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Sturgeon pushing for EU customs union deal

Potato harvest delayed to boost yields

Bluefaced Leicesters hit £20,000 at Hawes




WINTER SURVIVAL ● Feed supplies back in focus ● Call for arable/livestock cooperation ● Farms culling to manage forage

By Lauren Dean BREXIT has taken a back seat while farmers focus their efforts on getting through winter. As the industry prepared for the

colder months and the fodder crisis was magnified, NFU council heard how farmers were facing a bleak winter, with 25 per cent culling livestock in order to manage forage supplies. Extreme weather events were now the norm and the industry needed help to manage this volatility, the meeting at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, heard.


SPOTLIGHT ON STANDARDS Our future trading partners’ production Page 8-9

NFU council delegate for North Riding and Durham, Richard Betton, said: “We are in a different climate now and the volatility on climate, let alone trade, is going to affect business in the future. “For a lot of our grassroots members, particularly livestock farmers, Brexit is not their priority. It is actually surviving this winter.” Analysing the impact of months of unprecedented weather on 650 farms over a two-week period in August, the NFU also found only 5 per cent of farmers had managed a third and fourth cut of silage, while total forage supplies across farms CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

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October 12 2018 2


Farm groups and politicians unite over need to protect UK food standards


Labour shortages and weather hammer fruit and veg margins

106 MARKET PRICES 114 FARMING: THE BACKBONE OF BRITAIN Selling machinery for more than 60 years


The ups and downs of creating a venture





Irish farmers stage protest as beef buyers ‘run amok’ Ice cream diversification proving popular


Patchy progress in potato harvesting


Featuring events from Skipton, Carlisle and Sedgemoor


Workshop tips on winterising a forage harvester


Including a special look at how farmer training is key to reducing antibiotic use


With Christine Ryder, North Yorkshire

119 CROSSWORD 120 YOUNG FARMER FOCUS Ed Middleton, Spilsby, Lincolnshire


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Farming: The Backbone of Britain


60 YEARS OF CHANGE Tractor specialist reflects on how the wrench has been replaced by the laptop when it comes to repairs 2 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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Welsh Gov blasted over payment ‘denial’ By Abi Kay PLAID Cymru has hit out at the Welsh Government for issuing a ‘dodgy denial’ of the UK Labour Party’s support for maintaining direct payments after Brexit. In a heated exchange in the Senedd last week, Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary, accused Labour Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths of siding with the Conservatives in England on abolishing direct payments. His comments came after UK Shadow Defra Secretary Sue Hayman told an NFU event at the Labour Party’s annual conference the party would support maintaining some form of post-Brexit direct payment in England. Defending the Welsh Labour Government position, Ms Griffiths said Ms Hayman’s comments had been ‘misrepresented’ and she would be writing to the president of NFU Cymru to ensure they were properly understood. But Mr Gruffydd slammed Ms Griffiths’ response, saying she was ‘clearly losing the argument’ over the proposed changes to farm support in Wales. He said: “Resorting to such dodgy denials is desperate stuff, confirming our view that Labour cannot be trusted to stand up for Welsh farmers. “The Welsh Government needs to start working on behalf of Welsh farmers rather than toeing a line laid down by politicians in London. She is mimicking the Tories in England and

that is not what agriculture in Wales needs.” NFU Cymru president John Davies, who was in the NFU event audience when Ms Hayman explained the Labour Party position in England, said: “One of NFU Cymru’s key principles in the establishing of a new domestic agricultural policy is Welsh farmers should be able to remain competitive with their UK counterparts.

Interesting “It was, therefore, interesting to hear the comments made by Sue Hayman when she alluded to direct payments being part of future policy for a Labour Government in England. “Of course, agriculture is a devolved matter in Wales, but we maintain any future policy within Wales should be upheld by the three pillars of productivity, the environment and stability. “In our view, that stability is best delivered through direct support. We await further clarification on those comments.”

Any future policy within Wales should be upheld by the three pillars JOHN DAVIES

Survey aims to gauge business confidence AS the clock ticks down to Brexit, we want to know how you feel about the short- and long-term future for your business. Has the vote to leave the European Union affected your business confidence? Does the continued uncertainty around the future trading environment mean you are less likely to invest? Or is your enterprise one of the

many to be affected by labour shortages? Farmers Guardian has launched a survey which aims to gauge UK farm business confidence and highlight key areas the industry needs clarity on. It takes just a few minutes to complete and the results will be published in the next few weeks. TAKE PART Visit to take part.

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Closing access to low-skilled workers will be costly mistake rObsession with skilled workers ‘concerning’

The horticulture sector is still in desperate need of seasonal workers.

By Lauren Dean THE Home Secretary’s obsession with skilled labour has been slammed ‘a deep concern’ by the horticulture sector which is still in desperate need of seasonal workers. Sajid Javid last week hinted the Government was working towards a skills-based single system which ‘judges people not on where they are from but on what they can do’. But NFU horticulture chairman Ali Capper said farmers experienced a 29.4 per cent shortfall in labour four weeks earlier than last year, a trend that did ‘not bode well for the peak season in 2019’. She told this week’s NFU Council meeting: “It may be rhetoric but his [Sajid Javid’s] apparent obsession with skilled labour should be a deep concern to us all. “Are we planning to de-skill British workers even though there are so many skilled jobs? “Closing access to low-skilled workers that we can train would be a backwards step.” The cost per kilo of fruit and vegetables this year has also increased by 12 to 15 per cent for the second year running.

Ms Capper said looking to 2021 and beyond, the new Migration Advisory Committee report said if the horticulture industry was to contract, it would not affect GDP – and that it should pay a premium for access to special worker schemes.

Immigration Bill “If the new Immigration Bill follows this lead it will be the end of British-grown fruit and vegetables,” she said. NFU Council member for Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and

Rutland, Chris Parker, added Conservative suggestions migrant labour would only be allowed if workers were paid a minimum of £30,000 was alarming. He said: “We need to fight back on that one and figure out how they are going to define skilled versus unskilled.” Ms Capper added: “The reality is £30,000 is a base. If we cannot get the staff at a rate that allows us to compete with the rest of the EU, we are not going to be able to run these businesses.”

No-deal Brexit outcome detrimental to vets A NO-deal Brexit outcome would be ‘the worst of all worlds’ for the UK’s veterinary profession, according to a Yorkshire vet. Speaking at the international conference Visegrad Vet Plus near Budapest, Hungary, Dr Jason Aldiss, of Leeds-based Eville and Jones, said Brexit had the potential to decimate the industry if it did not include guaranteed

access to properly qualified vets from other European states and mutual recognition of professional veterinary qualifications. The UK should also permit quotas of unskilled migrants to work in sectors where their labour is desperately needed, he said. “All trade in products of animal origin requires veterinary certification –

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which obviously requires vets,” Dr Aldiss said.  “Without proper access to wellqualified veterinary professionals, UK-EU trade will be impossible. “That would inevitably lead to a scenario where food is left to rot at ports or animals destroyed by the side of the road. It may sound dramatic, but it is the stark truth.”

The market leader for over 30 years

Tractor sales couple banned A COUPLE has been banned from selling tractors and machinery and ordered to pay £50,000 in costs after misleading customers from around the world. Alan Farrow, a director of QF Tractors and Christine Farrow, a former director of the company, both of Canal Head, Pocklington, East Yorkshire, appeared before Leeds County Court on Wednesday (October 3) where they admitted nine allegations of contempt of court. The couple had failed on two occasions to keep legally-binding promises not to make misleading statements when selling tractors or agricultural machinery. It followed a number of complaints claiming goods sold were wrongly described and of poor quality. The couple was banned from selling farm vehicles and equipment for 10 years.

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4 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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People and tech vital for Scotland’s future rPlaid Cymru and SNP

unite over Brexit vote By Ewan Pate

AGRI-technology can assist the industry to a point, but well-informed farmers, supported by skilled and trained staff, will still be an essential element of profitable and productive farming for the foreseeable future. That was the message delivered by NFU Scotland to a fringe event at the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference in Glasgow this week. Craig Michie, a reader in electronics and electrical engineering, had already spoken about the likely future role of technology in farming. He was speaking from experience, having been involved in forming Silent Herdsman, a company which has developed cattle monitoring equipment based on signals from head collars. NFUS president Andrew McCornick said: “While these [agri-tech] tools can help make our rural economy more successful, keeping people in our industry is absolutely vital. “Agri-tech provides tools and techniques that can support farmers, but in many areas, robots or machinery cannot replace people on the ground,

Left to right: Craig Michie, moderator Mandy Rhodes, Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary Fergus Ewing and NFUS president Andrew McCornick.

and for particular tasks, such as fruit picking, we still need people to do these jobs.” Elsewhere at the conference, attentions were fixed on a second referendum on Brexit, with Plaid Cymru pledging to back the SNP in pushing for a vote on the final deal and adding it would campaign to remain in the EU. Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price told the conference: “The land of milk and honey promised by the Brexiteers now looks more like it

will be sustained by Spam and potato peel pie.” Meanwhile, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon reiterated her commitment to staying in the single market and the customs union. While some grassroots members in the hall were clearly desperate for Scottish independence, polls showed little change from the 2014 result. As a finely balanced compromise, Ms Sturgeon said Scottish independence was ‘in clear sight’, but did not say when.

IPCC report advises against eating meat A NEW report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recommended people move away from eating meat in order to stop global warming reaching a dangerous level. The Paris Agreement, signed by 195 countries, tasked the IPCC with producing the report, which examined the impact global warming of 1.5degC would have. One of the recommendations the document contained was to ‘limit demand for greenhouse gas-intensive foods through shifts to healthier and more sustainable diets’. It also suggested improved management of water, manure and herds could help reduce emissions from farming. NFU deputy president Guy Smith pointed out farmers were already taking action to mitigate climate change. He said: “About two-fifths of farmers and growers have already diversified to produce clean

low-carbon renewable energy and many are taking measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Farmers are focused on improving productivity through better manage-

ment of nutrients, livestock, energy and soil. “The NFU is working with members to implement efficient ways of producing food for the country.”

From page 1 were, on average, about a third down on what was expected. NFU dairy board chairman Michael Oakes said: “I was speaking to a farmer last week and he is going into this winter with 100 cows less than he had last winter. He is culling 12 cows a week at the moment to get his herd down to a point where he can manage his stocks going forward.” His comments were echoed by NFU livestock chairman Richard Findlay, who warned the forage shortages could be made worse by the Irish fodder scheme, which helped farmers shoulder haulage costs.

NFU combinable crops chairman Tom Bradshaw praised the example set by growers baling instead of chopping straw this year, but called for a ‘longer term’ relationship, which relied on communication between the arable and livestock sectors. It came as the Scottish Government census showed virtually all agricultural sectors had taken a hit due to the weather in the last year, with cattle numbers at a 60-year low. Farming charities have seen a spike in calls to their helplines and expect this number to grow as the winter sets in (see p11).

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Farm groups and politicians unite over UK food standards rPromises ‘need to be

enshrined in legislation’ By Abi Kay FARM groups and a cross-party coalition of politicians are joining forces to press for a legal commitment to protect UK food production standards in post-Brexit trade deals. Defra Secretary Michael Gove and Trade Secretary Liam Fox have both made verbal promises not to lower standards in the pursuit of future agreements. But there are no current proposals to enshrine those pledges in law. The plans to force the Government’s hand were revealed as the Agriculture Bill was given its second reading in the House of Commons this week.

there will be more than one opportunity for change.” Mr Roberts agreed. He said: “If I was an MP or Minister, I might well say the Agriculture Bill is not the place to do this, but the Trade Bill absolutely is.

“I do not care which bit of legislation they end up putting it in as long as we move from personal commitments to legislation. “That is what it has to be, because today’s politicians are potentially

not here tomorrow, whereas legislation potentially lasts forever.” SPECIAL INVESTIGATION To see FG’s investigation into production standards across the world, see p8-9.

Clause The NFU has been briefing MPs on the need for the Bill to contain a clause which protects UK production standards, while food and farming alliance Sustain is working on drawing up such an amendment. Stuart Roberts, NFU vice-president, said: “We are hearing great words but, unless we see something in legislation, those words could very quickly be traded away.” Conservative peer and ex-MP Anne McIntosh told Farmers Guardian there would be pushback from the House of Lords on the issue. “We have a cross-party group in the House of Lords which wants to make sure our farmers do not have to face unfair competition from across the world,” she said. “A lot of the work will be done in the Commons, but we will have the Agriculture Bill, the Trade Bill and the Implementation Bill [to implement any withdrawal agreement], so

Michael Gove and Liam Fox have made verbal promises not to lower standards in the pursuit of future agreements.

Farmers must be priority in new Ag Bill THE NFU has put together 10 pointers which it will lobby Defra on to ensure it provides an effective framework for productive and sustainable farming businesses within the Agriculture Bill. NFU director of policy Andrew Clark said the union wanted a new clause in the Bill to provide clear measures on food security and objectives on how it will achieve a secure, safe supply of food and market stability. Other points included the implementation of flexible measures to deal with competitiveness and financial resilience, valuing and

protecting the UK’s food standards and maintaining a level playing field with a common approach across the devolved nations. Mr Clark said: “It is about embedding very firmly that food and farming should be the strategic priority and interest of any Government.”

Payments It came as the CLA demanded public goods payments under the proposed new Environmental Land Management Scheme must deliver a ‘genuine profit’ for farmers. As the Agriculture Bill went through its second reading in the

House of Commons, CLA president Tim Breitmeyer also called on the Government to keep spending at current levels and commit to a long-term agriculture budget. He added: “Introducing a commitment for a sufficient long-term budget into the Bill, and confirming sufficient payment rates which recognise the industry’s high welfare and environmental standards, would provide farmers and landowners with confidence that engaging in the new payment for public goods scheme is a sensible business plan.”

Farm groups welcome MP probe into Defra Brexit readiness FARM groups have welcomed a new Parliamentary inquiry which will assess Defra’s readiness for Brexit. MPs on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have chosen to examine the department’s preparedness in the wake of a National Audit Office (NAO) report which found the risk of Defra failing to deliver all of its 6 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P6 Oct 12 OM KH BB.indd 2

Brexit tasks in the event of a no-deal scenario was ‘high’. The NAO report also concluded that for some projects, such as negotiating agreements with non-EU countries to accept UK versions of export health certificates, Defra had ‘passed the point’ where it would be able to deliver what it initially planned for a no-deal Brexit.

The MPs will also examine the key areas where the department is not ready for a no-deal exit. It will look at what can be done to accelerate planning before the UK leaves the EU. Guy Smith, deputy president of the NFU, said: “The NFU has described a no-deal scenario as a

catastrophe for British agriculture. Some have accused us of exaggerating, or being part of some sort of ‘project fear’. “We stand by our extreme concerns and we welcome this PAC inquiry based on the NAO study, which highlighted Defra’s lack of preparedness in the case of no-deal.”

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OCTOBER 12 2018 | 7

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Animal welfare standards may prove to be a sticking point.

As UK trade negotiators gear up to strike deals with other countries, Farmers of potential trading partners. In this two-part series, we ask what the deals with

Gu th

Trade deals expose gulf in USA THE US is seen as the top target for a new bilateral trade deal after Brexit. In 2016, the US was the UK’s largest single bilateral trading partner at 15 per cent of total UK trade and the UK’s largest single export market, with 18 per cent of all UK exports. On agri-food, the UK currently imports £1.3 billion of US food and exports £2.1bn to the US. Sustain campaign coordinator Vicki Hird said: “The agri-food sector is likely to be part of any deal, but potentially as a means to gain concessions in other sectors, such as finance.

“Any deal will include cutting tariffs and non-tariff measures, such as regulations, provision of information, new laws and regulations, and customs training.

Imports “There may be some new market opportunities for UK farmers, such as dairy, sheep and pigmeat, but the US is keen to make gains for its agriculture industry and has made it absolutely clear it will make no deal unless we amend our food standards to allow US imports.” Antibiotic use is a major stumbling block, with a study by the Alliance to





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8 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p8 9 Oct12 OM KH BB.indd 2



Save our Antibiotics claiming US livestock production involved five times as much use as the UK’s. Other potential barriers include the use of growth hormones to produce lean beef quicker, such as ractopamine which has been banned in 160 countries due to concerns for human health. “Pesticide licensing, use and residues rules are also vastly different,” said Ms Hird. “Genetic modification [GM] regulations and the labelling of GM foods is a point of significant divergence between the EU and US,” she added. “Unless organic, almost all US maize, oilseed rape and sugar beet crops are genetically modified and not labelled as such for consumers. Unless EU approvals and labelling requirements are transferred into UK law, food and drink imported from the US could be GM.” But it is the use of chemical washes which has caused the most outrage – on both sides of the Atlantic. American Under Secretary for Trade, Ted McKinney was apoplectic in his rebuttal of UK claims about chlorinated chicken at this year’s Oxford Farming Conference and said he was ‘tired’ of answering questions about a practice which had not been used for many years. However, Richard Griffiths,

British Poultry Council chief executive, said chlorinated chicken had become parlance for ‘cleaning-up at the end’. “Food safety has never been the issue,” said Mr Griffiths. “As has regularly been highlighted, the European Food Safety Authority has also said chlorine dioxide, in controlled concentrations, is safe for food use. “Rather it is a visceral ‘wrongness’ which has hit home with UK consumers; the suspicion of what happens in the process to require the application of such chemicals to food.” America’s National Farmers Union hit out at UK farming groups, branding complaints about standards ‘fear-mongering’. But Mr Griffiths said UK farming’s issue was ‘US production did not meet our standards and values for meat production’. For example, on welfare during transport, the UK/EU has space requirements and a maximum transport time of 12 hours. The US follows a maximum transport time of 28 hours, with no restrictions on the number of birds in crates. The UK/EU also does not allow meat and bonemeal from other terrestrial species, such as pigs, to be used in poultry feed, but some processed fishmeal is permitted. However, the US does allow meat and bonemeal in poultry feed.

10/10/2018 14:00

rs ith


us th e h da orm ones la rds tio in t en rans ns por t on e t i cm em me o difi ea a t c a t io ns l in fee d

Key trade barriers

tic bio ow Anti gr n of ta Use e s gu r a f re n g Wel de i o c i t s ns Pes he n tio c i r as bo t s e w R l i c a t and Ch e m ea of m Use

Guardian has been analysing the different production standards and methods these countries could mean for producers and consumers.

f in production standards By Olivia Midgley


ith Brexit day drawing nearer, the Department for International Trade has been ramping up talks with potential trading partners, looking to sign deals as soon as it is legally free to do so. But while Government may be celebrating its new-found freedom to negotiate such agreements, many believe the plans have exposed a gulf between production standards inside and outside the EU, raising questions about UK farmers’ competitiveness and the potential to harm consumer confidence and limit choice.

Undermined Farm groups have been working to impress upon Ministers the need for UK producers to compete on a level playing field with their counterparts elsewhere in the world, without being undermined by cheaper imports produced to lower standards. Food and farming alliance Sustain recently launched a campaign calling on farmers to lobby their MPs to ensure their voices were being heard by those making the decisions. Sustain campaign coordinator Vicki Hird said: “We need more voices to raise the level of understanding and concern about unfettered trade deals which do not put high standards and farming futures as a priority.

p8 9 Oct12 OM KH BB.indd 3


We need more voices to raise the level of understanding and concern about unfettered trade deals which do not put high standards and farming futures as a priority VICKI HIRD “MPs should be demanding debates in Parliament, have access to negotiating positions, an ability to influence trade policy and negotiating positions and a veto on trade deals if needed. None of this is currently the case.” As such, she said Sustain was encouraging farmers and those involved in the farming industry to: ■ Meet with MPs and keep them informed of concerns and issues. ■ Organise specific farm visits to talk trade issues and standards. ■ Write to local papers, local media sites and radio where possible.

TALKS between the UK and Australia are progressing, with the two countries confident of striking a deal as soon as the UK is able to. However, with hormone growth promoters and antibiotics used in Australian beef production, and beef being one of the key products highlighted for export along with wheat, production standards have been flagged as a potential sticking point. For Norman Bagley, policy director at the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers, animal welfare and meat quality were important to consider. “Australia is under prolonged drought and ranch cattle are starving. Some are being destroyed due to a lack of fodder. This has raised welfare concerns in Australia and the problem could get worse as average temperatures are still rising,” he said. “In terms of quality, beef from the top and hottest part of the country comes from Bos Indicus cattle, the only breed able to survive there. This beef is known to be tough and is excluded from the star-based eating quality measurement system run by Meat Standards Australia. It is not allowed into Australia’s own high-class restaurants or top retail butchers.” Mr Bagley said beef produced in the rest of the country was mainly

Hereford or Aberdeen-Angus. These medium weight carcases, producing smaller, well-marbled cuts, suited the UK market. The chilled product would also mature as it was being shipped over. However, with China already having a considerable pull on Australian beef, Mr Bagley questioned whether there would be enough for the UK market. “Ours is the most expensive of the world’s markets, but China is not lagging far behind in price terms and its contract demands will be fierce,” he added.

Welfare “So, could the UK get beef it wants when supply is not the bottomless pit it used to be and is the welfare good enough?” In addition, he said it would be straightforward to authenticate hormone-free beef for the UK from qualifying cattle. The EU already requires assurances products have not been treated with hormonal growth promotant products. This is governed by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. Mr Bagley said antibiotics were rarely administered in extensive beef systems. While they were more common in pig and poultry units, ‘antibiotic-free’ labelling was used (see page 12). OCTOBER 12 2018 | 9

10/10/2018 14:01


Ben Briggs, Editor – 01772 799 429 –

Winter 2018 will pose a unique set of challenges for UK ag

And finally... For the chance to win an ArmaTrac tractor for a year, see page 29 of this week’s edition.

EMOTIVE stories from NFU council about the impact of this summer’s drought are a reminder, if one was needed, that many farmers will face a tougher winter than usual because of a lack of forage and bedding (see p1). While some farmers did receive rain this summer, there are many more who have seen very little precipitation since the start of spring. For these, and others, getting through winter is shaping up to be a Herculean task. That is why this winter, more than most, needs the farming community to pull together like never before. As an industry, we are particularly adept at responding to severe blasts of bad weather, be it last winter’s Beast from the East, or the severe floods which have wrought destruction at several points this decade. The challenge for the winter of 2018/19, however, will be the slow creep of panic many will start to feel as their feed and bedding stocks dwindle to perilously low levels and they struggle to make coherent decisions in pressurised situations.


The weather patterns of 2018 have been erratic. Some will argue either way about whether it is linked to climate change but, whatever is driving such weird climatic conditions, the fact is it will continue posing serious challenges for agriculture if it continues. Keeping an eye on friends, neighbours and family in these times will be key because, while farming is a business, the personal toll it can exert can be considerable.

Decisions Making decisions about culling herds or flocks will come easy to some but, for others, it will not be so straightforward. We also have the added challenge of darker nights and shorter days to contend with. As one farmer at a discussion group I spoke at recently said, the start of their programme of events always coincides with the darker evenings and while, for them, they have the outlet of a monthly meeting at which to discuss issues they might face, others walk a more solitary path.

Rebecca Pow MP, champion of the Sustainable Soils Alliance

Soil should be the bellwether of our farming and environment policy THE end of my tenure as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Defra Ministers gives me an opportunity to step back and take stock of progress over the last few years. The work we have done – the Farming Command paper, the 25year plan for the environment and the Agriculture Bill – demonstrate a real sense of vision and ambition. The policy framework which emerges will have dramatic environmental benefits for our water, air and biodiversity with natural capital thinking at its heart. But the one environmental indicator I am most pleased to see receive so much attention is soil. For too long soil has been overlooked, even neglected, as a key environmental indicator. There are a number of reasons why, but they 10 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P10 Oct12 OM KH BB.indd 2

all lie in soil’s complexity. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as good and bad soil in the way there is for air and water. Soil health can be judged according to physical, biological and chemical characteristics, the crops grown on it and techniques used to manage it. And that is just agricultural soil. There is also non-farming soil to consider urban and industrial soil, peatland and forest soil. The absence of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthy soil management creates a challenge for those looking to develop a policy framework for soil applicable for the whole country, for different soil types, crops and habitats. The European Union struggled to develop a policy framework in the

Soil is often overlooked as an environmental indicator.

way it did for air and water. For this reason, the UK resisted for many years the development of a soil framework directive, arguing for a tailored, more local approach. I was delighted to see my Defra colleagues commit to putting healthy soil at the heart of the UK’s postBrexit farming strategy. Work to develop this framework is under way

and I will continue to be involved as champion of the Sustainable Soils Alliance, an organisation dedicated to reversing the crisis in our soils within one generation. The eyes of the world will be on the UK as it develops its post-Brexit farming and environment policy, evaluating our role as a trade partner and an ally in combating shared environmental challenges. They will see our efforts to design almost from scratch a farming system with environmental and productivity goals at its heart as a test bed for their own efforts. The creation of a national soils policy will demonstrate what is possible through an understanding of the unique characteristics and dynamics of soil, joined-up thinking and cutting-edge technology.

10/10/2018 15:34

Write Letters to the Editor, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ Facebook Twitter @farmersguardian Email


Bleak prospects READING Gove offers new help for farmers hit by drought (FG, September 28) really drew my attention. Living 1,000 feet up in the Peak District with little soil and close to the limestone rock, it has been like a barren waste since early July. Grass is scarce here at the best of times, but after last winter and a hot early summer what crop we got was good but in very short supply. By the end of July we were feeding suckler cows every other day and the calves were eating twice as much creep feed. It was very quickly not enough and since then we feed every day and the winter keep is fast disappearing. Any rain that came missed us. The earth was showing everywhere with cracks in the ground. Now it is October and we are still feeding. The rain has come, but the grass is barely green and barely a quarter of an inch long. What is Michael Gove talking about? His lawn? What do his flexibilities and longer term resilience mean? They will not feed our cows and sheep this winter. The prospects are bleak. Stupid ideas and false talk do not pay the bills or make the grass grow. If Mr Gove has spent time in Brussels negotiating this nonsense, he would have been better off donating the money he spent to feed a cow this winter. Farmers are the ones with resilience, who live in the real world. But that does not alleviate the stress to your family. Judith Hancock, Hope Valley, Peak District.

Welly Week IT has been a difficult year for many in farming. From January to August this year, farming charity the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) received 582 new referrals.



A seeder rattles along at the Davis brothers’ Maesnewyddth and Maesnynach farms at Cribyn, Lampeter, where 130 hectares (320 acres) of spring barley were sown in five days.

That is 582 individuals and families contacting us for the first time, seeking help. We have given out £1.52 million this year, including more than £318,000 to working families. We help people like council tenant farmer Tom, who lost 400 sheep last winter due to the bad weather. His income was down £30,000 on the previous year and he was struggling to pay household bills. We sent him a cheque for £3,000 to help with domestic debts, so he and his family could get back on their feet. The work we do makes a difference, but we cannot do it on our own. That is why we are holding Welly Week from October 27 to November 4, to raise awareness of us and what we do. We would like friends/colleagues to wear wellies to work, post photos on social media and tell people all about it using #wellyweek2018 We will also be giving a pair of Grubs boots away each day in an online competition. To donate, go to

donate. Every donation, no matter how small, enables us to continue supporting farming people in financial hardship. Paul Burrows, RABI chief executive.

Epilepsy help IT was heartwarming to read the article which featured the courageous young woman Robyn Hogg who suffers from epilepsy (I don’t care about the money, farming is in my blood, FG, September 28). I would like her to know there is an excellent research centre in Chiswick. The aim of the centre is to find a cure for epilepsy. The clever people who work hard towards this have come a long way in the last few years. I would like Robyn to know about Epilepsy Research UK. Gillian Parry, via email.

Manifesto fear A FARMER generally aims to honour the hard work and trust of generations gone before by passing on the land, herd and flock, a little better than before, to the next generation. In the case of the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife led by Chris Packham, George Monbiot and Dominic Dyer (Packham manifesto branded dictatorial, FG, September 28) this appears to have mutated into a desire to leave the whole country in the state it was in 5,000 years ago, with everything rewilded in one final, grand gesture. Traditional farming over thousands of years has produced grazing animals, arable land, moors, mountains and wildlife existing in symbiosis. These proposals assume there is no future for humanity and no need to husband the land to produce food. Gillian Herbert, Linley Green, Herefordshire.

Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions

Farmers Guardian is run by AgriBriefing Limited (we, us, our) and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 07931457 and have our registered office at New Prospect House, 8 Leake Street London SE1 7NN. For the purposes of this policy, we are the data controller of personal data provided to us. We are a UK company specialising in providing information services including news, analysis, data, pricing, insight and market intelligence to agribusiness professionals across the globe. This policy sets out how we do this and applies the use of your personal data that you disclose to us by entering into our competition to win £250 for the Suffolk Sheep Society stockjudging Competition or £20 Love2Shop vouchers for the weekly Crossword Competition, or Marts the Heart, referred to throughout this statement as the “Competitions”. How we collect your information: We collect the personal data you have provided to us by filling in the form on our website OR printed form when entering the Competitions. If you have entered the Competitions via our site we may also collect some technical information about how you use our site, for example, the type of device you are using, your operating system, IP address, uniform resource locator (URL), clickstream and length of visit. How we use the information you provide: We will use your personal information: • to administer the Competitions, on the basis that the use of your personal data for this purpose will be necessary to enter you into the competitions and, if you are successful, contact you to notify you of your prize; and, • if you are new to AgriBriefing and where you have agreed to this, to provide you with news and updates from time to time about our services; and, if at any point in the future you do not wish to receive any news and updates from us or from, you can unsubscribe from our marketing list at any time by following the steps below. To unsubscribe from any AgriBriefing communications using the link on the email we send you or by emailing us at We will not use your information for any purposes except those listed in this policy without letting you know and getting your permission, if necessary, first. Who do we share your information with? We will not disclose your information to any third parties without your consent, except where: • it is necessary to enable any of our staff, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers or commercial partners to provide a service to us or to perform a function on our behalf; • we have a legal obligation to disclose your information (for example, if a court orders us to); or • there is a sale or purchase of any business assets, or where AgriBriefing or any of its group companies are being acquired by a third party. Where we use third parties as described above to process your personal information, we will ensure that they have adequate security measures in place to safeguard your personal information. For how long do we keep your personal information? We keep your personal information for 36 months for the purposes for which it was collected or for any period for which we are required to keep personal information to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements, or until you ask us to delete your personal information. Your rights: You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information. These include the right to: • find out how we process your personal information; • request that your personal information is corrected if you believe it is incorrect or inaccurate; • obtain restriction on our, or object to, processing of your personal information; • ask us not to process your personal information for our own marketing purposes; and • obtain a copy of your personal information which we hold about you. We will take steps to verify your identity before responding to your request and will respond as soon as possible and in any event within a month. If you would like to exercise any of your rights or find out more, please email us at dataprotection@ Complaints: If you have any complaints about the way we use your personal information please contact us at and we will try to resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve any issue, you have the right to complain to the data protection authority in your country (the Information Commissioner in the UK). If you need more information about how to contact your local data protection authority please let us know. Contact us: Please read this policy carefully and if you have any questions, concerns or comments about this policy or, specifically, how we might use your personal information, please contact us by email at

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10/10/2018 09:27


Environmental groups rapped over ‘anti-farming’ allegations r‘Ignorance’ shown

over work farmers do By Olivia Midgley ENVIRONMENTAL groups have come under fire for making ‘damaging’ claims against Welsh farmers. NFU Cymru president John Davies said he was ‘disappointed and dismayed’ by responses made by the RSPB, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Wildlife Trusts Wales to the Welsh Government’s Brexit and Our Land consultation and publicised on their websites and social media channels. Mr Davies said the groups suggested farming practices were harming the environment, with claims which countered the ‘true depiction’

of Welsh farming’s contribution to Wales’ environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being, as well as food production. “These organisations are peddling comments that show a complete disregard and ignorance for the work of Welsh farmers and the multiple benefits they carry out in maintaining and improving habitats, biodiversity and striving to meet our climate change obligations as part of Welsh agri-environment schemes for over a quarter of a century,” said Mr Davies. “Welsh farmers take their environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and take great pride in being the custodians of Wales’ cherished landscapes and habitats, alongside their key role as food producers.”

Welsh farmers take great pride in being custodians of Wales’ cherished landscapes and habitats JOHN DAVIES Describing the claims as ‘fake dystopia’, Mr Davies said he was annoyed environmental groups, which were seeking to have a leading role in working with Welsh farmers to deliver positive outcomes for the

environment in the future, would resort to underhand tactics. He added: “These statements are upsetting and do nothing more than drive a wedge between us, when in fact these organisations – who let us not forget are termed as ‘partners’ on Welsh Government working groups – should be working with us to achieve our shared goals.” WWF described Wales as being ‘one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world’, while RSPB said there was ‘only a short timeframe to change the way we manage our land, otherwise the nature we rely on will crash’. Wildlife Trusts Wales said there was a ‘critical opportunity to reverse the decline in wildlife and make sure Welsh land meets the needs of people and nature in Wales’.

Antibiotic-free Permit changes for mobile dippers welcomed labelling ‘will MOBILE sheep dippers have been option of bringing their spent dip instructions at the place of use and is exemption from the need below hazardous waste thresholds. back to their operating sites. be misleading’ granted n The total quantity of waste dip to be fully permitted and charged to National Sheep Association chief

THE Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) has reiterated its position that ‘antibiotic-free’ labelling on food products was misleading to consumers. RUMA said the marketing move had the potential to imply meat or milk not similarly labelled would contain antibiotics, ‘which is not the case as there are strict rules governing the administration of antibiotics to farm animals in the UK’. It also said the labels, ‘antibiotic-free’, ‘reared without antibiotics’ or ‘no antibiotics ever’ would suggest those flagged as such would not have been given antibiotics at all in their lifetime – something which presented risk of ‘unintended consequences’. A RUMA spokesperson said: “The main concern is causing unnecessary suffering and associated welfare issues by withholding treatment from sick animals in order to comply with the label when, in fact, the animals should be treated. “Equally, if sick animals are taken out of that supply chain and appropriately treated, then the wider system of production does still include antibiotic use, which may not be clear to consumers.”

store spent dip on-site. The move, announced by the Environment Agency (EA) following backlash over its new licensing and permitting charges introduced in spring, will remove the expense of having to license a premises for storage. It will, instead, introduce the option to temporarily store waste dip at a place controlled by the producer of the waste, pending its collection or disposal. It will mean contract dippers will be given the

executive Phil Stocker said it was an issue the sheep industry had been ‘fighting’ with the EA on for a while.

Favour He added: “With mobile dip gaining much favour and modern equipment offering good operator safety, good sheep welfare, effective treatment and now fully compliant means of disposal, this is highly welcomed.” Conditions include: n The sheep dip has been diluted in accordance with manufacturers’

stored at any one time does not exceed 20 cubic metres (20,000 litres). n Waste dip is stored in a bunded area with an impermeable base able to retain 110 per cent of the largest container, or 25 per cent of the total volume that could be stored, whichever is the greater. n No waste dip is stored for longer than three months. The EA has also agreed to conduct a ‘light touch review’ of the controls around sheep dip disposal later in the year.

The EA has introduced new rules for contract sheep dippers.

MORE INFORMATION See pages 102-103 12 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P12 Oct 12 OM KH BB.indd 2

10/10/2018 10:32

Being a member of the NFU makes me feel privileged to be part of the organisation. In our local area we have events and informal meetings which really make you feel part of the community. NFU membership is value for money. For what my subscription is throughout the year the information I get from my NFU county advisers is invaluable, I can’t tell you how much I respect and value the advice and information. Duncan Hawley NFU member from Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire

To join or find out more contact NFU CallFirst on 0370 428 1401 or go to

The NFU. We’re here for you.

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Edited by Olivia Midgley – 01772 799 548 –

Labour shortages and weather hammer fruit and veg margins rFree-buy potato

prices up 100 per cent

It has been a difficult season in all areas of the potato sector, according to AHDB Potatoes.

By Alex Black WEATHER conditions and fears over Brexit and the availability of seasonal labour have tightened margins this year across fruits and vegetables. It was a difficult season in the potato sector whether you were a retailer, packer, merchant or grower, according to AHDB Potatoes strategy director Dr Rob Clayton. Free-buy market prices were up about 100 per cent on this time last year, with retailers having to adjust specifications to get their supplies on contract. “It is still pretty tough out there to meet a contract volume, but people have worked together,” he said. Crops which had access to irrigation were ‘looking better than we thought they were a few weeks ago’. “Those which did not have access to irrigation are showing signs of being anywhere between 20 and 50 per cent down on yields. There is also an impact on size.” Leek growers warned this year could have a ‘devastating effect’ on the industry, with vegetables expected to be smaller, as well as in short supply.

Growth Crop growth had been hit by the cold, wet spring then the hot summer and soils were still ‘very dry’, stalling autumn growth. Tim Casey, chairman of the Leek Growers Association, said production costs were high on top of a challenging year for labour availability. He added margins in leek growing had been ‘severely reduced’ over the past two years, with many growers facing real financial difficulty and called on customers to support the industry. While quality has been unaffected in soft berries, yields were down.

PULSES ALSO FALL VICTIM TO HOT SUMMER A LACK of moisture coupled with a hot summer has also impacted pulses, causing the plants to abort some pods and yields to depreciate, according to British Edible Pulse Association president Franek Smith. He said forage production was ‘much lower than anticipated’ and feed markets would be ‘forced to buy material in’.

Nick Marston, chairman of British Summer Fruits, said: “All in all it will be a disappointing season.” He added margins were variable

“There has been a big rally in pricing this year. “But this is due to other countries trying to cover their short positions,” he said. But on Brexit, he added they had ‘no idea’ about the challenges or opportunities as the deadline for leaving the EU loomed, as ‘we do not know what we do or do not have’.

from season to season and a high level of investment was required each year. Mr Marston said labour availability was ‘not just a Brexit phe-

nomenon’ as fewer people were keen to do seasonal work and wages had needed to be inflated to attract workers. He welcomed the new (Seasonal Agricultural Workers pilot scheme and the recognition the industry did need labour from outside the European Economic Area, but the numbers were not enough over the medium and the longer term. “Secondly, what we will need to see is a recognition in the market place to maintain and support British producers, cost prices to retailers will have to be increased.”

Manufacturers could be stockpiling Cheddar ahead of Brexit INCREASED imports of Cheddar from Ireland could be due to manufacturers stockpiling product to mitigate the immediate impact of 14 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P14 Oct 12 KH BB OM.indd 2

Brexit. AHDB highlighted a growing UK trade deficit in Cheddar, with the increase in Cheddar imports in 2018 coming almost entirely from Ireland.

The levy body said the rise came despite increasing production of UK Cheddar and UK consumer demand staying stable. It suggested it was a

possibility Irish manufacturers were ‘de-risking’, by building up stocks in the UK to mitigate potential border and customs issues post-Brexit.

10/10/2018 13:57

SPONSORED EDITORIAL Farmers and landowners looking to future-proof are turning their attention towards renewable energy, but in this fast-changing landscape, where are the opportunities?



armers and landowners considering diversifying into renewable energy may have assumed opportunities for large-scale solar were a thing of the past. The UK Government scrapped the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Obligation Schemes in 2015 which caused a lull in installations, but since then global costs for solar technology have fallen. This, paired with an increased wholesale cost of power, has finally made subsidy-free solar a viable option. Hugh Taylor, of independent power and energy consultancy Roadnight Taylor, explains developer-operators of large-scale standalone solar farms now believe favourable Corporate Power Purchase Agreements, alongside lower build costs, mean some schemes could be built as soon as 2019. Mr Taylor says: “We have seen ground rent offers for more than £150,000/year on new solar schemes, but ground rent rates will vary depending on many factors, not least of which are planning prospects, topography and grid connection costs.” Leases are generally for 25plus years, but moving quickly is imperative. Mr Taylor adds: “Landowners should act fast. Any grid capacity remaining locally will only be sufficient for one scheme. If you do not secure that capacity for your site, someone else will for theirs.”

connections at lower voltages. These schemes are housed in shipping containers and from a planning perspective are more discreet, typically being tucked away on less than 0.4 hectares (one acre). Ground rents for well-marketed gas genset sites have been up to £150,000/year for up to 0.8ha (two acres). Mr Taylor says: “This assumes the right developers are being approached effectively, safely and in a competitive environment.”


Battery storage

Although the greatest appetite is for large-scale solar, gas gensets generate electricity from the gas grid and can be viable on far smaller grid



Up to £150,000/year on up to 81 hectares (200 acres)

There has been a lot of excitement around the battery storage market. However, landowners are advised to exercise caution at the present time.


Up to £150,000/year on up to 0.8ha (two acres) Mr Taylor says: “There is currently a lull in storage developer appetite, due to oversupply of sites and various market factors. “Battery storage is not suitable for all parts of the electrical grid and other technologies may offer landowners better prospects.”

Independent advice

Roadnight Taylor says the resurgence of the solar market leaves landowners at risk of sharp practice from developers favouring other sites on the local grid, and from unscrupulous advisers, some of whom have been charging farmers upwards of £1,000 for submitting contrived grid applications for the wrong technology, at unviable capacities and on inappropriate parts of the network.

BATTERY STORAGE Up to £40,000/year on up to 0.4ha (one acre)

Mr Taylor says: “Anyone wishing to secure solar rents this time around should learn from the mistakes of thousands of others between 2010 and 2015. “Grid rights should be secured from the network operator independently of any developer. “A grid adviser should have the expertise to liaise with the network operator and be willing to submit any grid application on a success-fee basis. “Our framework puts your land agent in the strongest position to negotiate the best terms from competing developers. “If your agent introduces just one developer, ask yourself why. In whose best interests are they acting.”


To determine if you have a genuine opportunity to secure power scheme rents, Roadnight Taylor is offering Farmers Guardian readers its Stop/GoTM feasibility study from £250 plus VAT (a saving of £100). If your site does have tangible potential, Roadnight Taylor can work on a no-win-no-fee basis to submit and manage a bespoke grid connection application for the right technology and scale. If it does secure you a viable grid offer, Roadnight Taylor then ensures you get the strongest deals by putting your site out to competition among the best-performing power scheme developers. This offer expires on Friday, November 30, 2018.

Brought to you by

For more information, call 01993 830 571, or visit

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09/10/2018 17:48

BUSINESS Tesco opens two more discount stores

Banham Poultry has been bought by Chesterfield Poultry for an undisclosed fee.

TESCO has opened two new Jack’s stores in Merseyside, as it looks to drive forward its new discount brand. The sites in Edge Hill and St Helens were the third and fourth stores, with Tesco seeking to launch 10-15 in the next six months. The supermarket has pledged 80 per cent of the food and drink products sold at the stores will be grown, reared or made in Britain. The retailer has also announced it will remove at least 100 more best before dates from its fruit and vegetables, after customers said it helped reduced waste. Tesco said 69 per cent of customers believed scrapping best before dates was a good idea, with 53 per cent believing it helped them keep edible food for longer.

Glencore posts losses of £3.3m GLENCORE has reported a £3.3 million loss after taxation for 2017 following an ‘extremely challenging’ year. The company said grain volumes had fallen in line with lower production from the 2017 harvest, which impacted on exports. In 2016, the company made a £30.2m profit. Glencore said it also suffered due to the underuse of contracted elevation capacity and its domestic storage portfolio was impacted by the smaller crops, with contracted space exceeding storage requirements. The company said it conducted a review of overheads of the trading business and restructuring plans had been implemented earlier this year. The company said Brexit would ‘undoubtedly continue to create uncertainty but the company would strive to create a more balanced business’.

Malting barley premium hits seven-year high MALTING barley premiums hit a seven-year high in September, with premium malting barley averaging £46/tonne above feed barley, according to the AHDB Corn Returns. The first reporting week of October has continued the trend at £47.60/t above feed barley. A wet spring and dry summer has contributed to higher prices, with crops variable with higher nitrogen levels. 16 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p16 Oct12 OM BB MB.indd 2

Poultry firm sale brings relief to chicken farmers rHSE investigating

after worker deaths By Alex Black TROUBLED Norfolk poultry company Banham Poultry has been sold to Chesterfield Poultry for an undisclosed sum. The firm, which supplies chicken to major supermarkets and wholesalers across the UK, announced it was up for sale last week after a challenging few months. It was believed the jobs of 1,100 workers had been saved, with the company set to remain at Attleborough, Norfolk, where it has been based since 1965. Last Thursday (October 4), two men in their 30s and 40s, working as subcontractors for a pest control company, were found dead at the site, with Norfolk Police and the Health and Safety Executive investigating a refrigeration

The poultry industry is hugely important in East Anglia, producing about a quarter of the country’s chicken GARY FORD gas leak. No-one else was injured in the incident. The company will be bought by Derbyshire-based Chesterfield Poultry. It was rumoured Bernard Matthews has also been considering a bid. Farmers Guardian understands there had been two offers from

potential buyers, with only one keeping the company at its Norfolk site. NFU chief poultry adviser Gary Ford said: “The poultry industry is hugely important in East Anglia, producing about a quarter of the country’s chicken, so this will be welcome news for the sector and the people employed at Banham Poultry. “Chickens are now being collected from farms in the area, which will be a relief to our farmer members supplying the site.”

Creditors But creditors were expected to be unlikely to receive all the money owed to them. Mr Ford added: “What is unclear is the situation facing NFU members who may be creditors of the previous company and we will be seeking clarification from the administrators on this.” He urged any members with queries or concerns to contact NFU CallFirst on 03708 458 458.

10/10/2018 12:04


UK’s land market is ‘likely to become even more polarised’ rMarket looking

cheaper than EU land

The UK land market continues to have a reputation as a safe haven in times of uncertainty.

By Alex Black POST-Brexit subsidy plans could exacerbate property trends which see quality land attracting strong bids and less productive land struggling to sell. The Government’s announcement that direct payments will be phased out meant it was unlikely there would be a glut of land for sale as the UK leaves the EU. But the two-tier market was likely to become ‘gradually more pronounced’, as buyers looked for the most productive land or to maximise public goods payments. According to the Knight Frank farmland index for the third quarter, the average value of bare agricultural land in England and Wales dipped by 1.8 per cent, meaning prices had dropped 4 per cent over the past 12 months to an average £17,410/hectare.

Uncertainty And buyers were seeing no reason to rush into purchases, as Brexit uncertainty continued to weigh heavy on the market. The future of the EU’s future trade relationship with the UK was also a concern, with serious shortterm implications for farming from a no-deal outcome. Andrew Shirley, head of rural research at Knight Frank, highlighted there were factors outside

of the industry which influenced the market. “Rollover buyers are still extremely active,” he added. And English buyers were active in Scottish markets looking to reinvest rollover funds from housing developments. UK land was looking ‘relatively cheap’ by European standards and Mr Shirley suggested its reputation as a safe haven in times of political and economic uncertainty could soon ‘come to the fore’. Tom Stewart-Moore, head of farms agency Scotland for Knight Frank, said there were similar trends throughout Scotland, but there was a lot of regional difference.

In a post-Brexit world, the new schemes available will be added to this list as another key consideration DAVID HEBSDICH He said: “The good, premium places are selling really well. He added there was good

Down on the Farm

demand for prime arable land, but less so for forestry. David Hebsdich, partner at Carter Jonas, said the UK land market’s outlook was more nuanced than ‘two-tier’ implied, with buyers looking at factors including accessibility, fertile ground and sporting uses. “In a post-Brexit world, the new schemes available will be added to this list as another key consideration,” said Mr Hebsdich. He added the ability to take payments in a lump sum could generate an opportunity to manage retirements and release land. “However, whether this amount will be significant enough to impact the market is debatable,” he said.

with Philip Cosgrave Agronomist, Yara UK Ltd.

Grazing management of re-seeds this autumn Due to this summer’s drought, many re-seeds were sown late and may only be fit to graze now. Grazing orientated perennial ryegrass swards require specific management practices to get the most from them.

stock or sheep is preferable. Bigger animals have more of a tendency to cause sod pull and poaching. A first grazing can usually take place when the sward is at 6 – 8 cm’s in height.

There is a tendency to delay the initial grazing of these new leys which leads to grass covers building up. Then when animals graze them, there’s a high degree of sod pulling. This first grazing is important. New leys should be grazed as soon as the new roots are strong enough to withstand grazing. We can check for this by using our fingers to see if the root stays anchored in the ground when the plant is pulled.

Don’t be tempted to allow grass to build up on this autumn’s re-seeds to cut for silage at the end of the month. This will inhibit tillering, resulting in more open swards which will be more susceptible to weed germination in the spring.

Early grazing of re-seeds is important as it allows light into the base of the ley which will encourage tillering. A light grazing by calves, young

01472 889250

p17 Oct12 OM KH BB.indd 2



Yara UK

If you haven’t soil tested before seeding, then it would be a good idea to do so before the spring. New leys are more productive and utilise nitrogen more efficiently but only if soil fertility is adequate.

www OCTOBER 12 2018 | 17

10/10/2018 12:05


Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture

Caroline Drummond was the 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture award thanks to her delivery of a variety of innovations, spearheading change and promoting the industry. Danusia Osiowy reports.


n 2017 Caroline Drummond was awarded the prestigious accolade of Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture. The leader of Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf) received rapturous applause from the audience during the British Farming Awards for her achievements and influence on British agriculture, which has spanned 37 years. As the organisation’s chief executive, Caroline has unequivocally made farming in the UK more environmentally responsible for the future by combining modern farming with conservation and building a better public trust and understanding of food, farming, health and the environment. It is these values which have been at the heart of her career, and her commitment to learning and sharing best practice has seen her

become extensively involved in many partnerships and initiatives (see box). David Richardson, first chairman of Leaf, says: “I have done a lot of silly things in my life but appointing Caroline as leader of Leaf was not one of them. “I, along with others, were concerned about the widening gap between farmers and consumers and we were determined to re-establish trust by encouraging responsible farming and better public understanding of it. “Two hours spent in her company and I knew she was the person to take it forward.”

Growth Caroline has been instrumental in its growth in the member-led organisation which represents thousands of farmers across the UK. One significant area of her success has been the implementation of the Integrated

Farm Management (IFM) initiative, an approach which encompasses the best of natural farming methods balanced with modern technology. Farmers work in developing key areas such as soil management, landscape preservation, energy efficiency, fertility and technology. Today there are a growing number of farmers following the IFM approach and involved with Leaf demonstration farms, showcasing best practice and sharing knowledge. Many members have also adopted the Leaf Marque accreditation scheme where farmers have been externally verified to demonstrate their commitment to Leaf’s high environmental standards. The assurance scheme is being adopted by many retailers including supermarkets, food halls and farmers’ markets. Caroline has worked tirelessly to Caroline Drummond (centre) with AgriBriefing global head of content Emma Penny (left) and Anita Roberts, from sponsor NSF International.

This award is so very special and is an inspiration to me to work harder and continue our great work. I will treasure this

CAROLINE DRUMMOND promote the system through launching demonstration farms, writing technical papers, conducting audits, and speaking at numerous farming conferences and seminars. The result has been an intensive collaboration between farmers, scientists, the food industry and consumers. In 2017 Leaf merged with the charity, Farming And Countryside Education to form LEAFEducation strengthening and deepening the educational capability in the organisation. Alastair Leake, director of policy and Allerton project at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, says: “Caroline’s influence has been immense. “She has managed to get us somewhere where many of us thought would be impossible and managed to link farming, the environment and society – that is an amazing achievement.” One particularly popular event which brings the three together is Leaf’s Open Farm Sunday, which has – and

Supported by

For more information visit 18 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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Caroline Drummond is the leader of Linking Environment and Farming. continues to be – one of the farming industry’s biggest successes. Since its inception in 2006, more than 1,600 farmers across the UK have opened their gates and welcomed around two million visitors onto their farm on a dedicated Sunday every year. Social media activity has also significantly grown, reaching 427,000 on Twitter and 280,000 on Facebook and elevating agriculture’s profile to the wider public. Caroline says: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to discover first-hand what it means to be a farmer and the fabulous work they do producing our food, enhancing the countryside and all the good and services farmers provide. “Each event is unique and based around the farm’s individual story.” In 2003, she was recognised for her contribution to the farming industry as a Pioneer for the Life of the Nation by The Queen and was selected as a woman of achievement for Women of the Year 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2009, Caroline was recognised in The Queen’s Birthday honours list and received an MBE for services to agriculture. When she is not sitting on an influential committee or playing a central role in changing British farming policies, Caroline supports husband her, Phil, on their family dairy farm in the Looe Valley, south east Cornwall, where they

manage 130 cows and have a child Gabrielle. Growing up in Hampshire, she did not come from a farming background; her father was a deep-sea diver. But, from an early age, she became fascinated by the countryside and by her natural surroundings. Excelling in maths, chemistry and biology, she went on to secure a place at Seale Hayne College – on the condition she gained farm experience – she spent a summer working in Paris before working for a year on a dairy farm in Wales milking cows three times a day. “At that time, agricultural college wasn’t an obvious choice for a girl and I found myself in a class where the men outnumbered the women four to one,” she says.

Experience Far from deterring her, she became the first female student union president at the college and lead singer of the college band. It was here she also met her husband. On gaining her degree she travelled extensively and worked on dairy, arable and sheep farms, drove forklift trucks for a living, stripped maize, worked in an abattoir and even herded sheep on a motorbike in Australia. After gaining lots of practical farming experience, Caroline later took a lecturing job at Shuttleworth Agricultural

College where she was involved in the crops team focusing on sugar beet, cultivations, and crop management. Three years later she was appointed to lead Leaf and the organisation has never looked back. Mike Barry, director of sustainable business at Marks and Spencer, says: “She has been, for years, at the heart of transforming British agriculture. “Thousands of farms are better off, consumers are better off and the hundreds of thousands of products that retailers put on the shelves are better off all because of Caroline’s work.” Upon receiving the award for Outstanding Contribution to British Agriculture, Caroline said she was overwhelmed to have received the accolade and was quick to pay tribute to her peers and colleagues.

“I am extremely humbled, proud and excited to be receiving this award for Outstanding Contribution to Agriculture. “But it is really Leaf and all our farmers, staff, board and supporters that this award is for, so it is to them I salute and give recognition to for all their great work and achievements. “I am, indeed, flattered as this is such a prestigious award, I am very lucky my role at Leaf allows me to have made so many friends across the industry and I take great pride in the values we stand for. “This award is so very special and is an inspiration to me to work harder and continue our great work. I will treasure this with great pride.” ■ The winner of this award will be announced at the awards evening on Thursday, October 18.

MORE ABOUT CAROLINE DRUMMOND ■ Caroline was chairman for the 2005 Oxford Farming Conference ■ In 2009 she was awarded an MBE for services to agriculture ■ Honorary Doctorate from Harper Adams University ■ Completed a Nuffield scholarship in 2012 ■ In 2014 awarded Honorary Fellowship for the Society of the Environment

■ In 2017 she was awarded the IAgrE Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Landbased Sector ■ Director of the Agri-tech initiative CHAP, trustee for Rothamsted Research and council member for the British Nutrition Foundation ■ Caroline is also actively involved with North Wyke, the Agri-tech initiative – CHAP, the IAgrM, and the Science Museum

For more information visit

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Irish farmers stage protest as beef buyers ‘run amok’ rMinister accused of

giving way to factories By Alex Black IRISH farmers have held protests outside the beef forum at the Department of Agriculture and at ABP Clones in anger over prices dropping during a fodder crisis. The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) accused Michael Creed,Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, of allowing factories to ‘run amok and cut cattle prices to loss-making levels’ when prices were rising in the UK, the main export market. Joe Healy, IFA president, said these factories had used Minister Creed, who was opening new markets and driving exports, while at the same time cutting prices. “Since mid-July, the factories have

Farmers protest outside the Department of Agriculture.

hammered prices down from a base of €4/kg to €3.75 and are now trying €3.70. They took advantage of farmers in the drought and used the weather and costs against them,” he said, adding this had taken them down well below the cost of production. “During this period, despite repeated requests, the Minister never lifted a finger against the factories. He called

in the banks, he worked with the co-ops on the fodder issue – but never said a word to the meat factories. He gave them free rein and let them run amok.” On Tuesday (October 9) the Government revealed a €20 million beef support package with farmers receiving a payment of up to €40 per cow in its 2019 Budget. Minister Creed announced the

opening of the Kuwait market for Irish beef and sheepmeat, but the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA), which was protesting about price cuts during a fodder crisis outside ABP, said there was little prospect farmers would feel any benefit. ICSA beef chairman Edmund Graham said: “The opportunity to export to Kuwait will no doubt be great news for them and for all others who make money off the backs of farmers. “It is reprehensible primary producers continually get forgotten with all the hype.” It follows protests outside a pork factory in Tullamore, in response to Carroll’s using Belgian pork in its products despite cases of African swine fever in Belgium’s wild boar population. IFA managed to secure a commitment from Carroll’s to use all Irish pigmeat in its products following the protest.

JobsInAgriculture Jobs in your field

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SECTION SECOND BROW FARMHERE PROFILE Edited by Danusia Osiowy – 01772 799 413 –

Ice cream may be a popular diversification for dairy farmers but not all have the staying power demonstrated by Manor Farm in West Yorkshire. Olivia Midgley reports.

Diversification into ice cream proves a profitable move at century old farm


P21 22 23 Oct12 KH BB OM new.indd 2

significant changes have occurred the philosophy remains true to its core. Mark Goodall, fourth-generation dairy farmer at the 121-hectare (300-acre) farm in Tong, near Leeds, West Yorkshire, says: “The business has changed significantly from the days of my great-great grandfather who set up in 1918 milking about 20 cows. “But I would say the ethos is the

■ Manor Farm was founded in May 1918 ■ The site runs to 121 hectares (300 acres) ■ Mark and Stephen milk 200 Holstein Friesians twice-a-day on a 20-point herringbone parlour ■ Cows are fed a total mixed ration plus grazing ■ Selective culling has taken place this year due to issues with forage ■ Cows are turned out from April to October, depending on the weather

The business has changed significantly since 1918, but the ethos is the same. If we have an idea, we will try it and see if it works

The ice cream is sold in the farm’s popular parlour and local shops and restaurants.

dding value to milk was the driving force behind Manor Farm’s venture into real dairy ice cream. Now, 30 years on and with a loyal customer base and national award under its belt, the farm is looking to build on its success as its positions itself for the future. This year, the farm celebrates its 100th anniversary and while

Farm facts

same. If we have an idea, we will try it and see if it works.” Mark, who runs the farm in partnership with his uncle, Stephen, and wife, Karen, joined the business when he left school in 1983. It was five years later when his father, Michael, started making ice cream on the farm, selling it in a small shop on-site. Over the years the business has evolved and the Goodalls of Tong

MARK GOODALL ice cream brand has flourished. The product is now sold through local restaurants and shops as well as from the farm’s popular parlour in cones and one-litre take-home tubs. Core to the product is the dairy herd behind it. The Goodalls milk 200 cows, which, sticking with the family’s tradition, are all Holstein Friesians. Milking takes place twice-a-day on a 20-point herringbone parlour and each cow averages about 28 litres a day with 4.2 per cent butterfat and 3.4 per cent protein content.

Demand While the majority of the milk goes to Arla, a proportion is held back for making ice cream, and this fluctuates depending on demand. “The higher butterfat really helps the ice cream and gives it a rich, creamy flavour,” adds Mark, who spends about 10 per cent of his time making the ice cream. “I would say 90 per cent of our time is spent on the cows.” Minimal artificial insemination is used and cows are served with OCTOBER 12 2018 | 21

10/10/2018 13:14


The Goodalls milk 200 Holstein Friesians.

a dairy bull, currently Holstein Friesian Ingleview Casper. Depending on the weather, cows graze from April to October and are fed a total mixed ration, a move which Mark believes works well for their system. “We’re lucky to have a fantastic nutritional consultant in Jennifer Smith, of K.W. Feeds,” Mark says. “She has worked closely with us for about 20 years and is an integral part of the team.”

Challenges While Yorkshire usually gets its fair share of rain, it is the lack of it this year which has thrown up challenges for many businesses, and Goodalls is no exception. “This year has been an extraordinary one, in that I cannot remember it being so dry,” Mark adds. “It has meant we have had to selectively cull some cattle. I know many others are in the same boat. “We took a second cut of silage

which we fed in three weeks. I’d say in August/September we were a third down on silage stocks, which equates to about 700 tonnes. We bought-in 130t of hay, but that really is a drop in the ocean.” Despite a tumultuous few months on the farming side, the Goodalls’ customers have been revelling in the sunshine. And through a mixture of product development and record hot weather in the summer, the farm business has grown from strength to strength. “I would say the last 12 months have probably been our most successful yet,” adds Mark. “We worked hard on the ice cream flavours and the shop has been extremely popular. The fantastic summer we have had has obviously helped with that.” The family was rewarded earlier this year when its vanilla ice cream scooped an artisan award at the national Ice Cream Exhibition held

The higher butterfat really helps the ice cream and gives it a rich, creamy flavour MARK GOODALL

in Harrogate, which saw dozens of entires being judged. Karen says: “Winning the award was a real achievement because there is a lot of competition out there. “It is hard to believe but there are about 60 flavours of vanilla. It’s good to know we have got it right.

“We go to the exhibition every year because it is useful to see what other people are doing in the industry and share ideas from a whole range of businesses, from farm shops to solely ice cream manufacturers.” Listening to feedback has also

TOP TIPS FOR DIVERSIFYING ADVICE from a trusted source is key when planning to invest any amount of money into a new diversification project, but it is important to do your homework first, says Mark Goodall. “Yes, of course getting advice is important, but in the first instance you have to be confident you have a market for it,” he says. “If you 22 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P21 22 23 Oct12 KH BB OM new.indd 3

can, it is a good idea to test the water in a small way and limit the capital outlay.”

Individuality Karen adds: “You have to have your own idea with some individuality to it which sets you apart from others who might be doing similar things.

“If you have got a good feeling about something, trust your instinct, but do not be afraid to tweak your idea or change your plans. “Market research is important to do and remember to listen to it. “Listen to what your customers or prospective customers are telling you.”

If you have got a good feeling about something, trust your instinct KAREN GOODALL

10/10/2018 13:15


From left, Stephen, Karen and Mark Goodall.

been an essential part of ensuring the diversification remains relevant and, in turn, profitable. “It’s important to listen to what our customers are telling us. We do take on what they say,” says Karen. “Some suggest the flavours they’d like to see and other products they would like to see in the shop. Our Hocus Pocus ice cream, which is vanilla with cinder toffee, is by far our bestseller.” Success and the longevity of the enterprise has enabled the family to plough profit back in. “We have expanded as we have gone along,” says Mark. “It has enabled us to invest in more efficient pasteurising kit and further diversifications such as the children’s play area. “The new machine has made a

P21 22 23 Oct12 KH BB OM new.indd 4

real difference to the business. It used to take me nine hours to make a batch of ice cream but with the new one it takes four-and-a-half. “It has been a godsend this year when time has been short and customers have been flocking to the farm for ice cream due to the hot weather all summer.”

Enterprise Mark and Karen describe dealing with the public and the associated health and safety and food hygiene regulation that goes with such an enterprise as a ‘steep learning curve’. “Farmers have a lot of paperwork to deal with in the general running of the business, but, of course, a diversification like this definitely adds to that,” says Karen.

We worked hard on the ice cream flavours and the shop has been extremely popular MARK GOODALL

“I spend a lot of my time doing the paperwork and making sure everything is up to scratch as well as being on the customer-focused side of the business.

“We don’t get a lot of time together as any sort of business which is customer-facing means you are working unsociable hours, but we will hopefully get a bit of time out later in the year when things quieten down.” The workload has recently been eased thanks to the addition of Mark’s sister Alison.

Footfall Always looking to seek new markets, with the help of Alison the couple plans to branch out to cater for afternoon teas on weekdays when footfall in the shop is lower. “We are hoping this will increase trade when we are quieter through the week and through the winter when people don’t buy as much ice cream,” adds Karen. OCTOBER 12 2018 | 23

10/10/2018 13:15

Bridging gap between science and farming Certainty is rare in farming, but it is something every farmer craves. In a quest to confirm practical decisions made in crop agronomy and animal husbandry, an increasing number of farmers are conducting their own trials and openly sharing findings with the industry.


ichael Wagner, BASF’s business director of agricultural solutions in the UK, Ireland, the Nordics and Baltics says: “Scientific discovery is at the heart of agriculture, and the closer that discovery is to a farmer’s own land and practices, the more valuable it is. “While we know research and development is vital and respected by farmers as a mechanism for progress, our use of small-plot and laboratory-based discovery is considered too far removed from testing on farmers’ own fields, using their own kit and systems.” It was this desire for farmers to conduct meaningful trials themselves which drove a transformational partnership to be formed. Mr Wagner says: “Two years ago,

we started the BASF Real Results Circle, a three-way alliance between ADAS, 50 progressive UK arable farmers and BASF; our collective mission has been to remove the variability commonplace in farmscale agronomy trials. “To prove one system or practice delivers more output, or profitability, than another, requires statistical confidence. “By its very nature, an individual field on any farm contains a host of variations – some areas may lie wet and cold, while just metres away, the top of a hill could contain very little top soil and a lack of moisture or fertility.”

