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Jin Shin Jyutsu: Ancient Wisdom for Today

America’s LinkedIn Lady

I can help determine how to best fuel your body to prevent accelerated aging and how to optimize fat-burning capacity.

Do you question what all the fuss is about when it comes to social media? Are you afraid of compromising your privacy? Do you think you don’t have time?

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Thinking out Loud by Gina Brillon 30 Pushed My first thought on the day of my 30th birthday was “Oh my God… I’m old!”

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Entrees of Fairfield offers meals that are easy, healthy and economical. They are prepared with the freshest meats, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and homemade sauces – delicious meals from our kitchen to yours!

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Gallagher & Son Funeral Home............................................................ 24

Home & Garden

Publisher’s Note.................................................................................. 4 The Window People Make Healthy Living Easier.................................25 About Us................................................................................................ 5 Veterans Window Washing................................................................... 26 Business Medical Professionals Womens Health Care of New England................................................... 6 Westport Chiropractic............................................................................. 7 What Thousands of Americans are Now Doing to Eliminate Their Allergies and Asthma Without Medications or Injections............... 8-9 Excellence in Plastic Surgery with a Caring Touch............................ 10-11 Safe Female Hormones???...................................................................... 12 Stress and Emotional Eating. How to create JOY in your life!............. 13

Health & Wellness

Eco Markets............................................................................................27 Advertising and Promotion During a Recession...................................27 America’s LinkedIn Lady....................................................................... 28 It’s All About Them - Not YOU!............................................................. 29 Is Your Website Ready to Ride the Social Media Wave....................... 30


Bridgeport Sound Tigers........................................................................ 31 Sport Center of Connecticut..................................................................32

jin Shin Shitsu: Ancient Wisdom for Today............................................14 Esthetique Dentistry..............................................................................14 Senior Helpers........................................................................................ 15 Massage: Extravagance or Essential?....................................................16 Step Into the Next Dimension of Gymnastics....................................... 17

Law Professional

Fine Jewelery


Midas Has the Golden Touch............................................................ 18-19

If You are Involved in an Accident........................................................ 33

Fabulous Foods

Entrees of Fairfield........................................................................... 34-35 The Fairfield Museum and History Center - A True Treasure Trove.... 36

Women in Profile.......................................................................... 20-21 Entertainment

Thinking out Loud by Gina Brillon, 30 Pushed..................................... 38


Sole Ryeders & Friends.....................................................................22-23

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It’s not about you…it’s about them. • Frustrated that you or your Sales Team are taking too many “Think-It-Overs” and costs are starting to exceed your revenue – something has to change? • Overwhelmed by the changes the economy is forcing you to make, and if there was ever a time to get REAL comfortable with a selling process, versus using your Prospect’s process, it’s now? • Embarrassed that growing revenue for your business is harder than you anticipated…it isn’t what you signed up for, and starting to question whether you’re going to make your business model work?


President, Sandler Training, LLC. 574 Heritage Road, Suite 200 Southbury, CT 06488 Office: 203-264-1197 • Cell: 860-318-1917 Sandler Training is an international training and consulting organization with more than 200 training centers worldwide. Sandler utilizes distinctive, non-traditional sales and management methodologies, supported by continual reinforcement through ongoing training and individual coaching sessions. After (30) years in the corporate world, Ed Schultek opened PEAK Sales Performance LLC, an authorized Sandler TrainingSM center, to focus on helping individuals and/ or teams build their sales development and competency. Ed started in sales with Johnson & Johnson, and in 1983 moved to PepsiCo International. He was responsible for leading several key company-owned and franchised markets in North America as Area Vice President. He transitioned to Frito-Lay/North America, another division of PepsiCo, as Western VP of Sales & Field Marketing. In 1995 he transitioned to his third division of PepsiCo, where he built and led the first International Sales Function for PepsiCo International, as Senior Vice President of Sales. In 2004, Ed left PepsiCo International to start his own firm, PEAK Sales Performance, LLC. He works with local business owners, corporations, managers, consultants and individuals. A major portion of his clientele include those clients who don’t see themselves as salespeople—architects, accountants, bankers, lawyers, engineers, decorators, and the like. Every one of us is positioning a service or a product during the day to someone else. The only difference is that some of us have been trained to sell well, while others have had to learn it along the way.

Fairfield County Woman

I’m a Visual…I have to see something to process it. Seeing pictures or graphs of the topic helps me understand it better…more quickly. Just 20% of us are Auditories (i.e., “hearing”)… they want to just concentrate on the words… they don’t want to SEE a picture. The credibility of the idea or product comes from the words someone uses. And then the final group are Kinestetics, (i.e., “feeling”) and they represents just 25%. Visuals like doing business with Visuals…Auditories with Auditories… Kinestetics with Kinestetics…all because of Rule #1.

