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EMPTY WORDS RPA defends dismal BPS record Commoners resort to food banks BPS software ‘built for Malta’

By Abi Kay

TRUST in the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) is at an all-time low, despite agency chief executive Mark Grimshaw’s efforts to reassure

Farmers are sceptical about the delivery of the 2016 Basic Payment Scheme following last year’s debacle.

p1 Nov25 GG BB OM.indd 2

farmers over Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) concerns at an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) Select Committee meeting this week. Throughout the hearing, Mr Grimshaw defended the RPA’s performance and told the committee he expected the agency to perform much better on 2016 payments, but conceded bridging payments could be made for those facing delays. He also said cross-border claimants and commoners could expect much swifter payment for 2016, claiming some commoners were certain to be paid on December 1. But Mr Grimshaw’s confidence in his own abilities and the RPA was panned by commons farmers. Julia Aglionby, chairman of the Foundation for Common Land, said she was concerned the RPA would not meet its target to pay these businesses their correct 2015 payment by the end of next January because of the ‘complexity of errors in control data’ and the prioritisation of paying 90 per cent of 2016 payments. MORE ON THIS STORY Continued on page 3.

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Including landowners’ ‘crucial role’ in affordable housing crisis




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Parliamentary spotlight on soil health for the first time











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Including property market ‘exceeding expectation’ after EU referendum


Dairy markets facing more volatility


Family vision drives mixed farm’s efficiency


Including predicted yield N adjustment proposed


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There are question marks over how many agreements will start on January 1.

Countryside Stewardship doubts remain By Abi Kay NATURAL England (NE) has confirmed the number of mid-tier and higher-tier applications it has received for the Countryside Stewardship (CS) scheme this year, but there are still question marks over how many agreements will start on January 1. There have been about 3,800 mid-tier applications, up from 2,358 in 2015, and 954 higher-tier applications, compared to 926 last year – an overall increase of almost 45 per cent. Guy Thompson, NE’s chief operating officer, said: “We are firmly committed to working in partnership with farmers for the environment and have listened to their feedback on CS. “We will continue to listen to the industry and improve the scheme to build uptake further next year.” But NFU vice-president Guy Smith questioned why NE was still speaking in terms of applications, rather than confirmed agreements, at this late stage. He said: “The crucial date here is January 1 when agreements start, so NE must be in a place where it can say how many schemes are going to start



Number of people


How one East Yorkshire family farm’s vision has driven its success.




2015* Leaving HLS/ELS under ES

2 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p2 Nov25.indd 2

in January rather than just talking about the number of applications. “The question is whether these applications turn into actual schemes; that is the unknown here.” NE acknowledged the scheme numbers would be lower than under Environmental Stewardship (ES), but was keen to point out CS was ‘more competitive and targeted to achieve the greatest environmental benefits’. But Mr Smith raised concerns about whether uptake was strong enough given the high fallout rate from application to agreement last year, pointing out there was only one person in CS for every three people coming out of Higher Level or Entry Level Stewardship schemes under ES. “At the end of the day, the scheme will only be a success if enough farmers sign up to it,” he added. “We understand the uptake will not be as high but we are still not convinced it is where it needs to be to make the scheme a success.” NE was also challenged by Mr Smith to ‘work harder to convince farmers the scheme is trustworthy’, noting many felt unable to sign up when it was launched due to a lack of information about what the scheme entailed.


Total Applying for CS

23/11/2016 11:26

NEWS MS Aglionby added: “The shortfall in cash suffered by the 1,200 identified cases is impacting on lives. We know commoners in some cases are resorting to food banks and in one case the bailiffs have turned up as credit ran dry.” RPA operational director Paul Caldwell said difficulties experienced by commoners were due to the fact commons were unique to the UK and required a ‘bespoke’ system. But Ms Aglionby said commons occurred across most of mainland Europe and the problems arose because the UK Government chose to buy inappropriate software built for Malta which has no common land. Mr Grimshaw told MPs farmers who were not paid by January would have access to individual caseworkers as part of a new drive to improve the RPA’s communication with industry. However, committee chairman Neil Parish questioned why it had taken the RPA 12 years to make this change. “Considering [from] 2004, the whole idea was to say there should be a single point of contact, I am just amazed that you are coming here and saying in a great moment of glory this is the solution,” said Mr Parish.

BPS update AN RPA update sent out this week said farmers who have not been paid in December will be contacted in January with information about what happens next and when they are likely to be paid. Paper copies of guidance for the 2017 scheme will not be sent out to claimants, but the update confirms farmers who applied on paper and did not use an agent in 2016 will receive a paper application form again this year. n RPA helpline: 03000 200 301.


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£50,000 badger sett sparks outrage

Soil Association tweet prompts farmer anger rFury over ‘animal

abuse’ claims By Lauren Dean

FARMERS have hit back at a tweet from the Soil Association which suggested those who are not organic ‘abuse their animals’. The statement prompted a backlash from Twitter users who described the video, entitled ‘millions of farm animals are abused in the pursuit of cheap food, but there is another way…’ as ‘disrespectful’, ‘misleading’ and ‘totally inaccurate’. The Soil Association defended the move, adding more than 80 per cent of animals raised in the EU each year were factory farmed, where ‘they cannot exhibit their natural behaviours’. It said the tweet, which was sent as part of the #ChangetheWorld campaign, was to highlight the

Bayscreen G081604 40x195.indd 1

p3 Nov25 GG BB OM.indd 2

A DECISION by the Environment Agency (EA) to spend almost £50,000 on a badger sett which included a larder, areas for socialising and sleeping and a latrine has been slammed by farmers. Farmers took to Twitter to express their outrage after it was revealed the EA also spent £240,000 repairing damage to flood defences which had been caused by the animals on the banks of the River Steeping, Lincolnshire. A local councillor told the Grimsby Telegraph the total cost of the work was £313,000, including staffing, and added it was ‘unacceptable at a time of austerity’.

This is a problem with the system, not individual farmers SOIL ASSOCIATION importance of high animal welfare. But Cheshire dairy farmer and FG In Your Field writer Phil Latham (p126) said the tweet was ‘playing on the misconception of the consumer’ and was unfair towards conventional farmers. He said: “I have absolutely no problem with the Soil Association differentiating organic milk. “There are fantastic examples of good organic but also good conventional. The tweet enhanced the danger of deliberation and framed the

The market leader for over 30 years

narrative that organic is better – which for animals is just not true.” In a tweet in response to the video, Mr Latham wrote: “You erroneously want to position your production system above others #false.” The Soil Association has since apologised and said: “We apologise for the misunderstanding caused by a recent tweet. “Animal welfare is an emotive subject and we were trying to convey a very complex message in a short space, and we did not do a good job.” The organisation said it was trying to work with all farmers and did not want to appear ‘anti-farming’, adding the ‘us and them’ attitude in the tweet was not helpful and was not something it wanted to promote. “This is a problem with the system, not individual farmers. We recognise that most farmers, whether organic or not, care deeply for their livestock,” it added.

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One in two Scots now living in fuel poverty rCharity announces

Business Reporter Alex Black, 01772 799 409

£300 grants to help

News and Business Reporter Lauren Dean, 01772 799 520

By Lauren Dean

Wales Correspondent Barry Alston, 01874 711 811 Head of Arable Teresa Rush, 01787 282 822 Senior Arable Specialist Marianne Curtis, 07815 003 236 Arable Specialist Abby Kellett, 01772 799 476 Head of Machinery & Farm Technology James Rickard, 01772 799 496 Machinery & Farm Technology Specialist Richard Bradley, 01772 799 412 Acting Head of Livestock Angela Calvert, 07768 796 492 Livestock Specialists Laura Bowyer, 01772 799 432 Alex Robinson, 01772 799 450 Head of Features & Events Producer Danusia Osiowy, 01772 799 413 Group Head of Content, Briefing Media Agriculture Emma Penny, 01772 799 401 Head of Content Solutions Vickie Robinson, 01772 799 411 Head of Creative Services Gillian Green, 01772 799 417 Deputy Head Content Editor Katie Haydock, 01772 799 405 Picture Editor Theresa Eveson, 01772 799 445 Photographer Marcello Garbagnoli, 01772 799 427 Advertising Phone 01772 799 500 Fax 01772 655 190 Circulation 01772 799 452 Subscription hotline 01635 879 320 Subscription rates: UK £144 a year, Europe £180, RoW £235 News trade distribution Seymour Distribution Ltd, 2 East Poultry Avenue, London, EC1A 9PT. Tel 0207 429 4000, Fax 0207 429 4001

4 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p4 Nov 25 BB GG OM.indd 2

ONE in two people in rural Scotland are in fuel poverty and cannot afford to heat their homes. Rural charity Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RSABI) said the shocking figure, revealed in a report by the Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group, had sparked a new campaign, ‘Help for Heating’, to provide financial support and assistance to those who were experiencing hardship. It offers a one-off £300 grant to help those who have worked fulltime on the land for at least 10 years but can no longer do so due to age, injury or disability. RSABI welfare manager Mags Granger said: “We were disappointed to discover there are more people living in fuel poverty in Scotland despite a commitment by the Scottish Government in 2003 to eliminate fuel poverty by November 2016.

Assistance “RSABI has launched the Help for Heating campaign to offer assistance to those who are in fuel poverty and meet the criteria for assistance. We urge those affected to get in touch.” Fuel poverty is defined as spend-

A report has revealed one in two people in rural Scotland cannot afford to heat their homes.

ing more than 10 per cent of a total income on energy bills and ‘is a problem which many people living in rural areas face’. Last year RSABI helped 900 people with more than £600,000 in direct financial support. MORE INFORMATION Those looking to find out more information about the Help for Heating fund can do so by calling RSABI on 0300 111 4166 or emailing All calls are handled in confidence.

Hammond’s first Autumn Statement brings little support for countryside COUNTRYSIDE groups said they were unimpressed with Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first – and last – Autumn Statement this week. The Chancellor plans to replace it with a Spring Statement which has no tax changes and move the Budget to autumn so the tax system becomes more stable. CLA president Ross Murray criticised the strong focus on improving facilities within, and connections between, urban areas. “We understand why this is important but it must not be done at the expense of opportunities to support the rural economy,” said Mr Murray. Moves to increase the National Living Wage to £7.50 per hour from

April 2017 – from the current £7.20 – were also a concern for some smaller businesses. Things remained bleak on connectivity, with the new £400 million Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund overly focused on giving citybased homes and businesses access to hyperfast broadband. The Chancellor provided a £1.4 billion boost for affordable housing schemes, but it was not clear how this money would benefit rural areas. There were some bright spots though, with rural rate relief being increased to 100 per cent, worth a maximum of £2,900 to rural businesses, and fuel duty being frozen for the seventh year in a row.

n A REVIEW by the Food Standards Agency has recommended the National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) should be given investigatory powers. The NFCU was set up in 2014 in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, but at the moment it has no powers to investigate wrongdoing, working instead with local authorities and the police to tackle food crime. n A FARM capable of housing 15,000 pigs has been given the go ahead in Northern Ireland, despite receiving opposition from more than 200,000 people including Queen guitarist Brian May. n ROYAL Association Of British Dairy Farmers event director Matt Knight has become the organisation’s new managing director, taking over from Nick Everington. For more news, go to

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Landowners’ ‘crucial role’ in affordable housing crisis rSystem discourages

housing development By Lauren Dean

LANDOWNERS could play a ‘crucial role’ in helping to fix the rural housing crisis, but only if significant barriers are removed. A new report by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) argued there were a ‘number of factors’ discouraging landowners to put sites forward for affordable housing, which has led to a negative impact on the ‘diversity and vibrancy’ of rural communities. It said two key changes should be made to the tax system – alongside

changes to the councils’ waiting list systems – to further offer incentives for landowners to invest in affordable rural housing. CPRE policy and research adviser Trinley Walker said the Government should remove some of the obstacles to encourage more houses to be built. He said: “There is a clear appetite among landowners to help create affordable housing for local people, but the current system discourages them from doing so.” Current policy allows rural landowners to provide sites at below-market prices to build houses for local people in need, but recent legal and financial changes have made it increasingly difficult. Only 8 per cent of rural housing is

Barn conversion refusals up REDUNDANT farm buildings could help curb the ‘acute shortage’ of housing in rural areas if councils granted permission for barn conversions. With almost 50 per cent of all prior approval applications to turn redundant farm buildings into homes rejected by local councils, the refusal rate stands almost three times higher than in urban areas. The latest figures on housing supply in England released by the Department for Communities and Local Government highlighted 13,879 additional homes in the last year using permitted development rights (PDRs), but only 226 of these came from agricultural buildings.

CLA president Ross Murray said high refusal rates were proof regulation on agricultural to residential PDRs were ‘not working’, despite the housing crisis being felt ‘just as keenly’ in the countryside. He said: “Converting barns into homes is an excellent way to bring redundant or underused farm buildings back into use. “The Government must make it clear to local authorities that PDRs are a vital part of its strategy to deliver new homes in rural areas. “It helps to address the rural housing shortage and build a sustainable community but the regulation needs change to realise its full potential.”

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Only 8 per cent of rural housing is classed as affordable.

The shortage of affordable housing in rural areas is a particular problem for young people and families SARAH LEE classed as affordable in comparison to the 20 per cent in urban areas, the report found. It sounded alarm bells about the

increase in average age in rural communities, suggesting the higher age of 45 had ‘further diminished the attractiveness of the community’ and resulted in a ‘pressing need’ to provide additional affordable housing. Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee welcomed the report. She said: “The shortage of affordable housing in rural areas is a particular problem for young people and families and has serious consequences for the sustainability of communities. “If the challenge identified within this report is to be met it is vital we have a planning system that is efficient with planning policies which support sustainable rural life and businesses; including better use of permitted development rights.”

Prince’s new programme aims to save small farms DECLINING farmgate prices over the last three years have put an ‘unprecedented strain’ on farm businesses, with the average farm income falling below £20,000 for the first time in almost 10 years. The Prince’s Countryside Fund has launched a new programme to provide free business support and one-to-one guidance to 300 farm businesses across 15 regions throughout the country. Endorsed by the Prince of Wales, the Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme will help farmers ‘build confidence in their own business’ and

‘evaluate viability and long-term sustainability’. Prince Charles said: “The small farms which have been such an integral part of Britain’s landscape for thousands of years are under threat. “My Farm Resilience Programme is designed to respond to those threats by helping up to 300 farm businesses.” The £1.5 million five-year initiative will begin with special introductory sessions in November and December to encourage farm businesses to find out more about the programme to tackle ‘some of the biggest challenges’.

Session information For more information on your local session contact: n November 28 Taunton, Somerset, 07929 203 699 n November 29 Launceston, Cornwall, 07929 203 703 n November 29 Settle, Yorkshire Dales, 07717 496 201 n November 30 Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, 07805 804 806

n December 2 Cockermouth, Cumbria, 07976 181 103 n December 5 Bakewell, Derbyshire, 01298 85162 n December 9 Hexham, Northumberland, 07900 502 860 n December 13 Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, 020 756 8797 n For more details, visit www.

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22/11/2016 13:23


Parliamentary spotlight on soil health for the first time rDoubts over 2030

soil health targets By Abi Kay

MPs called for improved soil health to be rewarded through farm payments during the first ever parliamentary debate on the topic. Soil health was being discussed on the back of the Environmental Audit Committee’s report into the issue which was published earlier this year.

The report recommended the Government take a number of actions to improve soil health, such as refining cross-compliance in order to ‘mitigate’ agriculture’s impact; creating an ‘incentive structure’ in the 25-year environment plan to encourage farmers to ‘contribute to sustainable management of soils’; excluding maize from renewable energy subsidy and taking tougher action to prevent peatlands being burned and drained. Committee chairman Mary Creagh said: “One of the first find-

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Soil health is being discussed in Parliament.

ings of our report is that soil is a Cinderella environmental issue. It receives a lot less attention than air pollution, water quality and climate change, but supports 95 per cent of the world’s food production.”

Critical The MPs were critical of the Government’s progress on improving soil health so far, claiming its target to ‘sustainably manage’ soil by 2030 would not be met without change to policy. There were calls for the Government to introduce a rolling national monitoring scheme, similar to the one in place in Wales, but Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Therese Coffey rejected the idea on the grounds of expense. Other MPs claimed farmers monitoring chemicals in soil was

not enough and the Government should be looking at the organic and carbon content of soil too. European Union policies were criticised by Taunton MP Rebecca Pow, who said: “I do not think there should be a blame game against farmers. Many of the ways farmers have been forced to farm have been directed by our policies of low-cost food. “That is why many farmers have gone down the route of monoculture and least-cost production and our European Community policies have encouraged that.” But concerns were raised about the impact of increased food production on soil quality, with one MP claiming ‘it is unwise to look at food and farming purely from an economic, money-making viewpoint and nothing more’.

Leaving single market could stop Europeans buying British food

Grab a bargain or advertise with us today Auctions l Machinery l Livestock l Property Jobs l Contractors l Equestrian l Miscellaneous /FGShowsandSales 8 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p8 Nov 25 BB GG OM.indd 2


SCOTTISH politicians debating the UK’s future after Brexit warned leaving the single market would mean European consumers were less likely to buy UK food and drink products. Richard Lochhead, the former Scottish Farming Minister, said many food and drink producers were worried about customer reaction on the continent should the UK choose to ‘walk away’ from the single market and told politicians to ‘heed’ their concerns. Other MSPs acknowledged Scotland’s ‘strong food and drink brand’, but said farmers were desperate to retain membership of the single market to avoid ‘crippling’ tariffs. Emma Harper, who represents South Scotland, said: “I have spoken to several farmers and dairymen

who tell me the threat of a hard Brexit is very likely to damage their business. They tell me that although subsidy is important, trade is the key.”

Committed Minister for the Economy Keith Brown said the Scottish Government remained ‘committed’ to the single market and said it was consulting a number of constitutional experts on the best way to retain Scotland’s membership before making its case to the UK Government. But Murdo Fraser, Shadow Spokesman for Finance, criticised the Government’s approach, saying Scotland should not abandon its trade with the UK in order to keep its membership of the single market.

23/11/2016 11:33

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Simply call 0800 867283 and quote HMI1 before the 31st December. Our Customer Services Team will then arrange a visit to take a silage sample from your farm. The top ten farms who have the best analysis based on their sample will go forward to the Grand Final in January. At this time our judging panel will visit your farm to review in more detail your silage management programme.

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Ben Briggs, Editor – 01772 799 429 –

Rural communities need more than just vast housing estates

And finally... News some commons farmers are turning to food banks (page 1) is a huge concern so let us hope the Rural Payments Agency gets its act together sooner rather than later.

IF we are not careful many of our rural towns and villages could become merely exclusive enclaves for wealthy commuters or financially wellendowed retirees. In those rural boroughs which find themselves within striking distance of large urban centres, this problem is heightened. And while this influx can have a positive impact in some respects, there is also the risk that moneyed buyers choose not to engage with the locals and the community suffers as a result. This is a generalisation, of course, but there is no doubt it is happening in rural areas across the UK and the impact can be widely felt as pubs and shops suffer from a lack of support as tastes change. There is also the impact on the social fabric of communities as young people, faced with property prices out of their reach, are forced to look elsewhere in a bid to get a foot on the housing ladder, with the chance to return limited by income and job opportunities.


At the other end of the age scale there is the older farmer, often having saved for years only to be faced with the fact the small cottage in the nearby village or market town is now a no go as housing supply cannot keep up with demand and prices rocket. That is why the Campaign for Rural England report (page 6) is so timely. By enabling landowners to create affordable housing at the right scale and in the right place, the Government would provide a much needed lifeline to rural communities crying out for this extra accommodation. Fundamental changes to the taxation system are also required as many farmers feel the only way to avoid punitive taxation is to die on the farm rather than sell the holding or pass it on. In order to retain their vibrancy our rural towns and villages need housing plans tailored to the needs of their communities, not just vast new-build housing estates on greenfield sites which price-out many prospective local buyers.

Connor McVeigh, director of supply chain, McDonald’s UK

Building a world class supply chain IN recent years, supply chains have come under increased scrutiny, particularly when it comes to how food brands and retailers work with suppliers. Volumes of ingredients we need at McDonald’s are significant, and guaranteeing quality, consistency and integrity of produce is our number one priority. Imagine if we could not assure a source of onions or lettuce. This would mean iconic menu items, including the McChicken Sandwich, Quarter Pounder and Big Mac, would be in jeopardy. This is why we have worked hard over our 42-year history in the UK to create a world-class supply chain, built on long-term partnerships and underpinned by transparency and trust. So, what is key to these relationships? First of all, no flip-flopping between contracts. 10 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p10 Nov25 OM BB GG.indd 2

We develop long-term agreements with our suppliers, so we have assured supply and they can plan ahead, sometime several years in advance. This security has made a real difference, giving suppliers the confidence and freedom to invest and innovate for the future. This year, Tulip – the supplier of our British RSPCA-assured pork – has invested in a state-ofthe-art McDonald’s-dedicated facility at Bodmin. A partnership approach also means inviting suppliers to be part of our planning process and giving them a say in our future. We think of this as a three-legged stool. One leg is McDonald’s, the second is our franchisees and the final leg is our suppliers. We make the effort to meet our suppliers regularly, under-

McDonald’s prioritises quality, consistency and produce integrity.

stand their operation and plan together for the future. For example, when we wanted to make the move to 100 per cent British potatoes in our French fries, we worked for a long time with suppliers to overcome any potential challenges and make sure we could source from Britain all-year-round, even in wet weather or at the shoulders of the season. Thousands of people are

involved in the McDonald’s supply chain, including 17,500 British and Irish farmers and 120 UK suppliers. We ask them to challenge us, to innovate and voice their ambitions for the ingredients we source. Our supply chain belongs to us all and we all have a responsibility in its success. Having worked with a few supermarkets, I can confidently say it is this approach which is truly unique to McDonald’s. The value of it is untold to our brand. We remained confident and unscathed during the horsemeat scandal, receiving recognition from the Government for the strength of our supply chain and, most critically, trust from our customers. Using this approach is how you build leading and aspirational supply chains.

23/11/2016 15:00

Write Letters to the Editor, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ Facebook Twitter @farmersguardian Email


Reduction in antibiotics use IT was heartening to read your front page (On target, FG, November 18) about the 10 per cent fall in antibiotic use – but this is just a start. Organic farmers have shown it is possible to hugely reduce antibiotics without compromising animal welfare. If your shoes are too tight and hurt, do not take a painkiller, change your shoes. Similarly, if conventional agriculture does not change its high density animal husbandry systems, it will not be able to reduce antibiotic use significantly. In your arable section (p24, FG, November 18), it was interesting to see innovative farmers beginning to crack the problem of glyphosate. Identifying alternatives will allow the banning of this pernicious chemical which will be the death-knell of Roundup-ready crops, allowing farmers the freedom to farm without being enmeshed in an overhyped technology which has failed. It was originally promoted as increasing yields and reducing herbicide use. It has failed on both counts, despite absurd claims made by Owen Paterson. Furthermore, high glyphosate residues have been extensively found in human blood, urine and even breast milk. This surely leads to serious concerns about compromising the immune system, leaving us open to disease.

Your best tweets Gathering up the tups which broke out last night. All rounded up and now in the high security zone #sheep365 @FearnFarm A great Johne’s management meeting yesterday. Brilliant enthusiasm and discussion from an engaged group. Next one on December 7. #teamdairy @FriarsMoorVets Not sure #bustertheboxer is a true representation of wildlife interactions – a hedgehog would not stand much chance with its main predators @Hannah___L Johno has been working hard today and finished drilling winter crops #buybritish #farming @lincs_farmer

p11 Nov25 GG BB OM.indd 2


Carrots being clamped up at James Heyes and Son’s Mossborough Farm, Rainford, Lancashire.

You highlight ‘Innovation for an agricultural revolution’ (p28, FG, November 18) with US farmer Greg Zimmer, proclaiming ‘better farming through better soil’. However, this is where the Soil Association started 75 years ago with Lady Eve Balfour’s book The Living Soil. Techniques may have changed, but the principles have not. Will the NFU need another 75 years to cotton on? Edward Goff, Whittington, Oswestry.

Flaws to recent flood proposals REGARDING recent proposals to pay landowners to allow their land to be flooded (Flood focus, FG, November 4), this idea is seriously flawed. Unless the designated land is banked round its perimeter, water, which always finds its own level, will spread out onto land adjacent which is not in the flood scheme. This will set farmer against farmer and will have serious consequences. The 1991 Drainage Act allows the Environment Agency (EA) to do as much or as little as it pleases regarding river maintenance. It chose the latter. I have lived for 80 years on the bank of the River Don between Doncaster and Goole and deplore the lack of maintenance on this river. Warp has partially silted up the river, plus willows are restricting the

flow. Some of these willows are deliberately planted. Internal drainage boards, which levy local drainage rates, have to pay a precept to the EA to allow local water to be discharged into the River Don. Our board pays £300,000 per annum. Why is more of this money not being spent on maintaining the lower end of the Don? Dredging the lower end of any river helps it to discharge flood water more rapidly and definitely helps alleviate flooding further upstream. J.N. Duckitt, Goole, East Yorkshire.

Public deserves truth about TB MARTIN Hancox (Letters, FG, November 18) continues on his mission to mislead the public about the role of badgers and the power of cattle measures in controlling TB. A Defra map from the department’s annual surveillance report shows last year’s TB breakdown farms which have had more than one breakdown over the previous three years. The low risk area (LRA) is constantly being contaminated by importing unidentified TB positive cattle, due to lack of sensitivity of the skin test. Given this, if we assumed Mr Hancox’s theories about cattle testing limitations, we should expect lots of LRA farms to be on this map, as they would constantly have undetected

cattle infecting each other leading to ongoing recurrent breakdowns. But the reality is in areas of the UK where there is either no, or very little, wildlife infection, and/or a low population density of badgers, persistent cattle infection does not exist. This map tells us two things. Firstly, in the absence of wildlife infection (for example, in the LRA/ Scotland) existing cattle measures (testing and movement restrictions) as applied in the UK prevent persistent cattle breakdowns occurring, despite constant introduction of infection. Secondly, in the presence of significant wildlife infection, as confirmed every time we check badgers in the high risk area, it is impossible to only use cattle measures to prevent long-term persistent recurrent TB breakdowns in cattle. Den Leonard Lambert, Leonard and May, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Serious problem MARTIN Hancox (Letters, FG, November 18) considers 40 out of 584 badgers sampled for TB shows they are ‘not the problem’. This is one in 15. If one in every 15 humans I knew had a fatal disease I would consider it a very serious problem. Gillian Herbert, Linley Green, Herefordshire. NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 11

22/11/2016 16:03

INSIGHT Key additive sources n Grass and forages n Straight feed materials n Compound feeds n Blends (supplemented or not) n In-feed minerals n Free-access minerals n Mineral licks/buckets n Boluses n Drenches n Other nutritional supplements n Water, to which soluble or miscible nutrients have been added n Licensed vet products

Livestock diets should be analysed for nutrient content.

Livestock feed formulation is a complex and, at times, almost scientific process. Katie Jones reports on the difficulties in managing the nutrient content of diets.

The danger of OVER -F


n human terms, too much of a good thing can be bad for you and the same principle can be applied to feeding livestock supplementary feeds. However, the scale of the problem and the consequence of over-feeding additives was difficult to evaluate, according to Geoff Brown, secretary general of the British Association of Feed Supplement and Additive Manufacturers. Nutritional feed additives, which contribute micronutrients, such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and urea, have to go through a detailed safety evaluation process by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) before being authorised for use by the European Commission. Mr Brown said: “EFSA looks in detail at the safety of the products for target and non-target animals, for consumers of the animal derived products, for users of the

Animals may be getting multiple sources of complementary feeds, which have supplementary ingredients in them feed products and for any environmental impact. “If there are concerns about any of these areas they may impose a maximum permitted level [MPL] for the products in the feed.” In terms of nutritional feed additives, MPLs apply for vitamin

GEOFF BROWN A, Vitamin D3, all trace elements and urea, and there was concern some livestock keepers may be unintentionally exceeding these maximum limits. MPLs are expressed in terms of Use of additives in water can be a risk area for poultry farmers.

12 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p12 13 Nov25 GG BB OM.indd 2

units, usually mg, per kg of the complete diet, expressed on a 12 per cent moisture (88 per cent dry matter) basis. However, it must be remembered these nutrients can also be contributed from un-supplemented feed materials, including forages, and all sources must be considered when assessing the compliance of a farm ration. Mr Brown said: “On ruminant farms, the MPL applies to the complete diet, including all background and raw materials, and anything added in terms of feed supplements. “Animals may be getting multiple sources of complementary feeds, which have supplementary ingredients in them.” Mr Brown said many livestock producers may be unaware of these MPLs and, as such, they need to talk to their feed advisers and vets about it.

Intent “There is no malicious intent in all of this, but we need to raise the level of knowledge in this area if we are to gain the trust of regulators and avoid even stricter controls in the future. However, it is also not being made easy for the livestock farmer to get to the bottom of these MPLs as there are a small number of products which are being sold through online outlets and agricultural merchants which do not have clear nutritional additive labelling. In some cases they are completely devoid of the information altogether. “This is contravening the feed marketing and use regulations which cover labelling, but there are also concerns some of these products, if used at the recommended

22/11/2016 17:47

We need to raise the level of knowledge in this area if we are to gain the trust of regulators and avoid even stricter controls GEOFF BROWN

R -FEEDING additives How does this affect ration formulation? WHEN devising farm ration plans, it is essential to fully understand all of the products being fed and the micro-nutrient composition of them. Geoff Brown said: “This may require analysis of forages and some key straight materials to determine the diet‘s typical background levels.

Details “Any manufactured feed to which the relevant nutritional additives have been added should be labelled with details of what has been added. However, a complicating factor is the added levels of trace

levels, would put animals over the MPL for some feed additives.” While this only affects a small number of products on the open market, Mr Brown said this does not get round the fact these products are ‘technically illegal’. “We think this is more of a concern for smaller scale/hobby farmers and also the keepers of horses. Larger, more commercial livestock units would perhaps be talking to their feed advisers before using some of these products.” Mr Brown said another area of concern is the feeding of monogastrics and the use of nutritional additive products in drinking water, often seen on poultry units. “The feed these animals are getting is often supplemented to maximum levels and then more is put into the water supply which puts the MPL over the top.”

p12 13 Nov25 GG BB OM.indd 3

element compounds currently have to be declared, whereas the maximum levels are defined in terms of the actual elements. “Sometimes farmers may elect to use additional supplementation without taking advice from their normal nutritional adviser. Many products, including boluses, drenches and other nutritional supplements, are available off the shelf from websites or agricultural merchants.” While some boluses are licensed veterinary products, many are classified as complementary feeds. The usage instructions of products licensed as veterinary

medicines normally indicate they should not be used in conjunction with other forms of supplementation, but Mr Brown said this advice might not always be adhered to.

Law “Technically, the trace elements provided by licensed medicinal products are not in the scope of the MPLs derived under feed law, but care must still be taken. “Nutrient supply from boluses considered as a dietetic complementary feed are definitely in scope of the feed regulations. “Boluses would not usually exceed MPLs on their own, but

they can make a significant contribution to the overall dietary supply of nutrients, so care should be taken if other complementary feeds are provided.” It is a similar case for drenches, with licensed anthelmintic products sometimes also containing additional levels of trace elements, such as selenium and colbalt. Some nonlicensed mineral drenches exceed the MPLs for trace elements on their own, before any other feeds are considered. “Unlike boluses, these are not controlled release products so the single dose has to be considered in relation to permitted MPLs,” he said.

What does this really mean for farmers? WHILE it is difficult to establish the harm over-feeding additives might be doing to livestock, Geoff Brown said it also raised the possibility of further regulation, which farmers would surely want to avoid.

Information And while farmers were ultimately responsible for what they fed their animals, Mr Brown said they might not necessarily have the skills, or the information, to do this. “They need assistance from a responsible industry and nutritional advisers. Vets should be aware of their responsibilities in this context. “Feed formulators and farm advisers need to be aware of all sources of nutritional and other relevant feed additives and

Feed formulators and farm advisers need to be aware of all sources of nutritional and other relevant feed additives GEOFF BROWN correctly account for them in diet plans. If they exceed maximum permitted levels [MPLs], then

they should adjust the animals’ ration accordingly.” Mr Brown also recommended carrying out forage analysis, saying it was essential for correctly ensuring compliance.

Information However, it was also important complementary feeds, especially boluses, drenches and supplements, were compliant with existing regulations relating to their correct classification, labelling and information available on websites. “Products which, when used according to the instructions, could lead to MPLs in the complete feed being exceeded, even in the absence of any other supplementation, should be reformulated.” NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 13

22/11/2016 17:47

BUSINESS UK land market remains buoyant as buyers eye 2017 Edited by Olivia Midgley – 01772 799 548 –

rLand values now

a postcode lottery By Alex Black

RURAL land values are exceeding expectations following the EU referendum, according to real estate consultant Carter Jonas. Average land values have seen a modest decline this year, following a steady rise from 2010, but Carter Jonas suggested this was due to market correction, rather than the result of the referendum. The uncertainty following the Leave result means the counter cyclical nature of farmland values has remained attractive to investors. Andrew Fallows, head of rural agency Carter Jonas, said: “With the UK expected to trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017, the fact land values have, on the whole, been unaffected since the result to leave was announced is encouraging. “With certain hotspots actually witnessing an increase of circa 2 per cent, the sector as a whole is set for a positive outlook right through to the end of the year and into 2017.”

14 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p14 Nov25 BB OM GG.indd 2

However, Mr Fallows said there was evidence funding was taking longer to authorise, but the main banks remained ‘committed and content’ with the direction of values. He added: “The underlying demand, especially in the north of England, means the first half of 2017 could be a great opportunity to achieve premium prices.” In the West Country, the land market is proving volatile as ‘canny buyers’ put pressure on prices. Ben Compton, from Bruton Knowles’ Gloucester office, said land values have become a ‘postcode lottery’.

Profitability Mr Compton said: “There are a number of issues influencing market values such as supply, demand, farm profitability and the prevailing tax regime, but land values still compare favourably with some nearby European countries. “Land is seen as a stable and attractive investment with the current relatively benign tax regime in the UK. “Diversification and development are also actively encouraged to make better use of a finite resource.”

Farmland has remained attractive to investors.

Business briefs RECORD UNITED OILSEEDS PROFIT PAYMENT UNITED Oilseeds co-operative has announced a record profit redistribution payment of £425,000 to trading members for the year ending June 2016. Turnover for the year rose by 6.5 per cent to £176 million and profits increased 2.1 per cent to more than £1.5m. The co-operative’s net worth increased by £1.3m to £9.7m. Members have been paid more than £3.85m throughout the past 11 years.

CRANSWICK ACQUIRES DUNBIA PORK PROCESSING BUSINESS CRANSWICK has announced it has acquired Northern Irish pork processing business Dunbia Ballymena. The Co Antrim site processes about 7,800 UK farm assured pigs per week and employs 360 people. The transaction will be funded from Cranswick’s existing debt facilities and is expected to be earnings neutral in the current financial year and earnings enhancing in FY18.

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p15 Nov25 FP.indd 2

NOVEMBER 25 2016 |15

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Brexit boost for UK farmers but global prices remain low r‘Strong’ 2017 predicted for dairy farmers By Alex Black

Milk reduction The EU milk reduction scheme could reduce supply by one billion litres but, as farmgate prices rise,

Global forecast PICTURE: GETTY

BREXIT has provided a boost for UK farmers from the weak pound but global prices will remain low in 2017, according to leading global food and agribusiness bank Rabobank. The Rabobank Agri Commodity Market Research: Outlook 2017 reported grain exports were at the highest level for 20 years and dairy farmers had received a boost from EU intervention and strong worldwide demand. The depreciation of sterling has pushed up the price of food imports by as much as 16 per cent and has also made British exports more attractive, but there are signs sterling has begun to strengthen again. For dairy farmers, Rabobank predicted a strong 2017 with milk prices supported by both EU intervention, which has removed four million tonnes of liquid milk from the market, and rising demand, particularly from developing nations as they adopt ‘western-style’ diets.

Food import prices have been pushed up by the depreciation of sterling.

farmers may decide to produce more rather than participate, causing downward pressure on prices. However, milk producers would struggle to significantly increase production until the second quarter of 2017. Stefan Vogel, Rabobank’s head of agri commodity markets, said the picture was mixed for British consumers. “While we expect global prices to remain low as a result of large food reserves, most notably in China,

in the UK much depends on how sterling performs, with a weaker pound increasing the price of food for a net importer like Britain,” said Mr Vogel.

Record stocks “Record global stock levels mean prices are likely to remain stubbornly low – good news for consumers but less so for the world’s farmers.” He warned UK farmers faced uncertainty and potential tariffs

n ‘More normal’ wheat forecast in 2017/18 at 727 million tonnes n Corn stocks expected to decline for first time since 2009 n China holds 60 per cent of global cotton stocks, 53 per cent of corn, 40 per cent of wheat, 21 per cent of soybeans and 16 per cent of sugar

on their exports from 2018 if the Government failed to negotiate new free trade deals. China could also drive prices lower if it decides to export some of its reserves.

UK dairy industry ready to rise up to post-EU challenge THE UK dairy industry could become more ‘resilient, competitive and profitable’ and strengthen its position in the global market if the correct steps are taken post-Brexit. Speaking at a breakfast seminar with leading politicians in London last week, Dairy UK set out its path to global success, stressing exports were a crucial part of developing and strengthening the dairy industry. Its key asks for a post-Brexit farming policy were detailed in a briefing document – Brexit and the Future of Dairy Exports – handed to MPs. Dr Judith Bryans, chief executive of Dairy UK, said: “With global demand for dairy expected to grow by about 2 per cent per annum over the next 10 years, the UK has 16 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p16 Nov 25 GG BB OM.indd 2

a unique opportunity to step up, unlock new markets and increase dairy exports across the globe.”

Uninterrupted access The document said the industry needed uninterrupted access to the EU market as 80 per cent of dairy exports went to EU countries, adding ‘clarifying our relationship with the EU must be an utmost priority’. It also highlighted the importance of current trade deals with countries such as the US, Australia and China, as well as negotiating new free trade agreements. Avoiding border issues in Ireland was also highlighted as much of Northern Ireland’s dairy processing capacity is owned by Republic of Ireland co-operatives and Dairy

UK suggested removing free movement of raw milk, product and staff could threaten the sustainability of the Northern Irish dairy industry. The document also said the Government needed to work alongside the industry and put dairy ‘at the heart’ of its promotional efforts. Neil Parish, chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, said: “As a life-long champion of the UK dairy industry, I am anxious to protect its interests. “The food and farming sector must make itself heard and I welcome Dairy UK’s initiative to showcase the industry’s achievements in dairy exports and to highlight what we can and must do to support it in the coming years.”

The UK has a unique opportunity to step up, unlock new markets and increase dairy exports across the globe JUDITH BRYANS

23/11/2016 11:20


Co-op is aiming to work with 1,200 small producers by the end of next year.

Co-op targets local suppliers rRetailer to double its

small supplier count

By Alex Black CO-OP has announced it is to double the number of local suppliers in its new small business charter. The retailer has committed to increase the number of small producers it works with to 1,200 by the end of next year as part of its Backing British pledge. It also said it wanted to break


Co-op has committed to increasing the number of small producers it works with to 1,200.

down barriers to market for small businesses, help them grow by not seeking exclusivity deals, and build long-term relationships with suppliers and growers. Steve Murrells, Co-op retail chief executive, said: “These are prized local products. “We know our customers care about the provenance of their food and are keen to champion British products wherever they can.

Community “As a community retailer, we want to make a difference in the areas we serve, working with more small suppliers who produce locally loved products to give great British food pride of place on our shelves.” UK Farming Minister George

Eustice said: “Small businesses are at the heart of the UK economy, with small and medium food and drink manufacturers generating more than £22 billion a year and employing more than 127,000 people.”

Consumers Nemi Dairy, one of Co-op’s small milk suppliers in Lancashire, said the retailer offered local producers a ‘fantastic way to connect local consumers’. Andrew Henderson, Nemi Dairy

managing director, said: “From our perspective, we are proud the Co-op chose our milk to represent the Lancashire region for its taste, health benefits and traceability. “With this choice, Co-op is giving its customers the chance to support British dairy farmers and many other regional producers alike. “Although sales have not yet met our expectations, Co-op told us it was planning a marketing campaign for the New Year, we which will be delighted to be a part of.”

Asda launches Northern Irish Farmers’ Milk ASDA and Dale Farm have announced a Northern Irish Farmers’ Milk scheme where 25p extra goes back to the farmer. The milk will retail at £1.12 for a two-litre bottle and will be available at all 16 of Asda’s Northern Irish stores. It follows the success of a similar scheme in Great Britain with Arla.

Research The scheme was developed after research showed 63 per cent of consumers would pay more for dairy if the extra money went to producers. Stephen Cameron, group commercial director at Dale Farm, said: “The launch of Farmers, Milk is a great boost to our dairy farmers, especially during winter months when they have additional costs. “Research shows the food’s source and who benefits from its sale influences how people fill their shopping basket.”

p17 Nov25 GG BB OM.indd 2

Dale Farm milk prices DALE Farm has announced a 2.5ppl milk price increase. Along with a 2ppl winter bonus, this brings Dale Farm’s milk price to 26.17ppl. Following the rise, Ulster Farmers’ Union president Barclay Bell said the processor had ‘done the right thing’ and set an example for others to follow.

Asda’s head of local sourcing for Northern Ireland, Michael McCallion, said the scheme gave customers the chance to support farmers. “More than ever, our customers want to understand where their food comes from and how it is produced,” he said. Ulster Farmers Union deputy president Ivor Ferguson said it would provide a ‘welcome boost for local dairy farmers’ and was ‘a big leap forward in recognising the true value of local dairy products’.

Terms and conditions apply.

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 17

23/11/2016 09:31


Global dairy markets face more volatility rDemand in China

continues to slow By Alex Black

GLOBAL dairy markets should be prepared for further volatility, according to Rabobank. Slowing demand from China, the Russian trade ban and the strong US dollar have had a major effect on the global dairy trade and the removal of European milk quotas led to a rise in production which drove down prices. As production stabilises across Europe, Rabobank global strategist Kevin Bellamy warned price volatility was likely to continue. He said: “The trade in dairy products has suffered a number of massive blows in the last three years. “Looking forward, none of these issues have been resolved. “The Russian ban will be in place at least until 2017. Demand from China will continue to grow but at a slower rate, oil prices are forecast to remain at around the US$50 per barrel mark, and the dollar is forecast to maintain its high value against other currencies.”

However, the growth of export surpluses is expected to slow. “New Zealand production growth will struggle as land availability becomes a limiting factor and, in Europe, once production levels have stabilised after the removal of milk quotas, there is no preparation for ‘further’ strategic expansion which would require new land, infrastructure, and processing investment,” he said.

China China’s dairy consumption has continued to grow but the rate of growth has slowed as Chinese economic growth has eased. Mr Bellamy said: “The Chinese will continue to be major importers of dairy products for the foreseeable future as local supply growth continues to face constraints.” “China will find a ‘new norm’ which is likely to mean lower volume growth but more focus on value.” Political instability is also expected to have a big impact on prices following the US elections, Brexit and an uncertain future for trade deals. The lifting of the Russian trade ban could also be affected by deteriorating Russian relations.

The growth of export surpluses is expected to slow.

Ornua expands German business ORNUA has announced a €10 million (£8.6m) expansion in Germany due to growing demand for Kerrygold products. The investment will expand production and storage facilities and develop office space at its production facility in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Dusseldorf.

Capacity In the last two years, Ornua has grown manufacturing capacity in China, Germany, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the US and the UK. Sales total about €750m (£647m), with targets to grow to €1 billion (£860m). Kerrygold was launched in Germany in 1973 and it is the number

one butter brand in the country, selling hundreds of millions of packets each year. The firm partly attributes its success to ’Kerrygold’s iconic advertising and branding’. Ornua chief executive Kevin Lane said: “For many Germans, Kerrygold is synonymous with Ireland. “This year, Kerrygold in Germany will again deliver doubledigit growth. Ongoing investment in the brand and our facilities has been critical to the Kerrygold success story.” Kerrygold products are sold in 23,000 food stores throughout Germany.

EU wheat area little changed despite weak prices EU farmers have kept the soft wheat area the same for 2017 despite weak prices, according to Strategie Grains. The analysis group forecasted the EU soft wheat area at 24.3 million hectares (57.8m acres), a small reduction from the 24.2m ha (59.8m acres) planted in 2016, with a limited switching of land to oilseed rape (OSR). Despite the relatively firm price of OSR, Strategie Grains cited a lack of ‘attractive alternatives’ for growers. The EU is the top producer of OSR. 18 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p18 Nov25 BB GG OM.indd 2

Strategie Grains last week forecasted the EU OSR area for the 2017 harvest at 6.62m ha (16.3m acres), up 90,000ha (222,394 acres) year on year, with poor conditions limiting sowings.

UK In the UK, OSR area was reported last week at a 13-year low of 557,000ha (1.4m acres) by AHDB. Millie Askew, AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds analyst, said: “There has been a dramatic decrease in the east of the country, a 28 per

cent decline attributed to cabbage stem flea beetle damages and a lack of moisture which made establishment very difficult.” In Germany, the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants has forecast OSR area increasing by 1.5 per cent year on year to 1.3m ha (3.3m acres). Commentators have flagged the relative difficulty of growing OSR following restrictions on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides leaving crops in many areas vulnerable to pests such as cabbage stem flea beetle.

For winter barley, Strategie Grains forecast little change in sowings which would limit scope of a release in land for an uplift in plantings of spring-seeded crops such as corn. The area for corn has been forecast to be stable in 2017 at relatively low levels.

557,000ha The UK oilseed rape area was reported at a 13-year low of 557,000 hectares by AHDB.

22/11/2016 14:11


Edited by Danusia Osiowy – 01772 799 413 – Chris, Charlotte and Emma Shipley.

Working pro-actively and productively as a family unit is what many farmers want to achieve. Add to that a successful collaboration with a local farmer and you have extremely robust business. Marie-Claire Kidd visits Yorkshire to find out more.


nspired by Oxford’s local food scene and driven to raise Yorkshire-born children, Chris and Charlotte Shipley have left their life in academia and returned to Chris’s family farm in East Yorkshire. The couple have been working with Chris’ parents, Margaret and Patrick Shipley, for almost 10 years and there have been a few important changes, but the fabric of this mixed arable, dairy and beef business remains intact. Chris, who is to step down as chairman of the Yorkshire Coast NFU branch next month, moved away from Manor Farm, Thornholme, to study chemistry at Oxford University at the age of 18. He settled in the South and, following his graduation, found work as a chemistry lecturer at the university. Charlotte studied nursing and worked as an accident and emergency nurse for five years. They both loved the multicultural influences in Oxford cuisine and their favourite restaurant. They enjoyed the burgeoning local food scene, with its farmers’ markets,

p19 20 21 Nov25 BB GG DO.indd 3

Family’s vision drives mixed farm’s new efficiency Slow Food Market and annual Real Farming Conference. But they were looking to start a family and decided to move back to Thornholme after Chris spent the summer of 2007 helping his parents with the harvest. “It’s difficult to put a finger on why we moved back,” Chris says. “My teaching job was always one year to one year. I was thinking about what we were doing mov-

ing forward and the teaching was changing. “I’d never had that drive to work on the farm, but it was the animal side that drew me and the dairy. “As a child it was what I was least interested in. I was more interested in tractors. But I’ve had the opportunity to see things differently. A lot of things do fan out from London and Oxford is very much an early adopter.”

“We’d always been passionate about food,” adds Charlotte. “We shop on the high street and we shop locally. Fuel yourself, fuel your brain and the rest will follow. “Don’t buy lots of cheap food and waste it, spend the same amount on British food of better quality, and perhaps eat less of it.”

Adding value Initially the couple looked at bringing new ideas onto the farm and considered retailing raw milk but admit they were mindful it was Chris’ parents’ farm after realising the extra testing would have been a burden on their core business. Instead, they set up Manor Farm Beef, rearing pedigree Belted Galloway and cross-breed British Blue, Limousin and Simmental cows, which they breed and graze for taste and texture. Manor Farm Beef is a separate business which runs alongside the family farm, A. Shipley and Sons (Manor Farm). The aim is to ensure a consistently good price for Manor Farm’s beef, satisfy local demand for quality, traceable meat and safeguard NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 19

22/11/2016 13:32


One of the Belted Galloway heifers

the farm for future generations. The cows are born at the farm and graze locally before being finished at 30 months, as opposed to the industry standard of 16 months. Currently, Chris and Charlotte have cows grazing on 12-hectares (30 acres) for Daleside land at Wold Top Brewery, Hunmanby Grange, near Driffield; at Burton Agnes Hall, just a stone’s throw from Thornhome; and at Centre Farm in Thornholme, which they bought two years ago. Before Chris’ return, Margaret and Patrick did not eat their own beef, instead sending all their animals to wholesaler Dawn Meats. “They had never put their own beast in the freezer,” Chris explains. “We chose Bluebell, a right-sized British Blue, and had it butchered

locally. It returned to the farm and my parents said it was the best beef they’d ever tasted.”

Biltong The couple have gradually added to their product range, inspired by Charlotte’s South African family links. First they invested in equipment imported from South Africa to produce Yorkshire Beef Biltong, using topside, silverside, thick flank and fillet and a home-produced dry spice mix. They dry the meat for 24 hours in an ultraviolet cabinet which simulates the South African sunshine. Next they developed a recipe for Boerewors, a South African farmers sausage which they have made from minced beef, coriander seeds, British red wine, nutmeg, all spice and a secret spice mix.

Initially, Chris and Charlotte sold Manor Farm Beef through farmers’ markets and took orders for beef boxes at their stall and through their website. They built up a customer base, but when Driffield farmers’ market closed two years ago, they still needed an outlet to ensure a solid market for their beef. In response, Charlotte teamed up with grower Emma Hobbs to establish Field and Forage, a catering company focused on seasonal, locally-sourced, home reared, homegrown and foraged food. Charlotte and Emma invested in a food truck, Flora, from which they deliver ‘everything from rural elegance to bohemian chic’ at festivals, weddings, promotional events and parties. “I’d always really enjoyed the cater-

The couple have added to their product range.

ing side of it,” explains Charlotte. “The natural progression was to go more into that. We had already been asked to do barbecues and birthdays and we knew it could work.”



Beef cattle at Manor Farm.

20 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p19 20 21 Nov25 BB GG DO.indd 4

As well as influencing the way Manor Farm’s products are marketed, Chris and Charlotte have worked with Margaret and Patrick to modernise the technology on-farm, including a jump to precision farming and robotic milking. Supported by a £40,000 grant from the Rural Development Programme for England, the family invested £90,000 in one milking robot and at the same time re-organised their animal housing and feed passage locations to separate young and adult cattle. The aim was to increase efficiency through new technology and promote animal welfare by reducing mastitis and calf pneumonia. “On both these counts it was an absolute success,” says Chris. “Efficiency has increased as we use less feed and there was a three-quarter drop in mastitis in the first year and a significant drop in calf pneumonia. “We moved their feed passages and housing and put the robot in the safest situation. It means there’s less contact between groups of cattle, which is important on a still, foggy day when the bugs are bobbing around. “The cows have been brilliant. There was a natural culling process

22/11/2016 13:33

Manor Farm facts

We followed our dream to provide sustainable, wholesome food for our young family CHARLOTTE SHIPLEY for the ones that aren’t going to get it, but there were very few of them.” Since the family installed the milking robot at Christmas 2014, the milk price has fluctuated wildly. Although prices appear to be recovering, in part thanks to the move towards Brexit, Chris is still concerned. “The milk price is going back up but feed and fertiliser costs are rising,” he says. “It’s still uncertain.” In 2008 the family embraced precision farming by co-investing in a new combine harvester with next door neighbours Graham and Wendy Winter, East End Farm, which is a 243ha (600-acre) arable farm. “We share a combine harvester and other machinery with our neighbours and that works well,” says Chris. “It’s worked well for decades, back to my grandfather. “We have a very good working relationship. Graham helps us with

p19 20 21 Nov25 BB GG DO.indd 5

the cows and we take some of his straw. We swap barley for beans and we contribute more in landwork because he’s got more acreage to do. “They are more like family. He’s there if we need to call him for a hand and vice versa. “After I came back his combine driver was retiring and ours was leaving. We bought a new combine harvester between us. “It was my job to drive it. At that point I was the only person who could drive a computer. “We’ve created nutrient maps for the fields and use a variable rate spreader for NPK.” He estimates the two farms are collectively investing about £30,000£35,000 per year in new technology and the rewards in efficiency, time and innovation are clear. Chris’ other interest is managing the breeding programme for Manor Farm. As well as breeding replacements for the dairy side, for which he uses sexed semen to get daughters, he is experimenting with different crosses for the beef business. He has been using commercial semen, a commercial bull, his Belted Galloway bull, which came from Neil Hesseltine at Malham, North Yorkshire, or his British Blue bull to breed crosses for beef out of the dairy herd for selling at farmers markets, with some pleasing results. The herd of Belted Galloways is also being expanded and currently comprises nine calves, one bull and

n Location: The village of Thornholme, between Driffield and Bridlington, East Yorkshire n Ownership: Owned by Margaret and Patrick Shipley. The Shipley family have been working Manor Farm since 1953 n Size: Just over 202 hectares (500 acres), of which 61ha (150 acres) is grass and 142ha (350 acres) is arable. A significant proportion of the grassland is dedicated to silage production n Crops: Field beans, milling wheat,

15 heifers, which mainly came from Paul Coppen’s Gilmonby herd at Bowes, County Durham. Farming has provided an outlet for both Chris and Charlotte to continue learning about food, apply their scientific approach to breeding and food production and exercise their creativity. What’s more, fourth

field barley and oilseed rape n Stock: 60 Holstein-Fresian cross dairy cows, a small herd of 25 pedigree Belted Galloways and 100 replacement heifers and beef cattle including cross-bred British Blue, Limousin and Simmental cows n Feeding: Cows were out on grass until the end of October this year. Now they are in the barn eating silage, supplemented with seed cake and home-grown beans, which are ground and added to the feed

generation of the family Sophie, Bethan, Maisie and Emma are now old enough to get enjoyment from a rural upbringing. Charlotte says: “We followed our dream to provide sustainable, wholesome food for our young family, to help with the third generation dairy farm and to set up Manor Farm Beef.”

The automatic milking machine. NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 21

22/11/2016 13:33


Edited by Teresa Rush – 01787 282 822 –

Fertiliser Manual RB209 review Changes to RB209 include a proposal to take account of predicted yield in nitrogen guidance for winter wheat.

Predicted yield N adjustment proposed rNew RB209 guidance for winter wheat

By Marianne Curtis AHDB has published findings of an extensive review of the Fertiliser Manual RB209, which will form the basis of a new edition of the guide to be released next May. For the first time, the review proposes an adjustment to take account of predicted yield is included in nitrogen (N) guidance for win-

ter wheat. It says: “Research has shown that the economically optimal rate of N fertiliser increases with yield. “Where previous experience of growing wheat indicates that yields above 8t/ha can be realistically expected, the recommended rate should be increased by 20kg N/ha for each t/ha additional yield, up to a maximum of 14t/ha. Similarly, for low yielding crops, the recommended rate should be reduced by 20kg N/ha for each t/ha reduction in expected yield.”


Every aspect of nutrient management has been revisited and scrutinised GEORGE LAWRIE 22 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p22 Nov25 TR GG BB.indd 2

Mark Tucker, marketing and agronomy manager at Yara, has concerns about basing fertiliser applications on predicted yield. He says: “Yara’s dataset shows a very poor correlation when you look at optimal N for a cereal crop against a yield expectation. “In 2012 we had record low yields and in 2015, record high, neither of which could be forecast during the nitrogen recommendation process.

n The £98,000 Fertiliser Manual RB209 review was overseen by the AHDB-led UK Partnership for Crop Nutrient Management and delivered by an ADASled consortium of experts from across the UK research community. It was supported by £200,000-worth of in-kind funding by industry

What guidance is there on what yield to use? We prefer not to use yield.” Mr Tucker’s concerns centre upon applying N levels in anticipation of a high yield which is not realised at harvest. “What guidance should there be to mitigate the environmental impact through exceeding the demand of the crop? For example, early drilling or a catch crop to trap nitrogen. Yara is producing its own guidance.”

