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Game-Fenced “Resort-Style” Ranch South Texas, Live Oak County Texas Best Ranches, LLC


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v o l u m e

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expertise in specialty asset management.

What is good? Good is making the right decisions to preserve your specialty assets — including real estate, farm and ranch land, oil, gas and other minerals — for future generations. It’s having an expert guide you in the right direction. At Broadway Bank, good is helping to ensure your family legacy. REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT | FARM & RANCH MANAGEMENT OIL, GAS & MINERAL MANAGEMENT


Electrifying Ranches. Looking to buy or sell an amazing ranch? With annual sales over $300 million, we’re the clear choice for your ranch investment needs. Call us today. • 28615 INTERSTATE 10 W • BOERNE, TX • 830-755-5205

Selman Ranch Construction, LLC

Ranch Improvements & Pond Management H Lakes & Ponds

H Bentonite Cutoff Walls

H Ranch Roads

H Bentonite Liners

H Wildlife-Sensitive Clearing Contact:

Brad Selman 254 463-2663 Office 254 386-7727 Cell

“We can solve your leaking problem with your existing lake, or let us build you a new one.�

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Aspen Grove Ranch Grand






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From the Editor

Farm & Ranch Selects

20 v Legendary Morani River Ranch Listed by Jeff Soele Texas Best Ranches, LLC

76 v Clear Creek Ranch

Listed by Melissa Hegemeyer, REALTOR® Coldwell Banker Properties Unlimited

78 v Boerne Luxury Ranch Estate

Listed by Debra Janes and Rick Rivas Debra Janes Luxury Group

80 v Dunners Mountain Ranch

Listed by Dave E. Culver, Broker LANDTX

82 v Sandow Lakes Ranch

Listed by Bernard Uechtritz International Icon Properties

Reference 11 v Broker Index 12 v Property Index & Map


Quality. Longevity. Success. Welcome to the 80th issue of Texas Farm & Ranch! For over 23 years Texas Farm & Ranch has been consistently delivered straight into the homes and offices of elite buyers and sellers, PLUS our covers continue to adorn private jet terminals, newsstands, bookstores and event booths throughout Texas and around the world. Since inception, we have realized that building strong relationships would solidify our business as a brand to know and trust. Through the years we have been successful in fostering long-lasting relationships with the brokers who have advertised in our magazine since the beginning, while taking every opportunity to welcome the newcomers. Our team understands the importance of a solid marketing strategy, so we provide a multifaceted approach by maintaining historic best practices while incorporating cutting edge technologies and distribution trends to ensure our advertisers reach their clients and prospects in the most effective medium. We are working hard behind the scenes to continue producing top-quality magazines, while preparing the launch of our new and robust website, sure to exceed the value associated with the Texas Farm & Ranch name. We want to hear from you! Please feel free to send us your suggestions and comments. Be sure to check out our 80th issue Multi-Broker Spotlight on page 14 for marketing tips from some of the best brokers in Texas!


Rita Givens

113 v Additional Properties in the Marketplace


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Rita G ivens

broker index 5 Star Country Properties...............................104

Levy Properties....................................................99

Ahern Ranches.................................................. 101

Lone Star Properties.........................................108

Circle T Realty.....................................................58

Markham Realty Group.....................................98

Clark Real Estate Group....................................94

Meek Ranch Sales...............................................86

Coldwell Banker Properties Unlimited.......... 76

Moreland Properties......................................... 111

Debra Janes Luxury Group..............................78

Nixon Real Estate...............................................92

The duPerier Texas Land Man, LLC........................................38

Perry Bushong Real Estate..............................102

Dullnig Ranch Sales...........................................62 Fredericksburg Realty........................................84 Hall and Hall........................................................96 Homeland Properties Andy Flack..........................................................109 Homeland Properties John Paul Lampson..........................................109 International Icon Properties....................56, 82 Jacobs Properties.................................................90 King Land & Water............................................67

Texas Farm & Ranch VOLUME 80 SUMMER 2 0 1 6 - P U B L I S H E D B Y-

28615 Interstate 10 West Boerne, TX 78006

800-580-7330 R E G I O NA L S A L E S M A NAG E R

Katy Franklin 866-401-7664 EDITOR


Courtney Loving

Realty Executives The Executive Team Inc.................................. 110


RE/MAX Town & Country Dennis Kusenberger...........................................73

Pedro Almaraz




Steve Grant Real Estate......................................88 Stransky Properties............................................44


Swan Land Company.........................................70


Terry Wootan Real Estate...............................100 Texas Best Ranches, LLC...............Cover, 16, 74 Texas Farm & Ranch Realty...........................106 Texas First Real Estate.....................................103

Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty Rick Kuper............................................................66

Texas Land & Ranch Co...................................29


Texas LandMen...................................................50

La Gloria Land Co............................................107

Texas Ranch Brokerage...................................105

Land InvesTex, LLC...........................................36

Texas Real Estate People LLC........................ 111

Double Dime Ranch page 62

©Copyright 2016, Farm & Ranch Publishing, L.L.C. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Texas Farm & Ranch is published four times per year by Farm & Ranch Publishing, L.L.C. 9039 Katy Freeway, Suite 242, Houston, Texas 77024. Information provided to Farm & Ranch Publishing, L.L.C. is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. The publisher will not be responsible for any omissions, errors, typographical mistakes or misinfomation within this publication. Measurements and figures are approximate. Properties are subject to errors, omissions, price change or prior sale. Printed in the U.S.A.

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


property index Acres± County Page


23............... Wilson.................. 55 30............... Leon...................... 60 35............... Williamson.......... 26 44............... Williamson.......... 26 45............... Washington....... 104 55............... Bexar..................... 48 58............... Dewitt................... 36 58............... Washington....... 104 67............... Bexar..................... 78 76............... Travis..................... 27 77............... Austin.................. 104 78............... Comal................... 27 82............... Washington....... 104 94............... Leon...................... 58 97............... Leon.......................61 97............... Travis..................... 26 105............. Washington......... 36 128............ Medina.................. 37 137............ Leon...................... 59 150............ Comal................... 66 184............ Leon.......................61 200............ Menard................. 37 205............ Burleson............. 104 215............. Grimes................ 104 237............ Colorado............ 107 286............ Falls..................... 106 286............ Falls..................... 106 286............ Colorado............ 103


Acres± County Page Acres± County Page Acres± County Page Acres± County Page

297............ Washington......... 98 300............ Dewitt................... 36 301............. Dewitt................. 107 315............. Bastrop................. 43 330............ Waller.....................76 343............ Uvalde.................. 37 353............ Lampasas........... 107 370............ Falls..................... 106 400............ Uvalde.................. 52 403............ Wilson.................. 52 403............ Lee........................111 437............ Uvalde.................. 35 475............ Limestone............ 25 516............. Fayette....................41 560............ Lavaca................... 90 570............ Caldwell................41 604............ Leon...................... 60 700............ Uvalde.................. 33 720............ Uvalde.................. 33 725............ Austin.................. 103 771............ Hamilton.............. 99 941............. Washington......... 98 1,023......... Madison............... 90 1,115......... Leon...................... 59 1,826......... Uvalde.................. 20 1,832......... Kinney.................. 65 5,700......... Menard............... 100 5,753......... Uvalde.................. 50 11,889....... Kinney.................. 39 33,800...... Milam.................... 82

237............ Kerr....................... 66

228............ Van Zandt............ 88

255............ Kerr....................... 43

269............ Henderson........... 89

7,800......... Val Verde.............. 68

284............ Bandera................ 35

300............ Franklin................ 96

8,300......... Val Verde.............. 69

287............ Kerr....................... 47

366............ Anderson.............. 89

291............. Kerr....................... 42

664............ Anderson.............. 58

294............ Kerr....................... 85

850............ Camp..................... 54

304............ Bandera................ 43 305............ Kerr....................... 46 317............. Bandera................ 24 320............ Bandera................ 52 327............ Bandera................ 28 327............ Bandera................ 32 327............ Bandera................ 34

Northwest 246............ Jack........................ 94 6,200......... Coleman............... 84


3,177......... Brewster............... 69

8,600......... Terrell.................... 33 11,420....... Crockett................ 68 11,681....... Presidio................. 67 12,500....... Presidio................. 68 13,468...... Presidio................. 69 20,944...... Val Verde.............. 65 21,528....... Terrell.................... 67 25,667...... Pecos..................... 67 30,548...... Hudspeth............. 68

335............ Bandera...............101

131............. Live Oak............. 105

344............ Gillespie............. 100

140............. Frio........................ 28

30,770...... Jeff Davis.............. 38

396............ Kerr....................... 42

163............. Dimmit................. 26

48,404...... Pecos..................... 68

410............. Kendall................. 23

262............ Victoria............... 107

411............. Kendall................. 48

297............ Atascosa................ 64

436............ Bandera................ 35

320............ Dimmit................. 64

Outside the Region


441............. Kendall................. 28

445............ Atascosa................ 64

520............ Gillespie............... 84

600............ Dimmit................. 27

552............ Kerr....................... 49

700............ Dimmit................. 64

645............ Kendall................. 40

702............ Frio........................ 63

700............ Kerr....................... 65

822............ Atascosa................ 36

525............ La Plata................. 96 665............ Routt..................... 96

89............... La Plata................. 97 290............ Clear Creek.......... 97

760............. Kerr..................... 102

874............. Frio...................... 107

828............ Real........................ 30

1,076......... Maverick............... 46

830............ Park....................... 96

900............ Gillespie............... 84

1,513......... La Salle................. 47

2,784......... Rio Blanco............ 97

900............ Kerr....................... 84

1,762......... Zavala.................. 108

1,013......... Bandera.................31

1,800......... Frio........................ 63

1,030......... Real...................... 102

2,075......... McMullen........... 105

Hill Country

1,131.......... Bandera................ 22

2,085......... McMullen........... 105

1,232......... Edwards............... 87

2,097......... Live Oak............... 63


10............... Gillespie............... 85

1,350......... Bandera................ 53

2,721......... Dimmit................. 63

230............ Franklin.................71

3,779......... Live Oak................16

6,573......... Montrose.............. 97 14,480....... Weld...................... 97

12............... Bandera................ 34

1,562......... Blanco..................111

14............... Bandera................ 32

1,675......... Bandera................ 40

4,571......... Zapata................... 65

14............... Bandera................ 34


1,688......... Real........................ 29

5,061......... Zavala.................... 62

20............... Gillespie............... 85

109............. Covington...........110

2,200......... Gillespie............... 39

7,061......... Maverick............... 44


23............... Kerr........................41

2,778......... Bandera................ 53

7,161.......... Duval..................... 45

25............... Kerr....................... 85

3,160......... Kendall................. 80

9,109......... Zavala.................... 62

42............... Bandera................ 54

4,048......... Edwards............. 102

51............... Gillespie............... 92

10,600....... Edwards............... 25

52............... Kerr....................... 86

19,505....... Burnet................... 66

59............... Llano................... 100 60............... Gillespie................51 85............... Kerr....................... 55 97............... Bandera................ 33 115............. Llano................... 100 123............ Kendall................. 36 134............ Bandera................ 28 150............ Kendall..................51 158............ Gillespie............... 73 162............. Gillespie............... 85 180............ Llano..................... 50

23............... Polk....................... 37

1,341......... Lewis and Clark. 72 1,916.......... Madison............... 70


48............... Fort Bend........... 103

10............... Parker.................... 94

55............... Matagorda............ 87

3,050......... Lewis and Clark..71

12............... Parker.................... 95

130............ Jefferson............... 37

8,455......... Yellowstone......... 70

38............... Walker.................. 98

2,750......... Madison............... 72

74............... Parker.................... 95

175............. Chambers............. 27

100............. Erath..................... 49

176............. Montgomery........91

New Mexico

166............. Hill....................... 106

375............ Hardin................. 109

7,466......... Santa Fe................ 70

735............ Erath..................... 95

425............ Walker................ 109

1,539......... Parker.................... 94

497............ Walker.................. 98

2,476......... Wise...................... 97

1,255......... Liberty...................91

185............ Bandera................ 36


185............ Bandera................ 32

3................. Henderson........... 88

182............ Gillespie............... 93


336............ Gallatin................. 72 680............ Beaverhead.......... 96

9,753......... Trinity................. 109 12,099....... Jefferson............... 38

46,485...... Cibola.................... 96

Utah 165............. Garfield................. 72 8,595......... Rich........................71

190............ Blanco................... 92

78............... Henderson........... 88


197............ Real........................ 37

101............. Rains..................... 89

621............ Jeff Davis.............. 67

200............ Kerr....................... 84

206............ Houston............... 98

2,963......... Hudspeth............. 69

1,749......... Johnson.................71

204............ Kerr....................... 86

222............ Henderson........... 88

3,000......... Coke...................... 39

12,388....... Johnson................ 70

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



Austin Bastrop Bell Bexar Bosque Brazos Burleson Caldwell Colorado Comal Concho Coryell De Witt Falls Fayette Freestone Gonzales Grimes Guadalupe Hamilton Karnes Kinney Lampasas Lavaca Lee Leon Limestone Madison McCulloch McLennan Medina Menard Milam Mills Robertson San Saba Travis Uvalde Waller Washington Wharton Williamson Wilson

HIGH PLAINS 8 1 28 76 24 13 22 26 37 20 40 1 75 16 41 19 31 74 57 14 30 25 3 6 10 38 8 58 42 29 5 39 56 7 32 4 11 21 12 17 9 2 23 55 15 54

Armstrong Bailey Borden Briscoe Carson Castro Childress Cochran Collingsworth Crosby Dallam Dawson Deaf Smith Dickens Donley Floyd Gaines Garza Gray Hale Hall Hansford Hartley Hemphill Hockley Hutchinson Kent King Lamb Lipscomb Lubbock Lynn Moore Motley Ochiltree Oldham Parmer Potter Randall Roberts Sherman Swisher Terry Wheeler Yoakum

HILL COUNTRY 87 1 173 158 184 172 190 188 186 171 157 156 185

Bandera Blanco Burnet Edwards Gillespie Hays Kendall Kerr Kimble Llano Mason Real


6 6 48 85 65 104 100 50 49 126 101 67 103 105 127 82 83 86 102 84 64

Collin Cooke Dallas Denton Ellis Erath Fannin Grayson Hill Hood Hunt Johnson Kaufman Navarro Palo Pinto Parker Rockwall Somervell Tarrant Wise

SOUTH 43 2 218 232 248 245 253 228 238 217 233 251 247 239 249 240 229 231 215 230 241 244 242 250 234 237 252 246 216

Aransas Atascosa Bee Brooks Calhoun Cameron Dimmit Duval Frio Goliad Hidalgo Jim Hogg Jim Wells Kenedy Kleberg La Salle Live Oak Maverick McMullen Nueces Refugio San Patricio Starr Victoria Webb Willacy Zapata Zavala

Anderson Bowie Camp Cass Cherokee Delta Franklin Gregg Harrison Henderson Hopkins Houston Lamar Marion Morris Nacogdoches Panola Rains Red River Rusk Shelby Smith Titus Upshur Van Zandt Wood

NORTHWEST 5 4 44 122 98 46 121 123 33 99 78 34 27 60 63 79 43 95 47 96 120 77 80 81 59 97 61 36 35 62

Archer Baylor Brown Callahan Clay Coleman Comanche Cottle Eastland Fisher Foard Hardeman Haskell Jack Jones Knox Mitchell Montague Nolan Runnels Scurry Shackelford Stephens Stonewall Taylor Throckmorton Wichita Wilbarger Young




























33 34


















52 53

68 55



114 133




















82 100 123



139 155 171


185 202










234 244

232 231










242 238





221 220



240 246



250 251


252 253

WEST 2 9 167 119 134 153 112 115 110 117 94 111 137 151 113 93 116 152 166 136 132 154 118 74 168 138 135 169 133 114

Andrews Brewster Coke Crane Crockett Culberson Ector El Paso Glasscock Howard Hudspeth Irion Jeff Davis Loving Martin Midland Pecos Presidio Reagan Reeves Schleicher Sterling Sutton Terrell Tom Green Upton Val Verde Ward Winkler





223 207



201 210





254 209




194 192
























146 160

158 157



129 148


219 215









73 91








145 143







86 105

70 71 72 89

















154 152

168 166









124 134



Angelina Brazoria Chambers Fort Bend Galveston Hardin Harris Jackson Jasper Jefferson Liberty Matagorda Montgomery Newton Orange Polk Sabine San Augustine San Jacinto Trinity Tyler Walker











63 1 226 213 225 227 200 212 235 182 214 199 236 211 183 201 180 165 164 198 179 181 197



NORTHEAST 148 53 89 73 129 68 70 108 109 128 69 162 51 91 72 149 131 88 52 130 150 107 71 90 106 88



110 111




09 2 192 159 205 125 195 194 191 223 189 139 144 221 160 208 147 207 196 206 124 220 202 143 222 193 161 146 178 140 145 204 155 176 141 177 142 174 203 210 254 223 175 219

w w w. f a r m a n d r a n c h . c o m Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



For Mark Meek, selling Comanche Creek Ranch

Texas ranches and agricultural


Texas Hill Country v


a true family tradition. Started in 1946 by Carl Meek, and currently cooperated by Mark Meek and Joel Meek, Meek Ranch Sales is one of the “longest and oldest surviving and thriving



ranch sales companies in Texas”. Understanding the value of a vigorous marketing strategy, Mark attributes much of their success to the longevity associated with their name



paired with a solid combination of online and print media, including consistently advertising in Texas Farm & Ranch for over 20 years. “We like Texas Farm & Ranch because of the clientele it reaches and



how widespread across Texas it is circulated. Many establishments and companies that we walk into will often have a Texas Farm & Ranch magazine in view.”


Mark recalled his most memorable sale, a 574-acre, highly-

Mark Meek, Broker 1845 Water St. • Kerrville, TX 78028


improved ranch north of Llano for $9,250,000 advertised in Texas Farm & Ranch. Mark also advises, “Always do the right thing and always conduct your business with the utmost honesty and integrity!”