Tramline assessments The Real Results trials utilise the Agronōmics system to give tramline assessments statistical validity. Within the network of 50 farmers,

it has been used to determine the performance of one wheat fungicide programme with another. Daniel Kindred, part of the system’s development team, says: “The Agronōmics approach, developed by ADAS and AgSpace with the British Geological Survey, brings a new and unique scientific credibility to the design, management and statistical analysis of tramline trials. “Using Agronōmics’ new digital techniques for farm-based research, we have been providing the Real Results farmers with scientific support to help them design better trials as well as providing proper data analysis. This ensures they can have more confidence in the results than they would ever have had before.” Over the past three years ADAS, funded by Innovate UK, has led the

Agronōmics project, developing, with collaborators, the statistics and software to help run on-farm trials. Dr Kindred says: “Agronōmics is about trial design, the way we analyse the data and about doing farm-scale research well. It is also about having a closer connection between researchers and growers, recognising innovative ideas are just as likely to come from growers as scientists. “Using Agronōmics to design the BASF Real Results Circle trials will help remove variance. It is crucial to make sure the comparison is fair to start with and the two areas of the field chosen are comparable. We know there is spatial variation in fields and it is easy to come up with the wrong conclusion.” At present, Real Results is working with farmers to test cereal

For more information, visit 24 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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10/10/2018 12:07

Fostering collaboration between farmers and innovative agri-tech

fungicides, but it could be used Mr Wagner says: “Technology like this will be game-changing in helping farmers take meaningful decisions to help their business bottom-line.

Fungicide programme “To put this to the test, we invited farmers to trial a Xemium®-based fungicide programme against their farm standard. Based on our own trials we had confidence a programme based on our products, Adexar® and Librax®, would out yield alternative wheat fungicides. “What interested the farmers the most was how few of the 50 results were statistically significant. By using Agronōmics we determined that less than 20 per cent of the trials had achieved a statistically significant yield

difference between the two spray programmes, yet the farmers said that they would have regarded any yield difference as a valid indication of performance. “We plan to continue working with the 50 Real Results growers in a number of field-based research projects. Our aim is to partner with farmers to discover a lot more than simply the best fungicide – they will get great insight into unlocking yield potential, making it an invaluable way for them to eliminate some of the uncertainty in farming. “For BASF, Agronōmics is a vital part of this work. It complements our wider investment in research and development, and importantly, it gives the Real Results community an opportunity to trial our new pipeline of products on their farms.”

FARMERS themselves are great innovators, whether creating a quick fix to a problem or implementing more long-term solutions. Combining this with scientific knowledge results in a powerful collaboration to create new technologies to benefit farming. At Farm491, programme manager Dr Ali Hadavizadeh says: “We believe collaboration between scientists and growers is vital to ensure accuracy of technology and also to ensure farmers do not see technology as a barrier. We see several great scientific agri-tech ideas coming forward from innovative entrepreneurs, but they only succeed if sufficient research and development has been undertaken with the end user – farmers. “In our Inspiring AgriTech Innovation [IAI] bootcamps, we have the opportunity to help develop earlystage start-ups with fantastic agritech ideas, as we recently experienced again in our September bootcamp.”

Dr Hadavizadeh says: “Farm491’s network of connections in the farming industry means our members and IAI attendees can have access to the farms they need in order to really test their products and services in a real environment. This collaborative R&D is vital to ensure the technology being developed has been developed for farmers, and in a sense, by farmers. “Farm491 is really excited to see the agri-tech companies coming forward through entering the AgriInnovation Den competition. We hope to see solutions to genuine farm problems, showing clearly that the end user has been considered in all stages of development.” For any agri-tech companies who have applied for this year’s AgriInnovation Den, please get in touch with Farm491 for support in your getting pitch ready for the final. FIND OUT MORE Go to

What is Agri-Innovation Den? AGRI-Innovation Den is the perfect platform for fledgling businesses looking to accelerate growth. Launched by Farmers Guardian’s parent company AgriBriefing in 2015, the competition invites agricultural entrepreneurs to pitch their

business ideas to a panel of industry judges and potential investors. Six overall finalists will each win a unique agri-marketing and business advice package, worth more than £6,000, plus a chance to access a multi-million-pound funding pot.

For more information, visit

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SECTION HERE SECOND BROW ARABLE Edited by Teresa Rush – 01787 282 822 –

‘Evolving’ glyphosate resistance in sterile brome RESEARCHERS have found that some UK populations of sterile brome (Bromus sterilis) have reduced sensitivity to glyphosate and are in the process of evolving resistance. Results from the research, led by Laura Davies, based at ADAS Boxworth in Cambridgeshire, and published in Weed Science, indicate that control of sensitive populations of sterile brome using glyphosate ranged from 49 per cent to 82 per cent, and suspected resistant populations from 21 per cent to 30 per cent.

Controlled Suspected resistant populations were incompletely controlled at the recommended field rate of glyphosate (540g/hectare), while adjacent unexposed populations were completely controlled, according to the research report. The authors say: “We conclude that some UK populations of B. sterilis have reduced glyphosate sensitivity and are in the process of evolving resistance. “This is the first reported case of reduced glyphosate sensitivity in any UK weed species and in B. sterilis worldwide. This, coupled with increasing glyphosate use, highlights the need for increased vigilance and monitoring for glyphosate resistance in the UK.”

Rainfall earlier in the month has helped potato harvesting.

Patchy progress in potato harvesting rLifting done later in

bid to improve yields By Marianne Curtis

RAIN in some areas last weekend has given a boost to potato lifting. But harvesting has seen delays for various reasons, including bruising risk, delayed skin set and a

Dry conditions make sugar beet harvest challenging INITIAL sugar beet harvester test results from the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO) indicate operators are managing to keep losses to a minimum, but dry and hard soil conditions are proving challenging, with the everpresent threat of higher surface losses due to root breakage and snapping in the ground. Scalping is proving to be an issue, and growers should expect a mixed bag of excessive green and over-scalped crowns in the sample, according to BBRO. A BBRO spokesperson says: “Not only are harvesters confronted with varying sizes of beet but a vari26 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P26 Oct12 KH BB TR.indd 2

ation in crown height, due to dry hard conditions and the beet growing out of the ground.” Scalping is also contributing to surface losses, with some protruding roots being knocked over by the scalping knives. Keeping scalping knives as high and sharp as possible will help to reduce this effect, advises BBRO. Root breakage appears to be under control, with the only major threat coming from the dry soil conditions and tap root being left behind. When planning a lift, evaluate surface conditions for compaction and when harvesting begins check tap roots are being lifted fully, BBRO adds.

desire by growers to maximise yields towards the end of a difficult growing season. Ben Sykes, who grows 220 hectares of potatoes in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, had harvested 1020 per cent of the crop by October 8, when he would normally have harvested 40-50 per cent by this time. He says: “They were planted a lot later because of a wet spring and it has been a stressful growing season with the heat. “We have had to wait a long time for them to mature and now we are harvesting dangerously late.”

Yields Mr Sykes grows processing potatoes, mainly destined for McCains and several other customers. With potatoes grown on contract and prices fixed, he has opted to harvest later to try to improve yields which he describes as ‘average to poor’. “On unirrigated fields, so far we have averaged 30 tonnes/ha whereas on irrigated crops we have averaged 50-55t/ha,” he adds. With 22mm of rain falling on October 5, lifting conditions have been ideal on October 7 and 8, he says. Conditions for storage are also good, with low nighttime temperatures cooling soils.

We have had to wait a long time for them to mature and now we are harvesting dangerously late BEN SYKES According to AHDB, soil moisture and skin set were the key influences on lifting progress in the week commencing October 1. In regions which had some rainfall, lifting progressed well with ideal conditions. However, on drier soils, increased bruising of samples has been reported with some growers opting to delay lifting and wait for some rain. Delayed skin set is also postponing lifting for some, while mixed skin sets have been reported from the same lift. Cooler conditions have helped to dissipate field heat, which has aided movement to stores, says AHDB.

10/10/2018 10:33


Multi-nutrient mineral fertiliser offers slow S release option rBoulby said to be first polyhalite mine in world

Polyhalite fertiliser PotashpluS is a 50:50 mix of Polysulphate and MOP.

By Marianne Curtis DEVELOPING a new range of granular speciality fertilisers based around Polysulphate (polyhalite) is the goal of ICL UK, which has recently brought PotashpluS to the market. The company is based at Boulby Mine near Saltburn, Cleveland, and ceased mining muriate of potash (MOP) in June, switching its operations to mining and processing polyhalite and producing PotashpluS using its existing compaction plant, which has undergone a £3.2 million upgrade to ensure product quality. Boulby is said to be the first polyhalite mine in the world. Mining began in 2011 for a 20,000-tonne bulk sample. Since then one million tonnes have been mined and the process is now fully industrialised, explains ICL UK sales and marketing director Howard Clark. “Polyhalite is a naturally-occurring evaporite mineral that provides four essential plant macronutrients in a single fertiliser; potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulphur. It also contains trace elements such as boron.” ICL has branded the mineral Polysulphate.

Manufacture To manufacture PotashpluS, powdered Polysulphate and MOP are put through a compactor. The powder is fed in under pressure to make a flake which is then crushed to make small chips of material. Currently, more than 90 per cent of Polysulphate is exported, says Mr Clark. The mine is about 25 miles from Tees Dock, located on the River Tees, which has rail reception, road reception and road and sea dispatch. Boulby Mine is linked to the port by rail. PotashpluS is a 50:50 mix of Polysulphate and MOP. It contains 30.7 per cent of potassium as potassium sulphate and potassium

Key points n Polyhalite, brand name Polysulphate is a mineral containing K, Mg, S and Ca n Sulphur release is steady and in line with crop needs n Manufacture and marketing of PotashpluS, based on Polysulphate with added MOP is fully underway at ICL UK’s Boulby Mine in Cleveland n Early trials have shown an 8 per cent yield advantage in potatoes when using PotashpluS compared with MOP n ICL plans to extend its speciality fertiliser range

chloride; 1.8 per cent of magnesium as magnesium sulphate; 9 per cent of sulphur as sulphate; and 5.7 per cent of calcium as calcium sulphate. Richard Ward, ICL UK Polysulphate business manager, says it is positioned as a straight fertiliser but can be used in a blend. “Particularly in spring it offers a way to apply sulphur with potassium decoupled from nitrogen. For peas and beans which do not require N it offers a different option.

“It is suitable for all soil types and with acidic soils where ammonium sulphate should not be used this product can help.” The product allows even distribution of nutrients and can be placed, says ICL UK agronomist Scott Garnett. “It spreads accurately to 36 metres meaning fewer passes on the field. It is an ideally balanced fertiliser of potassium and sulphate with additional benefits of other macronutrients.”

Sulphur release Mr Clark says sulphur release from Polysulphate products is steady and in line with crop needs. “You don’t need to put as much S on as for ammonium sulphate.” The company has conducted trials on potatoes using the same amount of potash on areas treated with either MOP or PotashpluS. PotashpluS resulted in an 8 per

RECOMMENDED DOSE OF ICL POTASHPLUS High K demanding crops Crops Sugar beet, potato Recommended dose of ICL PotashpluS (kg/ha) 600-900

p27 Oct12 KH BB TR.indd 2

Moderately K demanding crops Oilseed rape, maize, fodder, peas 200-300

Cereal crops Wheat, small grains 200

It [polyhalite] is suitable for all soil types and with acidic soils where ammonium sulphate should not be used this product can help RICHARD WARD cent increase in yield over MOP, says Mr Garnett. ICL plants in the Netherlands and Germany are producing PKpluS compounds where Polysulphate partially replaces MOP and a proportion of the potassium content is in sulphate form, allowing flexible use in many crops, according to Mr Ward, who adds that NPKpluS compounds could also be a future option. OCTOBER 12 2018 | 27

10/10/2018 13:05


OD formulation boost for Atlantis WHAT IS AN OD FORMULATION?

rTrials show product

has ‘a clear advantage’ A NEW herbicide option is available to growers considering a post-emergence herbicide against black-grass this autumn. Atlantis OD (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron) replaces Atlantis WG (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron). Although they contain the same active ingredients, the two products have different formulations, which result in different field performance, says Bayer. Bayer technical manager Dr Gordon Anderson-Taylor says: “In trials,

the oil dispersion formulation – Atlantis OD – has been shown to have a clear advantage over the water dispersible granule formulation – Atlantis WG – for controlling black-grass.” Several years’ trials are said to

USING ATLANTIS OD TO maximise the effects of Atlantis OD on weeds, apply early in the season when the target weed is small. Active growth is also important to ensure the active substances are taken in by the leaves Source: Bayer

New aphicide for use in OSR and sugar beet FLONICAMID insecticide Teppeki has been approved by the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) for use in both oilseed rape and sugar beet. Teppeki is formulated as a water dispersible granule containing 500g/kg flonicamid. According to Belchim marketing and development specialist Ed Burks, following the loss of neonicotinoid seed treatments in sugar beet, Teppeki is currently the only registered aphicide with no known resistance issues. “In sugar beet, it can be used to control both black bean aphid and peach potato aphid. Both these aphids can transmit virus to the crop. On oilseed rape Teppeki is specifically used for aphid control. Especially important is peach potato aphid, a vector of turnip yellows virus.” 28 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P28 Oct 12 TR KH BB.indd 2

show a difference of 6 per cent in overall black-grass control between Atlantis OD and Atlantis WG. The reason for this difference is thought to be related to the presence of metabolic resistance in black-grass. By delivering the active ingredients more effectively, the OD formulation can overcome this resistance mechanism more effectively and offer improved control, it is claimed. “Season dependent, we can get average control of 55 per cent from an application of Atlantis OD + biopower. Of course, in most circumstances, Atlantis OD will not be the only product in the programme – it will follow a pre-em programme.

IN an OD formulation the active substances are protected by oil, which is dispersed within the water in the sprayer. The oil assists the active in penetrating the leaf. Oil dispersion formulations are difficult to develop but, when successful, they are very good at delivering the active ingredient to where it is needed Source: Bayer

“But I think most people appreciate how it is the small details that add up when it comes to blackgrass control. “While the benefit from the OD formulation over the WG appears relatively small at about 6 per cent, every per cent counts when controlling black-grass.”

How to use Teppeki SUGAR BEET ■ For control of aphid virus vectors an application of Teppeki at 0.14kg/ha should be made when the infestation level is at the economic threshold and aphid numbers are increasing. Aphid numbers should be monitored early in the growing season when temperatures are increasing and aphids begin to migrate into the crop ■ Teppeki has a persistence of 21 days, is safe to all beneficial insects and natural aphid predators and may be used

safely as part of an integrated pest management programme ■ The maximum number of applications is one per crop OILSEED RAPE ■ Teppeki can be applied in the autumn from the 2 leaf stage of the crop at a rate of 0.10kg/ha ■ The maximum number of applications is one per crop but be aware of the latest timing when applying to oilseed rape – Teppeki should not be applied later than the 8 leaf stage of the crop Source: Belchim

Insecticide Teppeki is now approved for use in sugar beet and OSR.

09/10/2018 17:55

p29 Oct12 FP.indd 2

10/10/2018 14:50


Two years of trials have produced some useful pointers for those growers looking to c and brome. Martin Rickatson reports on the areas to focus on to better target the

Trials aid rye-grass and brome co


esults from research conducted by Agrii over the past two years suggests those with significant rye-grass or brome issues should use many of the same principles recommended for tackling black-grass. These include the same postharvest cultivation techniques to manage seed return and permit delayed drilling, using higher seed rates and competitive varieties to achieve higher levels of control. But with brome in particular it is essential to be sure of the species present before making a control plan, while with rye-grass farmers need to take into account its potentially long germination period and propensity for spring emergence, plus the danger of weed resistance. That is according to Will Foss, Agrii regional technical adviser, who says the firm’s trials have proven later drilling and higher seed rates to be a sound foundation for out-competing rye-grass, while brome control work has shown the benefit of including preand peri-emergence treatments in

Rye-grass – key messages n Later drilling diminishes rye-grass’ competitiveness n Build herbicide programme around pre- and peri-emergence

The problem with rye-grass is it can continue to be an issue for many years after a field has last grown grass

suggests, while later drilling also diminishes its competitiveness. “Our trials show a marked reduction in weed populations with late October drilling compared with late September establishment, with improved control percentages from autumn residuals and smaller, less-competitive survivors.”



a programme on the back of correct species identification and appropriate cultural control.

Competitive He says: “The problem with rye-grass is it can continue to be an issue for many years after a field has last grown grass, and it is more competitive and more yield-robbing than black-grass,

while also producing more seed. And with cases of contact herbicide resistance becoming more common, tackling the problem is becoming more challenging.” Where a field is known to have a regular rye-grass problem, a competitive variety and higher seed rate will give the crop a better chance of outcompeting the weed early on, he

In terms of the chemical element of a strategy, early spring assessment in an Essex-based trial from last year showed the benefit of building a programme using pre- and peri-emergence applications to counter high pressure situations, he says. “Again it is about stacking and sequencing the right active ingredients. Where we based this on Movon pre-emergence at one-litre per hectare, we saw 66.7 per cent

CONTROLLING BROME WHEN it comes to control of bromes, Mr Foss emphasises the necessity of determining the species present and adopting

the correct control strategy in response. “The serrafalcus species – meadow, rye and soft brome – are

harder to tackle, being springgerminating. Their seed is often under-ripe at harvest, so immediate burial induces dormancy and

promotes seed survival. The best control levels are therefore achieved by allowing the seed to ripen on the soil surface for at least a month, before following with a shallow cultivation to encourage the seed to chit, and then spraying off.

Where the brome population has been building up under a reduced cultivation regime, hitting the reset button with ploughing can be very effective Knowing which species is present is vital when planning brome control. 30 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p30 31 Oct12 TR KH BB.indd 2


09/10/2018 15:43

Beware of rye-grass’ competitive nature and longer germination period, which often extends into spring, says Will Foss.

ing to control rye-grass t these weeds.

me control

ges treatments in high weed pressure situations n Consider an early spring residual ‘top up’

control. But adding Wicket at three litres/ha to Movon at one-litre/ha produced 90 per cent control, while a level of 100 per cent was produced by a combination of one-litre/ha Movon plus three litres/ha Wicket followed by half-a-litre/ha Pontos. “These assessments were conducted on April 19, but the final headcounts still produced 15 ears/ sq.m in the 100 per cent control treatment from April, which gave a final result of 97.4 per cent, suggesting the possibility of a very late spring germination. This begs the question as to whether there is any value in using an early spring residual ‘top-up’ where rye-grass germination takes place over an extended period, and where ALS and den resistance is an issue. But it is essential to check the label’s application cut-off dates.”

“With sterile and great brome, the anisantha species, it is exposure to light after harvest which induces dormancy. If there is not a good covering of chopped straw, this makes shallow cultivation as soon as possible after harvest a good practice, reducing light exposure to the seed and encouraging it to chit so it can be sprayed off.

Cultivation “Where the brome population has been building up under a reduced cultivation regime, hitting the reset button with ploughing can be very effective if done well and seed is adequately buried.”

Brome - key messages n Important to identify brome species present as control strategies differ n Picolinafen and pendimethalin are important components of a herbicide programme targeting bromes

p30 31 Oct12 TR KH BB.indd 3

Active ingredients used in trial n Liberator (diflufenican+flufenacet) n Orient (pendimethalin+picolinafen) n Wicket (prosulfocarb)

Over the last two years Agrii has also used a pair of trials, one with early-drilled crop and one late, to investigate the effect of high or low

In a sterile brome trial which tested a number of pre-ems applied on October 20, the best results were achieved from onelitre per hectare of Movon plus either Avadex Factor at 3.6 litres/ ha, Wicket at three litres/ha or Orient at three litres/ha, all of which gave more than 70 per cent control, with Orient being the strongest mixer partner and giving 82 per cent control. Where Wicket was used at only two litres/ha, results were less impressive. “Within the same trial we also looked at the addition of peri-em herbicide treatments, in which the former pre-emergence treatment of Movon + Wicket was applied on October 20, with the peri-em treatments being applied on October 26. “The strongest peri-em treatment in this trial was half-a-litre/ha Pontos plus three litres/ha Orient, which took overall control to 88 per cent, showing the importance of picolinafen and pendimethalin to the mix for brome control.”

disturbance drill choice, drilling date and herbicide programme on rye-grass control. Year one results clearly showed drilling later and minimising soil disturbance close to or at drilling reduced the numbers of rye-grass plants emerging in the crop and ultimately led to more effective control, says Mr Foss.

Disturbance “But year two produced rather different results. In the early-drilled trial, when established with a low-disturbance drill, ryegrass ear counts totalled 36/sq.m, while with a high disturbance drill the figure was 64/sq.m. “In the later-drilled trial, when established with a low-disturbance drill, rye-grass ear counts totalled 103/sq.m, while with a high disturbance drill the figure was 57/sq.m. “This perhaps suggests the greater soil movement reduced numbers, possibly by controlling more emerged plants at drilling compared to the lower disturbance.” The addition of a March-applied residual herbicide to this trial produced some interesting results. In the earlier drilling and when averaged across the two drill types and all herbicide programmes, where the extra spring residual of Liberator (0.3 litres/ha) plus Orient

n Movon (diflufenican + flufenacet + flurtamone) n Pontos (flufenacet + picolinafen) n Avadex Factor (tri-allate)

(three litres/ha) was used, the ear count was 17/sq.m. Where it was omitted, the figure was 31/sq.m. “Results were very similar in the later drilling. When averaged across the two drill types and all herbicide programmes, where the spring residual was used the ear count was 17/sq.m. Where it was omitted the figure was 34/sq.m.” Drawn together, the trial results suggest farmers should adopt the same cultural control techniques for rye-grass as those recommended for black-grass. “Beware of its highly competitive nature and longer germination period, which often extends into spring. Also bear in mind the possibility of target site or enhanced metabolic resistance to fop/dim/den chemistry, or enhanced metabolic resistance to ALS herbicides, and have weeds tested if this is suspected. “Where EMR is confirmed, improve control chances by spraying when the rye-grass is small. “Where ALS or dim resistance exists, including a spring residual treatment such as Liberator + Orient [picolinafen + pendimethalin] has been shown to improve control by an average of almost 20 per cent over and above the control achieved from the main herbicide programme.” OCTOBER 12 2018 | 31

09/10/2018 15:44


Contractor Innovator of the Year


The partnership between contractor and farmer is of great importance with the demands on food production and we are proud to announce this year’s finalists. Ben Davies Ben Davies Agricultural Contracting, Montgomeryshire

Neil Fell N.R. Fell Mobile Sheep Dipping, Durham

BEN started his business aged 22 in 2010 while full-time working for BT as an engineer. Three years later, he focused on contracting full-time after saving frantically over the years to buy his machines and now he owns three of his five tractors. After identifying a need for the process in his local area and working with other contractors, he now specialises in full service bale business across Mid Wales and Shropshire. When baling is quiet, Ben has secured contracts with two large arable farms in spring and autumn undertaking various contracting duties. Business has grown to enable him to afford his brother full-time as well as seasonal workers over busy periods,

NEIL established a contract mobile sheep dipping business in 2013. Since his first year he has gone from dipping 2,500 sheep to more than 107,000 and has built up a customer base across the UK. As a sheep farmer, Neil understands the constant threat from parasites and has raised awareness on the rise of sheep scab, working with vets and organisations to communicate the impact it has on animals and farmers if not addressed and controlled. He has invested significantly in new technologies and has designed a mobile hydronic cage dipper,

and prides himself on delivering a reliable and efficient service to customers. Investing in technology, Ben works with his local dealer to ensure he and his drivers are competent in using machinery to deliver an optimum service.

Roger Glennie Hillhead of Ardo Farm, Aberdeenshire

Andrew Howseman Howseman Agriculture, Lincolnshire

ROGER has grown from an arable and sheep farm to a successful farming and contracting business over the last 10 years. Through working closely with his clients and suppliers, he is able to offer bespoke services alongside arable contracts. Working extensively with Christmas tree plantations and farming businesses, he embraces new technologies to improve yield. Having not been content with a contractor providing proponic acid application to whole barley, Roger devised his own mobile system and now contracts with this, processing more than two tonnes annually. He has further identified a market for mulching equipment to reinstate

WITH 30 years’ experience in irrigated potatoes and vegetables, Andrew’s business supplies and installs drip/trickle irrigation services for these enterprises. The contracting business comes after he identified a requirement from growers to initially hire equipment for a season to reduce costs. The business carries out the whole installation, supplying equipment and commissioning the systems and working closely with growers throughout the whole season through to harvest, removal and storage for the following year. Andrew is responsible for about 283 hectares (700 acres) of potato cropping in Lincolnshire and works closely with his customers to help them understand costings and benefits and

farm tracks and clear areas of gorse to improve soil and hopes to launch a new prototype mulching machine to improve efficiencies. Adhering to a three-year business plan has enabled Roger to diversify into drainage and he employs three others as part of his team.

James Whitwell J.T.W. Agg Co, Lancashire

which he believes to be the first of its kind. In 2017, he began manufacturing the concept and has already sold to customers in the UK. Neil plans to run three mobile units and will be able to handle more than 8,500 sheep/day at peak times.

offers a comprehensive planning system alongside the practical delivery. Andrew carries out labour-saving and, with a hands-on knowledge, he and his team constantly evolve systems of work and update and manufacture better equipment to support operations.

Supported by

JAMES has been working in the contracting sector for 12 years and strives to deliver an excellent customer service. Refusing to rush jobs and instead working collaboratively with other contractors, he undertakes all arable work and has expanded the business this year by buying grain and bean crimping machines. Through identification of this service, he is able to offer a point of difference and is already planning to upgrade the crimping machine to double capacity. James has developed positive relationships with other contractors and instead of becoming involved in pricing wars, something he is strongly

against, he works with them to offer services and help reduce overall costs for farmers. Looking ahead, he is also looking to purchase a Fastrac to expand business out of the North West and cover more counties.

For more information visit 32 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p32 Oct12 DO KH BB.indd 2

10/10/2018 15:05


Edited by Angela Calvert – 07768 796 492 –

Bids run to £42,000 for Blackface rams r213 shearlings

BEEF Shorthorns peaked at 2,700gns at Carlisle’s autumn sale. Taking the top spot was the first lot under the hammer, Kramer of Upsall, an April 2016-born bull consigned by Gerald Turton, Thirsk. The Glengloy Frigate-bred bull was knocked down to the Ballaseyr Stud, Isle of Man. Leading the way for the females at 1,600gns was Cutthorn Amber’s Lady, a May 2017-born heifer from A.J. Gibson Farming, Newcastle upon Tyne. By Cutthorn Investor out of Cutthorn Amber’s Jade, it went home with Messrs Smith, Laurencekirk. Following this at 1,500gns was Ballyvaddy Tessa K843 which caught the eye of Messrs Falkingham, Goole. The February 2016-born heifer by Watchman of Upsall was consigned by T. and K. Madden, Co Antrim.

successful bidders Joe and John Dickinson, Northern Ireland. Following this at £10,000 was an entry from James Murdoch and Son, Straiton, Ayrshire. The shearling was bought in half shares by Mr Ferguson and Markdhu Farms, Newton Stewart.

TOPPING the sale of Ruby Red Devon cattle at Sedgemoor at 3,600gns was the pre-sale show champion Coxwell Sherpa, from Berners-Alsop Estate, Faringdon, Oxfordshire. The two-year-old bull was knocked down to A.J. Jones and Son, Raglan. The reserve champion, Dittisham Dimpsey followed at 2,000gns. The January 2017-born bull consigned by Sue Fildes, Dartmouth, went home with Gareth Jenkins, Wick.


Realising 1,250gns was another May 2017-born heifer from Messrs Gibson. This time by Cutthorn Investor, it sold to Messrs MacDougall, Renfrewshire. Also taking place was the Lawns herd dispersal on behalf of H. and I. Ashton, Wigan, which topped at 1,650gns for Lawns Frigante, a 2012born cow by Chapelton Wildfire. The winning bid was from Messrs Smith. AVERAGES: 1 bull, £2,835; 5 females, £1,333.50; Lawns herd dispersal, 18 cows, £1,122.33; 12 maiden heifers, £1,005.37; 1 stock bull, £1,260; 3 young bulls, £875. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

AVERAGES Bulls, £2,940; in-calf heifers, £1,113; served heifers, £665; maiden heifers, £704. Auctioneers: GTH.

p33 Oct12 AC HN KH BB.indd 2

AVERAGES: 213 shearlings, £1,147.18; 25 ram lambs, £1,232. Auctioneers: Craig Wilson.

AVERAGES: Shearling ewes, £121; ewe lambs, £74; rams, £348. Auctioneers: CCM.

Ruby Red Devons sell to high of 3,600gns

Topping the females at 1,650gns was an in-calf heifer, Whitefield Orange 228, from Heywood and Hurd, Taunton, which caught the eye of Steve Cleverdon, Hatherleigh. Next at 1,150gns was the female champion, Coxwell Fanciful 43. The maiden heifer, again consigned by Berners-Alsop Estate, sold to new breeder Noel Sharp, Taunton.


Ram lambs peaked at £5,000 for one from Ian McKnight, Newton Stewart, which was knocked down to Mr McClymont.

Champion Coxwell Sherpa, from Berners-Alsop Estate, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, which sold for 3,600gns to A.J. Jones and Son, Raglan.


Beef Shorthorns reach 2,700gns


AVERAGES were up by £312.69 on the year at Newton Stewart’s sale of 250 Blackface rams. Leading the bids at £42,000 was a shearling ram from David Ferguson, Newton Stewart, which was knocked down to a syndicate of Willie Dunlop, East Lothian, Colin McClymont, Newton Stewart, and Wilson, Jim and Colin Ramsay, Castle Douglas. Three other shearlings from the same home sold for £4,000. Next, at £14,000, was a Cuil-bred shearling consigned by Mr McClymont, which took the eye of

THE Lleyn Sheep Society sale at Skipton saw a top price of 550gns for Bronallt Gus, a ram from A.W. Davies, Pwllheli. By Bronallt Dwain, the shearling ram went home with M.H. Handley, Clitheroe. Lochar Gilroy followed at 500gns, the shearling ram by Lochar Fantastic was consigned by J.K. Goldie, Dumfries. It was knocked down to J. Bownass, Settle. Leading the females at £165/head was the first prized pen of shearlings from Hamish Goldie, Dumfries. They sold to M.D. Shields, Thirsk. Another pen from the same home sold for £160/head to Rosneath Farm, Argyll. Making the same money was another pen of shearlings, this time from M.J.S. and S.I.J. Shields, Otley. They sold to Paradise Farmers, Hull. Ewe lambs topped at £90/head for the first prized pen, consigned by T. and I. Walling, Selkirk, and selling to M.D. Shields.

Blackface shearling ram, from David Ferguson, Newton Stewart, which sold for £42,000 to a syndicate of Willie Dunlop, Colin McClymont, and Wilson, Jim and Colin Ramsay.

average £1,147.18

Skipton Lleyns see steady demand

Coxwell Fanciful 43, from Berners-Alsop Estate, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, which sold for 1,150gns to Noel Sharp, Taunton. OCTOBER 12 2018 | 33

09/10/2018 17:56


UK’S LARGEST AUCTION DIRECTORY Visit the UK’s most comprehensive auction listings at

Stock bull leads Newark trade price of 8,000gns

TRADE peaked at 9,000gns at the Autumn Limousin Day at Newark, with 220-head finding new homes and an 89 per cent clearance rate. Topping the trade was Loosebeare Iain, a 2013-born stock bull bred by the Quick family, Devon, from Messrs Booth, Sheffield. By Loosebeare Fantastic, out of a Haltcliffe Anzac dam, it sold with a beef value of +46 to Esmor Evans, Mold. Next, at 5,800gns, was Mereside Hallmark, a 2012-born bull bred by the Hazard family, Grantham, offered as part of the dispersal of the Gascoines herd for the Gascoines Group, Southwell. This Dormeue son was the pick of J.F. Vance and Sons, Minsterley. Making 4,000gns was Gascoines Nebraska, by Hallmark, again from the Gascoines Group, which

was knocked down to P.J. Wilson, Whitwell. At the same money was Calogale Magnum from Messrs Lee and Lloyd, Kidwelly. By 145,000gns Trueman Jagger, it was bought by Ian Rowe, North Wingfield. Also at 4,000gns was another by Hallmark, Gascoines Nimrod from the Gascoines Group, which sold to J. Booth, Doncaster. Taking the final 4,000gns call was Coachhouse Neil, by Mereside Daytona, from Messrs Heald, Retford, which was knocked down to Ian Wildgoose, Scarcliffe.


rFemales see top

Cow and calf Topping the females trade at 8,000gns was a cow and calf from Darren Wharton, Norfolk. This was Withersdale Jasmine, an Amptertaine Commander daughter which sold with a heifer calf and in-calf to Withersdale Invader to Anita Padfield, Great Yarmouth. Next, at 5,000gns, was in-calf

Loosebeare Iain, from by Messrs Booth, Sheffield, which sold for 9,000gns to Esmor Evans, Mold.

heifer Withersdale Miribelle by Sympa, from the same home which sold in-calf to Kaprico Eravelle to G. and S. Gilleard, Doncaster. At 4,500gns from Gascoines dispersal was Cockleshell Misty, bred by the Pitcher family. By Mereside Hannibal, the in-calf heifer sold carrying to Fieldson Beefy to R.N. Gent, Laxton, Nottinghamshire.

AVERAGES 20 bulls, £3,506.25; 18 young bulls, £1,513.75; 33 cows and heifers in-calf or with calves, £2,170.16; Gascoines dispersal - in-calf heifers, £2,168.91, 38 cows and calves, £2,344.54; 49 maiden heifers, £1,564.29. Auctioneers: Newark Livestock Sales.

Calogale Magnum, from Messrs Lee and Lloyd, Kidwelly, which sold for 4,000gns to Ian Rowe, North Wingfield.

New Lonk record of £7,350 set at Clitheroe A NEW Lonk record of £7,350 was set at Clitheroe for a shearling ram from T. Whitwell and Son, Clitheroe, which sold to C. Crowther, Greenfield. The champion was a shearling ram from the same home, which sold to R.S. Howard, Blackburn, for £6,825. Top price aged ram at £1,050 was from A.D. Morton, Waterfoot, and sold to Messrs Whitwell. The champion and top price female at £450 was a shearling ewe from Messrs Whitwell and sold to C. Brett, Whitworth.  34 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p34 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 2

Breeding ewes sold to £190 for a two-shear from T.W. Pickard, Blackburn, selling to S. Riley, Helmshore. Gimmer lambs peaked at £250 for one from S. Bosworth, Burnley, selling to C. Mitchell, Holmbridge. AVERAGES Aged rams, £354; shearling rams, £850 (+£162 on 2017); ewes, £147,50; shearling ewes, £141.30; gimmer lambs, £85. Auctioneers: Clitheroe Auction Mart.

Coachhouse Neil, from Messrs Heald, Retford, which sold for 4,000gns to Ian Wildgoose, Scarcliffe.

Angus bulls to 3,000gns at Carlisle AT the sale of Aberdeen-Angus cattle at Carlisle bidding reached a peak of 3,000gns. This was for the pre-sale show champion, St Fort Pipe Major, a March 2017-born bull from A. Mylius and Partners, St Fort, Fife. By Wedderlie Fantastic and out of St Fort Primula Mary, it was knocked down to Messrs Ferguson, Newton Stewart. Following this at 2,700gns was a January 2017-born bull from M. and H.D. Currie, Kingholm Dictatoris by Liley Eastern and out of home-bred cow, Kingholm Didoneit. It went

home with Messrs Peek, Newton Stewart. Making the same money was the reserve show champion, Buckhurst Lord Hunter, a Rawburn Boss Hogg son, out of Blelack Lady Heather. Consigned by John Walsh, the April 2017-born bull sold to Messrs Watson, Morpeth. AVERAGES 5 bulls, £2,646. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

10/10/2018 15:49



Three-shear Herdwick ram, from A. Hartley, Broughtonin-Furness, which sold for 4,000gns to Messrs Wilson, Bootle.

Herdwicks take the lead rPrices reach high

of 4,000gns

AT Broughton’s Farmers Guardian-supported sale of Herdwick and Swaledale rams, the sale leader at 4,000gns was A. Hartley, Broughton-in-Furness, with a three-shear Herdwick ram. It was knocked down to Messrs Wilson, Bootle. This was followed at 3,200gns for another from the same home, this time selling to Messrs Wrathall, Seathwaite. David Thompson, Woodland, followed with a pen of seven Herdwicks which topped at 2,220gns and 1,800gns. They went home with Messrs Harryman, Ambleside, and Messrs Whittle, Grizebeck, respectively. The Herdwick show champion realised 700gns. This was a twoshear from Joe Weir, Borrowdale. It went home with Messrs Tyson, Cockermouth.

Next at 500gns was the winner of the aged ram class, a threeshear consigned by J. Bland, Borrowdale, which sold to Messrs Tyson.

Swaledale In the Swaledale ring, prices reached a high of £1,000 for a shearling ram from Messrs Hartley, which took the eye of Messrs Birkett, Ambleside. Following this at £600 was the winner of the aged ram class, from Messrs Lightfoot, Glenridding. It sold to Messrs McWilliam, Broughton. From the same home was the overall Swaledale champion which sold for £450 and was knocked down to Messrs Hoggarth, Ulpha.

p35 Oct12 AC HN KH BB.indd 2

Herdwick ram, from David Thompson, Woodland, which sold for 2,200gns to Messrs Harryman, Ambleside.

Herdwick ram from David Thompson, Woodland, which sold for 1,800gns to Messrs Whittle, Grizebeck.

Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Aged ram class winner, a three-shear Herdwick, from J. Bland, Borrowdale, which sold for 500gns to Messrs Tyson, Cockermouth.

Herdwick ram, from A. Hartley, Broughtonin-Furness, which sold for 3,200gns to Messrs Wrathall, Seathwaite.

Show champion, a two-shear Herdwick ram, from Joe Weir, Borrowdale, which sold for 700gns to Messrs Tyson, Cockermouth.

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 35

10/10/2018 15:06


UK’S LARGEST AUCTION DIRECTORY Visit the UK’s most comprehensive auction listings at

Bluefaced Leicesters top at 11,000gns r166 ram lambs

average £1,152.69 LEADING the day at Kirkby Stephen’s show and sale of Bluefaced Leicesters at 11,000gns was a ram lamb from Messrs Brown, Great Asby. The ram by Smearsett K1 was knocked down to R.D. Archer, Hexham. Next, at 8,000gns, was a ram lamb by Highberries G001, from Neil Marston, Cockermouth. It sold to Messrs Pears, Caldbeck. Realising 7,000gns was the show champion, a ram lamb by Highberries G1. It was consigned by Mr Marston and went home with R.S. and

B.A. Harker, Kendal, and R. Hargreaves, Burnley. Following this at 6,000gns was a ram lamb consigned by W.C. Porter, Reeth. By Carry House J002, it was knocked down to Messrs Lord, North Stainmore, and Messrs Willoughby, Redmire. Top priced female at 2,500gns was a shearling from F.G. Marshall, Barnard Castle, which sold to P. and A. Sowerby, Kirkby Thore. AVERAGES 166 ram lambs, £1,152.69; 30 shearling rams, £955.56; 5 aged rams, £712.50; 7 females, £920. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Droit Luke at 5,200gns AT the sale of British Blue cattle at Carlisle, the day peaked at 5,200gns for Droit Luke. The two-year-old bull, by Dafydd D’Ochain, was consigned by Richard Mowbray, Newton Stewart. It went home with Messrs Baillie, Newton Stewart. Next, at 4,000gns, was the winner of the bull class and show champion, Stonebyres Murphy, from A. and C.S. Comrie, Stonbyres. By Boherard Cantona, the winning bid went to Messrs Coates, Canonbie. Realising 3,600gns and selling to Messrs Noble, West Linton, was Stonebyres Maverick. The February 2017-born bull by Manchester Du Bois Remont was also consigned by Messrs Comrie.

Topping the females at 3,000gns was the reserve champion, Tanat Midnight, a January 2017-born heifer by Tenace De La Praule. Consigned by W.R. and W.W. Jones, Oswestry, it was knocked down to Messrs Falkingham, Goole. At the same money was a December 2017-born heifer, Homilton Mona, from Roly Carr, Newcastle upon Tyne. By Colos Van Daisel and out of Cromwell Fuchsia, it went home with Messrs Dodds, Lockerbie. AVERAGES 5 bulls, £3,833; 2 females, £3,150. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Top price was a Castle Yeoman son, from R.H. Paton, Castle Crawford, which sold for £9,000 to J. Robertson and Son, Langholm.

Hill Cheviot rams reach £9,000 high THE show and sale of Hill Cheviot rams at Lockerbie peaked at £9,000 with 308 sold to average £801.97, down £88.99 on the year for 16 more sold. The sale leader was a Castle Yeoman son from R.H. Paton, Castle Crawford, which sold to J. Robertson and Son, Langholm. The pre-sale show championship went to J. Common and Son, Crossdykes, with a Mainside Viscount-sired shearling.

It went on to sell for £7,000, with Messrs Common retaining a half share and J.F. Irving and Son, Mountbenger, taking the other. The highest priced two-shear was a Hindhope Thistlecrack son, consigned by T. Elliot, Hindhope, which sold for £5,500 to Messrs Common. The first-prize two-shear ram from I.H.G. Warden, Hawick, was a Cnewr Ambassador son, which made £3,200 to Skirkfield Farms, Biggar. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Highlands to 4,000gns at Oban show and sale HEIFER calves stole the show at Oban’s Highland cattle sale. Leading the day at 4,000gns was Sonasag 2 of Cladich, a January 2018-born heifer by Campbell of Tilbouries, consigned by Queenie Strickland, Dalmally. Realising 3,500gns was Capleadh Prioseag 11 of Broomrigg, an April 2014-born cow by Jock of Inversnaid. In-calf to Fergus Rhuadh 5 of Knockendon, it was consigned by Messrs Fountain, Lockerbie.


Next, at 3,200gns, was Lady Jane White 2 of Cladich, a February 2018-born heifer, also from Mrs Strickland. Following this, at 3,000gns, was Demi Ogilvie Ruadh of Cladich, a January 2018born heifer from the same home, also by Campbell of Tilbouries.

Top price was for Droit Luke, a two-year-old bull by Dafydd D’Ochain, from Richard Mowbray, Newton Stewart, which sold for 5,200gns. 36 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p36 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 2

AVERAGES 6 three-year-old cows, £1,995; 7 two-year-old cows, £1,347.50; 11 yearling heifers, £876.75; 25 heifer calves, £1,120; 3 cows, £1,540; 3 bull calves, £805. Auctioneers: United Auctions.


Lady Jane White

Sonasag 2 of Cladich, from Queenie Strickland, Dalmally, which sold for 4,000gns.

10/10/2018 14:04

MART’S THE HEART SALES Ram lamb, from Allan Wight, Midlock, which sold for £16,000 to Obie Sharp and C.J. Campbell, Lauder.

Top price, a lamb from Andrew and Caroline Hunter, Bellingham, Northumberland, which sold for £20,000 to Allan Wight, Midlock.

rSale of 627 ram

lambs averages £1,354 TRADE at the Farmers Guardian-supported sale of Bluefaced Leicesters at Hawes was better than many had anticipated, peaking at £20,000, with the 627 ram lambs forward averaging £1,354, down £185 on the year. Topping the sale were Andrew and Caroline Hunter, Bellingham, Northumberland, who, on only their third trip as sellers at Hawes, repeated last year’s feat of hitting £20,000 for a lamb. It was by G1 Midlock and out of a ewe by the Mustang son, G34 Midlock.

Ram lamb The buyer was Allan Wight, Midlock, who had the next joint top price of £16,000 for a ram lamb by K4 Marriforth out of a ewe by Mustang, which was knocked down to Obie Sharp and C.J. Campbell, Lauder. The Midlock pen averaged £4,556 for nine lambs.

Leading the flock averages at £5,025 was Derek Hall’s Firth flock, Penicuik, whose pen also peaked at £16,000 for a son of the £6,000 Midlock G37, which is by Mustang and out of a ewe by Nunscleugh G1. It was bought by Northern Ireland duo, Alistair Christie and William Adam. A brace of lambs made £11,000. The first was from Martyn Archer’s Carry House flock, Wark. By Highberries Highlander out of a ewe by G34 Midlock, it sold to Messrs Pedley, Sedbergh, and Shaun Proctor, Musgrave, with the pen averaging £2,421 for 14 lambs. Also at £11,000 was the pen leader from W.A. and A. Booth’s

Smearsett flock, Feizor. A son of G11 Smearsett out of a ewe by Z4 Hundith, it sold to D. and M. Teasdale, Haydon Bridge, and W. and P.F. Walton, Bardon Bridge. The 15 lambs from the Smearsett flock averaged £3,520.

Shearling On his first appearance at Hawes as a vendor, Alan Shennan, Girvan, sold a lamb from his Farden flock for £10,000. By a Blarnavaid shearling out of a Highberries ewe, it sold to a consortium of buyers from Northern Ireland: A. McKillop, Cushendall; I. Montgomery, Ballymena; S. Duncan, Crumlow, and J. Stuart, Garvagh. Also selling for £10,000 was L4 Hewgill by H45 Hewgill out

of a ewe by E47 Hewgill from Messrs Lord, North Stainmore. It was snapped up by Stewart Park and Eunice Mills, Sanquhar. The Hewgill flock averaged £4,989 for its nine sold. Aged rams sold to £3,000 for J. and K. Metcalf and Son, Richmond, while shearling rams went to £4,600 for J.A. and R. Caton, Skipton. Shearling gimmers sold to £2,000 for J. Buckles, Kirkby Stephen, and gimmer lambs to £650 for W.C. Porter and Sons, Richmond. AVERAGES Ram lambs, £1,354; shearling rams, £664; aged rams, £855; shearling gimmers, £717; gimmer lambs, £379. Auctioneers: Hawes Farmers Auction Mart.

Pen leader from Derek Hall, Penicuik, which sold for £16,000 to Alistair Christie and William Adam, Northern Ireland. PICTURES: WAYNE HUTCHINSON

Pen leader from W.A. and A. Booth, Feizor, which sold for £11,000 to D. and M. Teasdale, Haydon Bridge.

Bluefaced Leicesters hit £20,000 at Hawes

p37 Sep12 AC KH BB.indd 2

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 37

09/10/2018 17:57



Left to right: Hilary, Adam and Ken Ridley, of Allenshields, Co Durham, with their overall champion pen which sold for £180 per head.

Lazonby saw a total entry of 18,026 Mule gimmer lambs sold.

Mule gimmers sell to £210 r18,026 Mules sell

to average £77.45

TOPPING Lazonby’s Farmers Guardian-supported sale of 18,026 Mule gimmer lambs at £210/head was J. Lee, Whitfield, with a pen of gimmers which were placed sixth in the pre-sale

show. They were knocked down to J.J. Brough, Wigton. Next, at £200/ head, was a pen from Messrs Wallace, Brampton. They sold to Messrs Brough, Wigton. Realising £180/head was the

champion pen of 10 gimmers from K. and H.A. Ridley, Consett, Co Durham, which went home with D.W. and D. Elliott, Mungrisdale. Making the same money was J.W. Smith-Jackson’s pen of fifth prize gimmers which caught the eye of Messrs Ridsdale, Penrith. The second prize pen from W.M. Reed and Son, Bishop Auckland,

Saucy Charollais top at 2,500gns THE Saucy Sale of Charollais females at Worcester topped at 2,500gns for a shearling ewe from the dispersal of the Wedderburn flock from Jonathan and Janet Corbett, Newent. Carrying a single to 22,000gns Ffrwd Top Notch, it sold to Patrick

Tully, Bridgwater, who went on to buy its triplet sister carrying twins to Top Notch for 1,800gns. Next from this group was 1,700gns paid by David Roberts, Kenley, for a Rhaeadr Popeye daughter in-lamb to Top Notch. The consignment from the Top price, a shearling ewe from Jonathan and Janet Corbett, Newent, which sold for 2,500gns to Patrick Tully, Bridgwater.

p38 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 2

AVERAGES 18,026 Mule gimmer lambs, £77.45. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

Carlisle sale of Easycare sheep

Ingram family, Aberdeenshire, topped at 1,800gns for a shearling ewe by Logie Durno Regal, carrying twins to Hollylodge Supreme. The buyer was James Amphlett, Brecon.

AT Carlisle’s sale of Easycare sheep, the winning bid of 1,100gns was cast by Messrs Blaylock, Coldstream, for a shearling ram consigned by Derek Steen, Moffatt. Another shearling ram from the same home followed at 1,050gns. This time it was knocked down to Messrs Conroy, Co Galway, Ireland.

Ewe lamb

Shearling rams

Stewart Thompson, Co Donegal, paid 1,550gns for a ewe lamb by 25,000gns Knockin Shockin, from the Edstaston flock of Robert and Jeanette Gregory, Harmer Hill, Shropshire. Ewes peaked at 1,150gns for a Rhaeadr Orlando ewe carrying triplets to Hollylodge Supreme from the Loanhead flock of Gregor and Bruce Ingram.

Mr Steen sold three more shearling rams which realised 1,000gns apiece which went to Messrs Sordy and Sons, Alnwick, and Messrs Conroy. Females topped at £125/head for a pen of shearlings from Michael J. Clarke, Blairgowrie, which went home with Messrs Parkhouse, Argyll. Others from R. Harrison and Sons, Longtown, followed at £108 and £100/head and sold to Messrs Taylor, Longtown, and Messrs Atkinson, Appleby-in-Westmorland, respectively.

AVERAGES 4 ewes, £808.50; 50 shearling ewes, £645.42; 18 ewe lambs, £717. Wedderburn dispersal – 20 in-lamb shearling ewes, £698.25; 8 shearling ewes running with ram, £420. Auctioneers: McCartneys. 38 | OCTOBER 12 2018

made £162/head and went to Messrs Graves, High Hesket.

AVERAGES 20 rams, £474.83; 157 females, £84.97. Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington.

10/10/2018 14:05


UK’S LARGEST AUCTION DIRECTORY Visit the UK’s most comprehensive auction listings at

Centre record for Hereford females set sells for 7,500gns A NEW centre record of 7,500gns was set for a Hereford female at the Farmers Guardian-supported breed society sale at Hereford on Tuesday (October 9). This was for March 2017-born Shraden 1 Alice P809 from M.J. and H.M. Timmis, Baschurch. The buyer was J.D. Hodge, Berwick-upon-Tweed. By Dendor 1 Knuckleduster and out of Shraden 1 Alice C198, and in the breed’s top 5 per cent for retail beef yield and top 10 per cent for milk, it took the female championship in the pre-sale show and was also the 2018 Royal Welsh Show female champion.

Heifer At 3,100gns was the April 2017-born heifer Spartan 1 Amy, from S.C. Hartwright, Abingdon. By Bosa 1 Hereward and out of Eldersfield 1 Amy K916, and in-calf to Bromley 1 Mystery, it sold to Uel Shaw, Dungannon. Making 3,000gns was Romany 1 Lucy K956 R16, by Fardre 1 Hi Hidalgo K956, from J.R.B. Wilson and Sons, Kelso, which sold to Bowen Contracting, Nelson.

Bulls met a more difficult trade with a top price of 5,000gns for the junior champion, Vexour 1 Phantom, from Surrey-based J. Boomaars, selling to R.A. Mitchell, Dorchester. This March 2017-born bull is by Solpoll 1 Landmark and out of Romany 1 Mink A84 J22. Making 4,300gns was Barwise 1 Nabucco from C.S. Fletcher, Appleby-in-Westmorland, selling to Hawkins Farming, Bosbury.

Royal Welsh This summer’s Royal Welsh Show reserve champion, February 2017born Rempstone 1 Eric V463, by Hawkesbury 1 Vespa and from M. Ludgate, Thame, sold for 4,000gns to Michael Clark, Tetbury. Also at 4,000gns was Panmure 1 Pudding from J.M. Cant and Partners, Angus, bought by T.D. and W.T. Livesey, Normanton-Le-Heath. This bull is by Dendor 1 Leota and out of Panmure 1 Plum F15. AVERAGES 8 show heifers, £3,425.63; 16 bulls, £2,933.44; 13 for sale only females, £1,324.62. Auctioneers: Brightwells.

North Country Cheviots to £14,000 at Lairg THERE were 267 North Country Cheviot rams on offer at the Lairg annual sale, achieving a 90 per cent clearance rate and a top price of £14,000. This was for a ram from Suisgill Estate, Sutherland, which went home with Messrs Douglas, Selkirk.

Ram Two more lots realised £11,000 from Badanloch Estate, Sutherland, and Torrish Estates, Helmsdale. They sold to Messrs Allan, Stouphill, and Suisgill Estate, respectively. At 9,500gns was another ram from Messrs Douglas, which was

p39 Oct12 AC BB MB.indd 2

Shraden 1 Alice P809, from M.J. and H.M. Timmis, Baschurch, which sold for 7,500gns to J.D. Hodge, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

knocked down to Badanloch, which also sold the next lot at 7,200gns. It went home with Armadale, Thurso. Topping the 7,916 females at £178/head was a pen of hill type shearlings from K. MacLennan, Tain. Park type shearlings sold to £145/head from A. MacKay, South Balkeith. Ewes peaked at £142/ head for a pen from Achentoul Farms, Kinbrace. AVERAGES 267 rams, £1,068.54; 1733 shearling ewes, £81.12; 6135 aged ewes, £64.63. Auctioneers: United Auctions.


rShraden 1 Alice

Top price bull and junior champion, Vexour 1 Phantom, from J. Boomaars, Surrey, which sold for 5,000gns to R.A. Mitchell.

Builth Wells BFLs THERE was a steady trade at Builth Wells at the Wales and Borders Registered Crossing Bluefaced Leicester Club sale, which peaked at 2,650gns. This was for the second prize ram lamb, Llanilltyd L3, from D.I.L. and E. Jones, Llanilltyd. By R1 Snabgreen and out of a Z1 Tymawr ewe, it sold to T. Davies and Co, Llwyncadwgan, and J. Hughes and L. Davies, Rogerstone.

Top price yearling at 2,300gns was K1 Tymawr from R.G. and B.M. Jones and Son, Tymawr. By H12 Riddings and out of a E1 S.P. Dalpeddar ewe, it was bought by D.A. Davies and Son, Delidre, Llanidloes. AVERAGES 110 yearling rams, £581.31 (-£114.09); 10 ram lambs sold averaging £648.38 (+£201.55). Auctioneers: Brightwells.

Herdwick rams top at 9,500gns HERDWICK rams sold to 9,500gns at Cockermouth for an entry from W.S. Jackson, Rosthwaite, which was knocked down to A.S. and C. Hodgson, Glencoyne. Next, at 6,200gns, was a ram from Kevin Wrathall, Seathwaite. This was followed at 6,000gns by a ram from Messrs Bland, Thirlmere, and then one selling for 4,000gns from C.I. Hartley, Barfield.

Shearling ewes sold to £300 for W.D. and D.E. Tyson, Keswick, who also had the top price ewes at £240 and the top price and winning ewe lambs which sold for £105/head. AVERAGES Rams, £661; ewes, £41.19; shearlings, £61.29. Auctioneers: Mitchells. OCTOBER 12 2018 | 39

10/10/2018 15:52

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AGRICULTURE’S NA 42-54 Auctions

55 Jobs 56-60 Livestock 60-61 Feedstuffs & Bedding 66-67 Equestrian See Beef Supplement inside




Auction Mart 01200 445376 or 01200 441351, Fred 07713 075660, Ann 07710 709979, Rachel 07713 075659, John P 07713 075662


Saturday 13 October SHOW OF 150 SUCKLED CALVES

10.30am 10.30am 9.30am 10.30am 12noon 12.30pm

Est 1803

“All livestock sold under national conditions of sale recommended for use by the L.A.A.”


Thursday 18 October Weekly sales

10.30am 100 PRIME CATTLE, 100 CULL 10.30am 250 REARING CALVES followed by 11.30am 80 COGENT DAIRY DAY including 22 I/C Hols Fr Cows & Hfrs, 1 Norw Red Bull, 14 pedigree Hols Fr Young stock from Aliann. 1.00pm 1100 PRIME SHEEP & CULL EWES

Saturday 20 October

9.30am 1500 CULL EWES & PRIME LAMBS 10.30am 1200 BREEDING EWES & RAMS 12.30pm 1000 GIMMER & STORE LAMBS

Thursday 25 October following regular sale Dispersal for J G & C M Carter, Inskip 75 in-milk and in-calf HolsX, NMR, TB4 catalogue on the web

AUTUMN STIRK SHOW Tuesday 6 November at 12noon AUTUMN SALE OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT Free web advertising including pictures for early entries, please call 01200 441351


BENTHAM AUCTION MART (015242) 61246 (Sale Days) 61444 (Office) Stephen 07713 075 661 Greg 07713 075 664 Will 07590 876 849

Tuesday 16 October




10.30am 40-50 Feeding & Cast Cows

To include bulls, cows & calves, in-calvers and bulling heifers SALE ENTRIES CLOSE 5:00PM TUESDAY 23RD OCTOBER

Wednesday 17 October



12noon 100-150 Rearing Calves 4pm 2000 Cast Ewes 6pm 3000 Lambs SHOW & SALE OF MULE PRIME LAMBS

Saturday 20 October

Three Counties October Sheep Fair


Breeding Sheep & Gimmer Lambs

750 Horned Breeding Ewes; 500 Mule/ Texel Ewes & Shlgs 1250 Gimmer Lambs

Tuesday 23 October


Wednesday 24 October

MONTH END DAIRY SALE Show & Sale of Newly Calved Dairy Cattle

Tuesday 30 October


Monday 5 November

Dispersal Sale of 150 Holstein, Friesian & Blended Dairy Cattle on behalf of PD & PJ Mason, Coat Green Farm

Tuesday 6 November

Feeding & Cast Cows & OTM Cattle Web: 2ND SALE OF SUCKLED CALVES SAWLEY, Nr Clitheroe BB7 4LH (01200) 441351 MONTHLY SALE OF STORE BENTHAM, Nr Lancaster LA2 7HF (015242) 61444 CROOKLANDS, Nr Kendal LA7 7NU (015395) 66800 Entries for catalogue by Monday 29th October






TUESDAY 23RD OCTOBER PRIZE SHOW & SALE OF SUCKLED CALVES In conjunction with Sale of OTM Cattle Feeding Bulls & Store Cattle ALSO SALE OF BREEDING CATTLE To include Dispersal of Suckler Herd On behalf of A Guy, Nova Scotia (see website for details/photos) Sale at 10am Tel: Auctioneer Libby Bell 07818435728

The Livestock Auctioneers Association

KNOW THE EXACT SALE PRICE BEFORE YOU AGREE TO SELL Contact your local Livestock Market at



p042.indd 42

October 12, 2018

10/10/2018 12:50:21

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today


Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today 61-66 Buildings & Building Materials 68-70 Property 70-71 Finance 70 Entitlements 71-72 Motors 73-89 Tractors & Machinery

Market Results


68 Dairies, Heifers to £1830, Cull Cows 160p/kg - £1212.60 Clean 190p/kg to £1298.60, Pigs 134p/kg - £186.76, Calves Lim Bull to £392, Lambs £196p/kg - £95.20


The Autumn Gold Collective Sale of


I 55 Freshly Calved Holstein Cows & Heifers from HJ Baldwin & Sons, Beneknowle, Courtway, Dinnaton, Huntlodge, Longmoor, Mendip, Moorshard, MC Powell, Anton T Smith, Starlet, Swallowdale & Wapley I 3 Pedigree British Friesian Bulls from Goonhilly I 15 Incalf Cows from The Woodhorn Group (Swedish Red X) & Anton T Smith I 7 Incalf Heifers from The Woodhorn Group (Swedish Red X) To include The Final Consignment from Dispersal Sale being 38 Freshly Calved & Incalf Holstein Friesian Cows & Heifers from Anton T Smith (removed from Cape Farm, Badminton, Gloucester). Herd Average: 10,898 kgs; 3.98%BF; 3.374%P; SCC=171. Cubicle Housed; Robot milked. ** Further Entries Invited **

Fully Catalogued Sale from some of the Leading Herds in the Midlands and Surrounding Counties. A TREMENDOUS ENTRY already received from: Alsopdale (3), Bartlewood (2), Broomhouse (7), Brundcliffe (2), Coxongreen, Critstone (3), Dubthorne (3), Harleygrange (3), Honeycroft, Knowlepark (11), Leaventhorpe (2), Littonfields (2), Nurseryfields (10), Rownall (2), Stud (2), Tissington (2), Whitster, Whitecroft (3), 10 July Calved Heifers from the Nurseryfields Herd of Messrs Woolley 11 Pedigree Bulling Heifers from the Knowlepark Herd of Messrs Godber 1 Pedigree Limousin Stock Bull (18 mths) 1 Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Stock Bull (26 mths) 1 Pedigree Hereford Stock Bull


For Further Details & Catalogues Contact (01889) 562811 Ref: MEE


Store Sheep Sales 10000 STORE LAMBS & BREEDING SHEEP

FARM STOCK SALE The company have been favoured with instructions to disperse the entire inventory of three tractors, 4x4, ATV and a small field of machinery and livestock equipment from this well-known North Tyne stock farm.

8000 Store Lambs – 10am Start, 2000 Breeding Sheep – 1pm Start

SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER 2018 Next Sale Saturday 3rd November


Dinley Hill, Birtley, Hexham, Northumberland On Behalf of Messrs M & S Wood (Retiring) Saturday 20th October 2018 at 10.30am

Incl Show & Sale of Blue Face Leicesters

Further details and photographs of selected items will be available to view on our website Additional Entries will be accepted by permission contact Chris Armstrong on 07808 721957. Catalogues will be available on the morning of the sale. TERMS CASH - REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE Hexham & Northern Marts, Mart Offices, Tyne Green, Hexham, NE46 3SG. Tel. 01434 605444.

SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER – Entries Close 20th October Fat/Barrens: Graham Watkins & 07976 370894 Dairies: Meg Elliott & 07967 007049 Stores: Mark Elliott & 07973 673092 Sheep: Robert Watkins & 07929 946652 Visit us at

Read guides on key industry topics, all in one place. Visit

• Mart Offices, Hexham • Tel: 01434 605444 • Fax: 01434 604651 • e-mail •

To subscribe call 0330 333 0056

FG fillers Aug18 98Wx20H.indd 4

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quoTe code H8001

23/08/2018 19:27

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 15:25:17 Auctions


sale catalogues can be downloaded from the website Monday 15th October Show and Sale of registered STORE LAMBS of all classes – 10.30am Followed by at approx 12.30pm


Friday 26th October Beef breeding cows and heifers in calf or with calves also bulling heifers and breeding bulls Entries close Monday 15th October

18 PEDIGREE HEREFORD CATTLE Friday 26th October Entries close Friday 5th October Show 11.30am Sale 12.30pm 10 bulls 8 females

Sale includes Dispersal Sale of 250 Texel x/Mule Stock Ewes (4 shear – shearlings), fully correct On behalf of Messrs Roper c/o Thomsen Estates


Wednesday 17th October


Also Special sale of 200 BREEDING RAMS 1.00pm - mainly Suffolk and Continentals


Including special section for native breeds and

500 CONTINENTAL CROSS SUCKLED CALVES – 11.00am Mainly hill bred and spring born 1.30pm - 300 Weanling cattle 10.00am - 350 Young calves Two day show and sale of


Friday 19th October 11.00am – Judging of all classes of bulls and championships Saturday 20th October 10.30am – Sale of 221 bulls Kindly sponsored by Semenstore Internet bidding facility available through our website Catalogues can be downloaded free at or on request at £4 plus £1 postage Second sale for all classes of

BLUEFACED LEICESTER SHEEP Monday 22nd October Entries close Monday 15th October

STORE & BREEDING SHEEP Special sale of BREEDING RAMS mainly Suffolks and Continental Monday 22nd October Entries close this weekend Autumn show and sale of


Up to 12 weeks of age Wednesday 24th October Show 9.30am Sale 10.00am

20 PEDIGREE BLONDE CATTLE Friday 26th October

Show 10.30am Sale 12.00 noon 14 bulls and 6 females




p044.indd 44

October 12, 2018

Show and sale of

LAZONBY MART Tel: 01768 898313

Prize shows and sales of 1,538

SUCKLED CALVES SHEARLINGS, ALSO GIMMER LAMBS Saturday 13th October Show 9.00 a.m. Sale 10.00am Followed by



Friday 9th November Entries close Friday 12th October

Wednesday 17th October – 10.00am Show for NEMSA members

Show and sale of


Friday 23rd November Entries close Friday 12th October

Premier Society show and sale of

ZWARTBLES INLAMB FEMALES Friday 23rd November Entries close Friday 26th October

BROUGHTON MART Tel: 01229 716308 or 07786 458266 (m) First show and sale of

150 SUCKLER CALVES, STORE CATTLE & BREEDING CATTLE Tuesday 16th October Show 10.00am Sale 11.00am Principal sale of

STORE SHEEP & FEEDING EWES Tuesday 23rd October Entries close at noon Monday 15th October Sale for all classes of SHEEP Tuesday 6th November EEntries close noon Monday 29th October


Wednesday 17th October Show 8.30am Sale 10.30am 139 Aged rams and 118 ram lambs Thursday 18th October & Friday 19th October Show 7.30am Sale 9.30am (each day) 950 Shearling rams “Luke Fair”

STORE CATTLE also OTM CATTLE Monday 22nd October Entries close 10am Monday 15th October

Tel: 01576 202332

Annual show and sale of Continental Cross and Traditional Breeds of


Mainly hill bred and spring born Tuesday 16th October Show 10.00am Sale 11.00am

WELSHPOOL LIVESTOCK CENTRE T: 01228 406230 Saturday 24th November Shows and sales of


DISPERSAL SALES The First Sale to disperse the Entire

HAWKSMOOR Herd (170 Head)

Thursday 25th October at Beeston Castle Auction – see Wright Marshall advert for full details On Farm dispersal sale of the

STOCKTON FLOCK of SUFFOLK SHEEP Saturday 27th October On behalf of Mr John Sinnett See separate advert in this issue for details

National Suckled Calf & Primestock Show National Prime Sheep Show Also official breed Society calf shows for Aberdeen Angus - British Blue Hereford - Beef Shorthorn - Simmental Trade stands, Demonstrations, Stocksman of the Year competition Free Entry and Parking

10/10/2018 14:46:05

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions

Great North Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BY


Telephone: 01636 676741 FORTHCOMING SALES:

13th October 2018

Breeding Sheep 11am From R. McLaine, Cromer 50 Suffolk x Mule Theaves Calves & Stirks 10.30am From T Smith, Threckingham (TB4) 4 British Blue Heifers (6-7 Months) From Messrs. Hill (TB1) 20 British Blue Rearing Calves (1 Month) From Richard Bee Livestock, Lincoln (TB4) 1 British Blue Steer (6 Months) 1 British Blue Heifer (6 Months) Store Cattle 12 Noon From Ian Kirk, Southwell (TB1) 1 Limousin X Cow with Calf at Foot (2 Months) 13 British Blue Cross Steers and Heifers (15-19 Months) From Ian Bosworth, Rolleston (TB1) 10 Limousin & British Blue Steers (14 Months) From J. Troop, Barnby (TB1) 7 Hereford Steers (22-25 Months) 25 British Blue Steers (22-25 Months) From Richard Bee Livestock, Lincoln (TB4) 5 Limousin Steers (6-8 Months) From Messrs. Greener, Worksop (TB1) 1 Purebred Charolais Heifer (8 Months)

• Paul Gentry on 07801 032846 Young Bulls, Clean Cattle, OTMS, Store and Breeding Cattle • James Sealy on 07772 618315 for all classes of Sheep and Land Agency • Keith Miller on 07801 032847 for Rearing and Reared Calves, Pigs and all classes of Sheep • Rachel Gascoine on 07885 432939 • Office on 01636 676741

Every Wednesday!!

