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November 23-24, 2022 East of England Showground, Peterborough Sponsored by

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Yara – Your partner for complete crop nutrition Find out how to reduce risk in high input, fertiliser management. Come and talk to us at Croptec 2022 on stand 1.330. Our experts will be on hand to advise how you can build yield resilience and maximise potential.


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Yara UK

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Welcome to The CropTec Show 2022 Cultivating resilience on-farm


s farmers continue to grapple with soaring input prices, whether energy, fertiliser or diesel, this year’s 10th anniversary of The CropTec Show will see leading voices in the arable sector come together to break down practical ways to cultivate resilience on-farm. Operating in a high-risk farming world, the sessions have been specially designed to provide technical insight on how growers can futureproof their businesses, which has arguably never been more pressing, as farmers and agronomists across the country move to cope with the evershifting political and regulatory landscape. From analysing the impacts of international trade to exploring the implications presented by new environmental schemes, such as the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), visitors can continue to think critically about how to build resilience at the individual farm-level. This year’s sessions have combined science, policy, and practice to help growers thrive in the face of adversity, with topics spanning from strategies for disease control in a changing climate, to understanding the role technology can play in controlling fertiliser costs. How do farmers put in place practical measures to cultivate yield resilience? What are the tangible risks and benefits associated with monetising

revenue opportunities within the natural capital sphere? These are just some of the questions experts will endeavour to answer and engage with as farmers look to develop risk management strategies for the future. Whether it is about the future of our crop protection toolkit or hearing from farmers on the ground as they move to manage risk in a changing climate, visitors will have plenty of opportunity to glean valuable insights with specialists in CropTec’s seminars, hubs and on the trade stands.

Gareth Jones CropTec Event Manager, Agriconnect


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CELEBRATING 10 Years of The CropTec Show As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of The CropTec Show, we talk to the show’s creator and former development director Stephen Howe about how – and why – it all began.


ware of the many changes facing the arable sector 12 years ago, Stephen Howe was keen to create a ‘no frills’ technical event that would equip growers and their advisers with the knowledge and technical knowhow needed for their businesses to thrive. New EU and UK regulations alongside other demands meant that the industry was changing at pace, explains Stephen, former development director for UBM, which owned Farmers Guardian group CropTec’s parent company - at the time. He believed that a new event was needed to keep growers and their advisers up-to-date and to highlight, demonstrate and encourage best practice. Two important pieces of EU pesticide legislation came into force in the run up to the launch of the first CropTec event. These would control pesticide use and availability, he says. “Coupled with existing UK legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive, Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and cross-compliance requirements, farmers and operators needed to be better informed to ensure they complied with the law.” At the same time, the rising cost of pesticides and fertilisers was encouraging adoption of new application technology. Environmental issues – such as agrochemicals in watercourses and damage to soil structure from farming practices – were causing concern. “We wanted to raise awareness among farmers about what was going on right now, what was coming Visitors gather around a 2021 Knowledge Hub.

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Exhibition hall from the first CropTec Show.

Visitors at the 2019 event.

The CropTec Show 2017 attendees.

up in the next year or two and what steps they could take now to prepare,” he says. “The first event emphasised the need for UK farmers to focus on production costs to ensure they could remain profitable in the increasingly volatile and competitive world of global crop production. It was a great success.” Benchmarking, new technology, science and research became the themes running through subsequent CropTec events. Those topics were reflected in the seminar programmes, designed to arm growers with the knowledge they needed to make the right technical and business decisions to drive down unit production costs while increasing productivity. Since Brexit - and with a host of new challenges the CropTec themes and seminars have become increasingly relevant and important, he says. “CropTec continues to demonstrate how the latest technology and business tools can help farms to reduce costs to become more competitive despite climate change, currency markets, changing trade agreements or fickle politics.”


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LAMMA SHOW RETURNS TO JANUARY DATES 10-11 January 2023 at the NEC, Birmingham

Get your free ticket for LAMMA! The UK’s leading farm machinery show, LAMMA connects farmers from all sectors with companies who provide cutting-edge machinery, technology and equipment for the farming industry. See machinery launches, UK debuts, global brands and small manufacturers, all together under one roof. Bring your team to the UK’s largest farm machinery showroom, network and do business.

3 700 exhibitors 3 The Future Farming Trail 3 CPD points 3 Farm Safety and Security Zone 3 LAMMA Torques speaker zone 3 NAAC Contractors Lounge 3 Health and Well-being Zone 3 Young Engineer Award

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Make water part of your future and join the conversation about the impact that water will have on your business in the next five years. Take part in the debate on water quality, quantity and what the next five years might hold for agriculture in this area. We want to know the challenges you are facing and what would help make difficult decisions about water on your farm easier. Let’s think about food and water security together – we can’t have one without the other. Each session on each day will have different panellists who will be able to answer your questions and give you their opinions and ideas.

Programme - Day One

Programme - Day Two

Morning debate - 11.45am-12.30pm We will be discussing water quantity with the help of Tim Farr, Belinda Bailey and Ian Gould.

Morning debate - 11.45am-12.30pm Panellists for the morning session will be Richard Bramley, Dr Simon Bowen and The University of Cambridge Farm.

Afternoon debate – 1.15pm-2pm We will be discussing water quality with the help of James Beamish, Tom Storr and Alice Green.

Afternoon debate – 1.15pm-2pm Panellists for the afternoon session will be Rob Burtonshaw, Dr Simon Bowen and Ian Gould.









Tim Farr is currently vice-chair of the Association of Drainage Authorities and the Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board, chair of the Southwell Flood Forum and a trustee of the Trent Rivers Trust. He has been chair of ADA’s Policy and Finance Committee for five years.

Ian Gould is a director of Oakbank Game and Conservation and has worked in the environmental side of farming for more than 20 years. His background in seeds and plant breeding has led to a keen interest in how plants can be used to solve problems.


Belinda Bailey is sustainable farming manager for Syngenta. Graduating with a degree in agriculture and land management, she joined Syngenta’s legacy company, Zeneca, in 1996 and holds both her BASIS and FACTS qualifications.

James Beamish grew up on an estate in South Norfolk. It was his summer harvest jobs which fuelled his passion for agriculture. In January 2016, he took up the position of farm manager at Holkham Estate and has since been appointed as a director of Holkham Farming Company.

Rob Burtonshaw is a Nuffield Scholar and owner of Farm Services, a land drainage contractors based in Warwickshire. In 2012, Rob was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship providing a unique opportunity to study land drainage across the globe.

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Tom Storr is a research agronomist at Dyson Farming where he works between the agronomy, research and farm teams. Current responsibilities include soil assessments and management, cover crop research and crop walking.

Richard Bramley is chair of the NFU Environment Forum and arble farmer atat Manor Farm, Kelfield, South Yorkshire. Richard is the third generation of his family to farm at Manor Farm, which grows a wide variety of crops including bread wheat, malting barley and potatoes irrigated using trickle irrigation.

Alice Green is part of the Land Use Policy team at the CLA. Alice has a background in sustainability and leads on climate and water policy and advice. The CLA is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales.

Dr Simon Bowen trained as a nematologist before specialising as potato agronomist initially at SRUC (SAC) in Scotland before moving to East Anglia where he is currently head of knowledge exchange for the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO).