Fall short For West Sussex-based David Jones of CCC Agronomy, the nitrogen application rates for winter wheat fall short. “On certain soil types they are still not putting enough N on milling wheat. It needs to be over 300kg/ha for 13 per cent milling wheat.” For feed barley, the review proposes raising recommended application levels by 20kg N/ha for sandy soils and 10kg N/ha for silty soils and a predicted yield adjustment, as for wheat. Mr Jones says it would have been useful to have more differentiation in barley recommendations between two-row and six-row hybrid varieties. “With some of the six-row hybrid varieties we are getting responses up to 230-240kg N/ha.” New advice on timing winter barley N applications recommends that where total nitrogen rate is between

n Farmers, growers, agronomists, breeders, researchers, fertiliser companies were among those consulted on how existing RB209 recommendations could be improved to incorporate the latest scientific advances n Find out more at www.ahdb.

100 and 200kg N/ha or more, split the dressing, applying 50 per cent during late tillering in mid-February/early March and 50 per cent at growth stage 30/31. Where the total nitrogen rate is above 200kg N/ha, apply three splits with 40 per cent during late tillering, 40 per cent at GS30/31 and 20 per cent at GS32, says the review guidance. Winter oat N recommendations have been increased by 40kg N/ha. “Winter oats need more N,” says Mr Jones. “They have stiffer straw and there are better growth regulators now so you can push them a bit harder.” Nitrogen fertiliser timings for winter oilseed rape are recommended to change to reflect a ‘canopy management’ approach, where nitrogen is delayed for crops with large canopies following winter and a proportion of nitrogen for crops with high yield potential is delayed until yellow bud or early flowering. George Lawrie, who chairs the UK partnership for crop nutrient management steering group, says: “Every aspect of nutrient management has been revisited and scrutinised. “Advances in nutrient management have been incorporated and the new guide will provide evidence-based nutrient management recommendations growers can trust.”

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Network bringing science to practice By Marianne Curtis


orkshire Agricultural Society’s Farmer Scientist Network (FSN) is involved in a range of activities aimed at improving the link between farming and research. It has been running for four years with an advisory group comprising professional scientists, senior representatives from relevant governmental organisations and leading farmers based in Yorkshire. One such project proposed by the FSN aims to develop and demonstrate management practices for biopesticides for UK arable farmers, allowing them to implement integrated pest management. However, FSN chairman Prof Rob Edwards says the group is waiting for a decision on its European

Innovation Partnership agri grant application for this research. According to the application, the project aims to identify gaps in knowledge which might be causing biopesticides to be used suboptimally in arable crops and show how biopesticide technology can be transferred from horticulture.

Tolerance Prof Edwards says the project, which is planned for a three-year period, will investigate the use of natural inoculation to improve disease tolerance in wheat, looking at how it performs with and without fungicide treatments. FSN is also seeking a formal link with the recently established Centre for Crop Health and Protection (Chap), based at the National AgriFood Innovation Campus, Sand Hutton, North Yorkshire.

We want to gauge whether the project helps them formulate a new strategy for black-grass control PROF ROB EDWARDS “We want to ensure it delivers for the industry,” says Prof Edwards. In his capacity as head of Newcastle University’s Agriculture, Food and Rural Development School, Prof Edwards is working through Chap with Frontier agronomists on another project involving

Prof Rob Edwards

a method for detecting non-target site resistance in black-grass. “We want to gauge whether the project helps them formulate a new strategy for black-grass control and how it could be used in a commercial setting,” he says. As well as applied research, FSN is also involved in assessing the political climate in relation to agriculture and, amid concerns agriculture will not be top priority in Brexit negotiations, the group expressed interest in forming closer ties with the food industry to strengthen its influence.

Barony team claims 2016 wheat trophy A TEAM of students from Scotland’s Rural College Barony campus has beaten 15 other teams to win the 2016 Mains of Loirston Winter Wheat Challenge trophy. The annual competition is managed by SRUC on behalf of the Mains of Loirston Trust, established in

2007 by north east Scotland farmer, the late Alexander W. Allan. The challenge is designed to encourage the next generation of farmers and agronomists by giving them their own plots of winter wheat to manage. Competitors decide what is needed

to produce the most profitable crop, agreeing on variety, seed rate, fertiliser, pest and disease treatments during the season. Crops are grown at three SRUC trial sites in Aberdeenshire, Kinross and Midlothian. Yield is measured and quality analysis taken into account to pro-

Left to right: Ben Shoreman, AHDB knowledge exchange manager Gavin Dick, James Wright and Ian Carlisle.

duce a price per tonne for the crop. The winning Barony team comprised Ian Carlisle from Dumfries; Mhari McCulloch, Newton Stewart; Ben Shoreman, Stranraer; and James Wright, Thornhill. Their successful entry of the Group 4 soft variety Revelation produced a gross margin of £826 per hectare (£334/acre) with a yield of 8.4 tonnes/ha (3.4t/acre).

Robust This year’s increased disease pressure presented challenges to the teams, with most opting for robust fungicide programmes. Those with the higher gross margins tended to invest more in an early season fungicide application. New to the challenge this year was the introduction of precision farming technology. A hand-held crop sensor was available to introduce teams to new techniques to assist in the calculation of fertiliser application rates. Using red and infrared light, the sensor measures the light reflected back by plants. This data is then used to assist with fertiliser rate decision-making.

p23 Nov25 TR GG BB.indd 2

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Next step for eGrain passport rAHDB to draft proposal for implementation

THE cereals industry has expressed strong support for the electronic grain passport to move to the next stage. Responses to a six-month consultation on the eGrain Passport initiative were discussed at a recent meeting of the Cereals Liaison Group (CLG). Trade associations, individuals, groups and companies which fed into the consultation were largely in favour of adopting an electronic system to replace the current paper grain passport, says AHDB. AHDB has been tasked with drafting a detailed, timetabled and fully-costed proposal for a GB-wide implementation of the system, to be considered by the group at a further meeting in March.

Enhance assurance The eGrain Passport was first mooted by CLG in 2012 as a way to address shortcomings in the paper passport, improve two-way information flow and enhance crop assurance, as well as ensuring the industry is prepared for any future data or traceability requirements. Following detailed discussions with farmers, merchants, hauliers, processors and off-farm stores, a pilot system was developed by AHDB. It was tested with live loads from 2014 to 2015, with four merchants,

Cereals Liaison Group members n Agricultural Industries Confederation n AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds n Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers n British Oat and Barley Millers Association n British Society of Plant Breeders n Grain and Feed Trade Association

a miller, a maltster, 22 farms and nine haulage companies involved. A report detailing the practicalities, costs, benefits and risks of a national electronic passport system identified during the pilot was put out to industry consultation earlier this year.

n Maltsters Association of Great Britain n National Association of British and Irish Millers n National Farmers Union n NFU Scotland n Red Tractor n Renewable Energy Association n Road Haulage Association n Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association

It estimated a return of £3 to the supply chain for every £1 spent on such a system, over the course of its first ten years of use. As part of the consultation, respondents were asked who should finance and manage the initiative, with all but one saying it should be

AHDB is to develop a fully-costed proposal for the eGrain passport.

AHDB-owned and funded by levy, at least until fully established. Dr Martin Grantley-Smith, sector strategy director for AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds, says: “An electronic grain passport system would be world leading and is set to bring benefits to businesses across the supply chain, bringing transparency and efficiency to every part of the process of moving grain. “The positive response to this summer’s consultation demonstrates an industry confident enough to prepare itself for future challenges and willing to embrace new technologies.”

Seed producer is 2016 potato industry winner

Jim Cruickshank (left) receives his award from Dr Rob Clayton. 24 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p24 Nov25 GG BB TR.indd 2

SCOTTISH seed potato producer Jim Cruickshank is this year’s winner of the British Potato Industry Award, organised by AHDB Potatoes. The award is presented to individuals for their outstanding contribution to the industry. Announcing the winner at this year’s Seed Industry Event, St Andrew’s, AHDB Potatoes strategy director Rob Clayton said he was sure no one in the sector would be surprised about this year’s winner. He said: “I expect the only surprising thing is it did not happen sooner. Jim Cruickshank is held in extremely high regard by all of his colleagues in the potato industry, both for his skills as a farmer and his efforts to safeguard the sector through work

with industry bodies and researchers on potato health and quality. He is an incredibly deserving recipient of the British Potato Industry Award.”

Early generation seed After graduating from Aberdeen University in 1977, Mr Cruickshank purchased the 61-hectare (150acre) Meikle Wartle in Aberdeenshire, with 12ha (30 acres) dedicated to seed potatoes. After a few years that increased to 28ha (70 acres) and since the 1990s he has been growing 100-120ha (250-300 acres) of early generation seed. He has also been closely involved with the industry’s research agenda over the last four decades, with a particular focus on crop health.

22/11/2016 17:51

ARABLE Although research into automation of farming tasks is gathering pace, getting it into the field on a commercial scale remains a challenge. Marianne Curtis visited Harper Adams University to find out more.

Where next for farm robotics?


hile developments in disciplines such as biotechnology have increasingly been applied to agriculture in recent years, mechanisation has been ‘totally ignored’. That is the view of Professor Simon Blackmore, head of engineering at Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire. He says: “When you look at all the technologies available – WiFi, computers, LIDAR and

GPS – we need to look at how we can best use these technologies in agriculture. “Tractors over the last 60 years have had big wheels at the back and small wheels at the front; they are heavy metal dragging machines through soil. Driverless tractors show a lack of forethought. Everything is getting bigger. We do not need to have these big tractors anymore.” Large tractors and machinery are damaging soil and 90 per cent of energy going into cultivation is

Spray drones are being tested to enable them to meet legislative requirements.

to repair this damage, argues Prof Blackmore. “It is cultivate, damage, cultivate, damage, every year – crazy.” While he accepts for large farms, big tractors and machinery are an efficient way of covering a lot of ground quickly, smaller, smarter machines offer farms with smaller fields a chance to improve productivity, he says.

“Small- to medium-sized farms have the greatest potential for improvement.”

Spray drones Prof Blackmore is working with the Civil Aviation Authority and Chemicals Regulation Directorate on the testing of spray drones to enable them to meet legislative requirements. In China, testing of seeding drones to sow paddy rice

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p25 26 27 Nov 25 MC BB GG TR.indd 3

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 25

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ARABLE has been carried out, he adds. “In Asia, many fields are one-acre. Small machines can work one-acre which would make Asia significantly more efficient.” As well as drones, projects using ground-based machinery are also underway at Harper Adams, including an autonomous lawn mower, robotic strawberry harvesting and laser weeding. “When we build robots they can be made of mass-produced parts such as gear boxes from lawnmowers,” says Prof Blackmore. “They do not need specialist equipment. We are talking £20,000-£30,000 for a functioning system.” He defines a functioning system as a machine doing a particular agronomic task.

When farmers buy a 150 horse-power tractor, how often is 150hp used? Farmers invest huge amounts of money and do not necessarily get good value PROF SIMON BLACKMORE

Using a ride-on lawn mower as the basis for a robotic machine, so-called ‘smarts’, which comprise computer systems, software and sensors, are added to achieve automation. One such machine, known as Norman, was fitted with a small sprayer tank for a student project. “Norman is a light vehicle and can go out at field capacity – we have had it running at field capacity here. It exerts a pressure of less than 40kPa and can do operations when the weather is bad,” explains Prof Blackmore. While most farmers would consider the spray tank very small scale, Prof Blackmore believes the whole question of how inputs are applied needs revisiting. “We need a more flexible and efficient crop production system with intelligently targeted inputs,” he says. Intelligently targeted inputs means using the minimum amount of input required to achieve the desired outcome. Use of microdroplets applied directly to plant leaves is one area which could offer large reductions in chemical volumes required to kill weeds, he explains. “A camera has been developed which can identify 26 weed species. We could develop a machine which positions chemical only on to the leaf of weeds saving 99.99 per cent of chemical by volume. At the moment you have to spread the chemical everywhere. “Chemical companies have a whole range of active ingredients

A technique close to commercialisation is robotic strawberry harvesting.

which cannot be used because of the legislation tied up in how they are applied.”

Laser weeding Weeds are also being tackled with lasers at Harper Adams University, where a machine uses a camera to recognise weeds and the meristem (growing part of the plant). The laser destroys the meristem by heating it to 95degC. Cell walls Professor Simon Blackmore with Norman, a light robotic vehicle which can work when land is at field capacity.

26 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p25 26 27 Nov 25 MC BB GG TR.indd 4

rupture and the plant becomes dormant or dies. The power required is 40W, less than a headlight bulb, says Prof Blackmore. Field tests of this technology are underway on high value row crops and the university is looking to commercialise it. Another technique close to commercialisation is robotic strawberry harvesting. The harvesting of high value row crops offers significant potential for waste reduction, believes Prof Blackmore. “For example, with lettuce, 2060 per cent of the crop is thrown away at the point of harvest because shoppers pick the best looking lettuce.” Developing a machine which only harvests marketable crop, leaving behind smaller lettuces, for example, would minimise waste. “Smaller lettuces could be left behind with the machine coming back next week – a phased harvesting,” says Prof Blackmore. There is also the labour saving potential of such technology to consider, particularly post-Brexit, when immigrant labour may be less available, he adds. “Some of the highly repetitive, semi-skilled labour tasks would be replaced. Some of the machines will inevitably replace seasonal labour. But big tractors have already displaced people in the rural workforce. “The minimum wage has gone up 7 per cent. Farmers who use this labour have had to take it on the

22/11/2016 17:54


The Agricultural Engineering Innovation Centre at Harper Adams.

chin as supermarkets will not accept prices going up by 7 per cent. With Brexit likely to lead to more immigration controls, the reality is getting hold of seasonal labour will be harder in the future. Some growers say it is the biggest risk to their business.”

While some may fear the capital investment required to take advantage of automation may be too great, Prof Blackmore says it need not necessarily be any more than the sums invested in conventional tractors and machinery. “A new combine can cost £250,000 and tractors cost many thousands. When farmers buy a 150 horsepower tractor, how often is 150hp used? Farmers in-

Future roles

p25 26 27 Nov 25 MC BB GG TR.indd 5

Harper Adams is working to develop an autonomous tractor for its Hands-free hectare project.

“We need to demonstrate it more. That is why we have set up Hands-free hectare. No-one will go into that crop for a year.”

Hands-free hectare n Harper Adams University engineering staff, supported and led by precision farming specialist Precision Decisions, are attempting to grow and harvest a hectare of cereal crops without stepping into the field in 2017 n Using small-scale machinery already available on the market and adapting it in the university’s engineering labs for the autonomous field work n Drilling a spring cereal crop in March, using remote agronomy and autonomous application of required inputs, with harvesting in August and September


Future farm job descriptions may also change with developing automation, says Prof Blackmore. “Where you currently have a manager and tractor driver, in the future you may have a manager and robot operator. In terms of practical tasks, you will not be hanging on to the steering wheel anymore.” While some areas of automation are close to commercialisation, changing the status quo is a challenge, adds Prof Blackmore. “I have been developing this for the last 25 years, all working with companies, but little has made it into the commercial sector, so we will just have to set up our own companies.” One possible business model could be for companies to service farmers with high tech, he suggests. “The service company will be learning what it can do and use this knowledge on multiple farms, whereas the farmer can only use it on his own farm. To help development move faster we need to de-risk some of the opportunities for farmers to invest in that service.”

vest huge amounts of money and do not necessarily get good value.” Questions over reliability may also be a barrier for some, however, Prof Blackmore envisages dealing with breakdowns being no more complicated than with existing machinery. “You do not need a PhD to operate it. Some things farmers are used to dealing with, such as changing tyres or refilling. Some things the manufacturer will need to deal with, but just because it is a robot it will not necessarily cost more.” More demonstration of the technology in the field may be the key to increasing uptake, says Prof Blackmore.

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Pyrethroid resistance in Diamondback moth samples rWide geographical

spread of resistance FURTHER evidence of pyrethroid resistance in Diamondback moths (DBM) has been uncovered by a new study. Three DBM samples, from Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Scotland, tested by researchers at Rothamsted Research were all found to be resistant to this class of insecticides. Rothamsted’s Dr Steve Foster, who led the research, says: “Pyrethroids are normally the first choice of insecticides against moth

pests but these tests indicate that resistance is present in the DBM population over a wide geographical spread. “If growers continued to use pyrethroids, this could be doubly damaging – not only would it not have an effect on DBM, it would be killing beneficial insects which attack DBM.”

Confirmed Pyrethroid resistance was initially confirmed in one DBM sample from Lincolnshire in August. AHDB worked together with industry to produce an emergency 120-day authorisation for Benevia

A new wheat breeding agreement will focus on the development of hybrid varieties.

Next steps AHDB Horticulture has organised a workshop in January to give the industry an opportunity to discuss the implications of the findings on future pest management. Dr Steve Foster will share data on which insecticides worked for DBM control and which did not.

10OD (cyantraniliprole) for use as an insecticide on a range of brassica crops for DBM control. In the latest project, Dr Foster and Dr Martin Williamson tested three additional DBM caterpillar samples for resistance to a range of insecticides. Dr Foster says: “The Benevia approval meant growers had a product available that would work

Further Diamondback moth samples have been found to be resistant to pyrethroid insecticides.

Why DBM is a problem Diamondback moths cause cosmetic and feeding damage in brassica crops which can result in up to 100 per cent crop loss Source: AHDB Horticulture

well alongside products containing spinosad as an active ingredient. Spinosad has a different mode of action to pyrethroids, so is good for resistance management. “It is important to remember Benevia does not currently have full label recommendation from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate, this is an area I will be working on with AHDB.”

UK hybrid wheat developments AGCHEM and seeds business Bayer has entered into a collaboration with F1 Seed to provide Bayer’s breeding programme with a pipeline of parents suitable to breed hybrid wheat varieties for the UK, Ireland and other maritime markets. The firm’s global investment into its wheat breeding programme is focused on developing hybrid wheat. It has already assembled an extensive international germplasm base for its breeding programme, but the aim

is to increase genetic diversity and improve adaptation to the maritime climate using UK germplasm. The collaboration with F1 Seed, which complements Bayer’s existing hybrid wheat breeding activity in France and Germany, will allow better use to be made of currently available germplasm, improving the overall quality of potential hybrid parents and enabling earlier entry to the market with well-adapted hybrid wheat varieties, says the firm.

Final wheat quality results THE proportion of nabim Group 1 varieties achieving a high quality bread wheat specification is the highest for 13 years, according to the final results of the AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds Cereal Quality Survey. Results reveal 45 per cent of 2016 harvest samples have met the bread wheat specification. 28 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p28 Nov25 TR BB GG.indd 2

Wheat quality results n Average specific weight of the 17,689 wheat samples analysed, is 76.7kg/hl, the lowest result for four years n Average protein content at 12.4 per cent is the highest seen in the UK since 2012

23/11/2016 11:25


Edited by Angela Calvert – 07768 796 492 –

Shearling gimmer realises 36,000gns at Carlisle Suffolks rCairness flock sold

to average of £4,297.36 THE Three Nations Suffolk sale at Carlisle saw a shearling gimmer from the Cairness Flock of J.G. Douglas, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, sell for 36,000gns. Mr Williams, Anglesey, was the buyer of this Conchar Crusader daughter, which sold in-lamb to the 15,000gns Cairness Sir William. Next, a ewe lamb from the Limestone flock from Mark Priestly, Downpatrick, Co Down, sold at 10,000gns to M.J. Cornish, Buckfastleigh, Devon. By the 14,000gns Castleisle Knockout, it is sister to this year’s Royal Ulster winning ewe lamb. At 4,000gns was a ewe lamb from the Rhaeadr flock of Myfyr

Evans, Denbigh. By Cairness Cognac, it sold to Stewart Craft, Fife, who also paid 3,400gns for a shearling gimmer by Rookery Best of the Best from the same home. Mr Priestly also took 3,400gns for a shearling gimmer in-lamb to Strathbogie A Kind Of Magic. The December 2014-born gimmer is by Muirton One Direction and sold to Nick Lowry, Crumlin, Northern Ireland. Two Mountford Mustang-sired shearling gimmers from P.D.W. Taylor, Co Londonderry, sold for 3,400gns each, both in-lamb to Rhaeadr Rolls Royce. The respective buyers were M. Davies and Sons, Brecon, and S.W. Cobbald, Acton, Suffolk. AVERAGES Ballynacannon flock: 12 shearling gimmers, £1,394.75; 1 ram lamb,

£3,360. Brijon flock: 11 shearlings, £819. Cairness flock: £4,297.36. Crewelands flock: 8 shearling gimmers, £741.56. Limestone flock: 7 shearling gimmers, £1,755; 7 ewe lambs, £2,430. Pyeston flock, £861. Rhaeadr flock: 9 shearling gimmers,

Enchanted Holsteins, Elswick, which later sold for £2,100. The bull, Sandley Pacific, bred from nine generations of VG and EX, sold at £2,150 for George Sanderson and family, Preston.

Barnard Castle sees £2,150 high

Around the marts JUNCTION 36 IN-lamb Suffolk trade at Junction 36, Crooklands, topped at 520gns from James and Caroline Airey, Ulverston, with others from the same home selling to 500gns and 420gns twice. J.A. and M. Gornall and Son, Clitheroe, sold a consignment of ewes and shearlings to a high of 440gns. In-lamb Charollais ewe trade peaked at 580gns from J.D. and V. Towers and Son, Lancaster.

LANCASTER AT the monthly dairy sale at Lancaster, the winning heifer and overall champion made a top price of £2,120 for the Inman family, Witherslack. The reserve champion title was awarded to a second-calver from

Second highest price was for a ewe lamb from Mark Priestly’s Limestone flock, Downpatrick, Co Down, which sold for 10,000gns.

KNIGHTON STORE trade at Knighton saw lamb prices average £62.06/head and cattle prices 212.94p/kg (£1,024.78/head). The top continental lambs, a pen of mixed Texel crosses from T.J. Richards and Son, The Garn, sold to a high of £71.80/head. S.J.C. Morris and Sons, Whitcott Evans, sold a British Blue cross steer for 249p/kg (£1,070/head). Top price per head was a Limousin cross heifer from G.I. Francis, The Garn, which sold for £1,370.

THE Christmas show of feeding bulls and store cattle at Barnard Castle saw the overall champion make a top price of £2,150, with a further 19 heifers selling for more than £1,300. The winning British Blue heifer from P.C. Langstaff, Bishop Auckland, went home with Harry Emslie, Aberdeen. Next, a British Blue from M.F. and K.C. Stobart, Barnard Castle, sold for £1,845 to J.W. Dent and Sons, Lartington.

Beecroft family leads Otley dairy trade THE Christmas dairy sale at Otley saw R.C. and S.W. Beecroft, Killinghall, take champion and reserve titles in the pre-sale show, making a top price of £1,960. Their champion was a calved heifer which sold yielding 28kg

p29 Nov25 GG BB AC.indd 3

daily to judge Michael Longster, Fellbeck. Reserve champion was another calved heifer giving 25kg daily. It sold to R.G. Farrar and Son, Huby, for £1,650. R.G. Johnson and Son, Felliscliffe,

£1,776.83; 7 ewe lambs, £1,473; 2 ram lambs, £656.25. Saffaden flock: 3 shearling gimmers, £483. Solwaybank flock: 2 ewes, £918.75; 6 shearling gimmers, £770. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Top of the steer section was a Blonde cross from M. and B. Coulthard, Westgate. It sold for £1,375 to David Barker, Scarborough, who also bought a Limousin steer from W.K., M.M. and S.J. Lamb, Cotherstone, for £1,365.

Steer B. and S. Teasdale and Son, Lynesack, sold a Charolais steer for £1,355 to W. Robshaw, Tadcaster. Auctioneers: Barnard Castle Auction Mart.

Charity Beltex

sold a calved cow for £1,570 to J.G. Williams, Wrenbury, who took home two others, from the Beecrofts and R.J. Pateman, Brompton-by-Sawdon, for £1,520 and £1,320, respectively.

A PEDIGREE Beltex ram lamb was sold at Thame for £255 in aid of Children in Need. The home-bred lamb came from A.T. Ivory and Son, Hemel Hempstead, and found a new home with William Newman, Buckinghamshire.

Auctioneers: Wharfedale Farmers Auction Mart.

Auctioneers: Thame Farmers Auction Mart. NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 29

23/11/2016 13:04


Zwartbles top 3,500gns at Carlisle rMarton dispersal to

220gns three times

A EWE lamb from the Cairness flock dispersal from D. Moir, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, topped the Zwartbles sale at Carlisle at 3,500gns. Cairness Dare Devil is by Eildon Hill Am yer Man and is sister to the 2015 show shearling Barbie Girl. It sold to Messrs Byrne, County Cork, Ireland.

Next at 1,000gns was a shearling gimmer from Thomas and Charlotte Critchley, Hutton, Lancashire. Clarewood Cover Girl, a daughter of Clarewood Bobby Dazzler sold in-lamb to Wallridge Moor Corder to G.T. Booth, Keighley.

Shearling ewe Olwen Hughes-Owen, Anglesey, sold the shearling ewe, Cynefin Cain, in-lamb to Hedgefield Brick Top for 1,000gns. The buyer of this Cynefin Ben daughter was P.

Cairness Dare Devil, from D. Moir, Fraserburgh, which sold for the top price of 3,500gns.

and S. Addison, Barnard Castle. At the same money was the winning ewe lamb, Smiddy Hill Deloras, from C. and H. Duffy, Wigtownshire. By Aquila After Shock, it went home with D. Brisbane, Castle Kennedy, Stranraer. The winning ewe and supreme champion realised 800gns. March 2012-born Millburn Willow, from Joyce and Neil Millar, Lockerbie, is by Milburn Sam and sold in-lamb to Didcot Benji to M.J. Cornish, Buckfastleigh, Devon.

The dispersal of the Marton flock on behalf of D.F. and H. Scott, Macclesfield, saw three lots reach a high of 220gns. AVERAGES 7 ewes, £334.50; 38 shearling gimmers, £346.22; 77 ewe lambs, £202.91; Marton flock; 17 gimmers, £171.09; Cairness flock; 6 ewes, £231; 6 gimmers, £327.25; 3 ewe lambs, £1,529.50. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Firm demand Welshpool Berrichons realise 1,040gns for fatstock at Malton A STRONG sale of fatstock was seen at Malton, with A 17-monthold Limousin heifer from G.I. Marwood, Harmone, make a top price of 265.50p/kg (£1,340/head). Weighing in at 505kg, it sold to Thornton Butchers, Easingwold, York. Top priced heifer per head was a 19-month-old Limousin from D.R. Jackson and sons, Carnaby, weighing in at 595kg and topping at £1,532 (257.50p/kg). It sold to Radford’s Butchers, Sleights. The leading steer was a 17-month-old British Blue from J.R. Gardiner, Carnaby, weighing 575kg and selling for 263.50p/kg (£1,515/h) to B.W. and D.J. Glaves and Son, Brompton-by-Sawdon. Top of the lamb bids were pens from I.M Tomlinson, Thirsk, and C.G. Harper, Pickering, who both sold at £88. The top price per kilo was a pen of seven from J.R. Dransfield, Sproxton, weighing 42kg and selling for 190p/kg. AVERAGES 5 steers, 198.36p/kg; 3 bulls, 149.94p/ kg; 24 heifers, 221.18p/kg; 280 lambs, 154.12p/kg; 257 cull ewes, £44.05/ head. Auctioneers: Malton Livestock Auctioneers. 30 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p30 Nov25 AC GG BB.indd 2

THE pre-sale supreme champion led the Berrichon trade at Welshpool, selling for 1,040gns. The shearling ewe, Statesman Pinot, from Tom Stayt, Chipping Norton, Oxford, was sold carrying twins to Norwood Noble, this year’s Royal Welsh Show supreme champion. It went home with the judge J. Yeo, Barnstaple, North Devon. Mr Stayt continued his success by selling the reserve champion

Statesman Naughty for 870gns. This aged ewe sold carrying twins by the French ram Physique, to D. Ellis, Pentrefoelas.

In-lamb R. Elliot, Northampton, sold a shearling ewe for 690gns. By Tregwynt Mystic, it sold in-lamb to the previous Builth champion Strathallan Norseman, to Carl Gwynne, Talgarth.

A two-year-old ewe from same home sold to Windrush Farming Partners, Cheltenham. Carrying a single by Norseman, it went for 600gns. A shearling by Tregwynt Mick, the sire of this year’s Royal Highland Show supreme champion, from M. Williams, Hereford, sold to Mr Yeo for 620gns. Auctioneers: Welshpool Livestock Sales.

Champion heifer leads Hawes bids THE Christmas show and sale at Hawes saw 112 head of cattle forward, with a Limousin-cross cow with calf at foot from J.W. and M.E.

Taylor and Sons, Dent, making a top price of £2,250. Judge Brad Thompson, Pickering, bought the overall champion, a

Blonde-cross heifer from N. Iveson, Hawes, for £1,310, who also sold another Blonde-cross heifer at £1,220. The second placed heifer, a British Blue-cross from J. Dixon and Sons, Stainton, sold at £1,280.

Steers Topping steer prices at £1,220 was a Limousin-cross from R.A. Sowerby, Hawes, while the winning steer and reserve overall champion from J. and E. Waggett, Satron, sold for £1,180.

Show champion, a Blonde cross heifer from N. Iveson, Hawes, which sold to judge, Brad Thompson, Pickering, for £1,310.

AVERAGES British Blue-cross steers, £915; heifers, £905; Limousin-cross steers, £961; heifers, £941; Blonde-cross heifers, £1,265; Simmental steers, £743. Auctioneers: Hawes Auction Mart.

23/11/2016 11:22


Carlisle Charolais reach 6,000gns rLeading female

sold for 4,800gns

Highlight son Another Highlight son, Whitecliffe Limelight, from M. and J. Hayhurst, Malton, North Yorkshire, sold for 4,500gns to A. Hall and Son, Hexham. The leading female at 4,800gns was the eight-year-old Logan Dulcie, a daughter of Logan Amazon. It came from the reduction sale

from W.L. Hyslop and Sons, Castle Douglas, and sold with its Blelack Digger-sired twin heifer calves at foot. The buyer was D.T. Daniel, Launceston, Cornwall. At 3,300gns was one of a consignment from T. Nesbitt and Son, Darlington. Alwent Custom, a nineyear-old by Alwent Vougeot sold with its six-month-old Simontorp Impala daughter to Glyn Owen, Powys. The five-year-old Goldie Unbeatable-sired Logan Glitter from Mr Hyslop sold for 3,200gns. It was knocked down with its six-month-old Logan Independent-sired bull calf to A.W. McArthur, Balfron, Stirling. Female champion was the

two-year-old Swalesmore Jersey, which later sold in-calf to Balmyle Headline for 2,900gns to G. McClanachan and Sons, Torthorwald, Dumfriesshire. Consigned by Kedzlie Farm, Lauderdale, Galashiels, this heifer is by the 17,000gns Balthayock Gunner. AVERAGES 18 bulls £3,456.19; 5 Christmas Cracker females, £2,268; 4 unhaltered females, £1,863.75; Logan herd; 11 females, £2,539.09; Charbron herd; 4 females, £2,100; Alwent herd; 10 females, £1,769.25. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.


CHAROLAIS trade peaked at 6,000gns at Carlisle, paid for the reserve male champion, Vexour Lennon from Jan Boomaars, Woldingham, Surrey. April 2015-born, by Thurnton Glencoe and out of Vexour Debby, it sold to D.G. and J.D. Walker, Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire. Next at 4,800gns was the first prize winner Charbron Lordlier from Barons Cross Charolais Stud, Aymstrey, Herefordshire. By the 70,000gns Barnsford Ferry, it

sold to P.L. Heard, Okehampton, Devon, who also bought three more bulls, including at 4,000gns 18-month-old Shankfoot Leader by 31,000gns Whitecliffe Highlight from J.R.G. and R.M. Johnson, Hexham.

Reserve male champion, Vexour Lennon, from Jan Boomaars, Woldingham, Surrey, which sold for the top price of 6,000gns.

Female champion, Swalesmore Jersey, from Kedzlie Farm, Lauderdale, Galashiels, which sold for 2,900gns.

Stock bull sells to Calved heifer tops £2,250 at pedigree trade at Sedgemoor Devon dispersal STRONG prices were seen at the dispersal sale of the Stone Farm pedigree and organic Devon herd, on behalf of Ray and IIga Auvray, Bideford, North Devon. Trade peaked at £2,250 for the 2010-born bull Whitefield Knightof–the-Realm, bought by P.R. and S.C. Chapple, Beaworthy. Topping the cows and calves was a four-year-old in-calf Devon-crossAngus cow. It sold with its sixmonth-old steer calf for £1,785 to C. Barkwell, Hatherleigh, who also bought six-year-old Stone Farm Felicity for £1,722, in-calf with its six-month-old steer calf at foot.

p31 Nov25 AC BB GG.indd 2

Youngstock trade saw 2015born heifers reach £819 twice. Stone Farm Kirsty and Stone Farm Karen, both sired by Whitefield Knight-of-the-Realm, were bought by M.C. Martin, Liskeard. 2015-born pedigree steers topped at £997.50 twice, paid by I.R. and J.M. Prouse, Holsworthy. AVERAGES 17 cows and calves, £1,330.65; 4 in-calf cows and heifers, £1,149.75; 8 2015-born heifers, £782.50; 10 2015-born steers, £917.70; 1 bull, £2,250. Auctioneers: Staggs.

A VG86 October-calved heifer from Terry Cox, Shaftsbury, Dorset, was the choice buy at the November Sedgemoor dairy collective. By Scientific Daryl and yielding 35kg daily, it sold for 2,450gns. At 2,050gns was P.J. Andrews, Plymouth, Devon, with Beneknowle Deray Governess 60, a calved heifer out of a 10,000kg dam.

Smokin Saffron Bartonwood Smokin Saffron, a heifer from J.S. Bird, Shute, was at the same money, while David and Valerie Norman, Sherborne, Dorset, sold their heifer Ciderhouse Beart Colanthe for 1,980gns. The cow section saw the VG86 second calver Culverhayes Lucas Nosegay sell at 2,000gns for M.A. and S.L. Reed, Honiton, who also took

1,850gns for another second calver. Max Davies, Somerset, sold the bull Davlea Playfull, out of the Royal Cornwall 2016 show champion, for 1,600gns. The dispersal of the commercial herd from Chris and Sue Lane, Oxford, saw 60 cows and heifers sell to a high of 1,700gns, paid for a September-calved second calver, yielding 38kg daily. AVERAGES 51 calved cows, £1,640; 45 calved heifers, £1,611; 5 Jersey cows, £762; 12 Jersey heifers, £912; 32 yearling and younger heifers, £530; 21 heifer calves, £400; 3 bulls, £1,449; dispersal of 60 dairy cows and heifers from the Lane family, £992. Auctioneers: Greenslade Taylor Hunt. NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 31

22/11/2016 14:13

SALES In-lamb shearling ewe from Malcolm Yeo’s Swincombe flock, Devon, which sold for the top price of 750gns.

Swincombe flock is best of Worcester Berrichons rIncledon flock sold

to high of 560gns

THE Best of the Berrichons sale at Worcester saw a top price of 750gns achieved for an in-lamb shearling ewe from the Devon-based Swincombe flock of Malcom and Kathy Yeo. Swincombe 1374, a previous Devon County Show winner, was sold carrying a single by Windrush Professional to A. Bowen, St Clears, Carmarthenshire, who took home another Swincombe in-lamb shearing for 410gns. Continuing the form was Swincombe 1356, which sold at 620gns to Windrush Farming Partnership, Oxfordshire. The Incledon prefix from John

and Jean Yeo, Braunton, Devon, sold the in-lamb shearling ewe Incledon Pepper for 560gns. It sold carrying twins by Statesman Provider to Woodston Manor Partnership, Worcestershire. Meirion Jones, Llangynin, Carmarthenshire, of the Aber flock, peaked at 550gns, selling a shearling ewe in-lamb to twins to Woodston Manor Partnership. AVERAGES Swincombe - 15 in-lamb shearling ewes, £409.50; Incledon – 12 in-lamb shearling ewes, £402.50; Aber – 4 in-lamb shearling ewes, £399; Woodston – 9 in-lamb shearling ewes, £311.50; Axel – 2 in-lamb shearling ewes, £362.25. Auctioneers: McCartneys.

Suffolk trade tops 1,020gns at Monmouthshire THE pedigree Suffolk sale at Monmouthshire saw 177 head forward, with a top price of 1,020gns achieved for a ewe lamb. The second prized lamb from the Horton flock of Jack Pryce, Powys, is by Kings Crusader and out of a Lakeview Rambo daughter. The buyer was J. Payne, Welshpool.

Champion The winning ewe lamb and overall champion from the Rhaeadr flock of Myfyr A. Evans, Denbighshire, was next best at 1,000gns. This Cairness Cognac daughter is out of an Ardlea Arbennug-sired ewe and sold to Paul Osman, West Country. Mr Pryce also sold a Greatness Billy the Kid-sired shearling ewe, in-lamb to Lakeview Rambo, at 850gns to S. Griffiths, Swansea.

32 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p32 Nov25 AC GG AR BB.indd 2

There were more Mule wethers on offer with strong bunches to £63.20. Smaller keeping Mule wethers made from £50-£57 and very small sorts at £45-£50. Well bred longer keeping lambs sold from £52-£57.50. Harder bred and plainer sorts sold from £46-£50 depending on size. Very long-term lambs sold from £38-£45.50 with very small, plain and backward sorts from £30-£38.

Auctioneers: Monmouthshire Livestock Centre.

Pedigree Limousins to £4,100 BREEDING cattle prices at Newark were led by Pitcher Farms, Boston, which sold two five-year-old in-calf pedigree Limousin cows with pedigree bull calves at foot for £4,100 and £3,200 respectively. An eight-year-old British Blue cow with three-month-old Limousin twin calves sold at £1,400 for Pete Wilson, Caunton. A consignment of Limousin-cross cows and calves from David Copley, Melton Mowbray,

sold between £1,000 and £1,200. The store section saw mostly second and third qualities forward, with G. and H. Chester, Newark, selling a Charolais steer to £1,140 and a 17-month-old Charolais heifer to £950. M. and C. Morris, Clay Cross, sold a two-year-old Hereford heifer for £970 and a 19-month-old Charolais heifer at £930. Auctioneers: Newark Livestock Market.

Texel ram leads Clitheroe Old Fair THE Old Fair sale at Clitheroe saw more than 1,400 sheep forward. A Texel shearling ram from J. and F. Nutter, Hurst Green, Clither-

Record entry of store lambs at Hereford sale A RECORD November entry of store lambs at Hereford met a large crowd of buyers with several new faces and a strong Welsh contingent. Strongest stores were £2-£3 less due to the finished trade, but a good bunch of Suffolks sold to £75, with others £67-£74.20. A good show of farming lambs traded from £62-£66.50. Medium keep lambs were dearer with these from £48-£61.50

Another Horton shearling of similar breeding sold for 750gns to M. Lutman, Shropshire. The winning Deveronside Dancing Brave-sired shearling ewe sold to a high of 720gns for Mike Davies and Son, Breconshire. It sold in-lamb to Safaddan Ramsey to B. Littlehales, Shrewsbury. The sale included a reduction of the adult portion of the Seafield flock from Seafield Pedigrees, Redditch, Worcestershire. The consignment sold to a top of 340gns for a Rookery J20-sired ewe, paid by R.G. and R.A. Jones and Son, Haverfordwest. Bridgeview Titus, a ram lamb by Lakeview Harbinger sold at 600gns to J. Dufrane, Belgium.

A good run of 320 Welsh ram lambs topped at £59 for the strongest, with others at £55 and longer term sorts at £45-£50. Strong continental and Suffolk ram lambs sold from £65-£70. A short entry of ewe lambs sold well for the strongest and smartest. Suffolk cross Mules sold to £78, Welsh Mules to £74, smaller sorts £54-£65, Texel cross Mules to £77, others to £74. Auctioneers: Hereford Market Auctioneers.

oe, led the trade, selling for £420. An aged Texel ram from D. Ward, Tosside, sold for £409.50. Mr Nutter sold a Bluefaced Leicester shearling ram for £388.50. The top ram lamb was a Texel from B. and M. Slater, Chipping, which sold for £220.50. Continental ewes from G.T. Carr, Barnoldswick, sold up to £132 per head and Texel shearlings from J. E. and B.M. Harrison, Slaidburn, sold up to £125 per head. Auctioneers: Clitheroe Auction Mart.


The number of sheep forward at Clitheroe’s Old Fair.

23/11/2016 11:48

p33 Nov25 FP.indd 2

23/11/2016 10:28




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34 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

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p36 Nov25 FP.indd 2

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Auctioneer Lifetime Achievement Brought to you by

David Leggat MBE, executive chairman at United Auctions, has been awarded Farmers Guardian’s Mart’s the Heart Lifetime Achievement Award 2016.

DAVID LEGGAT on and off the rostrum


avid Leggat grew up on the family livestock farm in Dumfriesshire and recalls visits to the local market. He says: “As a young boy attending markets with my family I became aware of the importance of livestock markets as a means of gathering stock and offering farmers competitive pricing mechanism which could add value to their business and I hold those same beliefs today.” In 1975, straight from school, Mr Leggat joined United Auctions in Perth as an office boy. He says: “It was a whole new life for me, moving to Perth, and Young Farmers became a huge part of my life and helped me to get to know people.

Ledgers “That was in the pre-computer age of ledgers and writers so things were very different to how they are now. “After about a year I starting selling sheep for two or three years before moving on to cattle in the new market in Perth and I progressed from there.” United Auction’s business has taken various forms over the years, including a fulling

p037.indd 37

listing on the FTSE AIM stock exchange but today is privately owned by management and staff. It operates markets across Scotland including Stirling, Huntly, Lairg, Dalmally, Tiree, Islay, South Uist and an office and lairage facility in Oban. Mr Leggat has seen both the business and agriculture go through many changes as he worked his way up to his current position as executive chairman and was awarded an MBE in 2005 for service to Scottish agriculture. He says: “Markets are seen as a traditional form of selling but it they have never been more important than they are today to maintain a competitive pricing system. Although not co-operatives as such they as act as co-operative means for individual farmers to gather stock to be sold. “They are also very important from a social point of view as many farmers work in isolation and do not get off farm very often. “The biggest change I have seen is computerisation and the introduction of technology which has added to the service auctions provide. Electronic

David Leggat (left) receiving his award from Andrew Wright, executive secretary, Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland. weight scales and EID in sheep are two things which have made a big difference and introducing compulsory EID would be a huge boon to the industry.”

Step down Mr Leggat plans to step down as chairman of United Auctions at the end of the year along with the group managing directors, Robin Tough and Neil McLean. They will hand over operational responsibility to the current executive team of seven directors.

He says: “I have been very fortunate to work with a great team at United Auctions and we handle some fantastic stock and have a great customer base, but now it is time for us to hand over the baton and allow the next generation to take the business on to a new chapter. “But I will not be disappearing altogether. Although I hope to make more time for fishing, shooting and stalking I will still be around acting in an ambassadorial role with the company, which I am very much looking forward to.”

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 13:54:06

AGRICULTURE’S NA 38-51 Auctions 52 Jobs 53-62 Livestock 62-63 Feedstuffs & Bedding 64 Equestrian Marts The Heart Winner Profile

Buttington Cross, Telephone 01938 553438 Buttington, Fax 01938 554607 Welshpool, Powys SY21 8SR

Saturday 26th November


On Behalf of the North West Midlands & North Wales Limousin Breeders Club

Pedigree Limousin Sale Viz: 50 Bulls & 15 Females - Show at 9am & Sale at 11am Sale In Conjunction with H&H

Monday 5th December Upon the instruction of Messrs D.I Roberts & Son, Stingwern 6th Annual Sale of 43 In-Calf Heifers Pedigree Limousin, Limousin X & British Blue X All In-Calf to Pedigree Lim Bulls Sale at 1:30pm On Behalf of Clwb Beltex Cymru / Welsh Beltex Club 27 Pedigree In-Lamb Beltex Show at 10:30am & Sale at 12 Noon Christmas Prime Stock Show & Sale and Dairy Show & Sale Please contact mart office for catalogues, or view them on line at:

HAWES, NORTH YORKSHIRE, DL8 3NP Tuesday 29th November 2,000 Prime Lambs at 10am 50 Correct & Cast Rams 300 Cast Ewes 20 Calves at 10.30am Tuesday 13th December Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Lambs (show for regular vendors only) to include 2 classes (single continental & single native breed lamb) for Young Farmers Members also Christmas Show & Sale of Calves. Telephone: Office (01969) 667207. Mobile 07974 126397 or 01833 622240



p038.indd 38

November 25, 2016

Easy calving

GROWTH beef yield

Feedcarcase Efficient consistency It’s the business

Carlisle Friday 9th December Red Ladies Derby & Weaned Calves 50 Females 23 Bull Calves 55 Heifer Calves Show: 8.30am Sale: 11.00am H&H 01228 406230

We take a farmer-centric approach to media. Our job is to help farmers run their farms Advert 17 FG 98X150.indd 1 more efficiently and make better purchasing Enjoy VIP Member benefits at no extra cost decisions

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SA T U R DA Y 10 th DE CE MBE R ( 10 . 30 am) at G ilfachafael, Llanrhystud, A berystwyth, Ceredigion, SY 23 5A L ( 1 ½ m i les A4 8 7 , no ac c es s to ar ti c ulated lor r i es ) Disp ersal Sale of the p edigree HA F A E L herd

20 3 HO LST E IN F R IE SIA NS * *


* *


INCLU DING 12 R E D & W HIT E S F i r s t s ale to d i s p er s e the enti r e m i lk i ng p or ti on, m ai d en hei fer s and hei fer c alv es . 1 3 9 c ow and hei fer s i n-m i lk and / or i n-c alf, 3 2 ‘ A lot’ hei fer c alv es , 2 3 m ai d en hei fer s , 8 hei fer c alv es , one H ols tei n s toc k b ull b or n J an 2 0 1 5 B r ad ni c k x M i k ali D am i on E r le E X 9 4 ( 8 g ens E X / V G ) . H IG H P R O D U C T IO N – 9 ,4 7 0 k g s 4 .8 3 % F 3 .3 0 % P c c 1 8 1 . AV D AI L Y Y I E L D 3 0 . 3 k g s . H er r i ng b one p ar lour m i lk ed . C ub i c le hous ed d ur i ng wi nter m onths . All y ear c alv i ng . W E L L C L ASSI F I E D – 3 4 E X , 5 2 V G , 3 7 G P - Y O U N G H E R D 4 5 % 1 s t and 2 nd c alv er s . F AM O U S C O W F AM I L I E S – R ac hel ( 8 fam i ly m em b er s ) , R hap s od y , J od i e, D ec 2 0 1 5 b or n d aug hter of 2 3 , 5 0 0 g ns L i lly hall W i nd b r ook T r i lly ( 1 1 g ens E X / V G ) b y M c C utc hen s ells . T O P SI R E S us ed thr oug hout. H E AT I M E H E AT D E T E C T I O N SY ST E M – C ontr ol B ox and 1 5 0 C ollar s . J oint A uctioneers – J J MO R R IS - T el 0 1994 240 665

SEDGEMOOR AUCTION CENTRE NORTH PETHERTON, SOMERSET, TA6 6DF (M5, J24) Tuesday 29th November at 11.00am The Dispersal Sale of the Milking Portion of


Comp: 221 Dairy Cows & Heifers Inmilk &/or Incalf; 20 Calved Heifers & 25 Incalf Heifers HERD AV: 6742 KGS; 4.20%BF; 3.30%P; SCC=180 HERRINGBONE Parlour; CUBICLE Housed YOUNG COWS: 171 1st-3rd Lactation CALVING: Sep-Dec (63); Jan-Apr (73); May-Aug (58) SERVICES To: Brasileiro, British Blue, Coin Flip, Conrad, Hereford, Fry, Kimball, Pluto, etc. For SC & ML Thomas (Removed from Binham Farm, Minehead, Somerset) For Catalogues Tel: 01278 410250, Email:

Market Results LAST WEEK - 89 Dairies, Cows to £1600 Clean Cattle 178p/kg - £1203.60, Cull Cows 123p/kg - £897.90/Head, Calves BB Bull to £390, Spring Lambs £210.0p/kg - £107.30/Head NEXT WEEK - Pedigree Hereford Stock Bull (43mths) TUESDAY 6TH DECEMBER - Christmas Primestock Show & Sale

Forthcoming Dairy Sale On behalf of Reeves Farms Ltd, Shirlrey Mill Farm, Shirley, Ashbourne, Derbys

157 HOLSTEINS Being the Genuine Dispersal of the Entire SHIRLEYMILL Herd Comp 81 Cows & Heifers In-milk & In-calf 22 In-calf & Served Heifers together with 54 Youngstock. Superb Sires throughout the Herd& within the Milkers include Reece, Melody, Dover, Storm, Samuelo, McCormick, Bossman & Allen to name a few with Youngstock by Fever, Bossman, McCormick, Dover, Pello, Theory & Bryant. Herringbone & Cubicle Housed. Young Herd with a large amount of fresh milk. Herd Average: 10085kg 3.98%F 3.20%P cc131 x2 Averaging 30.9kg Daily. Latest Bulk Sample 4.36%F 3.39%P cc99. This is a brilliant opportunity to purchase some superb cows that will be a welcome addition to any herd. Attendance is a must for all producers to appreciate the quality on offer.

TUESDAY 29TH NOVEMBER 2016 Within Leek Dairy Centre Following the Usual Commercial Entry

Sheep Sales Sale of 5389 Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep Viz 4865 Store Lambs, 160 Ewe Lambs, 364 Shearlings & Breeding Ewes

THIS SATURDAY 26TH NOVEMBER 2016 10AM Next Sale 10th December - Entries Close 2nd December Fat/Barrens: Graham Watkins 07976 370894 Dairies: Meg Elliott 07967 007049 Stores: Mark Elliott 07973 673092 Sheep: Robert Watkins 07929 946652

Visit us at

p039.indd 39

1500 classified ads online November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 16:32:26

• Contact Keith Miller on 07801 032847 for Breeding Sheep/Store Lambs, Rearing and Reared Calves and Pigs • Paul Gentry on 07801 032846 Young Bulls, Clean Cattle, OTMS, Store and Breeding Cattle • James Sealy on 07772 618315 for all classes of Sheep and Land Agency • Rachel Gascoine on 07885 432939 • Office on 01636 676741





70 T exel Shearling E wes Wellingley (8) Sportsmans (9) Niaroo (3) Peacehay (20) Hightecs (6) Bain Valley (22) Heyworth Lodge (3) 19 T exel E we Lambs Lincs (6) Meadowbrook (3) Charben (3) Bain Valley (7) 11 Suffolk Senior E wes Harley (4) Salton (5) Sullom (2) 5 Suffolk Shearling E wes Salton (1) Sullom (4) 9 Suffolk E wes Lambs Cellarhead (7) Harley (2) Catalog u es av ailab le T ex t: W inter W armers f ollowed b y you r N ame and A ddress to 07 7 7 2 6 18 315

22 Beltex Senior E wes Bishops (10) Tosh (2) Ryefield (11) 26 Beltex Shearling E wes Arconda (3) Bishops (3) Skelton Whin (5) Beckbred (5) Ryefield (10) 6 Beltex E we Lambs B i s hop s ( 6) 2 Blue T exel Senior E wes Midnight (2) 2 Blue T exel Shearlings Lloyds (2) 6 Blue T exel E we Lambs Great Blues(4) Midnight (3) 12 T exel Senior E wes Hightecs (6) Niaroo (1) Bain Valley (5)

W inter W armers Sale commences 1 pm A lso on this day - Calv es 10. 30 am, Sheep 11 am, From P English, (4 Year TB) 4 Bazadaise Heifers (7-8 Months) 1 Bazadaise Steer (4 Month) From T.Holmes, Lincoln (4 Year TB) 20 Beef Sired Calves, Bull & Heifers, Including 10 Pedigree Limousins (Not Registered) G enuine F lock Disp ersal Sale on Behalf of PA Pollyn, W isbech Due to Change in F arming Policy 7 Pedigree Registered Texel Ewes (Ex Peacehay) 33 Purebred Texel Shearling Ewes (Homebred) 18 7/8 Bred Texel Shearling Ewes 2 Pedigree Registered Bleu D’Maine Shearling Ewes 30 Pure Texel Ewes (4 to 6 Tooth) 5 Crossbred Texel Ewes All Run with Pedigree Texel Rams since 29/09/2016 To be scanned on morning of Sale From G&GW Green Ltd 20 Pure Bred Texel Ewe Lambs From GJ & A Crust 24 Rouge Ewe Lambs (MV Ac) From J & E Headley 6 Poll Dorset Ewes in lamb to Beltex Ram (MV Ac) From R Harrison, Spilsby 1 Suffolk Stock Ram (Rookery Livewire) (MV Ac) 1 Texel Ewe Lamb From Hilltop Farm Partnership G enuine F lock R eduction of 133 Suffolk Cross Ewes (Shearling to 4th Crop) Run with Pedigree Texel Ram Scanned at 181%, Due Jan onwards From Peter Parker, Lincs 50 Flock Age Ewes – Scanned In lamb (Due 10th February Onwards) To either a Suffolk or Texel Tup Heptavac P System 40


p040.indd 40

November 25, 2016

23/11/2016 16:33:12





Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Great North Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BY Telephone

01636 676741

Our hours are your hours - call anytime!!


SATURDAY 26TH NOVEMBER STORE CATTLE 11.00am From Mrs S Fielden, Suffolk 45 Steers and Heifers out of strong Limousin X Cows by quality Limousin or Angus Bull (7/8 Months) No movements on Passports, FA From Moores Livestock, Kings Lynn (4 Year TB) 8 Simmental Steers (7-8 Months) From Andersons South Wooton (4 Year TB) 18 Aberdeen Angus and Charolais Heifers (14-18 Months) All out of Beef Cattle From G.Bates Ltd, Kent (4 Year TB) 17 Very Strong Simmental X Limousin Heifers (18-20 Months) From Mr L & Mrs M Smith, Cranbrook, Kent (4 Year TB) 30 very smart 15/16 Limousin Steers & heifers (7-9 Months) From Andrew Smith, Hosbic Limousins 7 very smart Pedigree Limousin Bulls (9-10 Months) 3 Limousin x Lincoln Red Bulls From John Ashton, Boston (4 Year TB) 20 Limousin & British Blue Steers and Heifers (8 to 10 months) All out of Beef Cows, FABBL From RP Raper & Sons, Tickhill (4 Year TB) 6 Limousin Heifers (10-12 Months) From Dennis Burton, Notts 20 Pedigree & Cross Hereford Bulls and Heifers (7-11 Months) From Smiths of Bloxham, Banbury 12 Pure Limousin Bulls (12 Months) FA

From D Johnson, Spilsby (4 Year TB) 18 Limousin Steers and Heifers (7-8 Months) From AB Barker, Hertfordshire (4 Year TB) 5 Pure Charolais Heifers (12-24 Months)

Monday 28th November

147th W inslow Christmas Primestock Show & Sale T o be held in W inslow T own Mark et Sq uare 18 Show Cattle, 324 Show Lambs, 38 Show E wes

WEDNESDAY 30th November

NE W A R K CHR IST MA S PR IME ST O CK SHO W A ND SA LE £ 8 0 0 0 in cash Priz es together with 18 Silver trophies for Classes for:

• SHOW CATTLE • HATLERTIED CATTLE • PAIRS • SINGLE PENNED CATTLE (NOT HALTERLED) • BARREN COWS • SHEEP (TRIMMED & UNTRIMMED) • PRIME PIGS Please note this sale in an orange sale for cattle all cattle need to observe the 6 day rule however from TB 1 Parish can come either tested or untested and TB 4 Cattle will all go into the tested section of the market. Sheep – Please note this is a green sale

IMPORTANT SALE DATE TUESDAY 20TH DECEMBER 3PM G reen M arket Sale of Prime L amb s, Cu ll E wes & Store L amb s Stock accepted from 8am, Sale Commence 3pm Entries to James Sealy 07772 618315 and Keith Miller 07801 032847

Every Wednesday!!

Slaughter Only Markets Cattle, Sheep & Pigs, No TB Testing! No 6 Day Rule! Also selling finished Cattle weekly from Producers down with TB - Payment on the day!

Latest Prices


Young Bulls to 217.5p - £1,668.30 OTMS to 200.5p - £1,494.05 Steers to 239.5p - £1,649.73 Heifers to 258.5p - £1,472.66 Prime Lambs to 205p - £100.00 Cull Ewes to £107.00 Cull Ram to £128.00 Store Sheep to £60.00 Prime Pigs to 120p - £115.71

H Emslie sold Charolais Young Bulls to £1668.30 GP Watson Trading Ltd sold British Blue Cows to £1494.05 Peter Dunn sold British Blue Steers to 200.5p/kg or £1349.37 & £1366.30 Frank Page sold British Blue Steers to 239.5p/kg or £1649.73 & £1524.38 and Heifers to 258.5p/kg JB Temple sold Limousin Heifers to £1472.66 Ian Spendlove sold Lambs to £100.00 KR Mason sold Cull Ewes to £128.00


Why not be added to our Market Report Service via e-mail or post or simply check out our website for up to date information, views and prices.

