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Using Trusts To Plan For The Disabled From the Law Offices of Linnea J. Levine, Esq

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Reducing stress and bringing more joy to our every day experiences Combining traditional therapeutic methods with mindfulness practices.

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why every woman should exercise Jazzercise is the world’s leading dancefitness program.

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Every year, an estimated 40,000 children are born with a vascular birthmark. The Hannah Storm Foundation is making a difference in their lives. Page 30

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On The Cover Hannah Storm – a trailblazing and award winning sports and newscaster for the last 20 years with CNN, NBC and CBS – joined ESPN in 2008 as a host for the new live weekday “SportsCenter,” which debuted in August 2008. Page 30

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Table of Contents Medical Professionals

Women’s Healthcare Of New England ... 5 A Total Body Approach To Pain Free Living...6 Food Allergies: A Hidden Culprit.............8 OH...My Aching Head!.............................9 Quick Fixes Impart Aesthetic Appeal: Little-Known Uses For Common Cosmetic Enhancers.............................. 10

Health & Wellness

The Science of Anti-Aging: Fight Aging the All Natural Way............. 11 Yogi Brian...............................................12 Agora Spa: The Perfect Getaway To Revive, Rejuvenate And Relax.......... 14 Step Into The Next Dimension Of Gymnastics............................................15 Why Every Woman Should Exercise...... 16 Reducing Stress And Bringing More Joy To Our Every Day Experiences: Introduction To Mindfulness..................17 Greenwich Mom Develops Rockin’ Water........................ 18


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Women in Profile.. ......... 24-26

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Law Offices Of Linnea J. Levine, PC Using Trusts To Plan For The Disabled.. 27

Top Ten Ways To Help Students Get Organized........................ 38


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Got Kids? No Time? This Book Is For You!............................. 28

Publisher’s Restaurant Policy................ 39

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Millie’s Home Made Wedding Cakes..... 42

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My Green Revolution............................44

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Medical Professionals

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Medical Professionals

A total body approach to pain free living with the foundation they need to lead healthy, pain-free, and productive lives.

Dr. Richard E. Pinsky Clinical Director Pain can play an important role in letting us know something is wrong in our body. But pain may at times appear only after illness has developed but remains silent and hidden. Most people begin chiropractic care to get relief from pain, so the first phase of care usually involves pain reduction. At Health First we treat patients as a whole person made up of complex interconnected parts. It is not only important to end pain, but also to determine its cause and create a plan to achieve and maintain pain-free living. Chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy are excellent techniques, and when coupled with proper nutrition and specially designed exercises, you create a plan that will yield long term results. At Health First Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, patients can meet with multiple experts under one roof who all share the same goal: to provide patients



Health First Chiropractic & Rehabilitation provides chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, massage therapy and physical rehabilitation services under the direction of Richard Pinsky, DC. Joined by, Andrew Chow, MD, Michael Grosso, Nutritionist, and Dan Ethier, Licensed Massage Therapist, Health First is committed to taking a whole person approach utilizing proven techniques and methods to help patients regain good health and achieve and maintain good health, and reach their health and lifestyle goals. With 20 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Pinsky participates in on-going education and requires the same of his staff. Professional knowledge of the human body and the impact of disease, illness, aging and injury are constantly advancing, so it’s important to select health care providers who know how to apply this information to benefit their patients. The Health First team approach means your needs will be met in a manner that is efficient, comprehensive, and most importantly, effective.

person approach and offer an array of services meant to help our patients attain optimal health. Read about some of the services we offer: We see patients with: • Headaches • Neck Pain • Muscle Spasms •B  ulging and Herniated Discs • Pinched Nerves • Low Back Pain • Sports Injuries • Auto Accidents Chiropractic Care We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing state of the art chiropractic techniques which offer a new level of corrective care. As a Doctor of Chiropractic with 20 years of experience, Dr. Pinsky remains committed to on-going education in these methods which are safer, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before.

Corrective Exercises Our patients are trained in special “blueprint” exercises designed to address their specific and unique physical problems. Performing these exercises at home may improve the effectiveness of a spinal correction by as much as 30%40%! Using proper form and making a commitment to the program we specifically design can help your body stay in balance, and keep you in good health. Massage Therapy Massage therapy is an excellent compliment to chiropractic care, or a stand-alone treatment for muscular-skeletal pain. Skillful manipulation of muscles promotes healing and relaxation, which is a pathway to better health. Nutritional Counseling Do you know which nutritional supplements and vitamins are best for you and your unique health needs?

Services and Techniques At Health First Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we take great pride in providing outstanding chiropractic wellness care to our patients. We take a whole

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Medical Professionals With 30 years experience, our nutritionist, Michael Grosso can help. A specific, structured plan can be developed based upon a comprehensive health history, level of activity, and your current medical status to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Anti-Aging Program At Health First, we offer an effective anti-aging program that can help adults of all ages look and feel better. Increase your energy, reduce body fat, balance hormonal levels, and improve skin and hair quality. Slow down, stop and even reverse the aging process by regenerating new healthy cells. Ensure your health and quality of life for years ahead. To learn more about our program please visit Rehabilitation To compliment and enhance the healing effects of chiropractic care, we also provide the following physiological therapeutic procedures: • Ultrasound • I nterferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation •M  icroamperage Neural Stimulation • Mechanical Traction • Cryotherapy • Moist Heat Therapy •W  ork Hardening Rehabilitation Program

Contact us today! 2000 Post Road Suite 203 Fairfield, CT 06824 203.259.1555

Fair fie ld County Wo m an


Pinched Nerves

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain

Muscle Spasms

Sports Injuries

Bulging/Herniated Discs

Auto Accidents

2000 Post Road Suite 203 Fairfield, CT 06824

203.259.1555 Fax: 203-254-2417



Medical Professionals

Food Allergies: A Hidden Culprit

Henry C. Sobo, M.D. You may have food allergies and not even know it. That’s because the typical symptoms that people identify as related to allergies – watery, itchy eyes, or sinus congestion – are just the tip of the iceberg. Because there are many other effects from allergies that are not commonly recognized, many people do not get the help that they need. As a Doctor of Internal Medicine, I see patients for all types of problems. When patients first come to the office, I will discuss their health history with them, and frequently the fact that they suffer from allergies has never been considered. One result of this misunderstanding causes people to seek the care of a variety medical specialists according to symptoms. One person may see a neurologists for headaches and another person may see a gastroenterologist because of chronic diarrhea, not knowing that the cause of these very different kinds of suffering actually have the same cause – food sensitivities. A very important point to understand about food allergies is that the onset of symptoms may be



delayed, making the correct assessment even more difficult for the doctor. Let’s take the case of migraine headache which can be triggered by food sensitivities. The person who suffers from them has never noticed that the headache occurs after the ingestion of any particular food item. That’s because the headache does not start immediately or even shortly after the food has been eaten. The response of the body is delayed, and the symptom may not occur for many hours or even a couple of days. Another reason that doctors may not uncover food allergy problems is that the most common test used to detect food allergies is an IgE antibody blood test. This test covers the type of allergic response that occurs causes relatively immediate symptoms, though delayed symptoms are even more commonly the underlying cause. This test may mislead both doctor and patient to conclude that there are no significant food allergies. Consider yet another scenario. One person feels very fatigued and is tested by their doctor for a number of ailments that commonly cause fatigue – anemia or thyroid problems for example. The doctor finds that the tests are normal and suggests that perhaps the fatigue is caused by depression and that patient is given a prescription for an antidepressant. What may not have been considered is that general fatigue may also be do to underlying food sensitivities, and also there are emotional effects from food sensitivities as well.

Another author, Theron Randolph, MD who is considered one of the leaders in the movement called “Clinical Ecology,” recognized the effects of the environment on our health. His book, An Alternative Approach to Allergies, was written in 1980. In it, Dr. Randolph reviews case studies regarding headaches, fatigue, joint pain and depression, as well as other problems that he recognizes as allergy related. Other cases he mentions vary from patients suffering from rashes, to binge eating, to palpitations. A very recent issue of Newsweek devoted its front cover to the subject of children’s food allergies. The article focuses on the immediate and dramatic type of severe allergy reaction that is particular frightening to parents. The more common day to day symptoms that can affect children as well as adults tends to be under recognized. To be clear, this author wants to state that he does not consider depression, for example, to be an allergic disorder. On the other hand it is clear that people do not feel as well emotionally as well as physically when they ingest things that they are sensitive to.

In addition to the various symptoms mentioned in this article, it has been found that anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity, postnasal drip, recurrent ear congestion and infection, chest congestion and asthma may also be allergy related. I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing symptoms which have been troublesome for years, relieved when the true underlying cause was discovered and treated. For instance, some patients describing themselves as having a “sensitive stomach” suffering from diarrhea regularly, find that they are finally free of this recurring problem when the offending food has been identified and eliminated. Others who feel that they are “headache prone” and assume that stress is responsible, find similar relief when they avoid the offending foods. A simple, accurate in office procedure can make the proper diagnosis and result in welcome relief. Dr Sobo practices Internal Medicine in Stamford, CT . See his web site or call 203-348-8805 for an appointment


This problem is being increasingly recognized. Author and physician Marshall Mandell, M.D., estimated that “over 50% of the symptoms reported in the daily practice of many doctors are the result of allergy and chemical sensitivity.”

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an




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Medical Professionals



203-967-8888 203-967-1111 PHONE: __________________________ FAX: __________________________ PRINT NAME

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Scott Bender, DC ISSUE DATE: Aug.-Sept. 2009

TC- 492588


Contact Your Account Services Coordinator,

7/13 Connecticut Spine and Health #203176


DRBENDER@OPTONLINE.NET EMAIL: ___________________________________________________________

Migraine, headache and neck pain…

08 Greenwich/Stamford, It comes out ofCTnowhere…that relentless, pain-

Rhianna Lau, At 717-509-9235

If you are a chronic headache sufferer, is there (x3643) anything you possibly can do to find the relief you so desperately seek?

Using several different diagnostic tools, the Upper Cervical procedure is able to detect, with pinpoint accuracy, the exact location and severity of your spinal misalignment. Then, through a series of corrective adjustments, Upper Cervical care restores proper spinal alignment and takes the pressure off pinched nerves, returning them to a normal state of health.

ful throbbing in your head. You reach for the EMAIL: bottle of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or another An alternative does exist – an alternative type of FAX: 717-358-2540 over-the-counter pain reliever. Two, maybe even thatUse has proven effective for many chronic Only ASE SIGN YOUR PROOF AND COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION careOffice three or four pills later, your head still aches. headache sufferers, and you owe it to yourself is approved ❑ Ad is approved with changes ❑ Ad is not approved make changes indicated 3155KLB 4 1 Maybe you’ve tried muscle to be informed. relaxants, prescription 3169RC 7/23 Cervicaln/a Upper care uses aY highly n/a (4541CR) pain or headache medicaThe use of very precise diagnostic tools allows ATURE advanced spinalBENDER correction DR. SCOTT Please deliver asap to: _____________________________________________ tions, massage therapy, or an Upper Cervical trained specialist to confirm procedure that repositions the DRBENDER@OPTONLINE.NET EMAIL: ___________________________________________________________ acupuncture, with some that the proper correction has been made. 203-967-8888 203-967-1111 PHONE: __________________________ FAX: over __________________________ weight of your head the degree of success. You may NAME DATE center of your neck to remove One of Dr. Scott Bender’s patients reports that, 00208.05 have seen a neurologist, You now have the option to proof your ads online! nerve compression and restore “I rarely suffer from headaches since starting pain management Please contact yourdoctor, ASC for more information. balance to your body. Upper Cervical care. My energy level has imThis ad is the property of Clipper Magazine and may not be reproduced in any other publication. or an ears, nose throatPRIOR TO PUBLICATION Please review your proof carefully. Clipper Magazine is not responsible for any error not marked. UPON PLACEMENT MAYand CHANGE proved and my overall health is so much better! This procedure applies a very doctor who advised you What would I tell others? You have to try it! precise and controlled adjustthat some people are born Upper Cervical care is painless and the benefits ment to the first vertebra of this way – they’re prone to are incredible!” the spine, commonly called the headaches – and it’s just Atlas. The effects of this single As a unique and gentle approach to spinal care, something you’ll have to adjustment influence the entire Upper Cervical care has shown impressive learn to live with. spine and nervous system and results in research studies on many different · painless and safe spinal correction Or is it? allow the head, neck, spine and conditions that affect the body. · restores body “It’s balance Chronic headaches are debilitating. They rob pelvis to return to their proper positions, restordifferent from traditional chiropractic you of your quality of life and you spend much ing balance to your body. · reactivates thecare body’s healing abilities – therenatural isn’t any cracking, popping noises of your time lying down to try to Upper Cervical care has been ·shown to be effec-effective or twisting,” reports Dr. Bender. “It’s amazing gentle and method “sleep them off.” tive in relieving the cause of chronic headache when you discover that your body has the treno ability forceful movements or twisting Statistics show that headaches are the numpain, pain that interferes with· your to mendous potential to heal on its own, without ber one reason why people call in sick to work. of the back cope with the activities of everyday livingneck and ordrugs and without surgery.” Sound familiar? Or maybe you drag yourself into robs you of the joy associated with living an Bender Chiropractic and Wellness Center work or school, and try to make it through the active, carefree lifestyle. “I tried everything and nothing111 High Ridge Road day, barely functioning, if at all. Stamford, CT 06905 203-967-8888 ARTIST








Have you lost hope? AREAS




You don’t have to live with headaches and neck pain…

Atlas Spinal Care This procedure is…

Migraine, headache and neck pain… Have you lost hope?


helped me, Dr. Bender changed my entire life!” Bonnie C.

You don’t have to live with headaches and neck pain…

Atlas Spinal Care As Featured On:


This procedure is… · painless and safeCare spinal correction Atlas Spinal performed at: · restores body balance · reactivates the body’s natural healing abilities · gentle method 111 and Higheffective Ridge Road · Stamford · 203-967-8888 · no forceful movements or twisting Scottneck R. Bender, BCAO • of the orDC,back

Connecticut Spine & Health

“I tried everything and nothing helped Fair fie ld County Wo m an me, Dr. Bender ConnSpine208.indd 1 changed my entire life!”


only $


1-hour massage new patients only Atlas Spinal Care

Connecticut Spine & Health· 203-967-8888


With this coupon. Excludes Medicare. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Offer expires 9-9-09.

only $ $190 value comprehensive exam

includes: consultation, x-rays & exam

new patients only Atlas Spinal Care

Connecticut Spine & Health· 203-967-8888 With this coupon. Excludes Medicare. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Offer expires 9-9-09.