Jill Hewitt is chief executive of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors and has worked for the organisation for over 20 years. Passionate about all things farming, she values being able to influence the industry and make positive change for the contracting sector. THE CROPTEC SHOW 2022

09/11/2022 18:11

Grab your piece of the pie Sign up to our internationally accredited soil carbon programme and you could be earning up to three certificates per hectare at £20–£40 per certificate – just by implementing more climate-friendly practices into your farming activities. There’s a lot of potential profit to be made. Why not grab a slice of it for yourself? Stop by Booth 2304 to find out how you can increase your fields’ financial gain.

for Come by da a chat an ie at piece of p 04 Booth 23

WILL WE SEE YOU AT CROPTEC? Visit the Farmplan stand to see our exciting cloud crop management and accounting software.

23 – 24 November 2022 Hall 1, Stand 210 An Exclusive show only offer

20% off all software* *Terms apply. Please ask for details.

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FOOD & ENVIRONMENT VIA IPM Hub Sponsored by Setting the balance between profitable food production, responsible input use, enhancing soils, and the wider environment will differ on every farm. What should the first steps be? Integrated pest management (IPM) is not new, but taking a fresh look at adopting the principles on-farm as part of continued development to ensure the farm stays profitable and in business for the long-term, while benefiting from reduced costs, stable yields, and environmental payments, makes sense whatever way you look at it. AHDB has various tools, independent research-based information and services to guide arable growers to the best decisions for the farm and crop. From the most appropriate variety, crop nutrition plan, fungicide programme and weed control strategy. All of which are interlinked like never before. If you are looking to reduce soil movement, review the return on inputs, get more from your varieties and markets available, then visit the AHDB stand and talk to its specialists for more information.

Programme - Day One and Day Two 10.30am-11am Disease Management Pest and disease resistance of varieties is increasing in importance and the AHDB Recommended Lists are a good place to find this information. This presentation from Catherine Harries will focus on how to get the best out of the RL for disease management. 1.30pm-2pm Supporting IPM decisions During the session, Dr Mark Ramsden (ADAS) will demonstrate the new IPM Decisions Platform, showcasing how it can be used to assess upcoming risks associated with pests in crops throughout Europe. He will also show how different locations and risk forecasts can be compared and how to find IPM Tools to manage pests as part of IPM Strategies.

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Catherine Harries is a senior scientist in AHDB’s IPM team, she is a specialist in diseases of cereals and oilseeds. Supported by her team, she is responsible for the Recommended List disease ratings and fungicide performance curves. She also manages disease decision support tools such as the light leaf spot, phoma, and sclerotinia forecasts, as well as the United Kingdom Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS) project.


Dr Mark Ramsden is a principal consultant at ADAS, specialising in the management of pest and beneficial invertebrate’s agriculture and developing enabling methodologies for the implementation of IPM. His research focuses on arable crops, with a particular interest in industry networks for promoting farm centric innovation. He currently project manages and is lead entomologist in the Horizon Europe-funded IPM Decisions project (No. 817617) and leads development of an IPM resource Toolbox in its sister project, IPMWorks (No. 101000339).


10/11/2022 09:17


LEVERAGING NATURAL CAPITAL Hub Sponsored by This hub will answer common questions around carbon audits and trading, such as the role of additionality and the difference between carbon brokers and carbon marketplaces. It will also chart the evolution of carbon audit technology to explain why calculators provide different answers and how these should be interpreted. Carbon is just one piece of the natural capital puzzle, however. Soil, biodiversity and water quality all offer opportunities to increase farm incomes and business resilience. Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is one opportunity that is increasingly discussed, though many express concerns about its impact on production. One way to benefit from biodiversity without taking areas out of production are biodiversity cobenefits. Co-benefits are attached to carbon credits to evidence broader environmental benefits. Sustainabilityfocused buyers will pay a premium for these credits. Credits can also be associated with water quality cobenefits. Farms selling their carbon without associating it with environmental co-benefits are probably missing out on significant income. Choosing the right technology to navigate these opportunities will be essential.

Programme - Day One and Day Two 10.30am-11am Sharing experiences to increase farm sustainability and profitability Hear from Michael Kavanagh, Shropshire farmer, co-founder of the Green Farm Collective, and Farmers Weekly Awards 2022 Farm Manager of the Year finalist. Find out how Trinity Global Farm Pioneers is supporting groups to integrate ideas on a single platform. Join online communities, connect and communicate with other farmers and innovators. Discover how to access content that is relevant to your business, and where science and practice meets and progresses.

1.20pm-1.50pm Carbon + Biodiversity: The route to higher incomes Not all carbon credits are created equal. Michael Kavanagh, of the Green Farm Collective, recently traded a high-quality carbon + biodiversity co-benefit for £100/tonne on Trinity Natural Capital Markets - almost five times the price being paid by some popular carbon trading brokers. This talk will explore the role of scientific credibility, environmental co-benefits, and trading platforms in extracting maximum value from carbon trading.

11.50am-12.20pm Avoiding carbon tunnel vision Agfunder recently profiled 75 new companies on its ‘Ag Carbon Map’. Google returns more than 600,000 results for ‘carbon farming’. However, the greatest results are being reaped by farms moving beyond the carbon-centric mindset to take a holistic view of natural capital. This talk will discuss how to create an asset register of your farm’s natural capital potential – and how you can leverage that potential to create multiple income streams.


Dr Emily Pope has more than 10 years’ experience working in knowledge exchange within the agricultural industry, including at AHDB. She has a PhD in soil sciences from Harper Adams University.


Michael Kavanagh manages a farm in Shropshire. His emphasis is building plant health and minimising synthetic inputs. The farm sequesters a lot of carbon and his aim is to build as much soil life and organic matter as he can.


Anna Woodley has held senior roles at industry leading organisations including Agrimetrics and Proagrica. She has a degree in commercial horticulture and studied business innovation with the University of Oxford.


CT22 p8 9 IPM and Natural Capital Hubs.indd 3


Juan Palomares’ career as a industrial engineer has spanned the agricultural, renewable energy and financial services sectors. Most recently, he has been CEO and COO of fintechs and energytechs, with a focus on sustainability and profitability.

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Modern farming is generating huge amounts of data and farmers are told this data has value, but how many are realising this value by utilising the data they have to inform management decisions and implement change? We will look at how new technology, such as digital farming platform FieldView, is changing the way farmers collect, share and interact with their data. We will be sharing on-farm examples from this harvest of how farmers are using data to inform variety choice, optimise nitrogen use, evaluate disease management and streamline data collection.

Programme - Day One

Programme - Day Two

11am–11.15am Evaluating and improving nitrogen use efficiency Interactive Q&A session with FieldView user Edward Lawton-Bradshaw, digital activation specialist, will host an interactive Q&A session with a special guest FieldView user. We will hear about how FieldView is being used onfarm, what are some of the key features that deliver value and how it is supporting better use of farm data.

11am-11.15am Evaluating and improving nitrogen use efficiency Hear from Dr Christina Baxter, senior crop research consultant at ADAS, on how the use of nitrogen can optimised and how data collected on-farm can support better decision making and improved nitrogen use efficiency.

1pm- 1.15pm Interactive Q&A session with FieldView user Ellie Borthwick-North, digital activation specialist, will host an interactive Q&A session with a special guest FieldView user. We will hear about how FieldView is being used on-farm, what are some of the key features that deliver value and how it is supporting better use of farm data.

1pm-1.15pm Introduction to FieldView Max Dafforn, digital activation manager at Bayer, will give an introduction to Bayer’s digital farming platform FieldView, demonstrating its features, how it delivers value and how it is currently being used by growers in the UK to support data collection, sharing and better decision making.


