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San Miguel County, New Mexico

Surprise Valley Ranch Mark Hubbard Ranch Properties Co-listed with

F o s t e r F a r m & R a n c h R e a l E s tat e

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Equestrian Compound in Old Snowmass, CO 20,000 SF Dressage arena with attached walker

*Currently under construction. Image: L+S computer rendering





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Your Land, YourYour Land,Homeplace Your Homeplace

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Now select thethe Design Firm Now select Design Firm to to create thethe Legacy Estate you’ve earned. create Legacy Estate you’ve earned.

Professional services provided from concept throughthrough final construction. Professional services provided from concept final construction.


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Ranch Ranch Guest House, McCall,McCall, ID Guest House, ID

Net Zero Home Home NetEnergy Zero Energy

Log Home, Big Canoe, GA Custom Log Home, Larkspur, CO CO Log Home, Big Canoe, GA Custom Log Home, Larkspur, CustomCustom Ranch Ranch Home, Home, Steamboat Springs, CO Custom Steamboat Springs, CO Custom

Master Residential Designer Master Residential Designer

When AnAn Extraordinary Design Counts... When Extraordinary Design Counts... • 303.670.0619 • 303.670.0619

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Surprise Valley Ranch

San Miguel County, New Mexico, Page 12

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Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


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Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


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Lightning Creek Ranch page 57

Volume 60 Farm&Ranch West


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164.............. Montrose.............. 31

9,650.......... Yellowstone......... 41

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New Mexico

7.................. Alameda...............69

199............. Mesa......................45

8.................. Trinity...................68

210.............. Routt.....................22

42................ Contra Costa.......69

271............. Routt.....................22

51................ Tehama.................26

273............. Summit.................23

121.............. Nevada..................25

377............. Grand....................67

186............. Nevada..................25

381.............. San Miguel...........29

255............. Mendocino..........24

391.............. Grand....................67

272............. Sonoma................64

413.............. Montrose..............30

280............. Plumas..................59

428............. Routt.....................23

324............. Mendocino..........26

452............. Montrose..............30

900............. Mariposa..............64

560............. Eagle......................67

997............. Siskiyou................26

587............. Routt..................... 61

1,322.......... Yolo.......................72

741.............. Routt..................... 61

1,397.......... Plumas..................64

780............. Routt.....................23

2,575.......... Colusa...................72

800............. Routt.....................22

2,655.......... Plumas..................64

1,871.......... Delta......................45

3,680.......... Mariposa..............25

2,145.......... Park.......................42

4,100.......... Mendocino..........68

2,154.......... Moffat...................25

5,980.......... Modoc...................24

2,364.......... Routt.....................58

3,043.......... Niobrara...............58

3,400.......... Rio Arriba.............54 3,463.......... Rio Arriba.............42 4,878.......... Colfax...................43 6,070.......... Catron...................62

13,076........ Niobrara...............57 4,161........... Platte.....................40 59................ Platte.....................50 40................ Weston.................46

7,520.......... Socorro.................55

338............. Weston.................46

8,160.......... Catron...................42

3,669.......... Weston.................47

16,716........ Rio Arriba.............54 21,595........ Grant.....................62 27,000........ Lincoln.................42 39,473....... Catron...................62 44,804....... Socorro.................55

Oregon 4.................. Deschutes............20

2,603.......... Moffat...................24


16,000........ Tehama.................52

3,000.......... San Miguel...........30

24................ Garfield................65

17,050........ Mendocino..........68

3,408.......... Gunnison.............23

570............. Garfield................ 21


3,880.......... Routt..................... 61


Outside the Region

Florida 5.................. Broward................ 18

Mexico 4,860.......... Coahuila...............56 9,450.......... Coahuila...............56 23,750....... Coahuila...............56

20................ Albany...................43

12,575........ Montrose.............. 31


35................ Albany...................58

17,480........ Mesa......................44

717.............. Cherry..................58

26,466....... Albany...................57

28,190........ Ouray....................29

1,057.......... Carbon.................. 61

50................ Routt..................... 61

36,000....... Otero.....................70

186............. Crook....................46

52................ Grand....................67 53................ Archuleta.............. 71


762.............. Crook....................47

North Dakota

56................ Archuleta..............48

217.............. Gooding...............60

1,008.......... Crook....................47

69................ Delta......................45

394............. Blaine....................60

1,160.......... Crook....................47

2,868.......... Mckenzie.............. 41

35................ Moffat...................25

80................ Coconino.............36 97................ Yavapai.................77

48................ Rio Blanco............25

6,700.......... Yavapai.................34

4,779.......... Natrona................40 8,817.......... Natrona................ 41

3,082.......... Colfax...................43 3,200.......... Catron...................62

2,911.......... Saguache..............63

36................ Rio Blanco............25

5,505.......... Mohave.................36

824............. Laramie................ 51

69,550....... Natrona................40

7,000.......... Humboldt............68

4,227.......... Pueblo...................43


640............. Laramie................ 51

366............. San Miguel........... 12

8,940.......... Kern......................24

2.................. Yavapai.................36

2,151.......... Yavapai.................37

Page Acres± County

4.................. Trinity...................68

36................ Archuleta..............49

258............. Cochise.................36

Page Acres± County

98................ Montrose..............45

12,434........ Garfield................24

451.............. Crook....................46

960............. Box Butte..............40 1,380.......... Banner.................. 41

19,169........ Cochise.................66

74................ Routt.....................23

492............. Custer...................60

935............. Fremont................63

31,411......... Navajo...................66

84................ Archuleta..............49

530............. Gooding...............60

285............. Goshen.................57

South Dakota

56,870....... Yavapai.................32

89................ Rio Blanco............24

9,866.......... Twin Falls.............60

40................ Goshen.................50

88................ Custer...................46

Quinlan Ranch Page 54


Volume 60 Farm&Ranch West






Aleutians East 1 Aleutians West 2 Anchorage 3 Bethel 4 Bristol Bay 5 Denali 6 Dillingham 7 Fairbanks NorthStar 8 Haines 9 Juneau 10 KenaiPeninsula 11 Ketchikan Gateway 12 Kodiak Island 13 MatanskaSusitna 14 Lake and Peninsula 27 Nome 15 North Slope 16 Northwest Arctic 17 Prince of WalesOuter Ketchikan 18 Sitka 19 Skagway-HoonahAngoon 20 Southeast Fairbanks 21 ValdezCordova 22 WadeHampton 23 WrangellPetersburg 24 Yakutat 25 YukonKoyukuk 26


Apache Cochise Coconino Gila Graham Greenlee La Paz Maricopa Mohave Navajo Pima Pinal Santa Cruz Yavapai Yuma

California Alameda Alpine Amador Butte Calaveras Colusa

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33 31 30 12 35 5




CA Contra Costa 28 Del Norte 1 El Dorado 24 Fresno 44 Glenn 11 Humboldt 4 Imperial 57 Inyo 47 Kern 49 Kings 45 Lake 14 Lassen 7 Los Angeles 53 Madera 45 Marin 25 Mariposa 41 Mendocino 10 Merced 40 Modoc 3 Mono 37 Monterey 42 Napa 21 Nevada 18 Orange 54 Placer 19 Plumas 9 Riverside 55 Sacramento 23 San Benito 43 San Bernardino 50 San Diego 56 San Francisco 27 San Joaquin 29 San Luis Obispo 48 San Mateo 32 Santa Barbara 51 Santa Clara 39 Santa Cruz 38 Shasta 6 Sierra 13 Siskiyou 2 Solano 26 Solano 26 Sonoma 20 Stanislaus 34 Sutter 16 Tehama 8 Trinity 5 Tulare 46 Tuolumne 36 Ventura 52 Yolo 22 Yuba 17

Colorado Adams Alamosa Arapahoe Archuleta Baca Bent Boulder Chaffee

22 52 23 59 63 55 11 34

AZ NM Cheyenne Clear Creek Conejos Costilla Crowley Custer Delta Denver Dolores Douglas Eagle Elbert El Paso Fremont Garfield Gilpin Grand Gunnison Hinsdale Huerfano Jackson Jefferson Kiowa Kit Carson Lake La Plata Larimer Las Animas Lincoln Logan Mesa Mineral Moffat Montezuma Montrose Morgan Otero Ouray Park Phillips Pitkin Prowers Pueblo Rio Blanco Rio Grande Routt Saguache San Juan San Miguel Sedgwick Summit Teller Washington Weld Yuma

Hawaii Hawaii Honolulu

37 18 60 61 45 43 32 21 47 28 16 29 36 39 15 19 10 33 49 53 3 20 46 31 26 58 4 62 30 6 24 50 1 57 38 12 54 41 27 8 25 56 44 9 51 2 42 48 40 7 17 35 13 5 14

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Valley Washington Kalawao Kauai Maui


Ada Adams Bannock Bear Lake Benewah Bingham Blaine Boise Bonner Bonneville Boundary Butte Camas Canyon Caribou Cassia Clark Clearwater Custer Elmore Franklin Fremont Gem Gooding Idaho Jefferson Jerome Kootenai Latah Lemhi Lewis Lincoln Madison Minidoka Nez Perce Oneida Owyhee Payette Power Shoshone Teton Twin Falls

3 4 5

23 11 40 44 4 34 26 17 2 35 1 19 25 22 41 38 20 7 18 24 43 21 16 31 10 27 37 3 6 14 9 32 28 33 8 42 30 15 39 5 29 36


13 12

Beaverhead 46 Big Horn 54 Blaine 8 Broadwater 35 Carbon 52 Carter 56 Cascade 22 Choteau 17 Custer 42 Daniels 11 Dawson 28 Deer Lodge 32 Fallon 45 Fergus 24 Flathead 2 Gallatin 48 Garfield 26 Glacier 3 Golden Valley 28 Granite 31 Hill 7 Jefferson 34 Judith Basin 23 Lake 15 Lewis and Clark 21 Liberty 6 Lincoln 1 Madison 47 Mc Cone 27 Meagher 36 Mineral 18 Missoula 19 Musselshell 39 Park 49 Petroleum 25 Phillips 9 Pondera 4 Powder River 55 Powell 20 Prairie 43 Ravalli 30 Richland 29 Roosevelt 12 Rosebud 40 Sanders 14 Sheridan 13

Silver Bow Stillwater Sweet Grass Teton Toole Treasure Valley Wheatland Wibaux Yellowstone


Carson City Churchill Clark Douglas Elko Esmeralda Eureka Humboldt Lander Lincoln Lyon Mineral Nye Pershing Storey Washoe White Pine

33 51 50 16 5 41 10 37 44 53

8 11 17 12 3 15 6 2 5 16 10 13 14 4 9 1 7

New Mexico Bernalillo Catron Chaves Cibola Colfax Curry De Baca Dona Ana Eddy Grant Guadalupe Harding Hidalgo Lea Lincoln Los Alamos Luna McKinley Mora

14 19 27 13 4 23 22 31 32 24 17 12 29 33 21 8 30 6 10

Otero Quay Rio Arriba Roosevelt Sandoval San Juan San Miguel Santa Fe Sierra Socorro Taos Torrance Union Valencia


Baker Benton Clackamas Clatsop Columbia Coos Crook Curry Deschutes Douglas Gilliam Grant Harney Hood River Jackson Jefferson Josephine Klamath Lake Lane Lincoln Linn Malheur Marion Morrow Multnomah Polk Sherman Tillamook Umatilla Union Wallowa Wasco Washington

26 18 2 28 7 1 11 9 25 20 3 16 5 15

24 19 18 1 2 28 27 30 26 29 9 23 35 6 32 21 31 33 34 25 15 20 36 17 10 5 16 8 3 11 12 13 7 4

Wheeler Yamhill


Beaver Box Elder Cache Carbon Daggett Davis Duchesne Emery Garfield Grand Iron Juab Kane Millard Morgan Piute Rich Salt Lake San Juan Sanpete Sevier Summit Tooele Uintah Utah Wasatch Washington Wayne Weber

22 14

19 1 2 18 10 6 14 21 26 22 25 11 29 16 7 23 3 8 27 17 20 9 4 15 12 13 28 24 5


Adams Asotin Benton Chelan Clallam Clark Columbia Cowlitz Douglas Ferry Franklin Garfield Grant Grays Harbor Island

21 34 29 11 8 37 32 36 12 4 30 33 20 23 9

Jefferson King Kitsap Kittitas Klickitat Lewis Lincoln Mason Okanogan Pacific Pend Oreille Pierce San Juan Skagit Skamania Snohomish Spokane Stevens Thurston Wahkiakum Walla Walla Whatcom Whitman Yakima

Wyoming Albany Big Horn Campbell Carbon Converse Crook Fremont Goshen Hot Springs Johnson Laramie Lincoln Natrona Niobrara Park Platte Sheridan Sublette Sweetwater Teton Uinta Washakie Weston

15 18 17 19 39 27 13 16 3 26 6 25 1 7 38 10 14 5 24 35 31 2 22 28

20 3 6 19 15 7 8 22 9 5 23 12 14 16 2 21 4 13 18 1 17 10 11



Surprise Valley Ranch

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the most unique ranches in the Rocky Mountain Region of the Midwest United States. Located in San Miguel County, New Mexico, this ranch features almost 1.5 miles of both sides of the Sapello River at its headwaters, feeding 12 fishing ponds and lakes throughout the property. At an elevation of 8,300 feet, it is at the end of a county road and is surrounded by the Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness providing unmatched privacy and tranquility that will continue forever.


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Some 25 natural springs exist on the property and the lakes are filled with native cutthroat and brook trout, as well as stocked rainbow and brown trout. In addition to fishing, your days can easily be filled hunting, horseback riding, canoeing and hiking throughout the landscape. Elk, deer, turkey, black bear and mountain lion are just a few of the animals that thrive in the area. New Mexico v San Miguel County v Las Vegas

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West








5,000¹-square-foot log cabin with wraparound porches, five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It comes fully furnished and decorated in a western ranch-style motif. In addition there is a manager’s house, office, four guest cabins, saloon/dining hall, horse barn with tack room, riding arena and round pen.


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West





wildlife and water, are all abundant on this magnificent 365-acre property which could serve as a family estate, corporate retreat, guest ranch, hunting or fishing lodge. The nearby Pendaries Golf Course provides added recreational opportunities. Just 40 miles from Las Vegas, 95 miles from Santa Fe, and Taos is 80 miles away; with airplane access at all three locations. The airport in Albuquerque is 150 miles away.


830 275-7419 • Co-listed with

CHAD FOSTER 830 776-3605 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Grandscapes Shamrock Ranch Four Star Realty

Also see for more properties


Surf and City Ranch Florida v Broward County v Davie


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


ne of the most significant offerings ever to come to market in South

Florida. Located in Davie, this is the largest equestrian facility closest to Fort Lauderdale Beach, South Beach, Las Olas Boulevard and both international airports. A beautiful custom estate offers 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, resortlike pool, summer kitchen and 15-car garage. Equestrian facility: 25 horse stalls, multiple groomers and staff quarters, .50 mile racetrack and a 5-acre lake for horses. Create your ultimate compound on 25 acres of private grounds. Endless possibilities include a ski lake, a sports complex, jogging paths – let your creativity run wild. Add your touches to what is already the ultimate equestrian training facility in South Florida. Enjoy a natural country setting by day, and come nightfall, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a world apart, but less than 3 miles away.