7/28/09 6:51:12 PM

Medical Professionals Quick Fixes Impart Aesthetic Appeal: Little-Known Uses for Common Cosmetic Enhancers

Dr. Jill J. DeBiasi Cosmetic injectables are some of the best known non-invasive cosmetic face lift options in the United States — and around the world. These procedures have exploded in popularity in recent years, and have become a viable alternative to plastic surgery. However, what many people may not know is that injectables have many more uses than just treating horizontal forehead lines and frown lines. They can help you look good and treat a number of conditions. What is Botox Cosmetic? Botox Cosmetic® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is a cosmetic product used primarily to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In medical applications, the toxin is a very small dosage and extremely diluted to achieve desired results, making it safe. Botox prevents the unnecessary contraction of muscles, which is why it was originally used to treat eye muscle spasms and

other medical conditions. Later on, the Food And Drug Administration approved its use to improve the appearance of frown lines —  and its popularity took off. Soft Tissue Fillers Soft tissue fillers, such as Juvéderm™ and Restylane®, are injectable gels comprised of hyaluronic acid — a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps add volume and hydration and elasticity. These products are generally used for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Alternative Uses for Popular Cosmetic Problems As a person ages, the skin changes and the natural volume of youthful skin begins to diminish, resulting in wrinkles forming. It’s easy to see why injectable cosmetic products have been so popular for turning back the hands of time — at least for a little while. However, these same products can be used in other applications to treat everything from excessive sweating to gummy smiles. Patients suffering from headaches are routinely turning to Botox to alleviate severe tension and migraine headaches. Additionally, those with hyperhidrosis, or excessive perspiration, find that the same injections can limit nerve impulses that affect sweat gland activation.

Facial Aesthetics Dr. Jill DeBiasi, a renowned dentist and specialist in aesthetic cosmetic techniques, uses injectables in her practice, DT Smile Design ( Dr. DeBiasi wants patients and the public to know of the many uses of cosmetic products to enhance beauty and self-esteem. Not only does the doctor see patients in her New York City practice, she will schedule personalized sessions in the comfort of your Fairfield or Westchester County home. “It is my mission for all of my patients to look and feel their very best,” says Dr. DeBiasi. “I now incorporate facial aesthetics into my practice, using products once only offered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. I can perform a complete palate of facial recontouring options, taking a natural smile to the next level.” Some of the options available to men and women include use of Botox to: • lift the brows • smooth out crows feet • reduce vertical lines that form around the lips •h  elp correct an asymmetrical or crooked smile • smooth a bumpy chin, also referred to as “pebble chin” or “golf ball chin”

Injectables, such as soft-tissue fillers and muscle-relaxing Botox® can treat a number of facial imperfections. • r educe the amount of gingiva showing when someone smiles, to alleviate a “gummy smile.” In addition, soft tissue fillers can be used to: • plump up thin lips for an even better smile • reduce the appearance of lines that run along the side of the nose to the mouth • reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes by minimizing the shadow under the bag • to add volume to the mid face or cheeks, or enhance the cheekbones

The advantages to non-invasive procedures is they can typically be done in a short period of time (20 minutes approximately) and require little to no recovery time. Results of fillers are immediate, while those achieved with Botox can take up to a few days to appear. Maintenance occurs every several months, or as advised by a doctor. To learn more about Dr. Jill DeBiasi’s services or to schedule a home appointment, visit her Web site or e-mail

Jill J. DeBiasi, D.D.S. is a graduate of SUNY Albany where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Dr. DeBiasi continued her studies at New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry, where she concentrated on advanced aesthetic techniques. She is a certified Invisalign Provider, and is a member of the American Dental Association, New York Dental Forum, Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Academy of Osseointegration. Most recently, Dr. DeBiasi has incorporated facial aesthetics into her practice, enabling patients to take advantage of the ultimate in smile enhancement. Dr. DeBiasi practices at her office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, or in the comfort of your own home. For an appointment or more information, call 917-699-8800 OR e-mail


Facial Aesthetics Dr. Jill DeBiasi 917-699-8800

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Health & Wellness The Science of

Anti-Aging: Fight aging the All Natural way! Since the beginning of time people have been trying to slow down or reverse the aging process. Unfortunately, this has lead to a myriad of anti-aging supplements, programs, books, and other products which do not produce results or may even create an increase in the effects of aging. To have an impact on aging you must ensure, as cells die off they are being replaced with new, healthy cells. The BiogeneMax Anti-Aging Program will give you the results you seek. If you wish to truly maximize results, there are specific dietary and lifestyle factors to be examined. There are no exceptions and there is no magic potion. The BiogeneMax Anti-Aging Program is the result of over 30 years of research and experience.

“Having a deep understanding of the aging process is what provides us with the tools to combat its effects” says Michael Grosso, Nutritional Researcher. Grosso has joined forces with Dr. Richard Pinsky to form Nutritional Healing Center of Fairfield, CT. In the past 20 years of his career, Michael has been actively researching and studying anti-aging. The result is BiogeneMax. The use of these non-synthetic nutritional supplements as directed has been proven to help reduce, stop and even reverse the aging process. What is the process of aging? Aging is not simply growing older; aging is an actual biological event that takes place every moment of every day.

Inside each cell of our bodies is What can the BiogeneMax something called mitochondria. Anti-Aging Program do for you? Simply put, mitochondria are Our nutritional supplement the power source for each cell program will help you with and oversee both the death and the following: growth of cells. In aging, the • Lose weight mitochondria are exposed to • Reduce body fat numerous influences that lead to • Increase lean muscle damage and cell death. The more • Increase energy level cell deaths, and the greater the • Reduce wrinkles rate of cell deaths a body experi• Smooth and soften skin ences, the greater the effects of • Improve hair and nail quality aging. Oxidative stress on cells • Decrease joint pain hinders the ability of the body to • Increase bone density heal when exposed to negative • Increase libido factors. When this imbalance ex• Longevity ists, new cells can not replace damaged and dying cells. That leads to the visual All my joint pain has literally and physical effects of gone away, especially my back. My aging. What causes the deterioration and death of mitochondria? A number of factors influence the rate of cell death. Primary causes are the environment, nutrition, stress, and lifestyle choices.

hair is thicker and fuller; my finger nails don’t split any more and are stronger. My skin looks and feels so much better and my


are almost gone. I have lost weight but mainly have noticed better


What is Mitochondrial Biogenesis? Mitochondrial Biogenesis is a process in which cells can be regenerated. Mitochondria are specialized functional sub units within the cells and are found in all cells throughout the body. Mitochondria are very susceptible to free radical damage and oxidative stress which will cause damage and death to the cell. The BiogeneMax Anti-Aging program creates Mitochondrial Biogenesis, which will regenerate the mitochondria within the cell which will build new healthy cells and start reversing the aging process.

~ May, NJ

While being on our anti-aging program, you will initially notice more energy, better concentration, and an overall feeling of well being. After 2 to 3 months you will notice positive changes in your skin, hair, nails, eyesight, body composition and more. As you continue on the program you will keep noticing more improvements and will look and feel younger. Are you ready to look and feel younger? Visit our web site ( to learn more about our all natural anti-aging supplement program. If you have any questions about our program, please call our nutritional director Mike Grosso at 1.877.YOUNG.01 (1.877.968.6401).

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Health & Wellness

Yogi Brian Buturla is the owner of Yogi Brian’s an ultra small, ultra good yoga studio located in East Norwalk, CT. Teaching in the Dharma Mittra Shiva Namaskara tradition, Yogi Brian is the only 500-hour certified Dharma Mittra Yoga teacher in the state. Yogi Brian has helped thousands of individuals create a stronger connection to their Higher Self. It is now your turn to create an inner peace that will last a lifetime. Call 203-838-YOGI to schedule your private session or register for a group yoga class at Testimonial: Claire O’Hare I am a mom of three, in my 40’s and I work part time. My exercise routine until four months ago involved going out for a 4 to 5 mile run 3 to 4 times a week. Running was perfect; quick, cleared my head and I could do it anywhere! In the fall, running got harder. My joints hurt and my back was killing me! I tried a few core classes but my back would feel like a piece of straw, ready to snap at any moment! (I did throw my back out a few times, doing very ordinary “life” things. I would be down and out for a full week and in pain.) I knew that if I did not change my routine, I would not be able to sustain my exercise lifestyle for the rest of my life. Looking fit and feeling fit (mind and body) is at the top of my list!



In the fall of 2007, a business friend of mine (and my husband’s) mentioned Yogi Brian. I went to his web site and was fascinated. I got the nerve up to call Brian and eventually signed up for some private lessons. I took my husband, when it fit his schedule, and we knew immediately that we were moving in the right direction toward a healthy body and soul!

“It was very cool that we were committed to doing yoga together and I knew instinctually that this practice would expand our lives in many ways.” Yogi Brian had been incredibly encouraging. Dick and I now do the classes 2 to 3 times a week in addition to good long runs. We feel stronger, toned and

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Health & Wellness more flexible…and grounded in life! We are blown away by what we can do physically now and the peace that yoga brings us internally. What excites us most is that we recognize that we have only “skimmed” our potential as yogis and the impact that it will have on ourselves, family and friends! I can’t wait to bring my kids to Yogi Brian! They have been practicing their headstands and binds in our backyard. Now that is fun! Thanks, Yogi Brian. Looking forward to expanding mind, body and soul with you! Feel great. Look great.

– Claire and Dick O’Hare Testimonial: Keith Metzger Participating in Yogi Brian’s classes regularly has inspired a dramatic deep-

ening to my daily yoga practice through exposure to numerous unexplored, physically challenging asana (posture) variations, reconnecting with pranayama (breathing) practices, exploring joint opening exercises offered in a gentle class, or the use of exercise balls to massage and peacefully loosen the body and develop core strength. Yogi Brian has an incredible knowledge of the human body and with encouragement, assistance and/or modifications to asanas, leads the student beyond perceived physical limits.


The environment created by this teacher, and fellow students, is one in which a strong, supportive collective con–Keith Metzger sciousness is created. His classes are Dharma Yoga Teacher, 200 Hour full of encouragement to attain your Naugatuck, CT greatest self, genuine compassion; are free from judgment, and welcoming to all. I always leave class in a better place physically, mentally, and spiritually then when I arrived (and always with a blissful smile).

“The environment created by this teacher, and fellow students, is one in which a strong, supportive collective consciousness is created. His classes are full of encouragement to attain your greatest self.” It is said that the right teacher will be presented to you at the right moment. Any aspirant who has found their way to this teacher’s doorstep is here for a reason and I whole-heartedly encour-

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age any and all those interested in exploring or expanding a yoga practice to find their way to Yogi Brian. Yogi Brain reflects the light of our Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, while shining radiantly from his own light within. I feel infinitely blessed and offer my sincerest gratitude to Yogi Brian for providing the opportunity to accept the offerings he makes through teaching the divine science of Yoga. 8 Parkhill Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851

203-838-9644 Open Level Classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: Tuesday and Friday: Monday: Saturday:

12:00 PM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 9:00 AM

Gentle Yoga Class Monday and Wednesday:

7:45 PM

Deep Healing Relaxation and Meditation Tuesday:

7:45 PM



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Agora Spa is the perfect getaway to revive, rejuvenate and relax. Conveniently located on the second floor of the Stamford Marriott Hotel, this luxurious spa is designed for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering body care services. This 3,600 square foot spa offers private treatment rooms and lounges that have been carefully conceived and meticulously thought out to create an extraordinary spa experience. Begin a JOURNEY to blissful relaxation the minute you enter their beautifully decorated locker rooms designed of sleek wooden individual closets, fully stocked with luxurious robes and slippers. Enjoy their luxurious 13-head Swiss

showers and steam rooms, furnished with all the amenities that you may need – the perfect way to begin your SPA visit.

Special package $200 20% Savings 203-977-1234 243 Tresser Blvd. Stamford, CT. 06901 Special promotion cannot be combined with any other package, discount or promotion. Services must be performed on the same day. PRESENT THIS AD UPON ARRIVAL


Revive, rejuvenate and relax with an Agora’s exclusive Spa Journey. Get carried away to a place with no stress. Enjoy a customized Agora Signature facial that reconditions and rejuvenates your skin leaving it with a radiant glow. Release acid-build up from the stress of working out with a Deep Tissue/Sports Massage or just melt away tension with a Hot Stone Massage.

Separate men and women’s lounges ensure privacy, as well as, comfort. Each lounge offers light refreshments, plush sofas and chairs, flat screen television and fine wines and cocktails by request. Fully equipped with a “couple’s room” where loved ones or friends can spend some quality time together while massage therapists melt away tension or wrap Agora Spa’s welcoming atmosphere of their bodies in soothing treatments. friendly staff and professionally trained licensed estheticians and massage therapists are skilled in the latest spa therapies and customized results-oriented treatments to Revive, rejuvenate and relax anyone on your gift giving list.

Spa La La Book your choice of any 50 Minute Facial & 50 Minute Massage combination and receive a $30 Spa Boutique Credit.

Like the facilities at the Stamford Marriott, the Agora Spa menu is designed to nourish the body, spirit and soul with healthful indulgences and results-oriented services that include rejuvenating facials, therapeutic massage experiences, healing wraps and body scrubs, nail care and signature spa journeys – each thoughtfully designed to cater to your individual needs.

Gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be purchased by calling directly at 203-977-1234 or visiting A great way to say; “I love you,” “Thank you,” “Happy Anniversary,” “Happy Holiday,” “Happy Birthday,” or “Just Because…” all virtually guaranteed to Revive, Rejuvenate and Relax! Hours of Operation: 7 days a week! Monday Friday

10a – 8p


10a – 7p


10a – 6p

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Step into the Next Dimension of Gymnastics Jessica Romer Next Dimension Gymnastics is one of the most advanced gymnastics centers in Connecticut. Russ & Patty Connelly and Tom & Judy Brady have combined to make Next Dimension Gymnastics a family owned and operated business for the past four years. With 15,000 spectacular square feet of world class gymnastics equipment and a regionally and nationally recognized coaching staff with many years of combined coaching experience, Next Dimension Gymnastics is the center of the gymnastics community. At Next Dimension, every participant will get the best gymnastics instruction available. All of our certified instructors are friendly and professional and work toward the mission of providing the highest quality gymnastics instruction to all children in a safe, fun and positive environment. At Next Dimension we encourage the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of gymnastics recognizing that success is not just measured in victories but also in the joy of participation. We offer programs for individuals from 18 months to adult that give many opportunities to participate in the wonderful sport of gymnastics. Our program, with classes designed for both boys and girls, is separated into two main areas; preschool gymnastics and recreational after school gymnastics. We are also well known for our tumbling classes, adult classes, and competitive teams. Our preschool classes emphasize coordination and motor skill development where children will learn to control and use their body movements. As children progress through the gymnastics program, they will be working on skills that are appropriate to their age and current skill level. We teach and reinforce the importance of strong gymnastics basics at all levels so that each gymnast can be the best they can be while having fun in the process.

