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January 16, 2012

Coming Events 

January 24—Minnesota Legislature Convenes

January 28—Waseca Community Awards Banquet

Feb. 1 and 2—Minnesota Grain and Feed Association Annual Meeting in Mankato

February 28 - SCC Ag Summit in North Mankato

March 5, 2012—Board Planning

April 10, 2012 — Volunteer Appreciation

Executive Director Report Campaign Farmamerica 2011 2011– 2012

Texture and touch…. the look is also really A Beam Boring impressive. Tool recent gift.

Where was this photo taken ?

All Hallows Eve A better place for sheep arriving at the 30s farm.

Inside this issue: Campaign




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Between the Lines


Waseca Community Awards Program The Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center is pleased this year that a Farmamerica Volunteer, Dr. Gyles Randall, recently retired from the University of Minnesota (SROC) will be receiving the first-ever Waseca County Distinguished Agricultural Leadership Award at the Jan. 28 community-wide awards banquet. Gyles has consulted on a number of projects on the Lukken Farm and MAIC-Farmamerica over the years. He currently serves as chair of the Waseca Community Foundation, a body that has helped underwrite the costs of the School Tours and Farm and Home Safety Day at Farmamerica for several years. A team from the Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce Agribusiness Committee has been working for more than a year to establish this new award program. It is the start of a Waseca County Agricultural Hall of Fame. The awards nomination process was announced for the first time last fall and required completion of a 6-page form read and scored independently by a team of five people from agribusiness, agricultural production, education, government and the food industry. Pauline Van Nurden with United Prairie Bank and Doug Leet of the Roundbank of Waseca will present the awards to the recipients.

Executive Director Report Page 2

Board of Directors Ed Frederic k , Chair Senior Fellow Former Chancellor University of \Minnesota ( 5 07 ) 835-3422

Farmamerica Operations

Roy Johnson, Vice Chair ( 12 ) Technology Manager, Cargill, Inc. 13800 78th Place North Maple Grove, MN 55311 ( 7 63 ) 274-3040 roy _a _ Linda Brekke, Secretary ( 13 ) Farm Broadcaster Linder Farm Network 764 South Street Owatonna, MN 55060 W- ( 507 ) 444-9224 Vic Richardson, Treasurer ( 13 ) Retired Educator and Tax Preparer 351 13th Street SW Owatonna, MN 55060 ( 5 07 ) 451-3441 Greg Bartz ( 11 ) DVM/Farmer 25455 State Highway 4 Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 H- ( 507 ) 794-7960 Mike Budach ( 11 ) Loan Officer, Farmers State Bank 1452 W. Main Albert Lea, MN 56007 ( 5 07 ) 373-1945 Kathy Gessner ( 11 ) Master Gardener/ 3948 360th Avenue Janesville, MN 56048 ( 5 07 ) 234-6774 Greg Gosen ( 13 ) Beef Producer 68831 150th Street Albert Lea, MN 56007 ( 5 07 ) 852-2920 Tom Hagerty ( 11 ) Retired Minnesota State Veterinarian Box 207, 405 Lincoln Drive St. Michael, MN 55376 ( 7 63 ) 497-2591 Marshall Herfindahl ( 13 ) Retirement Specialist 600 7th Avenue SW Waseca, MN 56093 ( 3 20 ) 226-4178 Norla Hesse ( 12 ) Retired Nurse/Master Gardener 2309 East Main Street Mankato, MN 56001 ( 5 07 ) 388-5981, Steve Melcher ( 12 ) Business Owner Melcher ’ s Power Vac, Inc. 37339 73rd Street Janesville, MN 56048 ( 5 07 ) 835-2033 Greg Pittman ( 12 ) Retired Dairy Inspection Supervisor 13390 420th Avenue Waseca, MN 56093 ( 5 07 ) 835-4376 Bob Zelenka ( 12 ) Executive Director MN Grain & Feed Association 3470 Washington Drive, Suite 200 Eagan, MN 55122( 6 51 ) 454-8212,

Gift to MAIC by the Huelsnitz family‌. the future home of All log buildings at the 1850s

our sheep.

site will be sealed from the weather and treated for insects.

The dairy plant is ready for new windows and internal improvements for interpretation. We are proud of the new outside

The corn crib and all other outbuildings at the 30s farm need some repair and painting.

door. Thanks, Vic!

Three new outside electrical outlets service the heat tapes that we hope will reduce interior ceiling Following years of high traffic use, the Great Hall floor has needed cleaning and re-sealing. Now completed thanks to the Sentence to

and wall damage due to ice dam water backup.

