P)

In-calf cows, In-calf heifers and Bulling heifers. Also Shorthorn x Highland Bulling Heifers.

POLLED CHAROLAIS BULL Pure bred Ready for work Good temperament. Tel: 01924 299993 or 07971 100093 West Yorks (P)

Dogs & Pets



★ ★ ★ PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL Bulls. Easy Calving, Good temperament. Johnes monitored herd. BVD, IBR and Lepto vaccinated. Ready for work. -Tel: 01948 770408 Mobile: 07714 089001 Malpas

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL BULLS By top A.I Sires. Good conformation, quiet. Health scheme member. TB tested. -Tel: Higherem Simmentals 0161 456 6477 N. E. Cheshire

Established 50 years. Top prices paid for all live poultry, up to 20,000 cleared daily. Prompt payment. Catchers supplied if required. Tel: 01926 484552/ 484280. Fax: 01926 484243. Farm Gate (Fresh Poultry Ltd.) Five Ways Road, Hatton, Nr Warwick CV35 7HZ.

B/W nicely marked.Sire Ricky Hutchinson sweep, Brace champ 2010/11 Dam line going back to D Mkteir's Craig. D Mkteirs Ben, Jht Bathgate's Vic.


Tel 07785 917385 Lockerbie (T)

AGENTS REQUIRED. JOHNSTONS HATCHERIES. P.O.L Pullets are 'Dominant'.Sussex,Buff Barred, Leghorn, Partridge brown, Blue, Black, and Barred Rock types available now and forward Tel: 07968 761794 Fax: 028 37507333 Email:


★ ★ ★

1 WHITE BRED Shorthorn Heifer with Bull calf £940. 1 CH Cow, due nov/dec £750. 5 AA bulling heifers, 14-20 months £650. 7 AA heifers 11-12 months £455. 3 AA heifers 2. 1/12- 31/2 months £255 each. 2 BB Bullocks, 15 months £760 each. -Tel: 01913 871483 (P)

9 PEDIGREE RED POLL ,heifers 15-16 months 5 incalvers, 1 stock bull both these lots are suitble to start or replenish a good heard.Black Galloways wanted DFQ.Tel 01485 578500/ 07831165705 .

PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL Bulls. Easy calving, easy fleshing. Good temperament. ready for work. Also pedigree Females. Member of the cattle health scheme R. Smith Tel: 01829 732 929 Tarpor-

ley (P)

2 BRITISH BLUE Young Cows for sale. PD Positive. Also 5 Bristish Blue x Simmental Heifers. Ready to serve. -Tel: 01254 761449 or 07840 490211 Darwen, Lancs

EGG PACKING MATERIALS Trays, Pre-Packs plain and printed. Outer cases. Staples etc. All you need to present your eggs from

J. COULTHURST Bamber Bridge (01772) 623123

16-24 Months. TB Tested. Tel: 01792 390986 or 07967 803252 South Wales (P)

SALERS BULLS Easy Calving, Strong Conformation TB4, Hi-Health, BVD/IBR vacc Good Selection - some Polled

w w w .r ig el p ed i g ree.c o.u k

t el: 07982 813596 or 01642 590125

ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS Pedigree 2 year old. From top AI proven sires. Well made & well grown. Tel 01446 774036 or 07733 245568 Talyfan, Aberdeen Angus

Cowbridge Nr Cardiff (P) 6 SIMMENATAL X COWS. 5-6 years. PD, In-calf to ped Lincoln Red, due march. Quiet and healthy. TB tested Tel: 01664 452152

22 LIMOUSIN X And British Blue x Hefiers. 7-11 months. Dairy bred, good conformation, quiet. TB 4 Area £575 each -Tel: 077258 97426 or 015242 71241 Cumbria (P)

DEXTER CATTLE 12-14 months, 6 bullocks, 2 Maiden pedigree heifers. £350 each ONO. Tel 07869 126616. Lancs (T)

Bull. Good temperament 4 Year TB. Genuine reason for sale -Tel: 07866 189271 West Yorks (P)

Pedigree Bull for Sale. Producer of Good Stock. Tel Philip Dixon 01772 877289

PEDIGREE BEEF Bulls for sale or hire, all breeds. TB tested. -Tel: 01282 601889 or 07808 931349

Lancs (T) 2 PEDIGREE LINCOLN Red Cows, with 7 month old calves. Incalf again -Tel: 01427 884792

Notts (P)

SALERS HERD FOR SALE DUE RETIREMENT 40 Cattle including Bulls, Heifers,& Calves , Mostly Polled Tel : 01326 240232

Cornwall (P)

LIMOUSIN BULLS For sale, 16 -19 months old. Pure bred.

Tel: 01244 547170 or 07774 299949 North Wales (P)

PEDIGREE ABERDEEN ANGUS Stock Bull, 5 years old. Selling due to coming into his own daughters. Excellent stock getter, very quiet. 4 Year TB Area

Months. Ready to work. Outstanding conformation. Easy calving strain -Tel: 07432 645982 Notts

PEDIGREE REGISTERED Polled. Hereford Bulls. 15-17 month. TB Tested. -Tel: 01260 227358 or 07875 635661 North Staffs (P)

PEDIGREE ANGUS Bulls and Heifers. 17 months old. Quiet and vaccinated. -Tel : 01995 670306 or 0752 1389732 Lancs (P)

ABERDEEN ANGUS Bulls and Females. Seafield Pedigrees. Delivered -Tel : 01527 66191 Mobile : 07715 764351 Worcs


Bulls. Selection of 15, mixture of home and Canadian genetics. POA. Tel: 07590 444368. Cheshire (P)

ABBERTON ABERDEEN ANGUS Pedigree bulls & heifers, elite Health - Tel: 01386 462534

PEDIGREE HEREFORD Bulls. 16 Months old. Top bloodlines, grass fed -Tel: 07989 655187 Staffs (P)

of lay pullets, day old chicks/broiler chicks. Popular breeds, Commercial Brown Hybrids POL, Blackrocks, Light Sussex and other coloured hybrids. Ducks, ducklings. Feed & accesories. Nationwide Delivery-Tel: 07946 761435/ 01270820626 Nantwich, Cheshire WELSUMMER HATCHING EGGS (large fowl) from selected quality dark egg strain. Good example of breed. Enthusiasts only please. Also stock cockerels available occasionally. Also Brownleg Horn Bantams cockerels

Contact Dean 463536 Halifax (p)



Warrens/Novo Brown £4.90. BOCM feeds from £6.50. Poultry bedding, feeders, drinkers, health products and accessories at competative prices. Tel: R J Fahey - 07984 949188 Knutsford.

Google Cheshire Chickens CHESHIRE

CHICKENS Warrens/Novo Brown From £4.90. BOCM feeds from £6.80. Poultry bedding, feeders, drinkers, health products and accessories at competative prices. Tel: R J Fahey 07984 949188 Knutsford.

POL DUCKS Always avalible,best egg strains Cherry vally 2000/White Campbell, 300 plus eggs, also pol Hybrid pullets, Blackrocks,Goldlines ect Prices can't be beat.Delivery nationwide Tel 01829 730876 07892910332

Cheshire (P) KC FEMALE

Ducklings £219 per 100. All our world famous white feathered ducks that lay extra large eggs. Table Ducklings £9 at 8 weeks. £85 per 100. Goslings Large type £4.50 each. Tel :029

2088 2183

R. MILLER POULTRY AND EQUIPMENT We sell poultry feed, health products, Incubators & brooders, feeders ,drinkers, Vermin, netting ,twill weld ,creosote/corrugated sheets. Small poultry housing - Tel : 01772 613719 Lancs

POL BLACK ROCK White Star, I.S.A Browns, RIR, Light Sussex, etc. Also Growers & hatching eggs. Arks and huts available. Brochures by request -Tel:07768 790962


TB Tested.

Tel: 01142 851429 or 07811 378666 Sheffield (P)

Tel 01629 534302 Derbyshire (P)

Sire Perth Champion, good conformation, quiet. Accredited herd free of BVD, Lepto and Johnes disease. Broadhey Simmentals, TB tested -Tel: 01663 747401 or 07792 326131 Derbyshire/Cheshire Border (P)

styrene boxes. Recycled and new Pulp Trays delivered throughout the UK or can be collected. PR6 Chorley. Tel - 01257 260743 info-

★ ★ ★

POINT OF LAY Pullets direct from the breeder Tom Barron Ltd. The Poultry Farm, Square Lane, Catforth, Preston PR4 0HQ - Tel 01772 692078

Leics (P)

Silver Pencilled Wyandotte pullets, Chocolate Partridge Wyandotte pullets and Bearded Silkies. Tel: 01772 681535 Lancashire,

Fylde Coast (P)


0800 2799928

working parents,good temperament, b/w, b/w and tan 6 weeks old, dogs £150, bitches £180 Dorset

Tel: 07876 408585¬

WHITE PEKIN and Barbu d-uccle

MARANS Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Bartle Blue. - Tel: 01772 726828 or mobile: 07507 874408 2mins M6 Jun 32 Lancs (T)

HEN PEN 10 feet by 6 feet houses up to 50.2 triangular pens 3m surplus feeders and drinkers hen cratesTel 07718524818 Wrexham (P)

SHEEP DOG Newly trained 18 months old dog sheep,good nature

Tel 015242 51285 07815469539 Settle area (P)

TRIO'S OF BLUE Andalusians, Silkie's and Mandarin Ducks. -Tel: 01772 690272 Preston,Lancs


400 HOLYBERRY 91S & 92 TURKEY HENS 11 weeks old. Garth Turkeys. Lancaster - Tel: 01524 751278 (T)



available. - Tel: R. Miller. The Poultry Farm, Moss House Lane, Much Hoole, Preston. 01772 613719

AND OR HANDLING COURSES Experienced Professional Trainer Competitive Rates For Good Results For Further Info Contact

P.O.L Warren Pullets, large or small

POINT OF LAY Pullets always

07908 527767 quantities. Also, a good selection of Hybrid POL Pullets -Tel: 07790 455063 North Yorks (T)

P.O.L WARREN PULLETS Fully Vaccinated, excellent layers. -Tel: 0783 5555617 or 01207 580047

County Durham (P) TURKEYS 6 and 11 week old White hens all sizes Norfolk Black 11week old. All at best prices - Tel: 01706 813067 / 07931 194821 Lancs (T)

P O LAY Warren and Lohmann Brown Pullets quality reared fully vaccinated . Northern Pullet Rearers Ltd. - Tel: 01995 640482 (T)

1 TRIO OF Golden Dutch Bantams, 14 weeks old. £25 -Tel: 01942 818670 or 07747 605633 Lancs



Legarth Large white strain.Breeding or Chritmas £15 each. Tel: 01642 778144 North Yorkshire (P)

FANCY CHICKS From Day old. Also POL Pullets. Tel 07732 941117 or 07795 180511 N. Wales (T)

HENS, DUCKS &Geese for your garden -Tel: 01253 813178 Lancs

TRIO GOLDEN Appenzellers 14 weeks old £20 . Tel 07824751764 Lancs (p)

POL LIGHT SUSEX BANTAMS Pullets. Also Light Sussex Pullets and Barnevelder Pullets. A pair of Aylesbury ducks and a pair of White Pheasants. Tel: 07880 558727



2 GOOD YOUNG DOGS Working very well at hand with good stop. Tel: 0777 9560001 Hope Valley, Derbyshire (P)

JACK RUSSELL Puppies, Small, smooth coated. Black and Tan. Docked, dew clawed. Lovely temp. On a family farm. -Tel: 07739 647424 Shropshire/Cheshire

Borders (P)

BORDER COLLIE Pups. Black and White Bitches. Also Blue Merle Dogs. Farm Bred. Tel: 01457 869343 or 07811 877227 Derbyshire (P)

RED+WHITE sheep dog pup, 5 Months old,working sheep nicely and very friendly. Tel 01729 822899 07814146650 N Yorks (P)


Fully trained. Works well with both cattle and sheep. Tel - 07704 494473 (P)

KELPIE X PUPPIES 7 weeks old. Excellent parents. Tel: 958645 North Wales (P)



Agriculture’s National Newspaper

Tel: 01600 713574 or 07979 066736 Herefordshire (P)

EGG PACKAGING Pulp and Poly-

heiffers. All home bred. Tel 07854 514606 Leics (T)

★ ★ ★ PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL BULLS 18 Months old. Grand

Pekin and Light Sussex. Call ducks also available. Please call stuart for more details on 07711 592979

large fowl £15. Trio of Light Sussex Bantams £20. - 01706 821729


2 years 3 months old. Docile, excellent breeding and confirmation. Proven

Dogs and Bitches. Just started and fully broken.



Tel: 015396 23207 Cumbria (P)

For sale. Farm or Trial standard.


Milliefleur Bantams. Wormed, 2012 hatched. Handled by children. -Tel: 01925 730207 Warrington (P)

Google Cheshire Chickens


pullets with cockeral, 18 week old. Wheaton Maran stock Cockeral, dark egg strain, 18 weeks old. -Tel: 07789 434903 Cumbria (P)


HEREFORD BULLS From 14 mths also 4 YO Stock Bull by top Sire. Tydesmoor Polled Herefords Tel: 01298 871590 Derbys


£15, Trio £25. Muscovy Ducks Pair £15 Trio £20. Possible delivery -Tel: 01229 777855 South Cumbria

various ornamentals, Also pol light sussex Tel 01772 616260 07771 906564 (P)


cockerels 15 -22 weeks old, Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Copper Maran, Leghorn X nice birds £5 each. -Tel :01616 536908 or 07857 882845 Lancs (P)




POLLED HEREFORD BULLS Quiet with good shape. Established Breeder. Also some Females. Tel Bernard Rimmer: 01524 792748 or 07714 254564 Lancs


Leicestershire (P) Stock Bull. TB 4, Lepto, BVD Vacc. Tel: Henry on 07866 222062 (T)

TRIO LEGHORN X £36. Assorted

Leicestershire (P)



Good healthy stock TB4. Will split

By Tarrant Waverley. Well grown 750kilos plus.

FEMALES of all ages. Heifers and cows in-calf. Tel: 01978 780368 or 01978 664418 or 07986 113221

Wrexham (P)


27 months, well muscled, 4 year TB area, TB tested and semen tested.



Voltage Stunners etc. For all types of poultry and game birds. Sedgbeer Processing Supplies. -Tel: 01373 812445 or 07850 975303

12 Approx £6 Tel 01254 55559 Blackburn

ROTWEILLER X Collie Pups for sale. 4 Bitches -Tel: 01544 230864

Herefordshire (P)

BLACK TURKEYS 20 Weeks old. Ready to go. Call Glenn on: 01625 850320 Stockport (P)

YOUNG MIXED Breed Cockerills £1 each . -Tel 01254 761449 or Mobile 07544 589127 Lancs (P)

2 TURKEYS 1 male and 1 female. Tel - 01450 375859 Hawick (P)

Agriculture’s National Newspaper

DAY OLDS to P.O.L Ducks. Ring R.Miller - Tel: 01772 613719 Lancs


WARREN POL pullets, £8 . Tel

0800 2799928

01772 690622 Preston (P) Dogs & Pets

Livestock Services


Farmers Guardian

Mr McDonough had 5 Bearded Collie pups for sale. He had over 20 calls Friday and sold all by Saturday. The calls were from Wiltshire, Yorkshire, Wales, Scotland & The Lake District. He was very pleased with his response & cancelled the advert straight away. All the pups went to a good working homes. SENNYBRIDGE, POWYS

Quality Farm & Trial Dogs, each to be worked before sale. Catalogues Available on line

CLEE TOMPKINSON & FRANCIS 01874 622488 Golden Doodle Puppies (Golden Retriever x Labradoodle (Yellow Labrador x Apricot Poodle) 8 weeks old very strong pups, well handled and ready now. £550.00 ono Wrexham 01978 310241 07831 165191


SUNDAY 21ST OCTOBER WORKING COLLIE DOGS AT HAMMERLANDS, MOFFAT Closing date - Friday 5th October Tel: (01387) 279495

Craven Cattle Marts Ltd 01756 792375

SKIPTON AUCTION MART Friday 26th October Autumn Sale of WORKING SHEP DOGS (ent close Friday 12th October)

★ ★ ★ CONCRETE GROOVING & CONCRETE GRINDING to roughen up those smooth areas

Tel: 0784 110 4442

★ ★ ★

SHEEP AND CATTLE Scanning Contact - Trevor Dobson on: 07813 562 201 Clitheroe (T)

DAVID PICKLES Sheep shower and dipping service - Tel: 01524 241433 (T)



Lancs / Yorks -Tel: John Wood 07896 840900 Trawden

Contact Robert Garth - Tel: 07971 874939

Cows and Bulls Wanted for Export TOP PRICES PAID


payment in 2 days

RING NOW ON: 01704 893161YARD OR 07768 051800 (24Hrs) EMAIL:

Tel: 07774 620008

Anytime Lancashire & Cumbria DAILY COLLECTION

NORTHERN FALLEN STOCK LTD "Daily Collections Of All Classes Of Fallen/Casualty Cattle, Sheep, Pigs & Horses In, LANCASHIRE,CUMBRIA & YORKSHIRE" Best rates for removal - GUARANTEED!! TEL:- 0845 6029749 Simon 07969 890369 Edward: 07860 289176


10% CASHBACK/DISCOUNT ON ALL GRANT WORK Contact: Walter at Paladin Farm Services Limited Tel: 01946 862059

Concrete Grooving For less than £1.00 per square metre

Livestock Services

John F. Helliwell

To find out how call

01900 827 000 or visit

ROBINSON MITCHELL LTD Daily collections of all types of fallen stock throughout the North of England. Tel: 01524 261144 or 01524 263022 or 01274 833196




Plain & Lame Cows & Bulls Wanted. Also casualty collection service with veterinary certificates direct



hire and / or buy PAC training collar / fence control, biting, worrying, running and escaping.We will post items. Tel: 0800 7812899. (9am-8pm). Email:



SATURDAY 20 October at 10.30 a.m.




to our own abattoir.


Cheshire. Yorkshire.

Lancs, Cumbria,

TEXT OR TELEPHONE STEPHEN: 07860 636 605 DAVID: 07842 876 590 OFFICE: 01772 626 951

PETER BODDY WANTED: All types of cattle, plain, lame, casualties, down cows on vet certificates. All areas covered. Immediate collection 24hour call out, 7 days a week. Contact us : 01706 812424 or: 01706 817133 Mobile: 07831 222384

SHEEP SCANNING 14 Years experience Optional 3 way drafter. Midlands & North West

Phil Preece Tel: 07974 575084

Shaun Mills WANTED Plain & Lame Cows & Bulls and casualty cattle on vets certificates. Top prices paid. Covering Yorkshire / Lancashire. Contact us 24hrs, 7 days a week: 07813 362218 or 07788 553132

HIGH PEAK Livestock Scanning CATTLE



upright hydraulic crush covering Lancashire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Malcolm Pheasant - Tel: 07966 679153

Services. Contact David Astley.Tel: 01457 863151 or Mobile 07976 773797 (T)

IAN SMITH Scanning services. -



O'Donnell -Tel: 01900 817009 or 07759 194600 Nationwide

Tel: 01200 445750 or 07976 539197

grooving. GEOFF CLAPHAM -Tel Sarah on 01697 320880



Horses for Sale Farmers Guardian Please be mindful before entering into any deals. Proceed with caution. Farmers Guardian highly recommends having horses vetted before parting with any money when purchasing a horse. When selling your horse always ensure you have the full payment prior to releasing goods. Farmers Guardian are not responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer. STUNNING SPORTS HORSE Quality homebred 3yo gelding out of race winning TB mare by Foxcourt Andante. Currently approx 16.1hds, Straight and sound with no blemishes. Good with farrier and to box. Ready to be broken in and begin his career in earnest. Very biddable and trainable. Bargain at £1800 Telephone: 01970 624927 Mobile: 07971 667550 16.2 Irish Sport Gelding HUNTER 9yo. Done unaffil SJ, dressage and WH always placed, Hacks well in company but can be nervous on his own. Lives on farm so used to machinery and livestock. Can be a little spooky so not for the nervous rider £3,000 ono Mobile: 07878 397 469 QUALITY YOUNGSTER 3 year old competition gelding. Bay 16.2hds. Dam ID x TB, Sire Sydney K. AES. Good with farrier, to load and sound with good bone. Dam has produced good SJ and Dressage stock. Price to sell and does not reflect his true value - £1500 Telephone: 01970 880848 Mobile: 07929 115389 All Rounder horse - 6 yrs 14.2 hds Grey - Lancashire Won & placed WH/SJ. XC Schooled and lightly hunted, would event. 100% to do. Will happily take a novice rider round a course of fences, Jumped BS 1m class on a ticket. JA Prospect. Fully Reg'd and Green passported £4,000 OVNO vetted 5 stage cert available. Mobile: 07857 880188 3 YEAR OLD BRIGHT BAY SHP READY FOR BREAKING AND BACKING Home bred gelding. Was 3 in July. He has all the characteristics that are desirable in a show hunter pony, excellent conformation, 3 nice paces and a good length of rein. Bright Bay in colour and has the classic black lower legs. Stands at approx 14.1hds. Wispa is by the brilliantly talented Thursden Valley Raphael who was purposely selected based on his results, temperament, conformation, success, and blood lines. £1500 o.n.o located in the Burnley area. Telephone: 07932 644 785 16.3hds 4 yrs KWPN Gelding by Temple Valentino By Valentino (indoctro) out of a Cavalier mare that has jumped international tracks. AES Reg'd. Home bred, currently untried and a blank canvass, ground work is in place and he's ready to break. can be broken if need be. £3000 Lancashire based Call for details 07857880188

Lovely 14.2hds 4 yrs Connemara Gelding Schooling well on the flat ready for a prelim & jumping a small course of coloured fences. Lightly hunted over in Ire and has been to PC Camp. Anyone's ride!! £3,200ono *NO Timewasters - sad private sale of own horse* Mobile: 07857880188 Tilly 12.2hds Mare 19yrs Young Currently used as a riding school pony teaching children on and of the lead rein she loves to jump, hack and is fab on the beach. Great to shoe, box, catch, will live in or out. sad sale due to children have out grown her. Good home wanted! Telephone: 01253 894527 Mobile: 07955651034


16.1hds Tb Gelding Allrounder 12yr, Forward going but safe. Hacks alone/company. Bold and scopey over a fence jumping. Dressage is good and has been very successful unaffiliated. Has Evented. 100% Box Shoe and Clip. Owner going to uni hence low price Comes with a full wardrobe £2,000 Claire - 07568 514980

16.3hds 4yo Warmblood by Libra K Dark Bay AES Reg. Works well on the flat. Done rc activities, fun rides and recently reg bsja starting british novices. Good to box and shoe, etc. Open to vet - 5* Home Only For Sale due to lack of time work commitments. £8500 Mobile: 07926587681

Beautiful 15.3Hds Heavy Weight Black & White Cob 8 year old. Very sad sale due to owners health. Lives in or out, excellent stable manners hacks out alone/company. Excellent with farrier/Vet/Dentist and all up to date including worming. £2,995 including tack and some rugs. Experienced 5* home only. Tel: 07752462066

Black and White 14.2hds with Filly Foal, Black with Star. Gelding 6 years old, 14hds, coloured Cob. Coloured 18 Months old filly, nicely Coloured. All well handled, wormed and ready for new home.


Tel: 01706 822862 or 07970 74174 Lancs (P)


Follow us on Facebook North West Open Championships Sat 13h & 14thOct North West Open Championships Unaffiliated S/J Start 5-30pm with C/R Wed 17th Oct 7pm Start 75cms followed by 85cms & 95cms classes Sat 20th & 21st Oct North West Open Championships Wed 24th Oct Working Hunter Clear Round Start 5-30pm Sat 27th & 28th Oct North West Open Championships Wed 31st Oct Unaffiliated S/J Start 5-30pm with C/R Sat 6th & 7th Oct.

KELSALL HILL Open Farm Ride Weekend Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th October £14 per horse The farm ride is available every day weather permitting - just ring us in advance! 07809 689 972

Potential Eventer/Showjumper Stunning homebred 3yr Grey Filly By Cassius V Cathergo Z blood lines, thx lovely temperament, lots of presence/ potential Superb paces will excel showjumper/eventing microchip/vaccinated, standing at 16.1hds ready to break in £3650ono Tel: 07740682802 near Doncaster

16HDS THOROUGHBRED MARE 6 years old. Good to catch & handle. Had a foal. Bay. In good condition. Full paperwork. £1,500 ono.

Tel: 077192 72118 Lancashire (P)

CHORLEY EQUESTRIAN CENTRE Due to downsizing have a small selection of riding school horses and ponies for sale.For further details Tel 01257 268801 Janet (T)

CONNEMARA X Irish Draught. Grey Filly, 3 years old. Approximately 15.3hds. Good in traffic, jumps small poles. Tel: 01461 600256 or 078333 27085 Nr

Carlisle (P)

WELSH X ID 3 year old Filly, 15hds. Stunning Looking, Liver Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. Ready to break £900. -Tel: 01298 22739 Bux-

Stunning Connemara Gelding


15.2hds 5yrs grey gelding, con/th hunted, xc, sj, snaffle mouth lovely conformation and paces, bold jump, hacks out good in traffic, shoe, box, clip

Angel is a 13.2 Sec C she is in Foal to ID/cob due in May .Broken to ride+drive good in traffic.

16.3HH BAY GELDING 8 years,

£3250 ono

Tel: 01663747329 Mobile: 07900586362¬


07740682802 Near Doncaster

OSBALDESTON RIDING CENTRE BB2 7LZ For calander schedules and livery details.

Telephone: 01254 813159

ton (P)

home bred, good ride. Suitable hacking, hunting etc. Carry 16 stone all day. £950. - Tel: 07970 212707 SouthYorkshire (P)

Liveries Fantastic Cheshire Yard Good transport links and on-site 2 bed mobile home accom. 18 large, airy stables available to rent alongside 12 DIY stables, could be rented as one block of 18 or split into 1x12 block and 1x6 block. See for more details Mobile: 07760 271323

approximately 15.2hds. ID X Appaloosa £450 -Tel: 01298 22739


Superb All Rounder 13.2hds Mare. Easy to catch, load and handle, traffic proof. Done Pony club, super jumper. £2000 Tel: 07807 007563 Mobile: 07807 007563 Wrexham

Home bred, quality black 2 yr filly By traditional coloured stallion out of Welsh Sec. D mare. Well grown with good bone, conformation and straight movement. Lovely temperament. Sire and dam can be seen. Should make around the 14.2/15 hands. £590 o.n.o. Telephone: 01433 630358

6yr old 100% £ 195 618826 Lancs (P)

Heavy Horses

HORSES & PONIES For sale - Tel: 01772 812514 (T)

2 BLACK COLT FOALS By Eastcote Resolution and Red Brae Black Jack. Well grown with lovely temperaments.

Sally is a 13.3hds 9yr old irish mare who has done fun rides jumping etc she is good to hack alone or in company she is good to box shoe and catch no vices open to vet £1750 ono

Telephone: 01630685651 Mobile: 07791606567

Pony For Sale Lead Rein/First Ridden/Pony Club 9 yr old Welsh Section A Gelding 11.2 hands. He is safe on the roads hacks out alone or in company. Hunted, good to catch, load, travel, vet, farrier, dentist, clip, his jabs and passport are upto date. No vices, He has never had laminitis. Mobile: 07846225188 13.2hds Super Safe All-rounder 138cm PC/JC jumping-pony & All-rounder, 12years old coloured schoolmistress. Would never bolt buck or rear. Done all PC activities. Taken jockey from unaffiliated to BSJA and is consistently placed every time out. Won £375 act & £147 not. 100% shoe, box. £5250 OVNO Mobile: 07725084072

Equestrian Vacancies

10 MINIATURE JACK DONKEYS For sale from £350 each. 3 Standard donkeys for sale (coloured) from £350 each.

Horses Wanted

Tel: Tina on 07989 052361 DONKEY White Jenny, 4 years,

homes assured -Tel : 01565 830718

Coloured Irish Pony

Miniatures & Donkey's

Tel: 07951156541¬

HORSES & Ponies wanted. Good

Excellent Competition Prospect Black 5 year old warmblood by an advanced Dressage Stallion with Olympic Fero bloodlines, out of full Hanoverian SHB Head Stud Book mare of Weltmeyer bloodlines. Open to good offers but the right home is more important than the price. Telephone: 01924524629 Mobile: 07733112933

Tel 01282

sweet nature - Tel: 01697 746994 or 07789 241454 Cumbria (P)



HOLCOMBE HUNT FARMERS BALL At Rivington Barn. Black Tie. Thursday 25th October at 8pm. £25 Per ticket including supper and disco.

Contact Kath Smith: 07963 836982 or Jane Heal: 01706 81008 or Email: (T)

Assistant Head of Mechanisation Further Education

An exciting new opportunity has arisen to join the Mechanisation Department at Myerscough College in their new state-of-the-art Mechanisation building. The successful candidate will be required to provide leadership and co-ordination for nominated FE programmes to ensure accurate information, advice, guidance and support is provided to learners to ensure they are placed onto the right learning programme to meet their aspiration and capability. BA/BSc (Hons) or equivalent in a related discipline or significant proven industrial experience, along with a teaching qualification are essential. Salary £23,241 - £27,394 per annum. Closing Date: Friday 26 October 2012.

Instructor in Mechanisation To deliver instruction in Mechanisation at all levels. To assist Mechanisation lecturers in module delivery and prepare equipment and workshop areas. Level 3 qualification in a related discipline, along with GCSE in English, Numeracy and I.T. are essential. Must be willing to undertake a teaching qualification (if not already obtained). Salary £15,637 - £19,010 per annum. Closing Date: Friday 19 October 2012. The College is committed to safeguarding and promotes the welfare of all learners and expects all staff to share this commitment.

Tack & Clothing KELSALL HILL Premium Quality haylage and hi-fibre bales £6.50 Premium Quality hay bales £6.00 All individually wrapped so no mess or wastage and can be stored outside. Ideal for travel away. All bales guaranteed for 6 months. Delivery options avaliable Contact 07809 689972 for more options

Trailers & Boxes HORSEBOX Ifor Williams Horsebox on a Nov. 2000 Ford Transit. The box is in mint condition £4950 ono 12 mths mot 121k Tel: 01132037633 Mobile: 07717290044


2ND HAND Iforwilliams Trailers. Any model. -Tel: 075950 68968 (P)

WANTED trailer.

Ifor Williams horse

Tel: 07921 674041


Trailers & Boxes

Stables Arenas & Fencing

HFB Trailers Leek

Transport & Shipping


Various sizes available

HORSE TRANSPORT Anytime, Anywhere. Visit: or phone David on: 07855 817707

ideal farm hand!

Tanalised Pine Doors with galvanised surrounds, fittings and frames, 50mm thick.

Main Distributors for Ifor Williams Trailers.

Full range of Ifor Williams new & used trailers in stock. P.ex Welcome For friendly service & reliable trailers

01824 750100

A large selection of used horse trailers

Tel: 01538 306212 Fax: 01538 306420 or visit our website:

Ifor Williams 510 horse trailer takes 2 full size horses £2500 ono Telephone: 01706370599

Equestrian Property

FREE OFFER Due to a site relocation we have to clear some stock Equestrian Carpet Shred suitable for outdoor or indoor surface

FOR 3 horses. Would suit Mother & Daughter. Off road hacking. (J6 M61). Please ring before 8pm - Tel: 07785 361396 Bolton

Haulage only cost 25 Ton loads in 700 kilo bales Average cost £450 for a working surface



FENCING RAILS round fencing posts, square sawn fencing posts. Galvanised gates, timber gates, hinge sets and fasteners. Spars, joists, tanalised timbers, plywood sheets and slates - Tel: R.J. Sharples 01772 250708 / 556019 (T)


.Double mobile stable,20mm log lap cladding,mounted on 80mm box section steel skids£2850+vat Tel 07751 594381 or email Lancs (T)


Entries for Show & Sale in Catalogue 10 Filly Foals, 15 Colt Foals, 2 Yearling Fillies, 1 Filly 2 yr o, 3 Geldings 4-5 yr o, 7 Aged Mares 4-8 yr o. Catalogues available on the day. Show admission £3. Potential Purchasers must register in the pay office. Also at 10.00 am Sale of Harness/Tack Entries taken on the day from 7.00 am Anticipated Entry 300 lots. Enquiries to or 07850 250 641

STABLES 10 x 12 £600 20 x 12 £1,000. All prices plus VAT and includes. 20 years experience in supply and manufacture. Ring for further details - Tel: 01226 750500

RUBBER CHIP clean, screened, wire free. Bulk deliver or collect. Samples, quotes - Tel : 01282 414411 Burnley (T)

CHEAP PVC GRANULES For all types of arena, indoor / outdoor use. UK Delivery included - Tel : 01995 606519 for best prices (T)

TIMBER STABLES Billy Davidson or - Tel: 01429 838720 (T)

Agriculture’s National Newspaper

FREEPHONE Feedstuffs & Bedding

Equestrian Services

D.W. TURNER LICENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER Horses and Ponies put down at home and removed at unbeatable prices.


Distance no object. 24hrs, 7 days a week.

Large with 4 cubic foot Collector. Opening back door for easy emptying. Can be towed behind quad, 4 x 4 etc. New hose. GX340 Honda 11HP Engine. Good starter and runner £750

Tel: 01629 640305 or 07836 370426

Tel: 01538 723462 Staffs (P)

Horses taken for immediate slaughter.



£8,495 + VAT


To see our full range of commercial vehicles visit us online at

Part Exchange available please call for details.

Visit Andy Reynolds - Sandicliffe’s LCV expert at Melton Market every Tuesday or contact him on 07875 073418


Equestrian Auctions

Judging 9.30 am

4 x 4s

A Commercial from Sandicliffe is the

STABLE DOORS TEL: 01772 600395 FAX: 01772 601389 Open 7 days


0800 2799928

Tel: 01270 528273 or 07768 881487 Cheshire HAYLAGE Squares in 4ft and 5ft bales. Top quality new seed and meadow grass. -Tel 01942 829818 or 07785 361396 HAYLAGE/HAY Superior quality in large round bales. Delivery or collection. Also Square bales - Tel: 01772 321307 or 07773 780848

PREMIUM QUALITY Hay, Big Bale and conventional bale,analysed. Tel 0797 9476377

Staffs (P)

Tel Andy on:

07875 073418

your great motoring family

Tel: 01509 638843

LAND ROVER COUNTY DEFENDER TD5 04 Reg in silver. 88,000 miles, 12 months MOT, 6 months tax, 4 new tyres. £6,000+VAT

Tel 01229 717075 / 07747 792720 Cumbria (P)

RED LANDROVER DEFENDER V Reg SWV TD5 90,000miles, serviced regularly, MOT/TAX 31/10/12 sunroof plus roof lights, vgc,£5750ono

01948 890313 07974 268239 Shrops (P)

WANTED LANDROVERS 90 & 110 Defenders, all types, C S W Any condition and mileage cash waiting and pick up same day Tel : 07779 011 061 or 01706 875 393

LANDROVER Defender 90 hard top,09, black, 18,500 miles,FSH, Taxed/MOT March,immaculate. £14,950+ VAT

Tel: 01748 823266 Mobile: 07711 941691 ¬

HIGH QUALITY HAYLAGE Lab tested, excellent feed for horses. Small bales or large. Easibed, Shavings, Waste Paper. Hay/straw small or large bales. Will deliver

Loughborough Derby Road.

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WANTED LANDROVERS 90 s & 110 s Anything considered Distance not a problem Cash waiting contact Tel:- 07732570337 TOYOTA HILUX'S/ANY 4 WHEEL DRIVES WANTED Any condition/Any location considered. Cash paid/waiting Tel: 07787 743251 or 01457 852900




Any condition. Best Price Paid

Tel: 07703 559621




4 x 4s AUDI A6 2.5 TDI QUATTRO SPECIAL EDITION Recent Tax / MOT / Service. Quartz Grey. Auto Tiptonic, Diesel, 4WD + elevating suspension, Sat Nav, Parrot bluetooth interface (+ipod usb & aux) Radio +6CD changer, leather seats, PAS, Cruise control, Air Conditioning, Passenger air bag, Tinted windows, Alloy wheels, Tow bar, Chrome roof rails, Remote central locking. Mileage 96,500. Price £6995. Tel. 01233 623618


Motors Leyland Daf 54 with 16ft cattle container Aluminium parting and rear loading gates. Livestock Containers manufactured to your requirements 28ft cattle boxes ready now.

JHC Livestock Trailers 01271850860 / 07793986600



K Choice of Colours K ABS with EBD 2.5DiD +VAT K 134BHP 4 Door, 5 Seater K K CD/Radio/MP3


PLUS VAT (20%) PLUS RFL (£200) PLUS REG FEE (£55). Delivery Miles.


01772 652323

K Can Tow 2700kg K Super Select 4WD K 5 Year Warranty K 3 Year Roadside Assistance

LEYLAND DAF 7.5T complete with 18ft livestock container.Tax and mot'd

Tel 07801 850703 Carlisle (P)


2003 RENAULT Premium, 370


NEW SHAPE 2012 L200 Barbarian 4x4 2.5 DiD Pickup. Spec Includes:

Commercial Vehicle Exports Ltd Sunderland Tel: 0191 516 0316 07710 345 939


mercial Stone - Insurance for farmers motor fleet, private cars, commercial vehicles and farm tractors. Call 0800 9882718


Tippers, Rigids or Tractor Units Scania - Volvo - DAF Mercedes - ERF - Foden All other makes considered Trucks for breaking, engines, gear boxes etc. “Immediate payment. Will view and collect in any area”

TEL 017683 41655/42305 07850 281952




STOCK TO CLEAR 1997 LEYLAND DAF 55/160 7 Horse, New Conversion Body, Full Test 1997 LEYLAND DAF 45.130 6 Horse, New Conversion Body, Full Test

2004 MAN LE18.220 10 Horse, On Air, Low KLS, Test November 2012

2000 MERCEDES ATEGO 815 6 Horse, Full Test

2001 MERCEDES ATEGO 1217 8 Horse, Day Cab, 12 Ton Immaculate Condition, Full Test

2000 DAF 45-130 6 Horse, On Air Suspension, Excellent Condition, Full Test

To view out stock visit our website: Email: Telephone: 01325 332649 Mobile: 07901 857960 Fax: 01325 332649

Eddlethorpe Farm, Stockton Road, Sadberge, Darlington, Co Durham DL2 1TB. ALL VEHICLES ARE PLUS VAT

2004 (04) Man ML 1225 12ton gvw, 8speed manual gearbox, 206,000 klms, warranted mileage, service history,fitted with 18ft body, ideal for cattle container, very tidy condition.