1430 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 110 Coral Gables, FL 33146

305 793-4783 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Welcome to a Different Kind of Home Oregon v Deschutes County v Terrebonne


Located just 15 minutes from the Redmond airport and 30 minutes from Bend, Ranch at the Canyons is Central Oregon’s premier private residential community. Here you can live in a custom Tuscan-style home surrounded by trout-filled ponds, world-class horseback riding trails, an equestrian center, a working vineyard and two miles of the Crooked River, with views of the snow-capped Cascades and Smith Rock next door. Only 18 landholdings remain, so don’t miss your chance to call Ranch at the Canyons your home. Take a virtual tour now at New homes starting at $999,000. Acreage landholdings starting at $189,900. To arrange a private showing, contact Patrick Ginn, Developer and Principal Broker, 541-886-5534 or

Patrick Ginn 11050 Vineyard Way Terrebonne OR, 97760



Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

The Intensely Private and Inspirational Robison Ranch Utah v Boulder

The Robison Ranch presents a rare opportunity for ownership and stewardship in a region of Utah known for the wild and scenic American landscape. Bordered on three sides by the 1.8M-acre Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, a vision and dream has created this unique 570-acre working ranch. The registered Black Angus cattle herd will be approaching 300 in 2016 and is included with the purchase.  The ranch has a number of varied types of terrain. There are large areas of natural habitat with sage, cedar and natural grasses. Approximately 260 acres are in production with complete fencing and irrigation infrastructure. This includes a very large irrigation well, a large pivot and many wheel lines. There are separate pastures for horses and bulls during the summer when the cows are on the mountain with the grazing permits. The land is stunningly beautiful. There are also significant water rights with an approved irrigation well in addition to culinary water rights and additional culinary wells.  The ranch is at the end of the system which provides excellent water pressure for driving the irrigation systems. Part of Boulder Creek flows on the property. The Robison Ranch also boasts one of the finest private equestrian facilities in Utah; with a heated 70,000-square-foot indoor arena, which meets regulation size for equestrian events.  An outdoor arena and horse barn add to the equestrian element. Horses include show horses and work horses. The extensive ranch developments and improvements offer a turn-key opportunity with a large inventory of tractors, trucks, ranch equipment, ATV’s and trailers. Ranch housing includes the main ranch home of approximately 6,000 square feet along with bunk-style housing in the arena, an apartment in the horse barn and three additional homes. This is a chance for a multi-generational legacy property that your family will cherish for years to come. $ $10,000,000.

Kathy Mears 1750 Park Ave • Park City, UT84060

435-649-1884 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Elk River Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Where the rugged West meets world-class luxury. Offering 800 pristine acres and two miles of the beautiful Elk River. Enjoy two luxury homes, an authentic saloon and multiple outbuildings that are reminiscent of the Old West. Fenced for livestock with extensive storage, six-stall barn, riding arenas, prime equestrian facilities and abundant water rights. Conveniently located near private and commercial jet access. The property may be divided and purchased in several different configurations. $22,000,000.

Snowy Mountain Ranch


Colorado v Routt County Steamboat Springs

In the Elk River Valley just north of Steamboat Springs sits a one-of-a-kind, luxury log home overlooking the recreational paradise of Steamboat Lake. This extraordinary 210-acre property features ponds, a creek, room to run and epic views. Protected by conservation easement and bordered on the north by more than 20,000 acres of National Forest, this stunning property includes a 14,000-squarefoot luxury log home, separate guest house and massive garage with three enclosed bays. $9,800,000.

Lazy K Ranch Pam Vanatta, GRI, CRS Broker Associate/Co-Owner

970 291-8100 cell 970 879-8100 office


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


A rare opportunity to own more than 270 acres within 15 minutes of Steamboat Springs and just minutes to Stagecoach State Park. This private playground offers a stunning 10,000-square-foot luxury log home, miles of maintained trails, four ponds, lush meadows and abundant wildlife. A 3-bay detached garage/shop holds the toys and tools while magnificent views all the way to the ski area complete this remarkable property. $8,000,000.

Emerald Ridge Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

Clear Fork Ranch Colorado v Gunnison, Montrose & Delta Cnty v Crawford


3,400+ acres plus BLM lease with the diverse habitats required to hold sig-

nificant elk, deer, bear and wild turkey populations. The lower elevations One of the most exclusive land holdings on the market! First time offering, provide the perfect rugged mule deer habitat of cedar and pinyon climbing a 780-acre private retreat just 3 miles from Steamboat Springs. Spectacular up through gambrel oaks and aspens to the exceptional high elevation moun-


views in all directions, this legacy property holds multiple perfect home sites tain aspen and spruce environment. Includes six established hunting cabins, with easy access throughout the acreage. Unrestricted privacy, tremendous abundant water, 5 miles of private roads, fenced and cross fenced. The varied ranch and recreational attributes, including big game hunting and future topography and vegetation supports large numbers of elk and mule deer and development potential. This is the ultimate large acreage opportunity for draws big game from adjacent public lands. $6,700,000. Property ID: 48123 close proximity to Steamboat Springs. $9,495,000. Property ID: 51341

Blue River Valley Meadows Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Enjoy 360-degree mountain views from this breathtaking 74-acre compound. Five minutes from the world-class Steamboat Springs ski resort, this unique offering has it all. Spacious six-bedroom, 5.5-bath main house, private two-bedroom guest house, pristine equestrian facilities, meandering creek with water rights and stocked trout ponds. Equestrian facilities


Colorado v Summit County v Silverthorne

Bordering Arapaho National Forest this spectacular 273 acres, overlooks Green Mountain Reservoir and the Blue River Valley with private access to Green Mountain Reservoir. Perfect for a family’s legacy retreat or could be subdivided into seven 35-acre lots with hunting and fishing recreational amenities. The gentle topography includes multiple home sites with tremendous views and year-round solar exposure. Approximately 150 acres of irrigated meadows with 8.72 CFS of senior water, mature groves of aspen, willow and cottonwood. Opportunity to develop onsite pond and fishing amenities. $3,495,000. Property ID: 51342

include a barn with six stalls, tack room, training pen, indoor riding area, fully equipped outdoor riding arena with roping chutes and pens and multiple outdoor fenced paddock areas. Includes a 30-acre irrigated meadow. No covenants or restrictions! $4,900,000. Property ID: 48128

The Homestead Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Clark


Private 160-acre ranch surrounded by US National Forest, located a quarter of a mile from the Continental Divide Trail. Ideally positioned to take advantage of great outdoor recreation; horseback riding, hiking,

Singing Elk Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Vail


biking, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, ATVs or simply sipping coffee on your cabin’s covered porch. Luxurious Montana log cabin plus guest cabin with every aspect thoughtfully planned and perfect in all seasons.

The 428 acres includes a 3-acre lake and borders Routt National Forest Deeded water rights, USFS access easement and approximately 40 miles in the foothills of the Flat Top Wilderness Area. A full range of Colorado of maintained and paved roads to Steamboat Springs. A dream come true high country recreation, wildlife and vegetation can be enjoyed in this pri-

for the mountain living enthusiast. $1,799,000. Property ID: 48127

vate setting. Beautiful luxury home with all the comforts for Colorado liv-

Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

ing offering gorgeous panoramic views. Five Pines Mesa amenities bring added value including full-time ranch caretaker services. Close proximity to Vail and Steamboat Springs and two regional airports. Alpine getaway with all the conveniences of modern living and recreational paradise that you have to see to believe. $4,500,000. Property ID: 51343

Ren Martyn 970 846-3118 • Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West



Roan Creek Ranch consists of 3,167 deeded acres and 9,267 BLM acres, all behind a locked gate with very limited access to others. Also behind the locked gate are over 9 miles of private roads and just under 9 miles of Roan Creek which is full of trout. Roan Creek is a 45-mile tributary to the Colorado River, which originates on the ranch from a few seeps and springs. As you continue down the

Roan Creek Ranch 12,434 Acres

Colorado v Garfield County


The Alheit Ranch features 2,603 deeded acres. The acreage consists of approximately .50 mile of Willow Creek frontage with large mature cottonwood trees and willows. After

creek and through the ranch, there are 15 deep long canyons with large springs coming out of most of them feeding the creek along the way. $9,950,000.

Alheit Ranch 2,603 Acres

Colorado v Moffat County

continuing across the creek there is a secondary creek bottom that holds water intermittently for over a mile through the property. This secondary creek bottom is also filled with large mature cottonwood trees. As you continue up the mountain you will travel through large patches of service-berry bushes with good cover for wildlife. $2,604,000.

Elk Spirit Lodge 89 Acres

Colorado v Rio Blanco County


Sitting on what feels like the top of the world you will find a beautiful Appalachian




unobstructed views of the South Fork and Flattop’s Mountain Range. Adding to the unique value of this property, the land is strategically situated so it borders the





property offers almost 90 acres that is completely fenced, post and rail turnout, round pen and a loafing shed. The property and the surrounding area offers miles and miles of trails and roads for horseback riding, hiking and hunting that is unsurpassed. This property is suitable for a year-

Lonnie Gustin, Broker Associate, Licensed in CO, UT & WY round residence or makes a great second home where you can get



Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

away and relax. $1,895,000.

Million Dollar Views 48 Acres

Colorado v Rio Blanco County


Located east of Meeker, Colorado just above the White River and Lake Avery. Your million-dollar views feature an incredible home with over

Great Divide Ranch

1,794 Deeded Acres, 360 BLM Acres Colorado v Moffat County


Great Divide Ranch is located 20 to 25 miles northwest of Craig, Colorado

5,900 square feet of finished space. This amazing home is located on 48 and south of the Wyoming border off of a year-around maintained road. The deeded acres close to National Forest and state wildlife area. You will be main acreage consists of 1,720Âą acres plus a 360Âą-acre BLM lease. Running in awe as you walk into the home. With an open floor plan, the great

93 pair from May to the end of October and enough water and feed, they

room is highlighted by a stone fireplace and opens to a fully customized keep the weight on! There are several ponds, springs and a pipeline that kitchen with solid surface counter tops. The dining room was built for feeds multiple drinkers. There is plenty of water for livestock and wildlife. entertaining and includes a sun room/study. The master bedroom is

Featuring over 5,300 square feet of living space, this home consists of four

spacious and comfortable with an adjoining high-end, 5-piece bathroom bedrooms, three baths with a large open floor plan. $1,437,000. and walk in closets. The fully-finished basement includes a woodburning stove and a recreational room with a wet bar. $1,100,000.

The River Home 35 Acres

Colorado v Moffat County


This stunning riverfront property consist of over 2,000 square feet of living space and over 1,300 square feet of an attached garage space. The home features a large open floor plan with a large master bedroom, master bathroom, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, office, large kitchen, open living room, mud room, laundry room and dining room. The land consists of 35 deeded acres with most of these acres being river bottom with nice grassy meadows surrounded by towering mature cottonwood trees and aspen

East Fork of the Williams Fork River 36 Acres

Colorado v Rio Blanco County


The East Fork of the Williams Fork River Property features over 700 feet of both sides of the river. The river is a great fishery for several different species of trout in a great setting. In addition to the river there is another small steam and spring the kids can play in that runs year around. The cabin is a custom log cabin with logs that are native to the area. The cabin features 1,386 square feet of living space with one bedroom, loft that sleeps six plus, full custom kitchen, dining room, full bathroom, mud room, utility room and a huge wrap-around deck on three sides. $950,000.

trees. The property consist of over 2,500 feet of both sides of the Williams Fork River, which winds and turns throughout the property with several nice beach areas to unload the tubes, swim or just sit and enjoy the serene sounds of the river. Located off of Highway 317 on the outskirts of the small community of Hamilton, Colorado. The property is located within 30 minutes of the towns of Craig, Hayden and Meeker. $790,000.

Lonnie Gustin, Broker Associate, Licensed in CO, UT & WY

970-629-0529 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


White Oak Ranch & Vineyard California v Mendocino County v Hopland


255 acres comprising over 130 acres of productive vineyards sold to some of California’s finest wineries. This large-scale operation is an impressive infrastructure made up of office and distribution facilities, professional equestrian arena with outdoor lighting, workshops, fenced pastures, pumps, water distribution network and more. Improved with a 10,000-square-foot villa, guest lodge, a manager’s house and garden, a ranch house and a full workout spa facility with pool and Jacuzzi. Perfected water rights on three ponds with two diversion rights on Russian River for recharge.

Pri ce R edu ced

$21,000,000. Contact Jim Martin, 707 272-5507. Video available on YouTube.

Keene Ranch California v Kern County v Tehachapi


The 8,940±-acre ranch has beautiful valleys tucked into the hills with springs and wildlife. The ranch is optimally set up for a substantial cattle operation, yet offers much more. Equestrian dream ranch with miles of amazing trails and valleys. A hunter’s paradise, attracting wildlife such as deer, elk, quail, black bears, foxes and much more. Just two hours from downtown Los Angeles, between Golden Hills and Bear Valley, make this a prime development opportunity! Price reduced to $11,635,000. Contact Todd Renfrew, 707 365-5064. Video available on YouTube.

12 Mile Ranch California v Modoc County v Fort Bidwell


More than 5,980 acres extending across Modoc County, California, and Lake County, Oregon. Dotted with well-watered meadows, the ranch is suitable for a cattle operation and runs 250-300 pair. Improved with a charming spacious farmhouse, large metal barn, a 3-car garage, workshop and old orchard. The ranch features numerous year-round creeks, one large reservoir, and numerous small seasonal reservoirs. Hunting, fishing, endless trails, old west artifacts, Eastern Warner Mountains. $4,500,000. Contact Todd Renfrew, 707 365-5064. Video available on YouTube.

California Outdoor Properties Todd Renfrew, Broker/Owner • 707 455-4444 Over 160 Listings at • BRE #01838294


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Pri ce R edu ced

Shilling Yosemite Ranch California v Mariposa County v Coulterville


3,680± acres, 19 parcels, 16 of them are zoned Mountain Preserve and three parcels are zoned Exclusive Agriculture and in the Williamson Act. Yosemite is just 25 miles away. Fenced and cross-fenced for livestock, with springs and ponds supplying year-round water. Raise livestock, enjoy horseback riding, hiking and even gold mining. Located in the D-6 zone, hunt for trophy black-tail deer and black bear as well as turkey, quail and doves and the golfer will be happy with several golfing choices. Price reduced to $4,499,000. Contact Todd Renfrew, 707 365-5064. Video available on YouTube.

Betz Ranch California v Nevada County v Grass Valley


Stunning 121-acre property nestled in the Sierra Foothills featuring a 6,750-square-foot residence with a 1,500-square-foot guest house. The main home opens up to the shore of a beautiful lake teaming with fish and waterfowl. There is a 4-stall barn and several paddocks for horses, a fenced arena, and over 100 acres to ride on. Recreation abounds; swim and fish in the lake, paddleboard, ATV, hunting and trap shooting. The majority of the property is high fenced for a private herd of fallow deer. $4,490,000. Contact Sandy Ballou, 916 261-8192. Video available on YouTube.