Slaughter Only Markets Cattle, Sheep & Pigs, No TB Testing! No 6 Day Rule! Also selling finished Cattle weekly from Producers down with TB - Payment on the day!

From Richard Taylor 4 Saler Heifers (18 Months) 2 British Blue Heifers (15 Months) 2 British Blue Steers (15 Months) From EA Ward, Beckingham (TB4) 14 Limousin X Steers & Heifers (14-20 Months) Very smart out of Beef Cows

20th October 2018

Show and Sale of Bulls and Females on behalf of The Lincoln Red Cattle Society. No other Cattle this day.

27th October 2018

C Parson 4 Feeding Cows - 3 x Pedigree Blue and 1 Pedigree Pathenaise Also 1 Blue X, 1st calver with Limousin Heifer calf at foot (approx. 2 months)

24th November 2018

WINTER WARMERS SALE OF PEDIGREE IN-LAMB FEMALES & DRY HOGGS To Include: Texels, Beltex, Blue Texels, Charollais, Suffolks and Others Aged Ewes and Theaves Entry forms Available from Market Office or Contact James Sealy 07772618315



CDC Farms sold British Blue Young Bulls to £1,815.14 H Bray & Son sold Limousin Young Bulls to 213.5p/kg T Holmes sold British Blue Cows to £1,460.90 T Holmes sold Simmental Cows to £1,324.58 or 157.5p/kg T Holmes sold Limousin OTM Heifers to £1,296.26 or 178.5p/kg T Holmes sold Angus OTM Steers to £1,193.85 Frank Page sold Limousin Steers to £1,687.96 S Evans sold British Blue Steers to 235.5p/kg FJ Powner sold Limousin Steers to 235.5p/kg Frank Page sold British Blue Heifers to £1,615.53 RA Hall sold Limousin Heifers to 247.5p/kg Tom Hill & Ruby Wright sold Texel Lambs to £91.50 DV Holland sold Texel Lambs to 207p/kg Mark Green sold Texel X Store Lambs to £73.50 Emma Benge sold Beltex Cull Ewes £105.00 M Britten sold Charollais Cull Rams to £98.00

Top Prices:

October Limousin Day Sale Top Prices

Young Bulls to 213.5 - £1,815.14 Cull Cows to 178.5p - £1,346.85 Steers to 235.5p - £1,687.96 Heifers to 247.5p - £1,615.53 2,821 Sheep Sold This Week: Spring Lamb Average: 175.04p/kg Spring Lambs sold to 207p/kg or £91.50 Cull Ewes sold to £105.00 Cull Rams sold to £98.00 Store Lambs to £73.50 Shearling Rams to 380Gns

Why not be added to our Market Report Service via e-mail or post or simply check out our website for up to date information, views and prices.

AH & KJ Booth sold Loosebeare Iain a Pedigree Limousin Bull to 9,000Gns DC Wharton sold Withersdale Jasmine a Pedigree Limousin Cow with her Heifer Calf Withersdale Oceana to 8,000Gns DC Wharton sold Withersdale Madonna Pedigree In-Calf Limousin Cow to 5,000Gns Gascoines Group Ltd sold Cockleshell Misty a Pedigree In-Calf Limousin Heifer to 4,500Gns Gascoines Group Ltd sold Gascoines Numberone a Pedigree Limousin Maiden Heifer to 3,600Gns Gascoines Group Ltd sold Cockleshell Misty a Pedigree In-Calf Limousin Heifer to 4,500Gns

Livestock Auctioneers Association KNOW THE EXACT SALE PRICE NOVEMBER 1. The entire 10,700 litre ACOMES herd (460 head), the property of Messrs D.A Wright Farming Ltd at Glebe Farm, Waddesdon, Nr Aylesbury, Bucks. Also dairy equipment, parlour, bulk tank, cubicles etc TEL: 01285 841333

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Contact your local livestock market at October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 13:46:59 Auctions

McCartneys BRECON MARKET: 01874 622386 KNIGHTON MARKET: 01547 528621 KINGTON MARKET: 01544 230316

BRECON MARKET THURSDAY 18th OCTOBER Evening Sale of Breeding Rams, Ewes and Store Lambs. FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER Sale of over 800 Quality Suckler Bred Store Cattle all from holdings of birth inc. Weanlings, Breeding Stock, Cull Cows & Organic Stock. Catalogue entries close Wednesday 17th October. Details Tel: 01874 622386

KNIGHTON MARKET FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER Autumn Prize Show and Sale of 450 Continental X Suckler Bred Store Cattle including Special entry of 10 Purebred Salers Bulling Heifers 18m together with Third Prize Sale of 600 Store Lambs. TUESDAY 23rd OCTOBER Sale of 400 Weaned Calves, Young Store Cattle and Young Bulls for the Brecon & Radnor Suckled Calf Rearers Ltd. Catalogue entries close Monday 15th October at 5.00pm.

FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER Sale of 250 Store Cattle inc. Cows and Calves, In Calvers and Bulling Heifers. Also 700 Store Sheep, to include Organic Stock. Catalogue entries close Thursday 25th October at 5.00pm. Details Tel: 01547 528621


FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER Monthly Orange Sale of 500 Store Cattle from TB Restricted Farms. Sale after the Sale at Knighton. Catalogue entries close Friday 12th October at 5.00pm. FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER Prize Show and Sale of Store Cattle / Store Sheep (RM Blakeway & JC Fowden Cup). Also Calves and Weanlings. Catalogue entries close Friday 19th October at 5.00pm. Details Tel: 01584 872251


TUESDAY 6th NOVEMBER Sale of Store Cattle inc. Feeding Cows, Bulls and Cows with Calves. Catalogue entries close Tuesday 30th October at 5.00pm. Details Tel: 01544 230316


FINAL SALE REMINDER – DISPERSAL SALE MONDAY 15th OCTOBER 11AM 160 Head on behalf of RT Smith & Son and removed to Market Drayton Market for sale convenience. A wonderful homebred herd of Brown Swiss/Holstein/Monty X GENUINE CLOSED HERD, JOHNES FREE, BVD FREE

UNIQUE BLACKSMITH / IRONWORK SALE & AFFECTS – SATURDAY 3rd NOVEMBER It is with great pleasure to receive instructions from A.B. Smith of Hill View Forge, Tattenhall, Chester, CH3 9NH for the complete sale of ironwork and associated equipment. This is a rare opportunity to be able to purchase unique and well maintained ironwork equipment and affects all in good working order with many items complete with manuals. With over 300 lots available on the day there really is something to interest everyone including; Fordson Super Major, CAT Forklift truck, JD Ride On Lawn Mower, Miller Metro 300 DX Mobile Welder/Generator, Sandblasters, Mig welders, Power Hammers, Pillar Drills, Gas/Magnetic Tracer Cutter, Vauxhall Movano LWB Van, Thomas Ward Lathe, Mandrel Cone, GP14 Sailing boat, Milling machines, Sheep foot trimming/shearing trailer, iron sculptures and much more. For catalogue requests and further information please contact the HB Team. Additional entries are welcome including large items such as tractors etc, Viewing day – Saturday 27th October 2018

T: 01829 260545



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October 12, 2018

WORCESTER MARKET: 01905 769770 LUDLOW MARKET: 01584 872251

WORCESTER MARKET SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER at 11.00am 7 PEDIGREE BRITISH BLUES 5 Cows & Calves, 2 Bulls 4 PEDIGREE LIMOUSINS 2 Cows & Calves, 1 Heifer, 1 Bull 8 COMMERCIAL CATTLE 1 Cow & Calf, 4 In Calf Heifers, 3 Unserved Heifers Dispersal Sale of the CRACKLEYBANK HERD for Paul Walker Together with 300 STORE CATTLE 1500 STORE LAMBS SATURDAY 3rd NOVEMBER Sale of Store Cattle / Store Sheep. Details Tel: 01905 769770

McCARTNEYS FATSTOCK MARKETS Ludlow Brecon Worcester Knighton & Kington

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday












SALE OF TB RESTRICTED CATTLE (Anticipated Entry of 500+)




10/10/2018 11:46:23

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today North West Auctions Pedigree & Commercial Livestock Auctioneers & Valuers

Monday 15th October 2018 Annual Prize Show & Sale of Blackface Shearling Rams & Ram Lambs (Under the auspices of the Blackface Sheep Breeders Association) Thursday 18th October 2018 Annual “Bellingham” Prize Show & Sale of Spring Born Calves Entries restricted to calves born 1st January 2018 Entries invited by 10am Thursday 11th October Friday 19th October 2018

LANCASTER AUCTION MART Tel: 01524 63308 Monday 15th October 9am 1000 PRIME LAMBS & 200 CAST & FEEDING SHEEP Tuesday 16th October at 11.15am Monthly Show & Sale of 50 DAIRY CATTLE In conjunction with Hassall Brothers. Catalogues available online Wednesday 17th October at 10.30am MACHINERY, TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Please advise office of entries

Weekly Sale of Store Cattle & Suckled Calves Sale of Cast Ewes & Store Lambs Entries invited by 10am Monday 15th October

Friday 19th October 10.15am 80 REARING CALVES 10.15am 100 CAST/OTM CATTLE 11.15am 350 STORE CATTLE Last Wk Blks to £1350 & Hfrs to £1320

Wednesday 24th October 2018

J36 RURAL AUCTION CENTRE Tel: 015395 66200

Annual Prize Show & Sale of Breeding Bulls, Heifers & Cows with Calves at Foot, Incalf & Bulling Heifers Entries invited by 10am Wednesday 17th October Also this Day On behalf of E & S Gowland, Allergill, Stanhope. Dispersal of approx. 50 Limousin & British Blue cows with Limousin x calves at foot range from 3-10 months old. The cows have run with the Limousin Bull again and most will have been PD prior to the sale. From a TB4 holding. Thursday 25th October 2018 Annual “Tow Law” Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Suckled Calves Entries invited by 10am Thursday 18th October Friday 26th October 2018 Sale of Store Cattle & Suckled Calves including Native Breeds Sale of Cast Ewes, Prize Show & Sale of Store Lambs Entries invited by 10am Monday 22nd October • Mart Offices, Hexham • Tel: 01434 605444 • Fax: 01434 604651 • e-mail •

Penrith Auction Mart

01768 864700

Monday 15th October- 9.30am Prime Bulls, Clean Cattle & Cast Cows. Special Section for TB area 1 cattle Wednesday 17th October - 7.00am Cast Ewes and Rams; 9am Prime Lambs. Monday 15th October 11am- Sale of 400 Store Cattle and Feeding Bulls of all classes Wednesday 17th October 9am- Sale of 100 Rearing Calves of all classes 12noon- Sale of 800 Store Sheep of all classes Wednesday 17th October 12pm - Annual “Troutbeck” Sale of 175 Breeding Rams Comprising 15 Swaledale: 25 Bluefaced Leicester; 20 Cheviot; 15 Suffolk and 100 Continental Rams Monday 12th November 11am- Special Sale of Pedigree Dairy Shorthorn and Dairy Cattle of all breeds entries close noon Monday 29th October

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Saturday 13th October at 10.30am Annual Show & Sale of 165 ROUGH FELL RAMS on behalf of the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders Association Tuesday 16th October 1pm 1500 PRIME LAMBS & 750 CAST & FEEDING SHEEP Show for Best Pens of Five Mule Wether Prime Lambs. Judging at 12noon Thursday 18th October at 10.15am Fortnightly Sale of CALVES, CAST/OTM COWS & STORE CATTLE Sale Day Entries Welcome & Invited Saturday 20th October – Lakeland Fair 10am Closing Autumn Sale of all classes of BREEDING SHEEP inc. Ewes, Gimmer Shearlings & Gimmer Lambs 11am Annual Show & Sale of SWALEDALE RAMS followed by sale of other


Tuesday 23rd October – Sale of PRIME PIGS please advise office of entries Thursday 25th October at 11am Ambleside Sale of 3000 STORE LAMBS Entries close Wednesday 17th October

For Sale Privately Small Herd of Pedigree Hereford Cattle Contact Matthew Probert 07540 446667

Buttington Cross, Telephone 01938 553438 Buttington, Fax 01938 554607 Welshpool, Powys SY21 8SR

Saturday 27th October Llysun Suckler Herd Dispersal By order of T R, A & R Tudor. Due to change in farming policy:

120 Spring Calving Salers based Herd of Suckler Cows with Charolais and Salers Cross Calves at Foot (The entire herd is back in calf and 70% of the units will be split on sale) ALSO 25 Salers In-calf Heifers (to Limousin Bull)

Sale date: Saturday 27th October 2018 at Welshpool Livestock Market, SY21 8SR at 11am prompt. THIS IS A SALE OF CHOICE CATTLE AND SHOULD NOT BE MISSED! For more information or Catalogues contact the market office: 01938 553438 October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:47:07 SKIPTON AUCTION MART


Tel: 01756 792375

Auctioneers: Jeremy Eaton - 07747 780481 Ted Ogden - 07855 958211 Sam Bradley - 07538 539077

Saturday 13th October

Wednesday 17th October

260 Stirks, Weaned Calves, Store & Breeding Goats/Sheep - Sale 10.00am Plants & Nursery Stock – Sale 10.00am

Sale of 7,221 STORE LAMBS Sale 10.00am Main Ring

Machinery Sales

FURNITURE Sale 10.15am RECLAMATION Sale 10.30am (ent incl. 4 Bags Firewood, Qty Pine Planks, Metal Jerry Cans, Garden Tools & Hand Tools, 6 Pallets Assorted Stone, 2 Pallets Concrete Lintels, Wooden Scythe, Aluminium Scythe, Petrol Lawnmower, Electric Hedge Trimmer, Electric Strimmer) MACHINERY Sale 11.30am (ent incl. 12’ Bateston Trailer + Decks, Yard Scraper, Mounted Chain Harrows, Post Knocker, Alkathene Piping, Tower Blower Pipe, Clay Pigeon Trap, Lamb Creep Feeder, Weigh Crate, Rollover Crate, Galv Foot Bath, Shedder Gate, 5 Race Pannels, Connecting Gate & Front Gate, 12 4’ Galv Hurdles, 7 Mixed Hurdles, Sheep Trailer, 6x7’ Wooden Walk Through Troughs, Galv Sheep Ring Feeder, Lamb Adopter, Galv Cattle Ring Feeder, Bale Spike, Galv 10’ Garden Gates, Qty Steel Road Forms, Qty Box Steel, 5 Packs Baler Band, Slurry Tanker Fittings, Heavy Duty PTO Shaft, Scaffold Rack, 6 Cattle Feed Barrier, IAE Sheep Pens, 10x8’ Metal Hurdles 4 with sliding gates, 4 Sheeted hurdles for race with U connector, Shedding Gate & Guilotine Gate, 4’ Hurdle, 2’ Hurdle, 2 Half Moon Hurdles, Weighing Crate, Turnover Crate, Calf Trailer, Ifor Williams Pickup Canopy, Hen House Chassis on Wheels, JCB Triple Bale Spike, JCB Muck Grab, Merlo Bucket, Merlo Bolt on Bracket, Merlo 2m Jib, Diesel Tank, Ifor Williams Pickup Canopy, Kew Cold Water Pressure Washer, Toyota Hilux Single Cab Pickup 45,000miles RA08 LOJ, Cattle Feed Bin, Logic Snacker, 4’ Shaffer Shear Grab, McHale 6.5’ Triple Ram Shear Grab, Belmac Muck Spreader, PZ Haybob, Fergie Cutter Bar Mower, Lamb Creep Feeder, 6x4 Sheep Trailer, Diesel Tank, 2 Drum Mower, 40’ Steel Bridge, Full set MF Front Weights, IAE Sheep Footbath System, Pair Defender Side Bar Steps, L/R Discovery 2 Dog Guard, Metal Water Tank) Sale of 88 PEIDGREE CHAROLLAIS FEMALES Inc Celebration sale of 70 Foulrice Females Sale 11.00am Lingfield Ring

Monday 15th October SHOW & SALE OF REARING CALVES Judging 10.30am - Sale 11.00am CROP & PRODUCE Sale 11.45am WEEKLY PRIMESTOCK SALE (6 day rule) CLEAN CATTLE Sale 12.30pm followed by CAST & FEEDING COWS (4 Year & Pre Test) followed by TB EXEMPT CATTLE (pre enter) PRIME LAMBS & CAST SHEEP Sale 1.30pm

Tuesday 16th October Sale of all classes of 1,197 BREEDING SHEEP inc 532 Unreg Lleyn, 296 Cont x/Mule/Masham 306 Horned & 63 Rams Sale 10.30am Lingfield Ring



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October 12, 2018

Tuesday 23rd October Sale of all Breeds of GIMMER LAMBS (ent close Monday 15th October) 18th Annual Show & Sale of DALESBRED RAMS & FEMALES (entries to Society)

Wednesday 24th October FEEDING BULLS, BEEF FEEDING COWS, STORE & BREEDING CATTLE (entries close Wednesday 17th October)

Friday 26th October On Farm Sale Dispersal of Farm Machinery & Equipment at High Birkwith Farm, Horton in Ribblesdale Upon instructions of Mr DA Morphet Esq Comprising:- New Holland T7-200 4wd Tractor, JD 6020 4wd Tractor c/w Front Linkage, JCB 536-60 Agri Super Telehandler, Landrover Defender 90 Hardtop, JD Gator 885D, Stewart Livestock Trailer & Box, Graham Edward Livestock Trailer, Weidemann 1240 CX35 Pivot Steer Loader, Hitachi Zaxis 50 Track Excavator, Honda Fourtrax 4x4 ATV, Class Mower 5720, Class Volt 700 Tedder, Vicon Andrex 843 Terralink Quattro Rake, McHale F550 Round Baler, McHale 991BE Bale Wrapper, McHale Bale Cuddler, Amazone ZA-X Perfect Till Sower, Sheep Snacker, Ritchie Comi-Clamp sheep handling system & gates, ATV Trailer, Tanco Bale Cuddler, Front/Rear Bale Spikes, Hardi Sprayer, Slewtic Bucket, Alligator Sheer Grab, Muck Grab, Single Axle Bale Trailer, Primex Slurry Stirrer, Unistock Cattle Crush, IAE Centurion Full Access Cattle Crush, 20 Sheep Ring Feeders, 2 Cattle Ring Feeders, 6 Square Sheep Creep Feeder + Various Sheep related Sundries & Sheep Health Products Full list and pictures

Tuesday 30th October Last Tuesday Sale of all classes of BREEDING SHEEP & RAMS (entries close Monday 22nd October)

Wednesday 7th November Autumn Show & Sale of PEDIGREE BEEF SHORTHORN CATTLE inc dispersal of Newfield Herd Inaugural Sale of PEDIGREE ABERDEEN ANGUS FEMALES Sale of PEDIGREE SOUTH DEVON CATTLE

CRAVEN DAIRY SALES Monday 22nd October Show & Sale of Dairy Cattle (entries close Tuesday 15th October)

WINTER INLAMB SALES Saturday 8th December 60 Inlamb Beltex & Dutch x Texel Ewes from Frank Joel

HAWES, NORTH YORKSHIRE, DL8 3NP Friday 12th October 1,500 Store Lambs at 10.30am Saturday 13th October 5,000 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs & 1,000 Swaledale Gimmer Shearlings. Judging 8.30am. Sale at 9.30am. Sponsored by Townson Tractors Ltd. Monday 15th October 3,000 Mule, Cheviot & Continental Gimmer Lambs. Sale at 10am Tuesday 16th October 2,000 Prime Lambs at 9.30am (Please note earlier start time) 400 Cast Ewes & Rams 2,500 Correct Swaledale Ewes at 12 noon followed by 500 Swaledale Ewes, Correct Below. 100 Rams (all breeds) at 1pm in Cattle Ring. Entries to Time of Sale. 20 Calves at 10.30am. Saturday 20th October On behalf of FD & TW Chapman, West Shaw, Hawes Farm sale of Tractors, Machinery, Tools & Fodder Removed to Hawes Auction Mart for ease of access at 11am Including MF 390T 1997, MF 365 1994, Vicon CM1700 disc mower, NH 368 hay baler, Pottinger 380N rake, Pottinger 40N tedder, PZ 300 Haybob, Marshall 5.5 muckspreader, Marshall 850L slurry tanker, IW 12ft livestock trailer c/w decks, Weedwiper sprayer, Bale trailer, Longhorn clipping m/c, Bale spikes, 10t metal feed bin, 3t wooden feed bin, bale feeder & cradle, harrow, gates, hurdles, Pig stool, 903 bales hay, 157 big bales haylage plus many small tools etc, 6yo sheepdog. By permission, 2 stone gate posts, 600 gal plastic tank. Tuesday 23rd October Correct & Correct Below Ewes. Cat closes Tue 16th Oct. Wed & Thurs 24th & 25th October Two Day Prize Show & Sale of 800 Registered Swaledale Shearling Rams for the Swaledale Sheep Breeders Assoc (B District) Judging 8am. Sale at 10am. Sponsored by Reeth Garage. Tuesday 30th October 1,000 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs, also 1,000 Mule Cheviot & Cont X Gimmer Lambs Cat closes Tue 23rd Oct. Thursday 1st November 350 Swaledale Rams. Cat closes 25th Oct. Friday 2nd November 1,200 Store Lambs. Cat closes Tue 23rd Oct. Telephone: Office (01969) 667207. Mobile 07974 126397 or 01833 622240


Contact your local livestock market at

10/10/2018 11:47:57

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Serving the rural community for over 140 years


Clitheroe Auction

Lincoln Way, Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 1QD

Bakewell Store Sheep Sales

Bakewell Market Results Monday 8th October 2018

Ram Sale (MV & Non MV Accredited) Thursday 18th October 2018, 10.30am

836 Cattle, 1,691 Sheep

447 Store & Breeding Cattle: Strs to £1,260 Hfrs to £1,160. Cow & Calf Outfits, £1,390, Stock Bulls to £1,550 107 Finished Cattle to 236p & £1,668 143 OTM Cattle & Feeding Cows to 174p & £1,447 Overall average 107.3p 139 Calves: Bulls to £375, Hfrs to £290 1,246 Lambs to 206p/kg & £98.88, SQQ average 170.1p, overall 167.6p 439 Cull Sheep , Ewes to £124, Overall average £47.54

See the full report on Marketing advice or any questions call Alastair on 07973 982441, Ivor on 07977 449126 Oliver on 07801 530899, Peter on 07973 982443

HPLS Suckled Calves (Members Only) Friday 19th October, 10:30am

901 Entered

241 Bulls 660 Strs/Hfrs Bakewell Market Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale Sale for all types of sheep Delivery & Weighing from 9am & Sale at 12 Noon Don’t forget Bakewell is GREEN EVERY WEEK Leek Penkridge Uttoxeter

Thursday 25th October 2018, 11:30am Bakewell Livestock Centre Bakewell, DE45 1AH

160 Limousin Cattle 74 Limousin Cows & Calves at Foot Together with 10 Wellbred Limousin incalf Heifers

2 Pedigree Limousin Stock Bulls Threaphurst Felix & Fieldsen Crispy "This is an excellent opportunity to purchase well-bred hardy stock from a High Peak District Farm"

Dispersal Sales

To Include:

01335 342201 01629 812777 01332 200147

Forthcoming Store Sheep Sales Friday 26th October Store Sheep Friday 9th November HPLS Store Sheep Entries Close: 25th October Friday 2rd November Store Sheep Entries Close: 8th November

Genuine Suckler Cow & Calf Dispersal

Every Monday, 11am For the latest information and a copy of the "Early Warning List" please check our website and facebook page. Full details of the coming Mondays entries are available on a Friday afternoon. Already entered for Monday 15th October 150 + Store Cattle, Continental & Named Sire Hereford and Aberdeen Angus, to include: 24 Suckler Cows c/w Calves, 17 AA & 2Hfd Cows wih Calves at Foot, Named Sires, 10 AA Hfrs 18-24 mnths, Named Sires. To book in for any Monday sale call 01629 812777 by 12 noon the Friday before.

Ashbourne Bakewell Derby

340 Entered 183 MV Accredited - 157 Non MV Accredited

On Instructions From the Exors of the Late David Twigg

Bakewell Market Store Cattle Section

Friday 19th October 2018, 10:30am Longcliffe Lodge Farm Ingleberry Road, Shepshed, LE12 9DE Merlo P32-6 Plus Panoramic Telehandler & Attachments (16) Land Rover 90 Defender (11 Plate) 2 Ifor Williams Flat & Livestock Trailers Grain Trailers, Machinery Buildings, Barriers, Cattle Troughs, Livestock Equipment, Workshop Equipment Collectables, Sundries & Effects

01538 398466 01785 716600 01889 562811


Brockholes Arms Auction Mart

Claughton On Brock, Preston PR3 0PH 01995 640280 Tuesday 16th October, 2018 8.45 am Prime Lambs Followed by Cast Ewes 10.30am Fat Bulls & Prime Cattle Followed by Store Cattle 11.30am Rearing Calves Wednesday 17th October, 2018 10.30am OTM Cattle Sale Followed by TB Exempt Cattle

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TOMORROW Sat 13th October Show at 8.45am, Sale at 10am 340 Derbyshire Gritstone Sheep on behalf of the Society (Rams & Females) ALSO TOMORROW Sat 13th Oct Show 10.30am, Sale approx. 1pm following the Gritstones. 323 Cheviot Sheep on behalf of North Country Cheviot Sheep Society (Rams & Females) WEEKLY Monday 15th October 11am STORE LAMB Entries invited on the day to follow SALE ballot entries. MULTI BREED ALSO Mon 15th October 12 noon SHEEP SALE Sale to follow Store Lambs. Catalogue Sale of 450 Ewes, Shearlings, Gimmer Lambs & Rams of all Breeds. To include a flock dispersal of 100 Texel X Ewes 1-4 Crop HORNED & HILL ALSO Monday 15th October GOING RAMS Show at 12 noon, Sale at approx. + BLUE FACED 1pm (to follow Multi Breeds). Show LEICESTERS & Sale of over 70 Horned & Hill Going Rams and BFL. Catalogue online WEEKLY Tuesday 16th October 12.30pm PRIMESTOCK Sale of Cull Cows, Prime Cattle, SALE Prime Lambs and Cast Ewes FORTNIGHTLY Thursday 18th October 12.30pm STORE CATTLE Sale of Breeding Cattle, Young Bulls, Store Heifers & Steers. Including Show for Suckler Bred Cattle. At this Sale - 1st consignment of 40 In Calf Continental Cows & 30 Strong Store Cattle from G Lowe. Also, 15 Continental Cows with Calves at Foot plus 10 Store Cattle all with show potential ob behalf of the exors of J Yates & Son Monthly PLANT, MACHINERY Battlefield, SY4 3DR & SMALL TOOLS SALE Saturday 20th October 9am Loadall facilities available Fri 19th 9am-3pm NO ENTRIES TUESDAY 1ST ACCEPTED MAY 2018ON THE DAY See website for current entries & images SPECIAL SALE OF FORTHCOMING SALES DAIRY YOUNGSTOCK: 11.15am ‘OLD FAIR’ Sheep Sale- Friday 26th October, 10am To follow the weekly dairy sale To incon Entries close for this very popular sale Tuesday 16th October, 12 Noon 52 Bulling and Maiden heifers 8-18 Office: 01200 423325 months old from WP & CM Howard, New Joe: 07970 221354 • Jeremy: 07815 727993 Farm Ellesmere. Sired by Straussdale



Be careful anytime you are asked for personal information. Keep your information secure. Never provide anyone with personal bank information without confirming that they are legitimate. Farmers Guardian only ever asks for your banking information if you are purchasing a product from us and will always call from 01772 799 500 or 01772 799 400.



G Electrify Seagull - Bay Razzle and Ballycairn Mogul Credit. Really top quality heifers from solid well balanced modern Dairy Cows averaging 9200Kgs (twice a day) 4.2%BF & 3.2%ptn. BISHOPS CASTLE AUCTION Your attendance is highly recommended



WEDNESDAYPrize 2ND MAY 2018 Sale of 500

DEDICATED TBSTORE CATTLE RESTRICTED MARKET: 3pm Tel: 01588 638639 Battlefield, 3DR All lots mustSY4 be licensed by Animal Plant THURSDAY 25th OCTOBER 2018 and Health Agency TUESDAY 1ST MAY 2018 SPECIAL SALE OFand catalogues For enquiries DAIRY YOUNGSTOCK: 11.15am T: 01743 462 620 To follow the weekly dairy sale To inc AE: of Autumn & Spring born8-18 Suckled Calves 52Sale Bulling and Maiden heifers months old from & CM Howard, New W: Tel: WP 01588 638639

Farm Ellesmere. Sired by Straussdale G Electrify Seagull - Bay Razzle and Ballycairn Mogul Credit. Really top quality heifers from solid well balanced modern Dairy Cows averaging 9200Kgs (twice a day) 4.2%BF October 12, 2018 | 49 & 3.2%ptn. Your attendance is highly recommended


10/10/2018 13:11:42 nAuctions

Wright Marshall Agricultural & Livestock Auctioneers

Beeston Castle Auction 01829 262100 THURSDAY 25th OCTOBER (Following the Month End Sale) The First Sale to Disperse the Entire HAWKSMOOR herd (180 head) “Celebrating 50 years of Breeding”

HAWKSMOOR TOPEE 92 nd (VG89-3yr) - Lot 161 The property of RJ Clare & Partners and removed from Hawksmoor Farm, Adderley, Market Drayton, Shropshire to Beeston Castle Auction and comprising 128 Cows and Milking Heifers, 1 Bull and 51 Heifer Calves. This is a quite exceptional catalogue of wonderful cows from Holstein UK’s Reserve Premier Herd for 2017, Shropshire’s Herds Competition winners 2011 to 2018 and Regional Winners in 2016 and 2017; but make no mistake there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. From a commercial aspect the herd calves all year round, with this sale featuring all animals fresh since June. The outstanding conformation cannot be underestimated with 75% classified in the top two grades, 28(EX), 56(VG), made more impressive when over 90 are milking with just their 1st, 2nd or 3rd lactations, including 28 milking heifers. All are homebred and nearly all by top proven sires such as Mincio, Wyman, Million, Captain, Alexander, Seaver, McCutchen and Dreamer with the calves by bulls such as Calumet, Numero Uno, Dewars and Lineman. Excellent commercial management – fed Semi TMR with cows grazing in summer. Cubicles. 2x Milking. Herd average 9997kg 3.95% 3.29% CC 86 CI 396. Vacc BVD/Lepto/IBR Johnes Monitored. TB 6mo. PMT 31st August. For more information call Simon Lamb on 07815 188125. (Guest Auctioneeer – Glyn Lucas)

NEXT MONTH END FOCUS MILK SALE * Note the Date * THURSDAY 25th OCTOBER Collective Sale of Pedigree and Commercial Dairy Cattle from leading UK herds. (Sale also open to all Dairy breeds). Final Entries for cataloguing by Tuesday 16th October to 01829 262120.

...Yorkshire’s Friendly Mart SATURDAY 13TH OCTOBER AT 9.30AM 1500 Lots Poultry & Miscellaneous Items

WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER Dedicated Slaughter Market

360 Cattle 600 Sheep 400 Pigs


SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER Sale of Store Cattle,Sheep & Pigs 180 Cattle of all classes inc

21 Limx hfrs, 8-10mo, A Dusi 5 Limx hfrs,17mo, T Thomas 6 Limx bulls,10mo, I Blakey 2 Simmental Cows & Calves, J Brindley

250 Store Pigs & Sows 200 Store Sheep PIGS 9.15am SHEEP 9.45am CATTLE 10.45am

THURSDAY 1st NOVEMBER AT BEESTON CASTLE AUCTION 170 HEAD - First Sale to Disperse the Entire Commercial Herd of Holstein Friesians the property of JA & CJ Sherwin, Dairy House Farm, Sproston, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire FULL DETAILS NEXT WEEK. Call Simon Lamb 07815 188125

MON 15th OCTOBER WEEKLY FATSTOCK SALE FRI 19th OCTOBER 11am Sale of Calves, Store & Breeding Stock Entries inc: 20 Cont x Suckler Cows 30 B&W Strs, 40 AA Strs/Hfrs 80 Cont Strs/Hfrs 12-24mths



p050.indd 50

October 12, 2018

At Bridgnorth Livestock & Auction Centre Main Sponsors: NFU

Tel: 01746 762666



Farmers Guardian


We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent advertisers attempting to sell items within the classified section. Whilst we endeavour to protect our readers and pull these adverts before going to press, sometimes they may unfortunately appear in print. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you PROCEED WITH CAUTION with the seller and do not part with money until goods are received. Farmers Guardian are NOT responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.

Ian Smith (Market Manager) 07738 043771 01943 462172

FREE legal advice, in person or online Visit

01757 703347 (Market Office) Richard Haigh: 07768 594535

ST LUKES FAIR PRIZE SHOW & SALE 400+ Store Cattle 2000 Store Lambs 500 Breeding Ewes Calves & Weanlings ON FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER AT 11AM

To subscribe call 0330 333 0056

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quoTe code H8001

23/08/2018 19:24

10/10/2018 12:33:55

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions National Agricultural Centre Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth




• Friday 19th October

LONGTOWN MART Tel (01228) 791215 Tuesday 16th October 8,000 Store Lambs at 10.00am Weekly Sale of 8,000 Store Lambs to incl. Prize Show & Sale of Cheviots & Main Show & Sale of Blackface Lambs Sponsored by the Blackface Sheep Breeders Association. 280 Store & Breeding Cattle at 10.30am 120 Store Cattle 160 Beef Breeding Cattle & Bulling Heifers 2 Dispersals incl. 37 Lim/BB/Sim Cows (i/c or with Lim calves at foot), 20 Cont/BB Cows & Heifers (BB calves at foot), 9 Lim/BB Bulling Heifers & Stock Bulls. 50 other Bulling Heifers incl. 30 Hereford. 30 Shorthorn, Angus & Galloway Cows & Heifers (i/c or with calves at foot), 6 Lim. Cows with Lim. Calves, 2 BB Cows with Lim. Calves. Limousin & Simmental Bulls. Wednesday 17th October at 10.30am 4,500 Breeding Sheep Special Sale of 1,600 Lowland Ewes & Shearlings Sale of 2,200 Blackface, Cheviot & Swaledale Ewes 700 Ewe Lambs of All Classes

2nd October Store Cattle Fair 11:30am 11:30 11 :30am :30 Approx 300 Head Approx Head PLUS Morning Sale of Store Lambs 9:00am Approx 2000 Head Approx •Friday 2nd November Suckled Calf Show & Sale

•Friday 9th November ~ 1st Martinmas Store Cattle Fair 02476 697731 - 07774 723758


Saturday 20th October at 10.00am Kirkcambeck Sale of 1,000 Traditional Breed Cattle incl. Bulling Heifers One of the largest sales of traditional breed store cattle in England (Show for the Whitslade Shield & Beef Shorthorn Society Show)

Wednesday 17th October

Tuesday 23rd October at 10.00am Weekly Sale of 8,000 Store Lambs To incl. Annual Consignment of 800 Quality Beltex x Texel & Charollais from Peter Smith, Cocklakes House. Also End of Season Sale of Hill & Lowland Breeding Sheep.

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October

Saturday 3rd November Rare & Minority Breed Poultry, Cage Birds & Equipment. Entries now please DUMFRIES MART Tel 01387 279495

Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria Aged rams and Ram lambs Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria Shearling rams

Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th October Hawes, North Yorkshire Shearling rams

01833 650516

Saturday 13th October – Dairy Dispersal SALE POSTPONED Will be re-advertised in due course

Tayler & Fletcher



STOW-ON-THE-WOLD Gloucestershire Entries now invited for our First Sale of the Season on Friday 23rd November 2018 at Stow-on-the-Wold Rugby Club Further Sales on Friday 4th January 2019 Friday 15th February 2019 Friday 22nd March 2019 Entry Forms available at Bourton Office 01451 820913

Chartered Surveyors • Land & Estate Agents • Valuers

FINAL REMINDER Complete Dispersal Sale of Tractors, Vehicles, Machinery & Deadstock at Midtown Farm, Annaside, Bootle LA19 5XL on Saturday 13th October 2018 @ 11am. Contact John Hughes for details.

Kendal 01539 751993

Horticulture - largest weekly auction UK Furniture - over 1000 lots, alternate Thursdays Machinery - second Tuesday every month Produce - largest auction in UK

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500


Contact your local Livestock Market at

p051.indd 51

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 14:52:39

Forthcoming Female Sale Dates 27th October 2018: Stockton Dispersal Sale 3rd November 2018: Burnview Female Sale with consinments from Ballynacannon, Bannview, Beechcrest, Benedyglen, Carony, Crewelands, Islandmoyle and Solwaybank. 3rd November 2018: Female Sale, Beeston Castle Auction 6th November 2018: Kells In Lamb Suffolk Sale @ 6.30pm, Carnaross Mart, Carnaross, Kells, South of Ireland

• Fast Growth Rates • Reduced Input Costs • Store Lamb Premium

• High Milk Output • Hard Hooves • Wide Pelvic Dimensions

9th November 2018: Dark Diamonds Sale, Borderway Mart, Carlisle 9th November 2018: Sale of Scanned In-Lamb Pedigree Suffolk Sheep for the WCSSA, Exeter Livestock Centre 10th November 2018: Midland & Eastern Branch Female Sale at Melton Mowbray Market. 10th November 2018: 39th Collective Show & Sale of Pedigree Suffolk Female Sheep, Monmouthshire Livestock Centre, Raglan 12th November 2018: NI Branch Ewe Sale, Ballymena Livestock Mart. 17th November 2018: 9th Annual Production Sale from Castleisle, Shannagh, Annakisha, Clyda and Barrowlands Flocks. Blerssington Mart, South of Ireland 23rd November 2018: Three Nations Sale, Borderway Mart, Carlisle 24th November 2018: All Star Sale, Blessington Mart, South of Ireland 26th November 2018: Christmas Classic Pedigree Female Show and Sale, Aberdeen & Northern Marts, Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, Scotland 5th December 2018: In Lamb Ewe Sale, United Auctions, Stirling

For further details please visit Avoid Sheep Envy be the first to finish with a


Northern Holstein Expo 2018 AN OPEN HOLSTEIN SHOW

Collective Auction Sale of 100 AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS & PLANT 450 lots FARM IMPLEMENTS & MACHINERY 500 lots ASSOCIATED SPARES etc On FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER 2018 Entries close today Friday 12th October Entry forms & Catalogues in due course from the Auctioneers Tel 01747 851735 or

Thursday 25th October 2018 Borderway Auction Mart Carlisle England


PREES PLANT & TRUCK AUCTION Saturday 20th October 2018, 10am Viewing Friday 19th

Grand Champion 2017 - Littlebridge Goldchip Honey

The 2018 Northern Dairy Expo will be held at 6pm on Thursday 25th October at Borderway Auction Mart Carlisle.

Hixon Airfield, Hixon, Stafford, ST18 0PF

To Include a Large Parcel Of Over 250 Trucks, Coaches, Agricultural Machinery & Construction Plant Plus Engines, Gearboxes, Axles, Chassis Parts & Bodies

This year’s show will be judged by Mr Hefyn Wilson of the renowned Tregibby Herd.

Honorary Secretary: Anna Stable Bolton Manor Farm, Little Urswick, Ulverston Cumbria LA12 0PX Tel: 07793 411368

Equipment Listed On Our Website From 11th October With More Added Daily.


Keep Checking Our Website For Details or Contact Charlie Foyle or Graham Johnson

01630 674326,, All overseas buyers & buyers not known to the auctioneer must lodge a refundable deposit of 10% of expected spend, £1000 minimum, on registration by cash/credit/debit card.



p052.indd 52

October 12, 2018

10/10/2018 11:51:31

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nAuctions

Online bidding available at all sales On instructions from Wrydelands Estates Ltd following the sale of the farm

On instructions from Rainthorpe Farms Ltd



Auction sale of agricultural tractors, combine harvester, implements and machinery

Major auction sale of agricultural tractors, combine harvester, loaders, self-propelled sprayer, vehicles, implements and machinery

Tractors: 2016 Claas Arion 640 (976hrs), 2011 Massey Ferguson 6480, 2003 Caterpillar Challenger MT765. Combine Harvester: 2015 Claas Lexion 750 7.7m cut (822hrs). Machinery: 2013 Great Plains Simba SLD420 min-till cultivator 4.2m, 2010 Pottinger Terrasem C6 drill 6m, 2010 Amazone ZA-M Ultra fertiliser spreader, Cousins Contour rolls 7.3m (2), 2004 Knight Triple Press 6m, Maschio Aquila power harrow 6m, 2014 Vogel & Noot XS950 Vario Plus 4furrow plough, Alpego TL33 200X flail mower, Simba 2B discs, Swift Lift Inter Store elevator, Cousins V-Form 5leg subsoiler, Maschio power harrow 4m. 2004 AS Marston 14tonne, 2003 Wootton 14tonne trailers, 2004 NC plant trailer Also: cultivators, spares and workshop equipment.

Friday 26th October 2018 at 10.30am Catalogues available via or by post from the auctioneers

Tractors: 2016 Case IH 580 Quadtrac (1,331hrs), 2015 Caterpillar MT755E Challenger (1,560hrs), 2013 Case 160 Puma (2,712hrs), 2011 Deutz Fahr 620 TTV. Combine Harvester: 2016 New Holland CR9.90 41ft (952hrs) Loaders: 2004 JCB TM300, 2006 Hitachi Zaxis 80 SBLC excavator. Self-Propelled Sprayer: 2013 Sands Vision 4.0 32m Vehicles: 2012 Volkswagon Amarok, 2003/0 Ford Ranger (2), 2012 Polaris 900D Ranger, Machinery: 2008 Horsch Sprinter 8ST drill 8m, Kverneland; CTS Stubble Finisher 4.5m (2011) and RX100 12f plough, 2016 DAL-BO XL1630 rolls 16.3m, 2014 TWB Terminator 4m, Simba; Press Roll 6.6m, Flatliner 3.8m and 23C discs, 2001 Vaderstad Rexius Twin 830, 2014 TWB mole plough, McConnel Shakaerator 11leg, Kuhn; HR3003D power harrow c/w DC300 cultivator, HR6002DR power harrow 6m and 50.2 EMC fertiliser spreader (2015), Dowdeswell DP7 plough, 2013 McConnel PA6750T hedgecutter, 2013 Vegcraft 4,000ltr and 2015 Watkins 8,000ltr bowsers, 2012 Swiftlift Extendo 900, AS Marston; 14t (2) and 18t (2), Also: cultivators, trailers, wheels and tyres, extensive range of implement spares, workshop tools, steel stock etc

Thursday 1st November 2018 at 10.00am Catalogues available via or by post from the auctioneers


Farm Machinery & Equipment Auction

BRISTOL COLLECTIVE SALE - SAT 13th OCTOBER (10.00 am) Bristol Sales Centre, Easter Compton, BS35 5RE - 5 miles M5/M4 J16

Thursday 25th October 2018 10.30am

Waneham Farm, Metheringham, Lincolnshire LN4 3DQ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

NEW HOLLAND Clayson 8050,‘83 MF 5613 Dyna 4, ‘14, 1423 hours MF 5455 Dyna 4,‘11, 1937 hours MANITOU MLT Handler,‘03 BAILEY 10T trailer,‘01 2 x MARSTON 10T trailers MF 30 seed drill VADERSTAAD RX 620 rolls MASCHIO 6 ft. rotavator RECO 3m Power Harrow,‘05 DOWDSWELL 100 series 4 furrow plough MF 520 12 ft. Discs Pigtail drag 10ft. AMAZON ZAM Novis spreader FARM GEM FE 800 12m sprayer

• KUHN VKM 280 mower ‘04 • BROWNS straw chopper • WILES 550 gall double skinned fuel tank, pump & meter • RECO & BRICE BAKER grain augers • WATKINS 600kg front weight • ALLBUTT work platform • LACO poultry feeder hoppers single & twin track • Qty of Dutchman feeder motors & hoppers • Qty of poultry equipment • Qty of workshop tools & equipment • RECO SULKY Fertiliser spreader 1998 • BOMFORD B508 Hedgecutter • KAWASAKI QUAD 300cc, 4WD, Petrol

For detailed information please visit our website

01522 504323 | |

p053.indd 53

To include : TRACTORS : 3 x Fendt, 1 x Kramer 312SL, Ford 6610, Reform Werke H7 Metrac 4WD 2003 c/w hydraulic topper (as new) VINTAGE : FE35, 2 x Fordson E27N, 4 x 4: 3 x Landrovers, Mitsubuishi Warrior : EQUIPMENT : 2x Portequip Sheep Feeder, Bateson 14’ trailer, Sheep Handling Race, Tipping trailers, McConnel Pa5570 (little use), Creep feeders, Strautmann verti mix, large qty cattle handling equipment, 300+ lots 500t clamp silage 1st cut, 200+ round bale silage (South Glos) by Private Treaty

(01453) 843720 October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 12:36:01 Contractors



Amberley, Arundel, West Sussex. BN18 9LZ Dispersal Sale of the Extensive Range of






Viz:- Dec ‘16 N/H T7.210 auto command, ‘15 N/H T6.175, ‘14 Claas Arion 640, ‘04 Claas Aries 696RZ with Malleux loader tractors; ‘11 JCB 53-60 Loadall; ‘09 Claas Scorpion 7030 telehandlers; ‘99 Claas Lexion 420 combine; ‘12 Shelbourne Power Mix Pro 22 tub feeder; Major Slurry Vac 1600 tanker; Kuhn Primor 5570 straw chopper; Sixteen grain, bale and livestock trailers inc. ex. Marshall, Warwick, M/F tippers, Marshall & Warwick flat beds, Bateson livestock and Watson feed trailers; Vicon RV1601 round baler; Kuhn 4121 rake; ‘15 Krone AM323S mower; Kuhn 121 five furrow plough; Berthaud Mac 12 cropsprayer; KRM R300 and Accord drills; ‘11 Rimac soil loosener; Kuhn Axis 30.1 fert. spreader; Twose ring rolls; Grays triple gang flat roller; McConnell PA34 hedgecutter; Suton road brush; Shear grabs; loader buckets; IAE Crusader and Tony Binns race/ crush; Cattle handling system; Bulk feed bins; Calf huts and other Livestock Equipment and Workshop tools plus 1200 TONNES CLAMPED SILAGE AND BIG BALED STRAW on SATURDAY, 20th OCTOBER at 10 a.m. on behalf of Castle Farm Partnership, selling the freehold

Catalogues available from SOUTH EAST MARTS (Hailsham) 01323 844874 or download from Orders for Insertion of advertisements in Farmers Guardian are accepted subject to the following conditions: 1.

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p054.indd 54

October 12, 2018



for 966 acre arable and grassland farm

Intowaste has 25 years experience in the collection and disposal of Waste Tyres from Farms – from silage clamps, used agricultural equipment tyres, plant and fork lift - also Fly Tip sites cleared of tyres. National collection on large artic trailers ensure ‘best value’ for disposal. Wa arti lking f c bu loo lk lo r ad

Intowaste is an Environment Agency Registered (Upper Tier) Waste Carrier


Chris Ingram • Director

07860 670 201

01635 579186 https:// 57078


Our Personal Services

brands reach


deeply into all the major agricultural sectors -

dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment

01625 878411



• Borehole Drilling • Commercial & Domestic • Surveys & Licensing • Water Analysis • Pumping & Filtration • Supply & Installation • Service & Repair • Geothermal Work

to talk to someone who understands and supports? Total confidentiality assured. - Tel 07837 931894*


Within a 15 mile radius of Ormskirk, Lancashire R Draper Ltd For further information:

Contact Alan: 07889 454914 or 01695 722315 email:

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

10/10/2018 11:54:14

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

JobsInAgriculture Brought to you by

JobsInAgriculture Jobs in your field

Experienced Veterinary – Small Ruminant Artificial Breeding Based in East Lothian, requires travel throughout the UK and Ireland. 36.5hrs/week – weekend and out of hours work required. £400 - £500 per day, depending on experience. Main duties - Artificial Insemination of sheep and goats, embryo collection and transfer in sheep and goats. Applicants must be RCVS registered. Trainee Veterinary – Small Ruminant Artificial Breeding Position also available.

Find Jobs Faster

IVF Embryologist Based in East Lothian, requires travel throughout the UK. 36.5hrs/week with some over time. £30k depending upon experience. Main Duties - Performing IVF, IVC, Embryo Vitrification and Freezing. Provide support to vets on TVR days. Collect, grade and transfer fresh embryos into recipients. Record keeping. Previous experience of IVF in cattle essential.

Receive the latest jobs in your inbox with our free email alert service

To apply email a CV to or visit the website for more information at Closing date for all roles: 31st October 2018

North Devon – Herdsperson Check out agriculture’s latest jobs board

We are seeking an experienced team leader with a broad spectrum of dairy knowledge of dairy production in a large high yielding herd. The successful candidate must demonstrate team leadership as well as exceptional standards in performance. Control of the day to day running of this prestigious 1000 cow herd in conjunction with the veterinary/ nutrition team will be the fundamental role with rewards for improvements on KPI performance. Please forward your CV to in the first instance.

JobsInAgriculture Shepherd Required Thoresby Livestock are seeking a forward thinking, full time shepherd to join our team. The individual will be: - Knowledgeable about all aspects of sheep husbandry, - Capable of working as part of a team and fitting in with the larger estate staff, - Familiar with EID recording technology, - Capable of keeping accurate records, - Preferably own good working dogs, - Salary is dependent on qualifications and experience. Accommodation is available on request.

“The new Jobs in Agriculture website provided excellent exposure for our

01772 799500

p055.indd 55

Fieldsman job wanted in the South of England. Over 30 years shepherding experience, has two good dogs.

assistant herdsperson vacancy. I received 10 enquiries and conducted 5 interviews before

t: 07810 203324 e:

making an appointment." Robert - Standhill Farm

Are you missing out on £1000s in grants and funding?

To apply please send a CV and covering letter to before 31st October 2018

FG Buy and Sell

Situations Wanted

Visit To advertise, contact Katie O’Hagan on 01772 799454

To subscribe call 0330 333 0056

FG fillers Aug18 60Wx40H.indd 3

quoTe code H8001

23/08/2018 19:24

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 12:42:35 Livestock Services


7,000 Ltr Roka 6.000 Ltr Instant Cooling Fullwood Packo 6,000 Ltr Roka 6,000 Ltr Delaval 5,000 Ltr Vaccar 4,500 Ltr Ice Bank Tank 4,000 Ltr Vaccar 3,400 Ltr Fullwood Packo – open top instant cooling 3,000 Ltr DX 2,600 Ltr Fullwood Packo open top instant cooling


Tanks wanted - 6,000 Ltr and above.

For further details please call S.W Refrigeration specialising in “On Farm cooling Equipment” 01392 210344 or Paul on 07974 140949 All Tanks can be fitted anywhere in the country or ex-yard and all come with a 12 month warranty. Talk to us about our “Green Machine” Heat Recovery System. With almost all installations returning a 30-50% return on investment, can you afford not to install it on your Dairy Farm? Please see for more info.



Heifer Plus (Whey) Calf Delight (Skim) Calf Supreme (Skim) Tip Top (Whey) Calf Content (Whey) Super XL (Whey)

Oil 20% 20% 20% 20% 19% 19%

Protein 26% 26% 24% 24% 23% 22.5%

Fibre Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 0.05

For Further details Telephone 01387 750459

Portable Milking Machine Complete with Honda engine and Electric motor. This unit is ready for work and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Livestock Supplies LTD Call Ashley on: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328


16/32 dual vac system 10 years old - Milk Meters - Automatic gates - Automatic plant wash system - Plate cooler - Full service history. Good working order. Please call 07715059171 for more information, pictures etc



p056.indd 56

October 12, 2018


Delaval 3,500 Litres Ro-Ka 4,000 Litres Ro-Ka 5,700 Litres Delaval 6,000 Litres Roka 6,000 Litres Fullwood 7,000 Litres Delaval 8,000 Litres Serap 8,000 Litres Ro-Ka 8,000 Litres Ro-Ka 12,000 Litres Ro-Ka 16,000 Litres Part exchange considered This is only a selection of the tanks currently in stock.

Please ring for further requirements.

KRISTAL D&D Ltd Bromyard

Formerly Domestic and Dairy

Tel: 01885 483576

COLLECTORS OF DEAD ANIMALS THROUGHOUT LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE Competitive prices PLEASE CALL: 01704 893161 or 07768 051800 (24 hrs) Martland’s the name, knackering’s the game Established over 100 years




Plain & Cows & Bulls Wanted.


33,200 Ltr Mueller 18,000 Ltr NEW Roka *Special Price* 10,000 Ltr Packo Instant Cooling 2014 12,000 Ltr Fabdec 12,000 Ltr Mueller 10,000 Ltr Fabdec 8,000 Ltr Fabdec 7,000 Ltr Japy + New Cleaner 7,000 Ltr Ice Water Cooled + new cleaner 7,000 Ltr Mueller



Dairy Equipment

Also casualty collection service with veterinary certificates direct to our own abattoir.

BAMBER BRIDGE Lancs, Cumbria, Cheshire. Yorkshire. TEXT OR TELEPHONE STEPHEN: 07860 636 605 OFFICE: 01772 626 951

LIVESTOCK SERVICES LTD Plain Cows, Bulls & Clean Cattle wanted. Also casualty collection service with veterinary certificates direct to our own abattoir. All areas covered. Tel: 07568 461322 Office: 01706 577885

CATTLE ULTRA SOUND SCANNER Accredited scanner for 16 years, covering the north of england.

Contact Adrian Johnson 07702000760 CONCRETE GROOVING Neil O’Donnell

-Tel: 01900 817009 or 07759 194600 Nationwide (T)

HIGH PEAK Cattle Scan-

ning Services. Contact David Astley Tel: 01457 863151 or Mobile 07976 773797 (T)

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

Dunnockshaw Farm, Dunnockshaw, Burnley, BB11 5PP

Livestock Equipment BRAND NEW & UNUSED Fibreglass


Calf Hutches. Complete with fencing. A large selection of all animal and calf feeding equipment and all other associated products also available. Massive saving on list price Livestock Supplies Ltd. Tel: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328

Roller Mills

Two models Capacity approx 1 ton – 3 ton / hr Easy to operate and adjust. Efficient for crushing / rolling all common raw materials

Tel: 01746 762777

25 PORTABLE COW CUBICLES Also 50 mushroom cubicles and 80 cow mats. Excellent condition.

Tel:07737 799531 or 01978 822122 Wrexham (P) CORDLESS SHEARER

with 2 strong LI-ION batteries. £228.95+vat. Tel: 01200 427419 www.

10/10/2018 13:27:09

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Livestock Equipment

Pigs & Poultry EST. 1958

M J Kiddy & Son Cambridgeshire

A good selection of Large White & Hampshire boars & gilts available Telephone: 01767 650884 or 07808 204363 Silos: 4-70 tonne

Tel: 01226 730037

The Captive Bolt Stunner that’s also humane on your pocket! ORDER YOURS NOW! For further enquiries and for telephone orders please contact Calton Moor Farm 01538 308697

You can pay by Cheque made payable to J Dickinson, Bank card over the telephone, or BACS, please ring for bank details.

Used for the humane destruction of animals, no firearms permit is required to use one and at only £260.00 (including BRNO Guns UK p&p) this has to be the Calton Moor Farm, best value Captive Bolt Swinscoe, Ashbourne, Derbyshire Stunner on the Market! DE6 2BU. The Bolt gun come with a box of 50 blanks a carry TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME E&OE case and postage


pullets, day old chicks/ broiler chicks. Commercial Brown Hybrids POL, Blackrocks, Light Sussex and other coloured hybrids. Ducklings. Cheshire Blue, Blue Egg layers, and Bantams Nationwide Delivery-Tel: 07946 761435 Cheshire creagmhor-

EGG PACKING MATERIALS Trays, Pre-Packs plain and printed. Outer cases. Staples etc. All you need to present your eggs from

J. COULTHURST Bamber Bridge (01772) 623123 PEACOCKS

and Pea Hens for sale, 6 months old Tel: 07964 587755

North Shrops (P)

TOP QUALITY DAY OLD MEAT CHICKS Variety of breeds for all production systems, Ross 308, Sasso, Naked neck, 757, 957, etc. Nationwide, Weekly deliveries in our own vehicles, for the very best price, product and service. Piggotts Poultry Breeders 01525 220944 POL DUCKS Cherry

Valley, Khaki and White Campbell, 300+ egg strains, also Meat Ducklings. Call for details: 01829 730876 or 07892 910332 Nationwide

Delivery (P)


set blue. Blue egg laying Hybrids, Day old chick available monthly, Tel: 07946 761435 Creag-MhorPoultry

Nantwich (T)

R MILLER POL Pullets. Poultry Equipment. Tel:01772613719 Lancs


Novo-Brown direct from the breeder Tom Barron Ltd. The Poultry Farm, Square Lane, Catforth, Preston PR4 0HQ - Tel: 01772 692078

P O LAY Warren and

Lohmann Brown Pullets quality reared fully vaccinated . Northern Pullet Rearers Ltd. - Tel: 01995 640482 (T)

NOVA RED, White Star & Purebreds now available. Tel: 07768 790962 W.Yorks (P)


Top Quality Beltex x Texel, Beltex x Charolais and Texel Shearling Rams

EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 16 portable cow cubicles, very good condition. AG Dispenser 200, year 2008, very good order. Front mounted on umbilical reeler with 400m of 4 inch pipe - hardly used. Tel: 07946 607631 Derbys / Yorks border (P)


Silage Clamp Mats Cow Mats Portable Concrete Beds Concrete Drinking Troughs Self Locking Yokes Cubicles Nationwide Delivery

PETER ALLEN FEEDERS New range of 1 - 5 Tonne Hopper Fillers. Parlour Feeders and Horse Feeders also available. What are you looking for? Tel: 01235 772161 or 07836 229390 peter.allen@

PEDIGREE BRITISH ROUGE RAMS MV Accredited, Lambs and Shearlings available, Easy Lambing, Great Skins & Well Muscled Ian Teasdale - North Yorkshire 07980 880720

7 x 10ft Heavy Duty, 5cm Box Section Steel. Open to Offers Tel: 01427 788629 Lincoln (P)

p057.indd 57

Please contact Paul Slater on 07775 661736 or 01625 820431

TEXEL SHEARLING TUPS Excellent conformation. Extremely well muscled. All home bred. Tel: 01298 872500 or Mobile: 07747 013041 Derbys

WELSH MOUNTAIN EWES Strong white face Welsh Mountain ewes Mid Wales. Yearlings, 2 year olds and 3 year olds for sale.

Tel: 01994 419482


Very well grown, Bred for carcase, to produce E&U grade lambs to achieve premium prices, shape and tight skins, Large selection available.

FG Buy and Sell

Pedigree Texel Shearling Rams For Sale

01772 799500

Quality Sheep, Sensibly Priced.

07980 981 661


01260 223303 (P)



tex X Texel shearling tups. Bred for skins, shape, easy lambing. Commercially reared. Tel Pete Crossmore 07889781228 Chesh-

ire (P)

07703-115013 October 12, 2018 |




MV Accredited Good skins and conformation types Would make ideal starter flock

Tel: 07521 143505 or 07773 046620 Northamptonshire (P)


Select your shearling rams from a mature proven flock of high genetic dominance for extra muscling.

Tel: 01544 328417 (evenings) Mob: 07855 162480 Robin Slade, Herefordshire WOOL WANTED All

types required from the North of England. Full payment. Tel: Grace Dobson: 07840 957803

L.Pierce Wool Merchant *


Poll Dorset shearling ram. From prized winning registered flock. Tel: 07717623052 West

Yorkshire (P)


Shearling Ewes For Sale Tel: 07950 010237 Suffolk (P)

1 and 2 crop mixed. Flock reduction, willing to split.

Tel: 07970075888 Preston (P) NORTH COUNTRY MULE 200 North Country Mule Yearlings which have had lambs and 200 two shear. Tel:07836508384 BREEDING EWES and Grazing Ewes. Also ewe lambs and store lambs. Tel:07966296137 www.


ewe lambs & 9 tups. Born April 2018 Tel: 07712 622295 Skipton


Dairy Cattle

IRISH DAIRY STOCK Fresh calved Irish & German heifers & cows



• Bred from forage. • Able to serve 80-100 ewes. • Selected for maternal traits,

• Bred and selected for

• Easy lambing, produce good

• Producing fast growing and

growth and muscling. maternal ewes.

• Reducing production costs

and maintaining lamb output.

lambing ease and vigour.

• Suited to outdoor lambing systems.

finishing lambs with improved carcase conformation from grass.

For more information contact 01970 828236 ABERFIELD D



THE LUMB LADDS John Craig Tel: 07971 599185 Settle. N.Yorks.




Shearling Rams and Ram Lambs, well bred, good conformation, also in lamb Ewes. Tel: 01625 424284 Chesh-

ire (P)

Pedigree Terminal Sires. Shearling Hampshire Down Crossing Rams. Ready To Work. MV. Signet Recorded. Commercially Reared. Economic & Hardy. Good Skins. Fast Growth Rates & Easy To Lamb.


Rams. Very well grown, never had corn. Plenty to choose from, Reasonably priced Tel: 07977 402535 or 01629 812376

Derbys (P)



p058.indd 58

October 12, 2018

• Fresh calved Irish heifers & young cows, traditional grazing and high yielding indoor types available • In-Calf Heifers, calving spring 2019 From £800 delivered • Young milking cows, calved 3/4 months From £600 delivered • Same day selection and delivery available from Ireland (small numbers also 4/5) • Many references from satisfied customers Long and short term finance available, see our website for all details

Contact: Colm Gilleece 00353 87299 7108 Email: Available Now

• Fresh calved and in-calf heifers and young cows • Select on farms in Ireland, France, Germany, Holland • Delivered direct to your farm.

Keenest Price Guaranteed

DAVID CLARKE LIVESTOCK Suppliers of Quality Livestock

Call David Clarke 00353 87257 6434 or 07712 815792

10/10/2018 13:04:10

Easy calving, high growth, h YOUNG BULLS top EB Choice of 20 from our 180 co Please feel free to contact & Lepto vacc. Call Call 01772 799500 and place yourTB4adBVD today Richard – 07816 173689 07866 222062 - details on w www.ribbleaberdeen-angus John – 07885 739120 Beef Cattle the top family lines in the UK and America.

Dairy Cattle

Ribble Gilmartin Aberdeen-Angus


• Dairy Heifers & Cows to suit all systems, Holstein, Fleckvieh, Montbeliarde, Jerseys, Pedigree and commercial. 10 years’ • Escorted selection with your local UK rep experience of • All ministry paperwork completed on your behalf. • Full service from selection to delivery on farm. livestock imports. • TB free, from selected elite health status herds only. • All animals precautionary blood tested for BTV-8 (Bluetongue) on selection. • UK stock also sourced. Full and part loads delivered, finance available with insurance covered.

