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The Legacy of the Land

FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY Why land will always have a hold on us.





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FROM THE PUBLISHER By the time you read this it will be early November, and here in Texas we should finally have a change of season. all brings change, it is inevitable, and we here at Farm & Ranch are happy to bring you some of our own changes that you will notice in this issue. any of you will be reading our maga ine for the first time, as one of the changes in our distribution was our decision to send a copy of our winter edition of Texas Farm & Ranch, and all subsequent editions of Texas Farm & Ranch, to 25,000 Texas Monthly subscribers in select ip codes in Houston, allas, an ntonio, and ustin. To make this possible we’ve expanded our press run by almost 20 percent. e hope that you ll notice another change we ve included a couple of great stories from Texas Monthly writers made possible by our partnership with Texas Monthly. Like both maga ines, the stories celebrate some of the many wonders of Texas living and our connection to the land and waters of this magnificent state we are blessed to call home.


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To quote Lauren mith ord from her article Land Lords or some, the land has been in their families for more than a century for others, owning property is a new thing. few think of ranching as work some find it to be more of an escape. ut these folks all share in the same knowledge whether it has stock tanks or an infinity pool, whether it features a trailer or a mansion, whether it is a family business or a diversion, a ranch is both a kingdom and a legacy. terry utcher, in her or Love of Country, provides us with a brief whirlwind history lesson starting with the panish land grants of the 1 00s and continues on into a thoughtful, elegiac essay exploring her own feelings regarding the pull of the land. The other significant change that November brings is the long-awaited re-design of our website, e ve overhauled the look, feel and functionality of our site, making it easier for our clients to showcase their current listings. ou may also notice that this issue is larger than our last, reflecting the strength of our advertising sales as new clients come aboard to experience this unique combination of brands and the resulting growth of our readership. ur spring issue will close for advertising space on anuary 12 and we hope that you will come along for the ride. nd we d love to hear any feedback that y all may have on the maga ine or website. ou can reach me at ddunham Here s wishing you all things merry and bright for the Holiday eason, from our house to yours.


Volume 68 Farm&Ranch West

Cover Ranch

THE OASIS VALLEY RANCH Crowned Eagle Realty page 14

contents Featured Articles 18 ❖ LAND LORDS By Lauren Smith Ford

117 ❖ FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY By Sterry Butcher

Farm & Ranch Selects 24 ❖ RANCHO AQUA GRANDE Listed by Hood Real Estate Inc.









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property index Acres±




10........... Karnes ................. 69 14........... Dewitt ................. 69 30........... Comal ................. 59 50........... Medina................ 67 55........... Bexar ................... 84 97........... Travis ................... 87 112......... McLennan ........... 99 121......... Lee .................... 136 127......... Travis ................. 121 130......... Bexar ................... 47 131......... Caldwell ............ 132 135......... Medina................ 58 184......... Leon .................. 106 200......... Lampasas.......... 136 208......... Medina................ 58 231......... Medina................ 67 250......... Wilson ................. 65 272......... McCulloch .......... 48 282......... Uvalde................. 67 297......... Washington ...... 140 300......... Travis ................. 121 312......... Kinney ................. 52 327......... Medina................ 50 341......... McCulloch .......... 45 347......... Medina................ 53 373......... Gonzales............. 68 385......... Travis ................... 96 388......... Grimes ................ 28 400......... Uvalde................. 56 403......... Lee .................... 138 415......... Uvalde................. 62




440......... Medina................ 65 444......... Medina................ 59 454......... Robertson ........... 53 467......... Lampasas............ 49 514......... Travis ................. 135 534......... Bell ...................... 94 551......... Medina................ 55 597......... Washington ...... 140 604......... Leon .................. 107 639......... Uvalde................. 73 654......... Williamson.......... 92 688......... Leon .................. 106 704......... Lampasas.......... 130 705......... Medina................ 57 721......... Medina................ 54 740......... Concho ............... 57 875......... Robertson ......... 107 889......... Menard ............. 123 917......... Kinney ................. 14 952......... Kinney ................. 71 1,040...... Kinney ................. 95 1,150...... Leon .................. 105 1,181...... Uvalde................. 94 1,200...... Uvalde................. 73 1,382...... Medina................ 56 1,500...... Medina................ 58 1,752...... Kinney ................. 71 2,275...... Uvalde................. 96 2,880...... Medina................ 54 5,785...... Uvalde............... 112 11,889.... Kinney ................. 79 17,132.... Uvalde................. 24


2,562...... Borden ................ 72


6............. Llano ................. 130 10........... Hays .................... 48 14........... Bandera .............. 67 16........... Bandera .............. 63 16........... Burnet ................. 69 18........... Gillespie............ 110 20........... Burnet ............... 136 27........... Bandera ............ 102 29........... Burnet ............... 136 32........... Kendall................ 51 34........... Kendall................ 68 40........... Kerr.................... 102 48........... Kendall................ 51 55........... Kerr...................... 37 55........... Bandera .............. 51 60........... Gillespie............ 127 80........... Kendall................ 64 81........... Gillespie............ 110 82........... Gillespie............ 125 82........... Kerr...................... 34 83........... Gillespie............ 126 85........... Kerr.................... 102 86........... Bandera .............. 64 86........... Bandera .............. 69 90........... Llano ................. 142 99........... Kerr...................... 38 103......... Bandera .............. 62 108......... Kerr...................... 36 123......... Kendall................ 68 140......... Gillespie............ 110 143......... Blanco ............... 130

12 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch




146......... Kerr...................... 78 156......... Gillespie............ 125 157......... Gillespie............ 109 160......... Kerr...................... 84 161......... Hays .................... 96 166......... Bandera .............. 77 172......... Kimble............... 103 175......... Gillespie............ 108 186......... Bandera ............ 103 192......... Bandera .............. 64 197......... Real ..................... 69 213......... Gillespie............ 127 214......... Bandera .............. 50 237......... Kerr.................... 133 259......... Kendall................ 79 260......... Gillespie............ 124 265......... Bandera ............ 100 284......... Bandera .............. 63 287......... Kerr...................... 85 289......... Burnet ............... 136 304......... Bandera .............. 73 305......... Kerr...................... 82 310......... Bandera .............. 51 316......... Edwards .............. 93 317......... Bandera .............. 48 328......... Gillespie............ 124 336......... Kerr...................... 39 342......... Llano ................. 124 360......... Real ..................... 93 363......... Burnet ................. 80 377......... Kerr.......................... 394......... Llano ................. 101 398......... Llano ................. 142 400......... Edwards .............. 93 400......... Llano ................. 142 406......... Hays .................. 121 411......... Kendall................ 86 450......... Kerr.................... 125 461......... Real ..................... 61 464......... Real ..................... 80 536......... Bandera .............. 65 552......... Kerr...................... 87 554......... Gillespie.............. 32 567......... Gillespie............ 126 616......... Real ..................... 94 620......... Bandera .............. 81 650......... Hays .................... 72 684......... Blanco ............... 121 700......... Blanco ............... 121 754......... Real ..................... 30 801......... Kendall................ 58 858......... Kerr...................... 76 880......... Real ..................... 91 942......... Bandera .............. 78 960......... Gillespie.............. 75 1,093...... Mason ................. 90 1,225...... Kendall................ 89 1,232...... Edwards .............. 95 1,308...... Burnet ................. 72 1,460...... Hays .................... 72 1,493...... Edwards .............. 92 1,559...... Hays .................. 120 1,708...... Kerr...................... 70 1,775...... Burnet ............... 121 1,900...... Bandera ............ 133 2,416...... Kimble................. 81 2,777...... Bandera .............. 77 2,800...... Edwards .............. 66




4,040...... Mason ................. 79 5,510...... Kerr...................... 70 5,784...... Kerr...................... 78 6,378...... Edwards .............. 70


12........... Collin................. 139 20........... Denton.............. 134 34........... Erath.................. 134 100......... Erath.................... 84 119......... Erath.................... 42 2,022...... Palo Pinto ........... 81 3,659...... Parker.................. 80


9............. Gregg................ 142 297......... Anderson .......... 140 336......... Anderson .......... 122 451......... Wood ................ 134 664......... Anderson .......... 105 793......... Delta ................. 123 4,674...... Titus .................. 123 8,000...... Anderson .......... 104


213......... Montague ......... 134 1,150...... Comanche .......... 75 3,900...... Brown................ 132


168......... Zavala.................. 51 300......... Duval ................... 82 301......... Frio ...................... 77 312......... Dimmit ................ 50 329......... La Salle................ 67 446......... Victoria.............. 103 549......... La Salle................ 59 602......... Live Oak............ 113 718......... Zavala.................. 73 812......... Frio ...................... 55 894......... Victoria................ 75 920......... Live Oak............ 113 920......... Frio ...................... 52 995......... McMullen............ 49 1,185...... Starr..................... 85 1,224...... La Salle................ 44 1,423...... Jim Hogg.......... 136 1,513...... La Salle................ 86 1,705...... Live Oak.............. 46 1,732...... McMullen............ 60 1,761...... Zavala.................. 56 2,163...... Dimmit .............. 112 2,278...... Bee ...................... 92 2,642...... La Salle................ 83 2,703...... La Salle................ 71 2,705...... Live Oak.............. 43 3,015...... Dimmit ................ 71 3,845...... Webb .................. 56 4,571...... Zapata................. 74 7,061...... Maverick ............. 83 8,000...... Frio .................... 111 8,100...... Jim Hogg............ 26


5............. Montgomery .... 137 35........... Walker ............... 140 43........... Jackson ............. 138




55........... Matagorda.......... 95 82........... Montgomery .... 132 130......... Jefferson ............. 69 147......... Montgomery ...... 68 475......... Jackson ............... 75 493......... Walker ............... 140 498......... Walker ............... 140 711......... Liberty ............... 122 894......... Walker ................. 40 1,099...... Jackson ............... 59 1,186...... Walker ............... 131 1,970...... Polk ................... 131 6,252...... Montgomery .... 131


80........... Brewster............ 114 106......... Presidio ............. 116 872......... Val Verde............. 39 924......... Schleicher ........... 57 1,025...... Crockett ............ 112 1,192...... Terrell .................. 97 1,266...... Brewster.............. 99 1,895...... Val Verde........... 101 2,082...... Val Verde............. 99 2,245...... Schleicher ........... 57 2,561...... Val Verde............. 74 2,963...... Hudspeth............ 99 3,112...... Val Verde............. 74 4,797...... Terrell .................. 97 4,825...... Terrell .................. 96 5,659...... Pecos................... 97 5,675...... Val Verde............. 74 6,491...... Brewster............ 116 6,830...... Jeff Davis ............ 98 7,296...... Terrell .................. 98 8,300...... Val Verde............. 98 8,317...... Val Verde........... 113 10,800.... Terrell .................. 99 10,900.... Terrell .................. 98 14,421.... Culberson ......... 115 18,500.... Val Verde............. 76 25,667.... Pecos................... 97 26,656.... Val Verde............. 88

Outside the Region


1,388...... Routt ................. 141 1,928...... Grand................ 141 21,793.... Moffat ............... 141


2,295...... Deer Lodge ...... 129 3,777...... Park ................... 128 5,054...... Fergus ............... 129 5,320...... arfield ............. 129 8,644...... Powell ............... 128


16,309.... Rio Arriba.......... 141


8,595...... Rich ................... 129


12,388.... Johnson ............ 128 15,000.... Park ................... 141 83,604.... Big Horn............ 141

broker index 1431 Real Estate........................................135

Homeland Properties ...............................131

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Killough Properties .....................................61

Hood Real Estate Inc..................................24

David Carpenter Ranch Sales ..................136 Carpenter Real Estate ..............................114 Circle T Realty ...........................................104 Country Connection .................................134

Horseshoe Bay One Ranch Real Estate.............................130 Jacobs Properties .....................................132 King Land & Water .....................................96 Kuper Sotheby's International Realty......133

Real Estate Advisory Team of Fredericksburg......................................124 RE/MAX The Woodlands & Spring.........................137 Riley-McLean Land ...................................120 Stransky Properties .....................................82 Suzanne Cook & Co. Real Estate Brokerage..............................142

Land InvesTex, LLC .....................................68

Swan Land Company................................128


Texas Best Ranches, LLC............................40

Liberty Land & Ranch ...............................122

Texas Land Men, Inc .................................100

Mark Hubbard Ranch Properties .............111

Texas Ranch Brokerage ..............................60

Fredericksburg Realty...............................108

Markham Realty ........................................140

Texas Ranch Sales, LLC ..............................52

Harrigan Land Company LLC ..................141

Meek Ranch Sales.......................................92

TX Real Estate People LLC ......................138

Holland Realty Homes..............................139

Nixon Real Estate .....................................126

Virdell Real Estate.....................................142

Crowned Eagle Realty.................... Cover, 14 Dullnig Ranch Sales ....................................70 The duPerier Texas Land Man, LLC..................................76








14 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


cr es

Central Texas v Kinney County v Brackettville


asis Valley Ranch is located in




northwest of Brackettville,

Texas, and is surrounded by large neighbors. The 917-acre ranch envelops the southern stretch of the Hill Country on its north and east sides and transitions beautifully to flat South Texas terrain along its west and south side, creating a beautiful mix of topography and wildlife on the property. The ranch separates itself from others in the area with its strong subsurface water that is utilized throughout the ranch. The landscape has a rare diversity that can be recognized instantly in the picturesque views from the last hills of the Texas Hill Country that drop off to flat terrain stretching as far as the eye can see.


Oasis Valley is aptly named; the water throughout the ranch attracts a tremendous wildlife population, maintaining an excellent hunting experience year-round for the avid hunter. Whitetail, axis, aoudad, blackbuck antelope, turkey, hog, and more gather at the watering stations strategically placed throughout this magnificent property. Lightly hunted for many years, this property is teeming with game! The headquarters boast a newly renovated, two-bedroom cabin with a wrap-around porch that is perfectly positioned to catch the Texas sunsets and hillside views. A “San Saba” rocked, 30-foot wide, “pila” next to the house is perfect for swimming and cooling down during the summer with friends and the kids. Adjacent to the pila is a newly built 30x30 metal barn with a built-in, temperature controlled, shooting room overlooking a gun range. A game cleaning area, complete with a seating area and commercial stainless steel sink, allows hunters to gather together after the big kill and finish the ob in comfort.


improvements include hunting blinds, new feeders and all-weather roads throughout the ranch. Sweetly secluded and private, Oasis Valley is the ultimate recreational ranch—straddling both Hill Country and flat land, cedar and mesquite, axis and whitetail, it provides a diverse range of activity that is rare for a South Texas ranch. Whether hunting, swimming, hiking, or trail riding, this unique property is not to be missed! Photography by Ron Castle. v

16 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

Geoffrey J. Myane 830-486-8555




PHO T O G R A PH S b y


For all its choices and opportunities, life in the city also brings a certain loss of autonomy. You answer to a clock-watching boss. You are bound by traffic patterns. You worry about what the neighbors think. But drive out beyond the city limits, to where the paved highways give way to caliche roads, and this changes. Out here, amid pastures and spreads divided by barbed wire, you can own acres of land. Out here, you make every decision and there is no gridlock. The only thing you’ll really contend with is Mother Nature and her attendant challenges—the rain, the wildfires, the creek running dry. work The ranch owners on the following pages understand this. They represent five spreads all over the state, from a working cattle ranch in West Texas and an artist-friendly enclave in the Hill Country to a sprawling weekend getaway down south and a historic farming operation on the coastal prairie. For some, the land has been in their families for more than a century; for others, owning property is a new thing. A few think of ranching as work; some find it to be more of an escape. But these folks all share in the same knowledge: whether it has stock tanks or an infinity pool, whether it features a trailer or a mansion, whether it is a family business or a diversion, a ranch is both a kingdom and a legacy.

18 Volume 68 Farm&Ranch West



101 RANCH / 22,000 ACRES / PRESIDIO & BREWSTER COUNTIES / 1967 c ee f fo o fif e My husband, John, and I raise some of the heaviest steers e e e c e e o e e c e e e eo e o o o ec fe e e o ee c e fi e c e o co e o of e o c e e e ce e of o e f e e e o e e e o e of e e o e e e o e o ec fo e e e e o



20 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

Laurance Armour (far right) with his siblings and co-owners, Steven Armour and Brooks Armour Diesel.

PIERCE RANCH / 32,000 ACRES / WHARTON COUNTY / 1886 “I didn’t grow up thinking I’d run the ranch, but what happens is, you fall in love with it. The property has seen a lot of drama over six generations—managers who tried to embezzle, a partition between two sisters, a guardianship—but it has mostly stayed together. We still run Brahman cattle, in honor of our greatgreat-grandfather Shanghai Pierce. We also farm row crops and oversee a crawfi o e o o co and a commercial hunting operation. You can’t just sit on a piece of land, because you never know what the future holds.” — L AUR ANCE AR MOUR


MORGAN RANCH / 9,280 ACRES / HOWARD COUNTY / 1924 f e o fi c e o e e 1883, to work as a cowboy, and eventually bought this land. e e e o e of e fi co ec e developments in Texas; we have three wind parks on the property. My sisters and I run the ranch now, and I love the fact that my children and nieces and nephews work on the same fences that their great-grandfather did. All of the pastures have the same names they’ve always had, and we follow many of the same old two-track trails.” — M A R K M O R G A N

Mark Morgan and his sisters, Marsha McBee, Susan Horton, and Nancy Faye Morgan.



“My great-grandfather Raymond Martin assembled a 124,000-acre ranch roughly between Artesia Wells and Encinal. Upon his death, each of his ten heirs inherited a parcel; La Minita was the northernmost one. When my parents passed away, in 2000, I inherited it. Now my husband, Will, and I travel from Houston at least once a month in the summer and every two weeks the rest of the year. There is nothing better than the feel of South Texas air, and I love my Longhorns and burros— they are our pets.” — M I N N I E B A I R D Volume 68 Farm&Ranch West


MADROÑO RANCH / 1,500 ACRES / BANDERA COUNTY / 1994 “I’m a native of San Francisco and had never set foot in Texas until my early twenties, when I followed my college sweetheart and late wife, Heather, to San Antonio. I confess I had no idea of the wild beauty to be found in the Hill Country or that I’d someday own a bison herd. Heather and I wanted to share this land with others, so about six years ago we came up with a residency program. We’ve hosted painters, writers, poets, journalists, musicians, photographers, forest historians, paleontologists, you name it. It’s the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done.” — M A R T I N KO H O U T








Howard W. Hood, Broker

830-739-3815 24 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


he 17,132-acre Rancho Agua Grande, located 25 miles northwest of Uvalde is one of largest live water ranches for sale in Texas. Year-round Live Oak Creek, fed by more than 30 springs, bisects the ranch from north to south for about seven miles. The ranch is home to Boiling Mountain, the highest peak in Uvalde County, and Salmon Peak, the highest point in Kinney County. Because three ecoregions converge on the ranch, the vegetation is diverse. Wildlife gathers to drink at Live Oak Creek making it easy to view some of the more than 40 species of exotics that roam the ranch. Native game includes whitetail, turkey, dove and limited quail. Rancho Agua Grande is considered one of the nation’s premier hunting destinations. More than 50 miles of high-fence encircle the perimeter. To see Rancho Agua Grande, contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815. Available for $100 million. v

Central Texas ❖ Uvalde & Kinney Counties ❖ Brackettville








Howard W. Hood, Broker

830-739-3815 26 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


South Texas ❖ Jim Hogg & Starr Counties ❖ Hebbronville

he 8,100± acre Rancho Estrella, located 42 miles southwest of Hebbronville, provides incredible hunting and superlative privacy. Rancho Estrella, which has been managed for wildlife for almost 30 years, is divided into four pastures and completely highfenced. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, bobwhite and scaled quail, Rio Grande turkeys, javelina, dove and feral hogs as well as a full complement of desirable exotics. The well-managed brush country habitat, also suitable for cattle, is supplemented with protein feeders and food plots. Rancho Estrella has nine water wells, four stock tanks, and more than 30 wildlife waterers. The ranch has two separate living compounds each featuring a main lodge, apartments and casitas. The four-bedroom, four-bath owner’s home is located in Brush Pasture compound. The ranch has been a hunting destination and a corporate retreat and could easily be a commercial hunting operation. Contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815 to schedule a showing. Available for $30 million. ❖