Morris Killough started Texas Land and Ranch Co in 2008,

Grandsca Also see

Texas T-Bar Ran

tr al





, U va


ld e




Un ty



IL Nov



er 13,



w w w. f a r m a n d r a n c h . c o m

vo l u m e


Land & ch www.Tex Ranch asLanda Co ndRanch .com for . more prop


but has over 16 years of real estate experience under his belt buckle. With a focus on client satisfaction, his firm is devoted to making a lasting impression in the Texas real estate market. Remembering his earlier years, “I opened my office at the worst possible time, in late 2008. There were a few slow years but fortunately it did not last long. Our firm has constantly grown every year in gross sales and closed transactions, last year closing 56 properties at an average of $1,000,000 a week. We have just completed our new office (which is one of the most unique in the Hill Country) and have opened a second office in Concan to serve the Frio River Region. I have a great team of agents that are extremely skilled real estate professionals and believe we offer among the best in real estate services available.” Advertising in Texas Farm & Ranch since his modest beginning,

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850

he believes the magazine reaches a select group of individuals who are actively searching for or wanting to sell properties that match what they offer their customers and clients.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Saddle Mountain Ranch

Texas Hill Country v

Real County v Cam pwood

7 3

574± Acres

San Saba County


v Llano

Broker Spotlight Encino Ran

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate

10,055± Ac res

South Te

of Kuper Ranch Sales, has been


xas v M


n Count

y v Tild

involved with ranches all of his


life. With over 17 years of selling experience, Robert has a deep appreciation for the history of ranching in Texas and has a true passion for the outdoors. With a strong appreciation for print marketing, he has advertised in Texas Farm & Ranch magazine throughout his entire real estate career because his clients appreciate the exposure, believing we are the brand that sets the standard. Robert ascribes part of his success to having a strong brand affiliation and a dedicated team of other ranch realtors that has helped him grow his business. When asked of his prediction for the future of the Texas real estate market, he indicated “As with everything, real estate is cyclical, but has proven to be a strong investment under any

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate

circumstance.” With a mindset of success, Robert has become one of the leading farm and ranch brokers in Hill Country

6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209

La Corona Ranch

2,721± Acres

South Texas v Dim


mit-LaSalle Cou

and South Texas properties.

nty v Big Wells

Stephen Stransky of Stransky Properties has been selling Texas real estate for the past 15 years. While he is fairly new to Texas Farm & Ranch magazine, he quickly recognized the quality and skill as our design team conveyed his photographs and ideas to print in an easy-reading layout. With a diverse marketing approach, he finds that utilizing all of the



available marketing tools – both print and digital, to cover as big of a buying pool as possible. Stephen explained that while he is a newcomer to advertising in our magazine, he has received inquiries from serious




buyers since he featured the remarkably stunning Pate Ranch on the cover of this year’s spring issue. Stephen shared, “Always try to listen closely to anyone who is willing to share advice they have learned over their career. The real estate business has and I think will always continue to cycle because of several factors. There is no denying that people always seem to feel better about owning a piece of land they can see and touch, especially when the market is bad. Some markets have higher highs and lower lows, but as long as you have the staying power and stomach for a few soft spots then owning land usually ends up being a good and enjoyable investment that gives you a sense of pride.

S o u t h t e x a S , D u va l C o u n t y


Pate Ranch StranSky ProPertieS

w w w. f a r m a n d r a n c h . c o m

v o l u m e

7 9

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch




Game-Fenced “Resort-Style� Ranch South Texas v Live Oak County v George West

This is 3,779.23 acres in Live Oak/ McMullen counties, located near sought-after George West, Texas. Only 1.5 hours to San Antonio and 2.5 hours to Houston.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Game fenced, paved access, gated entry into your resort style, first class ranch with luxurious amenities! A grand two-story entertaining lodge with living room, dining area, game room, huge fireplace, massive granite commercial grade gas kitchen, second preparing kitchen with large cooler and freezer, wine cellar, utility area, his and her bathrooms, two bedrooms, two baths, car port and more to only come see for yourself.

Living the Dream!

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Best - “Resort-Style” Ranch!


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Outside the lodge in the main compound

The property features a large fishing lake with

with quail and livestock watering troughs.

there are two additional four-suite, four-bath

pier, several ranch stock tanks, approximately

There are also four additional homes on the

guest houses totaling eight bedrooms and

1 mile of Lagarto Creek frontage and other wet

property, main house at headquarters with 4

eight bathrooms! This compound has one of

weather draining to create other water or lake

bedrooms and 3 baths. A foreman's house with

the finest resort style pools I have ever seen

features. There are approximately 21 miles of

3 bedrooms and 3 baths, a ranch house on the

with waterfalls, grotto, swim-up bar, hot-tub,

game-proof fencing. High fenced into multiple

northeast pasture with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath

fire pits, two outdoor cook areas, landscaping,

pastures for whitetail deer and exotics!

and an apartment attached to the deer pen

outdoor lights, state-of-the-art sound and TV

Other improvements include quality deer

entertainment system that is synched to the

handling/breeding facility, 23 deer breeder

fiber-optic pool lighting system, giant fireplace,

pens, three large metal barns/workshops,

and stunning covered and open patios creating

walk-in cooler, five water wells, and miles of

a year-round atmosphere!

underground water lines throughout the ranch

handling facility with 1 bedroom and 1 bath. v

Jeff Soele

210-705-4013 cell Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch




Texas Best Game-Fenced Live Water! Legendary Morani River Ranch

Jeff Soele

210-705-4013 cell


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Central Texas v Uvalde County v Uvalde

Out of Africa, into Texas! This gated, quiet 1,826-acre ranch in Uvalde County offers end-of-the-road privacy, is just minutes to Uvalde and only 90 minutes to San Antonio! This ranch is the premier destination hunting ranch for approximately 80 species of exotics from around the world and monster trophy whitetail deer. It has been run as a commercial hunting business since 2009 and has a growing client list of over 1,500. The ranch enjoys three sources of revenue: sale of exotic hunts, sale of trophy whitetail hunts and the sale of live exotics to other ranches and breeders. This ranch is a well-run machine with a team in place to create your dreams and change your lifestyle! Lakeside, state-of-the-art main lodge with 6,000¹ square feet overlooking your own private fishing lake. Massive trophy room, bar area, game area, gourmet kitchen, guest suites, owner’s suite with private kitchen and office area! Sleeps approximately 16. Gazebo and outdoor kitchen pavilion area with awesome swimming pool, swim-up bar area, patio, fire pit area, state-of-the-art entertaining system and large rock fireplace!

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Dove Mountain Ranch Texas Best All Around Winner! 1,131± Acres


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera

Texas Best All Around Winner, Game-Fenced Paradise! The Cowboy Capital of the world, Bandera Texas, and only 45 minutes to historic San Antonio! Paved access behind two electric gated entries, situated at the end of the road, with a “bowl like” atmosphere surrounded by the Texas Hill Country‘s famous hilltops. Wow! Awesome is the only description! Then add nice elevation changes, hilltops and valleys, two seasonal creeks, 5±-acre lake that can be pumped with large water well and paved main ranch entry. The hilltop main home, 7,500± square feet, features four bedrooms, seven baths, gourmet kitchen, second smaller kitchen, seven fireplaces, nice porches, office, exercise room, built-in gun safe, nice pool area with outdoor kitchen and fire pit area, and a three-car garage, all overlooking Valley Lake. Then add the spectacular



seven-bath lodge with fireplace, game room, full kitchen, outdoor area with fire pit and giant oak trees. Next are three guest houses, foreman’s house, horse stalls, tack room, pole barn, equipment shed, aircraft hangar, storage barn, skeet range, old airstrip, deer pens, eight water wells: including one high volume Trinity well, several small ponds, all native animals, some exotics and more only for you to come imagine. Truly one of the most highly-improved, allaround variety, quality ranches this close to San Antonio! Priced to sell. Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Texas Best Historic Fredericksburg! Live Water! Game-Fenced Outdoorsman Paradise! - 410± Acres Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Fredericksburg


410± acres, minutes to Fredericksburg and only 45 minutes to San Antonio. This is a must see! Four-bedroom, three-bath, oneof-a-kind, 100 year-old wood home built by the infamous Timber and Stone Company. Then add gourmet gas kitchen, office, two fireplaces, party pavilion with bar and outdoor cook area, pool, spa, hilltop three-bed, twobath lodge, cabin, barn with carport and workshop area, deer breeder pens, fabulous spring-fed lake, other running springs, giant whitetail deer, axis, elk, blackbuck, fallow, walk-in cooler, three water wells and the rest you have to come see for yourself! Paved access, end-of-road privacy, electric gate entry and  some of the most endlessly breathtaking Hill Country views you will find. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Jeff Soele

210-705-4013 cell Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Rare Find, Best Live Water! Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Medina


These 317± acres minutes to Medina, Kerrville and approximately 45 minutes to San Antonio! The 7,000±-square-foot, one-story Sisterdale rock home has a gourmet granite kitchen, 3 fireplaces, courtyard, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, 5±-acre, crystal-clear stocked lake with hundreds of cypress trees up and down both sides! A second spring-fed creek. Will not be beat, so go look at the rest and then come see Texas best! Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Most Unique!


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Limestone County - 475± Acres Central Texas v Limestone County v Mexia


Game-fenced, nice fields, food plots, ready to go Texas best - water, water! 90 minutes to Woodlands, one-hour to Dallas, all around, big lake and many other lakes!

Texas Best Rare and Unique! Paved Airstrip with Hangar! 10,600± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


Minutes to Rocksprings, Texas with paved access, game managed for approximately 40 years, well watered, food plots, many stock tanks, lodge, barn, pens, great trees, deer blinds and feeders. May divide, all or part.

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013 cell

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Texas Best – Rare Find! 163± Acres

Central Texas v Dimmit County v Brundage


Minutes to Brundage, Texas or Carrizo Springs. Paved access, electricity, cabin and city water. Thick brush, stock tank, good roads, lots of game in the heart of Big Deer Country. Priced to sell. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Lake Travis/Austin Rare and Unique Find Central Texas v Travis County v Austin


97± acres minutes to Austin or Marble Falls. Paved access, electric gate, end-of-the-road privacy to your Hilltop Hill Country Oasis Paradise! Hill Country 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath home with two fireplaces and big porches. Big trees, one well, 2,000± feet of upper end of Lake Travis/Colorado River, nice boat dock, and a unique grotto running spring creek. Lots of wildlife and a Texas Best property to see! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Williamson County Texas Best Live Water!

44± Acres

Central Texas Williamson County v Liberty Hill/Austin


Paved access, great valley land , giant trees and a fabulous crystal-clear live running creek. 30 minutes to Austin!

Williamson County San Gabriel River 35± Acres

Central Texas Williamson County v Liberty


Hill/Austin Texas best - live water! Minutes to Liberty Hill and Austin, TX.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

New Braunfels - Guadalupe River Central Texas v Comal County v New Braunfels


78± acres with approximately 1,800 feet of the historic crystal-clear, cypress tree lined Guadalupe River! Big limestone bluffs and rock formations, both sides of spring-fed creek, paved access and a hilltop cabin. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Game-Fenced, Hunter’s Rare Find South Texas v Dimmit County v Carrizo Springs


600± acres near Carrizo Springs! Game fenced, rolling topography with thick brush, nice food plots, four deer pens, nice cabin, paved access and two water wells! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Lake Travis Texas Best! Rare and Unique! 76± Acres


Central Texas v Travis County v Austin

This is the only large undeveloped, un-restricted property in the area that’s not in the city limits, yet maintains city utilities. The property features a never-before-seen 1-acre pool, a stunning cabana and one-of-a-kind boat dock with a beautiful view of Lake Travis. Asphalt roadways throughout, three full RV hookups, security system, helipad and a commercial-grade Tram. Call Cody Soele, 210-705-3107.

Chambers County 45 Minutes to Houston! 175± Acres

Southeast Texas v Chambers County v Hankamer


Texas best all around rare find! Awesome 6,500±-square-foot,



big barn/workshop, cozy guest cabin, sixcar garage, three phase power, cattle pens, half property cattle and hay production, back wooded for great hunting. Ready-to-go great all-around place!

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013 cell

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



Minutes to Pipecreek, Medina Lake and only 30 minutes to San Antonio! Paved access, giant cypress, pecan and oak trees. Approximately 2,000 feet of the crystal-clear, rock-bottom Medina River with giant rock formations and bluffs, deep holes, rapids and water falls. This ranch has been in the same family for many years. There is a rock ranch foreman’s house, guest cabin, water well,

Texas Best – Medina River! Giant Cypress Trees! - 327± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Pipecreek

and great hunting with tons of native wildlife and some free roaming exotics such as axis deer. Whitetail deer, turkey, wild hogs, boating and fishing, all only 30 minutes to San Antonio! Private and quiet but not too remote. Great location. Seller says “Sell and make offer!” Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.


Minutes to Dilley, Texas. Only one hour and fifteen minutes to San Antonio. County road access, thick brush, red sand, two cabins with electricity and septic. Five stock tanks and one large lake. Several of the tanks have piped water to fill and supplement. Two water wells, one large high-capacity irrigation well, small domestic well,

Texas Best – Rare Find!

Water! Water! Water! - 140± Acres

South Texas v Frio County v Dilley


Minutes to Bandera, Kerville and historic Camp Verde. Only one hour from all of San Antonio’s amenities, restaurants, shopping, international airport and the historic Riverwallk. Then add paved access with electric entry, great usable

22 RV hookups with 50 AMP power. Great food plots, road system, blinds and feeders ready to go. Also, some mineral sellers will convey. Great hunting and tons of deer, pig, dove, quail and turkey. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Texas Best – All Around Winner!

Irrigation Water! Horseman’s Paradise! - 134 Acres Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera

flat land with good dirt, giant trees, pivot irrigation, productive land great for horses, cattle, a winery, hay production and more to imagine. Cozy four-bedroom, two-bath, rock ranch home, eight-stall horse barn with pipe paddocks, three tanks with piped water, one would make a nice catfish tank with dock. Old peer pens, new, big, approximately $100,000 irrigation well drilled in 2015, a 42-acre pivot irrigation system (approximately $60,000) two other water wells, three phase electricity, pole/equipment barn. Wow and only more to come see! Very rare and unique! Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Texas Best Deal! Live Spring!

15 Minutes to Boerne Wow! 441 Acres Texas Hill Country Kendall County v Boerne

Jeff Soele • 210-705-4013 cell


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Paved access, live spring, old water well, big giant hills with forever views, big trees, nice valleys and hundreds of home sites, tons of wildlife and ag taxes. Truly the best deal out there so you better hurry. Call Jeff Soele, 210-705-4013.

Saddle Mountain Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Real County v Campwood

Located between Leakey and Camp Wood with frontage on scenic FM 337, the 1,688acre Saddle Mountain is an exceptional, gamefenced, hunting ranch that offers incredible diversity along with great improvements and infrastructure. Improvements on the ranch include paved access, a fabulous 7,200-squarefoot






2,000-square-foot lodge, game cleaning and processing building, foreman’s house, work shop, three barns, three water wells, three large feed silos, perimeter game fencing and cross game fencing, breeder pens, multiple springs, seasonal Camp Wood Creek, axis, fallow, aoudad, black buck, elk, red stag and a large number of native animals. The headquarters of the ranch offers paved and concrete driveways, lighted tennis courts, a fabulous custom pool surrounded by a huge rock patio, limestone fire pit, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, dance floor, greenhouse and a multilevel rock patio with custom cooking facilities perfect for entertaining for large groups of clients, friends or family. One of a kind! Morris Killough, 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


El Rancho Del Molino

Texas Hill Country v Real County v Barksdale


El Rancho Del Molino offers a unique combination




canyons, awesome live water, springs, lakes and abundant wildlife. One of the strongest and most pristine rock-bottom creeks in the area flows through the ranch giving the owners year-round recreation and enjoyment. The headquarters of the ranch offer a fabulous multilevel 3,000+-square-foot, seven bedroom, four-bath, rock home located on a beautiful tree-studded bluff, an expansive manicured lawn that is surrounded by wrought iron and rock column fencing, beautiful rock courtyard, rock and brick walk ways, horse stalls, a second spring-fed pond, green house and foreman’s home. A perfectly-placed, 80-foot wide, 8-foot high, concrete dam creates an absolutely beautiful spring-fed lake that impounds water up for several hundred feet and offers excellent fishing, swimming and kayaking. A large metal roof Palapa-style pavilion adjacent to the lake completes the near perfect entertainment area for barbeques, family gatherings or parties. $3,750,000. Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Foster Ranch Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


Being in the same family since 1880, the historic Foster Ranch offers a buyer the rare opportunity to own a large ranch in a fabulous location that covers portions of both Sabinal River Valleys. The ranch offers large neighbors and incredible end-of-road privacy. Access to the ranch is via an excellent Bandera County maintained road and a small, early 1900s ranch house and dirt airstrip are located just as you enter the ranch. The cozy home is located at the original headquarters to the ranch and other improvements include workshop and stage building, carport and covered equipment shed. Additional improvements include two small modern cabins situated on two small hills with absolutely breathtaking views of the surrounding valley and hills. The ranch is game fenced along northern boundary and remaining fencing is low stock fence. Two water wells are located on the ranch, one in the south western valley that is on a working windmill and the second located at the hunters’ cabin supplying water to the home and cabin. The windmill well is piped into a small nearby pond and provides water for the large numbers of game located on the ranch. $3,895,000. Call Morris Killough for more details, 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


T-Bar Ranch Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera


Located at English Crossing on the beautiful Medina River, this fabulous new live water find is truly one of the most unique properties available in the Texas Hill Country. There is only one way to describe the river frontage and that is spectacular. The ranch offers 2,200± feet of fabulous Medina River frontage with crystal-clear deep water, steep high bluffs and incredible rock formations. Along the ridge of the high bluff are some of the most incredible home sites anywhere in Bandera County, and the views are absolutely breath taking. The ranch features a beautifully-manicured, park-like area along the river shaded by towering pecan, oaks and cedar elms. $2,950,000. Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

Sabinal River 14 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera Co. v Utopia


This awesome new live water tract is the perfect weekend, retirement or rental property. The tract offers an exceptional ranch-style home, a rustic rental cabin totally refurbished with reclaimed materials, an incredible deep swimming hole with dock under a canopy of centuries-old cypress trees, beautiful pecan bottom, herds of axis deer and native game. The property is suitable for horses and offers deep soils for a vineyard, garden or orchard. There are several additional home or cabin sites and the property would make a fantastic campground or corporate retreat. Come enjoy the peacefulness, the stars and the incredible views of the surrounding valley all within minutes of Utopia, Lost Maples and Garner Parks. $579,000. Won’t last! Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

Peaceful Valley Ranch Texas Hill Country Bandera County v Bandera


Known to many as the famous Dr. Ikens Sanctuary, this gorgeous one-of-a-kind property has just become available in its entirety. 185 acres with a 15+-acre spring-fed lake surrounded by rock outcroppings and cypress trees. Lake is full of catfish and bass, and has a boat dock in front of the main home. The ranch offers a large limestone main home, foreman’s house, equipment building and 40 x 60 two-level steel shop/barn with office plus loft. Property has easy access with an entrance on the


Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850

east and west side. Entire property is high fenced. Property is ideal for hunting, fishing, livestock, ATVs,

hilltop or valley views. $2,225,000. Won’t last! Call Jim Fuchs, 210-413-3939 or Morris, 210-415-9850.

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

water skiing and lots of fun. Numerous beautiful building sites surround the lake with waterfront,


8,600± acres located about 11 miles north of Highway 90 and about 7 miles north of Pumpville on County Road 1865, right on the Terrell-Val Verde County line. This unique ranch offers great hunting with abundant blue quail, whitetail and mule deer. The ranch is low fenced with a large hunters/foreman’s house and working pens. There is a great lowmaintenance water system with two water

Pumpville Ranch West Texas v Terrell County v Pumpville

wells that pump water to pila’s that then in turn gravity feed water to water troughs all over the ranch. With water spread out all over the ranch it offers the new owner a perfect hunting/cattle ranch. The ranch terrain offers some great views to nice draws and all great native brush. This ranch is located in the last frontier Texas has to offer! There is additional 2,300± acres available. Call Scott, 830-591-9509 or Morris, 210-415-9850.