01244-532261 07949007853

LIVESTOCK CONTAINER 24ft Houghton Livestock container with sheep decks, no electric but in excellent condition. (Ripon) Telephone: 01765 658 441 Mobile: 07778 674 048

Ford Iveco 7.5 ton cattle/horse box. 2x new batteries, new brakes, end door, well shod, kitchen to finish. Good tidy vehicle. First to see will buy. Tel 07825361499. E Yorks

DCi, 6x2 rigid drawbar, 31ft flat, rear lift, taxed & tested Tel 07831 746241 Lincs (P)


55 REG. LEYLAND DAF 45-150 Sleeper Cab 20ft Platform Full MOT Excellent Condition £6,750 Tel: 07802 929007

Reg 18ft lift off container, alloy folding decks with electric lift. May split. £4,500. Tel 015395 63274

South Lakes (P) HOUGHTON 26FT 3 deck, covered 3rd deck. Aluminium sliding decks, good condition, Tel 0771 3881589 Cumbria (P)

CATTLE BOX David Williams with Luton, on 26ft single axle trailer. £1,800 ONO. Tel: 07977 402535. Mid Derbys (P)


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GENERATOR Mosa. 30K VA 3 phase Excellent Condition Only 125 hours £4950 plus VAT


Tel 07971 701061 (Skipton) P


PLANT - MACHINERY & VEHICLE SALES/HIRE Unit 24B, Brampton Road, Longtown, Carlisle, Cumbria CA6 5TR. Tel: (01228) 791110 Fax: (01228) 791831 E-mail:

2009 Bobcat 325 2.9 ton mini excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . £14,750 2008 New Holland E50 2SR 5 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . £18,750 2007 Terex TC 75 Mono 7.5 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . £28,000 2006 Bobcat 325 2.9 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £11,500 2006 Hitachi ZX 25 mini excavator. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £12,000 2006 IHI 80 NX 8 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £21,000 2006 JCB 801.4 1.5 ton mini digger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £7,500 2006 JCB 8030 ZTS 3 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £12,500 2006 Manitou MT 1435 SL Telehandler . . . . . . . . . . . . . £21,000 2006 Yanmar V1055 5.5 ton excavator. . . . . . . . . . . . . . £16,250 2005 Benford/Terex TV 1200 roller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £7,250 2005 Hitachi ZX 30 3 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £11,750 2003 JCB 532-120 12mt tele handler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £17,500 2003 JCB JS 130 13 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £21,000 2002 Landrover Discovery TD 5 Auto Commerical . . . . . . £4,000 2001 Benford 9 Ton Dumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5,500 2001 Wilson generator 40 KVA Generator . . . . . . . . . . . . £4,500 1996 JCB 2 CX Airmaster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £6,750 1996 JCB 803 3 ton excavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £6,500 1996 Landrover 110 SW TDi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5,000 Case 1150 C 1150C Tracked loading shovel . . . . . . £6,500 All above subject to VAT Many more machines in stock, All machines checked & serviced prior to delivery. Please phone with your requirements.

All Sales Items Can Be Viewed at

★ ★ ★ BAG STITCHERS New and recon-

J C B 3C X Si t e m a s t e r plus powershift 1995 jubilee model with every extra including Air con, Auto bucket change from the cab, 6 buckets, 7000 hours in outstanding condition £16,250 NO Vat . Le s Cur r ie Ga r a g es Ltd 01244 390777 M ob ile 07836 221368 w w w.le s cu r r ie ga r a ge s .c


ditioned. repairs, spares and cotton. All makes. Davies Machinery, Northwich - Tel: 01606 48683*

★ ★ ★



Parts & Servicing CONVEYER BELTINGS Silage feeder belts. Chevron and some flighted belts, cattle mats, Yard scraper blades, tanker hoses. All bargains. Many at half price FITZPATRICK Tel:BOLTON (01204) 852360




01225 704923 FAX 01225 700031

A THOMPSON FARMS Agents for Dairymaster Hyd Scrapers. Spares and repairs for most Scraper systems. Quality Scraper Chain always in stock Tel: 01535 633698 W. Yorks



and used machines and attachments,Mustang and Bobcat, Doosan excavators and loading shovels,sales,spares,service,rental Filtermech Tel: 01924 252252 (T)

30 / 40 / 50 /6000 SERIES

WANTED: Any contractors plant.

Tel: 01652 618661 or 01652 618575 07769 940791*

Dead or alive. JCB's, generators, mini diggers, etc. Anything considered. Cash and spares available Tel: 0113 287 1368 mobile: 07710 119745 Leeds



ADDISONS Open 7 Days a Week

Replacement tractor parts Direct to your door Phone for best quotes Mob: 07971 243668 or 01939 260639

BOBCATS For sale used and reconditioned. New and used spare parts. - Tel: 01495 237888 or 07793 744622(evenings)

3 PHASE Butter NBC, 200 amp MIG welder. Excellent condition. Can be see working. £465 Tel 01257 451271 Mobile 07774 426694 Elston Machinery Lancs (T).


JCB 3CX Site ma ste r Tur b o F reg, Gray Cab, Owner Driver with only 3,400 Hours from new.4 buckets, Very good Tyres.Everything in good working order Superb condition. £12,250 NO VAT. Le s Cur r ie Ga r a ges Ltd 01244 390777 Mo bile 07836 221368. w w w.le sc ur r ieg ar a ge .uk Mob : 07836 720940 (T)

DAWOOD 180hp diesel generator. £4,000. Tel: 07747 110718. Cumbria (T)

1996 MF 860 @ POA - Tel 01745 815554 (T)

2002 JCB 8060 @ POA - Tel 01745 815554 (T)


TERRY ELSEY TYRES Is one of the largest Michelin UK tyre dealers.


We also have a large stock of Klebber and other agricultural tyres in stock.

Tel: 01254 826295

Tel: 07764 572016 (N.Yorks)

CLAAS, JOHN DEERE, and other makes, combine harvester 2nd hand and new spares Tel: JMT Engineering 01926 614345*

2002 Case 9007 @ POA - Tel 01745

FORD NEW HOLLAND 675TA N.O.S Short & Long engines as fitted to TX Combines, TM Series & 70 series tractors. Tel: 01489 891288 (T)

815554 (T)

2002 JCB JS130 @ POA - Tel 01745 815554 (T)

2004 Komatsu PC27 (3T) @ POA -


COUNTY SPARES New and Used Also Carrer and ZF axle parts available - Tel : 01584 823681 e-mail:

BREAKING Telehandlers, wheel loaders, excavators -Tel: 01544 230167 or Mobile: 07710 909100

Tel 01745 815554 (T)


2008 Hitachi Zaxis 70 @ POA - Tel 01745 815554 (T)

PTO Pressure Washers & Drain Jetters Up to 3000psi @ up to 30I/min. 1 or 2 lances. Jetting up to 100m. Mainland delivery included.

PRICES FROM £810 + VAT Gearbox available on all models! Ex-Demo units available. Se e us @ Nidder dale Show, M ond ay 24th Septembe r

LANDY Cold water and Hot water electric pressure washers. Agricultural specification. All Steel Construction. Available with timed auto shut down. 1500 p.s.i. @ 11litres/min.

PRICES F RO M £695 + VAT Skipton. N.Yorkshire

Tel: 01756 794291

G REG JCB 3CX @ POA - Tel 01745 815554 (T)

2003 BELLE Diesel Concrete Mixer. Electric Start *JCB 535-95 Telescopic Loadall, late 2007 3342 hours *JLG 3513 Telescopic Handler 2006, 3800 hours *JLG 307 Telescopic Handler 2009, 3280 hours *Haulotte H16 TPX Cherry Picker, Diesel, 1983 hours Tel 07712 881690 (Lancs)


Machinery Wanted

Yanmar SV08 New Machine, 3 buckets, blade, hammer piped, special one off price £10,900 Tel: 01768 866539 07836 777943

P.T.O Generators • U.K built • Heavy duty machines upto 90Kva • 2 year warranty

Plus used generators in all sizes

OIL SEED RAPE PRESS WANTED Tel 01629 812376 / 07977 402535 Derby (P)

Mini Digger , Older 4x4 tractors and Bobcat skid steer Good cash price waiting -Call Matthew

Tel: 07973 833718


• Slurry Storage Systems, Scraper Systems, Pumps & Mixers • Parts & Service for all Slurry Machinery

Call The Experts on: 01524 781900 proven way to spread dirty water 'over 4,500 in use', new, purpose built, Mono, dirty water pumpsets -Tel: 01536 260338.

HP 200 170 145

5 wks £ 539 £ 459 £ 385

10 wks £ 462 £ 394 £ 330

25 wks £ 270 p/w £ 230 p/w £ 192 p/w

NOVEMBER TO MARCH HP 5 wks 10 wks 20 wks 115 £ 315 £ 270 £ 180 p/w With Loader Grab & Bucket 115 £ 343 £ 294 £ 196 p/w

Tel: 01254 826295




To Advertise in Farmers Guardian please call

Honda TRX 500 FE 4x4 . . . . . . . . .£5395


Honda TRX 500 FM 4x4 . . . . . . . .£5200

0800 2799928 ATVs




Cash Paid Tel 07771 993535

Tractor & Machinery Hire

HONDA 300 4X4 TIDY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1895.00 HONDA 250 4X2 ES LOW HRS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2795.00 HONDA 420 4X4X2 TIDY NEW TYRES . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3995.00 HONDA 500 4X4X2 ES GREEN, BIG TYRES . . . . . . . . .£3695.00 HONDA 500 4X4X2 TIDY NEW TYRES . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3995.00 HONDA 500 4X4X2 VERY TIDY - LOW HRS - ES . . . . . . £4750.00 HONDA 500 4X4X2 ROAD KIT - NEW TYRES . . . . . . . .£4895.00 HONDA 500 4X4X2 ROAD REG NEW TYRES - NO VAT .£4150.00 LOGIC PRO SWEEPER - EX DEMO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA LOGIC ROTARY MOWER - EX DEMO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA ALL MACHINES SERVICED + GUARANTEED + VAT FOR SALE & HIRE


FORD FORCE 5000 (1968 - 1970)


P Cowell & Sons Ltd Tel: 01772 653569

Specialist Manufacturers of Slurry Handling Equipment






TEL: 01756 700006

YAMAHA GRIZZLY 450 Quad bike. 4 years old, good condition. £2,500


Honda TRX 420 FE 4x4 . . . . . . . . . .£4950 Honda TRX 420 FM 4x4 . . . . . . . .£4800 Suzuki LTA 750 4x4 PS . . . . . . . . . £6600 Suzuki LTA 400 4x4 . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4695 ALL PRICES + VAT TELEPHONE 01538 304391 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Tel: 07980 578686 Derbys (P)


ATV TRAILERS tandem axle,

01782 796 445 Mobile 07977 074722

sheep feeders, galvanised, road trailers, chain harrows, rollers, manege graders, wheels, hitches etc. Swaledale ATV - Tel: 01282 614321/ 614113 or mobile 07836 315254

GROUNDRIVE SHEEP Snackers. ATV Trailers, off road and road legal, chain harrows, rollers etc Rob Astley Trailers Ltd: 01938 810393 (T)

ATV TRAILERS & EQUIPMENT . Tel: 01282 612795 07885 281036


Yamaha Main Dealer





SLURRY Slurry Aeration Systems

Hydraulic Scraper Systems

Rope Scraper Systems

Office: 01772 422292 Pat: 07827 361 452 Anthony: 07827 361 464

To Advertise in Farmers Guardian please call


0800 2799928

We have the solution for your slurry storage requirements Outlast The Rest, Install The Best

Macrete precast concrete slurry stores, with a life span Earth banked slurry lagoons to suit individual measured in generations and at a competitive price. requirements. Clay or plastic lined

We offer a complete start to finish service on all our projects. This includes planning permission, environment agency certification, design and structural engineerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drawings. We also supply and install slurry pumps and mixing systems. T&P Metcalfe & Son Ltd also supply and erect steel framed buildings for agricultural and industrial purposes. Inclusive of all drawings, certificates, planning permission, groundworks, construction and internal works.

For all enquiries please contact Paul Metcalfe on 07887 812152 TEL: 015242 22230 WEB: EMAIL:


Agricultureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s National Newspaper FREEPHONE 0800 2799928

Although every advertisement is carefully checked, occasionally mistakes do occur.We therefore ask advertisers to assist by checking their advertisements carefully and advise us immediately should an error occur. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for more than ONE INCORRECT insertion and that no re-publication will be granted in the case of typographical or minor changes which do not affect the value of the advertisement. While every endeavour will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers, the publisher does not guarantee insertion of any particular advert.



Tractors & Equipment

Tafe Tractors 2 & 4 wheel drive. Oil immersed brakes. Roll bar or cab. Tel: 01258 817372 - Tractors UK.


4 .5 T O N T R A I L E D L I M E SPR E A D E R R E A DY F O R WO R K OP TI ON OF 2 £8,500 p lu s VAT

Alvin Blance Inclined Mill and Mixer Model No M90RV140 very little use, in excellent condition - new today £9,000 Will accept offers around £4,500 Tel; 01902 492181

Ch ar lie 07780 928560 R o b er t 07967 808285 D al es Ag r i Sa le s Ag e nc y, No r t hum b er la nd

Digger, 4 W/D, 4-in-1 bucket. E Reg, brakes need attention. Extender dig. £4,500 + VAT.





WANTED All fire damaged / redundant 4x4 tractors for Export. £400-£500 per tonne paid Nationwide collection


Telephone Mobile:


WANTED Tractors and diggers,

1997 6300 hours, 1 owner from new. Very genuine tractor. Tel 01630 657736 or 07860 230392 (Shropshire)

07854 865674 most makes. Also accident damage and farm machinery, Kverneland ploughs - Tel: Andrew Kidd 07798 616420 or 01768 898348 Cumbria (T)

WANTED TRACTORS Any condition. Prompt Payment Chris Banks Tel: 01777 870246 or 07971 627574

ZETOR, BELARUS & URSUS Tractors wanted any condition. Also wanted used round balers and wrappers Nationwide Tel: 07854 865674. michaeltractors@


WANTED Wagons, Trailers, Cars, Vans & Plant Electric Motors & Cable Batteries etc. BEST CASH PRICES

Graham Dawson Preston Tel: 01772 617714 Or Mobile: 07974 441342


Jaguar 840, 860 or simular Tel Mobile : 07778 932886 (P)


M O NT R A CO N 1991 -


Tandem axle, stepframe lowloader, 33ft - 22ft bed, winch, folding full width ramp, good tyres, no MOT - £2,200 pl u s VAT on o Sta ff s, Tel : 07973 321079

Barley/Wheat Crusher with Alvan Blanch M90 Mixer. 2006. 3-phase electric motors. One ton Hopper to feed crusher with barley/wheat. All in good working order. £2,500 +VAT ( ONO) M ar k : 07971 491040 ( T )

18 or 21 metre boom width. Tel: 07903 574538. Derbys (T)

KUHN GA7822 SIDE DELIVERY RAKE. 2 ROTORS. Delivers 2 single swaths or 1 large swath. Hydraulic adjustment of rear rotor and curtain. Excellent condition £8250 + VAT Tel 01472 398696 or 07710470033

Most models. Current and classic. New replacement parts. Nick Young Tel: 01673 828883 Email: (Lincolnshire)

HYDRAULIC RAM Wanted for Claas Rollant 44S Tel 01388 488355

Wednesday October 10th 2012 at 9:30 am (2nd Wednesday every month) 1974 Leyland 255 Tractor, Pr Stone Gates Post & Gate , 12 Pheasent Sheds 8x8 , 05 Fiat Ducato LWB Van, 04 Nissan Navara Double Cab , 03 Isuzu Trooper Citation, 02 Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab , 01 Renault Kangoo , 98 Ford Explorer 4x4, Various Timber , Insulation, Builders Sundries , Lawn Mowers , Nissian Terrano 11 Diesel, Mitsubishi L200 D4 Door pickup , Honda 4x4 Quad. or 01625 861122



PARTS DEPT FRI 12/10/12 - DEADLINE Mon 08/10/12 at 5pm WINTER HOUSING & FEEDING at 5pm

ATV’s FRI 19/10/12 - DEADLINE Mon 15/10/12 at 5pm

MUCK & SLURRY FRI 02/11/12 - DEADLINE Mon 29/10/12 at 5pm

PARTS DEPARTMENT FRI 09/11/12 - DEADLINE Mon 05/11/12 at 5pm To book your advert, or for more information, please call Chris Jones or Paul Caunce on 0800 27 999 28



01946 810305 / 07774 242294 COMPRESSOR

Good working order, can be seen working.

BUSINESS INSURANCE SPECIALISTS - Swinton Commercial Stone - Tractors valued upto £3500. Competitive rates for farm insurance and farmers motor fleet. Call 0800 988 2720

KONGSKILDE GRAIN Blower, PTO driven, c/w pipes. Also, Houghton 18ft sheep and cattle alloy container with wood decks.

CARRS BILLINGTON AGRICULTURE LTD 2010 DEUTX 620 Tractor Front Linkage * 3092 Hours Very Clean Tractor David Douglas 07798 667960 (t) See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery


See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

JCB 160+170 ROBOTS


05, 06 x 2+08

Used K & K 19 Feeder, 2004 Twin Auger * Variable Height Cross Conveyor * Rear Door Price To Clear

07885 495920 01538 756252 (Staffs)

£500 + VAT

Tel: 01772 673184 or Mobile 0789 9966222 Lancs (T)



Tel: 01283 575285 or mobile 07968 020403 Staffs (P)


Weld on Forklift and loader brackets to fit most makes and models. JCB/MATBRO £68.50 + VAT ALL OTHERS POA




hoses & fittings - Tel: 01768 868139

Model 320, £800 Tel 07592 526645


(Lancs) P BREAKING FOR Spares. Ford


4000. Tel 01200 426276 / 07894 260117 (Lancs)

& Marshalls -Tel: 01609 881710 or 07702 734715 Great Smeaton

Plus Large stocks of new parts for all makes Tel 01200 446622 *T

VACUUM PUMPS SPARES Tel : M F G 830839 or 07736 489442.

All major debit/credit cards accepted NEXT DAY DISPATCH Terry Birch Mobile: 07966 233104/ Tel: 01529 455776 email:


Tel: 07773 693274 Derbys (P)

Honda engine. £280 Tel 01200 426276 / 07894 260117 (Lancs)


£4,500 + VAT.

80hp, 2 W/D, 52' reg, genuine 2,300hrs Owned from new, in very good condition. £7,500 + VAT ONO

LELY Small bale straw chopper with


3.6 metre discs, 1997, rear draw bar, piped. Very good working order.

Spares for most Automatic Scraper Systems, slurry tankers, mixers, pumps. Call PAUL today 01995 640533

ZETOR 7321

Reputed to be the largest slurry scraper available in the UK, Latham Engineering’s Ultra Scraper has a working width extenda from 2.2m up to 4m. Hydraulic rams allow the width to be set to match passageway s reducing the number of passes required. The unit can also be reversed so that it scrapes in both direc ? raising the unit allows the blades to hang vertically and th operator moves forwards or backwards to set them in the requir position for the direction of travel. Price is £2995.

£8500 SHROPSHIRE 07966434407

Tel: 07950 720213. Kirby Stephen (T) SLURRY HOSE plus range of other Tel 01200 446622 *T 2003 Bobcat T2556 telehandler POA - Tel 01745 815554 (T) TRACTOR TRANSPORT Plant and Machinery - Tel 01254 826295

Mobile : 07773 301852 Derbyshire (P) NEW and second hand agricultural

available with force drivers up to barb wired wire and plain wire attachments and re rolling machine. Stapling systems available. Tel 07966285240 (T)

See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

Atlas Copco, large 3 phase model. Approx 29 CUFT/MIN

AWARD WINNING QUICK FENCER new and second hand

David Douglas 07798 667960 (t)

David Douglas 07798 667960 (t)

CUTTER 6.5m, done less than 30 hours work, electronic controls, extending arm, lights, arm float, rotar reverse, quick hitch 3 point linkage mounted, debris blower with heavy duty pro cuthead and 6 inch roller.£16,000 +vat ono.

wheels and tyres for tractors, trailers etc. axles, rims, centres, dual wheels, rowcrops, and floatation - Tel: Trevor Wrench on 01925 730274 or Mobile: 07976 715896


51 Plate 6 Cyl. Engine * 4989 Hours Very Clean Tractor * Ideal For Diet Feeder David Douglas 07798 667960 (t)

CHELFORD MACHINERY Sales WANTED Hardy mounted sprayer.

Farmers Guardian

FRI 09/11/12 - DEADLINE Mon 05/11/12

7740 4 WD tractor. SL Dual Power, Air Con. 4800 hours. Fitted with McConell power loader arable tractor. Tel 01630 657736 or 07860 230392 (Shropshire)




Straw Bedder Very Clean Selection Of Older TEAGLE Shredders

FORD 655

Tel: 01691 600209 Welsh Borders (P)

See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

AND 01948

##### #####


2002 ABBEY 2250 Gallon Vacuum Tanker 28.1 x 6 Wheels Also PRIMEX 2000 Gallon MAJOR 2600 Gallon STARR 2000 Gallon

David Douglas 07798 667960 (t)




##### #####



All Deutz Engines All Perkins Engines 3.4 and 6 Cylinders Volvo, Scania, Leyland, Bedford & Mercedes In or out of chassies Also all Leyland Freigter Lorries and Engine Sets All the above incomplete or complete, dead or alive Also wanted Bomag rollers - dead or alive Good cash prices paid, All areas considered will collect. Mr. Foster Tel: 01751 431568 or Mobile: 07836 679452 (t)

#Call Billy Tel: 01751 431568#

RENAULT 851-4 in good condition. 4 Wheel drive, P.U. H. / Power Steer. 2 speed PTO. In good order. £3850 plus VAT Tel 01792 882787

(Swansea) T

MOBILE Concrete/Stone crusher. Parker with Rolls Royce engine. Roll on Roll off body. Very good working order. £22,500 plus VAT ONO Tel 01254 852267 or 07581 032662 Lancs (P)


Dales Agri


Tractors & Equipment

FAIRVIEW FARM ENGINEERING MOBILE 07977 975173 John Deere 6410 P Quad, 40k, air con, year 2001, fitted wih Quicke Q950 loader, 6400 hrs, mint condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£21,750 Browns 2 leg subsoiler, c/w crumbler roller very good condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,750 Spearhead Excel 565 hedge cutter 3 linkage mounted only 45 hrs from new . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£8,500 Case 956, 4 w/d, Cheap Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£5,500 Tatoma Straw Chopper D400 for poultry as new . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,750 18ft Ifor Williams Tri Axle with sides, strap box and prop stand, excellent con . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2,500 Selection of Chain Harrows in Stock Distributors for Nugent trailers, farm equipment and RDS trailers. New Nugent Stock trailers, flat bed trailers and quad trailers in stock. Farm trailers built to your spec.

Notts (T)

Sales Agency

Spreads Fertiliser, lime, slag, sand etc. Models from 2.5 ton to 12 ton capacity. Sole UK Distributors (Available with VRA/GPS).


Tel: 01522 730 681 Richard James 07764 511 257 07860 575 155

2008 Takeuchi TB016, Expanding Tracks, Twin Speed Tracking, Piped, Good Tracks, 2 Buckets, .........................£8,250 (Choice)

2008 JC B TLT25G Teletruk, Side Shift, Load Indicator, Good Tyres All Round, 2.5 Ton Lift, ........................................£9,750

2004 JC B 170 Skidsteer, 1478 Hours, High Flow Hydraulics, Bucket, ..........................£8,750

2006 Terex Benford TV1200 Roller, 866 Hours, Water Tank, Kubota Engine, .............£6,250

2,250 Litre Water Bowser, Good Tyres, 2 Outlets .............................................£700

2007 JCB 8060, 6 Ton, 3429 Hours, 70% Tracks, Manual Quick Hitch.............................., £15,500

• Charlie Halliday 07780 928560 • Robert Taylor 07967 808285


Turns Large Bale Haylage into 20kg air tight sealed packs at a rate of 80/hour • Animal Bedding Baggers • Straw Shredders • Dust Extraction • Bagging presses for 2-250kg bales

£10,000 + VAT BRAND NEW, Diesel 4WD Loading Shovel Forklifts 2.5T, Diesel Telehandlers 3.5T

Inclusive 12 month warranty IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE

CALL US NOW 01484 689402

High Output, Reliable, Affordable.

Roller/Crimper Mills Output 3 - 85 tonnes Per Hour Solid Chilled Precision Balanced Rolls Electric and PTO Models A simple pull of a lever varies the quality of crush -No spanners.

Low maintenance Wakely Mills are in a class of their own. website Or call 00353 429374388 for brochure.


Littleborough Tel:- 01706 756500 Email:- Web:-

Farmers Guardian We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent adverts operating within the Tractors and Machinery market. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you proceed with caution with the seller. Farmers Guardian are not responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.

2006 Ingersoll Rand 2 Tool Compressors, Low Hours, Fast Tow, .................£3,000 (Choice)

2005 Terex Benford, 9 Ton Dumper, 2391 Hours, Road Kit, ROPS, ............................£6,950

09 VALTRA 141 Hy-Tec Tractor 50K * Air Brakes * Front Linkage Cab Suspension * Axle Suspension 2991 Hours I m m a c u l a t e / M i n t C o n di t i o n

GOODYEAR’S LARGEST UK MAINLAND FARM TYRE DISTRIBUTORS Plus many other makes and sizes Including all vintage sizes For full details of our special offers and nationwide delivery, contact

David Douglas 07798 667960 (t)


See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

Tel: 01274 585427 • Fax: 01274 532816 Email:

AFTER HOURS 07713 128783


H F B Trailers Leek Ltd




365 Days a year Keenan service

CARRS BILLINGTON AGRICULTURE LTD 1992 FORD 6810 Tractor 2WD * AP Cab Hours Unknown £7800.00 David Douglas 07798 667960 (t) See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

NEW BELARUS TRACTORS 90HP/2WD-£15,250 90HP/4WD-£17,700 100HP/4WD-£18,350 124HP/4WD-£25,700 140HP/4WD-£28,700 BROWNS OF LIVERSEDGE LTD tel:(01924)404534 S/h Belarus WANTED!

MF 6480 Dyna 650k, one only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA MF 5455 4 w/d c/w p/loader one only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA MF 5420 4 w/d c/w one only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA Malone 8ft tractor mounted disc mower . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,400 ALO heavy duty shear grabs, ex stock . . . . . . . . . .From £1,695 Crop Sprayers, 300l to 1000l from . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,175 Obe 22ft flat bale trailer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .From £4,600 Obe 24ft flat Bale trailer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .From £4,800 26ft Flat bale trailer, c/w spring-draw bar, super singles £6,250 Hi Spec 2,300 gal vac tanker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA Hi Spec 1,350 gal vac tanker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA Hi Spec 800 rota spreader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA Hi Spec 1000 rota spreader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA MF Genuine Spares - Special Cash Discounts






Local contact George Hill 07740 986 963 or 01848 500 320

Teagle Tomahawk bale shredders, 2yr 0% finance, ring for details and book your free demo now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 MF6480 DYNA 650K, F/Links+ PTO . . . . . . . . . . . . .£46,500 10 5455, c/w P loader, Full spec, 950hrs only . . . . . . . . . . .POA 06 M/F 6480 Dyna 6, tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£32,500 58 M/F 5445 Visio Roof C/W Power Loader, Low Hrs . . .£31,500 04 M/F 4365 c/w p/loader, low hrs, v.tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA 07 M/F 6490 Dyna 6, transport, choice of 2 from . . . . .£37,500 07 M/F 5465 1200 Hrs only, as new . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA 04 M/F 6475 Dyna 4 Tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£17,250 07 M/F 5455 c/w p/loader, low profile cab dyna 4 . . . . .£28,750 H Reg Ford 8830 powershift, future classic . . . . . . . . . .£13.750 08 Zetor 9541 4w/d c/w p/loader, v.tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . .£22,750 R Reg MF390T, 4wd, low hours, v tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA L Reg Ford 7840 SL dual power, tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA P Reg MF3095, 4w/d v.tidy tractor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£9,750 03 JD 6920S Front links & PTO, tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£21,500 55 Reg JD 6520 Premium, TLS front links, 600 tyre, 2180hrs, exceptional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA 53 Reg JD 6520 Premium front links + PTO, TLS . . . . . .£18,500 10’ JD6130 4wd, c/w ploader, tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA 60 Reg MANITOU MLT 627T, 24 inch, v tidy . . . . . . . . . .£33,500 09 MANITOU MLT 627 20” tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£28,750 05 MANITOU MLT 634-120 LSU tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £22,750 09 MANITOU MLT 523T, Low Hrs, V.tidy, choice of 2 . . . . . . .POA 11 MANITOU MLT 627T, 400 hrs as new . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA 09 Reg, MANITOU MLT 634-120 PS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£35,750 07 Reg MANITOU MLT 627T, 3600hrs, tidy . . . . . . . . . .£25,750 07 MANITOU MLT 627T, 20inch, tidy, 2500hrs . . . . . . . .£25,750 A Reg MF230 2wd, c/w cab and power steering, very tidy .£8,750 F Reg Ford 5610 super Q 2w/d low hours, very tidy . . . .£9,750 B reg Ford 6610 2 w/d ap cab, 2700hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£7,750 F Reg JD, 1750 2 w/d, ex college tractor . . . . . . . . . . . . .£5,950 Malgar 1150 Gal Vac Tanker, choice of 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,375 JD 551 Powerloader, c/w brackets to fit JD6310 . . . . . . . . .POA McConnel 852 Power Loader to fit MF4300 series, as new .POA Quicke Q75 power loader, full spec, to fit MF6490 as new .POA Ifor Wiliams DP120 Cattle Trailer c/w decks, v tidy . . . . . £2,750

Stay one step ahead, get your keenan serviced over the winter months • 10% Discount all parts, even re-lines. • Full stock of Keenan parts (next day delivery) • Full re-lines carried out between feeds (any makes or models) • All plates in stock

Full Range of Ifor Williams Trailers Available ALL OUR PRICES WILL NOT BE BEATEN New Machinery Marshall pallet/bale trailers 25ft, Marshall Spreaders, Marshall 8 tonne tipping trailer with bale extension and dropsides, OBE/Pallet Bale Trailers 20 & 22ft, OBE Tipping Trailers, High Spec Rota Spreaders 8 & 10 Cube, Watson lamb and calf creeps,Watson Rollers 8, 9 and 10ft Kubota DTV 900 Canopy New 3 Point Linage Log Saw Bench Oxdale Log Splitters JDM 14 ton dump trailer JDM 22ft low loader trailerWatson, Twose Rollers 8 and 10ft Mannut Pan Mixer 3/4 Cube

Used Machinery 4 Tonne tipper ....................................................£1250 Hitachi 3 ton mini digger ...........................£12750 + VAT Sumitomo 7 ton mini digger, zero tail swing ............£7500 Takeuchi TB045 4.5 ton digger....................£7600 + VAT Marston 1.5 tonne tipper trailer..............................£975 Marshall 55 spreader ..........................................£1290 Marshall 90 ROTA spreaders as new ......................£POA Bomford Sub Soiler ...............................................£325 Twin Bale Spike .....................................................£180 Pasture Topper ............................................£500 + VAT 18/20 Ton Grain trailer with corn blower......£5250 + VAT 20 Ton Dump Trailer, on air brakes.......................£5,500 16 Ton HIHAB Trailer ..........................................£3,900 Gentil G2000 RCO Feeder .....................................£550 Wooton tipper..............................................£690 + VAT 4 tonne blue tipper .....................................£1100 + VAT 8 tonne flat trailer ........................................£800 + VAT All prices subject to VAT, except where shown Tel No 01538 306212 Mob 07711 216244 & 07932 155011 EMAIL:



Tractors & Equipment

PAUL BRERETON LTD 07957 804652 • 07802 656177 • WWW.PBRERETONLTD.CO.UK NEW TRACTOR SPECIAL OFFERS "SCRAPER TRACTOR SPECIAL PACKAGE" 1 KUBOTA L4240, 42HP 4WD, CABBED, COMPLETE WITH HEAVY DUTY SCRAPER SPECIAL ON FARM PRICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £15,995.00 DEU TZ-FA HR A GR OPLUS 410 85/ HP 4W/ D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£21,950.00 KU B OTA M 8540 C/ W LOA DE R 85/ HP 4W / D from . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £28,250.00 KU B OTA M 130X A VA ILA B LE WIT H 3 Y EA R S 0% . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA

S/H 2 WHEEL DRIVE TRACTORS IDEAL FOR YARD WORK 10 NH T7040 S i d ew in d e r 3550 Hours Qu i v og n e SCD New NC 12 Ton Sillage Trailer HYD Exhaust Brake Full Suspension New 5 Leg Sandwich Bar Subsoiler Door S/Drawbar BKT 560 45 22.5 Tyres 50 K Air Brakes ...............££P.O.A ................................................££2950 Tyres ........................................££P.O.A

S/H TRACTORS ZET OR PR OXI MA 8441, 06, 1900 HOU R S, TIDY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£15,250.00 NEW HOLLAN D TS 125A , C/ W Q55 LOA D ER , 07, NE W T Y R ES . . . . . . . .£27,500.00 J OHN D EER E 4100 CA B B ED COM PA CT TR A C TOR C / W 60" D ECK . . . . . £4,950.00 LA NDI NI M ISTR A L 50 2 W/ D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4,950.00 KU B OTA M E 9000 90HP, 4WD C / W QU IC KE Q30 LOA DE R . . . . . . . . . . .£17,950.00 CA SE INT ER NATIONA L 956XL, C R EG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4,750.00 SA M E E XPLOR ER M K 2 85, 85HP, 4WD, 03 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £9,500.00 NEW MACHINE SPECIAL OFFERS CHA IN HA R R OWS 4 - 12 FT TR A ILED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA 16 FT MOU NTED HA R R OWS W ITH OR WI THOUT HY DR A ULI C FOLDING . . . . . .POA EX STOC K A LO/ QU IC KE B UC KE TS, SILA GE GRA B S, FOR KS & SHEA R GRA B S M OU LTON YA R D SCR A PER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£575.00 M AJ OR VA CU UM TAN KER S 1100- 2500 GA LS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA TR A CK MA ST ER 250 CC , 2 W HE EL D RI V E ATV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £1,895.00 PA STUR E TOPPE RS 5' - 8' f rom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £995.00

Do w d s we ll DP 100 S K u h n 302 Po w er Ha r r ow Op i c o 3 M V ar i 4 Furrow HYD Vari Width DD Bodies C/W Packer Roller Tilth & Vari Discs ................................................££3500 ................................................££3000 .................................................££4750

S/H MACHINES SULK Y D P 1400 FERT ILI SER SPR E AD ER , 2 BA GS, V ER Y TIDY . . . . . . . . £1,700.00 SULK Y D PX FERT ILISE R SPR EA D ER C / W 2200 LT E XTE NSION, C OV ER & LIGHTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,950.0 A LO 1.5M SHEA R GR A B COM PLETE WI TH B R A CK ET A ND PIPE . . . . . . . £1,150.00 V OTE X 9FT PA STUR E TOPPER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £1,200.00 V IC ON 10FT TR A ILED M OWER CONDI TI ONER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5,800.00 M AR SHA LL 8.5 CU BI C YA R D M A NU R E SPRE A DER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £2,750.00 KU B OTA R TV 900 CA M O f rom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£6250.00 HAY B OB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£850.00 LELY 6' M OUNT ED MOWE R C ONDIT IONE R . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4,000.00 SHELB OUR NE R EY NOLDS 2000 GA LLON SID E S PRE A DER . . . . . . . . . . . £5,500.00 SUZ UK I KI NG QU AD 450, R OA D R EG 57 PLATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £2,750.00 POTT INGE R CM 190 2 D R UM MOWE R . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£850.00 NI EM EY ER 380 SI NGLE R A K E . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £1,650.00

Br o wn s 6.25 He c at a va t or HYD Fold & Depth Wheels........................££P.O.A

Renualt 461..............................................................................................................£2500 Zetor 6011 ...............................................................................................................£2800 Leyland 272 .............................................................................................................£2800 Case 685 with loader ...............................................................................................£3200 Ford 4610.................................................................................................................£4200 Marshall 702 ............................................................................................................£5200 Zetor 6211 ...............................................................................................................£5800 MF 165 with loader, collectors tractor......................................................................£7500 Fiat 55-66 ................................................................................................................£8000 MF 3065 with loader................................................................................................£8800 Ford 7740 ................................................................................................................£8800 Case IH 885 low cab ...............................................................................................£7900 Case IH JX 80..........................................................................................................£12000 Keenan 100 classic diet feeder with knifes, as new ..................................................£9200 New Flemng Yard Scrapers in stock, choice of painted or Galve, Std or H.duty from .£450

ROTA SPREADERS New Marshall & Fleming rota spreaders in stock ................................................................

USED ROTA SPREADERS I v o r Wi l li a ms DP 120 Tri Axle Sheep Decks Cattle Partion Effulient Tank ................................................££P.O.A

Ne w A l b u t t 190 & 220 3 Ram Sheargrabs For Immediate Delivery ................................................££P.O.A

3 PT L / For k M ou n t e d Si ll age Pu s h er J D 50 K G Wei gh t s & J D 900 K G We igh t Pac k £P.O .A

Marshall 10.5 spreader.............................................................................................£5500 Marshall 8.5 spreader, choice of 2 from ...................................................................£3200 Marshal 60 spreader ................................................................................................£2200 Marshall 4.5 spreader...............................................................................................£2000 Marshall 55 spreader, choice of 2 from ....................................................................£1500 Major 7.5..................................................................................................................£2200 Frazer 4.5 .................................................................................................................£1250 Frazer 5.5, ex farm condition .....................................................................................£800

For more info visit our website Tel: 07817 832978/015396 20636


Tel: 01538 308436 Fax: 01538 308751

CARRS BILLINGTON AGRICULTURE LTD QUA LI T Y USE D T RA CT O RS 2004 MF 5445 * Power Shuttle * 4041 Hours* c/w MF 940 Loader 2005 MF 5455 * 3206 Hours 2005 MF 5455 * Speedshift * Power Shuttle * 6949 Hours 2006 MF 5455 c/w Q40 Loader * Speedshift * Power Shuttle * 6409 Hours 2008 MF 5455 c/w MF 940 Loader * Power Shuttle * 2394 Hours 2005 MF 5465 * Power Shuttle * 3787 Hours 2007 MF 5465 * Dyna 4 * 4058 Hours 2010 MF 5465PV * Dyna 4 * 1170 Hours 2007 MF 5470PV * Dyna 4 * 2413 Hours 2005 MF 6455 * 2753 Hours 2005 MF 6465 * Dyna 6 * 1853 Hours 2008 MF 6465 * Suspended Cab * 3787 Hours 2008 MF 6465 * Suspended Cab * 1950 Hours 2010 MF 6465 * Suspended Cab * 1296 Hours 2006 MF 6475 * Cab Suspension * 4494 Hours 2008 MF 6480 * Dyna 6 * 50K * 3795 Hours 2009 MF 6480 * Dyna 6 * 1560 Hours 2002 MF 4255 * 24/24 Power Shuttle * 4610 Hours 2003 MF 4355 * 2082 Hours * c/w CHILLTON Loader 1996 MF 390 + CHILLTON Loader * Nice Condition * 4191 Hours 2005 CLAAS 446 CELTIS RX c/w STOLL Loader * 4503 Hours 2009 CLAAS AXOS 340 c/w CHILLTON U8 Loader * 2066 Hours 2009 VALTRA 141 HYTEC * 50K * Front Linkage * 2992 Hours 2010 DEUTZ 620 * Front Linkage * 3696 Hours JOHN DEERE 6830 Premium (Due In 2 Weeks) 2001 JOHN DEERE 6510 * 6 Cyl. * 4989 Hours

WEAVING MACHINERY Pneumatic Tine Drill




David Douglas 07798 667960 (t) See our full range of S/H Tractors & Machinery

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Web: Tel: 01386 49155 E-mail:


Prrices From


Suitable for min-till or plough cultivation systems Works in wet or dry conditions with 4 rows of auto-reset tines Plants all seed types and sizes Low hp requirement. Widths from 3M to 6.6M.

NUFFIELD LEYLAND 344 Roll bar, good tyres all round. £1200 ONO Mob 07702 734715 or 01609 881710 Great smeaton (T)



*On standard stock orders over £150 ex vat. Mainland (excludes machinery)

01778 591225


255 Tractor. Good

starter, tidy. Ideal yard tractor or restore. £1500 ono. Tel 015242 21338 or mobile 07977 558081 (P)

2 Buckets. New Rubber tracks. 1997. £10,500 plus VAT. Tel 01254 852267 or 07581 032662 Lancs (P)

MF, NH, Laverda, Deutz Fahr and Dania J.J Cowap & Sons, Agricultural Salvage - Tel: 01829 760263

KUHN Power Harrows and Accord TRANSPORT Tractors , Plant and Farm Machinery Mobile : 07710 558426 (T)

drills, new and used, spares and repairs. Contact Andy Guest. - Tel: 01636 700608 or 07860 637654

Dyna 4 - 4 changes on move!