Most importantly, our number one goal is to promote self-esteem in our students! That is why Next Dimension has teamed up with the industry’s leading Child Development Specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman to enhance each child’s learning experience. Each month we focus on different power words that help teach students to share, discover, and reflect on various character development ideas. Not only were our class programs a great success this year, but this was a banner year for our competitive team programs as well. We produced many individual state and regional champions ranging from Prep-Optional to levels 4 through 9. We had 21 individual state champions with many of those gymnasts winning more than one event! Our girls and boys teams definitely shined in 2009! Have your very own shining star celebrate their birthday with our fun and energetic staff here at Next Dimension Gymnastics. We offer the most awesome birthday parties where the fun and excitement never ends! During the 1 ½ hour long exclusive party everyone will enjoy jumping, swinging, climbing, and have and overall great time.

Next Dimension is also a great place for field trips! Take your pre-school class, scouting troops, or other groups to have a fantastic time in our facility. Other fun activities that take place at Next Dimension include gymnastics sleepovers, cartwheel and back handspring clinics, parent’s night out, exhibitions, and other exciting events! Come in for a free trial class to see what we are all about. We are positive you will love the excitement, fun, professional instruction, state of the art facility, and of course lots of gymnastics that make up our family here at Next Dimension Gymnastics.

They will tumble through the obstacle courses, play in the foam pit, and join in on some awesome parachute games.

In all areas of our program participants will have the opportunity to enjoy every Olympic event (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, Rings, Pommel Horse and Parallel Bars). They can jump on one of two “tumble trak” tumbling trampolines, our in-ground trampoline or jump into one of the largest loose foam landing pits in Connecticut. They can also enjoy the excitement of our large rock climbing wall. In addition to learning how to hop, jump, land, balance, swing and tumble our program also presents opportunities for children to learn many valuable life skills. Within the structure of our gymnastics classes children will learn the importance of sharing, taking turns, voicing opinions, listening, goal setting, patience, respect, and a willingness to try new things.

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Why Every Woman Should Exercise Courtesy of Jazzercise, Inc. When it comes to good health, everyone should exercise. Regular exercise is key to long-term weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance, which plays a huge role in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and several other illnesses. For women, there are gender-specific benefits as well, including a reduced risk of breast cancer, osteoporosis and menopause symptoms. Despite the overwhelming evidence that exercise improves the quality and length of one’s life, 72 percent of women are not physically active on a daily or even near daily basis, according to data from the 2000 National Health Interview Survey. Yet, walking briskly for just 75 to 150 minutes per week is enough to lower a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 18 percent, according to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Participants who kept up the exercise regimen showed lasting benefits for heart and bone health, as well as increased strength and an easing of the symptoms of menopause,” stated Wolfgang Kemmler, Ph.D., lead researcher for the study. Finally, physical fitness is an even more important predictor of death for women than for men, according to separate research conducted at Chicago’s Rush Heart Institute and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore. Exercise ability was so strongly correlated with the risk of death that even with desirable blood cholesterol and blood pressure a non-smoking, sedentary woman had six times the risk of dying from heart disease as an active women with the same profile.

Unfortunately, activity levels among females begin dropping drastically during adolescence. To make matters worse, women also tend to overestimate their levels of physical activity, according to a study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” It’s time for women to take a hard look at how their lifestyles impact their health. Even more imperative, it’s time for women to be strong role models for the girls in their lives. Jazzercise is the world’s leading dancefitness program with more than 7000 instructors teaching 20,000 classes weekly in the U.S. and around the globe. For more information on Jazzercise in the Stamford and Norwalk area go to or call 203-845-8856.

In a study by German researchers, reported in “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” women ages 52 to 58 who exercised four times a week for a three-year period maintained the bone mineral density (BMD) in their spines and hips. The BMD of study participants who did not exercise, meanwhile, was severely reduced. The loss of estrogen through menopause triggers a rise in cholesterol and triglycerides, important risk factors for heart disease. The German study also found that menopausal women who exercised experienced a decrease in both.


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Reducing Stress And Bringing More Joy To Our Every Day Experiences Introduction To Mindfulness Caroline Temple People come to see me when they are in emotional pain of one kind or another. Holistic psychotherapy is an integrative approach that looks at the “whole” person – body, mind and spirit – and the connections between emotional and physical wellbeing. It is based on a belief that healing is dependent on seeking balance and harmony in all areas of our lives, from nutrition to relationships, financial health to physical health, from a feeling of separation to one of connectedness. It is about separating our reality from our illusions. It believes in accepting WHAT IS and adjusting our response to it. It supports the idea that we are powerful beyond measure when we realize we can choose how we respond to life, rather than becoming a victim of it. The human condition involves pain and suffering, even though we would prefer to believe otherwise. We spend inordinate amounts of energy resisting this, thereby creating even more suffering. However, we all have the ability to tap into our own “wise woman” and find intuitive guidance that is just right for us. When we begin to accept ourselves as we are, with all our flaws and imperfections, we find freedom from many of the outside cues that re-trigger our own individual wounds. One of the most effective ways to reduce stress and bring more joy to our everyday experiences is through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Many clients tell me they “can’t meditate” because their minds are too busy, but mindfulness begins just with the practice of noticing and refocusing attention. It moves us from our automatic pilot mode of operation to a place of more conscious awareness. While formal meditation could certainly be considered the gold standard of stress reduction, informal practice opens the door to a more centered way of being, less consumed by our distracted thoughts, leading in turn to more inner peace.

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What is mindfulness and how can it help me? Mindfulness has its roots in the Buddhist tradition. It is always present-centered, has an element of focused attention and intention, and is non-judgmental. It is a way of living and being conscious that promotes healing, joy and inner peace. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who developed the practice of MBSR, describes it as “moment to moment awareness.” Some of the key components of mindfulness are: Developing a witness consciousness. Our emotions and our bodies are our greatest guides. They tell us that something is out of balance. If we learn the language of these guides, we are better able to do something about the problem, rather than just pushing it away. New and exciting advances in neuroscience tell us that our fight/flight primitive brain does not know the difference between real and perceived danger. It shows us that observation, or being mindful, of ourselves and our reactions allows us to rewire our brains and reduce our tendency to react to an “emotional hijacking.”

Accessing our expanded state allows us to see whole new possibilities that lie within the realm of our influence. Learning to live our lives in the present moment and deal only with what IS, right here, right now. Eckhart Tolle and Louise Hay constantly remind us the “the point of power is in the present.” The ONLY place we can affect is the present because it is only there where we have any influence. The same applies to our choice to react to an emotional hijacking or STOP, OBSERVE and CHOOSE. Making lasting changes to our thinking requires the courage to explore our own default settings and face our fears with honesty and openness. Learning to treat ourselves with compassion and non-judgment. Compassion and lack of judgment are key components of living a more mindful life. They come from that place of expansion, of connection to something bigger. Intentionally adopting a practice of being kind to ourselves helps to lessen the power of the inner critic, teaching us to tolerate and learn from the big energy of negative emotions. Learning how to self-soothe. There are many individual ways to self-soothe. Being mindful helps us to become aware of our lack of regulation so we can learn tools to help us self-soothe, whether it be breathing, learning to say “no,” listening to music, a formal meditation practice, imagery, body work, exercise, to name a few. Therapy can help you identify your patterns and practice this concept of self-care.

Whenever we are suffering, we are in a contracted state, both in our limited ability to see the bigger picture and to focus our attention Getting Support and intention meaningfully. We become a You do not have to do this alone! It requires prisoner of our own beliefs and experiences, hard work and a willingness to explore your powerless in the face of the huge energy of truth, which can initially be uncomfortable. our emotional responses to seemingly evFacing yourself with honesty and openness is eryday occurrences. Learning to pause and the key to change – and seeking help to fursettle our energy allows us to step back for ther understand this can be extremely helpful. a moment and bring attention back to the Caroline Temple, LCSW, is a holistic present moment, giving psychotherapist, also certified in Reiki and us the opportunity Energy Psychology. She has a private practice in to STOP, OBSERVE Fairfield and Norwalk, where she sees individuals AND CHOOSE a new and offers groups and workshops. perspective. We cannot access She can be reached at 203-866-9333 or this wisdom from a contracted state.



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MADE BY MOMS WHO LOVE THEIR KIDS™ New Kids’ Beverage Provides the Right Nutrition for Kids Perfect for School Lunches, After-School Snacks and Proper Hydration essential vitamins and minerals, 3 grams of fiber, ROCKIN’ WATER has the antioxidant power equivalent to a serving of fruit or vegetable! This equates to an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) factor of 500. For moms out there, that’s like eating a full cup of broccoli, but served up in delicious, great tasting water that kids love! ROCKIN’ WATER has no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors or flavorings, and no preservatives. Amy Guerrieri, a mother of four young children and “serial entrepreneur” got tired of all the unhealthy kid-targeted food and drink options. Amy wanted to figure out a way to get children the nutrition they need, and in a way they would enjoy, so Amy decided to take matters into her own hands and create a healthy, nutritious drink for kids called ROCKIN’ WATER™. ROCKIN’ WATER™ is a nutrient enhanced, all natural, flavored water that is “Made by Moms who love their kids™ ” and provides just the right nutrition for growing children. Packed with 11


ROCKIN’ WATER is a great beverage for school lunches and after-school or sport snacks. Available in four great flavors – apple, cherry, grape and orange – ROCKIN’ WATER is a favorite among area kids.

stores, a coffee shop and catering company. “Ultimately, the kids would end up in front of a beverage cooler, with hands against the glass, eyeing all of the unhealthy, artificially flavored, sugar-filled drinks that have traditionally been available to children. As a mom, I wanted my children to have a drink that not only tasted great, but provided them with the right nutrition for their growing bodies, so we created ROCKIN’ WATER with kids’ nutrition specifically in mind.” ROCKIN’ WATER is different from other juice-based kids’ beverages – it is a WATER - and kids need 6-8 glasses of

“Being in the food business, my own children were always with us in restaurants and stores,” noted Guerrieri, who along with her husband Rob, owns several successful bagel

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Health & Wellness heart disease later in life and plays a crucial role in the prevention of childhood obesity. Three-year old children need approximately 19 grams of fiber a day; kids 9-13 years in age should have between 26 and 31 grams of fiber per day. Making sure kids get enough fiber in their diet is important and offering ROCKIN’ WATER in the school lunch box makes adding fiber to your children’s diet an easy thing to do. ROCKIN’ WATER also offers the right nutrition for kids through 11 vitamins and minerals – vitamins and minerals that are not typically found in everyday “kid” foods, but that are essential for healthy growth and energy – such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, Chromium, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Selenium, and Zinc.

water every day. Kids that don’t get enough water can actually suffer from mild dehydration and become irritable, tired and less able to concentrate. By the time kids get home from school, if they haven’t drank enough water throughout the day, they can suffer from headaches, tiredness and may be lethargic. While some parents might view this behavior as normal, experts now know that it may be, in part, due to the effects of dehydration. Just exercising in a school PE class or running around on the playground can cause a child to loose the equivalent of two glasses of water. Drinking water has an

Fair fie ld County Wo m an

immediate revitalizing effect and teachers in the UK in a Food in Schools water provision pilot project reported that water intake and proper hydration for kids throughout the school day helped boost children’s capacity for learning. Fiber is also extremely important for healthy kids; many children don’t get enough fiber on a daily basis. Adding ROCKIN’ WATER to the school lunch box can help. Packed with three grams of fiber per serving, the fiber in ROCKIN’ WATER also plays an important role in digestive health for children. Consumption of fiber has also been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer and

ROCKIN’ WATER is currently available in stores throughout Fairfield County and the New York and New Jersey areas. ROCKIN’ WATER also wants to make a difference in kids’ lives – for every bottle of ROCKIN’ WATER sold, ROCKIN’ WATER will donate 2 cents to R.A.M.P. – the Rockin’ Appalachian Mom Project. R.A.M.P. works to help poverty-stricken kids in the Appalachian region of the United States (, and is a non-profit organization that Amy Guerrieri also founded after seeing the plight of Appalachian children and their need for better nutrition. ROCKIN’ WATER is also available online at To learn more about ROCKIN’ WATER and get tips for healthy lunch box options, visit or call 203-990-0000.



Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Lifelong Exercise Lifelong Exercise


It’s to enjoy enjoythe the It’snever never too too late late to benefits benefits. No matter what your o matter whatyou your age, you may wish that were age, you may wish stronger, faster and more fit. thatthink you were stronAnd you may it’s inevitable ger, faster and more fit. And that as time goes on you’ll lose you may think it’s inevitable your edge. that as time goes on you’ll lose In reality, your edge.many of the physical changes thatmany are blamed aging In reality, of theon physical thatresult are blamed on arechanges actually the of inactivaging are actually the result of ity and other lifestyle choices. It’s inactivity and other lifestyle possible not only to maintain the choices. only strengthIt’s andpossible flexibilitynot that you tohad maintain the strength when you were young,and but flexibility that you had whento also with continued vigilance, you wereimprove young,on but also time. withIf actually it over continued vigilance, to actuyou’re in good health and conally improve on it over time. sciously striving to improve your If you’re in good health and fitness, you may be in better shape consciously striving to improve nowfitness, than when were your youyou may be20. in better shapethe now thanmost when you Perhaps single imporwere tant 20. thing you can do to maintain Perhaps single most your abilitythe to keep doing the important thing you do to activities you enjoy is can to become maintain your ability and stay physically fit. to keep doing the activities you enjoy is exercise canphysically not only toRegular become and stay help you get through the tasks fit. ofRegular daily lifeexercise better, but cancan notalso helphelp you avoid illness and injury, only you get through the two of main tasks of the daily lifereasons better, people but can also help you avoid enter nursing homes.illness It may and also injury, two of theormain help you reduce avoidreasons medical people enter nursing homes. expenses. And, you can improve Ityour mayfitness also help you reduce at almost any ageor or avoid medical expenses. And, physical condition - it’s never too you improve your fitness latecan to start. at almost any age or physical This Special Report will help condition - it’s never too lateyou to develop a well rounded fitness start. program so that you can enjoy This Special Report will help thedevelop benefits of better strength, you a well rounded stamina, flexibility fitness program soand thatbalance. you can enjoydoes the benefits of better Exercise require some efstrength, stamina, fort, but look at theflexibility benefits and Exercise does andbalance. the alternatives. require some effort, but look at Ultimately, the more fit you are, the benefits - and the alternathe more likely you aremore to enjoy tives. Ultimately, the fit independence, health andyou happiyou are, the more likely ness you age. Those benefits are to as enjoy independence, are worth effort. And, exerhealth and the happiness as you ciseThose itself can be funare if you pick age. benefits worth activities enjoy. itself the effort. that And,you exercise can fun if you Usebe it or lose it pick activities that you enjoy. Regardless of how well you take care of yourself, time takes a toll Use it or lose it on your body. As you age, your Regardless of how well you muscles become take care typically of yourself, timeweaker, takes your bones become more brittle a toll on your body. As you age, and susceptible to fracture, and your muscles typically become weaker, your bones become more brittle and susceptible to fracture, 20 and your tendons lose

elasticity, making you less flexyour tendons lose elasticity, makible. Noless doubt you’ve ing you flexible. No noticed doubt that younoticed simplythat can’t some you’ve youdo simply of the things you could when can’t do some of the things you you were younger. could when you were younger. To counter these changes, counter thesefitness changes, a aTo well-rounded prowell-rounded fitnessfive program gram incorporates major incorporates -five majorexercise, compocomponents aerobic strength training, core stability, nents - aerobic exercise, strength flexibility andstability, balance.flexibility A protraining, core gram involving as littleinvolvas 30 to and balance. A program 60 minutes of these activities ing as little as 30 to 60 minutes a day can reap hugea day rewards. of these activities can reap Keep in mind the imporhuge rewards. tance of both regular physical Keep in mind the activity, which isimportance any moveof both regular physical activment you make that burns ity, which is any movement calories, such as gardeningyou or make that burns calories, such as walking your dog and exercise gardening walkingstructured your dog which is a or planned, and formisof physiand repetitive exercise which a planned, cal activity,and such as swimstructured repetitive form of ming laps, taking brisk walks physical activity, such as swimor weightlifting. a or ming laps, taking Leading brisk walks physically active lifestyle is weight lifting. Leading a physicalimportant for your health, but ly active lifestyle is important for regular exercise brings even your health, but regular exercise greater rewards. brings even greater rewards. Putting it Putting it all alltogether: together: Your Your exercise program exercise program It’s good to to adopt a physically It’s good adopt a physically active lifestyle, a regular, active lifestyle, butbut a regular, scheduled exercise program scheduled exercise program is is often to achieving achievingand and oftenessential essential to maintaining optimal fitness maintaining optimal fitness and and health. health. Before you begin an exercise Before youit’s begin an exercise program, a good idea to program, it’s a good idea to schedule schedule a physical exam with a physical exam with your doctor, your doctor, who can check who weight, can checkheart, your weight, your lungs, viheart, lungs, visionYour and hearing. sion and hearing. health Yourprovider health care provider will also care will also likely take exercise history, aslikelyan take an exercise history, sess your current assess your currentfitness, fitness,and and make recommendamake exercise exercise recommendations tions ongoals yourand goals and basedbased on your fitness fitness level. Take advantage level. Take advantage of this opof this opportunity to discuss portunity to discuss any of your any of your pains, limitations pains, limitations or other health or other health concerns. Ask concerns. Ask about specific about specific types of activitypes of activities you’re interties you’re interested in to see if ested in to see if you should you should take precautions. take precautions. Once you’ve received your health care provider’s OKhealth and Once you’ve received your have assessed your fitness care provider’s OK and have aslevel, ready level, to create sessedyou’re your fitness you’re your exercise program. As proready to create your exercise outlined good exgram. As earlier, outlinedaearlier, a good ercise program incorporates exercise program incorporates aerobic, strength training, core stability, flexibility and balance exercises. The specific exercises you choose and how often you


April/May 2009

aerobic, training, core do themstrength will depend on your stability, and balance goals andflexibility resources. exercises. The exercises You may bespecific worried that you’ll needand to spend all your you choose how often you do time the themexercising will dependtoonfulfill your goals basic recommendations for and resources. each type of activity. However, You may be worried that you’ll you’ll be surprised at how easy all your time and itneed canto bespend to work exercise exercising to fulfill the physical activity into basic your day. recommendations for each type of activity. However, you’ll be Aerobic exercise how easy it can be to •surprised What – at Aerobic activity work exercise and physical activrequires and utilizes oxygen. ityRegular into youraerobic day. exercise increases your aerobic capacAerobic exercise ity, or how well your body •W  hat – Aerobic activity uses oxygen. When your requires and utilizes oxygen. aerobic capacity is high, Regular aerobic exercise inyour heart, lungs and blood creasesefficiently your aerobic capacity, vessels transport or how well your body uses and deliver large amounts oxygen. When your aerobic of oxygen throughout your capacity is high, your heart, body. lungs blood vessels Someand examples of aeroefficiently and to bic exercisetransport include low deliver large amounts of oxymoderate intensity walking, dancing, biking, your hiking, rungen throughout body. ning and swimming. • Why – Aerobic exercise includes some of the most popular and accessible activities you can do. It’s important to your cardiovascular


Some examples of aerobic ex-lose health and can help you ercise include low to moderate weight, lower your blood intensity walking, pressure, and dancing, decreasebiking, your risk running of heartand disease, stroke, hiking, swimming. diabetes and some cancers. •W  hy – Aerobic exercise Improved aerobic capacity includes some of the most and cardiovascular endurpopular and accessible activiance can help you do chores youstairs can do. It’s important orties climb without beto your cardiovascular coming short of breath,health and andcan canenjoy help you lose weight, you your favorite lower your bloodbefore pressure, activities longer getandtired. decrease your risk of ting heart– disease, stroke, diabe• How Many activities can be tesaerobic and some cancers. an exercise, depending on the intensity. You’ll Improved aerobic capacity and know you’re working at the cardiovascular endurance can right intensity, and in a good help you do chores or climb aerobic range, when you’re stairs without becoming short of breaking a sweat and breathbreath, and you can enjoy ing faster, but are stillyour able to favorite activities longer exercise comfortablybefore for 30 getting to 40tired. minutes. As a general rule, you should be able • How – Many activities canto be say a brief sentence during an aerobic exercise, dependaerobic exercise. ing on the intensity. You’ll A good beginning know you’re working goal at theis to exercise aerobically for 30 right intensity, and in a good to 60 minutes a day at least aerobic range, when you’re three days a week, workbreaking a sweat and breathing up to at least five days a ing faster, are still able week. For abut successful andto

sustained aerobic exercise program:

exercise comfortably forenjoy 30 • Find activities that you to 40can minutes. As a general and do regularly. You rule,add youvariety should be able to can and increase your byduring trying say a motivation brief sentence different activities. aerobic exercise. • Start slowly, and then work A good beginning goal is to up to a more intense pace as exercise aerobically for 30 to 60 necessary. For many people, minutes a day to at stick least three days it’s easier to a routine a week, working up to at least that involves less intense fiveaerobic days a week. For for a successful exercise a longer andperiod. sustained aerobic exerciseconTo avoid injury, program: sider increasing the time you or itsthat intensity by •exercise F ind activities you enjoy about 10 percent a week. and can do regularly. You can Walking is one of the add variety and increase your most popular and accessible motivation by trying different aerobic activities. A brisk activities. walk most days of the week •can S  tart slowly, and many then work help deliver of the accompany up benefits to a morethat intense pace as aerobic exercise. If you’ve necessary. For many people, never exercised it’s easier to stickregularly to a routine orthat you haven’tless exercised involves intense for aaerobic long time, start at aa longer level exercise for that’s comfortable for period. To avoid injury,you. conItsider mayincreasing be no more thethan time five you minutes at first. exercise or its intensity by about 10 percent a week. Strength training • What – Strength training involves the use of free weights, your own body

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Lifelong Lifelong Exercise Exercise

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Walking is one of the most Continued from Page 20 Continued from Page 20