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November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 16:33:46 Auctions

Clitheroe Auction

Lincoln Way, Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 1QD

Beeston Castle Auction 01829 262100 BEESTON CASTLE AUCTION PEDIGREE & COMMERCIAL DAIRY CATTLE TUESDAY, 13th DECEMBER THE “MID MONTH FOCUS MILK DAIRY SALE” OF COMMERCIAL AND PEDIGREE HOLSTEIN DAIRY CATTLE & YOUNGSTOCK (Also open to all breeds) Supported by the Western Holstein Club. Entries for inclusion in this catalogue must be received by FRIDAY 2nd December. FRIDAY 2nd DECEMBER CHRISTMAS CALF SHOW Classes for Beef Calves under 42 days old PLUS: CHRISTMAS FATSTOCK SHOW & SALE Prize Money for Top price/per kilo Classes for Cull Cows and Beef Cattle Kindly sponsored by Mole Valley Farmers WEANLING SALE - FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER Special entry of 41 New Zealand & British Friesian Dairy Heifers 7/8 months old. Enquiries to Jonny Dymond 07703 676227. WEDNESDAY 7th DECEMBER - 9.30 AM MACHINERY & IMPLEMENTS Monthly Collective Sale - 1000 Lots comprising Tractors, Farm Machinery & Implements. PLUS 200 lots of Timber, Builders Sundries, 500 lots of new and used tools & 50 bicycles. More Items invited please contact Simon Lamb 07815 188125. Please Note: We will be collecting items on Tuesday 6th December ONLY. Enquiries to Beeston on 01829 262100.

PLANT, MACHINERY & SMALL TOOLS SALE TOMORROW Saturday 26th November 9am Unloading facilities available today 9am-3pm & day of sale. Entries include: Marshall 7 Muck Spreader, IFor Williams HB510 Horse Box 2005 Terex Roller on Trailer, Pig Arcs, ½ Tonne Almond Blanche Miller Mixer c/w Hopper, 20 Tonne Sectional Grain Bin, Galv Cattle Crush, L Reg Land Rover Disco- June Test, Taylor 10ft Snow Plough, Twin Wall Plastic Drainage Pipes, GHL Round Bale Straw Chopper, Model Makers Lathe, GHL Small Bale Chopper, Land Rover Defender Twin-cab Pick-up 2012 - 1 owner 74,000 miles 11 months MOT, Sheep Hurdles, Qty New Box Section Steel, Rekord 2.5 Meter Power Harrow, Orsi 2.5 Meter Flail Topper, West 1600 Muck Spreader, Abbey Tub Feeder Wagon, West 1300 Spreader, Portequip Hogg Feeder- 1250kg Capacity, Galvanised Round Bale Manger for Sheep, Lamb Weigh Scales, Sheep Ring Feeders, Sheep Troughs. See website for full listing


Guide Price £400-£450,000 A spacious five bedroom detached property located in a popular and private location, benefitting from large amounts of parking and a large plot. The property is subject to an agricultural occupancy restriction. Further details from Tarporley Office 01829 731300

WEEKLY Tuesday 29th November 12.30pm PRIMESTOCK Sale of Cull Cows, Prime Cattle, Store SALE Lambs, Prime Lambs & Cast Ewes. Belly Clipping service available from 9am - 11am FORTNIGHTLY Thursday 1st December 12.30pm STORE CATTLE Breeding Cattle, Young Bulls, Store SALE Heifers and Steers. Includes a Christmas Show & Sale CATALOGUE Saturday 3rd December 10am SALE OF PURE Sale of deadstock & accessories BRED POULTRY followed by over 550 cages of birds & WATERFOWL forward, including a dispersal sale on behalf of B Howard. Catalogue online SALE OF HIGH Saturday 3rd December 10.30am QUALITY NO HORSES this sale. Over 300 lots HORSE TACK forward of quality tack plus 30 stalls



THURSDAY 1ST DECEMBER ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PRIMESTOCK Prime Cattle, Cows and Prime Lambs—including YFC classes- Entry Forms available from Reception or online. SATURDAY 7th JANUARY Annual Society Shows and Sales of In-lamb Texel and Beltex Females, together with empty Ewe Lambs and Continental Cross In-lamb Ewes.

Tuesday 6th December 11am CHRISTMAS SHOW & SALE of CALVES Please have Calves in the Mart for 10.45am also Tuesday 6th December CHRISTMAS SHOW & SALE of PRIME CATTLE and also this day CHRISTMAS SHOW & SALE of PRIME SHEEP & LAMBS Wednesday* 21st December 4pm SALE of DRESSED & LONG LEGGED POULTRY *THIS IS WEDNESDAY 21ST NOT TUESDAY AS ADVERTISED LAST WEEK 01200 423325 Joe: 07970 221354 • Jeremy: 07815 727993

BJP Marts Ltd. Auctioneers, Chartered Surveyors, Valuers. Carmarthen Livestock Centre, Nantyci, Carmarthen, SA33 5DR

Bob Jones Prytherch & Co Marts Ltd

Llandeilo Bridge Market 3rd Annual Dyfed Texel Breeders Club Show and Sale Thursday Evening 1st December 2016 Show at 6pm. Sale 7pm. 54 - Pedigree and MV accredited Texel sheep from the renowned Dyfed Club Breeders. In Lamb Ewes, Yearling Ewes, Ewe Lambs and Guaranteed ET Pregnancies from:Aman(7), Cwmcerrig(5), Hathren(2), Steddfa(9), Teilo (15) Usk Vale (6) Welsh (10)

Catalogue –Texel Sheep Society BJP Marts - Carmarthen Mart - 01267 236268. Llandeilo Office 01558 822468. John Eirian Davies - 07971202311



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November 25, 2016

Our brands reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment




LO NG T O W N MA R T T el ( 0 1228 ) 791215 - 79130 0 www. longtownmart. co. uk T uesday 29th November at 10 . 30 am W eek ly Sale of 5, 0 0 0 Store Lambs & F eeding E wes T hursday 1st December Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Cattle & Prime Sheep Sponsored b y J ob sons A nimal H ealth E ntries inv ited – schedule on req uest W

T uesday 6th December at 10 . 30 am eek ly Sale of 5, 0 0 0 Store Lambs & F eeding E wes Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle Find us on Facebook

23/11/2016 16:06:04

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Auction Cafe of the Year Brought to you by

The Tavern at Melton Mowbray Market, Leicestershire, has been named the Farmers Guardian Mart’s the Heart Awards Auction Cafe of the Year 2016.

THE TAVERN truth behind the success


arket day would be incomplete without the availability of fresh coffee and home-cooked food waiting beyond the doors of the auction cafe, a place for traders to socialise and take a break from the hectic schedule of livestock trading. Melton Mowbray Mart is the largest town centre livestock market in the country and every Tuesday it holds its main market day, complete with livestock auction, antiques fair and food markets. At the heart of all the action sits The Tavern. Di Booth is cafe manager and oversees daily operations. She joined the venue 17 years ago as it underwent a major refurbishment, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. Di says: “The Tavern is the hub of the market, providing a place for farmers and market-goers to gather. Along with the weekly livestock trading and farmer’s markets, we cater for other events and do lots of large functions, such as weddings and balls.” The day begins at 4.45am for Di as she heads to The Tavern to prepare for a day at market. The cafe can serve more than 800 customers on an average day, so an early start is inevitable for Di and her 12-strong team.

p043.indd 43

She says: “Staff arrive at about 6.30am, when the work really begins. The cafe begins to fill up at 7.30am and it stays this way sometimes until about 6pm. Tuesday is the busiest day, as it is when the main market is held, but we usually have something happening every day of the week.” As well as the main dining areas, The Tavern incorporates a kiosk which allows customers to grab a bite on-the-go. The banquet hall has become an established venue choice for more formal functions, holding dozens of seasonal parties and dinners throughout the year for local young farmers and hunts. Di says: “We are currently getting ready for the festive season, which means a lot of planning for Christmas bookings. We cater for many different clients, from food and cheese shows to Thai boxing functions.”

Produce Breakfast is one of the busiest times for The Tavern, with the classic full English a favourite among customers, who range from regular livestock farmers to tourists wanting a sample of traditional Melton Mowbray food. One of the main priorities for Di is ensuring all produce is freshly sourced and locally prepared.

Di Booth and her team can serve more than 800 customers a day. Meat products are some of the cafe staples, and award-winning butcher Owen Taylor and Son provides some of the best in the area, also buying all its stock from the auction ring. Acclaimed baker Dickinsons and Morris is another local supplier which provides its quality products, including the infamous Melton Mowbray pork pie, another favourite among customers. Di says: “It is so important to know where food is coming from to ensure it is of an exceptional quality. All our suppliers trade at market, so

our customers can be assured they are eating nutritious and fresh food.” When asked about the secret to her successful establishment, Di provides a simple answer: “Good food served with a smile. Customers want proper home-cooked food, but they also love to sit down for a quick chat during the day. “I make sure I go and say ‘hello’ to everyone when I am not too busy. “I am extremely proud of the team. We have put in so much hard work to make The Tavern what it is. The nomination was a true shock, but I am so delighted with the win.”

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:28:13 Auctions


Borderway Mart, Carlisle T : 0 1228 40 620 0

F riday 2nd December – 6. 0 0 p m

www. harrisonandhetherington. co. uk sale catalogues can be downloaded from the website

Imp ortant disp ersal sale of the CU SHA T HILL PE DIG R E E HO LST E IN HE R D F or G

O wen & Sons , C us hathi ll, E ag les fi eld , L oc k er b i e, D um fr i es & G alloway

W ednesday 30 th November - 11. 0 0 am 1 1 9 c ows and hei fer s i n m i lk and or d r y , 3 6 i nc alf hei fer s & 4 0 b ulli ng hei fer s & 1 9 hei fer c alv es T he O wen fam i ly hav e r ec ently s old thei r far m and thi s c om p lete d i s p er s al s ale i s a r eal op p or tuni ty for b r eed er s and m i lk p r od uc er s to ob tai n ex c ellent b r eed i ng s toc k and found ati on p ed i g r ees . T he her d i s c ur r ently av er ag i ng 8 2 5 9 k g 4 . 1 2 % 3 . 2 5 % on an all y ear r ound c alv i ng r eg i m e. T hi s i s a y outhful her d wi th 2 8 hei fer s i n m i lk , 2 8 s ec ond lac tati on c ows , 2 3 thi r d lac tati on c ows , 1 7 four th lac tati on c ows and 2 3 hav i ng had 5 or m or e c alv es . T he s ale i nc lud es 1 3 E x c ellent, 3 3 V er y G ood s and 2 4 G ood P lus c ows and 2 8 G ood P lus m i lk i ng hei fer s . T he m i lk i ng hei fer s and y oung c ows ar e s i r ed b y M i nc i o, Seav er , F ev er , L author i ty , V an G og h, M r Sam , Seag ual and L av ang uar d . T he her d i s i n-c alf to the followi ng s i r es B ank r oll & M c C utc hen. T he Y oung -Stoc k wi ll b e of p ar ti c ular i nter es t to m any b r eed er s . P r og eny fr om g r eat c ows s uc h as W i ls ond ale T T T r i una E X 9 4 , E r i c -D ew C ond uc tor P eg g y E X 9 5 & B r i g een U lti m ate J ac k i e E X 9 5 all s ell. M os t of the i n-c alf hei fer s ar e s i r ed b y D e-Su M c C utc hen and B er tai ola M i nc i o. T her e ar e 1 9 i n-c alf hei fer s d ue fr om J anuar y – M ar c h and 1 7 r ec ently s er v ed hei fer s . T her e ar e 4 0 b ulli ng hei fer s & 1 9 hei fer c alv es . T hey ar e c ub i c al hous ed and g r az ed fr om ear ly s p r i ng to late autum n. T he r ati on i s s i m p ly g r as s s i lag e and c onc entr ate fed at m i lk i ng ti m e. T he her d i s v ac c i nated for I B R , B D V & L ep to. D r y c ows ar e v ac c i nated wi th R ota V ac c at d r y i ng off and ther e has nev er b een a c as e of J ohnes on the far m ei ther c li ni c al or v i a d i ag nos ti c s am p li ng . T he her d i s i n a T B 4 tes t ar ea and was las t tes ted i n 2 0 1 5 .

T R A CT O R S, MA CHINE R Y , PLA NT & SMA LL T O O LS L i g ht c om m er c i als and v ans

T hursday 1st December – 10 . 30 am

T HE U K ’ S PR E MIE R E LIT E DA IR Y SA LE 130 W orld Class Lots sell T he Black & W hite Sale Preview F riday 2nd December at 7. 0 0 p m F ollowed by T he Black & W hite International R ecep tion at 7. 30 p m A nd join us for T HE sale event of the year T HE BLA CK & W HIT E SA LE on Saturday 3rd December at 10 . 30 am W hatev er y our p r efer enc e – T he B lac k & W hi te Sale offer s “ la c r è m e d e la c r è m e” of b r eed i ng . O r d er y our c atalog ue tod ay b y p honi ng : 0 1 2 2 8 4 0 6 2 3 0 or em ai l: g ly n. luc as @ b or d er way . c om or i t c an b e v i ewed onli ne at www. har r i s onand hether i ng ton. c o. uk I nter net b i d d i ng fac i li ty wi ll b e av ai lab le v i a our web s i te Sp ons or ed b y

SA PPHIR E BLU E T E X E L IN-LA MB F E MA LE SA LE F riday 2nd December – 1. 30 p m p r es enti ng 65 I n-L am b F em ales wi th c ons i g nm ents fr om Hack ney F lock ( P aul T i p p etts & C hr i s ti ne W i lli am s ) 9 g i m m er s , J onsland F lock ( D an & J ani ne J ones ) 9 g i m m er s & 8 ewe lam b s , Sams F lock ( And r ew & Sam F r og g att) 1 2 g i m m er s & 1 5 ewe lam b s ( F loc k R ed uc ti on) , W hatmore F lock ( Stev e & Sar a G i b b ons ) 1 2 g i m m er s

DA R K DIA MO ND SU F F O LK IN-LA MB F E MA LE SA LE F riday 2nd December – 3. 0 0 p m p r es enti ng 9 4 I n-L am b F em ales wi th c ons i g nm ents fr om Balq uhain F lock ( G J C hr i s ti e) 8 g i m m er s , Birness F lock ( G L Stuar t) 9 g i m m er s Carony F lock ( L & M L i g g ett) , 8 g i m m er s & 6 ewe lam b s , Castleisle F lock ( A W i ls on) 4 g i m m er s , F ork ins F lock ( AR G ault) 1 0 g i m m er s , Lak eview F lock ( G B eac om ) 1 2 ewes & 3 0 g i m m er s , R oundacre F lock ( R L awr enc e) 3 ewes & 4 ewe lam b s

p r es enti ng 9 8 I n-L am b F em ales wi th c ons i g nm ents fr om A lwent F lock ( T N es b i tt & Sons ) 1 1 g i m m er s , A rk le & E llenvalley F lock s ( M es s r s G W i lk i ns on) 9 g i m m er s , Crailloch F lock ( A M c C olm ) 7 g i m m er s , Douganhill F lock ( D oug anhi ll F ar m s ) 7 g i m m er s , Haddo F lock ( W J K nox ) 8 g i m m er s , Halbeath F lock ( R ob i n & C ar oli ne O r r ) 8 g i m m er s , Llangwm F lock ( I olo P r y s J ones ) 5 g i m m er s & 2 ewe lam b s , Loosebeare F lock ( E W Q ui c k & Sons ) 5 g i m m er s , Plasucha F lock ( R B ennett) 8 g i m m er s , Procters F lock ( P r oc ter s F ar m L td ) 9 g i m m er s Stainton F lock ( P K & R W oof) 1 0 g i m m er s , W elsh F lock ( S & T E v ans ) 3 g i m m er s , 4 ewe lam b s & 2 em b r y o p r eg nanc i es


p044.indd 44

November 25, 2016


‘ CHR IST MA S ST A R S SA LE ’ Saturday 3rd December – 11. 0 0 am p r es enti ng 1 4 0 I n-L am b F em ales wi th c ons i g nm ents fr om A nnan F lock ( G K J am i es on) 8 g i m m er s , Clinterty F lock ( B B uc han) 1 0 g i m m er s , Cowal F lock ( K A & R C am p b ell) 8 g i m m er s , Deveronvale F lock ( G M or r i s on) 1 3 g i m m er s , E den V alley F lock ( R W i ls on) 4 g i m m er s , F ordafourie F lock ( AC L ee & C o) 5 g i m m er s , G oldies F lock ( B T G old i e) 7 g i m m er s , Hilltop F lock ( K P r att) 6 g i m m er s , K nap F lock ( R C oc k b ur n) 1 1 g i m m er s , Milnbank F lock ( R H W i ls on) 1 7 g i m m er s , Sp ortsmans & Mellorvale F lock s ( B od en & D av i es ) 1 5 g i m m er s Strathbogie F lock ( J I nnes & Sons ) 1 1 g i m m er s

Monday 5th December

Christmas shows and sales of PR IME CA T T LE , BU LLS & CO W S


on be

9 ewe


1 e

I nc lud i ng s how and s ale of

PR IME CHA R O LA IS CA T T LE O n b ehalf of the B or d er C har olai s C lub O

A lso PR IME SHE E P E ntr i es c los e M ond ay 2 8 th N ov em b er

CO NT INE NT A L INLA MB SHE E P of all breeds F riday 9th December E ntr i es c los e F r i d ay 2 5 th N ov em b er


C 20 0


F riday 9th December – 10 . 0 0 am E ntr i es c los e M ond ay 2 8 th N ov em b er

T he Livestock A uctioneers A ssociation 44


23/11/2016 14:32:45


Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions

Selby Auction Mart ...Yorkshire’s Friendly Mart

SA T U R DA Y 26T H NO V E MBE R A T 9. 30 A M 1 2 0 0 L ots of F ur F eather & M i s c I tem s



Broughton Mart

F riday 9th December

T : 0 1229 71630 8 or 0 778 6458 266


Christmas show and sale of ST O R E CA T T LE & PR IME LA MBS

Show 8 . 30 am Sale 11. 0 0 am

ents er s , on) er s , er s ,

1 1 s er v ed hei fer s and 3 9 m ai d en hei fer s , followed b y

Sale of W E A NE D CA LV E S

Monday 5th December Show 4. 0 0 p m Sale 6. 0 0 p m

2 3 b ull c alv es and 5 5 hei fer c alv es

E ntr i es to ti m e of s ale


Sp ecial sale of R A R E & MINO R IT Y BR E E DS and all classes of CA T T LE A ND SHE E P F ollowed by T O O LS, SMA LL MA CHINE R Y , PR O DU CE E T C.

er s ,

F riday 9th December

er s ,

Show and Sale of 232 BE LT E X IN-LA MB SHE E P


ents ,

, ,

Show 8 . 30 am Sale 10 . 0 0 am

Saturday 10 th December – 11. 0 0 am

5 4 ewes , 1 1 7 s hear li ng g i m m er s , 61 em p ty ewe hog g s and 4 p r eg nanc i es i nc s – R ed uc ti on Sales fr om C olleg e floc k & W i s k er s floc k K indly sponsored by J G Animal H ealth F ollowed b y ap p rox 2. 30 p m 2 0 B eltex X g i m m er s ( N on-M V Ac c ) fr om J & T W hi tefor d , T er c r os s et AI ’ d 1 9 th Sep t to Ai r y olland N ai ler & W ood i es B ob b y d az z ler , s c anned i n lam b .


on b ehalf of the N or th W es t M i d land s & N or th W ales C lub 5 0 b ulls and 1 5 fem ales Sale i nc onj unc ti on wi th W L S

O n F arm Sale F A R M DISPLE NISHING SA LE O F V E HICLE S & MA CHINE R Y etc at High T hree Mark , Stoneyk irk , Stranraer DG 9 9E A


Show and Sale of 29 BLU E T E X E L IN-LA MB SHE E P Sale 11. 30 am

1 ewe, 2 7 s hear li ng g i m m er s , 1 em p ty ewe hog g

K irk by Step hen Mart T : 0 1768 37138 5 Christmas p riz e show and sale of 20 0 ST O R E , BR E E DING & O T M CA T T LE Monday 28 th November Show 9. 0 0 am Sale 9. 30 am 1 0 0 Stor e C attle & 5 0 -60 O T M

C ows

p045.indd 45

www. selbymart. co. uk


Monthly Collective Sale of Machinery (10am) (Next sale 21st January 2017)


Pigs at 9.30am Sheep at 9.35am Cull Cows at 11am followed by Prime Cattle


on b ehalf M r N R B r own

Sale of Dairy, Calves, Store & Breeding Stock (10.45am)

F riday 2nd December - 10 . 30 am ( commencing with small tools)


Including: J D 61 4 0 R fr ont P T O & li nk ag e 62 p late 2 8 0 0 hr s ; V altr a N 1 0 3 fr ont li nk ag e 64 p late 9 65 hr s ; Sc haffer hand ler 9 3 1 0 T r ear hy d tr ai ler hi tc h 60 p late 4 0 0 0 hr s v ar i ous attac hm ents ; F or d 4 61 0 G r eg d ual wheels 4 s ets -3 8 , 3 6, 2 4 , 2 0 ; K eenan 3 5 0 m i x er wag on M ec h F i b er - 4 wi nter s ; K R M L 2 fer ti li s er s p r ead er hop p er c ap ac i ty 2 0 0 0 k g s ; K R M D Z T r end 1 5 0 0 k g s ; B elai r B r i c k 2 0 0 8 D E s tr aw b ed d er ; Ab b ey 2 0 0 0 g al s lur r y tank er ; K r one fr ont/ r ear m ower s – AT V Suz uk i K i ng Q uad 4 x 4 4 0 0 F SI ; s em en tank and c ontents . V ar i ous Sm all T ools V intage: I nter nati onal H ar v es ter T D 6 C r awler T r ac tor ( O r i g i nal M anual) As p r ev i ous ly ad v er ti s ed - full li s t av ai lab le on the web s i te


arket ffice R ichard Haigh: 0 7768 594535

Saturday 26th November Show 9. 0 0 am Sale 11. 0 0 am

9 ewes , 63 s hear li ng g i m m er s and 8 em p ty ewe lam b s K i nd ly s p ons or ed b y O v i b r eed & D av i d s ons Ani m al F eed s

W ednesday 14th December

L ong L eg g ed & O v en R ead y P oultr y


Show 12 noon Sale 1. 0 0 p m

O n b ehalf of B or d er & L ak eland H ols tei n C lub E ntr i es c los e W ed nes d ay 3 0 th N ov em b er



T : 0 1228 40 6230

on behalf of the Solway & T yne T exel Breeders Club

Show and sale of PE DIG R E E HO LST E IN CA T T LE


F ollowed b y

W elshp ool Livestock Centre

Show and Sale of 8 0 T E X E L IN-LA MB SHE E P

Show 10 . 30 am

SA T U R DA Y 3R D DE CE MBE R 140 Store & Breeding Cattle of all classes 1 5 P ur e L i m s tr s & hfr s , 8 -1 2 m o, M B uc k ley & P tr s 6 BBx suckler bulls, 7mo, S & P Padfield 4 L i m x b ulls , 1 0 m o, N & D I ng ham 20 0 Store Sheep 225 Store Pigs & Sows Pigs 9. 15am Sheep 9. 45am Cattle 10 . 45am

CHA R IT Y A U CT IO N – 12. 0 0 noon E ntr i es tak en ti ll ti m e of s ale

av i es )

er s

CHR IST MA S SHO W & SA LE O F PR IME CA T T LE 325 Cattle 560 Sheep 460 Pigs & Sows Pigs 9 am Sheep 9 .4 5am Cattle 10.30am

Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Cattle & Sheep Classes for Regular Fatstock Consignors at the Auction (Entries Close 12noon 2nd Dec)

Prime Lamb Vendors

Some Abattoirs are now insisting that lambs are Belly Clipped To ensure max returns please present lambs Belly Clipped (Service available on the day at a cost) Ring Ian for advice

Ian Smith (Market Manager) 07738 043771 01943 462172

E X CHA NG E IDE A S November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:32:04 Auctions


Fatstock season outlook Alastair J. Brown on primestock markets


s we move in to winter, along come the traditional Christmas fatstock show and sales. We had the first one yesterday (November 24); the Thrapston and District Fatstock Show Society, incorporating Northampton Primestock Club. The first was held in early 1900s. This year is the 107th event. Another historical show and sale on behalf of the Bedford Christmas Livestock Society, which is held tomorrow (November 26) just a few days later at the same venue, a similar sale of stock which includes store cattle, calves and live poultry, entries in the show this year include 38 finished and store cattle, along with about 150 commercial store cattle, 150 lambs, and more than 30 calves. After the weekend in our other centre at Stratford upon Avon, our

final fatstock show and sale of the year is held on Tuesday, November 29, which mainly includes fat lambs – about 120 for the show and 150 others at this time of year and a handful of fat cattle. After months of preparation in keeping these well-bred stock for the big day, all the producers are hoping for a good price for their stock. Throughout the year we have experienced lamb prices up considerably from last year but, over the last few weeks, prices have plummeted to only a few pence more on average than last year, but on the bright side many producers are up on the year even with prices less for the past couple of weeks. Prices are reduced mainly due to many poor lambs lacking meat coming on to the market which have not finished well off grass this year. Looking at figures from previous years, demand has often strengthened at this time of year. Let’s hope this year is not an exception. It may look all doom and gloom, but well

‘Highlight strengths of our red meat sector’

fleshed heavy lambs are still realising in to the £90s. The market for beef has held up well this year, even with new difficult to understand grids and grading systems, weight limits, movements and farm assurance policies that have been forced on to producers selling directly to the deadweight sector. The lack of supply this year has kept the price fairly firm though stagnant. Fewer cattle have finished off

grass this autumn, not forcing numbers on to the finished market throughout the backend, which is similar to what has happened with lambs. Could there be an influx of numbers in the New Year, with animals being finished inside throughout the winter? We will have to wait and see, but if you have stock, manage numbers and do not cause an oversupply on the market, especially if prices do decrease. Hold cattle, do not rush to sell on a falling trade if this happens. We produce good quality goods that are wanted worldwide and we must remember this and stay strong. Let us hope the leaders of the country understand this and promote it for export to the world to increase prices in all sectors and give farmers a decent income to be able to continue to farm effectively and Alastair J. Brown is a senior auctioneer on behalf of Bletsoes. Call 07885 804 450 or email



Serving the rural community for over 140 years


Opportunities in North East Scotland

Postp oned: F r i ar I ng s F ar m Sale Satur d ay 2 6th N ov em b er and, in some cases exceeded, for years require sensitive pricing to F riday 2nd December Land update a range of land and rural property attract the cautious buyers in this Bakewell Market Results Bakewell Store Cattle Section 20 segment 0 R earing Calves & Stirk s types. The downturn in the North from James C. Presly of the market. Every Monday 11am East of Scotland’s oil industry, Our practical experience the s Christmas Show for calves und er 8inweek Monday 21st November 2016 together with agricultural and Scotland Already Entered income for Monday 28th November espite the political unSp ons or s : North B ar c lay s North B ank P East lc ; V ofolac ; G enus ; pressures 5from property Lim xlow Strs, commodity 17-18 mnth, 4 Here Hfrs, 6 mnth, certainties of Brexit, R D Arural C attle Ser v i c esmarket ; P V D isobthat s on.buy322 Store & Breeding Cattlesecond refprices and 1delays in subsidy pay- 4 Here Strs, 20 mnth, ers from outside the region cona possible A. Angus x Hfr, 17 mnth, M y er s G ar th Shi eld for C ham p i on. Strs £1,170, Hfrserendum £1,100, Cow Calf Outfits £1,140 ments, arenamed certainly on&Scottish tinue to be involved in large and sire, 4well Lim xpubliStrs, 15-16 mnth, 4 A. Angus x R egwell ular equipped V end or s farm only transactions. to s how. cised factors influencing the mar-2 Lim Hfrs, 18-29 mnth, 99 Finished Cattle to 242p and £1,466 independence and the Strs & Hfrs, 18-29 mnth, J ud g This i ng 1 reflects 0 . 3 0 am our . Sale 1 . 0 0 in am a. naket at present. there19-26 mnth, 1 Sim x Hfr, 17 ongoing process of land reform in 126 OTM Cattle to 160p and £1,279 5 A.Subsequently, Angus x Strs & Hfrs, view1 that, Monthly Dairy Sale at 1. 0 0 / 1. 30 p m is a prevailing mood of caution in Aberdeen and to Northern mnth, 10 Hol Fries Strs, 24-32 mnth, 3 Br Blue Hfrs, tional context, farms in the North 51Scotland, Calves, Bulls to £400, Hfrs £275 the market. Estates – the property division of 6 mnth, 7 Blonde, Here, A. Angus & Lim x Cows all East of Scotland represent sound F riday 9th December 1,390 Lambs to 223p and £103.30, SQQ Ave. 177p However, with4-6uncertainty the ANM Group, based scanned mnth in calf to Blonde investment opportunities and 700 Cull Sheep, Ewes to £118at aveThain£61.73 ‘Shrewd buyers regard Scotland C hr i s tm as eef B for r eedmoney. i ng C attle Show comes opportunities and shrewdPrimestock stone, Aberdeenshire – is reportgoodB value Bakewell Christmas See the full report on 4 0 H fr s A&recent C ows iexample n c alf/ wi thofc this alv es is. a buyers continue to regard Scot- as good value for money’ ing the farmland market in the Call Alastair Sneddon on 07973 982441 Show & Sale land and the North East as good North and North East of Scotland Stoc k B ull portfolio of 435 hectares (1,076 Ivor Lowe on 07977 449126, Sunday & Monday Decemberwhere the businesses pronounced value for money with4th potential for 5th is holding up07801 and performing acres) of equipped farmland which Oliver Hiles on 530899 or well. nq uiries: 0 1969 623167 keen not to miss an opportun- E was long-term capital particu-28th are rural properEntriesgrowth, close Monday November recently brought to the marPeterSeveral Oven onfarms 07973and 982443 Stepket hen alk already er 0 78 66 358 interest 130 ity to purchase the neighbouring larly when Sunday compared with other ties have recently gone under offer andW has drawn - Show & Carol Service Don’t forget Bakewell is GREEN EVERY WEEK unit at a time when borrowing is areas of theSheep UK. - Judging commences or reached settlement of sale and from throughout the UK. at 2.00pm www. leyburnauctions. com available and interest rates remain Demand can often be localised last week8th we held four competitive Thursday December Cattle - Judging commences at 2.30pm James C. Presly is senior associate low. with stronger demand and opticlosing dates for equipped farms Store Sheep Sale - 2016 Final Round Up! Monday - Salewith well at Aberdeen & Northern (Estates). Conversely, we are finding secmism emerging in areas and bare land opportunities. Further invited up tototime sale details contact 01629 812777 Call 01467 623 800 or email A uctioneers ondary quality land and farmsLivestock performingFurther and diversified farmBakewell Weentries are continuing istic asking prices being achieved businesses. This is particularly with limited investment in recent A ssociation Email: Ashbourne 01335 342201 Leek 01538 398466


598 Cattle, 2,090 Sheep

Bakewell Derby



01629 812777 01332 200147

November 25, 2016 XX | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p046.indd 46

Penkridge Uttoxeter

01785 716600 01889 562811




www. laa. co. uk

23/11/2016 14:38:02

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions



GISBURN AUCTION MARTS Office 01200 445376 Ann 07710 709979 Jonathan 07834 772276 Fred 07713 075660 Rachel 07713 075659 Bryan 07496 322577

Saturday 26th November SALE OF 1,500 SHEEP ALL CLASSES 10.00 am CULL EWES & PRIME LAMBS 11.00 am CATALOGUE SALE OF BREEDING SHEEP followed by STORE LAMBS Inc special sale of In-Lamb Ewes


Est 1803

V isit ou r web site f or u p to date L isting s, Catalog u es and Sale R eports

“All livestock sold under national conditions of sale recommended for use by the L.A.A.”

Sale: 10.30am


BENTHAM AUCTION MART (015242) 61246 (Sale Days) 61444 (Office) Stephen Dennis 07713 075 661 Greg MacDougall 07713 075 664 Will Alexander 07590 876 849

Wednesday 30th November 10-20 Newly Calved Dairy Cattle (11am) 100 Rearing Calves (12Noon) 5000-6000 Cast & Feeding Ewes, Prime & Lightweight Lambs (4pm) including

Christmas Show & Sale of LONG WOOLED LAMBS Classes for Pens of 5 - Mule, Masham, Horned, Cheviot & Cheviot Mule Lambs. Lambs to be penned by 3pm

www. nwauct i ons. co . uk

LA NCA ST E R A U CT IO N MA R T T E L: 0 1524 6330 8 Monday 28 th November W eekl y Sale of 10 0 0 P r i m e L am b s and 20 0 C ast Sheep followed b y P r i m e C attle F riday 2nd December 1 0 . 1 5 am W eekl y Sale of 60 C alve s, 10 0 C ast C ows & 450 Stor e C attle F riday 9th December C hr i st m as Show & Sale of C alve s, C ast C ows & Stor e C attle Monday 12th December Lancaster F estive F air C hr i st m as Show & Sale of P r i m e L am b s, P r i m e C attle & D ai r y C attle Dairy Cattle E ntries close Friday 2nd December 9 am

J 36 R U R A L A U CT IO N CE NT R E T E L: 0 15395 6620 0

Tuesday 6th December

Christmas Show & Sale of Cull Cows Monthly Sale of Suckler Breeding Cattle, HAY & STRAW (sale after the pigs) Christmas Show & Sale of CATALOGUE SALE OF BORDER FINE Store Cattle & Feeding Bulls ARTS COLLECTABLES at 12 noon Judging: 9.30 am

Sale: 10.30am

Monday 28th November WEEKLY PRIME LAMB COLLECTION CENTRE 35-45kg Red Mkt (no 6 day rule) Quick drop off, pay 7 days, call for weekly price. Belly Clipping Required, service available 9-11am. Tel Jonathan or Bryan.

Thursday 1st December 10.30 am 125 PRIME CATTLE followed by 150 CULL CATTLE Last sale Bulls to 219ppk £1437, Steers 232ppk £1216, Hfrs 245ppk £1335, Cull 175ppk £1164

CHRISTMAS PRIME CATTLE SHOW Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup (Champion) ES Hartley Ltd Perpetual Challenge Cup (Best Traditional) and M & E Hartley Cup (Young Farmer) Judging at 9.30 am prompt 10.30am 250 REARING CALVES Last sale Bulls to £475, Hfrs £400 11.30pm 80 DAIRY CATTLE


Gisburn Auction Directors’ Silver Challenge Trophy (Champion) G W Bargh Challenge Trophy (In-Calf) Henry Bradley Memorial Challenge Trophy (Dairy Heifer) Judging at 10.30 am prompt 12.30pm HAY & STRAW 1.00pm 1500 PRIME LAMBS & CULL SHEEP Lambs to 204.8ppk £90, Culls to £95 Belly clipping required, on site service available

SHEEP SALES EVERY SATURDAY Saturday 3rd December SALE OF 1,500 CULL EWES & PRIME LAMBS Followed by STORE LAMBS Last sale to 193.5 p/kg, Avg 169.5 p/kg

Thursday 15th December Christmas Cogent Dairy Sale to include an Unselected Reduction of 40 Young stock for G Donkin, Copdon Herd. Catalogue on web

T uesday 29th November W eekl y Sale of 20 0 0 P r i m e L am b s followed b y 50 0 C ast Sheep T hursday 1st December 1 0 . 1 5 am W eekl y Sale of 50 C alve s 1 1 am Christmas Show & Sale

1 p m

Fortnightly Sale of Store Lambs Entries for Catalogue close Monday 28th November

of 50 DA IR Y CA T T LE

Wednesday 7th December Christmas Show & Sale of REARING CALVES & SHORT WOOLED PRIME LAMBS (Pens of 5) C

Wednesday 14th December M


(Pens of 5 Ewes)



FINAL REMINDER Approx. 25.98 acres (10.51 ha) at Over Kellet, Carnforth C

FOR SALE BY AUCTION (Subj. to conditions & unless sold previously) C

MONDAY 28th NOVEMBER 2016 AT 7.30pm, LONGLANDS HOTEL, TEWITFIELD, CARNFORTH Full details from: Crooklands Office


CHRISTMAS SHOWS AT GISBURN Thu 8th Dec Christmas Stirks Show Thu 8th Dec Christmas Prime Sheep Show Thu 8th Dec Christmas Cull Cattle Show Sat 10th Dec Christmas Prime Sheep Show Thu 15th Dec Christmas Cogent Dairy Show All Entries for catalogues 01200 441351

M ar ki ng the r e-i ntr od uct i on of M onthly Sales E ntr i es to D ate I nc: 20 Newly Calved Cattle C lasse s for B est N ewly C alve d C ow & H fr Ju d g i ng to co m m ence at 1 0 . 3 0 am Also 30 Y O U NG ST O CK I nc. 12 Ped. Bulling Hfrs 1 6-1 7 m o si r ed b y r ui se ; E up hor i c; W hi ter ock; B r eke n; Z elg ad i s; ast er ful; 3 Ped. R &W Stirk s 6m o & 15 Ped. Calves 3-6mo si r ed b y M ontr eal; P r esi d ent; i eg o & B ui ck fr om L up ton H all. Also 6 Heifers fr om C lawthor p e L od g e. Sale to i ncl ud e CHA R IT Y A U CT IO N se lli ng H ei fer C alf ‘ L up tonhall B ui ck V va ler i e’ fr om JM B ar ton & Son i n ai d of the Alzh ei m er s Asso ci ati on 1 2 N oon Sale of 250 0 Stor e L am b s Saturday 3rd December at 10 . 30 am M onthly Sale of T r act or s, M ach i ner y , p lem ents & Sm all T ools p lus P lants & Shr ub s Please contact the office with entries ASAP T hursday 8 th December hr i st m as Show & Sale of C alve s, C ast C ows, P r i m e B utch er s C attle & Stor e C attle E ntries for catalogue close 30th Nove mber T uesday 13th December hr i st m as Show & Sale of P r i m e P i g s & L am b s T hursday 15th December M onthly Sale of I n-lam b B r eed i ng Sheep . E ntr i es to d ate i nc. 1 2 0 M ule E wes I L to T ex x C har d ue F eb Please advise the office of entries


H er d d i sp er sa l of 2 0 F r i esi an typ e C ows L i m ousi n B r eed i ng B ull 2 0 m onths old Contact Ian A tk inson 0 7766 521472


Livestock A uctioneers A ssociation PLA CE T O


www. laa. co. uk

p047.indd 47

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:40:46 Auctions

Brockholes Arms Auction Mart

Claughton On Brock, Preston PR3 0PH 01995 640280

Tuesday 29th November, 2016 9am Prime Lambs to £87/hd Abaoirs are requesng All Lambs are Belly Clipped-clipping facilies available at the market Followed by Cast Ewes to £97/hd 10.30am Fat Bulls & Prime Cale to 214p/kg Followed by Store Cale to £1,160/hd 11.30am Rearing Calves to £395/hd Wednesday 30th November, 2016 10.30am OTM Cale Followed by TB Exempt Cale

Christmas Show & Sale Tuesday 6th December, 2016 Please see website for full show schedule Cash Prizes available

Reaching deeper and further into UK farming than any other media group FG For any further information please contact Lisa on 07539 682 492 Melton Mowbary Market Scalford Road, Melton Mowbary, Leics, LE13 1JY



p048.indd 48



SATURDAY 3rd DECEMBER 80 PEDIGREE TEXEL FEMALES In Lamb Shearling Ewes and Ewe Lambs Show and Sale for the GLOUCESTER TEXEL CLUB Show at 10.30am, Sale at 12noon Also 64 PEDIGREE BLUE TEXEL FEMALES In Lamb Ewes, Shearling Ewes & Ewe Lambs Show and Sale for the BLUE TEXEL SHEEP SOCIETY Show at 12noon, Sale at 1.30pm Together with 12 BELTEX IN LAMB GIMMERS Production Sale from Whatmore Flock Steven and Sara Gibbons Sale at 2.30pm Also Weekly Sale of Store Cattle / Sheep Catalogues: 01905 769770


November 25, 2016

CHRISTMAS FATSTOCK SHOW & SALE TUESDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2016 OF CATTLE . SHEEP . GOATS . PIGS IN MELTON MOWBRAY MARKET And CHEESE . PORK PIES . SAUSAGES . PASTRIES . HOME BAKING & FLORAL ART IN THE EXHIBITION HALLS, MELTON MOWBRAY MARKET Entries to be in by 29th November No entries will be accepted after this date. All livestock to be in by 8am, judging to start at 9am, floral art at 7:30am, cheeses, pork pies, sauasages, pastries and home baking 9am (exhibits to be in by 8:30) Sale of Show Pigs 10am, Sale of Show Sheep 10:30am (followed by goats), Sale of Show Cattle 11am, Sale of cheese, pork pies, sausages and pastries and home baking 1pm (after presentation of cups). Cups for livestock classes will be presented at the dinner dance on the friday evening.

23/11/2016 14:43:30

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions

SKIPTON AUCTION MART Tel: 01756 792375

Auctioneers: Jeremy Eaton - 07747 780481 Ted Ogden - 07855 958211 Sam Bradley - 07538 539077

Sunday 27th November CRAVEN LINGFIELD SHOW


Annual Christmas Show & Sale of PRIME LAMBS, PRIME CATTLE, PRIME PIGS & CARCASS Sheep classes - Two pens per Vendor, per Class To be eligible for any Show you must have traded livestock with CCM on at least five occasions throughout 2016 Craven Cattle Marts Trophy for the Best Horned Lambs Oramec Trophy for the Best Suffolk Lambs Anthony Dean Perpetual Trophy Champion Hill Lambs ES Hartley Trophy for the Champion Pen of Lambs Alf Lister Trophy for the Champion Beast Great Northern Pork Pie Competition Annual Prize Show of Fodder & Hay Show & Charity Sale of Cakes & Other Items Full schedule available at Supported by Mart’s the Heart

SALE BY AUCTION OF 200 CRAVEN CATTLE MARTS LTD ORDINARY £1 SHARES – Main Ring approx. 2.30pm Shares are sold subject to memorandum of Articles of the Company and transfers are subject to the Approval of the Board.

Monday 28th November

REARING CALVES Sale 10.45am CROP & PRODUCE Sale 11.45am WEEKLY PRIMESTOCK SALE (6 day rule) CLEAN CATTLE Sale 12.30pm followed by CAST & FEEDING COWS (4 Year & Pre Test) followed by TB EXEMPT CATTLE (pre enter) XMAS SHOW OF CAST CATTLE Judging 12.00noon PRIME LAMBS & CAST SHEEP Sale 1.30pm XMAS SHOW OF CAST EWES - Judging 1.00pm

Monday 5th December


Wednesday 7th December

FEEDING BULLS, STORE & BREEDING CATTLE Inc Xmas Show of STORE CATTLE (entries close Wednesday 30th November)

Saturday 10th December

24th Annual Winter Show & Sale of PEDIGREE TEXEL FEMALES On behalf of the Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders 5th Winter Show & Sale of PEDIGREE BELTEX FEMALES For members of the Beltex Sheep Society COMMERCIAL & PURE BRED INLAMB CONTINENTAL EWES - MV & NON MV Sold singularly or in small groups Entries include:Annual production sale of 40 Ewes & 90 Shrlgs on behalf of F JOEL 30 Reg Texel Gimmer Shrlgs for Procters Farms 15 Beltex for AM & HV Brown 15 Beltex for I & M Lancaster 50 Beltex for AL Thompson 5 Pedigree Suffolk for GI Richmond 20 Pedigree Texel for A Steff (Major Reduction) Festive Sale of BORDER FINE ART & BESWICK Entries must be pre 2010 Entries close Friday 25th November Christmas Show & Sale of POULTRY & WATERFOWL Entries close Friday 2nd December

CCM Dairy Sales

Sale of 3,385 STORE & GIMMER LAMBS Sale 10.30am Main Ring (please note time)

Monday 28th November Christmas Show & Sale of 40 DAIRY CATTLE Inc N/C Pedigree & Commercial Heifers Incalf Hfrs & Bulling Hfrs + 1 Ped Holstein Bull Craven Cattle Marts Trophy of Best Newly Calven Frank Wade Perpetual Challenge Trophy for Best Incalf Heifer J Ibbotson Trophy for Best Maiden Heifer Judging 11.30am - Sale 12.00noon

LIVESTOCK ONLY Stirks, Breeding & Cull Sheep/Goats Catalogue entries close Monday 28th November

4 Pedigree Suffolk Gimmer Lambs 6 Hereford x Heifers & 6 Hereford x Calves Sept Born - Contact Ted

Wednesday 30th November Saturday 3rd December

Farm to Farm

Like us on Facebook Get the latest shows and sales news from Farmers Guardian with our new Facebook page FGShowsandSales

p049.indd 49


Email: PA T E LE Y BR IDG E A U CT IO N SA T U R DA Y 3R D DE CE MBE R @ 11. 30 A . M. A NNU A L CHR IST MA S SHO W & SA LE O F F A T CA T T LE , F A T SHE E P I N C O N J U N C T I O N W I T H T H E U SU AL SAL E O F C U L L C O W S, ST O R E C AT T L E F O L L O W E D B Y ST O R E L AM B S. ‘ P AT E L E Y ’ S Y O U N G ST AR ’ SH O W F O R SI N G L E L AM B W I L L C O M M E N C E AT 1 1 . 0 0 A. M . 1 5 C O M P AN Y SH AR E S W I L L B E SO L D I N 2 L O T S AT T H E ST AR T O F T H E SAL E T el: 0 1423 7120 32 / 755278 or 0 758 7 14758 7 W ebsite - www. p ateleybridgeauction. co. uk


Riverside, Woodhead Road, Holmfirth, HD9 2PR T uesday 29th November 20 16 C alf & D ai r y sh ow and sa le Steve n M i lli n 4 B r i ti sh B lue C alve s T uesday 6th December 20 16 P r i m e ca ttle sh ow and sa le A K aye & Son 2 yo ung p ur e L i m C ows & C alve s, 1 L i m X co w & ca lf T uesday 13th December 20 16 P r i m e L am b h s ow and sa le Telephone: 01484 683652 Mobile: 07783 956745

2016 FEMALE SALES WORCESTER SA T U R DA Y 3rd DE CE MBE R C atalog ues fr om M cC ar tneys, W or ce st er T elep hone: 0 1 9 0 5 7 69 7 7 0 E m ai l: wor ce st er @ m ca r tneys. co . uk

CARLISLE F R IDA Y 9th DE C atalog ues fr om H T el: 0 1 2 2 8 4 E m ai l: i nfo@ b or d

CE MBE R & H , C ar li sl e 0 62 0 0 er way . co m


www. blue-texel-sheep . com

Plan your week at November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:45:03 Auctions

Sale LOT 31




Elphin mart, Co. Roscommon (Approx 2 hours from Dublin) Sale LOT 76

Sale LOT 157

Show 8.30am/Sale 12.30pm 114 MALES AND 45 FEMALES

Ireland’s biggest Charolais show & sale of the year Top Quality Guaranteed – Pre inspected from over 270 entries Vet Inspected Export Tested All bulls fertility tested and fertility insured Transported free to UK mainland venue Sold in Euros €€€

Online catalogues for all society shows & sales are available at Irish Charolais Cattle Society, Irish Farm Centre, Bluebell, Dublin 12. Tel: 0035314198050 E-mail: Website: Follow us on Facebook: Irish Charolais cattle Society and on Twitter: @irishcharolais

reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors arable,

livestock, agricultural








Beltex In-Lamb Sale Dates 2016



Beltex Scotland In-Lamb Sale at Live Scot - Saturday 26 Nov

finance and

Lanark Agricultural Centre, Lanark Sale of 41 Registered Pedigree Females Full details from Lawrie & Symington, Lanark Agricultural Centre on 01555 662281




Newark Livestock – Winter Warmer Sale - Saturday 26 Nov

Great North Road, Newark Sale of 25 Registered Pedigree Females Full details from Newark Livestock on 01636 676741 ............................................................................ Welshpool – Mon 5 Dec Carlisle – Fri 9 Dec Exeter – Fri 9 Dec Skipton – Sat 10 Dec Dungannon NI Fri 16 Dec Chelford – Sat 7 Jan 2017 I 015395 67973

North West Midlands and North Wales Limousin Club Sale Held at Welshpool Livestock Market Saturday 26th November 50 Veterinary Inspected Bulls 15 Pedigree Females Judging 9-00am Sale 11-00am

For a catalogue phone

01938 553438



p050.indd 50

November 25, 2016

et weather u ates

For all your auction requirements call Sam on 01772 799 500 Farmers Guardian - Auctions

23/11/2016 14:55:41

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Agriculture’s National Newspaper


Friday 2nd December

Shrewsbury Auction, Bowmen Way, Battlefield, Shrewsbury SY4 3DR Tractors: Ford 8210, Hinomoto Compact, Fordson Dexta, Renault 120.54, DB 780, DB 885, Deutz 6205, Leyland 262. Loadalls: Dieci 26.6, JCB 525-58. Plant: Dynapac 2 Drum Roll, (03) Tacheuchi TB 80FR, (15) JCB 3CX Sitemaster (14) JCB 8028 3T. Vehicles: Polaris Hawkeye 250 quad, ERF 16T Bulk Lorry, Land Rover Discovery TD5, (06) Nissan Navara Outlaw, Vauxhall Frontera, (04) Vauxhall Astra sxi, Rover 75. Cultivation: Knight 4m Cultivation Press, McConnell 5 leg Shakerator, Dowdeswell DP7, Lely 4m Power Harrow, Kvernland 3 furrow reversible. Harvesting: Pottinger 265 mower, Sands self propelled sprayer, Hardi 18m sprayer. Spreaders: Marshall Rotaspreader x2, 750 Gal Vacci Tank, Rolland Rear Discharge Hi-Spec 10cu Spreader. Trailers: Marshall 25ft Bale Trailer x2, 23ft low loader, I/W Dp120, Muck Master 14T Dump Trailer, Bradley 2.6T Plant Trailer, G.E. Tri axle Livestock, G.E. 16ft Flat, 45ft Tri axle Flat Trailer x2, 14T Marston Root Trailer, I/W Classic HB 510 Horse Trailer, Griffiths 8T Dump. Sundries: Keenan 140 Mixer, Storth Slurry Stirrer, Teagle 8080, Root Chopper Bucket, Abbey VF 14 Mixer, Hi-Spec Mixer, Fuel Bowser. Register on i-Bidder for online viewing & purchasing. Approx 1100 Lots. Sale starts at 10am. Further entries accepted.

Details from Shrewsbury Auction


T: 01743 462 620

Friday 9th December 2016

HILLEY FARM, PENTRE, NESSCLIFFE, SHREWSBURY, SY4 1BP Viz: New Holland TM140 (59), Claas Ares 577 ATZ (56), Manitou MLA628 (07), MF 135, MF516 Skid Steer, 2016 CF Moto Force 550, ATV, various vehicles, 4 x Richard Weston Trailers, Berthoud Trailed Sprayer, various Cultivation, Irrigation and Grassland equipment, 10 Trailers, Bowsers, Containers, Tractor Sundries, Wheels and Tyres, Vintage, Livestock, Dairy and Workshop Equipment, Farm Tools and Sundries. In all nearly 350 lots. i-bidder will be in operation at this sale. Commencing at 10.30am with Tools. 12 noon with Machinery.

Details from Shrewsbury Auction


T: 01743 462 620



BEEF 2017

A Farmers Guardian special supplement The Beef Guide 2017 – an essential guide for everyone BEEF involved 2017 in the beef industry Edited by Katie Jones katie.jones@fginsight. com 07786 856 439

The Beef Guide 2017 – an essential guide for everyone involved in the beef industry 2


Get cows in condition now



Building a beef enterprise from scratch



Target high growth rates



Benefits of Lupicaleage


This essential supplement comprises of beef sale listings from all major auctioneers and breed societies, feeding, housing, equipment and much, much more. The supplement will be contained in the 20th January issue of Farmers Guardian. The issue will be heavily promoted with extra copies made available across the whole of the UK. To advertise in this exclusive supplement contact Sam on 01772 799 500 or via email at Plan ahead as stocks are low


22 pages of classifieds from the beef sector


A p p rox. 4, 0 0 0 T onnes on F arms and E states in the Central Midland Counties T o i nc lud e a c om p r ehens i v e s elec ti on of

HA Y , ST R A W , SILA G E & HA Y LA G E i n all s i z es & eas i ly ac c es s i b le to towns wi thi n a 5 0 m i le r ad i us of R ug b y I nclu ding a Consig nment of H ay f or I mmediate Deliv ery T O


T U E SDA Y 29T H NO V E MBE R 20 16 A T 2. 30 PM AT Lutterworth R ugby F ootball Club, A shby Lane, Bitteswell, Lutterworth, Leics, LE 17 4LW ( 3 M i les fr om

J unc ti on 2 0 of the M 1 M otor way )

Catalogues & Information T el: 0 178 8 564749 7 - 11 A lbert Street, R ugby, CV 21 2R X www. howk insandharrison. co. uk / auctions. asp x

p051.indd 51

Our brands reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment



Farmers Guardian

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Advertising deadline January 6th 2017 November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:52:49

FGJobs Follow us on twitter @FGJobs

ď ŽAgricultural Vacancies Farmers Guardian 3x6 Recruitment Header.indd 1

Looking For Staff ?

05/07/2016 19:24

Looking for Staff?

4XtraHands Ltd

Experienced yard person required To look after a busy plant yard in Waterfoot, Rossendale. Day to day responsibilities include keeping the yard tidy, checking plant inside and out, wash and inspect machines. Full time position, Monday to Friday with the occasional Saturday Morning. Good pay. Please send CV to the attention of; Mark Tomlinson Warth Goods Depot, Warth Lane, Waterfoot, Rossendale, BB4 7JA, Or to

HE R DSPE R SO N ( Nottinghamshire) R eq ui r ed to j oi n 4 m an team on a 4 5 0 c ow uni t. 3 6 p oi nt r otar y p ar lour . W e offer a c om p eti ti v e s alar y and ac c om m od ati on p lus O ng oi ng tr ai ni ng / s up p or t to the r i g ht c and i d ate. If you would like to find out more contact: Mark 0 7967 8 0 7260 or mark @ thehornbuck les. co. uk

HERDSPERSON/ STOCKPERSON required for a large pedigree cow herd & small buffalo herd. Must have experience and be able to work as part of a team. North Preston Area.

Tel: 01995 640352

Assistant Herdsperson

We are looking for a young enthusiasc individual to work along-side myself on my 200 cow 10,000 litre average dairy unit in Kent. Must be movated and keen to learn all aspects of diary farming. Driving licence essenal. Accommodaon available for a single person.

Contact Greg on 07921 522 952 or 01732 868391

Herdsperson / Assistant Herdsperson 280 expanding autumn calving herd. Must be upbeat, conscientious, reliable, and willing to take responsibility. Opportunity to progress. Driver’s license. Accommodation available. Please contact Graham Roberts Tel: 07887512151 / 01606 592191 or email



p052.indd 52

November 25, 2016

Looking for work?

Tractor Drivers, Milkers, Lambers, Stock People, Pig People, Farm Mechanics, Fencing and all Rural Staff.

25 Y e Expe ars rienc e or 0 128 4 747292

02476 698000 NIGHT MILKER REQUIRED To be part of a team. Milking time 8pm start, 3-4 nights/week. Audlem, Cheshire.

Telephone Alan on 01630 653808

A ssistant Herdsp erson / T ractor Driver R eq ui r ed for full ti m e or p ar t ti m e/ j ob sh ar e. F or r ob oti c m i lki ng d ai r y her d . M ust b e ke en to lear n.