North Star Ranch California v Nevada County v Grass Valley


The North Star Ranch consists of five parcels totaling 186 acres and is located approximately one mile from Grass Valley, California. Improvements include a clubhouse, barn, small rental, two large reservoirs, a water holding tank, partial irrigation system and two 2-3 acre reservoirs. The ranch is all buildable, fenced and currently leased for grazing cattle. There is power to the property and paved county road access. Class 2 and 3 soil. $2,600,000. Contact David Swartzendruber, 530 575-0416. Video available on YouTube.

California Outdoor Properties Todd Renfrew, Broker/Owner • 707 455-4444 Over 160 Listings at • BRE #01838294

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Galletti Ocean Ranch California v Mendocino County v Elk


This historic 324-acre ranch was founded in 1917, and operated as a dairy for 69 years. Artichokes, peas and hay have also been produced on the ranch. With 200± acres of class 2 and 3 soil, great water and a large year-round pond, the productive capacity is significant. Four older homes and numerous shops, barns and outbuildings. Best of all, the property includes .50 mile of private California coastline for incredible abalone diving

Pri ce R edu ced

and rock fishing. $3,100,000. Contact Todd Renfrew, 707 365-5064. Video available on YouTube.

Shasta Shadow Ranch California v Siskiyou County v Grenada


These 997± acres feature a gorgeous custom home and immaculate equestrian facilities; 9-stall barn with indoor arena, office, tack room, heated wash racks, guest apartment, shop, two more barns, shop/garage, manufactured home, outdoor arena, round pen, irrigated horse pastures and several dry lot turnouts with water, three large outdoor run in shelters, hundreds of acres to ride and beautiful views of Mt. Shasta! $1,950,000. Contact Kathy, Glen or Amy, 530 643-1336. Video available on YouTube.

Alger Vineyards California v Tehama County v Manton


51.95 acres in Manton Valley AVA with 32 acres of award-winning certified organic vines currently under cultivation and with room for more. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the 2,908-square-foot main residence featuring adjacent patios. The vineyard is USDA and CCOF Certified Organic Land with roads leading past a beautiful pond, flowing creek, apple trees and lavender. Wine-tasting room on upper level, near the property’s highest elevation. $2,395,000. Contact CeCe and Robin, 707 738-3006 or Scott Soder, 530 727-7572. Video available on YouTube.

California Outdoor Properties Todd Renfrew, Broker/Owner • 707 455-4444 Over 160 Listings at • BRE #01838294


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Chimney Peak Ranch

2,392 Deeded and 25,798 Leased Acres Colorado v Ouray County v Ridgway


There are ranches that come along once in a lifetime where a bit of heaven is experienced on this earth. The Chimney Peak Ranch is that ranch where a combination of extreme beauty, privacy and master craftsmanship collide. Located east of the mountain town of Ridgway, Colorado, and at the foot of the Cimarron Range of the San Juan Mountains is a working

western cattle ranch on 2,392Âą deeded acres along with a 25,798Âą-acre forest permit. Beginning at the valley floor, this complete ranch starts in productive, irrigated hay meadows and moves through rolling rangeland to large groves of aspen and spruce. The incredible view of numerous flowing creeks traversing the lush landscape is only superseded by views to the south and east that are best described as world-renowned. This is truly a turnkey ranch where you can walk in, kick your boots off and know it has all been taken care of. Offered for $27,500,000.


This 381-acre ranch has easy year-round access and surface water. It is a large estate parcel with no covenants or restrictions. McKenzie Creek runs

Suzy-D Ranch 381 Acres

Colorado v San Miguel County v Telluride/Norwood

through the property with a small reservoir at the south end. Aspen forests, ponderosa pine and open meadows with a unique combination of privacy, access, mountain views and water. Only 30 minutes from Telluride. Call for a tour! Offered for $2,500,000.

Joseph C. Burns Bryan W. Walchle Michael J. McGarry 21263 Hwy 550 Montrose, CO 81403

970 249-4300 phone 970 249-1313 fax Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West



Historically known as the Desert Claim and the Butterfly Ranch (due to its shape), the Dry Creek Basin Ranch consists of 3,000Âą contiguous, deeded, very private acres. There are also approximately 1,900 acres of BLM grazing permit that go with the ranch. The terrain on the ranch ranges from large irrigated meadows rolling into sage and pinion pine knobs on up to lush oak brush with pine and aspen-forested alpine ridges. The ranch boasts

Dry Creek Basin Ranch

excellent hunting and its access controls a

3,000Âą Acres

large area of the Dry Creek Basin, bordering

Colorado v San Miguel County v Naturita

both BLM and a Colorado state wildlife area. The ranch has significant water resources and

includes some basic improvements. Currently the ranch is used for grazing cattle, growing hay and in the fall the ranch is leased to an experienced outfitter who runs the big game hunting operation. Offered for $4,300,000.

Meaker Farm 413 Acres


Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose

The Meaker Farm consists of 413 acres of which 300 are very productive irrigated acres. There are currently three irrigation pivots and a newly installed Big Gun automated irrigation system. The farm has rights to 305 shares of UVWUA for irrigation. There are three houses on the property including the main country farmhouse that was built in 1914. There are numerous outbuildings, storage sheds and workshops on the property. The land also includes a two-acre irrigation lake and 20 enclosed cattle pens with a feeding system that can handle up to 1,400 head of cattle. This is by far one of the most automated and productive farms in the Montrose valley region. Offered for $3,650,000.

Triple 8 Alpine Ranch 452 Acres

Joseph C. Burns Bryan W. Walchle Michael J. McGarry 21263 Hwy 550 Montrose, CO 81403



Colorado v Montrose County v Cimarron

Have you ever driven by a property and the setting was so riveting that it took your breath away? If so, you may have driven by the Triple 8 Alpine Ranch. It is even more amazing the closer you get to the facilities. The ranch is located 39.5 miles from Montrose and 43.5 miles from Gunnison in an enchanted setting surrounded by a blanket of dark timber and Aspen trees that back up to thousands of acres of public land.

970 249-4300 phone 970 249-1313 fax

It ranges in elevation from 9,600 feet up to 10,000 feet. This elevation is the ideal for lush forests, abundant

ship, numerous outbuildings, a large fishing pond and beautiful mountain views. Offered for $2,450,000.

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

wildlife and cool nights. The ranch features a hand-constructed log home with museum quality craftsman-

Buckhorn Mountain Ranch

6,573 Deeded and 6,003 Leased Acres Colorado v Montrose County v Colona


Just 14 miles south of Montrose, Colorado, the Buckhorn Mountain Ranch spreads across 6,573.41± deeded acres and 6,003± leased BLM acres of stunningly beautiful land at the base of Storm King Peak. Located in Montrose and Ouray Counties off U.S. Highway 550, the ranch has magnificent views of the San Juan Mountains 20 miles to the south. This exceptional property is both a working cattle ranch with a full complement of livestock facilities and a superb hunting retreat with excellent habitat for mule deer and elk. The ranch is located in Colorado Game Management Unit 65 and has a well-earned reputation for trophysized mule deer and large elk. The ranch also has two lovely, custom-built homes, in addition to guest facilities and staff housing and there are 400 acres of irrigated pastures and hay meadows, as well as a three-acre organic garden with greenhouses and irrigation. While the Buckhorn Mountain Ranch offers privacy and seclusion, it is also conveniently close to some of Southwestern Colorado’s favorite winter recreation venues and towns, including Ridgway, Ouray and the ski slopes at Telluride. Co-listed with Hall and Hall, Jeffery E. Buerger, 303 861-8282,, Offered for $29,975,000.

Miami Road Farm 164 Acres

Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose


Centrally located to Montrose, Colorado, this 164-acre farm boasts superb views of the San Juan Mountains. The farm has 120 acres of irrigated hay ground with 101 shares of UVWUA. Being located just a few short minutes from downtown Montrose makes this property a revenue growth opportunity. This property also has excellent access to Highway 50 and county road access on three sides, and considering the location and the surrounding infrastructure, there are limitless development opportunities. Offered for $1,300,000.

Joseph C. Burns Bryan W. Walchle Michael J. McGarry 21263 Hwy 550 Montrose, CO 81403

970 249-4300 phone 970 249-1313 fax Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West











of the



T • A




his offering includes the eastern portions of the historic Yolo Ranch. The Yolo is one of the few trophy ranches available in Arizona today. The Yolo headquarters is located 47 miles northwest of downtown Prescott. Sitting at an elevation of 5,867 feet, the headquarters is located on the edge of a meadow surrounding Connell Gulch and encircled by Ponderosa pine. Totaling 56,870± acres, consisting

of a combination of deeded, (7,519± acres), State of Arizona, (30,548± acres) and Prescott National Forest (18,803 ± acres), the ranch has a reasonable year-round carrying capacity estimated at 674± head. The headquarters has substantial building improvements, sub-irrigated meadows, spring-fed pond and tanks. The balance of the land ranges from high desert to pinyon juniper to ponderosa pine, bisected by creeks and washes. (See the following page for Wildhorse listing.) The Yolo is also home to elk, pronghorn antelope, whitetail and mule deer, mountain lion, javelina, Merriam’s turkey and quail. Cattle, horses and the historic Yolo brand are separately priced and can be purchased by private treaty. Also available: seller has an additional ranch to lease on a long term basis for an additional 380± head, ONLY to the buyer of the Yolo. $11,250,000 or $1,496 per deeded acre. Contact Charles Havranek, 623 877-5180.


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Charles Havranek PO Box 5700 • Goodyear, AZ 85338 Arizona v Yavapai County v Prescott

623-877-5180 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Wildhorse Ranch Arizona v Yavapai County v Bagdad


The Wildhorse Ranch is located 3.5 miles northeast of the town of Bagdad on Campwood Road. There are approximately 783 pristine, unspoiled contiguous deeded acres and 6,700 acres of state grazing lease; located adjacent to the southwestern boundary of the YOLO Ranch. The Wildhorse headquarters sits at an elevation of 4,200 feet and has great winter pastures that complement the higher elevation of the YOLO Ranch. Unique to the Wildhorse are its 150 feet of surface water rights from Boulder Creek. Boulder Creek runs down from the YOLO Ranch through the Wildhorse Ranch. This, along with several wells and stock tanks, make the year-round operations possible. It has a current carrying capacity of 110 yearlong animal units. If combined with the YOLO seasonal allotments, this provides strategic ranch opportunities and operations. Solar arrays and backup generators are located at both the headquarters residence and the Boulder Creek owner’s ranch home. Fiber optic and cell signal boosters are also found at these locations. Domestic wells provide water to these homes. Other structures include several storage sheds and a hay barn on the property. Area vegetation in the Wildhorse Basin includes a mixed variety of desertscrub, semi-desert grassland, interior chaparral, Great Basin conifer woodland and montane conifer forest. Riparian vegetation is found along Boulder Creek including mesquite, cottonwood/ willow and mixed broadleaf. Average rainfall for the area is 12-20 inches per year. $3,500,000.

Gary T. Smith 5013 East Washington Street, Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034

602 224-4507


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Price Canyon Ranch Arizona v Cochise County v Portal


This beautiful property lies in a quiet canyon of the spectacular Chiricahua Mountains in southeast Arizona. The ranch consists of two private parcels and a 14,000-acre Forest Grazing Allotment that is rated for 191 head of cattle annually and encompasses the entire Price Canyon watershed. This ranch literally runs from mountaintop to mountaintop and has historically operated as an exclusive working guest ranch. The facilities have been tastefully constructed from wood with native stone and consist of a large public lodge, dining, riding and swimming areas along with 10 spacious guest suites. The owner’s home is carefully nestled atop a nice hill with sweeping views in every direction. There are additional staff quarters, maintenance facilities and a large set of working corrals with

arenas. The ranch has an abundance of water with a major spring, ponds, well and approximately


250,000 gallons of storage. The ranch is cross-fenced into separate pastures and has all the


facilities needed to manage the livestock operation. This scenic property is located at a cool 5,400-

Walter Lane 520 792-2652

foot elevation and is surrounded by lush oak trees and grasslands. This very unique property could be a continued guest ranch operation or a very secluded private hideaway. $2,950,000. Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Northwest Arizona 5,505 Acres

Arizona v Mohave County v Wikieup


Just reduced to $750 per acre, large land offering between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Private and scenic land with level open grassland mesas to scenic canyons on the eastern flank of the Aquarius Mountains. Terms are available. $4,129,058.

Rogers Lake 80 Acres

Arizona v Coconino County v Flagstaff


Located just six miles from Flagstaff, the 80 acres are adjacent to Coconino County’s Rogers Lake Natural Area and NAU’s Centennial Forest. The

property is a fairly level site at an elevation from 7,250 feet to 7,410 feet. Most of property has a nice stand of ponderosa pine with intermixed Gambel oak. Access is on an improved dirt road and there is electrical service. Views over the expansive Rogers Lake to the west are spectacular, this would make for a great low density development by splitting into five separate parcels. Adjacent grazing lease may be available for sub-lease. $1,600,000.


A great green belt property in one of the nicest residential areas of the Verde Valley. 3,061-sqaure-foot home elevated above flood elevation, the property has water rights and is adjacent to the Verde River. The price was recently reduced by over $50,000 to $399,000. Bring your family, horses and toys.

Paul Groseta P.O. Box 1840 • Cottonwood, AZ 86326

928 853-8369


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

2.3-Acre Irrigated Horse Property Arizona v Yavapai County v Cottonwood

The Long Meadow Ranch


Arizona v Yavapai County v Prescott

The Long Meadow Ranch is one of the finest agricultural offerings in the southwestern United States. The ranch is located 22 miles northwest of Prescott in the beautiful Williamson Valley. The ranch has 2,151.01± deeded acres including approximately 200± acres of irrigated land, of which 120± acres are sub-irrigated. The balance of the land is very productive native grass. The ranch has an abundance of water with eight wells which produce between 10 and 550 GPM. Also, the ranch has a Certificate of Water Adequacy from the Arizona Department of Water Resources for residential and non-residential uses of 3,156.4 acre feet annually. This offering provides an excellent investment opportunity. The ranch is highly improved and will allow a new owner substantial depreciation. The ranch’s deeded land in conjunction with the adjacent Prescott National Forest grazing permit is rated at 200± animal units. In addition to the grazing, the ranch has historically baled fescue and red clover hay on the irrigated land. The ranch is located in an area of some of the most exclusive developments in the Prescott area. The Long Meadow is also favorable for the sportsman as it is home to one of the state’s premier antelope herds, chukkar and pheasant have also been raised for hunting. This ranch has it all and is offered turnkey for a new owner. $14,500,000 (including cattle and equipment). See a video of the ranch on our website.