2.50pm-3.05pm Evaluating and improving nitrogen use efficiency Hear from Dr Daniel Kindred on how the use of nitrogen can optimised and how data collected on-farm can support better decision making and improved nitrogen use efficiency. SPEAKER BIO

Edward LawtonBradshaw has 11 years experience on-farm, managing 1,200ha before joining Bayer. He has a practical experience of maximising productivity by collecting and using data and now assists growers in getting the most from FieldView.


Ellie BorthwickNorth is a digital activation specialist for FieldView. She is BASIS and FACTS qualified. Prior to joining Bayer this year, Ellie spent 15 years working on an arable farm using precision agriculture equipment in her agronomy and on-farm.

Dr Christina Baxter is a crop research consultant at ADAS and specialises in applied research, with the main objective of sustainably increasing crop performance on UK farms. Recent work has included leading the new YEN network YEN Zero.


Max Dafforn joined Bayer in 2020 and manages FieldView. He has a degree in plant science and a masters in agronomy. Prior to joining Bayer, Max spent eight years working in precision agriculture and is passionate about digital farming technology.


Dr Daniel Kindred, ADAS head of agronomics, has been a crop physiology research scientist for ADAS since 2004, working on a range of projects to improve management and breeding of crops for grain yield, nitrogen efficiency, biofuel production and GHG savings.

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09/11/2022 18:13

Food & Environment via IPM Come visit us in Hall 1, Stand 1.126

Hub Programme Session 1 (10:30 – 11:00): Variety selection for disease management

Download the RL app

Session 2 (13:30 – 14:00): Supporting IPM decisions

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Available on Google Play and App Store

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Seminars supported by

All seminar sessions will run on both days of the event.


Seminar sponsored by

9.30am-10.30am Coping with change: Costs, environmental regulation and cultivating resilience From analysing the impacts of international trade to exploring the implications of environmental policy, experts will gather to tackle some of the most pressing questions around cost management facing the arable sector. Chairperson (Day One) Abi Kay, head of news, Farmers Guardian

Chairperson (Day Two) Joe Stanley, head of training and partnerships, GWCT Allerton Project

Speakers Caroline Nicholls, sustainable farming incentive content team leader, Future Farming and Countryside Programme The Big Picture - a hard look at environmental policy: breaking down the new SFI/ELM scheme legislation.

Harry Henderson, technical knowledge exchange manager, AHDB A look at cost management in arable farming and tackling barriers to regenerative agriculture to ask: is it just good husbandry with a fresh focus on soil care?

Sebastien Mallet, analyst, consultant and chief executive, ODA Connect Sebastian will look at how international trade is influencing costs on-farm to break down the risks and opportunities for farmers.

Ed Reynolds, Cambridgeshire farmer Ed will take a practical look at his farm business, focusing on how the transition to regenerative agricultural techniques have made his farm more resilient and helped to diversify the enterprise’s income streams.

DEBATE seminar

Seminar sponsored by

11am-11.45am Trusting data: how tech adoption could be key to controlling fertiliser costs Debate: Experts will deep dive into the economics of tech adoption to highlight its role in controlling fertiliser costs. Panel members Chairperson Matt Culley, NFU combinable crops board chair

Mark Tucker, Marketing and agronomy manager, Yara Europe

Tom Hawthorne, Nottinghamshire farmer

Ben Abell, Dyson Farming

Find out more at 12 CT22 p12 14 15 16 Seminars.indd 17


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Visit us At stand


Metribuzin 700 WG

Fluroxypyr 200 EC

Trinexapac Ethyl 250 EC


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Diflufenican 500 SC

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SEMINAR Three 12.30pm-1.15pm Maximising natural capital revenue opportunities: A hard look at ways to monetise environmental deliverables on-farm.

Seminar sponsored by

This session is specially designed to help farmers understand their options when it comes to monetising revenue opportunities within the natural capital sphere. From carbon to water, experts will take a hard look at the various drivers influencing the supply chain of these environmental deliverables to identify financial gain.

BASE-UK is a nationwide, knowledge exchange organisation led by farmers for farmers and individuals passionate about the regenerative agricultural system, increasing the sustainability and health of our soil, crops, livestock and therefore our industry. We are pleased to be supporting the CropTec Show. We are proud that several of our members are involved in seminars at the show - leading the way with regenerative agriculture. On 7th and 8th February 2023, we are celebrating our 10th AGM Conference – Frederic Thomas, founder of BASE France and mentor of BASE-UK will be attending. Details about this and how to join as a member are available on our website

Increase your fertlisier efficiency with Calcifert.

Find us on stand number 1.102 for a chat and more information.

Our new formula of Lime and Sulphur in one easy-to-apply granule boosts your soil’s health.

14 CT22 p12 14 15 16 Seminars.indd 18

Visit LKAB Minerals on stand 1.434 to speak to our Sales team.


09/11/2022 18:18

SEMINAR PROGRAMME Chairperson Dr Liz Lewis-Reddy, director of policy and economics, ADAS

Speakers George Cook, senior farm business consultant, Andersons George Cook will break down the natural capital schemes currently in place and look at where income can be generated on farm, specifically looking at environmental deliverables such as carbon and water. He will examine the tangible financial implications of both. Nigel Davies, director, MaltDoctor With an increasing number of food and beverage companies calculating their carbon footprint, many are finding that a major proportion of carbon footprint arises from the carbon embedded from the growing of food-based raw materials. With a requirement to change farming practices to reduce overall carbon footprint, this highlights a new potential risk to continuing supply with farmers. Brewers, distillers, millers, and maltsters are keen to work with farmers to understand these issues and potential remedies. Nigel Davies will examine the carbon footprint challenge in more detail and explain the impact that is being delivered by engaged and proactive farmers in delivering the dual benefit of improved soil health and carbon sequestration. Michael Kavanagh, co-founder and director, Green Farm Collective Michael Kavanagh will take a practical look at the Green Farm Collective’s successful efforts to quantify and profit from natural capital trading on-farm.

Find out what trees can do for you, your land, the environment and for future generations. Speak to the Forestry Commission today! Visit

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10/11/2022 11:18



Seminar sponsored by

2pm-2.45pm Strategies for disease control in a changing climate: where next? With the industry coming under increasing regulatory pressure, farmers are looking at ways to reduce their chemical inputs. From IPM to analysing the role of plant breeding in the crop protection armoury, this session will explore strategies to help farmers deal with the disease burden and look to the future to ask: where next for disease control?

Speakers Andrew Watson, head of membership technical services and east region agronomist, NIAB Andrew will take a practical look at the loss of fungicides and the knock on implications for controlling disease and growing for some end use markets. Dr Phil Howell, head of breeding, NIAB Cambridge Phil will talk about the latest technical advances in breeding for pest and disease resistance and how plant breeding must continue to adapt in the face of challenges, including a changing climate, fewer active ingredients, and societal pressure to reduce inputs. Colin Chappell, Lincolnshire farmer Colin will focus on ‘getting off the treadmill of inputs we find ourselves on’ to provide a practical guide to better targeting fungicide use on-farm. He will focus on NUE, sowing dates and the use of varietal blends.

Speaker networking area

New f


BRAND new for this year’s seminars, visitors 2022 will be able to continue the discussion with experts in our newly-created speaker networking area. Speakers will be on-hand after each session to answer any additional burning questions and provide technical insight. Providing an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange, be sure to catch up with our stellar line up of speakers and benefit from practical advice and guidance.