You success, and mine, in the future comes from our ability to read people. It’s no longer enough to just be competent. There’s a lot of competent people out there competing against you, but they can’t be YOU. That’s your point of difference, and mine. Your competitor can duplicate your price tomorrow morning at 7:00am, but they can’t duplicate YOU.

Selling an idea upstream in a company, or selling a product/service to the general public, is 80% Human Behavior and 20% Technique today. When I started selling as a profession a couple decades ago, it was the reverse – it was all about features and benefits. What changed along the way? Well…for one thing, with all the venues of communication coming in at us nowadays, we’ve built up defensive filters on messages we choose not to listen to. Quite frankly, our Body Language and Tone of Voice deliver more of our message than our words EVER will… The way a Sales Call goes today is like this – Call it Rule #1 if you will: 1) People like People That are Like Them 2) People Trust People They Like 3) People Tend to do Business with People They Trust

People have, and always will, buy you or me first, well before they ever choose to buy your product or mine. It’s true if you’re just selling whatever you sell at the lowest price in town, than “you” don’t have a need to get to know “me” to conduct business. But, if your price isn’t the price that beats every other price in town, then what is it that distinguishes you from your competitor anyway? What else has changed along the way? Well… ever been in a situation where you’ve tried to describe something…an idea or a product that was clear in your head…strong rationale to back it up, and the other person just doesn’t get it? It’s as if you’re talking perfect English, and for some reason, the person you’re speaking with just doesn’t get it? We all process information differently…half of us out here are Visuals (i.e., “seeing”).

and I learn much more about you from your Behavior than from the Words you choose to speak. I’m checking to see if “you’re like me”… ”you GET me”…”you understand my issue”… versus you’re just trying to sell me So…it all comes down to this at the front end of a Sales Call on someone. Are you approaching “me” like a Vendor, or as a Trusted Advisor? Do you insist on talking to “me” in your English, or are you capable of adjusting to “my” English? Because you happen to like pictures because you, and I, are Visuals, do you have to use them when I’m an Auditory?

The first decision I ever make as your Prospect on you when you call on me is are you a Vendor, or are you a Trusted Advisor? Are you here to hurt me, or to help me. Do I need more filters when you stop into my office, or can I drop them ? And long before I ever buy your product or service, I have to buy “YOU”. And, I buy “YOU” on very subjective terms…almost unfair. I look at the pie charts I’ve noted above in my head,

Sales Training Programs.

Want to get better at the Human Behavior dynamic in selling? Want to get better at developing that logo called YOU? Maybe we should talk… Ed Schultek is the President of Sandler Training / PEAK Sales Performance…his BIO and other relevant information can be found on (203-264-1197)

The Sandler Selling System. ®

You shouldn’t have to settle for a lemon when you can have lemonade. Sandler Training utilizes continual reinforcement through ongoing training and individual coaching sessions not only to help you learn but also to ensure your success. With over 200 training centers worldwide to provide support, you won’t fail…because we won’t let you. Ed Schultek



Sandler Selling System and S Sandler Training Finding Power In Reinforcement (with design) are registered service marks of Sandler Systems, Inc. © 2008 Sandler Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.


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On the Cover Entrees of Fairfield Fabulous Foods - see pages 34 and 35.

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Medical Professionals Quality, compassionate, state of the art care provided by American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology certified physicians, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwife. 4HOMAS!YOUB -$s$EANNA$EL0RETE $/ !LICIA+ERR -$s*AY5GOL -$ #HRISTINE7ALDRON $/s#HRISTINE$OMBROWSKI #."RENDA$UNLAP !02.s-ARYAM(EDAYATZADEH -$ .ICOLE0ROTOMASTRO !02.



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3TEVENS3T Norwalk, CT   6 MAY/JUNE

3OUTH3T Ridgefield, CT  

Fairfield County Woman

Medical Professionals

Dr. Guerin introduces...

T he

ACU-THIN program

Weight loss without diet drugs or exercise The ACU-THIN program is a system of weight loss based on the principle of auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) used to decrease the desire for food. It is done with needles or done without needles. This program has been shown to be effective for several years in our office without increasing exercise or by involving extreme changes in diet. Results are usually noticed quickly and loss of appetite can be immediate.