AT £27,995 + VAT 0% Finance available


BREAKING Combines JD, Claas,

New MF 5410

Agriculture’s National Newspaper


0800 2799928

Come and see one at Levens or Skipton Tel. 015395 60833 & 01756 701166 eve. Tom 0771 5005885 John 0771 8785400



Tractors & Equipment F.G. ROWLAND LTD

N.D CRUMMACK Simba 4M Series 4 Discs, Cousins 4M Discs + DD Press, 21000 Litre Tanker, c/w dolly, Nordsten NS1030 3M Drill c/w very heavy duty. ............£6250 excellent. .......................£7500 3 axles........................... £5500 drill linkage, vgc. ..........£1950

Parmiter Utah 250 Discs, new White plastic trays, 29" x 17", AS Marston 6.5 Ton Trailer, Foster 2 Leg Subsoiler c/w discs all round, rear drawbar + good condition. .........£2.50 each grain use only, excellent. ....... packer roller, vgc. .........£2950 piping......................................£4500 .......................................£2750

Sumo SSC Cultivator 10', 10 Tye 10 Ton Drop-Sided Trailer, McConnell 2.5M Shakerator, 5 Brinkman Drill Filler, 2 ton legs + paddle levellers,vgc..... very tidy. .............................£3250 legs + crumbler roller. ..£2950 hopper, hyd auger, very tidy. .. .......................................£2750 .......................................£2950

NC 12 Ton Dump Trailer, 2007, c/w front loading ramps. ............................................ £6500

Brown Single Leg Subsoiler c/w disc, as new. ......................£1450

Dowdeswell 5M Discs, hyd fold- NC 2500 Gallon Tanker, big tyres, ing, very good metal. ................. excellent. ............................£7500 ...........................................£5500



EMAIL: TIMIK AGRICULTURAL Reconditioned Ford Exchange 3, 4 and 6 cylinder engines available, dyno tested with 12 months warranty. Spare parts available for most tractor makes.


Tel: 01254 826295

Perkins Engines Phaser 4 and 6 cylinder Turbo and non Turbo, 3 and 4 Cyl Agricultural Spec Engines

Quality Used Tractors 2011 JD 6930 AP 1005 Hrs 50K TLS Cab Suspension Command Arm EICV Front Linkage & PTO Air Brake 650/65R38 540/65R28 2011 JD 6930 AP 1225 Hrs 50K TLS Cab Suspension Command Arm EICV 5 tonne Front Linkage Quicke Q 65 Loader Air Brakes Michelin 650/65R38 540/65R28 2011 JD 6930 AP 1293 Hrs 50K TLS Cab Suspension Command Arm EICV front spool Air Brakes Michelin 710/60R38 600/60R28 2011 JD 6930 AQ 740 Hrs 50K Creep TLS Cab Suspension Air Brakes 650/65R38 540/65R28 2011 JD 6930 AQ 1436 Hrs 50K Creep TLS Cab Suspension Air Brakes fitted with Quicke Q 65 Loader 650/65R38 540/65R28 2010 JD 6930 AQ 1724 Hrs 50K Creep TLS Cab Suspension Air Brakes 5 Tonne Front Linkage & PTO 650/65R38 540/65R28 2011 JD 6830 AQ 1968 Hrs 40K TLS Cab Suspension Quicke Q 66 Loader 650/65R38 540/65R28 2010 JD 6830 AQ 1976 Hrs 40K Creep TLS Cab Suspension HMS F Brakes 650/65R38 540/65R28 2010 JD 6630 AQ 2190 Hrs 40K Creep TLS Cab Suspension HMS F Brakes 650/65R38 540/65R28 2010 JD 6630 AQ 3560 Hrs 40K Creep TLS Cab Suspension HMS Front Brakes with Quicke Q 65 Loader 650/65R38 540/65R28 2012 JD 6430 AQ 560 Hrs 40K Creep TLS Cab Suspension HMS Michelin 18.4R38 16.9R24 2012 JD 6330 AQ 619 Hrs 40K Creep TLS HMS Quicke Q 46 Loader 540/65R38 480/65R24 2011 JD 6330 AQ 1008 Hrs 40K Creep HMS with Quicke Q 45 Loader 18.4R38 16.9R24 2011 JD 6330 AQ 773 Hrs 40K TLS HMS 540/65R38 480/65R24 2012 JD 6330 AQ 490 Hrs 40K Creep HMS 18.4R38 16.9R24 2011 JD 6330 AQ 1053 Hrs 40K Creep HMS 18.4R38 16.9R24 2011 JCB 541.70 Agri Super 130 HP 1943 Hrs 40K A/C PU Hitch 2010 JCB 535.95 Agri Super 130 HP 1786 Hrs 40K A/C P U Hitch 2011 JCB 531.70 Agri Super 130 HP 1320 Hrs 40K A/C P U Hitch 2005 Rowland 16 Tonne Heavy Duty Dump Trailer c/w Hyd Door New Quicke Loaders Buckets Grabs Bale Handlers & Spikes New Slewtic Buckets & Forks to fit Most Loaders NEW Tractor Tyres In Stock USED 380/90R46 & 380/85R30 Row crop tyres in stock





Grimme GZ1700 DL1,

ROTA SPREADERS Various sizes in good working order. Also Marshall 10x6 tipping trailer, very good. Part ex / delivery possible. Call for details 07798 518968 or 07968 499303 (T)



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Fendt Fendt Fendt Fendt Valtra Valta Valtra Valtra Valtra Valtra Valtra Valtra Valtra Valtra Valtra JCB John Deere New Holland New Holland New Holland New Holland New Holland New Holland Ford Ford Ford Ford Case MF MF 1985 Deutz

720 Profi front linkage 650/65R42 Ex Demo 325 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA 818 Vario TMS,TB 650/65R38 front linkage & PTO 50K 4500 hours . . . . . . . . . £44,000.00 415 Vario TMS front linkage & PTO 2000 hours due in this week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA 312 Vario TMS,front linkage, 16.9X38 70% 2620 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £42,500.00 T202 Direct 50K front & cab suspension front linkage 1100 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . £63,000.00 T182 Direct 50K front & cab suspension front linkage 1500 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . £59,500.00 T162 Versu 50K front & cab suspension 650/65R38 1143 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £47,500.00 T151 Hi Tech 50K front & cab suspension 20.8X38 900 hours met blue . . . . . . . . £48,500.00 T151 Hi Tech 50K front & cab suspension 600/65r38 1600 hours Red . . . . . . . . . . £45,000.00 T131 Hi Tech 50K Front suspension 3900 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £36,000.00 N121 Hi Tech 40K front & Cab suspension 2865 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £32,500.00 N121 Hi Tech 40K front suspension 4161 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £29,500.00 N101 Hi Tech Chilton T10 loader 4204 hours, New Tyres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £28,000.00 N92 Hi Tech 40K 16.9X38,, New Tyres 2073 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £28,500.00 A95 A/C eletric hyd 16.9X34 70% air seat 3550 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £19,500.00 3200 Fastrac 1880 hours Due in this week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA 3350 4wd HL lift 16.9X38 9600 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8,500.00 TM 190 Front & cab suspension 40kph 7000 hours good value . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £19,750.00 T6020 Delta SLE 16.9X38 1301 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £27,750.00 T6010 Delta c/w Chilton MX T8 Loader, 1459 Hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£27,500 TS135A SLE 2 spool vales 520/70R38 40% 4800 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £24,500.00 TL100A Power shuttle DP A/C 18.4X34 Nokian tyres 5500 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . £17,500.00 7740 SLE 540/65R38 40% 6988 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13,000.00 7610 2wd super Q very tidy only 2100 hours 16.9X38 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA 6410 2wd Super Q very tidy only 1500 hours 13.6X38 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . POA 6610 2wd Q cab H pattern very tidy only 2538 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £8,750.00 4610 4wd tanco loader duncan Q cab floor change . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £9,250.00 CS120 50K front & cab suspension 5824 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £18,500.00 6455 dyna 4 A/C Air seat 1956 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £24,500.00 135 Tidy good runner very early ser number 345 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4,750.00 DX110 2wd good yard tractor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £4,750.00

2011 2004 2004 1998 2009 2008 2002 2006 2008 1998

336 AG spec 6M loadall 1000 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £35,000.00 432D 4 in1 Extra dig servo control low hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £23,500.00 532/120 Telescopic Loadall 3.2T 12 metre New Tyres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £17,500.00 3CX Tidy 5200 hours manual non turbo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £17,500.00 8080 ZTS 8T Q/H 2 buckets, A/C, 2900 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £27,500.00 8080 ZTS 8T Q/H 2 buckets 3400 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £25,500.00 436 Loading shovel Tool carrier toe tip bucket 10500 hours Tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . £22,500.00 TV800 Tandem roller 944 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5,500.00 HD1000 1T hi Tip dumper 841 hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5,650.00 7000 3T swivel skip dumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £2,750.00


USED MACHINERY West 12 ton silage trailer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£6,500 Salop 10 Tonne Grain/Silage Trailer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2,250 12 Tonne H/D Dump Trailer, Super Singles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,850 Marshall 11 Tonne Silage Trailer, Super Singles, Sprung Axle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,250 Wooden Tipping Trailer 3 Tonne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£500 2005 Samson SP 9 Tonne Rear Discharge Spreader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £9,500.00 2002 Fraser 7 cu yd Rotary Spreader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,950 Hi-Spec 10 cu yd Rotary Spreader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,500 Amazone ZAM 3000 Max Broadcaster - Full Spec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3,250 Amazone ZAM 1700 Broadcaster with Rear lights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3,000 Amazone ZAM 2500 Broadcaster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,500 Vicon Varispreader . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£750 Vicon RSM Twin Disc Broadcaster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2,300 Amazone 4m Combi, KE4000 Harrow c/w ADP 403 Pneumatic Seed Drill, new tines £11,500 Lemken 4m Combi, 4m Harrow c/w Solitaire 9 Pneumatic Seed Drill . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£8,750 Dowdeswell 120 Rotaspike c/w Crumbler Roller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3,000 Howard HR40/305 Rotalabour c/w Packer Roller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,000 Kuhn Master 120 5 Furrow Plough new mouldboards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£5,250 2010 Pottinger S45 Plus 5 furrow vari width plough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £9,750.00 Lely 280LC Mower Conditioner, Brand New Gearbox fitted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3,950 Tarrup 3032 Mower / Conditioner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3,500 Vicon KM3000T Trailed Mower Conditioner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3,750 Kuhn BNG 2.4m flail topper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,250 Bomford B49 Hedgecutter eletric control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£4,500 McConnel PA93 hedgecutter eletric control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2,500 Reekie Twin Row Potato Flail Topper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1,650 Ransomes and Dowdeswell 3 Furrow ploughs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .From £750 USED ATV's - Always a good selection of Honda,Kawasaki, Yamaha Quads, 250-650cc . . . . . . . . . From£1000

NEW MACHINERY - SPECIAL OFFERS Amazone KE and KG 3000 power harrows and ADP Drills - ex stock . For best prices- call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£POA Dalbo 6.3m Folding Rolls , 53cm Rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£POA Pearson 150/100 Rotavator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£7,950 Spearhead 300 Heavy Duty Rotary Topper, 160 HP Gearbox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£5,000 Spearhead Excel 555 Hedgecutter, 1.2m Flail-Head, Hydraulic proportional Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA NEW Fleming, Marshall, Weeks and Richard Western Trailers....4T-14T, ex Stock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .POA Weeks WM 11 Tonne Silage Trailer, Super Singles, Sprung Drawbar, Hyd Tailgate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£9,400 CONTACTS Office Tel 01606 592639 JD Bownes 07971 913751 ( Used Tractors+Export) Steve Lewis 07850 739556 (South Cheshire/Shropshire) Jack Richards 07860 475007 (West Lancs/N. Cheshire) Tony Gerrard 07774 159343 (Cheshire)

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JOZ Slurry Handling Equipment New installations, spares/service

gwo. Ideal introduction to DD. £4000. Shrops/Powys border

07977 458544 ¬

For your local dealers contact David Twyman Tel. 01580 891199 Fax. 01580 891190 Mobile. 07860 541355 JOZ The Netherlands Internet:

Tel: 0031-228-566500/Fax: 0031-228-566570 Email:



DEMO RMH Mixell 14

Auger tub feeder, cross conveyor with Hyd' extension £16,950 + vat

2005 BOM auger feed bucket, hyd drive, c/w chopper, done very little . . .£2450

2006 Teagle Tomahawk 8080 silage / straw chopper, c/w giraffe shoot, tidy order£POA

2006 Marshall 2000 gal, Bigfoot tanker, tidy order . . . . . . . . .£5995

2010 Bunning 105 Compact spreader, only done 4 weeks work, must be seen . .£POA

Marshall 85 rotor spreader, c/w BN3 wheels, good order . .£2200

Teagle 4040 silage/straw chopper, tidy order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1600

TOM 015395 60833 OR 0771 5005885 WWW.PVDOBSON.COM VARIOUS


Fax 01606 861410



Tel 01606 592639


Phone: 01489 896626

2 row potato harvester, 1999, hyd wheel drive, twin sep + RS, £15000 +VAT. AIS Ltd, Derby. Tel: 01283 821345, Mob: Richard 07711 927823.

Winsford, Cheshire

ITEMS Benford dumper, converted to Benford loader complete with 6ft bucket. £2300. Sheer Grab, £300 Bale Spike £80, hydraulic forks.£300. Workshop compressor £150. Plasma Cutter with drag gun, recent overall. £450. Arc Welder, 200 amp. £150. MIG Welder, 450 amp, recent overall, £500. Air hose reel for compressor complete with hoses £30 Makita Chop Saw £80. Dewalt Laser Level £500. Hydraulic Post Knocker, ideal for mini digger £500. Trolley Jack £100. Trailer Sheet complete with framework approx 10ft x 6ft £500. Countax ride on mower, recent recon. £200. 2 trailer axles £50 each. 2 x oil storage tanks, hold approx 100 gallons £30 each. Table saw, £80. Rockwood Log Horse, never used, £100. 3 phase wynch, £50. Car Wynch £50. Water Heater £100. Quad Trailer with mesh sides £150. Petrol Concrete poker £120. General Purpose Shed approx 12ft x 6ft £500. Also Chicken Shed approx 8ft x 4ft. £200. Tel 07860 611130 or 01254 830494 Chorley, Lancs (P)

Teagle 4040 silage/straw choppers . . . . . . . . . . . .From £1600

2001 McHale HS2000 trailed bale wrapper . . . . . . . . . .£5750

Sutton 3 point mounted bucket brish, tidy . . . . . . . . . . .£1200

2005 Kuhn & Claas 6 & 8 rotor tedders, tidy . . . . . . . . .£4750

Marshall 1750 gal vac tanker, good order . . . . . . . . . . . .£2450

AS Marston 7 ton low loader trailer, tidy order . . . . . . . .£2750

AJP 1300 gal dual spreader, tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£2250

Quickie Q720 power loader, full spec, very tidy . . . . . . .£2450

Redrock 11 cube paddle mixer, c/w weigh cells, tidy . . .£1995

NEW Cross slurry tankers, very keen prices . . . . . . . . . .£POA

Abbey 1300 gal vac tanker, good order . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£1400

Ransome 4m trailed discs, very tidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£3500

Kvernland Taarup round bale straw chopper . . . . . .From £950

Marshall MB 8 ton silage/grain trailer, tidy . . . . . . . . . . .£3250

AS Marston & Marshall rotor spreaders . . . . . . . . .From £850

Tanco power loader, c/w bucket & bale spike, tidy . . . . . .£950

IAE standard cattle crushes, choice of 2 . . . . . . . . .From £495

2006 Primex 1350 gal Big Foot tanker, very tidy . . . . . .£5750

New West dual spreaders, very keen deals . . . . . . . . . . .£POA

2007 Chiltern MX55 loader, c/w MF brackets, full spec .£2995

2002 Abbey 1600 gal vac tanker, c/w Jetta, tidy . . . . . . .£POA

NEW: Storth galvanized slurry stirrers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£POA

Large range of other machinery in stock PX & delivery taken

Tel 01889 500 572 - 07860715642 Eves 01889 500 415



Tractors & Equipment

NEW CaseIH JXU 85 4wd. 12x12 gearbox, CaseIH warranty & Finance. NEW CaseIH Maxxum 140 Tier3, 40kph. Cab suspension, CaseIH warranty & Finance. NEW CaseIH Puma 125, 40kph. Suspension, CaseIH warranty & Finance.

FOR SALE CaseIH CS94 4wd. Air, 40kph. 3832 hours, 2002, 16.9 x 38 tyres. CaseIH CS150 – 40kph. 2002, 4026 hours, 4 speed pto. Air cond. Passenger seat. CaseIH CS150 – 40kph. 1998, 5614 hours, air, 20.8 x 38 tyres. CaseIH JX90 c/w Chillton loader, 4000 hours, air cond. 16.9 x 34 tyres, 40kph. MX135 Front Linkage & PTO, 650/65 x 38 tyres, 5600 hours. 1455XL 4wd. 1995, N.reg. 650/65 x 38 tyres, excellent condition. CaseIH JXU 75 two wheel drive, 2012, weights, Ca seI H w ar r an ty & Fi na nc e pack age CaseIH Quantum 65c two wheel drive, 3771 hours, 2010. CaseIH JXU105 4wd. 2011, 110 hours, air, 16.9 x 34 tyres, 40kph, just like new. CaseIH Maxxum 100 c/w loader, 2010, 2770 hours, cab suspension, passenger seat, soft drive. CaseIH Maxxum 115 4wd. Cab suspension, 2012, 207 hours, balance of CaseIH warranty. CaseIH Maxxum 120 Suspension MultiController, 2010, 2500 hours. CaseIH Maxxum 125 Suspension 50kph. Trailer air brakes, 2488 hours. CaseIH Maxxum 140 MultiController + Quicke loader, 2009, 2550 hours. NEW CaseIH Farmall 75c 4wd. 12x12 gearbox, weights, CaseIH finance subject to terms & conditions. NEW CaseIH Quantum 65c 2wd. 16x16 gearbox, CaseIH warranty & Finance. NEW CaseIH Quantum 65c 4wd. 16x16 gearbox, CaseIH warranty & Finance.

NEW CaseIH CVX150, 50kph. Trailer air brakes, full suspension. CaseIH CVX140 Suspension 50kph. 3447 hours, trailer air brakes, 2008. CaseIH CVX150 Suspension 40kph. 3066 hours, trailer air brakes, front linkage. CaseIH CVX160 Suspension 50kph. 5210 hours, front linkage, trailer air brakes. CaseIH CVX175 Suspension 50kph. 2578 hours, trailer air brakes, 2009. CaseIH CVX195 Suspension, choice of two, 50kph. 2009, 3300 hours & 4300 hours. CaseIH Puma 140 Suspension, 2010, 553 hours, 600/65 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 140 Suspension, 2011, 569 hours, 650/65 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 140 Suspension, 2010, 700 hours, 520/85 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 155 Suspension, 2010, 1163 hours, 650/65 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 155 Suspension, 2009, 2611 hours, 650/65 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 165 Suspension, 2010, 418 hours, 650/65 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 165 Suspension, 2010, 718 hours, 710/60 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 165 Suspension, 2009, 2385 hours, 710/70 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 195 Suspension, 2008, 976 hours, 710/60 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Puma 195 Front Linkage, 50kph. Trailer air brakes, 450 hours. CaseIH Puma 210 Suspension, 2010, 585 hours, 650/65 x 42 tyres, weights.

CaseIH Puma CVX 160, 50kph, 2012, 650/65 x 42 tyres, top spec. CaseIH Puma CVX210 Suspension, 2010, 785 hours, 650/65 x 42 tyres, front linkage. CaseIH Puma CVX210 Suspension, 2009, 2334 hours, 650/65 x 42 tyres, front linkage. CaseIH Puma CVX230 Suspension, 2011, 720 hours, 50kph. Trailer air brakes. CaseIH Magnum 225 Suspension, 2300 hours, 710/70 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Magnum 310 Suspension, 1255 hours, 2010, 650/85 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Magnum 335 Suspension, 1315 hours, 2010, 800/70 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Magnum 335 Suspension, 2773 hours, 2008, 710/70 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Magnum 340 Suspension, 436 hours, 2011, 710/70 x 42 tyres, weights. CaseIH Magnum 340 Suspension, 507 hours, 2011, 800/70 x 38 tyres, weights. CaseIH Magnum 315 Suspension, e x dem o, 20 hours, un – registered. CaseIH Magnum 340 Suspension, e x dem o, 20 hours, un – registered.

John Deere 5090M PowerShuttle, air, passenger seat, 16.9 x 34 tyres. John Deere 5620 PowerQuad, PowerShuttle, front linkage & pto, 1430 hours. John Deere 6320 4wd. 2004, air, passenger seat, 4320 hours, F/linkage. John Deere 6320 4wd. 2008, air, passenger seat, 3100 hours. John Deere 6330 Premium TLS c/w Quicke loader, 2011, 650 hours, 18.4 x 38 tyres. CASEIH 5088 our demo machine, 72 Rotor hours, John Deere 6420s TLS PowerQuad, 2005, 20’ Vario header, 3097 hours, JD loader brackets. Manufacturer warranty & finance. Save thousands £££££. CASEIH 9230 our demo machine, 175 Rotor hours, John Deere 7530 TLS + cab suspension,2011, 1800 hours, 710/70 x 38 Michelin. 35’ Vario header, John Deere 7530 TLS, 2007, 1924 hours, Manufacturer warranty & finance. Save thousands £££££. 710/70 x 38 Michelin, trailer air brakes 50kph. N EW CASEIH 7088 25’ Vario header, Manufacturer warranty & finance, save thousands £££££. N EW CASEIH 9120 35’ Vario header, Manufacturer Deutz Agrotron M620 4wd. 2010, 1150 hours, 50kph. PowerShift, PowerShuttle. warranty & finance, save thousands £££££. Fendt 820 Vario TMS, front linkage & pto. Trailer air brakes, 1720 hours, superb condition. MF 4455 4wd. 12x12 shuttle, 16.9 x 34 tyres, Caterpiller Challanger MT765B, 320hp. 2008, 2894 hours. 3270 hours, linkage & pto. Superb condition. MF 6455 front linkage, Dyna 6, air, Valtra T152 Versu 50kph. 2009, 870 hours, 16.9 x 34 tyres, 823 hours. suspension, Creep gears, 18.4 x 38 tyres. MF 6490 Dyna 6, 40kph. Weights, 2300 hours, Kubota ME9000 4wd. Turf tyres, only 195 hours, suspension, 650/65 x 42 tyres. air cond. PowerShuttle, one owner. MF 6499 Dyna 6, 50kph. Front linkage, 2008, Kubota B1610 4wd c/w loader/bucket, 3330 hours, 650/65 x 42 tyres. only 368 hours, linkage & pto. MF 8480 Dyna VT 50kph transmission, Fiat 100 – 90 4wd. 40kph. Genuine 2583 hours, 2154 hours, 800/70 x 38 tyres. 16.9 x 34 tyres, superb condition.

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ERIC TOWNEND 01484657247 • 07957363895 • 07860648797

2001 J CB Ro b ot skid steer c/w bucket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££4750

2000 K Tw o Du o 1200 rear discharge spreader c/w slurry door . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££6500

2001 Z ag o K i n g Bedder,cable,side spout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££1950

2002 NC 314 dump trailer,sprung draw bar,14 ton, magic back door . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££3750

2009 K vern el and taa ru p 853 straw/silage chopper,electric,swivle spout . . . . . . . . . . . . .££6500

2003 Taa ru p Tor nad o 842 straw/silage chopper,swivle spout,cable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££3500

Kverneland KD832 straw chopper,cable,swivle spout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££3150

2009 KTwo Duo 1000 rear discharge spreader c/w slurry door,excellent condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £14500 Also for hire £100 per day

Mcconnel PA 34 hedge cutter,independant,cable.££2350 Also PA32 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££1950

New B elm ac rotospreaders in stock,all sizes,great prices . . . . . . . . . . . .pp lea se c a ll.

2002 Teag l e 8 080 straw chopper,cable,swivle and side spout.choice of 2 .££3750 and £4500

Wes t 1600 dual spreader c/w stone trap,new main auger,new door,shotblasted and resprayed .££4250

Ne w Mch a le C460 straw/silage coppers in stock,full spec,2 years warranty and 0% . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££12000

Mcco n n el PA 94 hedge cutter,electric controls,semi independant.LH cut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££3500

M ccon n e l PA 93 High Power hedge cutter,cable,semi independant, LH cut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .££3750

New Holland T5060 4wd. 2011, 360 hours, air cond. 40kph. 16.9 x 34 tyres. New Holland TM140, 40kph Range Command, weights, 2644 hours, 2006, 520/70 x 38 tyres. New Holland T6010 4wd. 2008, 1845 hours, air cond. 540/1000 pto. 16.9 x 34 tyres. New Holland T7030 Suspension, F/Linkage,2970 hours, 2009, 580/70 x 42 tyres. New Holland T7040 Power Command, 5800 hours, front linkage, Creep gears. New Holland T8040 Ultra Command, 3800 hours, weights, 710/70 x 42 tyres. New Holland 8360, R.reg. 4800 hours, good tyres, very tidy.

Mcc on n el PA 35 hedge cutter,electric controls,LH Cut . . . . . . . . .££2350




JCB JS130 excavator, 1998, 4305 hours, buckets, very clean & straight. JCB 2cx Streetmaster, 4230 hours, Extradig, buckets. JCB 3cx 2wd. Std dipper, std. front bucket. CASE 580 SLE Plus, 2001, 4544 hours, air CASE 580K Turbo, power Shuttle, pallet forks, two buckets. Takeuchi TB125 excavator, 2007, 2146 hours, breaker pipes, rubber tracks, choice. Lewis badger digger/loader, 4wd. 1750 hours, buckets, shuttle gearbox, 2002, 1750 hours. Cat TH330 telescopic handler, 2006, 5430 hours, trailer hitch, hydraulic latching, Powershift. JCB 535-95 telescopic handler, 2011, 274 hours, Q-fit carriage, pallet tines, superb condition. JCB 528 telescopic, 90hp. Year 2000, 2156 hours, ex Water Authority, 3rd service. JCB 526s Ag Spec. 2002, 3380 hours, air 17.5 x 24 tyres. JCB 526-56 Ag Spec. 2008, air, trailer hitch. JCB 526-56 Ag Spec. 2009, 2000 hours, air, trailer hitch. Manitou MTL 634-120 LSU turbo, 2008, hydraulic latching, 3rd service, trailer hitch. Manitou M26.4 forklift, PowerShuttle, 2001, 3025 hours, lovely condition. NE W McConnel PA 5455 hedgecutter, ex stock - ready to go, 1.2 head, XTC controls. NE W McConnel PA6570T hedgecutter, 1.5m head, Revolution controls, ex stock. NE W McConnel PA6570T hedgecutter, 1.5m head, EDS. Hydraulic roller, Revolution controls. Ex stock NE W McConnel PA6570T latest Revolution controls, linkage mounted, 1.5m head, ready to cut. AS Marston 5 ton Monocoque tipping trailer, grain chute, excellent condition. As Marston 14 ton large capacity grain trailer, hyd.door, chute, air brakes. Richard Western 10 ton grain trailer, tandem axle, excellent condition.

01827 880088




w e N

Available From September

For the Best Deals : Call Mike or Kieran at the numbers below

Features Include

5 Tine Bar Pick up

McHale Patented Bale Transfer

Vertical Wrapping Ring

Expert Plus Control Console




Insuring newly purchased stock bulls rPolicy should cover human destruction WITH many livestock farmers looking to invest in a new stock bull in the coming weeks it is important to know how to protect this investment once the hammer falls. Unless you intend to self-insure the bull, speaking to an insurance

My advice is if you intend to buy a bull a quick check on premiums can usually be indicated by your insurance broker MATT MCWHIRTER

broker prior to attending the sale could be useful. Matt McWhirter, from Farmers and Mercantile Insurance Brokers, says in the past many farmers simply insured bulls on the day of the sale when paying for the bull, in most cases arranging cover with no exact knowledge as to the specific insurer, or whether the cost of the insurance is competitive, but equally or more importantly – exactly what is and is not covered. “Nowadays, given most farmers will have their mobiles at the sale, it is an easy process to consider contacting your farm insurance provider or a specialist livestock insurer, who in most cases may be able to provide instant cover especially if there is no history of previous claims. “My advice is if you intend to buy a bull a quick check on premiums can usually be indicated by your insurance broker. If you know roughly the value you are looking to spend you can attend the sale armed with full insurance information.” Mr McWhirter says some buyers may still be offered three to six months insurance as ‘luck-

Post sale advice ■ Isolate the purchased bull for a minimum of 21 days ■ Maintain the bull on his current diet and gradually introduce any new food ■ Vaccinate for diseases present endemically on your farm if not already vaccinated ■ Worm and treat for ectoparasites such as lice ■ Breeding soundness examinations should be repeated annually before each breeding season as a fertile bull one year may not be fertile the next Source: Eblex Better Returns Programme Insurance brokers can provide instant cover, says Matt McWhirter.

penny’ by the breeder, although this is becoming less common due to the increasing cost.

Cost effective “If it is your intention to insure the bull longer than three to six months it is more cost effective for the breeder and seller to come to agreement with the seller to put a contribution towards an annual

policy, as a 12-month policy is usually cheaper than a three or sixmonth policy.” Mr McWhirtier would recommend arranging cover which will include both mortality/humane destruction and loss of use “Many a farmer has opted to go down the cheaper option of covering for mortality – only to find problems later when the bull

becomes unable to work or becomes infertile. “If the bull is not suffering but slaughter is required on economic grounds, this would not be covered under humane destruction. In my 20 years of insuring bulls this is the area where most problems arise if you have to claim. Where full cover is in force there is no problem.”

Quarantine flock advice WITH the autumn sheep sales in full swing, farmers are being urged to follow quarantine advice when buying in new rams or replacement breeding stock. Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is advising purchasers about the potential diseases which can be spread to their flocks from bought-in livestock. Lynfa Davies, HCC’s technical development executive, says: “It is recommended new animals brought onto the farm should be quarantined as even the cleanest, best looking animals could be carrying diseases which may not be apparent at the time of purchase. “It is advisable new stock be kept separate from the flock for 21 days. This can help to stop diseases such as sheep scab and contagious ovine digital dermatitis from spreading to other livestock.” When buying new livestock, farmers should speak to the seller about their vaccination and wormer programmes. During the quarantine period, new stock should be treated to prevent resistant worms and fluke coming on to the farm and be vigilant for signs of other diseases such as orf and caseous lymphadenitis.

Sponsored survey The 2012 National Pneumonia Survey, sponsored by Bovilis® Bovipast RSP and overseen by XL Vets farm animal practice Lambert, Leonard and May, highlights the impact this disease has on UK dairy and beef units.

Proactive approach needed to improve pneumonia management


here was a good response to the annual survey, with 374 participants responsible for rearing around 40,000 calves annually answering questions on pneumonia incidence, animals affected and disease management. Survey co-ordinator James Allcock from Lambert, Leonard and May, says: “As in previous years, the survey findings show virtually every cattle farmer has had to cope with some level of disease incidence, although fewer than 10 per cent (8.5 per cent) of farmers who responded to the survey claimed to have never seen pneumonia in their calves. And, consistent with the 2011 results, more than half of farmers typically see the disease in more than 5% of their youngstock.” Most disease is seen in relatively young calves, with just under 60 per cent (55.4 per cent) of the survey sample saying pneumonia mainly affects calves under two months old. Just under one in three cases are in animals between two and six months of age. And only 4 per cent of farmers had seen the disease in stock older than six months of age. (Fig 1).

“Despite the widespread nature of this debilitating and costly disease – and the availability of a range of very effective vaccines – it is still somewhat surprising that only a relatively few number of farmers ask their vet to become proactively involved in diagnostic work,” says Mr Allcock.

Proactivity “Less than a third say they have involved their vet in this area and this lack of proactivity is reflected in the numbers of farmers vaccinating against the disease. Disappointingly, only 29.2 per cent of farmers are employing vaccination as part of their disease management strategy. “Interestingly though, when asked what causes the disease, most farmers (87.8 per cent) have a sound appreciation of the origins of pneumonia, correctly telling us pneumonia occurs when viruses, bacteria and environmental factors interact. It is because of this complex interaction and the immune status of the animal – often unique to individual units – that it really pays to involve your vet in a proactive disease management approach,” he stresses. Mr Allcock says typically a

number of pathogens are at the root of many pneumonia problems. “Viruses may cause serious disease on their own or may weaken a calf’s natural defences, allowing bacterial infections to take hold,” he says, “but while some bacteria are almost invariably present as a result of secondary infections, the cause of most pneumonia outbreaks is very difficult to pinpoint.” Analysis of SAC and VLA diagnostic data (2005-2010) by MSD Animal Health shows Mannheimia (Pasteurella) bacteria are present in around a third of outbreaks in calves under three months old.

Mannheimia species were found to be present in 30 per cent of disease outbreaks in this age group. M.haemolytica was by far the most dominant pathogen implicated. Pasteurella multocida was present in 19 per cent of diagnostic samples, Histophilus somni in 14 per cent and Mycoplasma bovis in only 7 per cent. (Fig 2).

Preventative Against this diagnostic background, Mr Allcock says a preventative approach involving broad spectrum vaccination and good management are the key to controlling the risk factors which increase the chance of the

disease hitting your unit. “There are a number of multivalent vaccines available, covering the major viral pneumonia causes, but in our experience pasteurella bacteria – such as M.haemolytica – do play a significant role in the disease complex. When we send in diagnostic samples, results usually show the presence of bacteria. Consequently, when you are unsure of the particular challenge on a unit it often makes sense to use a vaccine such as Bovilis® Bovipast RSP which offers protection against the key viral and bacterial (M.haemolytica) pathogens implicated in the disease. But remember pneumonia vaccines are

only an aid to the control of disease and without good stock and environmental risk factor management, vaccination will struggle to prevent disease alone.” Inevitably therefore, farmers will always have to treat some animals for pneumonia. “When treating clinically sick calves we would recommend using a combination antibiotic/anti-inflammatory product,” he says. “And where a number of calves in a pen are showing clinical disease signs, because of the infection pressure it’s worth consulting your vet about the value of long-acting metaphylactic (batch) antibiotic treatment.”

34 |



Texel breeder continues show success rCharollais tops Sunday line up SATURDAY’S inter-breed judging at the 2012 Masham Sheep Fair produced another win for Wetherby Texel breeder R. Newby, who took top spot ahead of Teeswater breeders Dr and Mrs G. Horner, from Danby, Whitby. Messrs Horner also secured the reserve group-of-three

Results Saturday Inter-breed, Sup., R. Newby (Texel); res., Dr and Mrs G. Horner (Teeswater). Group, D. Aconley (Suffolk); res., Dr and Mrs G. Horner (Teeswater). Masham (T.W. Atkinson, Leyburn) Sup., M.J. Croft; res., M. and B. Allen. Mule (W. Wallace, Brampton) Sup., M. and B. Allen; res., M. and V. Brown. Swaledale (T. Addyman, Skipton) Sup. and res., R.H. Close. Dalesbred (A. Coates, Settle) Sup. and res., J.K. Wilson. Bluefaced Leicester (W. Coltherd, Selkirk) Sup. and res., Robin Peart. Teeswater (Mrs O. Mercer, Dromore, Co Down) Sup. and res., Dr. and Mrs G. Horner. Wensleydale (P. Titley, Eccleshall) Sup., Miss Pennell; res., Barbara Metcalfe. Jacob (J. Price, Churchstoke, Powys) Sup., J.T. and P.A. Black; res., Miss M.R. Guy. Texel (A. McColm, Newton Stewart) Sup., R. Newby; res., J. and A. North. Group, R. Newby. Suffolk (J.A. Pinny, Holcot, Northants) Sup., Mr and Mrs Peel; res., Pamela Lupton. Oxford Down (H. Watson, Driffield) Sup. and res., G.C. and C.J. Watson. Cross-bred (J. Mercer, Dromore, Co Down) Sup., B. and M. Watkinson; res., J.W. Stables. Fat lambs (H. Woods, Dutton, Preston) Sup., M. Allen; res., J. and A. North.

Texels lined up for judging.

award under West Knapton exhibitor D. Aconley’s Suffolks. Sunday too saw some repeat wins – it was Charollais at the top again, but this year exhibited by G.C. and C.J. Watson from Kettering, who also won the group class and had also won the Oxford Downs on Saturday. Once again, Messrs Stones, Richmond, picked up the reserve inter-breed award with their North Country Cheviots. Sunday Inter-breed, Sup., G.C. and C.J. Watson (Charollais); res., K.O. and E.A. Stones (North Country Cheviot). Group, G.C. and C.J. Watson (Charollais). North Country Cheviot (A. Cowens, Selkirk) Sup. and res., K.O. and E.A., Stones. Group, K.O. and E.A. Stones. Beltex (J. Barclay, Maybole, Ayrshire) Sup., M. and E. Jennings; res., M. and V. Brown. Bleu Du Maine (J. Davison, Lancley on Tyne) Sup. and res., T.S. Goldie. Charollais (L. Organ, Llandysul, Ceredigion) Sup. and res., G.C. and C.J. Watson. Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset (N. Wernham, Newbury) Sup., J.E. and S.M. Gray; res., Thornbank Farms. Ryeland (M. Pink, Nether Poppleton, York) Sup., J. Long; res., Miss A. Burton. Coloured, W.R. and H.M. Holloway. Hampshire Down (Mrs O. Mercer, Dromore, Co Down) Sup., J. and G. Galbraith; res., H. Hindmarsh. Primitive (P. Titley, Eccleshall) Sup., Lyn Arrowsmith; res., Countess of Swinton. Any other pure accredited (J. Mercer, Dromore, Co Down) Sup. and res., Ivanhoe Livestock. Any other pure non accredited (C. Gibson, Kendal) Sup., O. Braithwaite; res., Messrs Durham. Fat lambs (M. Cockburn, Bedale) Sup., Christine Slee; res., Aaron Bell.

Judging in the market square at the 2012 Masham Sheep Fair on Saturday (September 29).

PICTURES: Adrian Legge

Saturday’s supreme inter-breed and Texel champion, from Robert Newby, Wetherby.

Saturday’s reserve supreme inter-breed and Teeswater champion, from Giles Horner, Danby, Whitby.

Oxford Down champion, from G.C. and C.J. Watson, Kettering.

Jacob champion, from J.T. and P.A. Black, York.

Mule champion, from M. and B. Allen, Saltburn.

Suffolk champion, from L. Peel, Thirsk.

| 35


BREEDING & CALVES Edited by Katie Lomas 01772 799 450

A 10-page Farmers Guardian special feature

Precision feeding can help exploit true growth potential


airy farmers serious about calving down replacement heifers at 24 months old should look to capitalise on the ability of calves to achieve very high growth rates in the first 12 weeks. Hayley Verney, a consultant at Promar, says: “The failure to exploit pre-weaning and immediate post-weaning growth potential is one of the commonest reasons why heifers fail to calve at 24 months. “If calves fail to reach the optimum weaning weight then they will be playing catch up for rest of the rearing period. “The baby calf and immediate pre-weaning phases are the time when farmers have most control over growth, so it should be easier to ensure calves achieve their potential.” Ms Verney says many farmers can increase performance by being more precise. “Calves will only grow at the desired rate if they are consuming sufficient nutrients, but all too often feed rates are not closely assessed. Similarly, growth isn’t measured which can lead to sub-optimal performance.”

Calves should be eating a minimum of 1kg hard feed per day HAYLEY VERNEY

CALVING EASE Select bulls correctly to avoid difficult calvings

She says the starting point is ensuring sufficient colostrum intakes. “The key to the effective feeding of colostrum is the three Qs of quantity, quality and quickly. The quickly is quite straightforward and means calves must have been fed colostrum within six hours. “Quality and quantity are not as predictable as they are interrelated. The guideline is three litres of good quality colostrum. But if you don’t measure quality, how do you know if it is good enough? You certainly can’t tell just by looking at it. If colostrum quality is below average then feed rates will need to be increased to ensure enough is fed in total. The only way to ensure calves are getting the colostrum they require is to assess quality using a colostrometer and to vary feeding levels accordingly.”