T el: 0 1995 60 220 7 ( G arstang) or email adamjsutcliffe@ sk y. com. ( N o acco

m od ati on ava i lab le)

ď ŽSales & Marketing

Farmers Guardian T he U K ’ s Premier A gricultural Information Business is now recruiting for an A dvertising Sales E xecutive B r i efi ng M ed i a’ s p or tfoli o i s the U K ’ s lead i ng m ed i a b r and for on the tr end s and c halleng es for the li v es toc k , ar ab le and d I n ad d i ti on, B r i efi ng M ed i a r uns thr ee p r em i er ev ents : L AM C r op T ec whi c h help s far m er s and thei r ad v i s or s d ev elop p r B r i ti s h F ar m i ng Awar d s .

the ag r i c ultur al i nd us tr y , wi th a k ey foc us ai r y far m i ng s ec tor s , i n p r i nt and onli ne. M A, the U K ’ s lar g es t m ac hi ner y s how, ofi tab le and s us tai nab le far m i ng and the

An op p or tuni ty has ar i s en wi thi n the F ar m er s G uar d i an c las s i fi ed team for an enthus i as ti c teles ales ex ec uti v e. Y our r ole wi ll b e to g ener ate b us i nes s b y m ak i ng effec ti v e s ales p r es entati ons to new and ex i s ti ng c us tom er s ac r os s our p or tfoli o of p r od uc ts whi c h als o i nc lud es s ub s c r i p ti on s ales and s p ons or s hi p op p or tuni ti es . W e ar e s eek i ng a c onfi d ent, s elf-m oti v ated i nd i v i d ual wi th the d r i v e and hung er to s uc c eed s et tar g ets . W e offer a fr i end ly , y et ener g eti c wor k i ng env i r onm ent. P r ev i ous ex p er i enc e i s not es s enti al wi th full and on-g oi ng tr ai ni ng p r ov i d ed . F as t tr ac k op p or tuni ti es ar e av ai lab le. Salar y :

ÂŁ 1 8 , 0 0 0 B as i c + unc ap p ed c om m i s s i on

L oc ati on:

P r es ton

B enefi ts :

2 5 d ay s holi d ay , c ontr i b utor y p ens i on s c hem e and fr ee li fe as s ur anc e

P leas e e-m ai l y our C V to:

s tep hani e. r y d er @ far m er s g uar d i an. c om

ď ŽContractors

WASTE TYRES removed from farms

• 25 years experience • Registered waste carrier • All farm tyres & tyre bale removed in bulk • Competitive prices For free quote call Chris Ingram on

07860 670 201

ď ŽPersonal Services GAY FARMER Need to

talk to someone who understands and supports? Total confidentiality assured. - Tel 07837 931894*

et weather u ates



• Borehole Drilling • Commercial & Domestic • Surveys & Licensing • Water Analysis • Pumping & Filtration • Supply & Installation • Service & Repair • Geothermal Work

01625 878411

23/11/2016 16:06:55

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Trees & Shrubs



Per100 Per1000 20/40cm 0.14 0.13 40/60cm 0.20 0.18 40/60cm bushy 0.37 0.35 60/90cm 0.27 0.25 90/120cm bushy 0.50 0.48 Blackthorn 40/60cm 0.16 0.15 60/90cm bushy 0.30 0.28 Beech 30/40cm 0.44 0.42 40/60cm 0.46 0.44 60/90cm 0.71 0.69 90/120cm 1.10 1.07 Privet 40/60cm 0.37 0.35 60/90cm 2yr 0.68 0.66 Hornbeam 40/60cm 0.35 0.33 60/90cm 0.60 0.58 90/120cm 1.05 1.03 Box 20/30cm 1.05 30/40cm 1.17 English Yew 40/50cm 2.28 50/60cm 3.41 Rabbit Guards 0.17p Canes 0.07p Trees, Specimen Plants, Hedging, All Sizes Available. A standard delivery charge may be added. All Major Credit Cards Accepted. All Prices Exclude Vat Southport Road, Shaw Green, Euxton, Chorley, Lancs, PR7 6EQ Tel: 01257 450533 Fax: 01257 450568 Quickthorn


Each per 1000




Trees & other nursery stock. Specialising in hedging schemes e.g. Stewardship and Farm Woodland Projects. Delivery nationwide. Nursery open Mon-Fri. Tel Peter on 01772 585202 or peter@ PR5 4JB

p053.indd 53

North West Christmas Tree Co Nordman/Fraser Fir Lodgepole Pine Wholesale

Tel: 07780 704544 or 01745 720245

30,000 Ltr Fabdec 20,000 Ltr Fabdec 16,000 Ltr Roka *NEW Special Offer 15,000 Ltr Fullwood Packo 8,000 Ltr Fabdec 7,500 Ltr With New Cleaner

6,000 Ltr Instant Cooling Tank 6,000 Ltr Fullwood Packo 6,000 Ltr Fabdec 5,000 Lt + New Washer 4,500 Ltr Fabdec 4,500 Ltr Delaval

1 Ton Ice Builder Smaller Sizes Available **RMIB = Instant Cooling Tank Refurbished Ice Builders in Stock EMERGENCY OPEN & ENCLOSED - LOAN TANKS AVAILABLE TO RENT MAIN DEALER FOR NEW RO-KA MILK COOLING SYSTEMS Indoor & Outdoor Tanks & Silos also available Tanks wanted - 6,000 Ltr and above. For further details please call S.W Refrigeration specialising in “On Farm cooling Equipment” 01392 210344 or Paul on 07974 140949 All Tanks can be fitted anywhere in the country or ex-yard and all come with a 12 month warranty. Talk to us about our “Green Machine” Heat Recovery System. With almost all installations returning a 30-50% return on investment, can you afford not to install it on your Dairy Farm? Please see for more info.


Ro-Ka 4,000 Litres Delaval 5,000 Litres Ro-Ka 5,000 Litres Fullwood Ice Bank 6,000 Litres Ro-Ka 6,000 Litres Ro-Ka 7,000 Litres Japy 8,000 Litres Serap 9,000 Litres New Ro-Ka 10,000 Litres Ro-Ka 15,000 Litres Ro-Ka 20,000 Litres Part exchange considered This is only a selection of the tanks currently in stock.

Please ring for further requirements.

KRISTAL D&D Ltd Bromyard

Formerly Domestic and Dairy

Tel: 01885 483576


Milk Tanks for export. Tel: 07973 409990 Lancs (T)

Colostrum Management System *Test Colostrum * * Freeze only Quality Colostrum * * Thaw 4 litre pack within 20mins * * Feed immediately after birth *

For more details contact BRITMILK Tel : 01387 750459 Main Agents for Fabdec Dari–Kool & Packo Cooling systems in Lancashire & South Cumbria D X & I ce B ank T anks, L ar g e V olum e M i lk Si los I ce B ui ld er s, H eat R eco ve r y Energy Efficient Systems I nst allati ons, M ai ntenance & 2 4 / 7 B r eakd own Ser vi ce Office: 01772 780806 Mob: 07753 957380 Click Bulk Tanks for up to date stock for sale NEW, RE-CON AND USED BULK MILK TANKS Available from the Fabdec DARI-KOOL and GEA TCool main dealers in the north west. All milk refrigeration work also undertaken by F Gas qualified engineers providing 24/7 cover on all makes of tank including servicing, breakdown & annual maintenance contracts. Shepherd Dairy Services. Tel: 01772 972150 or 07912 521722 (T)

Portable Milk ing Machine C om p lete wi th H ond a eng i ne and E lec tr i c m otor . T hi s uni t i s r ead y for wor k and c an b e d eli v er ed any wher e i n the U K . Livestock Sup p lies LT D Call A shley on: 0 78 31 8 8 7531 or 0 18 29 260 328 www. livestock sup p lies. co. uk GLASS MILK Bottle

Filler Graham-Enock Little Gem 6 head glass filler. Working but needs attention in some areas. Halifax Richard Wheelwright - 07713 004558

HYGIENIC PVC wall cladding supplied & installed. Various Colours available. Tel: 01772 780806 or 07753 957380 DD Cooling


GEA MI-ONE 3 box Milking Robot Less than 2 years old

Tel Mark: 07771 684025 Cumbria (P) 200 DAIRY CUBICLE BARS at £15 each Contact Matt: 07764 310656 Northampton (P)

PARLOUR FOR SALE Westfalia 12 x 12 parlour for sale, good condition, parlour, chaser gate, tank £29500 Contact Poppersyoung@aol. com

CONCRETE GROOVING All areas covered.

Telephone Frank Dods: 07824 882126


HEAVY DUTY replace-

ment troughs for any parlour. Trough and manger frames, any type. Tel Vic or Tracy 01260 226261 Staffs

FOR HIRE Portable milk-

ing parlour. 10:20 suitable for re fitting exercises. Tel: Mobile 07747 771641 or 01668 281455

Horticulture FREE EXCAVATION OF LAGOONS & FISHING LAKES Within a 15 mile radius of Ormskirk, Lancashire R Draper Ltd For further information:

Contact Alan: 07889 454914 or 01695 722315 email: November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 15:00:49 ď ŽLivestock Services

ď ŽLivestock Equipment HEFIER REARING Space available soon for up to 100 Heifers. Ages 3 months to calving age. Summer grazing and A.I. High standard of stockmanship. North Derbyshire Area.


Tel: 07805 755689 (P)


ROBINSON MITCHELL LTD Daily collections of all types of fallen stock throughout the North of England.

Cows and Bulls bought on farm 50 mile radius of Crewe Also horses bought for slaughter William Turner: 07836 370426 7 days

Cattle Slats - Maxi & Big T Slurry Channel - 1.2m, 2.4m & 3m Stock Wall Panels - 100mm Silage/Grain Wall Panels - 135 mm Free Standing L Walls - Any size Feed Troughs - Various types

Water Troughs - 450 gals     - Sectional with covers Beams & Columns - Any size Modular Slurry Store - Any size Cubicle Beds - Single or doubles Hatch Panel - Galvanised steel cover

Braehead, Barrhill, Ayrshire, KA26 0QR T 01465 821 348 F 01465 821 383 E

t: 01477 544551

m: 07711 259286

PETER BODDY Licensed Horse & Cattle Slaughterers.

Tel: 01524 261144 or 01524 263022 or 01274 833196

All types of cattle, plain, lame, casualties, down cows on vet certificates. Immediate collection, 7 days a week.


Mobile: 07831 222384

Tel : 01706 812424 or

Weaner - to - finish accommodation required Tel: 07711 878947 (T)

John F. Helliwell Livestock Transporter

Cattle Dealer

Requires all classes of cattle - All areas covered

Best Prices Paid Payment in 2 days

Telephone: 07774 620008 anytime Daily Collection






Plain & Lame Cows & Bulls Wanted. Also casualty collection service with veterinary certificates direct to our own abattoir.

BAMBER BRIDGE Lancs, Cumbria, Cheshire. Yorkshire.

TEXT OR TELEPHONE STEPHEN: 07860 636 605 DAVID: 07842 876 590 OFFICE: 01772 626 951

B&B Custom Feeding Cattle Service Year round availability at grazing & housing

Beef & dairy cattle over 9 mths Options available to take through to slaughter AFU available for TB restricted cattle Banks Farm Ltd, Somerset Call: 07966 510552 Email:



p054.indd 54

November 25, 2016

CONCRETE GROOVING 0% Interest PaymentPlans, Credit/Debit cards accepted, Nationwide, Affordable. Tel 01946 862059 Paladin

Farm Services (T) MARK


Sheep and Cattle Scanning. DEFRA approved from ÂŁ2.50. Covering all areas. Tel: 078819 33449 or 01490 450393 Nationwide

Livestock Housing Equipment

Livestock Housing Equipment ' " ! ' #   #! ' "% $ "" !! '"" ! '#!"#!

Barlow Trailers

TEL: 01772 600395 FAX: 01772 601389

HIGH PEAK Cattle Scan-

ning Services. Contact David Astley Tel: 01457 863151 or Mobile 07976 773797 (T)

IAN SMITH Livestock

Scanning Services. Across the North -Tel: 01200 445750 or 07976 539197 (T)



Contact Robert Garth - Tel: 07971 874939

N.Yorks/Lancs (T)

ď ŽLivestock Equipment


Agriculture Cubicles and Mattresses, Dairy Housing Equipment. Tel: Charlie Sutcliffe on

07703 679023

' "!! ""  #! '"" &!" '   #"! '   " #"!

Open 7 days


-Tel: 01900 817009 or 07759 194600 Nationwide (T)

'!" "! '  ! '     !

CAPTIVE BOLT STUNNER No firearms certificate required An economy model suitable for the humane destruction of all farm animals using .22 long or .380 blanks


Improved safety for you and your cattle. Manufactured by DRT Trailers. Manufacturing Bale and grain trailers all sizes up to 20tonne. Tel: 01759 371601

Contact us for a free brochure

ENTWISTLE GUNS Tel 01772 718048 NEW & SECOND HAND FEED BINS FOR SALE Nationwide Delivery

07970 740568


Pack. 4 combs, 8 cutters ÂŁ56, Sheep and Cattle clipping. Add delivery and VAT. Tel:01200 427419 www.

ANIMAL COMFORT Silage Clamp Mats Cow Mats Portable Concrete Beds Concrete Drinking Troughs Self Locking Yokes Cubicles Nationwide Delivery Tel: 01994 419482 (T)

23/11/2016 15:01:51

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nLivestock Equipment


Home of the World Renowned Mayo Mattress Range

Proudly Partnering British Farmers for Almost 30 Years

•• •• ••



The most cow friendly system on the market Fully operational in all weather conditions (including dry cold frost) Easy to operate but high tech! 1 control box for 6 passage independent operation Little or no pre-installation 5 year warranty on track & scrapers • 01704 821717/ 823215

Farmers Guardian


We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent advertisers attempting to sell items within the classified section. Whilst we endeavour to protect our readers and pull these adverts before going to press, sometimes they may unfortunately appear in print. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you PROCEED WITH CAUTION with the seller and do not part with money until goods are received. Farmers Guardian are NOT responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.



Calf Hutches. Complete with fencing. A large selection of all animal and calf feeding equipment and all other associated products also available. Massive saving on list price Livestock Supplies Ltd. Tel: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328


We Repair All Types Of Electric Fence Enegisers. All Makes & Models. We Also Give A 1 Year Warranty

Arran Lange 07910876341

p055.indd 55

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:55 Livestock Equipment BULL PEN INCLUDING RACE & 2 LOCKING GATES In good order. £575.

Tel: 01829 760243 or 01829 760805 Cheshire (P)

COSISAN Ultimate Bedding Conditioner Containing a DEFRA APPROVED Disinfectant Drier Beds • Sanitised Beds

01387 750459

Roller Mills

Two models Capacity approx 1 ton – 3 ton / hr Easy to operate and adjust. Efficient for crushing / rolling all common raw materials


Weather and Vermin proof. Central Bagging Chute, suitable for snacker. 9 -10 Tonne £2,200 plus VAT. 6 Tonne £1,500 plus VAT. 4 Tonne £1,200 plus VAT. Pictures available Tel: 01686 626007 or 07747 355782 Mid Wales

V12 Shearing

and crutching machine £345, Super Crook from NZ £25, The sheep shearing equipment specialists. Shearing pens, shearing machines, yokes and all requisites for the shearer. George Mudge & Co - Tel: 01822

BREEDING PIG Large White, Welsh, Duroc, Landrace, X bred gilts and boars, and maternal AI Very high health, World renowned pigs -Tel: John Millard 01954 719263 or Mobile 07836 312922 (T)

CLEAN SHREDDED NEWSPAPER Ideal for Pig farrowing Tel: 01636 821255

OSS-I-CHAFF Limited 56


p056.indd 56

November 25, 2016

Egg Laying Ducks

Pedigree Welsh Gilts

In-pig and maidens Tel: 01568 750461 (evenings) or 07973 951050 (Daytime) Hereford (P)


Pedigree. Ready now. (9) For sale. £50 each. -Tel: 01386 700572

North Glos (P)

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500


pullets, day old chicks/ broiler chicks. Commercial Brown Hybrids POL, Blackrocks, Light Sussex and other coloured hybrids. Ducklings. Cheshire Blue, Blue Egg layers. Nationwide Delivery-Tel: 07946 761435 Cheshire

3 flocks: 30 weeks, 19 weeks & 10 week old ducklings Khaki Campbell’s & Cherry Valley’s Genuine reason for sale

Tel: 01646 651319 or 07823 332335 Pembrokeshire (P)



1 x 20 ft refrigerated container. 1x 20 ft container c/w rails on inside, shackles for Turkey plucking and sockets & lights. Both in excellent condition, tidy and have stainless steel insides & floor. Also trolleys/racks and stunner.

For Turkeys.



Warrens/Novo Brown from £4.90. BOCM feeds, Poultry bedding, feeders, drinkers, health products and accessories at competitive prices. Tel: R J Fahey - 07984 949188. Google Cheshire Chickens

Also dip tank for sale.

Tel: 01427 788265 or 07711 803450 Lincolnshire (P)



Tel: 07967 216999 Market Drayton (P) POINT OF LAY Pullets

Novo-Brown direct from the breeder Tom Barron Ltd. The Poultry Farm, Square Lane, Catforth, Preston PR4 0HQ - Tel: 01772 692078 NOVA RED, White Star & Purebreds now available. Tel: 07768 790962 W.Yorks (P)

Egg Laying Hybrid. Available from CMP, Day old chicks, POL, from Sept 2016 Tel: 07946 761435 Creag-MhorPoultry


P O LAY Warren and

Lohmann Brown Pullets quality reared fully vaccinated . Northern Pullet Rearers Ltd. - Tel: 01995 640482 (T)

Rooster Booster

12-volt lighting system for free-range poultry Battery operated with end of day dimming. IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF POULTRY HOUSES

Tel: 01722 413440


Valley, Khaki and White Campbell, 300+ egg strains, also smaller quantities of Indian Runners. Buff Orpingtons, Moscovys and Welsh Harlequins. Call for details: 01829 730876 or 07892 910332

Nationwide Delivery (P)

EGG PACKING MATERIALS Trays, Pre-Packs plain and printed. Outer cases. Staples etc. All you need to present your eggs from

J. COULTHURST Bamber Bridge (01772) 623123 R. MILLER Poultry and

equipment. We sell poultry feed, health products, Incubators & brooders, feeders, drinkers, Vermin, netting, twill weld, creosote/corrugated sheets. Small poultry housing. Tel : 01772613719



always available. - Tel: R. Miller. The Poultry Farm, Moss House Lane, Much Hoole, Preston. 01772 613719 (T)



Tel: 01746 762777



Take advantage of Farmers Guardians lowest ever rates exclusively for Pedigree Breeders.


Pedigree Livestock Advertising Offers Starting from £40 + VAT Sale

r Pedigree Sheep Fo This 4x2 space could be yours Call 01772 799500

* flock or herd prefix must be included in your advert

For more information please contact us on

01772 799500

and ask to speak to our Livestock Team

Texel & Mule X. Scanned in lamb to Texel Tups due to lamb end of January/ early February.

Tel: 01588 660664 Shropshire (P) FOR

SALE Mule, Swaledale, Suffolk x, Texel x, Scotch Blackface ewes, shearlings & ewe lambs. Tel:

Darrell Shimwell on: 07866 319912. or WOODEN Sheep hur-

dles. Any length. With or without end loops (With loops made to order) Tel T I Askew 01729 840094 or mobile 07973 951066

N Yorks (T) www. WOOL WANTED All

types required from the North of England. Full prompt payment. Tel: Grace Dobson: 07840 957803 L.Pierce

Wool Merchant *

HURDLES from £9.99,

all sizes, free delivery, minimum order 20. Also Alpaca Hurdles -Tel: 01260 280323

Anytime (T) M I L L E N N I U M B lue

Tups for easier lambing & Texel Tups -Tel: 01706 639155 Rochdale (P)

23/11/2016 16:08:11

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nSheep



of in Lamb Females & Ewe Lambs

•Balquhain •Birness •Carony •Castleisle •Forkins

•Kings •Lakeview •Roundacre •Shannagh •Strathbogie

Borderway Mart Carlisle Friday 2nd December 2016 @ 3pm Harrison & Hetherington LTD Tel: 01228406231 Top Quality Beltex x Texel, Beltex x Charolais Shearling Rams

All homebred, very tight skins, excellent confirmation, well grown. Ideal for ewe lambs as well as ewes.

Please grab me for a chat at T he W elsh W inter F air or contact Paul Slater on 0 7775 661736 or 0 1625 8 20 431 Cheshire www. p aulslaterbeltextexel. weebly. com

nDairy Cattle

Robin Loxam

The Choice of Progressive UK Dairy Farmers for Quality European Cattle · Fully Escorted Tours to Holland & Germany · Finance can be arranged Terms and conditions would apply

01524 60646 or 07801 663961

p057.indd 57

nDairy Cattle


For more than 25 years we’ve supplied hundreds of satisfied customers. We are competitive with no middle man. • Dutch, German, Danish & French Holsteins. TB FREE-High health status. • Great offer of Dutch in-calf Holstein heifers!! • Brown Swiss, Jersey, Irish Grazing, Organic etc. available. • Strong Dutch Red in-calf heifers for grazing - High components! FINANCE CAN BE ARRANGED • Fly and buy or use our experts. Full or part load.

Call Job 0031 653847116 or 0781 2107337

DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT !! Mr Dent from County Durham placed an advert within the Dairy Cattle classified section of the Farmers Guardian for his 2 Montbelliarde Heifers. 2 PEDIGREE MONTBELIARDE HEIFERS He took advantage of the free picture offer which is currently by Ricochet running in the livestock classified section placing an advert from remainder for 3 weeks. of the After being inudated with calls on the first week of the advert Northfield Herd appearing in the paper he cancelled after the remaining 2 weeks. BVD Free Mr Dent had calls from all over the country but he sold the heifers TB4 Area to a chap that travelled over 150 miles from Derbyshire. Mr Dent said ‘Farmers Guardian is the best place to sell any livestock! The advert looked great and I was extremely happy with with the service I received. I will not hesitate to give Farmers Guardian a ring for any more stock I have for sale in the future. Farmers Guardian

To advertise please call TELEPHONE 01772 799500

Farmers Guardian

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:54 Dairy Cattle



HO LST E IN B T + J ohne' s tes ted

+ freshly calved + pregnant

From Holland, Germany, France & Ireland. You can select on the holdings in Europe. All the above livestock are of the highest quality and all paperwork and testing meet our stringent regulations. German, Dutch, French and Irish In Calf, & Fresh Calf, Pedigree Heifers available now

Weekly Selection of 8-10 Pedigree Fresh Calved Heifers.

GBP 1,345.-

A weekly selection of Fresh Calved Cows & Heifers sourced within the UK.

7-8 month GBP 1,145.-

All guaranteed & delivered anywhere in the UK. Finance can be arranged

Finance available through Wadland Finance

Livestock Supplies Ltd

Price includes delivery to your farm and 30d insurance, all prices on our website or call Alex 0031 6 51343233

Telephone: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328

Dutch Top Quality Crossbreeds


Maiden or in-calf dairy heifers

Freshly calved & in-calf heifers available * * * * * *

Choose from 150 milkers at all times (come see them milk) Heifers calving Autumn 2016 Flexible payment plans available (see our website) Top quality German and French Holstein heifers available, freshly calved and incalf Small amounts delivered (4/5 animals) See our website for all details.

Contact: Colm Gilleece 00353 87299 7108 • Email: • Web:


• Fresh calved and in-calf Suppliers of Quality Livestock heifers and young cows Keenest • Select on farms in Ireland, Price France, Germany, Holland Guaranteed • Delivered direct to your farm.

Call David Clarke 00353 87257 6434 or 07712 815792



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November 25, 2016

Chris Dodds Livestock Ltd Importers of high quality Dairy Replacements


07999 517 891

Available Now

or 07967 597917

Chris: 07885731502 or Andrew: 07950030586

Get in Touch

Tel: 07721 967109 or 07813 302949 Cheshire (P)

Also crossbreeds available High Health Status a priority (TB, BVD, IBR & Lepto) Competitive Prices, Bespoke Selection Service Full or Part loads delivered nationwide

Born Feb/March 2016. Kiwi Friesians crossed with Norweigan Reds. Well grown. Also 2 year old Pedigree Angus Bull.

Danish Reds/Scandinavian Reds, Holstein, Jersey & Fleckvieh.

for prices and our current stock list

• Fresh Calved European Holstein Heifers & Cows. • Irish Heifers & Cows, Fresh or In-Calf. • Pedigree Fleckvieh & Danish Jerseys also available. • High Health Herds Free of TB, IBR, BVD & JOHNE’S. • Free selection trip, Finance arranged, No minimum orders. • This weeks special - selection of Fleckvieh X Heifers.

0031 652 684 393

ivestock ltd

Top Grade Fresh Heifers available from Holland, Germany, Denmark & Luxembourg. • Full service from selection to Delivery. • All Ministry Administration completed. • Finance available. • Work with a UK Company you can trust Call Alan on 07812 663167 or Di 01606 869253

Email us 11/07/2016

Hans Kerkhof

c D D L L


764 The Calf Co 2110098.indd 1

CASI Livestock bv



All due February - March Closed herd - Never Had TB Willing to split

30 PEDIGREE DAIRY YOUNGSTOCK 12 Bulling Hfrs 16-17mo; 3 Red & White Stirks 6mo & 15 Calves 3-6mo At NWA Junction 36 on Thurs 1st December 11am

Tel:- 015395 66200

Call Alan: 07812 663167 or 01606 869253 (T)


Available from France, Holland, Germany and Denmark. Calved or In-calf from TB Free Herds, all with Health Cer­ficates, carefully selected or fly and buy and delivered to your farm. Full or part loads welcome 01604 590494

FG Buy & Sell

IRISH DAIRY CATTLE EXPORTS For all your dairy cattle requirements

HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN BULLS Some Red & White For sale, from the BIDLEA HERD Plenty to choose from, first come first served! Tel: Ray Brown on 01477 532220 or 07885 652718 Cheshire

Tel: Frank Dunne 07775 593410 (T)

01772 799500

23/11/2016 15:07:49

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nBeef Cattle

Farmers Guardian Agriculture’s National Newspaper

BEEF 2017 A Farmers Guardian special supplement

The Beef Guide 2017 – an essential guide for everyone involved in the beef industry This essential supplement comprises of beef sale listings from all major auctioneers and breed societies, feeding, housing, equipment and much, BEEF much more. 2017 The Beef Guide 2017 The supplement will be – an essential guide for everyone involved in the beef industry contained in the 20th January issue of Farmers Guardian. The issue will be heavily promoted with extra copies made available across the whole of the UK. To advertise in this exclusive supplement contact Sam on 01772 799 500 or via email at Edited by Katie Jones katie.jones@fginsig 07786 856 439



Get cows in condition now



Building a beef enterprise from scratch





Target high growth rates

Benefits of Lupicaleage

12 MEETING FEED CHALLENGES Plan ahead as stocks are low


22 pages of classifieds from the beef sector

Advertising deadline January 6th 2017




Shrewsbury Livestock Auction | SY4 3DR 10th December 2016 | 2pm Cow/calf pairs, in-calf cows, in-calf heifers and maiden heifers from some of the top Hereford herds in the country. Polled and Horned females on offer.

Mrs Carr advertised her dispersal sale with us and was delighted with the response. For a relatively inexpensive advert the sale was well attended and achieved great prices. Mrs Larr would recommend Farmers Guardian to anyone and already has done! Farmers Guardian

To advertise please call TELEPHONE 01772 799500

SEAFIELD PEDIGREE ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS Ready to work, delivered direct to your farm, very quiet, easy calving. Hi health status, closed herd, In calf & bulling heifers, cows with calves at foot, full pedigree with the animal, Red tractor.

Tel: 077157 64351 Pedigree Hereford Bull

Visit our facebook page for a catalogue or Email - Phone - 07447412123

p059.indd 59

3½ yr old. DNA Tested IBR, BVD, & Johnes tested Clear. 4 yr TB zone. Halter trained. South Cumbria. 07540 951479 / 01229 586636 (evenings)

Farmers Guardian


Have a selection of Pedigree Bulls for sale. All performance recorded. TB4 Area.

07767 307044 S.Yorks(P)


Tel: 07970 379245 Lancs/ Yorks border (P) November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:53

FGCNP062_19-08-2016_e1_FGCNP062_19-08-2016_e1.qxp 17/08/2016 14:21 Page 62

Breed Directory L LLEYN LE Y N HIGHLAND CATTLE SOCIETY Registered in Scotland, Company no. SCO13974 Stirling Agricultural Centre, Stirling, FK9 4RN T: +44(0) 1786 446866 E:


most popular non on h hill ill p pure u re ““The The m ost p opular n

SSecretary ecretary 01758 730366 0 1758 7 30366 Promotions Officer P romotions O ff 079666 99930 0 79666 9 9930




Chief Executive: Milly Fyfe

4th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LG Telephone: 02476 696549 Fax: 02476 696729 e-mail

Dexter D exter Cattle Cattle S Society ociety C Charolais harolais P Pavilion, avilion, Avenue M,, S Stoneleigh Park, Avenue M toneleigh P ark, Warwickshire, Wa arwickshire, CV8 CV8 2RG 2RG Sue S ue Archer Archer Breed Breed Secretary Secretary Tel: 02476 692300 692400 Tel: 0 2476 6 92300 Fax: Fax: 02476 02476 6 92400 email: email: W Website: ebsite: w

Galloway Galloway Cattle Cattle Society Society Douglas, 15 15 New New M Market Street, Castle e Douglas, K irku 1HY Kirkudbrightshire, DG7 1HY Secretary: Dorothy Goldie Sec ldie Tel/Fax: 01556 502753 Te 53 email: email: info@

breed breed in in Britain” Britain”



M Mrr JJohn ohn S Stephenson tephenson (Breed (Breed Secretary) Secretarry) (01833) 650516 650516 (01833)

ee.mail: .mail: L LONGHORN ONGHORN C Cattle attle Society Founded 1878 F ounded 1 878 w ww.longhorncattle y

Beefs Beefs Best Best Kept Kept Secret. Secret. T To o ffind ind o out ut m more, ore, ccontact: ontact: Debbie Dann Society D ebbie D ann S ociety Secretary Secretary TTel/Fax: el/Fax: 0 0845 845 0 017 17 1 1027 027 EEmail: mail: w ww.longhorncattlesociety

The Studio @ The Mill, Mill Lane, Little Shrewley, Warwickshire. CV35 7HN T: +0044 (0)1926484035 E: W:

BBritish ritish Berrichon Berrichon Sheep Sheep Society Societyy

Secretary Jayne Borrows Tel: 01522 511395

FFed ed uupp of of feed feed costs? costs?

Berrichon Berrichon sired sired lambs lambs are: are: Easily bborn orn • Easily Easily reared reared • Easily Easily finished finished Easily

SSec: ec: M Mrs rs Sue Sue Powell Powell - Tel: Tel: 01989 01989 770071 770071

North Country Cheviot Sheep Society Miss Alison Brodie (Secretary) Telephone: 01750 82338 email: SHROPSHIRE SHROPSHIRE SHEEP SH EEP BREEDERS’ B REEDERS’ ASSOCIATION A SSOCIATION

S ecretar y: Secretary: S imon M ackay Simon Mackay S ales o fficer: Sales officer: Claire Jakeman Jake eman Claire 07766238346 07766238346

62 60

August 19, 25, 2016 || November 2016

p060.indd 60


SHEEP SOCIETY Unbeatable for Quality Secretary: Mrs Pat Douglas Telephone: 01450 850218

Agriculture House Acland Road Dorchester Dorset DT1 1EF Breed Secretary: Marguerite Cowley Telephone / Fax: (01305) 262126

Chief executive: Milly Fyfe 4th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LG Telephone: 02476 696549 Fax: 02476 696729 e-mail

HIGHLAND CATTLE SOCIETY Registered in Scotland, Company no. SCO13974 Stirling Agricultural Centre, Stirling, FK9 4RN T: +44(0) 1786 446866 E:


HAMPSHIRE DOWN The Modern Terminal Sire For details 01700 831652


The British Pig Association is the breed society for 14 pig breeds including 10 native breeds on the UK breeds at risk register To buy the best visit the website for details of sales Tel: 01223 845100

SOUTH SOUTH DEVON DEVON H HERD ERD BOOK SOCIETY SOCIETY BOOK B Breed reed S Secretary ecretary C Caroline aroline P Poultney oultney w

Tel: Te el: 001392 1392 4447494 47494 F Fax: ax: 001392 1392 4447495 47495

The Best Dam Pig

Ryyeland Ryeland Flock Flock Book Book Society Societtyy

S e c r e t a ry ry :D o t T y n e 017 58 7 2173 9 758 721 739 iinn fo f o @ ry r y e la la n d f b s .c o m r y e la la n d f b s .c o m w w w .ry

T: 015395 67973


23/11/2016 15:09:20

FGCNP063_19-08-2016_e1_FGCNP063_19-08-2016_e1.qxp 17/08/2016 13:59 Page 63

Call 01772 799500 and and place placeyour yourad adtoday today

Breed Directory MASHAM



Sheep Breeders Association Details From VAL LAWSON Oak Bank, Bentham, Lancaster. LA2 7DW

Tel/Fax: 015242 61606 email:

THE BRITISH PARTHENAIS CATTLE SOCIETY Telephone: 01675 443366 email:

Contact: Sue Scrivens Email: Tel: 07447 017332


Mr D.E. Prothero Tel: (01432) 272057 Fax: (01432) 377529 Email:

CLUN FOREST SHEEP A Breed for All Seasons

M Milky, ilk kyy, M Maternal aternal a and nd P Prolific rolific M Make ake ZZwartbles war tbles a p part ar t of of yyour our b reeding programme programme breeding Find out out more more about about ZZwartbles war tbles Find and buy buy for for tthe he ffuture uture and

0844 0844 8 800 00 1029 1029 W WEB: EB: w TELEPHONE: TELEPHONE:

TTel/fax: el/fax: 005603 5603 4466931 66931


S ecretary Secretary N orth ooff E ngland North England M ule Sheep Sheep Association Association Mule A lbierigg Farm Farm · Canonbie Canonbie · Albierigg D umfriesshire · D G14 00RY RY Dumfriesshire DG14 013873) 771777 1777 T el: ((013873) Tel: E -mail: E-mail: n W eb: w Web:

EEmail: mail: ecretar y@zwar www.zwar


Hebridean Sheep

01982 01982 553726 553726 w

Red Ruby Devons part of farming’s future Devon Cattle Breeders’ Society

01404 812800


01908 - 611092

Old Breed for New Times

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Secretary: Ben Williams 015396 23256 / 07979 142 809 Web: Email:

W WENSLEYDALE ENSLEYDALE LLONGWOOL ONGWOOL SSecretary: ecretary: Mrs Charlotte Durham M rs C harlotte D urh ham

0 01926 623524 23524 1 92 6 6 07769 810005 0 7769 8 10005


D Details etails o off 2 2016 016 Sales Sales C ontact Contact D ennis J ones Dennis Jones Te el: Tel:


★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Great Beef Breed For Economic Production ★ Tel: 01580 880105 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Housebyres Farm, Melrose, Roxburghshire, TD6 9BW

07891 245870


Quality with Quantity The sire for efficient crossbred ewe production Details from Hon Sec. Pharm House, Willaston, Neston CH64 2TL 0151 327 5699 www.cambridge-sheep.

Salers For Suckler Cows

• For cows with a long working life • To breed your own replacements • To establish a Closed Herd • For cows with plenty of quality milk • Suitable for any terminal sire • For easy calving For further details Contact The Secretary Liz Wilde Tel: 07903 626249 email:

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500


Your one stop shop for all agricultural sales Search by sale type, mart, auctioneer or region

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August 19, 2016 |

November 25, 2016 |



23/11/2016 15:10:33 Beef Cattle

Dogs & Pets

THE MOSS Pedigree Aberdeen Angus High EBV Young Bulls ready to work. For sale on SAC premium health scheme. High Health Status.

Kevin Moores 07949 827928 FRESH REARING CALVES Available in suitable batches delivered to most parts of the country Continental Bull and Heifer calves 3-5 weeks old available now. Quality store cattle sourced directly from Welsh/Shropshire Borders Farms, delivered to your farm. Delivery Nationwide. Livestock Supplies Ltd TEL: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328

Pedigree W elsh Black Bull M ead ows weet Alun, 6 y ear s old , Q ui et tem p er am ent, E as y c alv er , Excellent confirmation, F ar m as s ur ed , J ohnes & B V D F r ee, G enui ne R eas on F or Sale. T el: 0

779911768 6 or 0 1766530 644 N. W ales ( p )

2 Pedigree Poll Hereford Bulls By Lowersmore Halicon 16 months old Good temperament Farm Assured TB Tested Ready to work Priced to sell

Tel: 07798 823871 or 01283 840042 Staffs (P)

ABREFELYN ANGUS Working Bulls and Heifers always available.

Tel - 01978 780368 or 01978 664418 or 07986 113221 Wrexham (P)



p062.indd 62

November 25, 2016

PEDIGREE CHAROLAIS BULL 18 months old Good quality and temperament In health scheme TB Free Herd Tel: 01766 530285 or 07876 354353 N.Wales (P)

BUITELAAR PRODUCTION LTD Black & White Bulls Increase Production by selling bulls younger 440kg + live weight Straight through under written pricing Call Terry Coupe For more information

07773 370232


BEEF SHORTHORN SUCKLERS 30 Steers & Heifers. 8 - 10 months old. For sale at Halls Shrewsbury Market 6th December. Eligible for Morrisons.


Bulls, BVD free and vaccinated, Johnes Level 1. TB Tested. By top easy calving sires, Tel: 0161 456 6477 or 07939 123950 G. Manches-



Bulls. BVD & Johnes Accredited. Member of the SAC Health Scheme. Easy calving, easy fleshing. Good temperament & ready for work. R. Smith -Tel: 01829 732 929 Tarporley (P)

AA ABBERTON ANGUS bulls & heif-

ers, biobest, elite health accreditation IBR, BVD, Lepto Johnes - Tel: 01386 462534 or 07592 798555


Bulls and Females from 180 cow herd. Easy calving. High EBV’s. TB4, Lepto, BVD Vacc. Tel: 07866 222062

Tel: 01384872552 (P)


Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Stock Bull


4 year parish, price on application

Tel: 01706 379462 or 07501 802198 Lancs (P)


In calf cows with calves at foot & in calf heifers, ideal starter herd. Viewing recommended.

www.lileyangus. com 07767307044 S.Yorks(P) PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL Bulls. Easy

Calving, Good temperament. Johnes & BVD accredited herd. BVD, IBR and Lepto vaccinated. Ready for work. -Tel: 01948 770408 Mobile: 07714 089001


Having Dog Problems? Do Y ou N eed T o

• Stop Dogs Straying F rom Y our Prop erty • Help with T raining, R ecall • W orrying of F arm Stock etc. • Need T o Cure Nuisance Bark ing. A s Stockists of the PA CDO G Control Systems we now hav e the solu tion f or you • E lectronic Dog F ence • E lectronic Dog T raining Systems • Bark Controllers

0800 7812899 (9am-8pm)





AND HANDLING COURSES Experienced Professional Trainer at competitive Rates For Further Info Contact

07908 527767 01274 564163


8 weeks old from good working parents Tel: 07717 336331 or 01524 791506 Lancs (P)

Feedstuffs & Bedding

NW Straw Grinding Ltd Reduce Your Feeding Time Improve Cattle Diet Reduce Rejected Feed Improve Milk/Beef Production


Pedigree, Polled and Registered. 20 Months. TB tested. -Tel: 01260 227358 or 07875 635661

North Staffs (P)


Young Pedigree. 18 months old. TB 4 area. BVD Accredited. Ready for work. Tel: 01556 640211 S.W Scotland

Winter Housing WINTER HOUSING AVAILABLE For 100 cows in the Mersyside area. On a Bed & Breakfast basis TB.4 Parish & High Health status. Tel Paul: 07834 773079

We Will Process Your Straw & Grain for Feed! We cover: Cumbria, Lancs, North & West Yorkshire, Cheshire

01253 799 222 or 07876 453367 Email:




Tel: 01387 750459

Dogs & Pets WORKING BEARDED Collie Puppies most loyal little dogs of today. Ideal for work, agility, obedience or for that loving family companion. Tel: 07504 535106

Mid Wales (P)

23/11/2016 15:12:10

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Feedstuffs & Bedding HIGH QUALITY ANIMAL FEEDS


01949 844700

Q uality cattle & sheep rations available Nationwide delivery call now for a q uote


Competitively Priced AK SHARPE & SONS Tel:- 01925 762 286 Andrew 07970 052 419 Phillip 07973 208 384 LANCS (T)

PLASTIC PRODUCTS NEW 2016 products out now

Large Agricultural & Equestrian Range


Beet. Stone & trash free. Ideal for root cutting equipment. Regular supply. Delivery available. Tel - 07860 212800 or 01944 758356 www. (T)

Mixed Pellets 18 % p rotein ration, ideal for cattle, sheep , creep feeding, suck lers & lambs 1 tonne bag delivered anywhere in E ngland & W ales £ 20 0 delivered

www. midlandfeeds. co. uk

F E E D S to encourage forage intake. Molasses and molasses blends plus additional minerals if required. J E Morten: 01663-734621 H i g h

• helps control cell counts & mastitis • natural pH 7.4 • biodegrades in slurry • available in bulk & bags


2016 Product Innovation Runner up Award


01772 690966 OR MARK:

07881 788226

Call Envirosystems today


Free Wood Continuous supply of shredded wood suitable for animal bedding. Free collection / local bulk delivery.

Call 07881

813243 (Midlands area)

R.F FIELDING Hay & Straw For Sale in all types of Bales. Good quality. Reasonable prices. TEL: (01625) 531629 OR (01625) 522249

p063.indd 63

RUMEN GUARD Helps protect the Rumen from clinical and sub clinical Acidosis Ring for Competitive Prices

01387 750459

Chemical Store


Lancs (T)

Wheel Barrows

Peak, Derbyshire (T)

01270 762828

Unbeatable absorbency for cow comfort

Feed Storage


High quality Cheshire Silica Sand for Cattle Bedding & Equestrian

Livestock Bedding Range

Waste Containers


Cleaned, Competitive Prices, Direct from the grower Collect or Delivered in all sizes of loads Tel: 07836 565 481 Lancs

Seed Hay, Barley Straw & W heat Straw Sm all & lar g e b ales d eli ve r ed loca lly .

T el: 0 78 8 7 98 2767 Pilling, Lancs ( P) LOWER YOUR VET BILLS WITH WASHED SILICA SAND CUBICLE BEDDING * Helps to eradicate mastitis problems and lowers your milk count * Equestrian sand also available

Tel 01484 662455 / 07730 897140 CLEANED FODDER BEET Hay, Straw and Silage J.E. Simpson Tel: 01765 658383 or 07730 200702 North

Yorks (T)

toes, carrots and other veg - I D Bailey& Son - Tel: 01772 690002 / 07968 362227 Lancs



toes, carrots and other veg - Kenyon Bros - Tel: 07818589336 / 07831577753 Lancs


Boot Cleaners


Drum Rack


250 BALES High qual-

ity wrapped hay/haylage £23 each to be collected only from near Junc 6 M61. Tel: 07785 361396 Wigan / Bol-


ton (P)


first and second cut, large round bales. Local delivery possible. Tel 07414 490091 or 01772 700409 after 6pm Preston Lancs (T)

AGRI - Pallet Storage Container Manufactured in UK for Farmers and Growers


lage double wrapped, in 6ft and 4ft bales. Also Round bales available Mobile : 07894 260117 or 01200 426276 Clitheroe area (t)

• Animal feed • Chemicals • Waste • Water • Fire wood & more!


and haylage. Also round baled hay. Excellent Quality. Delivery can be arranged. - Tel 01704 893161 Burscough/ Lancs (T)


4FTX3FT Square Bale Hay, barn stored, good quality livestock hay. EAST YORKS - 01377 253102

LARGE SQUARE BALES Quality haylage, 1st cut.Tel:01270 841336 Nantwich

Cheshire (t)

• Industrial strength • Water proof • Easy to clean • Forklift compatible HOW TO ORDER Contact our Sales Office

Telephone: 0844 335 0347


£99.00 Each + VAT Supplied with removable lid

64.5x130palletstorage.indd 1

| 6319:07 November 25, 2016 17/07/2016

23/11/2016 15:14:54

Animal Health ANIMAL HEALTH_3x6.indd 1

05/07/2016 19:06




01978 799 774 07866 772 478








Equestrian Auctions

Trailers & Boxes Horses for Sale 2 Brood Mares 1 Black 11 year old Irish Draught X & 1 Bay 12 year old Scottish Sports Horse 2 2014 born Bay Geldings out of the above mares 1 black Irish Draught X 2015 born filly Genuine private sale

Tel: 01729 830603 N.Yorks (P)

Equestrian Miscellaneous Cheadle Tack Poultry Sale

Next sale Saturday November 19th, poultry entered from 7.30 starts 10.00am Tack starts 12.00

07952 636179 Angie



p064.indd 64

November 25, 2016

HFB Trailers Leek


NEW IFOR WILLIAMS EVENTA AVAILABLE NOW Main Distributors for Ifor Williams Trailers. Lyme House Farm, Dunwood Lane, Rudyard, Leek, ST13 8RH Full range of Ifor Williams new & used trailers in stock. Tel: 01538 306212 Fax: 01538 306420 website:

Feedstuffs & Bedding HIGH QUALITY HAYLAGE Lab tested. Small or Large bales, round or square, Easibed, Shavings. Hay/ straw small or large bales. Will deliver

Stables Arenas & Fencing



Christmas Sale ****************** to be held in

The Ebor Ring at 12 noon

et weather u ates


screened, wire free. Bulk deliver or collect. Samples, quotes - Tel : 01282 434030 Burnley (T)

Subscribe and stay informed with VIP Member benefits at no extra cost Includes free App edition weekly ● All for £34.50 per quarter or one-off payment of £144 ●

Tel: 01270 528273 or 07768 881487 Cheshire

600 lots of Tack 11 am Catalogues £1.50 (£2.50 by post) Further details & catalogues from the Auctioneers or online at York Horse Sales Murton, York, YO19 5GF Tel: 01904 489731

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

Subscribe today at or call 01772 799 500 quote HACL

23/11/2016 15:17:59

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Livestock Technology A DV E R T O R IA L


ec lan B uttle i s a B eef and Ar ab le far m er , he i s autum n c alv i ng 5 0 C onti nental c ows ev er y y ear and fatteni ng thei r offs p r i ng . D ec lan als o wor k s as an A. I op er ator , s o fr ee ti m e i s a r ar e c om m od i ty i n the B uttle hous ehold . T hank s to the H er d watc h ap p , D ec lan no long er has to s p end hi s ev eni ng s d oi ng far m p ap er wor k . E veryone hates p ap erwork F ac i ng i nto hour s of p ap er wor k eac h week i s r eali ty for m os t far m er s . H owev er D ec lan s ay s ; “ H erdwatch eliminates the need to do ev ening book work because I record medicine use on the go. I tap the treatments into H erdwatch as the cattle are in the pen, it tak es seconds.” R ec or d i ng i n H er d watc h als o ens ur es D ec lan i s i m m ed i ately c om p li ant wi th C r os s C om p li anc e and Q uali ty As s ur anc e.

Breeding records are a must to imp rove your herd D ec lan r ec or d s all hi s b r eed i ng in H er d watc h, s tar ti ng wi th p r e-heats of c ows and hei fer s . H er d watc h then r em i nd s hi m when they ar e d ue to b e s er v ed . “ I k now when c ows ar e d ue to b e s er v ed , s o I d on’ t hav e to b e c ons tantly watc hi ng them , i t wi ll als o s how what c ows ar e d ue to r ep eat. ” W eight recording is critical for a beef man Declan is a firm believer i n wei g hi ng c attle and us es H er d watc h to d o thi s . H er d watc h c alc ulates the Av er ag e D ai ly G ai n s i nc e the las t wei g hi ng . “ It’ s the only way you will k now how they are performing. T he beauty of H erdwatch is that all the information you record is av ailable to you all the

time and it’ s easy to mak e decisions based on this. H ardly a day goes by that I don’ t use H erdwatch.” W hat can Herdwatch do for you? • D o away wi th y our Q uali ty As s ur anc e b ook and the has s le of tak i ng notes . • R ec or d y our M ed i c i ne us e fr om the m i lk i ng p ar lour . • R ec or d y our b r eed i ng ev ents thr oug h H er d watc h. So y ou hav e b r eed i ng i nfor m ati on y ou c an ac t up on. • R ec or d wi thout the need of an i nter net c onnec ti on. I t c an b e us ed on m ulti p le p hones at no ex tr a c os t. D ec lan i s p ar t of a c om m uni ty of thous and s of far m er s us i ng H er d watc h for les s that £ 2 . 5 0 a week .

G et your F R E E T R IA L on www. herdwatch. co. uk . or text ‘ HW 10 4’ + your name to 0 78 3468 7974 to req uest a call back .

nBuilding Materials CONCRETE LEGO BLOCKS

• IDEAL FOR CREATING MATERIAL BAYS, • AGRICULTURAL WASTE, • AGGREGATE • STORAGE AND RETAINING WALLS. An economical, quick and easy solution. Can be lifted and relocated for new applications at any time. t: +44 (0)1729 823 068

Northern Metal Roofing Limited

01270 656016

We make and supply all types of metal roofing and accessories. Eliminate the risk of condensation with the unique Tek28 insulated panel Good quality seconds always available. For pricing and free advice, contact your local depot

Leeds 01977 689009 : Hexham 01434 606677

p065.indd 65

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:51 Building Materials

UK Manufacturer & Supplier of Quality Pre-stressed CE Marked Concrete Panels & Lego Blocks



Used for segregation at Skip and Recycling Centres, Concrete Fencing for Scrap Metal Compounds, Retainer Walls and Buildings




Farmers Guardian


We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent advertisers attempting to sell items within the classified section. Whilst we endeavour to protect our readers and pull these adverts before going to press, sometimes they may unfortunately appear in print. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you PROCEED WITH CAUTION with the seller and do not part with money until goods are received. Farmers Guardian are NOT responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.



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November 25, 2016

23/11/2016 15:19:54

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Building Materials

Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall Panels Inspired by the latest technology in Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels and with the desire to continue in meeting our customers’ requirements regarding Quality, Design, Volume & Delivery ... ... we have opened a new & improved manufacturing facility in Greenfield, Flintshire, North Wales

• Brand new precision built moulds & tooling • Larger range of sizes & loadbearing options (95, 145, 200 & new 240, 280mm)

• Selection of Concrete Lego Blocks • Increased capacity • Made to measure • Shorter lead-times

• Established Quality Assured CE marked products • Design & Bespoke Project capability

t: 01352 719182 f: 01352 837690 e:

• • • • •


Mobile 16t Crusher Up to 500 tonnes per day Can operate in restricted access areas Ideal for on farm or remote areas All areas covered

T & P Metcalfe & Son Ltd

Tel: 015242 22230

Mob: 07887812152

A1 Concrete Products


Quality and affordable concrete panels in stock 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm or 1500mm high 100mm or 150mm thick Small or large quantities undertaken Rigid lorry delivery for easier access

01267 233777 / 07979 533032 /






TEL: 01904 400215 FAX: 01904 400517

CONCRETE SLEEPERS www. b lueb ear tr ad i ng . c o. uk

T el: 07515 279198 / 0131 247 1443

i nfo@ b lueb ear tr ad i ng . c o. uk

C r ed i t C ar d P ay m ents Ac c ep ted

• Plastisol • Polyester • Flashings

Tel: 01772 250542/628644

• Fixings • GRP roof lights • Z Purlins


Unit 23, Bizspace, Lomeshaye Ind Estate, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 7DR

TEL: 01282 619430 FAX: 01282 619431

p067.indd 67

Most types of new and reusable steel girders, pipe, angle and box section. Box profile, roofing sheets, bricks, stone, flags, cobbles, lintels.


Top quality box profiled colour coated steel manufactured to your required length 40mm, 60mm, 80mm insulated composite panels


Av ai lab le fr om 5 s i tes nati onally * D i s c ount for b ulk q uanti ti es *




Most sizes available Seconds ---------Tel: 07966 470344 Steve Jones Plant & Machinery. Telford November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 16:09:08 Building Materials

Composite Panels Made to order Choice of colours and thickness UK Sourced Nationwide Delivery Very Competitive Prices Full Range Of Accessories For Friendly Advice and a Quotation Call Tel: 01246 858222

PH TIMBER LTD Free delivery UK mainland. Min order £250+VAT 50m Roll Galv Sheep Netting £29.50 roll 50m Rolls Deer Fence, 6ft High, £66 a roll For more wire stock

Tel: 01253 886789

Blackpool Prices subject 20% VAT




Varley Insulation Products Ltd

• Suppliers of Thermal Insulation, Acoustic, Fire protection materials, Plasterboards and related products. • Everything you need for walls, Floors & roofs. • Supplying the Trade & Public. • Sap ratings and energy performance certificates • Prompt deliveries made throughout the Northwest. Lewth Lane, Woodplumpton, Preston, Lancs.

Tel: 01772 690360 Fax: 01772 690842 FARNELLS AGRI Plastics


railway sleepers. Nationwide delivery Mob 07976 206477 or 07976 226308 or 01782 723083 jill.

Twin wall pipes 4’’ – 3ft dia. Land Drain Coil, heavy duty, 3’’ – 6’’ dia. Septic / water tanks M.D.P.E water pipes 20mm-63mm dia. Tel: 01200 445874 or Ben 07881 448344 Lancs (T)


Large Quanes of Stone walling Stone Wall Copings All Types Reclaimed Timber Flooring Good Stocks of Slates & Bricks York Stone Flags & Indian Flags Oak & Pine Beams New & Reclaimed Sleepers New Box Profile Roofing Sheets Granite & Stone Se„s

Tel:01772 334868 Fax: 01772 627949

Quality pre stressed concrete panels Prompt delivery Concrete Panel Company

Tel: 01757 282299 or mobile 07802 360866 (T)



Framed 240 x 61 x 28 includes purlins and side rails. 90 x 24 x 20. Romney Building (partly clad) - 96 x 35. 30 x 40 & 45 x 21 (height to suit) Tel: 01630 684004 / 07974 569954 Shrops


3 INCH x 9 inch timber

20ft long @ £20+vat each collected. PH Timber, 01253 886789

AGRICULTURAL & INDUSTRIAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS Supply & erection of portal frame Buildings Re-Cladding of roofs & Repairs Extension works to existing Buildings Ground Works Tel: (01204) 692874 Mobile: 07957 149 026

Blackpool (T)

Plan your week at


Asbestos Off Metal Cladding On

We specialise in stripping Asbestos Cement Sheeting. And recovering with box profile metal cladding. All work guaranteed

Contact Metalclad on 07974 206163

~ New Barns & Stables For Old ~ SPRAY FOAM INSULATION


To Crop & Livestock Stores, Poultry Sheds, Cattle & Pig Buildings, Workshops & Barns. Frost & Condensation Protection. Temperature Control Energy Saving

SSS Industrial Doors

Tel: 01405 812682



p068.indd 68

November 25, 2016

Manufacture, supply and installation DIY kits available Nationwide Telephone Bolton 0845 8630590 or 07917 864585



Redearth Farm, Bolton, Lancs.

23/11/2016 15:22:46

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Buildings ESTABLISHED





01270 781158

Suppliers of Bespoke Internal Stables, American Barns, Riding Arena’s and much more . . .

Paul Huxley Construction TEL: 01691 610083 MOB: 07903 616 593 Paul Huxley Construction is a design, manufacturer and supplier of Agricultural, Industrial and Equestrian Steel Framed Buildings. With over 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE, we offer a bespoke design service and a wide range of kit frame buildings. We also provide a full foundation and erection service. Our 24-hour workshop enables us to have the fastest delivery times in the business. All steelwork Is shotblasted and painted/galvanised.

Like us on Facebook


email :

Steelforce UK

The Steel Framed Building Company “Simply better buildings”

30 years experience in the supply of quality buildings for Agricultural, Commercial or Equestrian use. Any size buildings, groundworks & extensions. • Telephone: 01948 770 111 • Mobile: 07961 669 271 • Email: • Steelforce UK, Well House, Sarn, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 7LN

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23/11/2016 15:25:33 Fuel & Renewable Energy


Free Firewood Continuous supply of clean reclaimed timber. Free collection / local bulk delivery. Call 07881 813243 (Midlands area) Miscellaneous Sales Screened Soil

Quantity of screened soil available located 10 minutes from J25 M1. Test results available.

Lee Watson 0115 932 6969

Cormall KB6 Mixer A Cormall KB6 Mixer.

A heavy duty holding bin with weigh scales and Scandia elevator/conveyor.