can produce a va- •To minimize your–health risks, you’re finished you’re finished •Osteoporosis Osteoporosis –Osteoporosis Osteoporosis weight, bands orora a weight, resistance bands popularresistance and accessible aerobic riety of benefits make sure to warm up before and with weakens withtreatment treatment weakensyour yourbones, bones,causcausweight resistance machine weight resistance machine activities. A brisk walk mosttoto for those with down and stretch after your and are ing them totobreak Hip and arecancer cancer cool ing them breakeasily. easily. Hip increase strength increase muscle strength and days of muscle the week can helpand decancer, including Keep the intensity at a free, goal fractures are the free,your your goal workouts. fractures areoften often theresult result endurance. endurance. liver many of the benefits that may totoreofoffalls ininpeople with Osteomaybebe refalls people with Osteobetter control light to moderate level, especially ••Why – –When ititcomes toto Why Whenaerobic comes turn toto ororinitiporosis. Regular exercise initi- when porosis. Regular exercisecan can accompany exercise. ofturn side effects, first starting out. overall fitness, overall fitness, strength reguate help atea ahealthy healthy helpmaintain maintainand andpotenpotenIf you’ve neverstrength exercised maintenance of •O  steoporosis – Osteoporosis training bebejust asasimtraining may just imlifestyle. IfIfand tially lifestyle. tiallyincrease increasebone bonedensity, density, larly or may you haven’t exercised muscle tone weakens your bones, causing portant asasaerobic activities. portant aerobic activities. you’re making you’redealing dealing makingbones bonesstronger strongerand and for a long time, start at a level stamina, reduced them to break easily. Hip It’s one totoIt It’s oneof ofthe thebest bestways ways with less withrecurrent recurrent lessprone pronetotofracture. fracture.ExerExerthat’s comfortable for you. stress, improved fractures are often the result slow slow thedecline decline inmuscle muscle or cise also ormetastasis metastasis cise alsostrengthens strengthensyour your maythe be no morein than five minhealth, and of falls in people with Osteomass massthat thattends tendstotooccur occur cancer, exermuscles. Together, strong cancer, exermuscles. Together, strong utes at first. possibly even imporosis. Regular exercise with withage. age. cise help bones cisecan can help bonesand andmuscles musclescan can can proved survival. Strength trainingand help maintain and potentially By Bypreserving preserving andenhancenhancyou improve youmaintain maintain improveyour yourposture postureand and •your W  hat – Strength training Ifmobility you’re receivincrease bone density, making lean muscle ingyour lean musclemass, mass, mobility and balance and reduce your risk and balance and reduce your risk involvesstronger the use of free ing treatment, bones stronger and less you and youbecome become stronger and independence ofofing falls. independence falls. weights, own body the goal of prone to fracture. Exercise decrease your risk decrease youryour riskof ofinjury. injury. and provide Strength training exercises and provide Strength training exercises Because strength training Because strength training weight, resistance bands exercise may also strengthens your musrelief especially upper relieffrom from especiallythose thosefor forthe the upper contributes totobetter balance, contributes better balance, or resistance machine to be to preserve cles. Together, strong bones stress and back asas well stress and back wellasasweight-bearweight-bearcoordination coordination andagility, agility, increaseand muscle strength and perhaps and muscles can improve anxiety. Being aerobic activities and anxiety. Being aerobic activities and tions referthat to the number of may you’re maydiscover discover that you’re ititcan prevent canhelp help prevent fallsinin and endurance.falls cause flexibility exercises are causecancer cancer flexibility exercises areoften often improve funcyour posture and balance and times lift the or only 1 1or onlyable abletoyou tolift lift or2weight 2 older olderadults. adults.All Allthis thismeans means treatment recommended for people treatment recommended for people tion. If you’re reduce your risk of falls. •W  hy – When it comes to pushoror against theeven resistance, pounds, perhaps pounds, perhaps evenless less if that thatdaily dailytasks taskssuch suchasasdoing doing often with oftenaffects affects withOsteoporosis. Osteoporosis.Weight Weight finished with overall fitness, strength train- than Strength training exercises espeOnce thanthat. that.That’s That’s Once you’re using OK. aOK. machine. housework, housework,carrying carryinggrocergroceryour bearing yourwhole whole bearingactivities activitiesinvolve involve treatment and ing may be just important your cially those for the upper back as yourmuscles, muscles, tendons and be ies mowing the lawn iesand and mowing theas lawn The weighttendons you use and should body, actividoing body, actividoingexercises exerciseson onyour yourfeet, feet, are cancer free, as aerobic activities. It’s one well as weight‑bearing aerobic ligaments ligaments growaccustomed accustomed become becomeeasier. easier. heavygrow enough so that on the ties with tiesthat thatwork work withyour yourbones bonessupportsupportyour goal may the best training ways to slow activities and flexibility exercises exercises, strengthening exercises, ••How just How–of –Strength Strength training justthe totostrengthening 12th repetition, you’re just your ing your entireto ingyour yourweight. weight.This Thishelps helps be to entire return training trainingand andaerobic aerobicactivity. activity. decline intimes muscle massfor that are often recommended for peoyou’ll be surprised at how you’ll be surprised at how two three a aweek twototo threetimes week for barely able to finish it with body, such as swimming or slow mineral loss in bones. body, such as swimming or slow mineral loss in bones. •The A  rthritis –precaution The pain and or initiate a healthy lifestyle. If The main isisstiffmainprecaution tends to occur with age. ple with Osteoporosis. Weight you Before tryyouprogress. progress. Before try2020toto30 isissufficient 30minutes minutes sufficient walking, are recExamples walking, areespecially especially recExamplesinclude includewalking, walking, good form. One set of exerness thatyour accompany arthritis you’re dealing with recurrent or totoprotect protect yourjoints jointsfrom from bearing activities involveaerobics doing strength training ingany any strength training for and can for mostpeople people and canrere-your ing ommended. The precautions dancing, low impact ommended. The precautions dancing, low impact aerobics Bymost preserving and enhancing cises for the major muscles in further damage. Low-impact further damage. Low-impact may make any physical activmetastasis cancer, exercise can exercises on your feet, with your exercises, it may be helpful exercises, it may be helpful sult in significant, noticeable sult in significant, noticeable you’ll need to take depend and gardening. Avoid high you’ll need to take depend and gardening. Avoid high lean muscle mass, you become your upper and lower body activities activities suchasascycling, cycling, ity seemsuch unappealing. But an help you maintain mobility and to spend some time with a to spend some time with a bones supporting your weight. improvements in just a few improvements in just a few on impact onyour yourspecific specificcondition. condition. impactexercises exercisesthat thatinvolve involve stronger and decrease your risk can provide the same benefit swimming an swimming orusing using anelelimportantor way to keep your independence and provide relief therapist physical therapistororother other This helps slow mineral as loss in weeks. With regular strength weeks. With regular strength • Cardiovascular disease – jumping or running well • Cardiovascular disease – jumping or running as well of injury. Because strength train- physical for most people as multiple liptical liptical machineplace place less jointsmachine functioning theirless best is from stress and anxiety. Because exercise exercisespecialist specialistwho whocan can training, even a previously training, even a previously bones. Examples include walkRegular asasany Regularexercise exercisecan canhelp help anyactivities activitiesthat thatinvolve involve ing contributes to better balance, set training. stress on than stress onyour your joints than to move themjoints and strengthen cancer treatment often affects help helpyou youdesign designa aresistance resistance unfit unfitperson personcan canincrease increasehis his ing, dancing, low impact aerobics prevent a heart attack by bending and twisting forprevent a heart attack by bending and twisting forcoordination and agility, it can do activities do activities likerunning runningor or the muscleslike that support them. your whole body, activities that If you’re and aand beginner, you may program advise you on program advise you on ororher herstrength strength5050percent percentoror and gardening. Avoid high impact reducing pressure on damward at the waist. reducing pressure on damward at the waist. help prevent falls in older adults. walking. often walking. Experts oftenrecrecThis canExperts be accomplished work your entire body, such as discover that you’re only able safety issues. safety issues. more moreininsix sixmonths. months. aged arteries and reducing aged arteries and reducing exercises that involve jumping or All this means that daily tasks ommend water ommend swimming, water throughswimming, flexibility exercises, swimming or walking, are espeto lift 1 or 2 pounds, or perhaps Regardless Regardlessofofwhether whetheryou you buildup of plaques. Daily buildup of plaques. Daily running as well as any activities Many other chronic health Many other chronic health walking and water aerobics walking and water aerobics such as doing housework, carstrength training and aerobic cially recommended. The precaueven lesswith than That’s OK. Exercising Exercising withathat. amedical medical use usefree freeweights, weights,resistance resistance physical activity reduce physical activitycan can reduce that involvealso bending and twisting conditions can conditions also canbe bemanmanfor individuals with arthritis, for individuals with arthritis, rying groceries and mowing the condition activity. tions you’ll need to take depend condition Once your muscles, tendons and machines machinesororbands, bands,ororyour your your low density lipoprotein your low density lipoprotein forward at the waist. aged in part by healthy lifeaged in part by healthy lifeespecially especiallyarthritis arthritisinintheir their lawn become easier. on yourcholesterol specific condition. Ifligaments a achronic health Ifyou youhave have chronic health own body weight, keep own body weight, keepthese these grow accustomed to (LDL) (the “bad” (LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” T  he main precaution is to style such stylechoices choices suchashealth asregular regular weight weightbearing bearingjoints. joints. Many other chronic condiyou think condition, youmay may thinkthat that be protect your joints from further tips inin tips• mind: H  mind: ow – Strength training just condition, strengthening exercises, you’ll cholesterol) and cholesterol) andincrease increase •Cardiovascular disease – ••Cancer exercise. Talk with your doctor Cancer– –People Peoplewho whohave have exercise. Talk with your tions also can be managed doctor in part your physical activincreasing your physical activ••Try work Trytototwo work allofofyour yourmajor toall three times amajor week forincreasing surprised at how you progress. your high density lipoproyour highexercise densitycan lipoprodamage. Low‑impact activities Regular help cancer often totorest cancerare are oftentold told rest about your specific concerns. about your specific concerns. by healthy lifestyle choices such ity is the last thing you should ity is the last thing you should muscle groups at least twice muscle groups at least twice 20 to 30 minutes is sufficient tein (HDL) Before trying any strength traintein (HDL) cholesterol (the such as cycling, swimming prevent acholesterol heart attack(the by and activity. While andlimit limit activity. Whileor as regular exercise. Talk with do. You may be surprised to do. You may be surprised to a aweek. Avoid exercising the week. Avoid exercising the “good” cholesterol). Physical “good” cholesterol). Physical for most people and can reing exercises, it may be helpful to it’s using anthat elliptical machine place reducing pressure on damit’strue true thatit’s it’sbest bestnot notto to Benefits atatany Benefits anyage age your doctor about your specific that physical learn that physical activity same muscles two inina a learn samesult muscles twodays days activity also helps combat activity also helps combat in significant, noticeable spend some timeactivity with a physical overdo it,it,on too much inactivoverdo too much inactivless stress your joints than do aged arteries and reducing There are many things There are many thingsininlife life concerns. can actually help you better can actually help you better row, each muscle group row,give give each muscle group other otherrisk riskfactors factorsfor forcorocoroimprovements in just a few therapist or other exercise speity you. itycan canalso also bebad badfor forwalking. you. activities likebe running or buildup of plaques. Daily that you can’t control. But one that you can’t control. But one manage the symptoms of many manage the symptoms of many a afull to rest and recover fullday day to rest and recover nary naryartery arterydisease, disease,such suchasas weeks. With regular strength cialist who can help you design Benefits at any age Reduced physical activity Reduced physical activity Experts often recommend swimphysical activity can reduce chronic conditions. chronic conditions.The Thekey keyisis thing thingyou youdo dohave havecontrol controlover, over, from fromthe theworkout. workout. obesity and high blood presobesity and high blood prestraining, even a previously a resistance program and advise There are many things in life that can totoan canlead lead anoverall overall decline ming, water walking anddecline water your low density lipoprotein totodevelop developan anappropriate, appropriate,inin••Start a weight you can Startwith with a weight you can and that plays a significant and that plays a significant sure. sure. unfit person can increase his you on safety issues. you can’t control. But one thing in inphysical physical function,which which aerobics for function, individuals with ar(LDL) cholesterol (the “bad” dividualized dividualizedexercise exerciseprogram program lift liftcomfortably comfortablyabout about1212 role roleininthe thequality qualityand andlength length Any Anyaerobic aerobicactivity activityisis or her strength 50 percent or can worsen the side effects of can worsen the side effects of thritis, especially arthritis in their cholesterol) and increase your you do have control over, and that Exercising with a takes account your that takesinto into account your times, times,ororrepetitions. repetitions.RepetiRepeti- that likely to be of benefit if you likely to be of benefit if you of your life, is your fitness. It’s of your life, is your fitness. It’s more in six months. cancer ititharder cancerand andmake make hardertoto weight bearing joints. high density lipoprotein (HDL) plays a significant role in the qualmedicaland condition condition andany anydrugs drugsyou you tions tionsrefer refertotothe thenumber numberofof condition have a heart condition. Your have a heart condition. Your never too late to start. never too late to start. recover recoverafter aftertreatment. treatment. ity and length of your life, is your cholesterol (the “good” Regardless ofthe whether you use may Ifbe you have a Consider chronic health the may betaking. taking. Consider theconditimes you oror times youlift lift theweight weight goal isistotomaintain ororgradugoal maintain gradu•Numerous C  ancer – People who have The a aprogram Thekey keyis istotoplan plan program Numerous studies show studies show fitness. It’s never too late to start. cholesterol). Physical activity freeagainst weights, resistance machinesfollowing tion, you may think that increastips and precautions following tips and precautions push push againstthe theresistance, resistance, ally increase the strength and ally increase the strength and cancer are often told to rest that’s that’sright rightfor foryou, you,whether whether that thatregular regularphysical physicalactivity activity also helpsofof combat other risk for common forsome some common conditions: oryou’re bands, or your own body ing your physicalconditions: activity is the The key is to plan a program ififyou’re using a amachine. using machine. endurance your endurance yourheart heartand and your and limit activity. While ait’s yourgoals goalsare arelosing losingweight, weight, and can andexercise exercise canproduce produce a pain stifffactors for coronary artery disArthritis –The The painand and stiffThe weight you use should The weight you use should weight, keep these tips in mind: ••Arthritis last thing–you should do. You may that’s right for you, whether your other othermuscles, muscles,reconditionreconditiontrueofthat it’s best not to variety for those variety ofbenefits benefits for those improving your cardiovascular improving your cardiovascular ness that arthriness thataccompany accompany arthriease, such as obesity and high goals are losing weight, improvbebeheavy heavyenough enoughsosothat thaton on be surprised to learn that physiing your circulatory system ing your circulatory system overdo it,including too much better inactiv•T  ry to work all of your major with cancer, with cancer, including better health, health,maintaining maintainingyour yourindeindetis may make any physical tis may make any physical the the12th 12threpetition, repetition,you’re you’re blood pressure. cal activity can actually help you ing your cardiovascular health, sosothat thatititwill willwork workmore more ity can also be bad for you. muscle groups at least twice control ofofside maincontrol sideeffects, effects, mainpendence or achieving general pendence or achieving general activity seem activity seemunappealing. unappealing. just justbarely barelyable abletotofinish finishitit efficiently. better manage the symptoms of efficiently. Tominimize minimize your maintaining your independence Reduced physical activity Any aerobicTo activity is likelyyour to a week. Avoid exercising the tenance ofofmuscle tone and tenance muscle tone andcan health healthand andlongevity longevitybenefits. benefits. But an important way But an important waytoto with withgood goodform. form.One Oneset set health risks, make sure to health risks, make sure to many chronic conditions. The key or achieving general health and lead to an overall decline in be of benefit if you have a heart stamina, reduced stress, imstamina, reduced stress, imsame muscles two days in a With planning and perhaps With planning and perhaps keep your joints functioning keep your joints functioning ofofexercises exercisesfor forthe themajor major warm before and cool warmup upYour before and cool is to develop an appropriate, indi- proved health, and proved health, andpossibly possibly physical function, which can condition. goal is to maintain longevity benefits. With planning row, give each muscle group their thehelp helpofofa aphysical physicaltherapist therapist them theirbest bestisexercise istotomove move themthat muscles ininyour muscles yourupper upperand and down and stretch after your down and stretch after your the vidualized program even improved survival. even improved survival. worsen the side effects of or gradually increase the strength and perhaps the help of a physical abody full day toprovide rest and the recover and strengthen the muscles and strengthen the muscles lower can lower body can provide the you can create a varied, you can create a varied, enjoyworkouts. workouts.Keep Keepthe theintensity intensity therapist you can create aenjoytakes into account your condition varied, If receiving treatIfyou’re you’re receiving treat-to cancer and make it harder and endurance of your heart and thefor workout. that support them. This can that support them. This can same benefit samefrom benefit formost mostpeople people able fitness ableand andpersonalized personalized fitness atata alight lighttotomoderate moderatelevel, level, and any drugs you may be taking. ment, enjoyable and personalized fitthe ofof exercise ment, thegoal goal exercise recover after treatment. other muscles, reconditioning bebeaccomplished accomplishedthrough through asasmultiple set multiple settraining. • S  tart with a training. weight you can especially when first starting especially when first starting plan that will make exercise aa plan that will make exercise Consider the following tips and ness plan that will make exercise may maybebetotopreserve preserveand and your circulatory system so that it flexibility flexibilityexercises, exercises,strength strength IfIfyou’re a abeginner, you you’re beginner, you Numerous studies show that reglift comfortably about 12 out. out. regular part of your life. regular part of your life. precautions for some common a regular part of your life perhaps perhapsimprove improvefunction. function.IfIf will work more efficiently. times, or repetitions. Repeti-

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Business A Special Note From The County Woman Newspaper Advertising And Promotion During A Recession The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) confirmed on December 1, 2008, that the U.S. economy has been in a recession since December 2007. Many economists believe the current recession will be the worst since the recession of 1981-82. Times are rough, but that doesn’t mean you should lower your advertising budget; you actually should maintain or raise it, or just advertise smarter. A recent study by McGraw-Hill Research showed that companies that maintained or increased their advertising during the 1981–82 recession, had gains in sales in the short-run as well as the long-run. The McGraw-Hill Research study analyzed 600 companies from 1980 to 1985, and found those that advertised aggressively throughout the recession had sales 256% higher than companies who cut back on advertising. Consumers will continue to buy health care services, financial services, prescriptions, food, entertainment, professional services and every other type of product or service they have always purchased. During a recession, consumers are more discretionary about how they spend their hard earned dollars. They spend more time educating themselves about whom the best provider of a product or service might be and how to find them. Educational and informative advertising is most effective during tough times and now is the best time to get your message in front of a discerning group of buyers.

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Women in Profile Hannah storm In 2008, she created the Hannah Storm Foundation, which raises awareness and provides treatment for children suffering from debilitating and disfiguring vascular birthmarks. Hannah was born with a port wine stain above and below her left eye. Although a noticeable birthmark, she did not let it keep her from following her dreams. Hannah sits on the board of the Vascular Birthmark Institute, University of Notre Dame, Diocese of Bridgeport, “Tribeca Sports Film Festival,” “Colgate Women’s Sports Awards,” “21st Century Kids 1st Foundation” and has done extensive work with the March of Dimes, Partnership for Drug-Free America, Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics and the Women’s Sports Foundation. Storm also founded Brainstormin Productions for the creation of educational and inspirational programming. In addition to her hosting duties, ESPN has tapped into Storm’s ability to interview high profile personalities. Since her arrival at ESPN, Hannah’s subjects have included the NFL’s Manning family; Archie, Peyton and Eli, Olympians Michael Phelps and Dara Torres, University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, legendary collegiate basketball Coach Bobby Knight, professional soccer’s David Beckham and baseball manager, Joe Torre. In addition, Storm has anchored a documentary special on women’s sports entitled, “HERstory.”