For Complimentary Consultation call and ask for Jess or Jolly

Dr. Patrick J. Guerin D.C., F.I.A.M.A 256 Post Road East Westport, CT 06880 203-227-4474 Fairfield County Woman


Medical Professionals Testimonials I have developed eczema 4 or 5 years ago that got worse and worse each year. After BioSET my skin has returned to normal. Last year, my mold allergy turned into sinus colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia. After BioSET, my sinuses have improved and I have not had a problem in a long time. I manage my migraine headaches by taking magnesium every day-for the last 6 or 7 years-I am more confident that I can avoid migraines after BioSET. My tree allergies were becoming a problem in the Spring, particularly for black birch. Yesterday I cut down 3 black birch trees, chipped the limbs and buds, unloaded a chip track with a shovel, cleaned up the chips and pollen with a blower and had no allergic reaction. I build houses, boats, kitchens, floors and siding for a living and no longer suffer in my sinuses and lungs from the sawdust. I should have done this years ago!!! - Mark R. My daughter, Nicole, suffered terribly from allergies. She had allergic reactions in the form of hives to dairy, wheat, rice, soy and egg. She also tested positive to peanut allergies on skin tests. I suffered with severe eczema with dry, cracked and bleeding skin on my hands and I had a lifetime of eczema in various locations all over my body. With Dr. Joachim’s BioSET treatments both of our lives have been changed forever! My daughter can now eat whatever she wants, she has gained weight and she now sleeps through the night. The changes were immediately apparent following the specific BioSET treatments for those foods. My hands are now back to normal. My rings fit my fingers again and I no longer scratch my hands to bleed. I have no eczema outbreaks anywhere on my body since the BioSET treatments! Thanks Dr. J.! - Susan N.

What Thousands of Americans are Now Doing to Eliminate Their Allergies and Asthma Without Medications or Injections By Dr. Risa Sloves Did you realize that more than 50 million people in the United States-yes, that is 1 in 5 people- suffer from allergies and many millions more suffer from allergy related disorders? Asthma, sinusitis, hives, headaches, depression, chronic pain, bronchitis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, candida, bloating and gastric symptoms, colitis, PMS, infertility, menopausal symptoms, ear infections, ADD/ADHD, autism, eczema...The list seems never ending when one thinks about the many ways that food, environmental and chemical allergies and sensitivities can manifest themselves in our bodies. What is an Allergy? An allergy is an abnormal, adverse physical reaction of one’s body to certain substances known as antigens. Virtually any substance can cause an allergic reaction and the most common allergic substances include pollen, dust mites, animal dander, mold, insect venom, certain chemicals, medication (such as penicillin) and foods. The most common food offenders are dairy, peanuts and other nuts, fish and shellfish, eggs, wheat, and soy. Allergens can affect any part of the body by way of ingestion, inhalation, contact on the skin, or injection.

My 6 month old suddenly stopped sleeping through the night and he was waking up earlier and earlier each day usually having an explosive bowel movement. During the day his bowel movements were loose and irritated his skin. He was noticeably fussy and hard to soothe, especially at bedtime. After his second BioSET treatment, my son returned to sleeping through the night and his bowel functions were restored to normal. All symptoms were either gone or so vastly improved as to be effectively gone. As a side note: prior to BioSET, we had been under the care of our pediatrician for this complaint with zero improvement despite blood tests and stool cultures which were both normal. We have been long term patients for BioSET ever since and have witnessed many other “miraculous” cures through treatment. I tell everyone I now about it! - Jennifer B.

Allergies can arise suddenly and create acute symptoms such as hives, difficulty breathing, or anaphylactic shock or they can be chronic and persist with a runny nose, cough, and “bags” under the eyes. Even more ominous are the allergies that are actually “hidden or undiagnosed” and often create chronic health conditions that can range from migraines to eczema to gastric reflux to depression. It has been stated that if one parent has allergies, there is a 75% chance of their children having allergies, and if both parents have allergies there is close to a 100% chance for their children to develop allergies.

“My daughter had ear infections constantly from the time she was an infant. She had taken over 30 antibiotics in 3 years and failed her hearing test. Since I took her to Dr. Sloves, she has not had another ear infection or taken another antibiotic and her hearing is completely normal”. -Heather G.