Precision Ms Verney argues more precision is also required with milk replacers. A recent survey showed calves being fed anywhere from 3001,200g of milk solids per day. While 1,200g will support growth rates of around 1kg per day, 300g of solids is barely adequate for maintenance. Finally, she stresses the importance of measuring feed intake at weaning. She says while age is a guide it is important to ensure calves are consuming adequate dry feed before they are weaned. If milk replacer is supplying most of the nutrients at weaning then calves will be at risk of a growth check when the replacer is removed.

Measuring feed rate at feeding is important to achieve growth potential, suggests Hayley Verney.

“Calves should be eating a minimum of 1kg hard feed per day for at least three consecutive days before they are weaned if growth checks are to be avoided. The only way to be certain they are eating enough is to measure intakes. The cost of the time taken will be small compared to the benefit of preventing growth checks. “Correct feeding of calves to optimise growth rate has costs attached, but these will be outweighed by the improved lifetime performance. However, if growth

Quantity depends on quality

SET REGIME Attention to detail pays off for calf rearer PAGES 38-40

■ The actual amount of solids required per day will depend on the energy, protein and oil content of the milk replacer and also on the target growth rate ■ Hayley Verney advises farmers to ask their supplier

fails to increase sufficiently then the return on investment will reduce so it is essential to monitor

how much milk replacer they need to feed per day to achieve a minimum growth rate of 0.8kg per day and to adjust feed levels accordingly ■ She says the investment in extra milk replacer is small compared to the benefits

performance, including feed intakes and growth to ensure calves are achieving their potential.”

36 FEED FOR FERTILITY The part nutrition plays in breeding programmes 41 MONITOR GROWTH The correct ways to measure and monitor growing calves 42 WEANING PROTOCOLS How to avoid growth checks and improve performance 44 VENTILATION MATTERS Airflow crucial for calf health

36 |


BREEDING & CALVES By tightening its calving season, the QMS Mull monitor farm has seen calving performance increase by 10 per cent.

Tighter calving yields better results


he spring calving period on the QMS Mull monitor farm has been reduced from four months in 2011 to just nine weeks in 2012 as a result of changes introduced in consultation with the community group. Attendees at the recent open day heard the 2012 calving also saw a 10 per cent rise in calving to 94 per cent and a 10 per cent reduction in barren cows. In 2011, calving stretched from late January until early June, with more than half the cows calving more than 10 weeks after the start of calving. This year, however, all the cows calved in nine weeks, with 90 per cent calving in the first six weeks. Monitor farmer Iain MacKay runs a pedigree Highland fold of 55 breeding females and 850 ewes on Torloisk, a 3,040hectare (7,600-acre) farm on the island’s western coast. The tighter calving provides numerous positives, including: easier management and sale batching of calves thanks to their uniformity, concentrated

focus of labour at calving time and easier herd management as a result of cows being at the same stage – particularly for feeding during gestation and getting cows back in-calf.

Extensive A number of changes have been made in order to achieve the tighter calving. On such an extensive unit, this involved more than just taking the bull out after nine weeks. “Previously, the cows were bulled on the hill, with bulls having to find the females over a large area. This was especially difficult for a new bull which was unfamiliar with the farm,” explains Mr MacKay. “Now the cows are brought down to the in-bye for bulling, where they’re more confined, which makes the bull’s job a lot easier.” Conception rates have been helped by paying close attention to the cows’ nutrition. The forage is routinely analysed for minerals, metabolisable energy, crude protein and trace

elements, with emphasis on phosphorus, which directly affects fertility. Cows are on a rising plane of nutrition coming into bulling time, with minerals available from six weeks prior to bulling. A further step to increase cattle productivity at Torloisk is being considered. “One of the biggest costs of pedigree Highland cattle is the maintenance of the replacement heifer,” says Mr MacKay. “Currently, by calving heifers for the first time at three years old, they are five before there is any financial return as nobody wants to buy a yearling Highland heifer.

Extra calf “So I’m thinking about calving the replacement heifers at two years of age, to something like a Whitebred Shorthorn bull, to get an extra calf to sell a year earlier. “Also, I run heifers with the bull for just six weeks which identifies the more naturally fertile heifers. By calving a year earlier, I’ll be able to cull the

Bimamix Global Excellence in Animal Health

"I use Bimamix as the first choice antibiotic for any scouring calves, because it always works, and it is in an easy and convenient solution for us to use” Andrew Gilbert, S. R. Gilbert and Sons, Devon "Bimamix really is the best product to treat cases of calf scour, particularly at the onset of the disease when the cause is unknown. For non-specific calf scour cases Bimamix is ideal” Rupert Kirwood, Penbode Veterinary Group, Devon.

Scour treatment for calves READY TO USE Preparation, no need for mixing with water. Unique formulation of anti-diarrhoeic treatment for young calves. Contains 2 effective antibiotics (Neomycin and Sulfadiazine). Bimamix is the ONLY product to contain this preparation on the UK market. Bimamix is the ONLY diarrhoea preparation that contains Kaolin as an integral part of the formulation on the UK market.


Please contact Andrew Lane for Further information 079 17208524 Bimeda, Unit 2, Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, Anglesey LL77 7XA Free Phone Number: 0800 526 769

The Mull monitor farm has made their fold’s calving season shorter, and more efficient, too.

less fertile ones a year earlier.” The monitor farm steering group recommends calving heifers a month earlier than

cows, to give them an extra month to recover and come into the herd the following year, as well as treating them well post-

calving. They emphasise the importance of giving extra attention to any heifers calved at two years old.

Plan to avoid fertility issues PRODUCERS need to plan ahead if they are to avoid nutrition-based infertility problems. This is the message from Dr Chris Bartram, head of nutrition at Mole Valley Farmers, who says lack of attention to detail in terms of nutrition can have a significant effect on fertility and subsequent milk production. “The cost of infertility is well documented. Recent estimates suggest that for most herds it is in excess of £5 per cow per day. “For a 200-cow herd with an extended calving interval of 10 days, this equates to a loss of £10,000 per year.” Dr Bartram says there are a number of standard aspects of nutrition and fertility that must be considered carefully. “These include body condition of cows in late lactation, transition cow management and nutrition in early lactation, which includes the level of energy, type of energy, level of

Dr Chris Bartram

protein, type of protein and mineral nutrition. “The potential use of different types of fat, which may have a direct effect on fertility, is also an important recent development.”

Specific factors He says this year there are also a number of ‘season specific factors’ that all producers need to manage with extra care in or-

der to maintain or improve fertility efficiency. “The volume of maize silage will probably be 40 per cent down on last year and grass silage may be tight as it has been fed earlier. Forward planning is required to ensure sudden changes in the diet are avoided.” He says it is also important to understand the potential of forage. “Silage in general has a good intake potential and, with relatively simple adjustments to the diet, a cost-effective response in milk production is being achieved. An understanding of the potential energy supply from forage is fundamental in helping to ensure an adequate overall energy balance in early lactation.” He also says a lack of starch could be an issue later in autumn and recent research has suggested a lack of starch in early lactation may have a direct effect on fertility efficiency.



Selecting bulls for calving ease could reduce costs


electing for calving ease gives farmers a real opportunity to reduce the losses associated with difficult calving, whether selecting dairy or beef sires. Stephanie Whittaker, business development manager for Genus ABS, says difficult calvings can be a major source of losses on dairy farms. “All dairy farmers dread a difficult calving, not only because it means time must be spent assisting the cow, but also as it heralds the onset of a range of problems, which can reduce production, increase costs and potentially lead to the loss of a cow.” Miss Whittaker says the typical incidence of dystocia in the UK is 5 per cent, but this is an underestimate of the true number of difficult calvings on most farms. A difficult calving is often associated with higher treatment costs, even if the vet is not called out, but the biggest cost is the effect a difficult calv-

Selection ■ The calving ease index for Holstein Friesians ranks bulls on a scale of -4 to +4 around a breed average of zero ■ Positive figures show bulls have easier calving, while bulls with a negative score have more difficult calvings than average ■ Selection on calving ease is not just restricted to dairy sires

ing has on production and reproduction. Miss Whittaker says while farmers are aware of management actions they can take to reduce the incidence of difficult calvings, specifically relating to the management of body condition and dry cow and transition feeding, fewer are aware of the option to select bulls with a higher index for direct calving ease yet this can have a big impact. “All Holstein Friesian bulls now available in the UK have been assessed for calving ease. The index ranks bulls on a scale of -4 to +4 around a breed average of zero. For the purposes of the index an easy calving is defined as one where no intervention is needed.”

which is set at 100. The easiest calving beef sires having a score of about 130. “Dairy farmers can use calving ease as a selection criterion when choosing dairy or beef

bulls,” Ms Whittaker says. “The evidence is calving ease is a trait which can deliver real benefits by reducing the incidence of, and costs associated with, difficult calvings.”

Which EBVs are important? ■ Birth weight EBV (kg) – Enables sires to be selected for smaller calves at birth. A bull with an EBV of -4kg is estimated to produce calves with birth weights 2kg lighter than a bull with a EBV of 0 ■ Calving ease – direct EBV – Identifies bulls whose progeny will be born without assistance. A bull with an EBV of 6 is estimated to produce 3 per cent more unassisted calvings

240 24 40

No restriction Selection on calving ease is not just restricted to dairy sires and Miss Whittaker explains the company tests sires from the major beef breeds for their ease of calving on dairy cows. “In our calving survey 1,800 doses of young bull semen are circulated to dairy customers who then complete a detailed survey when the calf is born, covering all the factors affecting calving ease. These include whether the semen was used on a cow or heifer, the dam condition, the ease of calving, calf size and conformation.” The results are collated to give a detailed assessment of actual calving ease, gestation length and calf quality when used on dairy cows. This is shown as a direct comparison with breed average for the trait

Cost to the cow of a difficult calving ■ More prone to a variety of metabolic problems ■ It will take longer for the cow to stand and eat, leading to a period of low dry matter intakes, which will compromise the start of lactation ■ This will increase the extent and duration of negative energy

balance and can lead to excess body condition loss ■ Damage and disruption to the reproductive system, resulting in a delayed onset of oestrus and reduced conception rates ■ In extreme cases a difficult calving can lead to mortality or culling

The world’s No. 1* fluke drench ...even easier to use

The world’s market leading fluke drench FASINEX, now in a unique, concentrated cattle formula FASINEX® 240 – delivers proven control in a low-volume, easy to use, ‘one hit’ drench†.

40. Kills Kills all all 3 stages stages of of fluke fluke FASINEX F ASINEX® 2 240. ffor or ffitter, itter, healthier, healthier, better better looking looking ccattle. attle. For further details about FASINEX 240 visit: or telephone: 01276 694402, Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd., Frimley Business Park, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey GU16 7SR FASINE X 24 0 cont ains 24% w/v triclabendazole . FASINE X® is a regis tere d tr ademark of Novar tis AG , B asle , Swit zerland. Advice on the use of this or alternative me dicine s mus t be sought from the medicine pre scriber. Us e medicines r esponsibly ( Leg al c ategor y: P OM -VP S . * B ased on 20 0 8 s ale s of the Fasinex drench f amily (Fasinex , Fasimec , Endex , C ombinex /Par sif al) ver sus competitor drench flukicide s – from repor te d s ale s by Cis s- C ee s a Europe/International and B aron Str ategic Ser vice s , Aus tr alia and New Ze aland 20 07/20 0 8 . † 3 0 ml a p p li c a t o r a ll o w s t r e a t m e n t o f c a t t l e up t o 6 0 0 k g in o n e g o .

Costs can be reduced by selecting bulls with a higher index.

compared to a bull with an EBV of 0 ■ Calving ease – maternal/ daughters EBV – Identifies bulls whose female progeny will calve without assistance. A bull with an EBV of 8 is estimated to produce daughters which will have 4 per cent more unassisted calvings compared to a bull with an EBV of 0 Source: Eblex Better Returns Programme

38 |


BREEDING & CALVES Calves are the foundation of all herds but can get treated as the poor relation – particularly on dairy units – where bad care in the first weeks of life can have a life-long implication on production and profit. Simon Wragg reports.

Dairy businesses cannot afford to cut corners on important calf care


rigid calf program is now in place at Ann and Mark Robinson’s calf rearing unit at Bredicot Court, a 150-cow dairy and arable unit, near Spletchley Worcestershire. As a practising vet and chief calf rearer on the 190-hectare (470-acre) family-run business, Mrs Robinson has very forthright views about her role. “Reproduction is a miracle of nature and produces a perfectly healthy calf, so either look after it or have the balls to dispatch it if it’s an unwanted, valueless dairy-bred bull calf,” she says. The family business, F.H. Robinson and Son, had like many dairy and mixed farms previously left calf rearing to the herdsman. “It is, in my mind, an error to expect them to do it successfully,” says Mrs Robinson. “Their attention is, and should be, on milking and looking after cows. In many cases calves are a hindrance to the milking routine with husbandry often extending to dispensing surplus/waste milk from the parlour.” It is a frank review of the situation to which a number of

Antibiotics are a substitute for bad management so the management had to change ANN ROBINSON

dairy and beef herds will relate. The situation at Bredicot had to change “I used to get hugely frustrated at the way calves were reared here,” says Mrs Robinson. “The old calf house was not at all suitable, being tall and with calves unable to generate sufficient body heat to get good

The hutches allow Ann Robinson to treat each calf as an individual.

The Robinsons used to struggle with pneumonia and scours problems in their herd, but they have seen dramatic health improvements.

airflow. We also milked in the adjacent building adding to calves’ exposure to moisture, humidity and bugs. “The herdsman was continually battling pneumonia and scours, leading to ill-thriven calves – some of which I ended up putting down, in particular due to chronic lung damage. Antibiotics are a substitute for bad management so the management had to change.” Those first few weeks of a calf’s life are critical to get right, says Mrs Robinson. It is the foundation on which the animal’s life-long performance is based and – being a closed herd with good health status

(IBR/BVD/lepto negative and Johne’s monitored), but currently under TB restrictions – breeding all replacements successfully has become a focus.

Hutches “I’d read articles on the benefits of calf hutches and, through Gill Dickson of Wynnstay, we visited a unit to see how they worked. The key benefit for me is being able to manage a calf as an individual in its own individual environment.” A total of 24 calf hutches were ordered in November 2011 and were placed on a newly constructed hardcore pad away from the main cow accommo-

dation. “The thinking at the time was the hardcore would allow bedding to be free draining, but we soon moved to a concrete pad which you can disinfect thoroughly between batches,” she explains.

There is a rigid calf program in place for the year-round calving herd, with three newborn calves coming to the hutches each week on average. “The most important thing to remember is, you have to dedicate

Bredicot Manor ■ 130-cow herd; producing three calves per week ■ Removal from dam on risk basis ■ Colostrum intake in the first 24 hours is critical ■ Bull calves are reared on surplus milk

■ Home mix 18 per cent protein rearing pellet ■ Clean barley straw and drinking water ■ Low morbidity and mortality rates ■ Even bunches of bulling heifers

Time mee To To Reduce Reduce R Red dduuce uce The T Risk Of Milk Fever Over err 448 8 Ho H Hou Hours urs Calcium m Release Re e


Advice on the use of Calcitrace D3 should be sought from your Veterinary Surgeon or Animal Health Advisor. Calcitrace D3 contains: Calcium Chloride, Calcium Sulphate, Magnesium, Phosphate and Vitamin D3. by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP. Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd, 1 Saxon Way East, Oakley Hay Industrial Estate, Corby, NN18 9EX. 1551-LA(C)-v1-UK-09/08/12



time to rearing calves right – you cannot cut corners,” says Mrs Robinson. Heifer calves from cows categorised as low risk for Johne’s disease are taken off the dam after an hour from birth, allowing the cow to lick the calf dry and stimulate it to stand. All other heifer calves are snatched immediately after birth. Bull calves may be left on the dam for six to 12 hours.

Dipped “I ensure all calves born are weighed, have their navel dipped and get two litres of colostrum within an hour of birth; another two litres at six hours old and again at 24 hours,” says Mrs Robinson. “We use fresh colostrum from low-risk Johne’s cows or have frozen supplies at hand, all of which have been tested for antibody content using a colostrometer.” Moved into hutches, any calves showing signs of cold are fitted with a calf jacket for up to three weeks. This compensates for youngstock not being able to regulate their body temperature at this age and trials have shown improved live weight gain from their use, she explains. Clean

water and fresh barley straw is always available. “After colostrum management, it’s about rumen management,” she explains. “The heifer calves will be moved on to milk replacer at day four and bull calves on to waste milk from the parlour, getting an initial two litres of feed twice daily, but increasing to 2.7 litres at three weeks old. I do not push too much milk at them too soon as any scouring hits the live weight gain and I won‘t get that back. “I put out a coarse calf creep from day three and move them on to an 18 per cent protein farm-mix from day eight. By weaning at eight weeks, calves are eating 3kg/head/day of the home-mix. Having weighed at birth, we aim for around 90kg live weight at weaning at eightweeks-old. De-horning is done at three to four weeks old.

Scouring “The target is 0.8kg daily live weight gain, which can only be achieved if you don’t over-feed calves with milk and cause scouring. We are just below currently, which is down to rotavirus being in the background,” she suggests. With a strict cleansing routine in place, mortality is zero and X

You have to dedicate time to rearing calves right – you cannot cut corners ANN ROBINSON The calves are given two litres of colostrum within an hour of birth. PICTURES: Marcello Garbagnoli

PR ROTECT O OTECT Calves Calv lves P REVENT Scour

Provita Protect The hutches have been placed on a concrete pad, allowing the Robinsons to thoroughly disinfect them between batches.

is a proven and fully licensed alternative to antibiotics or vaccines for the prevention of calf scour.


OFFER! SAVE £65 on our 60-calf Multipack (Proven protection for only £3 per calf!)


WIN M&S vouchers in our quick survey

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+44 (0)28 8225 2352

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BREEDING & CALVES Calf rearing Ann Robinson shares some of her tips for getting calf rearing right: ■ Dedicate one person to the task ■ Allow sufficient time daily ■ Environment is everything ■ Do not overfeed milk/replacer ■ Disinfect all feed equipment daily ■ Target a growth of 0.8kg/head/day Bredicot Court received 24 hutches in November 2011, and they have helped improve herd health.

ts e k c u b 4 free y u b et 1 g

morbidity about 5 per cent – the occasional scour is treated with electrolytes if needed. A converted lorry body stationed at the calf hutch pad provides accommodation, hot running water and dry storage for calf feed and forage.

Disinfect “As it’s all on-site it means it gets used,” says Mrs Robinson. “I have different brushes for cleaning out the milk buckets; a stiff brush for cleaning off dung, a smaller brush for inside and a bottle brush for getting into the nooks and crannies where stale milk can lurk, forming a cheesy deposit. Hypochlorite is used to disinfect all equipment twice a day.” Once weaned, calves stay in the hutches for a few days before being moved. “I don’t want to face them with more than one stressor at a time. “At this point we have bonza calves going in to group pens as replacements. The bull calves, having been ringed, are reared separately as beef cattle until TB restrictions allow us to send them as stores,” says Mrs Robinson. At this point empty hutches are lifted off the pad, steam cleaned and the area cleared of

farmyard manure and disinfected if required. Mr Robinson believes the difference in replacement heifer condition is already noticeable. “We’ve had about 100 calves through the hutches and the first are now bulling. We tend to go on size, rather than age, to determine when heifers should be served and this first bunch look good – just more even in size.” In future, Mrs Robinson is looking to move calves to grouphoused hutches from six-weeksold to improve social function in line with most dairy farm animal health plans.

Dedicated “Critical for this to work is having one dedicated person who can take ownership and responsibility for rearing calves. It is time consuming. I spend half an hour at the end of each day feeding calves, plus bedding, water and bottle feeding newborns, and then there’s the cleaning off of hutches and equipment between groups. “We‘ve invested £10,000 in total, but it gives our calves a life worth living and me a buzz knowing every calf is happy and healthy,” she says.

Different brushes are used to clean the milk buckets and bottles.

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Hit target growth with regular checks


eeting growth rate targets throughout the entire rearing period is essential if target age and weight at first calving are to be met. This is according to Volacâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Maggie Gould who points out growth has a direct effect on age at first calving and lifetime production â&#x20AC;&#x201C; larger calves with faster growth rates are big enough to be served earlier and are therefore younger at first calving. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you are targeting your heifer replacements to calve at 24 months in order to increase their productive lifetime, then a 40kg calf at birth should reach 550kg bodyweight at calving â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which is an average 0.7kg daily gain throughout her entire rearing period, or 510kg gain over 730 days,â&#x20AC;? says Mrs Gould.

Inconsistent However in practice, she says growth rates are inconsistent. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Royal Veterinary College [RVC] survey on 19 dairy farms found daily body weight gain ranged from 0.2kg to 1.3kg during the first six months of life, a trend which has significant impact at 15 months, resulting in animals reaching first service without adequate body size. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In fact, that same RVC study recorded only 67 per cent of heifers holding to first service and they required an average 1.4 services per conception.â&#x20AC;? Heifers averaging 0.7kg daily gain calved at 23 to 25 months, an age which helped to increase their productive lifetime (see table 1). Mrs Gould says the RVC study concluded these animals had significantly better fertility, higher milk yield per day of life, and improved longevity, compared with those calving at above 30 months of age. First breeding must therefore start before 15 months of age, so set target growth rates to ensure heifers have adequate body size for first service at 13 months.

Target weights Mrs Gould says it is important to target the weights during the rearing period (see table 2). And if heifer calves are not



To ensure calves are reaching targets regularly measure and monitor growth rates using weigh scales or by using a weigh band.

Performance Key steps to success: â&#x2013; Set a target age at first calving â&#x2013;  Set a target weight at first calving, which should be about 85 per cent to 90 per cent mature body weight â&#x2013;  Set a growth rate target based on target age and weight at first calving Maggie Gould

achieving the recommended weights and are too small at six months of age, it is important to identify the main cause for poor growth. The six areas to focus on are colostrum management, milk feeding, housing, weaning management, post weaning nutrition, and finally vaccination and disease management. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Corrective changes can then be made to ensure all calves reach the target body weight and age at first breeding.â&#x20AC;?

Table 2: Suggested target body weights for Holstein Friesian heifers Age (months) Birth One Three Six 15 22-24

Target weight (kg) 36â&#x20AC;&#x201C;40 55-60 95â&#x20AC;&#x201C;110 180â&#x20AC;&#x201C;200 400â&#x20AC;&#x201C;420 550â&#x20AC;&#x201C;625*

*85 per cent â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 95 per cent mature body weight Source: Volac

Weighing â&#x2013; How to weigh: The only way to ensure calves are reaching targets, and to reduce variation between calves, is to regularly measure and monitor growth rates using weigh scales through a race or crush. Alternatively, use a simple weigh band. Heart girth is closely correlated with weight, therefore measuring heart girth

in cm using a weight band will provide reliable measurements â&#x2013; When to weigh: All calves should be weighed at birth and at six months as an absolute minimum. Weighing could coincide with another management practice, such as worming or vaccination for a more efficient use of time and to minimise stress on the calf

Table 1: Relationship between age at first calving and subsequent performance

Lactation one Lactation two Lactation three Source: RVC

Performance 305 day yield (litres) Calving interval (days) 305 day yield (litres) Calving interval (days) % entering lactation three Milk per day of life (litres)

Age at first calving 23 to 25 months 30 months or older 8,811 8,914 402 451 9,908 9,633 392 434 70 50 11.8 9.0


42 |



Prepare and plan early for successful calf weaning


lanning ahead and preparing young calves for the weaning process will achieve improved growth rates. By doing this heifers will be better able to reach good size and weight for service at 15 months and calving at two years old, says

Trial results ■ Results from trials run by Provimi, where milk replacers contain a gut conditioning package were compared with those without, have shown marked improvements in rumen development, feed intake and gut microflora ■ Included in calf starter concentrates, the gut conditioner NuStart also contributed to a 3 per cent increase in feed intake, a 17 per cent improvement in growth rate and an improvement in feed conversion ratio of 11.8 per cent during the rearing period compared with the control diet, says the firm

Ingram, Provimi’s Philip ruminant technical manager. “But to achieve this producers must start planning early,” says Dr Ingram. “Most producers appreciate the importance of colostrum in the first hours and days. Soon after this the process of preparing the rumen for the transition from milk to creep feed and starter feed can start. Calves with well developed rumens at weaning will typically experience few growth checks and they will be set-up to perform well throughout their rearing period.” Dr Ingram says while rumen development is driven by a number of factors, the most important is intake of appropriate solid feed. This can be significantly affected by milk composition and feeding level. “Excessive milk feeding will reduce solid food intakes for example, but also a lack of clean water will prevent the calf quenching its thirst and this will affect intakes.” Dr Ingram gives a word of warning though. “Producers must not assume good growth rates mean good rumen development. Calves fed on high levels of

There are no shortcuts when it comes to calf rearing, but starting to plan early will pay off, says Philip Ingram.

whole milk up to weaning can have good growth rates, but this can backfire once the calf has to go it alone without milk and rely on its rumen. And growth checks at weaning can set the calf back literally weeks. A calf experiencing a weaning check is not well nourished and becomes prone to infections.”

Rumen development Dr Ingram says the earlier solid food is offered, the sooner the calf will start to eat it and begin the process of rumen development. “For example, offering the smallest amount at five days old is better than waiting until two

weeks old and offering more.” He adds many producers are now using gut conditioning packages as part of their calf rearing programmes and he says these can make a real difference. “And although there is some debate about offering hay or straw, a good clean barley straw is, in my opinion, a good choice as it will be less variable than hay and less likely to bunch up in the developing rumen.” Dr Ingram says there are no shortcuts when it comes to calf rearing. “It’s a vital part of the dairy business and often deserves more attention. It calls for good stockmanship, hygiene practices and feeding management. Calves

Development of the rumen THE development of the rumen is measured by the growth of papillae. These are finger-like projections attached to the wall of the rumen, which

are extremely fastidious, so removing any uneaten feed regularly and offering new feed is essential, along with fresh water at all times. “And many producers would benefit from more forward thinking practices where they do more to prepare the calf for the day it comes off milk.

provide absorptive surface for the rumen. Nutrients are absorbed through these papillae and into the blood stream to nourish the calf

“Improved performance here will, for many, lead to better growth rates and earlier maturity with heifers ready for bulling at 15 months. “The current NMR average for age at first calving is 28 months – this could be reduced on many units by better weaning management.”

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Find out how one vaccination scheme can help calf producers make a premium on livestock, while also offering piece of mind about animal health to buyers.

Vaccination scheme boosts profitability and calf welfare


free certification programme which secure a can premium price for vendors by offering market buyers the opportunity to purchase calves already protected against pneumonia has grown in popularity since its launch in 2007. Calves registered on the SureCalf programme attracted a price premium of £34 per head* above the average market price from 2007-2010, explains Pfizer Animal Health national veterinary manager Carolyn Hogan. The SureCalf PreVacc scheme, which applies to calves over three months old, which are sold in the autumn, requires vendors to vaccinate their animals with two doses of Pfizer’s Rispoval 4.


It is the only vaccine which provides broad, long-lasting protection against the four key viruses associated with calf pneumonia: RSV, IBR, PI3 and BVD. A course of two injections must be completed two to eight

Key diseases ■ IBR – infectious bovine rhinotracheitis ■ BVD – bovine viral diarrhoea ■ RSV – respiratory syncytial virus ■ PI3 – parainfluenza-3

weeks before calves are moved and sold, providing cover for up to six months post-sale. Proof that the programme is working well is evident in the premium prices buyers are prepared to pay for certified calves, says Carolyn. However the other benefits are more difficult to quantify. She is keen to point out that scheme membership should not be seen as a ‘cure all’ solution. “The potential for improved profitability is the main advantage for buyers; calves which remain healthy will grow faster and therefore finish within a shorter period, compared with animals suffering from respiratory problems, even those with only a low level of infection. For many sellers, establishing a good reputation for supplying

high quality calves, which go on to perform well, is very good for business,” she says. “The programme will reduce the risk involved in buying calves. But it will not compensate for calves with poor conformation, or batches which end up in unsuitable housing and fed on a diet which fails to meet their nutritional needs.


“Like any other form of livestock production, overall good management is key; the scheme’s role is to improve the health and welfare of calves being traded. It also gives buyers additional assurance that they are purchasing from farmers who have gone the extra mile, to ensure their animals remain healthy as they pass through the market.” Cattle health status has been high on the agenda for livestock producers for many years, and protecting animals during their first winter housing period is of primary importance, she adds. “Weaning calves and transporting them to market, then on to a new location, causes stress levels to rise and makes them

Cattle vaccinated before being sold at market are more appealing to buyers and can command a premium.

Autumn sales registration timeline (SureCalf PreVacc scheme) ■ Vendor registers calves up to two weeks before sale ■ Vaccine doses one and two administered 21-28 days apart ■ Calves moved to market two to eight weeks after second dose

more susceptible to disease. This weakening of the immune system leaves the calves vulnerable to respiratory illness, which is one of the greatest threats they will face over their lifetime. “Protecting calves before travel makes good financial sense and is better for animal welfare. Buyers who purchase unprotected calves and start a vaccination programme when their new animals arrive at the farm will have to wait for around five critical weeks to achieve the same level of cover.”

Respiratory problems

While BVD is not directly linked to pneumonia, it is a debilitating contagious disease which leaves calves more likely to suffer respiratory problems, such

Spring sales registration (SureCalf PostVacc scheme) ■ In response to market demand, Pfizer launched a second free scheme earlier this year. SureCalf PostVacc registration is intended mainly for spring-born calves which are moved off-farm as forward stores.

as pneumonia, says Carolyn. That is why protection is included in the certification process. Vendors are required to provide details of their veterinary surgeon, and note down administration dates and batch numbers of the vaccines administered as part of the programme. Certificates are issued free of charge by Pfizer, and these can be passed on if the animal is sold for a second time. Calves sold direct from farm to farm can also take part in the scheme, she says.

Calves which remain healthy will grow faster and therefore finish within a shorter period.

The potential for improved profitability is the main advantage for buyers CAROLYN HOGAN


“I am sometimes asked what would happen if a certified calf succumbed to respiratory disease after it was sold. While this is uncommon, we would, of course, investigate any reported cases, in conjunction with the purchaser’s vet.

Programme background ■ Programmes similar to SureCalf have been operating in the USA for many years. In one livestock auction, the number of calves sold under certification increased from 55 per cent to 96 per cent between 1995 and 2005. In the UK, a vaccination assurance programme first started in Scotland

Sellers who register calves on the scheme are required to vaccinate their calves pre-housing against RSV, IBR, PI3 and BVD. They should also receive a second IBR vaccination pre-sale, as older animals tend to be more susceptible to this disease.

several years ago, with informal arrangements between a small group of traders. It grew into a pilot project, conducted by Pfizer in co-operation with United Auctions. The Pfizer scheme has grown from these small beginnings, to a programme which has now issued a large number of registration certificates.

“At present, demand is outstripping supply; we have a number of prospective buyers asking for certified animals, but there are not enough calves being put forward by vendors. We would urge anyone who sells calves to consider enrolling on the programme, by completing a registration form online, so we can issue the free certificates. “In cases where sellers are already pre-vaccinating calves before sale, the certificate will formalise the programme at no extra cost and could bring a premium which more than covers the cost of the treatment.” * Arithmetic average for 2007-2010 SureCalf sales at United Auctions

Rispoval® 4 contains attenuated BRSV strain 375 and PI3V ts strain with inactivated, adjuvanted IBR strain Cooper and BVDv Type 1 viruses cytopathic strain 5960 and non-cytopathic strain 6309 minimum. (POM-V).

For more information about both schemes within the SureCalf programme, or to register, please visit or telephone 0800 668 1886. Information is also available via your veterinary surgeon or from Pfizer Animal Health, Walton Oaks, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NS. Use medicines responsibly –

44 |


BREEDING & CALVES Housing ventilation is key to the health and wellbeing of calves. Farmers Guardian reports on a Worcestershire farmer who has made changes to his buildings and seen improvements in calf health and a reduction in drug bills.

Fresh air is the best solution for pneumonia-hit herds A

Robert Kings points at the new ventilation duct which has helped reduce the number of calves he has lost to pneumonia.

n improvement in ventilation has led to an 80 per cent reduction in drug costs for calf rearer Robert Kings who farms at Glenmore Farm near Pershore, Worcestershire. The farm, which was requisitioned as a base for the war effort, was returned to farming use in the 1960s. When Mr Kings erected cattle buildings in 1988, a condition for planning permission was that a screen of trees should be planted – up to 30m (98ft) wide in places. Since then the trees have grown well but caused an unforeseen problem which came to a head in 2009. “We had serious pneumonia outbreaks in the calf shed exacerbated by secondary infections with pasteurella,” says Mr Kings. “We spent over £5,000 on veterinary treatment, but still suffered an unacceptably high level of mortality.” The cause of the problem was partly put down to a lack of sufficient air circulation due to the efficiency of the windbreak provided by the 12m (40ft) high trees. Particularly affected was the four-bay open-fronted naturally ventilated calf house. Despite

having already opened up the roof ridges, problems were still occurring. Dairy calves crossed to continental beef bulls are bought in at three weeks old and remain in groups of up to 18 in two strawed pens for eight to 12 weeks. But pneumonia struck a high proportion within a fortnight.

Casualties Although the calves suffered from viral pneumonia at two weeks in the calf house, it was not until the calves were moved into the main cattle building that disease pressure increased. Most casualties occurred between four and six months from pasteurella and, with reduced lung capacity, the calves died despite the extensive use of antibiotics. As a result Mr Kings decided to try a low-volume ducted ventilation system; a 46cm (18in) fan was installed at one end of the calf building connected to a perforated polythene duct running the length of the house. This directs a steady, but gentle, flow of air over the calves 24 hours a day. Mr Kings says the system has reduced the incidence of viral pneumonia in the calf house and – with healthier calves moving into the cattle building – as time

Mr Kings was previously spending £260 per month on antibiotics.

The calves that have been bought in since the system was installed go on to the next stage and thrive ROBERT KINGS

has gone on, the overall heath of the herd has improved. “The difference in performance is like chalk and cheese,” says Mr Kings. “The calves that have been bought in since the system was installed go on to the next stage and thrive. I bought two bottles of antibiotics – at £130 per bottle – before the winter of 2011 and one of them is still unopened. I had been getting through 500ml and spending £260 per month.”

Airflow He says the £800 it cost to install the new ventilation fan and ducting has more than paid for itself, although the system has been part of a general improvement. In the main cattle building, where the calves are reared, all the Yorkshire boarding has been removed from the 27m by 48m (90ft by 160ft) portalframed building and, again, the roof vents have been opened up to improve airflow. The rearing system is continuous so the house contains both younger stock and older animals housed in pens either side of a

central passage. Due to the management and feeding method, two-year-old animals – potentially shedding the most dangerous pathogens – end up next to newly-introduced calves. On the advice of Tim Miller, environmental specialist with Proctors, Mr Kings inserted a solid partition to prevent direct contact where the pens adjoin and this has resulted in less cross-infection in the susceptible calves. One big improvement, though, came about by pure chance. To avoid hauling bales a long way around the tree screen, Mr Kings removed some trees to let a tractor through between the two sheds. This provided a funnel for the prevailing south-west wind and tended to suck stale air out of the houses, benefiting the second-stage building in particular. As a result he created several other gaps adjacent to the houses. “We feel we have got on top of the problem with a combination of factors,” says Mr Kings.

Glenmore Farm ■ Cattle graze for up to two summers on the 121-hectare (300-acre) farm ■ 81ha (200 acres) is down to permanent pasture under the Higher Level Stewardship scheme ■ Cattle are finished at two years old when weighing about 380kg and usually 80 per cent fall into the R grade ■ To get calves off to a good start they receive four litres of milk on day one, building up to six litres by day seven. They remain on this level for 21 days, supplemented with ad-lib pellets, when the milk level is gradually reduced

| 45


WELSH DAIRY SHOW A four-page Farmers Guardian special event preview

Edited by Barry Alston

Livestock entries strong as show keeps growing By Barry Alston

Entries Despite the on-going bovine TB situation, which has prevented many would-be exhibitors from showing, entry numbers have stood up well with Holsteins, Ayrshires, Dairy Shorthorns, Jerseys and Brown Swiss competing for the top awards. At the helm of the show’s organising team for what will be his 11th year as chairman of the organising committee, is Carmarthen dairy farmer Lynn


Judging times WITH breed judging taking place during the morning, the approximate main ring judging timetable for the special and championship awards is: ■ 12.45pm Inter-breed group of three ■ 1.00pm Milk recorded class

■ 1.30pm Cow progeny class ■ 2.00pm Bull progeny class ■ 2.15pm Supreme champion heifer, followed by the presentation of premier breeder awards, the supreme champion cow, and the presentation of the home-bred cow award

Left to right: the Welsh Dairy Show team – chairman Lynn Davies; treasurer Ellis Davies; vice-chairman John James and secretary Mair James, taking a look at this year's show catalogue cover.

Farmers Guardian – unlike many other major agricultural events the show is profitable.”

Event details ■ DATE: Tuesday, October 16, at the United Counties Showground, alongside the A40 at Nantyci, near Carmarthen, SA33 5DR ■ TIME: Gates open at 9.00am, judging starts 9.30am

■ ADMISSION: £10, including car parking and show catalogue ■ MORE INFORMATION: Call 01267 232 141, or email enquiries@unitedcounties.

Young handlers competitions YOUNGSTERS get special treatment at the Welsh Dairy Show in the Farmers Guardian and NFU Cymru-sponsored calf and young handlers competitions. More than 60 entries are expected for the eight classes, with

judging taking place in the main ring on the evening before the show. There will be a parade of prizewinners at 12.30pm on the Tuesday. There are five classes for heifer calves, ranging from un-

der 12 months to 24 months old, while in the three handler classes the age range is from under 12 to under 21. Judging will be in the hands of James Warren, Tredinney Farm, St Buryan, Cornwall.

Exhibitors entered into competition ALL exhibitors, unless they state otherwise, will be automatically entered in an inter-breed cattle presentation competition at the show. Points will be awarded based around general neatness, the standard of stall presentation and effectiveness of herd promotional material.

Hay, silage and roots Dairy stockperson award

The judges THE judges at this year’s Welsh Dairy Show come from across the UK. While they will work as a panel for the main inter-breed championships, invited to place the breed sections are: ■ Holsteins: Edward Griffiths, Gunthwaite Hall Farm, Penistone, South Yorkshire ■ Jerseys: Steven Bland, Abbott Lodge, Clifton, Penrith, Cumbria ■ Dairy Shorthorns: Marshall

THE Farmers Union of Wales will again be announcing the winner of the FUW-HSBC Outstanding Service to the Welsh Dairy Industry award at the show. Past winners have included: Carmarthenshire farmer, Ogwyn Evans; this year’s show president, Bryan Thomas; Flintshire dairy farmer, Terrig Morgan; former NFU Cymru president, Huw Richards, and DairyCo chairman Tim Bennett. FUW Carmarthenshire county executive officer Meinir Bartlett says: “There are a number of other very worthy individuals in Wales who also deserve this award.” The presentation will be in the main judging ring on the morning of October 16.

Davies, together with vicechairman John James, treasurer Ellis Davies, show secretary Mair James, and chief steward David Lloyd. Mr Davies says: “Our main aim is to provide the platform for an enjoyable day out away from the farm and the chance to meet up with friends, as well as the opportunity to see some fantastic stock. “The ever-expanding range of trade stands also provides a one-stop shop for producers to keep in touch with their milk buyers, feed suppliers and find out what is new on the market from the machinery and equipment manufacturers. “As an event we are selfsupporting and thanks to the support we receive from farmers, exhibitors and our main sponsors – Genus, HSBC Agriculture, Carmarthen and Pumsaint Farmers, Saputo Cheese UK and

OFFICIALLY opening the Dairy Show will be Pembrokeshire farmer John Davies, Cwmbetws, Eglwyswrw, Crymych – the former leader of Pembrokeshire County Council and the Welsh Local Government Association.

