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ORO-SOIL A soil conditioner containing OROWET technology based on natural orange oil

Improves infiltration rate of water into compact and hydrophobic soil up to 6 months after treatment

Reduces penetration resistance in compacted soil layers – beneficial for root growth

Improves horizontal distribution of water in drip irrigation, resulting in more uniform wetting of soil

Improves root growth where limitations such as water logging or compaction is found


Promotes development of Rhizobium nodules on roots of legume crops through improvement of soil conditions


Cleans irrigation lines

Mode of action • ORO-SOIL improves the infiltration rate of water into small pores, for example in heavy or compacted soil. • Orange oil breaks down the greasiness of hydrophobic soils and also assists with the penetration into smaller pores.

What to expect Is ORO-SOIL compatible with soilapplied insecticides, nematicides or liquid fertilizer? Since the effect of ORO-SOIL lasts long after application, it is advisable to apply the product at least 14 days before the chemical treatment to prepare the soil by improving the infiltration and distribution of the soil-applied chemicals. ORO-SOIL is compatible with certain products such as imidacloprid, but not all soil-applied chemicals have been tested for compatibility. Please contact you advisor for the latest information.

• A single treatment per season improves infiltration rate of water for subsequent irrigation cycles. In the worst-case scenario, a follow-up application may be required. • The product must be properly washed in throughout the root zone during application. • Improved infiltration rate in small pores will lead to: • Less run-off of irrigation water, therefore more effective use of water • Improved moisture levels in compacted layers, resulting in less penetration resistance and better conditions for roots development • Improved drainage on soils that are prone to waterlogging • Improved oxygen levels in soil • Increased availability of nutrients

Does ORO-SOIL have any effect on saline soil? ORO-SOIL will not neutralize salinity. Follow the treatment prescribed by your soil advisor. Pre-treatment with ORO-SOIL will improve drainage and may assist with leaching of salt after chemical treatment.

How does ORO-SOIL affect microorganisms in soil? ORO-SOIL is easily bio-degradable, as tested by an accredited Swiss laboratory. According to this test, there was no negative effect on Rhizobium bacteria.

• Soil condition is more favourable for root growth and beneficial organisms • Trials have shown improved root growth and stimulation of Rhizobium nodules on legume crops as a result of better aeration and drainage of soil • Less restriction of root growth in soils where compaction or water logging is limiting factors. When penetration of water into compacted layers is improved, the penetration resistance is reduced making it easier for roots to grow into these layers. • In drip irrigation, ORO-SOIL improves horizontal distribution of water. The result is more uniform soil moisture distribution and less fluctuation between irrigation cycles.

The effect on other soil organisms is currently being tested, however soil conditions after treatment are more favourable to development of beneficial organisms.

Will ORO-SOIL damage plants or roots? No root damage has been observed after ORO-SOIL treatment – even on seedling roots. If ORO-SOIL is applied over plant leaves, the concentration should not be higher than 0.1%


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ORO-SOIL contains patented OROWET technology Copyright © August 2012 • All rights reserved. ORO-SOIL and OROWET are trademarks of ORO AGRI SA (Pty) Ltd.


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