This new 720-acre listing is located just south of the Bandera County line in northeast Uvalde County, one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the entire Hill County, the Seco Valley. The Yochum Ranch offers a four-bedroom, three-bath, ranch-style home overlooking a beautiful spring-

Yochum Ranch Central Texas v Uvalde County v Utopia

fed pond, large shop/equipment barn, partial game fencing, large neighbors, great privacy, large open valleys, numerous hardwood-lined canyons, springs, a large lake and several smaller ponds,

incredible building sites with fabulous views and a great road system that provides easy access over the entire ranch. The owner has spent several years selectively clearing cedar, improving excellent habitat both for livestock and the native game. The ranch is rarely hunted and has excellent numbers of whitetail, turkey and wild hogs and occasional free ranging exotics including fallow and aoudad. Won’t last! $2,700,000. Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

River Rock Ranch Texas Hill Country v Bandera Co. v Vanderpool


This fabulous new listing is pure Hill Country entertainment. Located just a few miles south of Lost Maples State Park this great little live water tract offers 800± feet of both sides of cypress-lined Sabinal River, highway frontage, a great three-bedroom, two-bath, Spanish-style home overlooking the river below, large rock patio, barbeque area and hot tub. The property doubles as a private retreat and a rental destination, grossing a very good income for the owner. The ranch is loaded with native game and has numerous exotics, wild turkey and hogs. The property offers numerous great

Shaw Ranch

home sites, good neighbors, good access,

Central Texas v Uvalde County v Uvalde

of some one of the prettiest areas of the Hill


One of the most unique ranches in Uvalde County, the Shaw Ranch is situated along the bank

privacy and most of all the incredible views Country. Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

of the west prong of the Nueces River and offers a rare opportunity to own a fabulous hunting and recreational ranch at a great price. The ranch is a nice mix of Hill Country and South Texas and offers 1.5+ miles of the west prong of the Nueces River, ancient Indian campgrounds, live spring, all low fencing, three homes, water well, great tree cover, exceptional brush diversity, hills, mesquite flats and plenty of open country for cultivation. This truly unique ranch is accessed by deeded easement road from Hwy 90 West. Won’t last! Call Morris Killough, 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Willow Springs Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


Hidden away just minutes FM 337 just east of Vanderpool, Silver Creek Canyon Ranch is truly one of the most beautiful and unique live water ranches available in the in today’s market. The ranch offers Willow Springs which feeds over a half mile of both sides of a crystal-clear, springfed creek, beautiful waterfalls, rapids, relaxing shallow pools and an absolutely awesome 5-acre lake. This hidden jewel offers one of the most incredible settings anywhere in the Texas Hill Country with a charming cowboy-style hacienda situated right along the banks of the fabulous spring-fed lake, guest houses, cabin and floating dock. $2,275,000. Won’t last! Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

Preston River Tract Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Utopia


Located just south of Utopia with over 1,000 feet of fabulous Sabinal River frontage, the property offers paved frontage, a comfortable ranch-style home nestled in a beautiful pecan bottom (you can hear the sounds of waterfalls from back yard), carport, work shop, paved drive and excellent water well. Some of the largest cypress trees on the Sabinal River line the banks of the river and there are numerous sites to build additional home or cabins. $475,000. Won’t last! Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

Mill Creek Tracts Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


Located just east of Vanderpool with frontage on FM 337, this tract offers just under 300 feet of fabulous cypress-lined Mill Creek, fantastic home sites with incredible views, electric, phone service, huge healthy oaks, deep tillable soil for orchard or vineyard and is loaded with native

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

game. Neighbor would allow owner the opportunity to improve the water or build a small dam along the creek. All located in one of the most scenic and desirable areas of the Hill Country. $349,000. Won’t last! Call Wayne Boyce, 830-591-8590 or Morris Killough, 210-415-9850.

Cannan Ranch Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool


This incredible new listing is located right in between Utopia and Vanderpool and just a few miles from Lost Maples State Park. The ranch offers great Sabinal River bottom land with large pecan, oak and elm trees just to name a few. The wet weather Lone Hollow Creek traverses the property with great lake building sites. It has three great fields with one large pivot. This ranch is ideal for a livestock operation or an unbelievable hunting ranch with lots and lots of axis, whitetail, turkeys, hogs and doves. Whether you want a combination ranch or just a pure hunting paradise you will not find a finer ranch on the market. Won’t last! Call Scott, 830-591-9509 or Morris, 210-415-9850.


This awesome new listing offer over 2,300 feet of the beautiful Sabinal River and is only minutes from Lost Maples State Park. The ranch offers tree cover second to none, with giant oak trees throughout most of the ranch. With numerous building sites from under the giant oak trees

Griffith Ranch Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool

along the Sabinal River to hill tops with gorgeous views of the canyon. Wildlife include whitetail, turkey, axis and hogs. With rich bottom land to low hills to mountain tops and beautiful Sabinal River you will not find a ranch of this size with this much variety anywhere! This is truly a rare opportunity to purchase an awesome live water ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. $2,750,000. Call Scott, 830-591-9509 or Morris, 210-415-9850.

Seco Valley Ranch



Central Texas v Uvalde County v Utopia

Anyone who is familiar with the Hill Country knows it doesn’t get much better than the Seco Valley area. This new ranch is located just south of the Bandera County line, is located less than 90 minutes from San Antonio and is easily accessed through Bandera or Hondo. Being surrounded by large neighbors, the ranch offers great privacy, large open valleys, numerous hardwood-lined canyons, springs, a large lake and several smaller ponds, incredible building sites with fabulous views and a great road system that provides easy access over the entire ranch. The owner has spent several years selectively clearing cedar, improving excellent habitat both for livestock and the native game. The ranch is rarely hunted and has excellent numbers of whitetail, turkey and wild hogs. There are some free ranging exotics in the area including fallow and aoudad. $1,695.000. Call Morris, 210-415-9850.

Morris Killough, Broker 210-415-9850 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Peaceful Valley Ranch

Bluebonnet Oak Ranch

185 Acres

105 Acres

Central Texas v Washington County v Brenham



Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera

Very special Property! Between Brenham and Round Top you will enter Rolling oak covered 185± acres with 4,300± feet of public road frontage the grounds through the remote-controlled entry gate and follow the between Kerrville, Bandera and Medina, two spring-fed creeks flowing winding road to the circle drive with one of two ponds, and Pond Creek, into a 30-acre lake over 25 feet deep. A large home is ready for finish off to your left. Nestled among 105 acres of beautiful rolling hills and out and the updated guest house is ready for use. Other improvements oak trees you will find a warm and friendly 5,000-square-foot, five-

include a large well-built concrete floor barn with office and second level

bedroom, four-bath home complete with pool, greenhouse, outdoor fire storage, and a barn with a high and wide opening and once used for a place, entertainment area, barn and horse stables.

hanger. Price just reduced, $12,000 per acre or $2,220,000.

DD Ranch 822 Acres

South Texas v Atascosa County v McCoy

Guadalupe River Ranch - 123 Acres


Well-watered cattle ranch with great hunting and fishing on several large lakes within an hour of San Antonio. Two irrigation wells provide water for a pivot and frac water sales. Nice pens and working traps comfortable owner’s home and foreman’s house, an office and large concrete floor barn suitable for hanger. $3,790,000.

Texas Hill Country v Kendall Co. v Boerne/Bergheim/Kendalia


About 1,220 feet of deep Guadalupe River with a grand home tucked into the rolling oak and elm covered land gentling sloping down to the river. The concrete floor barn also has an apartment with high-end appliances and finish out. Fenced and crossed for cattle and over 1,500 feet on Highway 3351 between Bergheim and Sisterdale. Very special!

Agarita Ranch

Wild Oak Ranch

Central Texas v Dewitt County v Yorktown City??

Central Texas v Dewitt County v Yorktown

58 Acres


300± Acres


Beautiful little cattle property a few hours from Houston or San Antonio with Beautiful, oak covered property with rustic hunting cabin, large stock pond, nice three-bedroom, two-bath home, pool, fenced, well septic, stock tank, wet weather creek and brush with hunting lanes. All on a paved county huge oaks and fields. Agarita Ranch is private while also being convenient road with little traffic. Just a few hours to Houston and a little over an hour to Yorktown and Goliad for dining and shopping. Special property.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

to San Antonio. Nothing like this on the market. Come have a look.

Coach Ranch 343 Acres

Stone River Ranch 200 Acres

Central Texas v Menard County v Fort McKavett


Central Texas v Uvalde County v Uvalde


Nice small hunting and recreation ranch on rolling hunting terrain with seven hunting blinds, an old stone building, two wells, high fencing and

A meticulously-maintained hunting, cattle and horse ranch with two an ag. tax exemption. Just 10 minutes from Uvalde and Concan. three-bedroom, two-bath ranch houses, three-stall stable, large barn, numerous feeders and blinds and end-of-the-road privacy within 2 hours of San Antonio and Austin. This is a ranch that everyone in the family will enjoy. Includes furnishing for both homes and nice equipment to maintain property. Priced to sell!

Nueces River Ranch 197 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Real County v Camp Wood


The prettiest oak and pecan covered, live-water ranch in this part of the Hill Country. Flat usable high bank land with deep soil between

Berger Ranch 128 Acres

Central Texas v Medina County v Mico


Pulliam Creek and the Nueces River. Several serviceable homes and cabins are high and dry overlooking the Nueces River with views of the surrounding hills. A great family compound for hunting, swimming, fishing or recreational activities. Would make a great horse property in very private but accessible location. Knee deep in axis deer, whitetail

Wooded hideaway, about 1.5 miles from Medina Lake with creek, nice and turkey. Price just reduced! manufactured home, game and privacy. Price just reduced to $650,000. 25 to 100 acres also available. Won’t last long.

Winnie Cattle Ranch 130 Acres

LLL Ranch 23 Acres

Southeast Texas v Polk County v Livingston


Private peninsula on the beautiful Lake Livingston, offering boat slip, bulkhead edge, 4,800-square-foot barn, a renovators dream house and breathtaking views. A perfect home site or developer’s paradise!


Southeast Texas v Jefferson County v Winnie

Just 30 minutes from Beaumont and 20 minutes from the Gulf Coast. Perfect cattle grazing land with partial brush cover, water tank and electricity nearby. Come see the potential of this coastal prairie land.

Jim Fuchs, Broker

San Antonio, Utopia & Montgomery

210-901-1000 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Barrel Springs Ranch 30,770 Acres

West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Marfa

Barrel Springs is a true working cattle ranch with improvements that include a main house, swimming pool, two guest houses, vintage school house, vehicle barn, foreman’s house, barn with horse stalls, equipment barn, aircraft hangar, 3,500-foot paved runway and two additional homes. The ranch is fenced into 37 pastures and includes 72 watering stations strategically placed throughout the ranch for the benefit of livestock and wildlife. Wildlife species include mule deer, pronghorn antelope, aoudad, and quail.

Sabine Ranch 12,099 Acres

Southeast Texas v Jefferson County v Port Arthur This unique ranch offers great salt and fresh water fishing, unbelievable waterfowl and dove hunting, and exceptional income from cattle ranching. The ranch currently runs 1,200 head of cattle and has a carrying capacity of 1,800 head per year. The southern property boundary is the Intracoastal Waterway, and the eastern and southern neighbor is the national wildlife refuge. The western boundary is a fresh water canal. Improvements include a 10,000-square-foot lodge plus much more.


830-755-5205 • 28615 Interstate 10 W • Boerne, TX 78006 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Dos Angeles Ranch 11,889 Acres

South Texas v Kinney County v Brackettville The life blood of this ranch is provided by 3 miles of beautiful Pinto Creek which meanders through the property and has three concrete dams strategically placed along the creek. Improvements include a spectacular 6,500-square-foot Stucco Lodge overlooking the creek. There is also a swimming pool and plenty of room for outdoor entertainment. The ranch has been high fenced since 1984.

Gillespie County Ranch 2,200 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Stonewall Located in the heart of Texas Wine Country this 2,200-acre property is truly one of a kind. The properties improvements include a stunning newlyconstructed lodge, two guest cottages and central cooking house for entertaining guest. World-class trophy whitetail deer have been introduced to the property along with a number of exotic species. The property is covered with wild turkey and offers good early season wing shooting. Along with the wildlife a special interest has been taken to allow this property to operate as a cattle ranch as well.

Goat Mountain Ranch 3,000 Acres

Central Texas v Coke County v Robert Lee

A true sportsmen’s paradise, the ranch boasts healthy populations of whitetail deer and quail. 200 foot elevation changes on the ranch provide spectacular views and great wildlife outlooks. Six-tenths of a mile of Colorado River frontage make up the north eastern ranch border, while providing water for recreation and wildlife use. Improvements include a three-bedroom, twobath mobile home, game cleaning station and water well.

Trip duPerier, Broker 28615 Interstate 10 W Boerne, TX 78006

830-755-5205 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Rancho Nina 1,675 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera This spectacular ranch offers .90 mile of spring-fed Commissioners Creek meandering east to west through the property. The creek has been dammed to create a 1.6-acre lake providing year-round recreation. Elevation changes of 450 feet provide breathtaking views of the ranch. The bottomland is rich and fertile, lending itself to excellent food plot and hay pasture use.

Turkey Knob Ranch 645 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Boerne This 645-acre ranch has unique building sites with 20-mile views across the Hill Country landscape. Turkey Knob also has three lakes and the headwaters of a major creek system. Offers an excellent road system which navigates one through majestic hills and valleys. Located near city conveniences but very private and secluded, this is an outstanding opportunity to own a piece of the Hill Country’s best!


830-755-5205 • 28615 Interstate 10 W • Boerne, TX 78006 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Schumacher Crossing 23 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Hunt One of the Texas Hill Country’s most famous and historic riverfront properties, dating back to the 1920s, Schumacher Crossing includes 23± acres on the north bank of the Guadalupe River in Hunt, Texas. Improvements consist of a barn/shop, well and irrigation system, newly constructed privacy fence and gate, and is ready for you to build your dream riverside home or family compound.

Bastrop Game Ranch 570 Acres

Central Texas v Caldwell County v Bastrop The property is high fenced and has been developed to create an excellent wildlife habitat. Improvements consist of large lodge, conference area and over 20 guest suites. These improvements are designed perfectly for





The property has several stock tanks with additional locations to add others.

Navidad River Ranch 516 Acres

Central Texas v Fayette Co. v Schulenburg

Trip duPerier, Broker The Navidad River Ranch offers spectacular views, fertile pastureland, majestic trees and bountiful water.

28615 Interstate 10 W Boerne, TX 78006

The ranch consists of 11 pastures which have been planted in Jiggs Bermuda. Improvements include a


three-bedroom cut limestone home which overlooks a 3-acre stocked fishing lake, barn and cattle pens. Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Prison Canyon Ranch 396 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde The 396-acre Prison Canyon Ranch is located in the heart of Camp Verde, Texas. Water abounds on this spectacular Hill Country ranch. The cypress-lined Verde Creek flows through the north side of the ranch for .75 of a mile and a 24-acre spring-fed lake, with boat house, offer yearround recreation. Improvements include a three-bedroom and four-bedroom home, two- story trophy house and two equipment barns. The ranch is high-fenced on three sides and includes a pecan orchard and coastal Bermuda pasture.

Palmer Creek Ranch 291 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde Located in the highly-desirable Camp Verde area, this 291± acres offers end-of-the-road privacy with an updated four-bedroom four-bath, two and one half-bath home that sits hillside overlooking two spring-fed lakes. The entire ranch is high fenced containing both native and exotic wildlife. The majority of the property has been cleared of cedar and an excellent road system is in place. The ranch offers excellent large acreage neighbors in a very private and quiet setting.


830-755-5205 • 28615 Interstate 10 W • Boerne, TX 78006 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Sabinal River Ranch 304 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Utopia Boasting .40 miles of pristine cypress-lined Sabinal River frontage, the 304 acre ranch is an eye catcher at the very first glance. A spectacular 120-foot concrete dam stretches across the river creating a beautiful waterfall and impounding acres of crystal-clear spring water. The spring-fed Black Jack Creek, with depths of 18 feet, originates on the ranch and flows into the Sabinal River. Stunning rock walls, patios and sidewalks provide a quaint touch to this water paradise. Only 5 miles to the center of downtown Kerrville and 10 minutes to the Kerr County

Second Creek Ranch

Airport. This impressive ranch has two homes,

255 Acres

large horse barn with offices and an indoor

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville

arena and outdoor arena with automatic Preifert roping chutes. Two creeks run through the property providing great areas of lush green grass and big, mature trees while feeding the main lake. The lake is well stocked with bass and coy fish, a pair of white swans and several ducks. Not only is it a beautiful addition to the main home area, but it also is fun for floating, fishing and Jet Skis!

String Prairie Ranch 315 Acres

Central Texas v Bastrop Co. v String Prairie

One hour from San Antonio and Austin, this beautiful hidden 315-acre ranch is surrounded by 4,000 acres of virgin forest. Gently rolling tree-studded meadows plus hilltop views are both on this great ranch. This is an amazing opportunity to acquire a very large and wild piece of Texas, within the red hot triangle of Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

Trip duPerier, Broker 28615 Interstate 10 W Boerne, TX 78006

830-755-5205 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Rosita Creek Ranch


South Texas v Maverick County v Eagle Pass

Rosita Creek, located in Maverick County, is surrounded by road frontage on Highway 57, Highway 277 and Loop 480 overlooking Eagle Pass, Texas. This 7,061-acre, high-fenced ranch is a true sportsman’s paradise today, but has the potential to be a great investment for future development given its proximity to the city. It is easily accessible with its own 6,200foot paved runway and hangar. The ranch has been managed for years under MLDP level III permitting and has great whitetail deer along with other typical South Texas species, but also great waterfowl hunting and fishing on the four massive lakes with the biggest being 225± acres. There are several other dammed up tributaries that create great water throughout the ranch for all wildlife. The ranch has over 5 miles of paved roads to easily navigate the entire premises. Other improvements include a 9,100-square-foot main lodge overlooking the 225-acre lake, lighted tennis court, 6,000-square-foot hunter’s lodge, workers houses, horse facilities, blinds, feeders, walkin cooler, pipe cattle working pens and city water. Minerals negotiable.

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Pate Ranch


South Texas v Duval County v Freer

The Pate Ranch is a turnkey 7,161 contiguous high-fenced acre ranch, consisting of incredible Texas hunting and accommodations only 6 miles east of Freer on Highway 59. The ranch is an approximate 3-hour drive straight down Highway 59 from Houston, and 2 hours from San Antonio, but easily accessible from most anywhere with its private 3,800-foot paved runway. The main lodge consist of 14,000± square feet with ten bedrooms and baths, fully furnished, all surrounding a cabana-style setting including a pool, hot tub and outdoor kitchen. Away from the main lodge is another four-bedroom home adjoining the state-of-the-art 8-room deer breeding facility. There are also four other homes at the old headquarters to house additional guests and help for the ranch. Other improvements include a five-stand, six-station skeet shooting range, 21 deer breeder pens with 150± deer to convey with the sale, 10 MB Ranch King blinds, 12 corn feeders, 15 protein feeders outside of the pens, three 20,000-pound feed bins, four metal storage barns and a walk-in cooler with game cleaning room. The ranch has water supplied and piped throughout by six wells, of which three are electric and three are solar. They supply six ponds with water and 30 water troughs for the wildlife to easily find within short distance anywhere on the ranch. The main lodge has a pressure tank and reverse osmosis system to ensure good water at the house. The deer on the ranch are second-to-none and have been strictly managed for years, as evidenced by this year’s survey. Most of the deer are true typical South Texas bucks with an occasional kicker or droptine. Survey results and pictures are available upon request for the past three years. The 2015 survey which was just concluded in September, had 141 coveys of quail counted! YES 141! Other wildlife on the ranch consist of a handful of hogs, a small amount of javelina and the other typical species of native South Texas varmints. Basically, if you like white-tail deer and quail hunting in South Texas with the best of access and accommodations, then this is your place!