Andy Groseta P.O. Box 1840 Cottonwood AZ, 86326

928-634-8110 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Grandscapes Heartland Ranch Galles Properties

Also see for more properties

Marton Ranch


Wyoming Natrona & Carbon Counties v Alcova

69,550+ total acres: 35,700 deeded, 8,000 State lease and 25,850 BLM lease acres, located 20 miles south of Casper. Two miles of North Platte River Frontage. Ample water throughout ranch. Nice set of improvements. $28,000,000. Clark & Associates, 307 334-2025. Property ID: 50449

Rooster Junction Hunting Property Nebraska v Box Butte County v Alliance


This 960± deeded acre, turnkey hunting operation located 16 miles north of Alliance in

Muleshoe Ranch Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland


the heart of Nebraska’s upland bird hunting Historic 4,161±-acre ranch 10 minutes west of Wheatland. 839± deeded, 3,322± BLM acres. 225± area. Includes 8,000-square-foot, fully furnished irrigated acres with excellent water rights. 1.25 miles live water from Sybille Creek that flows through hunting lodge, outbuildings and owner’s list of the ranch. Elegant 9,776-square-foot home, historic rock barn, shop, several outbuildings and more! clients. Wide variety of wildlife: pheasant, duck, $6,500,000. Scott Leach, 307 331-9095 or Cory Clark at 307 334-2025. Property ID: 50208 geese, sharp tail grouse, whitetail deer and mule deer. Excellent habitat, water and protection provided Box Butte Creek and several stock ponds and enhanced by 80,000+ trees planted throughout the property. 550± acres enrolled in CRP, 215± acres dry land farm ground, 110± acres pivot-irrigated ground, 80± acres of wetland and meadows. Excellent additional income from CRP contracts and leasing of farm ground. $2,250,000. Cory Clark, 307 334-2025 or Ryan Rochlitz, 307 286-3307. Property ID: 51317

Lone Tree Ranch Wyoming v Natrona & Carbon Counties v Casper


4,779± contiguous acres located approximately 57 miles SW of Casper are being offered for sale for

Cory Clark, Broker Mark McNamee, Associate Broker Denver Gilbert, Associate Broker

307 334-2025


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

the first time in over 100 years. This historic and iconic ranch consists of 360± deeded acres, 80± State of Wyoming lease acres and 4,339± BLM lease acres. Water sources available throughout the ranch include wells, reservoirs, springs and live water from Lone Tree Creek which flows through the ranch. Excellent habitat for wildlife which include elk, mule deer, antelope and upland birds. $612,000. Clark & Associates Land Brokers, 307 334-2025. Property ID: 51344


Located on the edge of the North Dakota Badlands approximately 10 miles northwest of Grassy Butte. Currently operated as a yearround cow/calf operation, the ranch consists of 2,868± deeded acres, including 1,200 acres of hay ground, with a 450 head, 7-month inventory permit with McKenzie Grazing Association. Rural water, wells, springs and year-

RJ Ranch North Dakota v McKenzie County v Grassy Butte

round live water creeks provide ample water for the cattle throughout the year. Two very nice set of improvements. Easy access off of US Highway 85. Wildlife includes whitetail and mule deer,

elk, coyotes, bobcat, pheasant, turkeys and grouse. Land owner elk tag available for resident owner. Could be purchased as two smaller ranches known as the Johnston Ranch and Hartman Ranch. $6,500,000. Denver Gilbert, 406 697-3961 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. Property ID: 51156

Double Diamond Ranch Montana v Yellowstone & Musselshell Counties v Billings


A rare and diverse investment opportunity comprised of 9,650± contiguous acres with a balance of produc-

Long Canyon Ranch Nebraska v Banner County v Harrisburg


Offered for the second time since it was tive farm and cattle operations, recreational attributes, and a beautiful and private setting. Home to cattle homesteaded in the early 1900s, this beautiful that roam the strong grass country and graze the pine tree-covered hillsides, while the dry land farming op- 1,380±-deeded acre ranch is located in erations provide the balance of winter ground and feed. Great access via U.S. Highway 87 approximately 20 southwestern Nebraska. Summer grazing for miles north of Billings. Thriving wildlife population for the elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, turkey and 220± yearlings or owner-rated for 65 pairs yeargrouse. $6,000,000. Denver Gilbert, at 406 697-3961 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. Property ID: 51347

round with supplemental feed in winter. Three wells and underground pipeline provide ample water throughout ranch. Elegant 3,575-squarefoot




bathroom home with many unique amenities along with barn, shop and garage both with concrete floors, and set of working corrals. Ideal wildlife habitat for elk, deer and many other wildlife species. $2,250,000. Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. Property ID: 50797

Deer Creek Ranch Wyoming v Natrona & Converse Counties v Casper


60 miles south and east of Casper, this 8,817±-acre ranch consists of 2,147± deeded acres, approximately 5,680 Forest Service permit acres and 640± State of Wyoming lease acres. Ample water throughout ranch from live water including Deer Creek and Soldier Creek, as well as springs and windmills. Improvements include an older home that is used as a hunting cabin. Due to the high elevation, the ranch has historically been utilized for summer grazing for livestock. Wildlife includes elk, mule deer, antelope and upland birds. $4,800,000. Clark & Associates Land Brokers, 307 334-2025. Property ID: 51346

Cory Clark, Broker Mark McNamee, Associate Broker Denver Gilbert, Associate Broker

307 334-2025 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West



Reaching in excess of 10,000 feet, the Capitan Mountains have long been a cool refuge rising above the plains of Southern New Mexico. With a vertical relief of 6,000 feet, the Capitan Mountains create some of the most ecologically diverse habitat in the West, from the Chihuahuan Desert lowlands to subalpine forest highlands. The 27,000-acre (11,677 deeded) Alligator Springs Ranch, just 45

Alligator Springs Ranch

minutes from Ruidoso, captures the best of this diversity as one of the finest cattle and big game

New Mexico v Lincoln County v Ruidoso

ranches in Southern New Mexico. $14,245,000.


With over 3,600 acres (3,463 deeded) at an average elevation of 7,200 feet, the ranch is high enough to escape hot summers, but low enough to produce strong hay crops and healthy herds of cattle. Most significantly, over four miles of a year-round stream with substantial water rights, Nutrias Creek, keep wildlife, including trophy elk and mule deer.

7 Mares Ranch

$5,950,000. Property ID: 50329

New Mexico v Rio Arriba County v Chama

7 Mares Ranch appealing to an abundance of

Elk Highland Ranch Colorado v Park County v Guffey


Containing over 2,145 deeded acres and nearly 12,000 additional permitted acres, Elk Highland Ranch is a large operation capable of being a profitable cattle producer in its own right, yet offers so much more. While cattle can be a mainstay here, hunting, fishing and development opportunities sweeten the pot of possibilities. $5,750,000. Property ID: 50204

Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan 1781 Macom Drive 窶「 Sedalia, CO 80135

303 683-9090 800 524-1818 toll free


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Coyote Ranch New Mexico v Catron County v Pie Town


Veteran elk hunters have long known that the pinフバn/juniper and Ponderosa pine forests of westcentral New Mexico harbor some of the largest bull elk on the planet, and generations of these magnificent animals have made a habit of hiding out on several expansive private ranches north of the hamlet of Pie Town. Encompassing over twelve square miles of trophy elk habitat, Coyote Ranch is a secret elk hideaway, where privacy and huge bulls are everyday occurrences. $4,500,000.


American Creek Ranch

Located in the shadow of New Mexico’s highest peak and only minutes from Angel Fire, Taos and Red River ski resorts, American Creek Ranch

New Mexico v Colfax County v Angel Fire

may be the best situated recreational ranch in the state. Over 3,082 deeded acres of mountain forest and rolling grassland provide ample room for solitude, stunning alpine views and large herds of mule deer and elk. Add easy access and a beautiful 3,200-square-foot, hacienda-style home to the mix and the result is a mountain retreat with few peers in Northern New Mexico or anywhere else, for that matter. $7,600,000. Property ID: 49352

Canada del Oso New Mexico v Colfax County v Angle Fire


Privacy that is second to none, mountain canyons that teem with big game, several live streams

Laramie Range Ranch

and a spectacular new home/lodge make the 4,878-acre Canada del Oso (Canyon of the Bear) Ranch between Angel Fire and Taos one of the premier mountain hunting properties in Northern New Mexico. $9,950,000. Property ID: 49972

Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie


More than twenty square miles of Wyoming’s finest elk habitat are encompassed by the Laramie Range Ranch, a pristine property situated only a few minutes from Laramie, Wyoming and but two hours from Colorado’s largest city. With expansive forests and spring-fed creeks, the ranch is a true wildlife oasis in the midst of the Laramie Mountains. $14,950,000. Property ID: 46947

Muddy Creek Ranch Colorado v Pueblo County v Colorado City


Private hunting preserves may be imagined to be features of 19th century England, but an

excellent one exists today in the foothills of the Wet Mountains, only 25 minutes southwest of Pueblo, Colorado. Almost unbelievably, in the midst of one of the fastest-growing sections of the Rockies, the Muddy Creek Ranch remains a 4,227-acre undisturbed refuge of pines,

Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan 1781 Macom Drive • Sedalia, CO 80135

303 683-9090 • 800 524-1818 toll free

streams and wildlife. $6,700,000. Property ID: 48835 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Gore Ranch Colorado v Mesa County v Glade Park


With 17,480± deeded acres, the Gore Ranch represents a rare opportunity for ownership/ stewardship of a true legacy big-game hunting ranch, livestock operation and wildlife preserve

here in Western Colorado. A true diamond situated in the beautiful rugged sandstone canyons, natural arches, spires and alcoves of the McInnis Canyons Natural Conservation Area, consisting of 123,430± acres of BLM administered lands, with the Gore Ranch bordering 75,000± acres of the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness area - which is a part of this unique natural resource. The deeded lands then work their way up to the higher alpine elevations of Pinon Mesa with its beautiful alpine setting of aspen, oaks, pine and gorgeous mountain meadows. The ranch carries on a year-round basis 350-400 cow/calf pair and is managed in conjunction with the wildlife to always improve the habitat. With 45,000± acres of BLM livestock grazing permits and 7,000± acres of a National Forest livestock grazing permit, of which these BLM and National Forest permits are contiguous to the 17,480± deeded acres, gives this legacy ranch over 70,000± contiguous acres (deeded, BLM, National Forest Lands). It truly creates a vast wilderness of sandstone canyons, mesas, and premier big-game hunting opportunities. Several abandoned pioneer homesteads and Indian Petroglyph sites are found on the ranch. The majority of the deeded lands have been in the Gore family for over 65 years - with some original family homesteads dating back 85 years. Big-game hunting is exceptional on the Gore Ranch. Located in the renowned Game Management Unit #40 - well known for world class elk hunting and trophy mule deer. The ranch does receive landowner voucher tags for both elk and mule deer based on the Landowner Preference Program (LPP) under the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Program. The ranch offers fully-guided big-game hunts and turkey hunts. Many trophy bulls in the 330-inch to 400-inch class have been taken on the ranch. Trophy mule deer, bears and lion have been taken as well. Water is abundant on the ranch with creeks, springs, ponds, mud tanks, plus over 4 miles of the Little Dolores River. The ranch headquarters are accessed year round via a paved county road and include a nicely-maintained manager’s home, working pens with scale, 100± acres irrigated and in hay production with excellent water rights. A 4-bedroom, 3-bath lodge/cabin with 1,800± square feet is well situated above 9,000foot elevation in the aspens with spectacular views. Less than a 40 minute drive to downtown Grand Junction and the regional airport from the ranch headquarters. $35,000,000.

Brian Mason – Broker/Owner Licensed in Colorado & New Mexico

970 234-3167 cell HB Mason – Broker Associate 970 314-3326 cell 263 Main Street • Delta, CO 81416


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Paradise and Privacy! That’s how you’ll come to view this incredible ranch! 1,871± acres located south of Cedaredge. Currently a working cow/calf operation (350 AUMs) as well as an excellent hunting property. You’ll enjoy seeing the wildlife right out your back door! Ranch includes a forest service permit for 394 AUMs, 220± irrigated acres and live water year round. Complete with ranch manager’s home, working

Harts Basin Ranch

pens, calving barn and shop! End-of-the-road privacy and convenient to both Cedaredge and

Colorado v Delta County v Eckert

Delta! $3,300,000.


Beautiful Plateau Valley livestock ranch near Collbran. This 198.92±-acre ranch features a newer, gorgeous 3,201±-square-foot, custombuilt, log-sided home with a walk-out basement, wrap-around deck, three bedrooms, four baths and stunning, panoramic mountain and valley views. Two equipment sheds (32'x57') and (21'x70'), Hay shed (40'x120'), livestock barn/sale building (64'x125') with office/tack room (14'x21') and second livestock barn with garage (48'x65'). 130± acres are irrigated and

Collbran Livestock/Equestrian Ranch Colorado v Mesa County v Collbran

in both hay and pasture with good water rights. Perimeter fenced and cross fenced for livestock. Located in GMU 421, for big game hunting. An exceptional livestock setup conveniently located minutes south of Collbran. $1,650,000.

Gorgeous Crawford Ranch Colorado v Montrose County v Crawford


Spectacular mountain views from this stunning log home on 98.24 acres! Fantastic shop and machine shed, gorgeous fencing, pond and so much more! Log home is a 5-bedroom, 3-bath, 4,250-square-foot quintessential Colorado log home! Views that go on forever right out the wall of windows in the living room! Covered deck, spacious back patio and so much more! Other purchasing options available. Call for


Enjoy two homes, a bunkhouse with kitchen, apartment plus another bunkhouse, horse stalls, hay barn, corrals and so much more on

details. $1,450,000.

Fantastic Bed & Stall Setup Colorado v Delta County v Austin

69 gorgeous, private and irrigated acres! 65 acres in hay production

Brian Mason – Broker/Owner

with an average of four tons per acre.

Licensed in Colorado & New Mexico

USFS and BLM special use permits

970 234-3167 cell

(outfitting and recreation) that can be purchased separately. Everything here is turn-key and top notch. All mineral rights are included! Land and homes priced at $1,075,000.

HB Mason – Broker Associate 970 314-3326 cell 263 Main Street • Delta, CO 81416 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West



Impressive 186-acre Black Hills property with a one-of-a-kind home that combines maximum efficiency with detailed elegance. From the time you enter this one-level home you will feel a grand sense of

Oak Creek Retreat Wyoming v Crook County v Aladdin

spoiled luxury. It has an inviting atmosphere and an open floor plan designed for entertaining guests. Many custom features including a deluxe kitchen, custom cabinetry, solid Caesar stone counter tops, spacious master suite, spa tub, fireplace, hard-wood flooring, French doors, wrap-a-round covered porch. Includes a bunkhouse, horse barn and shop. This handsome country estate is an exceptional find in picturesque surroundings. $1,387,000.