Allergies can be classified as “acute’ or “immediate” in which symptoms appear within seconds after exposure to an allergen or they can be “delayed”. “Delayed” reactions are very common with foods and can occur


hours or even days after exposure to an allergen because the allergen is not necessarily the food itself, but it can be a by-product of the digestive process. Asthma and eczema are commonly classified with allergies as “Atopic Disorders”. Atopic disorders account for a majority of the chronic diseases affecting millions of Americans today, especially children, and billions of dollars are spent on treatment annually. Many people who develop asthma often begin with eczema during infancy or early childhood. Other conditions associated with asthma are chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic allergic rhinitis, and chronic ear infections. Advances in Health Care Even with all of the “advances” in modern medicine and technology, it seems as if our present health-care system is continuing to break down. Health care costs are on a continual rise, insurance

coverage is declining, and patients are not feeling well. In fact, most of us are getting frustrated as we witness an increase in chronic health problems like allergies and asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, etc. Now, more than ever, Americans are searching for answers that are not found in a drug or with a surgical procedure. “Alternative health-care” is what many Americans are turning to and according to recent statistical research, they are willing to pay more for it “out of pocket” than for traditional medical care. These alternatives to medicine include chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, nutritional therapy, and enzyme therapy just to name a few. The common denominator with all of these approaches is that they try to get to the cause of “dis-ease” in an individual’s body, rather than just treat the obvious symptoms. For example, rather than give an individual with a food allergy that presents itself on the skin as hives an “anti-itch cream” and tell them not to eat that food anymore, why not try to find out how to naturally desensitize their system to that food and “cure the allergy” so they can continue to eat it without getting hives?

Dr. Risa Sloves practices with her husband, Dr. Mark Joachim at their office Associates in Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, P.C. located at 156 East Ave. in Norwalk, CT. Dr. Sloves has been helping infants, children and adults obtain optimal health through natural chiropractic and wellness care for over 20years and she is 1 of only 10 Chiropractic Physicians in Connecticut who is Board Certified in Pediatric and Maternity Care. Dr. Joachim is the first and only physician in CT with Advanced Certification in The BioSET Allergy Elimination Technique, a non-invasive, drug-free and shot-free health care method that can permanently eliminate food and environmental allergies. They also are trained in Spinal Decompression with the DRX9000 and acupuncture. Should you have further questions please contact the doctors at (203) 838-1555. More information is available at,, or

Allergy Elimination is Possible (without relying on medications or injections)! BioSET (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) can do just that! BioSET was developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, who is a medical doctor, chiropractic physician, and naturopathic physician. BioSET is a revolutionary process of healing that assists in building bodily strength and vitality by incorporating 21st century technology with the essential practices of acupressure, kinesiology/muscle testing, energy medicine, applied immunology, detoxification, chiropractic, nutrition, and enzyme therapy.

Fairfield County Woman

Medical Professionals With BioSET patients can permanently eliminate allergies and sensitivities as well as many chronic health problems and provide the necessary tools for obtaining and maintaining optimal health, without medication. BioSET consists of four branches of healing. The first branch is organ detoxification to enable true drainage and purification of toxins from specific organ systems. The second branch is bioenergetic testing which involves the use of muscle testing and/or electromagnetic testing with a state-ofthe-art computerized machine for sensitivity and meridian evaluation. The third branch involves enzyme therapy which incorporates proper digestion, metabolic and nutritional analysis and the use of plant enzymes to improve digestion and dietary deficiencies. Lastly, the fourth branch involves the use of an allergy elimination technique that can permanently remove any allergy or sensitivity. To understand how BioSET works, it is helpful to think of the body as an electromagnetic organism in which energy flows along invisible pathways called meridians, or channels. Essentially, an allergic response is caused when these pathways are blocked by the immune response to an allergen. BioSET actually unblocks these pathways, thus stopping the body’s violent immune response. Dr. Joachim, a Norwalk Chiropractic Physician for more than 20 years, is the only physician in Connecticut with advanced certification in BioSET. Dr. Joachim’s experience with BioSET’s amazing results began when he was in search of a cure for eczema that was affecting Alana, a 15 monthold patient. This little girl is a beautiful redhead whose skin in the areas of her abdomen and diaper region was often so irritated from eczema that it was often redder than her hair. Dr. Joachim realized that when Alana (or her mother who was

nursing) ate certain foods, such as strawberries, her eczema immediately flared up. Dr. Joachim did 5 BioSET treatments on Alana and added a digestive enzyme to her juice twice a day for one month and Alana’s eczema was gone! Alana is now 11 ½ years old, has never had another spot of eczema on her body, and she has never been limited in the foods she eats. Dr. Joachim was thrilled because this little girl is his youngest daughter! His success with Alana inspired Dr. Joachim to dedicate a large part of his chiropractic practice to helping other children and individuals benefit from the BioSET Total Health Care System. The Benefits of Chiropractic Care We all know that traditional medical treatment for allergies, asthma and eczema includes the use of medications such as bronchodilators, steroids, anti-histamines and allergy shots. It is without question that medications can save lives; however, as with all medications, there are always adverse effects. In fact, according to Dr. Michael Kaliner, Head of Allergic Disease Section, National Institute of Mental Health, “a focus on bronchodilators as the only therapy (for asthma) is inappropriate. It is symptomatic therapy that has nothing to do with the healing process.” Thus, the focus of medical science is beginning to shift away from attempts to contain symptoms of asthma and allergies to exploring the controlling mechanism as a means of solving and preventing asthma and related respiratory conditions. Chiropractic care is another non-invasive health