Outstanding service to Welsh dairying



he Welsh Dairy Show, to be held on Tuesday, October 16, continues to go from strength to strength with increasing visitor support coming not only from dairy farmers. It is becoming more recognised as a business event, with growing trade stand support providing a one-stop venue for all types of farmers to see some of the latest industry developments and meet suppliers. With many trade newcomers attending this year, a revised marquee layout should also make it easier for visitors to maximise their stopping off points.

Official show opening

Crank, Avondale, Cheshire ■ Ayrshires: William Templeton, Catrine House, Mauchline, Ayrshire ■ Brown Swiss: Ogilvie Smith, Bridge House Farm, Winterley, Cheshire ■ Calf and handler show and special classes: James Warren, Tredinney Farm, St Buryan, Cornwall ■ Forage section: Morris Davies, Hafod, Ferwig, Cardigan

THE popular classes for hay, silage and roots are being staged again, with entries being accepted until 10.30am on the morning of the show. The silage section will include classes for clamped, big bale, maize, wholecrop and TMR samples and there will also be classes covering turfs of temporary, permanent and first year permanent leys. Grain classes include wheat, barley, oats and crimped grain, while the hay and straw section al-

lows for meadow and seed hay samples, as well as wheat, barley and oat straws. In the roots section there will be classes for fodder beet, swedes, stubble turnips, and coloured and white potatoes. As well as class awards there will be blue ribbon sectional awards and two trophies for the highest number of points. All entries must have been grown on the exhibitor’s farm. Judging will be in the hands of Morris Davies, Ferwig, Cardigan.

A NEW award to find the best dairy stockperson working within the agricultural industry in Wales reaches its climax at the show.

Dedicated Sponsored jointly by NFU Cymru and NFU Mutual, entries have been invited from throughout Wales from dedicated, committed and enthusiastic dairy stockpersons. Aled Jones, chairman of NFU Cymru’s dairy board, says: “We want to recognise the key role a

good dairy stockperson can make to a dairy enterprise and to the Welsh dairy industry as a whole. “Potential award winners will be judged on their care and management of the herd, the breeding programme, their handling skills, their involvement in the dairy enterprise and their knowledge of the dairy industry in Wales.” The names of the winner and the two runners-up will be revealed during the official opening ceremony in the main ring on Tuesday.

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Award-winning farmer takes on presidential role By Barry Alston


resident of this year’s Welsh Dairy Show is the highly respected pedigree black and white breeder Bryan Thomas – one of the event’s original five founders back in 1989. Today, the Gelliddu herd is a force to be reckoned with, being based a few miles to the south of Carmarthen at Cwmffrwd, but life for Bryan and his younger brother Ronald – he, too, is a pedigree black and white breeder with the Churchvale herd – began within the town itself. Bryan says: “It has long gone, having been developed for housing, but father had a 12-hectare (30-acre) rented smallholding and every morning before school and at weekends I delivered milk around the town. “The family left there in 1952 having failed on only one morning in 18 years to get milk on to the doorsteps. That was during the snowdrifts of 1947. “We walked our 25 commercial cows to Gelliddu, which in those days was a 125-acre holding and, with expansion in mind, father became one of the first farmers in Carmarthenshire to make use of AI. “The subsequent move to pedigree status was down to me and we registered our first Gelliddu calf in 1955. The herd developed from there, largely by way of grading up and only buying in the odd

animal as and when we could afford it. “The bull we owned which really paved the way for us was Grove Fearless, the first calf of the legendry Grove Dawn, and basically, with my wife Eirlys by my side, we have been fortunate enough over the years to establish an award-winning herd. “We still have female lines which go back to those original cows, notably the Gelliddu Janes which won the South Wales Holstein Club family award five times over a 10-year period – and we could only enter five times,” says Bryan.

Management “These days management of the herd is down to our son Gareth, and like Eirlys, his wife Heather is a primary school teacher. “Despite expansion we still concentrate on conformation and at the present time there are three highly rated home-bred Excellent 95 animals in the herd, which in total has 59 which are classified as Excellent – 34 being multiple Excellents – 92 VGs and 24 G+. “Cow numbers are now up to the 200 mark of which 95 per cent will be home-bred and the others were only brought in recently to increase numbers following the acquisition of extra land which has taken the total area of owned and rented ground being farmed up to the 350-acre mark.” A new 28:28 herringbone parlour 15 months ago has replaced

The 28:28 herringbone auto ID parlour was installed 15 months ago.

Bryan Thomas farms 200 black and white cows in Cwmffrwd.

a 10-point tandem and a new addition to the skyline is a justcommissioned wind turbine supplying electricity to the farm and the National Grid. The current rolling herd average is 9,521 litres at 4.14 per cent butterfat and 3.17 per cent protein.

Member Away from the farm, Bryan has been a prominent member of what today is HUKI, having first become a council member back in the 1980s, and his skills have been recognised by his elevation to Master Breeder status. His many other services to the wider agricultural industry have also received national recognition, including a highly acclaimed Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural Societies. Taking on the presidential mantle of the Welsh Dairy Show is something he treats as a significant role, having been a key mem-

Despite expansion we still concentrate on conformation

Welsh Government update Alun Davies, the Welsh Government’s Deputy Agriculture Minister, on industry progress. He will also attend the Welsh Dairy Show. THE plan for milk I announced at the Royal Welsh Show confirmed my commitment to do everything in my power to work alongside the dairy industry to help resolve the issues around the price paid for milk, and I am happy to be able to provide an update on the work the Welsh Government has been doing over the summer. I very much welcome the formal agreement reached within the industry on a Voluntary Code on milk prices, having long argued a voluntary approach is in the best interests of the industry as a whole. It is a more flexible and preferable option than legislation – though my officials are working in this area to press ahead if we should need to. The current Rural Development Plan has delivered £5.6 million to dairy projects across rural Wales and the Welsh Government is investing £3.3m support through the Dairy Supply Chain Efficiencies scheme. Our Farming Connect programme is providing advice on the best ways to cut costs and increase profitability and I have introduced specific components for dairy farmers. The amount of support

available for individuals who have already used up their time allocation is being extended. There will now be eight days of support per farm business rather than five. I am also establishing a Dairy Forum to inform and support the Welsh Government in the future development of the dairy sector in Wales.

Consultation A consultation on dairy contract procedures will begin this month and run in parallel with similar consultations in other parts of the UK. It will be accompanied by a UK-wide impact assessment. I am also continuing to liaise with Westminster Government Ministers for the early introduction of a Groceries Code Adjudicator to ensure fairness in the operation of the Grocery Supply Chain Code of Practice. The Welsh Government is taking a practical and longsighted approach to ensuring the Welsh dairy industry emerges from its current difficulties in a strong position facing a viable future.

BRYAN THOMAS ber of the organising team since its inception 23 years ago. “Five of us were involved initially, with the late Tom Evans setting the ball rolling, and we have not looked back since,” says Bryan. “From those humble beginnings competing at the show has become a must among pedigree breeders from across Wales and beyond, matched by some tremendous trade stand support – and long may it continue.”

The herd became pedigree in 1955. PICTURES: Arvid Parry Jones

Stalwart receives recognition for event commitment ONE of the stalwarts of the Welsh Dairy Show, Carmarthenbased Roy Davies, has been presented with a commemorative plate following his retirement from the show committee after 23 years. Show chairman Lynn Davies says: “Roy has been there from the beginning and was instrumental in putting the show on a stable financial footing through sponsorship.

“Everyone has valued and appreciated his commitment to the show and to the other events organised by the United Counties Agricultural Society.”

President The former ADAS and HSBC regional agricultural adviser, however, will not be completely severing his links with the show. He has been elected as the event’s 2013 president.

Left to right: Janet Davies (chairman’s wife), Carol and Roy Davies, Lynn Davies (Welsh Dairy Show chairman) and John James (Welsh Dairy Show vice-chairman).



Barry Alston visits an Ayrshire breeder whose sights are fixed on a Welsh Dairy Show championship repeat victory.

Farming two breeds to secure a future


e has won it once and Geraint Thomas wants to win the Welsh Dairy Show’s supreme interbreed championship again – but this time with a homebred milker from his Gwynnog pedigree Ayrshire herd. It was back in 2006 that victory last came his way when the highly regarded Haresfoot Betty 33 gave the red and whites their third and last overall title at the showcase Welsh fixture. The success came early in Geraint’s ambitions to put together a top flight Ayrshire herd and he makes no apology for having bought in some of the breed’s leading bloodlines as foundation stock. But things have moved on a great deal since then and these days Gwynnog has become one of the breed’s up and coming herds, while Geraint himself is making a mark as a recognised breeder – highlighted by growing calls for his judging services at leading shows. Gwynnog stock has been steadily climbing up the show championship lists, too, not only in Geraint’s own South Wales locality but nationwide. The fourth generation of his family to farm Tyreglwys, a somewhat sloping holding overlooking

We have nothing to hide. We have spent a lot of money over the years buying in from such notable herds GERAINT THOMAS Llangennech, near Llanelli, Geraint’s love of Ayrshires developed from a schoolboy ambition to run his own red and white dairy herd. The family roots were in vegetable cropping for the wholesale and retail trade after his great-grandfather bought what in 1904 was a 48-hectare (120-acre) holding. There was a small dairy herd as well – pedigree Dairy Shorthorns – with Geraint’s grandfather introducing Friesians in the 1950s, running around 25 milkers. When Geraint’s parents Rhys and Margaret took over in 1983, the decision was taken to start

Ayrshire Haresfoot Betty 33 won the supreme dairy inter-breed championship at the 2006 Welsh Dairy Show.

grading up what were the mainly commercial black and whites and the Gwynnog prefix was adopted the following year – reflecting the name of the local St Gwynnog parish church. It was Geraint who having finished school and a stint at the Gelli Aur Agricultural College in the 1990s, had the yearning for Ayrshires. Geraint says: “I had always admired the breed at local shows and wanting to start my own prefix, persuaded dad to find room for a few. “That was in the 2001 footand-mouth year and I spotted an advertisement in Farmers Guardian for Robert Adams’ Bigginvale herd in Derbyshire. We bought three and have gone on from there. “They settled in well and we liked what they were doing so we decided to buy more and set about looking for good cow families.

Investment “We have nothing to hide. We have spent a lot of money over the years buying in from such notable herds as Haresfoot, Sandyford, Knutsford, Waxham and Knockenjig – all of which have given us the base from which to progress with our own home-bred families.” Haresfoot Betty 33 undoubtedly highlighted the arrival of the herd on the show circuit, winning countless red and white awards as well as the supreme inter-breed championship at the 2006 Welsh Dairy Show. Since then home-bred entries have been showing their merit – notably Gwynnog Sand Ranger Sailor Girl with championship successes at the 2011 Royal Welsh and All Breeds shows. Another worthy home-bred performer is Gwynnog Northney Brendon May, who in her second 305-day lactation topped 9,698kg at 4.54 per cent butterfat and was reserve interbreed leader at the 2007 Welsh Dairy Show.

Geraint Thomas with his wife Sheryl and children Awen and Gethin.

There are some very useful looking heifers showing considerable potential in the pipeline, too. By the time they all calve down by the end of the year there should be 110 Holsteins and 70 Ayrshires milking on the farm, along with 50 each of red and white and black and white youngsters. “Farming 149ha, of which 121ha are owned, means we are now fairly well stocked and probably the trend will be towards a 50/50 Ayrshire-Holstein split,” says Geraint. “We see the black and whites more as being our milk producers and, given the healthy demand we are getting for red and whites, the Ayrshire as our breeding sales market. “Though we run both breeds as one herd, yield-wise the Ayrshires are averaging 8,000kg while our black and whites, which are predominantly pure Holstein, are on 9,300kg – though on a cost comparison basis there is little to choose between the two. “Bulls are being chosen for type, taking the line that yield can be manipulated by management,” says Geraint.


The trend in the farm’s herd is moving towards a 50/50 Ayrshire-Holstein split.

Calving is all-year-round, with winter housing predominantly in cubicles running from November until early April and TMR feeding being topped up in the 10-year-old, 12:24 herringbone parlour. A 17ha (42-acre) maize crop has been grown for a second year, but whether it will go in again is doubtful and 4ha (12 acres) of spring barley are combined for home use. A Hereford bull is used as a sweeper across both breeds and

PICTURES: Arvid Parry Jones

Championship roll of honour HOLSTEINS again head up this year’s overall entries – but who will be joining the Welsh Dairy Show’s supreme inter-breed roll of honour? Here are some of the previous winners: I. and B. James, Teifi Miriam 4 (Ayrshire) No champion due to foot-and-mouth A.H. Wilson and Sons, Dalesend Storm Maude (Holstein) M.A. and R.A. Bown, Sandyford Princess 4 (Ayrshire) A.H. Wilson and Sons, Dalesend Storm Maude (Holstein) A.H. Wilson and Sons, Dalesend

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

cross-bred calves are reared and sold as stores. Despite rising costs and concerns over milk price, Geraint is confident there is a future in dairying and with two young children, he and his wife Sheryl, believe by having two strings to

Storm Maude (Holstein) G. Thomas, Haresfoot Betty 33 (Ayrshire) R.K. and S.G. Miller and Sons, Moorshard Outside Delight (Holstein) A.H. Wilson and Sons, Dalesend Storm Maude (Holstein) G. and J. Williams, Penrikka Dyl Marina 2 (Holstein) A.H. Wilson and Sons, Ridgefield Goldwyn Cinderella (Holstein) A.H. Wilson and Sons, Bluegrass Heritages Lovely Lady (Jersey) This year’s winner will be announced at the show

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

their bow there will be a fifth generation of the family at Tyreglwys. The two-breed commitment is vividly demonstrated, too, by the fact Geraint is also this year’s chairman of the South Wales Holstein Breeders Club.

Circular Concrete Slurry Stores

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WELSH DAIRY SHOW PREVIEW Following such a topsy-turvy summer for UK farming, key industry figures outline their hopes for the winter.

Industry hopes for for the winter Aled Jones, NFU Cymru milk board chairman ■ I ONCE heard someone say ‘if all else fails, then give truth the chance’. We have seen many failures in the dairy industry during the past six months. At the end of April, some milk processors slashed milk prices by up to 2ppl, some only giving three days’ notice. There was total failure to engage with producers, failure in our milk sales agreements to protect producers and failure in the supply chain to adequately reward and protect producers. The April news was bad but the further cuts in August stung dairy farmers into action. At last some truths began to make the

nutritional and health benefits of milk were again being appreciated. The groundswell of support from people of all walks of life and the effective campaigning of the Dairy Coalition means that by early October we should return to where we were in April.

World markets headlines – ‘dairy farmers could not continue to produce below the cost of production’. Milk contracts were required to be just and equitable. Consumer support became real and the

This has come about while dairy markets around the world are again strengthening because of supply and demand re-balancing. The effect of extreme weather patterns around the world will cause many input costs to soar and we live in an age where there

are very low world reserves of food. Combined with an expanding population, this will inevitably lead to volatility. Dairy farmers will have improved representations in price negotiations due to the voluntary code of practice and opportunity to work together as producer organisations to market milk. The coalition’s success has shown the benefits of cooperation and with everdiminishing producer numbers we cannot afford not to work together. Let us seize the opportunities and from failure build a strong future based on truth.

Euryn Jones, regional agricultural manager for Wales, HSBC ■ THERE are many benefits to producing milk in Wales. One not often appreciated is that, unlike most European countries, expansion is not constrained by milk quotas. Long gone are the days when expanding dairy farmers had to invest more in quotas than cows in order to produce more milk. For dairy farmers in many other European countries, including our closest neighbours in the Irish Republic, there is great excitement at the prospect of unfettered expansion from 2015 when quotas are dismantled. The Irish dairy sector has an impressive national strategy in place to take advantage of the

opportunities the deregulated market will bring, with many forward-looking farmers already formulating expansion plans. We have no such expansion restrictions. So what is holding back Welsh farmers from investing more in the future?

Finance It is not lack of finance. At HSBC we have set aside a very significant amount of capital to increase lending to the industry by up to 40 per cent. While we do not expect that requirement to increase by that extent in the near future, we have ensured we have more than sufficient capacity to continue

increasing our market share from new business as well as supporting long-standing customers. Lack of confidence is a significant constraint for Welsh dairying, with one of the causes being the volatility in milk prices and input costs. So how can Welsh dairy farmers become more confident about investing in their future? One essential ingredient for individual producers is to ensure they have a clear awareness of how they are performing in relation to other similar businesses. Those who produce more efficiently than average can be

Dei Davies, FUW milk and dairy produce committee chairman ■ THIS summer has been one of the most challenging for dairy farmers in the last 10 years and, more common than not, a difficult summer leads to a difficult winter. The culprits include the poor quality and yield of forages, the high costs of concentrates and straights, fears of further farm gate price cuts and the lottery of winter’s grip. Any livestock business which is self sufficient and reliant on home-grown forages can have its winter feed and budget plans scuppered and producers can either buy in additional feed to maintain yields, or choose to accept poorer yields and lower returns.

Cow health

assured a bright future awaits. Those who can demonstrate their business has the capacity to service additional borrowing should have no apprehension about approaching us for finance to achieve their potential.

However, be aware of the effects on fertility and cow health such actions may cause and remember that getting heifers to calve at 24 months becomes increasingly difficult if they have not been adequately fed. On the up side, the industry seems to be moving in the right direction in terms of price stability and a new voluntary code of practice between primary producers and processors. There is a real sense that the past few months have galvanised the merits of

producer co-operation, rather than the fractured market and leadership experienced in the past. The lead up to winter can be softened if accurate production costs are known and more importantly controlled. The trick is to know your costs and prepare accordingly, so there will be as little impact as possible from the issues that have affected us in 2012. Remember, winter does not last forever and we sometimes forget that there are three other seasons that make up our year – so, when that first day of spring and its optimism dawns, be sure that any lingering winter thoughts and fears we may have had will be quickly forgotten.

DairyCo extension officer Richard Davies offers advice on improving cattle handling systems.

Improving cow welfare with well-designed handling facilities Better facilities can result in time and labour cost savings.

Welsh Dairy Show ticket winners The 10 winners of Farmers Guardian’s ticket giveaway for the Welsh Dairy Show are: ■ Sarah Cammack, Betley, Crewe, Cheshire ■ Wyn James, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion ■ Stanley Machin, Bangor-onDee, Wrexham ■ Lyn Thomas, Llanpumsaint, Carmarthen

■ Gethin Jones, Llandeloy, Haverfordwest ■ David Jones, Bontnewydd, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion ■ Ioan Jones, Llanychan, Ruthin, Denbighshire ■ John Morgan, Raglan, Usk, Monmouthshire ■ Tudor Davies, Carmarthen ■ Mark Thomas, Trelech, Carmarthen


ell-designed cattle handling facilities are not only important for animal welfare and personal safety but can result in huge savings in time and labour. Ideally with milking cows, facilities should be close to the parlour exit for a manual shedding system and even preferable if using auto identity and segregation. Most systems should have a shedding gate, holding pen, forcing area, race, crush, dispersal yard and AI pens.

Inclines They must be well lit, have nonslip surfaces, avoid tight turns and projecting hinges which

could damage stock. As cattle prefer moving up inclines rather than down, a level or slight up hill is also preferable. Auto shedding is becoming more popular and requires animals to be in a single file so having a race where cattle enter at a steady pace is imperative.


The race should hold animals in single file RICHARD DAVIES

Cows should go through the shedding system every milking whether they need to be separated or not. Ideally the route should be to one side, with the separated route straight ahead to ensure the animal requiring shedding has no physical barriers in front of her. The holding pen should be designed to hold the largest group of animals on the farm with each

cow requiring around 1.8sq.m of space. The race should hold animals in single file and have an internal width of 680-760mm (26-30in), with the sides being about 1.5m high (5ft). Increasingly, larger herds are relying on herringbone races which can be of any length – but as a rule should be the same length as one side of the parlour. Up-to-date guidance on handling systems is contained in DairyCo’s new ‘Dairy Housing, a best practice guide’. MORE INFORMATION Pick up a copy of the best practice guide from the joint DairyCo stand at the Welsh Dairy Show, or call 024 7647 8702.

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Shirley Cropper and Tess victorious at Holme open rTop three run within first five

rTexel ewes prove difficult to pen England: Elaine Hill RUNNING early, Shirley Cropper and Tess won the annual Holme open trial, held at Clough Head, Haslingden. From the entry of 36 dogs, judged by last year’s winner Jim Cropper, the top three all ran within the first five. George Bonsall set the standard with the first run, gaining 86 points with Tim. At four, Stephen Duckworth pulled ahead with Spy on 90. Shirley and Tess (J.B. Wilde’s Jan and Mirk) ran at five. The medium-coated bitch had a good start, and was clean over the steep uphill gather of more than 500 yards. She had a clean lift before two marks were dropped over her fetch and three throughout her driving for minor deviations of line. The Texel-cross ewes were not easy to pen, and one broke on a couple of occasions before Tess secured her packet, losing three points. Finishing with a clean single gave the top score of 92. At Holmrook, Mark Pickering judged the entry of 41 open dogs, while the nursery entry of 33 was judged by Norman Ireland.

English results HOLME, Clough Head, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire, (Judge, J. Cropper, Deerplay) Open (36 ran) 1, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Tess, 92 of 100; 2, S. Duckworth (Haslingden) Spy, 90; 3, G. Bonsall (Slindon) Tim, 86; 4, J. Wood (Norland) Sal, 85 OLF; 5, Richard Hutchinson (Littledale) Sweep, 85; 6, F. Cleary (Tockholes) Dan, 83. HOLMROOK, Cumbria, (M. Pickering, Penrith) Open (41 ran) 1, A. Temple (Holmrook) Whiterose Flint, 87 of 90; 2, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Maya, 86 OLF; 3, A. Temple, Baledmund Zazoo, 86; 4, J. Relph (Borrowdale) Del, 85; 5, K. Cropper (Shap) Scrum, 84 OLF; 6, Thomas Longton, Tot, 84. Nursery (N. Ireland, Holmrook, 33 ran): 1, J. Relph, Carl, 85 of 90; 2, Thomas Longton, Meg, 82 OLF; 3, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Jock, 82; 4, K. Salisbury (Riddlesden) Rob, 81 OLF; 5, Thomas Longton, Kit, 81; 6, K. Cropper, Zac, 80. FULWOOD BOOTH, Fulwood Booth Farm, Sheffield, (E. Stevens, Chesterfield) Nursery (28 ran) 1, G. Birchenall (Chinley) Queen, 78/90; 2, G. Watt (Corbridge) Rocky, 71; 3, G. Dermody (Nantwich) Baledmund Sam, 66; 4, G. Dermody, Vic, 63 OLF; 5, N. Stenton (Sheffield) Lad, 63; 6, K. Watt (Corbridge) Kira, 57. Novice (14 ran): 1, J. Richardson (Strinesdale) Cap, 70/90; 2, T. Harding (Kettleshulme) Mac, 69; 3, G. Clarke (South Normanton) Bracken, 62. DEVON AND EXMOOR, Middle Merripit Farm, Postbridge, Devon, (L. Lock, Plymouth) Novice Maltese Cross Championship (15 ran) 1, K. Watson (Postbridge) Matt, 69 of 90; 2, J. Watson (Postbridge) Roy, 61; 3, P. Slattery (Wheddon Cross) Pip, 56; 4, S. Greenaway (Manaton) Ruby, 44 OLF; 5, J. Tucker (Brentor) Fleet, 44; 6, R. Watson (Postbridge) Dot, 40. Novice driving championship (10 ran): 1, D. Cole (Bittaford) Jill, 76 of 100; 2, J. Watson, Meg, 73; 3, J. Slattery (Tivington) Saffi, 72; 4, B. Evans (Virginstow) Joe, 68; 5, L. Robertson (Princetown) Ford, 62; 6, T. Peat (Swimbridge) Jess, 56. Best New Handler: N. Whitwell, Shep. Best outrun, lift and fetch: D. Cole, Jill.

Sheepdog trials diary ENGLAND October 6. HAYFIELD, Nursery, novice and beginners, The Grouse Inn, off A624 Glossop/Hayfield road, Derbyshire, 8am start, enter on field. NORTHERN, Nursery and new handler, Tees Farm, Westwick, Co Durham, DL12 8UT, about two miles from Barnard Castle on the Whorlton road, 10am start, enter on field by 2pm, only one dog can be booked in after 1pm. COCKERMOUTH, Open and novice, Wythop, Cumbria, 9am start, enter on field by 4pm. RYEDALE, Nursery, signed on farm road opposite the Goathland Hotel, near Egton Bridge, North Yorkshire, 10am start, enter on field, those with two dogs to be booked in by 11am, all dogs to be booked in by 1pm. October 6 and 7. BISHOPSTONE, Charity trials – open (Saturday) and double gather (Sunday), Bishopstone, five miles south west of Salisbury, Wiltshire, 8am start, entry closed, catering. October 7. BAMFORD, Nursery, novice and beginner, Shatton, Bamford, Derbyshire, 9am start, enter on field, catering. MORETON, Nursery and novice, Station Farm, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, LE9 6NA, 9.30am start, enter on field. NORTHERN, Nursery and new handler, Ulwith Farm, about two miles from Catterick Garrison on the Leyburn road, North Yorkshire, 10am start, enter on field by 2pm, only one dog can be booked in after 1pm. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Otterburn – cancelled.

October 13. YORKSHIRE, Nursery, Park House Farm, Elslack, BD23 3AT, 9.30am start, enter on field. HOLME, Nursery, Higher Wall Farm, Lumb, BB4 9NE, 9am start, enter on field. HIGHER WHITLEY, Nursery, novice and beginners, School Lane, Higher Whitley, WA4 4PH, 9am start, enter on field. October 13 and 14. CORNWALL, Lanhadron open hill trial, Mevagissey, PL26 6HB, off B2373 near Heligan, 9.30am start, enter on field. October 14. FULWOOD BOOTH, Nursery, novice and beginners, Fulwood Booth Farm, Sheffield, 9am start, enter on field.

Although both classes ran on the same field, which dipped in the middle, the two courses were different. The open entrants stood at the pen and, after the fetch obstacle, turned their sheep into the right-hand drive. The nursery entrants stood at a post and did a conventional course. Throughout the Mule ewes ran consistently well. In the open class, Thomas Longton set the standard at 20, gaining 86 points with Maya. However, running at 26, Arthur Temple took the title with Whiterose Flint. After a clean start, Flint (J. Atkinson’s Fly and Dave) had a slightly wide turn into the driving. He slipped one sheep at the last obstacle, before finishing with a clean pen to score 87 points and take his third open title.

Durness trial goes to a tie-breaker as Michael and Hamish battle for title


Scotland: Sine Robertson

With the first run in the nursery class, Joseph Relph’s Carl (C. Davies’ Eva and Moss) gained his first win. Following a faultless start, Carl had a good, controlled run with minor line deviations. One sheep slipped round the pen, costing two points to give a score of 85. His closest contender was Thomas Longton’s Meg who, on 82 points, was the runner-up on an outbye decision over Alec Baines’ Jock. At Fulwood Booth’s first trial of the season, Elizabeth Stevens DEVON AND EXMOOR, Woodford, Witheridge, Devon, (K. Dart, Molland) Devon Maltese Cross championship (21 ran) 1, R. Watson (Postbridge) Gwen, 76 of 100 OLF; 2, J. Watson (Postbridge) Mirk, 76; 3, J. Watson, Jake, 71; 4, R. Watson, Juno, 69; 5, J. Watson, Sweep, 68; 6, R. Hayes (Witheridge) Mint, 66. Sweepstake: 1, R. Hayes, Ned. LEY FARM, Diptford, Totnes, Devon, (V. Pitts, Exminster) Open Driving (29 ran) 1, J. Watson (Postbridge) Jake, 88/100; 2, R. Watson (Postbridge) Juno, 86; 3, R. Watson, Gwen, 85; 4, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Lilly, 83; 5, J. Watson, Sweep, 81; 6, A. Bennett (St Austell) Jack, 70. Novice Driving: 1, R. Watson, Gwen, 85/100; 2, J. Carter (Delabole) Joe, 70; 3, J. Watson, Roy, 66. Brace: 1, I. Mackay (Lustleigh) Sanduck Fly and Sanduck Queen; 2, T. Hopper (Veryan) Tweed and Moonspark Zac. ROMNEY MARSH, Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent, (R. Willis, Lydd) Open (26 ran) 1, W. Cole (Tillingham) Cath, 67/100; 2, J. Marsh (Bolney) Craig, 62; 3, P. Paice (Pevensey) Sanduck Lexi, 60; 4, D. Thompson (Wittersham) Cruise, 59; 5, D. Thompson, Tim, 58; 6, J. Matthews (Little Baddow) Meg, 56. Novice: 1, J. Matthews, Meg, 56/100; 2, L. Watts (Wittersham) Flash, 36. NIDDERDALE SHOW, Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, (P.Turnbull, Pickering) Open, 1, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Tommey, 90/100; 2, I. Murdoch (Sutton on Forest) Bob, 88; 3, R. Handy (Settle) Meg, 86; 4, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Danny, 80; 5, R. Briggs (Wennington) Bill, 79; 6, K. Gibson (Winksley) Buffy, 75. Ladies Prize: S. Cropper, Danny. Local: K. Gibson Buffy. Brace (Judge S. Beaton, Nun Appleton, 3 ran): 1, J. Cropper, Black and Calderdale Tess, 98 of 140; 2, R. Harland (Pickering) Shep and Lyn, 81; 3, R. Briggs, Wenndale Star and Wenndale Peg, 74. NORTHERN, Tees Farm, Westwick, Co Durham, (R. Hutchinson, Littledale) Open (34 ran) 1, M. Day (Alwinton) Lucky, 96/110; 2, F. Satterthwaite (Brough) Matt, 87 OLF; 3, K. Gibson (Winksley) Buffy, 87; 4, M. Day, Spot, 86; 5, R. Harland (Pickering) Shep, 82; 6, J. Edgar (Consett) Sally, 81. MID-SHIRES, Ashurst Farm, Wolvey,

Gordon Birchenall won the nursery class at Fulwood Booth.

judged an entry of 42 nursery and novice dogs. Over the gently rising course, running was on mixed ewes which were quite good to handle. Gordon Birchenall’s Queen (G. Birchenall’s Nell and Alf) was the clear winner of the nursery class while, with a single point advantage, James Richardson’s Cap (S. Wayman’s Jan, E. Griffiths’ Glen) won the novice.

The Devon and Exmoor Society held its novice championships on Sunday at Postbridge, where Linda Lock judged the running. The newly bought-in strong Scottish Blackfaces proved quite testing. Top of the entry of 15 in the Maltese cross class were Kenny Watson and Matt, while David Cole and Jill won the driving class of 10 entries.

Hinckley, Leicestershire, (B. Powell, Cold Ashby) Open (46 ran) 1, I. Murdoch (Suttonon-Forest) Bob, 88/100; 2, S. Little (Kerdiston) Bryn, 87; 3, B. Smith (Ashbourne) Meg, 84; 4, V. Powell (Cold Ashby) Cully, 83; 5, T. Foster (Creaton) Nell, 81; 6, J. Thomas (Bicester) Jaff, 80.

Chamberlain (Builth Wells) Floss, 18; 3, B. Lewis (Llandrindod Wells) Fly, 27; 4, Y. Abrey (Brecon) Meg, 28. Best runs before noon: 1, C. Gordon, Meg, 14; 2, G. Thomas (Llanelli) Roy, 20; 3, B. Pugh, Bet, 21. CRUCKTON AND DISTRICT Open National: 1, K. Gwilliam (Craven Arms) Meg, 12 OLF; 2, C. Roberts (Groesfaen) Roy, 12; 3, A. Williams (Penmachno) Nim, 13; 4, P. Tomkins (Llandrindod Wells) Arnie, 16; 5, K. Haker (Llandrindod Wells) Rob, 17 OLF; 6, Ben Williams, Sweep, 17. Novice: 1, K. Gwilliam, Meg, 15; 2, M. Williams, Rue, 18; 3, P. Thomas (Longnor) Jan, 25; 4, Emyr Jones, Kirk, 26; 5, A. Williams, Max, 30; 6, B. Williams, Sweep, 31. PEMBROKESHIRE (Tyddyn) Nursery: 1, B. McConnell (Whitland) Sky, 17; 2, Ll. Harries (Crymych) Jet, 18; 3, A. Morgan (Mwnt) Sky, 35; 4, J. Bowen (Tenby) Jet, 37; 5, S. Harden (Pembroke) Queen, 39; 6, G. Thomas (St Davids) Nell, 42. Puppy: 1, Ll. Harries, Jet, 18; 2, J. Bowen, Jet, 37; 3, S. Harden, Queen, 39; 4, J. Bowen, Meg, 48; 5, A.L. Daybell (St Davids) Carlo, 53.

Welsh results LLANDOVERY SHEEP FESTIVAL, Open National: 1, G. Lewis (Gwynfe) Flash, 8; =2, A. Williams, Spot, 10, and E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Jill, 10; =4, J. Bowen (Tenby) Kit, 14, and M. Jones (Maesybont) Joe, 14; 6, G. Davies (Brecon) Moi, 15. Open South Wales: 1, D. Evans (Libanus) Tim, 9; 2, D. Evans, Katy, 10; 3, E.L. Morgan, Jill, 11; 4, J.M. Jones (Abergwesyn) Hemp, 14. WEOBLEY, Open National: 1, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Glyn, 12; 2, P. Tomkins (Llandrindod Wells) Mac, 12; 3, C. Gordon (Gower) Meg, 14; 4, B. Pugh (Nantmel), Jac, 15; 5, M. Williams (Welshpool) Rue, 16; 6, K. Harley (Glasbury-on -Wye) Tim, 18. Novice: 1, M. Williams, Rue, 16; 2, J.

SCOTTISH trialling resorted to a run-off for the third week in succession, this time to separate two high-scoring runs at Durness. Michael Shearer’s Bob saw Hamish MacLean’s Dan into second place at the end of the decisive tie breaker. The hill Cheviots ran well on a day of rough weather, with heavy showers and breezes blowing, but they had the potential to be light to handle at times. The compact nature of the course meant if dogs came too hard upon the sheep, they could upset them on the downhill

Scottish results DURNESS (Judge, B. Ross, Ardgay) Open (38 ran) 1, M.C. Shearer (Westfield) Bob, 97 run off; 2, H. MacLean (Culloden) Dan, 97; 3, M.C. Shearer (Westfield) Jim, 95; 4, M. Murray (Back) Jim, 93; 5, S. Renwick (Inverbroom) Roci, 92 OLF; 6, S. Grant (Strathcanaird) Kim, 92. Local: 1, N MacKenzie (Durness) Tess, 61; 2, J. Sutherland (Durness) Jess, 74; 3, M. MacKay (Durness) Mirk, 61; 4, S. MacKinnon (Durness) Tony; 5, A. Baillie (Durness) Ben. Young dogs (G. Nicholson, Lairg) 1, E.C. MacKinnon (Lochcarron) Mist, 79; 2, M. Murray (Back) Gael, 76; 3, H. MacLean (Culloden) Spot, 56. COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP, SHETLAND (J. Williams, Lunna) Championship (12 ran) 1, J. Ramsay (Ollaberry) Rib, 103/110; 2, A. Nicolson (Ollaberry) May, 102; 3, A.J. Hughson (Brunthamarsland) Bob, 95; 4, M. Anderson (Raewick) Dug, 90; 5, A. Nicolson

WALES October 6. PONTERWYD, Open and novice national, runs combined, Bont Farm, Ponterwyd, 8am start, contact I.B. Jones on 01970 880 872. October 7. SHROPSHIRE AND HEREFORDSHIRE, Nursery, Ivy House Farm, Hope Valley, SY5 0JB, 10am start. GLOS/GWENT, Nursery, Skirrid Farm, Llandewi Skirrid, Abergavenny, NP7 8AP. PEMBROKESHIRE, Nursery, Tremynydd Fach, St Davids, SA82 6DB, 10am start. October 13. NORTH WALES, Nusery, heat seven, Redbrook – cancelled. PEMBROKESHIRE, Nursery, Pencefn, Mwnt, Cardigan, SA43 1QB, 10am start. October 14. SHROPSHIRE AND HEREFORDSHIRE Nursery, Green Farm, Longnor, SY7 7PP.

fetch. Despite the possibilities of misadventure, most dogs managed to complete the course and the leaders performed outstandingly well. Bob ran out and lifted flawlessly, lost very minor points for the lines of the fetch and drive and, although some handlers found the sheep flighty at the pen, Michael finished his run with a clean pen and shed. Dan lost a single point from his outrun, lifted and fetched cleanly and had only minor deviations from line on the drive against him on the course. Another clean finish put both dogs on level points. (Ollaberry) Fleck, 85. Doubles 1, J. Nicolson (Ollaberry) Meg and Nell, 103/140; 2, A. Nicolson (Ollaberry) May and Fleck, 84. CARNWATH (J. Cochrane, Coulter) Open (35 ran) 1, J. Hill (Heriot) Mac, 92; 2, I. Brownlie (Forestmill) Boredale Gus, 91; 3, M. McTeir (Invergeldie) Bob, 90; 4, J.A. Common (Lockerbie) Ben, 88; 5, I. Brownlie (Forestmill) Mo, 87; 6, W. Todd (Langholm) Peg, 86. ACHARACLE (I. MacDonald, Staffin) Open (49 ran) 1, J. Lamont (Portree) Craig, 88; 2, H. Munro (Inverness) Sal, 83; 3, P. Martin (Glenlyon) Jill, 82; 4, D. Robertson (Glenfruin) Todd, 81; 5, S. Grant (Strathcanaird) Kim, 78; 6, P. Martin (Glenlyon) Jenny (Maid), 78. Local: 1, J. Nudd (Acharacle) Ben, 66; 2, B. Strachan (Roybridge) Sam, 64; 3, J. Ferguson (Strontian) Craig, 62; 4, J.H. Weir (Appin) Floss, 60 Outbye; 5, B. Tennant (Ardgour) Sam, 60; 6, J.H. Weir (Appin) June.

David Evans secures two top places at Llandovery Wales: Lisa Soar THE third annual Llandovery Sheep Festival returned to the historic market town set in the Brecon Beacons National Park. It was billed as a woolly extravaganza with a packed programme of events. Among them was the sheepdog trial held on Saturday, with an open national class and open South Wales, judged by Cyril Page. The mixed flock was set out in

mixed bunches of fours for the national and threes for the South Wales. The course was set in a flat field next to the river and, due to the recent rain, was very wet under foot. The outrun measured about 200 yards and most handlers opted to take it right-handed. To the left, there was a deep gully winding its way into the field, which can fill with water when the river is high. After the sheep had come

through the fetch gates, there was a patch of water which they would try to avoid. There were also dips and hollows filled with water around the course, leading to skittish packets of sheep. When pushed, the ewes could also turn to face the dogs. They were also tricky under hand and did not need a tight dog. In the national, after the lefthand first drive and long crossdrive, the sheep were returned to

the ring for the shed and an open pen. In the South Wales class, David Evans, of Libanus, took the top two places with Tim and Katy, down nine and 10 points respectively. The winner in the national was Gerald Lewis and his sixyear-old dog Flash, down eight points. They beat Alan Williams running Spot and Eirian Morgan running Jill, who were placed equal second.

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A move to four times a day milking is not many people’s ideal, but for Somerset farmer Adam Atkinson its introduction has paved the way for increased yields and healthier cows. Jane Brown finds out more.

Motivated team makes four times a day milking a success F

or most dairy farmers milking cows twice-a-day is enough work – so why would anyone want to move to four times a day instead? Although milk yields are likely to increase, is it really worth the extra labour? According to Adam Atkinson, double milking does not have to take much longer – as long as you have the right set-up. He introduced four times a day milking at Brue Valley Farms, Glastonbury, Somerset, last year and has been convinced by its success. “I’d heard a bit about four times a day milking in America, and looked at some of the research,” he says. “We were considering moving to three times a day milking, but decided we weren’t ready for that.” Instead, most of the herd is still milked twice-a-day, with the fresh calvers on the four times a day rota for the first 21 days of lactation. The farm, owned by R.L. Clapp and Son, runs to 405 hectares (1,000 acres), with 600 cows calving all-year-round. Although the late lactation group is grazed, the rest of the cows are housed allyear-round. When Adam first arrived there were a number of health issues to address, including poor fertility and high mastitis rates. After working hard to improve herd health, with better focus on dry and transition cows, the time had arrived to switch to four times a day milking. “We were transitioning cows really well, and they were ready to work hard after calving down,” he says.