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Wipff Ranch South Texas v Maverick County v Eagle Pass


The Wipff Ranch consists of 1,076 low-fenced acres in Maverick County approximately 7 miles north of Eagle Pass, and adjoining the Maverick County International Airport on the south. It has frontage on Highway 277 and also on Maverick Industrial Park Road. This ranch is solid brush with a few blind/feeder locations and ready for your own design to lay the ranch out however you want. Hediondo Creek runs through the ranch and provides some low-lying water holes for wildlife. There are several ranch roads throughout the ranch and water is provided via a water meter. This ranch also has development potential being its proximity to the airport and industrial park.


The River Ridge Ranch is on Highway 173 approximately 4 miles south of downtown Kerrville, Texas. It consists of 305 acres with Guadalupe River frontage overlooking and adjoining the Comanche Trace Golf Course. The main house on top of the hill is an eightbedroom, six-bath home that has spectacular views of downtown Kerrville and the entire ranch itself. The property is divided into seven pipe-fenced pastures with over 160 acres of coastal grass for horses or cattle. Other improvements include three homes, two horse barns, two hay barns, an equipment barn and a workshop all easily accessible by the paved roads within the ranch. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, axis and blackbuck.

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

River Ridge Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville

Tandala Ranch South Texas v La Salle County v Fowlerton


The Tandala Ranch is 1,513± high-fenced acres located on the eastern edge of La Salle County, and is being offered as a turn-key operation. Elm Creek runs through the ranch and is dammed up in two different locations creating great bass fishing and duck hunting lakes. There are also five other tanks/lakes on the property providing all wildlife with plenty of water. Along with that there is a 4,000-foot water well. The main lodge is 3,500 square feet with an outdoor fire pit and hot tub separating it from the hunter’s cabin which is a 2,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath rock home. There is also another six-bedroom, two-bath cabin if more room is necessary. Other improvements include blinds, feeders, walk-in cooler, skinning shed, equipment barns and grain silo. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, ducks, blue and bobwhite quail, axis and hogs.


The Camp Verde Ranch consists of 287 highfenced acres located in the heart of Camp Verde, at the intersection of Highway 173 and FM 480, and only 10 miles south of Kerrville. Both sides of Verde Creek and Mico Creek run through the ranch with Mico Creek damned up creating a great fishing tank and two water falls on the other side. Verde Creek offers a 15foot swimming hole, perfect for rope swinging from the cypress trees. The property has 240

Camp Verde Ranch Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde

feet of elevation changes from the coastal fields and creeks to the top of Cedar Ridge which overlooks the entire Camp Verde Valley. Other improvements include 80± acres of coastal grass, a 1,300-foot rifle range, paved roads, blinds, feeders and three water tanks. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, red stag, axis and blackbuck.

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Great Investment! Texas Hill Country v Kendall Co. v Boerne


This 411 acres is sitting at the Welfare exit on Interstate 10 West, with over 2,000 feet of frontage, just 6 miles from downtown Boerne in Kendall County; which is one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. The property has incredible 360-degree views, with elevation changes of over 300 feet from the tops of the hills down to the fields on both sides of Zinke Creek, which cuts through the property. This would make a great ranch to enjoy with the family and an even better investment to sell when Boerne reaches your doorstep in the near future.


55 acres of very private and secluded property sitting behind two privacy gates only 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio, adjoining the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and TPC Golf

Cibolo Vista Ranch Central Texas v Bexar County v San Antonio

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Course on the 8th and 9th holes. The property also features a 3,000-square-foot home with a pool and cabana for guest, horse barn with lighted riding arena and skeet shooting area.

Winn Tortuga Ranch Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde


Winn Tortuga Ranch is located on Highway 173 approximately 7 miles south of Kerrville and 3 miles north of Camp Verde, consists of 552 acres that is mostly high-fenced, and has some of the best trophy whitetail deer hunting you can find along with some exotics which are protein fed year-round. Both sides of Turtle Creek run through the north side of the property which allows for great swimming and fishing. The main lodge has a pool and outdoor entertainment cabana with great views. The property also has three additional homes, a 20-acre soft release deer pen, four-stall horse barn, workshop and three water wells. This ranch is being offered turnkey.


The Wheeler Ranch is 100Âą acres in Erath County, fronting on FM 1188 about 5 minutes east of Morgan Mill and 15 minutes north of Stephenville in the Morgan Mill School District, with over 3,600 feet of frontage on the North Paluxy River. This property is set up and ready to go for any type of livestock operation, especially horses. There are six pipe/cable fenced turn-outs with sheds in each one, pipe working pens for cattle, a three-stall horse

Wheeler Ranch Texas Metroplex v Erath County v Morgan Mill

barn, 40' X 50' workshop and paved roads to all the improvements. The main house is a fourbedroom, four-bath custom home complete with outdoor kitchen and fire pit. There is also a new one-bedroom, one-bath guest house set off away from the primary residence for privacy.

Stephen Stransky 210-254-7700 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Lake Creek Ranch 5,753 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Uvalde County v Campwood This 5,753-acre, high-fenced Hill Country ranch boasts two miles of Lake Creek with three lakes. Improvements include a spacious lodge, guest house, livestock barns and a 5,300-foot paved runway with two hangars. Come enjoy the stunning views of the hills and fertile valleys.

Llano County Ranch 180 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Llano This Hill Country gem is located between Fredericksburg, Llano and Mason. The incredible 1870s home has been wonderfully restored with historic touches combined with the conveniences of the new. In addition, there is a small guest house and several barns. The 180 acres is divided into two pastures covered in large oak trees. The ranch offers two stock tanks and Vesterling Creek passes through the property as well. The property has been very well managed and maintained.


830-755-5420 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Bella Vista Ranch 60 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg Amazing Hill Country vistas and gently rolling terrain on 60 acres. Unique property with horse-friendly terrain and people-friendly improvements. Features a three-bedroom, three-bath native stone home with standing seam roof, two-bedroom, two-bath guest cottage. Two gorgeous lakes, plus three wells.

Deep Hollow Creek Ranch - 150 Acres Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Boerne The 150-acre Deep Hollow Creek Ranch is truly a must-see Hill Country estate located just 3.5 miles from Boerne. Deep Hollow Creek flows through the property for .75 of a mile and supplies water to the 3.5-acre lake which has been stocked with bass, crappie and catfish. A nice cabin is nestled along the lake shore complete with outdoor decks and fishing pier. The 6,128-square-foot main house sits perched on the western hilltop overlooking the ranch and provides endless views.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Cibolo Creek Ranch 403 Acres

South Texas v Wilson County v Stockdale The ranch is loaded with large mature oak trees and 1,200-foot of clear running Cibolo Creek. Brand new barn built-in 2015 with luxury, two-bedroom living quarters is turnkey with a great location and loaded with native game. No oil activity on or near ranch, very private and quiet. Minerals are available and 100 percent executive rights to convey to the buyer.

Vista Ranch 320 Acres

Texas Hill Country Bandera County v Medina Big views and wild native landscape describe this Hill Country ranch. All weather roads meander through the property and provide easy access for recreational activities. A natural spring provides water to wildlife. Improvements include a mobile home, insulated metal barn and water well.


400 Acres Texas Hill Country Uvalde County v Concan Located in the gorgeous Frio Canyon just minutes from Garner StatePark and the new 18-hole Club at Concan, this ranch is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. A huge oak-filled main valley with five separate side canyons, towering ridges, and six newly completed meadows offer the perfect habitat for whitetail, turkey, wild hogs, as well as free-ranging axis, sika and aoudad. With elevations from 1,300 to 1,700 feet, miles of new jeep roads, and boasting almost 1 mile of frontage on US 83, this rare beauty will not be available for long!


830-755-5420 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Maple Springs Ranch 1,350 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Vanderpool Maple Springs Ranch is located right next door to the famous Lost Maples State Park. The ranch has about 1,350 acres with 13 canyons and two strong, spring-fed lakes. Improvements include a beautiful two-story custom rock home with about 8,000 square feet of living space and two covered patios that lead out to the swimming pool and walkway that leads down to the lake.

Geronimo Springs Ranch 2,778 Acres

Texas Hill Country Bandera County v Helotes This 2,778-acre ranch is located within 15 minutes of La Cantera Mall in San Antonio. The headwaters of San Geronimo and Jack Mountain Springs start on the property. Two 10 to 12-foot waterfalls created from San Geronimo Springs along with several acre lakes, stocked with bass, catfish and bluegill, will create your own private water oasis. If you are looking for a ranch minutes from San Antonio with live water and total seclusion, this is it.

830-755-5420 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Twin Coves Ranch 850 Acres

East Texas v Camp County v Mt Pleasant Don’t miss this truly rare opportunity to own 850 acres of wooded, diverse ranch property with 5 miles of shoreline along Lake Bob Sandlin. The lake front is comprised of two large coves providing excellent fishing and the tranquility of being remote. Improvements include a waterfront brick home, hunter’s cabin and four stock fishing ponds.

Montague Ranch Estate

42 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Bandera History, memories and love abound in this amazing estate in the heart of the Hill Country. The 5,000±-square-foot rock home was originally built in 1858 with additions made in 1938 that brought it to its current size. Gorgeous wood floors, tall ceilings, wood staircase and two large rock fireplaces add exquisite detail. Five bedrooms offer ample space for family and guests. The land is 42 acres filled with gorgeous elm, pecan and oak trees. A spring-fed creek runs through the property. Great views, perfect location and a magnificent home make this estate a rare find!


830-755-5420 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Hoot Owl Hollow 85 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville 85 acres with easily accessible year-round live water on Johnson Creek. Tasteful and attractive main home and guest home, barns, fenced and cross fenced. Creek bottom fields currently used for raising hay. Gorgeous views, paved road frontage. Lots of native and exotic game. Outdoor pavilion with fire place, perfect for entertaining friends and family. 17 minutes to town.

La Vernia Estate 23 Acres

South Texas v Wilson County v La Vernia Luxury builder home completed in 2012 with five bedrooms, four and one half baths and 5,000 square feet. The lagoon-style pool with rock waterfall and outdoor gas fire pit are surrounded by large concrete and rock decks. A large barn has approximately 1,600 square feet of covered parking with electric garage doors.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Grandscapes Sandow Lakes Ranch International Icon Properties www.Icon.Global page 82

Neches Mountain Ranch Northeast Texas v Anderson County v Neches


This beautiful ranch is located just outside of the quaint little town of Neches, just about 10 minutes north of Palestine. The terrain in the area offers rolling hills, woods, pasture and spring-fed creeks that are numerous. This ranch that is being offered for sale is comprised of 664.58 acres of some of the best land in Anderson County and has right at a mile of frontage on FM 2267. The focal point of the ranch is definitely the mountain top 360-degree view that is made available thanks to the 600-foot elevation. This has to be one of, if not the highest elevations in the entire county. All of the underbrush has been removed from the mountain leaving just the large trees to provide for seemingly endless views from up top. There is a brand new custom home that has three bedrooms, three baths and an open-concept living/dining/kitchen area complete with high-end appliances. The home has a modern twist on mountain lodge, craftsman and farmhouse influences. The entire perimeter of the ranch is under high fence with attention being paid to every detail concerning water gaps and creek crossings. In the heart of the ranch is a spring-fed lake that is close to seven acres in size and is stocked with fish. Other improvements include a metal barn on a slab, three top notch 10-foot tower blinds and a deep water well. This turnkey ranch is ready now for your enjoyment and personal touches. $3,500,000.


This property features a four-bedroom, two and one half-bath, custom brick home with approximately 2,560 square feet. The home has many custom features, including 11-foot ceilings, extralarge kitchen with beautiful cabinets, and oversized garage. This home has a gorgeous view of the 5-acre spring-fed lake from the back porch. Also included is a deep water well, community water, three septic systems, and a 1,200-squarefoot metal building on a slab. The property is full of wildlife with an excellent mix of pasture and woods. Call to set up a showing! $674,900.

Steve Torno, Broker 903-388-0292 Tyson Henson, Broker 979-229-8710 Dennis Coffey, Broker 979-777-6523 •


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Baber Ranch Central Texas v Leon County v Marquez

1,115 acres Centerville Central Texas v Leon County v Centerville


1,115 acres of prime Leon County acreage east of Centerville. Opportunities to own a parcel of land of this size and quality in this area are extremely rare. The majority of the property is wooded with giant hardwood and pine timber. There are scattered meadows with numerous trails and right of ways that connect them and all are planted in coastal Bermuda. There are 13 stock tanks and ponds spread evenly across the property providing water for cattle and wildlife. Hardly ever does a place have such potential for raising cattle, hunting or both. The back section of the property has acres and acres of untouched woods teeming with wildlife. The front section has great pasture, cross fencing and a number of operational water wells. Being only an hour and a half from The Woodlands, this one of a kind property presents the opportunity of a lifetime. Amazing investment potential or land to pass down through the generations, this ranch has it all. $4,460,000.

Oakwood Ranch Central Texas v Leon County v Oakwood


Gorgeous 137-acre showplace located between Centerville and Oakwood with long frontage on FM 542 and county road frontage on the north and south ends of the property. Land is approximately 80 acres of open pasture with a nice pond (30 acres in Coastal Bermuda and 50 acres of mixed Coastal Bermuda and native grass). The balance of the ranch is in beautiful

atop the highest point on the place, so the views are amazing. Conveniently located halfway

Steve Torno, Broker 903-388-0292 Tyson Henson, Broker 979-229-8710 Dennis Coffey, Broker 979-777-6523

between Houston and Dallas and only 20 minutes to Palestine from the front gate. $724,900. •

mature hardwoods with a seasonal creek running through it. This property is surrounded by some very large neighbors and the hunting potential is awesome. The improvements consist of a very nice custom-built home boasting close to 3,400 square feet of living area, three bedrooms, three baths, large living room with an enormous stone fireplace, separate game room with full bar, huge covered front porch, oversized attached carport, and workshop area. The home sits

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Commercial Land and Cattle Ranch Central Texas v Leon County v Centerville


604 acres of prime cattle land that also lends itself to some of the best waterfowl and whitetail habitat available on the market. This ranch has long frontage along a county maintained road and has over 4,800 feet of Trinity River frontage. The majority of this place is in pasture, but there are scattered pockets of woods as well as a native pecan orchard that produces lots of pecans for either harvest or wildlife. The ranch is cross fenced into several pastures for rotational grazing and is well watered with stock ponds and wells. The eastern end of the ranch can flood when the river comes out, but this also provides unsurpassed soil fertility and grass production with minimal amounts of fertilizer. There is a good section of the west end that is high and dry and provides good ground for cattle to move to when needed. Improvements on the ranch are minimal, but functional, and include barns/sheds, small house and working pens. $1,991,000.

Crooked Creek Ranch Central Texas v Leon County v Centerville


Crooked Creek Ranch, a beautiful, secluded ranchette consisting of 30.33 acres of pristine property. The property is approximately half coastal Bermuda pasture and half wooded with beautiful oaks and pines. The perimeter of the property is high game fenced and has several outstanding features. A year-round creek meanders through the middle with crystal-clear spring water. There is also a large fishing pond stocked with catfish, bass, perch and crappie with three fishing docks. The centerpiece of the property is a magnificent, custom-built, three-bed, two-bath brick home that is situated at the heart of the ranch. There

Steve Torno, Broker 903-388-0292 Tyson Henson, Broker 979-229-8710 Dennis Coffey, Broker 979-777-6523

is 4,473 square feet under roof with 2,363 square feet of heated/cooled area. The home features hardwood and tile flooring, granite kitchen and bath countertops, fireplace, his/her cedar-lined walk-in closets, extralarge shower in master bath, French doors and much more! Screened-in porches span the entire backside of the home. With multiple French doors allowing access to several sections of the home, the enjoyment of a cool, fresh breeze is never far away. Off the back porch is a custom -built pool and screened-in patio allowing escape from the summer heat. Other improvements include a 2,400-square-foot barn with a shop that is heated and cooled, a 510-foot pressurized water well, a large guest cabin with full bath and small • kitchen, a greenhouse, hot tub, fire pit and rock deck. This ranch has something for everyone! $698,888.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


This is 97 acres of pure paradise that is now available on the market for the first time in years. This place offers something for everybody. There is good open land with improved pasture for cattle including top notch handling facilities, mature hardwoods for the wildlife to satisfy the hunter, and a gorgeous 18-acre lake that grows amazing fish for the angler. The entire perimeter of the property is under fence and has good road frontage on FM 831 with a gated entrance. There is a custom-built brick home with a total of 3,800 square feet under roof and 2,648 square feet of living area. There are four bedrooms

FM 831 Ranch Central Texas v Leon County v Oakwood

and two and one half baths in the house. Very nice covered patio area out back that overlooks the lake. Custom-built kid’s clubhouse in the backyard will keep the little ones occupied. A very large metal shop building on a slab just off the backyard will keep the handyman occupied as well as store all the toys you can imagine. This place has everything you need for the perfect family recreational getaway or would make a great place to hang your hat permanently. $1,100,000.

Butler Ranch Central Texas v Leon County v Jewett


This beautiful 184-acre working ranch is located on the west side of Interstate 45 in the rolling hills of Northwest Leon County. The pastures are improved with good coastal Bermuda grass and there are cross fences for rotational grazing purposes. The soil composition is a good sandy loam soil that is very productive. There are several hilltop views on this place that afford “see for miles” views and two different nice size impoundments of water for fishing. The ratio of woods to pasture is about 75 percent pasture and 25 percent woods, so there are plenty of areas for hunting on this ranch as well. Improvements include a very nice older farmhouse with three bedrooms and about 1,500 square feet that contributes nicely to the overall charm of this ranch. There is also a barn and a set of steel working pens. $949,000.

Steve Torno, Broker 903-388-0292 Tyson Henson, Broker 979-229-8710 Dennis Coffey, Broker 979-777-6523 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Double Dime Ranch 9,109± Acres

South Texas v Zavala & Maverick Counties v Crystal City


An opportunity to own a truly famous and well-respected hunting ranch in the heart of the famed Golden Triangle of Texas, known for incredible native wildlife. Over the years, the Double Dime has hosted some of the world’s finest athletes and most popular country music stars. This extremely well- watered ranch is nestled amongst other large historic South Texas ranches, offering a natural paradise with extreme privacy. Grand improvements including a spectacular home overlooking an 8-acre lake, and minerals are included to add to the uniqueness of the offering. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

Double Dime Ranch North 5,061± Acres


The north pasture of the Double Dime ranch was purchased in 2004 and offers in-

South Texas v Zavala & Maverick Counties v Crystal City

credible native wildlife. This is one of the most well- watered ranches on the market. With 26± tanks and 17± water wells, there is no shortage of sub-surface or surface water, with water available every 200 acres. Highlighting the surface water is the 1-mile lake. Headquarters include a large main home with trophy room, hunting lodge, several barns, foreman’s house and a rifle range. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


210-213-9700 • 6606 N. New Braunfels • San Antonio, TX 78209 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


This exceptional ranch in the heart of the “Golden Triangle” offers a turnkey property that has it all. Aptly name “La Corona”, this red dirt ranch is well watered, has diverse brush habitat and immaculate, extensive improvements. Besides an impressive main home with pool, this high-fenced land features numerous barns, state-of-theart deer facility, guest house, original lodge, pavilion, staff accommodations, and blinds and feeders. The ranch has a MLDP Level 3 with wildlife of whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, quail and dove. 13 earthen tanks invite largemouth bass fishing! Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

La Corona Ranch 2,721± Acres

South Texas v Dimmit & LaSalle Counties v Big Wells


Owned and operated by the same family for over 50 years, this beautiful rolling terrain offers





There are two water wells with 7± miles of underground piping to eight troughs and two ponds. Improvements include one set of cattle pens and scenic Coastal pastures sculpted into

Lagarto Valley Ranch

the 60 percent native diverse brush. Selectively cleared senderos offer opportunity to view

2,097± Acres

South Texas v Live Oak & Jim Wells Counties v Orange Grove

whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, dove, quail and hogs. Minerals. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


A rare opportunity to own a ranch located in desirable area that has been family owned since 1978. Two Carrizo irrigation water wells, Elm Creek and diverse brush make this an attractive offering. The headquarters are set on a hill overlooking the entire ranch and include a main home with pool, guesthouse, bunkhouse, cleaning shed/barn, walk-in cooler and high/low skeet ranch. There are also several barns, kennels and bird barn. The ranch has both native and exotic wildlife. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

Elm Creek Ranch 1,800± Acres

South Texas v Frio County v Pearsall

Buckhorn Creek Ranch 702± Acres

South Texas v Frio County v Pearsall


Perfect-sized hunting ranch located in highly-desirable Frio County. This ranch offers good low-fenced, free-range hunting for a complete range of native wildlife including whitetail, quail, turkey and dove. Good brush diversity, large trees, rolling hills and creek bottom areas add diversity to the land. Owned and operated by the same family since 1972. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate 6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



In the heart of “Big Deer Country”, this partially low-fenced ranch offers great native hunting. Terrain ranges from rolling sandy hills to low brush bottom land, highlighted by a 1±-acre tank and attractive improvements including a home, pool, game cleaning station, equipment barn, walk-in cooler, smoke house and lighted rifle range. Excellent quail habitat

Circle V Ranch

plus whitetail deer, turkey, dove, javelina, hogs

700± Acres

and varmints. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

South Texas v Dimmit County v Carrizo Springs


This manageable hunting ranch is located in Dimmit County, which is the heart of Big Deer Country. Excellent hunting, good water and location make this a special offering. One metal barn/lodge with three bedrooms. Pigeon ring with hand thrown area and box

La Coronita Ranch 320± Acres

South Texas v Dimmit County v Big Wells

birds field. High fenced. Three water wells, deer blinds and feeders. Dove, quail, turkey and deer hunting plus seasonal duck hunting. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.