Central Texas v Grimes County v Navasota

Howard W. Hood, Broker

830-739-3815 28 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


he Lucky A Ranch, located six miles east of Navasota, is 388Âą acres of thoughtfully customized perfection about 72 miles from Houston. Four-bar pipe fences are prominent. The pastures are improved, with mixed Bahia grass and Coastal Bermuda and mature trees. About 30 percent of the ranch is wooded providing native wildlife habitat. Every pasture has either a lake, stock tank or water trough to provide for livestock and wildlife. The ranch has two spring-fed lakes each five acres or larger, stocked with lorida bass, crappie and blue gills. There are also three spring-fed stock tanks, several springs, and three wells. The turnkey ranch has been a purebred 200-head, cow-calf operation, but could be a horse farm or a country getaway with income generating potential. A fenced lane transects the property so livestock can be moved easily to the lighted and covered central working facility. Most ranch equipment will transfer with the sale. The ,000 square-foot house exemplifies one-of-a-kind rustic elegance where even the windowsills are granite in the three-bedroom plus a flex room and office , three-and-a-half-bathroom house. bundant granite and hand-built, custom wood work featuring light-stained ash make a strong design statement. The wood and granite are offset by natural light, soaring ceilings, open design, neutral color palette, and handcrafted antler chandeliers. The all-electric kitchen with its custom cabinetry and large walk-in pantry features Wolf and Subzero appliances. Front and back porches, encompassing 1,625-squarefeet, overlook professionally landscaped grounds. 24x40 covered patio is outfitted with a wood-burning fireplace, a six-foot ull barbeque pit, granite bar and nine-foot granite-topped table as well a sink, ceiling fans and hand-crafted cedar ceiling. An attached, oversized threecar garage can accommodate three Ford F-350 pickups. There are seven metal outbuildings including a hay barn 40x100-foot with a 0-foot lean-to , a combination equipment hay barn 1 0x12 with a 20-foot unpaved lean-to provide covered storage for heavy equipment , feed room storage building 2 x 0 , R storage building 4 x 0 with water, sewer and electrical hook-ups inside , air-conditioned workshop 22x 0 , an air-conditioned, insulated flex building (40x25 with a 14-foot rollup door and 36-inch walk-in door that can be used as climatecontrolled storage or a game room , and a three-sided storage building 4 x 0 attached to the back of the flex building. ll are constructed on concrete pads that are at least six inches and reinforced for heavy-duty use. All hay and ranch equipment can be stored beneath a roof. Contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815. Available for $7.5 million. v









Howard W. Hood, Broker

830-739-3815 30 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

Texas Hill Country ❖ Real County ❖ Vanderpool


he 754-acre, high-fenced Double J Ranch in Real County is a Coloradolike property in the Texas Hill Country. Located on Hwy 337 between Leakey and Vanderpool, the ranch is about 10 minutes from Lost Maples State Park. Dramatic elevation changes, majestic views, crystalline springs and two lakes, one of which is newly constructed and 33 feet deep at the dam, define the landscape. mprovements are nestled in a deep canyon providing complete privacy. Call the three-bedroom, two-bath log cabin and a four-bedroom, two-bath guest lodge home. Entertain in the 19.2 x 19-foot outdoor kitchen and stunning 52.75 x 31.75foot swimming pool, hot tub and fireplace. Wildlife ranging from whitetail deer and turkeys to aoudad and axis abound. The large barn is outfitted with a walk-in cooler. The ranch is ideally suited as a corporate retreat, family getaway or hunting destination. Contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815 to see the Double J, priced at $5.95 million. ❖









Texas Hill Country ❖ Gillespie County ❖ Kerrville

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he 554±-acre Double B Ranch and Resort, located just 20 minutes from Fredericksburg and 15 minutes from Kerrville, is the best-priced live-water property available in Gillespie County. Three year-round, spring-fed, live-water creeks crisscross the ranch. Double B currently hosts special events and commercial hunts for native, exotic and super African exotics. The ranch includes a 12-stall horse barn. The 10,000-square-foot lodge sleeps up to 45 guests. Beaux Hickey’s, a 5,600-squarefoot pavilion, accommodates up to 250 guests. The three-story main house offers 6,000± square-feet of living space. The Ranch House is a three-bedroom, two-bath home. Three cabins provide additional accommodations. Contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815 to see Double B Ranch and Resort, available for $5.95 million. v









estled in the beautiful heart of the Texas Hill Country, Robin’s Rock Ranch is located less than 10 minutes from Kerrville and an hour from San Antonio. The ranch is perched on one of the highest elevations in Kerr County creating magnificent views of the Hill Country terrain. hile the ma ority of Robin s Rock Ranch is manicured, it retains its wild spirit. everal natural springs with numerous dam-building sites meander through the canyon and provide water for the abundant whitetail deer, turkey and dove. The ranch s perimeter is encircled by an -foot, game-proof fence. amily and guests will en oy the ease and security of the electric gate and keypad that are the working core of the custom rock entrance, conveniently located .4 miles from -10 and 4. miles from errville s city limits. The 4,1 0-square-foot custom-built rock home boasts four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths strategically arranged to enhance the open concept design. The soaring ceilings, whitewashed pine walls, neutral color palette and abundant light create an airy environment with solid focal points like the custom chandeliers, massive rock fireplace and natural architectural features of rock and wood interspersed throughout. The beautifully appointed home includes a dream kitchen with an island and granite countertops plentiful,

Howard W. Hood, Broker

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Texas Hill Country ❖ Kerr County ❖ Kerrville

spacious closets an expansive office with a hunting closet and built-in gun cabinet and a four-car carport with drive through. The ultimate destination for outdoor entertaining is ust steps away. The combination of a self-cleaning blue lagoon pool, acu i and 2 x2 cabana with an outdoor kitchen, full bath, rock fireplace, huge barbecue pit, co y fire pit, surround-sound stereo system and stunning vistas guarantee that every gathering will be memorable. ther amenities include a 0x 0 insulated, metal barn with water, electricity and a 21x1 apartment with granite countertops and built-ins that can house guests or an employee a 20x 0 extended carport for R storage and 20x concrete dog kennel as well as two fenced yards. n insulated well house protects a 00-foot Trinity water well with a 0-gallon minute output. There is also a ,000-gallon storage tank. To experience the manicured wildness and convenience that is Robin s Rock Ranch, call Howard . Hood at 0- 9- 1 for a private showing. The owner is a licensed real estate broker. The ranch is available for 2.49 million. ❖







Texas Hill Country ❖ Kerr County ❖ Hunt

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he Flowing River Ranch, located about 10 minutes south of Hunt in Kerr County, offers the rare opportunity to purchase 108± acres of undeveloped land on the Guadalupe River’s south fork. The south fork, known for its high water quality and stunning scenery, courses through the ranch for about 1,200 feet, giving the owner private access. The property fronts Highway 39. The ranch, with gently rolling terrain shaded by mature post oaks and live oaks, offers a selection of potential building sites. The native vegetation and plentiful water attract wildlife. To experience Flowing River Ranch, contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815. Available for $4.75 million.


ACRES Texas Hill Country ❖ Kerr County ❖ Kerrville





he 55-acre Town Creek Estate Ranch, located on Kerrville’s outskirts, provides easy access and coveted country privacy. The 17,000-square-foot main residence, which overlooks a lake on Town Creek, combines the best of indoor and outdoor living with a large 0x 0-foot pool and spa, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits for entertaining. The home features a large living room, library, dining room, den, sunroom, an expansive country kitchen with utility room as well as six fireplaces. There are four bedrooms, each with an en suite bath, and a guest suite with a panoramic view. The master suite features a large two-story bedroom, two ad acent gyms, and his and her bathrooms. The main and secondary offices as well as loggia, map room, half bath and coffee bar are nearby. From the main den, an art gallery hall leads to a 40x27-foot game room overlooking the pool. Another art gallery hall leads to a 60x40-foot trophy room featuring a full kitchen and an adjoining antique bar room. The lakes have been managed for world-class lorida bass and large catfish for more than 20 years. The grounds feature a thoroughbred barn, tack room, and office as well as a large shop, work areas, greenhouse, and air conditioned storage room. Well-designed, high-fenced pens and alleys allow for the efficient handling of horses, exotic animals or whitetail deer. To see the ranch for yourself, call Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815. $3.975 million.

Howard W. Hood, Broker



V & K RANCH 99±





Texas Hill Country ❖ Kerr County ❖ Kerrville


he V&K Ranch, located in Kerr County just minutes from Kerrville, is an ideal place to call home. With two electronically-controlled entrances off of Freedom Trail Road, the 99.38-acre property is easily accessible. The classic Hill Country high-fenced ranch is divided into two 50-acre pastures. The land has been managed so it retains its natural character while providing a home to blackbuck antelope, elk, and Sika deer as well as native whitetail. There are three wells on the property. The 3,274-squarefoot adobe house, reminiscent of Santa Fe, features three bedrooms and three baths. A two-bedroom, two-bath guest house is nearby. The ranch also features two barns. To see the V&K Ranch contact Howard W. Hood at 830-739-3815. Available for $1.695 million.

Howard W. Hood, Broker

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LAKE AMISTAD RANCH West Texas ❖ Val Verde County ❖ Del Rio


icturesque Lake mistad Ranch, with four miles of lake frontage, is the ultimate recreational water property. Delight in hunting wild game or hiking in the hills of this scenic 2. acre property, located only 2 minutes north of el Rio. Native game include whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, and avelina. four-bedroom, three-bath stucco home with wood-burning fireplace provides true Texas comfort. ther amenities include a barn, one water well, one tank, and perimeter fencing. This property is versatile and well-suited for development, a corporate retreat, recreational camp or a private getaway. Contact Howard . Hood at 0- 9- 1 . vailable for 2. million.




336 RANCH 336±



Texas Hill Country ❖ Kerr County ❖ Mountain Home


he 336 Ranch, located 28 miles northwest of Kerrville in Kerr County just three miles from -10, provides the opportunity to create a ranch to your own exacting specifications. ts fences encompass bottom land along the seasonal creek as well as rolling hills and slightly higher elevations with three-mile views. ith wildlife management in mind, 9 percent of the ashe uniper has been removed. Three bulk protein feeders, six corn feeders and all hunting blinds transfer with the property. ildlife includes native whitetail, wild turkey and a host of exotics. The Tightlock® fence is less than five years old. To see Ranch, contact Howard . Hood at 0- 9- 1 . vailable for ,29 per acre.

Howard W. Hood, Broker • 830-739-3815 •

39 40 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Southeast Texas v Walker County v Huntsville


hese 894± acres in Walker County are minutes to Huntsville and only 45 minutes to Houston, Texas. Hunting, fishing, cattle, exotics, boating, horses or waterfowl—this fabulous place can do it all! The lakeside lodge is resort-style and quality minded with 7,500± square-feet, six bedrooms, six baths, large granite kitchen with modern appliances, large game room with fireplace, office, butler’s pantry, carport, and an awesome, one-of-a-kind porch with entertaining areas that surround the lodge. Part of the patio is climate controlled with outdoor cook area and motorized shades that do not obstruct your views! Three of the bedroom suites exit onto their own private patios! The land has wild and woolly lush wooded areas with many open areas and food plots. There are approximately 20± species of exotics such as red deer, buffalo, water buffalo, water buck, zebra, impala, gemsbok, lechwe, axis, sitka, fallow, blackbuck, transcaspian urail, mouflon, Catalina goat, aoudad, scimitar oryx, and giant scientific whitetail deer out in the pasture! There is a great large covered barn with workshop, carport, equipment area with six horse stalls, walk-in cooler, office, tack room and bathroom. There is also a high-quality, galvanized, soft-release deer handling area with pens and several traps. What makes this place so special and unique besides the location is the water! Three stocked lakes all ready to go for the outdoorsman, family, company/corporate group or entertainment-minded people! There are also two water wells that supply the whole ranch. This ranch is a tough act to follow and you will look a long time to find a better one! Location, paved access, game-fenced, great lodge, great lakes, fabulous exotics and whitetail, great year-round entertainment for the whole family or business. Tons of depreciable assets and write-offs providing tax advantages! Equipment list can be provided upon request. Remember…turnkey and ready to go! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. v

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013



Texas Metroplex


Erath County v Stephenville ne of the state’s largest covered riding arenas with 12 stalls, hilltop two-story house, pool, large fishing lake, two small ponds, guest house, one hour to Metroplex. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. 42 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



South Texas v Live Oak County v George West utdoorsman’s paradise! iant whitetail, quail galore, tons of exotics! uit looking, you will not find a better one! Turnkey and ready to go! Drastic $2,000,000 Price Reduction! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013



South Texas v La Salle County v Cotulla


ocated in La Salle County this ranch of 1,224± acres is just minutes to sought after Cotulla or Tilden, Texas. Wild and woolly with thick giant south Texas brush and miles and miles of good ranch roads and brush strips. Old ranch headquarters with nice two-bedroom, two-bath ranch cabin with large living area and fire lace, two aster suites, and large gas kitchen hen add outdoor a ilion areas with fire it and cookout areas, car ort with nice apartment, bunkhouse, barn with walk-in cooler, workshop and nice cattle pens. The property features great paved access, approximately 0± scientific breeder deer turned out b seller into asture, water pipeline throughout ranch, and your own approximately 80± acre lake when filled at ca acit that offers endless recreational o ortunities Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. 44 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Central Texas v McCulloch County v Mason


41± acres in McCulloch County, just minutes to Mason, Brady and only 30 minutes to historic Fredericksburg, Texas. Approximately 1.5± miles of the rock bottom, crystal clear San Saba River with cascading waterfalls, rapids, deep hole areas, and awesome granite bluffs and giant trees! Paved Hwy 71 access, paved electric gate entry leading up to your own charming rock ranch home situated on a hill with giant oak trees. The home features a stunning porch, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, fireplace, study, sunroom, large fenced yard with giant oaks and productive pecan trees. Then add separate guest quarters or game loft with Jack and Jill bathroom, loft bedroom, full kitchen, and large living area with pool table. And a garage with four storage rooms, one full bathroom and a canning/utility room. The property has great topography with a variety of trees, granite outcroppings and approximately ± acres of improved fields cross-fenced into three different pastures! Then add nice cattle pens, a small orchard, three water wells, seven functioning water troughs, large neighbors, and tremendous large whitetail deer, turkey, wild hogs, bobcats and all other native wildlife! Great ranch with great live water…a Texas Best all-around champion! on’t hesitate! This rare find won’t last! riced to sell! Call eff oele, - 5-4 .

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013



South Texas v Live Oak & McMullen Counties v George West


inutes to George West, Texas, 1.5 hours to San Antonio and approximately one hour to Corpus Christi. One of the best quail hunting ranches you’ll ever see! Miles and miles of brush strips, water troughs throughout, tons of thick rolling brush, nice large fishing lake with pier, executive deer blinds and feeders, several paved access entry points, some exotics, giant turned-out whitetail genetics, miles of game fencing, 23 high-fenced deer breeder pens with state-ofthe-art handling facility, caretaker’s apartment, three large metal barns, workshop, game cleaning area with cooler and flash free er, three soft-release pens, and a nice four-bedroom, three-bath hilltop ranch home overlooking your fishing lake! What are you waiting for? This is the best! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. 46 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



pproximately , -square-foot covered pavilion a must see with commercial kitchen with all modern fixtures and appliances, two bar areas, stage for band, outdoor fire pit areas, waterside dining hall with patio overlooking waterfall. Also included is the owner’s house, bride/groom house or guest house, outbuildings, workshop area, full-blown functional lighted rodeo arena with seating for approximately , baseball field, and playground area. There is plenty of room for expansion of many different types of other income opportunities such as hay, cattle, horses, exotics, an orchard, hunting, fishing, boating, or camping. This Texas est rare find has endless uses all within minutes of downtown an ntonio! iant trees and manicured park-like areas, but some wild and woolly wooded areas along the crystal clear Cibolo Creek having two dams with waterfalls, deep holes and easy access throughout! W W and W describe this rare find! Call eff oele, - 5-4 .

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013



Texas Hill Country Bandera County v Medina ± acre lake, two spring-fed creeks, approximately 7,000± square-foot onestory rock home, guest house, greenhouse, barns, lots of wildlife and much more! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.




Central Texas v McCulloch County v Brady ronting on Hwy 377 north of sought after Brady, Texas. Approximately 10± ACRES ± acre fishing lake with two piers, nice hilltop four-bedroom, two- Texas Hill Country v Hays County v Wimberley and-one-half bath home, tremendous variety for hunting, cattle, horses, inutes to Wimberley. Approximately 11,000± square-foot air hay production—you name it—this place has it. Also has hunters’ cabin, conditioned, approximately 22,000± square-foot under roof and equipment barn/workshop, great cattle pens and horse paddocks, two porches, four-bedrooms, five and one-half baths, two gourmet kitchens, water wells and community water. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. six fireplaces, two pools and more! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.


M 48 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


ALL-AROUND VARIETY LIVE-WATER CHAMPION! 467± ACRES Texas Hill Country Lampasas & Burnet Counties v Lampasas oth sides of crystal-clear Mesquite Creek, waterfalls, rapids, two ponds, four stock tanks, approximately 5,300± square-foot main house, approximately 4,800± second house, much more! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.



South Texas v McMullen County v George West


95± acres on the Live Oak/McMullen county line, carving out a special sought-after improved tract from a larger ranch! What an opportunity! Paved access, thick wild and woolly brush with lots of character, rolling topography and bottom areas! Miles of long and wide, ready-to-go quail strips and a bird dog paradise! Game fenced on three sides, turned out giant scientific deer, some exotics, and more land available! Create your own ranch, rare opportunity! Low maintenance—no improvements, do it your way! Great road system in place! $2,980,000. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013




Texas Hill Country v Kerr County inutes to Kerrville and Fredericksburg. Pondside main house, lakeside guest house, two lakes, waterside pavilion, and high-fenced! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Pipe Creek inutes to San Antonio, paved access, great trees, big hilltops, and fabulous crystal clear rock bottom Medina River! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.



377± ACRES

312± ACRES

327± ACRES


214± ACRES

South Texas v Dimmit County v Carrizo Springs Texas Hill Country v Bandera & Uvalde Counties v Bandera as been game-managed for the last seven years! Wildlife tax oth sides of two crystal-clear, rock bottom creeks, six dams, exemption, two stock tanks, two water wells, four blinds and three-bedroom, two-bath ranch home, two cabins, and much feeders, shooting range and more! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. more! This one won’t last! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.


B 50 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera inutes to sought after Bandera and only 45 minutes to San Antonio shops, restaurants, medical center and the historic San Antonio Riverwalk! Awesome crystal clear, approximately ± acre lake offering fishing, boating, waterfowl hunting and an outdoorsman’s paradise! Game fenced with lots of native wildlife and some exotic animals! Then add a boat dock, small barn, giant trees, great usable land with lots of gently rolling terrain. Rare and unique at its best, won’t last! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.




South Texas v Zavala County v La Pryor

Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Boerne

168± ACRES




pproximately 1,400± feet of Nueces River with natural dam creating rystal clear running creek, with springs, two dams, swimming deep and wide body of water with deep holes, rapids, waterfalls, hole, waterfalls, two-bedroom, one-bath house, creekside patio, thick brush and rare giant trees! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013. feed barn, water wells, ag taxes! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.



Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera

Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Comfort




5± acres in Bandera County just 20 minutes to Bandera. This property is quiet and private with great views and lots of trees. Nice barn with an apartment, septic, electricity and water well is everything you need to get started. High-fenced compound for barn and homesite. High-fenced on one side and potential for water development; this gem won’t last long. Call Lance Soele, 210-542-6065.


8± acres in Kendall County near the historic community of Comfort, Texas, with water, water, water featuring approximately 2,000± feet of Guadalupe River! This ag-exempt property won’t last long. Hay production, water well, electricity, RV hookups are all located in Comfort between IH-10 and Business 87. Minutes to Boerne and approximately 30 minutes to Loop 1604 in San Antonio. Call Lance Soele, 210-542-6065.

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013


S O R 920±  F-M C. M, T This fantastic game-fenced Medina County hunting ranch features a varied terrain of gravely hills and rich sandy loam soils in the bottomland with many vistas and valleys spread across the ranch. Huge Live Oaks are scattered throughout the dense underbrush, which covers the majority of the property, providing excellent coverage for wildlife. The property is sanctuary to an abundance of native wildlife as well as released superior deer genetics. This is an exceptionally well-maintained hunting ranch with outstanding improvement possibilities.

R L R 312±  K C. B, T This is a beautiful game-fenced ranch with a gentle rolling terrain. Three log cabins, a game processing area, numerous feeders, and great roads make this is a turn-key ranch, ready to enjoy. The property is covered with numerous native high protein brush species providing excellent cover and forage for the abundant wildlife, which includes Whitetail deer, Axis, turkey, dove, quail and ducks. The ranch is currently under a Level 2 MLD permit.

52 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

V G R 347±  M C. H, T Located just 14 miles north of Hondo, Texas, this beautiful low-fenced ranch features the diverse species of South Texas brush and the rolling topography of the Hill Country. The outstanding improvements on this ranch include a three-bedroom and three-bathroom main lodge, a foreman’s home, and a caretaker’s house. This incredible ranch offers an awesome opportunity to own a beautiful, ready-to-go hunting, recreational, or family ranch.

G B J R 454±  R C. C, T Located in Calvert, Texas, the centerpiece of this magnificent ranch is the custom designed home, which was completed in 2015. Every detail of this ranch has been meticulously maintained, planned and designed. From the scenic pastoral views, the riding trails in the tall timbers along Sandy Creek, abundant wildlife, sport fishing in the tanks and the best cattle grazing and equestrian facilities, this is the ultimate Texas homestead.

Sheldon Grothaus, Broker | | 830.741.8906


D R 2,880±  M C. H, T Located approximately 14 miles North of D’Hanis, Texas this ranch is tucked privately away among an incredible picturesque landscape offering the ultimate package of relaxation and recreational enjoyment. Aside from headquarters there is a guest house, hunting-camp/ lodge area, guest suite, barn, foreman’s house, equipment barn, corrals, and more. This unbelievable turn-key ranch is perfect for hunting, deer breeding, and recreational use.

