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Automated medication storage and dispensing for highperforming hospitals Rowa technologies 速


Rowa Technologies With 4,500 systems—400 in hospital dispensaries, our Rowa technologies pioneer the European market for automated stock handling in hospital pharmacies. Our core expertise is improving the storage and stock flows in the dispensary. Our product portfolio encompasses automated storage systems and accessories, such as fully automated inputting systems. CareFusion’s Rowa technologies—founded in 1996—are based in Kelberg, Germany, and have ®

more than 300 employees. Since August 2011, Rowa is a part of CareFusion . Our Rowa products help clinicians improve medication safety and ease the medication management process.

CareFusion—improving the safety and cost of healthcare for generations to come.

Malmö University Hospital The hospital dispensary is equipped with a complete solution containing a Rowa Vmax® tandem system, the fully automatic inputting Rowa ProLog® system and a Rowa Boxsystem for ward commissioning. This solution is the central stock for seven hospitals in the Swedish region Skåne and one of the most modern logistics solutions in Europe. Technical data Dimensions: Rowa Vmax 1: 7.0 x 2.3 x 1.6 m, Rowa Vmax 2: 7.0 x 2.8 x 1.6 m Capacity: Up to 35,000 packages 2 ProLog systems: Fully automatic input of up to 400 packages per hour. Buffer belt lengths of 8 and 6 m Box system: Completely automated package commissioning for the wards

Carol Farrow, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich “With Rowa, we reduced our medication stock, increased security for our patients and improved the supply of our wards!”

Dr. Sean O’Hare, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast “Reassigning job responsibilities, more efficiently managing services, handling pharmaceuticals specific to wards and reducing storage requirements—we’ve achieved all of these objectives with Rowa. We’ve also increased space and morale. The reliability of the system in our demanding 24/7 operation is very impressive.”

Rowa Vmax® system— slimline medicines management for hospital dispensaries

The Rowa Vmax system provides an extremely flexible

Integrating with the hospital’s stock control system,

and high-performance storage and dispensing system.

Rowa technologies clearly streamline medicines

When combined with our wide range of product options,

management. Stock intake, recording, storage and

Rowa enables:

order picking for the wards—all of these previously manual activities can be done in a fraction of the time

• High scalability for capacity (up to 60,000 packages

with Rowa technologies, so qualified personnel can

per machine) and speed

now work more on the wards, for example. This is

Hospitals must be able to rely on their systems.

• Combining multiple machines

a huge advantage, especially in times of increasing

That’s why Rowa systems always offer maximum

• Higher reliability by two picking heads

pressure on hospital staff budgets.


• Input speed per machine of up to 900 packs per hour • Output speed per machine of up to 2,000 packs

CareFusion ensures medication stock management—

More than 400 systems constantly operating in

per hour

around the clock, 365 days a year—by providing

demanding conditions prove the advantages of our

• Safety features including UPS, backup storage drive,

the highest reliability and a comprehensive, fast and

automated stock management.

stock scan, user identification with various

competent service network with our 24-hour hotline

authorization levels and refrigerator with data logger

and very own technicians.

• Recording expiry dates and batch numbers • Conveyor system optimising stock picking and commissioning for the wards • TÜV and GS certification guaranteeing quality and safety



Beste Apothekenpartner 2012




CareFusion’s Rowa Technologies were chosen by German pharmacists being the “Best Pharmacy Partner 2012”. (Survey by PharmaRundschau and University of Worms)

The right temperature— the Rowa Refrigerated unit

Rowa ProLog system— stock input at the touch of a button

According to regulations, some medicines must

If stock must be maintained with minimal manual

be stored at a constant, low temperature. The

movement, the ProLog system offers the optimum

patented Rowa refrigerated unit offers dispensaries

solution at the touch of a button. It can therefore

the option of constantly cooling medicines. Upon

unlock enormous additional potential for efficiency.

input, the unit recognizes that a particular

Pharmacy staff simply has to tip out the boxes

medicine must be cooled and stored with high

containing new medications, and the system

priority. To minimize power consumption, the lamellae open just enough to enable input while ensuring a constant temperature.

automatically handles the remaining input—up to 5,000 packs per day. Loading can take place anywhere: directly at the system, remotely from the system using Rowa Conveyor technology or even from a different floor or separate goods inward gate. The Rowa ProLog system also processes 2D barcodes and round packs.

Rowa product options— customized automation Rowa technologies offer numerous configuration options that increase your level of automation based on your specific dispensary needs.

Rowa Conveyor system— extremely short routes

Rowa Box system— picking from bulk orders

Second inputting belt— faster semi-automatic inputting

Optimally using available space and setting

With the Rowa Box system, CareFusion offers a practi-

The second inputting belt enables a larger input buffer

up the stockroom in unused space are important.

cal solution for delivering larger orders (e.g., for the

for semi-automatic inputting. When the first belt is full,

Thanks to our conveyor technology developed

wards). Up to 100 boxes can sit in a buffer. The packs

the employee can start inputting on the second belt

specially for pharmacies and dispensaries, Rowa

are picked on an order basis, labels are applied by the

while the picking heads are clearing the first belt.

storage and dispensing systems can be installed

Rowa Label printer and packs are then packed into the

exactly where the space exists—on the upper

proper box. The box is then transported onward either

and lower floors or in adjoining rooms. Conveyor

by a conveyor belt or manually. The system can also

belts as well as chutes and servo-controlled

handle commercially available wholesale boxes and

lifts quickly and quietly transport medications

take the necessary information for label printing and

directly to the necessary places.

picking from the IT system. All steps from ordering to delivering larger orders can be automated.

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