LINNEA J LEVINE Linnea J. Levine, Esq. is admitted to practice law in the New York and Connecticut, state and federal courts. She completed her Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School in 1990, and received her certification as an Elder Law Attorney from the National Foundation of Elder Law Attorneys, approved by the American Bar Association in 1999, with re-certification in 2005. For the past eighteen years, her practice has concentrated on the sensitive and complex fields of elder law, probate, estate planning and disability law, focusing on quality of life and asset preservation issues. Her staff, located in her Westport, Connecticut and Rye, New York law offices, are well trained and experienced in expeditiously processing Medicaid applications and settling probate estates. Drawing on her prior experience as an educator and school administrator, Linnea breaks down complex legal issues into pieces easily comprehended by her clients so that they can make fully informed decisions regarding their asset preservation and estate plans. Linnea and her staff make every effort to quickly and effectively resolve their clients’ problems.

For more information, please visit

Linnea has been invited to speak at various courses sponsored by the New York State Bar Association on Medicaid and Guardianship laws and at continuing legal education seminars on Elder Law and Estate Planning. She is a member of the New York State Bar Association (Elder Law, Trusts and Estates, and Family Law Sections), the Connecticut Bar Association (Elder Law, Trusts and Estates and Family Law Sections) the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and she serves on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Additional information about the Law Offices of Linnea J. Levine, P.C. can be found at .

Regina Cornelio

Adela Gallagher

Dynamic Life Skills provides life skills coaching to children and young people of all abilities. We provide teaching and enhancement of social skills, self-esteem, attitude, decision making skills, study/organizational skills, manners, social etiquette and values. Mission Statement: Dynamic Life Skills provides children and adolescents with high quality life-skills coaching services by improving life skills that are critical for real-world success! Regina Cornelio is the Founder and Executive Director of Dynamic Life Skills, Inc. Regina is a certified elementary school teacher with her masters degree in education and experience in both public schools and private consultation. She also has experience as a behavioral therapist at ARC Greenwich, the Greenwich Autism Program. Regina recently completed the Casey Life Skills Training Program and is a certified trainer on the program which offers coaching on developmental life skills. She also has trained with Todd Kellogg, MA , LMFT on her current social skills curriculum. Regina is also a certified life coach through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has developed the current curriculum for the core programs at Dynamic Life Skills. Regina has written articles published in Fairfield Parent Magazine, Today’s Teen Magazine and the Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities newsletter. She also has been featured on many local radio stations. Regina came to the idea of starting a life-skills coaching business through her teaching experience. She noticed a huge need for “life skills” among children of all different abilities. These life skills are often not taught in school, and with today’s busy life styles, they are not always taught extensively at home. Regina is passionate about working with children of all abilities. As a coach, she can help your child improve their study skills, organizational skills, self esteem, social skills and ultimately become more successful in life!


Adela Gallagher is one of the newest editions to the County Woman publications family. She has come a long way from home and has become the owner and publisher of the Fairfield County Woman based in Stamford, CT. Adela was born in Czech Republic and was raised there. It was after college where Adela studied mechanical engineering when she decided to travel to England to learn the English language. After spending time in England and traveling to as many places as she could, she ended up in the USA as an Au Pair. She started with a family in Greenwich, CT where one of her responsibilities was to speak and teach her native Czech Language to one of the children. The trip to the USA wasn’t planned to be a long trip but after joining another family and eventually meeting a guy, she thought America just might be where she would eventually like to stay. Unfortunately, Adela had to travel home. During her two year stay in Czech Republic, she became a buyer for Delphi Electric Systems and eventually was promoted to Manager for middle Europe in her specialty. However, her heart was still in the USA where she eventually traveled back to marry her long time boyfriend. It didn’t take long for Adela to get adapted to working in the USA again and decide to pursue her opportunity on becoming a publisher and owner of the Fairfield County Woman where she is in production of her second issue.

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Women in Profile Caroline Temple Caroline Temple, LCSW, is a holistic psychotherapist, combining traditional therapeutic methods with mindfulness practice and selfcare and empowerment skills to help you take charge of your healing and build your own toolbox. She is also certified in Reiki and Energy Psychology. Whether you are struggling with an immediate issue, or perhaps the legacy of a past wound or fear of the future that has left you feeling unhappy, Caroline’s approach integrates many different modalities, from eastern mindfulness techniques to more traditional therapies. “The most important foundation is the trusting relationship that I build with my clients, together with the knowledge and experience necessary to help them. In alignment with my philosophy that “it takes a village…,” I have an expanded network of other professionals whose support can complement your therapy. I offer Wise Women Around the Well, a group for women seeking a more spiritual approach to life, as well as Flying Solo – Healing from the Aftermath of Divorce, What I Know To Be True and several collaborative workshops with other professionals. Please call me or visit my web site to explore how I might be able to help you.” Caroline Temple, MSW, LCSW, Soma Center for Wellbeing , 60 Katona Drive, Fairfield, CT 06824, and 147 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851. 203-866-9333.

Sarah Osborne My name is Sarah Osborne, Community Relations and Group Sales Representative for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers Hockey Team. I grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended Littleton High School. I was recruited by the University of Bridgeport and received a softball scholarship. I completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Bridgeport and my Masters in Sports Management from Springfield College. Upon completion of my masters I did an internship with the Colorado Rockies. I enjoy working with the Sound Tigers team because I get to wear many different hats. I am a community relations and group sales representative, but I also assist with the merchandise, customer service, operations and other miscellaneous duties. My main focus is getting new and returning groups of people to attend Sound Tigers games. I arrange for new schools, companies, and churches to come enjoy a fun night/day at a Sound Tigers Game together! The Sound Tigers offer affordable family fun. We try to make it enjoyable for everyone by adding different themes such as Faith Night, where we have a canned food drive in support of the Souper Bowl of Caring along with a concert at the end of the Sound Tigers game. Additional theme nights include Chanukah with the Sound Tigers, Cancer Awareness Night, and Salute to Armed Forces Night to name a few. We are always looking for new ideas and groups to come out to sing, perform, fundraise, or just have a good time! If you want more information you can e-mail me at

Fair fie ld County Wo m an

Helena Salak Is there a better way to say “I Love You,” “I’m Sorry,” Thank You” or just to make someone happy for no reason at all than with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers?! I was born in one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, The Czech Republic. I graduated with a degree in Marketing & Management and lived in London, England for three years, before moving to St. Louis, Missouri. There I attended the Floral Design Institute. I moved to New York nine years ago and fell in love with this radiant city full of energy. Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for anything floral. Plants and flowers manifest life, happiness and serenity and make everyday life just a little bit more bright and beautiful. Dedication to detail and a passion for making memorable arrangements has made many people Albert Florist customers for life. We specialize in centerpieces, weddings and flowers for any party or special occasion. Albert Florist 604 North Main Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 tel : 914- 934 9497 e-mail : albertflorist9@aol

Maryam Hedayatzadeh, M.D. During my undergraduate training, I realized that I wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives; becoming a physician would allow me to do just that. Once I entered medical school, my clinical rotation in women’s health interested me the most. Being able to educate, treat and work with women has been very fulfilling for me. I chose to continue to be an advocate for women’s health by becoming an OB/GYN; by doing so, I am able to care for women and have the fortunate ability to educate and empower them. Women`s Health Care of New England 761 Main Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 Tel.: 203-644-1100



Women in Profile Kate Thornton As a mother and a visual communications artist, Kate Thornton has created a very special parental directory that no mom should be without! “ALL THINGS KIDS”, a resource directory of Fairfield County, is jam-packed full of organized information for today’s busy parent! Thornton, an interested and involved member of the community, has designed the substantial handbook to be easy and useful. Along with researching the book’s content, Kate also designed the graphics, page layout and corporate identity material associated with the marketing and promotion of “ALL THINGS KIDS, LLC”. “I have enjoyed every aspect of creating the handbook”, says Thornton, “but most of all, I LOVE when people walk up to me and thank me for helping them with their everyday lives!” Kate’s design/communications background, her education at Pratt Institute in New York City and her work experience with big corporations like Disney and Nickelodeon have all formed her as a specialized artist for this project. Looks like the NEW edition of “ALL THINGS KIDS” is on its way this Fall. Great job Kate!

JESsica ROMER My name is Jessica Romer, the Senior Director at Next Dimension Gymnastics and I have been teaching gymnastics for 8 years. I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. I love working with children and shaping them into young adults. Gymnastics is my passion and I love to share that gift with others. Sign up for a free trial class or evaluation and you will be sure to have me teaching your children. Call today to make an appointment to see our fabulous facility, Next Dimension Gymnastics 203-372-3222.

This space is available for YOU! Would you like to become one of our “Women in Profile”? Reserve your space today! Call 203-708-9186 or e-mail to


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Law Professional

Using Trusts To Plan For The Disabled Prior to the use of trusts in catastrophic care planning, the disabled person had no choice other than to either give away all of her assets or spend them down on his medical care. This resulted in the catastrophically ill person having a very poor quality of life. However, by funding carefully drafted trusts, the trust funds are available for non medical goods and services while Medicaid pays for necessary medical care and prescribed medications.

3. Joan kept $50,000.00 in her name.

Below are three examples of disabled individuals who have benefitted from trusts established to preserve their quality of life.

Bill and Ann want to assure that Chuck receives quality care after they are gone. Also, they do not believe it is fair to expect Tom to be Chuck’s caregiver.

Example 1:

Harry age 75 and Joan age 70, after raising two children, expected to enjoy the golden years of retirement until Harry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After meeting with Harry and Joan to review their assets and quality of life issues, we decided to draft a grantor retained income trust. Joan will receive the income from the trust. Their two children will receive the trust property after Joan’s death. The children, as trustees of the trust, will distribute the trust income at least quarterly to Joan. The trust was funded with $900,000.00 in liquid assets mostly stocks and bonds. Joan and Harry’s house valued at $850,000.00 was also deeded to the trust. The trust allowed Harry and Joan to occupy the house during their lives. Therefore they can keep their elderly and veteran’s real property tax exemptions. In addition, Joan kept about $100,000.00 in her own name.

4. Upon Joan’s death, her children will receive all of the trust assets valued at $1,750,000.00 with a stepped up basis.

Example 2:

Bill and Ann have two sons, Tom, age 22, who attends college and is healthy and Chuck, age 25, who is autistic and mentally retarded. Chuck lives with his parents and qualifies for Medicaid.

For over 18 years, the Law Offices of Linnea J. Levine, P.C. have advocated for the quality of life and quality care for the disabled while preserving family assets with creative, custom tailored estate and asset preservation plans. We can be reached at 203 557 0850 and at

Bill and Ann agree to establish a discretionary special needs trust which was funded with a $1,000,000.00 second to die life insurance policy on Bill and Ann’s lives. Further upon Bill and Ann’s deaths 50 percent of their estate which currently amounts to $1,000,000.00 will be poured into this trust. Tom will receive the other 50 percent of his parents’ estate so that the estates are equally divided between the children. The trust carefully outlines Chuck’s needs and preferences and provides for a case manager to supervise Chuck’s care. Chuck continues to receive Medicaid so that the trust funds can be used for other non medical needs and luxuries to enhance Chuck’s quality of life. Upon Chuck’s death, remaining trust funds pass to Tom.

Example 3:

Chuck received an unexpected $200,000.00 Five years after the funding of the trust all of inheritance from his uncle’s estate. The inheritance made Chuck financially ineligible the trust funds were excluded from Harry’s and Joan’s asset review for Harry’s Medicaid to receive Medicaid. Chuck’s mother who is eligibility application. Harry received Medic- his conservator established a payback special needs trust and funded it with Chuck’s aid with the following results: $200,000.00 inheritance. By establishing 1. Harry’s nursing home bills which amount this trust Chuck was allowed to continue to $112,000.00 per year are paid by receiving Medicaid with the $200,000.00 of Medicaid. trust funds available for non medical needs 2. Joan kept her Social Security income and and luxury items for Chuck. Any funds trust income which combined amounts to remaining in the trust upon Chuck’s death $59,400.00 per year. must be paid back to the State as recovery of Medicaid pay for Chuck’s care.

Fair fie ld County Wo m an

In all three examples, trusts have improved the disabled person’s quality of life while preserving the family’s hard earned assets for the next generation.

Linnea J. Levine, Esq 32 Elm Place, Rye NY 10580 914 481 5558

1071 Post Road East, Westport CT 06880 203 557 0850




Got Kids? No Time? This Book Is For You!

all things

140 pgs of listings!

Kate Thornton Welcome to All Things Kids of Fairfield County, the first resource directory of its kind for parents in this area. Find out everything you need to know to help educate, entertain, and take care of your children -- from where to send your kids to school, to ideas for a birthday party, and even where to get a haircut!

Where to go


Organized by category, this comprehensive resource includes descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, and web sites for all childrelated schools, programs, businesses and community organizations. But there’s more! When you purchase the All Things KidsTM handbook, you get access to the ATK web site specifically designed to work with the book. At www.allthingskids. net you will find updates and current events in accordance with all of the listings in the ATK handbook. This site is also home to a new-events functionality called ATKalendar (All Things Kids calendar), which provides day-to-day information of kid happenings about the area. In essence, All Things KidsTM is a fully– integrated, printed AND digital resource! With this indispensable, dual-media resource – busy parents of Fairfield county will be more organized and better able to enrich their children’s lives and the quality of family time. All Things KidsTM is truly time-management heaven. ENJOY YOUR FAMILY. ORDER ONLINE at 28 SEPTEMBER/O C T O B ER


Take it in the car

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resource directory

NewComers love it!

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Fast & Easy access


Enjoy your Family.



and more!!

First Editon 2008

First Edition

"This book is time management heaven!" Caroline S., mother of two, Greenwich, CT


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Charities & Foundations

The mission of the Hannah Storm Foundation is to provide funding for initiatives and programs designed to remove barriers that prevent children and young adults from achieving their greatest potential. The Hannah Storm Foundation addresses four essential areas of focus including: medical support for children suffering from vascular birthmarks and related medical conditions, multimedia support for educational and philanthropic purposes; sports facilities and equipment for children in impoverished communities; and internship and scholarship programs in American schools. Funding The Hannah Storm Foundation depends solely on the generosity of community organizations, businesses and individuals. Each donation helps bring us one step closer to our mission’s objectives. The Hannah Storm Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your donation tax-deductable to the fullest extent of current laws. Program Descriptions The Hannah Storm Foundation engages in a results-based giving approach. We provide funding for the following: costs associated with surgeries for children suffering from vascular birthmarks; construction of sports facilities in impoverished areas; and academic internships. Hannah Storm Journalism Internship at the University of Notre Dame The Hannah Storm Journalism Internship was established in 2006 for the University of Notre Dame (Hannah’s alma mater) journalism students. The recipient works on the Notre Dame Alumni Association publications, newsletters, web site and web site development.