Find out more at 16 CT22 p12 14 15 16 Seminars.indd 22


10/11/2022 09:38

Hall 2 Stand No 2.322

Health Insurance and Cash Plans You’re in safe hands with WPA Why choose WPA? We offer a range of award-winning health insurance and cash plan products for individuals, families and businesses of all sizes. We’re good at what we do – we’ve been a dedicated health insurer since 1901 and are currently the highest-rated UK health insurer on Trustpilot1. We’re not hampered by the demands of shareholders motivated to make a profit, meaning we’re free to act differently from the rest. As a WPA member, you have the freedom to choose where, when and who provides your treatment. You can manage your membership on the go – gain instant pre-authorisation for new claims using the WPA Health app.

Making Connections

Rated ‘Excellent’ as at 01.07.22


Come and have a chat – stand 2.200

CHAP provides the tools, expertise and solutions to help accelerate agriculture’s journey to net zero, and further enhance sustainable farming practices.

Lisa Parrett Director of LP Health Ltd, an Appointed Representative of WPA Healthcare Practice Plc

07376 194413

| @CHAPAgriTech

29593 CHAP CropTec Show Guide Quarter Page ART.indd 1

ew N

Health & Safety Mobile App

16/09/2022 12:12

Streamline your health & safety management  Defect management  Equipment location services  Supports asset tagging & multi-holding / contractors  Built-in multi-language support  Integration into our client portal  One-click access to machine specific checklists

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SPREADING SUCCESS. Fertilisation accounts for about a third of the operating costs in arable farming. That’s why the technology used is all the more important to minimise losses and increase both efficacy and precision. Our fertiliser spreaders meet the most stringent demands: they spread highly precisely, save fertiliser in the process and are easy to set up – and above all they support your success! Experience Spica, Tauri and Polaris – fertilising precision in LEMKEN Blue.


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17 10/11/2022 09:35


EVENT MAP Sprayer Demonstration Area Featuring demonstrations from: Bateman Sprayers

Chafer Machinery

Mazzotti Sprayers

Sands Agricultural Machinery

Knight Farm Machinery

NRoSO exhibitor knowledge trail UP to six NRoSO points are available across the event. You can claim two points for attending and up to four are available through the knowledge trail. Visit each knowledge trail exhibitor for a questionnaire and to collect your points. Collect your stamp card and register your attendance with NRoSO on stand 2.310.

18 CT22 p18 19 Map JW GJ BB.indd 2

One point is available from each exhibitor Bayer Crop Science Stand 1.634 Gowan Crop Protection Stand 1.104 JRH Water Management Stand 1.334 Limagrain (LG Seeds) Stand 1.530 Premium Crops Stand 1.624 Seminar 4: Strategies for disease control Seminar Theatre, in a changing climate: where next? Hall 4 The Voluntary Initiative Stand 2.310 THE CROPTEC SHOW 2022

10/11/2022 12:08

EVENT MAP Seminars

Seminar programme supported by Stand 1.214

Hub sponsors

Coping with change: Costs, environmental regulation & cultivating resilience

Trusting data: How tech adoption could be key to controlling fertiliser costs

Stand 1.132

Stand 1.330

Maximising natural capital revenue opportunities

Strategies for disease control in a changing climate: Where next?

Stand 2.304

Digital farming hub

Food and environment via IPM hub

Stand 1.630

Stand 1.126

Leveraging natural capital hub

Water hub

Training zone

Stand 1.710

Stand 1.114

Stand 2.242

Catering area Feature area

BASIS exhibitor knowledge trail

A MAXIMUM of six BASIS points are available each day, including two points for attending. One point is available per day at each seminar. Visit each knowledge trail exhibitor for a questionnaire and to collect your points. Collect your card and register your attendance on stand 2.242.

One point is available from each stand AHDB Knowledge Stand 1.126 Exchange Hub Bayer Crop Science Stands 1.630 to 1.634 Calcifert Lkab Stand 1.434 Clayton Plant Protection Stand 1.152 Crop Intellect Stand 2.226 Gowan Crop Protection Stand 1.104 ICL Stand 1.232 Interagro (UK) Ltd Stand 1.246 JRH Water Management Stand 1.334 THE CROPTEC SHOW 2022

CT22 p18 19 Map JW GJ BB.indd 3

Limagrain Limex British Sugar National Sprayer Testing Scheme Origin Proagrica SAC Consulting England Seminar Theatre Swift Detect YAGRO Ltd Yara

Stand 1.530 Stand 1.628 Stand 1.612 Stand 1.544 Stand 1.402 Stand 1.622 Hall 4 Stand 1.426 Stand 2.320 Stand 1.330

19 10/11/2022 12:09


EXHIBITOR LISTINGS Acres Insurance Stand: 2.202 Acres works tirelessly to ensure farmers are properly insured. Understanding your business and its uniqueness is essential to us.

AgAnalyst Stand: 1.627 Introducing DataBaler – the easy way for farmers and agronomists to stack farming operations data in powerful analytics. Independent, In-field, Intelligence.

AgroChemex Environmental Stand: 2.244 Agricultural and horticultural contract research organisation offering laboratory testing, glass and field trials testing for scientific research data, regulatory and marketing claims.

Agronomist & Arable Farmer Magazine Stand: 3.200 Agronomist & Arable Farmer is a leading multimedia partner for brands looking to engage with this knowledge-hungry and dynamic market.



Stand: 1.812 Recruitment specialist for the agritech sector, covering roles in tech, science, engineering, commercial, senior leadership and more.

Stand: 2.330 Agtelligence has been developing Farmscore, a unique metric system using satellite imagery that promotes, encourages and supports UK farmers on their journey to sustainability.

Agreena Stand: 2.304 Monetising Environmental Deliverables seminar sponsor Agreena’s mission is to drive environmental and financial sustainability in agriculture. Our internationally accredited soil carbon certification programme, AgreenaCarbon, financially supports a farmer’s transition to more sustainable practices.

Agrifac UK Stand: 1.510 Discover the in-house developed spraying technologies from Agrifac at The Croptec Show; designed to provide growers with more precise spraying solutions and equip them for the future of farming.

20 CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 20

AHDB Stand: 1.126 Combining Food & Environment through IPM Hub sponsor AHDB is a statutory levy board funded by farmers and others in the supply chain, equipping levy payers with easy-to-use products, tools and services to inform decisions and improve business performance.

Allmet Grain Driers and JWI Stand: 3.210 Supplier of grain drying, cleaning, storage and handling equipment, representing Allmet, Tornum Westrup and Kongskilde.

AminoA Biostimulants Stand: 1.618 Using AminoA bio-stimulant products boosts yield and quality, resulting in a positive return and increased profits.

Anglian Water Stand: 1.114 Water Hub sponsor The water hub is looking for an engaging debate on water quality and quantity, with a view of the next five years. What are your thoughts on the challenges we are facing?

APG Stand: 3.214 Applied Protection Guards will be displaying glass protection products. Come have a chat and see what APG can offer.

APH Stand: 2.228 New and used combine harvesters for hire or sale as well as spare parts and service, plus self-propelled sprayer hire.

APV Stand: 1.140 Austrian manufacturer of pneumatic seeders, spreaders and grassland treatment machinery for efficient farm work, with reduced work costs. Innovations for the Future.

ARWAC Stand: 1.250 ARWAC is developing an innovative, robotic technical machine to provide an alternative solution to black-grass control.

Balance Power Projects Stand: 1.830 A leader in UK energy developments. Having secured more than £300 million in project funding, Balance is working with landowners who wish to benefit from clean energy.

Barkwith Associates Stand: 2.240 Providing Regulatory support for those involved with Plant Protection, Biocidal, Fertiliser and Biostimulant products. From clients looking for their first entry into the UK market through to European and Global players, we offer more than just regulatory compliance.