Good staff are key to making four times a day milking work, so it’s important to keep them informed about how it’s going ADAM ATKINSON after the other cows, with timings at 4am, 7am, 2pm and 5pm. “You need a minimum of a three-hour gap, so we bed up at the end of milking the other groups – the working day isn’t any longer, it’s just a case of changing how we do it.” With a 60-point rotary parlour, the cows are milked and back at their cubicles within 20 minutes, with very little time on their feet. “As we’re only milking cows [four times a day] in the first three weeks of lactation, we have a maximum of 30 cows in the four times a day milking group at any one time. And all the other routines are exactly the same.” The milking cows all receive

Adam Atkinson with some of the low yielding herd and Glastonbury Tor in background.

the same diet of 16.5kg of maize silage and 18kg of grass silage, with 12kg of a blend and about 5kg of concentrates fed to yield in the parlour. They walk through a footbath after milking, are routinely foot-trimmed and both condition and mobility scored at the weekly vet meeting. “We are aiming for less than 10 per cent with a mobility score of

two or three – and all the team are trained in foot trimming,” says Adam. “Before milking the cows are stripped, sprayed and dry wiped, and are sprayed again after automatic cup removal. We always have three people milking – whatever you’re doing has to be logistically easy. And my assistant herdsman is generally

milking, so he will pick up on any cows which aren’t quite right.”

Cow health Attention to cow health is essential in the four times a day milking group, with any lame or sick cows immediately taken out of the group. The fresh calvers all have access to good hay, and are stocked at a maximum of 80 per

cent cows to cubicles. “The groups are stocked at 90-95 per cent, but if we push the four times a day milking group to 90 per cent yields will suffer – it’s the same in the pre-calving shed.” Maiden heifers are kept in their own group, and only milked twice-a-day. “We keep them in the heifer group for as long as possible – 150 days at least, as it keeps the stress levels to a minimum.” Both heifers and high yielders have access to an outdoor loafing area, with low yielders strip grazed on a paddock system. Adam houses the dry cows on loose yards, and moves them onto cubicles two weeks before calving. “We are trying to minimise changes to the rumen,” he says. They are fed a low energy ration, with 12kg of maize silage and 6.75kg of straw plus dry cow minerals. Any with a high somatic cell count [SCC] will have a 56-day dry period with an antibiotic dry cow tube – if they are below 200 SCC they will get 42-45 days with a red tube.” Transition cow management is key to a successful lactation, he adds. “The main aim is to get the cows into the right body condition – we try to calve them down at a score of 2.5. We test the silage quality before formulating the ration, and monitor dry matter intakes daily.” Older cows receive a calcium bolus before calving to reduce the risk of milk

Milk production “Research shows additional daily milkings for the first few weeks after calving causes more prolactin to be released. This causes more secretory tissue to be formed in the udder, resulting in increased milk production which persists throughout lactation.” With fewer sick cows to treat, the hospital shed was virtually unused, so Adam converted part of it into a new cubicle area for the fresh calvers. All the cubicles have water mattresses, with fresh calvers having extra sand for comfort, and other groups topped up with sawdust and lime. “It’s probably the most comfortable cubicle bedding they could get.” The four times a day milking groups are milked before and

The 60-point rotary parlour ensures cows are milked and back in their cubicles within 20 minutes.

The low yielders are strip grazed on a paddock system.



fever, with all cows getting a fresh mineral drink. “We have had two cases of milk fever in the last 100 cows – and we hardly ever get any mastitis in the four times a day milking group. But we do have to be careful with automatic cup removal when milking more frequently, to avoid damaging the teats.” Before changing the herd management, mastitis rates were running at 119 cases per 100 cows – now that has dropped to 30. Adam moves the cows onto a sawdust yard immediately before calving, and then into the four times a day milking group at the next milking time. He tests colostrum quality using a colostrometer and feeds calves twice within the first six hours. They remain on fresh milk for five days before moving onto milk powder. Dairy bull calves are sold to a TB-approved rearer, with beef crosses and dairy heifer calves kept in hutches and reared on nearby units. All the heifers and the best cows are inseminated with sexed Holstein semen, with the others inseminated with British Blue semen. “We start serving the cows 42 days after calving, and walk the sheds, marking up bulling cows with tail chalk.” Although he is pushing the cows harder, fertility has actually

Cows eat forage in the main feeding passage within the cubicle house.

improved, aided by synchronised ovulation. At 100 days 46 per cent of cows are in-calf, with a calving interval of 396 days. The better transition cow management has cut metritis rates to below 4 per cent, with less than 3 per cent of cows getting milk fever and 7 per cent displaced abomasums. “Milking them stimulates them to get up and eat, and they are eating 22kg of dry matter a day, which is more than they were eating on three times a day milking,” says Adam. That compares to 24kg in the high yielding group and 13kg as dry cows. Yields have increased by 8 per

cent to 10,545 litres, with cows peaking higher and earlier. “It’s more natural for them to milk more frequently in early lactation – it’s what they choose to do when in a robotic milking unit. They peak at 10-15 days rather than 30-40 days, and that carries on into the lactation.

Average “They are averaging 46.6 litres a day compared to 36.4 litres before we moved to four times a day milking – but we wouldn’t take them beyond 21 days in-milk because they would lose too much condition.”

PICTURES: Sam Clarke

Almost all the milk is sold to the farm’s own processing facility to turn into Cheddar cheese and hand-rolled butter. “We are selling at about 29p/litre so the boost in yields is well worthwhile. Before moving to four times a day milking we had the input costs for a 10,000-litre herd, and were only averaging 9,600 litres – which wasn’t sustainable, so we needed to boost the output to cover the costs.” So what now for the herd? “We may still look at three times a day milking in the future,” says Adam. “But as our yields have gone up, the environment has

Calves get fresh milk for five days before moving onto powder.

Four times a day milking points ■ High cow health is essential ■ Routine must be logistically easy ■ Transition cow management is critical

become increasingly important, so we are looking at how to give the cows more feed space, ventilation and basically more comfort.” Changing the herd management has also had a beneficial impact on team morale, he adds.

■ Low stocking rates ■ Keep staff informed ■ Maximum 21 days in-milk then move to two times a day milking

“Good staff are key to making four times a day milking work, so it’s important to keep them informed about how it’s going. We have a strong, motivated team of six, and they thrive on meeting challenges and improving herd performance. It’s going well.”

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Youth are recruited to find new uses for satellites in farming rCompetition offers a £10,000 prize STUDENTS from across Europe are being challenged to create the next new innovation in the use of satellite technology in agriculture. The ‘Farming by Satellite’ competition is encouraging young farmers and students, under the age of 32, to come up with a new or more extensive use the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). With €10,000 (about £8,000) up for grabs, applicants are expected to present ideas to help improve the production, efficiency and profitability of agriculture while also reducing its environmental impact. The competition is an initiative of the European GNSS Agency (GSA), the EU agency responsible for European satellite activities, and is supported by the NFU. The panel of judges will comprise of experts from major machinery and chemical companies, farmers unions and international organisations. Dr Andrew Speedy, chair of judges and consultant to the

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in Rome, believes the future of farming lies with new technology and young people. “Ideas need to spread. Satellite technology is being used mainly on machinery in countries like the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany,” says Dr Speedy.

Highlands help East Anglia’s biodiversity THE UNIVERSITY of East Anglia has introduced cattle onto its Norwich campus to improve the biodiversity of the land. Four Highland cows will help to manage the flora and fauna of the fenland, floodplain and

meadows, as well as reduce costs in clearing the fens as they graze various areas. The University claims it is the first in the UK to use cattle for conservation purposes on its land.

Scope “There is scope to increase the application, but also to go wider, particularly in central Europe. “The judges are not only looking for ideas on ‘big farm’ technology, but also how GNSS may be applied in different ways to smaller farms, co-operatives and diverse crops and livestock,” he said. While applicants do not have to be a satellite specialist or a farmer to enter, the idea put forward must apply to agriculture, food production or land use. Entries can be made individAPPLICATION TIPS For more information on what the judges are looking for, visit youngstock

Highland cows will improve biodiversity on the Norwich campus. The search is on to find new uses in farming for GNSS technology.

How to enter ■ Entry format: Entries must be submitted electronically and with a full description, which must be less than 5,000 words Formats can vary from: ■ A short 15 minute video ■ A power-point presentation ■ Computer model to predict yield and profit responses to

different fertiliser, chemical and water inputs Students need to register their details by October 31, 2012 to receive a full information pack about the competition. Finished entries must be submitted by December 31, 2012

Viva Italia for Walford’s apprentices TEN agricultural apprentices from Walford and North Shropshire College recently completed a two-week work placement in the Italian region of Tuscany where they were able to learn and experience different working methods and techniques.


Ten students from Walford and North Shropshire College learnt about honey and fruit production.

The apprentices spent time working in various agricultural businesses such as olive growing, honey processing and production, animal breeding and arable and fruit production. A second visit, also funded by the college’s enterprise and development department, is planned for the spring of 2013, when animal care, horticultural and equine apprentices from the college will also visit the country.

Llanwenog sheep to be focus of new study THE farm at Bridgwater College has joined forces with the Llanwenog Sheep Society in a new research and development project. Students studying at Rodway Farm in Cannington, Somerset, will carry out the project which involves the running of a group of Llanwenog ewes alongside the commercial flock, which is mainly Texel cross. The students will compare the financial and production traits of the flocks, and growth rates and dry matter intake will be monitored by the computer system used on the college farm. Development of the blackfaced Llanwenog began in the late 1800s, originating from the Teifi Valley in West Wales. It was the outcome of crossing a blackfaced horned hill breed (now ex-

tinct) with Shropshire rams, and the society was established in 1957. The breed came to prominence in the 1960s, but its breeding rate proved too much for many flock keepers and this – alongside other factors, such as imported sheep breeds – led to a decline in flock numbers.

Favourite The breed however has remained a firm favourite with smallholders in England and Wales, and Lawrence Jones from the Llanwenog Sheep Society says: “This exciting new partnership with Bridgwater College aims to highlight the breed’s economic virtues and versatility, and enable it to once again become a profitable choice for commercial lamb production.”

Bridgwater College’s students are helping to revive the Llanwenog sheep breed.

TFA launch new student rates Rural college gives urban advice THE Tenant Farmers Association has launched a new membership package for students studying agriculture or related subjects. The package aims to give students an up-to-date insight in to the issues faced by tenant farmers on a day-to-day basis by providing students with

access to the members’ area of the TFA website. The members’ area of the TFA also includes information on tenancy issues, template letters, case law examples and guidance notes on various subjects, such as how to apply for a tenancy.

Applicants must be in full-time education studying an agricultural related course. The cost is £35 per annum. MORE INFORMATION Contact TFA communications and events co-ordinator Jenna Kirkpatrick on 0118 930 6130.

STUDENTS at the Royal Agriculture College are being offered some friendly advice to help settle in with university life and their local community. The college worked in partnership with Gloucestershire Police and Cotswold District Council to launch the ‘Urban Fox’ website of-

fering students information and guidance about living in the area.

Safe Its purpose is to make sure students are safe, socially aware and responsible, with advice from the student liaison officer on finding suitable accommoda-

tion, recycling and being considerate to neighbours while living in Cirencester. The site also shows what projects students are involved with in the FRESHER ADVICE For more information, visit


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The cattle fields of Fife may not seem an ideal place to pen a new series of novels, but that is exactly what one farmer is doing. Danusia Osiowy meets a man who looks after his lambs each day, and plots murder at night.

Writing crime novels on a farm? It must be murder… A

t first glance James Oswald is an ordinary farmer trying to make his business pay. He tends to his Highland cattle, runs his flock of New Zealand Romney sheep and manages the day-to-day running of his 130-hectare (330-acre) farm in the north east of Fife. But when he is not looking after his stock, James retreats to a caravan on the farm and, with his four dogs for company, pens the next part of the crime mysteries which have become a popular choice with online readers. His diversification has seen the Scottish farmer become a major Kindle e-publishing success thanks to the creation of his first two fiction works. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing,” he says. “According to my mother, one of my uncles said I would be a writer when I was aged three – probably because of the enormous fibs I used to make up to justify bad behaviour.” Success was not instant. Knocked back by traditional publishing houses, James decided to combine farming with writing crime novels for the Kindle download market. Having written his first novel in 1996, James spent five years trying to submit comic scripts to various publishers, the first of which was published in 1993. “In the early nineties I met crime novelist Stuart MacBride in Aberdeen, where we both contributed to a fanzine. “He had his big break with Cold Granite and suggested I have a go at crime fiction. “Before then I had read most of Ian Rankin’s novels as my father was a big fan and I enjoyed Agatha Christie when I was a teenager and the Hardy Boys as a child. I wasn’t a die-hard crime fiction fan though.” Despite this, James attended the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writers Festival in Harrogate for the first time in 2006 – an event he has not missed since. “The writers there – some famous names included – are all very approachable and supportive of new writers. Many of them have given me useful advice, but most of my understanding of the genre, if you can call such a diversity of styles and subjects a genre, has come from reading as widely as I can.” Within weeks of his first book,

James Oswald has seen both of his first two books do well, and he while he may be busy working the fields in the day, his mind is rarely far from his next crime novel.

Natural Causes, going onto Amazon’s free download list, the title went to number one in the UK. Since then, it has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and still sits in the top 10. “When I first thought I’d have a go at crime fiction, I wrote six short stories and posted them on my blog to see what kind of reaction they attracted. “Natural Causes was one of these and I liked the central theme of the short story, and decided to expand it out into a full novel,” says James. The plot offers readers a mix of traditional crime with a hint of the supernatural and is also the start of his central character, Edinburgh-based Detective Inspector McLean.

Sequel Hot on its heels came The Book of Souls, which has sold more than 10,000 copies since June this year and is in the UK top 100 paid for literary titles. Juggling crime with cattle is no mean feat and James admits creative time is limited – particularly when the calves and lambs are arriving “Obviously, there are times

When I’m checking the cows, sometimes my head does tend to wander to Inspector McLean JAMES OSWALD when the livestock require a lot of work and I don’t write at all in those times. “But at the moment the animals are not requiring too much work. I am up on the hill with the quad three times a day checking them. I am managing a bit of time writing but, to be honest, I write best between 8pm and midnight anyway. “If I didn’t have to get up for the cows next morning, I could probably keep going until about

2.30am. I tend to be most awake at that time.” James grew up helping on farms in England and took over the running of his father’s farm following his death in 2008. A graduate of Aberdeen University, he also worked on various research projects in Wales and advising farmers on IT issues. “I spent 18 months advising farmers on farm-specific IT and 10 months working for the Welsh Assembly Government’s Farming Connect program. “In all, I was in Wales for around 10 years with my partner, Barbara. I had always planned on returning to Fife when my father retired, but his untimely death brought the schedule forward somewhat.”

Inspiration When asked how he goes about developing his plots, he admits there are times when looking after the livestock can give him inspiration or help him to tie up loose plot ends. “When I am checking the cows, sometimes my head does tend to wander towards Inspector McLean or if I am in the trac-

tor, driving back and forth, I might have an idea. I am going to invest in one of those digital recorders to avoid losing the ideas while working. “Similarly, there are times I am walking the dogs and my head can be full of the story.” James’ expectation when he started out in e-publishing was to sell 1,000 books and although his record to date far exceeds this number, he will not be giving up his beloved Highland cattle. “Things have gone a bit better than anticipated,” he reflects. “It would be nice to break into America a bit more and maybe I could retire and pay someone else to look after the sheep,” he laughs. As well as the crime books, James has also penned a fantasy series, inspired by the Welsh language and mythology as, he

says, farming and rural life is much more relevant to that kind of genre than crime. But for now, his attention returns to writing his third book, while continuing to grow his fold of pedigree cattle and flock of sheep. “I’m very much at the bottom of a steep learning curve with the Highlands at the moment. They are wonderful, gentle beasts though and seem to thrive on the rough grazing here.” While many of his hours are taken up between the farm and his writing, he looks forward to celebrating the finale of each book in his own way. “I’ve been known to sink the odd jar of ale. Normally when one book’s finished I roll up my sleeves and get started on the next.”

Quickfire questions ■ Currently reading: Safe House by Chris Ewan ■ Favourite book: Stardust by Neil Gaiman ■ Kindle or book? Both – I love hardback first editions, but

the kindle is ideal for getting in a few minutes reading anywhere ■ If I wasn’t a farmer or a writer I would be… lost ■ I would never leave the farm without… a notebook

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SALES THE MART’S THE HEART All livestock vendors want to see the best price they can – but markets say there is plenty farmers can do to help the auctioneer extract those vital last bids. Howard Walsh reports.

Presentation key to selling breeding stock and stores


very auctioneer will do their utmost to achieve the best price possible on the day, says Robert Venner of Sedgemoor market auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt. “The livestock auctioneer is the only other person in the food chain who actually wants you to make more for your stock,” he says. “Not only does it also directly affect the auctioneer in the pocket, it also has a bearing on future income because, if a vendor thinks he can achieve a better price elsewhere on another day, that is surely where he will go next time. “Presentation is the most important factor and I do not wish to list all the tricks of the trade to make your stock look their best, however, a little bit of clipping can transform overall appearance. “Levelling tail ends and tops, clipping out heads and backs can reveal conformation and make bunches more uniform. That said, there is a saying ‘50 per cent of any pedigree goes in over the tongue’ and the best presented stock are invariably well fed stock. No matter how much stock are clipped and coloured, if they’re not well fed clipping won’t make a lot of difference,” says Mr Venner.

Presenting “As is also the case with primestock, present your stock in a clean condition. This tends to go hand in hand with being well fed, as well fed stock are invariably well bedded. When stock are clean it enables them to develop their natural bloom, and stock with a bloom always show themselves well. “It is then a matter of providing the information about your stock. “On a busy store cattle day, the

The livestock auctioneer is the only other person in the food chain who actually wants you to make more for your stock

ALTHOUGH auction marts can inevitably find a home for any class of stock, an understanding of the requirements of the buyers around the ring in your preferred market is always a good start to maximising your returns on primestock, suggests Eblex regional project manager Liz Ford. “It is vital to find out what the market place wants in terms of carcase classification, carcase weight, sex of animal, assurance status, etc.  “Weigh and handle stock regularly when assessing their readiness for slaughter. Using specific handling points can give an indication of fat level and conformation and remember – always handle cattle on their left hand side for accurate assessment. Try to avoid any unnecessary stress and minimise the potential for carcase bruising, by regularly checking penning, raceways and handling systems. “When you are sorting lambs into matching batches, avoid manhandling lambs by the fleece as it can bruise the carcase. Although bruising will not be evident on cattle or sheep in a live market, abattoir buyers detecting significant problems later on can sometimes take issue with the market over price paid, and it is not unheard of for this to then be traced back via eartags to the consignor. The net result is they could avoid bidding on stock from that farm in the future,” says Ms Ford.


Past trends

reserve with your auctioneer and he has a single bidder above that reserve and feels the prospective purchaser will ‘go again’, a good auctioneer will take that buyer on. It’s a case of knowing your auctioneer and working with him,” says Mr Venner.

She also suggested looking at past price trends, seasonality and even current daily prices. While no guarantee, it could help stack the odds in your favour. A range of liveweight prices are regularly published on websites such as uk and in the farming press, she says.

Buyers are looking for as much information as possible – particularly on health status.

best way to send an auctioneer or market staff into a state of nonplus is to drop the tailboard on 40 cattle, smile broadly and pass over a bag of passports. Better still send them with a haulier and don’t tell him your pre-movement test date, farm assurance number, whether stock are subject to any withdrawals or for natives, have any sire details.” So to make the best of things he says: “If you know how you want your stock to be sold, list them on the form in that order, with lots clearly marked. If not, list steers first in breed and age order, followed by heifers in the same fashion. This helps staff and sort them accordingly,” he says. “With reference to farm assurance, it is not essential to be farm assured, but if selling store cattle,

Presentation is the most important factor when selling at auction.

Preparing stock ■ Present stock in the best possible condition ■ Ensure all necessary information is provided ■ Be timely with selling with reference to farm assurance and pre-movement testing ■ Work with the auctioneer with regard to reserve prices

sell them before 26 months to give the purchaser time to convert the cattle to assured status. “Some abattoirs don’t want nonassured stock and selling non-assured store cattle over 27 months can discourage some buyers. Also, as a result of the recent removal of the 30-day exemption period from the requirement to pre-movement test stock before they are allowed to be moved again after sale, it is preferable to sell soon after their test,” suggests Mr Venner. “Selling stock in their last week of test means agents have to retest cattle if they are putting together a bunch over a period of weeks. The need to retest will reflect in the amount they are prepared to bid. “And if you wish to place a reserve on your stock, ensure that figure is clearly conveyed to the auctioneer – but be prepared to modify your reserve based on his or her advice. Remember a reserve is the lowest price at which you are prepared to sell – not what you might hope to achieve. “If you have discussed your

Targeting primestock Marketing tips ■ Health status: Slaughter stock must be sold fit for human consumption – check withdrawal periods ■ Farm assurance: Speak to your auctioneer to discuss whether your stock would benefit from being assured. For more information, visit:, or ■ Monitor returns: If stock do not perform to expectations, speak to the auctioneer as he/she may be able to gather feedback from buyers ■ Attend a free Eblex Better Returns Programme ‘live to dead’ on selection techniques

Monitoring exchange rates is increasingly useful marketing and especially if the stock you are producing is of potential ‘export specification’. “It is essential to market your stock when the animal best suits your buyers’ target specification. Offer lambs in level batches, taking into account weight, fat level and conformation, as well as breed and sex differences for the range of buyer specifications. By sorting lambs in this manner, buyers looking for specific classes of stock are more likely to fulfil their orders. Most auction marts provide a sorting service for their customers. Some auction companies also provide an on-farm stock selection service,” says Ms Ford. And she also says maintaining an open dialogue with the auctioneer will help assess the current market situation. “If an auctioneer knows you have stock ready to market they can inform potential buyers and secure their attendance.”

Health assurances – an increasingly important issue THE provenance of livestock, whether ‘pedigree with papers’ or pure-bred/cross-bred without, is increasingly being sought by prospective purchasers. They are looking for as much information as possible and of particular interest, says Livestock Auctioneers Association chairman Gwyn Williams, is the

health and disease status of animals which catch their eye. “With cattle for example, they don’t want to introduce diseases such as Johnes’, BVD or IBR and they want to see some assurances to that effect.” Other quantifiable data such as growth rates, calving ease or milk records could be useful in boosting the values of what might


be very ordinary looking beef or dairy cows, he says. “It’s all about instilling the maximum confidence in your prospective purchasers on saleday, and thereby increasing your returns,” he says. “They also want to know whether stock are, or have been, in a health scheme, or on a regular vaccination programme.”



As part of our The Mart’s the Heart initiative, the roadshow visited Cockermouth auction where the annual September show and sale was being held.

The Mart’s the Heart takes to the road


t Cockermouth’s annual September show and sale of store cattle, sponsored by Farmers Guardian, there were 623 store cattle, calves, stirks and feeding cows sold, which according to auctioneers were shown leaner, nevertheless trade remained good throughout. The pre-sale show was judged by James Crichton, Egremont, who awarded the championship to a British Blue heifer from Edmund Jackson, Papcastle, Cockermouth, which he later bought for £1,700. Mr Jackson also took the reserve championship with his second placed heifer, another British Blue which sold for £1,125. Steers topped at £1,400 for one of a run of 31 Charolais from John Baty, which averaged £1,177. A special auction to raised funds for RABI was held within the sale, in which Andrew Jefferson, Aspatria, bid £100 to have a photograph taken of himself with his stock which will appear in a later edition of Farmers Guardian. Earlier in the week the market hosted two pedigree sales. Firstly, the annual Bluefaced Leicester show and sale, which topped at £6,000 for the reserve champion,


a shearling gimmer from Neil Martson, Millstone Moor. By Hundith Z4, it sold to the judge Jim Bell, Biggar. The championship went to a Hewgill B41-sired ram lamb from John Lord, Low Dowgill, which sold to Messrs Nicholson and Ireland. In total 20 lots broke the £2,000 barrier, with eight lots exceeding £5,000 and rams averaged £1,174. The annual production sale from Neil Marston, Millstone Moor, saw ram lambs topping at £5,400, purchased by Messrs Jenkinson, Whingill. The 15 ram lambs averaged £2,820, with his seven shearling gimmers averaging £2,150 to give an overall average of £2,606. The production sale of Texel sheep from Harry and George Wilkinson, Arkleby, topped at 2,200gns for a shearling ram selling to J.W. Dent, Naby View. Gimmer shearlings topped at 850gns and averaged £413.63.

Visitors to Cockermouth attend the market for business purposes, but socialising is also an important element.

PICTURES: John Eveson

Auctioneers: Mitchells.

Show champion, a British Blue cross heifer from Edmund Jackson, Papcastle, Cockermouth, which sold for £1,700.

Auctioneer Geoff Walker selling sheep at Cockermouth mart.

Cockermouth: What the locals say

I come here most sale days, which is quite a few days a week at this time of year. I no longer have any stock but enjoy my visits to the market and there are quite a few of us who do the same. I always have my dinner here – it is the best cafe around here. Retired farmer Pete Jenkinson, 81, from near Workington, is a regular at Cockermouth

I like coming to watch the “animals. There are quite a lot of young people who come here. Everyone is very friendly and everyone seems to know everyone. Melissa Mason, 18, makes the hour-and-a-half journey from Bootle to Cockermouth with her father who is usually selling store cattle

Reports from market regulars suggest Cockermouth’s stock numbers have risen in the last few years and the mart is thriving.


We are lucky to have such a good market only five miles away. Both my sons come as well and I encourage them to do so. We need the live market system for the future. You also meet a lot of people, both to do business and socially – there are some good parties in the market after sales. Dairy farmer John Callion, Workington, sells cast cows and youngstock through the market

This is a very good market and stock numbers have doubled here over the last few years – it really is thriving. There is always a great atmosphere here, it is a proper farmer’s market. Robert Wilson, Lamplugh, mainly sells primestock through the market

56 |


Edited by Angela Calvert 07768 796 492


Lleyn matches 18,000gns breed record at Borderway rEwe lambs reach £260/head top price

rLeading shearling The highest priced ram at Borderway mart, a Lleyn from E. and D. Jones, Machynlleth, which sold for 18,000gns to H. Goldie, Dumfries.

pen to £190/head THE 2011 record for a Lleyn was equalled last week at Borderway mart, Carlisle, when E. and D. Jones, Machynlleth, sold their Balliliney Action Man son for 18,000gns to Hamish Goldie, Dumfries.

Lluest Commando son Next, Derek Steen, Lockerbie, sold his Lluest Commando son for 3,500gns to Farmstock Genetics, Selkirk. The same buyers also bought a Bennettsired ram from G.H. Blakey, Morpeth, for 2,600gns. In the ram section, 30 out of the 144 forward sold for 1,000gns or more to average £960.

Females were topped by J.A. and R. Geldard and Sons, Levens, when their shearling ewes sold for £380/head to Aidan McConville, Co Down. J.K. Goldie, Dumfriesshire sold shearlings for £350/head to the same buyer. D.N. Bennett and Son, Powys, sold their third prize pen for

£250/head to John Kingan, Dumfries. The champion pen of shearlings from Lynda Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen, sold for £190/head to T. Fisher and Co, Brampton. In the ewe lambs section, the first prize pen from D.N. Bennett and Son sold for the section

top price of £260/head to J.G. Morton, Penrith. Farmstock Genetics were next with their second prize pen selling for £210/head to A.G. Selway, Dorset. P. Knowles, Kendal, sold a pen for £158/head to C. Laird, Perthshire, while the third prize pen from A.W. Davies, Pwllheli, sold for £150/head to D. Oliver, Southern Ireland. AVERAGES Shearling ewes, £149; ewe lambs, £97; ewes, £107; shearling rams, £960; aged rams, £761. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Leading pen of Blackface gimmers breaks the £1,500 barrier at Lanark A RECORD price of £1,500 per head was set at the sale of Blackface draft ewes and gimmers at Lanark last week when Hugh Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk, sold a pen of 10 gimmers to an undisclosed telephone bidder. This was followed at £690 for a pen from John Murray, Crossflatt, Muirkirk, which were knocked down to Rab McInnes and Stuart Heads, Aitkenhead. In the ewe section, a pen of 17 from Mary McColl-Smith, Connachan, Crieff, topped the sale at £420, selling to Andy Hunter, Northern Ireland. This was followed at £310 by a pen consigned by J.P. Campbell and Sons, Glenrath, Peebles.

Carry House, it sold to James Ross. The other tup to hit the £1,500 mark was a shearling from R. and W.D. Charlton, Whiteside, who were selling at the sale for the first time. He is full of excellent crossing lines and was a chance to buy some Z4 Hundith breeding, being out of a ewe by this well proven sire. He was by a Peel Hill sire. Martin Archer, Carry House, was the buyer.

Lowes Fell completed the rams hitting four figures when their first shearling, twin to their £2,800 pen leader at Kelso, sold for £1,100 to Messrs Sinclair, Jedbergh. This shearling was by the A5 Walton Rocket out of a ewe by the V11 Ewanston. On the whole, trade was very patchy, with buyers looking for powerful correct types of sheep. Auctioneers: Hexham and Northern Marts.

Beulah Speckled Faces reach £260 high A NEW record for Beulah Speckled Face ewes was set last week at the Eppynt Hill and Beulah Speckled-Face Sheep Society sale at Builth Wells. The top price of £260 was achieved by T.A. Swancott and Son, Lawn, Dutlas, for their second

Lining Solutions

prize-winning yearling ewes, going to W.J. Hart and Son, The Block. Messrs R.G. and B.M. Jones, Tymawr, Garth, sold their first prize pen of 20 yearling ewes for £257 to the judge, Howell Powell, Llwyngwilym. Tymawr’s run of 100 yearling ewes averaged £220.


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M.J. and J.M. Price, Penycrug, Llanafan, sold their first prize-winning three-year-old ewes for £258 to D.I.L. and E. Jones, Llanilltyd, with their run of 60 three-year-old ewes averaging £211. AVERAGES Yearling ewes, £161.50; threeyear-old ewes, £136.50. Auctioneers: Brightwells.

Auctioneers: Lawrie and Symington.

Focus Milk sale tops 2,700gns

Champion takes £1,500 joint top price at Hexham ram and Bluefaced Leicester sale THE Hexham Bluefaced Leicester show and sale was this year combined with Hexham mart’s annual ram sale and saw a good crowd around the ring. Judge John Stott saw his selection of the champion vindicated when it took the day’s joint top price of £1,500. This was for a shearling ram, by B3 Brownleazes, which was top price at Hawes two years ago, from James Herdman’s Edlingham flock. Out of a ewe by Z12

The 4,166 Blackface ewes averaged £81.62, against £98.38 last year, a fall of £16.76. The 1,505 gimmers levelled at £154.07 last year, down £21.18. The following day, Blackface ewe lambs met a good trade, with the 1,281 forward levelling at £59.34 against £58.72 last year. Top price was £110/head for a pen of 25 from A. Blackwood, Greenside, Muirkirk. This pen was followed at £90 twice for pens of 30 and 35 from R.M. Clark, Darnhunch, Muirkirk. At the show of Blackface wether lambs, the championship was awarded to the Firm of Shawhead Farms, Douglas, which sold for £54.

The reserve champion, consigned by Stephen Graham, of Miller Hill, Gilsland, sold for the joint top price of £2,800.

Yearling steers up £91 on year at Carlisle autumn sale THERE was a blistering trade for suckled calves at the special autumn show and sale at Carlisle last week. Numerous pens of wellgrown yearling steers exceeded the £1,200 mark to average of £1,095.60, up £91 on the year. Heifers met a similarly sharp trade, with many selling for more than £1,000 to average £962.33, a rise of £54 on 2011, giving an overall sale average of £1,036.30. The joint top price of £2,800 went to the winning Limousin bullock and reserve champion from Messrs Graham, Miller Hill,

Brampton. The 10-month-old, by Liscon Braveheart, sold to Messrs Keel, Thirsk. At the same money was a 13month-old Limousin steer from Messrs Scott, Thirlwall Castle, Northumberland. By their homebred stock bull, which is a son of Carnekirk Hilton, it was knocked down to TWH Farming, Leeds.

Limousin heifers Following this at £2,700 was a Limousin heifer from Messrs Harrison, Appleby, which sold to J.M. Rowlands, Llandidnoes. At the same money was another from Messrs Graham, Millerhill, a 13-month-old heifer, by Haltcliffe Union, which was knocked down to Sedgewick and Slack, Aycliffe. Pre-sale show judge, Robyn Roberts, Angelsey, awarded the championship to the Limousin heifer class winner, consigned by Mark Phillips. By Brontemoor Andover, she sold for £2,000 as breeding stock to W.J. Bird, Tadcaster. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

THE Western Holstein Club’s newly re-branded sale of freshlycalved cows and heifers at Beeston Castle last week, now called Focus Milk, saw a good trade for cows and the best heifers, but more selective trade for second quality heifers. A top price of 2,700gns was achieved on two occasions. First was for the second prize junior heifer, Enchanted Buckeye Monogram, from Enchanted Holsteins, Preston, Lancashire. By R-E-W Buckeye, she traces back to the Avondale Monogram family and sold to G. and M.M. Davies of the Rhydygors herd, Carmarthen. They also acquired the other heifer at this price, the reserve champion and first prize junior heifer, Ryisle Knowledge Margaret 142, from Matt Isles, Preston. Messrs Davies also purchased the top price cow, the champion, at 2,500gns. This was Shanael Dictator Amy, a fresh third-calf daughter of Overside Dictator, from Steve Millar, Evesham, Worcestershire. She has had two previous lactations of 12,000kg and 14,000kg and was sold giving 56kg daily with her third. Two heifers sold for 2,600gns each – Butlersarms Goldwyn Becky 33 from D.B. Kippax and Sons, Preston, which sold giving 35kg daily to the Trebersed Farm Partnership, Carmarthen; and Bidlea Spider Papoose, from Ray Brown and Partners, Holmes Chapel, which sold to D.E. and M.R. Davies, Llanymynech, Powys. AVERAGES 11 cows, £1,911.00; 31 heifers, £2,050.89; 42 head, £2,014.25. Auctioneers: Wright Manley.

SALES | 57


Cheviot ram sale hits top price of 16,000gns rSecond highest sold for 11,000gns WELSH breeders secured the leading price of 16,000gns at the Cheviot ram annual show and sale held at Lockerbie on Monday, October 1. A crowded ringside of buyers gathered to this noted sale and a good clearance of rams prevailed. Heading the price table at 16,000gns was a shearling ram shown by Cnewr Estate of Brecon. This was an ARR/ARR genotype entry sired by Catslack Welsh Choice and sold to joint

purchasers I.H.G. Warden, Skelfhill Farm, Hawick, and W.A. Fleming, Hislop, Hawick. Following at 11,000gns was shearling from local enthusiasts J. Common and Son, Crossdykes, Lockerbie. At the pre-sale judging, this ram was a member of the winning group and also received the second-prize rosette in the shearling class. It was knocked down to a shared purchase of L.W. Goodfellow, Townfoot Farm, Biggar, and J. Robertson and Sons (Becks) and Co, Langholm. Also from the Crossdykes pen of Messrs Common came the

Around the marts TAVISTOCK ■ The second of the South West Mule Group’s 2012 sales saw an even better trade than the first. The sale average was £95.57, a rise of £6.96 on last year. The top price was £130, achieved by Peter Heard, Okehampton, for a pen of lambs out of Swaledales, which was awarded the champion spot by the judge Richard Turner. Reserve champion also went to Mr Heard for his lambs out of Scotch ewes, with these later realising £112. SELBY ■ There was 1,272-head of stock forward at Saturday’s store sale, which included suckled calves from J. and L. Cardwell, Doncaster, who sold 10-month-old Limousin-cross bulls to £1,200 and £1,050. Store heifers from P. and K.

Gregory, Tadcaster, sold to £1,200 and £1,135 for 21-montholds. A busy sheep section saw Suffolk-cross half-bred shearlings selling to £165 and Suffolk-cross Mule shearlings selling to £164. Texel gimmer lambs sold to £94. CIRENCESTER ■ At the TB-restricted store cattle sale a run of continental steers and heifers (20-24 months) sold to £1,298 for Charolais steers, with Limousin steers to £1,105. Limousin heifers sold to £1,040 and £950 and Friesian steers to £840. Simmental steers sold to £1,035. Younger cattle (12-16 months) sold to £670 for Limousin heifers and Hereford steers sold to £700. A strong Friesian cow sold at £850.

next leading price at 7,000gns. This was an ARR/ARR genotype ram and was also part of the winning Crossykes group. It caught the eye of Stirkfield Farms based near Biggar.

Catslackburn pen The top price entry from the Catslackburn pen of W.N. Douglas, Yarrow, sold for 6,000gns. This was a shearling sired by Kale Zagnar and was purchased by Messrs Common and Son for their Crossdykes flock, Lockerbie. An early entry to the sale ring sold for 5,000gns coming from

J. Robertson and Sons (Becks) and Co. This was also a shearling entry sired by Kale J.R. and was sold to R.H. Paton, Gateslack, Thornhill. The Upper Hindhope flock produced the next price at 4,500gns. Shown by W.J. Douglas and Son, Jedburgh, this home-bred ram, Kale Botsworth a son of Mainside Merryman, was purchased by J. Hepburn and Co, Crosscleugh, Selkirk. Coming from the same Cnewr Estate pen as the top price ram was a shearling selling for 4,000gns. This was another genotype 1 ram, also by Catslack

Champions sell for £1,200 at Lancaster THERE was an increased entry of 800 at Lancaster last Friday for the Farmers Guardian-sponsored store show and sale. The prize show for pens of four bullocks was judged by John Gore, Shrewsbury, who placed a pen of British Blue crosses from J.J. and D. Huddleston, Over Houses, Lancaster, as champions, which he later bought for £1,200. Top price of £1,390 was achieved for Limousin-cross bullocks from S. and J.E. Cornthwaite and Charolais crosses from E. and C.A. Shuttleworth. Strongest bullocks sold for £1,200-£1,300 and cattle for wintering sold for £800£1,000 and averaged £893. Heifers sold to a top price of £1,060 for Limousin crosses from J.T. and A. Armitstead, averaging £831.

Feeding cows Cast and feeding cows and OTM clean cattle averaged 116p/kg throughout, with best meated cows making 140-150p/kg topping at 191.5p/kg three times from T.C. Altham and Sons, J. Lamb and F. and I.M. Potter.


Dairy cows sold to 149.5p/kg from H.G. Mackereth and Son. There were eight OTMs above £1,000, topping at £1,302 for a Limousin-cross from T.C. Altham and Sons. OTM heifers sold to 179.5p/kg from C. Hargreaves and Son and £688 from H. and A. Stephenson. OTM steers sold to 194.5p/kg (£1,397) from S. Hancock. Best beef calves sold to £375 for Limousin-cross bulls from M. Dobson and Son, and heifers to £402 for Aberdeen-Angus crosses from J.P. and V. Townley. Black and whites sold to £150 for best rearers from J. and E.V. Thompson and Son. Stirks reached £575 for British Blue cross steers from D.C. Miller and heifers to £525 from A.J. Pye. Auctioneers: North West Auctions.

Shearling Cheviot ram, from Cnewr Estate, Brecon, which sold for 16,000gns to joint purchasers I.H.G. Warden, Hawick, and W.A. Fleming, Hawick.

Welsh Choice, and sold to W.N. Douglas for their Catslackburn flock based near Yarrow.

AVERAGE 301 rams, £746.84 (-£126.12).