Scenic Northeastern Wyoming with 451 acres on Oudin Hill just 10 miles from Devils Tower. The acreage is adjacent to Highway 14 with good year-round access. This rugged and picturesque landscape offers terrific views of Devils Tower, the Missouri Buttes and the surrounding Black Hills. The diverse terrain offers secluded draws, open parks, wooded hills with pine and bur oak, high plateaus with longrange views and steep slopes with rimrock outcroppings. A good trail system runs

Oudin Hill Retreat Wyoming v Crook County v Sundance

through the property. There are several reservoirs and a spring development. With its central location, paved highway access and incredible scenery, this Black Hills setting is ideally situated for a year-round place or recreational hideaway. $815,000.


High country Black Hills retreat on 40 acres with a custom home. Designed for entertaining, the two-level home has four bedrooms and six baths. Many extras including custom cabinets, hardwood floors, two gas fireplaces, ample storage, tile patio, decks on both levels, walk-out lower

Buckhorn Trail Retreat Wyoming v Weston County v Four Corners

level with family room, huge craft room and immaculate landscaping with a colorful variety of flowers. Open main level spaces include a sitting room, living room, dining, breakfast nook and galley-style kitchen. The master retreat has a gas fireplace, private bath and glass door to the deck. Two-car attached garage, shop, storage shed and workshop. A truly beautiful home in a pristine Black Hills backdrop. $650,000.


Tremendous Black Hills property on Stockade Beaver Creek with access to a vast amount of public land. 82 acres at the south entrance of Beaver Creek Canyon. Also includes a 256-acre BLM grazing permit. Stockade Beaver Creek runs through the valley where a small hay field is edged with forest and colorful rimrock walls. Above the rimrock is a wide plateau with timber, secluded hay meadows and awesome views. The acreage borders a rugged and remote expanse of BLM land, which then joins a wide expanse National Forest. Unique territory with beautiful Black Hills scenery, access to public land, privacy and live water. $328,000.

Stockade Beaver Creek Property Wyoming v Weston County v Newcastle

Dead Horse Flats Retreat South Dakota v Custer County v Custer


Secluded Black Hills recreational property adjacent to Forest Service on three sides. This private 88-acre retreat is in the middle of elk country. Rustic improvements include two log cabins built, a school house and pole barn

Jim Pederson


with horse corral. The property is situated in

505 W. Main Street Newcastle, WY 82701

the Dead Horse Flats area and is close to Gillette Canyon and South Antelope Spring. There

307 746-2083

for a hunting base camp, summer vacation spot, recreational retreat or a winter snowmobile

destination. Journey in the Black Hills back country. Reduced to $265,000.

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

are many elk beds in the fields and elk typically winter in this area. A great out-of-the way place

Fresh Water Ranch Wyoming v Weston County v Newcastle


A wild and scenic Wyoming Black Hills ranch with live water, highway frontage, picturesque vistas, excellent wildlife habitat, privacy and incredible mountain scenery. The ranch encompasses 3,669 deeded acres in one contiguous block with no public roads inside the boundary. It ranges from the creek banks where Salt Creek and Sweetwater Creek converge to the valleys of the Fresh Water Creek drainage and to the higher timbered country on Mount Pisgah. In the late 1880s the Historic Cambria Salt Mine was on the ranch. Many new water developments, over 14 miles of new fences and several miles of new ranch roads. The habitat for elk, deer and turkey is tremendous. This is one of the top quality recreational holdings and one of the largest parcels of deeded land available in the Black Hills. A truly exceptional offering. $8,500,000.

Lytle Creek Ranch

Tower View Ranch

Wyoming v Crook County v Hulett

Wyoming v Crook County v Devils Tower


Premier Black Hills setting just south of Devils Tower with an unobstructed view of the Tower and the Missouri Buttes. This 1,008-acre ranch


This western Black Hills ranch is in one of the most picturesque and private settings available in the Bear Lodge Mountains. This 1,160-acre ranch is a hidden gem at the end of the road with live water and the entire east side bordering National Forest. A striking mixture of pine-covered hills, steep canyons, aspen groves, high plateaus, unobstructed views, rolling meadows, creek bottoms and bur oak draws provide an exquisite landscape. Almost 2 miles of Lytle Creek runs through the ranch. Ranch buildings include a three-bedroom home, hunter’s cabin, several barns and sheds. The combination of majestic vistas, mountain scenery, live water and access to public lands make the Lytle Creek Ranch a place you’ll want to enjoy for a lifetime. $3,480,000.

is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the best views of Devils Tower and have excellent highway access in a naturally picturesque landscape. Remarkable scenery with wide plateaus, incredible vistas, rolling fields, rugged canyons and wooded hills. Three reservoirs, two water wells and a spring development. Many choice building sites are offered and it has frontage on Highway 24 for over two miles. Tremendous potential for development, private or corporate retreat, commercial venture or to preserve as an investment for future generations. One of the most unique land holdings available in Crook

Eagle Ridge Ranch


County. $4,679,000. Parcels offered.

Wyoming v Crook County v Sundance

Amazing Black Hills ranch with 442 deeded acres and a 320-acre State lease. Located between Sundance and Beulah where Riflepit Divide and the canyons of Sundance Creek run. Wooded hills, steep canyons with interesting rock walls, hidden valleys, hay meadows and panoramic views. A custom log home is set in secluded surroundings at the crest of a hill with unobstructed views. The ranch-style home has an open floor plan with lots of natural light and attached two-car garage. Outbuildings include a log garage, shop, barn, several sheds, carport and two hunting cabins. A

Jim Pederson 505 W. Main Street Newcastle, WY 82701

unique offering with varied terrain, great wildlife habitat, expansive vistas, a good set of buildings,

307 746-2083

access to State land and end-of-the-road privacy. A great Black Hills opportunity. $1,500,000. Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Turkey Creek Fishing Lodge


Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs

Some of the best fly fishing in the area can be found on Turkey Creek, which borders and runs through the middle of this 55.72-acre property nestled at the base of Wolf Creek Pass. At the heart of the property, which is also bordered by millions of acres of National Forest, is a gorgeous 7,021-square-foot, full-log Colorado mountain lodge with four en suite bedrooms, massive





the great room, wonderfully large windows overlooking mountain and valley views, a gourmet kitchen, a theater room, game room with a wet bar and more. Offered furnished and currently operated as a profitable vacation rental, this exquisite lodge would also make an ideal corporate or family retreat and is nicely secluded, yet has easy access to Highway 160. With an attached two-car garage and a separate drive-through garage/shop, the property is fully fenced for horses with three cross-fenced pastures supported by .29 CFS irrigation water. There are no covenants on the property. Offered at $3,595,000. Property ID: 50716

Lindy Moore 970 749-5062


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Hartland Ranch Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs


Nestled among lush rolling hills and pine-studded meadows, at the foot of the majestic San Juan Mountains, this idyllic 84-acre ranch offers an exceptional combination of a private family estate with equestrian facilities, and an income-generating luxury guest ranch – all within walking distance of southwest Colorado’s hidden jewel – Pagosa Springs. Hartland Ranch features a beautiful 3,954-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bath home with lovely finishes (additional heated, finished square footage available in basement), a large barn with a 936-square-foot one-bedroom guesthouse and outdoor riding arena, and five luxury guest log cabins. This pristine and meticulously maintained ranch property boasts irrigated pastures, landscaped grounds, ponds, year-round Horse Gulch creek, sought-after senior water rights (120 shares) and majestic mountain views. Hartland Ranch is offered in three configurations. Irrigated pastures, landscaped grounds, ponds, creek and senior water rights. 84 acres all improvements: $4,895,000; guest cabins on 35 acres: $2,447,000; residence/ barn on 35 acres: $2,448,000. Property ID: 50825

Hidden Valley Ranch Masterpiece Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs


This stunning 4,125-square-foot home offers jaw-dropping views on 35.58 acres in sought-after Hidden Valley Ranch in Pagosa Springs. Bold and modern, this home offers three bedrooms, an office/fourth bedroom, two full baths, two three-quarter baths, a huge laundry room and a three-car garage. The home’s open floor plan, based on Wright’s Prairie Style of architecture, allows each room to take advantage of the amazing views of the high and rugged San Juan Mountains. The 35+ acres boasts a year-round creek and is forested with Ponderosa pine, white fir, spruce and Aspen. Gourmet kitchen, custom cherry cabinets, pristine cherry trim throughout, in-floor radiant heat, instant hot water, security system and low-maintenance exterior. Located five miles north of Pagosa Springs, the community offers private equestrian facilities, miles of riding and hiking trails, a 55-acre private lake provides trophy fly-fishing opportunities with a developed fish habitat. The property boasts underground utilities, year-around access and a private water supply. Offered at $1,495,000. Property ID: 50736

Lindy Moore 970 749-5062 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West



This is a one-of-a-kind horse training facility engineered to withstand the most severe Wyoming weather. It is centrally located to host those coming from Wyoming, Montana, Colorado or Nebraska! The arena was built for event flexibility to

Top Hatt Equine Center

include barrel racing, cutting, team roping/sorting and many more as it has in the past. Tri-level

Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland

home with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and 1 room for an office. Master bathroom has a separate shower and Jacuzzi tub. Second bathroom has a Jack and Jill sink. Open living room and dining room. Kitchen has a vaulted ceiling with a bar and island. Custom hickory cabinets throughout. Second living room and office on lower level. Oversized 2-car attached garage with storage. Total of 59.3 acres with full irrigation water rights and two water wells. 12 covered runs, all with automatic waterers. Additional covered hay storage on each side of attached stall barn. Four spacious corrals attached to arena, all with automatic waters. 100-foot outdoor wood slat round pen with concrete ties. Pipe and panel return alley leading to a built-in roping chute. Three separate pastures surrounding the arena with centaur fencing. Fourth pasture with lots of trees and grass, and a 50-stall horse motel with three water hydrants, great for horse boarding, events or overnight stays. 120 x 250 indoor arena with heater. Enclosed tack room with upstairs storage area. $795,000. Please contact Kay Pope at 307 331-5077 or for an appointment.

40 Acres of Paradise Wyoming v Goshen County v Fort Laramie


Beautiful 3,600-square-foot log home on 40 acres of paradise, located on the 10,000-acre private Pine Ridge Ranch. From the deck you can view Laramie Peak and the 600 trees planted on the property. The kitchen has granite countertops, hickory cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Laundry rooms on both the main level and basement. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom. Lower level includes a second family room with kitchenette. Geothermal heating and cooling, and on-demand hot water. 40x60 shop and two-car oversized garage. $569,900.

Kay Pope 307 331-5077


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

The Ideal Wyoming Property Wyoming v Laramie County v Burns


This close-in ranch property features an updated ranch style home, three bedrooms, two baths and open spaces great for entertaining. The house features two secured “safe” rooms. Outside, there are multiple buildings that serve as shops, garages, tack rooms and stables. The outbuildings also include green house and shooting range! 640 acres of pasture that’s been planted into native grass and cross fenced. Feed bunks and pens serve to anyone who is interested in back grounding calves. Amazing opportunities! $1,150,000.

Pattno Ranch


Wyoming v Laramie County v Cheyenne

Great grassland pasture with easy access to Interstate 25 north of Cheyenne. This property offers two wells with stock tanks and a nice stand of native grasses with no signs of over grazing. This property would be great for a start-up cow/calf operation or adding to an existing ranch. $620,000.

Kevin Whalen 307 631-8241

Jerry Burnett 307 631-9900 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Pettyjohn Ranch California v Tehama County v Red Bluff


The 16,000-acre Pettyjohn Ranch is west of Red Bluff, California and surrounded by privately owned lands. Owned by one family for over 50 years, it represents what a distinctive cattle and hunting ranch should look like. Blue oaks dot the hilly countryside from meadows to steep wooded valleys where the trophy blacktail deer hide. Water is the lifeblood of any ranch and can be found everywhere on the Pettyjohn. There are many reservoirs, springs and seasonal streams. Cottonwood Creek runs for five miles through the ranch, as does Cold Fork Creek for several miles. Both run year-round. You can ride and

hike these valleys for days of endless fun. On a seasonal basis, the Pettyjohn Ranch will feed 800+ pair (a cow and calf). In addition, the ranch supports many and various kinds of game for the sportsman. There are numerous black bear, wild hogs and large trophy-size blacktail deer sought by many hunters. There are two seasonal wild turkey hunts. And, because of all the ranch water, quail and dove are found in abundance. Bass can be caught anytime in the large reservoirs. There aren’t very many ranches like the Pettyjohn. Asking price $16,000,000.

Van Cleve Associates California and Oregon Ranches 530 906-3978


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Pettyjohn Ranch

California v Tehama County v Red Bluff


The 16,000-acre Pettyjohn Ranch is west of Red Bluff, California and surrounded by privately owned lands. Owned by one family for over 50 years, it represents what a distinctive cattle and hunting ranch should look like. Blue oaks dot the hilly countryside from meadows to steep wooded valleys where the trophy blacktail deer hide. Water is the lifeblood of any ranch and can be found everywhere on the Pettyjohn. There are many reservoirs, springs and seasonal streams. Cottonwood Creek runs for five miles through the ranch, as does Cold Fork Creek for several miles. Both run year-round. You can ride and hike these valleys for days of endless fun. On a seasonal basis, the Pettyjohn Ranch will feed 800+ pair (a cow and calf). In addition, the ranch supports many and various kinds of game for the sportsman. There are numerous black bear, wild hogs, mountain lions and large trophy-size blacktail deer sought by many hunters. There are two seasonal wild turkey hunts. And, because of all the ranch water, quail and dove are found in abundance. Bass can be caught anytime in the large reservoirs. There aren’t very many ranches like the Pettyjohn. Asking price $16,000,000.

Van Cleve Associates California and Oregon Ranches 530 906-3978 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Quinlan Ranch 16,716Âą Acres

New Mexico v Rio Arriba County v Chama


This exceptional ranch is located in the heart of northern New Mexico, just west of Chama, in beautiful Rio Arriba County. The property is positioned along a major migration route for elk and mule deer heading out of the Colorado high-country toward wintering grounds in Northern New Mexico. The northern boundary of the ranch is less than one-half mile from the Colorado State Line. The ranch is very well-watered by Willow Creek, numerous tributaries, many mountain springs and over 25 earthen ponds. The larger ponds are stocked with trout. A large, partial two-story, hunting lodge is located in the southern portion of the ranch. The lodge features 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, along with a commercial kitchen and large great room. The numerous improvements on the property are all well-kept and remain in first class condition. Sam Middleton,, 817 304-0504. $41,791,300.

High Timber Ranch 3,400 Acres

New Mexico v Rio Arriba County v Chama


Owned by one family since 1957, the High Timber Ranch is your heaven on earth. It provides privacy, easy access, beauty, recreation, live water with cutthroat trout and a bit of cash flow via hunting and grazing and possibly timber harvesting. A beautiful log cabin sits in an awesome private location. This ranch features quaking Aspen, Blue Spruce, Douglas fir, trout filled streams, including native cutthroat, abundant wildlife and paved frontage. If you have been searching for a beautiful northern New Mexico ranch that will provide you and your family all you could ask for, this offering deserves your utmost consideration. $7,276,000. Charlie Middleton,, 806 786-0313 or Jim Welles,, 505 967-6562.