Aiva Fertilisers

Base UK

Stand: 2.308 Whether you are building soil health, balancing your crops’ nutrient levels to create a healthier plant or buffering your water for more favourable mixing conditions, Aiva Fertiliser has something for you.

Stand: 1.102 Independent, farmer-led knowledge exchange organisation encouraging members to make agriculture more sustainable. Growing confidence for a decade.

Aphaeas Agriculture Stand: 2.212 Distributor of soil conditioners and bio-stimulants manufactured by Humintech, a leader in humic acid technology.


10/11/2022 10:59

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.

BASIS Stand: 2.242 Independent charity committed to raising professional standards across land management and food production through qualifications, professional registers and auditing schemes.

Bateman Sprayers Stand: 1.410 Bateman self-propelled crop sprayers are designed and manufactured for productivity.

Bayer Stand: 1.630 Digital Farming Hub sponsor Bayer’s digital farming platform Climate FieldView seamlessly collects, stores and visualises field data on one screen and in real time, unlocking the real power of your farm data.

Bayer CropScience


BNG Partnership

Stand: 1.634 A leading agricultural innovator across seeds, digital services and crop protection, aiming to shape the future of farming to meet our vision of health for all, hunger for none.

Ben Burgess / D oubleday Stand: 1.450 Learn how John Deere’s precision ag products can benefit your business.

Billericay Farm Services Stand: 1.400 A leading name in low drift technology and air inclusion nozzles, making step forward in low drift technology.

Stand: 1.844 Reversing climate change through technology, collaboration and education.

Bourgault Tillage Tools Stand: 1.226 High quality product with less disturbance, draft, lower running costs and higher moisture retention. A renowned global product with local support.

BQP Stand: 1.432 Contract pig breeding and growing business offering long-term sustainable opportunities as part of a successful integrated supply chain to the UK’s leading retailers.

Bridgewater Construction Stand: 1.734 Family business, with a national reputation for the design and installation of premium steel frame.

Calcifert LKAB Stand: 1.434 Supplier of easy-to-apply products for agricultural and horticultural sectors, including Calcifert Lime, made using British lime.

Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Stand: 1.600 CSF works with the industry to improve the quality of air, water and natural flood management.

Come and speak to the Garford Farm Machinery team today!

Stand 1.720

Tel. 01778 342642 THE CROPTEC SHOW 2022

CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 21 21 10/11/2022 10:59

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.

EXHIBITOR LISTINGS Compo Expert Cawood Agriculture Stand: 1.134 Comprehensive analysis for soil health, crop nutrition, animal health and nutrition, and water suitability to improve sustainability, productivity, and profitability.

Certis Belchim Stand: 1.340 Certis Belchim is focused on achieving and protecting greater yields and quality through innovative and sustainable crop protection products.

Chafer Machinery Stand: 1.520 Chafer Machinery offers premium trailed and self propelled sprayers, plus precision applicators, all designed and built in the UK.

CHAP - Crop Health and Protection Stand: 2.322 CHAP brings together experts to understand industry challenges, drive research and innovation and develop and trial solutions that transform crop systems.

Claas UK Stand: 1.100 Manufacturer of combine harvesters, tractors, balers and other agricultural machinery.

Clayton Plant Protection Stand: 1.152 Trusted crop protection solutions for a wide range of crops. An established family business with more than 30 years in the industry, providing valuable choice for growers.

22 CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 22

Stand: 1.320 A multi-national speciality fertiliser manufacturer using unique organo-synthetic technology to bring nitrogen-efficient technologies to farm.

Cranfield University

Dale Drills Stand: 2.102 Specialist in no-till tine drills with independent contour-following tine assemblies. Low power requirement (min 20hp/metre), high versatility seed drills.

De Sangosse

Stand: 1.234 Cranfield’s world-class research focuses on finding practical solutions to achieve sustainable and profitable food production without waste.

CRM Agri Stand: 1.846 Provider of clear market intelligence, marketing groups, strategy advice and training to help farmers deliver consistent results and maximise the value of the commodities they grow.

Crop Intellect Stand: 2.226 Developer of disruptive technologies that increase crop productivity sustainably. Showcasing R-Leaf that captures atmospheric NOx pollution and converts it to nitrate on plant leaves.

Stand: 1.310 A leader in adjuvant technology, nutrition, molluscicides and pod sealants helping growers protect their crops.

Stand: 1.600 Defra staff will be on the stand to talk to you about how farming is changing with the government’s new Agricultural Transition Plan. Meet the team to find out about the plans for farming and the countryside in England.

Emerald Research: OptiYield Stand: 2.324 OptiYield is a complete crop nutrition and performance programme which generates proven results.

Enduramaxx Stand: 2.206 Manufacturer of plastic water tanks, chemical tanks, water bowsers for agricultural, industrial and construction applications.

Dejex Supplies

Eurofins Agro Testing

Stand: 1.542 A leading horticultural supplier offering bio-rational pesticides and plant growth regulators with technical advice gained from supplying high value ornamental, soft fruit and edible growers.

Stand: 1.110 A leading analytical services provider for agriculture and horticulture offering advanced technologies to provide more accurate analytical results, providing growers with added insight and advice.

Drone Ag

Stand: 1.222 Manufacturer and installer crop storage systems and buildings, with a reputation for combining innovative thinking with outstanding engineering and products.

Stand: 1.740 Drone Ag helps to make farming more productive through practical hassle-free drone automation, having developed Skippy Scout, an app that automates leaf-level crop data collection.


Stand: 1.748 Agricultural compliance specialist helping farmers prepare for inspections, secure accreditations, and attain rural payment subsidies.

Stand: 1.626 A leading independent seed specialist and plant breeder. Elsoms breeds, supplies and treats high quality seed using the latest in plant breeding research and seed technology.


Crop Systems


Elsoms Seeds

Stand: 1.750 DSV is a seed breeding company, selling crops including winter and spring oilseed rape, winter wheat, barley, maize, lupins, forage and amenity grasses.

Farm Electronics Stand: 1.300 Provider of complete crop storage systems for potatoes, onions and vegetables, specialising in refrigerated cooling, ventilation, and automated controls.

Farmdeals Stand: 3.202 Digital buying group that gives members access to the lowest product prices through its website and mobile app.


10/11/2022 10:59

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.

Fentons of Bourne Farmers Guardian and Arable Farming Stand: 1.444 Farmers Guardian and its sister publication Arable Farming are trusted sources of farming news, business politics information. Subscribe today with one of our unique subscription packages.

Farmplan Stand: 1.210 Farmplan is part of Proagrica Ag Solutions, providing trusted and fully-supported farm management software solutions designed for UK farmers and professionals working in agriculture.


Forestry Commission

G & A Crop Nutrition

Fera Science

Stand: 1.610 The Forestry Commission provides advice on woodland creation and management, alongside financial support, including the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO).

Stand: 1.440 Fera combines data and science, including measuring, monitoring, and assessing natural capital and soil health to help inform future land management decisions.

Stand: 2.224 Provider of specialist advice, programmes on a range of crops covering nutritional issues and soil health. Committed to growing healthy crops with our foliar nutrition products to help reduce artificial input.

Frontier Agriculture with SOYL Precision and Kings Crops

Stand: 2.326 Importer of high quality and durable Homburg drain cleaners from Holland for more than 30 years.

Fielder Nutrition Stand: 2.222 Specialist in cutting-edge plant nutrient products, such as slow release foliar N, phosphites and seed treatments, helping growers sustainably optimise their plants’ performance.