01743 821204 Recycling

Livestock Offer

• • • •

Specialists in Steel Framed Buildings Design, Fabrication & Installation Agricultural, Equestrian and Industrial Buildings Barns, Dairy Buildings, Grain Stores, Cubicle Buildings, Stables, Riding Arenas

Office: 01630 409009 Mob: 07498 357997 Email -

100’ x 40’ x 14’ Clad with Yorkshire Boarding Fibre Cement Roof 6’6’’ High Concrete Panels Galv Purlins C24 Timber Eaves and Rails 15’ Doorway each end

£15,950.00 (exc VAT & Delivery)

Any Shed, Any Size, Anywhere


43m x 18m x 5m to eaves – 8320 sq ft. Tel: 07931 535351 Lancs area

Introductory kit frame offer - 100’x40’x15’ + 4’6” cantilever - From £16,500.00 * 3-5 Week Delivery on supply only 80x60x18 Grain Store offer Complete with fibre cement roof, box profile cladding, purlins, rails, fixings, concrete panels etc - All from £35,500 ffice 01270 780 017 mail eb 70


p070.indd 70

November 25, 2016

Miscellaneous Sales COLD STORES sup-

plied and installed any size. New and Second grades available. Tel: 01772 780806 or 07753 957380

DD Cooling Ltd

Caravans & Log Cabins


Log homes, holiday chalets, mobile homes. All built to your requirements, delivered and erected anywhere, we offer builds in round, square, cavity and random log up to 360mm thick meeting all current building regulations.

Tel 01580 212141 STATIC CARAVANS For

sale, excellent selection. I will have the caravan you’re looking for! -Tel: John Dewhurst 01535 658846 or Mobile: 07885 047114


Clean & tidy, two & three bedrooms. 10ft &12ft wide. Selection from £550 can Deliver National-Tel: 01938 570265, Powys (T)


For sale 10ft & 12ft wide selections. Woods Caravans. Tel 01524 732609 or 07889 771344

Carnforth, Lancs (T)





C.H.F. SUPPLIES 01995 670888

23/11/2016 15:27:24

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Commercial Finance

Forestry/Fencing GOLDEN SONEY LTD

We are a well established timber supplier. Our products range from 12ft rails, half, full, round and square posts. Metal and wood gates in stock. Stock, barb, plain and Chicken wire.We also stock staples, gatelocks, hinges. Can deliver. Call 01254 914640, 07565 241321, 07739 506191. Dar-

wen, Lancs (T)



5’6’’ x 3’’ - 4’’. Economy posts from £1.96 Mixed Species. 15 year warranty from £2.50. Creosote 30 year warranty from £3.74. Longleat: 01985 219555 Aston

Magna: 651096 (T)


FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

When the BANK says NO! COME TO US YES for Bridging Finance/Term Loans YES YES

Land Purchase/Refinance Refurbishing to sell for Fast decisions Professional help Years of experience

Farm Finance – any purpose CALL US NOW!!!!

Lerwick Financial Group Ltd


0345 273 3322 office hours/after hours 07901 332273

Call usus toto Trade Call TradeEnglish Milk Quota & Entitlements Basic Payments Entitlements

Business Opportunities

Finance BUSINESS LOANS/ RE-MORTGAGING RE-FINANCING SPECIALIST £5,000- £3million 3 months – 25 years

All circumstances considered Poor credit history/CCJs/No proof of income Farms, Smallholdings, Land, Equestrian buildings - Buy to let property… We can usually help – even when the bank says No! Ease your cash flow situation today – give us a call now – 7 days


0800 2800 605 Brilliant Finance Ltd


FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

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CONTACT HAYDN JONES 01492 580202 / 07768 025440 Haydn Vaughan Jones T/A Pennant Finance Authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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UK BPS Entitlements - User Guide - essential reading for farmers & their advisers £25 / copy


01392 823935

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500

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We are the best weekly title at farms of all sizes in the UK



Tel: 01793 731096 or 07454 946422 FCA Ref/no 630081

FG Your one stop shop for all agricultural sales Search by sale type, mart, auctioneer or region November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 15:31:31

Rural Partners

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CALL CHARGES*: DATING 18+ and have the bill payer’s permission. 0844 calls cost 7 pence per min, 090 calls cost £1.55 per min, plus your phone company’s access charge. Calls are recorded and may appear on your bill. TEXT*: Text alerts are charged at £1.50 per week. To unsubscribe to text alerts, text DATING STOP to 63333. To cancel free match alerts, text STOP to 07781474042. For full T&Cs go to REPLY BY TEXT*: 80098/89990 costs £1.50 per SMS received (max 150 characters). Guaranteed up to 4 messages for each message you send, Service only available where phone icon shown. Messages are moderated. Minimum 7 messages must be sent before contact details can be exchanged. This service is not computer generated. All messages are responded to by real service users. No meetings can be guaranteed. If arranging a meeting be sure to choose a public space and do not give personal details to people you have not met. To STOP text stop to 80098/89990. Service provided by No Goats Ltd. Help: 0207 720 7130. ALL SERVICES*: By texting any shortcode you consent to the owner of that shortcode sending you the occasional marketing message. To opt out of receiving these send NO INFO to 80098. DATA PROTECTION: Service provided by JMedia UK Ltd, RH16 3EG, 0207 720 7130. We will collect the details you provide and may send you details of other services and events operated by us. We may pass your details onto this newspaper for marketing or PhonePayPlus for regulatory purposes. Advertisers may come from our national database and from our pdc app, your ad may also appear on our dating app. wc. 21/11/16



November 25, 2016

p072.indd 72

23/11/2016 14:49

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Property & Land Farms & Property Property_&_Land_3x6.indd 1

05/07/2016 19:43


Fatstock season outlook Alastair J. Brown on primestock markets


s we move in to winter, along come the traditional Christmas fatstock show and sales. We had the first one yesterday (November 24); the Thrapston and District Fatstock Show Society, incorporating Northampton Primestock Club. The first was held in early 1900s. This year is the 107th event. Another historical show and sale on behalf of the Bedford Christmas Livestock Society, which is held tomorrow (November 26) just a few days later at the same venue, a similar sale of stock which includes store cattle, calves and live poultry, entries in the show this year include 38 finished and store cattle, along with about 150 commercial store cattle, 150 lambs, and more than 30 calves. After the weekend in our other centre at Stratford upon Avon, our

final fatstock show and sale of the year is held on Tuesday, November 29, which mainly includes fat lambs – about 120 for the show and 150 others at this time of year and a handful of fat cattle. After months of preparation in keeping these well-bred stock for the big day, all the producers are hoping for a good price for their stock. Throughout the year we have experienced lamb prices up considerably from last year but, over the last few weeks, prices have plummeted to only a few pence more on average than last year, but on the bright side many producers are up on the year even with prices less for the past couple of weeks. Prices are reduced mainly due to many poor lambs lacking meat coming on to the market which have not finished well off grass this year. Looking at figures from previous years, demand has often strengthened at this time of year. Let’s hope this year is not an exception. It may look all doom and gloom, but well


‘Highlight strengths of our red meat sector’

fleshed heavy lambs are still realising in to the £90s. The market for beef has held up well this year, even with new difficult to understand grids and grading systems, weight limits, movements and farm assurance policies that have been forced on to producers selling directly to the deadweight sector. The lack of supply this year has kept the price fairly firm though stagnant. Fewer cattle have finished off

grass this autumn, not forcing numbers on to the finished market throughout the backend, which is similar to what has happened with lambs. Could there be an influx of numbers in the New Year, with animals being finished inside throughout the winter? We will have to wait and see, but if you have stock, manage numbers and do not cause an oversupply on the market, especially if prices do decrease. Hold cattle, do not rush to sell on a falling trade if this happens. We produce good quality goods that are wanted worldwide and we must remember this and stay strong. Let us hope the leaders of the country understand this and promote it for export to the world to increase prices in all sectors and give farmers a decent income to be able to continue to farm effectively and Alastair J. Brown is a senior auctioneer on behalf of Bletsoes. Call 07885 804 450 or email

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500


M R E Opportunities in North EastMarchdyke, Scotland Dalton, Lockerbie A L CA ST LE O ’ T R IM F A R M

E llel, N r L anca st er , L A2 0 Q D IN F O R SA LE BY A U CT IO N A S A Wand, cases for FLand HO in LE some O R IN 4 LO exceeded, T S update a s range ( su b j ect to co nd i ti ons and unles so ld ofp r land evi ousand l y) rural property types. The downturn in the North fromonJames C. Presly W E DNE SDA Y 30 T H NO V E MBE R 20 16 at 7. 30 PM


East of Scotland’s oil industry, together with agricultural income espite the political unL ot O ne – 4 b edcertainties E d war d i anofs tyBrexit, le F ar m hous e wi th 3 b from ed annex r es i d enti al pressures low, commodity c ar ava an p lots , r second ang e ofrefb ui ld i ng prices s and 7 and . 5 5 delays ac r es ota in subsidy paypossible L ot T wo – R angerendum e of m od eronn Scottish and tr ad i ti onal ag r i c ultur b ui ld i ng s and .4 9 ments, arealcertainly well4 7 publiac r esindependence ota cised factors influencing the marand the L ot T ongoing hr ee – T process hr ee b edofr oom etac hed inb ung ket alow 1 0 . 67 Subsequently, ac r es ota of there at and present. landd reform g r Aberdeen as s land is a prevailing mood of caution in Scotland, and Northern L ot F Estates our – –1 0 the 2 . 7 4 property ac r es ota of p as turofeland the andmarket. m ead owland division with uncertainty ull d etaiatls Thainfr om J oi nt AucHowever, ti oneer s the ANM Group,F based and shrewd R i ch ar d T ur ner– is & reportSon, 1 4 M oscomes s E nd , opportunities C r ookl and s stone, Aberdeenshire buyers to regard ScotT el: ( 0market 1 5 3 9 5 ) in 668 the 0 0 www. r tur nercontinue . co . uk ing the farmland or ArNorth m i tst ead B arofnett, M ar ke t P land lace , and G ar stthe ang North , L ancs East as good North and East Scotland T el: performing ( 0 1 9 9 5 ) 60 3 well. 1 8 0 www.value ab ar for co . uk with potential for is holding up and long-term capital growth, particuSeveral farms and rural properlarly when compared with other ties have recently gone under offer areas of the UK. or reached settlement of sale and Demand can often be localised last week we held four competitive with stronger demand and opticlosing dates for equipped farms mism emerging in areas with well and bare land opportunities. performing and diversified farm We are continuing to see istic asking prices being achieved businesses. This is particularly at T HE CR O F T E R S, A 6 CA BU S, G A R ST A NG , PR 3 1HP

p073.indd 73

years require sensitive pricing to attract the cautious buyers in this segment of the market. Our practical experience in the North and North East of Scotland rural property market is that buyers from outside the region continue to be involved in large and well equipped farm transactions. This reflects our view that, in a national context, farms in the North East of Scotland represent sound investment opportunities and ‘Shrewd buyers regard Scotland CLOSING DATE - 12 NOON 2016 good9th valueDECEMBER for money. as good value for money’ A recent example of this is a 58 acre smallholding with 3 bedroom bungalow in the portfolio of 435 hectares (1,076 Annandale Area pronounced where the businesses acres) of equipped farmland which are keen not to miss an opportunwas recently brought BUTLER LAND MANAGEMENT LTDto the marity to purchase the neighbouring ket and has already drawn interest 01461 201 200is from throughout the UK. unit at a time when borrowing available and interest rates remain James C. Presly is senior associate low. at Aberdeen & Northern (Estates). Conversely, we are finding secCall 01467 623 800 or email ondary quality land and farms November 25, 2016 | 73 with limited investment in recent

23/11/2016 15:33:29 ABERDEEN & NORTHERN




A prime mixed livestock / arable unit in close proximity to Rothiemay, Huntly with two impressive farmhouses, extensive range of modern farm buildings, and productive arable farmland extending to 165Ha (408 acres) or thereby. For sale as a whole with vacant possession.

•C •I •F

Offers Over £2,300,000

On the instructions of the Administrators and Trustees


An Aberdeenshire farm property in close proximity to Huntly with large farmhouse, range of buildings and productive grade 3(2) arable farmland extending to 79Ha (195 acres) or thereby. For sale as a whole with vacant possession.

LAND & DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY AT KNABBYMOSS, CORNHILL, BANFF, AB45 2HP · Derelict house and steading · Picturesque rural setting · Land extending to 33.7Ha (83 acres) or thereby · Located in close proximity to Cornhill

Offers Over £125,000

Offers Over £925,000


Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeen AB51 5XZ T: 01467 623800 n An ANM Group Ltd Company 74


November 25, 2016

p074.indd 74

23/11/2016 14:48


•C •R •F



Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today ABERDEEN & NORTHERN


CLAYMIRES FARM, CORNHILL, BANFF, AB45 2BR • Claymires Farmhouse • Impressive range of farm buildings (3,421 sq.m) • Farmland extending to 62Ha (153 acres) or thereby

Lot 1 - Offers Over £800,000


• Inchford Farmhouse • Range of modern & traditional farm buildings (1,718 sq.m) • Farmland extending to 41Ha (100 acres) or thereby

Lot 2 - Offers Over £570,000

On the instructions of the Administrators and Trustees



Lot 3 - Offers Over £380,000

Lot 4 - Offers Over £300,000

• Crossfolds Farmhouse • Range of modern & traditional farm buildings (1,817 sq.m) • Farmland extending to 24Ha (58 acres) or thereby

• Farmland extending to 32Ha (78 acres) or thereby

The above properties form a portfolio of three equipped farms and further bare land near Cornhill comprising Claymires, Inchford, Crossfolds, and Land at Scatterty. About 158Ha (390 acres) in all.

FOR SALE IN 4 LOTS OR AS A WHOLE - OFFERS OVER £2,050,000 Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeen AB51 5XZ T: 01467 623800 n An ANM Group Ltd Company

p075.indd 75

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:47 Farms & Property

Land at Benshaw Moor £800,000 (Offers in excess of) Elsdon, Northumberland Opportunity to acquire a block of open moorland, south of the village of Elsdon in the heart of the Redesdale Valley. In total extending to approximately 638.04 acres (258.21 hectares) with good road side access. The land could be used for grazing and sporting

PRODUCTIVE MIXED FARM matfen, northumberland

Hexham: 12 miles, Newcastle upon Tyne: 16 miles Attractive stone farmhouse  4 bedrooms  modern farm buildings  floor grain storage  cattle housing up to 250 head  EPC = G About 401 acres Guide £3 million Savills Wooler 01668 280813 Savills Wooler 01668 280806

pursuits or could lend itself to planting for forestry, subject to the necessary consents.

For sale as a whole by private treaty Call our Northumberland & Borders Office for more details

Tyne Valley & Cumbria: 01434 608980 Northumberland & Borders: 01665 606800 Durham & North Yorkshire: 01740 617377

am: 12 miles, Newcastle upon Tyne: 16 miles e opportunity to acquire a traditional Sussex farm  period farmhouse novation  convenient location to Haywards Heath  EPCs = E-F


103.81 acres (42.00 ha) or thereabouts together with farmhouse, play barn, café, barn with planning permission, fell rights and a range of farm buildings FOR SALE BY AUCTION AS A WHOLE OR IN LOTS (Subject to Conditions & Unless Sold Previously)

TUESDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2016 AT 7.30PM AT THE CROOKLANDS HOTEL, CROOKLANDS Full details from Crooklands Office: Tel: (015395) 66800 Website:


with 3 bedroom house and barn for sale. Rural location, agricultural occupancy restriction. Nottinghamshire £279,000 07486 264461 (p)



p076.indd 76

November 25, 2016

URGENT FARM WANTED to rent, 50-100 acres Cumbria N. Yorkshire

Tel: 07510 894 250 (P)

We are the best weekly title at farms of all sizes in the UK FG Subscribe and stay informed with Visit Call 01772 799 500 quote HACL

23/11/2016 16:10:05

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Farms & Property


RTS Richard Turner & Son


Conway, Lancaster New Road, Cabus, Garstang, PR3 1PH

FOR SALE BY AUCTION Meadow and Pastureland Water Meetings Lane Blacko, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 6LS About 41.39 Acres

Farmers Guardian


2 bedroom detached bungalow with outbuildings set in 6.01 ACRES Benefit of Planning Permission for storage of up to 30 caravans For Sale By Informal Tender 14th December 2016 at 12 noon Guide Price – OIEO £500,000

A valuable block of meadow and pastureland with natural stream water supply for sale freehold as one Lot. This land will be offered for sale by auction subject to conditions and unless sold previously in the Festival Hall Gisburn near Clitheroe at 2.30pm on Tuesday 29 November 2016. Sale particulars from the Auctioneers : Richard Turner & Son, Old Sawley Grange, Gisburn Road, Sawley, Clitheroe BB7 4LH Tel: 01200 441351 Fax: 01200 441666

Grazing / Wanted


SHEEP GRAZING WANTED preferable fenced for 50 - 500 sheep

LA ND A T T HO R PE SA LV IN, W O R K SO P 65 . 5 9 Acr es ( 2 6. 5 4 hect ar es) As a W hole or i n T wo L ots

Tel: 07768997557 (T)

SHEEP GRAZING WANTED Grass or roots. Advanced monthly payments. Tel

Peter Parker 07766 475 799 (P)



Wanted fenced for sheep until mid March.

Tel: 01433 620494 (P)

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Copy Deadline 11am Wednesday 21st December Alterations/Cancellations 5pm Tuesday 20th December

NEW YEAR Friday 30th December

Copy Deadline 11am Wednesday 28th December Alterations/Cancellations 11am Wednesday 21st December

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Property Services

PLEASE NOTE The Farmers Guardian

offices are closed from F O R SA LE BY INF O R MA L T E NDE R CLO SING DA T E F O R O F F E R S 16T H DE CE MBE R 5:0 0 PM T wo p ar ce ls of g ood q uali ty ar ab le land wi th r oad fr ontag e and wi thi n cl ose p r oxi m i ty to A5 7 W or kso p R oad . F or fur ther d etai ls and tend er for m s p lease c ontact W i lb ys Ag r i cu ltur al D ep ar tm ent 6A E astgate Barnsley, South Y ork shire S70 2E P T elep hone: 0 1226 299221

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500

p077.indd 77

Securing planning freedom...

AGRICULTURAL OCCUPANCY TIES LIFTED NO WIN NO FEE 160 ag. ties lifted by us since 2004 UK wide including S. 106/52’s Free friendly consultation & honest advice

0800 088 6415

Click Agricultural Occupancy at

Thursday 22nd December and will reopen for 2017

Tuesday 3rd January 2017 The offices are open for one day

Plan your week at

Wednesday 28th December November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 15:58:59

Motors 4 x 4s


01629 56678

• M: 07966



• W:

Toyota single cab pickup - 12,650 miles - Towbar - Load liner - 205 x 16 wheels - Black interior - A/C - 64 reg .... £14,500

Toyota Active single cab pickup - 64 reg - Silver - Towbar - Body liner - 12,263 miles - Air con .............. £14,500

Toyota single cab pickup - July 2013 - 32,838 miles - Silver - Towbar & Liner......................... £11,750

Toyota HL2 Hilux single cab pick up - Air con - 50,143 miles - 62 reg - Towbar - Body liner - March 2012........... £10,750

Toyota Hilux HL2 double cab - 28,208 miles - 13 reg - Silver - Air con - Towbar - Load liner.................. £12,000

Toyota Hilux HL2 double cab - 63 reg - 27,521 miles - Silver - Towbar - Load liner ........................................£12,350

Toyota Hilux HL2 double cab - Silver - 63 reg - Towbar - 18,357 miles - Air con - Load liner................... £12,750

Toyota Double Cab - 21,502 miles - Body liner - Towbar - Air con - 64 reg ......................... £14,250

Toyota Hilux HL2 Double cab - Green - 37,800 miles - 12 reg .................. .........................................................£11,400

Toyota Hilux Invincible 3.0 litre - 57 reg - 74,437 miles - Cloth seats - Towbar - Canopy ........................ £8,250

Isuzu Dmax single cab pickup - 64 reg - Towbar - Air con - Body liner - 245/70/16 tyres - 15,124 miles £13,600

Mitsubishi Shogun van - Silver - 05 reg - 94,541 miles - Towbar - Very Tidy ...........................................POA

Freelander HSE TDA Estate

Fleet Disposals End of Lease Sales 3.5 Tonne Towing Toyota Hilux Upgrade

PK 56 Reg, auto diesel, 1951cc, 5door, red, 63,000miles, MOT:- October 2017 £5000 ono Tel: 07778 188487 Lancs (P) LAND ROVER DEFENDERS WANTED

2016 (66) Nissan Navara NP300 Acenta

2012 (62) Toyota Hilux 3.0 Invincible

Plus 190 bhp With Diff Lock & Met Paint Leather & Sat Nav, Only 32,000 miles only Demo miles Reduced.......... £19950

manual, Met Black......................... £15950

63 Ford Ranger 3.2 Limited manual only 40K Met Black 200 bhp Leather.......£15950

Any make or model, any year, any value, running or not. Also any types of 4x4 vehicles wanted. Will collect UK wide Top prices paid Tel: 07770 686052 01383 511787 or 07771 982404


2.5 diesel P reg. Full 12 month MOT. Goodrich alterain tyres Tel: 07785 361396 Lancs (P)

WANTED TOYOTA HILUX Any condition. Best Price Paid Tel: 07703 559621 DISCOVERY TD5 X Reg, good condition. Tel: 07984 159129

Lancs (P)

11 Mitsubishi L200 DI-D Warrior L/Bed Red 58K Chq plate & Ladder Rack.....£ 9950 12 Nissan Navara Acenta 2.5 C/C Canopy White 76K Never towed FSH........£ 8950 10 Isuzu Rodeo 2.5 Denver C/C Canopy Silver 64K ....................NO VAT..........£ 8950 07885 193278 - 01925 768897




p078.indd 78

November 25, 2016


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FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

Our brands reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment


23/11/2016 16:15:07

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today 4 x 4s


...driven by family values


D EA L ER SI NC E 1 9 8 6









ED: £500



Ask about our NFU Membership Discount The New ARCTIC TRUCK is NOW here The best truck ever made?? SELECTION OF NEW EIGERS AVAILABLE. RING FOR DETAILS 2016/66 D-Max Eiger, Farmers Pack, Mineral Grey, 3000 miles ..... £18500 2015/15 L200 Challenger DCB Di Double Cab, R Back, Blue, 21000 miles .. ................................................................................................... £15000 2014/64 D-Max Blade, White, 13000 Miles, Rear Canopy .............. £20000 2014/64 D-Max Yukon Extended Cab, Grey, 23000 Miles .............. £15000


2014/14 L200 Single Cab 4WD, 4 Work, Silver, 30,000 miles ....... £11000

2016 ‘66’ L200 TITAN DOUBLE CAB:


2012/62 D-Max Yukon Auto, Garnet Red, 58,000 Miles ................. £13000

• 4 Door, 5 Seater with Super Select 4WD • 2.5 L DiD Engine (178BHP) • 3100KG Braked Towing Capacity • 3 Year Roadside Assistance • Dual Zone Climate Control & Bluetooth

• Alloy Livestock Canopy (Mesh Door) • Tough uPVC Load Liner • Tow Bar (7 Electric Pins) • Rubber Floor Mats (Front and Rear) • Front Seat Covers

2010/60 Denver Max + Auto 3.0, Black, 28,000 miles, Sat Nav, Lthr £12000






1. List price shown excludes VAT, VED and First Registration Fee and is for an L200 Titan Double Cab manual. Model shown is an L200 Titan Double Cab manual at £18,999 (excludes VAT, VED and First Registration Fee). Metallic paint available at £430 plus VAT extra. On the road prices range from £20,029 to £25,909 and include VAT, VED and first registration fee. Prices correct at time of going to print. 2. Finance is through Shogun Finance Ltd T/A Finance Mitsubishi 116 Cockfosters Rd, Barnet, EN4 0DY and is subject to status available to all customers aged 18 and over. Finance Mitsubishi is part of Lloyds Banking Group. Finance offers are only applicable in the UK (excludes Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and I.O.M) are subject to availability and may be amended or withdrawn at any time. We may receive commission or other benefits for introducing you to Finance Mitsubishi. Browns Mitsubishi Ltd trades as DEALER MITSUBISHI. 3. All new L200 variants come with a 5 year/62,500 mile warranty (whichever occurs first). For more information please visit


Scania Drawbar

28FT LIVESTOCK BOX With decks & hydraulic ramp, 2 slam shut cattle doors, in excellent condition.

R440 Highline drawbar outfit, twin bunk, 3 axel rear lift, low ride, fitted with 2 year old plant body, heavy duty raves, pins and sockets, toolboxes, c/w tri-axel drawbar trailer, pins & sockets, both hardwood floors, Scania maintained from new, FORS fitted suitable machinery/hay & straw

Tel: 07900430929 or 01745 560054 N.Wales (P)

Contact Michael Bell 07836 585285 (T) Lancs

Motorcycles MOTORCYCLES WANTED Any age, any

DAF 180 Parkhouse Container with sleeper cab night heater and three light bars. With new loading gates and internal gates. Would suit young stockman 07789 220220 (Essex)

p079.indd 79

Farmers Pack Above = Tow Bar & Jaw, Liner, Spare Wheel, Mats, F Seat Covers Farmers Canopy Extra £650 +vat Mesh Gate or £700 +vat Solid Gate



Acts as a credit broker and not a lender

181-183 Preston Road, Grimsargh, Preston, Lancashire PR2 5JP 01772 652323

2013/63 D-Max Yukon, Silver, 30000 miles .................................. £14250

condition. Tel: 07951 281515 Nationwide

collection (P)

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

All Vehicles above are plus VAT unless otherwise stated. Ring for further details! COLLECTION AND DELIVERY ALL PART OF THE SERVICE!!! I’m At Bakewell Market Every Monday! Mat Golden 07771 666442 or 01484 608060

www. rngolden. co. uk

We are the best weekly title at farms of all sizes in the UK


November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 15:42:38

Tractors & Equipment Plant Machinery TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT_3X6.indd

Pressure Washers & Pumps



05/07/2016 19:46



30 0 0 p si @ 30 l/ min J etting up to 10 0 m. Can also be used for p ressure washing. use Mainland delivery included Ma Ex-demonstrators and special Ex offers available, while stocks o llast. Ring for more details. T el: 0 1756 794291 Sk ip ton. N. Y ork shire www. LandyPressureW ashers. com

deeply into all the major agricultural


sectors -

P Cowell & Sons Tel; 01772-653569






ator Specialist. Quality new & used. Est 22yrs. JSPUK Ltd. Tel: 01432 353050 (T)


2014 KUBOTA KX61-3

2.6T MINI EXCAVATOR RUBBER TRACKS 1100 HOURS £17,500 + VAT Tel: 015395 60833 BOBCATS For sale used

and reconditioned. New and used spare parts. - Tel: 01495 237888 or 07793 744622(evenings)



finance and

Short or long term competitive quotes P Cowell & Sons Tel 01772 653569 (T)

Tractor & Machinery Hire


FG Muck & Slurry


OUT OF SEASON JOHN DEERE TRACTOR HIRE 1/11/16 to 30/6/17 300 HP 15 wk £650 p/w 220 HP 15 wk £510 p/w 160 HP 15 wk £380 p/w 125 HP 15 wk £285 p/w 12” WOOD CHIPPERS

Comprehensive range of spare parts available for all types of slurry machinery Umbilical Pumping Systems • Storage Tanks etc • All Makes of Scraper Systems • Parts for all Separators • Mixers / Pumps •

Tractor & Machinery Transport Tel 01254 826295

Telephone: 01524 781900

Like us on Facebook Get the latest shows and sales news from Farmers Guardian with our new Facebook page FGShowsandSales



p080.indd 80

November 25, 2016 Tel 01772 422292

Plan your week at

23/11/2016 15:45:35

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Parts & Servicing


365 Days a Year Keenan Service

Exchange 3, 4 and 6

Parts For Immediate Delivery

• • • • • •

Paddle Rubbers - all models Blades - all models Springs all types - all models Rotor & door seals - all models Reline plates - all models Chains & links - all models All other parts are also in stock Depot: 01229 718359 Mobile/out of hours: 07860506166 web: email:

cylinder full and short engines. NEW HOLLAND 675TA NOS short 6 cyl engines as fitted to

Replacement tractor parts Direct to your door Phone for best quotes Mob: 07971 243668 or 01939 260639

40 series, TS, TM. Tractors and TC, TX and CX combines.



Weld on Forklift and loader brackets to fit most makes and models. JCB/MATBRO £68.50 + VAT ALL OTHERS POA All major debit/credit cards accepted NEXT DAY DISPATCH Terry Birch - Mobile: 07966 233104/ Tel: 01529 455776 email:

Farmers Guardian the best environment for your brand message


PERKINS ENGINES Exchange 3, 4 and 6 cylinder full and short engines. TURBOCHARGERS NEW & RECON AVAILABLE


CLAAS John Deere,and

other makes, combine harvester 2nd hand and new spares. Tel: JMT Engineering 01926 614345 (T)

01489 896626

For all your machinery requirements contact Eva, Charlotte or Gavin on 01772 799 500 Farmers Guardian - Machinery November 25, 2016 | Machinery House Ad_6x3 copy.indd 1

p081.indd 81



06/07/2016 15:14

23/11/2016 16:22:57 Tractors & Equipment

ATVs JOHN DEERE GATOR 2012 500 hours, excellent condition

H F B Trailers Leek Ltd Full Range of Ifor Williams Trailers Available



Tel: 07786 743701 Appleby (P)


and calf canopy road trailers and sheep feeders- Tel: Swaledale ATV 01282 614321 or 07836 315254 Nationwide

et weather u ates

Farmers Guardian



X 250 X 68 0 X 420 X 50 0 A 750 A 50 0 A 40 0 40 0 4 450 4

T E F A F A F A 4 X 4 x 4 x x 4 x 4

4 x 2 ................................ 4 x 4 ................................ 24 X 4 P /S .................... 54 x 4 ........................... 4 ..................................... 4 ...................................... 4 ...................................... ........................................ ........................................

£ 3, 650 £ 6, 595 £ 5, 8 95 £ 6, 195 £ 6, 595 £ 5, 8 95 £ 5, 195 £ 4, 395 £ 4, 8 50


FG Your one stop shop for all agricultural sales Search by sale type, mart, auctioneer or region 82


p082.indd 82

November 25, 2016


2nd December 20 16

A T V ’S Muck & Slurry 9th December 20 16

Parts & T yres 16th December 20 16

W inter Housing & F eeding Muck & Slurry 23rd December 20 16

Buyers G uide For more information please call Gavin, Ewa or Charlotte on 01772 799500

USED SHEAR BUCKET 5FT 7” ............ £290.00 + VAT MARSHALL 60 ROTA SPREADER .................................................. £3300.00 + VAT FEED BARRIERS ( DIFFERENT LENGTHS ) FROM ............................................ £40.00 + VAT BROWNS SAW BENCH (WOODWORKER) ............................................... £1250.00 NO VAT ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO VAT, EXCEPT WHERE SHOWN • MOB: 07711 216244 / 01538 306212 EMAIL: SALES@HFBTRAILERS.COM

Farmers Guardian


We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent advertisers attempting to sell items within the classified section. Whilst we endeavour to protect our readers and pull these adverts before going to press, sometimes they may unfortunately appear in print. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you PROCEED WITH CAUTION with the seller and do not part with money until goods are received. Farmers Guardian are NOT responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.



Call Gavin for more information on 01772 799500

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23/11/2016 15:51:14

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2006 MF 5445

4WD POWERSHUTTLE C/W MF 940 LOADER £19,750 + VAT Tel: 015395 60833 QUICKFENCER Now

make wood processors to fit telehandlers and excavators all done from seat and large log splitters as well as its fencing equipment. Now available new post pusher for metal posts with hydraulic vibrator for the strainers. -Tel 07966 285240 (T)


From 6400 to 7530 Year 1996 to 2012 Power quad, gear boxes preferred. Anything considered. Cash Paid. Contact Terry on 07966 525347 (T)


KUBOTA M6060 C/W LA1134 LOADER (SPECIAL OFFER) ....................................................................... POA ZETOR PROXIMA 80 C/W TRIMA X36 LOADER ...£29,250 DEUTZ-FAHR 5105.4G 105HP 4WD 0% FINANCE. POA DEUTZ-FAHR 5090 ECO 90HP 4WD (1 ONLY) 0% FINANCE ...............................................................£23,750





A A .........................£325 A A A A ...............£995 ALO SILOCUT 125 SHEAR GRAB.........................£1,620 SINGLE REAR WRAPPED BALE HANDLER (SHOP SOILED) ......................................................................£350 HEAVY DUTY TRAILED CHAIN HARROWS FROM £350


2013 (13) NEW HOLLAND T6-165 ELECTRO TRANSMISSION, 40K, FRONT & CAB SUSPENSION, 820 HRS ONLY, VERY TIDY ...................................... POA 2014 (14) ZETOR PROXIMA 80 C/W QUICKIE Q31 LOADER, 900HRS ONLY, VERY TIDY...................... POA


A £4,750 2006 (56) KUBOTA RTV900 ROAD LEGAL...........£4,750 TEAGLE CENTERLINER SX2500 FERTILISER SPINNER, VERY TIDY............................................£2,500


KUBOTA G2160 RIDE-ON 48” REAR DISCHARGE DECK, 1113 HRS ONLY ..........................................£2,950 KUBOTA T1670 RIDE-ON, PETROL, 42” SIDE DISCHARGE DECK ................................................£1,150 PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE

AGRISPARES Agricultural Replacement Parts & Accessories Workshop Equipment

Signet, Trident, Metabo - Top Quality Best Prices SPECIAL OFFERS - 22ton Air/Hyd Truck Jack £350.00 + vat 100 x 4.1/2 cutting discs get free Bosch 4.1/2 grinder £140.00 + vat Ring for catalogue TELEPHONE: 01380


Tel: 01538 308436 Fax: 01538 308751

JOHN DEERE TRACTORS SALES & EXPORT 8360R 7290R 6215R 6210R 6195R 6190R 6150R 6140R 6130R 6125R 6115R 6630P


Telephone: 07971 877280 or 01434 838134

JCB Agri Super Handlers

541.70 535.95 531.70 Tractor & Machinery Transport Tel 01254 826295


NEW & second hand

agricultural wheels and tyres for tractors, trailers etc. axles, rims, centres, dual wheels, rowcrops & floatation Tel: Trevor Wrench on 01925 730274 Mobile: 07976 715896 (T)

BREAKING All makes of

Foragers and new parts in stock Tel - 01200

Auger flighting Relines to suit any to suit any auger feeder Blades and spare parts supplied UK wide Weighing systems repairs New and Second Hand Feeder available 01829 771509 or Rob on 07860 916141

446622 (T)

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p083.indd 83

2010 MF 5460 4WD DYNA-4


£25,950 + VAT Tel: 015395 60833

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500


ZETOR URSUS BELARUS DEUTZ RENAULT & FENDT TRACTORS A LSO W A NT E D: T elehandlers, R ound Balers & W rap p ers. A lso damaged tractors and telehandlers. A ny 4wd tractors and telehandlers for break ing any condition considered, nationwide Send p hotos to michaeltractors@ hotmail. com 0 78 54 8 65 674 November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 16:13:22




Top quality belt driven air compressors for industrial & commercial users inc; garages, factories, workshops and farms. 10 bar/ 150psi max working pressure








.00 349EXC.VAT £ .80 418INC.VAT £

±Run from 30 Amp Supply ‡Run From 40 Amp Supply ^400V 3 Phase •Supplied With Direct On-Line Starter ◊Supplied With Sequential Direct On-Line Starter †V-Twin Cast Iron Pump #Supplied with Pre-Wired Starter CFM MOTOR RCVR MODEL (HP) (LTR) EXC.VAT INC.VAT 2 100 £349.00 £418.80 XEV11/100 (OL)† 9 XEV16/100† 14 3 100 £399.00 £478.80 XEV16/150†± 14 3 150 £429.00 £514.80 XEV16/200 (OL)†± 14 3 200 £499.00 £598.80 XEV16/150†^±# 14 3 150 £499.00 £598.80 SE18ǂ 18 4 200 £579.00 £694.80 SE26^ 23 5.5 200 £679.00 £814.80 SE29±◊ 28 2x3 270 £969.00 £1162.80 SE36^● 30 7.5 270 £998.00 £1197.60 SE37±◊ 36 2x4 270 £1149.00 £1378.80 SE46#^ 40 10 270 £1498.00 £1797.60



189EXC.VAT .80 226INC.VAT





20SPS12 MODEL CAPACITY EXC.VAT INC.VAT £FROM ONLY .98 20SPS12 907kg £69.98 £83.98 69EX.VAT 35SPS12 1588kg £109.98 £131.98 £83.98 INC.VAT 800SS12 3936kg £279.98 £335.98


99EXC.VAT 119.98 INC.VAT £








Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output XR80 with thermostat control MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £189.00 XR80 20.5kW £239.00 XR110 29.3kW £289.00 XR160 46.9kW £349.00 XR210 61.5kW £399.00


.99 43EX.VAT £ .79 52INC.VAT


.99 84EXC.VAT .99 101INC.VAT



Superb range ideal for DIY, hobby & semi -professional use

8/250 MODEL MOTOR CFM 8/250 2HP 7.5 7/250 2 HP 7 11/250 2.5HP 9.5 8/510 2HP 7.5 11/510 2.5HP 9.5 16/510* 3 HP 14.5 16/1010* 3 HP 14.5

• Auto ON/OFF float switch

TANK 24ltr 24ltr 24ltr 50ltr 50ltr 50ltr 100ltr

* ’V’ Twin Pump EXC.VAT INC.VAT £84.99 £101.99 £94.99 £113.99 £109.98 £131.98 £119.98 £143.98 £139.98 £167.98 £209.00 £250.80 £259.98 £311.98


.00 219EXC.VAT .80 262INC.VAT

£ £





.98 49EXC.VAT .58 59INC.VAT






*Pumps solids up to HSEC650A 30mm diameter #Pumps solids up to 35mm diameter †Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW LPM MAX HEAD EXC. VAT INC. VAT PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 £59.98 HIPPO 2 (230V) 85 6.0m £51.99 £62.39 PVP11A# 258 11.0m £79.98 £95.98 PSP125 125 10.2m £87.99 £105.59 HSEC650A† 290 9.5m £199.98 £239.98


PETROL & DIESEL DRIVEN IN STOCK Delivery Suction hose available 3/4" - 8" Bulk quantities from FROM ONLY £ .98 only 169EXC.VAT £1/metre £ .98


MODEL PETROL OUTPUT MAX ENGINE HEAD PW2 6.5HP 416 ltr/min 26m PW3 6.5HP 800 ltr/min 30m CHS2E 4.0HP 700 ltr/min 23m

EXC.VAT INC.VAT £169.98 £203.98 £189.98 £227.98 £369.00 £442.80


.00 219EXC.VAT .80 262INC.VAT




PRESSURE MODEL BAR/PSI Tiger1800 110/1595 Tiger2600 170/2465 Tiger3000 200/2900 PLS195 186/2698 PLS265 260/3770

Honda & Diesel engine models in stock ENGINE EXC. INC. HP VAT VAT 2.6 £219.00 £262.80 4 £279.00 £334.80 6.5 £349.00 £418.80 6.5 £429.00 £514.80 13 £649.00 £778.80


BC130C BC190 BC210C BC410E WBC180 BC205N WBC240 BC520N WBC400

EXC.VAT £64.99 £89.98 £99.98 £129.98 £129.98 £179.98 £159.98 £179.98 £199.00

POWER CAP (W) (MM) EXC.VAT INC.VAT CON400RHD 400 10-30 £43.99 £52.79 CRD620 620 13-30 £56.99 £68.39 CON1200RD NEW 1200 13-40 £65.99 £79.19 CON720RHD 720 13-40 £79.98 £95.98 CON1500RDV NEW 1500 13-40 £89.98 £107.98

LOG BUSTERS The fast easy way for consistent and accurate log splitting FROM ONLY .98 £

59EX.VAT £ INC.VAT 71.98 LOG * manual BUSTER 7 † 6.5 HP Petrol driven SPLITTING SPLITTING LENGTH FORCE MODEL (mm) (Tonnes) EXC.VAT INC.VAT 1.5 £59.98 £71.98 Log Buster 10* 400 Log Buster 4* 444 10 £114.99 £137.99 Log Buster 9* 584 8 £134.99 £161.99 Log Buster 7 370 4 £167.99 £201.59 Log Buster 5 520 4 £189.98 £227.98 Log Buster 6 1050 5.5 £389.00 £466.80 Log Buster 8† 510 10 £569.00 £682.80



Honda engine models available INC.VAT £77.99 £107.98 £119.98 £155.98 £155.98 £215.98 £191.98 £215.98 £238.80

KVA 0.7 1.1 2.4 2.8 3 4.5 5.5

EXC.VAT £99.98 £159.98 £199.98 £249.98 £379.00 £529.00 £599.00




p084.indd 84


EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LONDON 100 The Highway, Docklands 020 7488 2129 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160

INC.VAT £119.98 £191.98 £239.98 £299.98 £454.80 £634.80 £718.80




.99 66EXC.VAT .39 80INC.VAT

£ £

Large capacity rugged steel mixers perfect for contractor FROM ONLY NEW .98 use on site £179EXC.VAT CCM110 # 110V £ .98 215INC.VAT available MODEL ENGINE MOTOR EX. VAT INC. VAT Clarke CCM110 0.7HP, 230V £179.98 £215.98 Clarke CCM50 1/6HP, 230V £179.98 £215.98 Clarke CCM125C 1/3HP, 230V £199.98 £239.98 Belle Mini mix 140 1/2HP, 230V £319.00 £382.80 Belle Mini 150# 240V £339.00 £406.80 Belle Mini 150 2.5HP Honda £599.00 £718.80 CIR220


• Inc. 17, 19, 21 & 23mm chrome vanadium sockets CIR220 ONLY • 2x 24V .98 Ni-Cd Batteries £99EX.VAT & 1 hour £ .98 119INC.VAT fast charger OTHER MODELS MAX TORQUE EXC.VAT INC.VAT Corded CEW1000 450Nm £58.99 £70.79 Cordless CIR450C 450Nm £129.98 £155.98


.99 54EX.VAT .99 65INC.VAT

MODEL MIN-MAX AMPS EXC.VAT PRO90 24-90 £189.98 110E 30-100 £229.98 135TE Turbo 30-130 £249.98 151TE Turbo 30-150 £279.98 165TEM Turbo 30-155 £339.00 175TECM Turbo 30-170 £449.00 205TE Turbo 30-185 £489.00


.98 49EXC.VAT .98 59INC.VAT

£ £


CAP. SADDLE HEIGHT EXC. INC. TONNES (mm) MAX (mm) VAT VAT CTJ3000QL 3 195 520 £49.98 £59.98 CTJ3000G 3 120 520 £89.98 £107.98 CTJ3QLG 3 145 500 £83.99 £100.79


Boltless, quick and easy assembly (only a mallet is required) • Tough steel frame • Adjustable height shelves • 5 easy wipe clean laminate board shelves • (W)1220 x (D)460 x (H)1830






EXT CS5265






MODEL START PEAK BOOST AMPS EXC.VAT INC.VAT 900 400A 900A £54.99 £65.99 910 400A 900A £64.99 £77.99 4000 700A 1500A £119.98 £143.98 12/24 1000A@12V 2000A@12V £139.98 £167.98 500A@24V 1000A@24V

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00 01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451

INC.VAT £227.98 £275.98 £299.98 £335.98 £406.80 £538.80 £586.80




MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ


.98 179EX.VAT 189 .98 215INC.VAT 227







48"/12 DE 20mm



.98 79EXC.VAT .98 95INC.VAT

£ £


ONLINE MAIL ORDER 0115 956 5555


Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

25717 (57) FARM (full).indd 1


01226 732297 0121 358 7977 0121 7713433 01204 365799 01274 390962 01273 915999 0117 935 1060 01283 564 708 01223 322675 029 2046 5424 01228 591666 01242 514 402 01244 311258 01206 762831 024 7622 4227 020 8763 0640 01325 380 841 01304 373 434 01332 290 931 01302 245 999 01382 225 140 0131 659 5919


MOTOR (W) EXC. INC. MODEL SPEEDS VAT VAT CDP5EB 350 / 5 £66.99 £80.39 CDP102B 350 / 5 £79.98 £95.98 CDP152B 450 / 12 £134.99 £161.99 CDP202B 450 / 16 £179.98 £215.98 CDP10B 370 / 12 £194.99 £233.99 CDP352F 550 / 16 £219.00 £262.80 CDP502F1100 / 12£499.00 £598.80


HP 6.5 7 8 11 13


BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace





MODEL G720 G1200 FG2500 FG3005 FG3050 FG4050ES FG5100ES


.00 229EXC.VAT .80 274INC.VAT


Quality machines from Britain’s leading supplier See online for included accessories

• Range of precision bench & floor presses for enthusiast, engineering & industrial applications

Provides essential home, garage HEAVY DUTY 17KG and roadside assistance Integral work light 910 includes air compressor Long life battery

.98 99EX.VAT .98 119INC.VAT

FROM ONLY Ammeter £ .99 Multi-position 64EX.VAT .99 charge regulator £77INC.VAT Overload protection on charging cycle

MAX AMPS CHARGE/BOOST 15/120 38/180 25/200 35/400 35/180 30/200 45/240 50/100 60/350





INC.VAT £274.80 £346.80 £346.80 £406.80 £514.80





EXC.VAT £229.00 £289.00 £289.00 £339.00 £429.00


B = Bench mounted F = Floor standing

Powerful heavy duty professional drill ideal for trade use CON1500RDV INC 13MM KEYED DRILL CHUCK, 2X CHISELS, 3X SDS+ DRILL BITS & CARRY CASE


SIZE (LxWxH) 4.6 x 3 x 2.4M 4.9 x 3.7 x 2.6M 6.1 x 3 x 2.4M 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.5M 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.5M


.98 FARM JACKS 49EXC.VAT .98 CFJ48 • Max Load 2000kg £59INC.VAT



MODEL CIG1015 CIG1216 CIG1020 CIG1220 CIG1224

INC.VAT £226.80 £286.80 £346.80 £418.80 £478.80







• Ideal for use as a garage/workshop • Extra tough triple layer weatherproof fabric • Heavy duty powder coated steel tubing • Ratchet tight tensioning

November 25, 2016

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Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today John Cornthwaite

(Farm Machinery) Limited

Elm Farm, Station Lane, Nateby, Nr. Garstang Preston, PR3 0LT

• T: 01995 606969 • F: 01995 605700 • Web: • e-mail: • All Prices + VAT

Case Maxxum 110, 2011, 2388 Hrs, Panoramic Doors, 3 Spools, Air Con, 540/1000 PTO, Air Seat, 16x16 Semi Powershift Transmission, Cab Sus, £27,500

New Holland TL 90, 2004 Reg, 3696 Hrs, C/W Quicke Q750 Loader, Air Con, Power Reverser, 420/85/34 Rear, 13.6x24 Front, £18,250

Ford 4600 2WD, Duncan Cab, New Rear Mudguards, Front Weights, Tin Work V Tidy, £4,250

John Deere 6140R “64” Reg, 4139 Hrs, Autoquad 20x20, 50K, TLS, H360 Loader, JD Front Linkage, Panoramic Roof, 3 MICV’S, £48,000

John Deere 6125R, 2015 Reg, 635 Hours, TLS, Cab Sus, Autoquad 50K, 3 Spools, Air Seat, Michelin 600 Rear’s Michelin 540 Front’s, £52,750

John Deere 6320 Premium 2005 Reg, 5255 Hrs, Power Quad 24x24, Air Con, 3 Spools, 3 Speed PTO, TLS, Ex-Council Owned, £19,750

Portequip Bale Trailer, 2009 Manufactured, 25ft Long, Rear Hay Rack, Metal Floor, 12.5x80x15.3 Wheels, Hydraulic Brakes, £4,750

Hi-Spec Tanker, 2500 Gallon, 2011 Man, Sprung Drawbar, Vacuum Tanker, Hyd Changeover, Sight Glass Tube, Hyd Self Loading Arm & Funnel, £10,850

Strautmann Super Vitesse 3501 2012 Man, 1600 Loads, C/W AutoGreaser, Auto Chain Greaser, Steering Axle, Crop Flow Roller, Full Set Spare Knives, £35,500

Agrimac 15 Tonne Dump Trailer, Super Single Wheels, Hydrauilc Door, Hydraulic Brakes, Sprung Drawbar, £5,250

Bailley Trailer, 2012 Man, 15 Tonne Grain Trailer, Sprung Drawbar, Hydraulic Brakes, Hydraulic Door, Super Single Wheels, LED Lights, £5,750

Herbst Tanker, 2600 Gallon, 2009 Man, Sprung Drawbar, Vacuum Tanker With Hyd Open Top, 30.5x32 Wheels, Hyd Brakes, Swivel Hitch, LED Lights, £8,250

NC Link A Sweep 3 Point Linkage Mounted, Bucket Brush, Hydraulic Controls, 7ft6 Working Width, £1,250

Kramer Allrad 850 “63” Reg, 2613 Hrs, Boom Sus, Extra Worklights, 375/70/20 Wheels, Deutz Engine, Hyd 3rd Service, Hyd Locking Pins, £26,250

Volvo ECR48C 2008 Manufactured, 3492 Hours, Front Blade, Good Tracks, 5ft Ditching Bucket, 9” & 2ft Toothed Bucket, £14,950

Malgar 1800 Gallon Tanker 1995 Manufactured, Open Top Tanker with hydraulic door, 21.3 x 24 Wheels, 1800 Gallon, £1,750

KTwo Duo 6 Tonne, Slurry Door, 18.4x34 Wheels, Wide Angle 540 PTO, Jackstand, Fold In Lights, £6,950

Yamaha Bruin 350 CC, Ultramatic Transmission, Towbar, New Front Tyres, £1,850

Strautman 12m3 Feeder 2007 Man, Cross Conveyor, 1 Meter Elevator on left hand side, 500/50/17 Tyres, Fold In Knives, Electric Controls, £7,750

West 12 Cube Feeder, 2010 Man, Paddle Mixer, Super Single Wheels, Feed Door & Auger on Right Side, Digital Weigh Box, 9ft5” Tall, 7ft5”Wide, £6,750

John Deere 7280R “62” Reg, 3999 Hours, Autopower 50K, Command Arm, Front Linkage & PTO, Greenstar, Autotrac Ready, 5 EICV’S, TLS, Cab Sus, £63,000

Cheval Liberte 20003XL 2005 Man, Two Front Oprening Doors, Dividing Panel, Tailboard, C/W Spare Wheel, £2,600

Marshall Bale Trailer 25ft x 8ft, 10 Tonne, 12.5x80x15.3 Wheels, Front & Rear Hay Racks, Hydrailic Brakes, Metal Floor, £3,950

NRH Engineering, Cambridge Rolls, 2010 Man, Hydraulic Folding, 260/70/15.3 Wheels, 24” Diameter Rolls, 6.6meter Working Width, £4,250

p085.indd 85

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 15:53:56 Tractors & Equipment MICHAEL BURDGE Ltd

Agricultural Machinery Sales

Tel: 01934 838385 Fax: 01934 838435 E-mail: Website:


Sep-15 Valtra A73c 4WD, 468Hrs, 40K, 12+12 synchro, mech shule, 380/85x30, 300/70x2095%, 2 spools, 540/540E PTO, A/C ................... POA

2016 MF 7726 Dyna VT - Exclusive, 1168Hrs, 50K, front & cab susp, 4 spools, (2 joys“ck, 2 finger “p ctrl) datatronic 4, ISOBUS, guidance ready, f/links, 650/42, 540/30 tyres POA

2009 McCormick XTX 165 - XTRA Speed, 4500Hrs, 50K, Powershi¡, front & cab susp, a/brakes, 3 spools, 520/85x38, 420/ 85x28 tyres-70% ....... POA

2010 Po¢nger MEX 6 Trailed - Forager shute extension, 620rpm for high horse power PTO, Metal Detector, rear hitch, good blades, good order .......... ............................ £13,750

2010 Krone X-Disc 6200 - Wholecrop Header, c/w Trolley, nice condi“on. Krone Wholecrop processor available.......£23,950

Apr-98 Manitou MLT 728 Turbo 15544Hrs, Rear hitch, pallet forks, Mich 460/70x24 tyres, rears 30%, fronts 5%, Very smart for age ....... £8,750

2016 New Smyth 14 Tonne - Dump Trailer, sprung d/bar, hyd brakes, Agri H/Duty 10 stud axles, 400x80 brakes, 385/ 65x22.5 tyres, auto“lt r/ door, LED lights .....£9,500

2016 New Pronar T046/1 - Trailer 5.4 Tonne load, Swivel hitch, hyd brakes, tandem axle, 11.5/80-15.3 tyres, an“-slip tailgate, side barriers, int par““on, 2 YR WARRANTY ...£6,750


King Feeders UK

Tel: 01260 223 273

Unrivalled quality and service

Large capacity bedder feeders

Good selection of Part Horizontal large bale Exchange Feeder Bedders machine From Kverneland, Kuhn, Teagle & King Feeders, 3 to 10 Cubic Metre Machines Available

Sumo Trio 3M, 6 legs, auto-reset, double discs and packer ............ £8,950





Enter now at

Verticle feeders

Compact dual drum heavy duty bedder

Compact economic bedder


Now is the time to order a new Zetor Proxima and beat the price rise & the extra cost of AD blue systems.

Quality used Zetors 14 reg Proxima plus 110, loader ..................................... £31000 14 reg Proxima plus 90, loader ..................................... £29000 13 reg Proxima power 120, loader, aircon ................. £32000 63 reg Proxima power 120 ..................................... £28500 13 reg Forterra 135, loader ..................................... £32000 11 reg Forterra 115, loader ..................................... £29000 61 reg Proxima power 120, loader .......................... £29900 11 reg Proxima power 115, aircon ..................................... £28000 11 reg Proxima power 90, aircon ..................................... £28000 09 reg Proxima plus 105, loaders, low hrs ......................... £30000 10 reg Proxima plus 105, front linkage .......................... £26500 09 reg Proxima 8441, loader ..................................... £26500

58 reg Forterra 12441, loader ..................................... £28500 05 reg Forterra 11741, 6 cyl .............................. £17000 R reg 7540E, good condition ....................................... £9000

New Marshall & Fleming rota spreaders in stock

Used muck equipment Marshall MS 90 rota spreader as new............................. £5200 Marshall MS 90 rota spreader ....................................... £3900 Marshall MS 75 rota spreader as new ................................. £4000 Marshall MS 75 rota spreader ....................................... £2700 Marshall MS 60 rota spreader, new wheels ...................... £2800 Ruscon 770 rota spreader, twin wheels ............................. £2900 Howard/Dowswell 100 rota spreader ............................ £550 Major 600 rota spreader, re painted ............................ £1800 Malgar 1100 tanker ........ £1800 New yard scrapers from ..... £490

View all our stock online at:

• TEL:

015396 20636

• MOB: 078178 View all our stock online at

32978 86


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Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nTractors & Equipment

Farmers Guardian



A G R ICU LT R A L E NG INE E R S T el: 0 1691 791460 F ax: 0 1691 791243 F or a full li st of st ock

p lease g o to our web si te


Telephone: 00353 876490620

Crosspatrick, Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

UK Distributor: Mark Vigrass

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Telescopic Loader Post Driver Easily and quickly mounted on a telescopic loader, creating a killer combination of power, versatility and maneuverability.


Greater tilting capability and a compact design

Workhorse for Fencing Contractors Cleverly designed to make contract fencing easier MODEL 6

Working on hills? No Bother!

For Large Farms & Stud Farms very precise control of the post being driven

Model 8 Standard Tracked Post Driver MODEL 3

Model 8 Tracked 220áµ’ Post Driver This machine will travel in the most difficult terrain out there.



The Home of Great Post Drivers!

The Ultimate Post Driver Great side and rear shift capacity

Excavate and Drive Posts with One Machine! This post driver can be mounted on any make of mini-excavator weighing from 2.5 tonnes up.