Based in Cheshire, nationwide delivery. Call Alan 07812 663167 or Di 01606 869253 Email: For prices and latest stock list visit our website

IMPORTED PEDIGREE DAIRY CATTLE From Holland, Germany, France & Ireland. You can select on the holdings in Europe. All the above livestock are of the highest quality and all paperwork and testing meet our stringent regulations. German, Dutch, French and Irish In Calf, & Fresh Calf, Pedigree Heifers available now

Pedigree Polled Hereford Bulls 3 Well bred, Halter trained Bulls 18 months - 2 years. Vaccinated for BVD + IBR, TB 4 Area Easy calving, high growth, hihealth John Procter, YOUNG BULLS top EBV’s Waterbeck. Choice of 10 from our 180 cow herd 01461 600257 TB4 Tel: BVD & Lepto vacc. Call Henry or222062 07729 405369 07866 - details on website Lockerbie (P)

FRESH REARING CALVES Available in suitable batches delivered to most parts of the country Continental Bull and Heifer calves 3-5 weeks old available now. Quality store cattle sourced directly from Welsh/Shropshire Borders Farms, delivered to your farm. Delivery Nationwide.

Weekly Selection of 8-10 Pedigree Fresh Calved Heifers.

A weekly selection of Fresh Calved Cows & Heifers sourced within the UK. All guaranteed & delivered anywhere in the UK. Finance can be arranged

Livestock Supplies Ltd

Telephone: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328


For more than 25 years we’ve supplied hundreds of satisfied customers. • Dutch, German, Danish & French Holsteins. • Brown Swiss, Jersey and Organic • Fly and buy or use our experts. Full or part load. Call Job 0031 653847116 or 0781 2107337 FINANCE CAN BE ARRANGED

British Friesian Semen

British Friesian semen for sale from Barncluth Arrival Ex91. A super grassland bull with 577kg milk Roberta 07921295784

60 ORGANIC BULLING HEIFER Freisian Holstein x Jersey. All bred by Omsco Dairy Farmer of the year 2016. A lovely bunch. Also other organic Beef stores.

Tel:01554773779 S.Wales (P)


‘Curzon Breeding’

35 months old too large for my Dexter ladies. Must be seen reasonable offers considered.

Tel: 07885 347330 Notts (P)

p059.indd 59

For more Beef 17-22 months. Cattle Adverts, Some Semen tested. See our TB4 area. Younger BEEF SUPPLEMENT also FREE withbulls available Tel this Edward: weeks 07770 457453 N. Yorkshire issue of (P) Five Red and Black Limousin stock bulls

Farmers Guardian



June 29, 2018

SEAFIELD PEDIGREE Also Casualty Cattle p060.indd ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS 60 All areas covered


Tel: 01228 584123 (Carlisle Office) or 01524 427615 (office)

Ready to work, delivered direct to your farm, very quiet, easy calving. Health monitored, closed

Beef Cattle

Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Bull

Livestock Supplies Ltd TEL: 07831 887531 or 01829 260328

herd, full pedigree with each animal, Red tractor


Tel: 077157 64351

27 months old.

18 months old, halter trained, very easy calving, well grown, sensibly priced

TB4 area.

Tel:01524751267 or 07900433147 Lancaster (P)

Pedigree Charolais bull

Oxfordshire 07957471718

BUITELAAR PRODUCTION LTD Black & White Bulls Increase Production by selling bulls younger 440kg + live weight Straight through under written pricing Call Terry Coupe For more information

07773 370232 and select Females for Sa Email:

a high health herd, with fully reg STORE pedigrees.


20 Angus Cross Further details can be seen Steers and Heifers www.lowergroveherefords.c (7 Months). 20 BRB Cross Heifers (12 Contact: Paul on 0773009506 Months). 30 B/W Bulls (7 Months). 32 paul@lowergroveherefords. B/W Bulls (3 Months) 40 BRB Cross Steers & Heifers (3-6 Months). All TB4 Tel: 07979 613613 East Yorkshire (P)


Quality, home-bred Limousin c cows and he with Lim x and BB x calves at Proven Stock bull by Lim x British Blu Also two excellent Vaillant Only for Sale Eager for work, all quiet, as daughters now TB tested coming through Also and ready to go. 15 monthALWAYS young bullNEGATIVE FOR TB 2British Salers Blue Bullsyoung

07973 Wilf 899808 Lomas

- 01606 832 or 07769704628 PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL Bulls. Easy Calving, Good temperament. Johnes & BVD accredited herd. BVD, IBR and Lepto vaccinated. Ready for work. -Tel: 01948 770408 Mobile: 07714 089001 Malpas


07788991143 / 01423 711745 Harrogate

AA ABBERTON ANGUS bulls & heif-

ers,TB7, biobest, elite health accreditation IBR, BVD, Lepto Johnes - Tel: 01386 462534 or 07592 798555

HEREFORDS 2 strong

crossing bulls, gold standard recorded performance and conformation. Tested ready to move. Tel: 01981 570231

swquan@outlook. com



and Heifers For sale. 14-18 Months. BVD and JOHNES Accredited. Lancashire Tel: 07878 665309 or 01617 663320



Bulls & Heifers. 12-18 mo. BVD & Johnes free. TB4. Tel: 07939123950

G.Manchester (P) October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:59:03


All hom quiet to Delivery

07885 5 01394 (East A Beef Cattle

Dogs & Pets

Whitecliffe Charolais Pedigree Charolais Bulls for sale. Easy calving, High EBV’s, High herd health status. TB4

Tel: 01653 668523 or 07801 891037 3/4 limousin 1/4 blue bull 16 months would suit heifers.



HUNGARIAN VIZSLA PUPPIES Short haired - All KC Registered Microchipped, wormed, first vaccination and health check 1 bitch 3 dogs left Ready for their new homes in 2 weeks Each pup comes with a 5 year pedigree certificate

£1000 each Tel: 07779 583189 Shrops (P)



Feedstuffs & Bedding

Johnes & BVD free 4 year TB area and tested


Threaphurst Limousins Gtr Manchester

High temperature heat treated to control yeasts and moulds for a more hygienic bedding

Tel 01614833236 or 07776204627

Animal Health


(5in ONE Buffer) * Higher Quality milk * * Improved Fertility *Improved Feed Efficiency * * Less foot Problems * * Healthier Animals *


Try 100% recycled Paper bedding as a fantastic alternative

Produced in the UK year round and delivered Nation wide


Speak to us about other affordable bedding options and products in our range

Bulk, Tipped or Blown Reasonably Priced


Call 01565 830002 or 07484090110 To discuss your needs

Tel: 01335 370790 Mobile: 07968 505014




For more details contact:Britmilk Head office: - 01387 750459 |

16% & 14% Protein rations Ideal for feeding cattle and sheep Cost effective UFAS ASSURED FEED


1 tonne bag delivered anywhere in England & Wales Cereal Blend (16%) £225 delivered Cereal Mixture (14%) £220 delivered


Dogs & Pets



01949 844700

SATURDAY 20 October at 10.30 a.m.

AUTUMN SALE OF 52 WORKING SHEEPDOGS Quality Farm & Trial Dogs, each to be worked before sale. Catalogues Available on-line CLEE TOMPKINSON & FRANCIS

QUALITY Available only via our friendly Farm Support Team Made at Envirosystems local production sites Raw materials are sourced direct from paper mills for quality, consistency and fibre content For cubicles and all bases incl sand Built up to a standard not down to a price!

Pups. Regd, 9 weeks. Dogs & Bitches. Imported bloodlines, micro chipped. Tel: 01824 710260 N. Wales




p060.indd 60

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

F E E D S to encourage forage intake. Molasses and molasses blends plus additional minerals if required. J E Morten: 01663 734621 High peak, Derbyshire (T)

October 12, 2018





For more info call now 01772 860085

01550 720440

Hay & Straw for Sale in all types of Bales. Good quality. Reasonable prices. TEL: (01625) 531629 OR (01625) 522249

Ask our dedicated sales team about a contract today and avoided fluctuating straw and sawdust costs by fixing your prices through to 2019

Double action Mycotoxin binder



Best Quality. Any size large square bales, best price paid. Contact Tom Bowlby 07733 435356 Email tom@bowlby. www.bowlby. South of England.


eralised ‘seconds’ direct from factory at low prices! Various types, pressed harder to last!

Chris Hammond 07957 975144

LOWER YOUR VET BILLS WITH WASHED SILICA SAND CUBICLE BEDDING * Helps to eradicate mastitis problems and lowers your milk count * Equestrian sand also available

Tel 07730 897138 / 01484 603130

AK SHARPE & SONS ALL TYPES OF HAY AND STRAW FOR SALE & WANTED Competitively Priced Andrew 07970 052 419 Phillip 07973 208 384 LANCS (T)

FODDER BEET Cleaned, Competitive Prices, Direct from the grower

Collect or Delivered in all sizes of loads Tel: 07843 012225 Lancs

32 Acres of Standing Maize available. Jct 32, M6 Preston Tel: 07711 076252 HAY AND STRAW available for sale. Tel: 01444 400822 (T)

10/10/2018 12:00:12 Building Materials

Panel Systems













Rapid Turnaround

even on bespoke orders



sured C




Fast Nationwide Delivery

Concrete Panel uses include:

Concrete Panel dimensions:

Silage Pit Grain & Crop Storage Flood Defence Walling

Heights : 500mm, 600mm, 750mm & 1000mm

Soil Retention Security Walling Aggregate Storage Flooring

Thickness : 90mm, 140mm, & 170mm

Any length

Call today for an instant quote or advice:

Find us on:

01270 258076 / 07870545520

@concretepanelsystems @concretepanels

Call: 01576 204 367 Call our team of experts today to learn more about our fantastic new range of concrete products: Delta Blocks by CWP

CWP Feeder System

Concrete Wall Panels

Freestanding A Walls by CWP

Freestanding T & L Walls by CWP

CWP Products are: Simple & Quick to Install

Flexible in Use

Durable & Expertly Designed

Great Value for Money

Our knowledgeable team are on hand to help you find the best concrete solution for your project.

Manufacturers BoxProfile Profile & & Corrugated Corrugated Roof & Wall Cladding · Vent Manufacturers of:of: Box Roof & Wall Cladding · Vent Air, Perforated & Anti-Con Sheets · Curved Sheets ·Purlins and Sections · Air, Perforated & Anti-Con Sheets · Curved Sheets ·Purlins and Sections · Folded Galvanised Guttering Folded Galvanised Guttering 01568 61 00 00

01568 61 00 00

Purlins & Sections

Gutters Gutters

Purlins & Sections

Fibre Cement Fibre Cement and GRP and GRP Rooflights Rooflights



Marketleader leader Market in Steel SteelBuilding Building Components Components

October 12, 2018

p062.indd 62

Cladding Cladding

10/10/2018 11:55

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Building Materials

Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall Panels Inspired by the latest technology in Pre-stressed Concrete Wall Panels and with the desire to continue in meeting our customers’ requirements regarding Quality, Design, Volume & Delivery ... ... we have opened a new & improved manufacturing facility in Greenfield, Flintshire, North Wales

• Brand new precision built moulds & tooling • Larger range of sizes & loadbearing options (95, 145, 200 & new 240, 280mm)

• Selection of Concrete Lego Blocks • Increased capacity • Made to measure • Shorter lead-times

• Established Quality Assured CE marked products • Design & Bespoke Project capability

Penfold Industrial Painters

Total UK Coverage With over 30 years experience All work carriers a 10 year guarantee in a choice of colours & paints Email Call for a free question 01622084552 or 07846562776

t: 01352 719182 f: 01352 837690 e:


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS Although every advertisement is carefully checked, occasionally mistakes do occur.We therefore ask advertisers to assist by checking their advertisements carefully and advise us immediately should an error occur. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for more than ONE INCORRECT insertion and that no re-publication will be granted in the case of typographical or minor changes which do not affect the value of the advertisement. While every endeavour will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers, the publisher does not guarantee insertion of any particular advert.



Established in 1981, T & P Metcalfe & Son Ltd supply and erect steel framed buildings for agricultural and industrial purposes Providing a complete start to finish service on all projects, including planning permission, drawings, certificates, groundworks, construction and internal works

TEL: 01904 400215 FAX: 01904 400517

• • • • •

T: 01538 398 708 T: 01538 398 708


Cut BARGAIN to any GREY length 3m X 1m • Box Profile & Corrugated you £13.95/SHEET need • Roofing Sheets • Insulated & Anti-Con Sheets • Flashings • GRP & Polycarbonate Rooflights • Curved Corrugated • Anti-Condensation • Flashings • Fibre Cement Made To Order • Fibre Cement • Rooflights • PVC Gutter • PVC Gutter • Zed Purlins & C-Sections

Manufacturers Manufacturers of Roofing Sheets of Roofing Sheets Flashings… andand Flashings...

BARGAIN GREY 3M x 1M £12.95/SHEET MANUFACTURER OF ROOFING & CLADDING • Box Profile • 3” Corrugated • Tile Form • Anticondensation • Insulated • Flashings & Trims • Gutters • Fixings Nationwide Delivery

Call today to hear about our Special Offers Tel: 0121 707 0165 Fax: 0121 766 7767 Email: /

p063.indd 63

Mobile 16t Crusher Up to 500 tonnes per day Can operate in restricted access areas Ideal for on farm or remote areas All areas covered

T & P Metcalfe & Son Ltd

Tel: 015242 22230

Mob: 07887812152

A1 Concrete Products


• Fast Turnaround on Manufacture • Own National Transport • Fast Turnaround on manufacture • Own Nationwide Transport SHEETS CUT TO ANY LENGTH


Quality and affordable concrete panels in stock 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm or 1500mm high 100mm or 150mm thick Small or large quantities undertaken Rigid lorry delivery for easier access

01267 233777 / 07979 533032 /

J SHARPLES Most types of new and reusable steel girders, pipe, angle and box section. Box profile, roofing sheets, bricks, stone, flags, cobbles, lintels.

Tel: 01772 250542/628644




JIM BEAVER 01694 751265

Composite Panels Made to order Choice of colours and thickness UK Sourced Nationwide Delivery Very Competitive Prices Full Range Of Accessories For Friendly Advice and a Quotation Call Tel: 01246 858222


Varley Insulation Products Ltd t: 01772 690360




Telegraph poles, Sleepers, Concrete Panels, Security fencing Henmans Tel- 01568 708872 or 07836 722891 Nationwide Delivery (T)

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 13:05:18 Building Materials Quality pre stressed concrete panels Prompt delivery Concrete Panel Company

Tel: 01757 282299 or mobile 07495 240555 (T)





STEEL STORES New6’,8’,10’ & 20’ Used10’, 20’ & 40’ Sales & Hire Delivery Available

We manufacture, supply & build... • Cubicle Buildings • Lambing Sheds • Dairy Units • Workshops • Grain Stores • Industrial Units • Bespoke Design

• Internal Stables • Stable Blocks • Indoor Arenas • Hay & Straw Stores

01606 738 738 | |

Tel 016974 73707 A W Blake Ltd Carlisle, Cumbria

Asbestos Off Metal Cladding On

We specialise in stripping Asbestos Cement Sheeting. And recovering with box profile metal cladding. All work guaranteed

Contact Metalclad on 07974 206163

~ New Barns & Stables For Old ~ SPRAY FOAM INSULATION To Crop & Livestock Stores, Poultry Sheds, Cattle & Pig Buildings, Workshops & Barns. Frost & Condensation Protection. Temperature Control Energy Saving

Tel: 01405 812682

Double decker bus storage Secure, undercover storage. North West. 14” door height a must with reasonable access. POA. lea.worrall@

Agricultural, Equestrian and Industrial Buildings

• Specialists in Steel Framed Buildings • Design, Fabrication & Installation • The best quality materials are used within our manufacturing process for all buildings


260ft x 81ft x 16ft. 120ft x 58ft with 16ft canopy. 104ft x 44ft 6’’ x 22ft to eaves. 60ft x 50ft with 20ft lean to either side. Tel: 01630 684004/07974 569954 Shrops (T)

Office: 01630 409009 Mob: 07498 357997 Email -

Farmers Guardian


We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent advertisers attempting to sell items within the classified section. Whilst we endeavour to protect our readers and pull these adverts before going to press, sometimes they may unfortunately appear in print. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you PROCEED WITH CAUTION with the seller and do not part with money until goods are received. Farmers Guardian are NOT responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer.



p064.indd 64

October 12, 2018

10/10/2018 12:03:39

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Buildings

DON’T LET TRUMP’S TARIFFS STOP YOU! 01270 781158 Agricultural, Equestrian & Industrial Buildings

Secure your 2019 building, at 2018 prices today!

su r e d B u As ings




CALL US NOW! 01270 781158

or email

20 years of experience

Find us on:


Made in Britain

Operating Nationwide



Tel: 01576 205 905 SPECIAL OFFER Cubicle Shed - 100' x 50' x 14’

Price Includes concrete panels

Price Includes concrete panels

From £17,650 + VAT (& Delivery)


Any Shed, Any Size, Anywhere

Livestock Offer - 100’x40’x15’ + 4’6” Cantilever - From £18,000.00 6 week delivering on supply only 80x60x18 Grain Store offer Complete with fibre cement roof, box profile cladding, purlins, rails, fixings, concrete panels etc - All from £36,500 Office: 01270 780 017 Email: Web:

p065.indd 65

AGRICULTURAL & INDUSTRIAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS Supply & erection of portal frame Buildings Re-Cladding of roofs & Repairs Extension works to existing Buildings Ground Works Tel: (01204) 692874 Mobile: 07957 149 026

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:54 Fuel & Renewable Energy



Good Housecoal Now £265 per tonne

Wainwrights Ltd of Wetley Rocks specialising in fuels for both modern multifuel stoves and traditional open fires at affordable prices. Regular deliveries throughout North Staffs and into Cheshire. Smokeless fuels also available.


Loose loads supplied into your own vehicle at up to £35 per ton discount.



Miscellaneous Sales

Manufacture, supply, installation and repair all types of industrial/agricultural doors DIY kits available Nationwide Telephone Bolton 01204 853243 or 07917 864585 Email Redearth Farm, Bolton, Lancs.


display and hot serve overs plus slicers. Insulated panelsRefrigeration & Plant equipment, cold rooms, refrigerated and frozen display Cabinets. Shop Shelving. Tel:01782 823030 or 07833 567444 (T)


Barlow Trailers



C.H.F. SUPPLIES 01995 670888

Diesel, Oil & Water Tanks • Septic Tanks • Diesel Dispensers • Bunded Oil Tanks • Waste Oil Tanks • Water Tanks • Diesel pumps, hoses, filters & nozzles

Caravans & Log Cabins

Trade Static Caravans Starting from £1,500 Delivery available to most of UK Viewing available at LA5 9RN

T: 01580 212141 M: 07710 480259 E: W: All built to your requirements, delivered and erected anywhere, we offer builds in round, square, cavity and random log up to 360mm thick.

0800 0568 350


For sale, excellent selection. I will have the caravan you’re looking for! -Tel: John Dewhurst 01535 658846 or Mobile: 07885 047114 Find us on our website https://


For sale 10ft & 12ft wide selections. Woods Caravans. Tel: 01524 732609 or 07889 771344

Carnforth, Lancs (T)



p066.indd 66

October 12, 2018

Clean & tidy, two & three bedrooms. 10ft &12ft wide. Selection from £550 can Deliver National-Tel: 01938 570265, Powys (T)

Forestry/ Fencing STAKES

5’6’’ x 3’’ - 4’’. Economy posts from £1.96 Mixed Species. 15 year warranty from £2.50. Creosote 30 year warranty from £3.74. Longleat: 01985 219555 Aston

Magna: 651096 (T)

Open 7 days

Stables Arenas & Fencing


screened, wire free. Bulk deliver or collect. Samples, quotes - Tel : 01282 434030 Burnley (T)

Equestrian Auctions



FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER Autumn sale



Main distributor for Ifor Williams and Equitrek. Full range of Ifor Williams New & Used trailers inStock. TEL: 01772 600395 FAX: 01772 601389


Tel: Andy 07917653541 (T)

FREE UK Mainland Delivery* Tanks For Everything Always BEST prices:

Caravans & Log Cabins

Reaching deeper and further into UK farming than any other media group FG

Trailers & Boxes


Delivery to all areas


SERVE OVER deli meat



Grassy Lane Farm, Rownall Road, Wetley Rocks, ST9 0BP

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500

to be held in The Ebor Ring at 12 noon 600 lots of tack 11 am Catalogues £1.50

FG Your one stop shop for all agricultural sales Search by sale type, mart, auctioneer or region

Further details & catalogues from the Auctioneers or online at York Horse Sales Murton, York, YO19 5GF Tel: 01904 489731

10/10/2018 12:07:31

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

EQUESTRIAN Other winners

Time 2 Reflect gave Jayne Ross another supreme horse of the year title.


n Junior M and M: Skellorn Prairie Starlight n Lead rein pony of hunter type: Uphill Toy Soldier n Maxi cob: Colour Index n Intermediate show hunter: Mexican Summer n Ridden heavy horse: Horsmans Ace Card n Intermediate show riding type: Forgelands Hyde Park n Search for a Star: Follow Me Home

The 70th Horse of the Year Show at the NEC, Birmingham, attracted the cream of equine talent. Angela Calvert reports.

Time 2 Reflect reigns supreme at HOYS


he five days of the Horse of the Year Show culminated in the supreme showing championships where Time 2 Reflect gave Jayne Ross another supreme horse of the year title after winning the ladies side saddle class for the second year running. The 11-year-old mare by Cameo’s Reflection owned by Diane Stennett, is a former lightweight hunter of the year and Royal International Horse Show supreme champion. Claiming the supreme pony of the year title was Carmens Novello, winner of the part-bred ridden pony Carmens Novello, winner of the part-bred ridden pony class, won the supreme pony of the year title.

Class Equestrian Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 2

class. Owned by Charlotte Read, the five-year-old by Chiddock Stop Watch was ridden by Lucy Glover. After a marathon M and M section of 10 breed classes the championship went to the winner of the Welsh Section A class, Glebedale Mumbo Jumbo, a 10-year-old grey gelding owned by Zoe Holmes, ridden by Isabella Sharifi. It was produced by Sharn Linney who took the mini M and M title for the fourth year running with the grey Section A gelding, Thistledown Van-der-Vart, owned by Lucy Richardson and ridden by Lily Richardson.

The M and M working hunter pony title went to the 133cm class winner, the Fell stallion, Greenholme Emblem owned by Gwen Rae and ridden by Kirsty Aird. Reserve champion went to the 122cm winner Blackhill Imogen, a Section A mare, ridden by Ruby Ward and owned by her mother Kelly. The pair were also responsible for the working hunter pony champion and 133cm class winner, the eightyear-old mare, Noble Peppermint.

Third year For the third year running, the riding horse championship went to Diamonds Are Forever, the nine-yearold son of Diamond Hit, owned by Annabel Jenks, and ridden by Oliver Hood, who also won the racehorse to riding horse class on Zoe Turner’s Gateshead. Standing reserve in the same position as last year was the winner of the small riding horse class, Diane Stennett’s Casino ridden by Jayne Ross. Mrs Ross also had to be content with reserve champion in the show hunter section with the heavyweight class winner, Jill Marsden’s Twinshock Warrior, where the championship went to another horse enjoying a repeat win, the lightweight winner, Jill

Day’s View Point, ridden by Robert Walker. Earlier in the day Mr Walker had led the same owner’s three-year-old hunter, MHS Morning Master, to win the in-hand horse of the year exceeding 148cm class. In the championship he had to give way to the winner of the under 148cm section, the show pony broodmare, Crafton Blythe Spirit owned by Mark Buckley, produced and shown by Jerome Harforth. It was a first ever working hunter win at the Horse of the Year show for Rory Gilsenan, who piloted Rebecca Collin’s nine-year-old gelding, Atlantic Slim, to victory. Another horse returning to the show to take a title for the third time was the hack champion, Pearly King. The son of Kilvington Scoundrel was partnered by owner, Sarah Carey.   It was a great week for Magnus Nicholson who claimed the small hunter title with Ros Croft’s Bowland Dynamo and the cob championship with Silver Diamond owned by Sue Tennant. India Till took the 128cm show pony class on Rotherwood Rainmaker and the 138cm class on Drakemyre Puttin on the Ritz which went on to take the show pony of the year title when ridden in the championship by Emily Bettany, ahead of the 148cm winner, Litton Cherise ridden by Martha Jobling-Purser. The show hunter pony championship went to the 153cm winner, Penstrumbly Our Latif ridden by Victoria Thomas with Abbie Farmer in reserve on 143cm winner, Stretcholt Roulette. Taking the mini show pony title was the first ridden winner, Woodview Ianthe, ridden by Maisie Binks, ahead of the lead rein winner, Chaseford Actor, ridden by Bella Gilbert and led by Julie Templeton. The coloured section was headed by the winner of the native/cob/traditional section, The Magpie, owned by Claire Lupton and ridden by Adam Forster. On the final evening of the show the Shire horse of the year title went to Edward and John Whittaker with the six-year-old mare, St Giles Morgana. October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 13:45 Farms & Property


Land tax prowl before a pounce? Advice from property expert Colin Muller


ith all that is going on with Brexit and whether a deal will be done, it’s perfect cover for politicians to hatch plans for raising taxes. There has been no particularly strong motivation by either Labour or Conservative governments for the last 40 years to seek direct taxation on sales of development land. The last incarnation of a land tax, in the mid 1970s, was Development Land Tax (DLT) introduced by a Conservative chancellor, which was progressively raised over a number of years by successive Labour Government. At its most punitive rate, DLT captured 80 per cent of gains. As frightening as that may sound, it was very short lived, as the supply of new land brought forward for development dried up overnight and the tax was abolished in 1985.

There is no doubt a chill wind is blowing but, with the very severe problems in meeting the demand for new homes, and no real sign of the required housing production levels being met any time soon, introduction of any new form of land taxation would be a landmine. The Conservative Government’s plan to boost housing and get young people on the housing ladder would be very seriously derailed, as would the provision of affordable housing, and local infrastructure contributions secured under the grant of planning permission by S106 agreements, and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Last month’s report of the Housing Communities and Local Government Committee chaired by Clive Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield South East, concluded there was scope for a bigger slice of tax to be taken from uplift in land value. Clive Betts’ statement that ‘the current land value capture system allows landowners, through no ef-

Tel: 015395 66222 Tel: 015395 66222 E-mail— E-mail— Website— Website—


A detached farmhouse, a range of modern and traditional buildings, with development potential, and 83.44 acres/33.77 hectares of meadow and pasture land, known as

Higher Stanworth Farm Bolton Road, Withnell, Chorley Higher Stanworth Farm comprises an imposing brick built detached house with substantial accommodation including 5 bedrooms, range of livestock buildings and 83.44 acres/33.77 hectares of productive meadow and pasture land. The house requires some modernisation. Available in one or more lots.

Guide price - £1,350,000

Full details and plans available from the Agents.



p068.indd 68

October 12, 2018

fect of their own, to make multi-million pound profits from the substantial increases in value that arise from public policy decision, such as granting of planning permission’ is a sure sign both parties are on the prowl for tax from the sale of land. It is without doubt one of many actions taking us in the direction of more direct political intervention in the land and housing market. It strikes me as precipitous to be even thinking about a land tax, when housing provision needs to reach 3.91 million new homes by 2031. That is a requirement of above 340,000 houses per year, against production for 2016/17 of only 217,000 homes. Tackling housing provision is only in its very infancy and the last thing we can afford to see is land supply drying up. And the Government must be mad if it believes its newly-created body Homes England can become a major force in housing provision. My view is we need a complete overhaul of the planning system, not tinker with taxation of land.

Surely the objectives of Conservatives and Labour alike to provide more housing, and fund more local infrastructure, can be met by providing more land with planning permission – more affordable houses are provided, bringing more S106 contributions and CIL payments. It is just supply and demand. There is a dire shortage of land right across the country, with many local authorities not able to meet their five-year housing land supply requirements. It points to the heart of the problem, there is too little land being allocated for development in Local Plans. The problem is, governments do not listen to advice from those like myself who have been in land and development a lifetime so, just to be safe, if you have land with development potential, get moving now towards securing planning permission. Colin Muller is chief executive of Muller Property Group. Email muller@ or call 0800 788 0900.

land & property specialists Malpas | South Cheshire | As a whole or in 3 lots

Lot One: Four bed period farmhouse in 13.33 Acres | needs modernisation | potential to extend | EPC G traditional brick buildings ideal for conversion subj to PP | modern farm buildings potential for stock/equestrian use | Lot Two: 45.17 Acres pasture land Lot Three: 15.57 Acres pasture land

01630 692500

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500

10/10/2018 12:08:30

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

On the InstructIOns Of Buccleuch

Significant rural portfolio comprising equipped farms, productive farmland, commercial forestry and planting opportunities cAnOnBIe, DuMfrIes & GAllOWAY

18 lots ranging from 85 acres to 1,926 acres comprising 1,287 acres of farmland with vacant possession, 4,927 acres of farmland subject to a range of leases and occupancies and 2,740 acres of commercial forestry and amenity woodland. 9 residential dwellings subject to a variety of arrangements. About 8,959 acres I For sale as a whole or in up to 18 lots

Luke French Savills Edinburgh

0131 247 3720 Charles Dudgeon Savills Edinburgh

0131 247 3720

p069.indd 69

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 12:09:05 Farms & Property Sales, Lettings & Professional Services

Land & Property Specialists

RTS Richard Turner & Son


For Sale by Auction


East Birkrigg Farm, Hawes, North Yorkshire, DL8 3LP Farmhouse with cottage requiring full refurbishment, range of modern and traditional farm buildings together with paddock, yard, woodland and river frontage extending in total to 1.82 Ha (4.50 Ac).

For Sale by Private Treaty In conjunction with Neil J Bland Ltd. Guide Price £290,000

Hawes Farmers’ Auction Mart Company Limited Burtersett Road, Hawes, North Yorkshire, DL8 3NP T: 01969 667207 M: 07974 052262 E:

4136 Fmrs Gdn 7x3 12.10.18.qxp_Layout 1 Property Wanted

08/10/2018 14:39 Page 1

Good quality grazing of 30-100 acres(part owned/leased considered) with existing buildings, dairy/barns/hard standing NO CHAIN INVOLVED - READY TO MOVE

Lot 1: Detached 5 bed. farmhouse with outbuildings set in approx. 3.03 acres. Delightful setting approx. 1 mile north of Kendal. EPC rating ‘F’ Lot 2: Traditional stone barn with prior approval for residential development set in approx. 1.23 acres Lot 3: Approx. 3.20 acres pasture land Lot 4: Approx. 11.97 acres meadow & pasture land Lot 5: Approx. 9.15 acres meadow land


Full details: Crooklands Office (Ref: RJ) Tel 015395 66800

To Be Let Cattle sheds and yard area to let. Electric and water supplied. Wigan Area


if failed before, No Win No Fee, AFA are the UK wide experts, 207 Please contact Windsor Clive International lifted since 2004, nearly 100% success rate, free on 01672 521155 for further information. friendly consultation & honest advice, see agricultural occupancy 4133 Farmers Guardian 12.10.18 10x2.qxp_Layout 1 08/1 at 01480 218211 (T) Contact RE & S Baldwin for further details: 01942 723479


In Lancashire/ Yorkshire/Cumbria/ South West Scotland area. Best prices paid. Phone George on


Established Bloodstock Company require pasture land to purchase within 70 miles of Newmarket, Suffolk


01772 334031 or 07774 468498

(Subject to Conditions & Unless Sold Previously)


Grazing / Wanted





FOR CATTLE & BREEDING HORSES. CASH WAITING. ANY AREA CONSIDERED IN THE SOUTH EAST OF ENGLAND. TEL: 07974 295535 Winter Sheep Grazing Wanted From Nov - end of Feb (well fenced). Preston and surrounding areas. Tel: 01772 556969


For sheep, Derbyshire or surrounding areas, but any area considered Tel: 07813 857590 / 01433 670372 (P)

We take a farmer-centric approach to media. Our job is to help farmers run their farms more efficiently and make better purchasing decisions


IMPORTANT SALE OF 46.91 ACRES OF PRIME CHESHIRE AGRICULTURAL LAND, NR MIDDLEWICH, CW10 0JB FOR SALE BY INFORMAL TENDER AS A WHOLE OR IN 3 LOTS, VIZ:Lot 1: 21.94 acres, Lot 2: 10.15 acres, Lot 3: 14.82 acres Includes Fishing Rights on the River Dane Closing Date Friday, 19th October 2018 at 12.00 noon Wright Marshall Ltd, Northwich Office Tel: 01606 41318



p070.indd 70

October 12, 2018

Shocklach, Cheshire An opportunity to purchase approx 113.86 acres of quality pasture land • • • •

Available as a whole or in 2 lots Lot 1 - approx 80.55 acres Lot 2 – approx 33.30 acres Suitable for grassland production

£ £8,000 per acre

Chester 01244 409660

2018 UK Entitlement Trading Market Report

Advice / Consultancy

2019 Entitlements Sale, Lease & Naked Acres


Countryside Stewardship & ELMS Latest advice/applications

Farmhouses, livery yards, tied dwellings, etc. No win, no fee Free consultation Call Stephen at Wright Marshall 01606 41318


01392 823935

10/10/2018 12:09:52

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Finance BUSINESS LOANS/ RE-MORTGAGING RE-FINANCING SPECIALISTS £5,000 to £3 Million

3 Months to 25 Years All circumstances considered Poor credit history/CCJs/No proof of income Farms, Smallholdings, Land, Equestrian buildings - Buy to let property We can usually help even when the bank says No! Ease your cash flow situation today give us a call now - 7 day NO UPFRONT FEES

0800 2800 605 Brilliant Finance Ltd

Business Opportunities

money...really does grow on trees!

Finance Terms & Conditions

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

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call 0 1274 834992 m: 0 7764 410 154

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premium christmas tree seedlings low maintenance - high return full support and advice given.


4 x 4s

RN GOLDEN LTD ...driven by family values

D EA L ER SI NC E 1 9 8 6



Ask about our “NFU” Membership Discount All new models in stock for immediate delivery 2018/68 Utah Auto Vision, 1.9, Green, 500 miles..............23000 2018/68 Eiger Work Pack, Sapphire Blue, 400 miles .............POA 2018/18 AT35 Arctic Truck Auto, Nav, Black 2000 miles ...................................................................................Demo POA 2018/18 Eiger, Venetian Red, 3,000 miles, W/Pack ...............................................................................Demo 20000 2018/18 Eiger Auto, Tundra Green, 3,000 miles, W/Pack ...............................................................................Demo 21000 2017/17 Eiger, Mineral Grey, 11000 miles ........................17500 2016/65 Yukon, Nautilus Blue, 12000 miles. ....................17000 2016/16 Extended Cab Utility, White, 11500 miles ...........14500 2014/64 Eiger, Dk Red, 77000 miles. Req minor paint ...........................................................................To Trade 10000 2013/63 Eiger 2.5, Black, , 62000 miles ..........................12000 2011/61 Rodeo Denver 2.5 Max, Blue, 78,000 miles ..........8500 2009/09 Ford Ranger, 87,000, R. Back, 12m MOT ..............................................................................NO VAT 7500 2005/54 L200 Animal, 144,500 miles. Trade Vehicle .........2000 DUE IN 016/66 Eiger Vision Pk Auto, Green, 42000 miles. ............................................................................NO VAT 17000 COLLECTION AND DELIVERY ALL PART OF THE SERVICE

I’m At Bakewell Market Every Monday !


Mat Golden 07771 666442 01484 608060

Jason Robinson 07793 372868 October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 12:47:30 4 x 4s

Fleet Disposals End of Lease Sales 3.5 Tonne Towing Toyota Hilux Upgrade

2015 (15) 65K Toyota Hilux HL2 Active Met Grey, BFG All Terrain Tyres 40%.......................................... ...............................................£11450

2013 (13) 86K Toyota Hilux HL2 Active, Tacho, CC top, Towpack ... ............................................................ .................................................£9450

2016 (16) 25K Nissan Navara NP300 2.4 Tekna Met Black, Never Towed, 360 degress Camera...........................................................................................£17,950 2016 (16) 36K Mitsubishi L200 Automatic (paddle Shift) Barbarian , Leather , Nav, Camera ................................................................................................£16,450 2015 (15) 38K Toyota Hilux 3.0 Invincible Manual Red ............................£15,950 2016 (16) 23K Isuzu Rodeo Dmax S Edition ‘Fury’ 2.5 Twin Turbo cc canopy .... .......................................................................................................................£15,950 2007 (07) 98K Isuzu 3.0 Rodeo Denver Automatic C/C Canopy Reduced £3,250 2013 (13) 94K ‘New Shape’ Ford Fiesta ecotec Van 60+ mpg cheap insure ....... .........................................................................................................Reduced £3,500 07885 193278 - 01925 768897 NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE PLUS VAT UNLESS STATED

Auto 3.2 tdci 200 bhp 2018 68 Reg brand new only delivery miles tow pack load liner full Wildtrak spec £24450 PLUS VAT

07770686052 53 REG TD5 DEFENDER County.

Work done. By twisted and void. Outstanding. ring for full list of modifications. £14,000 Tel: 07773 171348 Lancs (P)

We are the best weekly title at farms of all sizes in the UK FG 72


p072.indd 72

October 12, 2018

Daf 75.360 32ft 2deck box Analogue tacho, non adblue, 12ft hydraulic ramp ready to work


LAND ROVER DEFENDERS WANTED Any make or model, any year, any value, running or not. Also any types of 4x4 vehicles wanted. Will collect UK wide Top prices paid Tel: 07770 686052 01383 511787 or 07771 982404


DAF CF85 /480

LANDROVER DEFENDERS WANTED Any condition Same day payment All areas Tel 01706 872182 Mob 07779 011061 Lancs (T)

2005 Model. Drawbar spec. 57mm air hitch. 27ft body with 2ft extension. Tested till 31/07/19. New clutch recently fitted. Very tidy. Well maintained. Ready to go.

£9,000 ONO

T: 07703 331838 Northumberland (P)

Farmers Guardian


We are currently aware of a number of fraudulent advertisers attempting to sell items within the classified section. Whilst we endeavour to protect our readers and pull these adverts before going to press, sometimes they may unfortunately appear in print. Please be mindful before entering into any deals you PROCEED WITH CAUTION with the seller and do not part with money until goods are received. Farmers Guardian are NOT responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place with the seller and the buyer. Please note all telephone calls from Farmers Guardian will be made on 01772 799500

DAF 45 (51 Plate) Partitions for 4 horses, 278,000 miles, isolator, new fuel tank, FSH, MOT till September 19, £4,000 ono Call 01829 782179 or 07971 531078 Cheshire (P)

Iveco Cursor 270 02 28ft 6 wheel, livestock & sheep container, fixed 2 deck with hydraulic ramp. £6,200+VAT. Tel: 07970940650, Gloucester (P)


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DEFENDER 90 HARD TOP. Orkney grey. 62 Reg, 1 Owner. 74,000 miles. County Pack, 12 months MOT & Just serviced. £17,750+vat. Tel: 01433 670372 (P)

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Station Wagon. Year 2003. 119,500 miles, Tyres good. Only selling as it’s not family friendly. £7500 ono. 07870 278661

10/10/2018 12:54:55

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Tractors & Equipment

Tractors & Machinery Tractor & Machinery Hire

Fuel Proof

Pressure Washers & Pumps

Capacities from 250L to 60,000L experts in fuel storage equipment

The toughest and most secure bunded fuel tanks on the market. Superior. In every detail. Featured products: Slurry / Effluent Pump

‘Fuelcube’ Diesel Tanks 250 to 900 Litres

1,000 Litre Twin Axle Highway Bowser

1,000 Litre Site Tow Diesel Bowser

12,500 Litre Vertical Bulk Diesel Tank

60,000 Litre Bulk Diesel Tank

High quality equipment - We pride ourselves on producing superior quality, innovative equipment which is designed with your exact needs in mind. Safe & secure - The all-steel construction and unique security features make Fuel Proof products the most secure on the market. Unbeatable value - When it comes to value-for-money, we are second to none. We will not be beaten on price for any genuine like-for-like quotation.

Tanks in stock and ready to deliver

From £549.00


Multi Use Submersible 1,000L Fuelstore Bunded Diesel Tank

Variable Speed Booster Pump


High Volume Washdown Pump


Liquid Fertiliser Pump



Borehole Pump

Well Pump


Electric Pressure Washer

Heavy Duty Sewage Pump

Slurry Tanker Pump


UV Sterilisation Kits


From £235.00

From £395.00

Backwash Filter for Iron Removal

From £843.00

Call now for details on our full range of products

 01524 850685


1/11/18 to 30/6/19 7290R 10 wks £ 820 p/w 6215R 10 wks £ 642 p/w 6155R 10 wks £ 480 p/w 6130R 10 wks £ 360 p/w 13” WOOD CHIPPERS Tractor & Machinery Transport

Tel 01254 826295


and calf canopy road trailers and sheep feeders- Tel: Swaledale ATV 01282 614321 or 07836 315254 Nationwide

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

p073.indd 73



Tel: 01745 550541

All Prices Exclude VAT

P.T.O. Pressure Washers & Drain Jetters

3000psi/200bar Up to 30L/min Prices from £715 +vat ex works. Complete with 15m hose, lance and shaft

See us @ Countryside Live 20th20th-21st October Tel: 01756 794291 Skipton. N.Yorkshire

Farmers Guardian the best environment for your brand message


Forthcoming Features October 19th - MUCK & SLURRY October 26th - FOCUS ON 4X4’S

Farmers Guardian

Tel Eva or Charlotte on 01772 799500 or email: October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 13:02:12

Parts & Tyres Thousands of products on our web shop visit NOW!



Suppliers of New and Used Parts For John Deere Tractors

We supply to UK & Overseas

STOCKISTS FOR: • Telephone: 01673

828883 • Fax: 01673 828892

• • email

Unit 2, The Forge, Moor Road, North Owersby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3PR

Engines & Spares


Replacement tractor parts Direct to your door Phone for best quotes Mob: 07971 243668 or 01545 570 810 CLAAS John Deere,and

Next day delivery from £35.00 Credit cards accepted

(ask for Ryan) t: 015395 60833 m: 07843 314 695 e:

For the very best in vintage Massey Ferguson parts



Est. 1987

Get the best deals on farming products and machinery


01271 320727

Over 800 components with photos and descriptions for easy identification Full secure online purchasing Next day delivery and very competitive prices

The Vintage Tractor Company

NOW the best online supplier of vintage MF parts or phone 01908-611864 for a free price list



p074.indd 74

October 12, 2018

other makes, combine harvester 2nd hand and new spares. Tel: JMT Engineering 01926 614345 (T)


Agricultural Replacement Parts & Accessories BEST PRICES FOR Forage Harvester spares (all makes) Rakes, Tedders, Mowers, Parts (all makes) Round Baler belting, Combine Parts (all makes) Filter kits for SPFH (all makes), Tractors (all makes) BREAKING FOR SPARES CLAAS QUADRANT 1200 & CLAAS SPFH ALL MODELS




Visit FarmBuyer

To subscribe call 0330 333 0056 and quote H8001

FG fillers Aug18 30Wx100H.indd 23/08/2018 2 19:21

10/10/2018 12:13:44

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Parts & Tyres • Insurance Estimates And Repairs

GEHL Skidsteer Loaders and Parts • Machinery Hire • Cabins & Storage • Service & Repair • Equipment for Sale • Lift & Transport

• 24/7 On Farm Breakdown Service • Genuine Parts, Next Day Delivery • Diet Feeder Relines, All Makes and Models

Find us on Facebook AW Blake Limited Ivegill, Carlisle CA4 0PA Tel: 016974 73707 |

Depot: 01229 718359 Mobile/out of hours: 07860506166 web: email:


• Refurbished Keenan Feeders


• Authorised Keenan Service Agents


365 Days a Year Keenan Service N ER T O MB OU VE NO 23


The November 23 issue of Farmers Guardian comes with this season’s essential Arable & Root Crop magazine. This showcase will feature buyers guides and users reviews along witha behind the scenes at Grimme UK and a comprehensive round-up of potato harvesters.

DO NOT MISS OUT Call Eva on 01772 799500 to discuss the great advertising opportunities, or email ADVERTISING DEADLINE: 9 November 2018

p075.indd 75

October 12, 2018 |



All Telehandlers, Round Balers & Wrappers. All Fire Damaged Tractors, Telehandlers & Balers. Any 4wd tractors and telehandlers for breaking, nationwide Send photos to 07854 865 674


CUMBRIA BMHS STATIC OIL FIRED GRAIN DRYER Approx 15T.H continuous flow or batch. Offers in the region of £30,000 Tel: 07734 456650 North West (P)


Front cross conveyor with extension on right, two speed box, refurbed excellent condition £10,200 + VAT More feeders in stock. Feeders always wanted-call for a quote


FG Buy and Sell

with cab. In fantastic condition. any trial. year 1995. £4,950 Tel: 07500 743433 (P)

Plant Machinery

2014 KUBOTA KX101-3A3


01772 799500

Plant Machinery




TEL: 0113 284 1117 HOME 01423 506326 MOBILE 07850 861527


Mobile: 07831 199316

MANUFACTURERS OF ANY FARM MACHINERY AND PORTAL FRAME BUILDINGS NEW 24’ TANDEM BALE TRAILER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £3,700 NEW 10 TON DUMP TRAILER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £6,600 NEW 3000G VACUUM TANKERS - TANDEM . .£11,000 RE-CON 150 ROTA SPREADER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £2,900 RE-CON 4 TON TIPPING TRAILER NEW BODY . . £1,800 YARD SCRAPERS FROM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£450

New Holland 7840 SLE Tractor. In outstanding condition. Complete with new unused loader with bucket

2009 Mustang 2086 Skidsteer Loader c/w Bucket, 2400 hours, new wheels and tyres and full serviced

£12,900 +VAT

Tel: 01889 271727

NEW PTO GENERATOR P Cowell & Sons Tel; 01772-653569 76


p076.indd 76

October 12, 2018

Contact: King Feeders UK Telephone: 01260 223273


PRICED AT £16,500


JOHN DEERE TRACTORS SALES & EXPORT 7310R 7290R 6215R 6155R 6130R 6120R

Lime / Fert spreader 7.5 ton

541.70 535.95 531.70

Tractor & Machinery Transport

Mobile 07814 018820


JCB Agri Super Handlers

Tel 01254 826295

£6850 + vat ono

NEW TRACTOR SPECIAL OFFERS Kubota M5111 c/w loader ( Ex Demonstrator ) 3 Year 0 % Finance....................................... £37,500.00 NEW SPECIAL OFFERS ( EX STOCK ) Kverneland 7740 Trailed Bale Wrapper, Electric Control’s ........................................................ £10,895.00 Kubota BF32555C Supercut Round Baler ....................................................................... £22,750.00 Kverneland 9580C Twin Rotor Rake 7M-8M Width .................................................................................. POA Kverneland 864 Bale Shredder............................... POA Mounted springtine harrow 6mtr .....................£3,100.00 GROUNDCARE END OF SEASON SALE Kubota G23LD 48” cut Diesel Ride-On ..........£8,950.00 Kubota GR2120 48” cut Diesel Ride-On ........£7,850.00 Kubota GR1600 42” cut Diesel Ride-on .........£5,250.00 Kubota GR1600ID 42” Mulching Mower ........£4,150.00 Kubota Z122R Zero Turn Petrol Mulch Mower ..........................................................................£3,050.00 S/H TRACTORS 2017 Deutz 6140.4 140HP 4 cyl 100HRS only ...... POA 2017 Deutz 5100C c/w FZ20 Loader , 700 Hours .................................................................................. POA 2012 Kubota M8540 c/w MX Loader ........... £22,500.00 S/H MACHINES 2015 Kubota RTVX900 Orange, Full Cab, Heater Etc, Very Tidy........................................................ £10,500.00 2015 JF/Stoll GMS280 9ft Trailed Mo/Co .......£6,950.00 Kubota TT1 1.25 Ton Tipping Tailer c/w Ext Sides (very little use ) .................................................£1,295.00 Malgar 1100 Vacuum Tank ..............................£1,595.00 Silo King Classic Compact 12 Diet Feeder ....£4,850.00 2010 Kubota RTV900 Camo c/w Full Cab, Heater Etc, Very Tidy, 754 Hours........................................£8,500.00


Tel: 01538 308436 Fax: 01538 308751


Farmer to Farmer Private Advertising rate

Advertise in Farmers Ma xxxxx. xxx chinery Sales Guardian for even less xx xxx xxxx than before with our xxxxxxx xx fantastic private seller xxx xxx xxx 799454 deals!

Size 3x2 4x2 8x2 1/4 page

Price per advert

1 Week £65+vat £85+vat £150+vat £300+vat

2 weeks £55+vat £75+vat £125+vat £250+vat

3 weeks £45+vat £60+vat £95+vat £200+vat

To get this offer call in and ask for Izzy to book your avert NOW! 2002 John Deere 5510

4WD. Creeper Gear box, 4,200 hours everything working excellent condition. £10,500

2017 Mchale C460 Bedder/Feeder. Done 400 Bales. As New condition. £10,000

Better price if sold together - Please call: 07834 715269 or 01257 463575 (P)

10/10/2018 13:28:56

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today nTractors & Equipment


e w 249191 / 07931 589566 t 01530 07966 261818 HORSEPOOL GRANGE, STANTON UNDER BARDON, LEICESTERSHIRE, LE67 9TW












657247 • MOBILE: 07957 363895



King Feeders UK

Tel: 01260 223 273

2014 FENDT 724

Unrivalled quality and service


8 Cubic Metre Bedder Kverneland Taarup Keenan 140 with Double Cutting Complete with bale handler 853 Bedder Drums. Year of Year of Manufacture: Choice of 2 Manufacture: 2015 2004 Priced at Choice from £9,950 Priced at £2,950 £5,900

Sands slc3000

Teagle Tomahawk 8080 Storti 8 Cubic Metre Year of Manufacture: Vertical Feeder 2010 Cross Conveyor 2 speed. Very clean machine Outstanding machine Priced at £5,750 Priced at £10,400

p077.indd 77

Small King Bedder Ideal for cubicles. Takes all bales Choice of 2 from £2,950

Sands slc3000, 7000 hours 2 sets of wheels reds rate controller 24 m triple nozzles .


Land Drive / Tramspread lime spreader Approx 5.5t, 600 tyres, excellent condition Tel: 07966 212938

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 13:18:29 Tractors & Equipment Dalston, CA5 7NY 01228 712121/ 07834258433 Croston Barn Lane, Cabus, Garstang, Preston, PR3 0JL


NEW KUBOTAS IN STOCK RTV X 900 L 2421 M 5091 M-GX 125

Full Cab and Heater Folding Roll Bar c/w Loader Powershift Gearbox

1.5 – 1.8 – 2.0 – 22M FOSTER MCHALE MX 1.5M Silage Grab CONOR 900 Side Spreader BOMFORD KESTREL ( E) BOMFORD KESTREL (S) KVERNELAND ES 250/85

Buckets From £495 Yard Scrapers Painted or Galvanised From £625 Bale Handlers From £725 H/D (Euro) £1,495 o/s Wheels Was £4,950 NOW £4,750 5.0M Hedge Cutter (ex demo) 1 Only £8,995 5.7M Hedge Cutter Electric £15,495 5F Plough Full Spec (ex demo) £20,995

MX VICON 602 Vari 2006 BOMFORD 3.0 M 2010 MCHALE F550 2013 KUBOTA KX 016-4

Bucket 1.5 M Fertiliser Spreader Flail Topper Baler Digger

New Machinery In Stock

42 HP 95 HP 125 HP

Second Hand Machinery

o/s Wheels 1,038 Hours

Second Hand Tractors

2007 ZETOR 11741 120HP 6Cyl 1,896 Hours 2011 KUBOTA M7040 c/w LA1153 LOADER 2,000 Hours 2015 KUBOTA M9960 c/w LOADER 2,060 Hours

Due In

2013 KUBOTA M9960 2016 KUBOTA L4240 2006 MF 5455

£245 £795 £2,495 £10,995 £12,495

Offering all the benefits of a flail mower but with added versatility due their hydraulic system allowing the machine to be offset beyond the tractor and also to tilt vertical and downwards.

£15,495 £16,495 £24,995

Starting from £2,295! + delivery + VAT


• Telephone: 07850 693302


Paul G Lucas Potato Equipment Specialist

Grimme SL80-16 Telescopic Elevator, 52’ open, 2012, 3ph, very good order .............................................................................................. £18,000

Reekie Big Bag Filler with zig-zag fall breaker ....................... £2,250

Tong Peter Cox Barrel Washer, f/w new steel tank & new doorstop conveyor .............................£8,500

Haith Supafill Box Filler, 3ph, fully Store Boss Elevator, 40’ open, automatic, non-lift type ........£5,000 new chevron belt, 3ph ....... £4,500 More photographs available - email below

Paul Lucas, (Lincs) 07836 608650 78


p078.indd 78

October 12, 2018

Townson Tractors Ltd, West End, Hellifield, North Yorkshire, BD23 4HE


2015 NH T7.185 Auto Command 50K Transmission. 2248 Hrs. Cab & F/Axle Suspension ......................POA.

New NH BOOMER 40 Compact Tractor 41HP 4WD Rear Linkage & PTO............. ...................................... P.O.A

2017 NH T7.190 RC Transmission. Creep. 50K. 778 Hrs. F/Links. Cab & F/Axle Suspension. Exhaust Brake. ......................................£64,500

2014 JCB 535 125 Hi Viz Loadall. 3580Hrs. 109HP Turbo Engine. Air Con. Sway Control. QFit Fork Positioner .....£34,500

2017 CASE Maxxum 125. EC 16x16 Transmission. 1125 Hrs. Cab Suspension. Air Con. .......................£46,500

2013 JCB 526 56 AGRI. 3091Hrs. New Tyres. Air Con. Auto Fan. LSD. SRS. PUH. Q Fit. ......................................POA

2004 VOLVO EC35 Mini Excavator. 4786 Hrs. Cab. Rubber Tracks. Mech QH. 4 Buckets .......................POA.

New JCB 8008 Micro Excavator. ROPS Frame. 3 Buckets. ............................... ....................................£12,450

New JCB 19C-1 Mini Excavator. Latest Model. Cab. Rubber Tracks. Adjustable Under Carriage. Bushed King Post. Q/H & Buckets. ................................................POA.

Please see website for full details Telephone: 01729 850374 Email:

10/10/2018 14:05:36

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Tractors & Equipment


KRAMER KT557 2017 1000 HOURS ................... ............................ £64,500

HERBST LOW LOADER C/W HI-AB ........................ ............................... £8250

John Deere 6150R 2015 DD 50kph 2373 hours .... ........................... £66,700

JOHN DEERE 6120R ECO 2017 TLS, CREEP 1277 HOURS..... £55,250

JOHN DEERE 855D P/S FULL CAB 2015 538 HOURS................. £POA


STRAUTMANN GIG VITESSE 3201, 2011, 2100 LOADS......... £POA

JOHN DEERE 6215R DD, 2016, 50KPH 2278 HOURS............... £90,000

KAWASAKI MULE PRO DX, 2016, 654 HOURS FULL CAB............. £POA

W540, 2012, 538 HOURS, 620R HEADER, STUNNING........... £POA

T560i HILLMASTER 2017, 800 TYRES, 410 HOURS................. £POA

TRIOLIET ZX2-2800, 2014, REAR STEER, SIDE CONVEYER.......... £18,750

JOHN DEERE 3650, J REG 30KPH 10125 HOURS.............. £15,250

JOHN DEERE 855D 2015, 1600 HOURS, ALLOYS, NETS..... £POA

JOHN DEERE 6145R AQ 50KPH, AIR, TLS 750 HOURS............... £71750

JOHN DEERE 855D 2013, 2000 HOURS FULL CAB............ £POA

JOHN DEERE 7310R, AP, 2017, F/L+PTO 1061 HOURS................. £POA

If you would like further assistance or you require advice about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

@Cornthwaite Ag

Cornthwaite Agricultural Ltd

• Bispham Green 01704 822343 • Nantwich 01270 624141 • Kendal 01539 756367 • Harry Boardman 07912085992 • Matthew Bufton 07375 520167

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John Bownes Ltd

Court House Farm, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 4BS

2014 MAJOR 3100 LGP TANKER, 30.5R32 Nokia Tyres ............................................ £9,900

2015 BOMFORD FALCON HEDGECUTTER, 6.5m reach, high spec, ICS controls £12,500

2018 MARSHALL QM200 Silage Trailer, Hyd rear door, 550/45R22.5 Tyres .....£12,000

KUHN 5762 SPA HEDGECUTTER, Pro-Longer, Only 248 Hrs of light use ..£11,450

2012 KRONE SW1200 4 Rotor Rake, Delta Control Box ..........................................£23,500

2014 AMAZONE KE4000 SUPER Power Harrow c/w Low loader Trailer……£8000

TWOSE 6.3m Cambridge Folding Rollers with Hydraulic Breaker Tines ...................£6750

2017 JCB FASTRAC 4220, 60 KPH, Field Pro, F/Linkage & PTO, 1520 Hours.........£99,000

2014 JOHN DEERE 6210R, 50K TLS & Cab Sus, F/Linkage & PTO 5885 Hrs, Green Star ... £59,500

2008 CASE MAXXUM 125 CONTROL, 50 KPH, F/Linkage, F & Cab Sus, 3312 Hrs ....£POA

2014 DEUTZ 7250 TTV 50KPH, F/Linkage & PTO, 3584 hours ...................£64,000

2014 JCB 531-70 AGRI PLUS, 125 HP, 2795 Hours ...... ..........................................£45,000

2004 NEW HOLLAND TS125A SLE Gearbox, Front Weights, Cab Suspension............ £24,000

Ex-Demo JCB 419S, Contactors Pro Cab, Auto-Lube, Smooth Ride.....................£POA

2016 VALTRA T234A, Front Linkage & PTO, 4 Spools, 650/65R42’s .................£74,000

John Bownes Ltd, Court House Farm, Swanlow Lane, Darnhall, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 4BS

Tel: 01606 592639

p079.indd 79

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 13:08:29




£14,500 EX VAT

£2,495 INC VAT

£4,500 INC VAT

Tractors & Equipment

01263 861 197

Marriott Way Industrial Estate, Melton Constable, Norfolk, NR24 2BT Tel: 01263 861 197 Mobile: 07810 561 230 All prices exclude VAT unless stated


RC08 Wheel Loader

In stock, 2.2 tonne lift and air con

Comes with muck grab and pallet tines



RC10 Wheel Loader

1 tonne lift, 4 cyl with earth bucket, muck grab and toe tip bucket, max lift height 3m



£11,495 EX VAT Comes with muck grab and pallet tines

RC17 Wheel Loader with Cab

3 Tonne Triple Mast Forkit £12,250

1.7 tonne lift, max lift height 3.75

£14,500 inc VAT

£2,495 inc VAT


SoleUK UK importers of Heracles Sole importers of Heracles Construction Equipment and Loaders Construction Equipment and Loaders



1. 300cc. Road legal 2. 200cc. Can be road legal 3. Right Choice DP40 Self Loading Dumper

www. RC08 WHEEL LOADER Are you involved in hedgerow management or tree cutting? If so, you VAT £11,495 need toEXsee this shear working! Contact us for more information


Comes with muck grab and pallet tines

tonne lift, max lift height 3.75



The TMK range now offers shears that fit on 2 to 30 tonne excavators. The TMK 300 will also fit onto Telehandlers. TMK shears can cut between 200mm - 400mm softwood and between 180mm to 350mm hardwood. Cutting capabilities are dependant on the model of shear being used. Each shear comes with a fixed grapple, which holds onto the cut tree or vegetation before and after it has been cut, allowing the operator to safely place it onto the ground.


muck ght 3m

Follow us:

“ Half the cost, half the time” Email T580 Call Nick 07535 211338 or Emma 07956 087549 TELESCOPIC LOADER £24,995 EX VAT Tel: 01245 320200 In stock, 2.2 tonne lift and air con



October 12, 2018



p080.indd 80



10/10/2018 11:47

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today


A.S. Tractors Ltd Main Scottish Dealer Station Yard, Oldmeldrum, AB51 0EZ Tel: 01651 872864 Email: A.S. Tractors are the main dealer in Scotland for the ArmaTrac range of tractors. We found there's a need for a reliable tractor that is robust. ArmaTrac tractors are simple and easy to maintain with few electronics, the driveline is well proven with Perkins engines with the option of Deutz, ZF and Carraro transmissions.

-blue No Ad r no Little o nics o tr elec

Best valu e tractors on the mar ket

ArmaTrac 504e The 504e is powered by a Perkins three-cylinder engine, which puts its 50hp down through a Carraro 12 forward/reverse gearbox. At the back end there is a mechanically controlled linkage, capable of lifting 2,200kgs, one double acting spool and a maximum oil flow of 48.5 litres per minute. More information available on request. ArmaTrac 504e

ArmaTrac 804 Lux Packing 80hp from a four-cylinder Perkins Stage 3B engine, this new model brings with it a more contemporary cab interior, boasting short-throw gear levers for its ZF-supplied 16x16 transmission. The four-wheel drive 804 Lux comes with a hydraulic top link, two spools, 540/540E pto speeds and digital climate control. More information available on request.

ArmaTrac 1104 Lux

ArmaTrac 804 Lux

The 1104 Lux, has a 3.4-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged Perkins rated at 113hp. Again, the transmission is simple, with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, all with full synchromesh. 4 speed – 430/540/750/1000.

ArmaTrac 1104 Lux

This has an auto-hitch control system, plus option of hydralic or air brake or both. A fender-mounted external hydraulic lift and pto buttons are fitted and, in the cab, air-conditioning is standard, as is a radio-CD player. More information available on request.

p081.indd 81

@ Armatrac - Scotland October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:46

CaseIH Farmal 65c two wheel drive, ‘68 ‘reg. Roll Bar, very low hours, 540 pto. 2 x hydraulic valves, drawbar. £15,000 + vat. Balance of CaseIH Warranty. CaseIH 0% Finance available. 2018 CaseIH Puma 200 Full PowerShift 50kph. 650/65 x 42 Michelin tyres, Accuguide ready, 200hp + boost.

2018 CaseIH Puma 240 CVX 50kph. 650/75 x 38 Michelin tyres, Pro 700 screen & Accuguide ready, 240hp + boost. Superb tractor and real value for money. Choice of Front Linkage or weight block tractors with between 400 & 650 hours. CaseIH 0% Finance available. Balance of CaseIH 3 year / 3000 hour warranty.

Choice of Front Linkage or weight block tractors with between 400 & 650 hours. CaseIH 0% Finance available. Balance of CaseIH 3 year / 3000 hour warranty.

CaseIH Puma 150 Semi Powershift 40kph. 2018, Low hours, 650/65 x 38 Michelin, Mid mount valves, weight block, careful operator.

Steyr 4065s 4wd. 2015, 824 hours, superb condition.

Steyr 4075, c/w Loader & Euro headstock, 2014, 1195 hours, superb condition.

CaseIH Farmall 115U, c/w Quicke Q46 loader, 2016, 530 hours, sold new by us, excellent condition.

CaseIH MXM120 Pro 40kph. 2007, 4012 hours, front weights, very clean tractor.

Amazone 3 meter combination c/w front tank & tyre press for fertiliser.

New Amazone UX3200 24 metre trailed sprayer, 2012.

New Amazone KE3000 Super powerharrow, 500mm Packer. levelling board.

Amazone Citan 6000 drill, c/w eradicators, Rowtech coulters, emergence markers.

Spearhead Excel 550 hedgecutter c/w 1.5 metre head & Joystick control.

New Spearhead T65 linkage mount hedgecutter c/w 1.2m or 1.5m head & joystick control.

Spearhead s60 linkage mount hedgecutter c/w 1.2 metre head & joystick control.

McConnel 6400 VFR hedgecutter, c/w 1.2m head, V4 Joystick control.

Manitou 627 Telescopic, 2011, 2690 hours, Pin & Cone headstock.

Massey 6480 Dyna 6, c/w Front Linkage, 2009, 5286 hours, excellent condition.

Weidemann 5522 Telescopic, 2018, 5.5 metre lift & 2.2 ton lift, superb build quality.