S C R 721±  M C. D’H, T Located in the highly sought after transition zone of Medina County this hunting ranch boasts a rolling terrain, beautiful views, Live Oaks, native pastureland and thick underbrush, providing excellent cover and forage for the abundant native wildlife. There are two wet-weather creeks, which flow through the property during the rainy season. The diverse terrain of this South Texas property makes this ranch appealing to many tastes.

54 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

H C R 551±  M C. R M, T Hat Creek Ranch offers both large scale entertainment possibilities and quiet retreat areas. This privately gated estate has been designed for the equestrian lifestyle. The diverse topography of this ranch also provides opportunity for the nature lover and outdoor enthusiast. The Hat Creek Ranch will provide privacy and opportunity to explore a range of uses and recreational interest.

E C F 812±  F-Z C. F T, T This low-fenced farm is located in both Frio and Zavala Counties, Texas. The farm has been improved with five wells, underground piping and pumping equipment. There are four center pivot irrigation systems. This is a very nice and productive Frio County farm with good dove hunting and healthy native brush along the back side of property making it perfect for deer hunting. The farm currently maintains approximately 125 cow/calf pairs.

Sheldon Grothaus, Broker | | 830.741.8906


R A L 400±  U C. C, TX

L M 3,845±  W C. L, TX

This high plateau property provides breathtaking views of the rocky slopes, native brush, and grassy valleys that make up the ranch. This ranch is perfect for recreational enjoyment including exploration, hiking, and riding ATVs. And, of course, with the abundance of native wildlife, the hunting on this ranch is superb.

Located approximately 15 minutes east of Laredo, Texas, the terrain consists of native brush and grasses with a slight roll to the land, low lying wet-weather creek areas and four ponds. The property has an improved road system and good fencing that allows livestock to be moved around the ranch easily.

R R 1,761±  Z C. C C, TX

C C R 1,382±  M C. H, TX

This live-water hunting ranch is located just outside of Crystal City. This ranch is extremely diverse and has a tremendous amount of opportunity to offer. Over three miles of the Nueces River serves as the southwest border of the ranch. The ranch has been divided into three sections, which are for sale separtely.

This incredible ranch offers an awesome opportunity to own a beautiful, ready-to-go hunting and recreational ranch. With a hunting lodge, guest suite, barns, walk-in-cooler, and shooting range this is the perfect ranch for family hunting or to lease out.

56 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

C C R 705±  M C. D’H, TX

T 5 R 740±  C C. M, TX

With rolling terrain covered in an extraordinary variety of brush, oaks, and grasses this ranch provides great forage and cover for the abundant native wildlife. The ranch features two wet-weather creeks and six ponds. This ranch has been well maintained, and is the perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast.

The perfect Central Texas hunting ranch with abundant wildlife including numerous native and exotic species. Open areas, thick brush and healthy varieties of grasses provide exceptional forage and cover.

B B R 924±  S C. M, TX

R S R 2,245±  S C. E, TX

This property features a compound of four different houses, garages, living and entertaining spaces. The land is gently rolling brush country, clear of cedar. With an abundance of game, a stocked tank, and diverse virgin brush and Oak trees, this property is perfect for hunting, fishing, and countless other uses.

This is a low-fenced cattle, goat and livestock ranch includes two houses, two barns, three Edwards water wells, six fenced pastures, all with underground water lines to 12 water troughs and two large storage pilas. Terrain is rolling pastures with large Live Oaks, great views, fertile pastures, and abundant wildlife.

Sheldon Grothaus, Broker | | 830.741.8906


E R 208±  M C. Y, TX

O H R 135±  M C. H, TX

The terrain on this ranch is gently rolling and covered in an extraordinary variety of high protein brush species. Native wildlife on the ranch is abundant. Whitetail deer of superior genetics have been released on the ranch. This South Texas ranch is truly a perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast.

This custom white-rock home with an open floor plan and loft is enhanced by a beautiful rock patio and pool with fountain. The acreage is low-fenced and cross-fenced into three pastures with water troughs and huge oaks among scattered grassy meadows and a wet-weather creek.

R C R 1,500±  M C. H, TX

L R R 801±  K C. B, TX

An exceptional hunting ranch with rolling terrain and incredible views. A beautiful headquarters home and small compound area provides for excellent lodging and entertaining possibilities.

This incredible and highly improved ranch is a must-see. Overlooking the Guadalupe River, the main house area is privately tucked away from the front compound of houses and barns. The diverse topography and exceptional variety of native vegetation characterizes the ranch.

58 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

444 R 444±  M C. Y, TX

W A 30±  C C. S B, TX

This ranch boasts huge Live Oak trees, which are scattered throughout the lush grasses, along with dense underbrush providing excellent cover and forage for livestock and the abundant native wildlife. The entire ranch has new galvanized perimeter and interior fencing and is separated into four pastures.

The centerpiece of this unique country estate is a one of a kind home built from an old barn providing an amazing showcase of historic craftsmanship meeting new design. The property has great access and much to offer.

H&H R 549±  L S C. C, TX

K C R 1,099±  J C. E, TX

Located approximately six miles from Cotulla, Texas this excellent South Texas hunting property is split into two high-fenced pastures. This property is blanketed with tall mesquite, quisache and hackberry trees with black brush. This ranch would make an excellent property for any outdoor or hunting enthusiast!

Located 22± miles south of Edna, Texas this awesome hunting and cattle ranch boasts creeks, ponds, and a diverse terrain. Approximately 50 acres is currently in hay production, with the remaining acreage used for grazing. Native wildlife is abundant on this ranch.

Sheldon Grothaus, Broker | | 830.741.8906



South Texas v McMullen County v George West


he RGL Rhode Ranch is the premier ranch in McMullen County and is now being offered for sale! ffering the finest combination of lowfenced hunting, exquisite accommodations, tremendous water capabilities (3 irrigation wells, 9 total water wells) and prime grazing that the region possesses. This ranch shines in so many areas! Beautiful new custom ranch home, scenic rolling hills, large barn, foreman s home, giant low-fenced deer, loaded with game, fantastic brush as well as improved quail country, large stock tank, cattle pens and cross-fencing. nly 1 minutes from George West, one hour west of Corpus Christi and a little over an hour south of San Antonio. Beautiful and productive! This is a property that offers more watering capability than any ranch I have seen in this county and has improvements to match.

Tom W. Davis 361-813-8761 60 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Real County v Barksdale


his incredible new listing offers one-and-a-third mile of both sides of crystal clear Bull Head Creek with long deep green holes, waterfalls, rapids, multiple natural dams and fabulous home sites. The Ranch also offers spring-fed New Creek, huge pecan bottoms, hardwood-lined hills with towering limestone bluffs and Cypress trees. The property includes a very comfortable ranch-style home, equipment barn/shop, extensive limestone fencing, irrigation canal and is loaded with native and exotic game. This is without a doubt one of the finest live-water and recreational ranches available in the Hill Country won t last. ,9 0,000. Call orris illough 210-41 -9 0.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850

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Central Texas v Uvalde County v Utopia


have always said, it doesn’t get any better than the Seco Valley and submit the famous 415-acre White Elk Ranch as the most picturesque property I have offered in some time. With 600+ feet on Seco Creek, this high-fenced property has two houses, each serviced by two deep water wells and web cameras providing real-time views of its wildlife and serene beauty. The guest house is surrounded by colossal oaks and overlooks two beautiful spring-fed lakes, both of which have been reworked supplying precious water during the 2012-2103 drought. The awesome threebedroom 3,600-square-foot main house was built in 2009 on the east side of the property overlooking the incredible Seco Valley. This pristine stone house was designed with views from every room. It overlooks the pool and very large stone and concrete deck. Adjacent to the guest house is the equipment barn and outdoor entertainment area complete with new walk-in cooler and outdoor television. Wildlife on this ranch have been well fed with significant whitetail, turkey, hogs and its signature white elk. This property is priced to the quality that it is. Call orris 210-41 -9 0.


ocated two miles north of Utopia on FM 470, this awesome new listing offers a fabulous four-bedroom, four-bath limestone house with approximately 3,400-square-foot living area and 2,600-square-foot wrap-around covered porch. It sits atop of hill providing million dollar view in all directions. Recent updates include new interior and exterior paint, new carpet, new dishwasher and garbage disposals (2), new Rinai whole-house ondemand water heaters (2), new whole-house reverse osmosis water treatment system, and four 1,000-gallon propane tanks (buried). It has three-car detached garage, paved road, two barns, one deer blind, and four deer feeders. Currently has wildlife exemption (can be converted to ag exemption, if desired). Excellent hunting, priced to sell, $1,495,000. Call Morris 210-415-9850.


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Utopia

210-415-9850 • 62 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


estled along the banks of the beautiful Sabinal River in one of the most scenic and sought after areas of the Texas Hill Country. Awardwinning Lost aples inery is available to qualified buyers that would like a turnkey and operating vineyard and winery. This fabulous vineyard and winery was started in 2009 and has grown into one of the most popular destination vineyards in the state. The setting alone is incredible with 1,200 feet of Sabinal River frontage surrounded by majestic hills and beautiful hardwood-lined canyons. The owners have meticulously taken years of experience in the Polvado Vineyard business and transformed the facility into an upscale vineyard, winery and wine tasting destination. The property has two separate electric entrances with paved roads, and improvements include a 2,400+ squarefoot custom-engineered state-of-the-art winery building with an elegant tasting room, fermentation room, storage and shipping room, lavish bathrooms, outdoor timber pavilion, rain water collection system and an abundant parking area surrounded and shaded by huge oak trees. Other improvements include an event center with indoor and outdoor recreation areas, a beautifully done villa that accommodates overnight guests, fabulous outdoor kitchen and barbeque pavilion, Trinity water well, equipment building with shop area, beautiful stocked fishing pond and manicured park-like area along the river with small dam and swimming hole. The tract offers more than 1,400 producing grape plants that offer a variety of grapes for this award-winning facility. Call orris for more information and more business specifics, 210-41 -9 0.


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


his awesome new listing offers over 2,300 feet of the beautiful Sabinal River and is only minutes from Lost Maples State Park. The Ranch offers tree cover second to none with huge healthy oak trees throughout most of the ranch. Numerous building sites are under the GIANT oak trees along the Sabinal River to hilltops with gorgeous views of the canyon. Wildlife includes whitetail, turkey, axis and hogs. From rich bottom land, to low hills, to mountain tops and the beautiful abinal River, you will not find a ranch of this si e with this much variety anywhere. This is truly a rare opportunity to purchase an awesome live-water ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. $2,595,000. Give Scott a call 830-591-9509 or Morris 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850

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Texas Hill Country v Bandera, Medina & Uvalde Counties v Utopia

his incredible new listing is located east of Utopia in the corner of Bandera, Medina and Uvalde Counties and is less than 90 minutes from San Antonio. Truly a nature lover’s dream with raw beauty and incredible diversity. 1,200± feet of crystal clear rock bottom Seco Creek, an entire hill with 360 degree access, large neighbors, a mix of gentle valley land and hills, deep tillable soil, incredible views of the Seco Valley, fabulous home sites, electric and phone service, great hunting with loads of game, unique rock bluffs and incredible tree cover. It doesn’t get any better than this. $1,875,000. Call Morris 210-415-9850.


ocated in one of the most scenic areas of Texas between Vanderpool and Medina, this 86-acre Jackson Creek tract is one of the most unique live-water properties available in the Hill Country. The tract offers an 1800’s era 86 ACRES log cabin, county road frontage, electric and Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Medina phone service, and is currently in a wildlife exemption. The property also offers an abundance of the features that make this area so desirable including 3,000± feet on both sides of crystal clear live water, deep tillable soils suitable for vineyard or orchards, beautiful hardwood-lined limestone bluffs, several varieties of huge healthy oaks, multiple dam sites and fantastic home sites along the creek. The tract is mainly valley land surrounded by majestic hills and is loaded with whitetail, turkey and many other native wildlife. This tract may be divided. Won’t last. Call for pricing, Morris Killough Owner/Broker 210-415-9850.


VALADEZ RANCH - 80 ACRES Texas Hill Country v Kendall Co. v Comfort ocated six miles south of Comfort on paved county road, this small unique ranch offers everything wanted in a Hill Country ranch. The tract offers a beautiful spring-fed creek, fabulous small pond with concrete drive across and spillway, waterfalls, stock tank, incredible views from multiple home sites, coastal field and the ranch is loaded with game. Improvements include six-stall rock horse barn, rock equipment building, metal horse corral, large limestone entrance and an excellent road system. Won’t last, call Morris 210-415-9850.


210-415-9850 • 64 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


vailable in 95, 155 and 213 acre parcels. This is a rare opportunity to own an excellent turnkey cattle and hunting ranch on the Edwards Plateau in western Bandera County. The Ranch offers huge healthy oaks, gentle rolling terrain, a nice small home, carport, and excellent water well. It is light to heavy cover, all low fencing, surrounded by large neighbors, fabulous hunting with whitetail, hogs, turkey and occasional exotics including axis deer. Nice home sites with great views and fantastic privacy. Cheapest prices in the Hill Country. Won’t last. Owner/Broker, Morris Killough 210-415-9850.


his fantastic hunting/cattle ranch is located just south of Hwy 90 and offers - 440 ACRES a unique mix of South Texas along with the Central Texas v Medina County v Castroville terrain and feel of a Hill Country property. The deer habitat is exceptional with an excellent combination of light to heavy brush mixed with huge oaks, elms and mesquites. The ranch offers five existing ponds, several other excellent pond and lake sites, several areas that may be cultivated for food plots, deep soils and fabulous home sites with fantastic views. The ranch is loaded with whitetail, turkey and wild hogs. $1,870,000. Call Morris 210-415-9850.



Central Texas v Wilson County v Floresville


his exceptional cattle/hay operation is located six miles southwest of Floresville with frontage on FM 2505. This super productive ranch offers 80± acres of Bermuda under two pivots, 170 acres of improved grasses, strong irrigation well, good set of working pens, pond, large oaks, equipment cover, railroad container, multiple accesses and good neighbors. Won’t last, $1,395,000. Call Morris Killough 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850

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2,800 ACRES

Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


his truly incredible ranch is located on the western edge of Edwards County and offers great end-of-theroad privacy. The ranch is game fenced, offers a small hunter’s house, four excellent water wells with extensive piping, extensive road system throughout the ranch and large areas have been cleared of cedar. The ranch has an unusual beauty about it with huge rock bluffs lined with pinyon pines, deep wide canyons, large healthy hardwoods and good soils. The hunting is outstanding and numerous feed stations are situated throughout the property. The ranch is loaded with native game and numerous exotics including axis, fallow, aoudad, mouflon and hogs. on t last 1, ,000. Call orris illough 210-41 -9 0 or Chance ean 0-2 -00 9.

210-415-9850 • 66 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


ocated about two miles north of Encinal and about one-and-a-half miles from the interstate, these 29 acres give you great access but still keep it very private. This awesome hunting/cattle ranch has a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home with game room perfectly suited for your en oyment. The hunting is fantastic with low pressure and the game - 329 ACRES on this ranch has been meticulously controlled South Texas v LaSalle County v Encinal and managed over the last 2 years. eing high fenced on three sides, it would be an easy task to complete the high fence and bring in exotics or continue improving the native game already - 282 ACRES on the property. This ranch features a great Central Texas v Uvalde Co. v Uvalde road system to traverse the entire property in a pickup and a nice pond that was fully stocked about eight years ago. Huge neighbors surround this one of a kind ranch. property of this si e that is turnkey and ready to en oy is ne of the most unique ranches in valde County, the anacek Ranch is located six miles truly a rare find. urface only sale. ive orris a west of valde along the west bank of the Nueces River. The ranch is a nice mix of Hill call 210-41 -9 0 or cott 0- 91-9 09. Country and outh Texas and offers a half mile of beautiful Nueces River frontage, all game fencing, four homes, two water wells, great tree cover, exceptional brush diversity, hills, large food plots, excellent hunting with improved whitetail herd and numerous exotics, hogs, quail and turkey. ou have to see this ranch to appreciate it. This truly unique ranch is accessed by well-maintained county road from Hwy 90 est. 2,200,000. Call orris illough 210-41 -9 0.




ocated 12 miles north of D’Hanis and minutes from FM 1796, this - 231 ACRES small hunting or cattle ranch offers Central Texas v Medina County v D’Hanis terrific transition area variety ust over an hour from San Antonio. The ranch headquarters is situated under a canopy of large healthy oaks and offer a very clean comfortable 16x72 mobile with large wooden deck, fantastic views of the Hill Country, manicured lawn, four-bay equipment shed and an excellent shallow Edwards water well. The ranch offers gently sloping terrain, oak-lined creek, deep soils, thousands of large healthy live oaks, an excellent mix of medium to heavy cover and hunting with whitetail, turkey and wild hogs. ay divide. ,400 per acre. Call orris 210-41 -9 0.



his new 0 acre turnkey ranch is located 10 miles north of Hanis, a half mile off of 1 9 in the highly desirable transition area. The ranch offers an exceptionally planned and constructed 2, 00-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bath limestone home, a well-constructed - 50 ACRES 2,000-square-foot equipment barn with shop Central Texas v Medina Co. v D’Hanis area, small cabin, excellent Edwards water well, 1,200 gallon concrete storage tank and a 0,000-gallon ila that supplies water troughs and a small pond near the home. The very productive ranch is low fenced on three sides and offers huge healthy oaks, cedar, mesquite, medium to heavy cover for the wildlife and numerous areas to set up feed and hunting stations. The ranch is the perfect combination property for livestock with deep fertile soils and numerous areas suitable for food plots. Hunting is fantastic with large numbers of whitetail, turkey and hogs. eller would entertain seller financing and there is an additional 2 acres of cultivated field that could possibly be acquired with the purchase of the ranch, 9,000. Call orris illough 210-41 -9 0 or cott aunders 0- 91-9 09.

MILL CREEK PARADISE - 14 ACRES Texas Hill Country v Bandera Co. v Vanderpool


ocated ust east of anderpool with frontage on , this tract offers ust under 00 feet of fabulous Cypress-lined ill Creek, fantastic homesites with incredible views, electric, phone service, huge healthy oaks, deep tillable soil for orchard or vineyard and is loaded with native game. Neighbor would allow owner the opportunity to improve the water or build a small dam along the creek. All located in one of the most scenic and desirable areas of the Hill Country. 29 ,000.00. on t last, Call

ayne oyce

0- 91- 90.


Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850

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Southeast Texas Montgomery County v Montgomery eautiful 147 acres off 2854. A perfect combination of thick, piney woods and open pasture. Soft rolling hills throughout the property; ideal location for all of the growth taking place in the area. Water well, utilities on site, stock pond, and crossfencing. A must see, special property.




Central Texas v Gonzales & Caldwell Counties v Harwood


nique turnkey opportunity to own the friendliest-feeling Central Texas ranch on the market. Top-of-the-line ranch house appointments, deer and cattle pens, and terrain characteristics that give the feel of a much larger ranch. Off-the-chart nice ranch!

CURRY CREEK GETAWAY - 33.5± ACRES Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Kendalia

SISTERDALE RIVER RANCH - 123 ACRES Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Bergheim


rand home overlooking deep, flowing, cypress-lined uadalupe River frontage. Develop or private use. Mostly level covered with

oak and elm. Fenced and cross-fenced. Hwy 3351 frontage.


owering cypress trees along beautiful Curry Creek border this one-of-a-kind horse-friendly live-water property with deep, rich bottom that opens up to huge pecan trees. Features include frontage on paved Wengenroth Road, a nice barn with tack room and equipment shed, a good well with new pump and pipe, and a cozy home with view of the private lake. Come have a look.

210-901-1000 • • 68 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

PRIME DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY - 14 ACRES JACKSON CREEK - 86 ACRES Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


niquely beautiful Hill Country getaway with both sides of ,000 feet of crystal clear Jackson Creek off Scenic Hwy 337, between Vanderpool and Median. Ideal for vineyard, hunting or any outdoor activity. Really special live-water place! Will divide. Broker/Owner.


Central Texas v Dewitt County v Cuero

ell-positioned development property located approximately three miles north of Cuero, with frontage on U.S. Hwy 183 and . . Hwy - . High visibility and good traffic counts. Commercial development already established in area. Willing to divide.



Texas Hill Country v Real County v Camp Wood

RICE REDUCED! The prettiest oak and pecan-covered, live ranch on the Pulliam Creek and beautiful Nueces River. Huge pecans, oaks, elms and sycamores. Home, barn, shop and galvanized silo add utility for Central Texas v Karnes County v Kenedy recreational or ag use. A great family compound for hunting, swimming, RICE REDUCED! Motivated seller. Land with great frontage fishing or recreation activities. nee deep in axis, whitetail and turkey. on Hwy 181, including a good-sized three-bedroom, two-bath home that could be used as offices or field headquarters for local operations. roperty also includes a large concrete-floor barn, cattle pens, good fences, 220-foot new water well, septic and electric.