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November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:46 Tractors & Equipment

W hittinghams F arm Sup p lies 1 1 9 G ar s tang R oad , C laug hton O n B r oc k , P R 3 0 P H 61 MF 5465 Dyna 4, tidy...................................£26,500 60 MF 5465 4WD dyna 4, tidy ............................... POA 60 MF 5455 standard bonnet creep speed ......£23,750 15 MF 7618 Dyna 6, 50k, air brakes, as new ........ POA 55 MF 410 2WD 850hrs only, tidy ......................... POA 55 MF 420 4WD, c/w cab, tidy, low hours ............ POA 13 MF 5480 c/w axle sus, low hours tidy ............. POA 12 MF 6480 Dyna 6, 50 tidy ............................£37,500 08 MF 5455, 4WD c/w power loader, 2,200hrs .... £26,750 W MF 6260 4WD, tidy ............................................ POA N MF 6150 4WD, tidy, low hours........................... POA A MF 698, 4WD, good example .........................£6,750 14 NC 2000 gal vac tanker, as new....................£8,250 Quickie Q75 power loader to fit MF 7618 ............ POA Bunning 105 lowlander rear discharge spreader... POA F Ford 7610, 2WD, AP cab, tidy for age ............£6,250 14 Broughan 16T silage trailers, v tidy, choice ..... POA



65 3 4 Y ear 2 0 1 0 Autotr ac r ead y T L S axl e 661 3 hr s . . . . . . . . . ..................£ 2 9 5 0 0

J D 69 3 0 Y ear Auto P ower 5 T L S axl e 62 1 .................. £

2 0 0 9 0 pk h 4 hr s 3 69 5 0


61 5 0 M Y ear 2 0 1 6 1 0 1 5 hr s T L S axl e . . . . . . . . . . £ 5 2 5 0 0

B ai ley 1 5 t R tr ai ler r oll ov 5 60 wheels b r ak es . . . . . . . .

oot er s heet and Ai r £ 1 2 7 5 0


62 1 0 R Y ear 2 0 1 4 3 8 3 8 hr s D i r ect D r i ve 5 0 kp h F r ont li nka g e . . . . . . £ 69 7 5 0


8 3 2 tr ai led r aye r 2 4 m b oom s full test wi ll b e su p p li ed . . . £ 1 3 5 0 0 sp


61 5 0 R Y ear 2 D i r ect D r i ve 5 0 kp 65 0 / 65 R 3 8 tyr es ..................£ 5 1 2

0 1 3 h ... 5 0


68 2 0 Y ear 2 0 0 5 P Q 4 0 kp h 5 3 7 5 hr s fr ont li nka g e and fr ont . . . . . . . . . £ 2 65 0 0

M L T 62 7 Y ear 2 0 1 3 J D 1 5 1 5 hr s Ai r C on hy - AP d r auli c locki ng and P T p allet ti nes. . £ 3 3 5 0 0 7 1

61 5 0 R Y ear 2 0 1 4 5 0 k p h fr ont li nk / O A/ T r ac r ead y 0 / 60 0 ty r es £ 5 1 5 0 0

Please contact your local rep


Hi-Spec 3000gal vac tanker, c/w hyd raingun .£15,750 Hi-Spec 2500gal vac tanker, c/w hyd raingun .£13,750 Hi-Spec 2300gal vac tanker, 800/65/32 radials .... POA WIC conventional bale shredder engine driven or tractor mounted .................................................... POA


• A ndrew ( Dusty) Hodgk inson 0 79120 8 598 8 • Harry Boardman 0 79120 8 5992 • Stuart Cornthwaite 0 79120 8 5990 • Mathew E vans 0 79120 8 5993 • Chris Neild 0 78 5542248 5 • J ohn Machin 0 790 0 415415 • Dave Bull 0 7950 444421


BISPHA M 0 170 4 8 22343



ICH 0 1270 624141

www. cornthwaiteag. co. uk


15 MANITOU MLT 634 120LSU, low hours, v tidy .POA 14 MANITOU MLT 627 24” new tyres, tidy ............POA 11 MANITOU 627 24” 1 owner, tidy .......................POA 10 MANITOU MLT 627 20” Compact, tidy .............POA 10 MANITOU MLT 634 120LSU, tidy ............... £25,750 09 MANITOU MLT 735 120LSU ....................... £25,750 07 MANITOU BT420 buggyscopic, tidy .................POA 07 MANITOU MLT 845-120 LSU tidy ............... £19,750 •PJCB MF GENUINE • ....................................POA SPECIAL CASH DISCOUNTS 520 - 50, SPARES loadall, tidy

T elep hone: ( 0 A fter hours: 0

1995) 640 30 2 7713 128 78 3

www. whittinghamsfarmsup p lies. co. uk




£2400 Tel: 07791 346 386 Shropshire, Welsh Border (P)


Very tidy but needs new blades.


SPECIALISTS IN SLURRY HANDLING MACHINERY Service, breakdown and spare parts available for all makes of scraper systems, mixers, pumps and tanks. 01829 771509 or Rob on 07860 916141 88


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November 25, 2016


TEL: 0113 284 1117 HOME 01423 506326 MOBILE 07850 861527

FRONT LINKAGE MOUNTED SNOW PLOUGHS, hydraulic controlled from cab ......... .....................£2500 + vat

McCAULEY TRAILERS, low loaders from.....£6500, dump trailers from ......................£6950 + vat

BELMAC 7.5 cube rotor spreader, hydraulic lid, brakes & LED lights ........................................................ £3500 + vat PRODIG TELEHANDLER BUCKETS, 7ft 6 , Choice of brackets, hardox edge .......................................£925 + vat PRODIG SHEAR GRABS, Hardox weld in tines,ram protectors, very strong best on the market. ............ £POA MINI DIGGER MOUNTED POST KNOCKERS,Very handy tools ...................................................... £1250 + vat MUCK GRABS in stock 5ft & 6ft euro brackets,pipes ..........................................................from only £875 + vat PAN MIXERS, pto or hydraulic driven .from £1750 + vat BELMAC 2350G TANKER,10 stud axle, 800/65 R32 tyres,sprung drawbar,........................ ONLY £9950 + vat! ATV TRAILERS, galvanised, choice of sizes, partition gates from ..........................................................£675 + vat PALLET FORKS, 2 tonne, euro 8 brackets, chilton or trima available ....................................................£550 + vat ROSSELLI SAW BENCH’S, swinging table, tungsten blade, pto & hydraulic. .................................... £1100 + vat NEW HOLLAND TM155, power command, 8200 hours,tidy tractor. ..................................................... £16950 + vat

LEEK, STAFFORDSHIRE Nationwide Delivery Available Tel: 07915 242942

23/11/2016 15:55:58

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nTractors & Equipment 21009635




JOHN DEERE 6140R, 2013, AP 50K, TLS, Cab Susp, 3ESCV, C/Arm, Air brakes, 2038 hrs.......£56,000

JOHN DEERE 6150R, 2013 AQ 50K, TLS, Cab Susp, Datatag, Pass Seat, air brakes, 3351 hours.£52,000

JOHN DEERE 6125M 2014, AQ 40K, TLS, passenger seat, 3SCV, Power Beyond, 1602 hours..£39,000

JOHN DEERE 6630, 2011 AQ 40K, TLS, Air Seat, Cab Susp., HMS, Pass. Seat, 2518 hours . £43,000

JOHN DEERE 6125R, 2015 PQ 40K, Creep, TLS, Cab Suspension, big pump, 2762 hours ..........£45,000







JOHN DEERE 6125M, 2015, PQ 24/24, creep, TLS, Big pump, 90% tyres, 1797 hours......£39,500

JOHN DEERE 6150R, 2013, AutoQuad 50K, Cab Susp, air seat,, 2043 hours..........£57,000

JOHN DEERE 6125R, 2014 AutoQuad 40K, 2SCV, Roof Hatch, Air Con, 1354 hours ..................£45,000

MASSEY 7495, 2009 Dyna VT, TLS, Cab Suspension, front links, 5113 hours ....................£32,000





JOHN DEERE 850D GATOR, 2008, elec tip, road legal, front & rear screens, 1350 hours ............£7,500

JOHN DEERE 8600i SPFH 2015, ProDrive 40K, Autolube, Harvest Lab, 4WD, 1396/901 hrs .£POA

HARDI COMMANDER TRAILED SPRAYER, 2005 36m boom, 4400 litre, full NSTS test............£19,000




Committed to Service EX






MASSEY 7620. 2012 Dyna VT, front linkage, front & cab suspension, 5599 hours ..........£40,000

JOHN DEERE 6125M WITH H340 LOADER, 2013 PQ 40K, 24/24 LHR, TLS, 2SCV, 1352 hours ......... £43,000

RECO STORTI 21M³ DIET FEEDER, 2006 Front X conveyor, twin wheels, elec controls ........£5,000




HENTON 15 TON GRAIN TRAILER, 2009 Monocoque body, hyd door, grain chute ..........£9,500

HERBST LOW LOADER TRAILER, 2004 25ft, hyd loading ramps, triple axle, twin wheels....£8,000

KV SILOKING, 2006 14m3, front cross conveyor, rear left hand doors, brakes, platform .... £11,500

KV SILOKING , 2005 12m3, single auger, hyd controls, weigh cells ......................£7,000




Depots in:

Newport (TF10 7BX)

JCB 531-70 AG SUPER, 2014 new tyres, Qfit, boom suspension, 40K, 3230 hours..£41,000

JCB 110 SKID STEER, 2007, 17” tracks, 2 way controls, parallel lift loader end ....................£15,000

JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER 2008, Single joystick, Qfit, Hyd lock, trailer hitch, A/C,4905hrs £33,000

JCB 536-60 AG SUPER, 2015 40K, powershift, auto boom suspension, Qfit, 780 hours .........£52,000

TWOSE SHEAR GRAB 1.3m, 9 tine, trima brackets, twin ram .........................£950

TRIOLET 14M3 DIET FEEDER, 2006 twin auger, hyd controls LH & RH discharge ......£6,000

(SY4 4RR)


(DE6 5GX)


Call: 01743 289104 or 07854 186508


(SY21 7AZ)


0 18 27 8 8 0 0 8 8




www. startintractors. co. uk

V altr a N 8 2 4 wd 4 0 kp h. N oki an tyr es, 2 0 0 9 , 3 4 2 2 hour s.

R i ch ar d W est er n SF 1 4 H S 2 0 1 4 , A/ B , hyd d oor c/ w ch ute.

Cat Challenger 35, 5347 hours, rear link age & p to.

A mazo ne U X 320 0 24 metre sp rayer, A matron 3, ready for work .

V er m eer B C 1 5 0 wood h c i p p er s, low hr s, K ub ota d i ese l eng i nes.

C ase I H

O p tum

3 0 0 ( d em o)

W ar r anty & F i nance su b j ect to T &C s.

p089.indd 89

Jo hn D eer e 63 3 0 P ower q uad , 2 0 1 1 , 3 7 7 1 hour s, fr ont wei g hts.

Magnum 340 Susp ension, 20 14, F ull A ccuguide, 20 0 0 hours.

Puma 160 CV X c/ w CaseIH loader, 20 14, 28 95 hours, 50 k p h. JC

B 8 0 8 5 Z T S 2 0 1 3 , hyd r auli c q ui ck hi tch , 4 b ucke ts, 2 5 8 0 hr s.

November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:43

New Holland T8.360 Ex Hire/ Demo, 2014, 50KPH Eco, 710/75R42 Tyres, F/L & PTO Ready, GPS Ready, Intelliview, Leather Package approx 1300 hours. 0% Finance avail. £85000

New Holland T7.210 (New Shape) Range Command, 2016, 650 Tyres, Front Linkage, Ex Hire Low Hours ................................ £67500

New Holland T7.210 AutoCommand, 2015, 2200 Hours, 650 Tyres, Front Linkage ................... £64000

New Holland T7.200 Range Command, 2015, 50 kph, classic, weight carrier. ................................ £58000

New Holland T7.200 Range Command, 2015, 50kph classic,front links,4 DAV’s, radar, air brakes, 650/65R38 michelin tyres, approx 1500 hrs, £53000

New Holland T7050 Power Command Side Winder, 2011, 50KPH, Front Linkage, 650/65R42, 540/65x30, 3100 Hours. .......... £44000

New Holland T6.175 Electro Command, 40kph, 2015, Cab and Front Sus, 600 tyres, Low Roof, only 275 Hours ..................... £44000

New Holland T7.200 Range Command , 2014, 50 kph,c pack,twin beacons, 4 aux valves,650/65R38 540/65R28, approx 3070 hrs .......£43000

New Holland T7.210 Power Command, 2012, Front Links and PTO, 650/65R42 Michelin tyres, 3300 hours. ................................ £43000

New Holland T7.200 Auto command,2011, front linkage & PTO,sidewinder, power beyond slice, 520/85R38 420/85R28, approx 4045 Hours .......................£39500

New Holland T5060 Deluxe, Air Con, Air Seat, 3 Speed PTO,10 front weights, 2010 with only 950 Hours, 16.9 R34 tyres 85%. An excellent example of this classis tractor. ..............£27000

New Holland T6.175 Electrocommand, 2012, 40kph, F/L, 16x16 electro command, auto mode, front susp, cab susp, full coverage rear fenders, 520/70R38 420/70R28, 1418 hrs .....£39000

New Holland T7030 Auto Command, 2010, 50kph, 6700 Hours, 4 Spools, Sidewinder, Exhaust Brake, front linkage, Michelin 710/60R42 600/60R30, £32000

New Holland T6050 Range Command, 40kph, full suspension, 2009, 4000 hours, front linkage, 650 tyres. Tidy .............. £32000

New Holland T6090, 2010, 40kph,710/60 x 38 40%,600/60 x 28 30%, approx 4818 hrs .....£30000

New Holland T6040 LS Electro command, 2010, 40 KPH, Cab Suspension, 520/70R38 Tyres, 4600 Hours .. £29000

New Holland T6.155 Electrocommand, 40kph, CCLS Pump, 4 Remote Valves, 520/70R38 Michelin Tyres, Front Linkage, 2013, 4900 Hours ..... £28500

New Holland T6070 Plus, electro command, 40k transmission, 420/70R28, 520/70R38, approx 3990hrs ................................£27500

Claas Ares 577 ATZ, 2007, 4wd c/w Claas FL100 loader, 600/65x38 480/65x28, approx 3500s, very clean ..............£24000

New Holland T6030, 2008,Dual command, front linkage, delta cab,owner driver, approx 2800 hrs ............................... £24000

Valtra T130 Hi Spec, 2003, 3995 Hours, 40kph, 600 65R38 480 65R28 tyres. ................................£22950

Valtra T121 , 2008, 9500 hours ...................... £19950

Case MXU115, Dual Command Transmission, 2005, 18,4 R38 Tyres ................................ £16000

CR9.80 2016 30” Trax, 30ž VariFeed, rhs knife, Smartsteer, 267/208 hours .................................... POA

New Holland BB870 Packer CuŸer, 2014, 710/40-22.5 tyres, Moisture Kit, Electronic Bale Length Kit, Single and Par¡al Bale Eject, Approx 28,300 Bales. ........... £45000

Jim Nash 07734 550400

David Hirst 07792 927432



November 25, 2016

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Depot Cubley Malton Northallerton

Post Code DE6 5HL YO17 6RD DL6 2NH

Phone Number 01335 330399 01653 698000 01609 771727

Depot Post Code Gilberdyke HU15 2TB Selby DN14 0JT Boroughbridge YO51 9BL

Phone Number 01430 444700 01977 663353 01423 324848

23/11/2016 14:40

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today



0% Finance*


David Powell has a beef and sheep farm in South Wales. David has also been contracting for 25 years. David explained “We had been using McHale wrappers for the last 20 years and bought our first McHale baler in 2005. Over the years we have upgraded as new models came along and are now on our fourth McHale baler. We have had no problem with bearings or rollers in any of our 4 baler’s over the last 11 years.�


David continued “Our F5500 is very reliable, it produces high density, well shaped bales and will bale anything you put in front of it. The control box on the F5500 is simple and easy to use.� “We row up the grass into 27ft rows and the F5500 is good to take a large row – it’s a hungry baler. We normally chop with 15 knifes for our dairy customers and for one sheep farmer and the chop quality is very good.� David also noted that “We normally change our balers every two to three years and have noticed that the McHale second hand balers we traded held their value well. I think anyone considering buying a baler should look closely at McHale, it’s more reliable than anything else as it’s built a lot stronger and heavier.�

David Powell, Penpedairheol, Hengoed, Wales

View the McHale F5500 video at :


* Offer Available in Mainland U.K. Only - Terms and Conditions Apply - For Full Details Contact McHale.

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November 25, 2016 |


23/11/2016 14:38


Edited by James Rickard – 01772 799 497 –

If you are seeking a 200hp tractor to handle a wide variety of trailer work while still capable of field duties, a used JCB Fastrac 3000 should be on your shortlist. Geoff Ashcroft reports.

Used Fastrac 3000: what you should know


ew tractors have stood the test of time quite like JCB’s Fastrac 3000 Series. Introduced in 1998 to replace the 100 Series, it remains in production today. Early models included 3155 and 3185, with Perkins 1000 Series and Cummins B5.9 engines, respectively, plus Autoshift 54 by 18 transmission with 65kph (40mph) capability. Compared to the 100 Series, a triple link front suspension system meant the turning circle was reduced to within a county boundary. N E W



Anti-lock brakes followed in 2001 and, a year later, Cummins QSB5.9 power upped the ante, seeing 3190 and 3220 models arrive. A larger QSB6.7 arrived in 2006, and with common rail injection provided 198hp and 230hp for the 3200 and 3230.

Spool valves Smoothshift 54 by 18 transmission and Plus specification arrived too – the latter with electronic spool valves. By 2011, Fastrac 3000 Xtra arrived, with a 24 by nine P-Tronic




New & Used Tractors, Telescopic Handlers, Machinery & Equipment JCB Agricultural Dealer & Now JCB Mini Excavator Dealers for North Yorks & West Yorks & East Lancs. Please see website for full details

New JCB 403 Compact New JCB 135 Skid Steer New JCB 8026 CTS Mini Wheeled Loader . £POA ............................. £POA excavator ............ £POA

New JCB TM320 Agri New JCB 525-60 Agri .. Un-used JCB TM220 Stock .................. £POA ............................. £POA Agri ..................... £POA

JCB 520-50 Compact JCB 526-56 Agri,4100hrs 2013 JCB Workmax Loadall 2479hrs £25,500 Ready to go .......£26,950 1000D, 1160hrs, sold with bal.mfr warranty.. £7,750

Tel: 01729 850374 Email: / Web: Townson Tractors Ltd, West End, Hellifield, North Yorkshire, BD23 4HE 92 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p92 93 Nov25 JR GG BB.indd 2

semi-powershift and 7.4-litre Sisu engine, paving the way for Tier 4 Final emissions compliant models in 2014. Our featured Fastrac is a Cumminspowered 3200-65 Plus, built in 2007.

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION TRACTOR model numbers almost mirror engine power, with this 3200 packing 198hp. Additional numbering, such as 3200-65 or 3230-80, denotes top speed capability in kph. A change in final drives creates the road speed differential. While the turbocharged Cummins common rail engine was a proven performer, do not be surprised if the one you find has been subjected to an engine remap or ‘chip’ to tweak output. Pay attention to exhaust components, as high-houred models tend to blow holes in the exhaust silencer, which will cost at least £485 to replace. A wet clutch is found with the 54 by 18 Speedshift transmission and the clutch is reportedly backed

by JCB for about 6,000 hours. The Eaton six-speed transmission gets a three-speed powershift, plus high, medium, low and reverse. Actuation is by air cylinders at the back of the gearbox working with micro switches. When linkages wear, switches will not recognise a shift and fault codes will appear on the dashboard.

CAB THE Fastrac 3000’s cab has changed little over the years, offering a wide but short-backed cab with a central driving position. There are compromises to be made for taller operators seeking extra legroom, and a seat pushed fully back means

you will hit the rear window latch. A complex dashboard offers a wealth of information from service details, fault codes, performance monitor and tractor data, but interrogating it might involve using the manual. High-houred models can suffer with cracking on the dashboard panel where buttons are pressed. A short-throw gear lever attached to the console and electric spools denotes Plus specification. A long-throw, floor-mounted lever suggests a base-spec 3000. The front of the seat base can suffer from excessive wear, simply because the steering column is not user friendly when it comes to moving it out of the way, which sees operators squeezing themselves in or out below the steering wheel.

23/11/2016 09:12


BRAKES AND SUSPENSION THE suspension system sees the Fastrac using coil springs with dampers up front and a hydropneumatic self-levelling system at the rear, keeping ride height constant. The front end gets an anti-roll bar. It is no surprise the complex nature of full suspension means there are a lot of shafts and linkages within the Fastrac chassis, so you will need to get underneath and give everything a thorough inspection, looking for wear, lack of grease and general well-being. Outboard disc brakes with ABS provide stopping power via an air over hydraulic system. But be aware there are different caliper set-ups according to specification, which affords different levels of durability. As standard, 3200 models get single calipers and a nine-tonne GVW, while 3220 models get twin


Specifications n Model: JCB Fastrac 3200 Plus n Engine: 6.7-litre, Cummins six-cylinder turbo n Rated power: 195hp @ 2,300rpm n Maximum power: 200hp @ 2,000rpm n Maximum torque: 762Nm @ 1,500rpm n Transmissions: 54 by 18 Speedshift, 65kph (40mph) or 80kph (50mph) n Rear Lift capacity: Seven tonnes n Hydraulic system: 104 litres/ minute, up to five spools

p92 93 Nov25 JR GG BB.indd 3

THOSE using their Fastracs mostly for trailer work will find the Dromone hitch up to the task, but keep a watchful eye on hook wear and linkages. Plus model’s electronic Bosch spools suffer with condensation affecting each valve’s circuit board. There is no cure and replacement is costly, so look for error codes. Rear PTO system is run directly off the gearbox, and as such, a front PTO can be easily retro-fitted using shaft drives. Speeds are 540rpm and 1,000rpm. Zuidberg bolt-on front linkage can be fitted too, and was available as an option. Rear axle security is afforded by a V-link which sits on the diff casing, extending forward to the chassis. It uses a large ball socket to enable oscillation and its rubber seals can deteriorate, allowing dirt and grit to enter the ball and socket. A seal kit is available, but by the time most operators have noticed the axle movement, the ball will be worn to the point where a new V-link is required.

calipers and a higher 12-tonne GVW. Twin calipers were an option on 3200 models. Brake pads have a groove through the middle of them, which is an easy way to check wear. Beware of brakes sticking, or driving with the handbrake on, as users suggest you can start a fire pretty quickly as a result.

Retail parts prices (+VAT) n Rear axle V-link: £934.08 n Bosch electric spool valve: from £1,500 n Exhaust silencer: £485.23 n Heated mirror unit: £202.56

n Front brake pads: £228.66/axle n Front brake discs: £287.59 each n Rear brake pads: £198.78/axle n Rear brake discs: £271.63 each

Typical used prices n 2012 JCB 3230, P-tronic, front linkage, 3,500 hours: £60,000 n 2012 JCB 3200 Xtra, P-tronic, 5,400 hours: £52,500 n 2008 JCB 3200, three spools, 80kph (50mph), front linkage, 7,200 hours: £38,500 n 2005 JCB 3220, Smoothshift, front linkage and pto, four spools, 7,500 hours: £25,000 n 2002 JCB 3155, Smoothshift, a/c, 12,000 hours: £16,000 NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 93

22/11/2016 13:49

MACHINERY EUROTIER Comprising 18 halls and 2,500 exhibitors, this year’s EuroTier livestock machinery show gave visitors plenty to ponder in Hannover, Germany. Steven Vale reports.

Top notch equipment showcased

ZERO EMISSIONS FINNISH firm Avant showed an electricallypowered articulated loader. Two versions of the loader are available. The e5 is fitted with a standard battery which provides up to four hours of operation and takes five hours to recharge, while the Li-ion battery in the e6 lasts for up to six hours and takes just one hour to recharge. Otherwise, both models are identical and provide the same 800kg lift capacity. Prototypes have been running for some time in Finland. Production of the e5 will start early next year, with the e6 following around summer.


ELECTRIC MIXER WAGON GERMAN mixer wagon maker Siloking took the wraps off a 100 per cent electrically-powered single-auger 8cu.m capacity self-propelled mixer wagon. Called the TruckLine 4.0 Compact 8, the battery powers two electric motors, with 18kW for the drive and 15kW for the mixing system. Fully-charged, the battery has enough power to mix and feed three batches – sufficient for 100 dairy cows

and followers. It takes 11 hours to recharge the standard battery, with the optional one reducing this to just three. Available from Q2 2017, it is not yet known when Kverneland will bring a model to the UK. As a rough guide, prices are expected to be in the region of €65,000-€75,000 (£55,530£67,070). The company hopes to show an autonomous version at EuroTier 2018.

SGARIBOLDI brought a new, smaller 5cu.m capacity version of its Squirrel self-propelled mixer wagons to EuroTier, but the big news was the launch of new 6000 Series models. Available in capacities from 18-20cu.m, the 6000 is the first Stage 4-compliant Sgariboldi mixer.

There are two, four-cylinder engine options; Deutz (standard) and Volvo (option), with outputs ranging from 135-218hp. Other updates include a wider intake auger, increased by 150mm to 600mm, for faster loading, a new wider turning front axle and the auger gearbox has been moved to the rear for easier servicing.

NEW BATTERY FOR THE E-HOFTRAC LESS sensitive to temperature changes, 2017 versions of Weidemann’s e-Hoftrac will

94 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p94 95 Nov25 JR GG BB.indd 2

feature a leak-proof absorbent glass mat battery. The new power source also generates less heat while charging and during operation and no longer needs refilling with distilled water. In addition, the new battery has an built-in charging unit, eliminating the need for a fixed charging station. Only a 230V plug with a 16-amp continuous current load is required. Performance levels remain the same and the standard 48V battery supplies 240Ah, while the optional one delivers 310Ah.

TRIPLE AUGER MIXERS FROM STRAUTMANN STRAUTMANN’S Verti-Mix mixing wagon range now includes trailed triple auger versions, the 3451 Triple and 4501 Triple. Using 180mm side extensions, the 28cu.m capacity of the 3451 is increased to 31.5cu.m, although 34.5cu.m is possible using 360mm extensions. This model comes with two axles as standard, with an optional third. The extensions also

increase the standard 38cu.m. capacity of the triple-axle 4501 to 41.5 and 45cu.m respectively.

Power shift The three mixing augers on the two machines are powered mechanically but the company is working on a power shift option. The 3451 is available early next year with the 4501 following later.

22/11/2016 13:50

MORE INFORMATION For more from the show, visit

ELECTRIC WHEELED LOADER ON SALE SHOWN in prototype form at Agritechnica a year ago, Kramer’s electrically-powered 4WS KL25.5e wheeled loader is now in production. Based largely on a standard KL19.5, but with a 10cm (4in) longer wheelbase, the 37kW generated by the two electric motors is split between drive and hydraulic functions. The company says the

electric version provides the same power and breakout forces. Under normal operating conditions the battery lasts about five hours, but when working hard it needs recharging after three-anda-half to four hours. Recharging the standard forklift battery takes about seven hours, but a more powerful, faster charging battery is also available as an option.

GEHL’S FIRST TELE-BOOM MANITOU showed a prototype of Gehl’s first telescopic articulated wheeled loader. Based on the existing fixed boom AL750, the company expects the tele-boom on the ALT750 to lift to a maximum height of five metres. On show to gauge customer reaction and provide a flavour of what we can expect from Gehl in

the future, the latest version of the 750 is fitted with ZF axles, plus front and rear diffs activated from the joystick. Shod with 600/40-22.5 tyres and powered by a four-cylinder, 3.6-litre Deutz (Stage 3b) engine, when it hits the market late next year/early 2018, it will be supported by a smaller Yanmar-powered ALT650.

WATER NOZZLES FOR ROBOT SCRAPER IT is not just the cover which is new on DeLaval’s latest robot slurry scraper, so too are the two water spray nozzles front and rear. Supplied with 100-litres of water

from two on-board tanks, this helps soften material when working on dry slatted floors. With two nozzles engaged there is enough water for the unit to travel 250

metres (820ft), or 125m (410m) when all four nozzles are activated. Sensors detect when the water tank needs refilling, carried out automatically at the charging station.

EXTRA AXLE FOR THE TRIOTRAC TRIOLIET’S self-propelled Triotrac mixer wagon is now available with the option of a third ‘lift axle’. Automatically lowered when the tub is filled, the extra axle, which is steered but not powered, lifts automatically when the tub is emptied. Major benefits include being able to spread the vehicle’s

p94 95 Nov25 JR GG BB.indd 3

weight over a larger area when the axle is lowered, less tyre scuffing when raised, and reduced tyre wear on the road. Available on all three models (17, 20 and 24cu.m) of new Triotracs, the extra axle, with a hydraulic suspension system, costs about €13,000 (£11,106).

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 95

22/11/2016 13:51


MORE INFORMATION For more information and to see the Vicon round baler in action, visit

How much more beneficial is Vicon’s non-stop round baling concept? James Rickard finds out with a test drive.

FastBale specifications

Is this the future of round baling? R evealed in late 2014, Vicon created quite a stir when it threw its hat into the non-stop round baler ring. Joining Krone and Lely in the race to produce a commercially viable non-stop round baler, all three took different design

approaches. However, it is Vicon’s twin, fixed chamber layout which seems to have nosed ahead as a workable machine. Aimed squarely at making silage and haylage bales, its use of inline chambers allow it to bale, bind and wrap continuously without stopping. In theory, productivity should be

substantially increased compared to conventional combi-baler designs. So are all its industry awards deserved? To find out, we headed to the fields of Cheshire to tackle some late third-cut grass.

n Pickup width: 2.2 metres n Feed rotor diameter: 800mm n Bale dimensions: 1.26-1.27m n Chopping system: 25 knives, selectable in banks of 25, 13, 12, six or none n Unladen weight: 7.5 tonnes n Tyres: 600/55 R26.5 (700s can be fitted) n Minimum power requirement: 170hp n Hydraulic requirements: One, double-acting spool, and power beyond with a flow rate of 70 litres/minute n Availability: Limited numbers in 2017, full production in 2018 n Retail price: £114,000

CHAMBERS KEY to FastBale’s non-stop design is the use of two fixed chambers; a pre-chamber and a main chamber. The pre-chamber is two-thirds the size of the main chamber and also narrower, achieved through the use of nylon liners. This helps the small bale transfer into the main chamber, aided by a tipping action from the lower rollers.

shape and density looked and felt good too. For the last bale of the field or day, the baler can be switched to conventional mode, just using the main chamber.


CONTROL AS standard, FastBale comes with Vicon’s own Tellus touchscreen terminal. The baler can also be controlled and monitored via IsoBus, using a compatible tractor terminal. Information shown on screen includes bale count, bales per hour and a real-time graphic of what the baler is doing. The latter

provides a lot of comfort the baler is doing what it is shoulb be doing. Additionally, a camera feed from the rear of the baler is also shown, and net/film breakage and run out alarms are incorporated. The terminal is clear and good to navigate. Up to 40 jobs can also be recorded, saved and transferred.

Both chambers turn the bale in the same direction, sharing rollers at certain points. Through the use of a door, crop flow is diverted from one chamber to another – a change in engine note gives this away, particularly in heavy conditions. In theory, the smaller bale made by the pre-chamber should produce a pre-compressed dense core for the main chamber. Bale weights on the day were knocking on the door of 950kg and this was not a wet crop by any means. Bale

CROP flow is good, aided by a crop press roller on the pickup. A large 800mm-diameter feed rotor is used to force crop into the bale chambers. It needs it too as crop has to be fed at a relatively steep angle, especially for the pre-chamber, compared to conventional round baler layout. Occasionally, during chamber switchover, crop did come back over the top of the feed rotor. Although not a problem during our test, there is quite a gap between pickup and feed rotor, 96 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p96 97 Nov25 JR GG BB.indd 2

where shorter crop can momentarily ‘stall’. Perhaps some sort of powered rotor or a reduction in gap may help keep crop moving. A bank of 25 knives affords a theoretical chop length of 50mm. All 25 knives, 13, 12, six or none of them can be selected via a lever under the baler. Engagement/disengagement of knives is done hydraulically. It is a shame knife selection cannot also be done like this to go with the baler’s high-spec credentials.



22/11/2016 18:01



Once the main chamber is full, crop flow is transferred to the pre-chamber while net binding is applied to the bale in the main chamber


When binding is complete, the bale in the main chamber is ejected onto the wrapping table for film application


When the pre-chamber is full, it ejects a two-thirds-sized bale into the main chamber, where the bale is completed and the process starts again

Two chambers in series allow Vicon’s FastBale round baler to work non-stop.

BINDING AND WRAPPING A KEY part of the FastBale design is its integrated, twin satellite wrapping unit. Mounted at the rear of the baler via a parallelogram linkage, it can move up and down, with a low position to receive the bale out of the chamber, and a high position to

wrap it. Once wrapped, it lowers again and gently places the bale on the ground. For transport, it folds vertically, leaving little tail swing. The wrapping process is completely automated, but can be interrupted at any time or done manually, as can bale drop. The

latter is good for placing bales where you want them, but you cannot afford to leave the bale on the table too long as there will soon be another on the way.

Wrapping If wrapping is not required, the wrapper can be lifted out the way and switched off, ideal for straw or hay. For baling on slopes, a bale turning kit can be fitted, which tips the bale on its end. As the net application system is right up on top of the baler, Vicon engineers have created a neat hydraulic lift system (pictured). Net roll is placed on a frame at ground level, then simply lifted and slid into position at the top of the baler.

FG verdict



SO how many bales per hour can it do? On the day, in varied conditions, spot rates of 85 bales per hour were achievable. As with any combi-baler, net

p96 97 Nov25 JR GG BB.indd 3

and film changes, awkward shaped fields and travelling will all have their part to play on productivity. But, given most balers pause for 15-20 seconds to apply net, taking another couple of seconds to get going again, FastBale could potentially bale 20 bales more per hour. In ideal conditions, we reckon it could be producing 90 plus bales per hour. Winding through country lanes and tight gateways, FastBale does not feel a bulky machine. Its compact design makes it manoeuvrable and its single axle avoids any scuffing. With 170hp up front, the tractor managed it well for the most part. In heavier conditions, some more power would be welcome, which should also raise baler output.

BY not just producing a ‘me-too’ product, Vicon has firmly put itself back on the round baler map, spearheaded by its development of the FastBale. FastBale itself is a seriously clever bit of engineering. Despite its complexity and reliance on electronics to work, it is relatively operatorfriendly to use.

Concept In addition to upping baling rates, the non-stop concept is less tiring to drive compared to conventional combi-balers, and large square balers to some extent. As more of a dedicated silage baler, it is really only suited for those making serious bale numbers, especially when you consider the extra 25-30 per cent you will be paying over a conventional combi-baler. There are also more developments to come for FastBale including film-on-film wrapping, which could again increase throughput, and make a better bale for the end user. NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 97

22/11/2016 18:01


Angela Calvert, Acting head of Livestock – 07768 796 492 –

Post-mortems offer farmers a means of better understanding their flock’s health.

At the biannual conference of the Sheep Health and Welfare Group, held at Worcester, flock performance was high on the agenda. Laura Bowyer reports.

Post-mortems a vital tool


he whole production cycle can have an effect on lamb mortality, Emily Gascoigne, vet at Synergy Farm Health, Dorset, told the Sheep Health and Welfare Group conference. Miss Gascoigne works closely with her sheep farming clients and has, in recent years, been carrying out lamb loss surveys with commercial flocks to investigate the level of mortality in neonatal lambs. She said the median flock mortality across the 24 flocks in the survey, which encompassed 12,000 ewes from scanning and weaning, was 11 per cent. Ewe mortality and abortion was also monitored.

Costs Miss Gascoigne said: “A lot of money is invested into the lamb before it is even born, including ewe replacement costs, nutrition and such. Because of these unavoidable costs, it is important to understand every lamb counts.” Echoing the common thread of the conference, she said without measuring you cannot monitor sheep performance. Describing lamb mortality as an all-encompassing key performance indicator, she said farmers 98 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p98 Nov25 LB GG BB AC.indd 2

Lamb mortality can severely affect a business’ bottom line, and getting on top of it can maximise flock health EMILY GASCOIGNE could be trained by vets to perform post-mortems on neonatal lambs to establish the cause of death. “Lamb mortality can severely affect a business’ bottom line, and getting on top of it can maximise flock health,” she said. Having observed 96 postmortems on-farm, she said trained farmers became increasingly accurate with their diagnoses. “A team approach is needed when it comes to investigating lamb mortality. Post-mortems can be a useful tool on-farm which, with lamb loss recording, can be used to drive performance.”

Lamb post-mortems can be used to search for evidence of colostrum feeding, looking for presence of renal fat. Likewise, broken ribs or similar injuries would suggest trauma at birth.

Understanding She explained the farmers she had worked with said, while carrying out post-mortems could be time consuming, they offered a better understanding of what was happening on-farm, which otherwise might not have been seen. “Post-mortems are a dynamic tool, allowing farm specific prob-

lems to be found out while also promoting collaboration with vets.” Turning attention to ewe mortality, Ben Strugnell took to the stage to share his work on the postmortem of cull ewes, to investigate the reasons behind their thinness. Mr Strugnell has post-mortemed about 650 ewes since the start of a project in April 2014, looking at reasons for ewe death. He said there were consistent reasons for thinness which would consequently result in death, including ovine pulmonary adenomatosis (OPA), Johne’s, worms, poor teeth and fluke. Mr Strugnell said: “It is important to identify and get rid of these ewes to stop them draining the system.” In flocks which have a known OPA problem, he said sheep’s chests should be scanned for signs of the disease so affected animals can be identified and culled. He said: “Post-mortems allow the health position of a flock to be understood so farmers can focus on problems, which many not otherwise be on their radar. “Investigate old, thin ewes to prevent young, fit ones from dying. Cull ewes do not bring in much money, so why not use them as a diagnostic tool?”

22/11/2016 14:16

Combinex® Oral Suspension contains 3.75% w/v levamisole hydrochloride and 5% w/v triclabendazole. Fasimec ® Duo 50 mg/ml + 1 mg/ml Oral Suspension for Sheep contains 50 mg/ml triclabendazole and 1 mg/ml ivermectin. Fasinex® 5% Oral Suspension contains 5% w/v triclabendazole. Flukiver 5% w/v oral Suspension contains 50mg/ml closantel. Supaverm Oral Suspension contains 5% w/v closantel and 7.5% w/v mebendazole. Rycoben® SC for Sheep contains 2.5% w/v albendazole oxide (ricobendazole), 1.8% w/v cobalt sulphate and 0.097% w/v sodium selenate. Legal category: POM-VPS For further information contact Elanco Animal Health on +44 (0)1256 353131 or write to Elanco Animal Health, Lilly House, Priestley Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 9NL. Combinex®, Fasimec ® Duo, Fasinex®, Flukiver ®, Supaverm® and Rycoben® are trade marks owned by or licensed to Eli Lilly and Company, its affiliates or subsidiaries. Use Medicines Responsibly ( Advice should be sought from the prescriber prior to use. UKSHPFAS00003a rdp20129

20129 Liver Fluke Ad 210x297.indd 1 p99 Nov25 FP.indd 2

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Supreme champion, a Limousin cross, Tinkerbell, from James May, Bromsgrove, which went on to sell for £4,200.

Overall reserve and exhibitor-bred and fed champion, Limousin cross, Jasmine, from Trevor, Linda and Jonathan Lyon, Thurlby.

Tinkerbell flies to the top rChampion goes on

to sell for £4,200

rFantastic event for

Limousin breeders By Laura Bowyer

AFTER an intense morning of judging on the championship day at the English Winter Fair, Bingley Hall, it was the chance for 22-year-old James May, Bromsgrove, to take the supreme title with Tinkerbell, a Limousin cross. Selling at £4,200 in the show’s sale to Antony Kitson, Stockton-on-Tees,

after three other bidders stalled, the 670kg heifer won the heavy Limousin class at Smithfield and took commercial champion at Kington Show. It was also third in its class at the Royal Welsh Show. Bred by W. Richardson and Son, Appleby, this May 2015-born animal was a bought in a private sale last March. Richard Bartle, one half of the judging duo, said it had a super top, with great style and cover, providing an ideal carcase.

Reserve In reserve were Trevor, Linda and Jonathan Lyon, Thurlby, with the home-bred Jasmine. By their Limousin stockbull

Champion sheep

Ironstone Hornblower and out of a cross-bred Limousin cow, it also took the exhibitor-bred and fed title. Recently, it was third in its class at Countryside Live and sixth at Smithfield. This summer, it took the calf championship at the Royal Norfolk. It is now retiring for the year and will be kept for breeding. Mr Bartle described the 500kg beast as being ‘ideal to be killed for the small butchers’ trade’. Baby beef champion was from J.A. Nicholls and led by Will Nicholls – a Limousin cross steer, Master Monty, weighing 320kg. Bred by Ian Robinson, Northumberland, it was bought in a private sale. The May-born animal will be at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair next. Reserve was Tallulah, an April-born Limousin cross heifer from the Wilkinson, Lawson and Marwood partnership. Champion in the pedigree classes went to Frank Page, Northampton, with an April 2015-born home-bred Limousin, Elkington Lets Party. In the National Pedigree Calf Show,

Results Cattle

Robert Garth (left), Bentham, took both the pairs and single lamb championships. The pair was made up of two three-quarter-bred Beltex wethers weighing 44kg each. 100 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p100 101 Nov25 LB AC BB GG.indd 2

Overall (R. Bartle, Dinmore, and D. Plested, Oxon) Sup., J. May, Tinkerbell (Limousin cross); res., T.A. and L.C. Lyon and Son, Jasmine (Limousin cross). Pedigree calf (Judge, A. Smith, Newark) Supreme, M. and M. Alford, Foxhillfarm Limited Edition (Limousin); reserve, M. and M. Alford, Foxhillfarm Manhattan (Limousin). Exhibitor-bred and fed (R. Bartle and D. Plested) Sup., T.A. and L.C. Lyon and Son, Jasmine (Limousin cross); res., H.H. Evans, Queen B (Limousin cross). Cross-bred (R. Bartle and D. Plested) Sup., J. May, Tinkerbell (Limousin cross); res., E. and S. Layton, Black Pudding (British Blue cross). Pedigree (R. Bartle and D. Plested) Sup., F. Page, Elkington Lets Party (Limousin); res., N. Jenkinson, Dymond Blue Kandy (British Blue). Pedigree native (R. Bartle and D. Plested) Sup., L. Calcraft (Galloway); res., B. Reynolds, Treychan Ar Def Dils (Welsh Black).

the Alford family, Cullompton, swept the board, taking supreme with Limousin Foxhillfarm Limited Edition, a home-bred heifer calf. It also recently took female senior champion at Sterling’s Stars of the Future, Stirling. Out of Bankdale Elizabeth, it is a maternal sister to the 38,000gns Foxhillfarm Irishlad, and by Kype Interigate, who also bred numerous fatstock champions. Reserve from the same home was Foxhillfarm Manhattan which was junior champion again at Stars of the Future.

Wethers In the sheep classes, Robert Garth, Bentham, took both the pairs and single lamb championships. The pairs were two three-quarter-bred Beltex wethers weighing 44kg each. Mr Garth also took reserve at Countryside Live and the single champion, part of the prize pair, was also reserve champion there. They sold for £300/head to George and Clare Cropper, Accrington. Baby beef (K. Harryman, Newlands) J.A. Nicholls, Mater Monty (Limousin cross); Wilkinson, Lawson and Marwood, Tallulah (Limousin cross).

Sheep Pairs (P. Houldey, Hasfield) Sup., R. Garth (Beltex cross); res., K. Gunn (Texel cross). Single (P. Houldey) Sup., R. Garth (Beltex cross); res., E. and H. Williams (Beltex).

Pigs Pairs (R. Phillips, Sandford) Sup., S.J.S. Loveless; res., M. Horsley (Pietrain cross). Single (R. Phillips) Sup., M. Horsley (Pietrain cross).

Carcase Beef (H. Wood, Preston) Sup., P.R. Dawes; res., J.M. and S.M. Rowlands. Lamb (H. Wood) Sup., B. Blandford and Son; res., R.J. Slade. Pig (H. Wood) Sup. and res. M. Horsley.

23/11/2016 12:48


Competitors line up in the beef ring at the English Winter Fair.

Pedigree champion, an April 2015-born home-bred Limousin, Elkington Lets Party, from Frank Page, Northampton.

National Pedigree Calf Show champion, a home-bred Limousin heifer, Foxhillfarm Limited Edition, from the Alford family, Cullompton.

Judge Phillip Houldey described them as a ‘perfect pair’ with ‘the right meat in the right places’. He said they were ‘extremely well-fleshed all over the loin’, with exceptional hind legs. Reserve was Kate Gunn, Herefordshire, with a pair of Texel cross ewe lambs. By a Texel tup from Matt Prince, Chesterfield, and out of a Texel cross ewe from David Wadland, Daventry, they weighed in at 74kg and were left unsold. Steven and Hayley Loveless, Dorset, took the supreme pair of pigs

weight, it was bought by Robert Brooks, Derby, for £4.10/kg (£1,502.24). Mirroring last year, champion pig carcase was a 78.4kg Pietrain cross

with their June-born large white gilts, at their only national winter fair of the year. In the carcase hall, the champion lamb carcase was entered by B. Blandford and Son, Ledbury.

from Mark Horsley, York, which sold to Robert Bowring, Mansfield, making £2.40/kg (£201.36). Mr Horsley also took reserve.

Beltex Weighing 26.2kg deadweight and graded as an E3L, this Beltex went on to sell to Lea Machin, Grindon, at £6.60/kg (£172.92). Champion beef carcase was from Paul Dawes, Dinmore. An E2 British Blue heifer, weighing 366.4kg dead-

Choice of 186 colours

Single pig champion, a Pietrain cross, from Mark Horsley, York.

p100 101 Nov25 LB AC BB GG.indd 3

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 101

23/11/2016 12:49

LIVESTOCK HANDY HINTS Bovine respiratory disease can have a significant impact on performance in beef and dairy cattle. Jonathan Statham of Bishopton Vets explains causes, symptoms and how to reduce the risk of infection. Chloe Palmer reports.

Understanding respiratory disease in cattle is essential


ovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a widespread illness affecting beef and dairy cattle and is often especially prevalent in youngstock. Jonathan Statham, of Bishopton Vets, Ripon, North Yorkshire, and chief executive of RAFT Solutions, encounters BRD on farms throughout the year and explains there are many risk factors for both housed cattle and those at grass. He says: “There are three main themes associated with BRD. Firstly, there are animal issues, particularly immunity, and secondly, there are environmental factors, such as housing and ventilation. Finally, there are the pathogens. “We see most cases of BRD in the housed season because many of the environmental factors which increase risk of infection occurring are evident in housed situations.” Maintaining immunity levels in animals is fundamental to minimising the occurrence of BRD in herds, according to Mr Statham. He says: “If animals become wet and cold, they may be displaced outside their thermo-comfort zone and their immunity to infection will reduce. “Similarly, BVD substantially

We acknowledge we have a responsibility to reduce the use of antimicrobials on-farm, but their use is necessary in certain situations JONATHAN STATHAM reduces immunity, so where it is present, improvements to environmental conditions will make less difference to the incidence of disease.”

Triggers Mr Statham points to the role of stress as one of the key triggers of BRD infection. He highlights different factors which can cause stress and trigger a rise in BRD incidence in animals. “The effect of transport is underestimated, because when animals are moved around they are placed

under stress and often come into contact with other animals of unknown health status. “Similarly, routine operations, such as dehorning and castration, may add to stress levels in calves and can therefore increase the risk of disease occurring.” Although many cases of BRD occur in housed animals, the disease is not exclusive to animals kept inside. Mr Statham says: “This year, many cows have stayed out at grass until well into autumn and this can lead to an increased risk of

Creating conditions with optimum ventilation will facilitate a fresh air feed, says Jonathan Statham. 102 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p102 103 Nov25 GG BB AC.indd 2

lungworm. Symptoms include a hacking cough and ‘air hunger’ and cows may often hold their necks out straight to try to ease breathing.” Mr Statham refers to ‘fog fever’ as another example of BRD affecting grazing cattle and this can occur when there has been a flush of grass. It is caused by a toxin found in grass and it may lead to a dramatic respiratory compromise in animals, particularly youngstock. Once cattle are brought inside, the risk of BRD infection inevitably rises as animals are kept in close proximity to one another and ventilation may be reduced. Mr Statham says: “In buildings, there may be an accumulation of infection and the warmth and moisture inside results in multiplication of pathogens and increases their ability to survive for longer periods. “Creating the right conditions with an optimum level of ventilation will help remove moisture, dust and ammonia and facilitate a fresh air feed. Ventilation is controlled air movement and not drafts.

Immuno-suppression “Air speeds through buildings which are more than three metres per second can cause immunosuppression in younger animals, especially if they have become wet.” Adopting robust biosecurity measures on-farm can play an important part in the reduction of infection risk, according to Mr Statham. He says: “It is important to recognise the risk of buying-in animals. Buying from herds of known health status and testing animals either before or when they arrive on-farm will help reduce risk of bringing disease onto the farm. “It is helpful to isolate animals when they first arrive for a period of about two weeks if possible, then implement an appropriate vaccination and management strategy.” Mr Statham points to the risk of buying-in a healthy animal which can succumb to infection which is already present, but undetected, on-farm. Adopting a robust vaccine

22/11/2016 14:14

Adopting robust biosecurity measures on-farm can play an important part in the reduction of infection risk.

Pathogens THERE are four main viral pathogens which have historically caused BRD in the UK: n Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) usually affects calves and can cause severe pneumonia, leading to death in some cases; it may also affect older animals aged between five and seven months in late winter n Para Influenza 3 (PI3) is less severe, but can cause BRD problems in association with other viruses n Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) can cause upper respiratory infections and

p102 103 Nov25 GG BB AC.indd 3

high temperatures as well as abortion; it affects all age groups from calves to adult animals and is often detected from symptoms such as runny eyes and nose and a drop in milk yield n BVD is recognised for its role in immune-suppression, but it is also a pathogen in its own right, causing BRD n In addition to these viruses, secondary bacterial infections and primary non-viral pathogens, such as Mycoplasma bovis and histophilus somni, are becoming increasingly common and can be difficult to control




He says: “New technologies, such as radio frequency identification, allow us to identify animals suffering from an increased temperature. This allows us to target the individual rather than dosing an entire herd or group.” As pressure increases to reduce the use of antibiotics on-farm, Mr



Statham believes taking active steps to prevent the disease becomes more important. He says: “We acknowledge we have a responsibility to reduce the use of antimicrobials on-farm, but their use is necessary in certain situations and they remain an important tool in our armoury.” He reiterates the importance of strong animal immunity and making improvements to housing and ventilation where possible. “By implementing effective prevention measures, such as a robust vaccination policy coupled with excellent herd health planning, farmers can reduce the risk of infection occurring in the first place.”

Jaguar® is a trademark of Bell Laboratories Inc, USA

policy will reduce the risk of boughtin animals becoming infected at a later date. Mr Statham believes technological advances will help farmers and vets diagnose BRD more quickly and can help to direct prompt and appropriate treatment.

MICE CE Kills in a single feeding!

Jaguar ®, with brodifacoum, is the powerful rodenticide with extra bite to eradicate serious rodent infestations.

Phone: 01787 377305 for your nearest stockist Use rodenticides safely. Always read the label & product information before use.

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22/11/2016 14:15


Another SuperCow title for Laird family at AgriScot event By Ewan Pate AGRISCOT once again proved to be a happy hunting ground for the Laird family of Blyth Farm, Peebles. Their Supercow win was their fifth overall championship at the Ingliston event going back to 1995 and followed on from their triumph last year with Blythbridge Blackjack Jackie. This year their champion was the Holstein third calver, Illens Atwood Australia EX 93 by Maple-Downs IGW Atwood. The Blyth Bridge Holsteins business is run by Alister and Kathleen Laird with son Colin and his wife Izzy. Illens Atwood Australia was bought in Switzerland by Colin who spotted her on a visit to the country’s Swiss Expo event. Since then it has collected championships at Dairy Expo at Carlisle and stood second to the champion at the European Dairy Show in France.

Results (Judge Mark Logan, Northern Ireland) SuperCow Supreme, Blyth Bridge Holsteins, Illens Atwood Australia (Holstein); reserve, A.H. Wilson and Sons, Tregibby Panama Tequila (Jersey). SuperHeifer Sup., A.H. Wilson and Sons, Tregibby Windbrook Pledge (Holstein); res., A. and D. MacKellar, Drointon JJF Promis Red (Red and White). Red and White Heifer, Sup., A. and D. Mackellar, Drointon JJF Promis Red; res., A. and D. Mackellar, Skye Barbie Rox Red; cow, sup., D.A. Howie and Sons, Morwick Classic Princess Red; res., M. Bryson, Whiteflat HS Anita Red. Jersey Heifer, Sup., J. and I. Wilson, Enchanted Wizard Jess; res., A.H. Wilson and Sons, Bluegrass Coltons Lady Sunshine; cow, sup., A.H. Wilson and Sons, Tregibby Panama Tequila; res., A.H. Wilson and Sons, Tregibby Tequila Panama. Holstein Heifer, Sup., A.H. Wilson and Sons, Tregibby Windbrook Pledge; res., Y.K. Bradbury, Peak Dorcy Fran VG 86; cow, sup., Blyth Bridge Holsteins, Illens Atwood Australia; res., Y.K. Bradbury , Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody. Ayrshire Heifer, Sup., W. and A. Watson, Lochinvar Dewberry., res., J. Adamson and Son, Swaites Bright Spark 5; cow, sup., A. and S. Lawrie, Cuthill Towers Crown Ray; res., M. Bryson, Changue Martha 49.

104 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p104 Nov25 AC BB GG.indd 2

SuperCow, Illens Atwood Australia, from Blyth Bridge Holsteins.

Since calving last October it has yielded 18,000kg and is still giving 41kg per day. Due to calve again in April, it has also been used as a donor for an ET programme. Inter-breed judge Mark Logan, Clandeboye, near Belfast, said: “This Supercow is just outstanding with a perfect balance of dairyness and strength. Altogether it has been a great show and it says a lot for exhibitors that they have put in so much effort after such a hard time for the industry.”

Restrictions With total dairy entries at 75, numbers were down on previous years with organisers agreeing that the prolonged downturn in the sector had been a factor. Also, a number of entries had not been able to travel north of the border because of TB movement restrictions. The reserve Supercow, however, had made the long journey from South Wales. This was the Jersey champion, the home-bred second calver, Tregibby Panama Tequila VG88 from Hefyn Wilson and son, Ifan, Cardigan. It was champion and reserve inter-breed at the Royal Welsh Show as a heifer and collected an honourable mention this year at the Welsh Dairy Show. A Tower View Prime Tequila daughter, it calved last month and is giving 35kg daily. The Wilsons, who milk 70 Holsteins and 15 Jerseys, also had a victory to celebrate in the SuperHeifer contest with their Holstein first calver, Tregibby Windbrook Pledge by Gilette Windbrook. Inter-breed heifer champion at the Welsh Dairy Show, it calved in mid-September and is currently giving 58kg per day. Mr Logan said: “This is an outstanding Holstein and is exactly what the industry is looking for today.” For his reserve Superheifer he gave the tap to the Red and White leader, Andrew and Debbie Mackellar’s Drointon JJF Promis Red VG 88. This was the first show outing for

Reserve SuperCow, Tregibby Panama Tequila, from A.H. Wilson and Son.


rFifth championship

SuperHeifer, Tregibby Windbrook Pledge, from the Wilson family.

this Skye Jumping Jack Flash Red daughter which calved in June. The Mackellars milk 90 Red and Whites at Drointon in Staffordshire. The Red and White cow championship was collected by Michael and Peter Howie, Morpeth with last year’s Agriscot reserve, the fourth calver,

Morwick Classic Princess Red EX91. Arthur and Susan Lawrie and sons, James and David, from Cuthill Towers, Milnathort won the Ayrshire cow section with their fourth calver and Livestock Event reserve interbreed winner, Cuthill Towers Crown Ray EX91.

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Support for Lakeland Livestock rJudging event

was well supported THE Farmers Guardian-supported Lakeland Livestock judging evening held in conjunction with the Farmer Network at Penrith was once again well supported by the farming community of Cumbria. While the competition cards were being marked, Cumbria Police gave a presentation about rural crime followed by entertainment from Glenridding born Rob Smith. About £1,000 was raised for the Hospice at Home which was match funded by Barclays Bank.

There was a good turnout at the Lakeland Livestock judging evening, held at Penrith.

Results Open female 1, Heather Bland; 2, Judith Emmott; 3, Delia Thompson. Open male 1, Robert Carrick; 2, Tom Wilson; 3, Tom Bell. Under-16 1, Catherine Jenkinson; 2, Ruby Allan; 3, Alice Fawcett.

Competitors at the event, including under-16 winner Cathrine Jenkinson, open male winner Robert Carrick, and open female winner Heather Bland.