Check our up to date website with photographs:


TWYCROSS CV9 3PW Tel: 01827 880088 Email: * Subject to terms & conditions.



p082.indd 82

October 12, 2018

10/10/2018 13:08:59

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today




8:52 AM










p083.indd 83

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:46 Hallmark Tractors, Sandy Hill, Lamport Road, Rothwell, Kettering, NN14 1LW

Jim Nash 07734 550400 TRACTORS

Ford 4610 column change, tyres 90%, c/w Bomford B3512 loader and muck fork ............. ...................................................POA 11027284 Ford 6610, B reg, 2WD, Q cab, 50% tyres, runs & drives .....................................POA 21027271 Ford 4000, starts runs & drivesPOA 21027272 New Holland T6020 Delta, 2008, c/w NH Loader, Air Con .........................POA 31027171 Case Puma 160, 50kph, Full powershift transmission, 650/65 R38 &, 2014, 540/65 R28@50% .................................POA 11026732 New Holland T7.210 R /C , Front links, 4 aux valves, classic arm rest, cab pack 2, 12 led’s, 50 kph, air brakes, full suspension, 650/65R38 540/65R28 @ 85%, approx 2000 hrs 2016 ...... ...................................................POA 21025696 FM750.......................................POA 21026989 New Holland T7.245 Auto Command, 1250 hours, Front Linkage, 2 MMV, 2017, 650/65R42 Michelin, Trimble 750 Steering GPS .............................................£87,950 41027120 Ex Demo T7.245 Auto Command, 2017, 1100 hours, 170l pump, 2 Beacons, 12 LED, 650/65R42 540/65R30 ......£79,000 51022597 New Holland T7.225 Auto Command, 2017, 50 kph eco, f/links & services, mid mount valves, auto guidence ready, bar axles, 160 lpm, hyd pump, cab pack 2, 710/70R38 600/65R28@85%, approx 2650 hrs ................. .............................................£76,000 21025418 New Holland T7.225 Auto Command, 2017, front links & pto, 12 led’s, cab pack 2, isobus, power beyond slice, 160 lpm hyd pump, 650/65R42 540/65R30 @ 85%, approx 1500 hrs .......................................£74,000 21025692 New Holland T7.225 Auto command, 2016, front links & pto, very good order, Tyres @ 50%, approx 3340 hrs.........£63,000 21025688 New Holland T7.210 R/ C Classic, 2016 T4B, 3000 hours, Cab pack 2 , 12 LEDs, f/ links & PTO with services, 650/65R38@50%, 540/65R28@50% 50kph, full susp, 2016 ......... .............................................£58,500 91027791 New Holland T7.210 R/C, Classic, 50kph, 2016 T4B, 3000 hours, Cab pack 2, 12 LEDs, f/links ,650/65R38 540/65R28 @50%, full suspension, 2016................£56,500 91027793 New Holland T7.235 Auto Command, 2015, 50kph, 3500 hours, front links, 620/70 R42 480/70 R30 .........................£56,000 11027668 New Holland T7.260, 2013, Power Command, 50k, 4 electric spools,650/75 R38, front linkage .............................................£55,000 61022512 New Holland T7.210 R/C, Classic, 50 kph, 2016, T4B, 3000 hours Cab Pack 2, 12 LEDs, weight carrier only, 650/65R38540/65R28 @50%, full susp, 2016 ........£54,500 91027792 New Holland T7.200 Range Command, 2014, Classic, 50kph, lynx service, Michelin 650/65R38@60% ...............£52,500 91027494 New Holland T7.235 Power Command, 2013, front linkage & pto, approx 4000 hrs ................ .............................................£49,000 21027226 New Holland T7.210 Auto command, 2015, f/ links, 50kph, intelliview 4, very tidy, 650/65R42 540/65R30 @ 35% mich, approx 4800 hrs....... .............................................£48,000 21025595 John Deere 6930 Premium, 2009, c/w 50kph front axle & cab susp 4 rear spools, Front linkage, Nearly new tyres all round 650/65 R38 and 540/65 R28, 6400 hours £41,500 41026311 Massey Ferguson 6480 Dyna 6, 2011, 50kph, f/ links full susp, 650/65x 38 and 540/60 x 28 dynamic seat 4 spools no air brakes ................. .............................................£38,500 41026377



October 12, 2018

p084.indd 84

New Holland T7.210 Power Command Side Winder, 40kph, Front Links and PTO, 8050 Hours, 2013, 480/85R42 ....£34,500 41022811 New Holland T6080 Range Command, 2010, 4wd,2 beacons,600/65x38 480/65x28,tyres @ 30%,approx 6000 hrs..........£33,500 21025543 New Holland T7030, 50kph £32,500 11026619 TYM YT903ST Tractors and Loader, 2013, power shift cab c/w turf tyres YT903/T1003R3T YTX9500SLE loader & 86” bucket ............. .............................................£30,000 71023730 New Holland TD5.95, 2016, 12x12 power shuttle, air con, air seat, front fenders, tyres @90%,approx 430 hrs. .......£29,500 11027427 New Holland TM140 Range command, 40kph, cab suspension, 3 manual spools, standard front axle, drop down PUH, 460/65 R38@ 80%,14.9 R28 @60% hrs 5500.......................... .............................................£28,000 11027178 New Holland T7030 Power Command, 2007, 4wd tractor c/w 4 manual spool valves, cab suspension, front axle suspension, 50kph, 22 front end weights ...............£27,500 51027088 Case Maxxum 140, Multi Controller, 2007, 16x16, 40kph,front axle & cab suspension, full set of front weights, 520/70R38 @50%, 420/70R28 @50% ..............£27,500 91027506 John Deere 6320 c/w Loader............................ .............................................£26,500 31027483 New Holland TM140, 2006, 40 kph, RC, 4 mech spools, cab suspension, std front axle, front links, 520/70R38@30% 480/70R28@90% ...............£26,500 31027589 New Holland TS115A, 2007, electro command, 40kph, std front axle, no cab suspension, front weight carrier, 2 spools, 14.9R24 front tyres @ 20% 16.9R38 rear tyres @ 30%, approx 5629 hrs ....£24,950 61025600 New Holland T6080, 2009, Range Command, 50kph, 600/65R38@40% 430/65R28@50%, 4 spools, axle & cab susp ......£24,000 31027893 Zetor PROXIMA 85, 4wd, 1800 hours, on 420/85 R34 & 13.6 R24, 2011........................... .............................................£21,950 41027764 Massey Ferguson 5460 Dynashift, 2005 c/w MF895 loader c/w euro/quicke headstock, soft ride, parallel lift, 2 spools & hydraulic apuh, 40kph, air con, weights no suspension on 420/85 R38 @50% &340/85 R28 @ 40%......... .............................................£19,500 41027971 Kubota L4240& LA714 loader, 2013, 700 hours, cab, ag tyres, immaculate condition ..... .............................................£18,000 71026438 New Holland T5040 2WD, 2008, on 16.9 x 34 60% c/w MX U6 loader euro face plate............ .............................................£17,750 41027548 Case MXM120 Range command, 2003, c/w 4 spools, approx 6500 hrs .....£16,000 21026387 New Holland TL80A, 2wd, on 13.6/38 & 7.50/18, 2006 .....................£14,500 41027763 Iseki TF 4295, 2013, 28hp, HST, Cab, 760 hours ...............................................£9,500 71027880 John Deere 2650, 4WD 1992, 9700 hours c/w SG2 Cab, Front Fenders, Weight Carrier(No weight). .................................£8,750 21023134 Massey Ferguson 690 c/w MF80 front end loader, 13.6 rear wheels and 11.2 R28 front wheels ...................................£7,000 11027883 Ford 3000, 2WD excellent condition ................ ...............................................£6,500 41027035 New Holland TL770 MS (wide frame) to suit T7.210 SWB T4B with manual spool valves, but electric 3 button joystick-loader ready, 2016 ... ...............................................£5,500 91027840 New Holland TC31D, Manual Transmission, Turf Tyres. .............................£3,950 41025781


Post Code Phone Number




01335 330399



YO17 6RD 01653 698000





01609 771727

Set of 22 Fan Weights and Carrier c/w 3 point linkage frame. .......................£1,395 21026166 Fan Weights on 3 point linkage frame............. ...............................................£1,195 21027716

New Holland 378 Conventional Baler, wide pick up...................................£4,000 61022637 New Holland 940 Conventional Baler, 1988, stored inside, immaculate condition ................ ...............................................£3,950 61027981 ATV / RTV UTILITY VEHICLES Honda CRF150, 2014, junior motorcross bike, John Deere 459 Conventional Baler ................. manual gears, 4 stroke .............POA 91027932 ...............................................£3,950 51026924 Moulton Flat 8 Grab, very tidy£950 41027363 Kubota RTV-X900TR, 2016, full cab, Browns Flat 8 Grab, complete with Euro worklights, heater, bed liner, radio, tow ball, radial big horn tyres @ 50%, approx 1350 hrs, brackets....................................£495 41022198 very good condition ...........£11,850 21025951 BEDDERS & FEEDERS Kubota RTVX900TR windscreen, 2016, wiper, Strautmann Vertimix 1251, 2013 .................... load liner, tow hitch ............£10,950 61027445 ...................................................POA 31024377 Shelbourne Reynolds 19 CM3 Tub Feeder, New Holland Rustler 120, 4x4 c/w a fully glazed cab, 2013, very little use from new. ...... c/w electro hydraulic controls, scales, single .............................................£10,950 41025881 axle with magnets on the augers and on 435/50R19.5 tyres ................£9,950 41027821 Kubota RTV-X900TR 2015, Road registered, Strautman 17 twin tub, 2011, c/w front camocolour, windscreen, plastic doorflaps, rear screen ..........................£10,000 11026609 conveyor and rear door........£9,500 41026649 Kubota RTV900MR, 2015 ....£9,500 31025958 KV 853 straw bedder c/w swival spout, extra feed spout, no more than 4000 bales .............. Polaris Ranger, 2012, roof & screen kit, tyres @ 30%, approx 1500 hrs .......................... ...............................................£7,000 11022103 ...............................................£6,450 21022308 Kverneland Compact 10 Diet Feeder, wide Honda TRX500ES, 2015 .......£4,950 11026291 angle drive, electric controls, electric vari Honda TRX500, 2015, road legal kit with cargo speed, hyd brakes, electro hyd KDF side to side box.........................................£4,750 41026382 conveyor, first used 2012 ....£6,500 31025362 Abbey 10 Cube Tub Feeder, Single Auger c/w Honda TRX500 FPA, 2012, auto/esp, power front conveyor ......................£6,500 41024898 steering, new tyres, hydro model, good bike,approx 2860 hrs ............£4,250 21026470 Hi Spec V12 Single Auger, c/w side door & Artic Cat AG, 2wd 1740 hrs..£1,750 31018345 rear centre door, 2013. ........£6,495 41027552 Kuhn 5060 Trailed Straw Chopper, bale lift kit, Wessex WS618 60ltr ATV mounted Sprayer with 1.5m boom & handlance, approx 8 years top and side schute, Elec Controls .................... old ............................................£200 41026383 ...............................................£5,750 41022123 Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix, 19 CM3 BALE WRAPPERS cube, express with front conveyor ................... Kuhn SW4004 Trailed Telescopic Bale ...............................................£5,500 41025481 Wrapper, 2013, C/W Hyd Pack, twin satellite Kuhn 3560 Trailed Straw and Silage Bedder, arms, 750mm film applicator, 6 film storage 2009, Side Chute, Electric Controls................... arms, 19.0/45 - 17 Vredestein tyres, 19400 ...............................................£4,250 41020136 bales from new. ..................£24,500 51025644 Kuhn EuroMix 1460 Twin Horizontal Augers, KV1850 trailed wrapper, twin arm, in working 2004, new chain and slats, r/h side discharge . order .....................................£4,500 21027339 ...............................................£3,750 11025333 KV Bale Wrapper, cable control, 500mm wrap Storti mixer wagon, 17m3 single axle c/w ..................................................£750 21027204 conveyor ...............................£3,500 61021252 Keenan FP140, entry weigh cells, lights, super BALERS & HANDLERS New Holland RB150 Superfeed, 2015, 20000 single tyres. ...........................£3,500 21017089 bales approx .............................POA 21027641 Belair Trailed Straw Chopper c/w Swival Chute,2002. ..........................£2,750 41024619 New Holland RB150SF, 2016, approx 6500 bales ..........................................POA 31025383 JF 12 Cube Paddle Feeder, c/w weigher. Needs Kuhn LSB890 Tandem Steering Axle Big Baler relining .....................................£950 41025338 80x80 or 80x80, first used 2014, swath roller COMBINES on pick up, Bale eject, Roller chute, Moisture New Holland CR 8.90 Revelation, DFR, Twin meterm knotter fans, auto lube, drop floor, Pitch, Intellisteer, Flex Trax, 520/80 R28 (3.5 VT50 isobus control box, approx 36,000 bales metres wide) 30ft VariFeed, 2 rape knives, .............................................£45,000 41024059 Cochet steering trailer, 212 / 137 hours McHale F5600 fixed chamber, 2017, load .................................................................... POA sensing, fully automatic, 25 knife chopper, New Holland CX 8.80 Elevation, 2018, 25ft dropfloor, 520/55R22.5 tyres, 7000 bales, VF, SRE TA 7500 trailer, chopper, chaff, Y & M, Expert control box ..............£21,000 91027630 800/70 R38, 600/65 R28’s, 163 / 113 hours .... Kuhn VB2260, ISOBUS box, no chopper, 2016 .................................................................... POA .............................................£19,250 21027843 New Holland CR 9.80 (t4a, 517 HP), 2016, New Holland RB150 SF, 2014, bale count 30ft VF, SRE C9000 trailer 900/70 R32 & 16000 approx......................£16,500 31025318 600/65 R28’s, chopper, chaff, DFR, Twin New Holland BR7060 super feed II, 2012, c/w Pitch,Intellisteer, Y & M, 4 wd, 547 / 433 hours wide tyres, rotor feed, approx 30000 bales ..... ................................................................... POA .............................................£13,000 21026427 New Holland CR9080, 2014, Intellisteer, std Claas 2200 Quadrant Baler, 2003, Single Axle. rotors, ASD, 900/60 R38’s 30ft 760 VF header, ...............................................£9,000 31027474 4WD, 1500/1100 hours............POA 61027915 Welger RP535 round baler, 2008, wide pick New Holland CX 8070 FS, 2015, 22 ft VF, SRE up, standard control box ......£8,950 31027595 trailer, chopper, chaff, 900/60 R32 & 540/65 New Holland BR7060, Hyd Reverser, 2009 ...... R30’s ........................................................... POA ...............................................£8,500 31027455 New HollandTX 66 SL, 1993, 20 ft Autofloat, John Deere 680 Square Baler, 1997................. chopper, chaff, 650/75 R32’s 4950 engine ...............................................£7,000 31027636 hours .......................................................... POA John Deere 459 Conventional Baler ................ New Holland 8P30VA, 2014 to go with ...............................................£4,500 41027429 61027915 ..................................POA 61027916

10/10/2018 11:45

CX or


Jean D ..........


Takeu good t .......... Takeu 48” bu .......... Takeu .......... Yanm Diggin TB230 .......... Takeu machi .......... Hills H 300 ho 12” 24 fit Tak


Sulky cells, 1 Triboa extens cover, .......... Kuihn kit, va Kuhn 24M .. Sulky folding Sulky Manu .......... Sulky .......... Sulky Sulky .......... Vicon RS-C m .......... KRM 1 and in Amaz shut o


Pottin 2012, Sharp tidy. ..


Toro V Jacobs .......... Toro R heads A230D deck.. Toto L road li Ranso Mowe Ranso .......... Toro L heads

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today



Post Code Phone Number



HU15 2TB 01430 444700



DN14 0JT

01977 663353



YO51 9BL

01423 324848

de 22637 88, ......... 27981 ......... 26924 27363


......... 24377 er, gle


26649 extra ......... 22103 de i to side 25362 r c/w 24898 & 27552 ift kit, ......... 22123 3 ......... 25481 der, ......... 20136 gers, arge . 25333 w 21252 super 17089

24619 Needs 25338

win 3.5 es,

. POA 5ft & M, urs .... . POA 6,

hours . POA std ader, 27915 SRE /65 . POA oat, e . POA


CX or CR Smartsteer ............£2,750 61024159 Toro LT3340 Triple Mower, c/w 10” 6 blade heads, lighting kit. ..............£13,500 71024306 DISCS Jean De Bru, XL 30660/6AC trailed discs, 1992 Toro GR3400 Greens Mower, c/w 11 blade ...............................................£2,700 41027819 DPA units, groomer brushes & rear roller brushes ...............................£12,900 71026324 EXCAVATORS Toro 3420 Triflex Hybrid Mower, 2012, Takeuchi TB230 complete with hydraulic hitch, cutting units needs attention............................ good tracks, 2015, 1250 hours.......................... .............................................£10,000 71022846 .............................................£17,500 61027702 Kubota G26HD, 2016 Ride On Mower, good Takeuchi TB219 Cab, 2017, c/w 12” 18” 24” clean machine ......................£9,750 71027517 48” buckets, pro lok QH & 8 dummy pins ........ Hayter LT324 Triple Mower, 2009, c/w road .............................................£16,500 31027470 lighting & beacon .....................POA 71023000 Takeuchi TB145, 2004, 5918 hours .................. Ransomes Highway 3 Triple Mower, 2010...... .............................................£12,500 61027703 ...............................................£8,000 71025863 Yanmar B15-3, 2004.............£8,500 61023277 Kubota GR2120 Ride On Mower, 2016 ............ Digging Bucket 30”, 35mm pin size to fit ...............................................£7,500 71027414 TB230 or TB23R,good condition ....................... Toro MDE .............................£7,200 71023340 ...................................................POA 31023204 New Holland G6035 Commercial Ride on Takeuchi TB016 Canopy, 2007, straight Mower c/w front deck, 2013 ............................ machine, in working order, hitch and bucket ... ...............................................£6,500 41027043 ...............................................£5,000 61027407 Toro RM6500 Mower, 4wd, 8 blade DPA Hills Hyd Hitch to fit Takeuchi TB290, done heads, rear roller scraper kit, mauser cab, 300 hours ..............................£1,600 61024889 noise reduction kit, window washer kit, MVP 12” 24” digging buckets, 60”ditching bucket to filter kit..................................£5,995 71026789 fit TakeuchiTB260 ....................£550 61026897 Ransomes Highway Triple Mower c/w 4 knife FERTILISER SPREADERS cylinders ................................£5,500 71024147 Sulky X40+ ECONOV, 24-36m spreader, weigh Hayter LT324 Triple Mower.£5,000 71026761 cells, 12 section control, Quartz terminal, Toro RM3100-D Mower.......£5,000 71016000 Triboard headland spread, wide hopper John Deere 2653A Commercial mower ........... extension, 3200 litre capacity, folding hopper ...............................................£3,500 71027055 cover, left hand ladder, mudguards 2016 ......... Kubota G21LD 2005 Ride On Mower............... .............................................£13,500 61027829 ...............................................£3,000 71027835 Kuihn 30.1QE, 3000 lts, cover, lights, headland Hayter LT324, 2005 ..............£3,000 71023457 kit, variable rate, tidy............£3,600 21025892 Hayter LT322 ........................£2,500 71023455 Kuhn 30.1 QE, 2700 ltr, and Cover S6 discs Synthesis Tss Flail Collector c/w brush and flail 24M .......................................£3,500 41019726 cassettes ...............................£2,500 71024467 Sulky DPX Prima, 2011 MA1500 ltr c/w Charterhouse, self propelled core collector, folding cover .........................£2,950 21020329 petrol engine, hydraulic driven belt & Sulky Prima DPX, 1500ltr hopper, Cover, emptying...............................£1,540 71018671 Manual headland spread, very tidy .................. 10” Heads to fit Toro LT range .......................... ...............................................£2,850 61019958 ...............................................£1,500 71021409 Sulky X36, 2009, 1900 L Extension c/w Cover . TM4749 Trailed Gang Unit ..£1,500 71020586 ...............................................£2,300 11027313 Toro Turfmaster walk behind mower c/w Sulky DPX18, 1500 LTRS.......£2,000 11026425 76cm cutting width ..............£1,450 51024388 Sulky DPX Expert c/w 2 extensions .................. Stiga 3084H ESTATE, 2014, 84cm cutting deck ...............................................£1,500 31027251 ...............................................£1,350 41023335 Vicon Rotaflow, 2008, twin disc, hyd shut off, Charterhouse Core Collector Cleaner, 3 point RS-C model, good vanes, working order .......... linkage, tractor mounted, hydraulic driven, ...............................................£1,300 21026409 hydraulic driven belt & emptying ..................... KRM 1900H twin disc, 24m, folding cover, tidy ...............................................£1,210 71018670 and in working order ...............£950 21027050 Dennis D054/6Sorrel roller casette ................. Amazone ZA-OC 1200 litre, twin disc,hydraulic ...............................................£1,000 71027859 shut off .....................................£450 21026982 Lloyds 5 gang mower, Steel wheels, towing FORAGE HARVESTERS & PICK UP frame, 10” cylinders with 6 blades ................... ...............................................£1,000 71024468 WAGONS John Deere 165 Ride On Mower ...................... Pottinger Torro 5100L Forage Wagon, ..................................................£950 31027504 2012, Tandem Axle, Crop Roller, Auto Knife Sharpening, additive tank, 600/50-22.5 very Kubota W821R Pedestrian Mower .................. tidy. .....................................£35,000 41025254 ...................................................POA 71025215


Toro Verticut.............................POA 71027928 Jacobsen 305, five gang fairway mower .......... ...................................................POA 81026916 Toro RM2300 Triple Mower, 5 blade floating heads, 2 wheeldrive .................POA 71026876 A230D Mower, Diesel, HST, heavy duty mulch deck...........................................POA 71026817 Toto LT3340, 2014, c/w 10” 6 blade heads, road lights, beacon ...................POA 71025398 Ransomes Parkway 2250+ Triple Cylinder Mower ......................................POA 71024020 Ransomes Hightway 3 Triple Mower, 2016 .... .............................................£15,000 71026173 Toro LT3340 Triple Mower, c/w 10” 6 blade heads, lighting kit. ..............£13,995 71024305

p085.indd 85


Brice Baker Aeration Fan........£295 41019783


McConnel PA6570T, XTC Controls, 1.6m Head with Hyd Head Roller, 2012, 3 point mounted. .............................................£14,950 41028009 Bomford Hawk Evo 6.5T, 2012, 3 Point Mounted, 1.2m Head, Joystick controls, L/H Cut. ......................................£12,750 41023384 Bomford Hawk Evo 6.5T, 1.2m head complete with roller, front flap hood, axle mounting, joystick control, very good order ...................... .............................................£12,500 21025720 Kuhn EP57 Pro Longer 3 point mounted hedgecutter, 2007 ................£7,250 41028008 Ferri Hedgecutter c/w electric control & 1.3m head, 2002 ............................£6,750 11020774

Russell’s Rotherham, 40 Clough Road, Rotherham, S61 1RD

David Hirst 07792 927432

McConnel 1.2M MULTICUT Head 2012 c/w hydraulic roller and F10 fails £2,500 51027142 Bomford Supertrim, Cable Control, 3 point mounted. ..............................£1,950 41026541 Bomford B577 cable control hedgecutter, working order .......................£1,250 61027973


Manitou MT932 c/w pallet tines, std rear hitch, no air con, joystick control, approx 6340 hrs .............................................POA 21024395 Manitou MLT735T, 2012, LSU 120 PS, Elite c/w hydraulic locking................POA 31027876 Manitou MLT627T EV, 24” Wheels, c/w air con, d/apuh, JSM, tyres 20%..................... POA Manitou MLT741T LSU 120PS Elite, 3000 hours, c/w hydraulic locking, manitou headstock, PUH, tyres 50%, CRC, A/C 2016 ..... .............................................£53,000 61027754 Manitou MLT741 PS, Elite, CRC, AC, PUH, hyd locking, tyres @ 90%, approx 2210 hrs ............ .............................................£49,500 61024379 Manitou MLT741PS, 2014 c/w hyd locking,CRC, air con, pickup hitch,boom lights & tool box,460/70 x R24 new tyres,warranty up to 3000 hrs,approx 2438 hrs ....................... .............................................£47,000 11024219 Manitou MLT735 Elite, 2014 LSU 120 powershift, crc suspension, pick up hitch, hydraulic locking, Manitou headstock, air con, air seat, 24” tyres @ 20%, approx 4325 hrs ..... .............................................£44,000 61022638 Manitou MLT634T 120PS,120 LSU PS, crc, j sm joystick, air seat, boom work lights, air conditioning, hydraulic locking, very tidy machine, tyres @ 15%,approx 3100 hrs........... .............................................£38,500 21023157 Manitou MLT735T 120PS, 2012, 2710 hours, 120 LSU PS, air seat, boom work lights, air con, trailer braking .....................£36,000 11027613 Massey Ferguson 9305 Handler, 2016, very tidy. .....................................£36,000 31026563 Manitou MLT634T, 2014, Elite spec, boom lights, air seat, approx 4600 hrs ........................ .............................................£35,000 21026361 Manitou MTA630, 2012, c/w pallet forks,pick up hitch, 460/70R24 tyres fronts @ 30% rears @ 20% ................................£34,500 11025929 Manitou MLT735T 120PS, 2012, c/w pallet forks, PUH, hydraulic locking, air con, air seat,460/70R24 @90% ......£34,000 11027885 Bobcat TL358 telescopic handler, 2015, 260 hours, on 405/70-20.............33,750 41027814 Manitou MLT627, 2013, New Engine fitted..... .............................................£33,000 41023127 Manitou MLT735PS, crc, pick up hitch, air con, hydlocking, JSM control, 460/70R24 alliance @ 95%, approx 3191hrs .....£32,000 11022967 Manitou MLT629T 24”Elite, hyd locking, PUH, CRC, A/C , 4 speed manual, 17.5x24 tyres worn, sanderson head. ......£31,000 11027356 Manitou MLT634T Elite spec, 2011, boom lights, tyres 20%, Powershift ............................. .............................................£29,500 21027406 JCB 527-55, 2013, hyd locking,JCB tool carrier, 3rd service, tyres down, very tidy truck, well serviced & under average hours, approx 2000 hrs .......................................£29,250 21025594 Manitou MLT741T, 120 LSU PS, air seat, boom lights, extra beacons, 50% tyres, approx 7000 hrs .......................................£28,750 21023310 Manitou MLT741T, 2011, 120 LSU PS,air seat,boom lights,extra beacons,50% tyres,approx 7000 hrs.........£28,750 21023309 Manitou MLT627 Evo 24, 2009, c/w Hydrauic locking, pick-up hitch, Air con, CRC Bom suspension ..........................£27,500 61023102

Manitou MLA628 Pivot steer, 2009, c/w JCB Q fit carriage, CRC, Aircon, Air seat, Boom lights, 4 speed transmission, rear tyres 70%front 20% .............................................£26,500 21026611 Manitou MLT627T, 2008, mono ultra, 24” c/w p/tines, tyres 20%, v.tidy, approx 4500 hrs....... .............................................£26,000 21025928 Manitou MLT627T, 2008....£25,000 31027746 Manitou MLT627T EV, 2009, air con,CRC,hyd locking, puh, 24” tyres front @ 60% rear @ 80%, 4491 Hours. ...............£25,000 11022449 Weidemann CX4070, 2008, full cab, hydrostatic 2 speed transmission, manitou adapter plate c/w 6’6” bucket plate c/w 6’6” bucket .................................£21,500 21027405 Manitou MLT634 120LSU, hyd locking, air con, tyres @ 40%, approx 8404 hrs .......................... .............................................£20,000 31026411 JCB 535-95 Industrial Telehandler, 2007, 15.5/80x24 tyres @20%, aircon, lever controls .............................................£20,000 31027593 Moulton 14 Tine Buckrake ..£1,995 41027418 Cherry 7ft, 10 tines on fork, 6 tines on grab on New Holland brackets ..........£1,600 61025441 2.2M Proforge heavy duty hydraulic grab, jcb brackets, (LKP SNR 2200/2/euro), 2017. .......... ...............................................£1,300 51027682 Grain Bucket, 3cm3, Manitou brackets,to suit MLT735 or bigger, as new, never been used .... ...............................................£1,250 21026610 Albutt 7ft 6” Grain Bucket, (70 cu ft) ............... ...............................................£1,150 11026201 Richie 1484 Bale Handler c/w Manitou brackets....................................£750 61027567 McHale R5 Bale Handler c/w pipes, Merlo brackets....................................£750 11027410 General purpose bucket, very little use, good blade, euro brackets ................£700 61022632 Slewtic Round Bale Handler, as new ............... ..................................................£625 41027755 Slewtic Round/Square Bale Grab, as new....... ..................................................£625 41027756 Single bale spike, 3 point mounted.................. ..................................................£370 11025593 Single Bale Spike, 2018, 3 point linkage........... ..................................................£370 11025593 Flemming Round Bale Handler c/w no.3 brackets....................................£350 41027124 12” 24” & 36 “ digging & 60”ditching buckets to fit TB240 ...............................POA 21026615 Single spike c/w Chilton brackets ..................... ...................................................POA 21026613 MX C40 Bale Handler c/w pipes and eurobrackets .............................POA 21026593


Claas LINER 3100, Twin Rotor Rake .................. .............................................£12,000 31027620 Vicon 632 Mounted Mower Conditioner, 2015, very little use from new .......................... ...............................................£6,950 41025271 Claas 770 Mounted 6 Rotor Tedder, Hyd Folding, 7.7 m, 2012. ............£5,850 41022504 Kuhn FC302G Trailed Mower Conditioner, 2006 ......................................£5,850 51027680 Fella Tedder, TH800, 2006 ...£4,950 21027338 Claas LINER 880 wide angle pto, steering axle on 10.0/75-15.3 wheels. manual crank handle on rotor height adjustment, centre curtain ..... ...............................................£4,750 41027692 Giraffa 210 Offset Flail Topper, 2014 ............... ...............................................£4,500 21027443 McConnel Magnum 230 Euro Flail Mower, 2015 ......................................£4,250 31027045 Kuhn VKM280, 2008, Hyd Side Shift ................ ...............................................£4,250 41023703 October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:45 Jim Nash 07734 550400

David Hirst 07792 927432

Hallmark Tractors, Sandy Hill, Lamport Road, Rothwell, Kettering, NN14 1LW MOWERS & HAY MACHINERY

John Deere 1365 mower conditioner .............. ...............................................£4,000 31027507 Kuhn GF6401 6 rotor tedder, 2005................... ...............................................£3,950 41026757 Claas Disco 3050+ Mounted Mower Conditioner ...........................£3,950 41020696 Pottinger Novadisc 265 mounted mower, 2010, very tidy ......................£3,895 41025647 Kuhn FC202 mounted mower conditioner, 2005 ......................................£3,750 41026710 Kuhn FC300 Trailed Mower Conditioner.......... ...............................................£3,250 41027453 Westmac GX2400S Mower Conditioner .......... ...............................................£3,000 31027023 McConnel Topper 9, 2014 ...£2,750 11027562 Reco Fella TS456DN 2001, Single Rotor Rake. . ...............................................£1,950 31018506 Kverneland 3128 Mounted Mower Conditioner, 2007 .................£2,500 21017677 McConnel PT9 Topper ........£2,400 21026443 McConnel 260 Topper, very little use, good working order .......................£2,250 21027482 Kuhn FC300G trailed mower conditioner ........ ...............................................£1,950 41027010 Niemeyer HR551 DH6 6 rotor tedder, 2001 .... ...............................................£1,900 31027509 McConnel Topper 9, 2004, new blades. .......... ...............................................£1,750 41027449 Major 800SM Side Topper, 2003, gearbox drive, hydraulic fold 8ft cut in excellent conditon................................£1,650 41027134 Fleming, TOP 8 SF, side mounted, 2007 ........... ...............................................£1,250 41027751 Fella TH 540D hydraulic fold tedder, 1996 ...... ...............................................£1,500 41027693


Logic MSP120WT Sweeper/ Collector, as new ...............................................£3,300 41027760 RENN RFB trailed roller mill, PTO driven ......... ...............................................£3,500 21027104 1000 litre, tandem axle, 12v pump bowser, 2008 ......................................£2,250 21027539 Parmiter 6m Tined Grass Harrow, hydraulic folding approx 10 years old ............... ...............................................£1,950 41025966 Kidd Sawbench, pto driven, blade sharp & in good condition ....................... £925 41027817 Sutton 6ft Brush ..................... £750 41023927


Kverneland PB100 7 Furrow Semi mounted plough, good order, no 8’s & std manure skims .................................... £6,250 31023176 KV LD85/200 shearbolt, manual variwidth, depth wheel, no rear disc, number 28 bodies, manual sideshift ..................£6,250 11026674 Dowdeswell DP120S, 1996, 6 furrow, good metal, tidy ............................£3,500 41019740 Dowdeswell DP100S, 1996, 5 Furrow, Rear Discs, and Land Wheel ........£2,950 41023704



Post Code

Cubley Malton Northallerton

DE6 5HL YO17 6RD DL6 2NH


p086.indd 86

October 12, 2018

Dowdeswell DP100S, 5 furrow, shearbolt protection, rear discs, depth wheel, with spares ................................... £2,500 41022344 Dowdeswell DP7C, 4 Furrow Plough, Shearbolt Protection ...........£2,500 11020833 Michael Moore 4.5m trailed press................... .............................................. £1,950 41025577 Dowdeswell DP7 4 Furrow Auto Reset c/w rear disc and depth wheel ..£1,500 41022091 Richie 1.5m Front Tyre Press...................£995 Ritchie Front Tyre Press, 1989.......................... ................................................. £950 11025433


Vaderstad RD300F, 1997 c/w pivot packer, agrilla tines,metering wheel, flat tyres ............. ...................................................POA 11027886 Sulky Compact 4m SPI air drill preemergance markers, mechanical drive, NGS fitting kit c/w KV NGS 4 mtr power harrow with cracker ..........................£4,000 61022355 Kuhn HR3004, 3m power harrow with packer roller & levelling bar, fitted with a Venta TF1500 front hopper and LC3000 Pneumatic drill c/w seedflex disc coulters, 1200ltr hopper,covering harrow, bout &preemerfence makers elec seed metering & lights................................... £26,000 41027874 HORSCH 4M hyd folding, drill , 2009, c/w 1800 ltr hopper, front press wheels, 3rows of sprung coulters, covering harrow, & following harrow, pre emergence markers & KRM slug pelleter............................... £21,950 41027628 Vaderstad Topdown TD300, 2011, c/w low disturbacne points, packer, discs 50% .............. ............................................ £21,500 61027978 Vaderstad RDA400S 5028 hectares, 2006, system disc, no pivot packer ............................. ............................................ £17,000 31027688 Vaderstad RDA 400S c/w Front packer Riged track eradicators System disc Levelling board Following harrow Pre emergence markers Approx 16500 acres .......... £15,000 11018848 Kverneland TS6000 EV 2010, 5 rows tines, steps, following harrow, 1.25 tonne capacity, lights, track eradicators ..... £14,950 11020311 Vaderstad RD300S, 2005, c/w system disc, press wheels, pre-emerg markers, track eradicators, approx 9000 acres ........................ ............................................ £14,500 31023462 Kuhn HR3003 c/w fast fit tines, 2008, maxi packer roller, LC302 drill with side markers, 3 row coulers, steps & following harrow hector 3000 control box - good condition ................... ............................................ £11,950 41027541 Vaderstad Rapid 400F system disc, in-line cleated wheels, following harrow, preemergence markers, bout markers,track eradicators ............................£7,500 21027501 Kuhn HR4003D, 2005, Power Harrow c/w Packer Roller .........................£4,950 41024235

Russell’s Rotherham, 40 Clough Road, Rotherham, S61 1RD KRM TI305 Drill Combination, complete with 4m KRM drillmate, hydraulic folding, suffolk coulters, following harrow ................... ...............................................£3,500 21024120 Rabe PKE300 packer roller, bolt on tines......... ...............................................£2,500 21026760 Lely 4m, 1996, Polymat pneumatic drill complete with following harrow ...................... ...............................................£1,650 41024001


NRH 24” plain rings, hardly used, 2013 .......... ...............................................£5,500 61027794


Technoma 18m 800 ltr, triple nozzles, chemical induction, hand wash, elec controls . ...............................................£3,750 21021458 GEM 24M tri nozzles, elec controls, 1200 litre tank, chemical induction & locker ,Sold as seen.......................................£1,995 21026145 Hardi MEGA 20M booms, triplex nozzles and induction hopper..................£1,950 41023092


Richard Western D10 Rear discharge spreader, Slurry Door, 2008 .............................. ............................................. £9,500 41026763 Tullow 2000 Dual Spreader £5,500 41025371 Dowdeswell MS1620 Dual Spreader c/w stone trap, 23.1R26 wheels at 70% - good condition............................. £4,950 41027036 Shelbourne Reynolds 2000 Dairy Dual Spreader, with new front & rear bearing, 2001 .................................... £4,250 41026212 Hi Spec 800 Barrel spreader, 2015, c/w on new 385 x 65 x R22.5 ......... £4,500 51025839


McConnel 9 Leg Shakerator c/w Packer Roller .............................................. £3,250 21024271 New - Cultivating Solutions RLM400 Linkage Mounted Rapidlift, Telescopicc/w electro dirverter valve, clevis hitch and depth wheels . ..............................................................£12,300 Air 8 Seeder, only 30 acres from new .............. .............................................. £2,250 41027785 Gregoire Besson Combimix Auto Reset, 2013 Stubble Cultivators ..............£9,950 41022283 Opico He-Va 3m Disc Roller c/w 3m Combi Lift. ...................................... £7,500 41019714 Galucho Top Tilth Cultivator 4m c/w end tow transport .............................. £5,000 31021520 Kongskilde Vibro Flex VF4215 3.45m hyd folding with furrow leveller, 2009 little use ...... .............................................. £5,750 41023146 Farm Force 5 Leg Subsoiler c/w packer roller & levelling tines, plus fitted with a Accord pneumatic drill ....................£3,950 41024002

Richard Western SF12 12 Ton, 2011, complete with silage sides, hydraulic rear door, 10 stud axle, and 560 vredestein tyres ... ............................................ £11,950 41027892 Easterby ET12 Grain Trailer, 2003, low root, super singles, hydraulic rear door, fixed drawbar ................................£8,500 31027592 Easterby 10T Muck Trailer, as new. .................. ...............................................£6,950 41027759 Tuffmac 8 Tonne Drop Sided Trailer trailer, hyd tip, rear door, std drawbar, 200/60R15.5 tyres, ideal for livery yard or stables ................. ...............................................£5,750 61022826 West 10 Tonne Silage Trailer, 2003, Sprung Drawbar ................................£4,950 41027308 Marshall 8 Ton Trailer, 2003, c/w silage sides and rear door........................£4,000 11027665 Ifor Willaims, 10x6 c/w internal transport gate .......................................£2,450 61025992 Hudson 14 ft Cattle Trailer, 2004, very good order .....................................£2,250 31027667 Pender feed Trailer for 35 cows, 11.5/80-15. 3 wheels, steel construction ....£2,100 41027133 Bale Trailer, Coverted lorry body, wooden floor, 27ft ..............................£1,950 41022057 Ifor Williams 16ft Twin Axle Flat Trailer .......... ...............................................£1,750 31025400 Nugent GP 126H Plant Trailer, 2012 ................ ...............................................£1,650 11027564 8X5 Ifor Williams tipping trailer....................... ...............................................£1,600 11027975 Nugent P3116H Plant Trailer, closed in sides, ramp taildoor, floor lashing points.................... ...............................................£1,500 41026653 Bateson 12FT flatbed, twin axle c/w dropsides, ramps and spare wheel ................... ...............................................£1,495 21027938 Ifor Williams LM166 , 16FT, twin axle, complete with ramps..........£1,450 81027778 20ft Bale Trailer, Single Axle £1,200 41023553


16.9 R28 Dual Wheels (No clamps) Goodyear tyres ......................................... POA 11023793 1 new set of Continental 520/70 R38 & 420/70 R28 with centers to suit New Holland T6 ..........................................£2,750 51027871 460/85R38 380/85R28 complete set of wheels & tyres for NH T6000/TSA tractor, paintwork is excellent...........£2,750 21018580 44x18-23.1x26 Turf tyres and Wheels to suit T5 or TL .................................£1,750 41019772 420/70x38 420/70x28 @ 60% c/w tie bars ..... ...............................................£2,000 61022928 16.9 X R30 Dual Wheels (No clamps) Alliance TRAILERS tyres ........................................ £700 11023795 Leboulch 15 Tonne Trailer, mechanical rear up and over door, floatation tyres .................... Set of Kubota wheels and tyres 700/16 12.2 ...................................................POA 21026206 24 ............................................ £500 41024075 1 Pair of Dual Wheels 20.8 X R38 (No clamps) Ifor Williams TA510G-10 10 ft sheep trailer (decks), good order ..................POA 31025592 Goodyear tyres ........................ POA 11023794

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01335 330399 01653 698000 01609 771727

Gilberdyke Selby Boroughbridge

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HU15 2TB DN14 0JT YO51 9BL

01430 444700 01977 663353 01423 324848

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October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:43



Top quality belt driven air compressors for industrial & commercial users inc; garages, factories, workshops and farms. 10 bar/150psi max working pressure £





AIR DISP. MOTOR AIR EXC. INC MODEL cfm (HP) RECEIVER VAT .VAT XEV11/100(OL)†* 9 2 100ltr £399.00 £478.80 XEV16/100†* 14 3 100ltr £419.00 £502.80 XEV16/150†* 14 3 150ltr £449.00 £538.80 XEV16/200(OL)†* 14 3 200ltr £519.00 £622.80 XEV16/150(400V)†14 3 150ltr £529.00 £634.80 XE18/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £579.00 £694.80 XET19/200 (OL)* 18 4 200ltr £619.00 £742.80 XEV26/200† 23 5.5 200ltr £719.00 £862.80 XE37/270 (OL)* 36 2x 4 270ltr £1149.00 £1378.80



.98 89EXC.VAT .98 107INC.VAT £



Honda & Diesel £ .00 219EXC.VAT engine models £ .80 in stock PLS195 262INC.VAT PRESSURE ENGINE EXC. INC. MODEL BAR/PSI HP VAT VAT Tiger1800 110/1595 2.6 £219.00 £262.80 Tiger2600 170/2465 4 £289.00 £346.80 Tiger3000 200/2900 6.5 £349.00 £418.80 PLS195 186/2698 6.5 £439.00 £526.80 PLS265 260/3770 13 £669.00 £802.80


110 VOLT




Ideal for use as a garage/workshop Extra tough triple layer weatherproof cover Heavy duty powder coated steel tubing Ratchet tight ZIP CLOSE DOOR tensioning MODEL SIZE (LxWxH) EXC.VAT INC.VAT CIG81015 4.5 x 3 x 2.4M £229.00 £274.80 CIG81020 6.1 x 3 x 2.4M £289.00 £346.80 CIG81216 4.8 x 3.7 x 2.5M £279.00 £334.80 CIG81220 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.5M £339.00 £406.80 CIG81224 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.5M £419.00 £502.80








.98 49EXC.VAT .98 59INC.VAT




*Pumps solids up to HSEC650A 30mm diameter #Pumps solids up to 35mm diameter †Sewage cutter pump MODEL MAX FLOW LPM MAX HEAD EXC. VAT INC. VAT PSV1A* 140 5.8m £49.98 £59.98 HIPPO 2 (230V) 85 6.0m £54.99 £65.99 PVP11A# 258 11.0m £79.98 £95.98 PSP125 125 10.2m £87.99 £105.59 HSEC650A† 290 9.5m £199.98 £239.98


MAX EXC. OUTPUT KW VAT 10 £79.98 15 £99.98 24.9 £139.98 36.6 £169.98



.98 189EX.VAT .98 227INC.VAT




MODEL MIN-MAX AMPS EXC.VAT PRO90 24-90 £189.98 110E 30-100 £229.98 135TE Turbo 30-130 £249.98 151TE Turbo 30-150 £289.00 175TECM Turbo 30-170 £449.00 205TE Turbo 30-185 £489.00

TS1 MODEL EXC.VAT INC.VAT PRICE CUT TS9¥ £27.99 £33.59 NOW FROM TS5† £44.99 £53.99 £ .99 TS3^ £64.99 £77.99 27EXC.VAT £ .59 TS2# £64.99 £77.99 33INC.VAT £35.98 inc.VAT TS1* £79.98 £95.98 WASFOOTER ¥was £35.98 inc.VAT †was £59.98 inc.VAT ^was £83.98 inc.VAT #was £83.98 inc.VAT *was £101.99 inc.VAT • Min. height: 100mm • Max working height: 1090mm

*Diesel #Can pump solids up to 15mm in diameter ^Can pump solids up to 28mm in diameter MODEL PETROL OUTPUT MAX EXC.VAT INC.VAT ENGINE HEAD PW50 6.5HP 550 ltr/min 30m £149.98 £179.98 PW3 6.5HP 800 ltr/min 30m £199.98 £239.98 PS75# 7.0HP 750 ltr/min 23m £239.98 £287.98 PF75^ 7.0HP 1300 ltr/min 28m £319.00 £382.80 CHS2E 4.0HP 700 ltr/min 23m £369.00 £442.80 DW50*¥ 5.4HP 450 ltr/min 27m £399.00 £478.80 DW75*† 5.4HP 750 ltr/min 30m £479.00 £574.80 ¥was £538.80 inc.VAT †was £658.80 inc.VAT










October 12, 2018

p088.indd 88


INC.VAT £226.80 £286.80 £346.80 £418.80 £478.80

VIDEO PRICE CUT HEADER Great for ON-LINE FROM ONLY fast easy £ .00 hole boring 129EXC.VAT EXTENSION .80 - ideal for £154INC.VAT AUGER WAS FOOTER £166.80 inc.VAT fence/gate PIECES FOR ED160 IN posts *was £166.80 STOCK MAX AUGER MODEL DEPTH WIDTH EXC.VAT INC.VAT CEA150 Electric* 560mm 150mm £129.00 £154.80 up to 1.6m 200mm £329.00 £394.80 ED160 Petrol


Provides essential home, garage and roadside assistance Integral work light 910 /JS1100C include air compressor Long life battery FROM ONLY

.98 59EX.VAT .98 71INC.VAT

£ £

EXTRA LONG 1m LEADS STARTING PEAK EXC. BOOST AMPS VAT 400 900 £59.98 500 1100 £64.99 400 900 £69.98 500 1100 £76.99 700 1500 £124.99 1000 2000 £149.98 NEW 600 1200 £179.98 BC520N

INC. VAT £71.98 £77.99 £83.98 £92.39 £149.99 £179.98 £215.98




EDINBURGH 163-171 Piersfield Terrace 0131 659 5919 EXETER 16 Trusham Rd. EX2 8QG 01392 256 744 GATESHEAD 50 Lobley Hill Rd. NE8 4YJ 0191 493 2520 GLASGOW 280 Gt Western Rd. G4 9EJ 0141 332 9231 GLOUCESTER 221A Barton St. GL1 4HY 01452 417 948 GRIMSBY ELLIS WAY, DN32 9BD 01472 354435 HULL 8-10 Holderness Rd. HU9 1EG 01482 223161 ILFORD 746-748 Eastern Ave. IG2 7HU 0208 518 4286 IPSWICH Unit 1 Ipswich Trade Centre, Commercial Road 01473 221253 LEEDS 227-229 Kirkstall Rd. LS4 2AS 0113 231 0400 LEICESTER 69 Melton Rd. LE4 6PN 0116 261 0688 LINCOLN Unit 5. The Pelham Centre. LN5 8HG 01522 543 036 LIVERPOOL 80-88 London Rd. L3 5NF 0151 709 4484 LONDON CATFORD 289/291 Southend Lane SE6 3RS 0208 695 5684 LONDON 6 Kendal Parade, Edmonton N18 020 8803 0861 LONDON 503-507 Lea Bridge Rd. Leyton, E10 020 8558 8284 LUTON Unit 1, 326 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU4 8JS 01582 728 063 MAIDSTONE 57 Upper Stone St. ME15 6HE 01622 769 572 MANCHESTER ALTRINCHAM 71 Manchester Rd. Altrincham 0161 9412 666 MANCHESTER CENTRAL 209 Bury New Road M8 8DU 0161 241 1851 MANCHESTER OPENSHAW Unit 5, Tower Mill, Ashton Old Rd 0161 223 8376 MANSFIELD 169 Chesterfield Rd. South 01623 622160


MODEL DESC. EXC.VAT INC.VAT CIR18LIC 2x 2.0Ah Li-Ion £114.99 £137.99 CIR18LI 2x 4.0Ah Li-Ion £179.98 £215.98



MODEL 900 JS1100 910 JS1100C 4000 JS12/24 JS12/24Li


.99 114EX.VAT .99 137INC.VAT



MODEL MAX AMPS EXC. INC. CHARGE/BOOST VAT VAT BC130C 15/120 £64.99 £77.99 BC190 38/180 £94.99 £113.99 BC210C 25/200 £109.00 £130.80 BC410E 35/400 £129.98 £155.98 WBC180 35/180 £139.98 £167.98 BC205N 30/200 £179.98 £215.98 WBC240 45/240 £159.98 £191.98 WBC400 60/350 £199.00 £238.80

Ammeter Multi-position charge regulator Overload protection on charging cycle


Dual voltage sockets; 1x 230V, 1x 110V 16A and 1x 110V 32A HEADER.00 799 EXC.VAT .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 958

£ £





99EX.VAT .98 119INC.VAT £




Honda engine models available


MODEL G720 G1200 PG2500 PG3800 PG3800DV PG6500DVES

KVA 0.7 1.1 2.2 3 3 5.5

HP 6.5 7 7 13

EXC.VAT INC.VAT £99.98 £119.98 £159.98 £191.98 £179.98 £215.98 £239.98 £287.98 £269.00 £322.80 £499.00 £598.80



• Precision bench & floor presses for engineering & industrial applications B = Bench mounted F = Floor standing MOTOR (W) EXC. INC. MODEL SPEEDS VAT VAT CDP5EB 350 / 5 £66.99 £80.39 CDP102B 350 / 5 £79.98 £95.98 CDP152B 450 / 12 £149.98 £179.98 FROM ONLY CDP202B 450 / 16 £189.00 £226.80 £ .99 CDP452B 550 / 16 £229.00 £274.80 66EXC.VAT .39 CDP10B 370 / 12 £198.99 £238.79 £80INC.VAT CDP352F 550 / 16 £229.00 £274.80 CDP502F1100 / 12£499.00 £598.80


Large capacity rugged steel mixers perfect for contractor use on site FROM ONLY

.00 169EXC.VAT .80 202INC.VAT




UP TO 7938KG CAPACITY IN STOCK ONLY HEADER MODEL CAPACITYEXC.VAT INC.VAT £FROM .98 20SPS12 907kg £79.98 £95.98 79EXC.VAT .98 35SPS12 1588kg £119.98 £143.98 £95 FOOTER INC.VAT 800SS12 3936kg £329.00 £394.80

OPEN MON-FRI 8.30-6.00, SAT 8.30-5.30, SUN 10.00-4.00

MIDDLESBROUGH Mandale Triangle, Thornaby NORWICH 282a Heigham St. NR2 4LZ NOTTINGHAM 211 Lower Parliament St. PETERBOROUGH 417 Lincoln Rd. Millfield PLYMOUTH 58-64 Embankment Rd. PL4 9HY POOLE 137-139 Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone PORTSMOUTH 277-283 Copnor Rd. Copnor PRESTON 53 Blackpool Rd. PR2 6BU SHEFFIELD 453 London Rd. Heeley. S2 4HJ SIDCUP 13 Blackfen Parade, Blackfen Rd SOUTHAMPTON 516-518 Portswood Rd. SOUTHEND 1139-1141 London Rd. Leigh on Sea STOKE-ON-TRENT 382-396 Waterloo Rd. Hanley SUNDERLAND 13-15 Ryhope Rd. Grangetown SWANSEA 7 Samlet Rd. Llansamlet. SA7 9AG SWINDON 21 Victoria Rd. SN1 3AW TWICKENHAM 83-85 Heath Rd.TW1 4AW WARRINGTON Unit 3, Hawley’s Trade Pk. WIGAN 2 Harrison Street, WN5 9AU WOLVERHAMPTON Parkfield Rd. Bilston WORCESTER 48a Upper Tything. WR1 1JZ

01642 677881 01603 766402 0115 956 1811 01733 311770 01752 254050 01202 717913 023 9265 4777 01772 703263 0114 258 0831 0208 3042069 023 8055 7788 01702 483 742 01782 287321 0191 510 8773 01792 792969 01793 491717 020 8892 9117 01925 630 937 01942 323 785 01902 494186 01905 723451

# 110V in stock MODEL ENGINE MOTOR EXC. VAT Clarke CCM110 0.7HP, 230V £169.00 Clarke CCM50 1/6HP, 230V £179.98 Belle Mini 150# 230V £329.00 Belle Mini 150 2.5HP Honda £599.00

INC. VAT £202.80 £215.98 £394.80 £718.80


ONLINE TELESALES 0115 956 5555




Calls to the catalogue request number above (0844 880 1265) cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. All offers subject to availability, E&OE.

28195 (61) FARM (full).indd 1


3 forward and reverse gears


.98 LOW HIGH 169EX.VAT LIFTS LIFTS £ .98 FROM UPTO 203INC.VAT 70mm 730mm £

VISIT YOUR LOCAL SUPERSTORE 01226 732297 0121 358 7977 0121 7713433 01253 205 170 01204 365799 01274 390962 01273 915999 0117 935 1060 01283 564 708 01223 322675 029 2046 5424 01228 591666 01242 514 402 01244 311258 01206 762831 024 7622 4227 020 8763 0640 01325 380 841 01304 373 434 01332 290 931 01302 245 999 01382 225 140

INC.VAT £227.98 £275.98 £299.98 £346.80 £538.80 £586.80



Hard wearing, versatile and comfortable. For use on various tractors and lawn mowers


BARNSLEY Pontefract Rd, Barnsley, S71 1EZ B’HAM GREAT BARR 4 Birmingham Rd. B’HAM HAY MILLS 1152 Coventry Rd, Hay Mills BLACKPOOL 380-382 Talbot Road BOLTON 1 Thynne St. BL3 6BD BRADFORD 105-107 Manningham Lane. BD1 3BN BRIGHTON 123 Lewes Rd, BN2 3QB BRISTOL 1-3 Church Rd, Lawrence Hill. BS5 9JJ BURTON UPON TRENT 12a Lichfield St. DE14 3QZ CAMBRIDGE 181-183 Histon Road, Cambridge. CB4 3HL CARDIFF 44-46 City Rd. CF24 3DN CARLISLE 85 London Rd. CA1 2LG CHELTENHAM 84 Fairview Road. GL52 2EH CHESTER 43-45 St. James Street. CH1 3EY COLCHESTER 4 North Station Rd. CO1 1RE COVENTRY Bishop St. CV1 1HT CROYDON 423-427 Brighton Rd, Sth Croydon DARLINGTON 214 Northgate. DL1 1RB DEAL (KENT) 182-186 High St. CT14 6BQ DERBY Derwent St. DE1 2ED DONCASTER Wheatley Hall Road DUNDEE 24-26 Trades Lane. DD1 3ET

INC. VAT £95.98 £119.98 £167.98 £203.98

Quality machines 135TE from Britain’s leading supplier See online for included accessories



.98 149EXC.VAT £ .98 179INC.VAT

.98 79EXC.VAT £ .98 95INC.VAT

Ideal for fast efficient heating Extra-long run fuel tanks – up to 53 litres Variable heat output with thermostat control MODEL MAX OUTPUT EXC.VAT XR60 14.7kW £189.00 XR80 20.5kW £239.00 29.3kW £289.00 XR110 XR160 46.9kW £349.00 61.5kW £399.00 XR210


Delivery & Suction hose in stock





POWER CAP (W) (MM) EXC.VAT INC.VAT 400 10-30 £39.98 £47.98 1100 13-40 £62.99 £75.59 1200 13-40 £65.99 £79.19 720 13-40 £84.99 £101.99 1500 13-40 £89.98 £107.98



MODEL Little Devil II Devil 700 Devil 900 Devil 1600



.00 189EXC.VAT .80 226INC.VAT



£ £





Offering low cost, efficient heating


Superb range ideal for DIY, hobby & semi 8/250 -professional use * ’V’ Twin Pump ROTARY MODEL MOTOR CFM TANK EXC.VAT INC.VAT DRILLS 8/250 2HP 7.5 24ltr £89.98 £107.98 7/250 2 HP 7 24ltr £94.99 £113.99 CON1500RDV 11/250 2.5HP 9.5 24ltr £109.98 £131.98 2HP 7.5 50ltr £119.98 £143.98 8/510 11/510 2.5HP 9.5 50ltr £139.98 £167.98 16/510* 3 HP 14.5 50ltr £209.00 £250.80 Powerful heavy 16/1010* 3 HP 14.5 100ltr £259.98 £311.98 duty professional drill ideal for HEAVY trade use DUTY







XEV16/100 †V-Twin *230V

• Auto ON/OFF float switch



.00 399EXC.VAT .80 FOOTERINC.VAT 478


05/10/2018 10:48

10/10/2018 11:43

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

p089.indd 89

October 12, 2018 |


10/10/2018 11:42


Edited by James Rickard – 01772 799 496 –

In this workshop edition, Alex Heath looks at putting a forage harvester to bed for winter.

Winterising a forage harvester


orage harvesters spend half their life romping up and down fields, swallowing grass,wholecropandmaize. While a keen interest on maintenance is seen when the machines are running, the same amount of pre-storage maintenance effort can also pay dividends. Rob Jackson, of Malpas Tractors, says the maintenance of a forager shouldstartassoonasthelastkernelof maizehasbeenprocessed.UsingaNew Holland FR9060 as an example, Mr Jackson’s pre-storage tips also apply to other makes. To wash, or not to wash? Mr Jackson says there is no issue in washing a forager before its winter rest, with the process after washing more important to the well-being of the machine. Starting at the front of the machine, he advocates removing the feeder housing and chopper unit. From here, all detritus from under the cab can be removed, and the chopper assembly can be thoroughly inspected and washed. Removing as much of the crop as possible is vital, as the corrosivenatureofsilagewilleatawayatthe steel work. While the chopper unit is out he advises stripping it down, checking knives still have plenty of edge left and giving bearings a good going over. At the same time, removing the crop processor from the machine and giving

Maintenance of a forager should start as soon as the season has finished.

that a once over while washing is a good idea too. Suspect parts need not be replaced at this stage, but should be noted down,ready forthepre-seasonservice in spring. The same is true for all oils, filters and wearing parts. When washing the machine, take care to avoid blasting any electronic components, particularly the engine ECU. Washing the radiator out is also

to be avoided as a very hard layer of dirtcanform,blockingairflowintothe radiator. After washing the machine and reassembling it should be fully greased at all points. It is worth manually greasing the master blocks, which can be found around the machine, checkingthatauto-greasepipesaresecurely connected and in good working order. Theforagershouldthenbestruckup

and left to run, getting all moving parts up to temperature. This will help expel any water and ensure grease is moving around the entirety of the machine. Alternatively, Mr Jackson says the machine can be blown off, but if this is the case it always needs to be stored inside, astherewillstillbematerialleft on that will compost over winter if left to get wet, creating a mess and rusting proportions of the machine.

WE’VE DONE THE MATHS FOR YOU... six section control £




curved spreading pattern

on = savings fertiliser



90 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p90 91 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 2

09/10/2018 11:29

WORKSHOP MACHINERY WIRING ONE of the most infuriating discoveries on-farm is when a mouse picnic has occurred in wiring looms. Although there is no hard and fast way of ensuring the critters do not get to the wires, Mr Jackson says parking away from grain stores and bins is preferable, and strategically baiting the machine is the only way to offer some protection.

TANKS DUE to modern fuel tanks being made of plastic, condensation is not an issue, says Mr Jackson. Just enough fuel to move the forage harvester should be left in the tank over winter as the fuel will inevitably deteriorate over the storage period. Conversely, AdBlue tanks should be left full to stop it crystallising over the period. The most important tank to prepare for the winter period is the additive/inoculant tanks. It is vital no liquid is left in these as it will fester over winter, potentially blocking pipes. All liquid should be drained out of the tank, with fresh water being flushed through the whole system.

TYRES AND BELTS LEAVE all belts correctly tensioned and tyres at normal pressure. Periodically throughout winter the forager should be started and left to get up temperature, so that AdBlue starts to be used. Moving the machine forwards slightly will stop any formation of flat spots in the tyres. Because the machine is not going to be sat for as long as a combine will, or weigh as much, dropping the machine onto blocks is not necessary. As with all machinery that is sat for a while, Mr Jackson says it is imperative to check the handbrake has been disengaged when trying to move about, as they have a tendency to stick on when stored. He also advises isolating the battery when stood for a long period to stop power leaking, which can also be an issue.

The radiator should be blown out, not washed.

Removing the chopping unit makes checks easier.

“I can’t afford to stop work when the sun goes down.”

Whatever it takes to keep you going. Things can go wrong on a farm at any time. Don’t let it affect your work. Keep going with the Kramp Private Label lighting range. To find out more about the Kramp Private Label offering, and to find your nearest Kramp dealer, visit our website. HEADERS GIVING headers attention will also keep them looking and performing well the next season. After washing headers, a spray of diesel will keep the steelwork shiny, making it easier going into work the next year.

p90 91 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 3

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 91

09/10/2018 11:29


Power boost for JD’s foragers rAdditional model

The new 8600 forager now tops out JD’s 8000 Series.

added to 8000 Series DRIVEN by customer demand for more power and output in a forager with a transport width of less than three metres, John Deere has introduced an additional self-propelled model to its current 8000 Series line-up for 2019. Not to be confused with the old wide body 8600 model, which has recently become the 9600, the new narrow body 8600 now tops out the 8000 Series. With 625hp, the new model offers a certain level of overlap within JD’s forager range, which now includes six 8000 Series models from 380hp, and four 9000 Series models from 625-970hp. As a result, there is now a choice of two 625hp models; one narrow and one wide body. The 8600 is powered by a Deere 13.5-litre engine, which is the same as that fitted to the new entry-level wide body 9600 model.

When fitted with 2.15m 710/75R42 front tyres, all the 8000 Series models remain within a road transport width of 3m.

KERNEL PROCESSOR DEVELOPMENTS AVAILABLE for the full range of its self-propelled foragers as an alternative to its current Premium kernel processor, John Deere has introduced the XStream KP kernel processor. Designed as a high performance processor, it has been developed in partnership with US-based company Scherer. The new processor provides a large roll diameter of 250mm and 50 per cent roll speed differential, thus increasing processing intensity by 10 per cent at all cutting lengths, says the manufacturer. Kernel processor rolls are

available with a standard sawtooth design on the Premium KP unit, and either the saw tooth or a new XCut design on the XStream KP, which features a spiral cut groove across the roll surface. Both roll designs are also available with JD’s Dura Line heavy-duty coating for increased durability. In addition, the XStream KP features a built-in temperature monitoring system, which keeps the operator informed about the processor’s bearing temperature. When switching between maize and grass, the processor can be removed in five minutes, says the manufacturer.

8000 SERIES RANGE OVERVIEW Model 8100 8200 8300 8400 8500 8600

Engine 9.0-litre, Deere 9.0-litre, Deere 13.5-litre, Deere 13.5-litre, Deere 13.5-litre, Deere 13.5-litre, Deere

PRECISION EQUIPMENT ALL 8000 and 9000 Series selfpropelled forage harvesters for 2019 can also be equipped with John Deere’s complete range of precision farming systems. This includes its latest HarvestLab 3000 crop sensor which uses near infrared sensing technology to view and document real-time measurements. Fitted to the forager’s spout, it can measure protein, starch, fibre, which can be viewed as total per job or illustrated via site specific maps. HarvestLab 3000 also enables the automation of chop length adjustment and silage additive dosing to be made on the move,

92 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p92 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 2

Maximum power 380hp 431hp 490hp 540hp 585hp 625hp

based on dry matter content, says the manufacturer. The same sensor can be used in stationary mode for analysing clamp silage, in order to manage feed rations more accurately, and for analysing the constituents in manure such as N, NH4, P and K when operating a slurry tanker. As an option, ActiveFill Control can be specified which is used for automatically filling trailers. The firm’s AutoTrac automatic steering is also available, as is its RowSense ‘feeler’ guidance which allows the forager to automatically follow maize rows.

09/10/2018 11:30


New Holland prefers




“ With its new transmission, it sets a high bar in terms of performance and fuel economy”


Profi - May 2018





Promotion valid until 30th September 2018 Business users only, terms and conditions apply*

NEW HOLLAND TOP SERVICE 00800 64 111 111 24/7 SUPPORT AND INFORMATION. The call is free from a land line. Check in advance with your Mobile Operator if you will be charged.

* 3000 hours Service Plus extended warranty ** Calculated using independent DLG PowerMix draft cycle average test with Diesel cost at £ 0.50/l (Belgium value), operating 750hrs per year and 9% lower fuel consumption based on 4 cylinder published DLG test. Data sourced from independent external sources: DLG test reports and UK Profi International The Farm Machinery Magazine. *Finance for business purposes only. Subject to acceptance and affordability checks. Applicant must be 18 or over. Promotion valid on equipment ordered before 30 th September 2018 and all equipment must be customer delivered, invoiced and the finance deal concluded prior to 31st December 2018. Available on new equipment only. The finance product offered under this promotion is hire purchase. Full VAT is due on signing. First rental payment and a documentation fee of £100 (plus VAT) are due prior to 31st December 2018. An option-to-purchase fee of £50 (plus VAT) will be collected with the final payment. You will own the machine when all payments have been made. The interest-free offer is available on 50% of invoice cost or the balance to finance, whichever is the lower. Warranty applies to new equipment for a period of 5 years or 3,000MCP total engine hours, whichever occurs first from the manufacture’s base warranty start date. Alternative finance options are available. Terms and Conditions apply. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Finance is provided by CNH Industrial Capital Europe Limited. Registered England: 3420615. Registered office: Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 3AD. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

p93 Oct12 FP.indd 2

09/10/2018 11:31

MACHINERY FORAGERS More power for Jaguar 800s, tracked foragers and a redesigned maize header, Claas has been busy developing its self-propelled forager line-up. James Rickard and Alex Heath report.

Claas Jaguar 880 is back rNew model unveiled

to top the 800 Series

CLAAS has announced a new 626hp addition to its self-propelled forage harvester range, the Jaguar 880. Complementing the existing 626hp, high-spec Jaguar 960, the new 880 will sit at the top of the Jaguar 800 Series, offering a more powerful, yet simpler forager option.