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR NATURAL HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR FAMILY? Family based chiropractic care specializing in infants, children & pre and post-natal women For children research shows chiropractic helps: • Ear infections • Asthma and allergies • Scoliosis • Colic • Reflux • ADHA • Sports injuries • Torticollis

During pregnancy research shows chiropractic helps: • Eliminate back & pelvic pain • Sciatica • Headaches • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Help babies who are breech turn into a better position for delivery


• 1 of only 10 chiropractic physicians in Connecticut with Board Certification in Pediatric and Maternity Care • 1 of 100 Chiropractic Physicians in the U.S. and Canada with a 3 year post-doctorate degree in pediatric and maternity care and she is certified in acupuncture


care treatment for allergies and asthma and there is mounting clinical evidence that it may offer significant relief. The science of chiropractic is founded on the premise that a proper nerve supply is essential in controlling and regulating bodily function. The nervous system is protected by the spine, consisting of 24 movable vertebrae. When the spine is in its proper position, it protects the nerve pathways. But when vertebrae become misaligned, interference to the nerve impulses occurs which reduces the overall functioning of the nervous system and of the particular organ to which it is assigned. These misalignments are known as “vertebral subluxations.” Doctors of Chiropractic detect and correct vertebral subluxations (misalignment in the spinal bones) by physically adjusting the spine. This restores the nervous system to an optimal level of function, which maximizes the body’s inherent healing ability. According to Dr. Risa Sloves, 1 of 10 Chiropractic Physicians in CT who is Board Certified in Pediatric and Maternity Care, a properly functioning nervous system should be among the first priorities in solving many health conditions such as asthma and allergies since it is the nervous system which controls all of our bodily functions. In 1997, The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a study on children with asthma, and 90% of the subjects reported significant improvement in symptoms following two months of chiropractic care. Additionally, 30% of the subjects chose to voluntarily decrease their medication by an average of 66% while under chiropractic care. This study concluded that chiropractic care, for the correction of vertebral subluxation “is a safe non-pharmacologic health care approach which may also be associated with significant decreases in asthma related impairment...” And further studies in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research have found that “significant positive changes” in breathing capacity and lung function occur under chiropractic care.

BE ALLERGY FREE, PERHAPS EVEN FOR LIFE! Why suffer any longer? Seasonal, food & environmental allergies CAN be eliminated: Conditions like eczema, gastric reflux, IBS, sinus conditions and digestive problems are often due to food & chemical allergies. A revolutionary, noninvasive acupressure technique is available to eliminate food, environmental and other sensitivities. It is used together with: • Computerized allergy testing & elimination without medication or shots • Enzyme therapy, including nutrition and proper diet • It enhances immune system function & assists the body in the natural healing process. • Child Friendly • No Medications or Injections

CALL DR. MARK JOACHIM for a complimentary consultation.

• Dr. Mark Joachim is the first and only Doctor in Connecticut with advanced certification in BioSET, a new revolutionary technique for the permanent elimination of food and environmental allergies. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. • Over 10 years experience as an Advanced BioSET Practitioner.

156 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 • (203) 838-1555 • • • Fairfield County Woman


Medical Professionals

Excellence in Plastic Surgery

with a Caring Touch

by Anya Kishinevsky, M.d.

Isn’t Plastic Surgery just for celebrities or vain people? No, far from it. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty designed to correct the structural or functional problems that arise from trauma, cancer, birth defects, pregnancy, and aging. Each person’s body reacts differently to these situations, and there is no reason to have to live with a severe deformity caused by any of these conditions. In many cases, your health insur-

Plastic Surgery with a Personal Touch

ance will cover reconstructive surgery to restore your body’s natural form and to regain the self-confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is a “Mommy Makeover?” In many cases, pregnancy and nursing take their toll on a woman’s body. We selflessly carry another human being to term and nourish him or her during infancy. Often, the skin of the abdomen loses elasticity, continues to sag after the pregnancy is over, and develops stretch marks that don’t go away. Sometimes the skin of the breasts loses its elasticity as well, with permanent stretch marks and drooping of the breasts. The nipples are areolae are enlarged and displaced. A “mommy makeover” is a popular procedure that combines a tummy tuck with a breast lift to restore the tight contours of the pre-pregnancy body. A tummy tuck removes excess abdominal skin, stretch marks, and fat. It tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall and results in a flatter abdominal profile. A breast lift removes excess skin and stretch marks to recreate a more youthful, round, and perky breast. Not all stretch marks will be removed - those below the belly button and closest to the nipple are taken away consistently.