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STOCKJUDGING COMPETITION Do you consider yourself a good judge of stock? If so, enter our annual stockjudging competition to be in with a chance of winning a top prize of £200.

Test your stockjudging skills and win £200


ur popular beef stockjudging competition is back for 2016. The competition runs annually in support of our media partnerships with two winter fairs – Agri-Expo and the Royal Welsh Winter Fair, and is again sponsored by Showtime, supplier of specialist livestock products for cattle, sheep, horses and other animals, covering the UK and Europe.

eive £200, while two runners-up will each win £50. Simply rank the four animals pictured (first being the animal you rate most highly), in the same order as our judge. Complete the entry form opposite and return it to: Beef Stockjudging Competition, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ, by December 31, 2016.


Enter online

Take part by pitting your judging skills against those of our professional judge to be in with a chance of winning one of three cash prizes. Winner of the first correct entry, drawn at random, will rec-

Alternatively, enter online at judging. You will also be able to enter at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair, Builth Wells, on November 28 and 29.



106 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

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HOW TO ENTER Return the form below of enter online at





Stockjudging competition entry form Title:

Fill in and return this form before December 31, 2016, or go to

First name:




Year of birth:


Telephone number: Email: Are you the main decision maker on farm?




Primary occupation (tick one box only): Farm Owner Contractor

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Total farm size in hectares: Dairy (livestock numbers): Sheep (livestock numbers): Tick here to receive our Auction Finder email, which provides a weekly round-up of news from UK auctions

Please return by December 31, 2016 to: Beef Stockjudging Competition, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ.

Your judgement:

Terms and conditions: 1. The competition (prize draw) is open to UK residents (aged 18 years or over), with the exception of ‘employees’ or ‘relatives of employees’ of Briefing Media. 2. Inclusion in the prize draw is subject to registration. 3. Entry to the draw will close December 31, 2016. 4. Only one entry per person is permitted. 5. The winners will be selected at random from all valid and correctly answered entries. 6. The judge’s decision is final. No correspondence or discussion shall be entered into. 7. Prize is non-refundable and no prize alternative available. 8. Completion of the entry form implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. Data Protection: Information you supply to Briefing Media Ltd may be used for publication (where you provide details for inclusion in our directories or catalogues and on our websites) and also to provide you with information about our products or services in the form of direct marketing activity by phone, fax or post. If at any time you no longer wish to receive anything from Briefing Media Ltd, or to have your data made available to third parties, please write to the Data Protection Co-ordinator, Briefing Media Ltd, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ, or email





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Beef (livestock numbers):

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s, y

Edited by Olivia Midgley Email: Tel: 01772 799 548



As Government support for renewables wavers, we look at how energy generation can pay without subsidy

Making the most of the AD process By David Burrows


t is no secret the Conservatives have been ripping up the commitment book on renewable technology. Fiscal incentives have been slashed and environmental programmes rolled back or scrapped altogether. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is not at the centre of the green policy bonfire but it has not been left untouched and investors are being warned to think more carefully about the plants. Bill Elliott, owner of Best Organic Solutions, says: “I do not think subsidies will be here for much longer, so plants have to be viable on their own.” Digestate, he says, is a ‘major burden’. The fiscal drivers for AD are

Many farmers have not had a chance to find out more about the value of using digestate as a renewable fertiliser WILL McMANUS in waste management and power generation, with digestate a forgotten – and even costly – by-product.

Figures from the Waste and Resources Action Programme 2013 survey of organics recycling are based on ‘limited data’, says the organisation’s organics sector specialist Will McManus, but they do not paint a pretty picture.

Cost For on-farm facilities, about 90 per cent of digestate is used on the producers’ own land, with the remainder given away to neighbours – usually free of charge – where neighbours bear the cost of collection and spreading. For commercial and industrial users, about 50 per cent goes mostly to agricultural land but this is often at a cost of about £13/tonne to the operator. Some 30 per cent is given away free of charge and about 20 per

In numbers n There are 208 farm-fed plants operational in the UK n Also, 108 waste-fed plants are operational in the UK n 12 million tonnes of digestate produced in the UK each year n 2.4mt of PAS110 qualityassured digestate produced n 97 per cent of digestate is used in agriculture n 90 per cent of digestate produced on-farm is used by the producer n £55-£160 per hectare (£22-£65/acre) savings compared to bagged fertiliser The market for digestate: n 50 per cent at a cost of about £13/tonne n 30 per cent given away free of charge n 20 per cent sold for £3-£5/t

cent is sold for between £3-£5/t. On average, digestate costs the operator £3.73/t to dispose of, says Mr McManus. “There are a few leading lights who are doing a great job at providing

Digestate use valued at £55-£160 per hectare THE value of digestate has been shrouded in mystery, but data is beginning to emerge. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has carried out a number of studies examining the financial benefits of nutrients provided in the compost. In trials over five years at 22 sites, researchers found ‘digestates and composts can increase yields with no negative impacts on crop quality or safety’. Additionally, the WRAP report,

‘Field experiments for quality digestate and compost in agriculture’ published earlier this year found digestate to be a good source of crop nitrogen.

Nutrient The increased nutrient supply from organic materials – phosphate, potash and sulphur – can also provide a boost early in the season, particularly on shallow soils over chalk and limestone. This benefit was valued at about

£55-£160/hectare (£22-£65/acre) – figures ‘not to be sniffed at’, says Charlotte Morton, chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) . These figures take into account the money saved on bagged fertiliser and the cost of spreading the organic materials, though they do not account for the cost of sourcing them. This is the kind of information farmers need to hear, say experts. At ADBA’s recent research and

innovation forum in York, sector heads outlined how innovation could see anaerobic digestion (AD) plants ‘on a trajectory towards producing £250,000 worth of digestate each year by 2020’. “As incentives continue to fall it will become increasingly important for AD operators to improve plant efficiency, maximise the value from outputs and drive up standards. “As such, digestate must become a valuable revenue stream for the AD industry,” says Ms Morton.




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p108 109 Nov25 OM GG BB.indd 1

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Digestate can be an economic source of fertiliser, says Will McManus.


Total number of anaerobic digestion plants in operation in the UK.

a product which farmers value and are willing to pay for.” On the one hand, it is a good deal for those taking AD digestate – they are paid for taking in a potentially valuable fertiliser. But few see it this way, instead viewing it as a risk.

Value Mr McManus says: “There are a range of factors but mostly [it comes down to] low fertiliser prices, relative cost of transportation and spreading, and of course the novelty of the product – many farmers have not had a chance to find out more about the value of using digestate as a renewable fertiliser.” Tony Clutten, process sales manager at Huber Technology, agrees. He says: “While there is intrinsic NPK value in digestate and the fertiliser bill for local farmers can be substantially reduced by using digestate instead of proprietary fertilisers, there is a reluctance to pay for the material.”

DEVELOPMENT OF THE ANAEROBIC DIGESTION MARKET COULD the market for digestate also become a factor in the assessments made by banks when financing projects? Not yet, says David Kinnersley, anaerobic digestion (AD) expert at Fisher German. “The market is not yet sufficiently able to add value to make it a reliable or significant enough income stream to take this into account in financial forecasting – unless a buyer has already been contracted.” In taking pasteurised food waste, digestate farmers face a number of potential issues, including storage during wet weather and crop growing periods, controlling its use in nitrate restricted zones, possible contamination with plastics and transport charges. De-watering the material prior to disposal overcomes some of the problems in managing liquid digestate, but this means the capital and operating expenditure increases for the producer.

Lucy Hopwood, lead consultant at bioeconomy consultants NNFCC, says some companies supplying digestate driers are offering to pay installation costs and still own the dryer, buying the input material and selling the digestate back as a means of ‘adding value to it’. “It is a new business model and not one we have too much confidence in, but agents and suppliers are offering it fairly bullishly at present,” she adds. In April, NNFCC published its third report on AD in the UK, showing 130 new projects have come online as developers ‘rushed to get plants accepted onto incentive schemes’, including the Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive, before Government changes them.

There are now 316 operational AD plants in the UK and 208 are farm-fed. In all, 12 million tonnes of digestate are produced in the UK each ear, NNFCC estimates. The amount accredited by the PAS110 quality assurance scheme is rising all the time, increasing from almost 1mt from 19 sites in 2014 to 2.4mt from 42 last year. Tony Clutten, sales manager at thermoregulation experts Huber Technology, is optimistic farmers will overcome their reluctance to work with digestate. He says: “Once the full financial benefits of this material are known it will change from being a cost to a resource, as many AD plant operators working on their own farms will testify.”

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NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 109

22/11/2016 14:00

RENEWABLES SPECIAL With more landowners looking at solar farm projects, Olivia Midgley speaks to Dawn Carlisle, partner at Leedsbased law firm Shulmans, about the pitfalls to be aware of.

Powering profits with solar energy GET EXPERT ADVICE WHILE it might go against the grain, it is always advisable to get a specialist land agent on board to advise and assist on the best deal possible. The solar market is fast changing due to reducing Government-set tariffs, fluctuations in equipment and construction costs and the value of investment in the site. Therefore, getting good advice is paramount, including a discussion

110 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p110 111 Nov25 OM GG BB.indd 1

with your accountant as there are various tax issues which may arise. Secondly, involve your lawyer as soon as possible to check it is legally possible to develop the land in this way.

Deeds For example, your title deeds may have restrictive covenants restricting the use of land or there may be third party rights which

effectively sterilise parts of the land, therefore making it less valuable for the proposed purpose. It is best to know all of this upfront to avoid all parties wasting time. In relation to costs, it is more usual than not for the solar developer to meet the landowner’s reasonable legal and land agents’ costs and your solicitor should get cover for you by way of a legal undertaking covering those costs.

RETAIN CONTROL IT is usual for a solar developer to ask you to sign an option agreement to give them time to get their planning permission and grid connection agreement. Typically, these can last from nine months to two years. It is a good idea to include obligations

22/11/2016 14:05

While agreeing terms and conditions with solar developers can be difficult, agreements can certainly be profitable.

MINIMISE RISK on their part to pass the rights to drawings and planning information to you if they do not exercise the option and also for them to assign the benefit of any grid connection agreement which they have entered into.

WHILE negotiations proceed, the question of whether you should demand some security for the developer to decommission the kit at the end of the lease term is always a thorny point. From the landowner’s perspective, you want to be sure

the developer will remove the equipment and if they just walk away you have some financial cover in order to do the work yourself. It is likely to be a condition of the planning permission agreement that it is decommissioned at some point.

There are various means by which financial security can be arranged, whether at the beginning of the lease or at some later point. This should be discussed between the parties early in the negotiations as this can often be a sticking point at the last minute.

Advantage This way you have an advantage if there is a likelihood of anybody else coming to the table. Make sure there are rights for you to terminate the option should planning be refused, unless they are permitted to appeal. As an aside, if your land is used for grazing there is usually no objection to you continuing to graze livestock on a licensed basis, subject to no harm being done to the solar apparatus. Other low impact farming operations may also be permitted.

AGREE TERMS SOME agreements allow the developer to take possession of the site and start development before completion of the lease. In my experience, it is always harder to pin someone down to complete a document when they already have possession, particularly if rent is only due once the lease is complete. It is therefore perhaps better to grant a slightly longer term to allow the developer to carry out the installation only after the lease is completed, which still

Calling All Farmers & Biogas Plant Operators Calling All Farmers & Farmergy have a range of Biogas Plant Operators products that will… Calling All Farmers & Farmergy have a range of products that will… ●Increase the yield of your biogas feedstock • I ncr eas●Make e thehigh yi eld of yo ur b i og as feed st ock lignin feedstocks usable: straw! Biogas• M Plant Operators ake hi g h li g ni n feed st ocks usa b le: st r aw! ●Cover and line slurry and digestate lagoons • C ove r ●Increase and ali range nethesl output ur r yofand d i g biogas est ate lag oons Farmergy have of your plant • I ncr eas●Extend e the the outpsizeutofofyour yo existing ur b i og plant…fast as p lant products that will… • E xt end the si ze of yo ur exi st i ng p lant…f ast

●Make you look a clever so and so ●Increase the • M yield akeof your yo ubiogas look afeedstock cl eve r so and so ●Make high lignin feedstocks usable: straw! Owen (07970) 063614 Owenlagoons (07970) 063614 ●Cover and line slurry and digestate ●Increase the output of your biogas plant ●Extend the size of your existing plant…fast ●Make you look a clever so and so

SEE THE RETURNS gives them enough years to claim the full entitlement to the relevant tariffs once the development is complete and certified. You will also want to consider the impact of having contractors working on your land. The timing of works may impact operations and could affect the Basic Payment Scheme and its relevance if you can continue using the land. The presence of contractors on land can often lead to disputes if all of these things have not been discussed and agreed up front.

WHILE all of this may sound overwhelming, when thoughtfully considered the arrangements between landowners and solar developers can be highly beneficial for all concerned. There are many good developers out there and, with proper guidance from advisers with specialist knowledge, there can be an excellent partnership where both the landowner and solar developer benefit handsomely.

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Energy storage market offers new opportunities for farmers SOURCE: TESVOLT, AVAILABLE FROM WIND AND SUN


nergy storage and ‘behind the meter’ optimisation are the new buzz words for farmers wanting to get the most from renewable energy initiatives as the industry matures, say experts. As the price of the kit continues to fall, innovative storage solutions are becoming more accessible and farmers are keen to take advantage. Tom Beeley, renewable energy adviser at the CLA, says: “There are still great opportunities in energy for farmers and landowners to invest in renewable energy, but now it is more about tailoring solutions to meet individual needs. “Interest in land rental from developers of large battery storage sites to store energy and provide grid services has largely replaced interest from solar farm developers in the last six months with National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Response auction and other capacity market mechanisms driving a lot of interest. “At the smaller scale, a range of technology providers have entered the market to offer ‘behind the

The control room of an energy storage plant on the remote Isle of Muck, Scotland.

meter’ storage at a domestic and commercial level, mostly for solar.”

Falling costs Falling energy storage equipment costs and saturated grid capacity for export are rapidly accelerating the ‘behind the meter’ storage market, adds James Hoare, of LHW

Partnership renewable energy consultants. “Frequently, energy gets exported to the grid rather than being used onsite and this is set to change. Feed-in Tariff export payments of typically 4.91p per unit exporting to the grid, when it is used on site and combined with battery storage, you can save between 8-14p per unit. “Rather than exporting what you cannot use immediately to the grid, you are building up more of a supply and the cost savings outweigh the grid payback.” Mr Hoare says ‘massive global manufacturing economies of scale’ and technological innovations mean the cost of battery storage has continued to fall. “Companies are offering some great returns, but do not rush for attractive deals,” he adds.

“To maximise storage technologies on a domestic scale, farmers need to fully understand their ‘energy load profile’ which means being aware of peak times of use as well as overall use. With storage you cannot guarantee a good return on investment until you have done a comprehensive energy use audit.”

Energy event Both Tom Beeley and James Hoare will be speaking at the Energy Now Expo next February, where there will be dedicated storage sessions over the two days. n To register visit www. or call 01293 854 405.

Mart makes smart energy move AN auction mart is set to make £862,000 in energy savings and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments over the next 20 years after installing a ground source heat pump (GSHP) and solar PV panels. Hexham and Northern Marts decided to replace its old gas-fired heating system in a bid to save money.

Income Mart managing director Robert Addison says: “As well as delivering instant reductions in energy usage 112 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p112 Nov25 OM GG BB.indd 2

and subsequent savings on heating bills, the NIBE GSHP solution is providing us with a steady stream of income for the next two decades, thanks to the RHI. The power produced by the solar PV panels is an added bonus and makes running the heat pump system even more cost-effective. “As a result, we are expecting to see returns of more than double our original investment over the next 20 years – which is absolutely invaluable from a business point of view.”

22/11/2016 18:06


MORE ONLINE View the full reports and results online at

Saxons’ success at Dovedale rFather and son both

victorious at weekend England: Elaine Hill THE Saxon family saw success on Saturday (November 19) at Dovedale, where Richard won the nursery with Ben and his 17-year-old son Jake won the novice with Jill. At the scenic location of Biggin Moor Farm, the course sloped downhill from left to right. With run 18, David Wood, Derwent Valley, and Craig took the lead gaining 78 points. Richard and Ben (T. Brennan’s Meg and Glen) ran at 25. Following a clean start, Ben dropped a point from his fetch for a deviation. Working up on his feet and keeping his sheep flowing at a steady pace, he dropped two marks from the left-hand drive for minor wavers. Finishing with a clean pen gave a score of 87 and a clear nine-point lead. Jake ran before his father at 24. Jill gathered clean before losing two points from her lift.

English results DOVEDALE, Biggin Moor Farm, Biggin Moor, Buxton, Derbyshire (Judge, D. Wood, Rivington) Nursery (35 ran) 1, R. Saxon (Crowden) Ben, 87 of 90; 2, D. Wood (Derwent Valley) Craig, 78; 3, S. Wilkinson (Thurgoland) Huthwaite Pip, 77; 4, S. Cottrell (Congleton) Mac, 75 OLF; 5, I. Gregory (Peak Forest) Nell, 75; 6, P. Wood (Derwent Valley) Joe, 74. Novice, 1, J. Saxon (Crowden) Jill, 72. Young handler, 1, T. Gregory (Peak Forest) Meg, 69. WINDERMERE, Otterbank, Skelsmergh, Kendal, Cumbria (P. Rigby, Skelsmergh) Nursery (32 ran) 1, D. Purdham (Holmrook) Jess, 86 of 90; 2, H. Taylor (Skelsmergh) Roo, 85 TIME; 3, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Trigger, 85; 4, K. Cropper (Shap) Jim, 82; 5, J. Cropper, Glen, 80; 6, C. Taylor (Clapham) Bob, 79. New handler, 1, S. Roper (Cleator Moor) Sky, 68 of 90; 2, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Pip, 62. YORKSHIRE, Manor Farm, Station Road, Cullingworth, West Yorkshire (I. Salter, Foulridge) Nursery (29 ran) 1, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 87 of 90; 2, L. Bancroft (Barnoldswick) Alf, 84; 3, M. Shields (Harrogate) Bing, 81; 4, V. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Hilston Sally, 79; 5, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Wisk, 77; 6, C. Mellin (Oakworth) Rainow Max, 75. HOLME, Higher Walls Farm, Lumb, Lancashire (W. Bell, Earby) Nursery (31 ran) 1, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Sid, 81 of 90; 2, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Dan, 79; 3, T. Longton (Quernmore) Storm, 77; 4, C. Kempson (Cowpe) Fleet, 75; 5, J. Cropper, Glen, 72; 6, T. Longton, Oz, 72. RYEDALE, Cawton, East Gilling, North Yorkshire (A. Mosey, Coulton) Nursery (19 ran) 1, J. Simpson (Hutton Rudby) Jill, 87 of 100; 2, J. Cook (Egton) Amos, 86; 3, G. Blyth (Roos) Calderdale Roy, 86; 4, J. Goulder (Pickering) Valmis Jupiter, 81; 5, I. Murdoch (Sutton-on-Forest) Parksfarm Moss, 79; 6, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Queen, 79. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Penrith (M. Beaty, Laithes) Nursery (48 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Big, 78 of 90; 2, A. Foster (Cartmel Fell) Bill, 77; 3, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Tanhill Jock, 75; 4, T. Longton (Quernmore) Storm, 74 OLF; 5, T. Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Roy, 74; 6, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Nell, 70. Novice, 1, R. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Tally, 79 of 90; 2, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Flo, 76; 3, A. Foster, Cap, 73; 4, T. Blease (Watermillock) Queen, 70. New handler, 1, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Pip; 2, R.J. Harrison (Shap) Lad. MID-SHIRES, Framlands Farm, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (B. Powell, Cold Ashby) Nursery,

Scotland: Sine Robertson CASHLIE (Judge, D. Robertson, Luss) Nursery (24 ran) 1, K. Howlett (Comrie) Tess, 96; 2, J. Hastie (Saline) Lethans Bear, 91; 3, M. Magnusson (Ardormie) Murphy, 90 Outbye; 4, P. Martin (Glenlyon) Bess, 90; 5, A.D. Carnegie (Comrie) Groesfaen Nap, 89; 6, M. Magnusson (Ardormie) Nell, 88; Novice (3 ran) 1, N. Boyne (Glenlochay) Mirk, 59. HAMILTON HALL (A. Aitchison, West Linton) Nursery (12 ran) 1, R.B. Henderson (Heriot) Bonnie, 94; 2, J. McRobert

p113 Nov25 BB GG.indd 2

For deviations, she lost six points from her fetch and six throughout the drive, before four points were dropped at the pen. Jake and Jill’s score of 72 won the novice class, their first win of the season after several placings and they also have the Bamford and Hope aggregates to their credit.

Richard Saxon and Ben won the nursery trial at Dovedale.

Young handler After competing last season as a beginner, 12-year-old Tom Gregory ran Meg in the young handler class. She lost two points from her gather and five from her fetch for line. She slipped her sheep at an obstacle to lose 12 points in total from her driving. Sheep went just down the side of the pen before Meg turned and put them in to lose two points. With a score of 69, Tom and Meg gained their sixth win of the season. FRANK FIELDEN Frank Fielden, who trained and worked with dogs all his life, died on November 15, at his home near Todmorden. 1, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Ren, 78 of 90; 2, A. Rouse (Hildersham) Floss, 73 OLF; 3, D. Roper (Northleach) Emma, 73; 4, E. Thornalley (Worlington) Sweep, 72 OLF; 5, N. Vyas (Wigston) Cody, 72; 6, A. Tomkinson (Melton Mowbray) Flint, 72. Novice (7 ran) 1, A. Blackmore, Cap, 83 of 100; 2, J. Porter (Broughton Astley) Lad, 71; 3, D. Bostock (Belpher) Bess, 69. Open (5 ran) 1, R. Curtis (Grantham) Eddie, 76 of 100. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Hawick Farm, Kirkwhelpington (J. Fyall, Bellingham) Nursery (17 ran) 1, D. Henderson (Allendale) Jill, 88 of 100; 2, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Bozo, 81; 3, B. Jordan, Shasta, 78; 4, S. Smith (Seahouses) Gail, 74; 5, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Kettle, 68; 6, M. Davidson (Wooler) Twm, 64. Novice, 1, C. McNulty (Wooler) Kim. New handler, 1, S. Pearson (Morpeth) Hettie. NORTHERN, Pool Tree, Hamsterley, Durham (B. Bell, Hamsterley, 26 ran) Nursery, 1, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Queen, 87 of 90; 2, R. Green (Redmire) Tanhill Bute, 76; 3, J. Edgar (Consett) Redgate Trim, 75; 4, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Tanhill Sue, 74; 5, A. Baines, Tanhill Sally, 72; 6, S. Ledger (Witton Gilbert) Tia, 68. Committee (R. Green, Redmire) Novice, 1, L. Morland (Hamsterley) Trixie, 66 of 90; 2, J. Bousfield (Harwood-in-Teesdale) Pip, 60; 3, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Roy, 57. SHROPSHIRE and HEREFORDSHIRE, Tilsop Farm, Shropshire, Nursery, 1, A. Bennett (Hyssington) Taddymoor Cap; 2, G. Morgan (Ludlow) Mirk. Novice, 1, C. Russell (Carey) Cap; 2, L. Walters (Ludlow) Lad; 3, P. Thomas (Longnor) Meg; 4, A. Hunter-Blair (Ross-on-Wye) Skip. SURREY, Wivelsden Farm, Haywards Heath (P. Griffiths) Nursery, 1, M. Banham (Chipstead) Ollie, 89 of 100; 2, I. Wheeler, Don, 64; 3, J. Bastable (Tonbridge) Pip, 63. Novice, 1, I. Wheeler, Bob, 77 of 100; 2, J. Marsh (Goddards Green) Flair, 77. Novice handler, 1, A. Tackley, Chip. WEST COUNTRY, Nursery, Hewas Water, St Austell (N. Dalgarno, Tregony) Maltese cross (14 ran) 1, J. Watson (Postbridge) Spot, 61 of 70; 2, J. Watson, Fleet, 60; 3, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 50; 4, T. Rofe (Chilla) Dot, 48. Driving (8 ran) 1, T. Rofe, Maggie, 82 of 100; 2, J. Watson, Jill, 78; 3, D. Cole (Bittaford) Jess, 73; 4, T. Rofe, Nan, 66; 5, C. Worgan (Chulmleigh) Lee, 55; 6, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Parksfarm Moe, 51. Young handler (5 ran) 1, W. Carter (Delabole) Queen, 49 of 70; 2, W. Carter, Joe, 46; 3, L. Hopper (Veryan) Fern, 34; 4, C. Fritsgerald (New Forest) Del, 28. New handler (8 ran) 1, C. Watson (South Brent) Floe, 52 of 70; 2, B. Cantelo (Shaugh Prior) Cass, 48; 3, J. Kendle (Cornwall) Pip, 47; 4, S. Shuffle (Cornwall) Floss, 46.

(Tweedsmuir) Nell, 87 Outbye; 3, J. Hill (Heriot) Gael, 87; 4, H. Brown (Coulter) Cap, 79; 5, D. Wallace (Blyth Bridge) Tess, 70; 6, A. Watson (Shotts) Joe, 68. Novice (10 ran) 1, J. L’Etang (Slamannan) Slip, 88; 2, S. Morgan (West Linton) Fred, 85; 3, D. MacDiarmid (Glenrath) Sally, 77; 4, J. L’Etang (Slamannan) Gyp, 69; 5, K. Blackwood (Sanquhar) Jill, 59. HUNTERS HALL, Soutra (R.B. Henderson, Heriot) Nursery (15 ran) 1, D. Gilchrist (Oxton) Jade, 88; 2, J. Robinson (Coldingham) Jill, 70 Outbye; 3, W.S. Elliot (Yetholm) Ben, 70; 4, J. Robinson (Coldingham) Mirk, 60 Outbye; 5, A. Dickman (Oxton) Jake, 60; 6, G. Pate (Humbie) Tib, 55.

Trials diary ENGLAND November 26. FYLDE, Nursery, Hollinhead Farm, Caton, Lancaster, LA2 9NA, 9.30am start, enter on field, if running two dogs they have to be booked in by 12 noon. TRAWDEN, Nursery, New Close Farm, Downham, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 4DF, 9.30am start, enter on field, if running two dogs they have to be booked in by 12 noon. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Nursery, novice and new handler, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Penrith, CA11 9TJ, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, those with three dogs two to be booked in by 12 noon, novice confined to Cumbria. RYEDALE, Nursery, Baysdale Abbey Farm, Kildale, North Yorkshire, 10am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon. SLINDON, Nursery, novice and beginner, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6LX, 9.30am start, enter by 12 noon, catering. November 27. HASLINGDEN, Nursery trial, behind Clough Head Cafe, Grain Road, BB4 4AT, will be signposted, first dog to run at 10am, judge Tom Western. HIGHER WHITLEY, Nursery, novice and beginner, School Lane, Higher Whitley, Cheshire, WA4 4QB, 9am start, enter on field by 12 noon. MORETON, Nursery and novice, Station Farm, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, LE9 6PD, use Cottage Lane entrance, 9.30am start, enter on field. NORTHERN, Nursery, committee novice and new handler, Downholme, between Richmond and Leyburn, off A6108, 10am start, enter on field by 2pm, more than three dogs first by 12 noon, only one dog after 1pm. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Nursery and new handler, Lilburn, Wooler, NE71 6QY, 11am start, enter on field. SUSSEX, Nursery and novice, probable location: Wivelsden Farm, North

Wales: Christine Hall GLAMORGAN (Judge, Colin Gordon) Nursery, 1, R. Ellis, Peg, 7; 2, R. Millichap, Max, 9; 3, C. Millichap, Lexi, 10; 4, D. Millichap, Bill, 13 OLF; 5, G. Coombs, Lass, 13; 6, L. Bowden, Don, 19. Novice, 1, R. Millichap, Max, 14 OLF; 2, L. Bowden, Lad, 14; 3, L. Bowden, Don, 18; 4, C. Millichap, Lexi, 22; 5, L. Howells, Floss, 28; 6, D. Howells, Gwen, 30. CEREDIGION (Kelvin Broad) National style, 1, J. Price, Sam, 12; 2, E.L. Morgan, Spot, 18; 3, A. Davies, Floss, 21; 4, G. Davies, Bill, 22; 5, R. Davies, Spot, 30. South Wales style, 1, E.L. Morgan, Craig, 7 OLF; 2, J. Davies, Alf, 7; 3, J. Price, Sam, 12; 4, E.L. Morgan, Spot, 13; 5, D. Rees, Meg, 14. GLOUCESTERSHIRE/GWENT (A. Blackmore) Nursery, 1, G. Jones, Craig, 25; 2, R. Mumford, Bryn yr Orsedd Jack, 26 OLF; 3, J. Garland, Sanduck Jake, 26; 4, S. Currie, Sawmill Floss, 30; 5, N. Matthews, Mari, 33; 6, D. Cooper, Lee, 59. Novice, 1, G. Jones, Craig, 27; 2, B. Morgan, Sawmill Gwen, 39; 3, N. Matthews, Mari, 40; 4, S. Currie, Vie, 44; 5, A.

Common Road, North Chailey, Haywards Heath, BN8 4EH. TURTON YOUNG FARMERS, Nursery, Clough Head, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire, BB4 4AT, 10am start, enter on field, catering. WEST COUNTRY Nursery, driving then MX, Combeleigh, Weddon Cross, 10am start, enter on field. WINDERMERE, Nursery and new handler, Dry Howe, Selside, signed off A6 north of Kendal, Cumbria, 9.30am start, enter on field by 2pm unless dogs are still running. November 30. CROSTHWAITE, Winter Open, Totterbank, Crosthwaite, South Lakes, LA8 8HX, 9am start, last booking in 12 noon, entry closed, weather check 07788 298 432.

WALES November 26. BROMSBERROW HEATH GLOUCESTERSHIRE/GWENT, Nursery, Ledbury, HR9 1PB, contact A. Blackmore, tel: 07855 843 226. NANTMEL RADNORSHIRE, Nursery, Maesygelli, LD1 6EL, contact B. Pugh, tel: 01597 823 230. TYNEWERN CEREDIGION, Nursery, Llanrhystud, contact E. Lloyd, tel: 01974 272 282. November 27. MAESEGLWYS GLAMORGAN, Nursery, Morriston, SA6 6NR, 9am start, contact C. Millichap, tel: 07800 784 664. LLWYNBEDW CARMARTHENSHIRE, Nursery, Llanpumsaint, SA33 6JU, 9am start, contact L. Jones, tel: 07817 412 926. BRECONSHIRE, Nursery, Penclyn Farm, LD3 8ND, 10am start, contact B. Abery, tel: 07773 192 283. December 3. SOUTH WALES, SWSDTA nursery championship, New Inn, St Florence, Pembrokeshire, SA70 8NR, catering, eye testing, 8am start, contact: Claire Ridge, tel: 01437 563 228 or 07773 192 283.

Cooper, Lass, 50; 6, A. Cooper, Roy, 54. BRECONSHIRE, Nursery, 1, V. Davies, Fly, 7; 2, R. Games, Moss 12; 3, B. Howson, Grace, 14 OLF; 4, A. Games, Kim, 14; 5, R. Jones, Rex, 17; 6, G. Davies, Wen, 18. Novice, 1, K. Harley, Fly, 12; 2, G. Davies, Jim, 15; 3, B. Howson, Val, 20; 4, G. Davies, Lad, 21. Beginners, 1, A. Jones, Polly, 17; 2, G. Davies, Holl, 19; 3, A. Harley, Skip, 41. CARMARTHENSHIRE, Nursery, 1, S. George, Gwen, 12; 2, M. Jones, Nan, 15; 3, T. Mallon, Lola, 20.5 OLF; 4, M. Hemmings, Penny, 20.5; 5, O. Bennett, Mai, 25; 6, N. Watkins, Fly, 26. Puppy, 1, M. Jones, Nan, 15; 2, T. Mallon, Lola, 20.5; 3, M. Hemmings, Penny, 25 OLF; 4, O. Bennett, Mai, 25; 6, S. Lewis, Gwen, 49. RADNORSHIRE (E Prothero) Nursery, 1, P. Tomkins, Lynn, 5; 2, P. Tomkins, Roxridge Roy, 14; 3, K. Haker, Elsa, 24; 4, A. Price, Spot, 25 OLF; 5, M. Owen, Denwyn Annie, 25; 6, G. Powell, Mott, 28. Novice, 1, S. V-Pugh, Jill, 15; 2, K. Haker, Holly, 38; 3, J. Simmons, Conner, 49; 4, B. Lewis, Fan, 62. Beginner, Dean Addison, Jim, 27.

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 113

23/11/2016 11:21

MARKET PRICES PRIMESTOCK ENGLAND STEERS Market day(s) week ending November 22 Acklington Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Beeston Castle Bentham Bishops Castle Bridgnorth Brockholes Carlisle Chelford Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hawes Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Leek Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Malton Market Drayton Market Harborough Melton Mowbray Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Ross-On-Wye Rugby Ruswarp Salisbury Scots Gap Sedgemoor Selby Shaftesbury Shrewsbury Skipton South Molton Stratford Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Winslow Wooler Worcester York

Th Tu Mo We Fr We We Tu We\Tu Mo Th\Mo Th Tu We Tu Th\Mo Mo We\Mo Th\Sa We Th\Mo Mo Tu We\Th Tu Tu We Mo Tu Th Tu Fr\Mo Tu We Tu Th Th Mo Tu We\Mo We Tu We\Sa We We\Tu We Mo We\Mo Mo Mo Mo Tu We Mo We Tu Mo Th Tu We\Fr Th Th We Tu Th\Tu We We Mo




Total cattle number

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

29 65 98 20 142 9 88 64 11 1 16 53 228 27 135 67 10 12 4 8 12 15 5 7 251 45 212 105 336 171 47 48 8 82 44 52 79 381 4 24 292 4 20 78 34 187

151.15 181.57 108.80 153.50 206.00 200.75 192.50 204.80 233.00 186.50 154.50 232.00 165.00 200.50 173.00 153.00 196.06 233.50 192.88 159.50 185.26 217.00 187.00 229.50 202.88 180.00 133.25 176.87 182.57 211.25 211.06 136.50 86.50 190.14

201.50 165.09 191.67 151.30 170.00 163.00 187.00 156.50 212.58 203.00 183.36 159.31 191.75 183.20 172.75 138.10 170.00 171.00 194.64 221.00 177.26 166.74 200.34 232.67 179.56 214.50 195.22 159.60 167.50 177.06 212.07 195.58 206.15 174.38 194.30 192.50 197.92

184.38 136.75 192.50 133.67 165.00 191.03 158.43 148.50 74.00 189.83 198.00 165.25 160.97 187.50 171.75 177.00 193.29 201.79 137.15 160.24 165.38 232.00 108.00 194.27 178.33 147.38 167.31 207.12 118.00 200.00 200.61 189.00 180.50 205.50 195.21 168.79

146.25 169.20 106.00 203.50 197.00 219.00 204.78 205.92 227.38 157.50 117.31 199.42 163.00 224.00 148.00 152.00 202.83 201.04 216.83 167.15 155.75 185.33 220.32 182.80 225.42 150.00 151.50 173.33 211.30 227.50 232.94 219.50 177.75 207.90

213.17 173.23 201.22 169.00 208.59 203.20 211.50 203.71 190.50 229.50 206.58 231.13 163.83 155.42 194.73 147.00 214.83 132.00 174.00 140.00 208.50 205.25 235.61 176.68 200.38 186.11 219.61 207.00 218.91 194.81 187.81 155.92 193.14 218.52 136.50 231.50 232.37 142.00 223.63 173.91 212.65

204.50 180.10 181.83 178.67 214.00 192.00 167.75 154.25 211.38 142.50 157.30 149.62 89.00 193.83 181.00 149.00 165.88 187.00 202.25 168.45 185.31 155.82 226.50 167.50 213.38 192.86 176.77 142.82 158.57 188.55 153.17 205.73 179.67 174.93 199.37 178.40 190.79

193.00 109.50 166.84 164.14 165.50 157.00 139.50 104.17 154.64 166.53 139.50 127.33 169.78 130.50 166.05 127.50 150.44 156.04 134.38 159.68 172.60 208.50 166.09

79.50 164.00 175.50 169.86 177.31 169.50 163.58 185.18 189.00 211.50 193.06 162.50 177.57 139.50 187.14 180.87 175.75 167.00 182.00 144.50 188.98 183.16 205.25 173.38

139.50 176.50 178.25 184.11 105.00 177.50 200.73 189.00 210.50 191.91 184.00 186.90 193.80 176.00 188.75 198.00 109.50 204.41 192.80 205.88 186.63

26 81 121 124 9 74 365 94 13 15 47 11 101 28 308 93 14 21 29 54 4 18 133 59 34 34 3 48 20 208 12 99 87 28 26 67 23 10 21 121 26 44 36 74 85 51 6 28

135.00 190.00 220.00 209.00 215.29 140.33

128.32 137.00 211.25 230.73 219.17 172.89 221.11 213.58 188.00

124.75 200.00 210.00 191.00 203.00 199.62 185.88

116.81 214.50 213.00 221.00 213.40 206.60 104.00

156.90 219.12 159.15 232.21 207.10 209.76 219.88 211.22 212.10

102.63 209.11 190.00 221.67 206.00 168.45 204.67 221.33 187.70

110.50 143.00 116.80 135.00 157.00

169.50 182.33 165.00

206.00 200.33 145.00

196 36 80 10 22 75 2 107 86 221

Total cow number

Grade 3 average

Dairy sired average

Beef sired average

Total N lambs

132.17 80.25 132.62 138.28 133.00 140.10 132.06 136.50

101.86 100.04 109.67 106.50 103.10 109.19 81.41 75.08

103.00 79.84 71.72 76.73 84.20 64.75 77.50 79.14 84.68 75.24 68.00 75.93 82.61 55.43 79.71 110.50 98.00 84.96 73.55 93.14 49.00 78.62 68.30 87.06 76.25 92.16 65.28 87.00 69.83 83.07 85.34 85.31 87.79 46.33 -

110.33 102.47 91.50 109.00 87.25 108.11 89.00 99.10 71.88 110.96 105.32 106.29 97.77 93.71 110.42 69.71 94.75 114.47 115.14 76.50 105.81 100.59 91.27 115.75 88.33 96.50 103.15 120.39 78.64 100.95 75.75 97.81 112.30 88.00 118.27 91.67 99.29 105.50 96.93 124.91 120.00 -

1501 954 1329 955 2635 661 1103 310 1634 578 621 863 1330 193 1985 621 351 933 274 149 112 1024 1989 1440 176 369 1038 1162 2444 789 439 900 99 3407 47 2054 248 1178 314 1091 581 41 811 2745 575 2045 902 1270 63 342 117 561 467 619 3454 1173 161 445 730 300 166 756 1301 639 750 353



77.90 66.25 60.76 79.34 113.25 76.26 75.27

89.87 89.75 97.79 119.82 91.19 100.00 116.50 85.32 109.79

1207 2340 332 612 356 696 530 1748 851 1369 1806 2385 982

Grade 1 average

SCOTLAND Ayr Caithness Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newton Stewart Newtown St Boswells Perth Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (ua) Thainstone

Mo\Tu Mo\Tu Tu We We We\Th Mo Mo Tu (wk) We Mo Th\Tu Th Th

114 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 2

43 2 37 14 36 18 67 71 89 50

23/11/2016 15:31




1 0

6 2 9



7 4 0 1



3 0

5 9





















Total N/S lambs

N/S lambs light average

N/S lambs standard average

N/S lambs medium average

N/S lambs heavy average

N/S SQQ average

Total Ewes

Ewes average

1501 954 1329 955 2635 661 1103 310 1634 578 621 863 1330 193 1985 621 351 933 274 149 112 1024 1989 1440 176 369 1038 1162 2444 789 439 900 99 3407 47 2054 248 1178 314 1091 581 41 811 2745 575 2045 902 1270 63 342 117 561 467 619 3454 1173 161 445 730 300 166 756 1301 639 750 353

158.00 106.00 138.45 159.86 150.00 172.00 100.00 126.92 114.00 133.80 148.16 137.81 159.38 152.60 79.10 177.31 154.00 141.00 152.40 100.00 144.70 193.61 34.50 136.26 161.79 132.70 143.61 147.00 90.90 183.00 -

171.34 179.61 169.02 141.76 153.02 155.62 168.29 180.31 194.05 184.69 172.08 174.47 144.86 175.84 174.93 143.65 156.12 158.80 156.95 167.36 126.97 161.66 175.04 168.31 132.91 167.86 156.00 165.26 168.81 164.53 163.57 143.62 164.60 177.08 167.90 161.02 160.00 186.44 181.83 169.19 153.12 164.26 164.77 181.11 145.76 153.83 129.34 156.86 168.26 175.40 178.52 159.45 162.00 161.41 149.29 161.07 177.05 223.58 173.28 182.84 155.60

170.27 176.19 178.84 151.72 166.07 161.80 178.20 172.93 185.38 187.76 162.12 177.97 167.90 187.26 172.71 157.82 154.83 162.84 149.48 161.37 147.76 156.90 162.97 180.23 183.02 157.51 178.87 163.54 184.57 166.29 172.68 156.45 167.57 176.15 164.86 179.59 171.91 174.27 156.80 182.99 179.97 144.41 175.33 158.60 173.02 167.79 176.30 178.28 149.42 158.35 189.63 159.06 171.83 180.39 182.42 160.38 161.75 154.69 166.93 155.68 160.58 171.97 202.02 166.73 166.25 181.15

154.56 172.81 170.48 147.06 159.57 155.00 168.25 161.43 169.33 173.10 158.68 175.05 161.54 173.52 165.28 152.26 159.02 157.18 144.98 155.24 148.12 161.23 155.87 161.31 181.31 152.09 165.79 154.06 169.95 160.67 172.78 150.71 167.61 159.34 159.50 169.81 169.90 157.85 154.20 179.74 177.66 147.00 167.21 152.81 162.02 155.21 170.10 173.64 160.66 156.71 160.09 164.56 169.55 176.23 154.04 166.81 150.45 165.13 154.14 154.31 168.02 176.56 152.41 157.25 172.73

170.50 177.19 176.78 149.57 162.77 161.55 176.47 174.62 185.64 187.01 162.68 176.75 163.65 183.61 173.03 154.77 155.19 161.58 150.57 162.43 147.76 150.30 161.26 179.75 181.32 156.48 177.62 163.30 179.91 166.86 171.14 156.80 165.05 169.51 164.86 179.42 171.17 167.42 157.62 183.30 181.60 144.41 173.57 152.60 171.21 167.09 176.30 178.87 146.43 152.95 159.49 158.90 171.62 179.40 181.67 159.78 161.76 155.57 165.85 156.54 160.58 172.19 205.58 168.01 167.81 174.83

659 713 677 90 1888 317 80 49 291 353 222 341 63 777 555 112 190 229 2017 108 230 1 466 350 436 53 130 155 13 5532 26 645 109 143 47 726 667 1 195 733 149 722 327 713 77 143 54 37 115 189 214 582 76 55 136 45 63 111 27 370 472 14

66.01 48.52 61.73 33.22 48.38 46.40 49.18 44.64 58.16 39.60 36.31 33.75 49.68 55.04 51.64 44.32 52.63 54.10 52.29 57.49 54.74 70.00 44.64 55.71 46.46 54.28 61.32 32.65 45.54 55.84 83.73 54.45 58.00 50.37 60.50 54.25 71.33 30.00 62.35 46.04 45.84 51.98 73.20 66.56 61.13 38.41 45.20 47.22 52.41 58.20 47.49 65.61 63.48 48.83 56.26 56.33 61.41 41.63 55.96 55.98 57.13 58.57

1207 2340 332 612 356 696 530 1748 851 1369 1806 2385 982

129.03 140.83 150.00 108.64 160.28 129.48 126.58 109.08 -

171.30 164.51 163.64 164.41 133.57 150.72 139.42 165.44 156.30 174.96 181.31 140.01 128.21

176.76 171.91 167.22 166.48 158.07 154.86 155.61 183.31 160.87 182.95 182.02 169.32 165.57

165.04 160.39 159.18 162.52 151.57 148.39 157.08 172.71 155.57 174.55 165.30 155.20 153.45

174.53 169.02 167.07 165.43 156.91 151.85 155.36 177.18 159.89 176.41 181.95 160.18 165.50


p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 3

564 540 237 470 183 330 233 400 127 309 372 1272 -

Market day(s) week ending November 22 Bala Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

Th Tu We Fr Th Mo We\Tu Th Th Tu We Mo We\Mo Th Tu Fr\Tu Th Fr Th Mo Tu

Total cattle number 10 150 7 5 4 -

Light average 4 167.50 187.50 178.00 -


Medium average

Heavy average

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

112.00 176.25 191.76 188.00 -

173.33 182.68 191.50 -

195.00 174.14 208.50 44.00 -

131.00 185.00 182.96 225.12 188.00 -

104.00 185.00 180.39 209.00 -

YOUNG BULLS Light average Bala Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

Medium average


Heavy average

Total cow number

Grade 1 average

Grade 3 average

Dairy sired average

Beef sired average

211.00 -

42 160 29 3 100 8 37 -



64.12 69.46 62.00 64.00 68.21 72.67 -

88.09 90.37 100.64 99.00 105.25 118.00 98.21 -

146.14 -

191.40 -

Total N/S lambs

N/S lambs light average

N/S lambs standard average

N/S lambs medium average

N/S lambs heavy average

N/S SQQ average

Total Ewes

Ewes average

752 917 1048 1013 28 302 713 185 422 1901 512 408 2059 108 1379 2738 2622 776 286 3933 200

137.32 135.18 134.92 143.32 131.00 135.66 130.68 140.31 136.67 149.42 138.72 148.25 177.04 144.98 140.99 136.04 151.00

152.96 165.10 152.30 161.40 133.62 156.85 140.56 156.71 162.70 151.78 174.28 157.86 150.35 164.45 170.06 171.65 159.66 154.80 166.12 149.74

154.83 173.67 150.60 170.37 149.00 160.90 162.33 161.88 175.11 167.73 176.50 165.67 157.64 173.80 184.46 181.78 168.33 161.24 175.70 156.02

140.00 173.92 154.31 168.78 159.99 156.88 152.59 163.35 153.00 168.08 167.18 159.30 168.24 179.95 167.20 162.76 159.00 171.56 158.02

146.24 171.07 143.35 157.43 137.36 137.98 144.01 160.46 161.88 162.04 143.09 176.29 158.01 155.86 167.02 176.34 178.94 162.69 149.73 166.49 151.67

2 99 69 213 13 229 2 310 102 3 682 81 132 478 772 407 7 2045 68

44.40 56.21 33.32 35.26 14.23 33.84 10.00 50.31 38.28 49.00 50.46 75.94 51.93 39.22 56.66 55.01 38.86 45.39 39.94


Bala Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

39.82 39.20 63.53 39.67 49.00 49.47 60.20 51.05 45.28 61.34 38.08 44.59 -

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 115

23/11/2016 15:31


Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Beeston Castle Bentham Bishops Castle Bridgnorth Brockholes Carlisle Chelford Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Leek Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Market Drayton Melton Mowbray Middleton-In-Teesdale Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Rugby Salisbury Sedgemoor Selby Shaftesbury Shrewsbury Skipton Stratford Tavistock Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Wooler Worcester York

Tu Th\Mo Tu Fr We Fr Tu We\Mo Th\Mo Tu\Th Fr Tu\Mo Tu\Fr We\Fr\Mo Sa We Th\Mo We\Th Fr Tu We\Mo Th

Fr Tu\Sa Fr

Th Fr We Tu

We We Fr Mo Mo Tu Sa Sa Th Tu\Th We\Mo Tu Fr Sa We Th We\Sa Th

6-12 month steers

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers


STORES (NATIVE-SIRED 18+ month heifers

6-12 month steers

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers

18+ month heifers

6-12 mon steers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

42/758.1 18/620.3 19/1098.7 -/17/503.8 -/4/652.5 6/663.3 21/666.9 -/28/734.9 -/1/685.0 -/10/776.0 -/148/656.0 39/629.7 -/-/56/590.4 -/8/677.5 169/757.8 16/632.4 15/680.3 -/-/-/-/2/560.0 22/619.8 -/-/-/4/761.3 2/715.0 9/576.7 -/-/-/-/6/816.7 -/6/645.0 3/738.3 -/-/74/713.1 10/610.0 16/704.8 1/870.0 -/-/10/631.8 67/732.4 -/13/741.2 17/642.9 -/3/975.0 -/27/645.2 3/795.0

32/791.3 18/808.1 123/1124.0 4/628.8 8/661.3 -/1/500.0 10/814.0 32/910.5 1/925.0 26/707.8 -/13/941.2 -/14/812.9 -/36/708.8 27/679.0 -/-/11/812.7 -/21/887.6 41/984.3 -/15/702.6 -/-/-/-/6/776.7 12/823.3 -/-/-/-/9/882.2 3/933.3 21/743.1 -/-/-/9/987.8 -/9/926.1 21/902.6 -/7/671.4 52/861.1 10/821.0 6/797.2 5/824.0 -/-/1/320.0 15/912.1 -/18/886.1 6/878.3 -/9/972.8 -/3/751.7 1/820.0

68/862.2 18/921.1 77/1131.1 3/1070.0 -/-/1/500.0 5/804.0 34/1026.6 4/1010.0 29/948.8 -/26/995.8 -/12/920.4 -/49/889.9 42/969.8 -/-/120/837.2 -/27/967.6 85/1093.1 1/790.0 9/834.8 -/-/-/-/22/1186.4 19/905.0 -/-/-/1/750.0 15/917.7 4/860.0 30/838.5 -/-/-/11/978.6 -/40/980.3 19/1095.5 -/4/1012.5 72/931.3 1/420.0 -/25/880.6 -/-/-/8/849.4 -/18/999.4 4/690.0 -/24/1014.2 -/5/1023.0 2/892.5

28/683.2 21/452.1 23/1021.7 1/425.0 16/570.9 -/3/560.0 1/500.0 34/602.5 -/24/588.8 -/6/721.7 -/11/593.6 -/91/550.1 21/529.0 -/-/56/502.1 -/24/575.0 78/654.6 9/586.1 5/565.0 -/-/-/-/-/28/504.8 -/-/-/3/550.0 34/544.7 8/396.9 -/-/-/-/2/435.0 -/7/411.4 4/525.0 -/11/493.6 58/579.4 18/450.0 12/497.7 -/-/-/11/478.4 44/610.2 -/10/480.0 10/376.0 -/1/905.0 -/22/500.0 5/553.0

18/653.2 11/712.3 100/997.2 1/425.0 10/659.5 -/15/635.3 2/655.0 35/862.0 -/18/524.5 -/19/834.7 -/30/797.2 -/33/630.6 19/547.3 -/-/18/704.2 -/35/820.6 28/750.2 2/520.0 12/569.2 -/-/-/-/4/997.5 9/651.7 -/-/-/4/603.8 4/647.5 3/766.7 18/629.7 -/-/-/14/851.4 -/7/741.4 10/921.5 -/7/713.6 58/647.4 8/825.6 4/610.0 6/638.3 -/-/-/20/805.1 -/4/970.0 5/482.0 -/19/936.1 -/8/773.1 8/672.5

15/619.3 20/722.3 95/1088.6 3/768.3 -/-/23/723.9 7/784.3 52/941.1 9/596.7 7/809.1 -/23/981.5 -/27/908.9 -/36/789.2 51/788.8 -/-/88/741.0 -/89/913.9 56/946.6 1/790.0 5/787.0 -/-/-/-/37/981.9 14/773.2 -/-/-/6/804.2 14/887.1 10/853.5 12/800.8 -/-/-/34/851.2 -/31/804.0 20/989.3 -/-/85/763.0 14/753.6 -/21/752.4 -/-/-/2/864.0 -/2/587.5 4/447.5 -/36/956.7 -/4/637.5 5/792.0

32/603.9 5/548.0 7/955.0 -/39/511.3 -/2/422.5 3/570.0 21/618.8 6/522.5 22/519.8 -/2/720.0 -/24/532.5 -/62/553.1 129/520.1 -/-/56/511.7 -/29/542.6 33/715.8 9/551.1 19/524.5 -/3/410.0 -/-/-/12/575.8 -/-/-/-/-/37/425.3 -/-/-/-/6/787.5 -/5/525.0 7/623.6 -/28/474.1 56/482.0 10/615.5 29/654.3 -/-/-/44/612.8 21/709.5 -/-/6/448.3 -/-/-/12/597.9 2/595.0

5/688.0 27/704.3 22/942.7 2/795.0 22/605.9 -/2/772.5 19/713.7 33/688.8 4/560.0 9/707.9 -/11/866.4 -/24/725.2 -/56/652.2 114/666.3 -/-/54/666.9 -/18/664.7 28/867.0 -/25/693.4 -/-/-/-/14/665.7 23/672.4 -/-/-/-/1/785.0 11/728.2 -/-/-/-/10/886.0 -/19/658.2 3/915.0 -/17/579.7 75/688.3 3/910.0 9/801.1 16/746.9 -/-/6/341.7 3/786.0 -/7/605.7 -/-/13/900.4 -/37/741.1 2/830.0

34/759.0 40/828.4 12/1041.7 13/911.2 1/310.0 -/13/639.2 6/763.3 50/986.9 23/908.9 27/914.0 -/9/671.7 -/22/907.7 -/81/908.5 207/839.7 -/-/76/808.8 -/9/782.8 48/1009.5 1/220.0 52/789.9 -/-/-/-/118/1117.7 15/995.7 -/-/-/6/785.0 24/973.3 11/821.4 8/688.8 -/-/-/17/977.1 -/48/985.3 6/1050.0 -/19/636.6 104/804.1 13/900.8 -/28/915.5 -/-/-/24/949.6 -/10/951.0 5/781.0 -/22/958.2 -/37/667.1 2/935.0

12/571.3 19/477.1 2/755.0 -/26/486.0 -/4/535.0 -/22/479.8 4/475.0 10/422.6 -/3/521.7 -/4/532.5 -/33/461.4 46/332.8 -/-/39/396.2 -/3/395.0 20/623.8 5/479.0 5/454.0 -/2/392.5 -/-/-/13/534.6 -/-/-/-/-/36/406.1 -/-/-/-/2/395.0 -/4/300.0 5/519.0 -/39/432.6 48/362.8 14/450.7 44/328.6 -/-/-/21/421.3 18/525.2 -/-/7/415.7 -/-/-/9/378.9 7/385.7

3/480.0 9/663.3 11/1003.6 -/38/597.4 -/7/642.9 6/652.5 43/619.4 -/2/399.0 -/17/688.5 -/13/750.4 -/32/478.1 85/504.5 -/-/23/623.9 -/15/708.3 23/695.9 2/582.5 11/560.0 -/-/-/-/6/446.7 28/560.9 -/-/-/-/1/655.0 20/439.0 4/589.0 -/-/-/5/898.0 -/22/525.5 11/675.9 -/11/448.2 82/515.2 16/563.1 7/445.0 13/712.3 -/-/3/408.0 3/636.7 -/-/1/480.0 -/13/740.4 -/8/678.8 5/772.0

13/692.8 25/688.0 10/1305.0 4/865.0 -/-/15/494.7 15/688.0 45/909.2 9/563.3 8/802.8 -/14/596.4 -/17/864.7 -/60/639.3 220/692.5 -/-/47/703.6 -/40/808.3 56/800.4 6/728.3 49/700.3 -/-/-/-/67/987.5 56/715.5 -/-/-/3/876.7 3/638.3 15/806.7 6/763.0 -/-/-/44/888.4 -/20/744.3 18/911.7 -/10/505.5 188/675.9 8/642.5 -/24/719.0 -/-/-/32/759.7 -/8/540.6 1/440.0 -/20/825.3 -/15/760.7 3/1016.7

-/6/216.7 -/4/320.0 40/319.6 -/-/-/33/241.2 4/235.0 1/72.0 -/2/450.0 -/-/-/5/166.0 3/206.7 -/-/1/140.0 -/-/-/-/7/370.7 -/-/-/-/-/40/282.4 -/-/-/-/-/10/257.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/5/131.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/3/156.7 -/-/-/-/2/465.0

43/820.6 2/1000.0 -/-/-/8/930.0 -/41/916.6 2/997.5 -/-/-/36/907.8 82/996.9

58/923.3 4/956.3 -/-/-/20/1000.3 -/16/983.4 -/-/-/-/43/1058.3 141/1092.0

17/591.5 -/-/-/-/11/693.2 -/1/650.0 2/700.0 -/-/-/99/568.6 11/783.2

37/811.2 3/913.3 -/-/-/17/881.8 1/770.0 10/922.0 4/846.3 -/-/-/43/792.3 68/844.9

38/922.5 5/836.0 -/-/-/30/1011.5 2/885.0 17/815.0 1/825.0 -/-/-/61/901.6 45/1027.8

7/630.0 -/-/-/-/2/780.0 -/5/578.0 1/715.0 -/-/-/21/637.9 9/761.1

48/770.4 1/930.0 -/-/-/5/732.0 -/14/782.9 9/773.3 -/-/-/19/785.0 18/901.7

35/728.1 -/-/-/-/7/789.3 1/1090.0 3/831.7 1/1005.0 -/-/-/29/811.2 51/859.1

7/465.7 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/12/625.8 8/490.6

24/742.7 -/-/-/-/-/-/4/810.0 11/676.8 -/-/-/6/691.7 5/774.0

21/807.9 3/610.0 -/-/-/1/1110.0 3/546.7 7/907.1 1/720.0 -/-/-/10/710.5 15/694.7

-/-/-/-/-/-/-/5/380.0 -/-/-/-/1/670.0 -/-

SCOTLAND Ayr Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newtown St Boswells Newton Stewart Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (ua) Thainstone

Tu\Th Mo

Th Fr\Mo Tu Tu

We Th\Fr

116 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 4

19/740.8 -/-/-/-/15/782.0 -/4/841.3 7/687.1 -/-/-/90/643.3 39/880.8

23/11/2016 15:31

+ month ifers

Figures show livestock numbers first, then average price per head.