Service Program. The Buildings and Grounds Committee has compiled a status report based upon a comprehensive review of facilities and equipment. Implementing their recommendations will require careful consideration. Their report will be shared with the Development and Legislative Committees and with Board at its next meeting. The committee has been apprised of the progress on priority maintenance items including the cleaning and re-sealing of the great hall floor (see above). In addition insulation has been blown in over the west storage rooms and kitchen to a depth of 12 inches.

Heat tape has been installed in several of the valleys on the Visitor Center roof (see above). Installation of electrical circuitry has also been completed. As you will recall, we were suffering leakage resulting from 1) hail-damaged rubberized membranes over the restroom/ utilities wing, and 2) ice-dam formation at the overhangs at the valleys on the roof line. A third leakage problem has been identified related to the ventilation ridge caps and we have already received insurance money to replace those in the spring.

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What are your Strengths? Considering that we are all different, is there a way to build a group that really functions as a team? What are your strengths? Perhaps as important, what are the strengths of each of the other team members? The ‘strengths’ and definitions, noted below and borrowed intact

What will be your legacy ?

from the website of the Clifton Strengths-Finder, may give us a clue about you. Pick what

you think are your top five. What do you think the top 5 are of…. ? Together you…..

Rod Searle, neighbor, former State Legislator, and long time supporter, just as I am writing this report, delivered the second installment on the threeyear commitment he and his wife Ruth have made to the Campaign Farmamerica 2011. This is above what he does to help increase the Rod Searle endowment for Farmamerica at the Waseca Area Foundation. Others have added to the endowment over the years. You can add to it too. The proceeds (5% per year) are paid out to Farmamerica annually.) For more information call Karen Buum, Exec. Director, 507835-5990.

Telling The Story of Agriculture This report produced on a periodic basis for the Board of Directors. Go to the website to find the most recent report. Please share.


7367 360th Ave. Waseca, MN 56093 Phone: 507-835-2052 Fax: 507-83.5-2053 E-mail: Staff: James L. Gibson Crystal Paulson Jeff Huelsnitz

Executive Director Office Manager Site Manager

We are on the web at Facebook/farmamerica

L-R Ed Frederick, Greg Bartz and Sen. Mike Parry. On Monday, Dec. 19. 2011.

The new Minnesota legislative session begins January 24. What are the prospects of any relief for the Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center? With the 10% cuts in funding in 2012-13 and the major expenses related to the shed collapse and other unplanned/unfunded occurrences in recent months, is any help available from the Minnesota Legislature? Questions and strategies were raised during an enlightening conversation with Waseca State Senator Mike Parry during a recent meeting. The bottom

Thewego. Thanks Steve line: will not know if weVic don’t and make our needs. known.

The BEE Hut has never looked so good. Thanks Vic and Steve!

Between the Lines 

Thinking of Tom Hagerty: He is recovering from a major bone-breaker (hip to be more precise). Tom will do almost anything to get attention, we figure. He is in great spirits and sends his best! See you in the Spring, Tom.

Bio-based business assets of Southern Minnesota are extraordinary and in Waseca County…. We are trying to remain close to this development. Stimulated locally by the Southern Minnesota Initiatives Foundation, county and municipal governments, as the opportunities for MAIC become clearer we will be ready to take advantage.

Telling the story of agriculture is a big job. And important one. Let’s think about focusing our work through elementary age kids. If we can successfully and accurately interpret agriculture and rural life, past, present and future, to kids effectively, we will have made the faith in this idea forever young and fulfilling.

Solar and wind energy projects are still in the wings. We have met with representatives of Region Nine Development Commission and equipment sales and installation folks. We know of at least one or two third-party funders that may help us launch a new educational effort that will have long-term payoff in that arena as well as future cost reduction in building operations.

The Oliver 70 tractor project is amazing. The engine with new crankshaft, bearings, head and other parts has been assembled. Thanks go to the enthusiasm and talent of the members of the AgriHall committee including Gordon Jindra, Vic Emery, Shane and Thad Kubal, and others. A couple of folks (John Rokke and Ken Lenz) even went on their own to the Oliver Museum in St. Charles, Iowa to get some more ideas (or perhaps just to get away? Not sure. We will see.)

We have just placed an advertisement in a local paper to help find a part time Visitor Center maintenance technician to work in cleaning, event set up, and building maintenance. If you have someone in mind…..?

January Executive Resport  


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