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Kenya: Manda Bay Last Updated Thursday, 10 January 2008

Northern Kenya's Manda Bay offers anglers the opportunity to target billfish such as Sailfish, Striped Marlin and even Broadbill on fly. Over the last few seasons Manda Bay has proven to be the premier Sailfish destination on the East coast of Africa. The lodge is situated on Manda Island in the Lamu-Kiwayu archipelago. The island is surrounded by beautiful white beaches, most of which are fringed with large coconut trees - a truly idyllic setting! Manda Bay is a private lodge on Manda Island in Northern Kenya's Lamu / Kiwayu archipelago. Sixteen spacious cottages line the beach overlooking the calm waters of Manda Bay. Formerly the Blue Safari Club, it has been renovated and reopened under new management. Manda Bay is on a secluded peninsular of the island where guests enjoy total privacy and tranquillity. The neighbouring island of Lamu is a twenty minute boat-drive and its ancient town, now a world heritage site, is a popular place to visit. The food at Manda embraces all the rich flavours not only of the sea but also the culture of both Swahili and European tastes. All the sea food is delivered fresh to the door by local fishermen and by our own fishing boats, allowing guests are to sample their own catch. Fresh fruit, salads and vegetables are either grown at the lodge or flown in by air. The lodge is more than happy to cater for vegetarians, children and special diets with prior notice. The billfish angling is simply world class, where on one occasion up to ninety Sailfish were raised. Although billfish form the main attraction to this venue, other species like Giant Trevally, Largemouth Queenfish, Blacktip Trevally and King Mackerel can be targeted inshore. Oxeye Tarpon can also be targeted in the creek close to the lodge. The fleet consists of a 33 foot Lochin sport-fisher for offshore fishing, while smaller skiffs are used inshore. A variety of techniques such as the teasing of billfish, sight casting and deep water dredging can be experienced by guests. The experienced guides from FlyCastaway will share all the necessary techniques and assist you with the application to ensure the success of your trip. The offshore fishery of Manda Bay is unquestionably the finest going around on Africa's east coast. Striped, Black and Blue Marlin together with our prime target, Indo-Pacific Sailfish, as well as a host of other pelagic species abound in this pristine piece of ocean. The Sailfish season kicks off in October and runs through until April, with huge numbers of fly rod size Sailys' arriving to feed in the food rich waters which surround Manda. The Striped Marlin along with their larger cousins, the Blue and Black Marlin follow later on in the year to join in on the banquet of baitfish which congregate around these waters. As far as other pelagics go, Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo are abundant throughout the year. There is also the chance to lock horns with the night feeding Broadbill Swordfish, which some might say is pound for pound the strongest fish that swims. All the offshore fishing is done aboard the 33 foot British built Lochin sport fishing boat, known as the Cheza. The crew of the Cheza are simply world class, being more than proficient in raising all forms of billfish and other pelagics for fly anglers to cast at. The guides of FlyCastaway together with the crew of the Cheza will guide and instruct you onto the fish dreams are made of.

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The food at Manda embraces all the rich flavours not only of the sea but also the culture of both Swahili and European tastes. All the sea f...

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