Source: AHDB/LAA/IAAS STORES (HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN) 6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

692.8 /688.0 /1305.0 865.0

-/6/216.7 -/4/320.0 40/319.6 -/-/-/33/241.2 4/235.0 1/72.0 -/2/450.0 -/-/-/5/166.0 3/206.7 -/-/1/140.0 -/-/-/-/7/370.7 -/-/-/-/-/40/282.4 -/-/-/-/-/10/257.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/5/131.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/3/156.7 -/-/-/-/2/465.0

-/7/378.6 -/2/340.0 47/389.1 -/5/552.0 7/500.7 32/476.7 1/250.0 2/812.0 -/1/595.0 -/-/-/22/343.6 75/547.0 -/-/40/523.4 -/1/190.0 -/-/13/290.8 -/-/-/-/25/336.8 8/463.1 -/-/-/-/-/11/345.9 4/390.0 -/-/-/1/840.0 -/8/417.5 -/-/-/29/294.8 2/290.0 -/1/360.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/4/242.5 -/7/529.3 -/-/11/570.9

3/526.7 16/566.6 -/-/7/465.7 -/12/525.0 1/530.0 16/674.1 -/12/765.9 -/-/-/2/607.5 -/104/465.1 127/586.4 -/-/97/579.4 -/-/-/-/21/573.9 -/-/-/-/51/603.5 12/691.3 -/-/-/-/-/12/686.3 3/483.3 -/-/-/14/691.1 -/24/631.0 5/933.0 -/-/118/677.7 1/450.0 -/1/370.0 -/-/-/5/200.0 -/8/840.0 3/373.3 -/16/765.0 -/-/-/-

494.7 688.0 /909.2 563.3 802.8



/639.3 0/692.5


/808.3 /800.4 728.3 /700.3

/987.5 /715.5

876.7 638.3 /806.7 763.0


/744.3 /911.7

/505.5 8/675.9 642.5



540.6 40.0


/760.7 1016.7

807.9 610.0

110.0 546.7 907.1 20.0

/710.5 /694.7

26/447.5 -/-/-/-/-/-/16/442.5 -/-/-/-/-/-/-

47/576.8 -/-/-/-/-/-/9/640.0 1/440.0 -/-/-/18/626.7 -/-

p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 5


CALVES (7-42 DAYS) Black and Continental Continental Native white bulls bulls heifers bulls

Native heifers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/22/27.9 -/103/50.2 18/44.3 -/2/100.0 9/52.8 44/21.8 -/7/59.9 -/-/-/-/-/24/11.7 30/43.2 40/30.3 -/-/-/2/47.5 -/2/62.5 22/47.5 -/29/30.5 -/-/22/26.6 20/42.8 8/38.8 -/-/-/-/57/35.9 -/-/-/-/-/6/34.2 19/77.8 -/1/20.0 -/108/37.8 -/20/42.9 30/40.8 17/40.5 -/-/5/49.6 -/-/19/32.1 -/-/-/-/3/54.0

No. / Av. -/7/280.7 -/19/222.8 1/380.0 -/-/-/18/157.2 -/1/302.0 -/-/-/-/-/15/233.3 4/273.5 9/294.8 -/-/-/2/240.0 -/4/200.0 23/177.7 -/-/-/-/4/235.0 33/238.2 3/298.3 -/-/-/-/13/219.8 -/-/-/-/-/9/265.6 2/190.0 -/-/-/34/202.6 -/4/316.0 3/336.7 2/290.0 -/-/-/-/-/6/280.0 -/-/-/-/-/-

No. / Av. -/2/150.0 -/17/238.0 2/312.5 -/-/-/10/179.1 -/8/159.4 -/-/-/-/-/7/148.0 13/187.7 -/-/-/-/1/200.0 -/-/11/192.3 -/-/-/-/2/150.0 18/189.5 2/220.0 -/-/-/-/23/222.3 -/-/-/-/-/8/237.8 4/153.8 -/-/-/15/189.1 2/270.0 4/235.0 2/226.0 2/130.0 -/-/1/235.0 -/-/7/177.3 -/-/-/-/-/-

No. / Av. -/11/232.3 -/96/245.9 4/212.5 -/8/185.0 3/171.7 28/183.8 -/20/245.1 -/-/-/-/-/28/212.5 53/187.0 10/255.9 6/165.7 -/-/12/170.0 -/6/165.8 60/223.9 -/-/-/-/5/191.0 40/251.7 7/301.4 -/-/-/-/65/225.0 -/-/-/-/-/7/199.9 30/173.8 -/-/-/112/208.9 -/60/235.8 22/267.8 6/280.0 -/-/2/179.0 -/2/255.0 12/231.7 -/-/-/-/6/143.3

-/5/184.0 -/87/195.0 -/-/4/130.0 1/220.0 16/169.2 -/20/148.8 -/-/-/-/-/28/115.7 51/148.2 22/218.2 6/130.0 -/-/15/165.0 -/-/38/178.7 -/-/-/-/7/157.9 32/216.8 4/245.0 -/-/-/-/71/162.2 -/-/-/-/-/4/158.5 12/269.8 -/1/295.0 -/95/157.2 -/33/183.4 18/220.7 6/184.2 -/-/3/54.0 -/2/200.0 16/162.5 -/-/-/-/3/155.0

Source: AHDB/LAA/IAAS -/-/-/-/-/-/-/5/380.0 -/-/-/-/1/670.0 -/-



2/280.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

5/334.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

3/236.7 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-


Market day(s) w/e November 21

Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

6-12 month steers

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers

18+ month heifers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/Mo -/Th 6/666.7 Fr 25/691.6 Tu\We\Mo 9/717.2 Tu 2/417.5 Th\Fr 15/996.0 We\Mo 28/721.4 Tu 17/688.3 Th 16/720.6 -/Sa 3/643.3

-/-/18/839.4 31/847.4 40/738.3 -/58/1020.7 20/888.0 47/800.0 23/906.7 -/20/777.3

-/-/14/818.9 18/1022.5 21/853.1 3/848.3 37/1058.2 65/1000.6 8/882.0 17/939.7 -/8/931.3

-/-/4/370.0 31/628.9 7/643.6 -/7/895.0 19/554.5 15/493.5 16/631.9 -/1/600.0

-/-/16/642.5 45/816.6 29/670.9 -/35/906.0 23/700.9 24/723.4 13/789.2 -/7/560.0

-/-/26/609.4 33/871.2 19/781.1 2/1010.0 64/1041.1 48/842.8 7/772.9 33/867.7 -/12/738.3

STORES (NATIVE-SIRED) 6-12 month steers

Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/4/512.5 1/430.0 13/570.8 3/688.3 3/325.0 1/1070.0 9/588.9 6/430.0 -/-/14/595.4

-/5/540.0 10/721.0 26/761.0 9/675.0 3/455.0 4/871.3 31/725.8 23/710.0 4/935.0 -/13/647.7

-/1/825.0 36/777.2 16/1001.4 15/992.0 11/772.3 -/34/916.6 -/16/763.8 -/31/819.4

-/3/305.0 3/295.0 1/400.0 1/410.0 -/-/15/462.3 -/3/573.3 -/5/487.0

-/3/435.0 9/567.2 14/665.3 6/608.3 2/365.0 1/940.0 29/620.2 37/640.3 2/577.5 -/4/616.3

-/-/23/619.6 21/633.7 6/783.3 -/-/23/793.5 -/13/577.7 -/27/680.6


Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

18+ month heifers


6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers

Black and Continental Continental Native white bulls bulls heifers bulls

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av. No. / Av.

-/-/1/200.0 -/-/1/360.0 -/-/-/-/-/2/405.0

-/2/245.0 12/442.9 -/8/486.9 3/360.0 -/1/300.0 -/-/-/2/430.0

-/5/838.0 23/595.4 -/14/625.7 1/280.0 -/10/678.0 2/440.0 -/-/5/547.0

-/-/168/43.7 -/-/7/30.0 -/40/48.7 -/-/-/16/27.6

-/-/69/206.9 -/-/1/155.0 -/2/276.5 -/-/-/-/-

-/9/105.7 45/172.5 -/-/-/-/3/274.3 -/-/-/-/-

-/-/102/175.1 -/-/13/156.8 -/8/225.3 -/-/-/5/204.4

LIVESTOCK AVERAGES Primestock throughput, price and price change (p/kg) for week ending November 22.

Native heifers

-/5/113.0 70/119.8 -/-/12/105.1 -/8/261.6 -/1/150.0 -/6/136.2






Young bulls Steers Heifers All cattle NS/OS lambs (SQQ) Porkers Cutters Baconers Other pigs Dairy cull Beef cull

1,123 982 1,705 3,810 59,786 287 277 407 64 1,635 1,300

179.02 181.33 196.95 187.64 167.76 108.85 122.03 125.53 77.83 78.40 101.96

0.65 -3.52 2.09 0.74 4.15 -11.84 -0.66 0.53 -14.52 0.04 -1.69

FALL AFTER UPWARD TREND LAMB markets saw a significant increase this week. Prices rose by 4.78p/kg to 167.97p/kg. Cull ewes fell by 0.24p/kg to £51.85/head. In the cattle markets, prices for heifers and young bulls rose but steers fell. Heifers saw the biggest rise of 1.21p/kg to 196.96p/kg, while young





bulls rose 0.32p/kg to 178.41p/kg.

Young bulls Steers Heifers All cattle NS/OS lambs (SQQ) Pigs Dairy cull Beef cull

1,153 1,132 1,952 4,237 70,204 1,035 1,864 1,904

178.41 183.54 196.96 188.33 167.97 117.02 77.93 102.20

0.32 -2.74 1.21 0.44 4.78 -4.08 0.02 0.53

Steers fell by 2.74p/kg to 183.54p/kg.


Pig prices decreased by 4.08p/kg to 117.02p/kg. As Farmers Guardian went to press on Wednesday (November 23), UK LIFFE wheat prices for November 16 were trading at £138.75/tonne.

NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 117

23/11/2016 15:32


DEADWEIGHT CATTLE Deadweight prices for the week ending November 19.

STORE LAMBS w/e November 22

Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Bentham Blackmoor Gate Bridgnorth Brockholes Broughton In Furness Carlisle Chelford Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Cutcombe Wheedon Cross Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hawes Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Lazonby Leek



Tu Th\Mo

Mo Fr

We\Fr Mo Tu Tu Fr

Mo Fr We\Fr Th We Th Mo We\Th Fr Tu We Mo Th




292 2841 2539 402 -

42.7 52.3 55.8 47.8 -

419 174 602 133 417 -

55.3 53.3 50.1 32.1 45.4 -

2104 1321 91 34 822 659 19 5523 3538 18 137 35 2160 614 -

55.6 59.4 47.3 54.4 54.7 56.9 43.6 57.5 56.6 54.3 53.4 57.0 47.6 44.2 -



Brecon Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Knighton Llandeilo Llanybydder Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin St Asaph Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

PIGS Prices in p/kg. Ashford Chelford Selby York

Fr Th\Fr

We Th Sa Mo



476 3432 69 166 1258

51.9 45.1 53.0 44.8 53.3

194 729 72 63 710 107 2804 75 263 4177 172 44 581 283 64 1075 836 -

53.7 56.6 47.1 49.1 59.0 43.6 54.2 42.9 47.1 51.4 52.0 39.9 51.9 49.9 47.9 50.2 59.1 -

Tu\Th Th

We Tu

Sa We We Fr

Mo Tu Tu\Sa Sa Tu We Tu Tu Fr Sa We Tu





Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Malton Market Drayton Market Harborough Melton Mowbray MiddletonIn-Teesdale Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Ross-On-Wye Rugby Ruswarp Salisbury Sedgemoor Selby Shrewsbury Skipton South Molton Stratford Tavistock Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Winslow Worcester York




1769 533 246 1694 610 1055 -

27.6 61.3 43.8 39.4 43.9 47.3 -

STORE LAMBS Ayr Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newtown St Boswells Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (ua) Thainstone




1295 160 124 640 677 -

36.1 56.7 51.3 45.9 51.9 -



656 2483

40.6 53.2

Th Fr Tu

Mo Fr


Source: AHDB/LAA Market day w/e: Nov 22

Pigs total

Porkers average

Tu Th\Mo We Mo

99 119 437 218

81.51 104.89 124.57 133.83

118 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 6


-U R O+ -O Average Number

Northern 3 4L

Central 3

361.1 359.2 352.0 309.1 353.4 4702

359.7 353.3 340.1 306.3 340.5 3667

364.4 369.8 358.5 315.5

4L 358.3 355.7 335.1 303.0

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

360.0 357.4 343.4 312.1 336.0 2621

377.1 373.8 366.2 327.0 371.3 3898

358.8 353.1 343.2 308.6

377.3 376.7 365.6 330.6


-U R O+ -O Average Number

Northern 3 4L

Central 3

365.1 355.4 350.6 299.6 355.6 2727

362.2 355.3 340.5 302.0 343.1 2206

364.4 363.0 359.7 322.8


Central 3

-U R O+ -O Average Number

349.2 340.5 320.5 298.4 317.3 699

344.1 333.2 309.7 278.9 311.1 429

347.0 332.0 303.8 285.7

4L 364.3 356.6 346.5 296.8

4L 346.2 335.7 325.4 301.2

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

364.2 354.3 342.6 315.6 337.9 1460

380.4 373.4 363.3 323.9 370.9 2607

369.1 353.8 347.4 319.8

379.6 374.5 363.4 329.6

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

350.3 341.0 313.5 292.7 292.1 401

363.8 358.0 336.7 309.1 338.7 304

343.0 335.6 319.6 298.0

363.3 366.8 359.0 335.0

DEADWEIGHT SHEEP Deadweight prices for the week ending November 19. SQQ E U R O P

2 401.0 393.1 382.6 360.6 264.9

Medium E U R O P

2 401.2 393.9 385.5 374.0 272.5

(521) (1258) (4162) (1367) (12)

3L 399.6 393.3 382.5 367.0 275.5

(505) (1161) (3134) (500) (2)

3L 399.6 393.3 383.2 374.6 279.0

(1983) (6532) (19369) (4037) (4)

Source: AHDB

3H 384.0 381.6 376.7 365.4

(748) (3689) (9515) (1556)

4L 359.3 357.7 361.3 365.6

(743) (3632) (8687) (1084)

4L 359.3 357.8 361.8 367.5

4H 332.0 340.5 342.6 344.6

(151) (947) (2375) (257)

(10) (84) (285) (53)

Average: 379.8 (59,142)



Source: AHDB

Cutters average

Baconers average

Cull sows total

Cull sows average

52.55 107.87 127.39 134.09

101.47 93.63 127.73 133.28

14 9 32 12

44.50 32.67 50.17 62.17

(1963) (6332) (17163) (2350) (1)

3H 383.8 381.5 378.1 372.4

(151) (938) (2254) (220)

4H 332.0 340.5 342.9 345.7

(10) (84) (277) (52)

Average: 381.98 (51,359) Deadweight sheep prices are collected from a sample of GB abattoirs. The sample accounts for about a third of deadweight sales; prices quoted p/kg are averages for all qualities 12-21.5kg.

DEADWEIGHT PIGS Deadweight prices for the week ending November 12.

Source: AHDB

STANDARD PIG PRICE (SPP) Great Britain (88,777 pigs, av. weight 83.35) Nov 6-12 compared to Oct 30 - Nov 5

ALL PIG PRICE (APP) Great Britain (84,855 pigs, av. weight 82.60) Oct 30 - Nov 5 compared to Oct 23-29

EU spec up to 59.9kg 60.0 - 69.9kg 70.0 - 79.9kg 80.0 - 89.9kg 90.0 - 99.9kg over 100kg

Price Change 139.76 2.57 151.14 1.49 151.04 1.04 150.59 1.02 149.19 0.68 123.05 -0.10

EU spec up to 59.9kg 60.0 - 69.9kg 70.0 - 79.9kg 80.0 - 89.9kg 90.0 - 99.9kg over 100kg

149.86 147.16

APP (EU Spec) APP (UK Spec)

SPP (EU Spec) SPP (UK Spec)

Number 413 4,155 24,686 41,195 16,502 1,826

0.98 0.97

Number 1,007 5,454 24,527 37,000 15,126 1,741

Price Change 144.34 -2.19 153.48 1.51 152.57 1.61 151.34 1.59 149.46 1.71 127.96 6.05 150.94 148.22

1.65 1.60

23/11/2016 15:32




220 2015




190 180 170

350 340 330






































200 P per kg dw 2016





524 2016









P per kg dw

190 170

428 396 364






APP/SPP reported from Apr 1, 2014



p/kg dw (EU spec)

120 105 90 75

Dairy-sired (2016)

Dairy-sired (2015)

Beef-sired (2016)

Beef-sired (2015)

60 Jan


p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 7





























P per kg liveweight


P per kg
















310 Mar

140 Feb







340 330












P per kg liveweight



P per kg dw

P per kg liveweight
















SPP (2015) APP (2015)

SPP (2016) APP (2016)

110 Jan












NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 119

23/11/2016 15:33

MARKET PRICES UK DELIVERED PRICES – SUMMARY Thursday, November 17, 2016 (£ per tonne) Delivery East Anglia / London (BW)


North-West grains/ Liverpool OSR

Avonmouth feed /South bread


Central Scotland

Nov-16 Dec-16 Feb-17 May-17 Nov-16 Dec-16 Feb-17 May-17 Nov-16 Dec-16 Feb-17 May-17 Nov-16 Dec-16 Feb-17 May-17 Nov-16 Dec-16 Feb-17 May-17 Nov-16 Dec-16

Source: AHDB Bread Wheat Price Change 146.00 -1.00 147.00 -1.00 149.50 -1.00 152.50 n/c 154.50 -0.50 155.50 -0.50 146.50 n/c 148.00 +0.50 150.00 unch 153.50 n/c -

Feed Wheat Price Change 138.00 +1.00 138.50 +0.50 140.50 +0.50 142.50 unch 138.50 +1.00 140.00 +1.50 140.50 unch 143.00 unch 146.00 +1.50 146.50 +1.00 -

Feed Barley Price Change -

Oilseed Rape Price 347.00 349.00 351.50 349.00 351.00 353.50 344.50 346.50 349.00 -

Change n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -


Prices in euros. Averages for week ending November 13. N. Ireland: Steers R3 euro/kg/dw 3.96 (2.51) Ireland: Steers R3 euro/kg/dw 3.54 (0.00) France: (ex Rungis) lamb: R 16-22kg euro/kg/ dw; imported 5.30 domestic 7.00 Source: AHDB

SLAUGHTERINGS Estimates for Great Britain (per thousand head), week ending November 19. Pigs* Sheep Steers Heifers Young bulls

%change (2015) -3.71 +7.79 +0.01 +2.23 +6.10

2016 182.86 292.24 17.78 12.88 3.31

*week ending November 12. Source: AHDB

WEANER PRICES Week ending November 19.

UK DELIVERED RAPESEED PRICES Thursday, November 17, 2016 (£ per tonne)

Source: AHDB

Oilseed Rape East Anglia / London Scottish Ports Erith Liverpool Hull / Selby

Nov-16 347.00 349.00 349.00 344.50

Feb-17 349.00 351.00 351.00 346.50

May-17 351.50 353.50 353.50 349.00

Hvst-17 318.50 320.50 320.50 316.00

Figures drawn from eight GB pig producer marketing groups. Prices quoted in £/head. Nov 12 Nov 19 53.99 53.7 36.77 37.74

30kg Weighted Average 7kg Weighted Average

Source: AHDB

RETAIL AVERAGES Week beginning November 21 (prices in p/kg).


This week Last week

Friday, November 18, 2016 (£ per tonne)

Source: AHDB


Price £/tonne

Change on last £/tonne

Nov-16 Jan-17 Mar-17 May-17 Jul-17 Nov-17 Jan-18

139.90 140.00 140.25 140.50 141.55 135.95 137.15

+2.40 +3.00 +1.80 +1.50 +1.25 unch +0.15


price €/tonne

Change on last €/tonne


Dec-16 Mar-17 May-17 Sep-17 Dec-17 Mar-18 May-18

167.50 170.75 173.50 174.00 175.75 177.50 179.25

+6.00 +3.50 +2.50 +1.25 +0.75 +0.75 +1.25

+5.17 +3.02 +2.16 +1.08 +0.65 +0.65 +1.08

CORN RETURNS EX-FARM PRICES Thursday, November 17, 2016 (£ per tonne) South East South West Midlands Eastern North East North West England & Wales South Scotland Central Scotland North Scotland Scotland Great Britain Northern Ireland United Kingdom Change on last week (£/t)

Source: AHDB

WHEAT Milling Bread


Feed & Other

BARLEY Malting Premium


Feed & Other

138.10 138.60 138.60 138.60 138.60 +0.90

133.80 134.10 133.30 133.40 133.40 133.40 -2.40

127.20 130.90 132.60 131.00 138.90 137.50 133.90 132.60 132.20 133.80 133.80 -0.80

134.30 133.20 139.70 137.10 137.10 137.10 -1.30

134.20 134.20 134.20 -4.20

109.80 115.30 117.90 115.90 114.30 114.30 114.30 -1.40

OATS Milling


123.00 123.00 123.00 -2.20


HAY AND STRAW n CHELFORD: Mon – 24 loads – hay, small bales to £134/tonne, best quality, big bales to £76/t; straw barley, big bales to £70/t; silage, wrapped to £32/t; haylage, good quality, round bales to £78/t. n CARLISLE: Mon – hay, round bales to £18/bale; straw barley, mini hestons to £82/t, round bales to £16/bale; straw wheat, mini hestons to £68/t.

120 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 8

BEEF Topside Sirloin Rump Steak Fillet Steak Diced Stewing Steak Braising Steak Premium Mince Standard Mince

1093 2156 1480 3530 907 992 718 549

1093 2156 1478 3530 907 962 718 549

LAMB Whole Leg Fillet End Leg Shoulder (Bone-in) Shoulder (Boneless) Lamb Steaks Loin Chops Double Loin Chops Cutlet Chops Diced Lamb Minced Lamb

1055 1080 743 1057 1564 1462 1499 1320 1205 913

1062 1088 734 1057 1564 1462 1499 1334 1195 913

646 718 536 888 736 673 623 548 525

646 718 558 934 736 673 623 548 525

PORK Leg (Boneless) Fillet End Leg Shoulder (Boneless) Fillet of Pork Loin Steaks Loin Chops Diced Pork Minced Pork Sausages Pork (traditional)

Source: AHDB

FIELD PEAS/BEANS Wednesday, November 23.

Nov Dec Jan

Micronizing peas

Feed peas

Feed beans

£189.92 £190.92 £191.92

£132.17 £133.17 £134.17

£142.67 £143.67 £144.67

All prices £/tonne ex-farm. * New crop

23/11/2016 15:33



Last updated November 23.

1. FEED WHEAT Avonrange Central Scotland East Anglia East Devon Lancashire London North Humberside Northamptonshire Oxfordshire South Humberside Southampton Tyne & Wear West Midlands East Midlands

NOV 138.5 138 146 140.5 -

DEC 140.00 138.50 146.50 -

FEB 140.50 140.50 -

MAY 143.00 142.50 -

NOV 137.50 135.00 -

2. FULL SPEC. BREAD WHEAT North-West Northamptonshire South London / Essex Yorkshire

NOV 154.5 146 146.5 -

DEC 155.50 147.00 148.00 -

FEB 149.50 150.00 -

MAY 152.50 153.50 -


3. FULL SPEC. BISCUIT WHEAT North-West Northamptonshire South London / Essex Yorkshire Scotland






Commodity Hi Pro Soya Soya Hulls Citrus Maize distillers Maize gluten Non-GM Cert ID Hi Pro Sugar beet pellets Whole maize Palm kernel expellers Rapeseed meal EU wheat distillers Organic Organic maize Organic wheat Organic peas Organic soya expellers

Maincrop GB spot price. Week ending November 18

Main 220 205 200-260 215 350-400

High 270 250 310 220 -

Trend Y Y Y Z Y

Scotland Maris Piper Maris Peer King Edward Whites

Low 180

Main 180-190 330 200-240 200-220

High 200 240

Trend Y Z Y Y

Low 170 220 180 140

Main 215 245 220 165

High 270 285 255 190

Trend Y Y Z Y

Nov 4 £170.75 £196.46

Nov 11 £185.19 £211.56

Nov 18 £188.24 £217.40

Trend Y Y



HAY AND STRAW: REGIONS Trade Comment: Prices steadily rising. Week ending November 27.

Quality North East E Yorks N Mids E Mids C Mids E Counties S East South S West S Wales SE Scotland

Big bale hay Good 55 58 50 52 40 50 48 50 53 55 55

Good 100 90 100 105 120 90 100 -

p114 121 Nov25 GG.indd 9

Good 80 80 80 85 90 75 -

Wheat straw

Big sq. baled straw Barley Wheat straw straw

Good Good Good Good 60 60 45 42 42 40 65 43 40 45 40 75 60 38 35 40 36 60 55 40 35 46 40 55 50 65 55 45 40 46 41 Source: British Hay and Straw Merchants’ Association

P.O.A 158.00 176.00 130 184.00 205.00

P.O.A 161.00 179.00 128.00 188.00 203.00

P.O.A 165.00 185.00 123.00 193 189 203.00

265.00 276.00 375.00 585.00

265.00 276.00 375.00 585.00


= Aug-Oct

Source: AHDB

Companies Muller Direct Milk - M&S (Profile) 2 Muller Milk Group - M&S Muller Direct Milk - Sainsbury (Profile) 2 Muller Milk Group - Sainsbury Muller Milk Group - Tesco Muller Milk Group - Co-operative Muller Direct Milk - Liquid (Profile) UK Arla Farmers Liquid 3 Parkham Farms Wyke Farms Barber A.J & R.G Lactalis - Caledonian Cheese (Profile) South Caernarfon Creameries Glanbia - Llangefni UK Arla Farmers Manufacturing 3 First Milk - Haverfordwest (A&B Comp) 1 First Milk - Scottish Mainland (A&B Bal) 1 First Milk - Midlands & East Wales (A&B Bal) 1

PACKING Low 200 180 180 200 -

May-Oct17 332.00 137.00 187.00 163.00

November 2016

Source: AHDB

England Estima Maris Piper Whites Desiree Charlotte

Source: Straights Direct Feb-Apr17 331.00 139.00 193.00 173.00



Pickup baled hay and straw Seed Meadow Barley hay hay straw


Dec-Jan17 328.00 139.00 193.00 171.00

Key: All prices in pounds Sterling. Currency, £/$1.2447, £/€1.1711. Guide prices indicated include delivery charge of £6/tonne. = After safe arrival; n = Imported; = Jan only; = May-July;

NOTES: 1. Feed Wheat. Any variety meeting <15% H2O, 72kg/hl, 2% Admix 2. Full Specification Bread Wheat, nabim group 1 variety, meeting >250 Hag, 13% Protein, 76kg/hl. 3. Full Specification Biscuit Wheat, nabim group 3 variety, meeting >180 Hagberg, >10.7% Protein, >74kg/hl. Source: AHDB

GB weekly average price, 2016 Crop GB weekly free-buy price, 2016 Crop



Thursday, November 17, 2016.

General Ware/Frying Maris Piper (frying) Agria (frying) Sagitta (frying) Wilja (ware)



Monthly price 30.82 30.15 29.03 29.30 28.65 25.56 20.67 19.10 28.91 23.40 22.06 21.33 19.94 19.95 19.42 19.76 17.91 17.16

Annual average 31.07 30.03 29.28 29.21 28.57 25.47 20.92 18.73 28.18 22.19 21.82 21.05 19.72 19.71 19.03 19.60 17.88 17.14

Milk prices listed above will vary according to the amount of milk required by each retailer; additional milk will be paid for at standard liquid milk contract price; the milk price above assumes that all litres produced are sold into the dedicated milk pools. 2 Included is a 0.50ppl bonus which farmers get when they signed up with the Promar costings survey. 3 These contracts will receive a 13th payment, the forecast for this is currently 0.78ppl from March 30, 2015. 4 Price shown is a combination of both A&B prices. Prices are inclusive of retailer price supplements where applicable. 1

DAIRY CATTLE PRICES GREAT BRITAIN Ayr Beeston Castle Carlisle Cirencester Cockermouth Exeter Gisburn Holsworthy Lanark Leek Market Drayton Norton And Brooksbank Sedgemoor Shrewsbury Skipton Stirling (ua)

Tu We\Fr

Th We Tu\Sa We Tu\Sa Tu

Last updated November 22. Source: AHDB/LAA/IAAS



Newly-calved Newly-calved heifers cows

Newly-calved Newly-calved heifers cows

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

3/1356.7 -/1/1450.0 -/-/-/38/1403.4 21/1307.6 -/54/1265.4 18/1337.2 -/112/1425.8 8/1185.0 -/-/-

3/1433.3 -/2/1325.0 -/-/-/4/1162.5 18/1413.9 -/19/1021.6 17/1272.4 -/101/1353.2 14/1063.6 -/-/-

-/-/-/-/-/-/4/1032.5 1/500.0 -/6/1051.7 9/1024.4 -/13/903.2 1/560.0 -/-/-

2/1165.0 -/-/-/-/-/1/1100.0 2/575.0 -/2/530.0 17/1290.0 -/5/762.3 5/912.0 -/-/-

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NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 121

23/11/2016 15:33

MOVING UP SAYFC CONFERENCE The Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC) hosted its third annual in Aberdeenshire. Members were offered advice and inspiration to help them set

Ag the

‘Don’t take knock-backs p B eing honest with yourself is key to making your business thrive and achieving your aims. This was the message Alan Laidlaw, chief executive of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, gave Young Farmers. Mr Laidlaw took to the stage and encouraged members to have confidence, passion and courage to take on challenges. He also emphasised the importance of understanding goals and planning ahead. He said: “If you don’t know yourself and your business then your work will never thrive. “Take time to listen, ask questions and find out what is frustrating

Ask questions and find out what is frustrating the team and how you can help the business together ALAN LAIDLAW

Alan’s top tips for cultivating excellence

n Take in as much information as you can. Read, listen to podcasts, ask questions n Be honest with yourself n Continuously reflect n Take time to put together a plan and write it down n Do something which makes you feel nervous and tackle fears head-on. For example, try to improve your confidence by speaking in front of an audience

the team and how you can help the business together. “One of the most nerve-racking tasks is picking up the phone and asking someone you don’t know for help. But what is the worst thing that can happen – they say no. Asking for assistance helps me become better at my role which in turns helps my team do better.”

Achieve He also told delegates it is not about reinventing the wheel but asking yourself what you want to be and what you want to achieve. “A Harvard Business School report highlighted those who had

a clear goal, which was written down, earned 10 times more than those who did not. “Networks are essential. A support network which understands you will notice your blind spots

and won’t be afraid to tell you. Remember, not every knock-back is because of you. It could just be timing or because another opportunity is better suited to your goals.” Mr Laidlaw also encouraged the

QUESTIONING EXPERTS ON EXCELLENCE THREE leading industry figures took to the event’s panel to answer questions on what drives excellence during sessions with members. Pat Machray, chairman of ANM Group; Kirsten Williams, a beef and sheep consultant for SAC Consulting; and Martin Birse, farm manager at Pitgaveny Farms, Elgin, were held to task as members quizzed them on how they could incorporate excellence into their own lives and businesses. We take a look at three of the best questions they faced. What is the best way to set targets to achieve excellence? Andrew McGregor, Carluke YFC Pat: Keep the main objective in mind, but set yourself small steps which are achievable to help you reach the main goal. Farming’s 122 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p122 123 Nov25 DO GG BB.indd 2

Martin: Keep asking yourself what are the steps to get to your goal and continuously measure and assess your journey in reaching these achievements.

Andrew McGregor pace is not always a quick one. You won’t reach your goals overnight, so plan ahead. Kirsten: Be realistic about what you can achieve and when by. Measure your outcomes and benchmark them so you know where you sit in the industry.

How important is mentality in achieving excellence? Duncan Morrison, Inverurie YFC Pat: People give in too early. The only thing which stops yourself is you. You have got to believe in your goals and have the right attitude. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Kirsten: Keep your goal in mind and don’t let anyone get you down. Just keep working away to achieve your aim. Martin: Recognise the type of person you are and look at your team/network so you understand their skills. Then work out what other skills you require to reach your goals. If you have concerns or

Duncan Morrison face problems along the way, find a way round it and don’t give up. How can members change the industry so it has a more positive outlook? Ruari Box, Mearns JAC Pat: Get more involved beyond the

23/11/2016 12:52

al et

Edited by Danusia Osiowy 01772 799 413

Agri and Rural Conference last weekend their sights and achieve excellence.

s personally’

Left to right: Scottish Young Farmers Arlene Black, Lewis Gallier, Michael Ritch, Avril Black, Peter Duthie and Claire Black visited Redhouse of Barra as part of the weekend.

SHAPING THE CONFERENCE SAYFC agri and rural affairs chairman Sarah Allison helped put this year’s programme together. We catch up with her to find out more.

group to think before saying no to opportunities, despite the feelings of fear of tackling them head-on. “Make sure you are ready for the challenges which are coming. Remember, growth and making

farmgate. We are an important part of the UK economy but we don’t get enough recognition. There are plenty of areas we can influence beyond the farmgate. The public need to understand more about what goes on at our farms and how there it is much more than just rearing a cow. When we do engage, for example by going into a supermarket to talk direct to consumers, it is always welcomed and seen as a positive. Kirsten: Forget the red tape, achievements can be made without Government subsidies. Be efficient in everything you do and shout about all the positive aspects. There are so many elements to talk about. Martin: Go out, tell the good stories and highlight how successful we are. We have a

p122 123 Nov25 DO GG BB.indd 3

yourself better can come from the times when you feel uncomfortable. “When you are feeling really low, try to put it in perspective and be honest. If you made a mistake, admit it, and if you need help, ask.”

What themes did you focus on for this year’s conference and why? We focused on ‘cultivating excellence’ and wanted to show and inspire our members on how to become the best they can be, and give them the skills and attitude to realise their true potential. We did this by organising three farm visits run by innovative farmers operating on different systems in different sectors. Our speakers focused on ways to achieve excellence, such as financing diversification and precision farming opportunities.

Ruari Box

Do you come from a farming background? I come from a 1,416-hectare (3,500-acre) hill farm near Edinburgh. When I left school I worked in our family butchery, co-ordinating staff and supplies for the multiple weekly farmers’ markets we attended before going to study at the Scottish Agricultural College. I now work for agricultural consultant Laurence Gould, Dunfermline.

good industry in the food and drink sector, we need to put this positive message out across other industries to show we are an exciting sector linking a wide range of careers. We need to engage with the youth so they want to be in our industry.

Why are you interested in the agri side of the organisation? I really enjoy analysing and developing agricultural policy and its effect on Scottish farming. Being involved in the agri side of Young Farmers is so rewarding as you are helping shape the

future of the industry. Hopefully, some of our activities will help make this future a bit brighter. What have you learned since taking on your role at SAYFC? I have learned not to be afraid to stand up and question what is going on round you. Questions prompt thought and discussion and sometimes this can be important in showing how some issues affect the younger generation differently. What opportunities and challenges are facing young people in the farming industry looking ahead to next year? We can safely say we are going to have plenty of challenges. Commodity prices are slowly improving, but sterling’s weakness has supported this to some extent so any recovery there could cause some pressure. Given Government’s pledge that Pillar Two support will remain until 2020, we need to start getting farming businesses ‘match fit’ to deal with any farm support changes, and using these schemes while we have them. Was there anything highlighted over the weekend which surprised you or made you think about things differently? Alan Laidlaw, chief executive of the Royal Highland society, gave an amazing talk on creating excellence. He reminded me success doesn’t happen overnight, so it is important to keep going back to your plan and reviewing it to get to where you want to be. It was really reassuring. NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 123

23/11/2016 12:53

BEYOND THE GATE YORKSHIRE Chris Berry meets two farmers who are raising money for Cancer Research UK


Pub Lads singing to s


ay down yonder down in South Holderness may not have the same ring to it as the song about New Orleans, but two Yorkshire farmers have struck a chord with their band which not only plays to entertain, but also to raise funds for charity on the way. Charlie Hill, of Laurel Farm, Skeffling, and Andrew Wells, of Westmere Farm, Kilnsea, both East Yorkshire, are part of The Pub Lads, named because the band started life through a weekly jam session at the Coach and Horses pub in Welwick. Charlie, who farms about 465 hectares (1,150 acres) of wheat, barley and oilseed rape, says “We’re known for making a bit of a noise.” Also working as a land agent and livestock auctioneer, he is used to getting in front of an audience with his duties selling cattle, sheep and pigs at Dunswell every Monday.

Crowd “One thing I don’t get is stage fright. You learn a lot about how to handle a crowd round the pens and the sale ring,” says Charlie. “We play a bit of country, some rock and all kinds of songs, from Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to Status Quo and Thin Lizzy. “We are not playing to earn anything ourselves, our only proviso is we ask each venue for a minimum donation of £100 to Cancer Research UK and to keep our glasses filled. “My wife Helen has raised £17,000 for the charity so far through a sponsored walk in Nepal in 2013 and other events. We’ve also raised more than £3,600 as The Pub Lads. “It’s good to be able to help

You learn a lot about how to handle a crowd round the pens and the sale ring CHARLIE HILL 124 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

P124 125 Nov25 DO GG BB.indd 2

Left to right: Guy Moxon, Richard Newsome, Paul Baker, Andrew Wells and Charlie Hill.

where funds are needed, but we’ve also found our nights are really popular with everyone in the community. It’s a good feeling seeing people enjoy themselves.” Rehearsals take place in Charlie’s shed where all the band’s equipment is set up so all they have to do is plug in and play. It is clear Charlie is in his element when playing bass guitar, but he remains modest about his playing ability. “I tried learning to play bass when I was at school but gave it up as a bad job. “About eight years ago a friend popped round with his guitar and it got me back interested. “This time I stuck with it and it was the fortnightly jam session that brought about where we are today. I was probably the least musical musician there.’ “We started out with just three of us and called ourselves the WellySkeff Mountain Trio as we were all from Welwick or Skeffling. “We became The Pub Lads as a five-member band about four years

ago when a local lad, Eric Billany, who had watched us play at the Coach and Horses, said The Pub Lads should be our name since the band was born there.” The band now plays in the local village pubs and special events.

Following Charlie says: “We have a loyal following from other farms and villagers and our Facebook page has 130 members. Being seen doing something different to your main occupation sometimes helps break down any barriers because people feel more able to come and have a chat. “We’ve made loads more friends and this way they see farmers really are likeable human beings.” The other three guitarists in the band are fellow farmer Andrew Wells, caravan salesman Guy Moxon and Charlie’s cousin, solar panel installer and electrician Rich Newsome. Backing them up is retired lifeboat crewman and registered nurse Paul Baker on drums. “This year we were delighted to play for Great Newsome Brewery’s

Beer Festival and at Andrew’s own live music festival, Shed Fest 2016.” Andrew and his wife Sue moved from their farm in Flaxton, York, where they had a pig unit, 20 years ago, to Kilnsea. Having started with a dairy operation they sold their 60-cow Holstein cross Friesian herd in 2008, concentrating on Andrew’s beef enterprise and Sue’s bed and breakfast accommodation. It is the latter which makes up the greater part of their income today. “It really did feel like a big day when we sold the cows. I was sad to quit milking as I was the last dairy farmer in this area. “You kind of have this feeling of failure, having to stop doing what we came here for, but then I thought ‘don’t be so stupid’, there really was no sense or reason to keep going. “I’m now happier and more relaxed with the cattle. We have about 60 at any one time and made hay and haylage across the 100 acres, of which 95 are now managed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.” Andrew has also written many

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2017 Agricultural & Sightseeing Tours

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with their band The Pub Lads.

o save lives One of the nicest things is when people ask me to sing some of their favourites I’ve written ANDREW WELLS

15th to 30th April

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A fascinating & breathtaking tour including Machu Picchu, magnificent scenery of the Andes & intriguing agriculture + luxury Andean Explorer train + optional extension to include Ecuador & the Galapagos Island.

HOLLAND & TULIP CRUISE 25th April to 4th May

Last Few Places

This tour/cruise incorporates some excellent farm and agricultural visits with a relaxing river cruise through Holland & Belgium. Our tour also Includes Keukenhof Gardens, when tulips should be in full bloom, and the Flower Auction.


Spectacular & intriguing sightseeing to Venice, Verona and the Dolomite Mountains combined with interesting agricultural visits in the Po Valley. Our 9 night stay provides ample opportunity for both personal relaxation and exploration at our lakeside location.


1st to 7th June

A relaxed tour based in 1 hotel for 6 nights overlooking beautiful St Brelades Bay. Closer to home, but still having a “foreign feel” with the historic influence of, and proximity to France.

SWITZERLAND 6th to 14th June

8 nights/9 days in a lakeside hotel overlooking Lake Lucerne. Visits to Interlaken, Simmental Valley, Jungfrau, Stanserhorn mountains + lake cruise and much, much more.


ic poems and songs, including his coastal erosion piece Half my farm’s in Holland now. On top of this, he keeps the humour up on the band’s Facebook page, providing witty verses. “One of the nicest things is when people ask me to sing some of their favourites I’ve written,” he says. The Pub Lads take a break at harvest when Charlie and his sons Francis, 27, and David, 25, are too busy either gathering in or preparing seedbeds and new crops. Other band members have commitments elsewhere too, but for Charlie and his boys harvest really is a time when everything else has to take a back seat as they not only look after their own crops but act as agricultural contractors too. Charlie says: “It’s all systems go when it is time for harvest and establishing the next season’s crops. “Like many other farmers, we have our own problems to deal with. These include black-grass work and dealing with the ongoing aftermath of when the Humber burst its banks and flooded quite a lot of our land in 2013.

P124 125 Nov25 DO GG BB.indd 3

“It left us with 250 acres which were badly contaminated with salt and much of this land is still dead. “This year’s harvest has been poor in comparison to last year’s and our oilseed rape did exceptionally badly, but the spring barley did well.” While Charlie is hoping grain prices will improve, he is also happy to be back in his shed. “We’ve just started rehearsing after a 14-week break. It’s the longest gap we’ve had since we started, so we’re all looking forward to getting back playing again.”

Heart Raising money for Cancer Research UK is at the heart of how the band operates. “I lost my mother and both my aunts to cancer. Helen lost her dad to this dreadful disease last year and everyone loses someone to it,” says Charlie. “We’re just doing our bit to help. My wonderful wife Helen is planning another major sponsored walk to raise more funds next year when she takes on the Machu Picchu trek in the Andes mountains of Peru. She’s looking to get her own charity total to more than £20,000.’ Andrew’s love for words and lyrics has been passed on to his son Tom, an award-winning playwright with many West End and BBC credits. “I don’t think we’ll ever be in the West End,” says Charlie. “Unless we get as far across from here as Hull. “The Pub Lads are a great bunch and we’re all in it to have, and also to give, a good time.”

14th to 22nd June

Based at the geographical heart of Europe and playing such a significant part in the history of the continent, Poland is a fascinating country to visit with varied agricultural and sightseeing visits.


30th June to 9th July

2 nights in Imperial Vienna followed by 7 nights at a lakeside hotel in the small picture postcard town of St Gilgen. Visits to Eagles Nest, Salt mines and Salzburg make for a relaxing tour of this beautiful country.

W. CANADA & CALGARY STAMPEDE 28th June to 11th July

Breathtaking scenery of British Columbia, including Vancouver Island, the Canadian Rockies + the Calgary Stampede, including the opening parade, rodeo, chuckwagon races & evening show of “the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.


11th to 27th August

Sri Lanka basks in sunshine & is dry throughout August. This beautiful country, with its spectacular scenery & wildlife, also offers some intriguing agricultural & cultural visits. An ecologically diverse country, famous for fine tea and rice cultivation. Sri Lanka has so much to offer.


1 night in Bucharest then join our 7 night luxury river cruise along the lower Danube touching Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia before spending 2 nights in Budapest

All fully escorted tours from the UK. First class hotels and transport. All tours have a pleasant mix of agricultural and sightseeing visits ‘travelling with people who speak the same language’

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Every week we follow the ups and downs of farmers around the UK PHIL LATHAM

Cheshire Phil farms 385ha (950 acres) in Cheshire, split between the family farm on Lord Cholmondeley’s estate and Organsdale Farm near Tarporley. He milks 300 cows, mainly pedigree Brown Swiss, as well as diversifying into business units and an equestrian facility. He is also a Nuffield Scholar. Twitter: @PhilLatham


y trip to China was an eye-opener. I approached the trip completely ignorant of what a modern day Chinese city would look like and I have never been to a socialist country and was not sure what to expect. Super-fast bullet trains depart immaculate granite-clad stations servicing travellers with unbelievable efficiency at speeds in excess of 300km/ hour (186mph). We visited three of the 17 Chinese cities which are bigger than London and the architecture was as imaginative and ostentatious as any major city in the western world. Shanghai at night was a vision to behold as dazzling light displays highlight the progress of a nation rebuilding its trading associations with the world. The Chinese firms we met as part of the trade mission at the Food Hotel China exhibition and in the meetings coordinated by the DIT/Chinese Britain Business Council seemed hungry for trusted foreign branded food. The increasingly wealthy middle class want food which is safe and the prices in the supermarkets suggest they

‘The Chinese firms we met seemed hungry for trusted foreign branded food’ are prepared to pay a premium for it. It was important to see the supermarkets as culturally they are very different. I am not sure catching your own fish, frog, turtle or eel with a net will catch on over here. While we are hand wringing over the location of a third runway and the routing of HS2, the Chinese are developing at breathtaking speed. They are investing infrastructure in Europe, recently in roads from Belgrade to Budapest and in the process of creat-

ing a new physical and virtual silk road to facilitate import of European goods and export of their manufacturing through clearly defined trading models making the most of e-commerce. It was good to see some British dairy presence at the 85,000sq.m food show, but the opportunity deserves much more investment and it was disappointing to see no presence from Dairy UK which might have cofounded a stand to catch the eye of potential Chinese partners.

Confucius once said that a ‘man who stand on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in’. I think that describes our situation rather well. If we are to survive in a post-Brexit world it is time we looked outward and recalibrate our views on where we want to be and what our fantastic production standards offer to foreign consumers and it is time for processors to give their heads a wobble and get stuck in.

Farmers Weather by Dr Simon Keeling

Principle of naming storms is yet to be proved LAST weekend saw the first named storm of the 2016/17 autumn and winter season, with ‘Angus’. The weather was wet and windy, and certainly more unsettled than we have seen for several weeks, but questions have been raised about the veracity of naming such storms. Several of you have emailed to ask why the storms are named and what the criteria is? Well, the first set of storms were named last winter (2015/16) following many years of the naming of storms in Europe by the University of Free Berlin. I wrote last year how I was sceptical of providing names as it can confuse farmers and the public as to how 126 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p126 127 Nov25 SHIRL GG BB.indd 2

severe the weather may be. I am still of the opinion giving a name to a storm gives an air of severity which many will not deem necessary. It also has connotations of a necessity to now name deep areas of low pressure, as if somehow the weather has changed. In the USA a hurricane is named once it reaches sustained winds of 64 knots or more. Its origins must also be tropical. As for the named storms in the UK, the operations between the UK Met Office and the Irish National Weather Service has a far more flexible criteria. A storm is named based on a ‘combination of both the impact the weather may have and the likelihood of

those impacts occurring. A storm will be named when it has the potential to cause an amber be ‘prepared’ or ‘red ’ ‘take action’ warning’. Our opinions is that, given the experience of last year, the principle of naming of storms is yet to be proved. However, it does raise awareness among farmers and other users of weather forecasts as to the potential for severe weather. We will use them this year in our twice-weekly forecast videos at However, the criteria are still rather wooly and need tightening. We will see how this winter’s warnings fair, but it is likely naming storms is going to become a fixture of weather forecasts.

Farmers WeatherLIVE lets you talk directly to one of Simon’s forecasting team. You can get a forecast specific for your farm from hours, to days, ahead. Call Farmers WeatherLIVE

0906 599 9308 Calls charged at £1.55 per minute, plus telephone company access charge. Calls from mobiles and some networks may be considerably higher. Average call length two-three minutes. Service available 8am–6pm, seven days a week. Service provided by WCS Ltd. For complaints or queries about the premium rate 090 service, please call 01902 895 252.

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NEXT WEEK Cumbria Will Case Kent Marie Prebble

‘A few wet days have left the ground like a sponge’ Powys James farms 180ha (450 acres) of uplands in Llanbadarn Fynydd, Powys. Married to Rachel with three sons, James runs 1,000 ewes, mostly Aberfield crosses, plus a 50-head suckler herd. An HCC scholar in 2014, he is involved with NFU Cymru’s Next Generation initiative and passionate about rural affairs.


inter is now upon us, although it is still quite mild and we have only had a few mornings of frost, so we cannot really complain. It feels as though this winter is about to pass us by, but soil temperatures are cooling slowly. They are still just under 10degC and therefore

any cold spells will soon thaw away, however a few wet days have left the ground like a sponge. We managed to get cattle into buildings two weeks ago, just before a downpour, and the cattle and land both thanked me for it, although a deluge of sleet and rain on Monday left many roads further downstream impassable. The remaining lambs which are left are all on a little hard feed and grades have improved as a result. Recently, I had the great pleasure to be on the interviewing panel of the Wales YFC international exchange programme. I found myself completely amazed at how all the youngsters handled themselves. They impressed me with their knowledge, experience and impeccable manners. The work ethic of these youngsters was awe-inspiring, with many in their teens already in business and looking to travel to gain experience. Others were studying degrees and were willing to further their

careers in anything from journalism, behavioural therapy, art and agriculture. Each one was a credit to their parents. In a world which often criticises youth, I have found everyone I met to be gaining maturity and responsibility at a young age. I wish them every success. More generally, the world feels like a cartoon right now, with one of the world’s most powerful positions held by Donald Trump. It just does not sound right.


The world is in unrest, people want change and America will not be the last one either, with France and Germany going to the polls in the next year too. There is an air of danger ahead, with new leaders in the dark about which is the safest side of the divide. And just when you think something is sorted and your best field is all cleaned up, the little mole, Farage, pops his head up and gets the soil all stirred up again.

The first correct entry received by next Friday will receive £20-worth of M&S vouchers. Send to: Crossword No. 853, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9NZ.


8 Cereal to cunningly move to new site (8) 9 A place where things happen; broad city road (6) 10 Sailor sadly now and then one who does another’s dirty work (6) 11 Dubious activities of departing offspring (6-2) 12 Unhappily list fine sediment (4) 13 Comedy film about enclosed poultry yard maybe (7-3) 15 Grow old; opposition will get a penalty for it (5-2) 16 Foolish; using native forms of language when mother’s absent (7) 19 Glass plant enclosure’s home given an environmental thumbs up maybe (10) 21 Relieve of boundless tricky question (4) 22 For example, cunningly opt, sir, for experiences inflating one’s self image (3,5) 24 Boy in America consumes drop of local champagne (6) 25 Attempt to provoke foremost of ladies; a prickly thing (6) 26 Sexual purity: skittishly act shy about it (8)


1 Unsound ovine tax - source of grief (8) 2 You don’t have to be this genius to solve 7d for example (6,9) 3 Late blotch spoiled piece of household linen (10) 4 Confused gen and input mostly for southern bird (7) 5 Dress some of England’s aristocracy (4) 6 Enclosing fields performing ones best protecting self from loss (7,4,4) 7 Kudos, you ultimately worked out teaser (6) 14 Lad with rising desire and bit of money for vegetable (6,4) 17 A utensil adjusted to prevent the passage of heat (8) 18 Scouts around back of paddock for bunchy grass clump (7) 20 Rough team sport with bit of drubbing replacing scrum essentially (6) 23 Lies about small detached piece of ground (4)



p126 127 Nov25 SHIRL GG BB.indd 3

Answers to crossword 851: Across: 1 Profit, 5 Tirade, 10 Robin, 11 Abundance, 12 Mitigates, 13 Reeve, 14 Roe deer, 16 Dab hand, 18 Flicker, 20 Trailer, 22 Rheum, 24 Grassland, 26 Griminess, 27 Angus, 28 Assets, 29 Tokens. Down: 2 Robot, 3 Fenugreek, 4 Tractor, 5 Trussed, 6 Radar, 7 Dance hall, 8 Tremor, 9 Reseed, 15 Epidemics, 17 Beanstalk, 18 Forage, 19 Regrets, 20 Transit, 21 Radish, 23 Maize, 25 Argon. Winner: T. Goad, Cumbria.



NOVEMBER 25 2016 | 127

23/11/2016 14:59


If you would like to be featured, email

‘We need to make agriculture the choice for the future’ Perception: How do we make agriculture sexy? It is a difficult question to answer but I think we already have a bit of a head start. We need to make agriculture the choice for the future and the passion we have as farmers makes it an attractive industry already. We just need to solidify that by making farming both sustainable and profitable. COP22: That passion was showcased at Farmers Day at the COP22 international climate summit in Marrakech, Morocco, where I represented the World Farmers’ Organisation and the NFU in my role as its next generation forum chair. I was lucky enough to speak at a farmers of the future panel debate about how we can increase the number of farmers getting involved politically with agriculture. I feel incredibly lucky that I have had the opportunity to get off the tractor and learn about how policy decisions are made as part of the NFU next generation forum. My eyes were well and truly opened to the work of policymakers across the industry, but more importantly the forum has given young farmers a voice within the decision-making process. We are able to discuss how decisions will affect the farmer on the ground.

Richard Bower Penkridge, Staffordshire Richard Bower, 30, farms with his father at Lower Drayton Farm, in Penkridge, Staffordshire. They run 300 beef cattle and 200 hectares (500 acres) of combinable crops. Richard is the NFU next generation forum chairman.

Richard Bower recently attended an international climate summit in Morocco.

The summit was all about climate and it was a brilliant opportunity to showcase the work which farmers are doing to help the environment and tackle the changing climate. ‘Climate smart agriculture’ became

a bit of a buzzword in Marrakech and it got me thinking that so many farmers are already practicing this but it is not really showcased to the wider public. Innovation: Just on our farm in Penkridge, Staffordshire, we have solar PV, we harvest rain water which we reuse for the cattle, we are investing in a strip tillage corn drill to establish crops in an environmentallyfriendly way and we use the nutrientrich fertiliser digestate. There are plenty more fantastic examples out there – the UK farming unions recently publicised 22 case studies of on-farm renewable energy specifically for Farmers Day.

As farmers we cannot change the commodity price but we can change our inputs to reduce our environmental impact and a lot of what I have learned this week is how we look at the small things we do on-farm from a political and environmental perspective. It is all about creating that link in our minds. And although I was in Morocco, I still had my farmer hat on and spotted the buildings making up the summit would make pretty good cattle sheds back home. You can take the farmer off the farm, but not for long.

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“Well that should prove to him that my animals can ‘exhibit their natural behaviour’!” 128 | NOVEMBER 25 2016

p128 Nov 25 GG BB OM.indd 2


770014 842118

23/11/2016 14:22

Profile for Briefing Media Ltd

Farmers Guardian November 25, 2016  

Farmers Guardian November 25, 2016