How Long Do the Results Last? • Short Scar Breast

Reduction • Short Scar Breast Lift • Rhinoplasty • Eyelid Surgery –

• Facelift • Liposculpture • Tummy Tuck • Full Body Lift • Full Line

no visible scar for lower lid of Injectables

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.AKMD.  P R • D, CT   W D • F, CT 

AnyaFfldChamberAd6.indd 1


A mommy makeover is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including a good diet and exercise. The results are technically permanent but may be significantly diminished with major fluctuations in weight. Women who are planning a substantial weight loss or future pregnancies are advised to postpone surgery. Women who smoke should quit all nicotine products for one full month before surgery to reduce the risks of surgery.

What if I would prefer fuller or smaller breasts? A breast lift can be performed at the same time as breast reduction or augmentation with an implant with no

8/11/08 11:39:19 AM

additional scarring. In the past, breast reduction or lift surgery could only be performed with a large “anchor” scar consisting of vertical and horizontal limbs. Savvy patients know that Dr Kishinevsky performs these surgeries with a small vertical only, “lollipop” scar, resulting in rounder, perkier breasts with a fuller cleavage. Breast reduction surgery relieves long-standing back and shoulder pain by removing excess breast tissue but still achieving a beautifully-shaped, lifted breast. Augmentation can be safely performed with saline or silicone implants to increase the volume of the breasts with the most natural texture and shape. During your consultation, you will have the chance to examine and feel both silicone and saline implants and to choose the style, size, and shape you feel the most comfortable with.

Which procedures help a patient to look younger or fresher for today’s competitive job market? Depending on a person’s needs, an eyelid lift or a face and neck lift go a long way towards erasing some of the more severe effects of aging. As the eyes are often described as “the windows to the soul,” removing a bit of excess, drooping skin and the loose fat that makes up the “bags”, whether above or below the eyes, often takes years off a man or woman’s appearance. Dark discoloration can be removed as well, all without leaving a visible scar. A face and neck lift is designed to clean up the jowls and excess skin around the neck, recreating a clean, tight jawline. The scars are hidden within the hairline, so only your hairdresser will know. The result is a natural, rested appearance, without looking fake or “done.” The results often last for more than ten years without a touch-up.

What if I prefer a less invasive approach? Injectable treatments have virtually no downtime and are effective in smoothing many of the lines that appear on the face with aging. Botox is a simple

Fairfield County Woman

Medical Professionals and easy treatment that eliminates horizontal forehead lines, vertical “scowl” lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, and even vertical lines around the lips. The results last for 3-4 months, and the injections are so quick and painless, they can be done during your lunch break. A soft tissue filler, like Restylane or Juvederm can be used to restore volume to the face. They are effective in smoothing the folds around the mouth, restoring a youthful fullness to lips that have thinned with age, or to erase lines around the chin. The only side effects are injection site swelling or bruising that may last 2-3 days.

What are my options for reconstruction if I will be having a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer? In this day and age, there are so many options for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer to look and feel their best, there is no reason that any woman should be left with a defect or an asymmetry. If a woman prefers reconstruction with her own tissues, the fat from the abdomen can be used to make a new breast with a TRAM flap. If a woman prefers a quicker recovery or a larger breast size, reconstruction with a saline or silicone implant may be an option. A new technique that has been receiving a lot of attention lately is fat transfer for breast reconstruction. Liposuction is performed on the abdomen or thighs and the fat is saved and used to make a new breast or to fill a lumpectomy defect. Fat transfer is simpler and has a quicker recovery time than traditional breast reconstruction and can be done several times to achieve a larger breast size. Also, if you have been considering breast reduction or breast lift surgery and you will be undergoing lumpectomy, your breast surgeon can work with your plastic surgeon to perform these procedures together. Our office will let you know if your insurance will cover breast reduction surgery.

What should I expect from my consultation? When you make an appointment to see Dr Kishinevsky, you will be greeted by a friendly, caring staff. Your wait time will be short, in a pleasant, supportive environment. Dr Kishinevsky will perform a thorough history and physical, then recommend the procedures that would best suit your needs. She will take the time to

Fairfield County Woman

explain the surgery in detail and to answer all your questions. You will be able to view before-and-after pictures of different surgeries and to examine a sample of any implant to be used. For patients who are concerned with their privacy, we have a fully accredited operating suite, to ensure your safety and comfort. You will be able to speak with patients who have had the same procedures done. You will be able to relax and rest easy, knowing that your treatment will be in welltrained, caring, and experienced hands.