Chas S. Middleton and Son

1507 13th Street • Lubbock, Texas 79401

806 763-5331


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

S.O. Mountain Ranch

44,804± Acres

New Mexico v Socorro Co. v Magdalena


The S.O. Mountain Ranch is located in the heart of New Mexico’s Unit 17, world famous for record book elk production. The historic headquarters has been well maintained and a new owner’s home, as well as exceptional distribution of livestock, wildlife and water completes the package. The ranch offers exceptional recreation features as well as good livestock grazing opportunities. The grass turf throughout the ranch is in excellent condition and to sweeten the deal, the seller has offered to sell, at his cost, the current inventory of 500± angus and black badly cows and bulls as well as the rolling stock, ranch equipment, etc. Charlie Middleton,, 806 786-0313 or Jim Welles,, 505 967-6562. Price Reduced! $5,650,000.

Berrendo Ranch 7,520 Acres

New Mexico v Socorro County v Claunch


The Berrendo Ranch offers the best of all worlds in terms of an all-deeded ranch property. A well-maintained water system and grass galore provide all that is needed to support both wildlife and livestock. Trophy bull elk, mule deer and big buck antelope inhabit the boundaries of this affordable multi-use gem of a ranch. This is an opportunity to purchase an all deeded recreation ranch property in an area offering an excellent climate, outstanding hunting and great livestock grazing. Charlie Middleton,, 806 786-0313 or Jim Welles,, 505 967-6562. $2,556,800.

Chas S. Middleton and Son

1507 13th Street • Lubbock, Texas 79401

806 763-5331 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West



One of the most improved of all the Stuart Ranches, Rancho San Antonio is a hunter’s

Rancho San Antonio

paradise. A river running through it is lined

Hunter’s Paradise - 9,450 Acres

with 100-foot-tall pecan and oak trees. Water throughout and plentiful vegetation make

Mexico v Coahuila v Piedras Negras

this ranch a great habitat for turkey, duck,

dove, quail and deer. A year-round feed program is in place and high game fence will be installed early 2016. There is a newly renovated threebedroom, two-bath hunters’ house with a gorgeous view overlooking San Antonio River and a 40-acre wheat field with loads of visible game, three smaller worker’s houses, electricity, caliche road system and paved road access all 20 minutes from Piedras Negras. Property ID: 49082

Rancho San Ysidro

Prime Hunting Land - 23,750 Acres Mexico v Coahuila v Piedras Negras


Once a working cattle ranch on part of a 75,000-acre, family-owned property, Rancho San Ysidro offers lots of land and miles of wellmaintained roads. And because hunting has not been allowed on the property for nearly 100 years, San Ysidro is host to a multitude of large, quality deer with the best possible natural genetics. The ranch offers two miles of San Rodrigo River frontage, year-round wildlife feeding program and several large tanks. Property ID: 49105

Rancho Melado

Lots of Water & Wildlife - 4,860 Acres


Mexico v Coahuila v Piedras Negras

Boasting four ponds, 25 water troughs and 2.3 miles of border along the San Rodrigo River, Rancho Melado is irresistible to deer and fowl, and because little or no hunting has occurred in

H. Stuart • 337 376-2851

See VIDEO TOURS + more listings:


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

the area for the last 10 years, quality deer abound. A year-round feed program is in place and high game fence will be installed early 2016. There are 23+ miles of well-maintained, graded dirt roads; a one-bedroom, one-bath ranch worker’s house; a newly completed house pad overlooking the river; and it lies approximately 10 miles from the U.S. border. Property ID: 49063


Located in Southeast Wyoming, the Lazy S Bar Ranch is a versatile income and personal enjoyment opportunity. Wide open space for cattlemen and sportsmen alike. Scenic rangeland with plenty of water and plenty of grass. Remote rolling hills are situated between Shirley Basin and the western slope of the Laramie Mountains, stretching approximately eleven miles north to south and approximately seven miles at the widest east to west points. Sub-irrigated meadows provide profitable grazing, achieving cattle gains of up to two pounds per day. The antelope roam and a good portion of elk hunting area #7 is located within the ranch’s

Lazy S Bar Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Medicine Bow

boundaries. An average of 2,000 elk licenses are issued annually for this area. Land as far as you can see; not undiscovered, but it is undisturbed. Scattered ranch remnants can make you stop and think about a cowboy’s day. 12,341 deeded acres, 12,204.47 BLM lease acres and 1,921.55 state lease acres for a total of 26,466± ranch acres. Only six miles from the Medicine Bow National Forest. Year-round state highway and county road access. Out here you can let your mind wander. Saddle up and ride cross country under blue skies. Imagine what you could do with forty square miles of Wyoming. $5,900,000.

Lightning Creek Ranch 13,076± Acres  

Wyoming v Niobrara County v Lance Creek


Wyoming just as you imagined. Acres of rock outcroppings surround creek-bottom meadows and landscape that ventures out to cedar covered canyons, pine timber and deep ravines.  Creeks, springs and reservoirs offer water throughout this sprawling spread.  The cattle graze, the mule deer grow trophy racks and the antelope roam.  At the end of the road, the log lodge will invite you into the headquarters.  Extensive pipe and cable cattle working facilities designed by CSU Professor, Dr. Temple Grandin, horse barns and outbuildings make this a true working ranch.  This ranch is located sixteen miles northwest of Lance Creek, Wyoming.  Access by county roads or the private, unimproved landing strip. This ranch is nothing less than what you would expect. $5,700,000.

North Platte Riverland Wyoming v Goshen County v Lingle


A sportsman’s paradise with tree covered meadows, densely populated with white tail deer and small wildlife. Prime upland and waterfowl hunting. A warm water slough draws the mallards from the Dakotas as the winter sets in. Canada geese consistently migrate along the mile of North Platte River frontage of this parcel. This property is eligible for a wetlands reserve easement through the National Conservation Service. Located just 1.5 miles from Lingle, Wyoming. $750,000. Broker owned.

215 East 20th Avenue Torrington, WY 82240

307 532-7131 800 658-4431 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Touchstone Ranch Wyoming v Niobrara County v Lusk


The 3,043± deeded acre Touchstone Ranch is nestled in the Hat Creek Breaks 12 miles north of Lusk. Home to a productive purebred Angus operation, the ranch is cross-fenced into nine pastures and is well watered via seven wells and 3 miles of pipeline. Featuring excellent working facilities and a well-appointed fourbedroom, 4.5-bath executive home, this ranch enjoys a variety of wildlife including elk, deer and turkeys. Contact Curt James.

Fish Creek Ranch Preserve


Wyoming v Albany County v Tie Siding

Homestead 8 is one of fourteen 35-acre parcels in the Fish Creek Ranch Preserve. The 3,752 shared acres in this community ranch are covered with riding trails for horses, fishing ponds and abundant wildlife for residents to enjoy. With incredible views of Diamond Peak this beautiful, open-beam, three-bedroom, 3.5bath log home is less than an hour north of Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact Creed James.


Price Reduced! Located just 13 miles from Gordon in the Sand Hills of north central Nebraska,






approximately 717 deeded acres with 551 acres covered by three pivots. Two of the pivots are watered via a pumping station, from the Niobrara River with the third being on a well. Improvements include a small

Dean Farm

early 1900s home, detached garage and two

Nebraska v Cherry County v Gordon

Contact Curt James.


The productive G-Five Ranch is comprised of 2,364± deeded acres. Located in northwest Colorado approximately 30 miles south and 60 miles north of the resort areas of Steamboat Springs and Vail respectively, this scenic working ranch borders 1.5 miles of national forest and enjoys frontage on Phillips Creek and the Bear River. Improvements include two homes, barns, sheds, working corrals and a roping arena. Contact Creed James.

James Land Company Curtis James 203 S 1st Street • Saratoga WY, 82331



Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

2011 Grain Bins - hold up to 65,000 bushels.

G-Five Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Yampa

Sophisticated Sierra Valley Ranch


California v Plumas County v Sierra Valley

The magnificent beauty and understated complexity that envelops this very sophisticated and forever picturesque 280-acre north Sierra Valley property is only the beginning of the numerous hallmark features of this dynamic and expansive “off the grid” Rockridge Ranch. Its inventive 5,600-square-foot home is a blend of creativity and connectivity that is as aesthetically clean as it is comfortable - with a well-conceived floor plan and imposing vistas that capture the property’s spectacular land, forest and classic meadow scenery. Upon a closer look, its complexities appear frequently and unexpectedly – with a structural design that assumes a life span of 3,000 years and internetwork of redundant systems for water and power that insure a life living completely self-sustained. Adjacent to the home, the ranch is complete with a 12,000-square-foot stall horse arena, hay barn and 40-acred corral that are wrapped by National Forest property. Far enough away from the city to feel completely removed from civilization, yet close to local communities, the ranch expands and graduates to the lush valley and hay fields below that are naturally fed and seamlessly tied together by Lost Trail Creek. All combined, its attributes blend peacefully to provide an escape that awaits one who seeks a secluded ranch setting with exceptional potential. Offered at $3,450,000.

Trinkie Watson Known Locally, Connected Globally Truckee, CA 96160

530 582-0722 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Idaho’s Best - Cattle - Hunting - Fishing Idaho v Twin Falls County v Three Creek


This Idaho cattle ranch, currently run as a cow/ calf operation, features big game hunting and blueribbon trout fishing with unlimited recreation

right on the ranch! This is a unique opportunity for recreation and cash flow. The cowboy-friendly facilities include a beautiful ranch home (with highspeed Internet access), guest home, manager’s home, outstanding equestrian facility, equipment shop, an extensive set of metal corrals and hydraulic cattle working equipment. This operation includes 9,866± deeded acres, plus BLM and state leases in a region that has some of the finest cattle country in the state. (The present management is available to run the ranch if desired.) This ranch offers every desirable feature of a trophy property, including authentic Old West cattle ranching, accessibility and privacy, irrigated meadows, senior water rights, cash-flow, limitless adventure and recreation. $10,500,000.


This gorgeous 394-acre property offers not only recreational attributes but amazing operational opportunities. Combine a proven agricultural operation plus a RARELY available assumable Conditional Use Permit that allows for numerous

Private Ranch with Stunning Views Idaho v Blaine County v Carey

possibilities including: bed & breakfast, outdoor adventure camp, school, youth camp, guest ranch, teen or rehabilitation ranch, church camp, hunting or fishing lodge, winter lodge, location facility for filming movies or as a private retreat. Property is less than 50 miles from Sun Valley. $2,900,000.

Pride of Ownership! Idaho v Gooding County v Bliss


These 530.66± acres feature 268± acres irrigated under six pivots, wheel lines and solid set. increased to 100 head cow/calf. Improvements

Lasting Impression

include a custom-built main home with 2,529

Idaho v Gooding County v Gooding

The owner runs 60 head of cattle, but could be


square feet, guest home, shop, open-faced shed One-of-a-kind farm property with approximately 217 deeded acres. Approximately 115 acres and storage shed. Enjoy water sports on the in crops. Over a mile of Big Wood River running through the property. Irrigation equipment river with your own private dock. A portion of consists of pivot, hand lines, wheel lines and gated pipe. Buildings on property include barn, the property is designated as a hunting preserve. shop and corrals. Beautiful custom-built home in park-like setting. Five bedrooms, 4.5 baths and Approximately 84 miles to Sun Valley. $3,950,000. 4,382 square feet. An abundance of space perfect for gathering and entertaining. $1,350,000.

Alfalfa Hay and Grain Farm Idaho v Custer County v Mackay


There are 492.99 gross acres. Four pivots, seven

Bob Jones, Broker Mark E. Jones

wheel lines, beautifully remodeled home that is approximately 2,500 square feet with a full basement. Other improvements include shop,

1766 Addison Ave. E • Twin Falls, ID 83301

7-stall barn with tack room and hay loft, numerous

208 733-0404

outbuildings and Powder River cattle working •


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

equipment. Senior water rights, amazing views, and live water. This property is a must see! $2,485,000.

C Lazy J Ranch Wyoming v Carbon County v Savery


Located along the banks of Savery Creek, the

Vista Verde Ranch

ranch is 1,057 acres plus state of Wyoming and USFS grazing leases in southern Wyoming

Colorado v Routt County v Clark

northwest of Steamboat Springs. Immaculate


The 587-acre luxury guest ranch with upscale improvements and direct access to national improvements include a 4,000-square-foot log forest offers adventure, outstanding cuisine and indulgence to guests from around the world. home, outbuildings and livestock facilities. Close Consistently recognized among the top ranches in the industry, this ranch is offered turnkey to jet-capable airport. $2,850,000. Christy Belton, with talented staff in place at $19,900,000. Christy Belton, 970 734-7885.

970 734-7885 and Ron Morris, 970 535-0881.

Deep Creek Ranch Colorado v Routt Co. v Steamboat Springs


Situated in the sought-after Elk River Valley, the 3,880-acre ranch has cattle handling facilities, fences, ponds, springs, water rights and outstanding hunting. The ranch has modest improvements and is located less than 15 minutes north of Steamboat Springs. $16,500,000. Christy Belton, 970 734-7885.

Murphy Larsen Ranch


Colorado v Routt County v Clark

Eight 50-acre home sites remain on this spectacular 1,500-acre shared-amenity ranch in Clark bordering national forest. Owners enjoy central system, trials, ski hut and a new meeting and recreation facility. An opportunity to join

Rafter 5 Snake River Ranch

in the activities and use the amenities at The

Colorado v Routt County v Maybell

guest ranch, is available to homeowners. From


Home Ranch, a renowned Relais & Chateaux

Located west of Craig and surrounded by BLM, $900,000. Christy Belton, 970 734-7885 the 741 acres are in trophy areas GMU 2 and 11. Approximately one mile of both sides of the Little Snake River flows through the eastern side of the ranch. The property has a new two-bedroom log cabin overlooking the river corridor. $799,000. Christy Belton, 970 734-7885. Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Blue Hills Elk Ranch New Mexico v Catron County v Pie Town


Over 6,000 acres of magnificent country, 5,430 deeded acres and 640 state leased acres, with scenic views in all directions, terrain that ranges from grassy meadows to rocky bluffs and rolling pinon juniper covered mountains, Blue Hills Elk Ranch receives five rifle elk tags in an excellent hunting area and has the capacity to run a minimum of 70 to 80 cows year round, a fantastic ranch with a multitude of surrounding beauty and recreational opportunity. $4,300,000.


Nestled beneath the summits of Fox Mountain and Gallo Peak, in the Apache National Forest, lies the Gallo Mountain Ranch. Consisting of 840 deeded acres, along with 38,633 forest leased acres, Gallo Mountain Ranch is encompassed by a unique recreational dreamland that embraces trophy big-game hunting, abundant fishing and endless riding

Gallo Mountain Ranch

and hiking trails. Gallo Mountain Ranch is situated at a cool summer 7,500 feet within an

New Mexico v Catron County v Reserve

expanse of forested timber, open meadows and

a myriad of springs and creeks. Gallo Mountain Ranch, and the forest surrounding it, offers some of the nation’s finest trophy elk, mule deer, black bear and turkey hunting. Gallo Mountain Ranch is a seasonal yearling ranch and runs up to 700 plus head from mid-May through mid-October. Gallo Mountain Ranch is a breathtaking and productive working cattle ranch as well as an outdoorsman’s paradise. $3,250,000.