The firm says the new model will be an ideal replacement for those running older type 492, 623hp Jaguar 900s, and for those seeking a machine predominantly used for grass.

Popular As a result, the 880 will only be available in the UK, Ireland and the USA, with Claas expecting it to be a popular model. The 880 is powered by a straight six Mercedes Stage 4-compliant

Field Farm Tours Ltd. Tel: 01636 616060

Farm Tour to Ecuador & Galapagos Islands 16-29 January 2019 Join us to tour in Ecuador as you explore the country’s agriculture and diverse landscape before continuing to the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy a 5 day cruise with a crew that includes a specialist guide to lead you on a tour of the islands to explore these unique environments. Escorted Tour from UK.

Cost £4,999 per person Excludes airport taxes of £420 per person. Based on 2 sharing a twin/double room in luxury hotels in Ecuador and 2 berth cabin aboard your cruiser. For single supplement details or further information contact the office on.

Tel: 01636 616060 or Email: Website: 94 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p94 95 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 2

engine, as used on the 960, with the option of the manufacturer’s fuel saving Dynamic Power system. When engaged, it automatically alters engine power relative to load, said to use less fuel when full

power is not required for thinner crops. Drive to the front axle is through a 40kph, two-speed hydrostatic transmission. The 880’s chopping system comprises Claas’ V-Classic

JAGUAR FORAGER RANGE OVERVIEW Horsepower (ECE R 120) 884 775 626 585 516 462 406

Jaguar 800 (type 496)

880 (new model) 870 860 850 840

Jaguar 900 (type 498) 980 970 960 950 940 930

JAGUAR 960 ON TRACKS TAKING inspiration from the Terra Trac system fitted to the company’s Lexion combines, Claas has become the first forage harvester manufacturer to launch a factory-fitted track option. Claas says the tracked version of the forager will appeal to contractors which harvest maize on marginal and difficult land and anaerobic digestion units growing crops on rented land, where limiting compaction is a priority. Three track widths are available; 635mm, 735mm and 890mm. Total width of the machine on the narrowest tracks is under three metres, while on the widest set the width is still under 3.5m. Hydro-pneumatic suspension aids comfort, while tracks can oscillate 10 degrees upwards and 13 degrees down to ride over any undulations. Road speed is 40kph. To accommodate the track

units, the body of the forager has been extended by 1,000mm. This, and the track units, adds some four tonnes to the weight of the machine. To minimise scuffing when turning on the headland, the front drive roller is raised with pressure exerted onto the two mid-rollers. This shortens the track length by one-third.

Pressure Claas says when turning, the 635mm wide tracks exert a similar pressure to a machine fitted with 800mm tyres, but when running in a straight line it has a contact area of more than double its wheeled counterpart, exerting 66 per cent less pressure. At present the track option has been tested on the Jaguar 960. The company does not have a firm timescale of when full production models will be available, but expects to have some test models on-farm in 2019.

09/10/2018 11:33

New Jaguar 880 offers more power in a simpler package.

New Orbis maize headers 20-blade chopping cylinder, giving a range of six chop lengths from 5-21mm with the standard 20-blade chopping cylinder. For further crop processing, it is fitted with the firm’s Multi Crop L 250mm cracker as standard.

Specification Standard specification includes a 1,000-litre diesel tank and 130-litre diesel exhaust fluid tank, with the option of an additional 300litre diesel tank. Additive tank size remains at 375 litres. The 880 is available to order now, with production commencing this month.

FEATURING several developments to improve crop flow, reduce weight and improve folding, Claas has introduced two new maize headers. Sitting between the current 450 and 900 models, the new Orbis 600 SD (six-metre working width) and Orbis 750 (7.5m working width) headers stick with Claas’ proven design using a combination of small and large discs. Newly designed fingers ahead of the knives provide fewer crop losses during collection and help lift laid maize, says the firm. They can also be removed when not required and the new design also adds strength to the fingers which helps in weedy conditions, says Claas, particularly helpful when reversing the header. In addition, the header’s knives have been re-profiled with a

new crescent-shape, improving cutting performance, it says. The central crop feeding tower rotors have also been repositioned to improve crop flow and augers on the side of the headers have also been redesigned, now hydraulically-driven.

Levelling Enabling shorter stubble heights, a new pendulum-mounting frame allows a shallower cutting angle and a standard automatic levelling

system is fitted to help follow contours. A two-speed gearbox is used to adjust the overall speed of the headers while a three-speed gearbox controlling the feed drums allows crop flow to be adjusted. An automatic function for Claas’ variable front attachment drive, available on Jaguar 900s (type 498s), allows the crop flow to be adjusted from the cab. Maintenance-wise, header oil change intervals have been increased to 2,500 hours.


Takes the stress out of feeding!

LMF870K Model

Guaranteed to save time and money.  Simple electrics with Feed drops are spaced to avoid trampling. no mechanical drive to impede towing. Keep livestock apart, without stress.  The control box display shows the number of calibrated drops and, therefore, the total quantity delivered per batch of livestock.  Strong all-welded construction and galvanised for long life.  Handles nuts, rolls, pencils & cobs, as well as most home mixes.  Excellent ground clearance to avoid rocks, mud and snow.

Proven on thousands of farms LMF570K Model

The control box can be mounted close to the operator. The shutter can be stopped and started without losing the drop count; this enables the operator to feed on the best suitable ground.

See the Multi-Feeder working @ Nationwide Dealer Network - UK Manufactured


North: Hexham Northumberland 01434 606661 South: Cheltenham Gloucestershire 01285 720930

p94 95 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 3

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 95

09/10/2018 11:33


Following extensive updates to its BigX ‘wide-body’ self-propelled forager line-up, Kro the introduction of a revamped flagship model. James Rickard discovers more abo

Launch of new flagship forager from Krone


rone’s new 1,156hp BigX 1180 replaces the 1100 and joins its fourth-generation wide-body stablemates, the 680, 780 and 880, taking the range from 687 to 1,156hp. As revealed last year with our test drive of the BigX 780, the 1180 builds on the BigX’s high capacity reputation, with the latest updates focusing on comfort and ease of operation. This extends to an all new cab, the addition of independent rear wheel suspension, new roller frame attachment system, use of adaptive eccentrically-mounted wheel motors, improved crop processor changeover, flexible tank options, improved storage, new family styling and the option of a cab lift system. In addition, shearbar distance can now be set up from inside the cab, via the use of a knock sensor.

As before, power to the flagship is courtesy of a V12 unit. Apart from the engine, both the wide-body V8 and V12 models share the same chassis and bodywork. Like the V8 machines, power to the 1180 is now courtesy of Liebherr, the same motor as used in Deere’s 9000 Series foragers.

Tweaked This new engine replaces the previously used MAN unit, though it does share the same ‘block’, albeit fitted with Liebherr’s own fuel system, heads and turbos. This, says Krone, allows it to be better tuned to a self-propelled foragers’ needs, while enabling it to meet the latest emissions standards. Though power levels remain similar, engine tuning sees torque and power curves tweaked to make the engine more ‘drivable’, with

peak torque shifted from 1,650rpm down to 1,400rpm. This gives a higher torque reserve, and an operating window between 1,400 and 1,800rpm.

Service intervals are every 1,000 hours, while emissions are tackled via selective catalytic reduction only, using diesel exhaust fluid.

OPTIMAXX CROP PROCESSOR REPLACING its straight groove roller crop processors and complementing its current disc-type crop processor, Krone has launched a new spiral groove roller version. With several versions of the new processor available, OptiMaxx has been designed to better match a wider variety of chop length and

processing requirements. This sees a choice of roller sizes and number of grooves made available. In each case the new groove angle is five degrees, said to offer a more intensive processing action. OptiMaxx 250 rollers have a diameter of 250mm and are 10 per cent wider and operate at a 7 per

cent increase in rpm compared to previous generation processors, giving a larger friction surface area. For durability, a larger and more robust spring assembly is used. Available for the BigX 1180 only is the OptiMaxx 305. It gets 305mm diameter rollers, offering an 11 per

cent greater surface area and a 20 per cent higher circumference speed compared to the 250mm rollers. Sensors allow bearing temperatures to be monitored from the cab, and the gap between rollers can be adjusted manually or electrically.


Model Engine Maximum EcoPower power mode BigX 680 16.16-litre, V8, 687hp 500hp Liebherr BigX 780 16.16-litre, V8, 775hp 545hp Liebherr BigX 880 16.16-litre, V8, 898hp 624hp Liebherr BigX 1180 24.24-litre, V12, 1,156hp 700hp Liebherr

96 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P96 97 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 2

09/10/2018 11:34

-up, Krone recently completed the story with more about the firm’s new 1,156hp variant.

NEW MAIZE HEADER COMPLEMENTING its current range of EasyCollect maize headers, Krone has launched three new models called XCollect. On top of several new features, the headers are designed to be more robust in harsher field conditions, and also offer a rougher cut to leave the stalks open to the elements for faster decomposition. This is due to the use of cutting discs rather than chain-mounted knives working against a bank of static counter knives. With just the motion of the disc used for cutting, and nothing to work against, it means the cutting system is less prone to certain abrasive conditions such as silty and sandy soils. As cutting is done via discs, it also means drive is split between cutting and collecting mechanisms. With the addition of a two-speed gearbox and the use of the forager’s variable attachment drive, feed speed can be altered to match The new BigX 1180 completes the updates to Krone’s wide body forager range.

AUTOMATIC TRAILER FILLING USING 3D camera technology, Krone has developed an automatic trailer filling system. Mounted under the spout, the camera effectively ‘sees’ the trailer and its load as it fills up, and makes the appropriate spout movements to fill the trailer. Different filling modes can be selected allowing front to back, or back to front filling, and maximum fill levels can be set. A colour

image of the camera is displayed on screen, with activation done by the press of a button. It is said to be compatible with any size of trailer and, as it works on both sides of the forager, it is also suitable for both the UK and Irish markets. For next year, the firm will develop a version to work at the rear – useful for when opening up a field of maize, for example.

BUILDING on its dry matter level monitor, Krone is to introduce a more comprehensive crop analysis system. Developed in conjunction with Italian company Dinamica Generale, the new sensing technology is able to monitor and record dry matter, starch, crude protein, crude ash, crude fat, acid detergence fibre and neutral detergence fibre levels. Fitted to the back of the spout, the sensor is accurate to within 2 per cent, says the manufacturer. Fully integrated into the forager, the system allows silage constituent reports to be made, enabling planning of livestock feed rations. In the future, the sensor could be developed for other machines such as the firm’s

P96 97 Oct12 JR KH BB.indd 3

Heavier Each of the new headers folds to less than 3.3 metres for transport, via a three-section folding mechanism. Though slightly heavier and requiring more driving to equivalent EasyCollect models, folding time of the XCollect versions has been speeded up. Three versions of the new header will be available from 6-9m wide, able to handle eight to 12 rows (at 75cm spacing). All are compatible with older BigX foragers from 2010.



crop conditions. This can be automated in relation to forward speed, or adjusted manually. Disc protection is via a clutch per pair of discs, along with individual shear plates for each disc. Disc speed can also be monitored by the in-cab terminal. For better contour following, each header is equipped with three height detection skids, rather than just two.

forage wagons. However, unlike other standalone systems which use an offline archive of baseline results to compare against, information from Krone’s version of the sensor is sent back to Dinamica Generale’s HQ, where results can be analysed against a larger and ever increasing data set. Krone says this offers greater accuracy in the long-term, as results from year-to-year will constantly evolve. OCTOBER 12 2018 | 97

09/10/2018 11:34


Edited by Katie Jones – 07786 856 439 –

Supreme inter-breed and Jersey champion, Tregibby Panama Tequila, from the Wilson family, Tregibby, Cardigan.

Inter-breed heifer, reserve supreme inter-breed and Dairy Shorthorn champion, Cotonhall Absolute Joy, from the Wilson family and John Mclean.

Wilson family takes the top honours

rInter-breed heifer

title claimed by Jersey Holstein champion, Moorshard Pepper Marie, from Brian Miller, Bridgwater.

Guernsey champion, Tredinney Conqueror Excellance 11, from James and Shelley Warren, Penzance.

Results Inter-breed (Judge, panel) Supreme, A.H. Wilson and Son, Tregibby Panama Tequila (Jersey); reserve, A.H. Wilson and Son and J. Mclean, Cotonhall Absolute Joy (Dairy Shorthorn). Inter-breed heifer (B. Tomlinson, Nanpantan) Sup., A.H. Wilson and Son and J. Mclean, Cotonhall Absolute Joy (Dairy Shorthorn); res., A.H. Wilson and Son, Starlet Solomon Maria (Holstein). Ayrshire (J. Lawrie, Kinross) Sup., B. and S. Coombe, Coombe Hot Peaches; res., M.D. Evans, East Church Ristourns Nowaday. Brown Swiss (D. Norman, Sherborne) Sup., B.

98 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p98 99 Oct12 HP KJ KH BB.indd 2

Miller, Kedar Wonderment Jana; res., R. and B. Thomas, Moorcourt Manchester Agatha. Dairy Shorthorn (S. Thomas, Llanfyrnach) Sup., A.H. Wilson and Son and J. Mclean, Cotonhall Absolute Joy; res., N.R. Osbourne, Marleycote Olive. Guernsey (D. Mann, St Ives) Sup., R.J., J.R. and S.M. Warren, Tredinney Conqueror Excellance 11; res., M. Blanch, Highway Legacy Brownie. Holstein (M. George, Haverfordwest) Sup., R.K. and S.G. Miller and Sons, Moorshard Pepper Marie; res., I.R. Morgan, Erie Goldsun Supreme Maude. Jersey (A.M. Core, Kentucky) Sup., A.H. Wilson and Son, Tregibby Panama Tequila; res., A.H. Wilson and Son, Bluegrass Fireworks Crimson Blusher.

By Hannah Park DOMINATING the top titles at this year’s Dairy Show was the Wilson family, Tregibby, Cardigan, taking supreme and reserve honours in both the overall and heifer championships. The individual inter-breed title went to the Jersey champion, Tregibby Panama Tequila. Shown four weeks fresh, the home-bred fourth calver by Tower Vue Tequila was the Royal Welsh inter-breed dairy reserve last year. Inter-breed heifer champion and reserve to the Jersey in the overall section was the Dairy Shorthorn champion, Cotonhall Absolute Joy, which was purchased by the Wilsons and John Mclean, Northern Ireland, from Staffordshire breeder Rob Kite at this year’s UK Dairy Day. Taking the breed championship there this year, it calved with its first in July and was shown giving 36 litres daily. The reserve title in the heifer judging went to another from the Wilsons, this time  Starlet Solomon Maria. The February 2016-born Walnutlawn Solomon daughter was bred by Kevin Rickard, Newport.   Standing reserve in the Jersey

section, which was also the breed’s national show, was another from the Wilson family, Bluegrass Fireworks Crimson Blusher. It was purchased privately as a milking heifer from the Bluegrass herd and stood reserve Jersey at Dairy Expo and Dairy Day earlier this year. Dairy Shorthorn reserve went to the Osbourne family, Bude, with the second calver Marleycote Olive. Purchased privately from the Baynes family’s Marleycote herd, Hexham, it was shown on its first outing for its new owners giving 40 litres.

Honourable mention Receiving the judging panel’s honourable mention in the interbreed championship was the Holstein champion Moorshard Pepper Marie, from Brian Miller, Bridgwater. Home-bred and by Delarbergh Pepper, the second calver was breed champion at this year’s Royal Cornwall and is forecast to give 12,000kg this lactation. Erie Goldsun Supreme Maude stood reserve in the Holstein section, a home-bred third calver from Iwan Morgan, Carmarthen. It stood champion at the Celtic Dairy Showcase earlier this year. In the National Guernsey Show which also took place at the event,

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Jersey judging under way at the Dairy Show.

top honours went to Tredinney Conqueror Excellance 11 from husband and wife team James and Shelley Warren, Penzance. By Les Jaonnets Caras Conqueror, it was shown having calved with its fourth in September giving 42 litres on its first outing this year. Standing reserve in the Guernsey show was Highway Legacy Brownie from Matthew Blanch, Billinghurst. A third calver, it was

also on its first outing and was shown giving 40 litres.

Champion Brown Swiss champion went to another from Mr Miller, Kedar Wonderment Jana, which was bought from the Black and White sale at Carlisle in 2016. It stood reserve breed champion at last year’s National Brown Swiss Show and UK Dairy Day.

Moorcourt Manchester Agatha from the Thomas family, Carmarthenshire, was reserve having been bought by the family from Sedgemoor as a calf. The third calver was breed champion at this year’s Llandyfaelog Show, as well as taking titles at the Celtic Showcase this year. In the Ayrshire section, top title went to Coombe Hot Peaches, a homebred second calver in June from Brian and Sharon Coombe, St Buryan.

Unbeaten on its local show circuit this year, it took reserve inter-breed at Camelford and championships at Launceston and Stithians shows this summer. The reserve Ayrshire title went to Mark Evans, Honiton, Devon, with his home-bred sixth calver East Church Ristourns Nowaday. Having calved in July, it was shown giving 40 litres and was supreme champion at Okehampton Show this year.


AHDB Beef & Lamb Strategic Farm autumn events

Brown Swiss champion, Kedar Wonderment Jana, from Brian Miller, Bridgwater.

Join AHDB Beef & Lamb and our network of Strategic Farms for autumn events looking at the latest developments on farm, as well as a focus on topics including suckler cow nutrition, winter feed planning and finishing nutrition. We’ll also be holding launch events on our two Strategic Finisher Farms. 25 Oct – Joe Howard, Nottinghamshire

12 Nov – Bertie Newman, Dorchester

31 Oct – Guy Prudom, North Yorkshire

21 Nov – Mark Jelley, Northamptonshire

1 Nov – Edward Dean, Cumbria

12 Dec – Ian Norbury, Cheshire

6 Nov – John Haimes, Plymouth

Strategic Finisher Farm launch events

7 Nov – E H Holdstock & Son, Kent

16 Oct – Phil Kent & Clare Parnell, Cornwall

8 Nov – David Barton, Gloucestershire

30 Oct – Tony Seals, Derbyshire

BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE Ayrshire champion, Coombe Hot Peaches, from Brian and Sharon Coombe, St Buryan.

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MORE FROM THE EVENT For more from the Milking Goat Association’s event, looking specifically at breeding and disease, see next week’s Livestock section.

With UK demand for goat’s milk having grown 25 per cent since 2011, the sector is now gearing up for an increase in production efficiency. Hannah Noble finds out more.

Efficiency vital to improve goat milking margins T he importance of feeding to improve profit margins should not be underestimated. This was the message from Pete Kelly, director of Kelly Farm Consultancy, speaking at the Milking Goat Association national farm open day in Skipton. “In an industry faced with over-production, it is important goat farmers increase efficiency at all levels,” said Mr Kelly. “Think about what determines your margin – milk volume, milk income, cull goat income, labour and fixed costs – and work out a way to increase efficiency at each level.” It costs the average goat farmer £200 for each animal reared from birth to entering the milking herd. Mr Kelly stressed it was important to consider costs incurred during rearing and if forced culling takes place. Forward planning should be put into place to avoid surplus kids being reared too. Requirement for new goats entering the herd should be calculated by looking at replacement rates and any possible plans for expansion. “Ensuring you are hitting the top band for everything on your milk contract can have a significant influence on your milk income. You could be losing up to 2p/kg if you are not hitting all the top bands for milk fat, protein and hygiene,” said Mr Kelly. Cull goats can also provide another income stream however it is important to ensure they are marketed in the right place. It is key to make sure goats with Johne’s disease are being actively removed from the farm, doing so while they still have a cull value. There are two major approaches to nutrition on milking goat farms, forage-based systems and concen-

100 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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If you can get a further 10kg milk per goat by better management of feeding, this will increase income significantly PETE KELLY

trate-based systems, and it is critical both encourage high intakes of quality feed. “As a general rule, if you push milk volumes up you will increase margin and therefore increase income. If you can get a further 10kg of milk per goat by better management of feeding, this will increase income significantly. However, there are times when this may not work. Your milk buyer may not want the extra milk.”

Intakes Feed intake is one of the most critical factors. If intakes drop, goats will not milk to their full potential. Generally goats eat about 3 per cent of their body weight in feed, however some high yielding goats will eat as much as 4 per cent. “Make sure ad-lib feed is truly adlib. If the goats are clearing out the trough, this is not truly ad-lib feeding. There has to be a point where you accept there is some waste,” he said. Quality is essential on a concentrate-based diet as there is a big range in quality available on the market. The amount of people who get

their concentrates analysed on a regular basis is very small compared with the amount of people who analyse forage on a regular basis. Mr Kelly emphasised the importance of farmers knowing what they are paying for. “Oats are one of the cheapest cereals available at the moment, if you can find them. They are also very safe to feed. “Goats are susceptible to scouring if the diet is wrong, particularly in the way cereals are presented to the animal. Cracking or grinding cereals too finely can cause a higher rate of digestion and result in scouring and acidosis.” According to Mr Kelly, the top performing goat farmers are feeding 0.8-1kg concentrate per kilo of milk produced. “If you are feeding more than 1kg per kilo milk there could be a problem with passengers; you are feeding the wrong goats. They are eating a lot of feed, not producing enough milk and therefore costing you a lot of money.” Ideally, feed should be about 12.5 per cent metabolisable energy (ME). There is no need for this to be any higher as this could increase the risk of scouring. “Having 17 per cent protein is good enough as this will be equivalent to about 19 per cent in the dry matter, which is higher than most total mixed rations [TMR].” Neutral detergent fibre (NDF) controls intakes. For example, if the percentage NDF is lower, the animal will be able to eat a lot more, whereas a higher NDF value can suppress intakes, lowering milk yields. NDF needs to be kept about the 30 per cent mark. Starch levels should be at a maximum of 15-16 per cent. Higher per-

centages could lead to scouring, particularly in fresh, first kidders. “You need to know what is going into the blend and if it is changing on a monthly or weekly basis. If a goat decides it does not like the smell of the particular blend, it can easily not eat for 12 hours, and when it does it will gorge, resulting in a drop in milk and scouring.” Feeding a 12.5 ME ration the whole way through lactation can result in some goats, which have not milked as hard as others, getting fat. They may have to be stripped back towards the end of lactation and through the dry period, therefore will not be able to be on a truly ad-lib diet until three weeks before kidding.

Digestion “You need to have good quality, palatable fibre available in the form of big bale silage or haylage, and they will eat about 0.5kg per day, just enough to stabilise digestion,” said Mr Kelly. Feed costs are higher in an ad-lib system than in a TMR system and farmers with high levels of concentrates are more exposed to the volatility of the market place. However, machinery costs can be less due to the absence of a mixer wagon and labour costs can also be lower on ad-lib systems as feeding can be every other day, with no land required to run a cereal-based system. On a forage-based system, concentrate intake needs to be about 0.4-0.5kg/head. This means the quality of silage being fed must be high. Maize silage works well as this is a high concentrate diet. Grass silage quality is often the most variable, so it is vital farmers focus on cutting grass at the right time to ensure quality is high.

10/10/2018 12:09

If you have poor quality silage with very high fibre content, adding concentrates to the ration is not the answer PETE KELLY

It is important to maintain intakes to ensure goats milk to their full potential.

“If you have poor quality silage with very high fibre content, adding concentrates to the ration is not the answer; the rumen is already full with fibre which will depress intakes. You cannot make a silk purse out of pig’s ear. “Feed costs are usually lower,

p100 101 Oct12 KH BB.indd 3

however much more machinery is required to implement a TMR system. Depreciation, repairs, costs of the mixer wagon and tractor alone can run to £11,000/year,” said Mr Kelly. Unclean water troughs can very quickly decrease intakes so it is

vital they are kept clean at all times. It is often harder to keep larger troughs clean, so individual drinkers can be very useful.

Water pressure However during times of hot weather, make sure the pressure is

high enough to keep up with increased demand. Days in-milk is also an important area for focus. Many herds are up to capacity with numbers of goats in the herd, with lots of youngstock coming into the herd which have been reared with the intention of expansion. The tendency is to let days inmilk run up to decrease the amount of youngstock being produced. It is important to work out the requirements for replacements and rear youngstock accordingly.

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 101

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LIVESTOCK ANTIBIOTICS There are strong ethical, economic and practical reasons why farmers should reduce antibiotic use, but many are facing pressure from retailers and milk buyers, with more regulation likely in the future. Angela Calvert reports.

Farmer training key to reducing antibiotic use


ost UK retailers and milk processors openly support the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) position on antibiotic reduction and most have a clear policy written into their animal health and welfare code of practice, which generally centres around RUMA guidelines. Some have taken this further, banning specific drugs and practices, but there seems little appetite from major retailers for ‘antibioticfree’ ranges, with most saying animal welfare is the priority and if an animal is sick it should be treated, albeit responsibly (see page 12 for more details). Several retailers, including Asda,

Health management SOPHIE Troup, Morrisons agriculture manager, says: “While antibiotics may always need to remain part of the armoury to manage disease on-farm, reducing their use through proactive health management is also key. “We are working with our suppliers to ensure at all times, animals are only receiving antibiotics when they really need them and farms avoid the use of critically important antibiotics when at all possible. “We support the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture targets and are also working to ensure our farmers can access systems to monitor what is being used, by whom and why, so we have the tools to help reduce use on-farm.” 102 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P102 103 Oct12 AC KJ KH BB.indd 2

UK farmers are privileged to use medicines the way they do – it is not a right TIM HAMPTON Co-op, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer are now publishing antibiotic use data on their websites. The latest Red Tractor standards requiring farmers to record and collate antibiotic usage (see panel) is another driver and it seems like-

ly, particularly if farmers are not seen to be addressing the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, it will be forced upon them by regulation. Arla milk quality manager Tim Hampton chairs the Dairy UK antibiotic working group. He says: “There has to be a sector policy to change farmer culture and the key to this, along with raising awareness of the issue, is training.” There is no requirement for

dairy farmers to have any training in using antibiotics. Currently, it is only a recommendation but ultimately it will become compulsory.

Tool “MilkSure and the initiatives developed by the National Office of Animal Health are a start and Red Tractor is a key tool to making things happen, but we need to develop more training packages.

MILK BUYERS’ REQUIREMENTS SUPERMARKETS have led the way for antibiotic regulations, says Duncan Williams, of Kite Consulting. Some are providing benchmarking and training on antibiotic reduction, mastitis and lameness. Others have banned various drugs, namely the highest priority critically important antimicrobials. The results are very much related to the farmer’s engagement with the projects, the support they receive from their vet and the standard of farm they start with, as some of the barriers they face are related to capital investment requirements. Outside the aligned pool of farmers, the remaining 90 per cent or so, different regulations and policies have been introduced. As they do not have the financial bonus to attract compliance, engagement is much more difficult to achieve.

Many small processors have introduced policies combining the above methods to show farmers the direction they are needed to move, providing support through training and protecting their brands, potentially maintaining their ability to supply niche/own-brand products into higher end stores.

Compulsory Arla has introduced compulsory selective dry cow therapy throughout its entire membership. What this has achieved is getting a large number of vet companies to adopt this as standard practice. This has made a huge number of farmers correct issues with transition management, accommodation and drying off techniques, thereby likely making quite a rapid improvement to the overall mastitis picture in the UK.

Muller has rolled out a voluntary benchmarking scheme, although it is still in an early phase. The company has chosen not to impose any tight regulations, or force farmers to adopt particular practices, but instead it has provided a free tool to make improvements on-farm. Data is anonymised before Muller sees it, showing the scheme’s intention to be a brand protection and farmer support tool, rather than a ‘data grab’ used to target under-performing businesses. Mr Williams says: “What is clear is processors need to know what is being used on-farm and those who have engaged with the process of reducing antibiotic use will be left with better, healthier farms, becoming more engaged and, ultimately, more profitable suppliers.”

10/10/2018 12:10

Latest Red Tractor standards ADHERING to the latest Red Tractor standards helps assured farmers follow the RUMA Targets Task Force recommendations. Jess Sloss, Red Tractor senior technical manager, says: “By updating the Red Tractor standards we wanted to future-proof them in line with the Government’s five-year antimicrobial strategy and longer term vision. “They are all about improving vet and farmer relationships, taking a more preventative approach to animal health, recording exactly what is happening on-farm and promoting responsible use of medicines.”

Key requirements of the latest Red Tractor standards on medicine use for dairy, beef and lamb: n Create a written annual livestock health and performance review with the farm’s vet n This review will cover a number of areas such as making recommendations on any key health or performance

“Denmark, for example, is much more driven by legislation. Training in antibiotic use is compulsory for dairy farmers. Antibiotic use has to be recorded and there are more restrictions on antibiotics kept onfarm and the prescription process. “From Arla’s point of view, where we are offering training farmers have engaged very positively, taking the view ‘you never know what you do not know’.

“Retailers are demanding more antibiotic recording but what is important is aggregating data, the facts and figures, to provide feedback to farmers and vets to enable them to make informed decisions on how to proceed. “UK farmers are privileged to use medicines the way they do – it is not a right. If they want to retain this privilege they will have to take a more responsible approach to antibiotic use.”

Animal Medicines Best Practice training THE National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has been working with stakeholders across the food supply chain to develop the Animal Medicines Best Practice (AMBP) training programme, hosted online by Lantra. Grace O’Gorman, NOAH technical policy adviser, says: “The development of this stems from concerns in the industry there was a lack of consistent coordinated training for farmers on the responsible use of antibiotics. “It has been designed to provide farmers with an easily accessible, affordable resource to provide them with up-to-date information and guidance. Launched in July 2018, AMBP training materials have been developed for dairy, beef, sheep and pig farmers and comprise two core modules covering the

P102 103 Oct12 AC KJ KH BB.indd 3

fundamentals of antibiotics and responsible use and a sector focus module. It costs £59.95+VAT. Participants completing the course will receive a Lantra Certificate of Training which can be used as a record for Red Tractor assessment. The second stage of the programme, a vet resource centre, will be launched at the British Cattle Veterinary Association congress this month. This will provide vets with training materials to deliver to their farmer clients. MORE INFORMATION For more information or to get started, visit or City and Guilds also offers qualifications in the Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines. For more on this, visit

issues identified on-farm. For dairy, this will also include use of dry cow therapy n Medicine records or prescription data outlining total antibiotic used must be recorded and used as the basis for advice on how the farm can use antibiotics as responsibly as possible without compromising animal welfare n Disease prevention strategies which could help replace prophylactic treatment should also form part of the review n The use of highest priority critically important antibiotics must be a last resort and as directed by a vet, backed up by sensitivity or diagnostic testing n It is also recommended at least one member of staff who administers medicines completes a training course in their handling and administration MEET THE STANDARDS Red Tractor provides templates to meet the standards online, at

THE MILKSURE SCHEME THE MilkSure initiative is a training course for dairy farmers and their employees with the aim of ensuring they produce milk which is free of veterinary medicine residues (above legal limits). It is led by Dairy UK and has been developed in conjunction with the British Cattle Veterinary Association. The training is provided by vets for their own clients and covers the technical and practical aspects necessary to safeguard residue-free milk. A certificate of achievement is awarded to those who

complete the training and pass an online test. The training and test take three hours and the cost is £65 including VAT. This does not include the cost of the vet’s time which should be agreed by the vet and client. VIDEOS ON RESISTANCE ISSUES For more information, including cartoons covering antibiotic resistance, how it occurs and the practical steps dairy farmers can take to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance developing, visit

Choice of 186 colours

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Osberton double gather comes down to a single point rAlexander Wilkinson

and Grace take victory England: Elaine Hill COMPETITION was very close at the Osberton double gather, held on Sunday on the Osberton Estate, near Worksop. After falling gently away, the course rose to the lift. Over the first gather of about 400 yards to the left for four sheep, the dogs could follow a fence and most went out well. The second gather, to the right for another packet of four, which stood 300 yards away, was more difficult. To that side was open ground and numerous trees. All entries had fresh sheep which were mainly Mule ewes along with some continental crosses. Overall, the sheep were good to manage over the outfield.

Trials diary ENGLAND October 13. FYLDE, Nursery, new and young handlers welcome, Rooten Brook Farm, Quernmore, Lancaster, LA2 9EJ, 9.30am start, enter on field, if running two dogs one to be booked in by 12 noon. TRAWDEN, Nursery, new and young handlers welcome, Pott Yeats Farm, Littledale, LA2 9ET, 9.30am start, enter on field, if running two dogs one to be booked in by 12 noon. HAYFIELD, Nursery, novice and beginners with championship, The Grouse Field, off A624 between Glossop and Hayfield, Derbyshire, SK13 6JY, 9am start, enter on field. RYEDALE, Nursery, Pilly Hall Farm, Easby, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, TS9 6JQ, 10.30am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon. ASSEESDS, Open and novice, Olantigh Park, Wye, Ashford, TN25 5EJ, entry closed. CORNWALL, Blisland Trial, open driving and open and novice Maltese cross, Hamatethy, St Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PN, 9.30am start, enter on field. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Alwinton Show, NE65 7BQ, entry closed. October 14. BAMFORD, Nursery, novice and beginners, Shatton, Bamford, Derbyshire, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, catering. HOPE, Nursery, novice and beginners, Hope Show Ground, Marsh Farm, Castleton, Derbyshire, S33 8RZ, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Nursery, novice and new handler, Howtown, Ullswater, CA10 2ND, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, only one dog after 12 noon, nursery dogs to be under four years on October 1 and can run for two seasons only, novice confined to Cumbria. RYEDALE, Nursery, Windy Hill Farm, Hutton Rudby, Yarm, TS15 0JS, 10.30am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon. CORNWALL, Hamatethy Trial, open driving and open and novice Maltese cross, incorporating Cornish run-off, Hamatethy, St Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PN, 9.30am start, enter on field. ROMNEY MARSH, Open and novice, Scotney Castle, TN3 8JN, 9am start, entry closed. October 16. NORTHERN, Charity Open, just east of Kirkby Stephen, off A685 near Out of Eden, Cumbria, CA17 4AP, 8.30am start, enter on field by 2pm. October 21. NEW STARTER Training Day, Myerscough College, Lee Farm, Moss Lane, Bilsborrow, Preston, PR3

104 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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Neil Jones judged the entry of 29, scoring out of 160 points and allowing 17 minutes for each run. With run number 18 Ross Watson and Kemi Ross took the lead. They had a good first gather before losing some points at the turn back and second gather. Some sheep were slipped at the last drive obstacle, while four points were dropped at the shed and two at the pen, resulting in a score of 134.

Clean Arthur Temple ran Jan at 23. They had a good run but lost points when Jan turned back at the second attempt. Losing four points at hand put them one point behind on 133. Alexander Wilkinson and Grace (J. Wilson’s Rose, B.J. Arend’s Roy) ran next. Tri-coloured Grace had a clean first gather, lost one point from her

0RU, 10am to 3pm, enquiries to T. Huddleston, tel: 07979 231 756 or R. Dean, tel: 07968 080 239.

WALES October 13. MANORBIER NEWTON, Open national, two sessions, Newton Court Farm, SA70 8PY, start 7.30am, enter on field, catering, contact Stan Harden, tel: 01646 686 023. GLOUCESTERSHIRE/GWENT, Nursery, Penderi Farm, Argoed, Blackwood, NP12 0JA, 9am start, contact G. Jones, tel: 01495 224 165 or 07511 235 927. October 14. PEMBROKESHIRE, Nursery and Royal Three Counties team selection, Newton Court Farm, Manorbier Newton, SA70 8PY, 10am start, contact S. Harden, tel: 01646 686 023. HEREFORDSHIRE AND SHROPSHIRE, Green Farm, Longnor, Shrewsbury, SY5 7PP, Nursery and novice national, 10.30am start, contact P. Thomas, tel: 07974 816 657 or 01743 718 291. CARMARTHEN, Nursery, Panthowell, Llanddeusant, SA19 9SR, team selection. GLAMORGAN, Nursery, Goitre Farm, Port Talbot, contact J. Wheaton. October 17. CEREDIGION, Nursery, Pentregwnnws, Ystrad Meurig. October 21. GLAMORGAN, Nursery, Stembridge Farm, Gower, contact, C. Gordon. CARMARTHEN, Nursery, Bryncethin, Ffairfach, Llandeilo, SA19 6PY. BRECON, Nursery, Hafodyrancr, Llanafan Fawr, Builth Wells LD2 3PD, start 9am. GLOUCESTERSHIRE/GWENT, Nursery, Pennygraig, Llanwenarth, Citra, Abergavenny, NP7 7LA, contact K. Smets, tel: 01873 853 353/07800 983 027. October 25. RADNOR, Nursery, Graham Powell, Gladestry, start 9.30am. October 27. GLOUCESTERSHIRE/GWENT, Nursery, Coed Dias Farm, Forest Cold Pit, NP7 7LY, contact Bradley Morgan, tel: 07353 988 215. CARMARTHEN, nursery, Pencoed, Dryslwyn, Carms, SA32 8SF. NWSDS, Nursery heat 7, Dolgellau, LL40 2AG, contact, Idris Thomas, tel: 01341 422 435. BRECON, Nursery, Cwmbryn, Beulah. CEREDIGION, Nursery, Coedperthu, Beulah, Newcastle Emlyn. October 28. GLAMORGAN, Nursery, Lee Bowden, Nelson.

lift and four for line deviations down the first fetch. When asked, she turned and saw her second packet of sheep. Some dogs started to come in beneath their sheep over the second gather, while others went wide and out of sight. Grace remained in view and although the line of her gather appeared to be tight, her sheep never moved away from the peg as she approached. From the 30 points allocated for the turn back and second gather Grace dropped five. She had a clean lift before losing three points for line down her second fetch. The sheep were turned into the left-hand drive at a post about 25 yards in front of the handler. Grace had a good drive, losing five points for minor wavers. In the shedding ring the sheep were not easy and she lost four points here. Both man and dog had to work to

Alexander Wilkinson and Grace’s total of 135 secured the Osberton double gather title.

put all eight sheep into the deep pen which had no gate. No-one penned cleanly. Grace lost three points at the pen giving her a score of 135 and a one-point advantage.

Geordie Simpson bags top three spots at Creich Scotland: Sine Robertson GEORDIE Simpson took the top three places at Creich with Hemp, Kim and Celt respectively. The NCC ewes and gimmers ran well on a flat field, but some young dogs found them hard to lift. Hemp ran out well, had a waver at the start of the fetch and a good drive, but for two ewes slipping the first drive gate. A clean pen and shed completed the winning run. Kim also ran out well, but her sheep fought her from the lift and missed the fetch gate. Once they were on line, Kim managed them round the course well. Celt ran out well, but the line of the fetch wavered. The drive started well, but the sheep missed the cross-drive gate. Celt penned after one ewe broke round the pen. A clean shed delivered third place and completed Geordie’s hat-trick.

The Mules and Aberfield ewes at Bute ran very well from the start of the day to the end. The course was set on a flat field with a hollow near the lift which could put sheep and dogs out of sight. JockWelsh’s Tanhill Sam had a good outrun and, out of Jock’s sight, lifted and stopped the sheep from veering off line. Sam fetched his sheep on a straight line. The drive started well, and after a hiccup at the first drive gate, the ewes went through and made a good cross-drive. A clean pen and shed set the seal on the winning run. Mixed breeds of ewes ran very well on a flat field at Yetholm. David Henderson’s Star had a nice steady run with no holes. Bevis Jordan’s Bozo had a similar course, but one awkward ewe fought him at the pen. Bozo finished only two points short of Star.

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Steve Lewis takes Nantmel title for second year in a row


Wales: Claire Ridge NANTMEL raised £500 for Air Ambulance and the course on a flat field could be gathered either way, with a 300-yard outrun. The drives were right-handed and dogs needed to keep contact with the sheep to catch the first drive gate. The tricky cross-drive needed to be approached with care as several dogs were caught out. The improved Welsh ewes Committee novice 1, S. Ledger (Lofthouse) Bess, 68 of 90; 2, A. Procter (Great Musgrave) Tess, 63; 3, J. Edgar, Redgate Dot, 54. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Otterburn (P. Wilson, Rothbury) Open (44 ran) 1, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Cis, 76 of 100; 2, K. Preston (Elsdon) Roy, 68; 3, B. Jordan, Bozo, 67; 4, M. Davidson (Alnwick) Angus, 66; 5, D. Henderson (Allendale) Star, 65; 6, J. Pattinson (Bardon Mill) Jean, 64. Novice, S. Pearson (Morpeth) Gelert. TRAWDEN, Lower Twiston, Clitheroe, Lancashire (T. Huddleston) Open (39 ran) 1, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Gil, 88 of 100; 2, A. Bradley (Crosthwaite) Bess, 82; 3, T. Wilson (Ribchester) Tarn, 77; 4, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Rob, 76; 5, R. Watson, Kemi Ross, 76; 6, K. Cropper (Shap) Faenor Bute, 73. Sponsored by Wuffit Mix.

Welsh results


English results OSBERTON, Osberton Estate, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, (Judge, N. Jones, Kilham) Double gather open (29 ran) 1, A. Wilkinson (Thurgoland) Grace, 135 of 160; 2, R. Watson (Millom) Kemi Ross, 134; 3, A. Temple (Holmrook) Jan, 133; 4, D. Bristow (Murton) Moss, 130 OLF; 5, D. Bristow, Nell, 130; 6, J. Howard (Holme) Lad, 129. EAST ANGLIAN, Ickworth Park, Horringer, Suffolk (A. Blackmore, Ledbury) Saturday open (39 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Denwyn Moya, 80 of 100; 2, E. Thornalley (Worlington) Nasher, 75; 3, B. Smith (Stretton on Dunsmore) Joe, 74 OLF; 4, B. Wilden (Ipswich) Sam, 74; 5, R. Hutchinson, Sweep, 68; 6, S. Perello (Littledale) Murguia Jim, 66. Novice, 1, R. Little (Kerdiston) Lenka, 48 of 100 OLF; 2, A. Bartram (Norwich) Hazel, 48; 3, J. McBride (Grantham) Gus, 46; 4, G. Bharakhda (Finningham) Joe, 41. (S. Perello) Sunday open (34 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson, Jock, 89 of 100; 2, M. Jenkins (Littledale) Adelph Ember, 83; 3, S. Jenkins (Themelthorpe) Shadwell Aura, 78; 4, R. Hutchinson, Denwyn Moya, 75; 5, E. Thornalley, Nasher, 72 OLF; 6, M. Jenkins, Katie, 72. Best drive, R. Hutchinson, Jock. Novice, 1, J. Gregory (Milden) Bob, 64 of 100; 2, J. Moloney (Gosfield) Floss, 58; 3, G. Bharakhda, Joe, 46; 4, M. Angood (Chatteris) Phoebe, 40. WINDERMERE, Totterbank, Crosthwaite, Cumbria (P. Rigby, Skelsmergh) Nursery (33 ran) 1, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Isla, 84 of 90; 2, T. Huddleston (Caton) Udale Bronte, 83; 3, J. Bentham (Windermere) Ruby, 82 OLF; 4, D. Purdham (Holmrook) Maddy, 82; 5, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Joe, 80 OLF; 6, B. Helliwell (Lancaster) Rousse, 80. New Handler S. Rigby (Skelsmergh) Danny, 64. RYEDALE, Windy Hill Farm, Hutton Rudby, Yarm (S. Cornforth, Egton) Nursery (38 ran) 1, G. Blyth (Roos) Jodie, 83 of 90; 2, G. Blyth, Hilston Silk, 82; 3, J. Goulder (Pickering) Valmis Kismet, 80; 4, P. Exelby (Nun Appleton) Jess, 79 OLF; 5, T. Simpson (Hutton Rudby) Mist, 79; 6, B. Moore (Bedale) Mist, 78. HAYFIELD, The Grouse Field, Glossop, Derbyshire, (M. Heathcote, Buxton) Nursery (22 ran) 1, P. Hallam (Foxt) Rock Face Finn, 75 of 90; 2, R. Heath (Macclesfield) Meg, 70; 3, W. Bell (Earby) Ruby, 69 OLF; 4, A. Wilkinson, Kate, 69; 5, J. Conway (Glossop) Nell, 50. Novice, 1, S. Cottrell (Congleton) Jess, 82 of 90; 2, J. Hussey (Manchester) Highgate Hill, 80; 3, J. Richardson (Strinesdale) Cerro, 72; 4, L. Bone (Holmfirth) Blue, 70. Beginners, 1, A. Brathnova, Aodhfin, 61 of 90; 2, K. Radcliffe (Rowarth) Nell, 43. HERON ROCK, Little Hayfield, Derbyshire, (J. Dumbleton, Bollington) Nursery (37 ran) 1, J. Gilman (Bosley) Jazz, 79 of 90 OLF; 2, G. Bonsall (Slindon) Jake, 79; 3, P. Hallam, Bob, 74 OLF; 4, A. Wilkinson, Kate, 74; 5, R. Spooner (Chinley)

P104 105 Oct12 KH BB.indd 3

High Peak Lux, 73; 6, J. Mellor (Hayfield) Dave, 71. Novice, 1, S. Allen (Butterton) Rock, 87 of 100; 2, S. Cottrell, Jess, 74; 3, L. Bone, Blue, 67; 4, R. Spooner, Knockmaa Cain, 65. Beginner, L. Brathnova, Aodhfin, 62 of 90. COWLOW, Middle Farm, Cowlow, Buxton, Derbyshire, (I. Hulme, Cowlow) Nursery (44 ran) 1, R. Thackeray (Golcar) Jip, 81 of 90; 2, J. Gilman, Jazz, 76; 3, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Glen, 75; 4, J. Gilman, Blitz, 74; 5, G. Bonsall, Jake, 71. Novice 1, S. Allen, Rock, 73 of 90; 2, D. Whitehead (Edgworth) Omega Tom, 70; 3, S. Ruckstuhl, Mac, 68; 4, R. Spooner, Knockmaa Cain, 66. Beginner N. Priestley (Bamford) Nell. SLACKSDALE, Peak Forest, Derbyshire (J. Fletcher, Chesterfield) Nursery (48 ran) 1, J. Gilman, Jazz, 70 of 90; 2, W. Bell, Ruby, 67; 3, P. Hallam, Highgate Bob, 65; 4, G. Bonsall, Jake, 64; 5, R. Thackeray, Jip, 61 OLF; 6, P. Williams, Glen, 61. Novice, 1, W. Hurley (Macclesfield Forest) Jack, 63 of 90; 2, I. Gregory (Peak Forest) Nell, 60; 3, D. Whitehead, Omega Tom, 55. Beginner, N. Priestley, Nell, 46. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Penruddock, Penrith (G. Fearon, Borrowdale) Nursery (46 ran) 1, J. Harrison (Shap) Knockmaa Rex, 75 of 90; 2, D. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Jet, 74; 3, L. de Ravel (Wigton) Meg, 68; 4, M. Glasgow (Stodday) Mist, 68; 5, G. Miller (Penruddock) Pik, 68; 6, D. Purdham, Maddy, 67. Novice, 1, G. Miller, Barney, 72 of 90; 2, M. Jones (Howtown) Cap, 71; 3, N. McNally (Roadhead) Mac, 69; 4, P. Ellis, Flick, 63. New handler, 1, K. Walton (Malham) Moss. RYDALE, Green End, Goathland, Egton (B. Gullen, Glaisdale) Nursery (18 ran) 1, B. Harland (Pickering) Shep, 77 of 90; 2, P. Law (Hull) Gwen, 75; 3, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Rock, 72; 4, G. Blyth, Hilston Silk, 65; 5, J. Simpson (Hutton Rudby) Ken, 60; 6, C. Cutler (Easby) Jill, 59. NORTHERN, East Mellwaters, Bowes, Co Durham (V. Smith, Brampton) Nursery (35 ran) 1, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Gunnerwell Ted, 75 of 90; 2, R. Dupuy (Bowes) Tess, 71; 3, E. Procter (Great Musgrave) Jodie, 67; 4, E. Irvine (Ewesley) Dan, 66; 5, J. Edgar (Consett) Redgate Trim, 63; 6, J. Howes (Hamsterley) Redgate Meg, 61.

WEOBLEY, Open national, 1, D. Evans (Libanus) Lass, 13; 2, P. Tomkins (Llandindod Wells) Lyn, 13; 3, D. Evans, Nell, 19; 4, P. Tomkins, Foxridge Roy, 26 OLF; 5, D. Bayliss (Penybont) Fleet, 26; 6, D. Evans, Tess, 27. Novice national, 1, D. Bayliss, Fleet, 26;2, D. Evans, Maid, 31; 3, G. Powell, Awel, 32; 4, CM. Soar (Martletwy) Mali, 36. CWM PENNANT, (H. Pugh) Open national, 1, D. Jenkins (Talybont) Jock, 9; 2, A. Owen (Penysarn) Glenys, 10; 3, JR. Griffith (Talysarn) Sam, 11 OLF; 4, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Spot, 11; 5, E.W. Edwards (Ruthin) Clwyd Robin, 14; 6, T.E. Jones (Y Bermo) Fly, 15. NEW ROW, (J. George) Open national, 1, J. Evans (Swyddyffynnon) Glen, 6; = 2, K. Evans (Libanus) Jim, 8.5; = 2, A. Price (Llandindod Wells) Mirk, 8.5; 4, D. Jenkins (Talybont) Jock, 9.5; 5, E. Howells (Capel Madog) Don, 10.5; 6, J. Wheaton (Port Talbot) Kim, 11.5. Open South Wales, 1, M. Williams (Welshpool) Pepsi, 6; 2, D.I. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Scott, 7.5; 3, D. Jenkins, Moss, 7. 5; 4, M. Morgan (Tregaron) Jill, 9; 5, D. Jenkins, Don, 9.5; = 6, A. Morgan (Mwnt) Preseli Lad, 10; = 6, J. Evans, Rick, 10. PONTERWYD, (C. Jones) Open national session one, 1, J. Evans, Rick, 9; 2, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 10; 3, N. Watkins (Llanddesant) Tanhill Alex, 12; 4, L. Williams (Llandeilo) Bathmoor Bet, 13; 5, J. Price (Aberystwyth) Tess, 14; 6, D. Jenkins, Jock, 15. Novice national, 1, J. Evans, Rick, 9; 2, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 10; 3, L. Williams (Llandeilo) Bet, 13. (J.Price) Open national session two, 1, D. Jenkins, Don, 13; 2, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Glen, 16; 3, A. Price, Mirk, 19; 4, V. Morris, Gwyn, 22; 5, C. Ridge, Blue, 26; 6, O. Lewis (Devils Bridge) Bruce, 30. Novice national, 1, D. Jenkins, Don, 13; 2, O. Lewis, Bruce, 30; 3, R. Davies (Lampeter) Nell, 35. REDBROOK, (S. Main) Open national, 1, A. Owen (Penyfed) Llangwm Cap, 2; 2, A. Williams (Penmachno) Max, 5; 3, A. Davies (Bryneglwys) Peg, 8 OLF; 4, K. Schwarze (Prion) Brenig Dot, 8; 5, A. Driscoll (Llanlawddog) Kinloch Carlos, 12; 6, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Meg, 13. REDBRICK, Nursery heat 6 (S. Main) 1, B. Davies (Bryneglwys) North Tyne Lasi, 7; 2, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Carlos, 12; 3, K. Schwarze, Brenig Tobi, 13; 4, B. Behr (Llansannan) Bendigedig Leni, 17 OLF; 5, D. Williams (Abermule) Fly, 17; 6, M. Mcnaught (Rhosygwaliau) Penrhiw Theo, 18; 7, S. Harden (Pembroke) Sweep, 18; 8, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Pele, 18. CEREDIGION, Three Counties Team (W.P. Lloyd Jones) 1, D Jenkins Jock (Captain); 2, I. Evans, Gwnnws Fly; 3, L. Evans, Zac; 4, J. Price, Tess; 5, E. Lloyd, Fly; 6, D. Rees,

worked well all day. Run in packs of four, they needed handling firmly but with care. Last year’s winner of the afternoon session, Steve Lewis, took the title again, this time with a son of Fan, twoyear-old home-bred Chum. On his first time running national-style, Chum had a clean start and took good control of the sheep losing only three points on the fetch. Seven points were lost on the drives before finishing with a two-point loss at the pen. Meg; 7, E.L. Morgan, Nel; 8, O. Lewis, Bruce; 9, B. Evans, Spot; 10, R. Davies, Nell; 11, D. Roberts, Beck; 12, H. Lewis, Mali; Reserve, E. Hope, Tess; J. Evans, Rick. GLAMORGAN, (J. Wheaton) Nursery, 1, D. Howells (Port Talbot) Sky, 19; 2, D. Howells, Mick, 21; 3, D. Millichap (Tonyrefail) Jack, 25; 4, D. Meek (Maesteg) Cole, 27; 5, C. Gordon (Gower) Joe, 32; 6, D. Millichap, Lad, 34. Novice, 1, D. Meek, Jill, 22; 2, C. Gordon, Sky, 27 OLF; 3, D. Howells, Sky, 27; 4, L. Bowden, Joe, 28 OLF; 5, D. Meek, Cole, 28; 6, D. Howells, Mick, 32. NANTMEL, (R. Jones) Open national session one, 1, C. Ridge, Blue, 6; 2, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 9; 3, P. Williams, Jan, 10; 4, S. Lewis (Llanelli) York, 15; 5, B. Lewis (Penybont) Dell, 16; 6, S. George (Llangennech) Cai, 19. Novice national, 1, C. Ridge, Blue, 6; 2, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 9; 3, P. Williams, Jan, 10; 4, S. Lewis, York, 15. (I. Evans) Open national session two, 1, S. Lewis (Elan Valley) Chum, 12; 2, V. Morris (Clun) Gwyn, 13; 3, J. Wheaton (Port Talbot) Kerry, 14; 4, G. Powell (Gladestry) Awell, 16 OLF; 5, S. Lewis, York, 16; 6, Y. Abrey (Brecon) Malta Jess, 18. Novice national, 1, S. Lewis, Chum, 12; 2, G. Powell, Awell, 16 OLF; 3, S. Lewis, York, 16; 4, CM. Soar (Martletwy) Ziggy, 18. CARMARTHEN, (Malcolm Ellis) Puppy, 1, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Pele, 12; 2, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Carlos, 15; 3, H. Thomas (Cwrt Henri) Jet, 28; 4, M. Jones (Maesybont) Jimmy, 29 OLF; 5, G. Lewis (Gwynfe) Glen, 29; 6, G. Lewis, Henna, 41. Nursery, 1, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Pele, 12; 2, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Carlos, 15; 3, L. Williams, Bathmoor Bet, 18; 4, H. Thomas, Jet, 28; 5, M. Jones, Jimmy, 29 OLF; 6, G. Lewis, Glen, 29. GLOUCESTERSHIRE/GWENT, (G. Jones) Nursery, 1, N. Matthews (Tenby) Peg, 15; 2, N. Matthews, Kim, 22; 3, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Rosewood Zack, 31; 4, R. Lewis (Lisvane) Nan, 32; 5, A. Blackmore, Quories Mist, 37; 6, B. Morgan (Pandy) Hugh, 49. Novice, 1, R. Lewis, Nan, 11; 2, A. Blackmore, Spotty, 14; 3, A. Blackmore, Rosewood Glen, 29; 4, S. Currie (Tredegar) Floss, 31; 5, B. Morgan, Hugh, 37; 6, B. Watts (Lydney) Nell, 14. HEREFORDSHIRE AND SHROPSHIRE Minsterley, Beginners, Rob Morris, Tess; Barbara House, Bet. Nursery, 1, Lesley Jones, Toby; 2, Pat Hulburd, Mia; 3, Lorna Owen, Jan; 4, Keith Evans, Bob; 5, Rupert Cure, Peg. Novice, 1, Pauline Thomas, Peg; 2, Gordon Morgan, Ben; 3, Gayle Forrester, Edmund; 4, Lesley Jones, Jill; 5, Gordon Morgan, Mirk; 6, Jo Grocott, Taffe.

Scottish results BUTE, (A. Watson, Shotts ) Open (53 ran) 1, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Tanhill Sam, 93;2, C.M. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Wheatwood Bee, 91; 3, L. Gast (Scalpsie) Ben, 90; 4, J.R. Welsh, Cree, 89;5, C.M. Magnusson, Sprout, 86; 6, 3,C. Toner (Drimsynie) Ali, 85; £100 raised for Bute dialysis unit. YETHOLM, (K. Preston, Elsdon) Open (56 ran) 1, D. Henderson (Allendale) Star, 90; 2, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Bozo, 88; 3, C. Balmbro (Wooler) Scott, 87; 4, M. Northwood (West Woodburn) Queen, 85; 5, P. Turnbull (Debdon) Mick, 84; 6, D. Wallace (Blyth Bridge) Boy, 82; Novice, P. Howe (Hawick) Mirk, 76. CREICH, (M, Cameron, Lerwick) Open (19 ran) 1, G. Simpson (Forgue) Hemp, 88; 2, G. Simpson (Forgue) Kim, 85; 3, G. Simpson (Forgue) Celt, 80; 4, H. Johnstone (Fyvie) Kyle, 77; 5, I. Sutherland (Strathnaver) Sid, 75; 6, W. Cormack (Dunnet) Nap, 60.

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 105

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MARKET PRICES PRIMESTOCK ENGLAND STEERS Market day(s) week ending October 10 Acklington Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Beeston Castle Bentham Bishops Castle Bridgnorth Brockholes Carlisle Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hawes Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Leek Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Malton Market Drayton Market Harborough Melton Mowbray Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Ross-On-Wye Rugby Ruswarp Salisbury Scots Gap Sedgemoor Selby Shaftesbury Shrewsbury Skipton South Molton Stratford Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Winslow Wooler Worcester York

Th Tu Th\Mo We Th\Mo We We Tu We\Tu Mo Th Tu We Tu Th\Mo Mo We Th\Sa We Th Tu Th Tu Tu We Mo Th\Tu Th Tu Fr\Mo Tu We Th Th Mo Tu We\Mo We Tu We\Sa We\Tu We Mo We Mo Mo Mo Tu We Mo We Tu Mo Th Tu We Th Th We Tu Tu Mo (wk) We We Mo




Total cattle number

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

41 79 110 12 128 26 149 20 22 57 234 43 45 70 7 4 1 8 8 4 27 2 1 3 214 58 265 47 222 162 32 21 58 49 26 134 335 1 19 223 23 35 32 164

164.12 161.00 120.50 173.00 198.00 129.50 192.00 184.64 246.00 132.07 172.30 174.75 161.50 131.33 209.25 217.50 150.44 171.00 204.20 178.00 181.75 230.00 157.00 189.50 170.16 219.29 68.00 239.50 180.28 129.50 161.00

198.64 167.38 175.07 182.33 194.00 187.67 181.58 180.25 189.97 200.00 162.21 183.44 173.83 180.00 163.50 157.67 205.50 191.36 228.50 174.91 165.33 198.61 196.75 184.40 189.50 200.09 183.60 181.70 175.87 218.33 242.17 210.67 170.83 217.50 165.12 179.00

195.27 120.77 169.78 184.00 185.33 187.00 200.31 186.83 197.38 193.00 171.50 169.50 143.00 118.00 168.00 195.00 189.64 217.50 159.25 119.50 180.70 168.50 166.33 192.43 159.78 167.50 175.11 193.75 196.70 155.50 213.17 205.00 189.50

198.00 162.00 191.00 169.00 197.47 206.00 166.50 176.50 213.30 207.10 127.83 153.44 162.80 174.00 128.50 191.53 165.83 151.75 145.50 191.50 222.50 195.67 199.77 170.00 149.33 142.58 228.25 203.50 236.81 213.17 131.00 213.79

208.92 191.36 187.38 138.50 217.20 182.64 207.83 182.67 201.93 229.62 182.62 175.29 186.87 229.50 200.00 171.25 102.00 154.00 132.00 196.74 234.74 187.51 165.21 204.79 228.64 198.58 223.30 194.73 177.24 168.81 177.38 230.39 254.70 228.11 197.83 191.70 179.25 219.54

203.80 170.33 189.75 198.00 148.67 190.12 155.50 191.00 207.13 168.70 160.36 162.00 106.50 225.50 112.50 150.50 179.00 118.00 192.62 233.75 161.50 183.86 183.42 209.91 210.00 182.25 192.31 189.12 167.30 167.61 211.70 165.83 222.54 198.00 229.31 189.25 203.50

172.90 169.88 152.67 151.39 184.50 147.53 183.57 147.33 135.00 173.30 199.50 175.25 166.50 165.46 130.00 164.31 167.50 161.82 192.83 168.33 166.41

190.18 179.39 140.00 177.77 179.73 169.00 178.06 192.00 190.65 206.17 184.09 191.87 179.69 180.00 189.53 181.42 202.83 181.52

185.88 189.93 187.94 183.88 201.60 152.67 147.50 127.50 167.00 191.39 203.64 185.38 193.15 186.68 204.42 176.68 213.50 196.31

5 93 137 80 4 62 324 15 3 24 92 24 82 108 7 23 25 6 11 47 114 51 36 20 3 38 8 120 25 43 50 7 45 22 11 22 128 14 43 41 31 32 17 10

228.00 170.00 231.00 205.00 204.33 -

185.00 248.67 225.25 190.57 225.25 221.11 150.80 171.75

218.00 128.17 212.33 209.59 92.95 189.77

203.67 91.00 217.00 100.17 185.55 219.71 212.25 137.25

231.33 214.50 169.00 243.08 219.00 192.71 230.37 220.89 165.75 196.00

238.00 210.11 170.00 233.43 190.00 154.81 209.71 217.70 177.24


196.00 146.50 166.00

210.00 151.00 168.50 173.00

261 51 45 84 27 74 55 53 263 245

Total cow number

Grade 3 average

Dairy sired average

Beef sired average

Total N lambs

161.00 141.50 148.75 -

112.69 118.92 119.65 105.08 -

96.45 89.32 70.00 92.65 86.81 103.50 88.30 96.93 48.50 90.42 93.36 104.50 97.67 76.79 89.86 87.76 98.05 87.00 112.50 76.74 78.38 105.29 110.00 105.53 117.00 60.00 80.92 99.50 87.71 86.79 96.73 73.46 83.64 122.75

98.60 113.70 97.62 65.00 116.00 127.74 126.39 106.67 133.00 119.33 98.00 120.11 105.74 89.57 131.77 117.50 104.75 126.80 102.16 116.46 102.42 114.80 110.00 92.83 124.67 101.20 84.26 137.89 101.40 121.10 130.00 98.60 99.59 137.33 84.89 108.83 121.61 81.33 125.42 143.00

1503 756 1853 686 580 2487 551 1059 554 1606 560 642 1562 408 2039 771 353 930 477 257 904 1573 398 589 15 971 456 2124 494 562 808 3588 77 2258 274 1090 181 864 1265 1359 2467 451 1294 908 2062 106 290 399 1221 321 621 2816 955 315 376 714 500 197 309 930 120 300 643 369



82.30 80.20 75.40 89.10 91.80 -

108.50 99.00 98.00 94.30 94.90 102.60 125.90 113.20 111.70 123.50

1379 741 872 879 558 443 616 2379 638 1524 1245 2471 1004

Grade 1 average

SCOTLAND Ayr Caithness Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newton Stewart Newtown St Boswells Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (ua) Thainstone

Mo\Tu Mo\Tu We\Tu We We We Mo\Tu Mo We Mo Th\Tu We\Th Th

106 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p106 113 Oct12.indd 106

14 1 22 11 22 9 54 54 102 5 60

10/10/2018 15:35



0 0 4 9 7 0


0 1 4 7

7 0 5 0


6 2 0

0 3

7 0


9 0 0

0 0



9 3


2 0


0 0 0

0 0

0 0 0 0

All prices quoted in p/kg.