9.50 ACRES


INKS LAKE VIEW HOMESITE - 16 ACRES WINNIE CATTLE RANCH - 130 ACRES Southeast Texas v Jefferson County v Winnie


ust 30 minutes from Beaumont and 20 minutes from the Gulf Coast. This is perfect cattle-grazing land with partial brush cover, water tank and electricity nearby. Come see the potential of this coastal prairie land.


Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Burnet

RICE REDUCED! Beautiful tiered terrain to build your dream home overlooking the Colorado River Canyon, complete with views of Lake Buchanan and Inks Lake. The 16 acres offer gorgeous oaks and a seeping spring. A very special property. Come have a look!

Jim Fuchs, Broker

San Antonio, Utopia & Montgomery




Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Hunt


truly unique and historic offering near beautiful Hunt. This long-time family ranch has been owned and operated by the same family since 1927. Not only historic, but truly rare in size for this desirable area with 1± mile of the crystal-clear Guadalupe River plus several springs. Rustic main home, two guest houses, foreman’s house, studio apartment with bath, and several old barns complete the improvements. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


Texas Hill Country Kerr County v Mountain Home his offering is for a large portion of the original, historic Y.O. Ranch. The rolling hills and rock limestone peaks are studded with live oak, post oak, cedar and mesquite trees. Aoudad Hill provides strong sweeping views across four counties. The gentle, open pastureland is covered with native grasses, and is home to abundant native wildlife. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.



Texas Hill Country v Edwards Co. v Barksdale ncredibly beautiful, this magnificent ranch features 2.5± miles of crystal clear Cedar Creek and impressive views from gentle valleys to the mountain rims. Abundant native wildlife includes whitetail deer, fallow, axis, aoudad, turkey, hogs, dove, quail, free-ranging elk and red deer. There are Indian sites and original settlement structures. Minutes from Hwy 55, this ranch is both accessible and incredibly private. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


70 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


his is a one-of-a-kind premier ranch with diverse features and a fascinating history. It is not only an exceptional horse property, but a great entertainment ranch, income producing farm, and outstanding native hunting ranch for whitetail deer, quail, turkey, dove and others. This ranch has over 4± miles of Nueces River plus Espantosa Lake frontage, excellent vegetation and tree cover, plus the well-maintained improvements are impressive. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


3,015 ARES

South Texas v Dimmit County v Carrizo Springs


2,703± ACRES

South Texas v La Salle County v Cotulla


n opportunity to own one of the finest hunting ranches located in the famed Texas “Golden Triangle”. This turnkey La Salle County ranch is truly unique. There is 1± mile of both sides of the Nueces River, great whitetail and exotic hunting and immaculate improvements including an exceptional main home, lodge, foreman’s home and staff house. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


952± ACRES

South Texas v Kinney County v Spofford his long-time family owned, low-fenced ranch offers desirable South Texas brush diversity with oak trees scattered throughout. There are no improvements other than water troughs and water lines. The ranch supports native whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, hogs, quail and dove. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.



ere is a rare opportunity to own the South Texas Brush Country outside of the Eagle Ford Shale that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1906. Diverse brush has large oak trees present throughout and supports native whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, hogs, quail and dove. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


South Texas v Kinney County v Spofford

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate 6606 N. New Braunfels • San Antonio, TX 78209

210-213-9700 •




1,460± ACRES

n the highly desirable Wimberley/Dripping Springs area, this ranch has ample paved road frontage on three sides, beautiful creek bottoms, high hills with long distance views and large trees throughout. Almost entirely cleared of cedar, it has been in the same family since the 1940’s. This is a great investment for an enjoyable and beautiful ranch only 37± miles southwest of Austin. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

Texas Hill Country v Hays County v Wimberley


Texas Hill Country v Hays County v Wimberley his scenic low-fenced ranch includes a hunters’ camp with water and electricity, plus Wilson Creek that will run water during wet times. Additionally, there is one water well and several troughs. There is a great mix of flat open fields covered in grass, creek bottoms with large trees and rolling hills with serene long distance views, plus it is only 30 minutes from Austin. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.



Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Burnet his ranch has all the makings of a showplace, loaded with majestic oak trees plus topography and views. Add a creek, seasonal drainages, plentiful ground water, superb native hunting, and a charming home and you have something special. In the same family for four generations, it is suited for both cattle and horses. Both Burnet and Lampasas are 10 minutes away, plus the land is within an hour of Austin. Jordan Shipley, 325-998-4548.



rape Creek Ranch is an exceptional wildlife and cattle ranch set up like no other. Outstanding improvements include a lodge, guest suites, foreman’s home and cattle pens. Two high-fenced pastures, include one with exotic game of axis, blackbuck antelope, gemsbok, fallow deer, red stag and others, and the second, high-powered genetic whitetail deer. Seasonal Grape Creek combines with nine tanks, eight which are stocked with fish. Marc Sherron, 830-739-0919. 72 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Central Texas v Borden County v Gail


n oy some of the most spectacular live water the Hill Country has to offer. This serene ranch has over 2,200 feet of the deep, crystal clear abinal River lined with age-old cypress trees, along with both sides of spring-fed lack ack Creek. inutes north of topia, the ranch has attractive improvements to relax and en oy the outdoors from every location. This rare offering is an ideal family getaway, corporate retreat, commercial enterprise or permanent residence. Robert ullnig, 210-21 -9 00.


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Utopia


his truly scenic property has 1,200± feet of the flowing rio River, one of the largest ranches available in the scenic rio River Canyon. ear around adventures include hunting to fishing to swimming and water activities. There are three charming small homes and fencing cross-fencing. bundant wildlife includes whitetail deer, axis, aoudad, turkey, avelina and hogs plus the rio River offers bass and cat fishing. Robert ullnig, 210-21 -9 00.


Central Texas v Uvalde County v Concan


wned and operated by the same family for over 0 years! This uninhabited, low-fenced ranch offers a truly wild hunting experience in the heart of the famed olden Triangle, an area known for producing large native whitetail deer. Excellent brush diversity and drainages maintain an abundance of wildlife including deer, turkey, quail and dove. Robert ullnig, 210-21 -9 00.


South Texas v Zavala County v Batesville


his is a highly productive irrigated farm in the desirable intergarden rea, and has been owned and operated by the same family since the late 1 00s. nder the highfenced farm area are two Edwards irrigation wells that water four pivots. There is a main home, guest house, 2,400 square-foot metal barn, grain bins and pump house at the headquarters. Robert ullnig, 210-21 -9 00.


South Texas v Uvalde County v Sabinal

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate 6606 N. New Braunfels • San Antonio, TX 78209

210-213-9700 •



ith endless opportunity for hunters of any kind, this ranch is comprised of two separate, but adjoining, high-fenced ranches. The Yoas Ranch is 3,112± acres and Marshall Ranch is 2,561± acres, each offered separately. There are eight different exotic species along with the native whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, dove, quail, and others. This is a beautiful and unique property that is ready to be hunted and explored. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


South Texas v Val Verde County v Del Rio


4,571± ACRES

South Texas v Zapata County v Zapata beautiful mix of rolling hills with long distance views, creek bottoms with large brush, and sandy mott country that is great for quail hunting. The diversity of both terrain and brush provides excellent habitat for wildlife. Adequately watered for both wildlife and cattle with 17 troughs and nine tanks. In place is perimeter fencing, two sets of working pens, municipal water plus electricity. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.



South Texas v Val Verde County v Del Rio


2,561± ACRES

South Texas v Val Verde County v Del Rio his high-fenced hunting ranch is comprised of both brush country and beautiful creek bottoms lined with large pecan and oak trees. Over 2± miles of Turkey Creek combine with one tank and water well. Wildlife includes axis deer, aoudad, native whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, dove and quail. Minerals available. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


74 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


here are eight different types of exotic species along with native wildlife on this high-fenced ranch, offering endless opportunities for hunters with whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, dove and quail plus aoudad, blackbuck, fallow, axis, sika, mouflon, scimitar-horned oryx and barasignha. Lonesome Dove Lake attracts waterfowl during the winter months. Ranch compound includes a water well, two grain silos and storage shed, plus there is a great road system. Minerals available. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.



wned and operated by the same family since 19 , this gorgeous ranch sprawls over three of the most desirable counties of the Coastal lains. Ranches of this si e do not come on the market often in any of these counties. This is an uninhabited ranch, with lush pastureland and grand oak trees scattered throughout, serving as both a cattle ranch and recreational hunting ranch. Robert ullnig, 210-21 -9 00.

894± ACRES

South Texas v Jackson, Victoria & Lavaca Counties v Victoria


his ranch has an astounding private 1 -hole golf course, and is a short drive to ort ransas and Rockport. olf oint olf Course is centered on the 4 acres, making it one of the most exclusive private clubs ever built, as there is only one owner! everal hundred acres surrounding the course has potential for development or can be left as native habitat. Nearby Carancahua and aes ays offer great fishing and duck hunting. ine improvements include a stunning main home, modern clubhouse and a 12 acre lake. Robert ullnig, 210-21 -9 00.


South Texas v Jackson County v Port Lavaca


his scenic ranch is minutes north of historic redericksburg and is predominately rolling usable land with good grasses and scattered, huge oak trees. There are 1. miles of both sides of year-round live water. ith a great shape and county road frontage, this raw showplace is ready for someone to come in and make it their own! eller will divide into two tracts, please call for details. Randy Cadwallader, 210- 0-009 .


Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Willow City


xcellent cattle and recreation country has a tributary that flows water into arren Creek, a five-acre lake for bass fishing and duck hunting, and five stock tanks. mprovements include a small home, barn, pole barn, grain silo, and three water wells. Rolling terrain offers nice views. wner currently gra es livestock on the ranch, but there is abundant native wildlife. Robert ullnig and arc herron, 0- 9-0919.

Central Texas v Comanche County v Hamilton

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate 6606 N. New Braunfels • San Antonio, TX 78209

210-213-9700 •



West Texas v Val Verde County v Langtry


ardlaw Ranch is 18,500Âą acres located just outside of historic Langtry, Texas. More than 14 miles of shoreline along the blue and green flowing waters of the ecos River carve out the boundary of this working al erde County ranch. ultiple 1 0 and 1 0 C whitetail flourish as a result of the current hunters efforts to manage the existing herd that descended from the outh Texas genetics introduced to the area in the 19 0s. ndian mounds, petroglyphs, caves and cliffs lead to expansive views and commanding peaks along the river. Half of the mineral estate to be conveyed to the buyer at closing. lease contact the du erier Texas Landman to arrange a showing of the property.



Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde

n the heart of a most coveted Hill Country area, Camp erde Twin Creeks Ranch possesses abundant surface water including a large lake loaded with fish, the convergence of all Creek and olf Creek, and one of the most captivating country homes available today. iews are seemingly endless and abundant over the deep ravines from the lofty ridges. our bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, four fireplaces, native stone and wood flooring throughout, Thermador, itchenaid, and ub- ero appliances, massive exposed beam ceilings in the great room with three separate balconies, large wraparound porches with cedar pillars and countless other features in this superior home overlooking the water. ncredible ranch improvements include detached two-car garage with two guest suites upstairs, foreman s home, horse barn and arena. Call today to view this private yet convenient ranch!

76 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


he 2,777-acre Geronimo Springs Ranch is located just 15 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas in Bandera, Medina and Bexar Counties. Live water and breathtaking views characterize this secluded Hill Country ranch. The spring-fed San Geronimo Creek meanders through the center of the property for 2.25 miles. Three dams have been constructed across the creek to create picturesque lakes stocked with fish while providing year-round water for wildlife, livestock, and recreational enthusiasts. Numerous springs throughout 2,777 ACRES the ranch, including Jack Mountain Spring, Texas Hill Country v Bandera, Medina & Bexar Counties v Pipe Creek provide water to key areas of the property and additional creek beds. Paved roads provide access to all improvements, which include a stone ranch home with clay tile roof, three guest quarters with stucco siding and standing seam roof. Also included is the foreman’s house, three metal barns, cattle corrals, and game processing facility with walk-in cooler. Wildlife species include whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, and aoudad.



South Texas v Frio County v Martin ater abounds on the Elm Creek Ranch located six miles east of Martin, Texas. ig Creek flows across the north boundary of the ranch for a half mile offering year-round habitat for a variety of wildlife species while Elm Creek meanders through the center of the ranch in an east/west fashion. Picturesque two-acre and 1.4-acre ponds are positioned on the southern end of the property offering yearround water for livestock, wildlife and aquatic enthusiasts alike. The property is primarily wooded with a quarter of the land cleared for pasture or cultivation. Improvements include a three-bedroom home and metal barn.



Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Pipe Creek


ocated just 1.5 miles south of Pipe Creek, Texas, this 166-acre ranch offers all the attributes of the Hill Country. Rolling topography is blanketed with oaks and ashe juniper creating natural cover and habitat for wildlife while creating a feel of seclusion. n 1 -acre field flanks the west side of the property offering fertile soil for farming, grazing or wildlife use. A spacious cabin overlooks the half-acre cypress-lined pond.

Trip duPerier, Broker 830-755-5205



5,784 ACRES

Texas Hill Country Kerr County v Kerrville his is your rare chance to own a legendary piece of Texas history! Located just 30 miles northwest of Kerrville, Texas, this 5,784-acre ranch offers a diverse landscape providing habitat for wildlife and livestock. Picturesque views at every turn and hilltop add to excitement of this expansive property.



Texas Hill Country Bandera County v Tarpley he 942-acre high-fenced ranch is located just 2.5 miles east of Tarpley and 10 miles from Bandera. The rolling topography, characteristic of this area, provides the canvas for a diversity of native flora. Elevation changes of 4 0 feet provide breath-taking views of the ranch. Improvements include a barn, cattle corrals, two water wells, and several earthen stock tanks. Wildlife species include whitetail deer, axis deer, aoudad, feral hogs, and Rio Grande turkey.



mbrace everything Hunt, Texas, has to offer in this absolutely rare ranch. Offering seclusion yet also community, with access to three private parks, two of which are on the north fork of the Guadalupe River. Never-ending views enjoyed with a large custom rock fireplace, grill and entertainment area, as well as first-class landscaping and added trees. Exotic and native wildlife flourish with intermittent springs, two strong wells providing tank water, and improved grasses. Seeing is believing; there is too much to mention on this 146Âą acres, so contact us now to book your private showing!

78 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Hunt


Central Texas Kinney County v Brackettville he life blood of this ranch is provided by three miles of beautiful Pinto Creek which meanders through the property and has three concrete dams strategically placed along the creek. Improvements include a spectacular , 00-square-foot stucco lodge overlooking the creek and a swimming pool including plenty of room for outdoor entertainment. This 11, 9-acre ranch has been high fenced since 19 4.



ock Head Ranch offers all the attributes appreciated by ranchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This highfenced ranch is comprised of fertile fields, gently rolling topography and breathtaking views atop 300-feet plateaus. Edwards Draw meanders through the property in a northerly direction, providing numerous springs and watering holes for wildlife and aquatic recreation. Intensively managed for whitetail deer over the past 1 years, wildlife abounds on the ranch. Other game species include axis deer, fallow deer, aoudad, blackbuck antelope, feral hogs, doves, turkey, and bobwhite quail. 4,040 ACRES Water is available throughout the ranch. Texas Hill Country v Mason & Kimble Counties mprovements include a six-bedroom, fourand-a-half bath, 4, 09-square-foot lodge, a 1,120-square-foot, three-bedroom guest cabin, smoke house, deer-cleaning shed with walk-in cooler, five barns, bunkhouse, gun range with covered shooting shed and much more.


axis deer and other native wildlife species. Improvements include an old historic home which is currently used as a weekend camp. significant portion of the property is in the flood plain which allows easy access to the water. One can drive the entire length of the river on the water’s edge. Located between Comfort and oerne, this very unique property is just 30 minutes from San Antonio.


Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Comfort


his stunning 2 9-acre property has over two miles of cypress tree-lined uadalupe River and Flat Rock Creek frontage. This is a rare opportunity to own a tract this size with so much water frontage. A large portion of the ranch consists of improved pastures for grazing domestic animals. n addition, the ranch offers sufficient cover to maintain a large herd of

Trip duPerier, Broker 830-755-5205



after J Ranch is 3,659Âą acres of Brazos River cattle ranch located 11 miles from I-20 in Weatherford and 13 miles from the heart of ranbury. aterfowl abound on 500 acres of lake systems on the northern 1,350-acre portion of the ranch once mined by TXI. The remaining acreage is beautiful native Texas pasture and dramatic cliffs and canyons that overlook the approximately five miles of ra os River frontage. 35,000 pounds of pecans are pulled annually from the fertile bottomland orchard and the ranch manager has one head of cattle per acre on portions of the sandy loam coastal bottomland.


Texas Metroplex v Parker County v Weatherford


Texas Hill Country Real County v Leakey ater, Water, Water! Most ranches require hiking boots to explore, but for this ranch you better bring your water shoes! Almost 1,000 feet of Cypress Creek, plus over a mile of additional spring-fed creeks located just minutes north of Leakey. Huge mountains, native and exotic wildlife, gorgeous main valley and five secluded side valleys every one of them containing springs and creek. Private water like this will not be available for long!



idden in the rolling hills northwest of Burnet, and surrounded by even larger ranches, lies this spectacular first-time offering. raced by dense and game-filled tree cover, the ranch has been gently transformed to include four miles of new jeep roads, 12 new gorgeous meadows, and three newly reworked wildlife ponds. The views well, ust come see for yourself! Additional beautiful and contiguous property up to 850 acres also available.

80 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

BURNET - 363 Acres Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Burnet

C & N RANCH 2,416± ACRES

Texas Hill Country Kimble County v Junction et high on the Edwards Plateau in northwestern Kimble County, C&N Ranch comprises 2,416± acres of steep canyons, rolling hills, and savannas marked with native hardwood trees. Views across the hills and valleys of this property span for miles in all directions, and those beautiful Hill Country sunrises and sunsets provide an amazing display of the natural beauty that characterizes this area of the state.



onveniently located just west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, this stunning ranch is both an outdoorsman’s and cattleman’s dream ranch. The property offers breathtaking views of the Brazos River Valley and surrounding Palo Pinto County. The ranch offers excellent waterfowl and native wildlife areas. Six miles of Brazos River frontage and large improved pastures help to separate this property from others. In addition, the ranch offers a good deal of topography and great tree cover. This is an excellent opportunity to own a very diverse piece of property with a great deal of potential.


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Medina


Texas Metroplex v Palo Pinto County v Graford


his ranch has a nice native river pecan bottom with giant pecan trees and approximately one mile of cypress-lined Medina River! As soon as you see the ranch from the road and enter through the gate, you feel like you have gone back in time. This is truly one of the most unique ranches in the Hill Country!

Trip duPerier, Broker 830-755-5205



South Texas v Duval County v Freer


he El Lagartijo Negro Ranch is 300 acres situated in Freer, Texas and is the perfect ranch for entertainment and hunting of several different species which include whitetail deer, axis, black buck antelope, red stag, hogs, turkey, dove, and quail. Protein and corn have been fed year-round for the past four years. The property is high-fenced and currently set up primarily for bow hunting with nine different hunting stations and five ponds with water run to all of them to maintain constant levels at all times. The improvements for entertainment are endless on this ranch and include a main house, two side houses for privacy, three-room hotel, cantina, and swimming pool all surrounding a 12foot deep pond with pier stocked with bass and catfish. There is also a bow shooting range ad oining all the main improvements and a worker’s house with garage which is down the road from the main compound. The entire property has piped water throughout the ranch to all the man-made tanks and the improvements within the compound are provided by two private wells and city water.

RIVER RIDGE Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville


he River Ridge Ranch is on Hwy 173 approximately four miles south of downtown Kerrville, Texas. It consists of 305 acres with Guadalupe River frontage overlooking and adjoining the Comanche Trace Golf Course. The main house on top of the hill is an eight-bedroom, six-bath home that has spectacular views of downtown Kerrville and the entire ranch itself. The property is divided into seven pipe-fenced pastures with over 160 acres of coastal grass for horses or cattle. Other improvements include three homes, two horse barns, two hay barns, an equipment barn and a workshop all easily accessible by the paved roads within the ranch. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, axis and blackbuck.

210-254-7700 • • 82 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


South Texas v La Salle County v Cotulla


he Herradura Ranch East is a turnkey stand-alone pasture of the well-known This ranch has several great aspects and amenities which include an extremely well-managed MLD Level III deer herd producing several trophy deer year after year. There are three five-acre food plots and a 12-acre pen to help support and manage the herd. It also has great surface water with eight tanks and Horseshoe Creek traversing the ranch, and great subsurface water with a 4,000-foot water well capable of producing approximately 143 GPM. It fronts on FM 624 with 2.8 miles of paved road frontage and good roads throughout the interior. There is piped water to 16 low level water stations perfect for the abundant blue and bobwhite quail. The ranch will also convey with a three-bedroom, two-bath home and 10 blinds and feeders. Asking price is $6,100,000. Co-listed with Jon Busbee, 210-218-6114.