Farewell Canyon Ranch New Mexico v Grant County v Silver City


Vast and sweeping panoramic views, with the Langford Mountains and Gila National Forest to the northwest, provide a spectacular setting for the Farewell Canyon Ranch. A gentleman’s ranch, located just south of the quaint mountain village of Silver City, Farewell Canyon Ranch prides itself on a beautiful, custom-built, 4,116-square-foot headquarters with verandas, guesthouse and pool. Farewell Canyon Ranch runs between 250 and 300 cow/calf on 21,595 total acres, 7,760 deeded acres. $4,000,000.

Representing Western Ranchers with the Values of Yesterday and the Technology of Today.

Susan Johnson & Jay Platt P O Box 330 Datil, NM 87821



Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Trotter Ranch New Mexico v Catron County v Quemado


Distant views of the Sawtooth Mountains to the east and Mariano Mesa to the west, along with a blend of rolling hills and mesas, flowing into meadows of gramma grass and wildflowers, capture the essence of the 3,200-acre Trotter Ranch, consisting of 2,640 deeded acres and 560 BLM leased acres. Quality elk and mule deer hunting, and a close proximity to the White Mountains of AZ, where numerous lakes, streams and ski resort provide year-round recreational activity, combine to enhance the numerous attributes of the Trotter Ranch. $2,600,000.

Historical Stage Coach Ranch


Colorado v Park County v Bailey

Located within one hour west of Denver and nestled in the pines of Park County at approximately 8,000 feet, this 165-acre ranch offers easy access to Highway 285, several residences, a restored barn, and an affiliated entity that runs corporate and private events. $6,000,000. Broker: Bob Leino. Property ID: 45200

San Luis Valley Cattle Ranch Colorado v Saguache County v Moffat


Consisting of 2,911 deeded acres, this ranch is all about cattle and water. The property has a deep, artesian well adjudicated up to 1,800 gallons per minute. The ranch is fenced and cross fenced. Historically used for cattle grazing. $1,350,000. Broker: Paul Machmuller. Property ID: 44780

Wind River Mountains Guest Ranch


Wyoming v Fremont County v Lander

Authentic mountain guest ranch situated on the Shoshone National Forest and accessing over 100,000 acres of the Wind River Mountains. Features numerous cabins and being sold as a turnkey operation. First time on the market since 1973. $975,000. Listed by Fuller Western Real Estate of Wyoming. Susan Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer. Property ID: 44415

Riverton Area Hay Farm Wyoming v Fremont County v Riverton


This versatile hay farm produces quality alfalfa for export, maintains a year-round cow/calf operation and a feedlot. The operation comprises 155± deeded acres and 780± leased acres of cropland and pasture with balance in improvements and feedlot. $1,250,000. Listed by Fuller Western Real Estate of Wyoming. Susan Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer. Property ID: 45707 ®

7921 Southpark Plaza #108 Littleton, CO 80120

800 754-0544 • 303 534-4822 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Bay View Ranch – 272 Acres California v Sonoma County v Sonoma Wine Country Spectacular views, vineyard potential, lake and springs. $7,900,000.

West Yosemite Ranch - 900+/- Acres California v Mariposa County Access through Yosemite, cabin, springs, conifer forest. $2,000,000.

Premier California Ranches California is home to some of the most spectacular ranch and recreational properties in the West… and we know the landscape well. From the Sierra Nevada to the Pacific Coast, The Chickering Company has spent over 35 years brokering California ranches, mountain hideaways, coastal retreats, fishing and hunting lodges,

Private Valley - 2,655 Acres

and more. In addition, we locate and evaluate properties throughout

California v Plumas County v Sierra Nevada

the West. Our clients count on our specialized knowledge, experience

Trout creeks, recreation and ranching. $2,900,000.

and discretion to guide them to exceptional properties and represent their interests in real estate transactions. Visit All Our California Ranches at

Lakefront Ranch - 1,397± Acres (530) 265-5774


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

California v Plumas County v Lake Almanor One+ mile lake frontage, views, great recreation. $14,950,000.


Fire Rock Farm

Utah v Garfield County v Escalante

Near Southern Utah’s magnificent Canyon Country in the pioneer settlement of Escalante, Fire Rock Farm is a perfect size for those who love nature – growing their own food, having a place for their horses – and spending days hiking, trail riding or river running in the amazing wilderness of Grand Staircase National Monument. With its fertile fields and beautiful, classic ranch-style home in ideal condition, Fire Rock Farm is easily manageable. Included are a huge shop, hay barn, tack shed and good water rights for the twenty gravity flow sprinkler irrigated acres. The land itself, with its green fields, orchard and sandstone outcropping is wonderful. The 2,500-squarefoot home, in complete harmony with the land, is well built with a timeless quality and style. Located at 5,700 feet elevation, Fire Rock Farm has a wonderful climate in addition to the unique combination of soothing green fields so close to the rugged mountains and deserts and rivers of Southern Utah. $640,000.

Cathy Bagley 245 E. Main St. • Torrey UT, 84775

435 425-3200 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Double E Ranch Arizona v Cochise County v McNeal


Located in Southeastern Arizona, this ranch has easy country, good grass and excellent improvements. The headquarters has a modest home, barns, shipping pens with hydraulic chute and easy access to the paved highway. This ranch is well watered by solar wells and a pipeline through the ranch. There are 2,142 acres deeded land, of which about 90 acres could be farmed. There are 8,526 acres of State Lease grazing land and about 8,500 acres adverse land. Adverse land is deeded land that has been subdivided but used by the ranch unless fenced out by the adverse owner. The ranch has a carrying capacity of 275 head of mother cows. $2,150,000.

Jack Rabbit Ranch Arizona v Navajo County v Holbrook


Located in northeastern Arizona, this ranch is west

Hebbard & Webb, Inc. Real Estate Brokers Ranch and Farm Sales Bruce Eastlake or Jim Webb

acres of deeded land, 8,042 acres State Lease grazing land, 4,000 acres BLM grazing land, 6,078 acres long-term lease and 12,800 acres adverse land. This ranch has a carrying capacity of 325 head. The headquarters has a home remodeled in 2008, barns

1401 N. 24th Street, Suite 1 Phoenix, AZ 85008

and working corrals with outside horse stalls and breeding pen. Close to good schools with shopping in

602 275-5715

Holbrook. Cattle and equipment are included in the price of this ranch. Call us for current inventory of


of Holbrook and north of Interstate 40. It has 490

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

cattle and equipment. This ranch is well located with good grass and easy country. $1,800,000.

Copper Spur Ranch

Tonahutu Creek Ranch

Colorado v Eagle County v McCoy

Colorado v Grand County v Grand Lake



The 560-acre Copper Spur Ranch is an exceptional ranch setting In Grand Lake, Colorado the Tonahutu Creek Ranch encompasses only 45 minutes from Vail and one hour from Steamboat Springs, 52 acres adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. The two fisheries Colorado. The ranch has a creek, two fishing ponds, water rights,

on the ranch include 1,000 feet on of both sides of the North Inlet as

140 acres of hay meadow, is adjacent to BLM land and has several well as an additional 2,000 feet of both sides of Tonahutu Creek and outbuildings, including barns, chicken coop, shop, greenhouse, contain brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, hofer-harrison trout bunkhouse and a small modest home. The Colorado River is a short and the Colorado River Cutthroat Trout. This is an extremely rare 15-minute drive from the ranch. $2,500,000.

opportunity to own land adjacent to a National Park. $4,375,000.

Ranch Creek Valley Ranch Colorado v Grand County v Fraser

Red Dirt Creek Colorado v Grand County v Kremmling



Ranch Creek Valley is a secluded 377±-acre mountain ranch bordered Red Dirt Creek Ranch features a beautiful, custom-built log home by the United States Forest Service Indian Peaks Wilderness Area to on 391 acres overlooking Red Dirt Creek with access to Arapaho the east and the James Peak Protection Area to the south. Abundant National Forest. Outdoor recreation includes excellent hunting, wildlife and big game along with 2/3 mile of virgin riparian Ranch fishing, ATVing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain Creek, creating ideal habitat for Brook Trout and the native Colorado biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing both on the ranch and River Cutthroat Trout. Ranch Creek Valley is the quintessential on the Arapaho National Forest. Water skiing, fishing and ice fishing secluded mountain ranch within 15 minutes of one of Colorado’s are also available at Wolford Reservoir, a short 10-minute drive from premier resorts. $1,450,000.

the ranch. $2,100,000.

William George, Broker/Owner 970 485-1052 cell • 970 724-5900 office • • Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Shamrock Ranch California v Mendocino v Laytonville 17,050 Acres; Less Than 3 Hours from San Francisco


Phenomenal wildlife abounds: Tule elk, blacktail deer, wild turkeys, boar, quail, grouse, bears and more. The profitable hunting guide business includes a fully-outfitted hunting lodge enclave. The ranch also features a professional grade equestrian facility, profitable cattle operation with hay production, abundant water: 2 miles of Eel River frontage plus year-around creeks and lakes, a 2,100-foot turf airstrip and more. The improvements are spectacular. The main seven-

bedroom, 8.5-bath home overlooks an approximate 25-acre vineyard in full production, and reflects superior craftsmanship throughout. There are several other homes and outbuildings. Shown to qualified buyers only. $20,500,000.

6 Point Ranch California v Mendocino v Potter Valley 4,100 Acres; Working Cow/Calf Operation; Great Hunting including Trophy Tule Elk


The main four-bedroom, four-bath home with an inground swimming pool sits up on the hill and enjoys a phenomenal panoramic view of the hills and

vineyards nearby. There is a well-equipped hunting lodge, horse barns, hay barns, arenas, pastures and livestock facilities. The ranch has four large lakes, natural springs and a 10,000-gallon water tank. $7,300,000.

Dogwood Estate

California v Humboldt v Founders Grove 7,000 Acres; Substantial Timber;

California v Trinity v Salyer

Over 2 Miles of Eel River Frontage;

4.6 Acres; Guest House; Vineyard;


Eel River Ranch Conservation Easement Opportunity


Established Winery; Trinity River Access

Located in Northern California’s scenic

Beautiful, custom 4,600-square-foot home with

Humboldt County. This spectacular ranch

gourmet designer kitchen, two luxurious master

has miles of river frontage, offers a major

suites, game room, wine cellar, an outdoor kitchen, river view deck, in-ground pool and spa, triple garage plus much more. Guest house with four-car garage and large office. The Dogwood Estate winery building features a tasting room and wine label and processing equipment are included. Please call Jim or Sharon for a full brochure. $2,600,000.

conservation easement opportunity and a substantial amount of merchantable timber (serious buyers may inquire about a recent timber cruise). The beauty here is enhanced

Serenity Manor

by the splendid wildlife including blacktail

California v Trinity v Burnt Ranch

wild boar and occasional Roosevelt elk. After

Trinity River Frontage; Guest House; Swimming

a scenic drive through Founders Grove, with

deer, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, turkeys,

Pool; Lapidary Studio; Full Gym; Tennis Court

its ancient old-growth redwood trees, the vast Four-bedroom, four-bath, 5,070-square-foot manor ranch enjoys end-of-the-road privacy. And, home is nestled on 7.6 private acres. The grounds once on the ranch, an extensive road system


have been landscaped for serenity, including a huge awaits. The Eel River Ranch is only about an lily pond with koi, placed in front of the home for a hour from Eureka’s airport, yet a world apart.

mirror effect. The interiors are decorated in a style both richly tasteful and peacefully harmonious, with Shown to qualified buyers only. $17,000,000. lush views from every window. A graceful new outdoor stairway leads to the pristine and marvelous Trinity River. Prepare to be enchanted! Please call Jim or Sharon for a full brochure. $2,700,000.

Four Star Realty Sharon Redd • 707-444-9234 License#00590960 Since 1977


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Rancho Saguaro Equestrian Center California v Contra Costa County v Briones


Rancho Saguaro is a full service boarding and training facility located in the beautiful hills of Alhambra Valley on 42± acres. Minutes from Lamorinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Martinez, Pinole, El Sobrante and Richmond, also convenient to San Francisco, the Easy Bay and North Bay. Rancho Saguaro’s barn is designed with the stalls backing to the indoor riding arena and face outward, so that the horses have a view of hills, trees and other horses, rather than their work environment. Thirty-six stalls are over-sized at 12 x 14, and two 14 x 16 stalls are available for special needs.

Income-Producing Equestrian Facility California v Contra Costa Co. v Brentwood


Beautiful, state-of-the-art gated equestrian facility on 6+ acres centrally located in Brentwood. The facility is perfect to host indoor or outdoor riding events and training clinics. This single-level, custom home has five bedrooms, three full baths, gourmet kitchen, sunken tub, master bedroom suite. The full-service horse boarding facility with irrigated grass turnouts, lighted indoor arena with Attwood Footing, MD breezeway barns, 60-foot round pen, outdoor sand arena and a 60x40 shop. Being offered at $1,299,000.

Tesla Road Working Horse Ranch California v Alameda County v Livermore


Incredible 7-acre horse property. This beautiful property is nestled in the flourishing Livermore Valley Wine Country with stunning scenic vistas and just 5 minutes from downtown/shopping. The working horse ranch was renovated recently and is currently producing a sizable income. The ranch includes two barns, pastures, round pen, turn-

out pens, large hay barn, outdoor arena with lights and all-weather footing, large outdoor jump field, tack rooms and can board approximately 30 horses. The possibilities are endless with this property.

Alain Pinel Realtors 601 Sycamore Valley Rd. West Danville, CA 94526

Jerry R. Vaughn 925 791-2545 • 925 200-3030 cell

Amanda Thompson 925 260-7405 BRE# 00908970 Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Round Cattle Ranch Colorado v Otero County v La Junta


Family owned and operated for over 120 years. This ranch has a Colorado Centennial Ranch


Bob Regester, Managing Broker

844 Beaver Pond Dr. • Divide, CO 80814

719 686-8744

designation. This working cattle ranch on average runs 600-650 AUM and has ran as many as 800 AUM. 25 pastures, 41 miles of waterlines and 40 stock tanks. This ranch has six deep wells producing an average of 15 GPM and 4 shallow wells. Crooked Arroyo runs through the ranch and has multiple springs and ponds. There are 14 earthen dams that hold water

in good precipitation years. The 25 pastures for rotation insures healthy vegetation for the

Co-listed with

features a 2,400-square-foot, ranch-style home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. In

herds. This working Colorado cattle ranch has several improvements. The north headquarters addition, there is a small two-bedroom guest house, two metal buildings, numerous barns, sheds, corrals and an overhead cake bin. The south headquarters feature an older twostory adobe home with seven bedrooms and one bathroom. There is also a two-car garage, numerous sheds, corrals and another overhead cake bin. 3,148 acres have been placed in a

Robert Gash, Independent Broker PO Box 1112 • Cedaredge, CO 81413

ranch is unencumbered. The property consists of 11,748 deeded acres and an additional


21,316 US Forest Service permitted acres that may be transferred to the new owner and a few


conservation easement with the Palmer Land Trust and the balance of this Colorado cattle

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

thousand additional acres through State Land and Private Lease. Half of all gas, oil, solar and wind rights are inclusive with the sale. $5,954,000.

