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My grandfather's name is Rashid bin Sultan Al-Ghaithi. He was born in 1960,also in a village . His father's name was Sultan Al-Ghaithi. His sisters' names are Fatima, Mariam, Amina and Sheikha. My grandfather's job is a lawyer. He has 7 kids; they are Ahmed, Abdulla, Humaid, Amna, Mohammed, Kholoud and Ali (which is my father). My grandfather was the second in the family. He was taking a lot of care about me when I was 1 year old. He used to pamper me and always play .with me

When my grandfather was small, he studied in the U.A.E., then he completed his education between Egypt, Britain, London and Lebanon. My grandfather became a lawyer because he used to work hard and do his best. His favourite games were football, racing and .volleyball. He was married when he was 25 years old

My grandfather is very important to me because he loves me too much. My grandfather's advice to his grandchildren is to study, do our best and take our time , and never rush. The very important accomplishment that my grandfather did is the way he raised my father. He is my best grandfather. My grandfather is an important part in my .life, just like he was in my father's life

:Done by Shama Ali Al-Ghaithi 6G3

My grandfather  

In this biography, I will be talking about my grandfather.

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