Vascular Birthmark Surgeries Every year, an estimated 40,000 children are born with a vascular birthmark that requires the attention of a specialist. Birthmarks may be indicative of serious medical conditions; they can also be disfiguring and debilitating. Born with a “port wine stain” birthmark under her left eye, Hannah understands firsthand how the pain of birthmarks can also be emotional as well as physical. The Hannah Storm Foundation works directly with surgeons such as Dr. Milton Waner, Co-Director of the Vascular and Birthmarks Institute of New York at Roosevelt Hospital to provide surgeries for children in need. Sports Facilities and Equipment for Impoverished Areas The Hannah Storm Foundation works in partnership with organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children through participation in sports. Sports can have a profound impact on children’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. To that effect, we help fund construction of sports facilities and provide athletic equipment for communities in need.

For more information on how to donate please visit 30 SEPTEMBER/O C T O B ER

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Charities & Foundations

Background on Hannah Storm Hannah Storm hosts SportsCenter, ESPN’s flagship news, highlights and information program. She comes to ESPN from CBS News after five years as a host of “The Early Show.” Before that, Storm worked for 10 years at NBC Sports, where she hosted four Olympic Games. Storm was the first woman in American television history to act as solo host of a broadcast network’s sports series, “The NBA on NBC.” Storm also made history as the first play-by-play announcer for the WNBA in 1997. In 2004, Storm received her second AWRT Gracie Award for Outstanding Anchor for News, winning her first Gracie in 1998 for her pioneering work as a female in the world of sports broadcasting. In 2008, Storm received The Paley Center for Media’s highest honor when she was inducted into the “She Made It: Women Creating Television and Radio Hall of Fame.” She is the author of two books, “Notre Dame Inspirations” and “Go Girl!: Raising Healthy, Confident and Successful Daughters through Sports.”

Hannah Storm Foundation 1117 East Putnam Ave. #360 Riverside, CT 06878 Photo credit: Fernando Milani

Board of Directors Dr. Milton Waner, Co-director, Vascular and Birthmarks Institute of New York at Roosevelt Hospital Daniel B. Kass, Co-founder, XXI Century 1st Foundation Duke Storen, Director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives, Partnerships, and Outreach, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service Nicholas Sparks, Best-selling author of “Nights in Rodanthe”, “The Notebook,” and “Message in a Bottle,” among others.

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Home & Garden

A Few Tips On Surviving A Wet, Musty Basement

Larry Janesky Why is your basement or crawl space wet in the first place? Wasn’t the house supposed to be built with drains around the outside of the foundation, to take the water away? These are good questions that many homeowners are asking. Exterior footing drains do exist in many homes. But, over time they have a propensity to clog. Ground water is flowing into these drains, each time it rains and with it comes mud and sediment. That sediment hardens, inside the pipe, much like an artery in your body does. Eventually, that drain becomes less and less effective, until it is no longer functional. Instead of your home suffering a heart attack, you start to get water in your basement.

roof of your home. Where these steps will not solve a water problem, they will help to reduce the volume of water around the foundation. In the event that your particular water problem is more chronic, and these steps help, but are just not enough, there are other solutions available that do not involve digging up your yard. Larry Janesky’s Basement Systems are much less disruptive. A waterproofing system can be installed in as little as one day, from the inside, and offer a fully transferable written warranty, for the life of the home. One of the most popular methods is a combination of the WaterGuard System, with a TripleSafe Sump Pump System. Any water accessing the floor from under the floor or from the wall/floor joint, or seeping down the walls, is contained in the system and drained out of the house with one or more of the three pumps in the TripleSafe. The thought of an indoor swimming pool is a nice one...but not if it is your basement! If you are thinking about finishing your basement, mold is a major concern. It’s what causes that musty smell in basements, and causes discoloration and ultimately the rot of building materials. Sheetrock is particularly vulnerable, as is any wood product. This is why basements that are finished with conventional methods will have to be re-done at some point when the owner can’t stand the smell and deterioration anymore.

Besides concerns over a surprise groundwater leak, plumbing leaks will happen - it’s not a matter of if you will have water in your basement one day - it’s when. The Total Basement Finishing System uses only mold resistant materials - ones with no vulnerable organic material. TBF wall panels, flooring, trim and ceilings are not prone to damage like drywall, wood moldings, fabrics, wood based flooring, and wood framing. In fact, a TBF basement can temporarily flood from a plumbing leak, inches deep, and it is highly unlikely that any of the flooring, walls, trim or ceiling will need to be replaced! The TBF system has many advantages over soft, insulation wall systems. The solid construction allows mounting of large pictures, heavy shelves or flat screen TV. They are a healthy “green” option, since they are inorganic, and moisture, water & mold resistant. Finishing your basement will not only increase the usable space in your home but will increase your home’s value, protecting your biggest investment.

For more information on fixing your basement’s seepage, moisture or mold problems or if your considering finishing your basement visit

Is there anything you can do about it, or are you now relegated to living with a damp, moldy basement forever? The answer is yes! There are a few simple things you can do yourself, to limit the amount of water accessing your basement or crawl space. First, keep your gutters clean. Second, extend your downspouts, 7’ to 10’ away from the house. And third, check the grading around your house. Add soil where needed, so the grading is away, not towards the foundation. These three easy steps will help to remove much of the rain water that is running down, from the


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Home & Garden

Fair fie ld County Wo m an



Home & Garden

Aladdin Services, LLC Power Washing & Painting

Exceptional service, outstanding results! For over 10 years, Aladdin Services has provided quality residential and commercial Power Washing and Painting services throughout Fairfield County. Eric Lotstein, a Stamford native, is the original owner/operator of Aladdin and stands behind their work 100%. Aladdin Services has been and always will be a “customer first� company with a commitment to excellence. Aladdin offers free estimates and competitive pricing. Our team of trained professionals will make sure the job is done right the first time. Large or small, interior or exterior, our attention to detail and customer service is unrivalled.

Put the genie to work for you!!

Located in Stamford, CT Licensed/Insured/References upon request

Tele: 203-329-7955 / Fax: 203-322-9756 / E-mail:


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Home & Garden

De-myth-tifying Cut Flower Care In addition, alcohol as a bactericide is expensive and poorly effective. Bleach is cheaper and more effective at controlling bacteria in vase water, but if improperly handled, free chlorine in the bleach will damage flowers.

There have also been reports that the active chemical in Viagra (sildenafil citrate) increases flower life. There hasn’t been enough research to prove those claims valid, but the availability of the drug (by prescription only) limits is use with flowers.

Helena Salak Forget the fairy tales! Handling cut flowers demands attention to details rooted in scientific research. In days of old, seafarers were warned of unimaginable evil lurking beyond the limit of the known world by marking charts “Beyond this place there will be dragons.” Navigating the sea of information about processing fresh cut flowers can arouse equal amount of dread as you cast off from trusted methods to embrace advice that’s based on scientific study. Discover of your practices adhere to modern truth of dabble in horticultural hocus-pocus as we de-myth-tify cut flower care. VASE SOLUTIONS MYTH: Homemade flower foods – such as mixtures made with water and aspirin , gin or vodka 7UP, pennies and/or bleach – keep cut flower fresh. Truth: While the logic behind a custom-blended floral cocktail holds some water, the science doesn’t back it up. For instance, the theory is that a penny tossed into water supplies copper to the vases solution, providing a heavy metal that increases vase life and acts as a fungicide. There is just one problem with that theory: The copper in pennies isn’t soluble!

Fair fie ld County Wo m an

The truth is that “homemade brews” don’t make flowers last longer. Commercial cut flower foods work best at controlling microbial populations, hydrating stems, and feeding flowers. Fresh flower foods provide the balance of nutrients needed by fresh flowers and antimicrobial agents to minimize microbial population. Some say that flower foods aren’t worth the money! Consider the actual cost of commercial flower food and the value of customers who return to my are long-lasting bouquets. Flower food is one of the best investments a retail florist can make, along with an outstanding cooler. HOT WATER VS. COLD WATER MYTH: Warm or even boiling water is best for processing cut flowers. TRUTH: Maximum water uptake occurs in the first 36 to 48 hours after cutting flowers . Warm water (100°F to 110°F) dissolves re-hydration chemicals more easily and enhances water uptake in stems in the first 24 to 36 hours , but research doesn’t reveal any long-term benefits to vase life. Boiling water will reduce microbes – both in solutions and on stems, but that same sizzling water (above 110°F) also kills stem tissue, providing an ideal habitat for microbes. STRIPING LEAVES MYTH: It doesn’t matter how much foliage you remove from fresh stems as long as you don’t leave any below the water line.

TRUTH: Always remove any leaves that fall below the water line to limit microbial growth in the vase solution, but because transpiration through the leaves drives water flow up the stems of cut flowers, don’t strip all leaves from individual stems. Leave as much foliage as possible on each stem, and remove any leaves that are broken or damaged.

Everyone deserves fresh flowers once In a while! Just take care of them and don’t do anything bizarre.

Sometimes leaves yellow before blossoms, which make flowers look less fresh. This is especially common with bulb flowers including lilies, irises, alstroemerias and tulips. Having your grower pulse these flowers with a hormone-balancing pretreatment will prevent premature leaf yellowing and yield green leaves that outlast blooms

Helena, thank you so much for the wonderful flowers you arranged for Fred and Heather on October 12th. They were perfect. You are great. –Linda Marino

PINCHING FLOWER TIPS MYTH: Snapping the tips of gladioli, snapdragons, stock and delphiniums increases vase life .

Testimonials The flowers you prepared for our father, were absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the wonderful arrangements. – Emily Smigowski , Pat Brooks and family


TRUTH: If any of these flowers are harvested when the small buds are too tight, those buds may never open. In this case, removing the small buds will prevent them from becoming brown and dying. This is more a case of aesthetics than longevity. PICKING POLLEN MYTH: Removing anthers from lilies and alstroemerias shortens vase life. TRUTH: Removing anthers has no major impact on vase life, but doing so can prevent pollen stains. The best way to remove pollen from clothing or other fabric is to brush away the pollen with a soft dry cloth, soft brush, of chenille stem (anything but your hand – skin will set pollen stains). You can also try using a piece of tape to strip pollen grains from the surface. If pollen does stain a fabric, placing it in sunlight will cause the stain to disappear. Now, I think you should all buy yourself a little bouquet of flowers today, stick them on your desk or next to your bed, and marvel at how they add sunshine to your day.

Albert Florist 604 North Main Street Port Chester, NY 10573 tel : 914- 934 9497 e-mail : albertflorist9@aol Hours: MON – SAT, 9AM to 6 PM

Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount on your next purchase or 20% with the booking of an event or party. SEP T EMBER/O CT OBER


Home & Garden

The Window People

Eileen S. Hiebler ©2008 Merchandiser Publications Ted Davey, owner of The Window People, would much rather have been wearing a golf shirt on the day he was photographed! However, by sporting his winter coat and having that snowy house picture for you to see, he is really doing homeowners a favor. Be proactive! Ted strongly urges homeowners to take steps NOW to prevent unwanted and expensive drafts this winter! Pick up the paper or turn on the news and you’ll be quickly reminded that energy prices are on the rise. While homeowners are certainly not able to control energy costs, they can control the energy efficiency that exists within their home. Thanks to their wide selection of products, expert advice, and energy-saving tips, the team from The Window People will help you save your hard-earned dollars!


Get Started With A Free Estimate. It won’t cost you a dime, and once Ted has finished, you’ll have a much clearer picture of your exact needs as winter approaches. Ted has been at the helm for just over 24 years. His passion and knowledge really shine through when you speak with him. Ted’s a very “hands on” owner and wouldn’t have that parka on if he didn’t need to drive home his message – you really can save money by acting now and not waiting until it’s too late! The Window People is a company that truly goes above and beyond to help their customers. Founded just over 75 years ago, their time in the industry speaks for itself. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your current one, or simply just researching more energyefficient doors and windows, The Window People showroom is your first stop. Offering all types of windows, including circle top, double hung, casement, awning, and sash replacement, The Window People guarantees fair pricing and quality installation. Depending on the windows you select, installation could begin in as little as two weeks. When you are ready to complement your new windows with updated doors, be sure to ask about custom wood or fiberglass entry doors. For your patio, they offer French, French sliding, arch rop, or hinged patio doors.

Preview your options by visiting them online at Impressive photos await!

Call 203-323-1804 & start saving today! Trusted by homeowners and contractors, their service is unsurpassed and comes with a 75 year history of success. The Window People Quality Windows & Doors since 1932 42 Magee Ave. Stamford CT 06902

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Home & Garden

MP Expert Renovations, LLC MP Expert Renovations, LLC has been providing quality services for over 5 years. We have constructed various commercial properties and residential homes through out Fairfield County and surrounding areas. It is our goal to spend time with our clients to understand their individual needs, to review plans, budgets and to develop a course of action. It is important to us to understand, create and fulfill each clients needs. If you are looking to start a new project, please consider our company. We are offering SPECIAL PRICING for your summer and fall projects on any roofing needs including: • FRAMING • SIDING • EXTERIOR TRIM • ROOFING


mP Expert Renovations, llc 19 Juhasz Road Norwalk, CT 06905 Phone: 203-667-6814 E-mail:

Fair fie ld County Wo m an




Top Ten Ways To Help Students Get Organized 3. Prioritize homework assignments Before beginning a homework session, number your assignments in the order in which they should be done. It is advised to not start with one that is too long or difficult. However, avoid saving the longest or hardest assignments for last. Assignments should also be numbered according to due date. Anything due the following day should be a higher priority.

4. Keep organized notebooks Having a binder or 3 ring notebook helps you keep track of papers. Use dividers to separate materials and notes by class or subject. Dividers can be color coded to help for visual organization. It is helpful if dividers also have folders for extra storage. Each section should have papers to take notes and a folder to hold worksheets, notices, and other materials for each subject. There are certain notebooks that can fit all subjects in one and also have a built in accordion folder. One such brand of notebook is called Case It.

Regina Cornelio, MS.Ed Having good organizational skills is very important for your success in school and in life. Some people are by nature more organized than others but anyone can adapt routines and habits of organization. All you need is practice and consistency. Below you will find a list of strategies that you can use to help yourself get more organized!

