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Ohaus | Explorer Laboratory Scales

Laboratory Breakthrough Design played a strategic role in rethinking much of the conventional wisdom of the lab balance industry to deliver a highly flexible, modular system. The visual approach achieved a balance between Ohaus’ brand identity and a timeless design for long term presence in the market. Farm also collaborated with Ohaus on the marketing strategy as well as user interface design. The resulting system is a breakthrough product line and part of the transformation of Ohaus’ entire business culture.

BioKit | Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer

Right Out of the Gate Already a manufacturer of consumables for the clinical diagnostic industry, BioKit hired Farm to bring our depth of laboratory expertise to the research and development of its first instrument. Interviews in hospitals and labs revealed a key discovery: that stopping a system to handle and load reagents hindered user productivity and increased time to result. This drove the industrial design, human factors engineering and graphical user interface, as well as integrated consumable products that could be changed during operation.

Waters | Acquity UPLC System

Smarter Proteomics This modular proteomics system optimizes integrated processes – from fluidics, to sample management and detection – while improving user accessibility. Integrated shelves in the sample organizer are accessible via the swing door with slide-in slots for easy handling. Windows enable monitoring of the interior operation without opening doors. The new visual language reflected the advanced features of Waters’ move into the proteomics market and was a foundation for future liquid chromatography products.

Viaflo | Vision Pipettor

Industry Innovation Viaflo, a pioneer and leader in the laboratory pipettor industry, engaged Farm to develop a new product. The criteria: create a pipettor that embodies the visual design of the brand and can be clearly differentiated from competitor products. The result: the industry’s first and only electronic pipettor with the fastest volume selection in the world. The revolutionary design features a full-color display and unique “touch wheel” user interface, boasting the most efficient and accurate liquid handling solution.

Rapid Micro Biosystems | Growth Direct System

Smart, Fast Growth The Growth Direct System uses advanced imaging that delivers microbial enumeration results days sooner for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and personal care industries. Disposable cassettes for culture growth and a disposable stacking and loading carrier create a totally automated system. In close collaboration with Rapid Micro Biosystems, Farm developed an integrated platform of automating sample handling, incubation, image analysis, sample tracking and data reporting systems.

We build tools for the laboratory industry. We use a multidisciplinary, research-driven creative process to solve complex problems in the laboratory industry. Through research and observation in the field, and a close collaboration with our clients, our teams develop product opportunities and create intellectual property that expands and protects our client’s value in the marketplace. We are an FDA and ISO compliant product development firm offering comprehensive services under strict design controls. We combine user research, system architecture, industrial design, interaction design, user testing, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, functional testing and production support. Our focus is on the success of our clients and building lasting partnerships for continued innovation. Laboratory Clients: BioKit BD Diagnostic Systems ESA Magellan Biosciences Harvard Apparatus Helmer

Matrix Technologies Millipore New Brunswick Scientific Ohaus PerkinElmer

Protein Forrest Rapid Micro Biosystems Thermo Scientific Viaflo Waters

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Tools for Life

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Research-Driven Product Innovation At Farm, we use a multidisciplinary, research-driven, creative process to solve complex problems across a variety of industries. We are particularly focused on developing innovative products and systems for the medical and laboratory markets. Our offering is comprehensive and flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of each and every client. We offer a broad range of expertise – from strategic user research and product development to regulatory compliance and product testing. Our focus is on the success of our clients and building long-lasting partnerships for continued innovation.

Strategy We approach strategy using methodical, process-driven, user research techniques. By leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our cross-functional teams of researchers, designers and engineers, we effectively and efficiently examine product space for strategic benefit. The investigation of users and their physical environment, workflow, process and systems level dynamics leads us to discovering short or long term solutions that provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Technology Development We assist companies in achieving success through the generation of ideas, concepts and systems that yield new, patentable, marketable and more profitable products, while protecting those ideas from competition. With hundreds of patents and years of experience, our technology group is highly-skilled at generating ideas and implementing them into innovative products – products that meet both market and user demands. We believe this is the highest value service we bring to our clients.

Product Development Farm delivers comprehensive services for all stages of product development. Our proven process and diverse teams, combined with over 30 years of experience, position our clients for strategic gain. We infuse technological innovation with defined user needs and market opportunities to develop successful product solutions. Our experienced teams of researchers, designers and engineers collaborate through all aspects of a development program to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Regulatory Compliance Farm is an FDA and ISO compliant product development firm offering comprehensive services under 21 CFR Part 820 regulations for medical device developers and ISO 13485:2003 standards. As a specification developer, we create critical elements of Design History Files, including design inputs documents, risk and hazards analysis, formal design reviews and FMEA. As a product developer, we focus on design, testing, verification and documentation control processes to assure product outputs will meet design inputs. We can operate under our own quality systems or those of our clients.

Farm Design, Inc.

Whether developing hand-held instruments for in-office diagnostics or large-scale equipment for genetic analysis, our strategic approach yields products that give laboratory professionals the best tools to do their job, and the people their work serves an improved quality of life. At Farm, we build better tools –

Tools for Life


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