Stand: 1.420 Frontier Agriculture, Kings Crops and SOYL Precision present the latest developments in the MyFarm digital farm management platform. Discover every digital farm management application you’ll need in one future-proof solution.

Garford Farm Machinery Stand: 1.720 Garford Farm Machinery offers the latest in mechanical weed control for in-row and inter-row work, with unrivalled knowledge of vision technology and mechanical weeding, gained from more than 20 years of experience.

Go Liquid The benefits of liquid fertilisers Available with a wide range of sulphur ratios Fast Acting Uniform Application Improved crop response Convenience

Insurance cover as unique as your farm business

Accurate application - even in bad weather Apply right up to the field margin Using Didin with Liquid N means full application in one pass

We offer specialist, impartial advice on your personal insurance and wealth management requirements, in addition to an extensive range of products and services for estates, farms, equestrian and commercial enterprises. Home | Equine | Rural Business | Farm | Estate Motor | Commercial | Forestry | Renewable Energy

Northamptonshire Office | | 01604 782 782 Lycetts is a trading name of Lycett, Browne-Swinburne & Douglass Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Lycetts is a trading name of Lycetts Financial Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Call 01526 396000 Visit

Proud to protect you. Your property. Your business. Your vehicles. Your world.



CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 23


23 10/11/2022 10:59

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.

EXHIBITOR LISTINGS Harvest Eye Gowan Crop Protection Stand: 1.104 Family-owned agricultural solutions business, specialising in the development, registration and marketing of crop protection products.

Graindex Stand: 1.650 Join forward thinking farmers trading ex-farm grain with credit checked buyers.

Grange Machinery Stand: 1.314 Provider of agricultural machinery and wearing parts which lower crop establishment costs and improve soil structure.

Griffith Elder Stand: 2.220 Full size and portable weighbridges, on-board trailer weighing, spreader monitors and software for crop storage, biogas and biomass plants.

GT Agricultural Engineering Stand: 3.414 Design and manufacture of agricultural industry products to a high heavy-duty standard.

Stand: 1.814 Harvest Eye is a unique system which fits to existing harvesting equipment to provide live information as the crop is lifted.

Harvest Installations Stand: 2.106 Manufacturer and distributor of the award-winning Constant Humidity Controller and Maxi Stirrer as well as a bulk storage and drying specialist.

Horizon Agricultural Machinery Stand: 1.620 Design and manufacture of products that promote soil regeneration, helping growers improve productivity, yield and profitability.

Howseman Agrisupplies incorporating DRIP UK Stand: 2.110 Drip irrigation specialist. Full contracting and management services. Tape laying, commissioning, management, removal, bespoke machinery.

Ilex EnviroSciences Stand: 1.436 Developer and supplier of nutrition tools to optimise plant health and crop performance with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Interagro (UK) Stand: 1.246 A leading adjuvant and biostimulant business, helping farmers achieve more sustainable and profitable food production through superior plant health.

J J Metcalfe and Son Stand: 1.144 UK specialist in the design and manufacture of performance parts for agriculture; including tungsten carbide, heat treatment and hard-face weld techniques.

JRH Water Management Stand: 1.334 Rainwater harvesting specialist – offering design, supply and install services across the whole of the UK.

JWI / Allmet Horsch UK Stand: 1.132 Coping with change seminar sponsor A leading innovator of seeding, cultivation, spraying and precision seeding equipment.

Stand: 3.210 A supplier of grain drying, cleaning, storage and handling equipment, JWI represents manufacturers including Allmet, Tornum Westrup and Kongskilde.

HL Hutchinsons

Knight Farm Machinery

Stand: 1.220 A leading provider of agronomic advice and crop inputs. Also, specialist advice on agroecology, environmental services, carbon management, precision farming and soil health.

Stand: 1.232 A market leader in specialty fertilisers and crop nutrition. ICL products include efficiency fertilisers and foliar/fertigation technologies to help sustainably increase crop yield and quality.

Stand: 1.500 Knight manufactures a range of agricultural mounted, trailed, demount and selfpropelled sprayers with tank capacities of 1,300-8,000 litres and booms up to 40 metres.

CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 24

Stand: 1.324 Kuhn Group is a leading supplier of machinery for hay and silage making, baling and wrapping, bedding and feeding, soil preparation, seeding, fertilisation, spraying and landscape maintenance.

Landmark Systems Stand: 2.230 Farm business management software and apps specialist, offering the popular crop recording software Geofolia, Pear Agri agronomy software and the KEYPrime Accounts software range.

Largo Plant Services Stand: 2.246 Established in 1985, Largo is a leading supplier of engine and bulk fuel filtration products from top manufacturers, including Donaldson, Fleetguard and Mann Filter.

Lemken UK Stand: 1.616 Lemken agricultural machinery is known for the way it works on the field. Soil cultivation implements for optimal preparation for sowing. Sowing technology for establishing a sound foundation for high yields.

LH Agro (UK)

ICL UK Sales


Kuhn Farm Machinery (UK)

Stand: 2.332 On display will be Topcon’s range of precision farming systems including X consoles, AG receivers, IsoBus application controllers, Norac UC7 Boom Height Control and TAP cloud based connectivity and storage.


10/11/2022 10:59

DRIVING FARM POTENTIAL Providing independent, research-driven, industry-leading expertise, advice and solutions for agricultural, food, and land-based businesses SAC Consulting, J36 Rural Auction Centre, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7FP

Offering solutions for your soil health

Think different, farm better Bolster soil health for improved crop growth and quality through a range of sustainable support solutions: ` In depth soil testing and visual soil assessments for all crops ` Nutrient management plans based on farm needs ` Expert advice on efficient fertiliser use

01539 769059 / /

Find us in Hall 1 on Stand 1.622

‘Over 60 years’ global expertise in providing solutions for sustainable agriculture’ +44 (0) 1582 958 444 SRUC is a charity registered in Scotland: SC003712


Revystar XE All the data at your fingertips. ®

The season to visit Revystar ® XE trials in person may be over, but you can still see best-in-class disease control in action. Our Real Results Virtual Farm has real-world cereal fungicide trial tours with wheat varieties and chemistry treatments from multiple seasons. Compare performance and discover the best solution for your farm.

Scan to visit the Revystar ® XE virtual trial tour.

p25.indd 20

10/11/2022 09:47

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.

EXHIBITOR LISTINGS Limagrain Stand: 1.530 Provider of innovative, reliable seed solutions in a changing world, Limagrain’s range includes some of the world’s top performing varieties.

Michelin Tyre Plc

Nickerson Seeds

Oro Agri

Stand: 1.350 Michelin agricultural tyres are designed to improve the performance of farm machinery and preserve soil, helping farmers increase yields without damaging their ground.

Stand: 1.652 Seed specialist with the backing of Limagrain’s vast resources and investments in research and development.

Stand: 2.108 A premier provider of safe, environmentally-friendly, crop protection and yield improvement solutions to the global agricultural and consumer markets.

LimeX British Sugar Stand: 1.628 LimeX is a leading liming product, serving farmers for more than 100 years with rapid and sustainable pH correction with the added benefit of phosphate, magnesium and sulphur.

LP Health Stand: 2.200 LP Health is an appointed representative of WPA Healthcare Practice, which specialises in private healthcare and cash plans for individuals, families and companies.

LS Plant Breeding Stand: 1.216 UK-based plant breeding company, offering oilseed rape, peas, beans and spring wheat to UK farmers.

Lycetts Insurance Broker & Financial Services Stand: 2.210 Provider of insurance, risk management and financial advice to a broad cross section of rural, commercial and private clients.