1. Conduct a weekly cleanup Set one day a week as a “cleanup day.” On this day, you should sort through book bags, notebooks, desk, locker, etc. Old papers and tests should be either thrown out or kept in a separate file at home. Put the papers in 3 piles: (1.) Garbage. (2.) Papers that you need this week. (3.) Papers that you need but you do not need them this week. Papers in the third category should be placed in an at-home filling bin.

2. Use a calendar Get in the habit of using a calendar. With a calendar you can post assignments, tests, household chores and reminders. It is very helpful to make daily, weekly and monthly reminders and “to-do” lists. Make sure you cross completed items off the list once finished. This will give you a sense of accomplishment.


It is important to set realistic goals for yourself.

5. Designate a study space You should study and do homework in the same place every night. This place should be a quiet place with few distractions. It does not have to be a bedroom, but this place is highly recommended. A desk area in your bedroom is a perfect quiet place for you to study and do homework.

6. Prepare for the day ahead Before going to bed it is helpful to pack your backpack with school work and books. Your clothes for the next day should be carefully laid out including shoes, socks and accessories. Having this done the night before, will help cut down on morning confusion.

7. Break down large assignments It is helpful to break down large assignments into smaller more manageable tasks. By doing this, you will feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to get started. By assigning the smaller tasks to daily “to-do” lists, you will know where to get started when beginning a large assignment.

8. Create a household schedule Try to establish a regular schedule for at home activities such as dinner time and bedtime. This will help your get into a pattern at home. It is also helpful to limit television watching and computer play to specific times during the day.

9. Keep a master calendar Keeping a large, wall-sized calendar for the household helps family members keep track of each other’s activities and avoid scheduling conflicts. It is important to list family commitments, extracurricular activities, days off from school and major events at home and in school. Also note due dates for your big exams and projects.

10. Stop procrastination! Procrastination is putting off or avoiding doing something that must be done. It is natural to procrastinate occasionally. However, excessive procrastination can cause anxiety and poor performance if the task is completed without sufficient time to do it well. Prioritizing tasks and planning ahead can help control excessive procrastination. Also, try to commit yourself to completing a task once started and reward yourself whenever the task is completed. It is important to set realistic goals for yourself. It is also recommended to set only 1-2 goals at a time, in order to not overwhelm yourself. Most important, keep trying! If something doesn’t work, think to yourself how you can make it work the next time. You can always ask a teacher or parent for help or support in your effort to achieve your goals. GOOD LUCK! Regina A. Cornelio, Executive Director of Dynamic Life Skills is a certified teacher and life-skills coach in Fairfield County, CT. (203) 461-8833,

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Fabulous Foods

publisher’s restaurant policy This is the most controversial category in all our newspapers, so I thought I would answer honestly and objectively the most frequently asked question from our friends and readers. “Why do you have so few restaurants in your newspapers?” Simple! The restaurants in this newspaper are the only ones we HAVE INVITED to join our list of restaurants and that we absolutely guarantee have met our criteria listed. Try any of the restaurants listed in this paper, and if you don’t agree with us, call us at 203-708-9186 or 203-428-1256. Or if you have another restaurant that should be here, let us know that also, and we’ll try them.

“We unconditionally guarantee the foods reviewed in all our newspapers, prepared by the restaurants that have been personally invited to be with us.” The restaurants that you see on the following pages are not advertisers. We are presenting them to you as hand selected skillful artists whose endeavor is to prepare the best at what they do. No other newspaper syndicate turns down advertising from restaurants. WE DO! In fact 95% of all restaurants that contact us are not invited to be with us after we have tried them. We take our time to go through our criteria and only select the best.

O ur criterion says it all !

1. F irst and foremost, the food is of the highest quality and freshness. 2. The staff has to be courteous and friendly. 3. The presentation and selection should show a professional touch. 4. The restaurant should show honesty and have integrity with its product freshness and its quality. 5. Consistency – knowing that each and every time you dine at that restaurant, it always lives up to its reputation.

Fair fie ld County Wo m an



Fabulous Foods

Route 22 Restaurant and Bar 1980 West Main St. Stamford, CT 06902 203-323-2229

Watch all the games on eight flat screens or check out Live Karaoke on Tuesday and Wednesdays, Fox 95.9 DJs spinning tunes on Thursdays, Rio100 Brazilian Dance Party on Fridays and live Rock-n-Roll Bands on Saturdays. You’re invited! So come on down to Route 22 Restaurant and Bar located at the new ShopRite Center on the Old Greenwich border just a half mile down from the Greenwich Hyatt.

featuring everything from sizzling burgers and steaks to the finest seafood on the map! Need a full sit-down dinner? Piece of cake. Want a cocktail reception? Easy as pie! Which reminds us – we even offer an exquisite array of tasty dessert dishes for every occasion imaginable.

With over 4,000 square feet of space, plus state-of-the-art A/V Experience the Nostalgia equipment, full catering capabilities, event planning, live entertainment & Fun of Route 22 for... People from all over Fairfield and and a full service bar – the best Westchester Counties are making Corporate Events, Holiday Parroute to a great event starts here: Route 22 Restaurant and Bar in ties, Business Gatherings, Birthday at Route 22. Stamford, CT a one of a kind desParties, Children’s Events, Bar & tination for a fun night out! Take Bat Mitzvah’s or Sweet Sixteen’s. a healthy helping of American Relax. Take it easy. And put your comfort cuisine at great prices, next event in the hands of the toss in excellent service, an arcade meeting (and eating!) professionfor the kids, a dash of nostalgia als at nearby Route 22 restaurant! and you have the perfect recipe Whether you’re planning an for Route 22 American Restaurant intimate business luncheon and Bar! From salads and burgers for 10…or charting an unforgetto appetizers and award-winning table party for 150, we can BBQ ribs, the food is terrific and handle it in style! the overall feel of the restaurant is fun! Families, business people, and Connecticut’s first true “conlarge groups all feel right at home cept” restaurant welcomes you in the Hollywood-style booths to a world of ‘30’s memorabilia, and spacious dinning room. Plus, complete with a fully restored you can’t beat the unique night‘31 Model A Ford. Meanwhile, life with happy hours that almost our seasoned staff tends to your never end, brought to you by the party’s every need…serving up Fairfield County Happy Hour Club! mouth-watering American cuisine 40 SEPTEMBER/O C T O B ER

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Fabulous Foods

Fair fie ld County Wo m an



Fabulous Foods

Millie’s Home Made

Wedding Cakes

local customs. The portion of the cake may be frozen for this purpose; the top tier of the cake may sometimes consist of fruitcake, which could be stored for a great length of time. (Source: Wikipedia) When planning the most romantic day of your life you have to make so many important decisions, choosing the right cake for your big day may be the sweetest. The time-honored wedding cake not only celebrates the union of two people, but it is also the centerpiece of the reception and is one of the first things guests see as they arrive. Your choice in wedding cake design makes a statement about your personality and sense of style. It should reflect you and your good taste. Your special day should be filled with all of the finest, that’s why I bake my cakes from scratch using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The freshness and taste are as important as the appearance of your cake. At this time, I’m only offering yellow cake, chocolate cake and walnut cake. You can choose from numerous filling flavours. I work with butter cream, rolled fondant and marzipan. Careful attention is paid to the little details, and to get them right, I would be glad to set up a complimentary cake consultation to meet in person. You can come with a design in mind or have my help to inspire you.

What wedding would be complete without a beautiful cake to cut? A wedding cake is the traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception (or in parts of England, at a wedding breakfast) after a wedding. In modern Western culture, it is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated with icing, occasionally covered with a layer of marzipan or fondant, topped with a small statue representing the couple. Achieving a


dense, strong cake that can support the decorations while remaining edible can be considered the epitome of the baker’s art and skill. The average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. is $543. A portion may be stored, and eaten by the couple at their first wedding anniversary, or at the christening of their first child. Sometimes this portion is the top tier, and sometimes it’s a portion of the piece from which the bride and groom fed each other, depending on the

Each one of my wedding cakes are made to order, with each cake tailored to the bride and groom’s tastes. People will remember two things about your wedding: The way you looked in your wedding gown and the wedding cake. It is truly the “centerpiece for the whole affair.” Pricing is dependent upon the design, so I am unable to quote a price until I have met with you, but I can e-mail you the basic price list.

Fair fie l d Co u n ty Wo m an

Fabulous Foods Publisher’s note on Millie’s Home Made wedding Cakes:

I can testify from personal experience that Millie is creative with her wedding cakes. She is such a pleasure to work with and her cakes are so delicious. I highly recommend Millie’s Home Made Wedding Cakes! Testimonials:

We had some stressful times while planning the wedding, but we did not have any worries or concerns about the cake. The cake was beautiful and tasted as good as it looked. Everyone absolutely loved it. – Monika and Martin, Queens NY

Millie was great to work with, very creative and she

Contact Millie’s Home Made Wedding Cakes

Hello, my name is Millie. I live in Stamford CT. I absolutely love my part time job designing and creating beautiful wedding cakes! Baking has always been a passion of mine since I was a small girl. I baked so many birthday cakes for my family and friends, but it wasn’t until my good friend asked me to make a cake for her wedding that I realized how much I love to create something as special as a wedding cake. I’d like to meet you and hear all about your ideas and plans. Let me be a part of your big day. If you are interested in having a cake designed by me, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

makes delicious cake. She does all the work herself and she takes great pride in what she does. – Lucy and Peter, Rocky Hill CT

Fair fie ld County Wo m an

By e-mail: Please add my address to your address book to ensure that my e-mail reach your inbox.




MY GREEN REVOLUTION Linda Daniels Chief Marketing Officer, Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc.

Three years ago I met a man named Tony Tracy who changed my life. He asked me to write a business plan, for a new venture he was undertaking. “I’m on a mission,” Tony said, “to turn my traditional plastics business into a sustainable and biodegradable plastics company because it’s time to stop trashing the planet and I need someone to help me create the brand.” Now who could walk away from that? At the time I was President of The Punch Factory, a brand-marketing consultancy in Westport, CT, and in January of 2008 we launched Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc., in NYC and I haven’t looked back since.

We have also just launched, Perf Go Clean™ all natural and sustainable cleaning products, grown and made in the USA. Our five powerful cleaning products are pharmaceutical grade and BIOBASED certified. This nanotechnology and a formula of plant-based ingredients allow Perf Go Clean™ Products to effectively cut through dirt and grime and emulsify organic matter. We like to think we’re giving you a superhero’s cape to clean without any fear of harming the environment or your family and pets! As we look at developing new products there are criteria that a product must meet in order to come under the Perf Go Green brand. One, they must have a truly sustainable life cycle from the development stages to the absolute disposal of that product. It must be completely recyclable and reusable in another product, or biodegradable re-

turning to nature leaving nothing harmful behind. Two, there must be a need in the marketplace to replace a product that currently pollutes the environment or is in some way harmful to the planet. Perf Go Green continues to create everyday green solutions that will ensure healthy environments and vibrant communities for families, individuals, children and pets. We are a growth company with a very bright future. “We’re young, green and not ashamed to say…a little sexy.” Editor’s Note: Perf Go Green, Holdings Inc., (“Perf Go Green”) ( the leader in biodegradable plastic products and everyday green solutions, is a New York-based publicly traded company. Available in Walgreens and other fine retail locations nationwide and online at and

Perf Go Green has created a family of products that started with our biodegradable trash bags and has grown to include PerfPower™ Alkaline Batteries that are free of lead, mercury and cadmium. That’s 0%! PerfPower™ Batteries are made with recycled materials, our packaging is 100% recycled materials and best of all we are offering the very first totally free recycling initiative for PerfPower™ Batteries through Now that’s truly sustainable! The State of California and many other areas of the country have now banned all batteries from their landfills, and we agree. No battery should ever make its way into our landfills.


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Why should YOU advertise your business in The Fa i r f i e l d C o u n t y Woman publication? Editorials are more effective than placement ads. Not only do people give more credibility to editorial; but they also are far more likely to catch the reader’s eye than a placement ad. “The test coverage on editorials is worth something above and beyond regular advertising.” – P.J. Boatwright, V.P. Custom Projects for Fortune Group

This is what our advertisers say about the County Woman publication: “Without question, an outstanding way to educate patients.” – Vincent Perrottta, M.D. Peninsula Plastic Surgery “We have built our business on the readership of the County Woman: I cannot believe the amount of business we receive from our articles.” – Fred Winward, President, Resort Landscaping “The County Woman is the most successful advertising we have ever done.” – Focal Point Opticians “A review of your restaurant in the Women’s Journal can mean a 30% increase in your business.” – Robert Cirelli, Owner, La Rosa Negra

Women’s Buying Power 94% Home Furnishings 93% OTC Pharmaceuticals 93% Food 92% Vacations 91% of New Homes 89% Bank Accounts 85% Auto Purchases 81% Riding Lawn Mowers 80% Health care 66% PCs

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases. • Women carry 76 million credit cards, 8 million more than men. • In 2001, U.S. women’s purchasing power constituted the number 3 market in the world; the collective buying power exceeded the entire economy of Japan. • By 2010, women are expected to control $1 trillion, or 60% of the country’s wealth, according to research conducted by Business Week and Gallup.

Reach Your Target Audience! CALL 203-708-9186 or 203-428-1256


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Fair fie ld County Wo m an



Free family activity 4-pack to the Sports Center in Shelton to Enjoy with your family! Would you like to learn more about Fairfield County Woman publication? Are you a business owner or business manager trying to promote your business? Do you target women? Are you trying to gain customers in the Fairfield County Area? Would you like to eliminate your competition? If so, the Fairfield County Woman newspaper may be your solution! The publishers of the Fairfield County Woman are inviting you to a free seminar to learn about the publication and how it can help you promote your business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider becoming one of our contributors: •W  e target women. Did you know that women make more than 85% of all consumer and health decisions for their household? • We offer exclusivity – allowing you to eliminate your competition. • We do not print anything political or controversial and we do not cover local news.

The seminar will be held Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 5:30 PM at The Sports Center of Connecticut 784 River Road (Rte 110) Shelton, CT. Please RSVP to The Fairfield County Woman by Friday, October 16th by calling 203-708-9186 or e-mailing *One activity 4-pack per attendee.

Fairfield Woman Sept/Oct 2009  

A publication dedicated to educating women of Fairfield County, CT.

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