ROSITA CREEK RANCH South Texas v Maverick County v Eagle Pass


osita Creek, located in Maverick County, is surrounded by road frontage on Highway 57, Highway 277 and Loop 480 overlooking Eagle Pass, Texas. This 7,061-acre, high-fenced ranch is a true sportsman’s paradise today, but has the potential to be a great investment for future development given its proximity to the city. It is easily accessible with its own 6,200-foot paved runway and hangar. The ranch has been managed for years under MLDP level III permitting and has great whitetail deer along with other typical South Texas species, but also great waterfowl hunting and fishing on the four massive lakes with the biggest being 225± acres. There are several other dammed up tributaries that create great water throughout the ranch for all wildlife. The ranch has over five miles of paved roads to easily navigate the entire premises. Other improvements include a 9,100-squareStephen Stransky foot main lodge overlooking the 225-acre lake, lighted tennis court, 6,000-square-foot 210-254-7700 hunter’s lodge, workers’ houses, horse facilities, blinds, feeders, walk-in cooler, pipe cattle working pens and city water. Minerals negotiable.



he Wheeler Ranch is 100± acres in Erath County, fronting on FM 1188 about 5 minutes east of Morgan Mill and 15 minutes north of Stephenville in the Morgan Mill School District, with over 3,600 feet of frontage on the North Paluxy River. This property is set up and Texas Metroplex v Erath County v Morgan Mill ready to go for any type of livestock operation, especially horses. There are six pipe/cable fenced turn-outs with sheds in each one, pipe working pens for cattle, a three-stall horse barn, 40x50square-foot workshop and paved roads to all the improvements. The main house is a four-bedroom, four-bath custom home complete with outdoor kitchen and fire pit. There is also a new one-bedroom, one-bath guest house set off away from the primary residence for privacy.


CIBOLO VISTA RANCH Central Texas v Bexar County v San Antonio


his property of 55 acres is very private and secluded, sitting behind two privacy gates only 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio. It adjoins the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and TPC Golf Course on the 8th and 9th holes. The property also features a 3,000-squarefoot home with a pool and cabana for guests, horse barn with lighted riding arena and skeet shooting area.


uscany Ranch is approximately 160 acres of rolling hills tucked between the Comanche Trace Golf Course and Kerrville Schreiner State Park fronting on Hwy 173 just three miles from downtown Kerrville. The 160± ACRES property is not within the city limits, but does Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville have a city waterline running along Hwy 173. This wildlife-exempt property is loaded with wildlife which include whitetail, axis and blackbuck deer. Both sides of Dry Hollow Creek, a wet weather creek, run through the property and are lined with large pecan trees. Other improvements include a 3,000± square-foot older home, machine shop with three phase power, and a trinity water well. Asking price is $2.75 million.


210-254-7700 • • 84 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde

he Camp Verde Ranch consists of 287 high-fenced acres located in the heart of Camp Verde, at the intersection of Hwy 173 and FM 480, and only 10 miles south of Kerrville. Both sides of Verde Creek and Mico Creek run through the ranch with Mico Creek dammed up creating a great fishing tank and two water falls on the other side. erde Creek offers a 1 foot swimming hole, perfect for rope swinging from the cypress trees. The property has 240 feet of elevation changes from the coastal fields and creeks to the top of Cedar Ridge which overlooks the entire Camp Verde Valley. Other improvements include 80Âą acres of coastal grass, a 1, 00-foot rifle range, paved roads, blinds, feeders and three water tanks. ildlife includes whitetail deer, red stag, axis and blackbuck.

MONTERREY RANCH South Texas v Starr County


he Monterrey Ranch consist of approximately 1,185 acres located in Starr County, Texas, about one hour southwest of Hebbronville, off of 2 and three miles down an easement road, making it very secluded and private. The ranch has been in the same family now for over 0 years and its primary use has been for cattle and hunting. The ranch is 100 percent high fenced with about eight separate low-fence pastures within the high fence. There are two ponds on the property, with one 1 feet deep, and three water wells that average about 900 feet in depth. Other improvements include a good set of cattle working pens and an old camp with three trailer houses. everal strips have also been cut on the ranch making it ideal for quail hunting and providing great buffel grass for the cattle. The asking price is 1, 0 per acre.

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700


TANDALA RANCH South Texas v La Salle County v Fowlerton


he Tandala Ranch is 1,513± high-fenced acres located on the eastern edge of La Salle County, and is being offered as a turnkey operation. Elm Creek runs through the ranch and is dammed in two different locations creating great bass fishing and duck hunting lakes. There are also five other tanks lakes on the property providing all wildlife with plenty of water. Along with that there is a 4,000-foot water well. The main lodge is 3,500 squarefeet with an outdoor fire pit and hot tub separating it from the hunter s cabin which is a 2, 00-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath rock home. There is also another six-bedroom, two-bath cabin if more room is necessary. ther improvements include blinds, feeders, walkin cooler, skinning shed, equipment barns and grain silo. ildlife includes whitetail deer, ducks, blue and bobwhite quail, axis and hogs.

GREAT INVESTMENT! Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Boerne hese 411 acres are sitting at the Welfare Exit on Interstate 10 West, with over 2,000 feet of frontage. It is just six miles from downtown Boerne in Kendall County, one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. The property has incredible 360-degree views, with elevation changes of over 00 feet from the tops of the hills down to the fields on both sides of inke Creek, which cuts through the property. This would make a great ranch to en oy with the family and an even better investment to sell when Boerne reaches your doorstep in the near future.


210-254-7700 • • 86 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


inn Tortuga Ranch, located on Highway 173 approximately seven miles south of Kerrville and three miles north of Camp Verde, consists of 552 acres that are mostly highfenced, and have some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunting you can find along with some exotics which are protein fed yearround. Both sides of Turtle Creek run through the north side of the property which allows for great swimming and fishing. The main lodge has a pool and outdoor entertainment cabana with great views. The property also has three additional homes, a 20-acre soft-release deer pen, four-stall horse barn, workshop and three water wells. This ranch is being offered turnkey.

WINN TORTUGA RANCH Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde


Central Texas v Travis County v Lago Vista


ed Sky Ranch is approximately 97 wildlife-exempt acres fronting on the west end of Lake Travis with over 1,500 feet of your own private lake frontage and end-of-the-road privacy. This ranch sits directly in the bend of the lake providing incredible views towards Austin and Marble Falls. Across from the ranch is Muleshoe Bend Park which ensures that you will always be looking at a pristine park landscape. Improvements include a 3,000Âą square-foot home with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, a storage shed, paved walkway to the lake alongside a cascading waterfall, and a covered two-stall boat dock with electricity and storage. The ranch is only about eight miles west of Lago Vista off of RM 1431 fronting on Muleshoe Bend Trail.

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700


ExclusivEly listEd trophy ranchEs

MayFiEld ranch

, acrEs – val vErdE county Mayfield Ranch comprises 26,656 acres in Val Verde County, only 3 hours drive from San Antonio, yet is a world of its own. This immaculately managed property is home to big-bodied horned whitetail deer, large flocks of wild turkeys, various and sundry varmints, and features 22 pastures and 15 water wells. The scenery is ma estic, with the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of Me ico looming in the background, and dramatic limestone wall canyons loaded with oaks carving their way thru to the Rio rande. Two separate H ’s, e cellent working pens, long highway frontage and e cellent, varied brush cover are other hallmarks. $455/acre = $12,128,480


• Ranch MaRketing • BuyeR RepResentation • custoM Mapping seRvices • consulting/ManageMent Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

nEar austin, san antonio & d/FW

austin laKEs ranch

1, acrEs – KEndall county Austin Lakes Ranch is 1,225 acres straddling the Little oshua Creek headwaters, high in the hills N of Boerne, featuring impressive improvements, infrastructure, lakes and big whitetail deer. This mostly high fenced showplace includes 7 nice lakes, beautiful, manicured ridgelines and valleys with thick cedar hillsides. The two homes total over 10,000 sf, and are rst rate with high end appointments abound, and have dramatic long views to the north and east. ith county road frontage on both ends, possibilities are abound for future development, as some very high end homes are starting to appear in the immediate area. $13,020/acre = $15,950,000 954 San antonio St., P.o. Box 860, maSon, texaS 76856 325.294.4616 • 210.422.4676 cell •


ExclusivEly listEd trophy ranchEs

oaK hills ranch

1,093 acrEs – Mason county Oak Hills Ranch is 1,093 acres of gently rolling liveoak/mesquite hunting and grazing land in highly desirable Mason County. This ranch is easy on the eyes, with large oaks and varied brush cover supporting massive bodied whitetail deer and abundant wild turkey. Lying a short distance from a county road via easement, this ranch is ideally secluded for a recreational retreat, with numerous view homesites shaded by oaks looking out in all directions. AREA’S BEST PRICE! $3,250/acre = $3,552,250


• Ranch MaRketing • BuyeR RepResentation • custoM Mapping seRvices • consulting/ManageMent Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

nEar austin, san antonio & d/FW

nuEcEs Falls ranch

880 acrEs – rEal county Nueces Falls Ranch is 880 acres of spectacular hills, valleys and live water located on legendary Hackberry Road near Vance, in western Real County. This property has almost one mile total with several frontages on the ever-slowing East Nueces River, varying from deep holes to noisy falls to a very nice, dammed shallow lake. Oak/pecan bottoms follow the water thru, providing shade and scenery in this mystical zone below Camp Eagle. Spectacular limestone cliffs overlook the water in places, with soaring mountains and ridges framing the background. . . truly a recreational paradise! $3,950/acre = $3,476,000 954 San antonio St., P.o. Box 860, maSon, texaS 76856 325.294.4616 • 210.422.4676 cell •



MEDIO CREEK South Texas v Bee County v Beeville

,278 acres located in Bee County 10 minutes north of Beeville, Texas. This property is one of the most scenic ranches we have ever seen with a lot of unique character. The ranch has hundreds of big live oaks, elms and fabulous South Texas brush. The topography is gently rolling with lots of heavy cover which gives you a feel of a place that is twice the size. This ranch is extremely well watered and has great improvements maintained in excellent condition. Medio Creek passes through the middle of the ranch for several miles providing an abundance of year-round water. The ranch is offered as a turnkey package with improvements, furnishing, blinds, feeders, and good minerals to allow the new owner great surface protection.


Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


his is a turnkey ready-to-go ranch! Just move in and take over. All of the major improvements have been done. This ranch is set up for a great hunting operation for company fringe benefit hunts or an outfitter looking to start a new business. Ray Hanselman, Agent $2,799,375.


fantastic 654-acre ranch with a mile of flowing alado Creek running through the middle and located only 30-minutes northwest of Austin, Texas. Good lake potential, lush coastal pastures, good elevations with big trees, ponds, and more than one mile paved frontage on CR 233 between Jarrell and Florence, Texas. No improvements and ready to build! This one has it all! Owner will divide. $6,507,300.

Mark Meek, Broker 830-257-8881

92 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

SALADO CREEK RANCH Central Texas v Williamson County v Florence



Texas Hill Country v Real County v Rocksprings

n north Real County are 360± acres of rolling live oak country. Only 10 minutes west of Garven Store, the ranch offers recreation and hunting for whitetail and exotics. Gentle terrain and soil depth offer opportunity for food plots. $855,000.


Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


art of historical Bradford Ranch! Great for cattle and hunting. LBL Ranch offers great fair-chase hunting for whitetail and roaming exotics including axis, blackbuck, sika, aoudad, and game birds. Blinds and feeders on property will convey. $699,000.


Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings he Hunter’s Paradise offers some of the best wild game variety around—Whitetail, Axis, ika, allow, ouflon, lackbuck, oudad, Corsican sheep, Rio- rande turkey, and ove flourish throughout the 10,000-acre game management area. 2,100-square-foot barndominium features three bedrooms, loft, full kitchen, large living area, storage for ATVs, and back porch with views for miles. A turnkey ranch with the best hunting around. $699,000.


Marshall Burford, Agent 830-257-8881



estled among the hills and springs in the highly desired area between Concan and Reagan Wells. The panoramic views are some of the most spectacular in all of Texas. The turnkey ranch with a 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bath home is situated in a valley surrounded by springs, fields and wild game, waiting for the new owner who desires seclusion and peace in today’s hectic world. Seven live springs provide water throughout five fenced pastures for livestock and game. An abundance of vegetation includes a variety of majestic oaks, mountain laurel, black walnut, and ferns growing among the springs. $2,750,000.


Texas Hill Country v Uvalde County v Reagan Wells


Central Texas v Bell County v Copperas Cove


great high-fenced game ranch with all the work already taken care of provides beautiful Real County views, majestic oaks, caves, Indian mounds, and great hunting. The headquarters has all the amenities needed for family, friends or corporate clientele. Improvements include five cabins, a ranch house, manufactured home, cantina, commercial kitchen with large dining area all situated near the fire pit where guests share adventures of the day. A barn, grain silos, pens, three wells, water troughs throughout, hunting blinds with feeders, and a good road system are already in place. Super and common exotics include red deer, aoudad, axis, blackbuck, fallow, red sheep, dybowski and Japanese sika, with gemsbok and scimitar horned oryx. Native game includes whitetail, turkey, hogs, and all the varmints. $1,699,500.

94 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Real County v Leakey


ick up “The Lucky Penny” and look out from the headquarters situated atop the highest point and you can see forever. An assortment of activities for the ranch owner wanting to run cattle, ride horses, rope in a lighted arena, fish in an 8+ acre spring-fed stocked lake, hunt native and exotic game, search for arrowheads along the 1½ miles of Clear Creek or just relax while entertaining friends and clients—this highfenced ranch has it all. A range of improvements includes well-appointed main and guest houses, foreman’s house, eight-stall horse barn, lighted arena, equipment barn, two sets of working pens with squeeze chute, three water wells, gameproof high fencing, an eight-acre dammed lake, and Coastal and lein grass fields which produce more than enough round bails for the year’s carrying capacity. The Lucky Penny is a rancher’s paradise and is heads up and waiting. $4,750,000.


Central Texas v Kinney County v Uvalde superb hunting ranch with a little extra. mixture of outh Texas brush along with elevation changes creating magnificent views in the diverse nacacho ountains. The finely manicured hunting stations strategically dispersed throughout the ranch provide forage to attract abundant wildlife for your outdoor adventures. The Rocking is an active participant in the nacacho ind arm with four turbines producing income. The seller is generously conveying 2 percent of the royalties and wind rights. 1,9 ,000.



ocated on the ntracoastal aterway five miles east of Matagorda, this 55.1-acre tract with 1,468 feet of waterfront is within sight of the land cut into East Matagorda ay providing easy access to some of the Texas coast s premier bay fishing. short boat ride through the Matagorda jetties to the Gulf of Mexico offers excellent offshore fishing. f you have ever dreamed of building your own secluded waterfront paradise and want to get away from the overcrowding that has become prevalent along the Texas coast, this is the spot. Imagine your compound with enough room for an airstrip, where you can spend time with family and friends, entertain business associates or just relax while watching sea birds at sunset. wner financing! 1, 00,000.

INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY OASIS - 55.1 ACRES Southeast Texas v Matagorda County v Matagorda

EDWARDS COUNTY HIGH-FENCED HUNTING RANCH - 1,231.64 ACRES Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


his 1,2 1. 4-acre, high-fenced hunting ranch offers end-of-road seclusion amidst Hill Country beauty. Cliffs, oak trees, dry creek bed, three submersible wells, two ponds and an old set of pens all meander throughout the scenic road system. hitetail deer, turkey, axis, bobcats, hogs and dove provide plenty of hunting opportunities throughout the year. ituated in the rolling hills at the end of the road off Highway 41. 1, 99, 00.

Bill Barton, Broker/Associate 830-257-8881 • 830-285-2995 cell



ripstone Ranch is an exclusive Texas Hill Country offering, creating a rare opportunity to own a legendary Frio River ranch with unique features of nature. Water, hills, trees, irrigated fields, wildlife, riverfront, caves, meadows, improvements, access, and development potential in this combination are found nowhere else in the State. 2,275 ACRES Dripstone is located directly adjacent to Texas Hill Country v Uvalde County v Concan thousands of acres of permanently protected conservation land owned by a variety of entities, including the City of San Antonio and the Texas Nature Conservancy. These permanent easements assure that these off-site lands will forever remain a scenic part of the Hill Country legacy. Call for price. Property ID: 53748



MC Ranch is centrally located just west of Austin, very close to many Hill Country amenities. Nestled into this amazing natural setting is a custom home, accessed by a winding paved road which crosses the creek, and leads up a small hill into the magic courtyard of the LMC Headquarters. LMC Ranch is one of the premier, private live water, improved showplaces in the Texas Hill Country. fine custom home with splendid location and proximity to Austin, abundant spring water, and exquisite hardwood bottoms flanked by steep hills, makes this a rare offering. $7,600,000. Property ID: 52170


Central Texas v Hays County v Wimberley


nly 15 minutes from downtown Austin, Yates Cattle and Conservation Ranch is a marriage of rich Texas ranching heritage with an array of unique natural resources in a protected, quiet world all its own. Saltlick is just minutes away, and the amazing restaurants of Austin are a mere short ride down MoPac Boulevard. You can immerse yourself in the culture of music, food, art, nature, and outdoor recreation that makes Austin one of the most popular cities in the U.S. Here, nature balances with activity, livestock with big city lights, and people with solitude. $7,200,000. Property ID: 53095


Central Texas v Travis County v Austin



West Texas v Terrell County v Dryden

432-426-2024 • 96 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

he main drainage cutting through the ranch is Prairie Canyon, named for the rich natural grasslands that once dominated this region. In fact, lesser prairie chickens were native to this ranch and the last one was seen in the 1980s, evidence of a rich mix of grassland and brush. Prehistoric people lived in these limestone shelters and a black bear pictograph can be clearly seen there today. The area is a recreation mecca for both whitetail and mule deer hunting or just prowling the canyons in search of adventure. This is a working ranch leased to a neighboring heritage landowner who keeps up the roads and water infrastructure. $1,857,625. Property ID: 51612


ed Mill Ranch fronts on county-maintained Longfellow Road 10 miles east of Highway 385 between Fort Stockton and Marathon, and is also accessible from Highway 90. The drive through the PiĂąon Pine covered mountains on both sides of the Longfellow Road breaks out into the towering limestones hills and wide valley expanses. This is a working ranch located within a sprawling high Chihuahuan grassland landscape of limestone outcrop hills and broad valleys. Located at the eastern edge of the Trans Pecos, this property is easily accessed from Austin, San Antonio and other major cities of Texas. $20,533,600. Property ID: 51740


West Texas v Pecos County v Fort Stockton



West Texas v Pecos County v Fort Stockton

ndependence Headwaters Ranch is just that, located at the headwaters of Independence Creek, an important watershed to the Lower Pecos River, halfway between Fort Stockton on I-10 and Sanderson on US Hwy 90. The ranch fronts on the east side of US Hwy 285 for more than 3.6 miles, providing very easy access to the property. This is considered Sanderson limestone hill country, with a great diversity of habitats, vegetation, topography and distant views all the way to the Madera Mountains south of Fort Stockton. The ranch was formally the southern part of the Cerf Ranch and features one of the most unique wildlife habitats in the state. $3,678,350. Property ID: 54234


West Texas v Terrell County v Dryden


rairie Creek Ranch abounds with hunting and recreation opportunities. The area is a mecca for both whitetail and mule deer hunting or just prowling the canyons in search of adventure. This is a working ranch leased to a neighboring heritage landowner who keeps up the roads and water infrastructure over the entire property. This is not only plateau country with dissected canyons, but also an extensive landscape of rolling hills, valleys and long canyons, creating very scenic and amazingly beautiful views. With topography reaching around 2,000 feet, there are many potential building sites with distant vistas of ranch features. $458,920. Property ID: 54232


West Texas v Terrell County v Fort Stockton


ong Canyon has easy access from 2400 and has seven major canyons including part of Big Canyon along the highway. The high hill tops provide exceptional views and excellent range condition. Years of proper land management make this ranch ready for the next owner. There is a high elevated windmill that has been converted to a solar well with breathtaking views all around. There is also a great solar well located at the mouth of Long Canyon with a large storage tank and water troughs that would be an area for a new headquarters. The ranch is a series of juniper, mesquite and persimmon-covered hills and wooded canyon valleys. Excellent access, good internal roads, extreme privacy, and remarkable range condition makes this one of the best hunting, grazing, and recreation ranches on the market in the area. $2,518,425. Property ID: 54230

James King, Agent Tammy King, Broker Harrison King, Agent Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager 432-426-2024



unrise Ranch is an acclaimed horse training and demonstration ranch with first-class barns, stables, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, paved entrance off the scenic loop, and several furnished homes. Nothing has been spared here; all improvements are topnotch with designer touches inside and out and excellent infrastructure, roads, and fences 6,830 ACRES throughout. The central feature on the ranch West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Fort Davis is Olds Creek which runs from its headwaters through the property, creating rolling hill country grassland, as well as tree-lined bottoms with huge mountains rimming the property to the west, north, and east. The views are stunning and overlook the most spectacular scenery in the entire Davis Mountains. $14,950,000. Property ID: 54707



ecos Canyon Ranch is dominated by the river and canyon lands that drain into it. It is really two ranches, split by the county road, with excellent new fences and entrance gates for privacy and security. The western third has the old headquarters’ ruins with two wells, lots of juniper cover with rolling hills and dense vegetation along Harkell Canyon, perfect for mule deer and blue quail hunting. The eastern two-thirds is dominated by huge slickrock canyons, high Ceniza mesas, and 1.5 miles of the Lower Pecos River. $6,640,000. Property ID: 51540