Source: AHDB/LAA


Source: AHDB/LAA



Total N/S lambs

N/S lambs light average

N/S lambs standard average

N/S lambs medium average

N/S lambs heavy average

N/S SQQ average

Total Ewes

Ewes average

1503 756 1853 686 580 2487 551 1059 554 1606 560 642 1562 408 2039 771 353 930 477 257 904 1573 398 589 15 971 456 2124 494 562 808 3588 77 2258 274 1090 181 864 1265 1359 2467 451 1294 908 2062 106 290 399 1221 321 621 2816 955 315 376 714 500 197 309 930 120 300 643 369

166.67 142.23 133.30 158.79 126.54 129.00 172.00 160.90 133.30 89.00 146.30 134.00 182.76 102.00 50.00 103.15 171.37 110.05 78.00 158.71 156.58 174.43 149.74 159.92 119.75 172.10 133.14 145.00 145.30 131.10 150.00 73.00

192.77 164.54 162.56 165.47 172.42 157.69 160.76 163.09 164.40 172.19 175.20 160.37 168.64 183.36 170.77 162.63 153.69 155.72 149.23 162.71 121.60 176.46 147.21 154.23 179.00 152.88 154.52 158.21 171.62 169.43 155.86 173.28 156.58 162.70 164.26 156.99 166.64 144.12 171.55 177.70 184.42 146.71 154.68 191.65 163.79 165.35 175.00 164.88 163.90 159.38 160.09 157.69 192.50 150.40 184.30 164.51 117.04

182.88 168.90 168.62 163.05 177.06 162.23 163.43 176.04 166.82 172.68 168.67 158.63 175.65 185.11 173.58 164.31 160.88 152.83 154.57 165.60 161.17 169.62 170.57 165.22 161.40 162.24 182.32 184.45 156.02 166.92 156.31 164.89 163.96 183.77 164.05 166.44 154.40 166.91 176.16 168.67 168.20 163.08 173.19 171.20 178.53 160.11 163.72 183.82 167.33 173.34 178.03 175.80 163.75 161.55 153.39 164.67 167.01 161.60 156.59 199.86 150.95 174.61 167.84 165.34

164.62 167.09 164.94 153.10 168.19 159.30 165.40 169.96 159.35 159.34 163.04 154.87 162.70 185.16 167.91 162.06 160.12 143.10 153.05 167.23 152.61 157.81 177.47 161.83 166.30 159.59 174.73 167.48 159.28 168.74 151.16 159.87 162.36 173.80 162.34 165.55 152.80 162.94 162.88 165.36 166.16 160.03 156.78 166.20 167.75 149.47 163.91 161.92 163.71 169.10 172.83 165.68 160.98 161.04 162.63 164.67 170.69 165.42 154.44 187.46 153.50 163.09 168.75 169.48

183.04 168.26 165.58 163.11 175.83 160.05 163.16 173.39 166.33 172.63 170.80 158.89 174.58 184.40 172.60 163.71 159.94 154.04 154.04 165.07 153.96 169.57 165.11 165.22 161.40 160.90 182.07 175.10 155.71 164.29 156.61 165.62 162.93 183.43 164.05 162.18 154.40 166.70 174.90 167.82 165.86 158.74 172.10 172.81 179.16 156.19 160.81 184.59 167.11 171.76 177.31 174.63 163.75 161.40 153.39 163.99 167.01 161.60 156.75 199.73 150.84 177.50 167.28 154.44

680 853 679 228 53 1437 543 166 324 172 277 373 66 1071 527 96 401 314 17 205 432 649 293 809 10 276 210 5422 8 711 220 335 17 551 766 477 694 155 1092 159 727 121 214 94 1 44 330 418 401 89 2 243 61 51 86 177 81 291 58

54.79 40.08 45.57 48.23 42.55 37.81 46.21 51.04 43.03 43.22 49.41 45.63 36.92 57.96 44.20 43.74 47.97 50.76 49.00 51.13 50.02 39.86 59.26 40.36 33.60 49.12 53.54 52.14 66.25 43.49 48.72 46.40 55.00 44.78 47.46 54.83 28.83 53.27 54.76 54.70 61.41 42.13 38.17 63.05 70.00 58.36 37.10 45.03 46.11 45.47 32.50 51.77 48.84 38.41 38.43 63.55 72.42 60.16 59.33

1379 741 872 879 558 443 616 2379 638 1524 1245 2471 1004

148.19 171.00 126.98 172.00 114.58 150.00 146.33 137.39 -

158.70 166.08 133.12 171.15 120.59 116.00 163.00 160.91 181.00 177.91 146.09 162.07 152.02

166.86 170.55 163.07 167.04 157.10 161.29 148.71 166.65 166.25 174.62 171.77 167.09 159.98

162.53 165.40 156.03 161.53 158.48 156.63 149.97 162.36 158.29 165.82 167.26 164.73 158.23

164.23 169.98 161.98 168.55 156.96 145.60 148.80 165.64 166.60 174.92 170.62 165.79 159.28

Source: IAAS/ScotEID

p106 113 Oct12.indd 107

578 403 181 487 357 1011 236 1244 414 695 465 1475 1

46.10 49.59 51.28 53.56 46.92 42.03 51.46 47.95 45.90 58.35 46.65 44.04 60.00

Market day(s) week ending October 10 Bala Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

Th Tu We Fr Th Mo We\Fr\Tu Th Th Tu We Mo We\Mo Th Tu Fr\Tu Th Fr Th Mo Tu (wk)

Total cattle number

Light average

6 67 11 119 6 3 -

104.60 171.50 -


Medium average

Heavy average

Light average

Medium average

Heavy average

180.85 196.00 199.00 176.53 159.50 -

197.17 172.20 187.00 174.43 -

208.00 187.00 -

161.50 210.56 190.67 193.00 192.50 145.50 -

201.87 206.00 178.95 130.00 -

YOUNG BULLS Light average Bala Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

Medium average


Heavy average

Total cow number

Grade 1 average

Grade 3 average

Dairy sired average

Beef sired average

182.00 -

16 60 62 82 13 6 28 -



82.89 87.94 58.80 79.58 84.00 95.90 -

100.71 112.98 108.96 108.84 105.80 56.80 110.18 -

156.40 -

181.88 -

Total N/S lambs

N/S lambs light average

N/S lambs standard average

N/S lambs medium average

N/S lambs heavy average

N/S SQQ average

Total Ewes

Ewes average

522 639 713 1223 479 411 86 426 825 484 177 1804 244 392 2782 3243 524 453 4604 221

140.84 142.00 131.29 147.63 152.66 142.75 152.10 148.72 144.05 155.71 155.94 150.44 156.76 151.32 149.27 160.53

152.57 158.72 151.28 163.38 162.22 162.09 164.21 178.71 162.00 162.59 153.41 171.01 170.77 170.32 164.19 157.77 166.09 163.41

157.45 169.94 158.16 168.08 155.00 170.27 168.27 174.95 178.14 174.88 172.48 168.85 160.66 170.66 180.92 183.13 176.35 166.35 172.96 165.14

157.00 176.70 174.89 164.00 164.56 166.57 165.06 173.79 160.59 165.34 166.34 159.26 166.83 177.22 178.24 171.07 156.43 165.08 165.75

148.58 168.65 142.15 164.31 153.69 161.81 168.27 174.95 168.82 169.86 166.77 163.97 158.13 164.76 174.86 177.45 172.36 157.50 167.74 164.10

300 142 436 410 413 152 55 7 974 73 1 930 932 173 23 2013 125

52.21 43.14 41.05 43.05 46.54 14.14 35.13 31.43 34.51 40.00 55.00 35.30 45.23 61.78 38.30 36.94 42.08


Bala Brecon Bryncir Builth Wells Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Hay On Wye Knighton Llanrwst Machynlleth Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Rhayader Market Ruthin St Asaph Talgarth Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

Stay ahead when you subscribe to To subscribe call 0330 333 0056 and quote HAFG17A

FG tractor fillers Sept17.indd 6

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 107

20/09/2017 14:00

10/10/2018 15:35


Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Beeston Castle Bentham Bishops Castle Bridgnorth Brockholes Carlisle Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Leek Leyburn Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Market Drayton Melton Mowbray Middleton-In-Teesdale Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Rugby Salisbury Sedgemoor Selby Shaftesbury Shrewsbury Skipton Stratford Tavistock Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Wooler Worcester York

Tu Mo Fr We Th Fr Tu We Tu Th

Mo Fr We\Fr Th We Th\Mo We\Th Fr Tu We\Mo Th Tu Fr Tu Fr Sa Th We Tu

We We Fr We Mo Tu Th\Sa Sa Th\Mo Tu Mo Tu Fr Sa We Th


6-12 month steers

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers


STORES (NATIVE-SIRED 18+ month heifers

6-12 month steers

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers

18+ month heifers

6-12 mon steers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/24/656.9 -/3/275.0 -/9/956.1 1/365.0 -/29/619.7 5/633.6 11/480.0 -/-/14/771.1 -/6/495.0 96/695.1 -/-/3/758.3 -/11/891.4 42/936.2 -/-/-/81/770.6 -/-/-/-/-/-/48/1038.2 103/711.7 -/13/448.5 4/990.0 -/-/-/4/485.0 3/745.0 17/682.1 -/-/8/485.0 33/698.2 11/700.5 17/666.6 -/-/-/5/788.0 25/775.1 -/4/795.0 36/614.4 -/-/-/-/21/759.8

13/892.7 43/859.9 -/15/714.7 -/23/944.6 16/681.3 10/755.5 91/937.6 23/853.7 20/785.5 -/-/48/848.8 -/45/725.2 49/810.5 -/-/61/810.0 -/120/977.7 111/1036.7 -/39/681.7 -/14/785.0 18/1146.3 -/6/898.3 -/-/-/124/1029.8 27/882.6 -/12/788.8 14/829.6 -/-/-/5/885.0 21/849.0 40/879.4 -/-/25/697.6 90/728.8 15/731.3 5/600.2 -/-/-/41/888.4 11/954.4 -/46/885.7 30/820.8 -/-/-/-/22/869.8

30/909.8 36/945.6 -/17/879.1 -/2/1042.5 16/798.4 7/854.3 88/1014.0 28/829.3 22/938.6 -/-/15/892.7 -/60/1016.8 38/870.2 -/-/78/929.9 -/76/1145.5 69/1168.0 -/33/793.3 -/2/860.0 18/1106.4 -/103/1017.6 -/-/-/14/1069.6 34/1023.8 -/11/874.1 51/925.9 -/-/-/16/956.9 39/894.0 72/1009.7 -/-/35/759.2 166/981.4 6/785.8 20/999.4 -/-/-/37/1002.7 46/1041.8 -/10/921.5 3/1016.7 -/-/-/-/22/884.5

1/720.0 30/479.5 -/23/315.4 -/2/805.0 1/490.0 2/547.5 27/518.9 1/345.0 12/450.4 -/-/15/654.3 -/16/420.0 96/564.2 -/-/4/390.0 -/18/565.3 19/803.9 1/390.0 2/282.0 -/60/688.7 -/-/-/-/-/-/38/903.6 62/588.1 -/8/426.9 -/-/-/-/4/382.5 -/5/506.0 -/-/4/457.5 40/612.4 14/682.5 8/669.0 -/-/-/-/15/612.5 -/6/544.2 29/469.7 -/1/500.0 -/-/9/705.0

22/786.8 45/679.2 -/6/424.2 -/42/853.6 5/516.0 5/652.0 145/824.1 28/725.3 13/659.2 -/-/78/810.3 -/35/542.0 39/646.2 -/-/32/693.9 -/99/847.5 123/884.1 2/617.5 21/652.8 -/14/702.9 36/991.9 -/7/707.1 -/-/-/122/904.7 20/855.0 -/10/683.5 2/652.5 -/-/-/17/819.1 8/766.3 24/750.6 -/1/300.0 10/615.2 76/725.7 31/695.3 -/-/-/-/72/777.5 51/769.3 -/9/697.2 14/702.9 -/-/-/-/23/802.8

34/809.7 43/777.7 -/19/740.3 -/3/941.7 14/616.4 4/815.0 110/886.2 23/708.8 8/869.4 -/-/58/892.4 -/47/825.7 69/748.4 -/-/65/738.7 -/102/946.8 80/1025.2 -/31/720.8 -/1/110.0 20/1065.3 -/46/892.6 -/-/-/16/930.9 41/911.7 -/16/862.8 25/806.0 -/-/-/31/857.4 21/735.7 44/922.8 -/-/13/690.5 122/802.2 4/853.8 18/816.2 -/-/-/45/862.6 44/979.0 -/8/803.1 8/936.9 -/-/-/-/12/803.3

9/476.7 -/-/9/383.9 -/-/-/-/12/585.4 18/700.8 -/-/-/2/842.5 -/14/497.1 55/544.0 -/-/1/300.0 -/8/456.9 1/870.0 3/525.0 13/232.7 -/21/593.8 -/-/2/500.0 -/-/-/1/665.0 7/724.3 -/3/346.7 -/-/-/-/-/-/1/330.0 -/-/9/487.8 15/462.3 1/885.0 15/539.9 -/-/-/9/558.9 7/484.3 -/1/660.0 23/528.5 -/-/-/-/1/905.0

133/739.2 17/609.1 -/-/-/6/830.0 6/555.0 12/694.6 31/790.8 18/668.8 6/741.7 -/-/12/787.1 -/34/759.1 57/791.7 -/-/67/769.0 -/14/774.6 17/986.5 7/847.9 12/495.4 -/14/825.0 -/-/12/820.0 -/-/-/-/18/743.1 -/6/610.0 13/996.5 -/-/-/5/875.0 2/905.0 10/647.0 -/-/47/659.5 81/620.7 8/775.0 39/771.6 -/-/-/83/754.0 4/695.0 -/4/695.0 30/639.5 -/-/-/-/4/585.0

72/811.4 24/761.7 -/16/950.6 -/-/27/721.5 6/937.5 18/1052.8 37/751.5 -/-/-/14/826.8 -/66/939.4 111/920.4 -/-/108/768.6 -/21/924.8 24/1053.8 -/12/751.3 -/1/950.0 -/-/101/986.1 -/-/-/-/1/750.0 -/3/650.0 20/913.0 -/-/-/12/930.8 2/1000.0 39/966.7 -/-/35/937.9 103/837.3 4/821.3 91/870.1 -/-/-/29/770.9 7/920.0 -/6/1020.8 8/676.9 -/-/-/-/11/847.3

5/360.0 11/368.2 -/12/272.5 -/-/3/280.0 1/245.0 13/354.6 6/388.5 -/-/-/3/546.7 -/10/379.5 40/448.6 -/-/-/-/27/302.8 -/-/1/115.0 -/7/474.3 -/-/-/-/-/-/1/450.0 3/676.7 -/4/392.5 -/-/-/-/-/-/3/290.0 1/250.0 1/220.0 7/430.0 18/305.0 1/710.0 7/381.1 -/-/-/3/410.0 4/430.0 -/6/407.5 6/425.0 -/-/-/-/2/225.0

41/598.3 9/396.7 -/4/402.5 -/2/730.0 7/470.7 10/510.0 28/688.4 15/463.7 10/501.0 -/-/19/632.9 -/24/498.5 41/619.4 -/-/27/546.1 -/21/614.0 6/920.0 -/5/315.0 -/6/805.0 -/-/5/588.0 -/-/-/17/663.5 -/-/11/731.4 2/620.0 -/-/-/9/621.1 -/6/465.8 -/-/14/514.3 36/511.4 3/625.0 8/665.5 -/-/-/64/600.7 7/566.9 -/14/520.7 20/637.3 -/-/-/-/2/857.5

42/706.5 39/622.2 -/16/510.6 -/1/740.0 21/381.4 2/610.0 27/845.9 17/556.2 5/650.0 -/-/19/733.4 -/30/628.3 63/727.7 -/-/80/603.1 -/12/687.1 12/977.5 -/8/672.5 -/2/520.0 -/-/84/876.8 -/-/-/-/3/736.7 -/7/824.3 21/862.4 -/-/-/21/741.7 2/885.0 22/782.3 -/-/31/722.0 84/673.1 7/672.9 17/747.2 -/-/-/18/601.9 17/776.5 -/2/570.0 5/496.0 -/-/-/-/1/220.0

22/318.9 -/-/-/-/-/1/300.0 -/2/340.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/14/208.1 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/2/410.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/1/88.0 24/166.7 -/8/254.5 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

103/822.96 25/822.80 2/985.00 14/651.43 -/-/-/62/994.11 499/1023.69 105/898.62 -/14/1025.71 -/382/940.43 391/987.06

102/919.51 1/750.00 -/-/-/-/-/35/1008.00 48/1089.69 7/943.57 -/-/-/105/910.76 113/1067.48

7/664.29 141/691.31 241/637.12 69/582.32 -/-/-/-/79/856.14 9/852.22 -/-/-/45/700.33 33/635.61

68/830.81 27/770.37 1/990.00 8/538.75 -/-/-/67/942.99 424/927.85 62/805.89 -/5/867.00 -/330/884.50 269/874.70

63/863.02 3/753.33 -/-/-/-/-/57/969.21 46/995.33 9/756.11 -/-/-/178/842.78 163/1005.40

11/440.00 15/755.67 39/670.26 65/545.85 -/-/-/-/15/767.33 2/817.50 -/60/874.42 -/11/745.00 7/807.14

88/703.13 5/752.00 3/828.33 6/638.33 -/-/-/36/959.31 126/972.82 46/1006.63 -/420/1005.80 -/83/927.71 69/857.90

54/762.59 -/-/2/605.00 -/-/-/29/1040.17 6/1034.17 3/896.67 -/56/1196.61 -/47/968.40 33/944.39

-/12/622.50 28/600.71 38/462.89 -/-/-/-/5/751.00 -/-/20/747.50 -/6/600.00 -/-

58/599.83 7/685.00 3/760.00 2/535.00 -/-/-/22/923.64 33/835.30 8/810.00 -/281/854.23 -/44/789.77 32/760.94

41/682.44 -/2/860.00 3/553.33 -/-/-/28/966.07 4/1017.50 2/740.00 -/48/996.77 -/51/910.59 19/960.79

3/306.67 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

SCOTLAND Ayr Caithness Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newton Stewart Newtown St Boswells Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (ua) Thainstone

Tu\Th Mo Sa\Mo We

Mo Tu\Mo Tu Th We Fr

108 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p106 113 Oct12.indd 108

18/557.50 189/780.82 272/725.22 101/655.15 -/-/-/-/77/960.65 14/854.29 -/-/-/39/860.64 65/733.62

10/10/2018 15:36

Figures show livestock numbers first, then average price per head.


+ month ifers

6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

/706.5 /622.2

22/318.9 -/-/-/-/-/1/300.0 -/2/340.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/14/208.1 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/2/410.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/1/88.0 24/166.7 -/8/254.5 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

8/400.0 3/420.0 -/-/-/-/5/380.0 9/408.9 1/245.0 8/374.5 1/565.0 -/-/5/255.0 -/2/445.0 8/345.9 -/-/12/530.0 -/2/470.0 -/-/2/540.0 -/-/-/-/3/340.0 -/-/-/-/1/690.0 -/-/3/491.7 -/-/-/2/610.0 -/-/-/-/1/365.0 19/368.9 -/-/-/-/-/1/780.0 -/-/-/4/446.3 -/-/-/-/13/540.0

12/458.3 38/748.7 -/12/655.4 -/-/41/330.0 6/620.8 41/757.7 17/418.2 35/739.3 -/-/10/718.5 -/29/740.5 26/648.7 -/-/46/682.6 -/3/470.0 -/-/42/532.6 -/-/-/-/50/772.4 -/-/-/-/-/-/6/467.5 4/551.3 -/-/-/16/610.6 -/6/506.7 -/-/2/330.0 114/640.8 1/650.0 73/720.2 -/-/-/1/1080.0 6/693.3 -/-/2/720.0 -/-/-/-/1/480.0


40.0 381.4 610.0 /845.9 556.2 650.0


/628.3 /727.7


687.1 977.5





824.3 862.4

741.7 885.0 /782.3

722.0 /673.1 672.9 747.2

601.9 776.5

570.0 496.0



860.00 553.33

/966.07 1017.50 740.00


910.59 960.79

3/216.67 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/16/459.38 -/-

20/590.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/1/410.00 -/-/-/-/-/109/589.77 -/-

p106 113 Oct12.indd 109


CALVES (7-42 DAYS) Black and Continental Continental Native white bulls bulls heifers bulls

Native heifers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/33/44.6 -/130/28.3 16/53.9 -/4/40.5 7/39.1 29/33.4 12/36.7 -/-/-/-/-/13/19.8 41/46.7 25/34.4 3/30.7 -/-/18/45.8 -/1/50.0 16/17.3 -/25/19.8 -/-/10/24.6 21/65.0 2/55.0 -/-/-/-/89/50.7 -/-/-/-/-/5/35.8 24/85.3 11/37.0 5/31.6 -/85/47.2 -/26/36.1 39/23.1 10/33.5 -/-/-/-/5/30.0 20/20.9 -/1/40.0 -/-/-/-

No. / Av. -/28/168.5 -/62/228.6 4/212.5 -/4/129.5 -/25/292.3 11/274.1 -/-/-/-/-/17/251.4 11/219.8 24/201.4 5/135.8 -/-/5/191.0 -/2/282.5 25/215.4 -/3/146.7 -/-/-/55/284.4 7/279.3 -/-/-/-/50/220.5 -/-/-/-/-/14/179.1 19/288.6 3/235.0 2/272.5 -/114/237.5 4/353.8 17/188.3 23/148.1 13/306.2 -/-/-/-/1/280.0 12/179.5 -/7/265.7 -/-/4/268.8

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/12/96.3 -/60/143.8 -/-/3/98.3 -/27/194.0 16/179.4 -/-/-/-/-/14/148.9 5/157.4 26/187.8 1/142.0 -/-/3/216.7 -/-/37/170.9 -/9/141.1 -/-/1/130.0 45/167.3 3/253.3 -/-/-/-/52/162.1 -/-/-/-/-/11/181.6 14/196.0 -/-/-/102/162.3 6/267.5 20/129.1 26/136.2 11/204.1 -/-/-/-/3/240.0 11/118.4 -/2/222.5 -/-/-/-

-/20/102.7 -/53/100.6 4/188.8 -/2/95.0 2/136.0 6/255.0 11/164.6 -/-/-/-/-/38/105.9 29/141.4 16/170.2 3/44.7 -/-/-/-/-/20/136.7 -/2/123.5 -/-/4/139.0 18/186.2 1/140.0 -/-/-/-/70/117.7 -/-/-/-/-/3/96.7 5/182.0 -/1/280.0 -/58/162.0 1/355.0 10/147.5 14/123.7 4/231.3 -/-/-/-/1/200.0 17/124.9 -/-/-/-/7/191.0

-/8/46.9 -/43/51.4 5/148.8 -/1/75.0 6/95.5 6/97.5 17/126.9 -/-/-/-/-/34/63.5 28/68.4 9/122.4 1/17.0 -/-/2/65.0 -/-/17/91.2 -/1/115.0 -/-/3/101.0 15/109.1 -/-/-/-/-/61/56.5 -/-/-/-/-/3/111.7 6/145.5 -/-/-/44/90.2 -/12/63.9 11/101.4 6/126.7 -/-/-/-/-/8/72.4 -/-/-/-/3/130.0

Source: IAAS/ScotEID 3/306.67 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-


2/9.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

10/206.50 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/2/207.50 -/-/-/-/-/-/-

9/163.89 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

3/178.33 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/1/265.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/-

1/120.00 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

Market day(s) w/e October 9

Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

6-12 month steers

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

7/839.3 -/We\Th\Fr 25/500.6 Fr 4/685.0 Tu 10/665.0 Tu 5/480.0 Fr 8/972.5 Fr 10/421.0 We 5/786.0 Th 1/530.0 Th 5/824.0 -/Tu -/-

104/998.7 -/49/733.2 60/942.5 206/861.3 1/670.0 101/978.6 46/677.2 101/859.8 15/774.0 45/889.7 -/-/-

38/959.6 -/20/906.0 57/1048.9 86/999.2 2/890.0 21/985.5 29/876.4 69/1027.3 4/481.3 60/882.5 -/-/-

2/742.5 -/30/431.8 5/638.8 4/690.0 -/13/764.6 2/432.5 2/265.0 4/443.0 1/690.0 -/8/407.5

114/911.8 -/60/595.0 81/809.8 155/816.4 1/705.0 106/879.3 19/648.9 84/731.1 8/572.5 25/758.4 -/-/-

58/915.0 -/44/740.3 32/941.7 98/858.5 3/690.0 31/1011.3 25/836.0 38/879.1 6/600.5 29/867.4 -/-/-


18+ month heifers

STORES (NATIVE-SIRED) 6-12 month steers

Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

12-18 month steers

18+ month steers

6-12 month heifers

12-18 month heifers

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

-/-/33/465.6 8/458.6 1/740.0 -/-/14/367.1 2/510.0 -/-/-/-/-

14/966.1 -/28/546.4 74/821.5 6/656.7 3/523.3 2/740.0 15/814.0 26/755.8 1/405.0 3/538.3 -/-/-

1/1150.0 -/19/795.8 28/935.1 33/850.5 12/867.1 -/15/922.0 22/876.6 12/385.0 3/705.0 -/-/-

-/-/13/221.9 -/-/-/-/5/445.0 5/321.0 -/-/-/5/393.0

5/809.0 -/36/428.8 20/578.0 19/580.3 2/457.5 4/672.5 10/576.0 25/588.4 2/370.0 31/780.6 -/-/-

3/906.7 -/32/587.7 20/947.5 50/641.1 4/462.5 -/43/664.3 14/707.9 9/380.6 10/724.0 -/-/-


Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Haverfordwest Knighton Mold Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin Welshpool Whitland

18+ month heifers


6-12 month 12-18 month 18+ month steers steers steers

Black and Continental Continental Native white bulls bulls heifers bulls

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av. No. / Av.

-/-/10/216.0 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-

-/-/2/290.0 -/7/445.7 -/-/6/395.0 -/6/335.0 -/-/-/-

-/-/7/766.4 -/14/501.4 1/550.0 -/25/677.0 8/561.3 22/324.8 -/-/-/-

-/-/168/36.1 -/-/11/38.6 -/29/20.9 16/38.9 -/-/-/32/38.0

-/-/108/158.7 -/-/6/138.5 -/4/265.0 7/225.0 -/6/322.5 -/15/212.3

-/-/88/108.4 -/-/8/89.4 -/5/164.4 4/176.3 -/5/295.0 -/7/115.9

-/-/50/80.2 -/-/1/65.0 -/17/93.5 5/64.0 -/-/-/14/68.4


Native heifers

-/-/53/44.3 -/-/3/115.0 -/7/47.6 4/73.5 -/-/-/9/34.1


Primestock throughput, price and price change (p/kg). Week ending October 10, 2018.







Young bulls Steers Heifers All cattle NS/OS lambs (SQQ) Porkers Cutters Baconers Other pigs Dairy cull Beef cull

1,159 787 1,487 3,433 56,570 247 163 257 44 1,216 852

182.34 181.25 196.92 188.40 168.37 109.47 110.67 110.96 90.64 89.03 114.00

-0.79 -5.58 -4.89 -3.29 1.78 2.74 0.82 -6.25 -7.94 -3.39 -5.42

PRICES fell back across beef rings at UK auction marts this week. Steer prices fell furthest, with a drop of 4.81p/kg to 184.41p/kg, and heifers fell 4.72p/kg to 197.54p/kg. Young bulls saw a slight drop of 0.85p/kg to 182.25p/kg. Cull cow prices dropped to 100.7p/kg, down 5.8p/kg. As numbers coming to mart


fell back, lamb prices rose 1.7p/kg





to 167.93p/kg. Cull ewes were down

Young bulls Steers Heifers All cattle NS/OS lambs (SQQ) Pigs Dairy cull Beef cull

1,174 908 1,706 3,788 65,688 711 1,409 1,455

182.25 184.41 197.54 189.66 167.93 109.12 87.96 113.86

-0.85 -4.81 -4.72 -3.18 1.70 -1.81 -3.86 -6.11

£1.25/head to £46.60/head.


Pig prices fell 1.81p/kg to 109.12p/kg. As Farmers Guardian went to press on Wednesday (October 10), UK LIFFE wheat prices for May 19 were trading at £181.50/tonne, down £1.50/t on the week.

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 109

10/10/2018 15:36


DEADWEIGHT CATTLE Deadweight prices for the week ending October 6, 2018.


w/e October 6

Ashford Bakewell Barnard Castle Bentham Blackmoor Gate Bridgnorth Brockholes Broughton In Furness Carlisle Cirencester Clitheroe Cockermouth Colchester Cutcombe Wheddon Cross Darlington Derby Exeter Frome Gisburn Hailsham Hallworthy Hatherleigh Hawes Hereford Hexham Holmfirth Holsworthy Hull Kendal Kington Kirkby Stephen Lancaster Lazonby Leek Leyburn

Source: AHDB/LAA


Mo Fr

Mo Th Mo

Tu Fr We Sa We Th

We Fr Tu We


Sa We



7532 1472 549 -

51.8 54.4 47.1 -

965 521 622 -

51.0 53.3 49.2 -

1686 2161 195 645 614 667 3268 3763 69 224 79 5193 2

55.3 53.4 45.0 47.2 47.7 55.3 51.6 61.4 43.9 49.6 56.7 55.0 12.5

Source: AHDB/LAA


Brecon Bryncir Cardigan Carmarthen Dolgellau Gaerwen Knighton Llandeilo Llanybydder Monmouthshire Newcastle Emlyn Ruthin St Asaph Talybont-On-Usk Welshpool Whitland

PIGS Prices in p/kg. Beeston Castle Leek Selby York


Fr Mo Fr

We\Mo Th Th




264 1445 196 427 550 75 898 1091 -

34.6 43.7 50.0 55.3 45.0 48.2 39.7 52.6 -



5702 154 243 82

50.9 51.3 52.6 34.4




438 273 114 2069 216 5653 145 371 282 113 16

40.0 54.2 43.1 54.9 52.6 55.2 49.3 52.9 50.0 76.5 13.5

Tu Th Fr\Mo

We Mo Tu Sa Sa We Tu Fr Sa




Source: IAAS/ScotEID


Ayr Caithness Castle Douglas Dingwall Dumfries Forfar Huntly Kirkwall Lanark Lockerbie Newton Stewart Newtown St Boswells Stirling (caledonian) Stirling (ua) Thainstone

Fr Fr Th Tu\Fr Fr

Mo We\Fr

Market day w/e: Oct 9

Pigs total

Porkers average

Th\Mo Tu We Mo

56 63 349 87

109.34 112.88 110.76 109.37

Week ending October 6, 2018.



132 609 1824 615 2276 -

35.0 43.9 50.4 54.3 44.0 -

1317 5966

45.7 50.9

Sep 29 51.87 37.32

Oct 5 46.64 36.07

Source: AHDB

110 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Baconers average

105.14 116.60 110.18 110.40

109.20 97.24 113.18 129.50

Cull sows total 0 9 43 4

Cull sows average 0.00 42.11 40.07 40.50

SLAUGHTERINGS Estimates for Great Britain (per thousand head),

Figures drawn from eight GB pig producer marketing groups. Prices quoted in £/head.

30kg Weighted Average 7kg Weighted Average

Cutters average

week ending October 6, 2018. 2018 Pigs* 176.64 Sheep 294.19 Steers 16.67 Heifers 14.09 Young bulls 2.41 *week ending September 29, 2018.


-U R O+ -O Average Number

Northern 3 4L

Central 3

377.8 374.9 366.2 333.1 368.4 4112

379.8 373.3 356.0 323.6 358.8 4150

378.4 384.8 371.7 340.8

4L 377.5 375.9 357.1 330.1

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

381.0 376.9 363.1 338.5 359.7 2886

389.7 389.4 380.1 343.7 385.6 3501

384.5 376.0 365.6 344.3

389.5 391.9 386.8 346.9


-U R O+ -O Average Number

Northern 3 4L

Central 3

383.0 375.8 366.5 337.9 370.2 2626

384.9 377.2 352.7 296.6 361.9 2825

383.1 379.5 372.0 337.4

384.6 377.7 357.6 330.8


Central 3

-U R O+ -O Average Number

364.5 355.3 330.3 302.8 337.9 735

367.3 354.7 335.4 302.2 338.9 418

346.7 352.1 328.1


4L 347.3 326.9 330.4 286.3

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

385.7 375.2 358.4 336.2 360.7 1924

394.3 386.1 371.0 329.3 384.6 2754

381.9 379.6 363.5 341.3

393.7 388.5 377.5 328.2

Southern 3 4L

Scotland 3 4L

363.0 362.7 341.1 350.4 344.0 155

385.6 372.3 353.1 316.6 361.3 431

365.0 328.0

375.0 368.5 364.7 328.0

DEADWEIGHT SHEEP N/S deadweight prices for the week ending October 6, 2018. SQQ E U R O P

2 410.1 404.5 392.4 370.7 247.9

Medium E U R O P

2 410.2 404.5 395.6 379.0 255.0

(658) (1867) (5082) (1734) (21)

3L 412.2 404.2 392.7 377.3 246.3

(649) (1752) (3708) (574) (4)

3L 412.2 404.2 393.5 381.4 265.0

(2289) (9994) (20495) (3833) (4)

3H 397.5 393.8 387.1 371.8

Source: AHDB

(886) (5063) (9424) (1060)

4L 382.5 372.0 370.7 375.0

(885) (5023) (8689) (637)

4L 382.5 372.0 370.9 376.9

4H 348.3 346.1 346.5 353.6

(93) (732) (1616) (204)

(3) (49) (182) (32)

Average: 391.9 (65,665)

Source: AHDB/LAA


p106 113 Oct12.indd 110

Liskeard Longtown Louth Ludlow Malton Market Drayton Market Harborough Melton Mowbray MiddletonIn-Teesdale Newark Newton Abbot Northallerton Oswestry Otley Penrith Ross-On-Wye Rugby Ruswarp Salisbury Sedgemoor Selby Shrewsbury Skipton South Molton Stratford Tavistock Thame Thirsk Thrapston Truro Ulverston Wigton Winslow Worcester York





Source: AHDB

% change (2017) -5.12 +6.81 -2.09 +15.72 -20.55 Source: AHDB

(2281) (9796) (18117) (2405) (1)

3H 397.5 393.9 387.9 377.9

(93) (729) (1556) (162)

4H 348.3 346.1 346.6 353.3

(3) (49) (181) (29)

Average: 393.90 (57,470) Deadweight sheep prices are collected from a sample of GB abattoirs. The sample accounts for about one-third of deadweight sales; prices quoted p/kg are averages for all qualities 12-21.5kg. Please note a change in sample size effective from week ending September 1, 2018.

DEADWEIGHT PIGS Latest deadweight prices.

Source: AHDB

STANDARD PIG PRICE (SPP) Great Britain (84,680 pigs, av. weight 83.34) September 23-29 compared to September 16-22

ALL PIG PRICE (APP) Great Britain (82,254 pigs, av. weight 83.01) September 16-22 compared to September 9-15

EU spec up to 59.9kg 60.0 - 69.9kg 70.0 - 79.9kg 80.0 - 89.9kg 90.0 - 99.9kg over 100kg

Price Change 133.28 2.99 146.88 -0.49 148.46 -0.36 148.00 -0.48 147.03 -0.31 127.53 -0.94

EU spec up to 59.9kg 60.0 - 69.9kg 70.0 - 79.9kg 80.0 - 89.9kg 90.0 - 99.9kg over 100kg

147.21 144.58

APP (EU Spec) APP (UK Spec)

Number 510 5,067 23,218 36,710 16,843 2,332

SPP (EU Spec) SPP (UK Spec)


-0.47 -0.46

Prices in euros. Averages for week ending Sep 30, 2018 N. Ireland: Steers R3 euro/kg/dw 4.05 (-0.21). Ireland: Steers R3 euro/kg/dw 3.67 (-0.50). France: (ex Rungis) lamb: R 16-22kg euro/kg/dw; imported 5.30 domestic 6.40.

Number 1,089 5,887 21,876 34,712 16,416 2,274

Price Change 141.53 -6.27 151.85 -0.82 152.16 -0.54 151.83 -0.71 150.64 -0.95 129.77 -0.78 150.93 148.24

-0.81 -0.80

HAY AND STRAW Week ending October 10, 2018 ■ CARLISLE: Mon, straw, wheat, mini Hesstons to £88/tonne; oat, round bales to £42/bale; hay, round bales to £100/t. ■ BEESTON: Thurs, straw, wheat, square bales to £90/t, round bales to £100/t; spring barley, square bales to £110/t; barley, round bales to £110/t; hay, quads to £175/t.

Source: AHDB

10/10/2018 15:36





370 360

p/kg deadweight

200 190 180

350 340 330





































370 360

p/kg deadweight

200 190 180

350 340 330












270 2018


500 450 400







p106 113 Oct12.indd 111












SPP (2017) APP (2017)

SPP (2018) APP (2018)

110 Sep










Dairy-sired (2017) Beef-sired (2017­)

Dairy-sired (2018) Beef-sired (2018)











p/kg deadweight (EU spec)










2018 2017 Jan










300 Mar


130 Feb






p/kg deadweight

210 190


p/kg liveweight






























310 Feb

p/kg liveweight




p/kg liveweight



OCTOBER 12 2018 | 111

10/10/2018 15:36


UK DELIVERED PRICES – SUMMARY Thursday, October 3, 2018 (£ per tonne) Delivery East Anglia / London (BW)


North-West grains/ Liverpool OSR

Avonmouth feed /South bread


Central Scotland

Oct-2018 Nov-2018 Dec-2018 Feb-2019 Oct-2018 Nov-2018 Dec-2018 Feb-2019 Oct-2018 Nov-2018 Dec-2018 Feb-2019 Oct-2018 Nov-2018 Dec-2018 Feb-2019 Oct-2018 Nov-2018 Dec-2018 Feb-2019 Oct-2018 Nov-2018

Source: AHDB Bread Wheat Price Change 189.00 +2.50 190.00 +2.00 191.00 +2.00 191.50 +1.50 192.50 +1.00 193.50 +1.00 196.00 +1.50 199.50 +1.00 200.50 +1.00 202.00 +1.00 204.50 +1.50 199.50 +2.50 200.50 +2.50 201.50 +2.50 -

Feed Wheat Price Change 178.00 +2.00 179.00 +2.00 180.50 +2.50 182.50 +2.50 180.00 +1.50 180.50 +2.00 181.50 +2.00 182.50 +2.00 185.00 +2.00 184.50 +2.00 185.50 +2.00 189.50 +2.00 190.50 n/c

Feed Barley Price Change 175.00 +2.50 176.00 n/c 177.00 n/c 178.00 n/c -

Oilseed Rape Price 334.00 336.50 332.50 -

Change +3.50 +4.00 +4.00 -

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 English (£/hectare) VAT sales

Leasing/naked acre letting

Non-SDA SDA Moorland

£150.00 £190.00 ❒ £65.00 ❒

Welsh 2018 season average VAT sales

Leasing/naked acre letting

0.6-1.0 ✸ ■

50 per cent of 2018 payment

Scottish Regions 1, 2 and 3 – 2018 season average VAT sales Leasing/naked acre letting 0.9-1.7 ✸ ■ Northern Irish 2018 season average VAT sales


Leasing/naked acre letting

1.0-1.5 ✸ ■

UK DELIVERED RAPESEED PRICES Thursday, October 3, 2018 (£ per tonne)

Source: AHDB

Oilseed Rape East Anglia / London Erith Liverpool Hull / Selby

Nov-2018 334.00 336.50 336.50 332.50

Hvst-2019 325.00 327.50 327.50 323.50



FUTURES MARKETS (WHEAT) Friday, October 4, 2018 (£ per tonne)

Source: AHDB


Price £/tonne

Change on last £/tonne

Nov-18 Jan-19 Mar-19 May-19 Jul-19 Nov-19 Jan-20

179.30 181.65 183.10 183.85 185.45 166.40 168.15

+3.15 +3.15 +3.00 +2.55 +2.70 +2.80 +2.75


price €/tonne

Change on last €/tonne


Dec-18 Mar-19 May-19 Sep-19 Dec-19 Mar-20 May-20

203.50 206.50 208.00 190.50 192.50 194.00 194.75

+2.00 +2.00 +2.50 +2.50 +3.25 +3.25 +3.00

+1.76 +1.76 +2.20 +2.20 +2.87 +2.87 +2.65

CORN RETURNS EX-FARM PRICES Thursday, October 3, 2018 (£ per tonne) South East South West Midlands Eastern North East North West England & Wales South Scotland Central Scotland North Scotland Scotland Great Britain Northern Ireland United Kingdom Change on last week (£/t)


Feed & Other

BARLEY Malting Premium


Feed & Other

175.90 183.40 181.60 189.10 182.00 182.00 182.00 -0.40

175.50 173.40 180.60 175.60 182.60 175.90 175.90 +0.90

169.70 171.70 172.50 170.40 173.10 171.40 179.90 179.40 175.20 178.90 172.40 172.40 +0.40

190.50 188.60 219.00 218.50 219.10 211.60 211.60 +16.40

194.70 216.10 205.80 205.80 +11.00

160.60 159.90 162.20 168.90 161.80 173.90 164.00 164.00 -1.90

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112 ads OCTOBER 12 20181 Q3 house FarmBuyer.indd

p106 113 Oct12.indd 112

RETAIL AVERAGES Week ending October 12, 2018 (prices in p/kg). This week Last week

OATS Milling


180.50 180.80 180.80 180.80 +4.10


FIELD PEAS/BEANS October 10, 2018

Oct Nov Dec

20/09/2017 12:38

English entitlements are flat rate. Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish entitlements have different historic values moving towards a flat rate. All transfers without land are subject to VAT if the transferor is VAT registered. Non-VAT sales often attract an additional 10-20 per cent premium. PREDICTED ENGLISH 2018 PAYMENT/HA Non-SDA = £227; SDA = £225; Moorland = £62 Subject to FDM and payment adjustments. Based on RPA-confirmed 2018 exchange rate (€1=£0.89281). ✸ Average multiplier (or range) over 2018 season ■ Multipliers shown are based on the value of BPS payment excluding the greening element ❒ Predicted Source: Townsend Chartered Surveyors

Source: AHDB

WHEAT Milling Bread

50 per cent of 2018 payment

All prices £/tonne ex-farm

Micronizing peas

Feed peas

Feed beans

240.00 241.00 242.00

205.00 206.00 207.00

210.00 211.00 212.00

BEEF Topside Sirloin Rump Steak Fillet Steak Diced Stewing Steak Braising Steak Premium Mince Standard Mince

1073 2201 1543 3665 950 1021 781 499

1122 2201 1546 3665 950 1021 781 499

LAMB Whole Leg Fillet End Leg Shoulder (Bone-in) Shoulder (Boneless) Lamb Steaks Loin Chops Double Loin Chops Cutlet Chops Diced Lamb Minced Lamb

1044 1121 794 1138 1562 1502 1564 1459 1293 984

1120 1158 805 1138 1576 1502 1564 1459 1323 984

645 755 526 911 727 714 641 568 556

634 755 542 901 727 714 641 568 556

PORK Leg (Boneless) Fillet End Leg Shoulder (Boneless) Fillet of Pork Loin Steaks Loin Chops Diced Pork Minced Pork Sausages Pork (traditional)

Source: AHDB

10/10/2018 15:37


Last updated October 10, 2018.






Thursday, October 3, 2018

Last updated October 10, 2018. OCT NOV DEC FEB MAY 180.50 181.50 182.50 185.00 188.50 - 190.50 - - 178.00 179.00 180.50 182.50 185.50 183.00 184.00 185.00 187.00 190.50 - - - - - - - - 184.50 185.50 - 189.50 192.50 - 180.00 - - 179.00 180.00 181.00 182.00 185.50 - - - - - 178.00 - - - - - - 186.50 187.50 188.50 190.50 193.50 179.50 180.50 181.50 183.50 186.50

1. FEED WHEAT Avonrange Central Scotland East Anglia East Devon Lancashire London North Humberside Northamptonshire Oxfordshire South Humberside Southampton Tyne & Wear West Midlands East Midlands 2. FULL SPEC. BREAD WHEAT North-West Northamptonshire South London / Essex Yorkshire

OCT NOV DEC FEB MAY 199.50 200.50 202.00 204.50 207.50 191.50 192.50 193.50 196.00 198.50 - - - - 189.00 190.00 191.00 - 199.50 200.50 201.50 - -

3. FULL SPEC. BISCUIT WHEAT North-West Northamptonshire South London / Essex Yorkshire Scotland

OCT NOV DEC FEB MAY - - - - 188.50 189.50 190.50 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NOTES: 1. Feed Wheat. Any variety meeting <15% H2O, 72kg/hl, 2% Admix 2. Full Specification Bread Wheat, nabim group 1 variety, meeting >250 Hag, 13% Protein, 76kg/hl. 3. Full Specification Biscuit Wheat, nabim group 3 variety, meeting >180 Hagberg, >10.7% Protein, >74kg/hl.  Source: AHDB

POTATO PRICES Maincrop GB spot price. Week ending October 6, 2018.

Source: AHDB

PACKING England Camel Desiree Mozart Marfona Maris Piper

Low - - 180 - 280

Main High Trend 185-250 - X - - 220 270 - - 320 340 Y

Scotland Maris Piper Whites Maris Peer

Low - 230 -

Main High 300 - 250-300 310 - -

Trend Z X -

Low 270 270 - 250

Main 325 300 - 300

High 400 370 - 350

Trend Y Y Y

Sep 22 189.97 273.41

Sep 29 177.30 263.86

Oct 6 178.58 262.50

Trend Y Y

Source: Straights Direct

Commodity Nov Dec-Apr May-Sept Hi Pro Soya – Liverpool 309.00 309.00 300.00 Hi Pro Soya – Southampton 313.00 314.00 305.00 Soya Hulls 201 X 201.00 Maize distillers 210.00 210.00 212.00 Maize gluten 197.00 197.00 199.00 Non-GM Sugar beet pellets 210.00 210.00 216.00 Whole maize PCR Negative 188.00 187.00 189.00 Palm kernel expellers 150.00 150.00 150.00 Rapeseed meal basis Erith Kent 214.00 214.00 214 v 202 w 225.00 216 P Rapeseed meal basis Hull A 223.00 Wheat distillers pellets/meal - - Organic Organic maize 300.00 300.00 Organic wheat 310.00 310.00 Organic peas 385.00 385.00 Organic soya expellers 515.00 515.00 Key: All prices in pounds sterling. Currency, £/$1.3157, £/€1.1450. Guide prices indicated include delivery charge of £6/tonne. X = After safe arrival; F = First half; S = Second half; P = to July; v = May/Jul; w = Aug/Oct; A = Liverpool premium £4.


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Monthly price

Arla Foods - Sainsbury’s Muller Milk & Ingredients Booths Muller Milk & Ingredients Co-op Dairy Group Muller Milk & Ingredients M&S Muller Milk & Ingredients Sainsbury’s Muller Milk & Ingredients TSDG (Tesco) First Milk Liquid Muller Milk & Ingredients Direct Barber A.J. & R.G. First Milk Manufacture2 Glanbia - Llangefni Lactalis - Caledonian Cheese South Caernarfon Creameries UK Arla Farmers Manufacturing1 Wyke Farms Freshways Meadow Foods (A&B)

1 2

Annual average

28.32 28.04 31.12 31.04 29.00 28.93 30.95 30.89 28.60 28.53 30.11 30.04 27.71 27.72 28.12 28.06 29.24 29.17 27.83 27.84 28.15 28.14 29.10 29.10 28.91 29.08 29.54 29.26 31.57 29.28 29.35 29.41 28.53 28.53

This contract will receive a 13th payment, the forecast for this is about 0.89ppl from July 2018. This contract will receive a Tesco supplement of 1.9ppl for August 2018.

Please note retailer price supplements are included where applicable.


BAGS General Ware/Frying Agria (frying) Maris Piper (frying) Accord (frying) Sagitta (frying) WEEKLY AVERAGES GB weekly average price (£/t) GB weekly free-buy price (£/t)

HAY AND STRAW: REGIONS Week ending October 14, 2018. Big bale hay Quality North East E Yorks N Mids E Mids C Mids E Counties S East South S West S Wales SE Scotland


Note: Hay prices remaining strong.

Pickup baled hay and straw Big sq. baled straw Seed Meadow Barley Wheat Barley Wheat hay hay straw straw straw straw

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good 100 120 100 80 60 70 53 95 - - - - 70 53 95 110 100 - - 70 60 97 - - - - 68 56 110 140 120 80 60 70 55 90 125 105 - - 65 50 85 120 100 70 60 60 45 88 - - - - 71 51 125 - 135 - - 75 55 100 120 100 - - 75 55 100 - - - - 80 65 Source: British Hay and Straw Merchants’ Association

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August UK milk deliveries were down 0.3 per cent on the previous year, to 1,195 million litres. Cumulatively, this was 0.1 per cent down from the same period in 2017. GB milk deliveries in August stood at 1,011 million litres, down 0.8 per cent on the same month in 2017, and down 0.5 per cent on the year cumulatively.


Last updated October 9, 2018. Source: AHDB/LAA/IAAS



Newly-calved Newly-calved heifers cows

Newly-calved Newly-calved heifers cows

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

No. / Av.

Beeston Castle -/- -/- Bentham -/- -/- Carlisle We\Fr 46/1445.0 19/1262.1 Cirencester -/- -/- Cockermouth -/- -/- Exeter -/- -/- Gisburn Th 38/1442.4 12/1219.2 Holsworthy -/- -/- Leek Tu 9/1327.8 8/1253.8 Market Drayton -/- -/- Mold Fr 13/1372.3 3/1386.7 Norton And Brooksbank -/- -/- Sedgemoor Th\Sa 39/1494.9 18/1145.6 Shrewsbury Tu 6/1325.0 2/1330.0 Skipton -/- -/- Ayr Tu 11/1332.70 4/1312.50 Lanark -/- -/- Stirling (ua) -/- -/-

-/- -/- -/- -/- -/- -/- 1/1400.0 -/- 2/1095.0 -/- -/- -/- 2/1455.0 -/- -/- -/- -/- -/-

No. / Av. -/-/3/1233.3 -/-/-/-/-/1/890.0 -/-/-/5/786.0 -/-/-/-/-/-

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FARMING: THE BACKBONE OF BRIT A For more than 60 years Ken Patterson has been selling farm machinery and is now recognised as far more than just a salesman. Emily Ashworth meets the man who has witnessed six decades of change in the sector.

Ken Patterson has been selling machinery for more than 60 years.

“They don’t make them like Ken anymore”


alking in to Malpas Tractors, the New Holland dealership based in Ormskirk, Lancashire, there is an immediate liveliness in the atmosphere. As colleagues laugh, banter and bounce off each other, there is one man who is at the heart of its vibrancy in the shape of Ken Patterson, a sales maverick and a legend in this branch. It would be perfectly apt to say he is 82 years young, teamed with a broad Lancashire accent and a cheeky twinkle in his eye. Ken has been selling machinery to the farming families in the area for more than 60 years, a career which has taken him all over the world and seen him become part of this community’s rural fabric. Relishing in the loyalty he has come across from customers and their families, he proudly states he has provided services to the grandchildren of some of those he met when only a teenager. Speaking of his time in the industry, he has no regrets over his decision to become a salesman, grateful for the amount of social interaction it has given him and to have witnessed monumental advancements in machine technology. Growing up in Upholland, a small village in West Lancashire, he recalls the closeness of the local community when, he says, everybody knew each

I once traded two horses for a tractor. You wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, would you? KEN PATTERSON other, and he was surrounded by farming families. It is that which seems to have stuck with him – the value of people and knowing how to deal with them is, no doubt, what has made him so successful.

Beginning Having started out as a mechanic at Williams of Wigan, it was not until 1958 he began in sales, moving on to Robert Hudson, another Ford dealer at the time, before settling at Malpas. But just what is it that has seen him retain his crown for six decades? “You have to sell yourself,” Ken SUPPORTED BY

114 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P114 115 Oct12 EA DO KH BB.indd 2

says. “Years ago, we had to go to the farmer himself with the forms and ask him questions about their family and their age. It felt quite personal but because I knew most of them, I could just make it fun.” Naming numerous dealers from years gone by from the top of his head, Ken can recall almost any tale from his years as a salesman and when asked about his first years in the business, he reals off story after story. “I once traded two horses for a tractor,” he says. “The farmer needed another Dexta so I took these two horses he had for sale, found a [horse] dealer and went back to my boss with the money.

“You wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, would you?” Ken’s selling success has taken him to numerous machinery launches across the globe. He thinks back and lists Thailand, Las Vegas and San Francisco to name but a few, all rewards for hitting sales targets. But as the years have gone on, the sales industry has changed and alongside it, farm machinery has soared ahead, advancing day by day and in turn, advancing in price too. And Ken has seen it all. From the introduction of cabs to the first potato harvester, the world of farm machinery has certainly

09/10/2018 11:36


become a different place during his lifetime. He says: “I remember when we had little toolboxes with starter-kits in them. Now if something breaks it’s all done on a laptop. “There was a time when you struggled to keep the lads working outside in the fields but when the safety cabs came in, you couldn’t get them out. They would work in all weathers.” Ken also witnessed the appetite for the latest and newest machinery on the market, a nod to perhaps a time when machinery was once bought purely for the work, where as now it is almost a statement. “I looked at all the machinery in this

P114 115 Oct12 EA DO KH BB.indd 3

Edited by Danusia Osiowy 01772 799 413

farmer’s field the other day and thought there’s £800,000 worth of kit in it,” he says, clearly still in awe at the expense of farming today. “To me, they all do the same job at the end of the day.”

Different game And although generations of families have gone to Ken safe in the knowledge they will get a deal, selling in today’s climate is a different game altogether. “People used to trust you,” says Ken. “They’d go to you and nobody else whereas now, they will shop around and look at different dealers. “It’s harder to sell now than ever.”

When asked if he could sum up his time in the job, Ken surprises his colleagues in the office by sitting back for a moment in thought, rather than cracking a joke. It is evident he looks back with a heartfelt joy and, more importantly, happiness. “I’ve had no stress and I’ve been happy,” he says. “I get to go out in to the countryside, have a cup of tea and socialise. Life’s too short and if you don’t enjoy what you do, you need to get out. I’ve met some fantastic people and made friends.” And there is no stopping Ken either. His rapport with the farming community remains so strong he is still

actively selling and going out in the field to do what he does best. “I don’t go out as much as I used too of course, but it’s about building relationships,” says Ken. “You know where to go for your lunch or where to go for a cuppa. “You’re part of people’s family.” But it is probably Ken’s colleague, Alison Shacklady, who best describes what the team think of him, stating how he keeps up with all the young workers in the garage and is respected by all. “He can give them all a run for their money,” she says. “They don’t make them like Ken anymore.” OCTOBER 12 2018 | 115

09/10/2018 11:37



rewer’s Goose may be starting from small beginnings, but it has big ambitions – and one of its most significant moments is in full swing at Manor Farm. Freddie Hammond’s journey will see him become a producer of free-range geese, which will be reared on his uncle’s farm in Beeby, Leicestershire, ahead of Christmas trade later this year. After being collected by Freddie from Gulliver’s Geese in Thetford, Norfolk, 16 weeks ago, 100 goslings were transferred into a purposebuilt area within a redundant farm building. Then, at four weeks old, they were released into the outdoor paddock, where they can roam around and brought on with a mixture of grassland and the special feed to help him achieve his overall aim. The Brewers’ Goose Scholarship will award £10 from every sale in the first year to a deserving Harper Adams graduate, who is wanting to take a similar path and start their own business in the agrifood sector. Here, we speak to Freddie about his first business steps. How are the geese doing at Manor Farm? Happy, healthy and always hungry. Letting them out at first light is my favourite time of the day. Seeing them spread their wings and run into the field, knowing all the birds are full of beans and ready to spend another day roaming across the pasture, is great. Are you where you planned to be at this point in the year? I think so. I had no expectations of where we would be at this stage with it being my first year. The more I evaluate and talk to smiler businesses, however, the more I allow myself to be increasingly happy with where we find ourselves. The farming side hasn’t presented any real issues yet. The birds are putting on weight and the Christmas orders are dropping into my inbox every day. Has there been any unexpected obstacles? Stopping the Purity Brewing grains from going mouldy is an obstacle we must overcome, although not an unexpected one. The grains are fresh, meaning they’re wet and hovering around 70-80degC. This combination of wet and warmth is the ideal environment for mould to flourish. We’ve learned to cool the grains, while trying not to lose the moisture and palatability. But even with these measures, it’s a bit of a losing battle. If we get a few warm and humid

A few months ago, Farmers Guardian began following Freddie Ham business, Brewer’s Goose. Here, halfway through, he tells us abo

Freddie’s finding h



116 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P116 117 Oct12 KH BB.indd 2

Freddie Hammond is delighted with how his business, Brewer’s Goose, is going so far.

days, the grains will only last about four days. If it’s cooler, they’ll last up to six or seven. As we expand I think more regular collections will be the answer. Fresh is always best. What has been the biggest achievement so far? I try to keep level-headed about recognising achievements. It’s great we’re up and running and people are interested in our product, message and ethics. But this is just the first few steps of the marathon vision I have in my head. We’ve already sold a fifth of our stock. It’s still our first year, though, and these are all baby steps. What has been the biggest learning curve to date? Managing time. Trying to keep ahead of the game and not letting the Brewer’s Goose snowball lose momentum. The farming side of Brewer’s Goose takes about 20 hours per week, the office side another five. I refer to these hours as the bread and butter. If this was



all I did, then the business wouldn’t progress. I try to get all these jobs done as quickly as possible, so I can spend the rest of my time doing things to get Brewer’s Goose off the ground. Food festivals, online marketing, the Brewer’s Goose Scholarship; these are all exciting aspects which are already proving to be driving the business forward. Juggling this while trying to maintain a weekly wage to earn my keep with parttime jobs is a challenge, but I love it. You don’t get anywhere without an ounce of hardship and hardwork. I know all these efforts will be repaid in the future if I keep working and making good decisions. What has been the reaction to your product so far? A mix of intrigue, excitement, scepticism and surprise. Overall, it’s been positive, and people are excited about the quality of farming and originality of the product. This alongside our ethos of sus-


tainability and the scholarship initiative are resulting in happy customers and Christmas orders. On the other hand, the occasional comment of, ‘Why on earth would I want to eat goose?’ is to be expected. You can’t win every battle. How have you marketed the business? With a combination of traditional and new initiatives. My living room is still crowded with piles of unused leaflets and flyers, and my mum’s garage is the new home for all our food market stall props. Certain traditional methods of marketing I think are worthwhile. We make huge efforts to create a unique presence at food festivals and farmers’ markets and always try to serve freshly roasted goose at these events to combat the inevitable ‘I’ve never tasted goose meat’. I think the real value, however, is new and innovative marketing initiatives. We work with our partners Harper Adams and Purity


10/10/2018 14:05

Edited by Danusia Osiowy 01772 799 413


ddie Hammond on a 12-month journey as he establishes his s us about the ups and downs of creating his venture.

g his farming feet

FOLLOW FREDDIE Freddie has been regularly vlogging since the goslings arrived on his uncle’s farm and the Farmers Guardian video team has also been visiting following his launch. MORE ONLINE To view our 14 videos, visit

Brewing, as well as Farmers Guardian, to create different and exciting ways of reaching audiences and telling our unique story. Your busiest season is coming up – are you ready for Christmas? As ready as we’ll ever be I think. We’ve got a run of food events coming up and if we keep going the way we have been, we’ll be sold out before the start of December. What is the plan for the festive run-up? We want everyone who buys a Brewer’s Goose bird to be a part of our run-up to Christmas. This is not just a journey for ourselves. We want our customers to be part of it every step of the way too. We’ll be holding collection events near the big day for people to come and spend time together while picking up their Christmas dinner and get a feel of what Brewer’s Goose is about. We plan to serve food, serve drinks from our partnered brewers,


P116 117 Oct12 KH BB.indd 3

Purity, and make the collection of the Christmas dinner a festive event which lasts in the memory. Our customers are buying a special product and should, therefore, be made to feel special in return. What’s the best piece of advice you have been given? Nobody cares, work harder. It’s rather blunt, and maybe a bit harsh, but it’s a quote which resonates with me. I’m not sure of its origin, but after stumbling across it on social media it tends to be a line which stays in the back of my head. It pushes me to make those pipe dreams and visions I have laid out in my head a reality. I’m the kind of character that if I was to score 100 in cricket, I would be disappointed it wasn’t 150. I like to put pressure on myself. It isn’t stress-free, but I like to think it works for me. I suppose we’ll find out.


OCTOBER 12 2018 | 117

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Every week we follow the ups and downs of farmers around the UK CHARLES BRUCE

Aberdeenshire Charles Bruce farms near Banff, Aberdeenshire, and has 98 hectares (242 acres) of owned land, 76ha (188 acres) of malting barley which is contract farmed, and rented seasonal grazings extending to 40ha (99 acres). Running an 80-cow fold of pedigree Highland cattle, these are used to supply an on-farm butchery business and his Bogside Farm Shop. There is a commercial ewe flock of about 230-head and a trout fishery is also run as part of the business.


he on-farm butchery has started to become busier in the last month, probably due to the weather turning cooler and a change of season. The mid-summer barbecue season is now a distant memory and the fine, dry, sunny weather was certainly a boost to sausage and burger sales. If Saturday’s market at Huntly is to be our guide, it is going to be easier to sell the whole carcase again. It is a real problem in the summer months to sell hind quarter cuts such as silverside and topside, which tends to lead to discounts. Nothing ever runs completely smoothly and we had a major hiccup in the butchery, having a power failure on one of our scales which includes a labelling facility which weighs the product and prints a label showing the weight, ingredients and price. Without this, it is illegal to sell our vacuum-packed items to the public. I called the manufacturer to ask if it had agents authorised

‘Replacement ewes have been bought over recent weeks at sales in Dingwall’ to fix its machines in our area and the reply was it could organise a visit at £260+VAT and £100/hour thereafter plus parts. I was not enthusiastic and told the lady very politely I would get back to her. I went next door to my brother’s workshop and asked if he had any contacts locally who fixed circuit boards in the event of tractors needing to be fixed. His reply was, ‘try this guy at Gamrie’ (10 miles away). The machine was fixed within two days for less than that call-out fee.

Sometimes we look too far away at our own cost as, quite often, the solution is on our own doorstep. We are reluctantly housing the larger steers for winter this week as they now seem to be standing still, growing hair instead of flesh with the nights in our area having turned much colder. The other groups will have to follow despite a shortfall of silage and straw. Winter feeding has started for the cows, 20kg/head/day of carrots and straw. We plan to wean the cows

before the end of the month as most of the calves are well grown. The replacement ewes have been bought over the past few weeks at sales in Dingwall. They are mostly first cast North Country Cheviots which are all correct and will be crossed with the Bluefaced Leicester rams to produce Cheviot Mule lambs, the plan being to retain the ewe lambs for flock replacements. The price of the replacement ewes is back at an average of almost £10/ head on those purchased last year.

Farmers Weather by Dr Simon Keeling

A new generation of calmer commentators? THERE has been plenty of talk about ‘climate change’ and what might be the impacts of keeping an increase in global temperature to 1.5degC above pre-industrial levels. I have written before about my scepticism, not in the reality of human-enhanced climate change, but the sloppiness of scientists and the media in reporting the stories. We will start with the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. How many of the news stories about this did you hear mention climate change caused by humans? As has been stated many times, the climate of the earth 118 | OCTOBER 12 2018

p118 119 Oct12 Shirl KH BB.indd 2

naturally changes, but what we are interested in is how humans are contributing to those natural cycles. There were also many news stories which tried to attach the heat of last summer to a changing climate. This is utter rubbish. I attended a seminar at the University of Birmingham last week where an established scientist explained the difficulties of attributing events to humanenhanced climate change. There are just so many factors at play trying to say that a hurricane was stronger, a winter colder or a summer hotter because of how we

are impacting on the climate is, at present, almost impossible. What is possible is to state that a computer model, which we can question as to the source of the data going into it, could predict if the incidence of storms, wet weather or heatwave may increase as the climate warms. It may be we are now seeing the emergence of a new generation of researchers who do not have such rampant climate change views and can take a more balanced approach. I will keep you up-to-date with the short-term forecast in my twice-weekly video forecasts for farming at

For location specific forecasts visit and for video updates go to or call the number below. Call Farmers WeatherLIVE

0906 599 9308 Calls charged at £1.55 per minute, plus telephone company access charge. Calls from mobiles and some networks may be considerably higher. Average call length two-three minutes. Service available 8am–6pm, seven days a week. Service provided by WCS Ltd. For complaints or queries about the premium rate 090 service, please call 01902 895 252.

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NEXT WEEK Dorset Jon Stanley Cambridgeshire Russell McKenzie

‘I am honoured to be rural support network chairman’ North Yorkshire Christine Ryder and husband Chris farm 242ha (600 acres) at Blubberhouses, in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They are tenants on their home farm and also run a B&B. Stock includes Swaledale and Mule flocks, as well as a herd of Belted Galloways. The farm hosts educational access visits.


t Nidderdale Show a few of weeks ago, I found myself in the position of judge to the young sheep handlers competition. I did not realise how much enthusiasm there was for this event, both from entrants and audience, otherwise I may not have agreed. The first class was for

under-fours, with only two entries, so I gave that prize to a young man of great knowledge about his Suffolk cross lamb. The second class saw about 12 four to eight year olds. I spoke to them all, except for one little girl who I think must have thought me scary as she never said a word. The young man who won spoke with as much enthusiasm as the young man in the first class, and I found out later they were brothers. The third class had 11 competitors aged eight to 14, each showing great enthusiasm. Well done to them all for taking part. The overall champion and recipient of a cup nearly as big as him was a little chap in his flat cap, aged four. I don’t know what the atmosphere would have been like in their house when they got home. Last week we noticed a Beltie calf limping. We got him in and the vet’s diagnosis was a broken leg. So he’s now all potted up for a few


weeks and we await the outcome. It’s a good bull calf which we have kept as a bull so we hope it heals well. It is never the one with the broken belt or a white sock that you can’t register as a pedigree. Sheep work and sales are taking up much of Chris’ time now. The ewes have been dipped, tailed out and sorted for the tups. The shearlings also get a vaccine for enzootic abortion and toxoplasmosis which hopefully will be done in the next few days. Unfortunately, a mess-up with the delivery of this vaccine to the vets has

The first correct entry received by next Friday will receive £20 worth of Love2shop vouchers. Send to: Crossword No. 951, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9NZ.




pushed them back a week, but the tups should soon be going in. Last week, at a meeting of the Yorkshire Rural Support Network at the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, I was honoured to become chairman and I am looking forward to working with the other farming charities and various rural organisations involved with this. The general mood was upbeat, but everyone is very aware that this winter may have dark times ahead for some farmers, particularly those who have a fodder shortage.