This is a beautiful ranch only 35± miles from San Antonio that offers hunting, farming, and ranch all at one time. Abundant wildlife plus great cover with huge oaks trees and scattered mesquites. 160± acres is an open field near a Carrizo well for irrigation potential. Access is from two county roads and there is a good interior road system once you arrive. There are great building sites with electricity and

Bynum Ranch

water wells for future improvements. Minerals

445± Acres

negotiable. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

South Texas v Atascosa & Wilson Counties v Floresville


This well-watered, recreational hunting ranch is located only 60± miles from San Antonio. Owned and operated by the same family for many years, it offers excellent brush diversity, three water wells and five tanks. An attractive home plus fishing opportunities making it a special place. Wildlife includes whitetail deer,


turkey, javelina, quail, dove, hogs and seasonal

297± Acres

ducks. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

South Texas v Atascosa County v Campbellton


210-213-9700 • 6606 N. New Braunfels • San Antonio, TX 78209 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


The Blue Hills Ranch is the ideal investment for a large acreage hunting and/or cattle ranch. Breathtaking and scenic terrain varies from gentle rolling hills to large dramatic canyons and seasonal creek drainages that provide excellent habitat for wildlife. The ranch offers great hunting opportunities and has several water wells piped to troughs to support cattle and wildlife. 11± miles of paved frontage along FM 1024 provides easy access. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

Blue Hills Ranch 20,944± Acres

South Texas v Val Verde County v Comstock


Diverse terrain supports abundant native wildlife with its habitat of diverse brush. The land has a mixture of rolling hills with long distance views, creek bottoms with large brush, and sandy mott country ideal for quail hunting. It is adequately watered for both wildlife and cattle with 17 troughs and nine tanks. Ready

Arroyo Blanco Ranch

for improvements of choice with municipal water and electricity in place plus perimeter

4,571± Acres

South Texas v Zapata County v Zapata

fencing and two sets of cattle working pens. Robert Dullnig, 210-213-9700.

Conoly Ranch 1,832± Acres

South Texas v Kinney County v Spofford


Here is a rare opportunity to own the South Texas Brush Country outside of the Eagle Ford Shale that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1906, for over 100 years. Diverse brush has large oak trees present throughout, and supports native whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, hogs, quail and dove. Robert Dullnig, 210 213-9700.

Whiskey Springs Ranch 700± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville


Spectacular acreage is at the heart of Kerrville’s main corridor fronting on both Interstate 10 and Highway 16. Prime development potential or personal ranch with great views, vistas, canyons and meadows. Perimeter high fencing in place, with Ag exemption. Just east of Kerrville and only 30 minutes north of Boerne. Robert Dullnig and Marc Sherron, 830-739-0919.

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate 6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Legacy Springs Ranch - 19,505 Acres Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Highland Lakes


One of the largest remaining ranches in the Highland Lakes area and only 70 miles northwest of downtown Austin, this 19,505± acre ranch is a unique and unparalleled opportunity. This beautiful piece of Texas is bordered by 6 miles of the Colorado river just north of Lake Buchanan. It offers a perfect current or future exit strategy opportunity for subdividing into mixed-use communities or smaller ranches, as Austin continues growing in that direction. With elevations ranging from 1,020 to 1,600 feet above sea level, Legacy Springs Ranch boasts spectacular hill country views, river bottom lands and pristine pastures, as well as 15 miles of perennial spring-fed streams and approximately ninety acres of inland lakes.


Celebrating the ultimate in Hill Country ambiance, this unique and secluded gentleman’s ranch and estate is a world unto itself. A gated entrance and an impressive drive are fitting introductions to the 28 year old game reserve consisting of 237 high fenced acres, which capture panoramic vistas of the incomparable beauty of the Texas Hill Country. The property possesses a South Texas

Refined Hill Country Gentleman’s Ranch - 237 Acres Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville

whitetail deer population. A stunning estate-style residence, designed by renowned Dallas architect Paul Draper, is brimming with rich architectural detailing and distinctive appointments. Impecca-

bly crafted, the main residence encompasses a magnificent great room and dining room with 20 to 24 foot vaulted ceilings, and a state-of-the-art island kitchen is appointed with an arched brick ceiling and a wood-burning fireplace. In a private wing, an exquisite master bedroom suite is embellished with a sitting area, fireplace and luxurious bath. Majestic 9-foot hand carved and glass doors open to a wrap-around porch, a virtual centerpiece of the home overlooking three bodies of water. The gentle sounds of a waterfall add emphasis to tranquil views of active spring-fed creeks, which are home to swans, ducks and other wildlife. Two additional bedrooms in the main residence and a charming detached guest house are ideally arranged for family members and guests. Artistically blending luxury and easy living, this extraordinary ranch epitomizes the bold and dramatic Texas lifestyle.


Extraordinary hilltop ranch home with infinity edge pool giving way to stunning views of Canyon Lake, features an open floor plan with spacious rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, a truly gourmet kitchen and wine room. Master suite with fireplace and his and hers separate bathrooms. Outdoor living is peaceful on back porch and nearby pool cabana complete with full kitchen and fireplace. Large barn/party room with walk-in cooler, skeet shooting area, beautiful guest casita with bedroom and bath. The 6-stall

Stunning Ranch and Home in Canyon Lake! - 150 Acres Central Texas v Comal County v Canyon Lake horse barn, riding arena and bride paths are just another area to enjoy on the ranch. Abundance of

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Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

deer and turkey are definitely part of this oasis. The property is also enriched with the German history surrounding Canyon Lake, made notable by a stone wall built in the 1800s by German immigrants. The ranch adjoins a Certified Wildlife Habitat and Bird Sanctuary on one side and on another, the infamous “Spill Way” exposing dinosaur tracks and fossils revealed for the first time in over a century.


Prairie Canyon is a 21,000-acre ranch located east of Dryden on both sides of US Highway 90. This property offers abundant whitetail and mule deer on terrain that is a combination of deep limestone canyons, rolling hills and high mesas. The ranch offers great cover and grass, and is well-watered with excellent

Prairie Canyon Ranch

21,528 Acres

West Texas v Terrell County v Dryden

roads throughout the property. Held by the current owner since the 1960s, it abounds with adventure and is the perfect Chihuahuan Desert ranch. Owner financing available. $8,288,337. Property ID: 51612

Medley Hills Ranch Black Hills Ranch 11,681 Acres

West Texas v Presidio County v Marfa


621 Acres

West Texas v Jeff Davis Co. v Fort Davis


Elevations ranging from 6,182 feet to 5,400 feet make this truly a mile-high ranch on

Black Hills Ranch is named after the Cerros Prietos (Black Hills) and contains some of the most a south shoulder of the Davis Mountains. scenic property in the Trans Pecos. This is a working cattle and hunting ranch which has been in There are currently no improvements except the same family for more than 80 years, making this a unique opportunity to own a heritage West for pasture roads and an old steel water Texas ranch. The ranch is located adjacent to large properties and has rugged but accessible hills storage tank. Dominated by high grassland with rock outcrops, as well as open flats, creating lots of interesting habitats. Property ID: 51981

with oaks cascading down north-facing slopes, the property is a huge mesa-like hill, providing a 360-degree view of Mt. Livermore, The Chinatis, Cathedral Mountain, Marfa, Valentine,





Mountain and literally more than 100,000 acres of grasslands. Property ID: 51982

Red Mill Ranch 25,667 Acres

West Texas v Pecos County v Fort Stockton


Red Mill Ranch fronts on county-maintained Longfellow Road 10 miles east of Highway 385 between Fort Stockton and Marathon, and is also accessible from Highway 90. The drive through the Piñon Pine

James King, Agent Tammy King, Broker Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager

covered mountains on both sides of the Longfellow Road breaks out into the towering limestones hills

P.O. Box 109 • 600 State Street Fort Davis, TX 79734

and wide valley expanses. This is a working ranch located within a sprawling high Chihuahuan grassland

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landscape of limestone outcrop hills and broad valleys. Located at the eastern edge of the Trans Pecos this property is easily accessed from Austin, San Antonio and other major cities of Texas. Property ID: 51740 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Ranch on Top 30,547± Acres

West Texas v Hudspeth County v Fort Hancock

Comanche Trail Ranch 48,404 Acres


West Texas v Pecos County v Fort Stockton

Comanche Trail Ranch is ideal Texas cow country and represents some of the best grasslands in West Texas. The ranch is in the limestone hills of Pecos County, just east and south of Madera Mountain with an average of 13 inches of rainfall annually. This is summer monsoon country with mild winters and wet summers, perfect for growing and curing the rich grasslands. The range improvements of the past 15 years are nothing short of extraordinary. New 3-inch poly pipe waterlines and valves distribute water over the entire ranch to elevated storage and to more than 100 water troughs designed for wildlife and livestock use. The road system is extensive and fencing is mostly new or recently-improved across the ranch. Property ID: 51739


Ranch on Top is just that, a ranch on top of a high desert plateau of yucca grasslands, steep rims and vegetated canyon heads. This vast ranch lies in an elevation range between 4,250 and 5,182 feet, and is an island grassland habitat for a large population of mule deer, pronghorn, blue quail, mourning dove, white wing dove, javelina and many other game and nongame species. The headquarters, built in the 1970s, has numerous houses, buildings, outbuildings and a trap shooting course, as well as an airstrip and huge hangar. Now reduced to $16,800,850! Property ID: 51067

Mills Pecos River Ranch 7,800 Acres

Quebec Ranch

West Texas v Val Verde County


This working ranch enjoys more than 6 miles of crystal clear spring-fed

12,500 Acres

Pecos River frontage, which provides some of the best recreation water

West Texas v Presidio County v Marfa

in the country. The ranch fronts the Pecos River on both sides for more


The Quebec Ranch is Texas cow country at its finest and represents some than a mile and a half, with three natural crossings making this private of the best Yucca Grasslands in the United States. It is part of the Marfa stretch for camping, hunting and fishing unique among most ranches Plateau, a mile-high desert grassland of basin range topography between on the Devils and Pecos. The two-story headquarters house was built in the Davis Mountains to the north and the Chinati/Sierra Viejas Mountains 1924 from cut limestone blocks chiseled from nearby cliffs, creating a and Rio Grande River on the south and southwest. The views are stunning classic iconic early Texas home. $6,224,400. Property ID: 49029

and the ranch overlooks the landscapes of the Davis Mountains, Chinati Mountains, Sierra Viejas Mountains, Capote Mountain and the great expanse of grasslands in between. $9,375,000. Property ID: 46373


Native grasses and juniper typical of the Edwards Plateau, as well as a diverse landscape of forbs, shrubs and trees dominate this ranch. Many range scientists have described this ranch as unique to the region with outstanding range diversity. The topography ranges

Edwards Draw Ranch

11,420 Acres

West Texas v Crockett & Val Verde Counties v Ozona


from 1,968 to 2,200 feet, with a rolling landscape of steep canyons and big live oaks and lacy oaks. The headquarters of the ranch was designed to accommodate large groups of guests for entertaining, hunting, ranching and continuing the stewardship practices of the past landowners. $5,538,100. Property ID: 47870

432-426-2024 • P.O. Box 109 • 600 State Street • Fort Davis, TX 79734 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


The Pecos Canyon Ranch is dominated by the river and the canyon lands that drain into it. It is really two ranches, split by the county road, with excellent new fences and entrance gates for privacy and security. The western third has the old headquarters ruins with two

Pecos Canyon Ranch 8,300 Acres

West Texas v Val Verde County v Langtry

wells, lots of juniper cover with rolling hills and dense vegetation along Harkell Canyon, perfect for mule deer and blue quail hunting. The eastern two thirds is dominated by huge slick-rock canyons, high Ceniza mesas, and 1.5 miles of the Lower Pecos River. $6,640,000. Property ID: 51540

HLB Piñon Ranch 3,177 Acres

Coyanosa Draw Ranch

West Texas v Brewster County v Alpine


13,468 Acres

HLB Piñon Ranch is located on Highway 90, east of Alpine, within the north slopes of the Del Norte Mountains and adjacent to the unique, gated, ranch community of Sierra La Rana, with its maintained roads, underground electricity and other amenities. The ranch has ownership of sev-


West Texas v Presidio Co. v Fort Stockton

Coyanosa Draw Ranch is owned by a publically-

eral hundred acres of land in several large platted lots within Sierra La Rana, designed for future traded Texas oil and gas company which has home sites with utilities in place. Several thousand acres of adjacent ranchland offer mountains been developing minerals and has conducted 3-D seismic studies over the entire property.

and grasslands for hunting and recreation. $5,988,645. Property ID: 51538

The seller owns 50 percent of minerals and is willing to convey 50 percent of what is owned, or 25 percent of the fee minerals. There are also 3,098 acres of Mineral Classified state minerals on the ranch. This is a rare chance to own producing minerals where a single future lease could generate significant resources to repay the purchase price and operating costs of the ranch. Property ID: 51983

Eagle Piñon Ranch 2,963 Acres


West Texas v Hudspeth County v Allamoore

This high Chihuahuan Desert ranch has elevations ranging from 4,600 feet to 5,800 feet and is a series of canyons, peaks and valleys, creating a rugged yet accessible terrain. The higher elevations of the Eagles are to the north at 7,400 feet. The Rio Grande valley is to the south, with the Mexico mountains beyond. There is a lush grassland matrix with brush, cacti and Piñon trees. There is a series of 4x4 roads leading to the various features on the ranch. An excellent well and a new hunting lodge with six private rooms, each with a private bath, make this a comfortable and functional hide-a-way. $2,518,550. Property ID: 50104

James King, Agent Tammy King, Broker Jeanine Bishop, Agent/Office Manager P.O. Box 109 • 600 State Street Fort Davis, TX 79734

432-426-2024 • 432-224-1110 fax Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



M&M Ranch consists of 12,388 total acres of which 9,986 acres are deeded. The irrigation po-

New Listing

tential is astounding with over 4,000 acres of permitted irrigation rights and 62,000 acre feet of Lake DeSmet storage rights. Including a massive block of privately-owned minerals and a coal resource estimated over one billion tons, the new owner will hold title to a portion of the world’s future energy supply. In addition, the recreational aspects of the Ranch offer an amazing variety of outdoor sporting opportunities. $21,000,000. Property ID: 51532

M&M Ranch Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo

Mill Creek Ranch Montana v Madison County v Big Sky


Mill Creek Ranch, in the picturesque Madison Valley, is located in the dramatic Jack Creek drainage. The 1,916± acres sit perfectly between the charming western town of Ennis to the west and the thriving ski-resort communities of Big Sky, Moonlight Basin and Yellowstone Club to the east. Adjoining Lee Metcalf Wilderness and accessed by a gated roadway, the Ranch offers excellent privacy and tranquility. The Ranch includes a beautiful custom log home and several building locations with incredible panoramic mountain vistas. Co-listed with Berkshire Hathaway. $13,750,000. Property ID: 50253


Located 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza, Flywheel Ranch encompasses 6,186± deeded

New Listing

acres, with an additional 1,280 acres of State Land. 1,361± acres of the Ranch are overlaid with a conservation easement that allows for two premier building envelopes. The remaining 4,825 acres of deeded land is unencumbered providing a variety of options for a new owner. The Ranch is surrounded

Flywheel Ranch

by large blocks of conservation and public

New Mexico v Santa Fe County v Sante Fe

lands including access to more than 28 miles of trails in the adjoining Galisteo Basin Preserve. Co-listed with Keller Williams Santa Fe.

New Listing

$13,500,000. Property ID: 52009

Wagon Box Spring Ranch Montana v Yellowstone County v Pompeys Pillar

Bozeman, MT • Buffalo, WY • Salt Lake City, UT

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Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


With approximately 8,455 deeded contiguous acres, Wagon Box Spring Ranch provides privatearchery hunting in one of Montana’s trophy bull elk regions. Located within a comfortable 30-minute drive east of Billings, the Ranch is positioned in Montana’s famed 590 Hunting District. Managed for wildlife enhancement, the Ranch attracts and holds trophy bull elk scoring consistently at and above 345 with confirmed bulls harvested over 380. Surrounded by large land holdings, the Ranch provides privacy without seclusion with private gated access. $10,750,000. Property ID: 52008


The Sun River courses through this 3,050± acres

Revised Listing

for about 3.5 miles capturing the stunning views of the adjoining Bob Marshall Wilderness and Sun River Game Range. This ultimate `turn-key’ Montana retreat offers remarkable fly-fishing, hunting and equestrian opportunities. The masterfullycrafted residence, manager’s home and equestrian barn are a beautiful combination of log and stone sited above the river. Located just west of Augusta and a 1.25-hour drive to Great Falls, the Ranch also has a private helipad and hangar for ease of travel. Price reduced to $8,450,000. Property ID: 46998

Sun River Ranch Montana v Lewis and Clark County v Augusta


This premier hunting ground with outstanding elk and mule deer habitat consists of 8,595± deeded acres plus an additional 640 acres of privateleased land. Birch Creek Hunting Reserve is part of a 26,000-acre Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU), a program established by the Utah Wildlife Board and the Division of Wildlife Resources to benefit private land owners and hunters.

Birch Creek Hunting Reserve

The Seller currently receives $60,000 annually for the lease from the hunting outfitter on the Property.

Utah v Rich County v Woodruff

Price reduced to $5,650,000. Property ID: 50583


New Listing

Crazy P Ranch, comprised of 1,749± total acres, is located 15 miles south of Buffalo, Wyoming at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. The beautiful custom-designed log home is ideally sited to capture the majestic views of the Crazy Woman outcroppings. The lush irrigated pastures and plentiful water attract abundant wildlife. Buyers seeking privacy, abundant wildlife and panoramic views will find the Crazy P of particular interest.