Micromix Stand: 2.306 European crop health specialist, providing active foliar nutrients, active biostimulants and active soil improvers.


Stand: 2.302 Importer of market leading professional drainjetters with 25 years know-how.


Omega Crop

Stand: 3.216 Established for more than 20 years, MorePeople is a specialist recruitment business providing permanent and interim solutions for the horticulture, agriculture, fresh produce, food and garden sectors.

Stand: 1.150 Omega Crop, the collaborative crop model that helps growers build resilience. Omega Crop layers geostatistics with a diverse data ecosystem to predict and solve crop performance problems in real time.

National Farmers Union

OMEX Agriculture

Mitchell Rowlands

Stand: 1.424 The NFU is passionate in its support of all farmers, lobbying Government and fighting to deliver the future of British farming.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Stand: 1.840 The powerful, reliable Unimog has been developed to make robustness as capable as possible.

Stand: 1.612 The NSTS provides a network of qualified examiners to test all types of sprayer and help ensure accurate application.

CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 26

Stand: 1.112 Supplier of biosolids as an organic fertiliser to land in various forms.

Stand: 1.430 Independent grain marketing consultancy for farmers. Work with ODA to gain a better understanding of market volatility to optimise returns, manage price risk and improve your grain sales performance.

National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS)


Nutri Bio

Stand: 1.730 With more than 45 years experience, a dedicated technical team and national UK coverage, Omex can help your business grow. One of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of liquid fertilisers.

Origin Fertilisers Stand: 1.544 Origin Fertilisers is a national manufacturer and distributor of fertiliser with a strong local presence across the country.

Pan Agriculture Stand: 3.102 Organically certified, Sovereign Sulphur contains 90 per cent sulphur (225 per cent SO3). An entire season’s requirement of S can be applied in one pass.

Parkerfarm Weighing Systems Stand: 3.100 Manufacturer of full size tradeapproved weighbridges, including delivery and commissioning, plus calibration and servicing other types of weighbridges.

Patchwork Technology Stand: 2.331 GPS and web base precision farming solutions specialist offering products which have been designed, built and supported in the UK since 1998.

PES Technologies Stand: 1.810 Developer of a hand-held soil aroma scanner that provides in-field results to a mobile phone in five minutes. It is currently being trained on 14 soil health characteristics.

PGRO Stand: 1.130 Centre of excellence for peas and beans, providing authoritative, relevant information and project work based on solid reliable research.


10/11/2022 10:59


The industry leaders in satellite technology for all things farming

Custodians of world-class Agri Living Lab facilities in the UK to test new farming technology and innovation

Pivoting farming academia, business, SME’s and technology in a collaborative network

Innovating on-farm decision processes using data capture and connectivity

Expertise in Earth Observation, robotics, drones and IoT sensors to achieve continuous agricultural improvement

+44 (0) 7917 893712


p27.indd 20

27 10/11/2022 09:46

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.


Pinpoint Consultants


Stand: 3.400 Precision farming business, specialising in affordable retrofit steering systems, sprayer/spreader and IsoBus solutions and telematics.

Stand: 3.104 Primebags is happy to announce the launch of the 100 per cent biodegradable and fertilising soil mulching film, which is fully certified and complying with EU standard EN 13432 for natural composting and EU standard EN ISO 17556 for biodegradation in soil.

Potash Development Association Stand: 2.104 The PDA is an independent organisation, formed in 1984 to provide technical information and advice in the UK and Ireland.

Premium Crops Stand: 1.624 Provider of added value and premium arable crop contracts. Supplying UK growers with the varieties and seed to produce crops our end-users really want.

ProData Weather Systems Stand: 3.410 UK-based weather and environmental monitoring solution provider with more than 25 years of experience in providing customer-focused solutions and of support within the agriculture and farming sector.

Pure Farming Powered by Map of Ag Stand: 1.230 Connecting data from farms and the agri-food supply chain, the Pure Farming platform sorts, standardises and provisions permissioned data from multiple sources to help businesses and organisations be more effective.

QLF Agronomy Stand: 2.300 Liquid carbon-based fertilisers from QLF Agronomy are a combination of complex carbon sources and balanced crop nutrients. They feed the soil biology, enhance nutrient availability to improve crop yield, quality and health.

RAGT Seeds UK Stand: 1.640 RAGT Seeds breeds, produces and sells seeds all over the world. Discover a range of seed varieties you can have total confidence in.

RH3S Stand: 1.212 RH3S develops and produces mobile soil sensor systems for precision agriculture purposes.

RHIZA Stand: 1.146 Integrated precision farming service combining satellite imagery, weather data, pest and disease forecasting, plus physical fieldwork to enhance yields, reduce risks, save time and optimise inputs.

UPGRADE TO BUSINESS CLASS Intuitive, spacious, comfortable. Step into your future office space.

Visit us on stand 1.510

28 CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 28


10/11/2022 10:59

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.


RPA (Rural Payments Agency)

SAC Consulting England

Sands Agricultural Machinery

Stand: 1.600 The RPA plays an important role in delivering and making annual payments for a number of key farming and rural development schemes.

Stand: 1.622 SAC England, where research meets practice, supporting sustainable growth and prosperity of agri/land-based businesses; working across food supply chains as they rise to the challenge of climate change.

Stand: 1.614 British manufacturer of high-performance selfpropelled crop sprayers with capacities of 3,000-6,000 litres. Unrivalled standard specification with a large selection of optional extras.

RTKFnet Stand: 1.502 Independent provider of RTK GPS corrections covering England, Scotland and Wales. Regardless of brand, RTKFnet can work with your GPS system.

Russell Bio Solutions Stand: 1.252 A leading manufacturer of biofertiliser, biostimulant and biopesticide products in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, translating science into innovative products.

Safety Revolution

Satellite Applications Catapult

Stand: 3.103 Safety Revolution provides app-based, paperless help and support with risk assessments, health and safety policy and all associated team briefings to enable a farm or estate to keep people safe. The system keeps the records for you and lets everyone see exactly what they need to read, do and sign.

Stand: 2.330 Established to transform the UK’s capability for innovation and help drive future economic growth, Satellite Applications Catapult helps organisations use and benefit from satellite technologies, and bringing together teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

Working together to bring trusted solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.

Sencrop Stand: 1.540 Sencrop aims to make precision technology more accessible for more efficient and environmentally-friendly farming.

Sentinel Agrochemical Water Treatment Systems Stand: 1.402 Approved treatment systems for disposal of pesticide waste, organic and inorganic pollutants used in agriculture.

Sentry Stand: 3.106 Sentry offers professional services and strong buying power, plus free advice through the Future Farm Resilience Fund.

How much LIGHT LEAF SPOT is in your crop? Find out with SwiftDetect. Pharmaceutical-grade accuracy, 1 business day results

Clayton Plant Protection offers an extensive, growing range of solutions supported by reliable, high quality service.








Come and talk to us on stand 1.152 to find out more about our products.


CE 199


when you order online

Call us or go online to learn more today


CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 29

29 10/11/2022 10:59

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.



Sipcam UK

Timac Agro UK

Stand: 1.302 New and innovative solutions for total crop health, including bio-stimulants, nutrition, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

Stand: 1.550 Timac provides highperformance solutions that move agriculture forward in a sustainable way.

Soil Fertility Services Stand: 2.328 Promoter of biological farming for more than 20 years. What is in the plant/soil? If you do not measure it, you cannot manage it.