West Texas v Val Verde County v Langtry


riginally offered as 10,900 acres, Highway 2400 Ranch is available in three parcels at 2,838 acres, 4,797 acres and 3,266 acres. There is a very nice well-maintained hunter’s camp with barn, pens and entertainment lodge. With topography ranging from just below 2,700 to more than 3,030 feet, there are many other potential building sites with distant views or vistas of sheer wall canyons. The property’s browse and grasslands are in excellent condition with exceptional grass and browse cover resulting as the ranch has evolved from a historic sheep and goat ranch into today’s recreational uses of hunting, hiking and enjoying the scenic beauty. $5,935,553. Property ID: 51744


West Texas v Terrell County v Sanderson


he name of Twin Canyon Ranch comes from two dominate canyons heading east with several hidden side canyons creating secluded private hunting and recreation areas. Broad tops with big valleys create a combination of easy accessible gentle land with deeper soil, limestone bluffs, steep hills, and canyon heads. This creates a perfect mixed-use ranch. This is a working cattle, sheep and goat ranch with great hunting. It has been managed well by the same family for 7,296 ACRES decades and is known for its combination of West Texas v Terrell County v Fort Stockton native grass, shrubs and trees. A combination of new and old fences, several pens and traps, and extensive water infrastructure create a working ranch. $3,648,000. Property ID: 54219


432-426-2024 •

98 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



West Texas v Hudspeth County v Allamoore


agle Piñon Ranch has elevations ranging from 4,600 feet to 5,800 feet and is a series of canyons, peaks and valleys creating a rugged yet accessible terrain. The higher elevations of the Eagle are to the north at 7,400 feet. The Rio Grande Valley is to the south, with the Mexico mountains beyond. There is a lush grassland matrix with brush, cacti and Piñon trees. There is a series of 4x4 roads leading to the various features on the ranch. An excellent well and a new hunting lodge with six private rooms, each with a private bath, make this a comfortable and functional hideaway. $2,518,550. Property ID: 50104



Central Texas v McLennan County v Moody

unrise Stables is a quiet and peaceful Central Texas horseman’s paradise. World-class horse facilities and a charming home set in a landscape of rolling hills create a private sanctuary with a convenient location, making access to local amenities and the rest of the state a breeze. Vast improved pastures with tree-lined borders offer room for cattle, horses and recreation. $1,200,000. Property ID: 54755


West Texas v Brewster County v Alpine



tagecoach Ridge Ranch is located within the unique gated ranch community of Sierra La Rana with its maintained roads, under10,800 ACRES ground electricity, and other amenities, as well as the opportunity to run cattle, lease grazing rights, and take advantage of deer and bird West Texas v Terrell County v Dryden hunting The ranch is located just south of Alpine, the gateway into the ainbow Ranch has been focused on improving and growing both Big Bend Country, with its more than 1,000,000 acres of parks and public mule deer and whitetail deer populations which are tremendous. lands and is just an hour’s drive north of Lajitas and Terlingua and their The population is about 50/50 for these two deer types. Groundwater outdoor adventures and amenities. $2,278,800. Property ID: 51068 under Rainbow Ranch is shallow, accessible, prolific, and high quality, being part of the Edwards-Trinity or Plateau Aquifer. There are three windmills on the ranch, all working and supplying water into concrete storage tanks, as well as various water troughs for wildlife and, historically, livestock. $4,590,000. Property ID: 50514



West Texas v Val Verde County v Ozona


outh Cauthorn Ranch features high grassy mesas with distant views, deep wooded canyons and wide winding valleys. This combines to create endless opportunities for recreation and adventure. The old historic Cauthorn Headquarters located at the back of a private secluded canyon on the ranch. Once remodeled it will create a dream property. $1,217,970. Property ID: 54223

James King, Agent Tammy King, Broker Harrison King, Agent Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager 432-426-2024 •



12,000 ACRES


Texas Metroplex

agos ules Ranch consists of approximately 12,000 acres of mountains, cultivated fields, water ski lakes, creek, and river frontage. Natural waterways, sheer cliffs and lakes set among the 0-mile views represent a rare, large ranch opportunity all located under an hour-and-a-half from the etroplex.


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Tarpley


ronting RR4 0 between andera and Tarpley, ust 11 minutes to the grocery store in andera and one hour to the an ntonio irport. This ranch has excellent high fence, electricity into the interior, roads, an 00-foot deep electric well and pressure tank that feed two concrete water troughs. ame includes axis, fallow, whitetail and turkey, with a wildlife exemption in place. The best part about this ranch is the top-of-the-world views they are spectacular. Look at the additional photos on the website. This ranch is special. 100 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


West Texas v Val Verde County v Del Rio


rare and unique opportunity to own a ranch bordering 37,000 acres of state park! Ghost Creek Ranch is a privately owned ranch comprised of 1,895 acres and offers the rare opportunity to own one of the premier hunting ranches in this beautiful and rugged portion of west-central Texas. Ghost Creek’s fantastic views, rugged beauty, countless wildlife, and comfortable improvements make this a perfect spot to reali e your dreams of owning one of the finest hunting ranches in west-central Texas.


Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Horseshoe Bay


his is an amazing opportunity to acquire your own piece of wild Texas only minutes from the world-class golf resorts at Horseshoe Bay, as well as all of the recreational opportunities offered on constant-level Lake LBJ. This incredibly rare ranch is nestled along the south side of Scenic Highway 71 in Llano County just 45 miles to Austin and only 85 miles to San Antonio. Owner may divide.

830-755-5420 • 101


Texas Hill Country Kerr County v Kerrville ear-round live water is easily accessible on the Johnson Creek at the Hoot Owl Hollow Ranch. The river bottom is currently designed for raising hay. Located 17 minutes from Kerrville, Texas, this ranch is perfect for entertaining friends and family!




Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera


Texas Hill Country Kerr County v Junction ome in the country on 40 acres. This property fronts the IH-10 feeder road just outside Junction on the Kerrville side. Two-bedroom, one-bath 1,170-square-foot home with open kitchen/living room. Covered front porch and large side deck. Great views and attractive property, lots of wildlife. Well-designed, well-maintained, very clean, well-priced. Better be quick! Asking $399,000.


102 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

rivilege Creek Ranch is located seven miles from Bandera, Texas, the “Cowboy Capital of the World” on paved Privilege Creek Road. The property offers ease of access from Privilege Creek Road into the ranch’s electronic gate, leading to the ranch’s paved entry road with manicured trees lining the drive to the stone ranch home. The two-story home offers five bedroom and two bath with high ceilings and expansive balconies. There is also a two-bedroom, two-bath log cabin with full kitchen and stone fireplace which offers the best views of the creek and valley below. There are more than 1,000 feet of both sides of Privilege Creek which contain multiple pools and a few natural sand beaches.


South Texas Victoria Co. v Bloomington ild is the only word that truly captures the essence of the 446-acre Lost River Ranch. Dropping down into the property, one feels like they are going back in time to an undiscovered world. Lost River Ranch is waiting to be explored, fished, hunted and en oyed.



Texas Hill Country Bandera County v Bandera win Elm Guest Ranch is 185.8 acres located on the Medina River and only 45 minutes from San Antonio! Twin Elm is one of the original dude ranches that has been around since the early 1930s and is well known by the community and around the world. This is a Hill Country retreat that comes with a ranch house, 21 guest rooms, game room, pool, pavilion, RV park and rodeo arena. Many say there is a peaceful spirit that lives on the ranch and if you catch it, you’ll fall in love with Twin Elm.



Texas Hill Country v Kimble Co. v Junction 72 acres with live water near Junction has paved road frontage, and 3,000-square-foot four-bedroom, three-bath home. Also included are cabins, barn, springs, small lake, and pool. This property has great hunting, native and exotic game, great views, and is wildlife exempt. Attractive, clean, move-in ready.


830-755-5420 • 103

CAYUGA RANCH Northeast Texas v Anderson & Henderson Counties v Cayuga


xcellent opportunity to own 8,000Âą contiguous acres one hour southeast of Dallas consisting of 3,000-acre production farmland, 2,500-acre cow/calf operation, and 2,500acre hardwood timber. Frontage on major U.S. highway and several county roads. Approximately six miles of Trinity River frontage with several other water features including Wildcat Creek, Prairie Creek, Round Lake and several stock tanks. There is also an excellent site to build an approximately 60-acre lake. This is a perfect combination ranch with a little bit of everything. Excellent opportunity to invest in the Texas agriculture market with income production in place. Contact for price. • 104 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


rime Leon County acreage east of Centerville. pportunities to own a parcel of land this size and quality in this area are extremely rare. The majority of the property is wooded with giant hardwood and pine timber. There are scattered meadows with numerous trails and right of ways that connect them and all are planted in Coastal Bermuda. There are 13 stock tanks and ponds spread evenly across the property providing water for cattle and wildlife. Hardly ever does a place have such potential for raising cattle, hunting or both. The back section of the property has acres and acres of untouched woods teeming with wildlife. The front section has great pasture, cross fencing and a number of operational water wells. Being only 1.5 hours from The Woodlands, this oneof-a-kind property presents the opportunity of a lifetime. Amazing investment potential or land to pass down through the generations; this ranch has it all. $4,370,000.

1,150 ACRES CENTERVILLE Central Texas v Leon County v Centerville

NECHES MOUNTAIN RANCH Northeast Texas v Anderson County v Neches


his beautiful ranch is located just outside of the quaint little town of Neches, just about 10 minutes north of Palestine. The terrain in the area offers rolling hills, woods, pasture and numerous spring-fed creeks. This ranch is comprised of 664.58 acres of some of the best land in nderson County and has a mile of frontage on 22 . The focal point of the ranch is definitely the mountain top 360-degree view available thanks to the 600-foot elevation. This has to be one of, if not the highest elevations in the entire county. All of the underbrush has been removed from the mountain leaving just the large trees to provide endless views. There is a brand new custom home that has three-bedrooms, three-baths and an open-concept living/dining/kitchen area complete with high-end appliances. The home has a modern twist on mountain lodge, craftsman and farmhouse influences. The entire perimeter of the ranch is under high fence with attention paid to every detail concerning water gaps and creek crossings. In the heart of the ranch is an approximately seven acre spring-fed lake that is stocked with fish. ther improvements include a metal barn on a slab, three top notch 10-foot tower blinds and a deep water well. This turnkey ranch is ready now for your enjoyment and personal touches. $3,500,000.

Steve Torno, Broker 903-388-0292 Tyson Henson, Broker 979-229-8710 Dennis Coffey, Broker 979-777-6523 • 105

BUTLER RANCH Central Texas v Leon County v Jewett his beautiful 184-acre working ranch is located on the west side of Interstate 45 in the rolling hills of Northwest Leon County. The pastures are improved with good Coastal Bermuda grass and there are cross fences for rotational grazing purposes. The soil composition is a good sandy loam that is very productive. There are several hilltop views on this place that afford “see for miles” views and two different, nice si ed impoundments of water for fishing. The ratio of woods to pasture is about 75 percent pasture and 25 percent woods, so there are plenty of areas for hunting on this ranch as well. Improvements include a very nice older farmhouse with three bedrooms and about 1,500 square feet that contributes nicely to the overall charm of this ranch. There is also a barn and a set of steel working pens. $899,000.


PBEKES RANCH Central Texas v Leon County v Centerville


bekes Ranch, located just south of Centerville, is one of the best traditional whitetail hunting ranches to be offered on the market in quite some time. It is comprised of 687.6 acres of prime whitetail habitat. The ranch has been under high fence since 2000. The terrain is gently-rolling hills with some flat prairielike grasslands. The deer population on the ranch is comprised of native, river-bottom genetics that have been culled to the owners liking and mixed with handpicked, northern genetics. Now, let s talk about fishing! bekes Ranch features two large lakes that were constructed to grow trophy fish. The largest lake is approximately 10 acres and has been managed intensively for trophy bass for 16 years. The other lake is approximately seven acres and is stocked with channel cats and crappie. The structural improvements are best described as simply elegant and tasteful. The lodge boasts four bedrooms with four bathrooms, an office and much more. There is also a connected, but separate, owner s suite. The suite is one-bedroom, one-bath with a living room, kitchenette and large closet. A large covered front porch features a built-in bar and grill for relaxing and telling stories. There is a 30x80 metal building enclosed and insulated, a 50x75 fully-insulated metal building on a slab consisting of a 50x50 shop area with roll up doors and a 25x50 fully-insulated and enclosed RV shed with the appropriate electric hook ups for an RV that also has a roll-up door. Running the full length across the back of this building is a 30x75 covered equipment storage area which is also on a slab. This ranch is an amazing turnkey sportsman’s paradise that is ready right now for your enjoyment. $4,950,000. •

106 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


hese 604 acres of prime cattle land also lend themselves to some of the best waterfowl and whitetail habitat available on the market. This ranch has long frontage along a county maintained road and has over 4,800 feet of Trinity River frontage. The majority of this place is in pasture, but there are scattered pockets of woods as well as a native pecan orchard that produces lots of pecans for either harvest or wildlife. The ranch is cross fenced into several pastures for rotational grazing and is well watered with stock ponds and wells. The eastern end of the ranch can flood when the river comes out, but this also provides unsurpassed soil fertility and grass production with minimal amounts of fertilizer. There is a good section of the west end that is high and dry and provides good ground for cattle to move to when needed. Improvements on the ranch are minimal, but functional, and include barns/sheds, small house and working pens. $1,991,000.

COMMERCIAL LAND AND CATTLE RANCH Central Texas v Leon County v Centerville

SMITH RANCH Central Texas v Robertson County v Marquez


ocated on the Robertson and Leon County line are 875 acres with miles of frontage on the Navasota River. This ranch is comprised of some of the best native wildlife habitat around. This region is famous for growing huge whitetail deer and is in the direct migratory flight path for waterfowl. There is high ground for building a camp or a lodge with electricity and water well on site. The west side of the ranch is good open land for grazing cattle and is cross fenced from the rest of the place. In addition to the frontage on the river, there is also a creek that traverses across the ranch and several small ponds. This is a fantastic ranch for either hunting or cattle and is conveniently located two hours from Houston and one hour from Bryan/College Station that has been competitively priced and will not last long. $2,581,250.

Steve Torno, Broker 903-388-0292 Tyson Henson, Broker 979-229-8710 Dennis Coffey, Broker 979-777-6523 • 107



108 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch




ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


his beautiful 140-acre property of rolling hills is just 10 miles northwest of Fredericksburg, Texas, which was just voted number two on “The South’s Best Small Towns 2017” list by Southern Living Magazine. It is convenient to both San Antonio and Austin. The ranch is a Hill Country gem with elevation changes from 2,166 to 2,080-feet which create multiple outstanding building sites on the property. About 80 percent of tree cover is post oak with shin and Spanish oak as well. Many large trees create a hunter’s dream and provide ideal spots for tree stands. If you have ever wanted to grow grapes or make wine, the front 20 acres of the property has been tested by Texas and identified as a good location for a vineyard. There is a very cozy 900-square-foot home, built in 1988, that is currently run as a B&B. There is a refreshing pool and Jacuzzi when you want to escape the summer heat or just relax after a long day. This would make a great hunting cabin or a place to stay while you build your dream home. $1,495,000.

DOSS SPRING CREEK RD Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


his 81 acres with approximately 450 feet of Doss Spring Creek Road frontage give the buyer ample space for entrances and privacy. The front 13 densely-covered acres have been left untouched for multiple bedding areas. The remaining acreage has beautiful rolling topography with 20 miles of unrestricted views. Tree cover is made of cedar, shin oak, live oak, walnut and Spanish oak throughout. Water wells in the area vary from 175-feet at 10 GPM to 280-feet at 17 GPM. Multiple level building sites would take advantage of the longrange views. The current owner cultivates approximately 1.5 acres of winter oats for the wild game. Deer, turkey and dove are some of the native species found on the ranch. Close proximity to Harper and Fredericksburg. Located in Fredericksburg ISD. Current taxes are approximately $150/year and are ag exempt. Come and take a look at everything this ranch has to offer! $675,000.

WINE CORRIDOR RANCH Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


his 18± acres would make a perfect commercial venue. It borders two wineries/vineyards, two B&Bs and a KOA Campground. Located right off Hwy 290 on RR 1376, the location couldn’t be better for a winery, wedding venue or whatever you can imagine! Property is game-fenced and includes two 288-square-foot cabins which are currently rented. There is also a 1,232-square-foot threebedroom, two-bath manufactured home with porch and detached carport. ou will also find a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment, crossfencing, sheds, storage buildings, windmill, two wells and two septic systems. $1,289,500.

830-997-6531 110 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


8,000 ACRES


South Texas v Frio County

asis is the finest large acreage ranch available in the olden Triangle today. panning over ,000 acres, this high-fenced ranch features beautiful rolling terrain with deep red, sandy soils, excellent quality first growth browse and huge mesquite trees throughout. ildlife includes an excellent quality native deer herd, abundant Rio rande turkey, excellent quail and dove hunting, and certainly some of the best ranch style waterfowl hunting in the region. This ranch has an unusually large amount of surface water and abundant groundwater with multiple Carri o water wells and irrigation. 210-924-LAND (5263) Visit to see other properties throughout Texas 111


Texas Hill Country v Uvalde County


his high-fenced Hill Country ranch has it all. Almost three miles of Lake Creek feed three world-class lakes, with a lodge and guesthouse lined with custom rockwork overlooking the upper lake. Big valleys among mountainous terrain give this ranch all the Hill Country has to offer. A 5,400foot paved runway with two hangars makes this your own private paradise. Improved whitetail deer herd and exotics.


West Texas v Crockett County v Ozona nly 3.5 hours west of San Antonio via IH 10, this high-fenced ranch has been carefully managed to produce super high quality pure-blooded trophy mule deer. ou will not likely find a ranch in this size range that will produce better quality mule deer, and just a short drive west of San Antonio.



Southwest Texas v Dimmit County v Carrizo Springs


ocated in the heart of the Golden Triangle just northwest of Catarina along Hwy 83, this high-fenced trophy-hunting ranch is one of the finest turnkey outh Texas ranches on the market today! The improved whitetailed deer herd, pivot irrigation, plentiful bobwhite quail and dove, and trophy axis deer make this a year-round hunting, fishing, and entertaining center.

Mark Hubbard Ranch Properties • • 210-924-LAND (5263) 112 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Southwest Texas v Val Verde County v Pecos River


est of Del Rio, along the eastern banks of the Pecos River, lies one of the most unique, historical and pre-historically significant pieces of land in the state of Texas. long her six miles of ecos River frontage, and adjacent to the Pecos River High Bridge, you can experience sheer bluffs, numerous documented caves, pictographs, pre-historic and American Indian artifacts, as well as the remains of how the est was won. ou owe yourself a trip to the Dead Man’s Canyon Ranch if you are looking for a ranch with something different.


South Texas v Live Oak Co. v George West ust eight miles south of George West with privately owned access on 281, this trophy hunting ranch has the perfect location with an ideal mix of rolling hills, outh Texas type browse, and wide valleys with huge live oak trees. inerals available!



South Texas v Live Oak Co. v Three Rivers


igh-fenced hunting paradise, only three miles off H- . This is a must-see top-end deer herd. 210-924-LAND (5263) Visit to see other properties throughout Texas 113



West Texas ❖ Brewster County ❖ Alpine ox Canyon Ranch is one of the most spectacular small ranches in the Alpine and Davis Mountain area. Only minutes away from Alpine, the ranch encompasses an entire rugged rimrock and bluffed walled canyon with a very private and beautiful southwest ranch-style home, horse barn, arena, and a natural mountain canyon swimming hole. Relax in your living or dining rooms and enjoy views of abundant wildlife including desert mule deer, aoudad sheep, javelina, native and migratory birds and falcons. No other property like it in West Texas.

432-837-3325 • • 114 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



West Texas ❖ Culberson County ❖ Van Horn hispa Mountain Ranch is a beautiful ranch located, and easily accessed, only 14 miles south of I-10 and Van Horn, Texas. Chispa Mountain Ranch is one of the very few ranches encompassing almost 90 percent of a scenic volcanic intrusive mountain range. The range offers diversity of terrain and habitat ideal for both livestock and wildlife. The ranch is considered a good combination livestock ranch for crossbred mother cows and yearlings. Hunting is excellent for trophy mule deer, aoudad sheep, blue quail and dove. Rocky Mountain elk have been introduced to the mountain ranges to the north and east, and elk have been cited numerous times on Chispa with numbers expected to grow. The rewards of ranch ownership are no longer measured by livestock operations, but, more recreational purposes. The Chispa Mountain Ranch offers something for everyone that gives pride in ownership. This is an absolutely beautiful, gentle and rugged mountain country with panoramic views. You must see to appreciate!

John W. Carpenter, Broker/Owner

432-837-3325 • 115



West Texas v Brewster County v Marathon


pretty mountain canyon ranch of 106.74 acres only 15 minutes from Alpine or Marfa, Texas. A beautiful property next to the Paisano Encampment. All buildings and water system are off the grid by solar power. 40x50-feet steel building with living quarters. Good well, 19,000-gallon water storage and pond, shop building and horse stalls. Enjoy desert mule deer, aoudad sheep, javelina and Montezuma quail.