Testimonials Thank you for the exceptional care and competence with which you performed my Breast Surgery. What you did has positively changed my life completely. I was so apprehensive prior to meeting you, but you made everything from the consultation to the surgery to the follow-ups a wonderful experience. Thank you again. - NS of Wilton Many thanks for helping me achieve a dream. I was afraid in the beginning, and you explained everything so well, that I felt completely comfortable. The results were perfect and completely natural, not overdone, as so many people tend to be. - CB of Bridgeport I am delighted and grateful to have found a fabulous surgeon, whose skill matches her great heart and sense of humor. I am sure your compassion and kindness has shortened my recovery time after surgery. I look forward to having you perform a few more surgeries. - AC of Fairfield

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Safe Female Hormones??? had specifically cautioned against using female hormones that were not “bio-identical” (natural to the human body). He also pointed out that estrogen should be given only through the skin, not by mouth.

By Michael E. Doyle, MD Over 20 years ago, the great Belgian physician Jacques Hertoghe was telling American doctors about the many benefits of estrogen and progesterone for menopausal (and even premenopausal) women. At that time, millions of American women were already being treated with hormones in order to reduce hot flashes and prevent a variety of illnesses. Then in 2002 a large study called the Women’s Health Initiative was released. It showed that doctors had it all wrong. Female hormone treatment actually appeared to cause a variety of illnesses including cancer and heart disease. Suddenly, women were told that they should avoid female hormones… and millions suffered. So how could Hertoghe and thousands of American doctors have been so wrong? Actually, Hertoghe had it exactly right. He recommended only human hormones, given at the right dose and via the proper route. Most American doctors were at the time prescribing a combination of synthetic progesterone and horse estrogen (literally, estrogen derived from horse urine). And they were giving it all in pill form. In fact, Hertoghe


Subsequent studies have strongly supported Dr. Hertoghe, repeatedly showing that real human hormones are much safer than their synthetic counterparts. In 2005, a study of 54,000 European women (E3N-EPIC) showed that bio-identical estrogen applied to the skin combined with bio-identical progesterone actually reduced the rate of breast cancer. That’s right, women taking this combination of real hormones were actually 10% less likely to get breast cancer than women taking no hormones at all. But when the natural progesterone was replaced with synthetic progesterone, the rate of breast cancer went up by 50%. Another review noted that estrogen given through the skin was much less likely to cause blood clots than when given as a pill (BMJ 2008). After many similar studies, mainstream researchers recently stated, “bioidentical hormones are associated with lower risks, including the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, and are more efficacious (effective) than their synthetic and animal-derived counterparts” (Postgraduate Medicine 2009). So, while no medical treatment is 100% safe, real female hormones offer an excellent way to improve health and restore quality of life. They can help control menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, bone thinning, sexual dysfunction and poor sleep and there is even evidence that they are good for your heart. On the other hand, synthetic hormones appear to pose unnecessary risk and should generally be avoided. At least one smart doctor understood this all along...

Michael E. Doyle, MD is a Board Certified Family Physician whose practice combines Conventional and Alternative Medicine including Nutrition and the use of Natural Hormones. Dr. Doyle has a practice in Stamford and can be reached at 203-324-4747. Medical Professionals

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!"#$%&'(&)(*+,'&-(!*( restoring health by restoring healthy metabolism 4 %*,#0%1!)+2*"&#2+/'+%*,#0%1!)+2*"&#2'+3*#"/0&1,3 %./(012(34./5!"#!$%&'(!)&*%+,!-'.$/%!)"!0/%%1,!+&0)*%00%+!$2!2"-*!+*2!03&'!"*! 4.&*!/"00!5!-'.$/%!)"!/"0%!6%&(4),!&**&).$/%,!+%1*%00%+!"*!.'7&"-0,!%71%*&%'8&'(! 9-08/%!1.&':!;"-!9.2!4.<%!.'!-'+%)%8)%+!'-)*&)&"'./!"*!4"*9"'./!&9$./.'8%=

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203.324.4747 - WWW.GOTODRDOYLE.COM !"#$#!%$%&%&'(')*+*,-,*./0$1*2 Fairfield County Woman