Visit us at Croptec

Spectronic CamSpec

Stand 1.350

Stand: 2.208 Are you in control of your crop? The Tenderometer, designed uniquely for the pea process, ensures accurate tenderness tests and high pea quality grades, which are vital for maximising yield.

01482 576222


axiobib 2


te n

te d

SwiftDetect by Microgenetics Stand: 1.426 SwiftDetect is a rapid crop disease detection test, sensitive enough to quantify disease levels before visible signs emerge, helping growers use fungicides more efficiently and effectively.


30 CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 30

TractAir Stand: 1.350 TractAir designs, manufactures and installs air and hydraulic breaking systems.

Treffler-Man@Machine Stand: 1.820 Importer of Treffler machines to the UK, working with farmers to promote machinery for better farming practices. Total weed control in all crops.

Trinity Agtech Stand: 1.710 Carbon Management hub sponsor Sandy, the Smart Natural Capital Navigator by Trinity Agtech, helps farms improve resilience through natural capital.


Unium Bioscience

Stand: 3.212 SymAgri offer Trimble guidance and precision agriculture systems, plus a range of other technology solutions.

Stand: 1.214 Plant physiology specialist. By understanding the crop we can improve nutrient use efficiency and plant health to produce sustainable yields and quality.

Thomas Bell & Sons

University of Lincoln

Stand: 1.120 Importer, manufacturer and supplier of quality fertilisers, offering granular and prilled ammonium nitrate and urea, plus compounds and blends.

Stand: 1.352 Visit our stand to find out about BASIS/FACTS, studying agriculture and food technology at Lincoln and our exciting agri-robotics industry research.


10/11/2022 11:00

Listings show exhibitors’ hall number, followed by their stand number.



VI / Nroso

Stand: 1.240 A leading global manufacturer of plant protection products, seed treatments and biostimulants. UPL Europe aims to ‘change the game’ by making the production of every single food product more sustainable.

Stand: 2.310 The Voluntary Initiative (VI) is the UK’s primary delivery mechanism for promoting best practice in pesticide use.

Vaderstad Stand: 1.818 Vaderstad designs machines to create the optimum growing environment for your crops, allowing for perfect emergence in your field. Whether it is cultivation or drilling, Vaderstad’s vision is to ensure perfect emergence to maximixe yields.

CT22 p21 31 Listings ALL IN JW BB GJ.indd 31

Walker & Watts Stand: 2.204 Independent connections provider, engaging with landowners to explore renewable energy opportunities.

Stand: 2.320 The YAGRO platform can help growers find efficiencies, grow their farming enterprise, mitigate risks, share knowledge or simply take the hassle out of technology.

YANA Stand: 3.412 YANA provides a confidential helpline and funded counselling for anyone struggling to cope. Call 0300 323 0400 or email

Yara UK William Morfoot Stand: 1.200 A leading land drainage specialist, delivering water management solutions, with the universal goal to exceed expectations with every job.

Stand: 1.330 Yara UK supplies fertiliser products, including solid, liquid, foliar and micronutrients, plus agronomic support and digital tools to guide farmers in making informed and sustainable crop decisions.

YC Agro Stand: 1.242 A leading agrochemical company with a strong manufacturing base in China, developing high quality crop protection products.

Additional listings FCN Stand: 3.412 Voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and their families through difficult times.

Quick Cool Solutions Stand: 3.105 Supply and installation of cold room panels, doors and other refrigeration equipment.

10/11/2022 11:00



Supported by

Brand new to this year’s show, BASIS is collaborating with CropTec to host a special Training Zone. The BASIS Training Zone will be a dedicated area focusing on personal development.

Programme - Day One and Day Two Seminar One - Soils training 9am-10am Vaderstad - Michael Alsop on the importance of soil training for machinery manufacturers/distributors including BASIS Classroom. NIAB - Elizabeth Stockdale on the importance of soil assessments and training to help us achieve this. ADAS – The importance of understanding your soils and training. Seminar Two - Environment training 10.30am-11.30am Allerton Project - Joe Stanley will provide insight into the Allerton Project and importance of the training they offer including BASIS PSLM. RSPB - Georgia Bray on the importance of conservation on-farm and how training can help.

Seminar Three - Crop Protection, Agronomists/Advisers 1.15pm-2.15pm Unium Biosciences - John Haywood (day one) Rob Suckling (day two) on biostimulants and the need for knowledge/training in the future including BASIS Classroom. De Sangosse - Jon Williams on the importance of training to stay up to date with research and developing deeper understanding. AICC - The need for continuous training for agronomists. Speakers include

Michael Alsop

Joe Stanley

Georgina Bray

Jon Williams

DISCOVER THE FUTURE Linking world class research with practical modern agriculture Driving down production costs maximising yields and profitability

    

32 CT22 p32 33 Training Zone/Knowledge Trail.indd 2


09/11/2022 18:22



Supported by

The CropTec Show provides the perfect platform to stay up to date with the latest arable sector developments and innovation. The exciting return of the BASiS and NRoSO knowledge trail at this year’s event is a stand-out feature of CropTec 2022 to look out for! You can collect a maximum of six BASIS points on each day, including two points for attending CropTec. One point is available per day for each seminar attendance. One point is available per knowledge trail exhibitor available to collect. Visit each knowledge trail exhibitor for a questionnaire and collect your points. Collect up to six NRoSO points across the two-day event. You can claim two points for attending CropTec and a maximum of four are available through the knowledge trail. Visit each knowledge trail exhibitor for a questionnaire and to collect your points.

BASIS Knowledge Trail participants Company Name AHDB Knowledge Exchange Hub Bayer Crop Science Crop Intellect Clayton Plant Protection Gowan Crop Protection ICL Interagro (UK) JRH Water Management Limagrain Limex British Sugar Lkab National Sprayer Testing Scheme Origin Proagrica Swift Detect SAC Consulting England YAGRO Yara

Stand Number 1.126 1.630 – 1.634 2.226 1.152 1.104 1.232 1.246 1.334 1.530 1.628 1.434 1.612 1.544 1.402 1.426 1.622 2.320 1.330

NRoSO Knowledge Trail participants Company Name Bayer Crop Science Gowan Crop Protection JRH Water Management Limagrain (LG Seeds) Premium Crops Seminar 4 - Strategies for disease control in a changing climate: where next? The Voluntary Initiative

Stand Number 1.634 1.104 1.334 1.530 1.624 Seminar Theatre


Find out more at THE CROPTEC SHOW 2022

CT22 p32 33 Training Zone/Knowledge Trail.indd 3

33 09/11/2022 18:22

Same Field. More Yield.

Increase productivity, in a more sustainable way. Visit us in Hall 1 - Stand 1.232 to discover ICL fertilisers: • • • • •

Balanced nutrition benefits Increased nutrient use efficiency Better establishment and root development Improved yields and quality Carbon footprint reduction Collect your points!

p34.indd 2

09/11/2022 18:35

Farm smarter with

THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND YOUR FARM’S FUTURE. To secure your farm’s future, you need to plan big. But it’s those who can plan not just for their next harvest, but for their next 10, who will come out in front. The most powerful piece of kit you can buy to help you achieve these big plans is surprisingly small. From optimising input use, to increasing yields and sustainability – FIELDVIEW builds the ultimate picture of your farm, to make informed changes and deliver game changing results. Helping you achieve your growing goals, your way.

Find out more and Trial FIELDVIEW for free at

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09/11/2022 18:44


PREPARE THE SOIL FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. HORSCH has already developed intelligent systems that help farmers meet current and future challenges more easily. Through technological developments and innovation, we can improve soil health and together we can help secure the future for the next generation. HORSCH.COM


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