John W. Carpenter, Broker/Owner

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elcome to the legendary Stillwell Ranch dating back to early 1900’s that is rich in history with picturesque mountains and valleys of the Chihuahuan Desert. The ranch offers excellent hunting as well as provides income from a general store, Hallie Stillwell Museum, and 65-unit RV and camping park. This is a historic gateway into Big Bend National Park and the Black Gap Wildlife Management area offering enhanced recreational development and income opportunities. The owner will sell off approximately 6,000 acres without the store, museum or RV park. $4,950,000.


West Texas v Presidio County v Alpine



Why land will always have a hold on us. B Y


A brief, whirlwind history lesson: In the 1700’s, Spain began handing out land grants to those willing to endure the hardship of staking out lives on a sparsely populated and dangerous frontier. While the Spanish didn’t settle Texas in large numbers, they were responsible for the invaluable addition of horses, cattle, and sheep to these parts. (Interestingly, some of the original Spanish land laws, especially about community property, coastal ownership, and preventing forced sales of land, are still in use.) By 1821 Mexico had taken over, and to populate this vast territory, the new government courted foreign settlers with land allotments of 4,428 acres for grazing, plus another 177 acres for farming, along with tax incentives and Mexican naturalization. Mexican law also prevented seizure of a homestead should a settler fall into debt. The land wasn’t free—certain fees were charged—but the grants were darned cheap even for then, about 3 cents an acre, which was less expensive than land in the United States. As any Texas seventh-grade-history student knows, settlers did come, and lots of them. Empresarios like Stephen F. Austin contracted with the government to procure and establish single men and families in Texas, and by doing so, these empresarios themselves earned premium tracts of land. When the Texas Revolution rolled around, in 1836, soldiers were rewarded for the fight with the promise of acreage, and afterward, during the decade of the Texas Republic, the eneral Land ffice oversaw the distribution of more than 40 million acres to veterans and settlers in headright certificates. African Americans and Native Americans, it should be noted, and those


Seven L Ranch is horse heaven. Just half an hour from the Gulf of Mexico and close to the little burg of evers, this field looks level from a short distance, though really the ground undulates with tiny hummocks of thick-growing bahia grass, salt grass, and Bermuda. Lines of bramble and short scrub trees grow along culverts and a live creek, delineating the pasture’s wide boundaries. The sky is very blue. At the approach of a truck, the horses turn and raise their heads in unison, and when the truck stops and its occupants climb out, the horses amble toward them with the deliberate, unhurried speed of old friends greeting one another. The mare band consists of mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and cousins. They are slick-sided, big-barreled, and gleaming, the spires of their ears perked and their expressions soft and curious as they semicircle around their visitors. Texans have always yearned for land and fine creatures, and here, at the Seven L, it is easy to fall in love with this grassy abundance and these robust, personable mares arching their pretty necks. It is easy to want this beauty and bounty. Virtually nothing in ranching is genuinely easy, though, and whatever success and quality the Seven L can boast come from long decades of careful planning and management. “The ranch is one-hundred-ten years old this year,” says Paxton Ramsey, who owns the ranch along with his mother, Susan Ramsey, and his sister, Romney Velazquez. “It means everything to me. It’s what gets me up before my alarm clock, a responsibility that is 110 years old.” A Texan’s reverence for land ownership comes somewhat naturally. Ranching, while it has changed over time, remains one of the state s great identifiers, and while folks in other places undoubtedly forge profound connections to their properties, Texas is different in that the core of the state’s history is inextricably bound to the keeping and parceling out of land.

who fled military service, were deemed ineligible for those land grants. n 1844, when Congress was considering the annexation of Texas, land was again a primary concern: in the proposed treaty for statehood, the United States would take on the Republic’s $10 million of debt, along with 175 million acres of its public territory. Except this didn’t happen. The Republic’s public domain wasn’t worth $10 million, according to Congress, and the treaty was rejected. Texas therefore came into the Union with both its debt and its unappropriated lands. This turned out to be important. While federal lands now checker the expanse of other Western states—like Nevada, which is 81 percent federally owned, or Utah, whose land is 66 percent federal—less than 2 percent of Texas is made up of federal land. The rest is privately owned or controlled by the state. Texas, in other words, is held by Texans. Texas is ours. ur fierce desire for property, then, finds its roots in an old, dusty collective memory of a time when there was land available, tens of millions of acres of it—so long as you weren’t African American or Native American, that is. The state was born from land grabs. The Spanish claimed it, despite 117

the presence of Native Americans who had been here for millennia, then the French, then the Spanish again, until Mexico took it from Spain and the Texicans wrenched it from Mexico. Land was everything, worth fighting and dying for. orth keeping. orth wanting. There’s an obvious timelessness with land—the ever-present rocks and sky—that is at odds with the very human wish to put a stamp on a property, to forge a history and attach it to a place. Paxton Ramsey acknowledges that his tenancy is temporary, though the effort to shape, cull, and improve the Seven L, or any other ranch, is worth it. “My grandmother told me, ‘This land will never be yours; you’re just borrowing it from your children,’” he says. “Name one other business or lifestyle that has that mission statement or operates under those terms. Ranchers are focused on successors, and a key part of that is realizing that you’re part of something bigger than yourself—and that you’re leaving something better than you found it.” Paxton talks while making dinner in his kitchen. Outside, his two youngest daughters play hide-and-seek in the dark. Erica, his wife, will be home soon; his dad, Cullen, peruses the paper. His mother, who inherited the ranch from her mother, listens quietly from her wheelchair. hen m out there fixing fence, axton continues, know that for more than one hundred years before me, someone in my family was doing the same thing. Ranching is a pretty humbling experience. t lets you know how small you are. ou ve got the heartache of fires and storms. The people who came before me have gone through that too, and you’ll give your kids the opportunity to do the same.” He glances at his mom. t s best to work with family, he says. Susan’s face blazes with emotion. “Yes!” she agrees.

long as it must take. There’s no way around that. Angus don’t have deadlines, at least none that we know of. A wristwatch or an alarm ping on your phone won’t change the minds of the cows who must be penned but are hiding on tiptoe in the cedar brakes. Often, you can t have exactly what you want when you want it on a ranch. t takes a long time to stack that rock wall, build that barn, raise that calf, grow that grass. t will take a lifetime to get to all that work, and then when you are gone, it will take the next person a lifetime as well. There’s something soothing in that idea, an optimistic glimmer that this world will keep spinning despite far-off wars, troubles at home, shaky economies, and human frailties. Children of ranchers commonly work alongside their parents, dragging calves to the fire, fixing fence, driving trailers from one pasture to the next. These coming generations are necessary, and the next time you go to the county livestock show, take a moment to watch the kids shoveling manure in the barns or fluffing the tails of their show steers. e need those kids. Less than 2 percent of the . . population raises the products that give the rest of us food, clothing, and shelter. As long as people manage to stay alive and sane, the need to care for the land and livestock will go on too. n a day-to-day basis, much of ranching work is done alone. t takes only one person in a vehicle, for instance, to make the daily or every-other-day tour of the ranch’s windmills to check that water continues to flow from each of them company on these mundane excursions would be nice, sure, but the second person—a spouse, child, or hired hand—can almost always be employed at some other task, such as putting another ride on a two-year-old colt, tackling a

RANCHING IS FULL OF PROMISE. There is always the potential

to do well. Even in poor, undernourished, or flinty country, there are things that can be produced. Use the rocks to make a fence or the pine trees to build a barn. Dig the dirt to make an adobe home. Raise a calf to eat and trade another to your neighbor for hay. Harness the wind and pull water from the ground. row grass. t s your country to protect or exploit, conserve or improve. hat freedom there is in that notion—to do what you want on your land. Of course, the risks involved in ranching are real. You could fall off a windmill or get stomped by a mule. You could go broke if it doesn’t rain. The trick is to balance the needs of the land and the animals on that land with the weather, the rhythm of the seasons, and the financial constraints of the rancher. That’s some trick. Good thing that time is sometimes, usually, hopefully, on the side of the rancher. Ranching is inherently unfettered by the sort of time that constricts us in office towers or classrooms or suburban homes. There s a clocklessness to ranching work, for the task at hand will take as

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stack of bills, or attending to an lgebra lesson on the computer in the kitchen set aside for homeschooling. No one is around to see your antics goading two dopey steers back into the right pasture after the escapees apparently wormed through an unknown gap in the fence. No one hears the cussing when you discover the carcass of a good ewe, curled up dead at the bottom of some skinny arroyo. (“Aw, sheep,” a long-ago acquaintance of mine once scoffed. “Sheep just want to die.”) You’re likely to be alone when you slam your hand in the tailgate, ruining a thumbnail, and alone when you are bumping toward home, the only one taking note that the turkey vultures have returned from migration and the limestone seep, gone dry from drouth, has begun trickling water again. t also means that no one is typically aware when you ve done something particularly well. No one sees that extra-mile effort or your ingenuity at problem-solving. ell, accolades aren t all that

important. Self-worth, however, that’s a different matter. “How do you measure your satisfaction with who you are when you go to bed at night?” Paxton asks. “Other people, they may not see you riding these good colts and pulling a calf out of quicksand. I could ride away from her, and no one would know I spent four hours to pull her out. And even then, I still have a chance of losing her—but I have a clear conscience about that.” The work’s aloneness may account for the reason that a chance encounter with a ranching friend at the feed store or, in the smalltown way, in two trucks pulled cab-to-cab in the middle of the street can induce an eagerly shared, one-sided font of information. The speaker’s torrent may include family news, opinions on cattle auction prices, details about home improvements, or a suddenly recalled tale about a tool lying in tall grass that had been spied from the back of a broncky colt during a ride in a far-distant pasture, this tool’s being a neat old thing hardly ever seen or used anymore but alluring enough despite its mantle of rust and dirt that it was worth gingerly sliding off the high-stepping, white-eyed colt, dragging it to the horse’s nose for inspection, and then just as gingerly climbing back aboard

couple of decades has been inflating in dollar value faster than almost any other commodity save maybe computer stocks,” John Graves wrote in Hard Scrabble back in 1974. “The why of this lies perhaps mainly in the sort of buyers who have been running prices up—city people almost entirely, reacting to jammed urban ugliness as well as to anxiety about the future.” The world moves faster than it did in 1974, and it is smaller too. True, investment in land can soothe the shakes brought on by thoughts of a future economic ruckus. But I’m inclined to believe, or hope, that what’s really driving a dentist from San Antonio to buy a forty-acre hangout in Rocksprings has more to do with her soul than her pocketbook. Land can bring quiet and slowness to lives blasted by the ceaseless bombast of social media and popular culture. Sometimes the tweets worth noting should come from actual birds. Plus, there’s a timing issue that’s pressing, for that old saw about God not making any more land is indisputable. In the 2013 book Hillingdon Ranch, which traces the history of a 129-year-old family property in Kendall County, authors David K. Langford and Lorie Woodward Cantu point out that the state’s population is expected

the snorty horse and carrying the object (whether it’s ancient sheep shears, a long-handled wrench, or a Model T jack) over to the nearest gate where it could be picked up later, when a more reliable and less vertically inclined ride had been procured to retrieve it. It can take twenty minutes for the speaker s informational flood to recede, and it is only here that the listener can either interject an exit strategy or put forth a question that hoists the sails for the speaker’s second wind. At times there is nowhere else I’d rather be than sitting snug in a truck with the heat blasting and the windows down, listening to a friend, red-nosed with the cold, talk with excitement about the hijinks of cornering an ornery, one-horned cow in the pasture, muscling her into the trailer, and getting her unloaded at the sale barn. It sounds fun, doesn’t it, all that roaming around and wrestling with nature? I suspect it is fun, at least sometimes, in the way that hard work and productive work can be deeply satisfying. This is some of the allure of ranching and of holding land—that there’s an honesty to it and a clarity of the overarching duties. I don’t ranch myself. The knowledge have about ranching comes chiefly secondhand, from watching the toil of my friends and listening to their talk. The very bottom of what they do, the bedrock of their considerable industry, is the nurture of living beings, both plant and animal, so that more living beings, both plant and animal, can live. m not the only one to find this beguiling. The state is presently going through a land boom, in which city slickers are buying country places. This has happened before; it’s not new at all. “Land in the past

to climb to more than 45 million people by 2040. Likewise, they say, Texas is losing open country faster than any other state in the nation. Such pronouncements can be slightly panic-inducing. If I can’t buy land now, will I be able to later? Will there be any left? Though I can’t claim to be a rancher, I do admire them. And while the little 20-acre empire where my husband, son, and I live is captivating, I’ll admit—only a bit shamefully—that we lust for more land, a bigger place, pastures and canyons and creek beds beyond the reach of earshot and eyesight. This is nuts, I know. The yen for more property isn t a reflection of dissatisfaction or ingratitude with our present place, which, truthfully, pleases us a great deal and suits our present situation. Rather, that want for more country is simply greed, the desire for more aloneness and more majesty, for different varmints and plants and rocks. It’s to have the chance to know a place, to start the long romance of finding out what birds nest in which trees, of how the water courses in a heavy rain, of stumbling across a midden of flint from some long-ago knapper or figuring out how to best cover the bare spots of land still raw and sore from when cattle and goats grazed there ages ago. A piece of country is a living being. It’s a chance to do many things. It’s the potential for nearly endless work and discovery. If there is enough time, what knowledge unfolds from the stewardship of these acres? Amid the drouths and the downpours, what things do you discover? The answers are probably too numerous to grasp, though the appetite to find out is there. That, in the end, is the pull of the land. v 119

1,559 acres Driftwood, TX


iberty Ranch. Come home to 1,559 acres of wild Texas ranchland. Windswept oaks and rolling pastures grace the terrain and the silhouette of downtown Austin sparkles in the distance. Here conservation groups have worked tirelessly to permanently protect this land as well as the 16,000 acres immediately adjacent to it. Those that accept the stewardship of this land, do so with the promise that it will remain protected in perpetuity. It’s the perfect place to create a refuge from the bustle of Austin, yet just minutes from everyday necessities. 95

Riverfront Ranch


Miller Creek Ranch 1,774.84 acres $7,986,780

Investment Ranch



Liberty Pedernales River Ranch 684.43 acres Hill $10,266,435

Hill Country Ranch









Cypress Mill Ranch

Marble Falls

700 acres $4,830,000

Round Mountain Ha








Round Rock

Cedar Park





Pflugerville Rd

City Ranch

Dripping Springs

Bee Cave








406.31 acres $7,618,312



1 45 35



Private Golf Ranch

Driftwood FM 967

Red Eagle Ranch




Gentleman’s Ranch




Johnson City

300 acres $3,000,000


281 35

Liberty Ranch 1,559 acres $28,000,000

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Your perfect ranch is just down the road.


Little Barton Creek 126.55 acres $13,500,000

Carlotta C. McLean 512-960-4676


ncredible live-water ranch just 15 minutes from Fredericksburg and its wineries, entertainment and fine dining. Native and improved pastures, 1,700 feet of both sides of White Oak Creek, 12 wells, three barns, two constant level ponds, 4,300-square-foot Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg cabin with ama ing views of the ranch, five full RV hook-ups with dedicated septic, 23-acre high-fenced food plot with additional nine acres under cultivation. Rolling, pastoral terrain at 1,800-foot elevation rises to a 2,000-foot hilltop with beautiful Hill Country views. Call Jim. $5,650,000.


CHERRY SPRINGS RANCH Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Llano


eautiful 342.4-acre Hill Country ranch is located in Llano and Mason Counties, just north of the Gillespie County line and has Cherry Spring Creek, pond, granite outcroppings, rolling terrain, and views of House Mountain and Putmann Mountain. Property features onebedroom, one-bath rock, open floor plan home, three-car garage, 3,422-square-foot (LCAD) insulated building with crane and storage loft. Historic Fredericksburg’s shopping and dining is only about a 20-minute drive. $2,500,000.


mpressive ranch offers privacy and live water just 20 minutes from Fredericksburg and the Texas Wine Country. 4,700 feet of Long Branch Creek runs through the heart of the property and offers a number of locations for impounding water. High fenced on the eastern boundary, the remaining three sides Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg are low fenced with newer fencing. Numerous potential building sites provide spectacular views. Much of the cedar has been cleared, plenty remains providing excellent habitat. Good road and trail system throughout. This is a blank slate for your hunting, recreation, or home in the Hill Country. Call Jim. $2,051,630.


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124 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

T FRIENDSHIP LANE Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg

his 82.149-acre development property has 21 acres ($1,975,000) within the city limits of Fredericksburg and is zoned R-2 with access to city water and sewer. It has two driveways and a pond. The balance (61.149 acres) is in the ETJ with views, open grass land, areas of post oak and blackjack trees. Property fronts Friendship Lane and Eagle Street. The land is currently agriculture exempt. $5,331,832.


his recreational/ranch property of 450-acres has been in the same family for more than 100 years and was at one time part of the Schreiner Ranch holdings. Ranch is gently rolling with oaks, cedar elm and native pasture, wet weather creek and hilltop views. Whitetail, blackbuck antelope, axis, and turkey call this area home. Call Jim. $2,340,000.

TECOLOTE RANCH Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Harper

375 WILHELM RD Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


ocated in the outskirts of Fredericksburg, this 156.27-acre ranch with beautiful views overlooks Fredericksburg and her church steeples. Terrain varies from rolling hills to some field areas to beautiful draws. Tree cover varies from live oak, post oak, cedar, wild cherry, and Spanish oaks. Some cedar control has been done in the past. An old farmhouse and barn look over Barons Creek that traverses the eastern part of the ranch. $1,758,037.

For a private ranch tour, call or e-mail Real Estate Advisory Team.

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Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg ive water ranch consisting of a spring cascading down limestone rock bottoms surrounded by sycamore and cedar elm trees. tunning views, numerous draws with whitetail, axis, blackbuck and hogs. Located near errville and H-10, approximately 20 miles from redericksburg. Call cott rant en 0-4 9- 0 . Property ID: 54521



Texas Hill Country Gillespie County v Fredericksburg ocated 1.5 miles from Fredericksburg and one mile from the Gillespie County airport. More than 2,100 feet of Liveoak Creek, good productive fields, large oak trees with views of the surrounding hills, 1936 farmhouse. Good deer, axis and dove hunting. Development potential. Property ID: 53121


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126 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg ocated near Enchanted Rock, this property offers hilltop home, two water wells, two ponds, great hunting, productive fields, and thick timbered hillsides. This is a great weekend retreat. Property ID: 53585



Texas Hill Country Gillespie County v Fredericksburg reat hunting or building site with top of mountain views for miles. Good tree cover, electricity, good hunting with whitetail, turkey and hogs. Priced to sell. Property ID: 50571


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M&M RANCH Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo


ow offered in separate units, the parcels range from 134± to 4,291± acres, or M&M Ranch is available in its entirety of 12,388 total acres of which 9,986 are deeded. Located just minutes north of Buffalo, the headquarters unit is nicely improved offering a turnkey operation, or several of the parcels offer a blank canvas for a new owner to develop to their own individual needs. As a whole, the irrigation potential is astounding with more than 4,000 acres of permitted irrigation rights and 62,199 acre-feet of Lake DeSmet storage rights. In addition, recreational aspects of the ranch offer an amazing variety of outdoor sporting opportunities. Ranging from $1,400,000 to $16,500,000. Property ID: 51532

New Listing

BROKEN CIRCLE RANCH Montana v Powell County v Deer Lodge


roken Circle Ranch offers a quality commercial cattle operation on 8,644± contiguous deeded acres, including 820± irrigated acres, plus a USFS Grazing Permit and an 800-acre state of Montana lease. The Ranch provides a highly functional set of working improvements and several homes. Conservatively running over 600 animal units, the productive irrigated hay base provides all of the winter feed necessary as well as a surplus of over 1,200 tons of hay. n addition, the Ranch offers exceptional big game and waterfowl hunting and excellent fishing on more than five miles of the Clark ork River which serpentines through the Ranch. ffered at 14,19 ,000. Property ID: 54315

New Listing

MISSION RANCH Montana v Park County v Livingston


ission Ranch includes 4,417± total acres, of which 3,777± acres are deeded and 640± are state of Montana leased acres, providing productive irrigated hay base, native pasture and exceptional fishing. everal miles of the ellowstone River, ission Creek and private ission pring Creek traverse the ranch. Mission Ranch is comfortably improved with two homes, outbuildings, corrals and cattle-handling facilities. Located only minutes east of Livingston, the gateway to the north entrance to ellowstone National ark, ission Ranch represents the optimum balance of outdoor recreation, agricultural productivity and easy access to the vibrant communities of Livingston, Bozeman and Billings. $10,975,000. Property ID: 54750

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128 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


otaling about 2,295± deeded acres, including 655± under pivot irrigation, 168± under wheel-line and flood irrigation and 1,400 acres of quality native pasture, the Summer Unit also controls a 200-head grazing allotment on the adjoining USFS. With state-of-the-art cattle handling facilities and two homes, this is a complete and self-contained operation which has been meticulously maintained. The pride of ownership is evident throughout. This is a must see for an operator looking for an efficient and well-maintained operating ranch that could comfortably carry 450 cow/calf pairs depending on management. Offered at $5,925,000. Property ID: 53812


RACETRACK & SUMMER UNIT Montana v Deer Lodge County v Racetrack


omprised of 5,054± total contiguous acres, including 3,934± deed acres and 1,120 state of Montana lease acres, B&H Ranch located southwest of Lewistown is a rare opportunity to own one of the premier ranches in Judith Basin. Situated in a consistent moisture one with a silty loam soil profile, the 1, 00 tilled acres produce 2.5 to 3 tons of dryland hay and 60 to 70 bushels of wheat. This low overhead production ranch offers strategically placed water lines and tanks and good cattle facilities. $5,800,000. Property ID: 54096

B & H RANCH Montana v Fergus County v Buffalo


his premier hunting ground consists of 8,595± deeded acres plus an additional 640 acres of private leased land. Birch Creek Hunting Reserve is part of a 26,000-acre Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU), a program established by the Utah Wildlife Board and Division of Wildlife Resources to benefit private land owners and hunters. ith outstanding elk and mule deer habitat, the Ranch is allotted seven bull elk and three mule deer tags. $5,100,000. Property ID: 50583

Price Reduced

BIRCH CREEK HUNTING RESERVE Utah v Rich County v Woodruff

LONG BRANCH FARM Montana v Garfield County v Jordan


his 5,320± deeded acres and 631± acres of BLM lease represents an opportunity to own a productive well-balanced dry-land farm with good soils and consistent crop yields. Well water is piped to all the pastures aiding in the productivity. Historically, 1,822± acres of grazing land are leased out to neighboring ranchers. Long Branch Farm hosts a variety of big game, as well as upland-game birds and waterfowl, providing good hunting for the avid outdoor enthusiast. A solid tenant in place generating about a 3.5% return. $3,500,000. Property ID: 54059

Bozeman, MT • Buffalo, WY • Salt Lake City, UT

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HIDDEN VALLEY HILLS RANCH Central Texas v Lampasas County v Rumley


true treasure in Lampasas County. This ranch is extremely scenic with panoramic views from the hilltops overlooking live oaks and pecan woodlands interspersed with wildlife plots. Unlimited usage for multiple outdoor activities including outdoor sports and horse/ cattle ranching. Numerous wet weather creeks. Several underground springs. Plethora of wildlife with whitetail deer abundant. Fenced and crossed-fenced. Private interior roads with road base. Got to see to believe! $2,640,000.


unsets on the porch at this ranch are unforgettable. Facing west, the theater of the setting sun and afterglow provides a tranquil yet exciting panoply of colors, night after night, over the landscape that stretches over 50 miles. The mountain top, once owned by Pres. Johnson, looks over an expanse of Texas Hill Country v Blanco County v Johnson City the Texas Hill Country with 360 degree views. This ranch has stately oaks, trimmed junipers and winding trails. The main residence sits at the highest elevation in Blanco County. This property includes 2, 0-square-foot main home, 1,140-square-foot guest home and 12,000-square-foot metal structure with insulation, electricity, offices, two bathrooms and kitchen. Three H C systems and 220 electric. lease call to have a private showing of this magnificent ranch. 2, 99, 00.