Crazy P Ranch

$4,950,000. Property ID: 51901

Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo

New Listing

Two Creek Ranch Idaho v Franklin County v Mink Creek


Two hours north of Salt Lake City, this 230-acre showplace offers a magnificent owner’s home overlooking a spring-fed trout pond. Mink Creek, which flows through the Ranch for about a half mile, has undergone substantial stream restoration enhancing the trout habitat. Historically utilized to raise registered angus, the Ranch currently runs about 50 mother cows. The Ranch is well watered with 130 irrigated acres including two recently installed center pivots. $4,400,000. Property ID: 51207

Bozeman, MT • Buffalo, WY • Salt Lake City, UT

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New Listing


Located in the Ruby River Valley, the 3,550± total acres include 2,645± deeded acres of native grass and 150 deeded pivotirrigated acres plus an additional 800 acres of leased BLM land. Alder Creek, a perennial trout-stream, and numerous springs create exceptional habitat for wildlife. The historic

McGovern Ranch

cabin is well maintained and a tastefully-

Montana v Madison County v Nevada City

Property ID: 51533


Bounded on three sides by the immense Dixie National Forest, the Ranch offers stunning vistas in every direction. This 165-

designed shop was built in 2014. $3,750,000.

New Listing

Thompson Ranch Utah v Garfield County v Boulder

acre showplace offers immaculate landscaping surrounding the main residence, guest house, spa gazebo and outbuildings. Although the Ranch is uniquely functional as a summer cattle operation, its natural serenity and beauty provides a perfect haven for all who visit this ideal retreat. $2,600,000. Property ID: 51208


Johnson Canyon Ranch

Nestled against the Bridger Mountains, sits 336± deeded acres, ideal as a recreational property

Montana v Gallatin County v Bozeman

or year-round residence less than 30 minutes from Bozeman. The landscape transitions from healthy forest to native grass meadows to the tree-lined creek bottom along Pass Creek. The productive pastures are currently leased to a local cattleman. The adjacent Gallatin National Forest opens up exceptional recreational possibilities. $1,725,000. Property ID: 51643

New Listing

Lower Sun River Ranch Montana v Lewis and Clark County v Augusta

Bozeman, MT • Buffalo, WY • Salt Lake City, UT

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Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


The 1,341± deeded acres, including 160± acres of flood irrigated pasture, are located 8 miles from the western town of Augusta and about an hour from Great Falls. The historic ranch compound is well designed to run a small cattle operation. The Ranch borders approximately 2± miles of the Sun River offering fishing for large brown trout as well as excellent habitat for deer, upland birds and waterfowl creating exceptional hunting opportunities on the Ranch. $1,450,000. Property ID: 52088


La Bonne Vie Ranch Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg

The perfect commercial property for your winery, bed and breakfast, wedding venue, business/ organization retreat, etc. Located 6 miles from downtown Fredericksburg, off Highway 16, with acreage certified excellent for grape production. Has a combination of seven bedrooms, six full baths, three half baths and five kitchens in three separate buildings. Plus 5,000-square-foot office space, stables, kennels, 2,000-foot runway and hanger for light aircraft, skeet and trap range, outdoor barbeque pits, regulation horseshoe pits and other open-sided buildings for storage. This property is ideal for multiple uses, additional acreage available and seller will carry partial note.

Dennis Kusenberger 116 E. Austin Fredericksburg TX, 78624

830-990-8708 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Grandscapes Texas Best Live Water! Legendary Morani River Ranch! Texas Best Ranches page 20



Clear Creek Ranch T

his beautiful 330-acre ranch has an exquisite 7,351-square-foot, French-style, seven-bedroom

home looking onto a beautiful 3-acre, spring-fed lake. The backyard includes a tennis court, pavilion and pool with a pool house, which makes it the perfect setting for entertaining.Â


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

This property offers a gently-rolling terrain with Clear Creek running along the back property line. Among its natural features, this property has an abundance of deer and other wildlife.  Located in Hempstead, Texas, on FM 359 near Highway 290, this dream ranch is within 20 minutes of the new Grand Parkway. v

Central Texas v Waller County v Hempstead


Melissa Hegemeyer, REALTOR® 31315 FM 2920 #24 Waller, TX 77484

281-744-8175 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch




Boerne Luxury Ranch Estate Central Texas v Bexar County v Boerne


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


uxury, entertainment, endless views, and

privacy are the cornerstones of this exquisite 66.94-acre Hill Country ranch estate, just minutes to Main Street in Boerne. The 13,500+-square-foot impeccable








throughout. Three-bedroom, two-bath guest house. 18 garage spaces. Multiple entertainment areas include game rooms/bars, wine room, two-tiered waterfall pool, and state of the art A/V systems. Breathtaking panoramic views. Property completely high fenced with majestic gated entrance. Exotic wildlife and much more convey with purchase. v

Debra Janes Luxury Group Debra Janes • 210-573-4040 Rick Rivas • 210-393-0602 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch




Dunners Mountain Ranch


Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Sisterdale

One of the largest remaining contiguous tracts of land in rapidly-growing Kendall County, 35 miles north of San Antonio, this legacy ranch has been in the same family for generations, and is rugged, wild, pristine and oozing with character and history. Dunners Mountain looms over the West Sister Creek Valley like a sentinel, offering dramatic vistas and scenery of the highest order. Fertile, level fields of grass flanked by heritage oaks, pecans and elms dominate the lush bottoms, while soaring ridges seem to touch the sky above, cloaking huge lake sites in untouched canyons below. $5,450 per acre, $17,222,000. v

3,160 Acres

PO Box 860 • 410-A El Paso St Mason, TX 76856

David E. Culver, Broker 210-422-4676 cell • 325-294-4616 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch




Sandow Lakes Ranch


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

In the great state of Texas, both history and landscapes are often defined by the union of unlikely partners.







partnership can be found at Sandow

Lakes Ranch, a magnificent, unique and versatile property in the heartland of Texas. The





elements working in perfect harmony—a modern business development, vast arrays of rolling, lush grasslands, protected marsh and wetlands, and beautiful serene areas. The property is turnkey with full utilities in place (electricity, gas, water, water treatment and waste disposal), roads, railhead, intermodal facility,




distribution. 100 percent of owned minerals will be conveyed.

Central Texas v Milam, Lee & Bastrop Counties

Bernard Uechtritz 2913 Fairmount, Ste 200 • Dallas, TX 75201 214-855-4000 www.Icon.Global Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



Scenic ranch with endless hilltop views. Deep rugged draws lined with live oak, post oak and elms along 2+ miles of Lake Coleman

Walking Three Ranch

6,200± Acres

frontage. Excellent cover and 17 surface tanks support livestock and wildlife, creating an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Northwest Texas v Coleman County v Coleman

Lake View Ranch - 200± Acres Texas Hill Country v Kerr Co. v Kerrville


Headwaters Ranch

Amazing Hill Country views, spring-fed lake, four bedrooms, three and one half baths. The

900± Acres

native stone home with metal roof has a large open concept living, dining and kitchen area.


Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Kerrville

Expansive front porch for enjoying the views. One-of-a-kind property just minutes from Fredericksburg and Kerrville with year-round, Varied terrain – rolling hills, deep canyons crystal-clear live water and unbelievable views. High fenced with whitetail deer and other and gentle pastures. Perimeter high fenced native wildlife. Spring Branch Creek meanders from one side of the ranch to the other, and paved county road frontage. Hunt, fish

emptying into a newly constructed lake. Several hilltop building sites overlook the water. Paved private road access.

and relax 15 minutes from town.

Shooting Star Ranch 900± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville


Centrally located between Fredericksburg and Kerrville, a great recreational and livestock ranch with incredible views, numerous creeks and abundant hardwoods. Excellent development potential.  A four-bedroom, three-bath lodge provides the perfect hunters’ or foreman’s quarters. 







location and access make this 520± acres

a must-see. A mere 20-25 minute drive to Kerrville and Fredericksburg with over 4,500 feet of paved county road frontage, this is a desirable property for personal use and/or development. Over 3,000 feet of both sides of spring-fed Klein Branch Creek with a dam and numerous improvement options. Creek-

Klein Branch Ranch

front Hill Country cottage has two bedrooms,

520± Acres

two baths and open concept. Will divide.

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Harper


830-997-6531 • 830-739-2547 cell • • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Vista Toscani Ranch - 294± Acres Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Camp Verde


Truly unique property, 294± acres with custom 6,200±-square-foot, Tuscan-style, four-bedroom, four and one half-bath, three-car garage home, with spectacular 360 views of the Texas Hill

Shin Oak Homestead

Country. Located in the prestigious gated Hidden Hills sub-division in Camp Verde, only 8 miles from Kerrville. Gently rolling hills surround level fields and two man-made lakes. Will divide.

10± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie Co. v Kerrville


Escape to serenity in the Hill Country at the Tierra Linda Ranch. Front porch views include your own pond and wildlife it attracts. Trees provide natural privacy around this tuckedaway 10± acres. Spacious, open-concept living, dining and kitchen area complete with vaulted ceilings, incredible woodwork and custom cabinets and a native stone fireplace. Sizable master suite complete with huge

Bella Vista Ranch 162± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


closet and natural stone tiled bathroom. With Hill Country vistas and gently rolling landscape, this prized property boasts horseApproximately 4,118 square feet with four friendly terrain and people-friendly improvements. The three-bedroom, three-bath, native bedroom and three baths and countless other stone home has abundant picture windows displaying tremendous views. Charming two features make this Hill Country custom home bedroom, two bath guest cottage. Two gorgeous lakes along with three wells add to this a must see.

beautiful ranch just 20 minutes from Fredericksburg. Will divide.

415 Hidden Hills - 25± Acres Texas Hill Country v Kerr Co. v Camp Verde


Beautiful three-bedroom, two and two halfbath, Hill Country home in the peaceful gated community of Hidden Hills. Custom wrought-iron door opens to grand ceilings, beautiful tile floors and expansive windows showcasing the views this property offers. Split living floor plan, large master suite


Meticulously manicured equestrian property with Pedernales River frontage 15 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg. Beautiful new rock and stucco

with his and her walk-in closets and plenty

Pedernales Horse Property - 20± Acres

of built-ins. A large office and rec room plus many more details.

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie Co. v Fredericksburg

home has three bedrooms, three and one half baths and a game/media room. Two barns on the property. One with a spacious guest apartment, four stalls and a tack room. Second barn has nine Priefert 12x24 stalls and feed room. Impressive swimming pool for exercising horses, arena and several turnouts.

830-997-6531 Michael H. Lindley, Owner/Broker 830-739-2547 cell Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Indian Springs Ranch Texas Hill Country Kerr County v Kerrville


203.5 acres 10 miles south of Kerrville with flowing springs, 1-2 acres spring-fed lake, small caves, Indian campgrounds, and 2,100-foot hills with views for miles! Small three-bedroom, two-bath house perched high on a hill, paved road frontage and very private! $1,831,500.

Lazy Valley Ranch Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Comfort


52.35 acres in Southern Kerr County with paved road to private electric gate access, located between Kerrville and Comfort, Texas. Beautiful property with a little of everything! Huge oak

Mark Meek, Broker 1845 Water St. Kerrville, TX 78028



Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

trees, hunting, fishing, hay production, trails, live water and views. Custom improvements include a two-year-old, high-end, three-bedroom, two-bath home with air-conditioned garage and a separate well-appointed, multi-use entertainment complex with one bedroom, one bath, pool table, internet, audio-video and all top-quality appliances. A custom wine cellar, fireplace, cabinets and Pella windows. Enjoy great views, neighbors, breezes and privacy only 40 minutes from San Antonio from this custom home builder’s dream home. Axis, whitetail, dove and turkey hunting.

Intracoastal Waterway Oasis 55.1 Acres

Southeast Texas v Matagorda Co. v Matagorda


Located on the Intracoastal Waterway five miles east of Matagorda, this 55.1-acre tract with 1,468 feet of waterfront is within sight of the land cut into East Matagorda Bay providing easy access to some of the Texas coast’s premier bay fishing. A short boat ride through the Matagorda jetties to the Gulf of Mexico offers excellent offshore fishing. If you have ever dreamed of building your own secluded waterfront paradise and want to get away from the overcrowding that has become prevalent along the Texas coast, this is the spot. Imagine your compound with enough room for an airstrip, where you can spend time with family and friends, entertain business associates or just relax while watching sea birds at sunset. If you’re interested in developing this property, Army Corps of Engineer permits are in place. $1,995,000.

Edwards County High-Fenced Hunting Ranch 1,231.64 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


This 1,231.64-acre, high-fenced hunting ranch offers end-of-road seclusion amidst Hill Country beauty. Cliffs, oak trees, dry creek bed, three submersible wells, a pond and an old set of pens all meander throughout the scenic road system. Whitetail deer, turkey, axis, bobcats, hogs and dove provide plenty of hunting opportunities throughout the year. Situated in the rolling hills at the end of the road off Highway 41. $1,995,260.

Bill Barton, Broker/Associate 1845 Water St. • Kerrville, TX 78028

830-257-8881 • 830-285-2995 cell Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



This private hideaway offers an exquisite lifestyle with quality amenities and approximately 228.347 lush wooded acres and is nestled in the tree-covered East Texas Hills near the quaint community of Edom, Texas. The spacious main home has been completely updated and overlooks a tranquil 8-acre lake. In addition to the main home, the property features a guest home on lake, an additional 10-car garage, large parking area, workshop, a newly constructed 10-acre lake and potential for a third lake. Trails and access roads transverse the property creating a unique way to

Candy Branch Ranch Northeast Texas v Van Zandt County v Edom

view wildlife and experience the natural beauty of East Texas. Located at the end of a county road,

The Retreat on Greenbriar Farms Lake

Candy Branch Ranch offers upscale living only minutes from the Metroplex. $1,995,000.

Northeast Texas v Henderson County v LaRue

The Keene Ranch Northeast Texas Henderson County v Brownsboro


This distinctive mountain-style, custom-designed lodge is nestled under a canopy of native hardwoods overlooking the prolific waters of an approximate 35-40 acre picturesque lake. Features include an open floorplan with stone wood-burning fireplace, custom beams and expansive views of Greenbriar Lake. Other features include a covered patio with wood-burning fireplace, living/ dining area with beamed ceiling, master bedroom with sitting area, boathouse and workshop. Purchase includes a private 2.966-acre home site, some personal property and an undivided 25

percent interest (an equivalent of a 79-acre undivided interest) in Greenbriar Farms Partnership Located high in the hills overlooking the me- (316± acres). Sale is subject to approval and covenants of Greenbriar Farms Partnership. $989,000. andering valley of Kickapoo Creek, the Keene


Ranch offers a diverse setting combining a working ranch, inspiring vistas, wood areas, native creek bottoms, native springs, four ponds and a wonderful wildlife habitat. This

The Historic Lodge on Tater Hill Mountain Northeast Texas v Henderson County v LaRue

221.704-acre ranch is an ideal getaway and is located on the historic Red Bud Lane between Tyler and Athens. Other improvements include a classic barn, manufactured home and newly constructed, multi-purpose workshop and living quarters. We invite you to experience this unique offering in the East Texas hills!


Discover an amazing offering in the hills of East Texas on 78 magical acres. This remarkable 100+


year old lodge/school house, originally from Eureka, Texas, has been completely renovated/updated

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350 • Athens, TX 75751

903-675-3503 Specializing in Farm and Ranch Properties

with a top-of-the-line finish out reflective of a contemporary farmhouse design. Enjoy panoramic views from one of the highest elevation points in Henderson County. In addition to the lodge, there is a family compound compiled of quaint rustic cabins, a volleyball depth pool, a kid’s cabin and gathering centers with fire pits formed from the native iron ore rock found on Tater Hill Mountain. The property offers easy access with trails and roads throughout and around Tater Hill Mountain, providing for leisurely walks and exploring adventures amidst the beauty of East Texas. $824,900.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Rincon De Cielo Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens


Discover your corner of Heaven on 269.43 acres of breathtaking beauty combining an approximately 25-28 acre spring-fed lake sculpted amidst hills, open lush meadows and native East Texas foliage, all within a short drive from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Features of this

offering include an outdoor pavilion with kitchen, restroom and covered patio located on the shores of the picturesque lake, boathouse, covered swimming pier with slide, stalls, living quarters, private entry, rock wall gate, and 3-bedroom, 2-bath guest home with deck and barn. A plethora of elevated building sites connect with easily accessible drives and lanes and create impressive view and magnificent beauty. In addition, Chestnut Hill boasts an approximate 35-acre chestnut grove with drip irrigation and is a popular place for deer and other wildlife to gather. Rincon de Cielo provides breathtaking scenery, native hardwoods, lake, beauty, an occasional bald eagle and other wildlife. Truly a magical place! $2,800,000.

Hidden Valley Ranch Northeast Texas v Anderson County v Frankston


A magical place with approximately 365.90 acres combining high elevations, the prolific waters of Brushy Creek, open areas, lakes and wildlife. A classic Amish-style barn home with eight bedrooms, exquisitely designed with superior quality to create a relaxed, casual elegance feel overlooks a five-acre lake and scenic vistas. This home with outdoor kitchen, screenedin porch and three stories creates an impressive lodge ideal for extended stays. From the winding trails through mature forests to lush green meadows, Hidden Valley Ranch defines East Texas and highlights a relaxed and wonderful lifestyle. $2,295,000.

Antler Springs Ranch Northeast Texas v Rains County v Brashear


This 101.24-acre rustic getaway near Lake Fork features a tree-lined, 20Âą acre lake that has been meticulously designed and sculpted to bring out the profound beauty of nature and provide an unbelievable experience for the most accomplished fisherman. A custom-designed, two-bedroom, two-bath cabin with spacious living/dining area with beamed ceiling, rustic wood floors and a rock wood-burning fireplace, built in 2012, provides a highquality finish out and quality amenities. The covered porch with rock floors overlooks the lake and fishing pier, which provides the back drop for unbelievable sunsets. Experience a walk with nature,



deer. Native species include deer and waterfowl. $989,575.

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350 • Athens, TX 75751

903-675-3503 Specializing in Farm and Ranch Properties Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


D & B Ranch 1,023 Acres

Central Texas v Madison County v Madisonville D & B Ranch, conveniently located between Dallas and Houston in Madison County, features 1,023 rolling acres brimming with opportunities for enjoyment or investment. The ranch is equipped to manage cattle and exotic livestock with 47,000 feet of high fencing, an equipment barn, horse barn, five breeding pens and two catch pens. The property has three stocked lakes, three water wells and an artesian well. The 4,965-square-foot main home is designed for comfort, relaxation and hospitality. 7,600 square feet of flagstone patio with a full-featured outdoor kitchen make entertaining for any number a breeze. Your guests can stay overnight in one of three onebed, one-bath bungalows. Perfectly situated and beautifully designed, D & B Ranch is a versatile property, prime for use as a private ranch, exotic game ranch or corporate retreat.

Yoakum Ranch 560 Acres

Central Texas v Lavaca County v Yoakum 560 acres of rolling pasture land with native grasses and majestic oak trees. Fenced and cross-fenced with a working set of cattle pens. 5Âą-acre lake with 400-foot well to keep it full. Two other wells, older barns. Significant frontage on State Highway 111, regular in shape. Conveniently located two hours from outer Houston and San Antonio.