Dairy in demand at Border DAIRY bulls sold to a high of 6,800gns and averaged £3,007 at the Border and Lakeland Holstein Club sale last week. The top prices were dominated by the Annandale herd of Matthew and William Armour, Dumfriesshire, who sold nine bulls to average just short of £5,000. Topping the trade was Annandale Pronto by Annandale Trustee, from the Klaaske cow family originally from Holland. It sold for 6,800gns to R. Neill and Sons, Thornington Farm, Scottish Borders. Annandale Cape Town, by Annadale Binocular from a VG88 New-World Empire dam, sold for 6,000gns to T. Adams, Co Antrim. Also selling for 6,000gns was Annandale Essential, by Askew Reece and bred from the original Ellen cow family developed at Annandale. It went to A.D. and A. Richardson, Low Bank End Farm, Cumbria.

O-Man son The only O-Man son in the sale, Queenscairn Kimoman, consigned by Robert Shanks, Queenscairn, Kelso, sold for 5,600gns to N. Forshaw, Preston. The show was judged by John Gribbon, who had as his champ-

ion Newabbey Rabbie, from Andrew and Alison Bunting, Dumfries. By Mr Burns from a VG86 Debonair purchased at the Willsbro sale in 2010, it was bought by J.H. Towers and Sons, Tunstall Hall Farms, Lancashire, for 3,600gns. Reserve champion was Annandale Frankel by Ridgefield Black Gold, again consigned by W. and J. Armour, which sold for 6,000gns to S. Wilson, Co Antrim.

British Fresian The top price British Friesian from first time consignees Tortworth Estates, Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire, was Morcourt Regan by Lakemead Ranger. It is the highest PLI British Friesian to ever sell in this annual event and is maternal brother to Morcourt Hilton which currently tops the UK’s PLI rankings. It sold for 4,600gns to T.W. and A.M. Moscrop and Son, Ryeclose, Cumbria. The champion British Friesian from Ian Brocket, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire was Winnoch Calypso by Morcourt Hilton. It sold for 3,300gns to A.J. and M.E. Minshall, Staffordshire. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Your cattle deserve it !

Cutcombe’s sale of Exmoor Horn breeding ewes and lambs.

Exmoor Horns to £945 MORE than 1,400 sheep went under the hammer at Cutcombe’s sale of Exmoor Horn breeding ewes and lambs last week. The 59 Exmoor Horn rams forward for the show and sale averaged £290, selling to a high of £945 for a ram from M.A. and M. Collins, Worth Farm. This was followed by two rams selling at £760 from R.P. Alford and G. Dart and Son. The day’s champion from Messrs Bromiley and Slattery sold for £777. Exmoor Horn ewes sold to average £81 and peaked at £153

for a pen from F.B. Buckingham. The pen from Messrs Bromiley and Slattery reached £146, with a pen from F.T. Pook, selling at £142. Ewe lambs sold to average £70.20 and peaked at £80 for E.C. Farms and East Challacombe Farm, with others at £75 for S. Grainger and £71 for A. Howe. In the other breeding ram section the average was £230, peaking at £420 for a Bluefaced Leicester from M. Elliot. Auctioneers: Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions.

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SALES Bluefaced Leicester rams to £6,000 at Castle Douglas A TOP bid of £6,000 was the highlight of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders’ Association’s at Castle Douglas last week. Sale leader was a shearling ram from Alex Brown, Macqueston Thornhill, which is heading to Northern Ireland with R. Loughridge from Ballymoney. A ram lamb from the same flock sold for the second top price of the day, £4,800, in a joint bid by John Hamilton of Innerwick, Dunbar, and P.J. and W. Innerwick, Dunbar. The reserve champion, a ram lamb from J. and W. Bell, Crawford, was one of two to reach £4,000 selling to HR Farms, Sorn, Mauchline. Also at £4,000 was the first prize shearling from K. Park and Sons, which sold to Crow Hall Farms, Hexham. At £3,200 was a ram lamb from John Wight and Sons, Crawford, which sold to Robert McTurk, Kendoon, Dalry.

The champion, a ram lamb from J. and W. Bell’s Cottage Flock at Crawford, sold to Donald Smith, Corsock, Castle Douglas, for £2,800. W. Lockhart and Son, Dumfries, reached a top of £2,500 for a shearling ram bought by A. Paton and Co, Straiton, Ayrshire, with others at £1,200, £900 and £800. Messrs Paton also paid £2,600 for a shearling ram from A.V. Hamilton and Co, Thornhill. J. Pirie, Drymen, Stirling had a successful day, selling to a top of £3,000 for a ram lamb bought by S. McClymont and Sons, Tinnis, Selkirk, and another at £2,200 in a three-way purchase by G.A. Bertram, Biggar, J. Wight and Sons, Crawford, and J. and A. Brown, Thornhill. AVERAGES 91 ram lambs, £826.28; 174 shearlings, £819.18. Auctioneers: Wallets Marts.

A shearling ram from Alex Brown, Macqueston, Thornhill, which sold for the top price of £6,000.


The top price Texel at £1,522.50, a ram from T. and M.J. Orrells and Sons, of Middle Llegodig.

Champion Charollais, a ram lamb from G. Biddulph, Gawsworth, Macclesfield, Cheshire, which sold for £483.

Welshpool multi-breed ram trade tops £1,522.50 rTop of £756 for


FG-sponsored sale AT the Farmers Guardian-sponsored Shropshire and Montgomery Area Suffolk Club show and sale, held at Welshpool last week as part of its multi-breed ram sale, the championship and top price of £756 went to W.J.C. Pryce, Prenafal, Trefnanney, with a ram lamb. The buyer was H. and E. Powell, Llwyngwilym, Rhayader. Selling for the next top price of £727 was the third prize winning yearling ram from L.C. Davies and Son, Ruston, which sold to J.W. Jones, Llangadfan. At £525 was the first prize winning shearling, again from Mr Pryce, which was knocked down to P. Reed and Son, Leamington Spa. At the same money was the second prize aged ram from P.B. and S.M. Davies, Whitchurch, which went to J.C. Hamer and Co, Llanidloes. Outwith the Farmers Guardiansponsored sale, Texels, sold on behalf of the Shropshire and Borders Club, saw a top price of £1,522.50. This was for a yearling, Llegodig

Spearhead, by Llegodig Reunion, from T. and M.J. Orrells and Sons, Middle Llegodig. It sold to D.T.A. Williams, Abermule, Montgomery. Trade at the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders show and sale topped at £1,050 for the first prize shearling and reserve champion from S.A. Harding, Shrewbridge Court, which went to V.T. Hamer, Llanidloes. The top priced Charolais at £777 was the third placed yearling from D.S. Jerman, Gwernau. Next at £630 was the winning yearling and reserve champion from T.H. Roberts, Bachymbyd.

Berrichon du Cher Berrichon du Chers sold to £556.50 for the second prize winning yearling from D.G. and M.W. Davies, Nant y Wrach, selling to W.B. Davies and Co, Llandinam. Champion was a ram lamb from

Champion Suffolk, a ram lamb from W.J.C. Pryce, Prenafal, Trefnanney, Powys, which sold for the top price of £756.

PICTURES: John Eveson

Tom Stayt, Chipping Norton, which sold for £399. Reserve was a yearling ram from A. Richards, which sold for £504. Border Leicesters topped at £756 for a shearling from R.D. and J.M. Phillips, Broomsgrove. Charmoise Hills topped at £367.50 for the third prize winning yearling from R.M. Eglin, Barmcott Mains, with the first prize yearling from R.G. Mosley, Cefngarn selling for £315. AVERAGES Suffolks – yearlings, £383.75; ram

Blue Texel shearling ewe to 1,500gns BLUE Texels sold to a high of 1,500gns at Carlisle last week for the pre-sale show champion, a shearling ewe from the Ivanhoe flock of A.C. and L. Bailey, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, which sold to A. Cooke, Abergavenny. Next at 1,180gns was the first prize winning ewe lamb from D.L. and B.W.H. Jones’ Beili Blues flock, Pencade, Carmarthenshire,

which was knocked down to Cormack McDowell Partners, Eastriggs, Dumfriesshire. Selling for 1,000gns was a shearling ewe from David C.S. Alexander, Galston, Ayrshire, which went to B. Stevenson, West Auckland. Leading the rams at 850gns was the second prize winning shearling ram from D.G. and M.H.

Jones, Llangammarch Wells, Powys, which was bought by John Lyle and Co, Leven, Fife. AVERAGES 9 shearling gimmers, £673.22; 18 ewe lambs, £508.11; 1 ewe, £504; 7 shearling rams, £517.57; 13 ram lambs, £390.15. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

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AT the dispersal of the Holstein herd on behalf on Roger and Pauline Britton, Blandford, Dorset, the September calver by Vero Switch, which had given 9,751kg as a heifer, topped the sale at 2,300gns. A July-calved heifer by Overside Dragon sold for 2,100gns and a June calved heifer by Gennus Janner for 2,000gns. Two-year-old in-

calf heifers by Moet Melody due in October sold to 1,500gns, with yearlings to 760gns. Heifer calf trade was the strongest of the day, with the Juneborn daughter of Morningview Legend selling for 550gns. Home-bred Aberdeen-Angus store cattle sold to £1,110 for two 23-month-old steers and £1,040 for two 23-month-old heifers.

AVERAGES 74 cows and heifers, £1,393; 13 incalf heifers, £1,370; 3 served/bulling heifers, £882; 18 yearling and younger heifers, £677; 12 heifer calves, £417; 15 Aberdeen-Angus steers (8 to 23 months), £825; 25 Aberdeen-Angus heifers (8 to 24 months), £633. Auctioneers: Greenslade Taylor Hunt.

lambs, £350.81. Texels – yearlings, £490.21; ram lambs, £302.55. Bluefaced Leicesters – yearlings, £276.75; ram lambs, £365.85. Berrichon du Cher – overall rams, £399. Border Leicester – yearlings, £336; rams lambs, £159.50. Charollais – yearlings, £397.37; ram lambs, £326.29. Chamoise Hill – yearlings, £264.47; ram lambs, £276.50; aged rams, £175; ewes, £174; ewe lambs, £110.25. Auctioneers: Welshpool Livestock Sales.

Roussin lamb tops at 800gns THE first prize winning ram lamb from Martin McCornick, Newton Stewart, topped the sale of Roussin sheep at Borderway, selling for 800gns in a split to John Fleming, Newton Stewart and J.A.S. and C.M. Woodburn, Lockerbie. Mr McCornick re-invested 780gns in the first prize ewe lamb from Mr Fleming, who also bought the next top priced lot at 650gns. R.D. and A.E. Molyneux, Okehampton, Devon, then sold two shearling ewes at 600gns to G.B. Renfree, Liskeard, Cornwall, and K. Young, Girvan, Ayrshire. The winning shearling ram and overall champion, from Mr Fleming, sold for 520gns. AVERAGES: 20 ram lambs, £285.58; 8 shearling rams, £402.94; 15 shearling gimmers, £329; 12 ewe lambs, £315.86. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

| 59



All prices quoted in p/kg. Where no market day is listed, no data was available at time of publication. N/S = New Season. HEIFERS

STEERS Market day(s) w/e: October 3

Total cattle number




Beef Dairy sired Grade 1 Grade 3 sired average average average average

Total N/S lambs

N/S lambs light average

N/S lambs N/S lambs standard medium average average

N/S lambs heavy average

N/S SQQ average

Total Ewes

14 33 125 237 45 55 126 348 138 10 19 53 11 131 55 26 151 127 35 27 6 27 45 166 102 43 4 30 98 13 398 17 62 28 93 52 51 21 41 10 47 37 135 18 75 55 60 100 4 29

170.33 155.80 155.86 145.36 190.50 163.72 141.25 147.00 153.00 106.57 124.50

136.75 149.83 95.70 125.07 148.50 134.93 108.50 121.77 117.28 115.17

105.07 103.09 99.71 98.27 93.20 88.40 102.03 88.68 87.17 93.93 104.59 106.27 94.61 105.50 98.51 78.98 84.10 105.79 113.41 95.34 98.91 114.00 92.17 101.40 122.21 113.50 99.52 103.40 84.12 118.67 101.93 114.27 78.00 90.44 99.50 107.94 94.65 88.50 -

118.36 131.84 143.76 121.58 127.80 118.22 133.64 125.78 119.75 91.00 117.64 119.68 124.66 137.82 138.09 124.11 113.38 131.68 139.67 147.50 139.95 108.55 120.67 122.00 127.54 127.00 130.71 117.40 114.54 129.68 145.70 140.86 117.34 127.27 171.50 106.71 112.96 122.08 116.31 140.83 -

2009 1031 1236 1470 3014 698 501 543 2195 635 532 838 1822 448 1986 574 709 355 1449 297 105 120 1089 1469 2304 341 313 49 1140 866 1131 892 711 1371 139 5255 89 2134 414 602 518 1132 97 53 1637 2355 1232 1504 1000 649 475 238 407 1124 521 881 3846 1176 412 236 1084 669 122 1163 1156 662 1112 1018 552

80.00 173.77 154.26 103.40 150.29 146.00 223.40 135.45 155.00 113.50 100.00 167.00 163.00 152.80 121.40 143.55 100.00 108.00 149.06 102.50 173.00 159.00 145.22 149.49 147.99 155.00 144.87 171.12 141.00 102.10 159.00 149.55 144.89 146.77 125.00 150.00 141.94

150.12 169.93 156.61 155.55 155.77 147.00 160.26 150.83 177.36 153.32 170.37 149.05 167.32 164.07 160.26 160.38 155.69 159.86 149.28 160.88 165.00 127.94 159.93 153.31 155.46 118.00 145.73 156.36 134.20 153.26 154.17 147.08 152.33 161.30 161.27 157.35 151.14 154.70 165.00 167.35 150.64 144.45 148.10 155.91 149.96 166.20 159.11 126.96 149.99 139.45 151.33 157.33 158.48 163.55 151.97 162.22 156.81 163.43 146.45 170.44 148.19 147.78 156.00 164.31

156.80 161.57 158.79 153.04 155.98 157.07 166.96 153.61 160.74 161.17 169.55 148.50 163.61 178.17 159.48 157.97 153.42 159.65 154.42 158.66 153.60 148.80 143.62 158.83 152.41 164.80 152.49 153.20 149.64 161.26 151.78 156.07 162.29 151.21 157.14 164.34 173.21 160.50 150.54 160.86 159.40 152.54 157.76 155.11 150.44 150.83 150.95 160.38 161.10 155.11 143.09 149.09 136.57 158.39 155.87 155.01 156.43 160.70 151.47 153.75 158.93 159.58 160.60 151.04 169.89 159.22 151.19 156.85 159.67

157.85 163.31 154.82 146.58 152.10 157.80 159.52 156.80 148.30 166.65 158.62 141.48 159.65 177.31 154.15 149.96 145.68 161.09 144.84 150.54 153.00 149.18 141.49 153.10 151.94 156.97 152.42 154.40 150.01 155.92 147.34 146.07 156.50 145.47 151.00 157.13 188.53 154.84 143.60 167.36 150.60 145.73 156.11 155.00 145.54 151.76 144.18 151.23 154.50 144.52 135.87 147.28 146.39 157.88 149.78 159.48 150.85 156.56 145.47 152.96 149.32 157.05 154.09 147.71 161.14 162.74 147.16 152.80 157.75

156.11 163.94 158.01 152.67 155.70 156.27 163.38 152.92 162.41 158.27 169.51 148.33 164.01 172.76 159.58 158.79 153.92 159.66 153.04 159.15 154.85 148.80 137.18 158.87 152.48 160.63 151.61 153.20 148.35 160.75 149.55 155.24 159.96 150.71 156.01 158.38 169.83 159.51 150.56 156.38 159.99 154.36 156.64 155.11 148.72 149.22 152.40 158.06 162.97 155.48 138.11 149.49 136.83 157.79 156.06 156.28 157.85 160.70 151.53 153.75 159.14 159.07 161.17 150.43 169.90 158.58 150.51 156.66 160.36

1035 698 858 108 1701 200 196 165 242 378 870 99 723 58 431 51 331 154 39 1424 806 179 358 29 548 318 305 68 45 324 71 9509 13 872 169 291 39 1037 460 815 247 1481 468 99 210 217 193 146 259 742 555 151 59 230 372 122 234 132 91 285 399 153

63.05 57.44 58.33 45.73 49.63 47.10 47.97 55.47 60.53 42.90 44.35 63.64 58.87 62.83 54.63 58.82 55.54 52.86 55.67 51.32 42.45 49.48 63.02 62.00 35.96 49.39 22.20 59.01 62.96 47.28 59.10 54.09 49.62 56.41 57.13 57.79 55.50 65.92 56.17 35.56 59.62 56.33 64.20 56.83 49.69 57.85 72.60 54.08 49.70 47.08 68.17 58.83 40.96 61.19 65.28 57.14 38.99 45.74 64.19 52.64 64.83 67.22

183.80 139.50 -

65 38 155 29 26 114 30 50 29

104.27 -

118.60 -

85.94 92.83 97.18 101.12 91.80 109.50

142.81 127.24 122.81 141.39 123.59 129.37 114.80

356 618 1009 1131 148 970 1526 423 549 435 1326 1229 2462 2145 799 368 4052 268

142.91 153.06 131.15 151.52 142.70 152.86 100.00 143.23 140.13 123.73 149.67 150.00 151.32 141.86 -

149.71 151.63 140.16 157.23 153.42 147.60 155.04 152.24 147.21 154.29 143.96 151.78 168.90 155.26 152.57 150.86 150.50

151.22 151.88 155.96 159.43 157.36 153.78 156.30 145.88 157.11 153.76 150.61 155.01 154.21 163.11 162.78 163.08 154.58 154.35

128.50 150.73 148.83 154.18 148.36 150.79 151.50 151.62 147.66 142.49 152.43 151.47 150.73 160.38 151.59 151.74

148.32 151.96 142.64 157.64 156.96 153.78 148.07 153.02 155.17 151.55 151.81 148.31 151.76 162.41 160.31 155.96 152.53 153.70

341 188 872 211 224 109 174 521 443 920 1004 214 8 3144 254

47.13 33.30 42.57 48.56 33.80 36.84 62.38 43.93 38.14 31.80 45.51 43.57 38.75 44.61 33.19

98.00 132.46 198.83 166.30 174.88

348 60 127 11 46 208 127 132



92.23 93.09 103.59 95.16 102.14 97.02 135.66

129.57 116.84 132.88 74.10 139.46 125.90 129.70 146.30

1952 524 1476 576 1500 1225 509 347 2749 637 3284 1617 3676 519

133.86 147.44 142.86 115.38 132.88 133.33 -

147.28 160.24 143.35 152.02 159.40 157.03 143.89 146.20 153.87 163.23 149.34 150.03 159.13 147.71

153.69 148.07 151.98 146.51 160.07 160.64 143.43 141.13 160.57 153.61 158.61 159.54 168.46 157.28

150.15 145.85 147.82 142.75 158.55 153.39 142.88 136.46 152.93 157.85 154.44 160.40 150.70

151.77 149.45 150.15 146.69 158.91 160.38 143.50 141.18 159.10 157.37 154.87 158.10 163.57 156.99

943 623 33 494 309 1013 268 1010 24 887 1074 2484 -

50.78 42.54 45.41 51.48 50.33 45.65 44.08 51.33 53.92 56.37 47.77 42.38 -

Light average

Medium Heavy average average

Medium Heavy Light average average average

Light average

Medium Heavy average average

61 147 102 28 166 68 126 87 33 7 32 80 309 112 26 63 132 31 5 8 1 51 21 23 4 51 14 347 67 317 78 496 9 201 63 45 4 106 40 8 58 229 358 34 15 4 5 275 4 59 19 134 61 353

163.86 178.79 169.00 155.50 169.33 216.50 160.62 181.75 220.50 210.00 195.00 148.00 183.40 198.00 179.50 175.50 167.29 178.00 169.50 184.54 166.00 171.64 187.67 193.08 166.50 179.83 211.50 200.83 180.00 175.00 174.20 209.93 165.50 153.00 186.20 151.50 187.50 212.17 176.33 183.67

197.17 189.11 189.25 163.00 191.14 178.00 189.72 193.00 182.17 215.90 195.17 169.50 181.20 177.36 174.75 171.06 165.06 162.20 182.90 208.90 188.13 198.75 172.50 192.15 197.98 171.90 208.80 180.20 191.08 193.11 180.67 189.50 176.23 176.05 209.06 171.60 201.67 193.41 172.50 169.71 184.00 207.79 180.96 194.15

193.21 166.74 187.40 176.20 177.17 158.25 183.36 171.25 189.17 228.50 195.50 194.83 184.22 176.33 185.56 169.00 173.90 176.38 179.90 175.67 188.90 188.83 188.71 207.90 177.53 179.45 190.38 155.00 185.83 211.00 160.83 193.61 169.00 178.65 182.84 193.17 191.00 194.00 195.19 172.50 155.77 194.67 196.88 178.34 190.33

194.75 170.44 176.25 193.75 199.79 196.00 176.17 218.33 174.50 163.50 207.56 204.41 190.00 184.17 177.75 193.29 142.00 149.50 165.12 193.00 191.17 180.50 192.62 192.07 145.88 184.50 203.34 209.80 189.14 218.07 154.00 162.50 143.83 171.57 211.55 163.50 219.17 114.50 210.82 133.00 184.50 216.17 157.33 203.38

194.97 184.22 185.00 190.67 196.06 157.44 191.21 181.50 177.17 210.50 164.67 212.27 205.33 182.42 176.62 174.72 182.06 182.83 216.00 177.58 162.71 210.00 202.15 222.50 188.94 200.24 178.74 190.67 199.27 168.50 216.40 180.00 195.63 189.56 167.86 167.17 177.09 176.07 207.61 178.25 182.50 178.00 214.28 174.17 196.90 214.92 182.20 205.21

165.50 179.36 181.25 178.40 179.72 148.29 197.50 170.10 189.25 167.10 209.75 205.62 161.14 170.57 180.67 136.25 220.00 201.00 159.50 155.75 192.50 186.50 203.93 186.33 167.83 185.39 190.86 188.75 157.70 196.50 180.00 169.50 181.33 172.91 191.83 182.33 135.90 176.75 206.00 203.55 183.50 156.50 197.30 184.10 188.57

182.50 170.70 167.63 163.00 163.57 149.50 151.90 173.17 207.50 139.00 180.00 160.08 171.18 180.20 172.09 192.93 162.67 214.00 192.30 176.40 161.94 129.50 179.39 154.88 178.80 159.83 195.00 118.00 137.67 174.12 162.40 164.21 147.00 155.50 142.00 177.37

180.88 189.61 172.75 135.00 169.50 159.62 177.54 178.10 189.50 183.25 206.50 186.52 190.40 184.50 121.00 194.00 188.90 187.00 182.50 185.94 191.36 176.73 187.50 193.50 175.79 184.85 151.50 190.00 194.00 173.25 145.00 189.71 170.67 187.36 173.50 195.25 171.00 185.37

182.00 190.10 200.67 160.50 187.60 148.00 199.78 189.50 192.50 180.17 209.49 191.00 123.50 198.33 167.00 149.00 118.00 190.39 164.75 218.00 183.50 190.30 199.19 169.54 212.50 203.00 170.15 194.50 185.00 189.00 204.87 150.80 192.65 169.50 202.90 188.58

4 6 5 25 148 44 5 22 6

110.00 181.50 105.00 180.20 175.57 188.50 187.00 -

181.29 172.25 187.00 183.50 191.25 185.50

162.50 176.20 177.04 189.95 137.00 -

162.00 151.00 196.50 178.33 218.17 125.25

182.40 190.53 207.06 182.67 206.00 141.75

179.50 183.80 183.48 189.58 159.50

104.00 162.50 -

123.00 170.00 186.94 -

50 45 49 44 8 59 49 149 26 48

198.30 209.00 177.96 204.67 185.07 131.97 189.99

194.80 203.56 212.10 225.62 202.25 181.75 220.00 199.51 159.80 198.43

204.50 199.25 200.00 230.00 172.75 211.67 187.21 164.35 188.46

186.64 204.50 182.00 174.50 213.20 193.88 163.65 172.50

203.58 206.43 188.86 228.29 201.67 214.57 221.53 204.00 169.89 186.75

202.50 205.00 169.17 214.33 190.00 212.40 196.75 180.72 181.25

141.00 143.00 -

144.53 215.50 -

Total cow number

ENGLAND Acklington Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Beeston Castle Bentham Bishops Castle Bridgnorth Brockholes Carlisle Chelford Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hawes Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Leek Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Malton Market Drayton Market Harborough Melton Mowbray Newark Newton Abbot Newton Abbot 2 Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Ross-On-Wye Rugby Ruswarp Salisbury Scots Gap Sedgemoor Selby Shaftesbury Shrewsbury Skipton South Molton Stratford Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Winslow Wooler Worcester York

Ewes average


Th Tu Mo We (wk) Fr Tu\We We Tu Tu\We Mo Mo\Th Th Tu We (wk) Tu Mo\Th Th Mo We Mo\Th We Th Mo Tu We (wk) Tu\Fr Tu We (wk) Mo Tu Th Mo\Tu Mo\Fr Tu We Tu (wk) Th Th Mo Tu (wk) Mo\We We (wk) Tu We (wk) We Tu\We We (wk) Mo Mo\We Mo Mo Mo Tu We Mo\Tu We Tu Mo Th Tu We Th Th Mo\We (wk) Tu Tu Mo We We Mo\Th

WALES Abergavenny Bala Farmers Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Newcastle Emlyn Newport Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

Tu Tu\Fr We Fr Th Tu Th Th Tu (wk) We (wk) Mo Th We (wk) Tu Tu\Fr Th Fr Th (wk) Mo Tu

SCOTLAND Ayr Caithness Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newton St Boswells Newton Stewart Stirling (Caledonian) Stirling (UA) Thainstone

Mo\Tu Mo Tu Tu We (wk) We (wk) We Mo\Tu Mo Mo Mo Tu\Th Th\We (wk) Th

60 |


Figures below show livestock numbers first, then average price per head


ENGLAND Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Beeston Castle Bentham Bishops Castle Bridgnorth Brockholes Carlisle Chelford Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Leek Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Market Drayton Melton Mowbray Middleton-In-Teesdale Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Rugby Salisbury Sedgemoor Selby Shaftesbury Shrewsbury Skipton Stratford Tavistock Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Wooler Worcester York

Tu We\Mo Fr Tu Th Tu We\Mo Mo Th\Tu Th\Mo\Tu Fr Mo Th Fr We\Fr Th\Sa We\Mo Th Th\Mo Fr Tu We Mo Th Tu Fr Sa Fr

Th Fr\Mo We Tu

We We We Fr We Tu Sa Sa Th Tu Mo

Fr Sa We Tu


WALES Abergavenny Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Newcastle Emlyn Newport Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

Mo Mo Th Fr Mo\Tu

We Th

SCOTLAND Ayr Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newton St Boswells Newton Stewart Stirling (Caledonian) Stirling (UA) Thainstone

Th\Tu We\Th\Fr We\Sa\Mo Sa Th Mo We\Tu

Th\Fr We We\Fr

6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers


6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month heifers heifers heifers

6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers

6-12 month heifers

STORES (HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN) 12-18 month 18+ month heifers heifers

CALVES (7-42 DAYS) Native heifers

Black and Continental Continental Native bulls heifers white bulls bulls

6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

6/635.8 19/658.7 -/2/740.0 26/673.5 4/756.3 -/2/715.0 39/709.2 -/13/606.6 2/585.0 12/586.7 -/6/603.3 -/27/689.7 21/604.7 1/365.0 8/641.9 18/636.9 16/642.3 13/897.7 -/6/623.8 16/698.1 29/808.3 6/885.0 -/2/585.0 15/734.3 -/-/-/3/668.0 20/692.0 -/-/-/-/-/4/603.8 7/675.7 4/690.0 -/-/8/816.9 57/729.5 2/837.5 -/10/560.4 -/-/-/9/866.9 -/5/720.2 12/641.2 -/-/-/-/2/737.5

12/886.7 25/883.6 -/2/820.0 48/881.6 46/955.2 -/1/715.0 249/906.6 8/770.0 38/848.2 11/664.9 118/932.6 -/19/766.6 4/691.3 77/887.7 34/891.8 -/9/817.8 98/750.9 23/680.8 87/905.2 2/638.5 19/729.1 -/156/940.0 25/992.9 -/29/883.8 50/862.9 -/-/-/4/811.8 50/784.0 14/796.6 2/878.0 -/-/17/874.5 8/827.5 39/945.6 32/809.5 -/-/4/807.5 80/803.0 5/727.0 -/5/708.8 -/-/-/55/1011.5 -/68/912.7 18/857.4 14/711.4 -/-/-/13/705.4

4/952.8 20/858.5 -/10/957.5 19/922.9 8/1008.1 -/-/126/979.1 10/728.0 36/1197.4 11/855.0 50/940.8 -/13/898.5 3/880.0 59/1021.3 24/964.3 -/2/727.5 16/843.7 14/946.8 40/1079.5 4/726.3 5/884.6 -/34/958.5 25/1068.4 -/133/1065.3 29/891.7 -/-/-/5/1052.0 15/934.7 9/995.9 32/976.5 -/-/11/916.6 4/761.3 33/982.0 46/990.8 -/-/10/1055.5 70/986.0 1/520.0 3/985.0 -/-/-/-/62/1120.1 -/42/1022.6 11/967.5 21/849.5 -/-/-/1/720.0

5/566.0 21/586.7 -/1/420.0 45/612.0 2/552.5 -/1/430.0 35/586.9 1/720.0 6/465.8 16/456.5 7/672.1 -/8/606.3 4/561.3 15/497.0 11/536.8 1/475.0 9/584.4 23/533.0 12/561.5 10/768.0 -/9/471.1 9/661.0 25/656.8 -/-/1/370.0 4/523.8 -/-/-/-/7/668.1 -/-/-/-/-/7/610.0 4/661.3 7/718.6 -/-/12/600.8 43/561.9 42/646.7 -/11/497.5 -/-/-/5/642.8 -/3/573.3 12/441.3 5/564.0 -/-/-/1/590.0

9/801.7 29/737.2 -/3/723.3 37/762.0 59/906.9 -/4/680.0 169/743.6 14/662.1 41/769.7 17/705.6 94/830.3 -/14/698.6 6/656.7 30/690.4 25/660.3 -/9/683.3 98/595.3 18/578.9 61/845.4 6/756.7 12/577.8 -/120/771.3 19/817.5 -/9/724.4 28/742.5 -/-/-/4/797.5 70/715.2 21/745.3 2/684.0 -/-/-/21/959.8 53/835.4 18/735.9 -/-/35/682.0 103/717.4 24/717.5 -/7/568.3 -/-/-/30/791.2 -/5/827.0 21/683.9 7/692.9 -/-/-/18/733.1

3/688.3 20/842.3 -/5/752.0 43/824.8 23/994.3 -/2/630.0 52/814.1 12/867.5 6/889.2 6/826.7 45/805.8 -/18/865.6 6/768.3 34/829.3 37/853.9 -/-/33/809.7 3/823.3 35/886.4 6/875.0 24/629.3 -/36/841.3 20/945.8 -/36/843.9 25/751.4 -/-/-/2/852.5 31/806.0 5/775.2 18/808.3 -/-/1/490.0 35/907.4 16/892.2 35/803.2 -/-/6/819.2 95/919.8 19/910.3 -/-/-/-/-/69/940.8 -/7/906.4 11/840.5 14/823.9 -/-/-/3/690.0

8/595.0 3/525.0 -/-/4/722.5 -/-/1/430.0 9/503.3 4/671.3 5/593.2 -/26/450.4 -/-/5/628.0 18/582.8 33/563.8 4/363.8 -/1/570.0 16/618.8 4/660.0 -/2/400.0 -/3/741.7 -/-/2/560.0 10/468.0 -/-/-/-/17/624.2 -/-/-/-/-/-/1/510.0 2/525.0 -/-/-/67/567.7 5/612.0 -/-/-/-/-/1/800.0 -/-/6/530.0 -/-/-/-/13/451.2

32/740.5 21/799.5 -/9/794.4 24/832.9 1/720.0 -/2/380.0 91/731.0 18/708.6 32/769.3 2/542.5 30/813.2 -/10/675.5 4/790.0 51/652.0 129/746.5 -/43/813.5 35/715.5 28/678.4 28/839.6 -/21/660.8 -/67/929.0 -/-/37/931.4 28/734.1 -/-/-/-/21/678.9 11/688.2 3/907.3 -/-/9/626.0 7/823.6 8/695.0 13/801.5 -/-/6/945.8 90/678.4 8/768.8 -/-/-/-/-/27/939.0 -/6/873.3 7/724.3 4/840.0 -/-/-/20/517.0

43/818.3 23/1007.4 -/16/824.1 11/926.8 2/912.5 -/2/870.0 30/771.7 16/794.4 63/939.7 3/593.3 14/900.0 -/2/945.0 7/846.4 14/935.7 88/932.9 -/39/775.6 12/594.6 17/577.9 28/902.5 -/10/655.6 -/2/995.0 -/-/77/1044.9 41/811.2 -/-/-/-/31/877.4 10/756.0 10/856.5 -/-/6/965.8 5/870.0 2/1012.5 42/832.4 -/-/14/974.3 162/906.8 1/315.0 1/980.0 -/-/-/-/80/1073.2 -/6/921.3 10/682.7 6/854.2 -/-/-/3/875.0

1/335.0 12/461.3 -/-/8/598.1 -/-/-/14/446.4 -/6/400.7 -/1/695.0 -/-/5/585.0 6/380.3 29/446.7 -/-/1/605.0 1/568.0 -/-/8/300.6 -/7/638.6 -/-/5/486.0 3/451.7 -/-/-/-/5/416.0 2/625.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/1/300.0 -/-/-/56/461.9 10/453.0 -/1/230.0 -/-/-/4/400.0 -/1/655.0 2/467.5 -/-/-/-/-/-

5/741.0 20/592.3 -/2/955.0 10/785.0 -/-/5/580.0 69/599.3 17/703.2 13/600.5 1/710.0 29/690.7 -/21/643.3 15/666.7 34/495.4 82/616.0 3/588.3 20/563.0 24/636.0 7/541.3 13/761.9 -/7/539.0 -/22/814.8 -/-/10/785.0 25/593.6 -/-/-/-/17/618.9 44/476.3 9/753.6 -/-/6/474.2 11/697.7 4/557.5 18/635.2 -/-/6/642.8 39/546.3 14/532.5 -/3/490.7 -/-/-/18/865.6 -/8/766.3 9/576.2 3/668.3 -/-/-/15/678.0

11/616.8 20/919.0 -/7/856.4 13/807.3 1/870.0 -/11/747.3 19/722.9 25/762.6 42/849.7 6/747.5 17/948.8 -/14/739.3 5/845.0 14/654.6 35/744.8 -/-/19/648.2 5/640.0 15/819.3 3/682.0 6/636.3 -/6/819.2 1/900.0 -/40/870.0 18/784.7 -/-/-/-/26/834.1 8/560.1 15/829.7 -/-/3/598.3 16/722.2 3/793.3 24/786.3 -/-/7/681.0 79/748.9 8/650.6 -/-/-/-/-/36/873.2 -/6/942.0 7/697.7 4/783.8 -/-/-/15/664.7

-/-/-/4/266.3 -/-/-/27/384.1 12/363.3 -/13/263.7 -/29/350.2 -/-/1/210.0 8/325.0 9/448.4 8/292.5 -/10/335.1 1/295.0 -/-/5/317.0 -/-/-/-/17/317.6 1/460.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/6/433.3 -/5/458.0 -/-/-/32/336.7 -/-/4/305.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/5/366.8 2/430.0 -/-/-/13/306.9

7/526.1 -/-/5/532.0 18/543.9 -/-/22/532.0 37/440.9 -/14/580.6 3/414.7 21/474.0 -/15/542.0 -/5/371.0 60/566.9 -/9/437.7 31/494.0 2/440.0 -/2/415.0 36/409.4 -/9/453.3 -/-/44/452.0 1/298.0 -/-/-/-/1/590.0 5/535.0 -/-/-/-/7/574.3 -/25/553.8 -/-/-/33/438.8 -/-/1/300.0 -/-/-/-/-/1/495.0 47/408.7 10/559.0 -/-/-/8/475.6

17/650.3 4/745.0 -/21/672.6 42/629.9 -/-/25/581.6 29/606.2 -/25/737.4 11/663.6 12/663.3 -/9/674.4 1/1025.0 5/407.8 151/810.2 -/26/510.5 15/682.5 6/483.7 -/-/53/540.0 -/1/500.0 -/-/76/741.1 3/670.0 -/-/-/4/1000.0 -/4/900.0 3/797.3 -/-/-/9/708.9 4/727.5 46/730.4 -/-/2/700.0 94/689.1 10/660.0 -/-/-/-/-/1/850.0 -/3/720.0 15/601.1 38/701.3 -/-/-/7/773.6

25/069.9 37/066.2 -/175/076.6 56/038.4 -/-/-/102/020.0 81/066.1 -/-/6/045.8 -/-/-/46/057.8 136/065.0 77/066.1 8/107.8 -/-/-/-/17/067.5 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/109/053.7 -/-/-/-/-/41/067.6 22/071.3 30/040.1 -/-/184/059.5 -/49/040.2 -/21/073.1 -/-/-/-/12/059.3 33/086.9 1/045.0 -/-/-/5/129.2

1/335.0 3/200.0 -/55/234.3 11/188.2 -/-/-/5/247.0 11/302.1 -/-/-/-/-/-/11/308.2 13/274.4 14/259.3 -/-/-/-/-/15/297.1 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/36/278.1 -/-/-/-/-/16/269.4 3/224.3 1/265.0 -/-/47/305.3 -/6/288.2 -/8/256.1 -/-/-/-/-/14/236.6 3/125.0 -/-/-/2/115.0

1/195.0 4/147.0 -/43/190.2 4/091.3 -/-/-/8/165.9 11/251.4 5/310.8 -/-/-/-/17/203.5 18/173.2 14/224.0 12/148.8 2/160.0 -/-/-/2/177.5 17/184.0 -/2/216.5 -/-/2/195.0 26/192.5 7/320.7 -/-/-/3/249.7 33/186.8 -/-/-/-/-/11/226.6 1/165.0 3/228.3 -/-/47/217.1 2/275.0 3/240.7 25/239.2 6/226.7 -/-/-/-/-/9/195.3 1/135.0 -/-/-/1/310.0

6/140.3 15/168.2 -/89/245.1 18/139.1 -/-/-/39/169.1 45/192.8 -/-/1/280.0 -/-/-/31/170.9 52/214.4 18/253.9 1/205.0 -/-/-/-/15/291.1 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/53/232.9 -/-/-/-/-/6/158.5 21/164.1 10/279.2 -/-/96/245.8 -/12/207.4 -/3/170.7 -/-/-/-/2/265.0 21/191.5 2/210.0 -/-/-/2/209.0

4/231.3 13/127.8 -/65/183.7 1/115.0 -/-/7/128.6 21/168.4 23/152.1 13/251.8 -/-/-/-/11/197.6 17/140.2 62/197.7 15/184.7 1/220.0 -/-/-/-/21/178.2 -/1/202.0 -/-/-/21/192.7 1/030.0 -/-/-/1/070.0 48/179.6 -/-/-/-/-/8/162.1 8/140.3 7/216.4 -/-/117/195.3 -/9/155.8 4/186.5 6/184.5 -/-/2/205.0 -/1/170.0 12/165.5 -/-/-/-/3/202.7

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/7/870.0 -/8/700.0 2/791.0 3/741.7 -/-/-/7/724.3 8/700.6 -/-/-

-/240/1058.4 10/885.0 37/766.5 140/1020.8 173/927.8 -/-/-/42/940.2 39/893.6 -/-/-

-/51/1032.4 10/795.5 22/817.3 68/1054.5 62/960.7 -/-/-/33/1066.2 25/1120.0 -/-/-

-/1/710.0 4/595.0 4/538.8 1/780.0 4/708.8 -/-/-/4/492.5 6/564.2 -/-/-

-/146/877.0 12/727.5 43/710.9 155/882.9 153/800.1 -/-/-/20/729.8 29/793.1 -/-/-

-/56/948.3 2/625.0 17/835.6 79/954.6 40/837.3 -/-/-/19/781.1 35/861.6 -/-/-

-/-/1/305.0 4/556.3 6/627.3 -/-/-/-/4/395.0 -/-/-/-

-/16/950.9 7/470.0 8/746.3 21/773.1 33/917.7 -/-/-/5/807.0 4/823.8 -/-/-

-/10/1016.6 5/702.0 18/832.8 11/899.5 33/782.1 -/-/-/5/1228.0 4/1000.0 -/-/-

-/-/1/260.0 -/3/690.0 -/-/-/-/9/500.0 5/417.0 -/-/-

-/3/685.0 10/480.0 19/669.5 7/674.6 12/748.3 -/-/-/11/660.9 5/744.0 -/-/-

-/5/1148.0 6/761.7 8/702.5 -/22/837.3 -/-/-/9/701.7 9/829.4 -/-/-

-/-/-/13/358.1 -/9/364.4 -/-/-/-/2/273.8 -/-/-

-/-/-/3/430.0 -/20/628.3 -/-/-/1/750.0 45/458.6 -/-/-

-/-/16/657.8 42/578.5 -/43/685.1 -/-/-/3/733.3 2/710.0 -/-/-



-/-/1/110.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/2/211.0 12/300.7 -/-/-


-/-/4/209.3 -/-/-/-/-/-/1/285.0 8/210.6 -/-/-

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

30/671.2 -/26/802.1 51/730.8 38/859.7 116/890.7 -/109/867.6 -/-/-/2/265.0 31/804.2 142/916.5

93/829.8 -/239/901.1 100/864.0 259/946.6 310/1030.9 173/1061.5 715/960.5 -/-/-/3/441.7 323/871.4 557/995.9

60/929.8 -/50/965.7 39/841.9 17/1058.2 67/1166.7 139/1090.3 82/1013.6 -/-/-/-/77/890.3 175/1029.7

16/475.3 -/21/693.3 29/594.5 16/790.6 82/790.5 -/70/719.8 -/-/-/-/24/608.1 57/782.3

119/796.9 -/168/827.9 118/742.8 76/835.9 248/857.4 45/914.8 512/841.9 -/-/-/-/317/784.3 409/831.2

40/845.1 -/48/860.1 36/772.9 22/883.2 59/964.9 38/989.7 60/892.8 -/-/-/-/81/830.7 77/900.3

20/424.8 -/3/448.3 5/594.0 8/721.3 4/1005.0 -/3/880.0 -/-/-/1/275.0 6/545.0 6/655.8

39/777.2 -/187/940.5 49/763.9 52/855.5 19/805.5 54/986.7 117/1000.8 -/-/-/-/117/698.0 30/898.7

38/793.0 -/68/1038.3 11/750.0 8/931.3 1/910.0 53/996.4 13/953.1 -/-/-/-/29/796.6 30/916.0

4/452.5 -/-/-/1/655.0 2/950.0 -/-/-/-/-/2/460.0 2/510.0 2/505.0

27/646.3 -/71/761.6 39/636.8 6/695.0 12/727.1 1/980.0 23/866.1 -/-/-/-/67/620.9 4/918.8

22/717.3 -/52/864.0 9/872.2 4/926.3 8/898.8 11/935.5 12/814.6 -/-/-/-/24/703.5 7/818.6

-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/17/476.5 -/-

5/693.0 -/-/5/514.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/58/523.3 -/-

54/619.6 -/2/860.0 44/587.8 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/88/717.3 5/680.0

-/-/-/3/028.3 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-


4/270.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-


4/183.8 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-







180 170 160


2012 150


















130 Mar

175 160 Feb














220 205




2011 235


















P per kg liveweight

P per kg liveweight


P per kg liveweight




STore SHeeP

Figures below show livestock numbers first, then average price per head Source: AHDB/eBlex

Th We\Sa


We Fr\Tu

P per kg dw



















Source: AHDB/eBlex

Source: AHDB/eBlex


114 2012



2012 2011





90 78

430 66 400 54


42 Dec



340 Sep















Source: AHDB/BPex


GB DAPP reported from March 15, 2000. Previously uK AeSA.