EXQUISITE HORSESHOE BAY EQUINE PROPERTY Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Horseshoe Bay

Tesa M. Whitley 432-638-3636 130 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


uxurious Hill Country resort estate is complete with gated subdivision walking trails, community pool, marina to Lake LBJ—all within walking distance of this property. Inside gated main grounds, there is a heated swimming pool/hot tub and undulating, professionally designed putting green. Custom stone home includes designer furniture with three master suites, large office, work out room, massive great room with 1 -foot ceilings, and 3.5-car garage with private bath. There is also a four-stall horse barn with turnouts and private office and hot cold wash rack. est of both worlds! 2,1 0,000.


Southeast Texas v Montgomery County v Conroe


irst time open market offering! This is a large tract in the heart of Houston Metro expansion/development and Montgomery County, Texas. Located half-way between Interstate 45 and Interstate 69 (US 59), north of FM 242, northeast of The Woodlands and southeast of Conroe. Transition forestry property with big frontage and multiple points of access. Managed timberland in excellent condition with ongoing management practices. Located within the Conroe and Splendora Independent School Districts. $49,984,740.


are find! irst time open market offering. Transition large acreage in the wave of the north migrating development from north Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe/Willis. Adjoins Texas Grand Ranch and Huntsville State Park with Interstate 45 frontage and frontage road access. Mostly within the city of Huntsville ETJ and CCN with proposed 12-inch waterline to be constructed through, and to service, the sub ect property. nternal field roads for internal access. New Waverly ISD. Southern Walker County being a second tier county from the Houston Metro. This tract is ideal for development as it fronts approximately 4,300 feet of I-45 service road. Excellent exposure to all traffic from Houston to Dallas! $23,720,000.


Southeast Texas v Walker County v Huntsville


Southeast Texas v Polk County v Corrigan


orestry recreation. Huge topography with hilltops. Big tract borders Piney Creek and wooded with merchantable pine and hardwood. $5,417,500.

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Northwest Texas v Brown County v Early

n the Hill Country, this ideal ranching, hunting or relaxing retreat offers 20-mile views, rolling hills with mature oaks, miles of trails, abundant water (20+ ponds, 11-acre stocked lake) and a rustic cabin. Currently grazing 200Âą head of cattle. It has numerous building sites and close proximity to Brownwood amenities. $9,995,000.



Southeast Texas v Montgomery County v Montgomery


wo homes: A remodeled 1950’s home with original features and modern updates and a newer two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath guesthouse. The fenced and cross-fenced property also offers three tanks (two stocked), a windmill pumping water to pastures, two hay pastures, groomed trails, shop, barn, walled arena and gated entry. $1,865,000.



Central Texas v Caldwell County v Dale 132 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

olling pastures shaded by hardwoods surround a French country home with formal living and dining rooms, island kitchen, large game room and sunroom overlooking pool and outdoor kitchen. Fenced and crossfenced, the estate has a shop/barn and three ponds that provide water for livestock. $2,195,000.



Texas Hill Country v Bandera County

C Ranch sits on the headwaters of Myrtle Creek. This scenic 1,900± acre box canyon ranch has 20 miles of chipsealed and gravel roads that allows access to every hilltop and valley. It offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors— hunt whitetail deer, free-range buffalo, turkey, exotic game and fish for trophy bass. The acre lake has been stocked with sun perch, blue catfish and hybrid lorida largemouth bass. There are also nine dammed ponds, two natural spring-fed lakes, and large valleys. The ranch perimeter is high-fenced and has been stocked with exotics and whitetail deer from our closed-herd deer breeding program. The TC-1 deer breeding operation spans 13.9± acres, with 15 pens and breeding facility. The main home has three bedrooms and three baths with an open floor plan and an impressive rock fireplace. The sun room overlooks the water fall and the game room includes pool table, poker table, dart board, flat screen T and ukebox. The flowing yrtle Creek offers a tranquil view from the front porch. The guesthouse has three beds and two baths, full kitchen and large front porch and rear porch. large open-air pavilion with full kitchen and large fireplace is the perfect place for entertaining. MC Ranch is located nine miles from Bandera, 18 miles from Kerrville, 36 miles from Boerne, and 60 miles northwest of an ntonio. Need to fly in? errville is the closest airport with two runways up to ,000 feet. C Ranch provides a perfect balance of fertile valleys, rolling hills, rising bluffs for en oying the scenery, hiking, hunting of trophy game and large lakes for fishing and swimming. This ranch is a must see to fully appreciate all of its beauty! Co-listed with iana on ales, 210- 1- 1 , diana.gon ale


Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville


elebrating the ultimate in Hill Country ambience, this unique and secluded ranch and estate is a world unto itself. Artistically blending luxury and easy living, this extraordinary ranch epitomizes the bold and dramatic Texas lifestyle. Offered at $5,995,000.

Rick Kuper 210-240-8282 133


our own private estate and country club await you on 20 unique acres of Mother Nature near Argyle just north of Dallas/Fort Worth. First-class custom comfort for family entertainment featuring 8,300-square-feet with six bedrooms, six baths, one half-bath, combining the best of indoor and outdoor living; not many like this! There is something Texas Metroplex v Denton County v Argyle for everyone to enjoy! The property is complemented by many outstanding recreational activities such as four stocked fishing ponds, wooded creek with deer, turkey, walking or 4-wheeling trails, chipping and putting green and Frisbee golf. Also included are tennis and volleyball courts, a large swimming pool with a spa, several outdoor cooking and gathering areas one with a firepit , a stone garden house, greenhouse and three deep water wells. There is a 2,100-square-foot, twobedroom, two-bath guesthouse and a mother-in-law apartment with a separate entry attached to the main home. Outbuildings include a 60x30 R barn, x24 storage equipment barn with an office plus 0x24 hay storage area, x20 equipment barn and a two-stall horse shed. 4,2 0,000.



uch to do for the entire family on 451 rolling acres south of Winnsboro overlooking miles of countryside. Large Northeast Texas v Wood County v Winnsboro spring-fed lakes boathouse full of fish, a flourishing population of whitetail deer and plenty of seasonal waterfowl. Beautifully balanced tree to pasture ratio along with elevation changes enhance the Mother Nature feel of the ranch. The large farmhouse ,100 square-foot has three bedrooms, three baths, one half-bath, three fireplaces, office, spacious living areas, walls of windows, and two outdoor patios to en oy the views. lso, an equestrian barn with outdoor arena, hay and equipment barns and guest quarters. 2,1 0,000.


RECREATIONAL RANCH Northwest Texas v Montague Co. v Forestburg ome with four bedrooms, three baths and one half-bath is nestled on 213 acres among live oaks of the North Texas Hill Country near Forestburg. Abundant wildlife, rolling topography, wooded canyon with creek and waterfalls. irst floor contains a chef’s kitchen, breakfast area with fireplace, large family room with fireplace, dining room, half bath and huge master suite with fireplace. eparate study. pstairs Texas Metroplex v Erath Co. v Morgan Mill there are three bedrooms, two baths, large oar with the eagles over this spectacular game room with fireplace and balcony. and highly sought after mountaintop Covered porches. 4 24 equipment barn, setting on 33.78 acres situated 160 feet above greenhouse and chicken coop. 650-foot the valley floor with a gated entrance and paved and 200-foot water wells with backup driveway. Once you arrive you are greeted into generators for wells and house. Four ponds, a gorgeous custom stone home with three bedrooms with baths en suite. Complete kitchen with cattle pens, gated entrance. This property is granite counters, island and breakfast bar open to the family room with floor to ceiling fireplace private and secluded. 1,2 0,000. and a wall of windows to en oy the awe-inspiring views. The roomy master suite, 2 19, with large bath area and his and her closets, has its own door to slip outside to the covered porch to enjoy stunning beauty each and every day. The home includes an 8X5 safe room constructed with 16X8-inch cinder blocks secured with rebar and concrete in the block cells. Floor and ceilings ™ are concrete and rebar. The safe room is air conditioned with a metal door. There is a large patio and built-in grill for outdoor living enjoyment. In addition, this private getaway has a 50X36 Brian Smith barn with a fabulous two-bedroom, two-bath apartment, office, workshop storage and covered 972-588-8300 equipment storage. Lots of deer, turkey, two-ponds one full of catfish , cattle pens, native little bluestem pastures and plenty of dramatic topography truly a rare opportunity! 99,000.




Country Connection

134 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



Central Texas v Travis County v Lago Vista

he 14-acre inn Ranch is the finest Lake Travis waterfront ranch to come on the market in many years. The land has historically been used for livestock gra ing currently supports a Longhorn herd and has no significant land improvements. However, it has not gone untended and the ma ority of the property has been cleared of cedars and other high water use trees, producing open areas of grassland and native oaks. The Lake Travis frontage is on the deep main body of the lake and runs about 4,000 feet. This is in addition to waterfront along the cove of about another ,000 feet. The whole property is relatively level with no significant topographical features, other than the lake and cove front cliffs. However, it does include a boat ramp usable at almost all lake levels. The potential for this property is virtually limitless, with options for creating a one-of-a-kind chateau estate, with or without vineyards which have been and are so very successful in the Lake Travis area. lternatively, sections of the property might be subdivided as high end residential developments. Conveniently located ust 49 minutes from downtown ustin 42 minutes from The omain shopping center minutes from and 2 minutes from the heart of Cedar ark, the inn Ranch retains an unequaled level of privacy and seclusion - the ultimate retreat.

Jerry & Lisa Sisemore 512-797-8901 Clive Rutherford 512-589-7635 135


South Texas v Jim Hogg County v Hebbronville


Central Texas v Lampasas County v Lometa


00 acres in Lampasas County. 1+ acre tank with deck. Remodeled one-bedroom, one-bath house and barn with bunk-house. Includes well and game cleaning area. $1,195,000.


,423 acres in Jim Hogg County. Ranch is high-fenced on two sides and comes with abundant deer. Electric well, two storage tanks, cattle pens, and mobile home. $2,980,439.


Central Texas v Lee County v Giddings



21 acres in Lee County. Excellent farm and grazing land with six ponds and creek. Contains gently rolling terrain, sandy soil and large hardwood trees. $576,792.

CROWN LANE/CASTLEVIEW ESTATES Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Burnet


ultiple 20± acres tracts in Burnet County. Double-gated subdivision nestled on a clifftop with Hill Country views overlooking Falkenstein Castle and Lake Buchanan.

David Carpenter 512-294-3758 All City Real Estate

136 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch



Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Kempner

wenty-nine acres in Burnet County. Exceptional building site with new fencing, and an all-weather road. Spectacular Hill Country views. Minimal restrictions and under one hour to Austin. $219,000.

7 CREEKS RANCH Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Burnet


new gated ranch community. More than 60 sites available with 5-30+ acre tracts. Up to 289 acres with an eight-acre lake. Great hunting and abundant wildlife.



Southeast Texas v Montgomery Co. v Conroe ated move-in ready home nestled on five acres in Red ak Ranch! ust minutes from The oodlands, -4 and oned to exemplary schools. Horses welcome x40 four-stall barn with tack room and storage, riding area, fully and crossed fenced! Hardwood and tile floors throughout first floor, stunning trim, island kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances, two-story den with fireplace and study with rench doors. aster retreat down with sitting room and fireplace, three bedrooms, huge game room and built-in study nook, covered patio, pool and spa. 0,000.

Mike Seder 713 806-6796 cell 281 602-8823 office 137

3 BEAUTIFUL TRACTS Central Texas v Lee County v Austin/Houston


entrally located between Austin and Houston, these three contiguous tracts of land total 403Âą beautiful acres. Buy all three or split them up. FM 1624 frontage. Tract 1: 132.055 acres; Tract 2: 159.547 acres; Tract 3: 110.492 acres. The property offers nice returns on hay production and is meticulously maintained. Lincoln or Lee County water, multiple tanks, improved open land boasting high quality coastal grasses. Perfect for continued hay production, grazing or development. House, barns with electricity, nice roads. Water rights convey. Christen S. Steen, Broker, 512-589-1315,

CARANCAHUA RIVERFRONT RANCH Southeast Texas v Jackson County v Palacios

C 138 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

atch redfish, trout, and flounder from the shores of this 42.6 acre coastal hunting property with over 1,000 feet of waterfront. Cruise by boat four miles down the deep, slow waters of the East Carancahua Creek to the legendary Vaes/Carancahua Bay, the northern extension of the Matagorda Bay system. Plenty of wild land game abounds on this heavy-brush ranch including doves, duck, and deer, so enjoy a cast and blast at this true sportsman’s hideout. Private road, water available, and electric utility in place will afford you a secluded hunting fishing retreat to share with your friends and family. Bethany Weigl, REALTOR, 512-585-4321,



rivate gated equestrian estate on 11.5 acres is nestled amid native trees, with natural beauty and splendid views overlooking the rolling terrain. This architecturally striking 5,954-square-foot home with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths has all the luxury amenities and security. Outdoor living is an ideal backdrop for large scale entertaining or intimate family gatherings—large covered patio with cook center, pool spa, cabana with bath and kitchen, and ergola with fireplace. The property is cross-fenced with iron pipe fencing and has a custom six-stall Morton barn with an apartment and all the bells and whistles. Ideally located adjacent to the 800-acre Oak Point Nature Preserve with riding trail and riding facilities. 3.7 miles from Central Expw (US 75). View online:

Mark Holland 972-978-6661

Jessica Holland 972-838-3058 139



Southeast Texas v Walker County

Southeast Texas v Anderson County Custom arm House

• Barndominium • Pool • Excellent Location

0 percent



Central Texas v Washington County

Southeast Texas v Walker County

Custom Home




agnificent 40-acre lake

pacious Home



Southeast Texas v Walker County

Central Texas v Washington County

Custom Home

reat Location




orking Ranch

Ranch House



140 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch


Hay production


Selling Quality Texas Properties Since 1970 936-295-5989


River rontage

ROCKING BAR RANCH Wyoming v Park County v Meeteetse


anches that are part of an ecosystem largely unaltered for 200 years are as rare as pure strains of cutthroat trout these days, but the Rocking ar Ranch ust outside of eeteetse, yo., is Colorado v Moffat County v Steamboat Springs exactly one such place. preading approximately 1 ,000 total acres ith 21,793 acres to its name, the massive Monument Butte 9,04 deeded among the foothills of the bsaroka ountains, the Ranch southwest of Steamboat Springs is the “prime cut” Rocking ar Ranch stands apart as a property long managed in full of northwestern Colorado. This expansive spread covers more harmony with its environment. 9,9 0,000. Property ID: 54270 than 4-square-miles on the north flank of the lat Tops, occupying elevations from 6,800 to 8,600 feet. $28,500,000. Property ID: 53706



MATHESON RANCH Colorado v Grand County v Kremmling

PAINT ROCK CANYON RANCH Wyoming v Big Horn County v Hyattville


asily qualifying as one of the finest all-round large ranches in yoming, the , 04-acre ,1 deeded aint Rock Canyon Ranch will capture your western imagination and not let it go for years to come. f you re seeking a estern ranch with the best in fly fishing, big game hunting and agricultural production, we at Harrigan Land Company think that you ve ust found it. 2 ,000,000. Property ID: 54586


idden in the heart of one of Colorado s last unspoiled mountain valleys, the 1,92 -acre atheson Ranch is tailor made for hunting and fishing of exceptional quality. Located only two hours from enver in the Troublesome Creek alley, the atheson Ranch features nearly a mile of the brown and rainbow trout-rich Troublesome Creek, and some of the most significant water rights in the area. , 00,000. Property ID: 54187

BROKEN BONE RANCH Colorado v Routt County v Yampa



ocated only 40 minutes from teamboat prings and one hour from ail lies a Colorado recreational ranch of exceptional quality. Containing 1, acres of an ideal blend of mountainirrigated hay meadows, creek bottom, and quaking aspens, roken one Ranch has long been prime habitat for elk, mule deer, black bear, and small game species. $6,950,000. Property ID: 54188

New Mexico v Rio Arriba County v Chama


ever before offered on the market, the 1 , 09-acre roken utt Ranch in northern New exico easily qualifies as one of the largest remaining elk-rich mountain ranches in the state. Named for a rifle with a broken stock found on the ranch in the early 1900s, roken utt Ranch has a long history of careful management as a oint cattle and hunting property. 2,000,000. Property ID: 52690

Dave Harrigan • Hunter Harrigan 303-683-9090 • 800-524-1818 toll free • 141



Kerrie Medlin, Broker Associate

903-235-7339 •

Northeast Texas v Gregg County v Longview

nter the iron gates and drive past the lush setting to ample parking and a three-car garage. Convenient, but secluded. The quality of construction is evident immediately upon entering the front door. Crowds flow seamlessly from a formal living room encased in exquisite red oak walls into a glassed sunroom. Guests can spill onto the sizeable concrete patio through French doors or ease into the family room which features a wall of windows that frame the never-ending view. The five-bedroom home on 9.2 acres in beautiful East Texas can be used for many endeavors. Have you ever dreamed of owning an event center for smaller affairs? Maybe a bed and breakfast? This property would be perfect! Located in Longview, Texas, this impressive home is 125 miles east of Dallas and 60 miles west of Shreveport, La. For discriminating buyers wanting an estate whose location, quality of construction and unique details will set them apart from the crowd or for the entrepreneur who is ready for a new adventure! $805,000.


Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Llano


lano County Hickory Creek Ranch is spectacular! The ranch has both sides of Hickory Creek, CR106 frontage, great hunting, outcrops, huge live oaks and pecan trees, wet lano River Ranch has all you need in a 90- weather creeks, windmill for livestock and a high ridge line that offers spectacular homesites. acre ranch! 1,700Âą feet of Llano River south of CR104, a big coastal field north of CR104 and more than 2,000 feet of Elm Creek. Nice cabin, three wells, good hunting and great areas with spectacular views for your dream home. Texas Hill Country v Llano Co. v Castell


THE COPPER MINE RANCH - 400 ACRES Tory B. Virdell 325-247-5776 142 Volume 86 Texas Farm&Ranch

Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Llano


his is one of the prettiest gems of Llano County and the Texas Hill Country! The ranch offers excellent views, high ridges, deep canyons, ponds, windmills, electricity and several wet weather creeks, including the headwaters of Pecan and Wolf Creeks.

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