14372 Liberty • Montgomery, TX 77356



Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Devers Woods Ranch 1,255 Acres

Southeast Texas v Liberty County v Devers Excellent




hunting for deer, hogs, ducks and birds. Nearly new metal roofed home with covered wrap-around porch and patio. Home has four bedrooms, three full and one half baths and every convenience of home. Plantation pines are ready for thinning and there is some merchantable timber. Whites Bayou provides a year-round water source and there are several sites suitable for duck ponds. Potential for income and enjoyment in East Liberty County around an hour from downtown Houston. $2,500,000.

Fife Ranch Southeast Texas v Montgomery County v Montgomery Fife Ranch offers country living at its finest on 176+ acres located within easy reach of The Woodlands and Houston. This working cattle ranch produced over 600 round bales in 2014. It offers rolling pastures with over 50 feet of elevation change, scattered trees and several live streams. The larger of the two ranch homes has a den with vaulted, beamed ceiling, stone fireplace and views over the property, four bedrooms, two baths. A large barn and several practical utility buildings have proven their worth over the years. Ranching, hunting, personal estate, income, investment, or development – Fife Ranch is ready to meet your needs.

14372 Liberty • Montgomery, TX 77356


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Skyline Ranch 190.06 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Blanco County v Round Mountain

Songbird and hunter’s paradise located near Horseshoe Bay and Willow City. Fantastic building site on ridge with 150 to 200 foot drop to bottom land, approximately two-thirds cedar removed, rain water collection system, sandy loan soil with good tree cover, granite outcroppings, excellent hunting for deer, turkey and hogs, large neighboring ranches. $1,194,125.

Vic Nixon, Broker 830-997-2187 Residential • Recreation • Farm Development • Commercial Gated Subdivisions • Hunting Tracts B & B’s • Rentals • Ranches


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Nighthawk Trail Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg Located 6 miles west of Fredericksburg. Outstanding views of Fredericksburg and the Pedernales River Valley. Four tracts - 15, 40, 51 and 86 acres, hilltop building sites, draws with springs, two ponds, good deer and turkey hunting, some restrictions This is a great spot for a weekend or permanent home. 51 acres offered at $437,419.

Pedernales Crossing Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg Since the 1800s this 182 acres has been owned by two families. The original rock homestead was expanded with an artist’s eye for blending original and contemporary styles and features an expansive master suite. The second large home on the ranch was built in 2009 with four bedrooms and an open floor plan. Other structures include a guesthouse, 4,000-square-foot heated and cooled shop, and a large barn. The property has been wildlife managed and offers axis, deer and turkey hunting. Approximately 800 feet of Pedernales River crosses the property. $3,300,000. Call Vic Nixon, Broker 830-889-2325 or Todd Lashley 830-459-0605 Broker/owner.

Vic Nixon, Broker 830-997-2187 Residential • Recreation • Farm Development • Commercial Gated Subdivisions • Hunting Tracts B & B’s • Rentals • Ranches Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



245.8-acre turnkey cattle or recreational hunting ranch with a custom-built main house. 3,254 square feet, three bedroom, two and one

245-Acre Ranch in Jack County Northwest Texas v Jack County v Bowie

half baths and lots of custom features throughout. Beautiful views from the wrap-around porch of the heavily-treed rolling terrain. The well-built cattle working pens provide the perfect setup for your cattle operation. Property has two mobile homes hunters for ranch hands, is fenced and cross fenced and has a tractor shed. Lots of other amenities, this is a must see. $985,000. Contact Tim Clark, 817-578-0609 or

E Gorgeous Home on 10 Acres in Weatherford

Excellent home on 10 acres with a pond and rental income as well as easy access to Interstate 20. House has two large living areas, an office, huge open-concept kitchen, wood

Texas Metroplex v Parker County v Weatherford

floors throughout and a closed-in back porch. The back yard is fenced and cross fenced for

dogs. There is an open 36 x 40 workshop with an attached horse barn complete with a tack room and wash rack. Several mature live oak trees scattered throughout the property. Two 750-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath apartments provide rental income and are currently leased. Gorgeous property and home ready for your personal touch. $490,000. Contact Jake Link, 817-559-7304 or


High game-fenced property with FM 1885 frontage and/or Reed Road frontage. In the same area with nice ranches and cutting horse facilities. Enjoy the peace and quiet or hunting opportunities from your very own slice of

High-Fence Property in Parker County Texas Metroplex v Parker County v Perrin

heaven. Seven tracts of land available, six of which have tanks. Lots of wildlife graze these tracts. Rolling terrain complement the gorgeous surroundings. Buyer will convey all minerals that they own. Tract 1 – 33 acres $8,500 per acre, $280,500 (FM 1885 road frontage); Tract 2 – 15 acres $8,500 per acre, $127,500 (FM 1885 road frontage); Tract 3 – 28 acres $7,500 per acre, $210,000 (FM 1885 road frontage); Tract 4 – 27 acres $6,500 per acre, $175,500 (Corner FM 1885/Reed Road); Tract 5 – 30 acres $7,000 per acre, $210,000 (Reed Road frontage); Tract 6 – 26 acres $8,000 per acre, $208,000 (Reed Road frontage); Tract 7 – 39 acres $7,500 per acre, $292,500 (Reed Road). Contact Tim Clark, 817-578-0609 or


400 W. I-20, Ste. 100 • Weatherford, TX 76086 • 817-578-0609 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Custom Home on 11 Acres Texas Metroplex v Parker County v Weatherford


Custom-built home three bedroom, three baths and three-car garage located on 11.75 manicured acres. Bring your horses and cattle for quiet

country living conveniently located minutes from downtown. Enjoy the saltwater pool with waterfall and spa, as well as the outdoor kitchen with TV and stereo. The 30 x 40 insulated shop has water, electric, epoxy floors, two air conditioning units and large covered RV Storage. The insulated horse barn has oversized stalls with covered runs, trailer parking, and a tack room. $727,000. Contact Stephen Reich, 817-597-8884 or


Scenic North Central Texas ranch with a beautiful 20-mile view, conveniently located within an hour of the DFW Metroplex. This ranch offers

Beautiful 20-Mile View in Erath County Texas Metroplex v Erath County v Gordon

heavily treed areas, pastures, bottom land and hill views. Mature trees provide cover for deer, turkey, wild hogs and varmints that show signs to be in abundance. There are five stock tanks and a seasonal creek for fishing or cattle watering. Wonderful place in the country to hunt, fish, raise livestock or simply enjoy the quiet. Owner will subdivide: 735.812 acres – $3,950 per acre, $2,906,457; 501.77 acres – $3,950 per acre, $1,981,991; 178.60 acres – $4,600 per acre, $821,560; 55.45 acres – $4,600 per acre, $255,070. Contact Greg Trout, 214-384-6392 or

73.64 Acres of Development Potential Texas Metroplex v Parker County v Weatherford


73.64 acres located just minutes from downtown Weatherford. Beautiful rolling terrain with several building sites. Easy access to schools and shops being only 5.8 miles to Interstate 20. 1,600+ square feet of road frontage which is perfect to subdivide or makes a great place to build your dream ranch and call it home. $1,030,886. Contact Wesley Stout, 817-629-9457.

Tim Clark 400 W. I-20, Ste. 100 Weatherford, TX 76086

817-578-0609 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Lost Elk Ranch – 4F Unit


Lobo Ranch

Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

Situated at the confluence of Beaver Creek and Morrison Creek, this 665±acre ranch features a beautiful mountain setting, excellent wildlife habitat, aspens, meadows and a lake teeming with trout. The ranch is adjacent to national forest and located less than 30 miles south of Steamboat Springs. $6,950,000. Contact Brian Smith for more information, 970-879-5544.


New Mexico v Cibola & Sandoval Counties v Laguna

Just over an hour drive west of Albuquerque, the Lobo Ranch occupies 46,485± deeded acres of stunningly beautiful landscape. This working cattle ranch has outstanding recreational attributes, including abundant wildlife and plentiful habitat, on over 70± square miles of contiguous land adjacent to the Marquez Wildlife Area. $25,575,000. Contact Jeff Buerger for more information, 303-861-8282.

Lucky P Ranch


Northeast Texas v Franklin County v Winnsboro

Lucky P Ranch sits on the shores of Lake Cypress Springs, just north of Winnsboro. Nearly 300 acres, the ranch offers a large hacienda-style home, equestrian facilities, abundant game and the rolling timbered hills of East Texas. This is a family ranch, offering the unique recreational lifestyle of lake frontage and large acreage. $3,950,000. Contact Tyler Jacobs for more information, 979-690-9933.

Cottonwood Springs Ranch Colorado v La Plata County v Durango


A 525±-acre equestrian estate, featuring a masterfully-crafted, 5,700±-squarefoot, primary residence, 20,000-square-foot horse barn and additional ancillary facilities. Within minutes of Durango, Colorado, this property is a

Medicine Lodge Mountain Cabin

mixture of heavily-treed areas interspersed with irrigated and sub-irrigated land. $8,950,000. Contact Jeff Buerger for more information, 303-861-8282.

Montana v Beaverhead County v Dell


An outdoorsman’s dream destination awaits on these 680± acres bordering national forest. Surrounded on three sides by public lands, the very tasteful log cabin and wilderness setting is an ideal launching point

Tarryall Notch Ranch

into Montana and Idaho’s backcountry for all types of outdoor adventure.

Colorado v Park County v Fairplay

$1,250,000. Contact B. Elfland for more information, 406-587-3090. 888-260-4470 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Sales | Auctions | Finance | Appraisals | Management


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


This scenic, high-mountain ranch is located 45 minutes from Breckenridge Ski Resort and 90 minutes southwest of Denver. The 830±-acre property features 1.3± miles of trout-filled Tarryall Creek set against a backdrop of the snowcapped peaks of the Continental Divide. There is a stunning home site location overlooking the ranch with the mountains of multiple ranges visible in the distance. $1,150,000. Contact Brian Smith for more information, 970-879-5544.

Buckhorn Mountain Ranch Colorado v Montrose & Ouray Counties v Montrose

Lost Creek Land and Cattle Colorado v Weld County v Roggen


Exceptional investment opportunity on 2,620± irrigated and 14,480± acres of native rangeland less than an hour drive to downtown Denver. Appealing as an income-producing agricultural property, there is great potential for transferable water, agribusiness site, with residential or commercial development very viable. $37,250,000. Contact Mike Hall


Located 15 miles south of Montrose, this 12,500± (6,573± deeded) acre working ranch supports 300 cows with 400± acres under irrigation, two comfortable homes and complete livestock facilities. An easy drive to Telluride, this ranch doubles as an outstanding hunting retreat for deer and elk. $29,975,000. Contact Jeff Buerger for more information, 303-861-8282.

for more information, 303-861-8282.

Lucky Star Ranch Texas Metroplex v Wise County v Bridgeport

Corral Creek Ranch


Colorado v Clear Creek County v Evergreen

Located 10.5 miles west of Evergreen, this ranch has been in the same family since 1885. Private and secluded, offering 290± deeded acres,


Unique 2,476± contiguous acres located one hour from downtown

a historic 9,940± square-foot lodge, and a mixture of open meadows,

heavily timbered areas with stunning views. $4,250,000. Contact Jeff Fort Worth. Working ranch with multifaceted recreational appeal. Buerger for more information, 303-861-8282. Tremendous wildlife. The property has infrastructure in place to accommodate a small or large scale equestrian facility. Spectacular residence in a private setting with frontage to Lake Bridgeport. $9,900,000. Contact Monte Lyons for more information, 806-438-0582.

Wyatt Ranches – Morapos Creek Division Colorado v Rio Blanco & Moffat Counties v Meeker

Thunder Ridge Ranch Colorado v La Plata County v Durango


Thunder Ridge is a beautiful, private valley of forest and meadow a short distance north of Durango, Colorado. The meticulously-crafted, modern log home with eight guest rooms, owner’s suite and numerous amenities is suitable as a family retreat or event center. $3,950,000.


Located along the northwest edge of the Flat Tops, this outstanding wildlife property shares five miles of boundary with the national forest. Known for its excellent big-game hunting, this diverse 2,784±-acre ranch also features two trout streams, ponds, privacy, scenery and a hunting lodge. $6,700,000. Contact Brian Smith for more information, 970-879-5544.

Contact Cody Lujan for more information, 970-879-5544. 888-260-4470 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Sales | Auctions | Finance | Appraisals | Management

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Brazos River Ranch Central Texas v Washington Co. v Brenham 941 acres, productive ranch with rustic ranch home, barns, pens, pastures, good fencing, lakes, good roads and river frontage. One-of-akind ranch in Brenham, Texas. $8,200,000.

Gator Lake Ranch Southeast Texas v Walker County v Huntsville 497 manicured acres, three bedroom, three and one half-bath, ranch home overlooking 40-acre lake, improved hay lands and 40,000+ square feet of barns. Huntsville, Texas. $4,400,000.

Chappell Hill Ranch Central Texas v Washington Co. v Washington 297 acres, four-bedroom, three and one half-bath, custom home, 12-stall show barn, arenas, round pens, four lakes and improved rolling pastures plus additional barns with FM frontage. Washington, Texas. $3,900,000.

Colonial Style Home Southeast Texas v Walker County v Huntsville 38 acres, sweeping staircase, four beds, four full baths, two half baths, private theater room, 44 x 120 shop with guest apartment and tranquil pond. Huntsville, Texas. $1,460,000.

Selling Quality Texas Properties Since 1970 2715 11th Street • Huntsville, TX 77340

936-295-5989 888-286-3575


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Hunter’s Paradise Northeast Texas v Houston County v Grapeland 206.58 acres, three-bedroom, three and one half-bath pristine ranch home, three barns (horse, equipment, hay/pavilion), stocked 5-acre lake, two ponds, deer blinds and pastures with excellent soil. Grapeland, Texas. $999,900.


Hill Country paradise awaits you on this gorgeous





approximately 771 acres of rolling hills, pastures, oak and pecan trees and scenic views. Over one mile of the limestone-lined Lampasas River runs through the middle of this ranch, which has been in the same family since the 1800s. This is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or recreational ranch. The river provides

Lampasas River Ranch Central Texas v Hamilton County v Star fishing and summer fun and there is plenty of hunting to do in the fall with whitetail deer, turkey, dove and quail all over the property. And in the Spring the hills are covered in bluebonnets. Quaint 1950s-style farmhouse with three bedrooms, one bathroom, screened-in porch, carport and twocar garage with a well, septic, electricity and phone line. Old-school Elgin tile keeps the house at a pleasant temperature. Plus several beautiful sites to build your dream ranch house. Five tanks on site. Ag-exempt. This is the perfect spot for a weekend get-away or recreational ranch. Located just north of Star, Texas, it is only 1.75 hours from Austin, 2 to 2.5 hours from DFW and less than 4 hours from Midland. Property ID: 51204

Ashley Amini 3212 Stevenson Ave. • Austin TX, 78703

512-923-1121 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



The Preston Ranch is one of the most wellknown ranches in all of West/Central Texas. Possibly the best live water ranches too on the market in years. The deer and bird hunting on

San Saba River Ranch Central Texas v Menard County v Ft. McKavitt

this property is second to none and will rival anything in South Texas for quality of game. Fishing on the spring-fed San Saba River add another recreational feature that not many ranches can offer. Improvements on the ranch are very well done and well maintained but are not overbuilt or ill arranged like many other ranch facilities and improvements that you see today. (You are paying for what you get) The river frontage is very close to the head waters springs of the San Saba River located at Fort McKavett. The water flow remains very constant level, year in and year out. We, here at Terry Wootan Real Estate, are privileged to offer you one of the premiere live water ranches to ever be offered in the State of Texas. If you are looking for a large ranch with live water and superior wildlife, this is a MUST SEE!! This may be one of the best investment opportunities in land to be found in a long time. Please contact our office for additional info or photos of the property we will be more than happy to oblige. $14,250,000.

Lone Grove Ranch Coal Creek Ranch 344± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Willow City



Texas Hill Country Llano County v Lone Grove

If you are looking for a beautiful Llano County, Hill Country ranch, this is a must see! Gentlyrolling, native Hill Country land, transitioning into improved pasture, flowing into a wet weather drawfilled with huge live oaks and other hardwoods. The

If you are looking for a Hill Country showplace, Coal Creek Ranch is the only one you property has great panoramic views of surrounding will need to see. Located in the famous Willow City Loop area between Llano and historic mountains which add to the Hill Country flavor of Fredericksburg, this ranch has something for everyone. The water alone is a show stopper, but the ranch in creating awesome home sites with when you add the romance of the topography, the assortment of wildlife for the avid hunter, great hardwood tree cover. $427,750. and the horse lover with the scenic bottom lands, it is the complete package. This ranch is ready for your final touches! You will fall in love with Coal Creek Ranch! $3,010,000.

Gray Ranch 115± Acres

Texas Hill Country Llano County v Llano


Finished ranch in Llano County, this is a must see. Rarely do we get a ranch with the views, improvements and diversity of this ranch that has not been overdone in one category or the other. This complete offering is shown by appointment and we think it will be worth your time to come see it! This ranch has a diversity of terrain and habitat

325 247-5711 office • 325 247-3052 fax Terry Wootan, Broker 830-285-5711 cell Joe David Yates, Assoc. 512-567-3036 cell Lee Gann, Assoc. 325-247-6145 cell


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

not often seen in this area. The ranch consists of a 15-acre coastal field for hay production and then transitioning into the balance of the ranch which is native Hill Country pasture with picturesque granite outcroppings and bluffs giving you outstanding views. The cedar was cleared from the majority of the ranch in 2009 making this a very diverse and healthy ecosystem for hardwoods, grasses and nice deep soils in many areas. $1,040,000.

Evans Creek Ranch 335 Acres


Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Medina

Evans Creek Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country about 18 miles west of the town of Medina, just off scenic Highway 337, not far from Lost Maples State Park, in Bandera County. The prime feature of this property is the lake formed by a dam across Evans Creek and lined with huge Cypress trees. This lake is almost a quarter of a mile long and is as deep as 25 feet. It is stocked with bass and catfish and has a floating dock to fish and swim from. We are just finishing clearing some cedar on the far side of the lake to enhance the “park” look of the lake area and to develop an alternate home site in case the new owner wants to build a new lakeside home or cabin. The views of both the lake and the surrounding hills are just awesome from this site. Another great feature is a rambling ranch house that is decorated in a rustic style (cowboys, Indians, elk antler and wagon-wheel chandeliers, steer hide rugs, and wood plank ceilings) and has a long screened-in sleeping porch as well as four bedrooms and two baths. Most of the furnishings, including lots of great antiques, are available for sale individually or as a package deal. Adjacent to the house is an old ceramic block barn with a huge high-fenced, irrigated garden that is planted in everything from roses to cactus to peach trees. Other out-buildings include a three-car garage with attached utility room and attached shop, as well as a small equipment barn and a hunter’s cabin. The terrain is diverse and includes about 65 acres of flat, fertile land as well as canyons, bluffs and mountain tops. This ranch would make a great weekend retreat with lots of activities including hunting, fishing, swimming, boating and hiking. It would also make a great horse place or specialty farm (olives, lavender or wine grapes). $2,250,000 or $6,716 per acre.