Exclusive Eagle’s Nest Ranch Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs


Private luxurious paradise. Beautifully constructed log home on 52.78 acres in Alpine Lakes Ranch features year-round access, great topography, wildlife galore and borders BLM and national forest. Eagles Nest Ranch invites you to enjoy all that life has to offer both inside and outside this elegant property. The 5,849-square-foot home showcases full round hand-hewn logs and river rock surrounds with expansive vaulted T&G ceilings and is warm and inviting. The amazing views are enjoyed from every room. The great room with its open floor plan and large wood-burning, floor-to-ceiling fireplace is perfect for entertaining or large family gatherings. Hardwood floors are red and white oak and entry tile is slate. Cabinets and doors throughout are alder. The gourmet kitchen and dining area are an extension of the great room and easily flow to the outdoor covered deck with fireplace, spa gazebo and outdoor kitchen. The master suite is on the main level and has a double-sided gas fireplace, dual vanities, jetted tub, separate shower and toilet room. Work from home in your private office with custom cabinetry, bookcases all built-in. A half bath and expansive laundry room complete the main living area. Downstairs is where the party begins with a custom bar, pool table, large screen TV, gas fireplace and a complete heated workshop for the handyman, fly tie station, gun re-loading or room to truly enjoy, relax and play all in one place. Walk-outs from several locations and a gun safe problem! There is another private guest bedroom and full bath. Travel back up the stairs to the upper loft, another family space, bunk room, crafts and a second master suite with a gas fireplace and balcony! There is a two-car attached garage as well as a separate 4+-car detached garage/shop/barn to house the toys. In 2014, the sellers added an 8.25 kilowatt grid tie solar system and there have been no electric bills for the past year. Spence Lake is a short distance away and is stocked and ready for great fishing for the private use of ALR property owners. Both elegant and inviting this one-of-a-kind amazing getaway can be yours. Can be sold partially furnished. Enjoy the Colorado paradise you have dreamed of at Eagle Nest Ranch! $1,950,000. MLS#705653. Virtual tour available at

Carol Ann Peterson ABR, GRI, e-Pro Broker Associate 970-264-3200 office 480-213-0511 2015-16 President Pagosa Springs Area Association of Realtors 2015-16 Pagosa Springs Realtor of the Year Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


The River Ranch 1,322 Acres

California v Yolo County v Rumsey Located near the town of Rumsey in Yolo County. First time on the market in 35 years! This is an extraordinary recreational ranch at the end of the county road nestled between the hills of the Capay Valley and Cache Creek, which meanders through the ranch. Beautifullyrestored ranch house, bunkhouse, incredible shop and great room with bar and full kitchen for large groups. Too many amenities to list plus pig, turkey and deer hunting. $5,450,000.

Colusa County cattle ranch located at Highway 16 and 20, 18 miles west of Interstate 5 and the City of Williams. Good grazing ranch with excellent deer, pig and elk hunting. Hunting lodge and ponds. $3,090,600.

The Turkey Track Ranch 2,575 Acres

California v Colusa County v Williams

Specializing in Farm & Ranch Properties in Northern California

Scott Stone, Broker • 530 662-4094 (office) • 530 681-1410 (mobile)


Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

New and Improved

Coming Soon!

Grandscapes Rancho San Antonio Stuart Ranches

Also see for more properties

West Valley Ranch $2,700,000 - 3342 acres, West Valley Reservoir lays primarily within ranch, 225 pair/season, Modoc County 707 455-4444

Picayune Lake $2,000,000 - 640 acres, mountain cabin overlooking lake, TPZ zoning, hunting, fishing, recreation, just 30 minutes to Mt. Shasta. Trinity County

White Oak Ranch and Vineyard $21,000,000 - 255 acres, large scale production vineyard 10,000 sq. ft. Villa, manager house & garden, professional equestrian & rodeo arena. Excellent Water Rights. Mendocino County

Rough & Ready Cattle Co. $1,975,000 - 453 acres, runs 60 head, irrigation, 3 ponds, 2400 sf home, 1300 sf foreman’s home. Siskiyou County


California Outdoor Properties

Estero Americano Ranch $17,000,000 - 1,118 acres, certified organic, 50 miles to San Francisco, first time on market in 150 years, 22 natural springs, ponds & reservoirs. Marin County Keene Ranch PRICE REDUCED $11,635,000 - 8,940.04 acres, cattle, equestrian, hunting, developmental land, riding & hiking trials, just 2 hours from downtown Los Angeles. Kern County The New PBM Farms PENDING $7,750,000 - 2,870 acres, 100% organic alfalfa & barely production farm, 9 wells over 19,300 gpm. 5 homes, 2 barns, shops, outbuildings, scales, & organic grain silos. Siskiyou County Briscoe Creek Ranch $6,250,000 - 8,184 acres, 7 ponds, trout fishing, excellent hunting, run cattle, & equestrian. Glenn County 12 Mile Ranch $4,500,000 - 5,878.49 acres extending across Modoc County, California and Lake County, Oregon. Numerous year-round creeks and small seasonal reservoirs, one large reservoir, and 200 acres of prime grazing land. 1,800 sq. ft. manufactured home with a detached 3-car garage and 1,200 sq. ft. barn. Modoc County Shilling Yosemite Ranch PRICE REDUCED $4,499,000 3680 acres, livestock, springs and ponds, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, gold mining, & just 25 miles from Yosemite. Mariposa County Betz Ranch $4,490,000 - 121 acres, lakeside home, guest house, lake, fishing, 4 stall barn, several paddocks, fenced arena, Fallow deer, solar panels, pool, trap shooting, & hunting. Nevada County Longview Ranch PRICE REDUCED $4,199,000 - 422 acres, 6,000 sq. ft. hand-honed open beam log home, 5,570 sq. ft. guest home, pebbletech swimming pool w/carved rock waterfall & entertainment area, barn, pasture, round pen, hunting. Calaveras County Crook Ranch $3,999,500 - 5101 gorgeous acres, runs 300 pair, hunting, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, & camping. Tehama County BV 4 Ranch PRICE REDUCED $3,900,000 - 553 acres, organic alfalfa, barn, hay ranch, 525 acres irrigated, well, clover, and rye. Siskiyou County The Humphrey Ranch $3,500,000 - 2,291 acres, 400 cow, 700 acres irrigated, 200 acres forest, balance in upland grazing. Lassen County Sunshine Ranch $3,495,000 - 288.5 acres, 185 irrigated acres/ high altitude alfalfa hay, 7,338 sf home, hay barns, livestock barns, runs 50 +/- pair. Shasta County Gearheart Ranch $3,175,000 - 119. 87 acres, 6,000 Sq. ft. French Country style home, 6-stall wood barn, arena, 2 stocked ponds, irrigated pastures, paddocks and rising trails. Nevada County Galletti Ocean Ranch $3,100,000 - 324 acres, private ocean frontage, 4 older homes, 2 springs, 2 ponds, year-round creek, class 2 & 3 soil. 1/2 mile of private ocean frontage. Mendocino County


Saddle Mountain Wild Rice Ranch $1,900,000 - 240 acres, wild rice, 56+/- acres certified organic wild rice, 2 wells, ponds, barn. Shasta County Woodland Stallion Station $1,850,000 - 100 acres, equestrian center, indoor arena, lighted outdoor arena, 54 box stalls, 4 barns, 26 covered paddocks, and more! Yolo County 7 Spring Ranch $1,800,000 - 480 acres, 7 springs, year- round aspen lined creek, meadows, alpine fir forest in higher elevations, hunting, horse stables, caretakers quarters, storage, garage, well & septic Eagle Creek Ranch $1,799,000 - 91 acres, agricultural and ranch land, canal fed irrigation, 2 year round creeks, fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, 2 barns, “home office” building, second guest house, garage, old orchard, raised garden areas Triple Creek Ranch PRICE REDUCED $1,697,500 - 336 acres, 2,274 sf home w/breezeway, workshop, carport, & garage. 4 ponds, hunting, & fishing. Siskiyou County Majestic Creek-Side Estate $1,690,000 - 51.02 acres, 3 bay shop, horse/hay barn, creek-side on year round Cottonwood Creek, round pen, cattle squeeze, fenced pasture, complete outdoor kitchen. Shasta County Golden Fields Ranch $1,500,000 - 374.61 acres, 5 miles to Chico, could be a great gentlemen’s ranch, future residential development. Butte County Bear River Retreat $1,495,000 - 233 acres, all with river frontage, cattle grazing and hunting, multiple home sites. Nevada County Whispering Oaks Ranch $1,315,000 - 38.63 acres, remodeled 3 bedroom home, attached guest house, in ground pool, covered riding area, 8 stall barn with tack room, wash rack, and workshop. Fenced and cross-fenced, excellent soils and multiple round pens. Tehama County Wilson Ranch $1,295,000 - 191 acres, custom home, 8 stall barn, roping area, pasture & ponds, views of Mt Shasta. Siskiyou County Dunroven Ranch SOLD $1,250,000 - 121 acres, custom home on a hill. Gourmet kitchen, irrigated, 2 wells, outbuildings, barn, hay storage, great location. Siskiyou County Brandy Hill Ranch PRICE REDUCED $1,220,000 - 300 acres, year round pond, 2 streams, hilltop building sites, farmhouse, fishing, hunting, open meadows, & privacy. El Dorado County Spring Valley Ranch $999,999 - 100 acres, beautifully designed estate w/views in a secluded area, guest home, biking, hiking, birding, and hunting. Yuba County North Fork of the Yuba River $ 999,000 - 156.22 acres, well built home enjoys 1/4 mile riverfront right off the huge redwood deck. Trout filled pond, workshop, & tremendous potential. Sierra County

Shasta Shadow Ranch $2,990,000 - 997 acres, 9 stall barn, indoor & outdoor arenas, pastures, tack room, guest apartment, office, hunting. 25 minutes from Yreka and Mt. Shasta. Siskiyou County

Little Valley Ranch $999,500 - 154 acres +/-, 100 +/- acres of class 2 and 3 soil, making a small-scale agricultural operation a viable possibility. Impressive diversity of habitat, 3 bed/1 bath home, large barn, small cottage awaits repairs to be occupied. Mendocino County

No Fences Hay Ranch $2,700,000 - 355 +/- acres under production, high altitude timothy hay, 7 ton per acreage average, 3 wells, 3 pole barns, 1,250 sf home, storage, shop, Shasta County

Coyote Ridge Ranch PRICE REDUCED $995,000 - 458.7 acres, Irrigated pasture ranch that includes rangeland, hill ground, and 74+/- acres of hay ground. Flood Irrigation, 8-acre pond for fishing, home, barns, & storage. Siskiyou County

Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West

Cross Y Ranch Arizona v Yavapai County v Black Canyon City


The secluded and beautiful headquarters of the Cross Y Ranch offers 97+ acres with a fabulous 8,112-square-foot main house with two separate guest quarters, elevator, pool, outdoor kitchen and a four-car garage. The 3,841-square-foot second home is a Santa Fe-style hacienda. There are two additional ranch houses and four manufactured homes, three horse barns, 3-acre pond that supplies water for the IRRIGATED lush pastures, an airplane landing strip,

incredible water rights, Qwest phone and APS electric. There are 18,096 BLM leased acres with a 250-head cattle allotment allowed. $5,000,000. High Country Inn PRICE REDUCED $975,000 - 2.55 acres, trout filled pond, summer & winter recreation, meticulously maintained home w/ inspiring views. Sierra County Ryer Island Duck & Fishing Club $899,000 197.27 acres, 175 acres in a Conservation Easement of which, 120 acres are Prime Waterfowl Habitat and 55 acres are excellent Upland Game Bird Habitat. 5 duck blinds, 3bed/2bath home, barn, 32 ft. dock, great striper & sturgeon fishing. Middle Lake Ranch $819,000 - 335.54 acres, The ranch has 162 acres irrigated by wheel lines, with water supplied by 2 ag wells. Now in wheat hay, has produced alfalfa. Remaining property used for grazing from late spring to fall. 2, 070 sq. ft. ranch house. Modoc County 97 Acre Private Forest $695,000 - 97 acres, 2 cleared home sites, springs and seasonal creeks, trails throughout property, ocean views with some tree thinning. Mendocino County

The Ranch Specialists Jim Redd / Four Star Realty 707 444-9234 Kevin Sullivan / Kevin Sullivan Realty, Inc. 707 485-5834 Circle F Ranch - 3,200± Acres in California’s beautiful Mendocino County, near Boonville. Great for hunting and recreation. Lush pastures and the

abundant water includes creeks and a stocked pond. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home overlooking the former vineyard- now fallow. $4,500,000. Hidden Valley Ranch - 257 Acres with access to the So. Fork Trinity River. 4 Houses, Timber, Small organic farm, Barns, Huge shop, Abundant water. Off the grid with solar, propane, generator. $999,000 Ancient Redwood Tree - Unique opportunity to own a living old-growth redwood tree. Over 200 ft. tall with approx 44 ft. circumference. Includes deeded access across the beautiful ranch where it grows. $325,000

Coldwell Banker The Property Exchange Cathy Peck 307 630-4919 Sue Garey 307 421-2865 Cheyenne, WY 1360 Pronghorn Court $695,000 This home sits right on rolling hills and across from Granite & Crystal Lakes, it borders National forest. Wonderful 360 degree views throughout. Close to common area pond & walking trail. 3 master suites with own bathrooms. Octagon 2-story library, a kid’s private room with curved door, a room they call the “pub.” Star gazing tower on top of home, too many features to mention. Sellers have an additional lot (Tr 46) 6.04 acres that they are willing to sell with house.

Wise Choice Properties Lin Koester 928 649-9002 928 300-3223 cell

James Land Company Curtis James & Creed James 307 326-3104 Kittelman Dryland & Pasture Chadron, Nebraska Comprised of 919.3± deeded acres, this combination property enjoys 360± acres of quality dryland farm ground with the balance in grass. A mature tree row stretching almost a half mile provides great protection for livestock and adequate cover for wildlife. Newsboy Mining Claims Encampment, Wyoming A beautiful mountain property consisting of 135± acres bordered on 3 sides by National Forest. Beaver Creek runs through the east side of property while elk, deer, bear & other wildlife frequenvt the property. Great views and a developed spring complete the package. Brady Ranch – Elk Springs, Colorado 951 deeded acres in one of Colorado’s top limited draw areas; Unit 10. Unit 11 is an over the counter area a mile to the East. A nice mix of cedars, sagebrush and grassy bottoms provide an excellent habitat for trophy elk and big mule deer. Springs on the ranch have been developed providing a watering resource for wildlife and livestock. Borders BLM & State. Volume 61 Farm&Ranch West


Grandscapes Historical Stage Coach Ranch Fuller Real Estate

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