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Introducing a novel concept in soybean inoculation and root vitality.

The latest in soybean inoculation, the Eco-Soy twin pack from Plant Health Products contains both the nitrogen fixing inoculant Rhizobium as well as the plant health and root growth promoting Eco-T.

Eco-Soy for soybeans delivers optimal nodulation and root health for your crop. • ARC approved local Bradyrhizobium japonicum strain WB74, best suited for South African soil conditions and soybean cultivars. • Highest final cell count per seed in its class (6 250 000 bacteria per seed) • More effective nodulation and highly active nodules, offering improved nitrogen fixation from an early stage of the crop. • Unique, granular formulation and “breathable” packaging ensures the longevity of micro-organisms and bacterial survival under harsh South African conditions. • No additional sticker is required due to a unique carrier formulated into the Rhizobium. • Eco-T containing locally isolated Trichoderma harzianum strain kd, tried and tested over many seasons in many crops under South African conditions, to deliver a healthier root system and to control root diseases thus optimising nodulation and nitrogen fixation. Brought to you by:

Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture

Manufactured by:

Plant Health Products

And exclusively available in KZN from:


Sharing the benefits of knowledge

Contact us to find your nearest agent: Tel. 031 – 265 5000

05-Eco-Soy FAC Brochure  

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