1/10 Unfortunately I meddle with pork producer (6,5) 5 Observation concerning recalled tedious occupation (6) 10 See 1 across 11 Make an attempt at something - I vote a gig (frolicking!) (4,2,1,2) 12 Large Wensleydale maybe for important person (3,6) 13 Two letters for type of pig (5) 14 Fashion old Scots instrument ultimately played having mouth organ (7) 16 Feeling remorse, inordinately sad about Scottish residence (7) 18 Injured twisted chief journalist (7) 20 Reshape dance welcoming highland Gaelic music festival (7) 22 Mortgage rate curbs regularly less common (5) 24 Fools, one says, employ this ham producer (9) 26 Empty hubbub about mishandled economy for framework in hives (9) 27 Reorganised aid in Asian republic (5) 28 Sure-footed animals circling heart of pasture are advantageous things (6) 29 Oddly the people met in native American tent (6)


2 Committing murder in Chicago, taking risks removing dead (5) 3 Costly we hear, to harass Scotland’s royal dog (9) 4 Intellectual member of TV quiz team (7) 5 I arrive in confusion in Mediterranean coastal area (7) 6 Good grain for little pig (5) 7 Accidentally erased sum and took on again (9) 8 America’s 25 cents mostly worthless (3-3) 9 Tricked putting cutting tool into builders brick carrier (6) 15 Scientist essentially with strange routines for particles (9) 17 This breed of porker would make prime hash (9) 18 Why entertaining garbled rot is estimable (6) 19 Give name to promissory notes arousing suspicion (7) 20 Welsh delicacy’s especially good little piece (7) 21 Small fishing boat upturned incorporating ultimately little sure safety margin (6) 23 Jingle ice crystals it’s said (5) 25 Fashionable to go for independent record company (5)

Answers to crossword 949: Across: 6 Violin, 8 Educated, 10 Accurate, 11 Glance, 12 Scene, 13 Atlantic, 14 Winter-flowering, 18 Abomasum, 20 Uncle, 22 Scrawl, 23 Root crop, 24 Flamingo, 25 Ice age. Down: 1 Pieces, 2 Engage, 3 Vegetable marrow, 4 Bungalow, 5 Reaction, 7 Loudest, 9 Again, 15 Imbecile, 16 Rustling, 17 Recycle, 19 Miasm, 20 Utopia, 21 Enough. Winner: M. Gabanski, West Yorkshire.

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p118 119 Oct12 Shirl KH BB.indd 3



OCTOBER 12 2018 | 119

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If you would like to be featured, email

‘Showing is a big part of what I do and a fantastic opportunity’ Showing: Farming has been in the family for generations – and is definitely in my blood. Cattle numbers are growing year on year. Only starting with two heifers five years ago this spring, I will be calving 50 cows with the aim of pushing this to 100 within two years. Showing is a big part of what I do; it is a fantastic opportunity to promote your herd and show people the quality of the stock you are breeding in the hope it will generate sales. I started the summer show season way back in May. Without doubt it has been an unbelievable and unforgettable summer of showing cattle, finishing off the season at the Royal Welsh Show winning the supreme inter-breed beef champion. It was an unforgettable day, there is no feeling quite like it. I was in total shock and it has only really now started to sink in. Lincoln Red: The Lincoln Reds have only been going to the Royal Welsh for two years, so it was only the second time I had exhibited there. In total, the breed as a whole had a team of eight cattle at the show, and we also did very well in the native groups and pairs classes later on in the week.

Ed Middleton Spilsby, Lincolnshire Ed Middleton, 26, is self-employed and runs a pedigree herd of Lincoln Red and Limousin cattle alongside a flock of pedigree Charollais sheep. He is also vice-chairman of Lincolnshire Young Farmers’ Club.

Ed Middleton with his winning Lincoln Red at the Royal Welsh Show.

This was a native breed in the heart of Welsh Black country; we came away thrilled with how we had done. I cannot wait for next year. I am a huge supporter of the British beef industry; with feed costs ever rising, the native breeds

are becoming more popular. I am a big believer in low-input systems – one of the reasons I chose the Lincoln Red. They gain very high growth rates off grass and foragebased diets without the need for costly cereal-based feed. Prince’s Countryside Fund: In March I had the privilege of meeting Prince Charles when he visited Louth Livestock Market. The market in Louth has had an uncertain few months but, after a lot of campaigning, the decision was made to keep it open and develop it, which is great news.

Another reason Prince Charles visited Louth was to launch The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme which offers free business skills training and advice to family farms in 15 locations across the UK each year. I was asked to take a couple of heifers to the market that day and with all the cameras around I somehow managed to get a photo of myself, Prince Charles and the cattle in Hello! magazine the following week. MORE INFORMATION For careers, interview and exam information, go to

READER SNAPSHOT EACH week we ask readers to share their favourite snapshots of farming life and the stories behind them.

Best bale art in the field Straw bale works of art deemed ‘outstanding in their field’ have been made finalists in the annual bale art competition run by the Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ Clubs, supported by Quality Meat Scotland.

GET INVOLVED To get a photo featured in FG, share your shot on our Facebook page or email 120 | OCTOBER 12 2018

P120 Oct12 BB MB.indd 2

Next week: We focus on breeding and calves. Plus there is just one week left to let us know your opinion on the state of UK agriculture at YourVoice Visit Subscriptions for our latest deals or call 0330 333 0056 today 4 1


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Edited by Angela Calvert 07768 796 492

A special 32-page autumn focus on beef cattle, including a look ahead to the Stirling Bull Sales.



Top tips on reducing stress in calves



Using home-produced feed to boost margins



Developing an effective strategy


Robertson family aims for the perfect calf

14 BULL SALES Rigel herd looking forward to Stirling

Secure Covers


Complex 3-dimensional knitted structure reduces ‘wind lift’ Flexible - makes close contact with silage reducing surface waste Reduces bird and animal damage Non fray interlocked knitted material - 300g/m2 Full money back 10 year UV guarantee Protected by patent application GB1704218.5

Tel: 0800 7832804

Beef p1 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 3 OCTOBER 12 2018 | 1

09/10/2018 15:06

BEEF Weaning is a big shock to most animals and is often compounded by simultaneous housing, leading to stress which reduces growth rates and may precipitate disease. Veterinary surgeon Joe Henry, of Black Sheep Farm Health, Northumberland, offers his advice.

Managing the weaning of spring-born suckled calves


ltimately, beef farmers get paid for the amount of kilograms of beef they produce, so ensuring constant weight gain is crucial. Therefore, a smooth weaning process without any setbacks is important. Joe Henry, of Black Sheep Farm Health, says: “Weighing at weaning is an important part of management, as this is the measure of the suckler cows’ output. “Farmers are used to measuring tonnes of corn per acre or litres of milk produced, so this should be no different. “Hopefully the average weight at weaning is increasing year-on-year as most costs also increase. ‘One of the best ways to lift average weaning weight is to increase the number of calves born in the first three weeks of calving by improving the fertility of the herd.

Targets are greater than 65 per cent. Sheep farmers have long known the advantages of a short lambing period for ease of management. “Cows can be weighed as well to give calf weight as a percentage of cow weight to show which are the most efficient cows. Seldom do the big 800kg cows wean a 400kg calf.”

Manipulation Mr Henry says care should be taken when interpreting weaning weights as percentage of cow weight, as cow condition score has a large manipulation on the equation. He adds: “The nutritional change calves go through is enormous. On the protein front, milk is about 26 per cent of top-quality protein and if an estimate intake is six

litres a day, this is 1.2kg DM. The rest of the 300kg calves’ dry matter intake of 7kg is made of autumn grass which may be around 20 per cent protein. So overall protein percentage can be around 21 per cent. “With a lot of silage at about 11 per cent protein and beef nuts around 16 per cent protein there is big change to the diet. Ways to smooth this transition are to feed some soya for a few weeks after weaning to boost the protein levels, and this can reduce the weaning check. “In addition, by feeding silage pre-weaning, the calves learn from

By feeding silage pre-weaning, the calves learn that it is good to eat and helps the step change in protein, so removes two sources of stress JOE HENRY

2 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef P2 3 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 3

their mothers that it is good to eat and helps reduce the step change in protein, so helping remove two sources of stress. “Starting with some starch pre-weaning in terms of creep will also help get the calf’s rumen prepared for weaning.” Mr Henry says separation anxiety can be reduced if the calves and cows can see and smell each other. “Anti-suckling devices can be fitted but it can be tricky getting them to stay in the calves’ nostrils,” he adds. “Weaning either side of a good fence [fence line weaning], cattle hurdles or electric wire is better than putting calves in one shed and the cows roaring their heads off in a separate one.” Again, by avoiding the simultaneous dual stress of weaning and housing at the same time will reduce the growth check, so ideally wean pre-or post-housing.

Lungworm Reducing the parasite challenge the calves are under will help increase their growth rates. Pouron ivormectins will kill lungworm and most gut worms for up to three weeks after treatment. This means the calves can, for example, be treated a fortnight pre-housing, allowing the lungworms to be killed and coughed out at grass while in a lower pneumonia risk situation and the drug will stop more being picked up. However, if the calves are left out for more than three weeks after worming, they will need another dose. Alternatively, a longer acting anthelmintic can be used which lasts up to five weeks pre-housing. No product kills fluke that are younger than a fortnight, so generally drenching with triclabendazole a fortnight after housing is optimal, unless advised by your vet.

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Ensuring calves consistently gain weight is crucial.

Weaning either side of a good fence, cattle hurdles or electric wire is better than putting calves in one shed and the cows roaring their heads off in a separate one

Preventing coccidiosis can help you draw higher returns Now


for be

ef ca


JOE HENRY nation worm and fluke treatments will very rarely be appropriate due to the ideal times of treatment being different. Mr Henry says: “Due to the stress of a change of environment, feed and separation from mother, there is a high risk of pneumonia outbreaks. “Disease is always a balance between infection and immunity and vaccinating can boost the calve’s immunity. “There are lots of different vaccinations and your vet can help advise which is appropriate to your farm and your diseases, but key is getting the vaccinations completed and immunity build up before the period of stress. “The biggest cost of pneumonia is always the unseen lack of growth for a month afterwards,” he adds. Discussing with your vet and, if necessary, introducing some management changes can avoid a post-weaning check and keep calves growing on and increasing in value.

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BEEF Home-made creep feed has enhanced the fortunes of a Kent producer, reducing costs, increasing growth rates and improving profitability. Ann Hardy reports.

Homemade creep feed lifts performance and profits


onvention has it that creep feed is bought in bags or in bulk and produced by a feed compounder. But Kent beef producer Jamie Loveridge has turned his back on this approach following a series of disappointing loads arriving at his family farm. Having no arable land of his own, he instead opted to make his own calf creep based almost entirely on ingredients bought from local farmers. As a result, he has not only spared himself the disappointment of receiving inconsistent quality feed as it turns up on-farm, he has also cut his costs of production, achieved his enterprise’s best ever physical and financial performance, and been able to fund the expansion of his herd.

The new creep ration has seen bull intakes increase to 3kg per head per day.

4 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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Rye Street Farm facts

We are limited on how heavily we can stock, in order to protect the groundnesting birds, and the cows have to eat the grass to the right height Today, Mr Loveridge and his father Keith keep about 300 suckler cows at Rye Street Farm, Rochester, run extensively across

JAMIE LOVERIDGE various dispersed blocks of mainly rented land totalling about 566 hectares (1,400 acres).

Marshland With much located on Kent’s northernmost Hoo Peninsula and the neighbouring Isle of Sheppey, it largely comprises marshland adjoining the Thames Estuary. Most is rented from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, some is designated a Site of Specific Scientific Interest and it is all in Higher Level Stewardship, with nitrogen use of the marshes prohibited. Mr Loveridge says: “The land is definitely managed for the ground

n 300 suckler cows kept on 566 hectares (1,400 acres) of Higher Level Stewardship marshland n Cows are either native breeds or continental crosses from the dairy herd n Calving in 2019 will be in a nine-week block from February 20 n Home-bred replacements calve at just over two years n All calves are sired by a Limousin bull n Calves are fed an 18 per cent protein, oat-based homemade creep ration n Finisher ration includes rolled barley, wheat and beans with distillers’ grains, straw, molasses, minerals, limestone flour and yeast n The switch to homemade feeds has cut costs and lifted performance and profits

nesting birds and the purpose of the cattle is to create the right habitat for them. “We are limited on how heavily we can stock, in order to protect the ground-nesting birds, and the cows have to eat the grass to the right height. The grass is definitely managed in a less than idyllic way from a farming point of view as creating the right habitat for the birds is the priority.” In fact, each year, Mr Loveridge

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Rye Street Farm is home to a 300-head suckler herd, made up of native breeds and continental crosses.

Chae (left) and Keith (right) Stewart, Beef finishers, Aberdeenshire. Professor Nick Jonsson (middle) University of Glasgow Vet School.

We achieved average DLWG of 1.81kg

In a recent independent trial by Glasgow Vet School, 100 cattle fed on a ration including Maxammon and Rumitech achieved average DLWG of 1.81kg. Trial results recorded: Higher average daily liveweight gain Better feed conversion Higher percentage achieving target

· · ·

Tel: 01888 545200

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09/10/2018 15:08


Wanting a consistently dust-free ration, the family invested in a roller mill so they could process locally-sourced ingredients.

even has to apply for a derogation to keep creep feeders on the land, but says it is worth the effort since feeding his stock well at a young age is integral to their lifelong performance. “If we are going to finish them in good time, they have to be intensively fed from the start. The younger they are, the more efficient they are at converting feed into meat, so this is the most important phase.” Creep feeding has helped him move away from a system of extensive rearing, producing store cattle at about 18 months, to a system of finishing bulls and steers at 12-16

months. Heifers are kept for longer, either to finish at 18-22 months or to be retained as replacements for bulling at 14 months.

Schedule The annual cycle now adhered to is rigid, with calving over a strict 12-week period, which is on schedule to be reduced next year to just nine weeks. Calving in yards from February 20, the native breed and dairy cross continental cows and calves, all sired by a Limousin bull, will stay in their maternity group until they are turned out in spring. Unable to feed calves concen-

Wish you could efficiently replace posts?

0114 269 9119 6 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef p4 5 6 7 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 5

trates while they are in the yards, simply through lack of feeder space, it is as they are turned on to the marshes that creep feed is first introduced. Having had sole responsibility for the beef for the past three years, Mr Loveridge initially bought creep feed in pencils, a bigger, 6mm form than the alternative 3mm pellets, which would theoretically be consumed in good quantities. Using a top-of-the-range pencil from a reputable company, he was not unhappy with the product or performance, but wanted to experiment with blends and straights. “I do not like the idea of a product being ground to within an inch of its life and I also like to know the quality of the raw ingredients,” he says. Starting by moving to a blend, his first experience of this was not at all good. “My first 12-tonne delivery looked like sweepings from the floor. This really opened my eyes to the quality of feed we were buying, especially since this was the blend which would have gone into the pencil we had previously been using. “We did try to feed this as creep but ended up with a trough full of dust, so intakes were very poor.” Continuing to persevere with blends with mixed results, he says

the final straw came when it became clear the composition of every load would not be the same from one artic to the next. “The first load from this company had been exactly what I wanted and was not dusty at all,” he says. “But after the second load was delivered, you could not go in the barn for dust for at least half-anhour. There was no comparison in the two loads.”

Straights Increasingly disillusioned with the option he had chosen, he decided to take a step further back and started buying straights. Investing in a roller mill, a Murska 350, which would process both cereals and pulses, he started looking locally for ingredients. Mr Loveridge says: “I wanted to feed whole oats as I had a local source and knew calves did well on them. But I was replacing a 16 per cent protein pencil with a cereal of 11-13 per cent protein, so knew the oats would have to be balanced, including for minerals.” He sought advice from Michael Carpenter, northern area sales manager for feed specialist Kelvin Cave, on additional ingredients which could be processed at home. He agreed oats would be good

09/10/2018 15:09

BEEF The physical quality of what they are eating is better than anything I have seen or bought before

Long-term gains start with short-term aims


for calves because of their high digestible fibre. Mr Carpenter says: “Whole oats can be safely fed to young animals until about eight months, and will help with their rumen development.” Formulating a creep ration for Mr Loveridge’s calves, he included 345kg/t oats, 185kg/t rolled barley and 135kg/t rolled beans, all of which were grown locally. The only longdistance bulk ingredients were wheat distillers pellets (205kg/t) from Vivergo’s now closed plant, which will be replaced once the farm’s supplies are depleted, plus 115kg/t of sugar beet shreds, minerals and live yeast. Mr Loveridge says: “It immediately produced a great physical quality blend which looked good enough to eat. I knew every ingredient in it was high quality and there was nothing in there just to pack it out.” The creep feed was costed at £179/t, which compared with £204/t for the previously bought blend. But more important than this was the increase in intakes, which Mr Loveridge says was immediate and quickly reached 3kg/head per day in the ad-lib fed bulls, steers and heifer replacements. However, the slower-reared heifers were restricted to grass and milk. With an analysis of 18 per cent

Beef p4 5 6 7 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 6

protein, 31 per cent starch and a metabolisable energy of 12.75MJ/ kg dry matter, it also lifted performance. Remaining on the creep until winter housing, this involved a gradual transition for the bulls to another hi-spec home-mixed ration based on rolled wheat, barley and beans. Meanwhile, heifers and steers were fed a total mixed ration including the same concentrate ingredients. “We had never finished animals on-farm until February 2018 but I was certainly happy with their performance,” says Mr Loveridge. “The bulls were finished and fit to go in less than 12 months and I actually found myself waiting to send them to the abattoir, where 12 months is the minimum age it will accept.”

Enthusiasm Crediting the creep and finisher ration with the performance, it is clear a keen enthusiasm, attention to detail and health, through worming, fluking, fly-tagging and vaccination programmes, are also playing their part. “The physical quality of what they are eating is better than anything I have seen or bought before,” adds Mr Loveridge. “It says it all when you know you have accurately aged cattle which you are waiting to send away and are killing out at a deadweight of 380kg, which is 40kg less than the buyer’s upper limit.” With all the steers and bulls sent away from the farm by June, he says the saving of avoiding a second summer of turnout is right for the farm and his landlords, and good for the bottom line. “My profit per head has increased by finishing cattle at home and, with fewer youngstock out at grass, we are able to keep more cows on the same ground,” he says.

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BEEF Controlling worms and fluke at housing should be considered to reduce problems next spring. Sara Gregson reports.

Time is right to treat parasites


ousing is a good time to sort out parasite problems in beef and dairy cattle as they can be treated and cleared of infection before turnout next year, says Prof Jacqueline Matthews of the Moredun Research Institute. Prof Matthews, a member of the Control of Worms Sustainably (COWS) knowledge transfer group, says: “There is a real risk of type two ostertagiosis in youngstock this

winter, following the summer drought and subsequent wet conditions across much of the country. “This disease is caused by larvae of the stomach worm which are eaten in autumn as the days become shorter and temperatures fall. These larvae do not immediately develop into adult worms, as they would earlier in the season. “The larvae hibernate for a few months until late winter, when they resume development after an, as yet unknown, trigger. The simultaneous

emergence of a high number of stomach wall worms can cause acute disease, particularly in calves after their first season grazing. It can be fatal.” Prof Matthews suggests the best way to avoid this is to treat youngstock at housing with a Group 3 macrocyclic lactone (ML) product to kill off the inhibited Ostertagia larvae. This will have the added benefit that calves will not contaminate pastures with worm eggs when they go out next year.

Gut worms Adult cows should not require treatment for gut worms at housing, but they may benefit if they are in poor condition. Diagnostic aids, such as blood and milk tests, can help see if treatment is needed. Farmers should talk to their vet or suitably

qualified person about which tests are most suitable and the results of any that are carried out. There is no natural cattle immunity to liver fluke and all ages of stock can be at risk. It is important to look at several factors to assess

Herd health plans ■ Parasite control programmes should be part of every herd health plan. Talk to the vet about risks and treatments every year ■ Do not do what has always been done, as this may encourage

buildup of worms resistant to current treatments ■ Find out more at the new Control of Worms Sustainably website and on Twitter @COWSWorms

Farm Assured Prime Cattle and Cows Required for Slaughter Attractive Premiums Paid for Aberdeen Angus Cattle For Further information, please contact one of the Sites below: Foyle Melton Mowbray - Nathan White 01509881583 or 07767163683 Foyle Gloucester - Barry Evans 01594823148 or 07598019833 email: visit: 8 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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09/10/2018 11:07

BEEF IN THE FIELD: MARK JELLEY, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE BEEF and arable farmer Mark Jelley (left), Perkins Lodge Farm, Northamptonshire, runs a suckler herd of dairy cross cows, which are put to a continental beef bull. Progeny are finished and sold through ABP, with 20 heifers also going to a local catering butcher. Mr Jelley discusses worming with his vet at Towcester Farm Vets and it is part of the herd health plan. Faecal egg count testing has just started to help determine the need to treat. Last year at housing the cows and youngstock were treated with a pour-on, a Group 3 ML clear product with ivermectin as its active ingredient. This controls roundworms, lungworm and ectoparasites, such as mites and lice. Mr Jelley says: “Pour-on products are quick and easy to apply. However, we are looking to broaden our product use in future to include other active ingredients and application methods.”

whether treatment can be justified. Farmers are advised to ask has there been a history of infection on the farm? Have the animals been grazing wet, muddy areas where intermediate host mud snails live? What do liver fluke forecasts such as those produced by the National Animal Disease Information Service, predict? Prof Matthews says: “The overall burden of liver fluke on pasture will be much lower in areas which suffered drought conditions this summer. But it is dangerous to assume this applies to all farms or even to all areas of a farm.

“In dry years, infective stages of liver fluke will be concentrated around permanently wet patches, such as drinking points, which is where the animals congregate too.” Prof Matthews urges farmers to take an informed decision on whether to treat for liver fluke and to test to see whether treatment is necessary. She says: “Testing can help avoid any needless treatments of animals which are not harbouring liver fluke. This saves time and money and helps protect the few medicines available to combat this parasite.” Liver fluke treatments target different ages of the parasite, so it is important to check the datasheet details of products being used. In dairy cattle, it is also crucial to check milk withdrawal dates as these differ greatly between products.

In spring, half the young heifers go back out to finish at remote pastures where cattle handling is difficult. This year these were given an injectable Group 3 ML clear product for roundworms and lungworm.

Monitored The other heifers were kept at home and not treated. They were monitored by weighing and having their growth rates checked regularly. Mr Jelley says: “Historically we have not had a liver fluke problem, although two of the 45 animals showed up with active liver fluke damage in the latest slaughter reports. “We have taken on some land, which has a stream running by it, so it could have been home to some infected mud snails. We have now fenced the stream and have piped drinking water into the field.”

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External parasites

Mark Jelley got his cattle to stand up to collect dung as they defecated, ensuring the samples were fresh.

Beef p8 9 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 4

When cattle are housed, watch out for signs of lice or mange mites, such as itching, hair loss and scaly lesions. Populations increase over winter when the animals’ coats are at their thickest. Prof Matthews says: “If you see cattle itching ask the vet to take a sample to identify exactly what you are dealing with before deciding how to treat. “Where there is a positive diagnosis, treat all the animals in the group as young calves housed closely together are likely to spread ecto-parasites quickly.”

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BEEF The father and son duo of John and Craig Robertson have made a name for themselves quality commercial cattle which have gone on to win nearly every major show in

ov th

Breeding show calves at heart o


ohn and Craig Robertson farm the 61-hectare (150acre) Newton of Logierait, situated on the banks of the River Tay just outside Pitlochry, Perthshire, in partnership with John’s sister Margaret. John says: “Our family has been here since 1891 but we now farm about 1,000 acres within a fourmile radius of the home farm.” The 170 suckler cows are the main enterprise and the Robertsons are very fussy about the type of cows they keep. Craig says: “The ideal is a three-quarter Limousin, quarter British Blue cow. We look for cows with plenty of width and square plates. They have to be good on their legs and ideally have a bit of character about them too.” Most of the cows are home-bred, although neither John nor Craig can resist buying something that seems just the right type at the right price. They use mostly Limou-

10 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef p10 11 12 13 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 3

Craig Robertson with son Jack and dad John.

sin bulls but also have a British Blue, Strathbogie Kansas, to put over the more easily-fleshed Limousin cows and have been pleased with its offspring.

Craig says: “It is an addiction to try to breed the perfect show calf.” While the Robertsons adopt plenty of new technology to help with the management of their cat-

tle, such as a calving sensor, they are not big fans of estimated breeding values (EBVs) and do not operate a tight calving period. Craig says: “We calve spring and

09/10/2018 11:09

es in

BEEF over the last 20 years for producing top the UK. Erika Hay reports.

A Datamars brand

t of family farm autumn and it is hard to source cows that are good enough, so when we have a good cow we will give her every chance. “It is also difficult to find the right bull of any breed now. I think the focus has gone too much on EBVs. We still like to choose our bulls through bloodlines and appearance, they have to have width and good top lines.”

Limousin bull In the late 1990s a Limousin bull called Cowtham Justice, costing 2,000gns, did very well in the herd and many of the cows can be traced back to it. It was also the sire of Unique, a heifer which was champion at Thainstone Spring Show and sold to Allan McGregor, Glenfarg. It went on to win the Royal Highland Show and was reserve at the Scottish Winter Fair in 2000. Recently, Powerhouse Harlequin and Calogale Irresistible have been successful sires in the herd,

Farm facts n 113ha (280 acres) owned n 324ha (800 acres) tenanted n Including 30ha (75 acres) spring barley, 2ha (five acres) turnips and 324ha (800 acres) rotational and permanent grass n All Less Favoured Area rising from 76m (250ft) to 305m (1,000ft) above sea level n 170 suckler cows n 700 ewes

with calves selling to £9,000, £7,800, £6,050 and £6,000 in the last 18 months. The British Blue bull Bringlee Volkawagen has also left some great females in the herd and has had calves sell to a top of £3,500. The Limousin Whinfellpark Iago joined the herd last year and the first calves are on the ground now and looking promising.







The Robertsons are particular about the cows they keep.

Beef p10 11 12 13 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 4


01750 724 110

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09/10/2018 11:18

At Thainstone Spectacular the Robertsons’ champion springborn steer sold for £2,500 to JCB Commercials in Ireland.


The Robertsons make a point of never selling anything from home. John says: “We sell all our stock through auctions because it gives everyone a fair chance. Anyone is welcome to come and see the calves at home but we will only sell through the ring.” Craig finds that his Logierait Commercials Facebook page has been a great marketing tool for the calves reaching potential customers all over the UK and Ireland, who may not be able to attend the sale, but from viewing the photographs online have gone on to purchase over the phone or via the i-bidder. He says: “Before the Aberdeen Spring Show last year I had 32 private messages about the calves for sale and was offered up to £6,500 for one, but it is important that peo-

ple know we will not sell them like that and they must buy at auction.” For the same reason, the Robertsons only show their own calves at two local shows, Perth and Aberfeldy, and at shows and sales. Craig says: “Years ago we made a conscious decision not to show against other people who may have bought our calves. We also do not want people to think we keep the best for ourselves.”

Passion Not showing in the summer frees up time for John and Craig’s other passion, Highland Games. John was a successful athlete and Highland Games competitor at sprint and high jump, which is where he met his wife, Jean, who is a Highland Dancing teacher and now vice-president of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. This takes

her away to Canada, Australia and Europe on a regular basis but at home she is responsible for the cattle records and paperwork. John says: “Back in the day, I competed at Highland Games from Durness to Penrith. Prize money was good and a first prize was usually the equivalent of a week’s wages, so it was a good way to supplement my farm income.” Craig also has the athletics bug and was part of the Scottish athletics set-up for many years, training and competing at 800 metres. He also competes on the Highland Games circuit, previously winning the Scottish Highland Games Association Athlete of the Year. Craig’s wife, Eilidh, who has her own wedding photography business, and their farm-daft 19-month-old son Jack, help out on the farm when time allows.

The family only shows its own calves at two local shows, Perth and Aberfeldy. 12 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef p10 11 12 13 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 5

We get as much pleasure out of watching our calves go on and do well for someone else as we would showing them ourselves JOHN ROBERTSON The main outlets for the show calves are the Aberdeen Spring Show at Thainstone in February and the Thainstone Spectacular in August, plus the Caledonian Marts Premier show and sale in September. They have had their most successful 18 months ever, taking the championship two years in a row at Thainstone in February, most recently with an 11-month-old heifer by Powerhouse Harlequin, which sold for £7,800 to Donald Morrison, Kinlochbervie. They averaged £2,572 for nine calves and also sold a heifer for £3,500 to Wilson Peters who has won several local shows and was first at the Highland with it this summer. Another one went for £3,000 to Lin Pidsley, Devon, who has won seven championships in the south of the UK. The previous year, the Robertsons broke all the records at Thainstone when a black heifer calf sold to Ireland for £9,000. At the Spectacular, their champion

09/10/2018 11:09


Show calf Jon Snow sold for £6,000 at Thainstone Spectacular.

Limousin stock bull Whinfellpark Iago joined the herd last year.

spring-born steer sold for £2,500 to JCB Commercials in Ireland, while the most recent Caledonian show and sale saw a red heifer, which was reserve champion, sell for the top price of £2,800 to Dougie McBeath and Sarah-Jane Jessop, Stirling. John says: “We get as much pleasure out of watching our calves go on and do well for someone else as we would showing them ourselves. We are proud they are out there showcasing the best of Scottish beef.” Newton of Logierait-bred calves have won the Highland Show, Smithfield, Scottish Winter Fair, Royal Welsh Show and many others. Craig says: “One of our calves was reserve at Agri Expo at Carlisle

come back year after year to buy our stores, which is good as it means they must do well for them.” The cows and calves get no special treatment and heifers are calved at two-and-a-half years old. The spring-calving cows are outwintered on ad-lib home-grown silage and straw, only coming in for calving. The autumn calvers are left out as long as possible on fields which are to be ploughed for spring barley, with the calves creep fed home-grown barley and a balancer. Craig has been paddock grazing the cows and calves for a couple of years now and has found an improvement in both cattle condition and grass quality. They discovered an iodine deficiency in the cows in 2014 and since they started bolusing them pre-calving, have

last year and that is one we would like to win.”

Store calf sales However, the bread and butter for the Robertsons are the store calf sales in spring and autumn at United Auctions (UA), Stirling. The farmers around the local town of Aberfeldy are famous for producing top quality store cattle and the so-called ‘Aberfeldy’ sale takes place at UA in February. This year calves from Newton of Logierait took reserve champion single, champion pen of four and averaged 287p/kg (£1,179 per head) for 43, selling to a top of £1,900. At this year’s autumn sale 35 calves averaged 242p/kg (£1,138 per head). Craig says: “Many customers

noticed a huge difference in ease of calving and health of the cows. Apart from about 30ha (75 acres) of spring barley for home use, the other main enterprise on the farm is a flock of 700 ewes, with 200 Blackface ewes put to the Bluefaced Leicester to breed Scotch Mules which make up the rest of the flock. The terminal sire is a Texel and all lambs are finished on grass and turnips and sold through the local producers group Highland Glen. While John and Craig admit farming in their area without subsidy would be hard, they focus on the quality of their cattle and hope that whatever happens in the next few years with Brexit and subsidies, there will always be a demand for that quality.

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BEEF STIRLING BULLS PREVIEW It was at Stirling Bull Sales where Terence and Jane Pye made their herd’s best price they are looking forward to heading back there this month. Angela Calvert went to

of m



t was ease of management which attracted the Pye family to the Salers breed when they set up the Rigel herd in 1991 and those attributes are still at the heart of the breeding programme today. The herd has since grown to 60 cows which, along with followers, stands at about 170-head. Based at Middleton-on-Leven, North Yorkshire, it was established by Terence Pye and his wife Jane, along with Terence’s brother Malcolm and his wife Gill. Terence says: “At that time both my brother and I were working off-farm with our wives responsible for most of the daily management of cattle, so choosing an easy calving breed with a good temperament was a priority and these are still the qualities which make it the ideal suckler cow today.” In 2016, business commitments led to Malcolm and Gill moving to Stirling where they set up the Rednock herd, founded on Rigel females. Terence and Jane contin-

Rigel Lymond is one of two Rigel bulls to go to this year’s sale.

ued the business in partnership and are now assisted by their daughter Emma Denton and her husband Scott, who have moved back to the farm. Part-time member of staff Jim Ridley also helps out. The focus of the businesses is the sale of pedigree breeding stock,


Rigel Salers herd ■ 60 pedigree Salers cows, with followers totalling 170-head ■ Four Salers stock bulls, three home-bred, and one from France ■ Use one or two young bulls each year on heifers ■ The herd is Biobest HiHealth

Cattle Health Certification Standards-accredited BVD free since 2010 ■ Johne’s risk level 1 since 2014 ■ Annual monitoring for IBR and leptospirosis plus BVD and IBR vaccination programmes / Tel 0033 298 21 86 12

2 IN 1

Unroll a bale / Mix and discharge dryfood without hydraulic connexion.




Bale unroller 14 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef p14 15 16 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 3

with up to 35 bulls and 25-30 heifers sold each year. About 60 per cent of these are sold direct from the farm with about half going to suckler and dairy farmers who have not had Salers before, but also to a large number of repeat buyers from all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

Dry food mixer feeder tank

They also sell bulls at the main breed society sales at Castle Douglas, Stirling and Welshpool twice-ayear, as well as other sales as far away as Thainstone, Aberdeen, and Sedgemoor, Somerset. They have also exported bulls and heifers to France, Germany and Ireland. Terence says: “What is interesting is a different type of bull is required for the different regions. At Castle Douglas the pedigree breeders are interested in bloodlines and at Stirling they want a bigger bull, whereas Welshpool buyers seem to like a bull which is shorter in stature. But the demand is there, with the breed growing in popularity in all areas. It is now the eighth largest beef breed in the UK. “The Salers’ role is to breed efficient suckler cows and the breed has a unique set of traits suited to this, specifically unrivalled ease of calving with low birth weights, large pelvic opening, fast growth rates, plenty of milk, sound structure and a calm disposition. Longevity is also a trait. If we do not get 14 calves out of a cow we do not think we have done very well.

“We select for the maternal side of the breed. Our policy is to preserve and enhance these key traits, many of which are not easily assessed by eye, unlike conformation and growth rate. “Breedplan was introduced for the breed in 2014 and we really appreciate the value of performance recording. We measure birth weights at 200, 400 and 600 days, as well as pelvic area and scrotal size. Bulls are back fat scanned and udders are assessed and scored on first calved heifers, as well as legs and feet generally. The more we can contribute to Breedplan the more useful estimated breeding values we can obtain. “This also gives us another marketing tool as we can supply potential customers with figures and guide them as to which bulls will have the best traits suited to their needs.” Herd health is high on the agenda, with the herd closed apart from bulls, although three in-calf heifers have recently been bought from the Livesey family’s Cleuchhead herd, Melrose, which has a similar health status and also performance records. Bulls are generally sourced from France, with Terence and Jane regularly visiting farms and sales there to identify potential purchases, firstly by compiling a shortlist based on data which they follow up with physical inspection.

Quality The use of French sires Bruno and Crocodile Dundee established the quality of the females, and homebred Rigel Othello Poll put the herd on the international stage. A series of bulls imported from the French Bull Test Station – Sagitaire, Amazonien and Casimir – have each made their mark on the herd and the breed in the UK. First calves from the most recent import, Lascaux, are just starting to be sold. Salers are usually red coated, however a few black Salers are retained in French herds for good fortune and the Rigel herd is 20 per cent black, while 65 per cent of the herd is polled. The Pyes have been pursuing a polling programme using only the

09/10/2018 15:49

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of 9,000gns and meet them.

el Salers few naturally French bloodlines for more than 20 years, as they believe dehorning young calves is to be avoided if possible and there is also a trend towards regulations against horned cattle. The herd is mainly spring-calving, with heifers easily calving at two years of age and everything housed over winter to protect the land. Cows are fed a forage-only diet, with just the youngstock receiving concentrate. Once housed, the youngstock remain inside until they are sold. The Rigel herd has enjoyed great success over the years in the show and sale ring, achieving many top prices, breed records and championships. The family will be taking two bulls to Stirling later this month having achieved their top

Leven Fields Farm

Left to right: Emma Denton, Jane Pye, Terence Pye and Jim Ridley.

sale price and a centre record of 9,000gns there in 2016. Terence is a long-standing member of the Salers Cattle Society council of management and is about to become the society’s president as he is approaching the end of his two-year term as chairman. He has also been active in the International Salers Federation (ISF), having taken on various roles and

been elected president of the ISF for a three-year term in 2012. This role has taken him and Jane to Canada, France, Ireland and the USA to participate in various ISF events. He says: “We are not a big society, with only about 200 members, but we are a friendly society where everyone, whether they have a big herd or just a few cows, is made to feel very welcome.”

■ 84 hectares (208 acres) owned land ■ All is down to grass except 12ha (30 acres) of woods, 55ha (136 acres) ploughable and 17ha (42 acres) of permanent pasture ■ Silage land is on a six-year rotation, mostly sown to clover/grass mixture ■ Extensive use of farmyard manure on grazing and silage land ■ All straw bought ex-swath from local arable farmers, square baled by contractors


MEET THE FOREFRONT OF THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY AT AGROMEK NORTHERN EUROPE’S LARGEST AGRICULTURAL EXPO Visited by more than 46K from 70+ nations – Agromek is Northern Europe’s leading agricultural expo. Explore the comprehensive program including award shows, conferences, innovation area, cattle show and network events.

27- 30 November 2018 Herning, Denmark

Beef p14 15 16 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 4

OCTOBER 12 2018 | 15

09/10/2018 15:50

BEEF STIRLING BULLS PREVIEW Sale programme Monday, October 22 ■ 10.30am: Sale of 98 Aberdeen-Angus bulls ■ 11am: Sale of classes and drafts of 65 Beef Shorthorn females ■ 1pm: Sale of 26 Beef Shorthorn bulls followed by one Lincoln Red bull, plus sale of classes and drafts of 174 Aberdeen-Angus females and 81 calves, followed by dispersals from Moncur and Schivas ■ 2pm: Sales of 66 Limousin bulls followed by two Limousin females, two British Blonde bulls and 11 Salers bulls, plus show of Simmental females followed by bulls Tuesday, October 23 ■ 10.45am: Sale of 142 Charolais bulls ■ 11am: Sale of classes and drafts of 72 Simmental females and 34 calves followed by Mendick dispersal ■ 1pm: Sale of 112 Simmental bulls

Bumper line-up of Aberdeen-Angus


nited Auctions is set to host the largest number of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus bulls and females forward at the

Stirling Bull Sales, which runs from October 21-23. The bumper entry of 98 Aberdeen-Angus bulls and 174 females is part of the entry of 771 pedigree bulls and females across eight breeds, including Beef Shorthorn, Limousin, Simmental, Charolais, Salers, British Blonde and Lincoln Red cattle.


Tel: 00353 87 9605246 Email:

The busy three-day programme begins with the Aberdeen-Angus judging in the morning on October 21, followed by the Beef Shorthorn cattle and a parade of Salers, British Blue and Lincoln Red bulls in the afternoon. Their sales will be held the following day. The pre-sale show of Charolais bulls will be held in the morning on October 22, followed by the Simmental cattle in the afternoon, with the sales of both breeds taking place the following day. John Roberts, United Auctions’ group sales director, says: “The number of Aberdeen-Angus bulls forward this October is testament to the breed gaining popularity, with

JUDGES COMFORT SLAT MATS – “THE BEST ON THE MARKET” When Jim Orr, a beef farmer from Berwickshire was researching mats for his new slatted shed, he wanted to get “the best on the market”. A mat that was safe for the animals, long lasting and giving the cattle a soft, dry, clean non-slip floor. Since installing Comfort Slat Mats last year, Jim reports his “cattle seem very comfortable and less stressed” on the mats and has “a lot less bother with their feet” than previously. He is happy to report that the Comfort Slat Mats have “not moved an inch” since they were installed which was one of Jim’s main concerns with alternative black mats. There is “definitely a big difference between concrete and Comfort Slat Mats”. 16 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef p14 15 16 Oct12 AC KH BB.indd 5

Aberdeen-Angus: Noel Hooke, Hillsborough, Co Down Beef Shorthorn: John Scott, Fearn, Tain Charolais: Will Short, Beragh, Omagh Simmental: Michael Robertson, Tomintoul, Ballindalloch Simmental: Norman Robson, Doagh, Ballyclare

demand for grass-fed beef continuing to grow as well as the increase in values the breed premium brings. “It is also fantastic to see so many Aberdeen-Angus females being sold through the market system at Stirling, demonstrating the strength and importance of the sale ring.” A feature of the autumn bull sales’ programme will be three dispersals of respected herds of Aberdeen-Angus and Simmental pedigree cattle. First in the ring will be the Moncur Aberdeen-Angus herd, with 50 lots from G.C. Taylor, Perthshire, followed by the dispersal of 101 lots from the Ellon-based Schivas herd from Schivas Estates. The Simmental female sale includes the dispersal of the Dykes family’s Mendick herd, West Linton, totalling 38 lots. MORE INFORMATION For more information and full show and sale programme visit

The number of Aberdeen-Angus bulls forward this October is testament to the breed gaining popularity JOHN ROBERTS

09/10/2018 15:11

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions & Breed Societies

The Smart Way to Search Your Limousin Sale Catalogue



• • • •

The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society forthcoming society sales

Ideal weights for the market Excellent growth rates, fast finishing Consistent top carcase grades

Monday 22nd October | Stirling Bull Sales, United Auctions

High maternal traits, low heifer replacement costs


20th October 2018

Autumn Show & Sale Judging 11am Friday 19th Oct Sale of 221 Bulls 10.30am Saturday 20th Oct H&H 01228 406230

Wednesday 7th November | Skipton, CCM, including the dispersal of the Newfield Herd


22nd October 2018 | 01738 622478

Autumn Bull & Female Sale 72 Bulls 2 Females


Show 2.30pm Sunday 21st Oct Sale 2.00pm Monday 22nd Oct

Scottish Charity No. SC010218.

UA 01786 473055

For full details please visit:

SUSSEX CATTLE SOCIETY Limousin Ad 22_FG_98x150mm_09_18.indd 1

19/09/2018 09:31


Tel: 01580 880105 Welsh Black Cattle Society Tel: 01982 551111 Cymdeithas Gwartheg Duon Cymreig Tel: 01286 672391

FRIDAY 2nd NOVEMBER, 2018 DOLGELLAU, Gwynedd Pedigree Prize Store Sale of young stock.

TUESDAY 20th NOVEMBER, 2018 DOLGELLAU, Gwynedd – Pedigree Autumn Sale. Entries close 22nd October 2018

TUESDAY 8th JANUARY, 2018 FRIDAY 9th NOVEMBER, 2018 DOLGELLAU, Gwynedd – Monmouthshire Livestock Centre – Pedigree Winter Sale. Annual Pedigree Sale Entries close 30th November 2018 followed by a store sale. Enquiries: Caernarfon – 01286 672391 Builth Wells – 01982 551111 www.welshblackcattlesociety

p017_beefclass1210.indd 2 p017.indd 17

| | 1717 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018

09/10/2018 15:14 09/10/2018 15:08:34



Autumn Sales:

Welshpool 13 October Sponsored by Caleb Roberts Insurance Services Stirling 22 October Non Society Sale Castle Douglas 3 November Sponsored by Farmers Guardian Come and see us at the Welsh Winter Fair 26/27 November

T: 07903 626 249


18 12 2018 18| OCTOBER | October 12, 2018

p018_beefclass1210.indd 2 p018.indd 18

09/10/2018 14:29 09/10/2018 14:20:52

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

Great North Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BY


Telephone: 01636 676741


SALE TIMES Wednesdays

Slaughter Only Markets Finished Young Bulls - 9.30am Followed by Prime Pigs and Cull Sows Followed by Prime Sheep Followed by Finished Cull Cows and OTMS Followed by Finished Prime Cattle

Saturdays Feeding Cows - 10.30am Rearing and Reared Calves - 10.30am Followed by Store and Breeding Pigs Prime Sheep, Cull Ewes, Store and Breeding Sheep - 11.00am Breeding and Store Cattle - 12.00pm For more information on any of our sales at Newark Livestock Market, marketing advice for any class of stock or to arrange an on farm visit please contact the Newark Livestock Team on the numbers below:

Market Office: 01636 676741 Paul Gentry Mobile: 07801 032846, Home: 01522 789152 Rachel Gascoine Mobile: 07885 432939, Home: 01636 813245 James Sealy Mobile: 07772 618315 Keith Miller Mobile: 07801 032847 Or email the office: ALL STOCK IS PAID FOR AT THE FALL OF THE HAMMER

p019_beefclass1210.indd 2 p019.indd 19

| | 19 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018 19

09/10/2018 13:54 09/10/2018 13:53:20 Auctions & Breed Societies

The Breed with

ELITE HEALTH STATUS & IT’S VERIFIED Lots of chat about Premiums…

“IT’S IN THE BAG!” Stirling Bull Sales

al the Dispers e d lu c in o T dick Herd, of the Men f on behalf o . Mr J Dykes

22nd - 23rd October 2018

Monday 22nd – 2pm Show of Females, followed by the Bulls Tuesday 23rd – 11am Sale of Females (72+34 calves) including drafts from Boars Head (7), Kennox (4), Bruchag (4), Cairnview (2), followed by the Mendick Dispersal (38). 1pm sale of the Bulls (112) Catalogues available from United Auctions 01786 473055

MOTHER OF ALL BEEF BREEDS Telephone +44 (0) 2476 696 513

Upcoming Shows & Sales

It’s more than a breed, it’s a brand

2nd November

See the breed for yourselves at:

7th November

Stirling Bull Sales, 21st – 22nd October Including dispersals of the Moncur and Schivas Herds (22nd October) 01738 622477

20 2018 20| OCTOBER | October12 12, 2018

p020_beefclass1210.indd 2 p020.indd 20

Winter National Show at Borderway Agri Expo Borderway Mart, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

Show and Sale of Pedigree Aberdeen-Angus Females Skipton Auction Mart, BD23 1UB

Stirling Agricultural Centre FK9 4RN

09/10/2018 13:55 09/10/2018 13:54:32

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions & Breed Societies

Charolais ticks all the boxes

Breeder Stores Finisher Abattoir Retailer

Restaurant Get connected

Tel: +44 (0)2476 697222 Email:

Get connected

STIRLING 22/23 October United Auctions Ltd Tel: 01786 473055 DUNGANNON 2 November Dungannon Farmers Mart Tel: 028 8772 2727 WELSHPOOL 8 November


Including the dispersal of the Kerling Herd on behalf of RJ Gregory & Son

Welshpool Livestock Sales Ltd Tel: 01938 553438 CARLISLE 23 November Harrison & Hetherington Ltd Tel: 01228 406230

farmers guardian 2018 advert.indd 1

01/10/2018 12:43:03

IRISH CHAROLAIS CATTLE SOCIETY Show & Sale of Charolais Bulls, Saturday 3rd November 2018, Tullamore Mart, Co. Offaly • 123 Bulls Catalogued • All bulls are fertility tested and fertility insured

Elite Heifer Show & Sale, Saturday 10th November 2018, Tullamore Mart, Co. Offaly • Ireland’s Number 1 Charolais Female Sale of the Year • 85 Heifers Catalogued • Free transport to a UK mainland venue • All animals are eligible for export Irish Charolais Cattle Society, Irish Farm Centre, Bluebell, Dublin 12. Tel: 0035314198050 E-mail: Follow us on Facebook: Irish Charolais Cattle Society and on Twitter: @irishcharolais

Christmas Cracker Show & Sale, Saturday 1st December 2018, Elphin Mart, Co. Roscommon • Ireland’s Number 1 Charolais Bull Sale of the Year • All bulls are fertility tested and fertility insured • Free transport to a UK mainland venue • All animals are eligible for export

Blue Grey Annual Heifer Sale Approx 660.

Shows 10 am - Sales 12.30 pm All animals sold at our sales are pre-sale inspected and DNA sire verified Catalogues available at




Ideal Low Cost Suckler Cow For further details contact Gill Harries


Tuesday 23rd October 2018

• Easy Calving • Ideal For Cross Breeding • Fine Boned, Well Muscled

For catalogue contact H&H on 01228 406200 Tel: 01666 860470 email:

Newcastleton mart, Rox. TD9 0RZ

p021_beefclass1210.indd 2 p021.indd 21

Tel: 01437 541450 / 07791587236 Email: Web site:

| | 21 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018 21

09/10/2018 15:15 09/10/2018 15:10:49 Auctions & Breed Societies


146 MALES & 32 FEMALES ROSCREA MONDAY 29th OCT Show of Males @ 5.30pm Sunday Show of Females @ 9am Monday

The Longhorn is beyond equal as a suckler cow. Its combination of qualities in terms of milk, calving ease, longevity, docility, length and leanness of body is unrivalled by any other breed

Sale of Males @ 11.30am Monday followed by sale of Females All eligible for export All males vet inspected, fertility tested and sold under fertility insurance scheme

Stay tuned for our 2019 sale dates at:

All herds participating in CHeCS accredited

Breed Society: Tel: 0345 017 1027 Email: Web:


South Devon Herd Book Society

BREED CHARACTERISTICS: • Very quiet temperament – easy and safe to handle • Fast growth rate and early maturity • Good beef conformation producing high grade carcases with marbled, well-grained meat • Long-lived milky dams with excellent mothering abilities • Low cost efficient forage converters – grass-fed beef=Omega 3 • Hardy and adaptable

For enquiries call: 00 353 (0) 258 5036

w w w. i r i s h l i m o u s i n . c o m LINCOLN RED CATTLE SOCIETY Lincoln Reds Low Input Quality Output!

FG Buy and Sell

01772 799500

South Devon Herd Book Society - Westpoint, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, Devon, EX5 1DJ United Kingdom T: 01392 447494 | W: | E:

Stirling Agricultural Centre

2018 Royal Welsh Show Beef Interbreed Champion

6 Lincoln Red Bulls & 36 Lincoln Red Females at Newark on 20th October 2018 Come and see our Team in Carlisle at

Borderway Agri Expo on 2nd November 2018

22 12 12, 2018 22| OCTOBER | October 2018

p022_beefclass1210.indd 2 p022.indd 22

Tel: 01522 511395

Sunday 21 – Tuesday 23 October Stirling Bull Sales 864 Pedigree Bulls & Females Sunday 21 October: Show of AA females & bulls; Show of BSH females & bulls; Show of Lim bulls & parade of Salers, British Blonde & Lincoln Red bulls Monday 22 October: Show of Char bulls; Sale of AA bulls; Sale BSH females incl Chapelton, Glenisla, Dunsyre; Sale of BSH bulls & Lincoln Red bull; Sale of AA females incl Gretnahouse, Glenhaven & dispersals from Moncur & Schivas: Sale of Lim bulls & Lim females, British Blonde bulls and Salers bulls; Show of Sim females & bulls Tuesday 23 October: Sale of Char bulls; Sale of Sim females incl Boars Head, Kennox, Langalbuinoch, Cairnview & Mendick dispersal; Sale of Sim bulls Programme of Events & Catalogues available at Stirling Agricultural Centre Stirling FK9 4RN 01786 473055

09/10/2018 14:00 09/10/2018 13:59:31

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Auctions & Breed Societies Contact the Secretary


Tel: 01228 562946 / Fax: 01228 562187

Livestock Equipment

JTUNIVERSAL The stand alone hoof trimming squeeze type trimming crush.

Static & trailer mounted also available. Call for further details JT Universal South Dyke, N. Yorks. DL8 5JU Mob. 07715 078 253 email: website:

Livestock Equipment

Clipex - HD Series of Cattle Crushes. ®

Clipex - Cattle handling made easier, faster and simpler ®

HD 2000 Series Crush


Manufacturers and suppliers of Mobile and Static Cattle Squeeze Crushes


• Automatically Draft up to 300 Cattle Per Hour • Double Parallel Squeeze • Split Gate Entry Doors • Hot Dipped Galvanised S • Integrated Side Draft • Innovative designtrust features solutions you can • State of the Art Technology

Finance Options Available Indication of finance cost - £ 570.00 Per Month over 36(+1) Months (Terms & Conditions Apply) All enquiries to: Office Tel: 0203 3184044 Office Tel: +353 (0)65 6703351 Mobile Tel: +353 (0)87 1914360

p023_beefclass1210.indd 2 p023.indd 23

Mobile Sheep Race (all with or without weigh systems)

Ring Wilton on: 07802 331 006 Email: gsflivestock | | 23 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018

09/10/2018 15:16 09/10/2018 15:14:03 Livestock Equipment

American Squeeze Crush Systems Ltd, Depot: Oak Tree, Burneston, N. Yorks, DL8 2JW Mobile 07770 457 453; Office 01423 322326;


Made In The UK


Fast throughput


legal advice for VIP members

processing crush

• weight 1.75 tonnes; • extra wide (33 3/4” internal); • front & rear head gates for double throughput. Plus PEARSON USA Hydraulic,

Non Hydraulic, Full Systems & Mobile Equipment

Call 0330 333 0056 to subscribe

Minimise Hassle - Maximise Safety

The Cow Catcher Crate is developed for easier and safer management of livestock of all ages. The head yolk is now on the right hand side for easier access to carry out caesarean births. Also available fully galvanized.

CALL DREW 01771 644673 • 07762 794 345 Wester Allathan, New Deer, Aberdeenshire, AB53 6YQ



Make handling cattle faster, easier and safer anytime, anywhere with the

Pharmweigh designs and manufacturers high quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment.

by Tel: +44 (1359) 250917

Tel: 01759 371601 or 07714 283243

FG Buy and Sell 01772 799500

Alternative Bedding Suppliers of Quality Livestock Feeding and Handling Equipment • Alpaca / calf hurdles

AGRICULTURAL • Sheep hurdles Prices start from £13 +VAT each • Handling systems •Water & feed troughs • Crushes • Electric fencing

Telephone: 01406380775 / Call Lisa for a delivery quote or to arrange collec…on 24 12 12, 2018 24| OCTOBER | October 2018

p024_beefclass1210.indd 2 p024.indd 24


Q3 house ad Legal Helpdesk 45Wx75H.indd20/09/2017 1 12:14

Cheap alternative livestock bedding • High lime value helps to reduce cell counts • Suitable for most livestock systems • Reduced wear/maintenance on equipment • Reduce bedding storage requirements • Reduce vermin For more information call FGS Organics on:

08081 787655

09/10/2018 15:18 09/10/2018 15:15:54

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Cattle For Sale

Lorabar Aberdeen Angus Selling at Stirling on 22nd October Lot Number 18 Always a good selection of Young Bulls For Sale. Ready to work. Good EBV’s . Good types. Performance recorded BVD and Johnes accredited. Contact Colin Montgomery 07885515172 Lochwinnoch PA12 4JP

PEDIGREE POLLED HEREFORD BULLS 18-20 months old Sired by easy calving bulls High Health Status & Farm Assured Easy Fleshing - Ready to work Tel:

07968 592608 or 01299 861275 Shrops/West Mid Borders (P)

Sandybrook Pedigree Beef Shorthorns

Further reduction of small closed high health herd, TB free since established in 1993, Two Roan 2017 Heifers, Top Pedigrees (one ‘Calrossie Dolina Ruth’ line) £2,250 the pair

Telephone 01335

342728 (Derbyshire)

LILEY ABERDEEN ANGUS Hi health pedigree performance recorded bulls for sale. Visitors welcome. TB4 07767 307044 S.Yorks (P)


01978 664418 OR 07986 113221 WREXHAM (P)

Pedigree Simmental Bulls


16 months old. Member of SAC Health Scheme. Accredited for BVD and IBR. Johnes Risk Level 1. Excellent confirmation and quiet to handle. Ready for work. Tel 07585194442. West Wales

5 Wagyu Bulls Full blood registered

£3500 each

Tel Oliver: 00353 8631 54942



Polled and Horned

Contact Gill Pye

Tel: 01877 385762 Mob: 07816 488195

Laxfield Herefords

Good selection of Pedigree Hereford females for sale Top British bloodlines High health status

Tel: 01994 484765


• Good Conformation • Growth • Excellent Temperaments • High Health • Competitive Prices

07903248040 / 07711 692067 REGISTERED RED ABERDEEN ANGUS BULL By Karimba Red Emperor, Dam by Rawburn transformer, 26th months, Herd Heath Scheme, TB tested. From dosile easy calving grass reared herd. Carol Field - Karimba Angus: 01584 810424 Worcs (P)

p025_beefclass1210.indd 2 p025.indd 25 (P)

PEDIGREE BRITISH BLUE BULL FOR SALE Closed herd, TB4 area, excellent conformation and temperament, ready for work. Tel: 01697476464 Cumbria (P) 3 Pedigree Angus Cows & 3 Angus Cross Cows, All with Calves. TB4 Dispersal. Tel: 01616 538314 or 07973 420974 Manchester (P)

Gateridge Aberdeen Angus Bulls Farm Assured - SAC Health Scheme Closed herd - South Northants Andy Thompson

07836 246392


2 PEDIGREE SIMMENTAL BULLS 18 months old Well grown and ready for work Good temperament and from a high health status herd

Tel: 07703 125695 Skipton, North Yorkshire (P)


Feeding Cows E & U+ grades Stock Bulls E & U grades 07970 481 956

| | 25 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018

09/10/2018 15:33 15:32

STOCKJUDGING COMPETITION Do you consider yourself a good judge of stock? If so, enter our annual beef stockjudging competition to be in with a chance of winning up to £200.

Test your stockjudging skills and win up to £200


ur popular beef stockjudging competition is back for 2018. The competition runs annually and is again sponsored by Showtime, supplier of specialist livestock products for cattle, sheep, horses and other animals, covering the UK and Europe.

How to take part Take part by pitting your judging skills against those of our professional judge to be in with the chance of winning one of three cash prizes. The winner of the first correct entry, drawn at random, will receive

our top prize of £200, while two runners-up will each win £50. Simply rank the four animals pictured (one being the animal you rate most highly), in the same order as our judge. Complete the entry form opposite and return it to: Beef Stockjudging Competition, Farmers Guardian, Unit 4, Fulwood Business Park, Caxton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ, by February 8, 2019.


26 | OCTOBER 12 2018

Beef Stockjudging 2018 DPS BB KH (Signed off).indd 2

ENTER ONLINE Alternatively, you can enter the competition online at

Could your stockjudging skills win you one of three cash prizes?



Return the form opposite or enter online at



09/10/2018 13:48

HOW TO ENTER Return the form below or enter online at





Stockjudging competition entry form

Fill in and return this form before February 8, 2019, or go to

Completing Section A of the form enables you to be entered into our free prize draw. However, we’d like to know a little more about you to help us provide information about relevant products. Fill in Section B if you would like to provide this additional information.

Section A Title:

First name:

Your judgement:



First Second

Year of birth:




Telephone number:



Section B Are you the main decision maker on farm? Primary occupation (tick one box only): Farm Owner Contractor




Farm Manager Agronomist/Adviser

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Tenant Farmer Other

Farm Manager Agronomist/Adviser

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Tenant Farmer Other

Secondary occupation: (tick one box only): Farm Owner Contractor 0










Total farm size in hectares: Dairy (livestock numbers): Beef (livestock numbers):

Privacy Statement: Data protection – your personal data will be collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Statement which can be viewed (see p11). From time to time, AgriBriefing would like to use the personal data you have provided in this form to contact you via email, post, phone and text about AgriBriefing goods and services that we think will be of interest to you. If you would like to receive this communication, please confirm this by ticking this box. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties. If you have any queries or concerns about how we hold your data, please write to the Data Protection Co-ordinator, AgriBriefing, Unit 4, Caxton Road, Preston, PR2 9NZ, or email

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OCTOBER 12 2018 | 27

09/10/2018 13:48 Animal Health

Fencing Telephone: 00353 876490620 UK Distributor: Davies Implements Ltd Carmarthenshire Tel: 01267 237726 Email:

The Home of Great Post Drivers!

SHROPSHIRE FARM VETS Supporng Shropshire Farmers

9 full time clinical veterinary surgeons focusing entirely on livestock, and 7 full time TB specific vets.

New additional office at Glovers Meadow Industrial Estate, Oswestry, call us on 01691 898822 to discuss your veterinary requirements.

M3 Post Driver with Rock Spike Suitable for Farmers & Contractors Side Shift & Side Tilt, Back & Forward Tilt.

@ShropFarmVets Shropshire Farm Vets, Unit 3, The Depot, Hanwood, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY5 8NY T: 01743 860 920 F: 01743 861 934 E: W:

Feeding & Housing

Clean Comfort

400KG Hammer. To see the full range go to


POWERSHIFT Patent No: GB2485879 IE86205

Suitable for Farmers and Contractors

Charlie Sutcliffe 07703 679023

• Side Shift and Side Tilt • Back and Forward Tilt • Rockspike - Standard


• 500kg Hammer • Independant Hydraulic Legs Tel: 01573 440 314 Andrew: 07901 618 479 Stuart 07970 450 720

28 12 12, 2018 28| OCTOBER | October 2018

p028_beefclass1210.indd 2 p028.indd 28

Silage Feeding Trailer Calf/ Bull Beef Feeders 15x5 Bunker Feeder Greenfield Works, Ballylough Road, Castlewellan, Co. Down, BT31 9JQ, Northern Ireland

T: +44 (0) 28 4377 8711 W: email:

09/10/2018 14:57 09/10/2018 14:56:52

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today

QUALITY SHEEP HOUSING, BUILT TO LAST At Premier Polytunnels we know lambing season is the most important time of a sheep farmer’s year, not to mention the ewe’s, so it is no surprise that having quality lambing facilities is at the top of the farmer’s list.


Key benefits of our sheep housing: • • • • • •

More than 30 years of experience Improves animal welfare Reduces stress in the flock Pregnant ewes and housed sheep are cheaper to feed Supplied as a complete unit ready for assembly We offer a full range of sizes from 16ft to 30ft wide, and lengths from 30ft to 90ft • 50mm and 60mm diameter steel hoops for strength and rigidity

Buy online at or call: 01282 811250 or email:









Tel: 01244 394258


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| | 29 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018

09/10/2018 14:30 09/10/2018 14:13:42 Feeding & Housing WILLIAMS AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING T: 015396 23538 Ravenstonedale, Cumbria M: 07825 221390

• LWC Loader Attachments • ATV Bale Trailers Tractor/ATV Tyres • Parts • Quad-X/Blaney Equipment

2002 John Deere 5510

4WD. Creeper Gear box, 4,200 hours everything working excellent condition. £10,500

2017 Mchale C460 Bedder/Feeder. Done 400 Bales. As New condition. £10,000

Better price if sold together - Please call: 07834 715269 or 01257 463575 (P)


V-Mac Silos

Don’t waste any precious fodder! Help ration it with a Blaney 028 2587 2801

Call for your local dealer

30 2018 30| OCTOBER | October12 12, 2018

p030_beefclass1210.indd 2 p030.indd 30

Suitable for Grain, Meal and Pellets. Capacity 1 - 60 tonne 45 or 60 Deg. Hopper Bottom

ROLLER MILLS A Winder & Son Cumbria

0777 9444 174 ND Jeans Somerset

01963 370 044


01691 662690

Two models Capacity approx 1 ton – 3 ton / hr Easy to operate and adjust. Efficient for crushing / rolling all common raw materials

09/10/2018 14:59 09/10/2018 14:58:07

Call 01772 799500 and place your ad today Feeding & Housing

Muck & Slurry


Rope & Ratchet Scraper System Will fit on telehandlers, front end loaders and tractors. Silage Buckets also available AGRIQUIPMENT SALES & FABRICATIONS TEL: (01724) 783887 FAX: 01724 784242 BoM AGRIQUIPMENT SALES Email: Web:

Muck & Slurry

Smart Slurry Aeration Systems

‘HOT & COLD PRESSURE WASHERS & AIR COMPRESSORS’ Professional Cold Water Pressure Washers, Hot Water Pressure Washers, Electric Pressure Washers, Petrol Pressure Washer or Diesel Pressure Washers, you’ll be sure to find the best deals here and we won’t be beaten on price!

W. Bateman & Co.

GARSTANG ROAD, BARTON, PRESTON, LANCS TEL: (01772) 862948 FAX: (01772) 861639

Contact: Stuart Knowlden

Mobile: 07827 361452 Email:


Enviroseal provide a complete range of products for slurry storage SLURRY LAGOON LINERS Comprehensive 25 year warranty Materials meet EA and SEPA requirements Installed and tested by certified technicians


Keeps rainwater out of slurry Reduces odour from lagoons Covers comply with EA and SSAFO legislation t: 01695 228626

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| | 31 12, 2018 October OCBOBER 12 2018 31

09/10/2018 14:44 09/10/2018 14:44:13

Feeding straw as silage runs out? • Add feeding value simply and economically • Comprehensive range of protein, energy and mineral supplements • Rapid delivery with 1,000+ litres straight to farm • Special formulations available to order • Wheel feeders and bulk storage tanks supplied

Then simply pour on or feed Dallas Keith liquid supplements Dallas Keith Ltd, Bromag Industrial Estate, Burford Road, Witney, Oxon OX29 0SR

Telephone: 01993 773061 | 32 | OCTOBER 12 2018

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09/10/2018 14:30

Profile for Briefing Media Ltd

Farmers Guardian 12th October 2018  

Farmers Guardian 12th October 2018