James L. Ahern, Jr., Broker 210-827-0505 • Jim Ahern, CPA, Agent 210-410-2170 • Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Hatch Ranch - 1,030 Acres

New Listing

Texas Hill Country v Real County v Mountain Home


This is the perfect turnkey ranch in the heart of the Hill Country!! Loaded with native and exotic game including zebra, red deer and wildebeest! Great two-bedroom, one-bath log cabin! Three wells and three tanks! High fenced with 2.5 sides being new! Large neighbors! Large raw sawn cedar barn on a slab! Improved road system! The Hatch Ranch is only 40 minutes from Kerrville and 1.5 hours from San Antonio. Access is on Highway 41 via a 60-foot deeded lane, giving you the best of both worlds—highway frontage and privacy. $2,426 per acre.


This is the prettiest ranch on the Divide, with loads of big live oaks, beautiful grassy meadows and a gentle roll to it! Combine that

41 Ranch - 760 Acres Texas Hill Country v Kerr & Real Counties v Mountain Home

with the abundant wildlife and you’ve got the best hunting/recreational ranch around! The 41 Ranch is located in the highly-desirable area known as the Divide, which includes Northern Real County and Western Kerr County and is known far and wide as a popular hunting destination due to the large numbers of wildlife in the area. The ranch is only 40 miles from Kerrville and 1.5 hours from San Antonio, with approximately .75 mile of frontage on Highway 41. A water well and electricity are present. Seller believes to own 100 percent of minerals on most of the acreage, which are negotiable. $1,990,000 or this ranch can also be purchased as 460 acres for $1,259,500.

Piñon Pass Ranch - 4,048 Acres Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings



Jane Bushong Brown, Broker Associate


Piñon Pass Ranch headquarters has a good, “ranchy” feel to it. It consists of a wonderful threebedroom, two-bath ranch house built from native rock, surrounded by a fence of the same rock; a one-bedroom, one-bath rock guesthouse with sleeping porch and fireplace; a cool old commissary, converted to a game room; barns and tool shed/tack room. The ranch is hunting

661 Bushong Rd. Mountain Home, TX 78058

ready for whitetail, axis, turkey, aoudad and fallow with a year-round protein feeding program,

830-640-3254 •

There are three water wells with eight miles of new water lines and miles of new and improved


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

10 5x5 insulated deer stands, 12 1,000-pound spin feeders and 10 2,000-pound protein feeders. roads. Great price of $1,200 per acre plus solid hunting equals a super buy!


Great mix of woods and pastures/meadows with 6,700 feet of Cummings Creek frontage. Good elevation changes. Features a 5,800-square-foot home, built in 2009. Located on county road in a very quiet, secluded area of northern Colorado County. Rare opportunity for large acreage with this type of terrain close to Houston and Katy.

Lazy K Ranch 286 Acres

Central Texas v Colorado County v Frelsburg

Tidwell Ranch 725 Acres

Central Texas v Austin County v Cat Spring


Beautiful 725-acre ranch on FM 1094 between Cat Spring and New Ulm. Rare find of a ranch this size in a highly-desirable area this close to Houston and Katy. Main home is over 6,600 square feet, manager’s house, two cabins one overlooking a pond and a bunk house. Barn with pipe cattle pens. Great mix of open pastures and woods. Trophy bass in the 22acre lake plus seven other ponds. Great cattle ranch with high-profile presence with over 1.75 miles road frontage. Improved grasses in hay meadows. Perfect getaway ranch with many possibilities, whether it be horses, cattle, hunting and fishing or corporate retreat.

Fulshear Equestrian Ranch 48 Acres

Southeast Texas v Fort Bend County v Fulshear

1116 FM 109 • New Ulm, TX 78950

Gorgeous ranch located on prestigious James Lane. Main barn has 13 stalls, seven-stall stallion

979-992-3425 979-992-3427 fax

barn, 120' X 80' covered arena, covered 65-foot round pen, plus beautiful pastures.


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Seven Oaks Ranch

Twin Lakes - 215 Acres

Central Texas v Washington County v Brenham


This 82+ acres offers two ponds, rolling pastures, scattered mature trees, and distant views creating a GREAT recreational tract. The unique 3,461-square-foot rock home affords expansive plate-glass windows providing amazing views of the countryside from all around the home. The

Central Texas v Grimes County v Anderson


Rolling land, maintained native pastures, native trees, wildlife, two lakes, three creeks, one-bedroom, two-bath comfy cottage. Patio, barn, fenced/crossfenced, old barn with stalls, metal building. Well, Ag Exempt. $1,833,904.

large sunken living room, with vaulted ceilings and two-sided fireplace, is perfect for family gatherings. $1,050,000. Property ID: 51173

Tuscan Villa Central Texas v Washington County v Brenham

Boggy Creek


Tuscan-style home on 45+ acres, four-bedroom, 3.5-bath, 2,874-squarefoot residence, guest home and barn, mature trees. Energy-efficient home,

Central Texas v Washington County v Brenham


58.06-acre tract, three stocked ponds, three separate wells, separate

arched doorways, pool with veranda. $895,000. Property ID: 50930

underground electric to all three meters, solar system, electric gate, seller will divide, minerals negotiable. $973,700.

Elm Grove Farms - 77.33 Acres Central Texas v Austin County v Bleiblerville

Timberline Ridge Ranch



Additional 30 adjacent acres available. Excellent recreational tract. With two-

Central Texas v Burleson & Milam Counties v Caldwell

tenths of a mile of road frontage. Rolling pastures, scattered mature trees,

205 acres, AMAZING trees and a blank canvas for the new owner! hunting opportunities. Or you might desire to wet your hook in one of the two Established gravel entry road and meandering creek. $636,275.

ponds, creek borders the property on one side. $568,376. Property ID: 47445

Shelly Moschak, Broker/Owner 2668 Hwy 36 South, #311 • Brenham, TX 77833 • 979-830-5040 •


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Caballo Creek Ranch -2,085.39 Acres South Texas v McMullen County v Tilden


This premier new listing has fantastic improvements, two big barns, two ranch homes, recreational pavilion, six large stock tanks, 2+ miles of frontage along the wild Nueces River, approximately 1,700 acres high fenced and 400± acres low fenced, two excellent Carrizo water wells, miles of water lines, superb all native deer herd (170+ inch), feeder stations and blinds, manicured roads, located 14 miles southwest of Tilden, 1.5 hours south of San Antonio and 1.5 hours northwest of Corpus Christi. $2,695 per acre. A new survey is complete and included.

Rhode Ranch - 2,075 Acres South Texas v McMullen & Live Oak Counties v George West


Having an historic reputation for growing some of the biggest free-ranging whitetail bucks in the state- The Rhode Ranch area of McMullen County, Texas is as good as it gets! Tremendous vegetation, which is the result of fertile sandy to sandy loam soils, excellent neighbors, and superior native genetics are some of the keys to the year-in and year-out production of big deer here. This pasture is comprised of 2,075± acres of rolling sandy hills, food plots, bull mesquite trees, native brush, deep creek bottoms and tributaries of Hill Creek, 150+ acres of Tifton 85 hay fields, and miles of good ranch roads. The extensive road system give access to all parts of the ranch. $2,500 per acre.

Carden Ranch - 131 Acres


South Texas v Live Oak County v Clegg

Beautiful three-bedroom, two and one half-bath, custom, RASTRA-style stucco home on 130 acres of improved grass, County Road 153, Clegg area, cattle pens, two water wells, beautiful place with good views and excellent grazing. The custom home is 4 years old, has a large outdoor kitchen/bar, attached three-car carport, and has many custom features. This is quiet country living at its finest offering good access to Corpus Christi (45 minutes) and is in the heart of Big Ranch Country! $685,000.

Tom W. Davis PO Box 643 • George West, TX 78022

361-813-8761 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



286 acres of farm/ranch land fronting the Brazos River.

Current uses are highly-

productive farmland, Coastal Bermuda, cattle

Brazos River Farm and Ranch Central Texas v Falls County v Waco Area

and recreation. Having a rare sand bar along the Brazos River creates a great recreational area for all your family and friends to fish, hunt and camp.  Incredible home site view at entrance. Come and see this one-of-a- kind property.


Views for miles and miles is what you get on these amazing hill tops. This 370±-acre ranch is perfect for a home site and can be divided With entrances available off Highway 77 or the county road, the possibilities to having that perfect ranch location are endless. A creek

Incredible Views

runs through the middle of the property with

Central Texas v Falls County v Durango

fenced pastures. This property is ranch ready!

several tanks scattered throughout the cross-

Deer Creek Ranch


Central Texas v Falls County v Durango

This hidden gem is one you do not want to miss. 286±-acre ranch is secluded off a county road just a half mile from FM 935. As soon as you enter the property, your breath is instantly taken away by the amazing views. There are fenced and cross-fenced native and Coastal Bermuda pastures, three ponds, and a wooded portion perfect for wildlife and game habitation. Water and electricity are already on site, along with a set of working corrals and equipment shed. It is an easy drive to the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin area and a perfect place to build your dream home or weekend getaway.

Hill County Ranch Texas Metroplex v Hill County v Itasca

Bob Dube, Broker 512-423-6670 Morgan Tindle, Assoc. 254-721-9615


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


This 166-acre property features two homes and a show barn with living quarters. The custom main house is 2,385 square feet with three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a two-car garage and an above-ground pool. The second home is a two-bedroom, two-bath cabin and ideal for use as a caretaker’s home. The show barn is set up for either cattle or horses with a set of guest quarters. The property is fenced and cross fenced with two large tanks on both ends of the property. A great way to escape the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and have a full working ranch.


MINERALS! This high-fenced, 874-acre ranch is located 5 miles west of Dilley on Highway 117, in the heart of South Texas. This prime hunting ranch is heavily wooded with diverse native brush and bull mesquites, has rolling

Flying M Ranch South Texas v Frio County v Dilley

terrain with stunning vistas, excellent water including a 300 GPM Carrizo Aquifer irrigation well and four ponds, two of which have water piped to them. The property offers a very nice

1,500-square-foot house, barn and working pens. Most importantly, this ranch is being offered with one-eighths of the minerals. $3,200 per acre.


This beautiful 301-acre ranch is located on the eastern city limit line of Cuero on Highway 87. This prime property is filled with huge live oaks and native brush, as well as some open grazing pasture. There is approximately 1 mile of Oaxley Branch Creek that traverses the property, offering rolling terrain with excellent home sites. The west boundary line is the Cuero city limit line, and the south boundary line is 1,500 feet of Highway 87

Cuero Ranch Central Texas v Dewitt County v Cuero

frontage. City utilities are located at the southwest corner, next to the Tractor Supply. This property would be perfect for development or a nicesized recreational ranch close to town. Minerals available. $5,900 per acre.

Coleto Creek Reservoir Ranch South Texas v Victoria County v Victoria


A truly unique find, there is no other ranch quite like this one! A 12-mile drive from downtown Victoria, sits an outdoorsman’s paradise. The ranch is 262.36 deeded acres, with an additional 119.63 acre leaseback from the GBRA. The ranch has 7,800 feet of shoreline on the 3,100-acre Coleto Creek Reservoir, which is home to some of the best bass fishing in the state of Texas. Loaded with hundreds of huge live oaks, the ranch offers incredible hunting of deer, turkey and hogs. Seller owns 25 percent of the minerals, which will convey to the buyer. $8,000 per acre.

Lampasas Ranch Central Texas v Lampasas Co. v Lampasas


Located 7 miles west of Lampasas, this 353 acres has it all. High fenced with all galvanized tight lock fencing, improved whitetail genetic deer herd, nice lake, mature tree coverage, hunter’s cabin and old barn, Klein grass fields, and approximately 3 miles of underground water piping distributed throughout the ranch. Seller will convey all owned minerals, which is

Piney Hill Ranch


50 percent. $3,950 per acre.

Central Texas v Colorado County v New Ulm

Located 45 miles from Katy, this 237-acre ranch is a Houston hunter’s dream! This ranch is heavily wooded with huge pine, live oak, post oak and cedar, offering the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, yet so close to Houston for quick and easy access. It’s extremely rare these days to find a wooded tract this large in the highly-coveted area between New Ulm and Cat Spring. Great water, great access, abundant wildlife and surface control all contribute to making this beautiful ranch a rare find in today’s market. $9,500 per acre.

Matt Mann 713-402-8827 Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch



River Ranch

South Texas v Zavala County v Crystal City

Offering three miles of Nueces River, this 1,761.5-acre ranch is a hunter’s paradise with executive rights and some minerals. Completely restocked with 200 class genetic deer with some of the best habitat in South Texas. This ranch has two houses, breeder pens, irrigated food plots, two Carrizo water wells, an airplane hangar and a stocked 4-acre lake. The ranch can be divided. $3,200 per acre.

Lone Star Properties Larry Siller, Owner/Broker 281-342-5950 713-854-1032 cell


Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

Trinity Forest, Texas 9,753 Acres

Southeast Texas v Trinity County v Groveton


Trinity Forest is a historic and intensively managed forestry property with healthy varying ages of pine plantations. Excellent public road frontage and access with excellent internal road system for forestry operations and recreation. Well located for access to forest product mills ensuring top prices.

This 425-acre, high-fenced ranch offers rare East Texas rolling hills, beautiful vistas, accommodating




Corlay Ranch Southeast Texas v Walker County v Dodge

acres of lakes and ponds, barns, deer pens and working facility. MLDP Level 3 with superior Boone & Crockett genetics in the 300-inch class. Highly-improved Jiggs/Coastal Bermuda hay meadows, along with the deer breeding operation, offers a nice income. Whether you love deer hunting, duck hunting or fishing for Hybrid Florida Bass; come enjoy it all on this well-manicured ranch! $5,250,000.


Well-managed forestry tract in pine and hardwood. Excellent internal road(s). Paved county road frontage. Adjoining the Big Thicket National Preserve. Gated entrance, managed hunting. $2,395 per acre.

Big Thicket 375 Acres

Southeast Texas v Hardin County v Sour Lake

Andy Flack, Broker John Paul Lampson, Broker 1600 Normal Park • Huntsville, TX 77340

936-295-2500 office Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


Southern Plantation

Mississippi v Covington County v Hattiesburg


With stunning imports from around the world, this home was custom designed to the smallest of details. Situated among 109 acres, and overlooking a beautiful lake, the property is located only minutes from Northwest Hattiesburg, nicknamed the Hub City for its ease in travel to wherever you want to be! The large shop, guest cabin, cattle pens and vet station could easily transition property back into a working cattle farm. Over 10,000 square feet with extras including sauna, playroom and workout room. Truly a southern beauty. $1,900,000.

The Executive Team

Dottie Farris 118 Lamar Blvd, Suite 10 Hattiesburg, MS 39402



Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch

River Valley Ranch Texas Hill Country v Blanco County v Cypress Mill


Looking for live water? Look no further... The River Valley Ranch is an absolutely beautiful, 1,561± acre recreational ranch with a spectacular 7,000 feet of frontage on the Pedernales River. Located in highly-acclaimed Cypress Mill Texas, this legacy ranch can be reached within an hour from Austin, San Antonio, Fredericksburg and Marble Falls. River Valley Ranch offers endless

turkey, quail, dove and Guadalupe bass. Don’t miss out on this truly rare opportunity to own this

Chad Mahagan 512-480-0848 • Jim Hardie 512-423-7474 •

amazing legacy ranch $15,000,000. Call Chad, 512-773-6281.

possibilities for recreational activities while providing exceptional privacy for its owner. With its ever-changing terrain, the ranch is perfect for horseback riding or mountain biking. For the avid sportsman, the ranch offers a hunting and fishing paradise, rich with whitetail deer, Rio Grande

Centrally located between Austin and Houston, these three contiguous tracts of land total 403± beautiful acres. Buy all three or split them up. FM 1624 frontage. The property offers nice

Hay-Producing Farmland Central Texas v Lee County v Austin/Houston

returns on hay production and is meticulously maintained. Both Lincoln and Lee County water, multiple

tanks, improved open land boasting high quality coastal grasses. Perfect for continued hay production, grazing or development. House, barns with electricity, nice roads. Water rights convey.

Christen S. Steen, Broker 1601 E. Cesar Chavez, #107 Austin, TX 78702


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Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


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classifieds Steve Grant Real Estate LLC 406 E. Corsicana Street/PO Box 350 Athens, TX 75751 903-675-3503 Office

Hardee NEAR LAKE ATHENS – 88.560 gorgeous acres w/wonderful potential for development, highly improved coastal meadows, some trees, 3 ponds & wet weather creek. Mostly open. $599,999 Bell ATHENS AREA – Amazing offering! 35.8 acres directly across from Henderson Co. Fair Grounds. Perfect for hotel, restaurant, shopping center, fast food, movie theatre, play ground. Must see for developer. 837’ ftg on Hwy 31E. $599,900 O’Brien NEAR ATHENS – 87+ acres w/20+ acre stocked lake, beautiful hay meadows & building sites. Gorgeous place to weekend or retire. $598,000 White ATHENS - Charming 4/2/1 home on 64.62 acres of lush coastal grass. 6 ponds, workshops & outbuildings. Custom home throughout, split bdrm, wbfp in liv area & another on cov’d patio, ample closets, lrg kitchen, office/4th bdrm off master, vaulted ceilings & many extras. $550,000 Tindle ATHENS – Country meets city! Ranch home w/ modern flair on 50+ acres just outside the city limits. 3/2.5/2 w/amazing floor plan, appx 3,075 sf, custom built in ’82. 3 ponds, fenced & cross-fenced, barn & set up for cattle. $550,000 Driskell ONE OF A KIND HOMESTEAD on 24.853 rolling, wooded East Texas acres w/4BR/4B brick w/3,556 sf, 2 master bdrms w/baths, lrg liv room open

to kitchen, formal dining, media room, den, cov’d back porch, oversized carport, RV cover, workshop w/office & cov’d patio. $495,000

Collins ATHENS – Lovely country style 4BR/3B twostory home w/over 3,200 sf on 5+ acres of serene country side just minutes from town in prime area. $369,000 Crawford CATTAIL RANCH - Unbelievable 36.57 wooded acres located on FM 17 in Grand Saline, TX w/appx 17 ac lake (appx 46% water to land ratio) w/ mature trees surrounding the lake. Gently rolling terrain w/ numerous home sites, appx 1,190’ ftg on FM 17 & appx 1,420’ of ftg on High Street. Easy access & fabulous potential! $324,500

King Land & Water LLC Office 432-426-2024 Agua Fria Ranch 23,482± Acres Brewster County

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert of Texas, deep in the Big Bend region, this ranch is comprised of almost the entire Agua Fria Mountain range with adjoining mid-lower elevation grasslands and scrubland of basin range topography. Agua Fria Ranch is a working cattle and hunting ranch, with the historic Whistler Headquarters located adjacent to an amazing rock

Tom W. Davis, Ranch Broker P.O. Box 643 George West, Texas 78022 361-813-8761   Cell

formation. The ranch and its network of roads and water troughs is impressive and provide spectacular views of area mountains, canyons and desert floors, which combine into a mix of habitats. $15,263,300. Kennedy Ranch 3,187 Acres Presidio County Classic cattle country of the Old West, the Kennedy Ranch has maintained much of the environment and

165 acres- Live Oak Co, improved grass, great water well and hunting $2595/ac 600 acres- Live Oak Co, beautiful hill top home, 170 class deer, 5 water wells, excellent cattle facilities, scenic and secluded, big barns, 3 tanks, blinds & feeders.$1.95mill

appearance of times past. The landscape is wide-open rolling grass and scrubland surrounded by rugged mountain ranges visible from most places on the property. The headquarters is a mile off the paved Casa Piedra Road and looks straight at San Jacinto Peak, a stunning western backdrop. $1,832,525.

Boerne Luxury Ranch Estate page 78

Volume 80 Texas Farm&Ranch


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