Denmark Germany Netherlands uK eu average



150 per kg p/kgPdw








2012 2011















Price and price change (p/kg), w/e Sept 25

Up to 59.9kg Number of pigs Average price (p/kg)

1,240 145.24 (2.03)

60.0 - 69.9kg Number of pigs Average price (p/kg)

12,270 155.96 (1.28)

70.0 - 79.9kg Number of pigs Average price (p/kg)

49,192 156.00 (1.25)

80.0 - 89.9kg Number of pigs Average price (p/kg)

40,927 154.73 (1.37)

Week beginning September 30 (prices in p/kg). Average price range. This Last week week BEEF Topside 1007 1037 Sirloin 2057 2057 rump Steak 1351 1380 Fillet Steak 3194 3194 Diced Stewing Steak 830 830 Braising Steak 876 858 Premium Mince 710 710 Standard Mince 456 478 LAMB 954 979 Whole leg 993 1019 Fillet end leg 750 728 Shoulder (Bone-in) 884 Shoulder (Boneless) 906 1487 1487 lamb Steaks 1384 1339 loin chops 1349 1349 Double loin chops 1364 1388 cutlet chops 1119 1119 Diced lamb 903 889 Minced lamb NZ LAMB cutlet chops 1430 1430 Fillet end leg 907 907 loin chops 1160 1160 Shoulder (Bone-in) 716 716 PORK leg (Boneless) 661 664 Fillet end leg 622 651 Shoulder (Boneless) 554 546 Fillet of Pork 906 884 loin Steaks 817 817 loin chops 587 587 Diced Pork 636 636 Minced Pork 575 575 Sausages 590 590 Pork (traditional) Source: AHDB/eblex

90.0 - 99.9kg Number of pigs Average price (p/kg)

7,319 149.04 (1.56)


ENGLAND AND WALES Young bulls Steers Heifers All cattle NS/oS lambs (SQQ) Porkers cutters Baconers other pigs Dairy cull Beef cull

180.26 (-3.44) 184.37 (-1.99) 191.64 (-3.32) 185.61 (-3.13) 156.01 (-5.20) 103.91 (4.14) 114.40 (5.74) 114.55 (2.00) 109.86 (12.88) 99.66 (-2.97) 128.48 (-3.01)

GREAT BRITAIN All cattle NS/oS lambs (SQQ) Total pigs Dairy cull Beef cull

186.50 (-3.21) 155.93 (-5.74) 113.08 (4.95) 99.23 (-2.89) 130.66 (-2.57)

EC ADJUSTED DEADWEIGHT PIGS Great Britain (111,377 pigs, av. weight 78.70) Sep 23 - Sep 29 compared to Sep 16 - Sep 22.

Week ending September 29, 2012.

Over 100kg Number of pigs Average price (p/kg) DAPP eu Spec uK Spec

429 97.00 (-3.19)

154.75 (1.29) 151.97 (1.26) Source: AHDB/Bpex

30kg average weaner prices are quoted in £/head SPOT Sept 29 Weighted average 39.11

Oct 6 39.90

Source: AHDB/Bpex
















130 P per kg

12/76.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/1053/61.30 -/-/-/-/466/82.90



28/54.50 -/846/108.70 169/109.50 -/-/-/406/119.90 -/-/-/-/1942/111.90

272 Jul

23/86.10 -/2644/69.30 1169/62.30 -/-/-/657/68.40 -/-/-/-/1633/50.40




1006/45.20 -/9518/43.90 982/47.10 -/-/-/472/57.00 -/-/-/6113/45.40 2696/48.80


272 Jun

No. Av.



No. Av.




No. Av.



No. Av.

320 308



-/-/104/53.50 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/840/74.90 -/-/577/92.60 -/-



No. Av.

-/-/-/-/-/-/21/87.90 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/1808/117.80 -/-





No. Av.

-/-/223/58.00 -/-/-/119/54.20 -/-/-/-/-/1492/80.40 -/-/1077/70.90 -/-

Ayr castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall lanark lockerbie Newton St Boswells Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (uA) Thainstone

-/-/673/92.10 1202/41.00 -/-/-/-/16/57.80 -/-/27/270.30 -/-/-/-/-/55/76.80 -/102/68.00 -/697/73.30 -/-/3612/85.10 5461/109.70 -/-/-/220/88.00 -/394/71.20 -/-/33/68.70 280/88.00 -/-/-/366/80.60 -/-/-/5/70.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/47/80.30 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-


No. Av.

-/22/44.30 338/35.50 32/48.80 -/1665/35.40 283/32.20 -/-/-/-/291/48.10 1206/42.40 1665/42.10 -/1275/43.80 -/-





No. Av.

Abergavenny Brecon Bryncir cardigan carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Knighton llandeilo Bridge llanybydder Newcastle emlyn Newport ruthin St Asaph Talybont-on-usk Welshpool Whitland





We Th Sa



-/-/85/97.00 -/-/-/-/-/98/108.90 58/76.10 62/87.60 1672/106.70 -/-/-/-/-/57/73.00 -/406/77.80 -/410/76.00 -/1514/64.10 573/89.90 6/143.30 -/-/-/852/116.60 -/178/77.20 -/-/-/938/148.20 -/-/-/121/125.50 -/36/118.40 -/59/78.70 3021/140.90 -/-/-/-/-/19/311.10 -/9/36.20 -/-/-/38/83.50 64/67.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/14/91.50 -/-/-/-/-/-/-

Fr Mo\Tu

Source: AHDB/eBlex


No. Av.

-/10639/63.80 64/43.20 -/-/-/-/-/912/52.10 174/50.30 254/54.60 986/47.10 369/42.30 -/281/62.70 1169/55.80 61/54.10 895/54.20 103/47.20 1083/49.80 302/52.60 271/49.60 177/56.20 -/2047/64.40 2251/47.70 42/48.00 196/55.40 62/57.00 -/97/47.10 92/31.10 -/1160/46.30 -/967/54.00 -/268/36.30 37/54.30 2/48.30 -/65/52.00 -/951/59.00 -/-/-/968/57.90 43/48.50 -/-/-/26/55.80 -/-/2298/56.10 241/51.30 453/55.00 -/-/44/47.30 -/329/59.20 -/367/56.40 101/47.50 35/37.90 -/-/-/-/-

Fr Mo Mo

-/-/118/135.30 -/-/-/-/-/75/122.30 -/11/100.00 271/124.80 118/93.40 -/-/-/-/54/81.00 -/197/116.90 -/246/109.00 -/-/1227/116.90 -/-/33/109.70 -/276/117.80 -/182/133.20 -/-/279/97.40 561/158.00 -/-/-/882/129.20 -/-/-/587/114.40 216/141.70 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/23/119.90 -/-/-/227/110.40 -/-/-/-/-/6/160.00 -/35/140.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/-

Source: AHDB/eBlex


No. Av.

Ewe lambs

P per kg dw

Ashford Bakewell Mo Barnard castle Tu Bentham We\Tu Blackmoor Gate Bridgnorth Brockholes Broughton In Furness carlisle We\Mo Th\Mo chelford cirencester Th\Tu clitheroe Th\Fr cockermouth We\Fr colchester cutcombe Wheedon cross We Mo Darlington Th Derby exeter Fr Frome We\Fr Th\Sa Gisburn Hailsham We\Mo Hallworthy Th Th\Mo Hatherleigh Hawes Tu Hereford We\Tu Hexham We\Th Holmfirth Tu We Holsworthy Hull Mo Kendal Th\Fr Kington Tu Kirkby Stephen Fr lancaster We lazonby leek Fr\Sa\Tu leyburn Fr\Sa liskeard Tu longtown Th louth Fr ludlow Malton Market Drayton We Market Harborough Tu Melton Mowbray Middleton-In-Teesdale Fr\Mo Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton We oswestry We otley Penrith We ross-on-Wye Sa\Mo rugby ruswarp Salisbury Sedgemoor Sa Sa Selby Tu Shrewsbury Skipton South Molton Stratford Tu Tavistock Fr Thame Thirsk Thrapston Sa We Truro ulverston Tu Wigton Winslow Worcester York

No. Av.

Shearling ewes

P per kg dw

No. Av.

Breeding ewes

€/100kg dw


Store lambs



SHEEP Market day(s) October 2

Latest market prices for primestock and dairy and stores updated every hour at





Dairy sired


Beef sired 70 Jan












62 |


Veterinary medicines at competitive prices


Save on housing preparation


£2.10 per dose

Bovilis BVD

£2.10 per dose

Bovilis IBR Marker Live

£2.20 per dose

Bovipast RSP

£5 per dose

Rispoval Intranasal

£4.50 per dose

Rispoval 4

£5 per dose

Rotavec Corona

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from £4.50 per dose

Enovex Pour On (ivermectin)

Dawes Farm, Warnham, West Sussex RH12 3SH Phone: 01306 628215 • Fax: 01306 628080 • email:

to give an SQQ of 155.94p/kg lw - although many markets were reporting better quality lambs still trading well above this level. Cull ewes remain fairly static, averaging £50.99 per head. Pig finishers’ returns have increased again by a penny or two, with the DAPP now standing at 154.75p/kg deadweight. What had been a fairly steady cereals market fell £8/tonne or so on last week’s London futures market before rebounding on Monday, and by mid-week this week had crept back above the £200/t mark.

CATTLE DEADWEIGHT PRICES Deadweight prices for the week ending September 29, 2012. ALL STEERS

£12.75 per Litre

POM-V (available with veterinary prescription) This offer ends 31st October 2012


LIVESTOCK PRICES FALL ■ Prices were down again this week across all sectors, according to AHDB figures to Tuesday. Young bulls dropped 3.29p/kg liveweight, heifers 3.39p/kg lw and steers 2.41p/kg lw to give an overall cattle average of 186.50p/kg lw. Both dairy and beef-sired cull cows were also down, making the average 113.49p/kg lw, a fall of 2.79p/kg lw on the week. Yet again lambs have seen the biggest slide, falling another 5.75p/kg lw on the week

-U R O+ -O Average Numbers

Northern 4L 3

Central 3 4L

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

354.5 355.8 350.8 334.3 352.5 3952

356.9 348.4 341.1 320.8 344.8 3372

358.1 346.6 336.2 306.8 323.3 2840

365.8 362.3 356.8 338.8 361.8 3928

355.9 357.0 350.4 328.8

356.3 348.3 343.3 324.8

357.7 350.3 335.4 307.6


-U R O+ -O Average Numbers

Central 3 4L

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

359.1 349.0 345.6 334.8 346.6 1654

359.7 349.8 338.2 316.8 347.1 1578

349.9 345.3 332.4 295.4 334.6 1176

367.4 360.8 351.4 326.6 361.0 2203

354.8 348.5 347.8 336.4

ALL YOUNG BULLS Northern 4L 3 -U 346.3 344.9 334.1 337.1 R O+ 327.4 324.4 -O 311.2 318.6 333.0 Average Numbers 675

Central 3 350.2 341.0 331.3 309.7 337.3 631

357.9 350.3 342.8 328.3

4L 348.9 338.6 331.7 320.0

358.5 346.8 332.4 307.9

Southern 3 4L 351.7 351.8 336.8 336.4 321.1 326.2 312.0 309.3 319.2 457

369.7 363.8 361.1 332.4

Scotland 3 4L 355.0 355.8 347.7 347.9 340.7 346.0 325.0 319.0 342.8 408 Source: AHDB/Eblex

Deadweight prices for the week ending September 29, 2012. 2 396.8 391.6 384.6 366.2 293.3

(517) (1560) (6189) (2384) (38)

3L 395.2 389.9 381.3 366.8

Medium E U R O P

2 396.9 391.7 385.4 369.4 287.7

3L (506) 395.2 (1496) 389.9 (5172) 381.7 (1275) 367.8 (13)

(1494) (6197) (18779) (3792)

3H 379.2 376.1 370.8 361.3

3H (1491) 379.2 (6124) 376.1 (17406) 371.0 (2728) 361.1

(315) (2321) (5975) (819)


Newly-calved Newly-calved Newly-calved Newly-calved heifers

ENGLAND Ayr Beeston Castle Carlisle Cirencester Cockermouth Exeter Gisburn Holsworthy Lanark Leek Market Drayton Norton & Brooksbank Sedgemoor Shrewsbury Stirling (UA)

Th\Tu Fr We\Mo

Th\Sa We\Fr Fr\Sa\Tu

Sa Tu




No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

4/1925.0 28/2116.9 8/1601.3 -/-/-/10/1635.0 -/12/1931.1 26/1551.5 -/-/50/1590.8 18/1690.6 -/-

2/1810.0 14/1809.0 3/1050.0 -/-/-/9/1593.3 -/3/2002.0 21/1356.7 -/-/20/1501.5 7/1660.0 -/-

3/1750.0 -/2/1315.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/4/1180.0 -/-/1/640.0 -/-/-

1/1000.0 -/1/1000.0 -/-/-/-/-/1/1522.5 3/1120.0 -/-/1/1520.0 -/-/-


June Price 32.64 31.30 30.34 29.50 27.24 27.41 27.04 27.51 29.32 27.05 27.29 28.31 26.62 26.21 26.64 25.52 26.39 26.54 25.58 26.16 23.46 25.52 25.37 25.23 25.60

Companies Dairy Crest M&S (P) Dairy Crest Waitrose1 Dairy Crest Sainsbury (P) Robert Wiseman Dairies Tesco2 Parkham Farms Dairy Crest cheese Davidstow (P) Lactalis/Caledonian Cheese (P) Robert Wiseman Dairies Co-operative Wyke Farms Paynes Dairies Arla Asda Barber A.J & R.G Meadow Foods Compositional (L) Pattemores Dairy Ingredients Milk Link London Liquid Milk Link Northern Manufacturing (S) Dairy Crest Liquid (P) Arla non-aligned Belton Cheese Robert Wiseman Dairies Milk Partnership South Caernarfon Creameries Glanbia Llangefni First Milk Cheese Joseph Heler First Milk Liquid

Annual Average 32.45 31.05 30.18 29.43 27.88 27.83 27.61 27.53 27.14 26.99 26.94 26.91 26.79 26.75 26.65 26.57 26.23 26.19 26.18 26.18 26.16 26.08 25.88 25.82 25.78

1. The milk price above assumes all litres produced are sold into the dedicated milk pools. 2. Included is a 0.50ppl Promar costings bonus. 3. Unconfirmed. S = Seasonal, P = Profile, L = Level. Prices not directly comparable to March due to standard litre update.



Source: AHDB/Eblex

368.3 365.1 361.9 342.1

Northern 3 4L

October 2, 2012.

4L 351.0 350.5 353.3 359.2

(58) (348) (869) (76)

4H 337.5 333.3 331.1 335.7

(2) (23) (72) (9)

Average: 379.00 (52,331) 4L 4H (315) 351.0 (58) 337.5 (2) (2313) 350.5 (345) 333.3 (23) (5636) 353.4 (857) 331.1 (72) (656) 358.9 (72) 335.7 (9) Average: 380.01 (46,854)

Deadweight sheep prices are collected from a sample of GB abattoirs. The sample accounts for around a third of deadweight sales; prices quoted p/kg are averages for all qualities 12-21.5kg.

MONTHLY DAIRY PRICES Farmgate Milk Price ppl

July 26.38*

June 26.16

Prev. year 27.21

Wholesale prices (£/t) Mild Cheddar SMP Butter Bulk Cream

September 2,925 2,300 2,700 1,250

August 2,900 2,000 2,350 1,100

Prev. year 2,975 2,150 3,600 1,620

Retail prices Retail milk ppl Doorstep milk ppl Butter, branded (p/250g) Mild Cheddar, per kg

September 59 116 164 647

August 59 115 161 692

Source: AHDB/Eblex

Prev. year 62 114 162 629 Source: AHDB/DairyCo


Mineral Clinic brought to you by

Denis Brinicombe Group Q We have some grain that wasn’t great quality so we are going to keep it and feed to fattening stock. Should I balance it with anything? A The simple answer is yes as you want to turn it into a fully balanced feed so that livestock will perform. A very simple solution is to use one of our Masterfeed protein concentrates. This very well established range of proteins originates from our Chapman & Frearson stable and various protein levels are available to match every diet. Masterfeed Cattle is always a good option as it contains natural, high quality protein sources only and is also fully mineralised. Simply mill the grain and then add two or three bags per tonne to turn your grain into a complete feed which will be much more cost effective than you think when compared to compound feed.

0800 374 325

CO-OP GROUP SELLING PRICES Week commencing October 1, 2012. S.O.=Stand On (no change) Stock category Finished cattle (p/kg) Steers Heifers Bulls Freisian Bulls (O-) OTM clean cattle OTM beef cows OTM medium dairy cows

Average – Top 336 – 350 336 – 350 327 – 334 298 – 315 326 – 341 284 – 300 238 – 260

Change on week S.O./+2 S.O./+2 S.O./S.O. S.O./S.O. +2/+4 S.O./S.O. S.O./+5

Sheep (p/kg) Spring lambs (prices based on R3) Hoggetts Ewes & Rams

350 – 360 NOT WANTED 180 – 280

-10/-10 NOT WANTED -20/-10

Pigs (p/kg)

162 – 178 157 – 174 156 – 166 155 – 158.46 115 – 118 95 – 98

Pork Cutter Bacon (spot) Bacon (contract) Sows Boars

+2/+4 +1/+2 +1/+2 +1/+1.61 +1/S.O. +1/S.O. Source: Meadow Quality



Estimates for Great Britain (per thousand head), week ending September 29, 2012. 2012 % Change Young Bulls 3.64 -16.7 Heifers 11.05 -13.2 Steers 16.44 -8.3 Sheep 326.97 10.3 Pigs 165.72 -0.9 Source: AHDB/Eblex

Prices in euros. Averages for week ending September 23, 2012 . N. Ireland: Steers R3 €/kg/dw 3.94 (0.1) Ireland: Steers R3 €/kg/dw 3.73 (0.0) France: (ex Rungis) lamb: R 16-22kg €/kg/dw; imported 5.10; domestic 6.60 Source: AHDB/Eblex

Freshly calved heifers – Fries/Holst (£/head) Number sold Freshly calved cows – Fries/Holst (£/head) Number sold

August 1,665 1,020 1,336 990

July 1,655 1,203 1,385 1,177

Prev. year 1,540 956 1,332 1,214

AMPE (ppl) MCVE (ppl)

September 30.40 32.48

August 25.90 31.48

Prev. year 33.30 33.11

Dairy farmer numbers (England and Wales)

August 10,709

July N/A

Prev. year N/A

August 1,063*

July 1,116

Prev. year 1,105

Deliveries to dairies (million litres) *=provisional

Source: AHDB/Eblex/DairyCo

MILK PRODUCTION FOR THE 2011/12 QUOTA YEAR Milk production in August was estimated to be 1,062.5 million litres, compared to 1,116.2m litres in July and 1,105.3m litres in August 2011. Butterfat was estimated at 3.99 per cent (3.94 per cent in the previous month and 4 per cent in August, 2011). Cumulative production to August was 5,820.8m litres (5,882.9m litres in the previous quota year). Cumulative butterfat is 3.98 per cent (3.95 per cent last year).

PIGS Prices in p/kg.

Chelford Hull Selby York

Market day w/e: Oct 3 Mo\Th Mo We Mo\Th

Pigs Porkers Cutters Baconers Cull total average average average sows total 70 4 373 441

103.55 0 125.44 111.12

109.35 94 123.15 119.64

114.61 105 120.08 116.6

20 113 40 49

Cull sows average 58.45 71.5 73.2 73.06

Source: AHDB/Bpex

MarKet prices | 63

FRIDAY OCTOBER 5 2012 www.FarMersgUardian.coM

UK delivered prices – sUMMary

UK delivered wheat prices

Thursday, September 27, 2012. £ per tonne.

Thursday, September 27, 2012. Grain & Market Centre.

Avonmouth feed /South bread


Central Scotland

oilseed rape price change 375.50 -18.50 377.50 -17.50 377.50 -18.50 379.50 -17.50 373.50 -18.50 375.50 -17.50 371.50 -18.50 Source: AHDB/HGCA

UK delivered rapeseed prices oct -

nov 375.50 371.50 377.50 377.50 373.50

Feb 377.50 373.50 379.50 379.50 375.50

May -

nov -

South East South West Midlands Eastern North East North West england & wales South Scotland Central Scotland North Scotland scotland great britain Northern Ireland United Kingdom Change on last week (£ / t)

other -

other -

Feed & other 175.30 175.30 179.00 176.70 178.10 177.30 177.30 +2.60

oats Milling


188.30 188.30 188.30 188.30 n/c


FUtUres MarKets (wheat)

preMiUM Milling wheats price $/tonne 400.87 Canadian No.1 CWRS 13.5% Australian Prime Hard 14% US Dark Northern Spring No.2 14% 390.00 good Milling wheats price $/tonne US Hard Red Winter (HRW) No.2 383.70 375.00 Australian Standard White other wheats price $/tonne US Soft Red Winter (SRW) No.2 Argentine 348.40 French, unsubsidised 338.00 UK feed, unsubsidised 346.10 Russian, soft milling 285.00 Russian, soft milling Ukrainian, Soft Milling, Class 3 Russian, feed barley price $/tonne French, unsubsidised 281.80 Finland ex-intervention UK ex-intervention UK, unsubsidised Canadian US Russian, feed

322.10 269.20

price £/tonne 247.40 240.70 price £/tonne 236.80 231.50 price £/tonne

change $/tonne 1.87 5.00 change $/tonne n/c 5.00 change $/tonne

215.00 208.60 213.60 175.90 -

5.90 7.00 1.60 unch -

price £/tonne 173.90 -

change $/tonne n/c -

198.80 166.20

3.10 5.00

Month Nov-12 Jan-13 Mar-13 May-13 Jul-13 Nov-13 Jan-14


national straights prices

Friday, September 28, 2012. £ per tonne. MatiF wheat change on last £/tonne -3.65 -1.20 -1.00 -3.25 -3.25 +1.10 +1.10

Month Nov-12 Jan-13 Mar-13 May-13 Nov-13 Jan-14 Mar-14

price €/tonne 265.75 263.75 261.50 260.25 233.00 232.50 233.50

change on last €/tonne +2.00 +1.50 +1.00 +1.25 +1.75 +1.00 +3.00

£/tonne +1.60 +1.20 +0.80 +1.00 +1.40 +0.80 +2.39 Source: AHDB/HGCA

potato prices Maincrop GB spot price. Week ending September September 29, 2012 pacKing grade 1 Maris Piper Estima King Edward Desiree Estima Bakers graded

low 270 280 350 335 -

Main 285 300 380 350 -

high 350 320 400 350 -

secondary pack Maris Piper Estima Victoria (frying) Cabaret (frying) Wilja (ware)

low 250 -

Main 260 -

high 270 -

bags general ware/Frying Maris Piper (frying) Agria (frying) Victoria (frying) Wilja Marfona

low 225 225 240 210 200

Main 255 260 245 240 220

high 280 280 250 260 240

Source: AHDB/Potato Council

■ carlisle: Mon – Hay, round bales to £88/t; straw, wheat, round bales, £74/t, mini hestons, to £70; barley to £25/bale, heston, £87/t; mini hestons, to £81/t. ■ chelFord: Mon – 28 loads, 211.6t sold. Hay, first quality small bale, £130/t (£115/t); first quality big bale, £95/t; other big bale, £80/t (£76/t); straw, barley, big bale, £100/t (£91/t); wheat, big bale, £78/t (£64); haylage, first quality big bale, £85/t (£84/t).

Top and average prices per tonne, unless stated.

Field peas and beans Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct Nov Dec

Micronizing peas £310.83 £312.83 £314.83

Feed peas £249.00 £250.00 £251.00

Feed beans £254.00 £233.75 £256.00

All prices £/tonne ex-farm.

cUrrency watch €1=£0.8026 £1=€1.2459


liFFe wheat price £/tonne 202.75 203.80 204.05 205.50 208.15 173.50 174.15

nov nov nov -

Friday, September 28, 2012.

Thursday, September 27, 2012. £ per tonne. barley Malting premium 205.20 203.30 203.90 203.90 203.90 +10.90

May 201.50 201.50 206.50 May May -

As at October 3, 2012.

corn retUrns ex-FarM prices Feed & other 185.20 186.50 189.50 188.00 188.00 188.00 -1.50

Feb 198.50 199.00 203.50 Feb Feb -

international grain prices


wheat Milling bread 229.60 234.20 232.30 232.30 232.30 +1.90

nov 195.50 196.00 201.00 200.50 nov 248.00 241.50 nov -

NOTES: 1. Feed Wheat. Any variety meeting <15% H2O, 72kg/hl, 2% Admix 2. Full Specification Bread Wheat, nabim group 1 variety, meeting >250 Hag, 13% Protein, 76kg/hl. 3. Full Specification Biscuit Wheat, nabim group 3 variety, meeting >180 Hagberg, >10.7% Source: AHDB/HGCA Protein, >74kg/hl.

Thursday, September 27, 2012. £ per tonne. oilseed rape East Anglia Edinburgh Erith Liverpool Yorkshire

oct 194.50 194.50 199.00 oct 247.50 241.00 oct -

1. Feed wheat Avonrange Central Scotland East Anglia East Devon Lancashire London North Humberside Northamptonshire Oxfordshire South Humberside Southampton Tyne & Wear West Midlands East Midlands 2. FUll spec. bread wheat North-West Northamptonshire South London / Essex Yorkshire 3. FUll spec. biscUit wheat North-West Northamptonshire South London / Essex Yorkshire Scotland

2012 potato MarKet Week beginning October 1, 2012. ■ packing - Prices and demand were firm as severe weather conditions restricted lifting. Packers were relying on some own-stored stocks and contracted material. Free-buy supplies limited. Grade 1 samples included Desiree at £335/t£350/t, Mozart at mainly £300/t, Romano at £280/t-£285/t and Shannon at £270/t-£300/t. King Edward supplies remained tight, with grade 1 samples moving at £350/t-£380/t, Maris Piper free-buy demand was firm, with grade 1 samples ranging from £270/t-£300/t. Grade 1 Estima, Harmony,Saxon and Melody were firm at £280/t£320/t. Packers continued to supplement supplies with material from France, Germany, Poland and Holland. In Scotland grade 1 M Piper, Harmony and Marfona were £270-£300/t. ■ bags – Supplies were limited due to adverse weather conditions restricting lifting. Some prices firmed over the week. In the East, Maris Piper, Agria, Sagitta, Harmony, Markies and Cabaret were £220/t-£280/t. In the West, Maris Piper were £240/t-£250/t. In the South, Sagitta, Cabaret and Maris Piper were £240/t-£250/t. ■ processing – Adverse weather conditions severely interrupted movement of frying material, which was mainly contracted supplies. General peeling supplies were £105/t-£150/t.

Last updated October 3. commodity US/EU Maize gluten (Liverpool) US/EU Maize distillers Soya Hulls (South) Soya Hulls (North) Palm Kernel Expellers Rapeseed Meal (South East) Rapeseed Meal (North) Wheatfeed pellets (South) Imported Sugar Beet (North) Imported Sugar Beet (South West) Citrus (North) Organic Soya Expellers (North West) Organic Maize (North West) Organic Sunflower Hi Pro Soya (South) Hi Pro Soya (East Scotland) Hi Pro Soya (North)

oct 235.00 267.00 181.50 181.00 167.00✡ 241.00 271.00 165.00 N/A N/A 210.00 555.00 295.00 345.00 391.00 399.50 391.00

nov-Jan 13 Feb-apr 13 232.00 230.00 263.00 269.00 184.50 184.50 183.00 183.00 165.00 165.00 237.00 237.00 243.00 243.00 178.00 190.00 196.00 196.00 N/A N/A 207.00 191.00 555.00 555.00 345.00 345.00 391.00 384.00 395.00 390.00 389.00 389.00 Source: Straights Direct Key: All prices in pounds Sterling. Currency, £/$1.6104, £/€1.2477, €/$1.917. Prices indicated include delivery charge of £6.00 per tonne. ✡ After safe arrival in October,

$1=£0.6218 £1=$1.6082

Kevin Nolan, Farmer, Ireland

North-West grains/ Liverpool OSR

Feed barley price change 183.00 n/c 183.00 n/c -

“The savings over a season are massive . . .”


Oct Nov Feb May Oct Nov Feb May Oct Nov Feb May Oct Nov Feb May Oct Nov Feb May Oct Nov

Feed wheat price change 194.50 -4.00 196.00 -4.50 199.00 -4.50 201.50 -5.50 201.00 n/c 203.50 n/c 206.50 n/c 194.50 -5.50 195.50 -6.00 198.50 -6.00 201.50 -6.00 199.00 n/c 200.50 n/c -

The DuraMaxx from LEMKEN

East Anglia / London (BW)

bread wheat price change 247.50 n/c 248.00 n/c 241.00 n/c 241.50 n/c -

75% More Hectares in Blue.


hay and straw

hay and straw: regions trade comment: Wet weather has caused quiet trade (w/e October 5).

Quality North East E Yorks N Mids E Mids C Mids E Counties S East South S West S Wales SE Scotland

big bale hay

pickup baled hay & straw seed Meadow barley hay hay straw

Good 50 75 60 60 60 65 60 65 50 65 75

Good 120 90 100 120 125 100 150 -

wheat straw

big sq. baled straw barley wheat straw straw

Good Good Good Good Good 80 70 60 40 90 55 45 90 65 55 40 50 39 80 70 50 50 38 85 50 37 80 70 60 50 38 90 50 45 70 63 63 48 41 75 70 55 60 48 55 43 Source: British Hay and Straw Merchants’ Association

01379 855449

64 |




Continuing our series, charting the ups and downs of seven farmers around the country, we find out what’s been happening on-farm in Powys and Cheshire.

Hard-line stance

Face masks option

■ RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant says he would campaign to stop consumers drinking milk if supermarkets could not differentiate between ‘badger friendly’ milk and milk from cull areas. p1

■ Northern Irish farm chiefs have called for an investigation into the possibility of supplying farmers with breathing support masks and oxygen bottles following the death of three members of the same family. p5

Standing firm

Harvest woes

■ No farmers have pulled out of the planned Gloucestershire badger cull, despite ‘increased intimidation and harassment from animal rights activists’, says NFU president Peter Kendall. p2

■ A panel of experts gave their views on the fallout from one of the wettest harvests in recent history and the implications for arable and livestock farmers in our special web debate. p6

Dairy code of practice

College merger

■ The newly-approved voluntary code of practice for dairy contracts provides ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ after a turbulent few months for the sector, according to industry chiefs. p3

■ The merger of Barony, Elmwood and Oatridge colleges with SAC has been finalised. The institution, Scotland Rural College, will become the largest land-based college of its kind in Europe. p7

Slurry extension

Culling opposition

■ Slurry can be spread in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in the first two weeks of the October closed periods for tillage and grassland at the Environment Agency’s discretion following problems due to the wet weather. p4

■ At the Labour Party conference, building bridges with rural communities, opposition to the badger cull after reviewing the scientific evidence, and a longterm view on agricultural research were key talking points. p10

With silage contracting finished, the focus turns to buying in new sheep genetics


he sunshine in early September allowed us to finish the silage contracting season. Poor weather meant more pressure on men and machines and extra breakdowns were a real nuisance. The tractors are out of their three-year warranty now, so we will carefully consider our options over the next few months.  We finished hauling straw and have placed it on top of the indoor silage pits. Wherever we had used the net on top of the sheet there was very little wastage, but where we had not, there was room for improvement. I guess we will have to invest in some more nets.  The last of our harvested spring barley fields were reseeded with a grass clover mix on September 13. It is coming a little slow and, at more than 335 metres (1,100ft), we need some sunshine to help it. The maize is looking really well with some of it more than 2.4m (8ft) tall. It will be interesting to see how the different varieties yield. It was time for some fresh blood in our sheep flock, so we bought five Beulah Speckled tups at the recent sale. It will be interesting to see how the lambs from the tup with good EBV figures compares next spring. 


POWYS John Davies farms between Brecon and Builth Wells, running a 240ha (600 acre) mixed unit. Progeny from the farm’s 120 suckler cows are finished on-farm, as are lambs from the ewe flock. About 32ha (80 acres) of cereals are grown, and John also does some contracting work, mainly silage.

Brother Gwyn had the champion, which was sold for £5,000. There was a good trade, helped no doubt by the recent breeding sheep sales.  There have been many different meetings and visits off-farm involving my Royal Welsh role. We had a really good day out at the Welsh Ploughing match in Morfa Mawr, near Aberaeron, where the

tapestry-like picture created as you came over the hill of horsedrawn, vintage and latest tractors and ploughs working against the backdrop of Cardigan Bay was breathtaking. I also attended the CARAS meeting and farm walk at Drysgolgoch, with Seimon Thomas and family. On arrival, with the amount of grass in the car park, I

I wonder if the sheep and beef sector could use some system of paddock grazing and tracks to improve our efficiency was tempted to ask if he would be interested in some tack sheep, but worse luck, there was no shortage of dairy cows, with an excellently run set-up focusing on utilising top quality grass over an extended period. I wonder if the sheep and beef sector could use some system of paddock grazing and tracks to improve our efficiency.

Some tough questions and a chance to give cows some TLC inside


t is usual practice before writing to have a look at what went on last year and hope we are ahead of schedule. There was a sinking of the heart this time, as last year we were basking in glorious sunshine and 28degC. We had finished reseeding, third-cut silage had been taken and, although we did not know it at the time, everything in the garden was rosy. On the positive side, this time last year there was a threat of a hosepipe ban, which is something I doubt we will need to worry about this year. Last month I said we were entering an Indian summer at the beginning of September, having witnessed a couple of fine days. Optimism was obviously in the air as I was also hoping the diseases in the triticale would not be too serious and that, miraculously, we would get decent yields. Yields were disappointing. It is our saving grace the oats did better than expected to ease the pain. However, we have not had to struggle with veg this year, which would have put the tin hat on it. Like all of agriculture and farming, it is during a year such as this you realise just how weather dependant we are as a business. It



This week’s Farming Sunday – October 7 – (Horse and Country TV SKY 280, 5pm and 9pm) includes a look at new technology in milk testing and worming cattle.

Which is best value LIME - MAG LIME - AG SLAG? We recently ran some Lime samples given to us at The Royal Welsh Show; the results might upset some people, but here they are:

CHESHIRE John Walton is a tenant farmer on an estate near Northwich, Cheshire, where he farms 275ha (680 acres). Besides milking 200 cows on an organic system, he also grows arable crops and has an open farm, which attracted 70,000 visitors last year.

begs the question ‘why do we do it?’, the answer to which is becoming harder and harder to answer. When we started the open business 25 years ago as a diversification, it was to be easier than farming and brought in easier revenue. Again, after a year like this one, the question is ‘why do we do it’? So, what about the good news? The cows are now inside, which

gives us the chance to spoil them a bit and hopefully get them to respond to a little tender loving care. This year they have struggled, so now we can let them settle and enjoy being inside. They should at least put some weight on as they do not have to walk miles for food. We have started serving a block of heifers with sexed semen, with 40 of the 50 being served in the

It is during a year such as this you realise just how weather dependant we are as a business

first three weeks. Hopefully we have the nutrition right and we will see some good results. There is plenty of catching up to do. Surely the weather will give us the chance – as the old man says, it will even itself out sometime. What I cannot decide is whether this is pay-back for the dry spring, or we have something to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Lime Mag Lime

Sample 3 Ag Slag

Total Calcium




Total Magnesium




Total Phosphate




Neutralising Value




Available Calcium




NOTE Ag Slag also supplies large amounts of trace minerals and has a paramagnetic value in excess of 2000. Without doubt Ag Slag WINS over these other liming products. FREE SOIL TEST to see if you need ‘Basic’ Ag Slag Phone for soil sample kit and info pack:

01366 384899 Email: oil Fertility Services Limited Promoting Bio-Logical Farming Solutions

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Farmers Guardian Digital Edition October 5th 2012  
Farmers Guardian Digital Edition October 5th 2012  

Farmers Guardian Digital Edition October 5th 2012