Fairfield County Woman

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Stress and Emotional Eating. How to create JOY in your life! We come into this world as tiny, trusting souls. But life is difficult and has a way of bruising us no matter how careful we are. We learn to protect ourselves – hide our feelings, avoid difficult situations, tiptoe through conflict, deny that we hurt, and find behaviors that can dull the pain. We reach for food. We skip eating. We get up in the middle of the night to fill the void with whatever’s in the refrigerator. We exercise until we can no longer think. We run, we starve, we binge, we cry, we feel guilty. And we ask why - again and again. Nine times out of ten, the root of the problem causing all these eating behaviors is stress and stress induced emotions. It’s the stress that ramps up cravings. When we are stressed we don’t want celery. We’re specifically drawn to sugary, fatty comfort foods. Even more problematic is the range of emotions triggered by stress. Anger, sadness, guilt and fear will drive us through a quart of ice-cream in no time if we let them spiral into hostility, self-pity, shame and panic. It’s important to learn to deal with these feelings before they become a crisis. Today 66% of Americans are overweight. Thankfully, we are resilient beings and our deepest inner-selves understand that things are not right. The answers we seek come only with introspection. Only after we begin to look with open eyes at what is really going on in our psyche and how we have coped with the stress of life, can we learn to take better care of ourselves. Many of us need help to connect to our feelings. It takes some work, but anybody can do it. Lots of people have and keep doing it successfully.

Emotional Brain Training (EBT) teaches you how to deal with these stress and stress-induced emotions. For most people, when you’re really feeling you need a hug or encouragement, that’s when you go eat something or drink or smoke to make you feel better. We do these things because we have bad feelings that are not being taken care of. EBT is about learning the skills to nurture yourself. Emotional Brain Training will teach you how to identify your stress level and improve it, so that more of the time you will find yourself in emotional balance and feeling at your best. EBT uses a 5– point scale to identify your stress level, or brain state, and there is a different tool to use for each stress level. That tool gives you the most effective way to switch from that brain state to one of optimal functioning. EBT is a method that can work for anyone, as it is based on current concepts of neuroscience. You can use it for several purposes: • To improve health and alleviate stress symptoms (e.g., depression, anxiety, overeating, relationship difficulties, and medical conditions such as high blood pressure). • To experience freedom from cravings and common excesses. • To access an abundance of life’s natural rewards: sanctuary (a secure connection with yourself), authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy, and spirituality. The first step in using EBT is to take introductory training, where you’ll learn what the tools are and how they work, as well as have a chance to try them out. The second step is to complete the six

235 Dolphin Cove Quay Stamford, CT 06902 152 East Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 Annika Kahm, BS

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courses (EBT Kits) that enable you to become highly effective in processing daily stress. Overtime as you rewire your emotional brain, stress symptoms fade and

Emotional Brain Training (EBT) is a transdisciplinary method aimed at rewiring the emotional brain. It offers a scientific solution to stress based on an integration of a broad range of science, with emphasis on neuroplasticity, attachment theory and stress science.

Who Benefits?  Do you frequently think about dieting?  Do you fear fat and weight gain?  Do you obsess about food and your body?  Do you crave sweets?  Do you feel stuck and can’t lose weight?  Do you have to exercise to feel good?  Do you have a hard time listening to and separating signals of hunger and satiety?

“After a lifetime of searching, I have found a solution for my overeating! Thank you!” “I have more health and happiness than I thought possible and EBT has made all the difference”.

C l i n i c a l

If you answered “yes” to two or more questions you’ll benefit from nutritional counseling with Annika Kahm.

Fairfield County Woman

the natural rewards of life become more abundant. You will rewire your brain from stress to JOY.

N u t r i t i o n i s t

“As a manager, EBT skills enable me to respond effectively to work challenges and turn problems into opportunities.” “If we don’t deal with feelings, all the knowledge in the world isn’t going to change what we do.”

To learn more and to get started, contact Annika Kahm, a certified EBT Provider. &


Health & Wellness

Jin Shin Jyutsu: Ancient Wisdom for Today

Through Our Bodies Innate Wisdom, We Can Help Heal Ourselves


A beautiful, ancient, dynamic Japanese Art that transcends the ages, so desperately needed for today’s lifestyles. Our lives and schedules are so busy, so full most of us don’t take time to “power down” to reconnect and reenergize. To live a harmonious, healthy and vital life we must make time to reconnect on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

contain numerous energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells.” Pain and discomfort are often the result of one or more blocked pathways. “JSJ is a physio-philosophy, a reawakening of one’s awareness and understanding of ourselves.” It opens us up to see, enabling us to restore balance and harmony to our mind, body, and “simplifying the complexities” of our life.

It is said we are co-creators of our lives. So to be fully engaged, co-creating the life we desire, we must make time for ourselves. Jin Shin Jyutsu allows us to do so, and much more. By giving yourself one hour to “quiet and calm” your mind, body and spirit you also tap into your body’s innate wisdom, revitalizing and reenergizing on all levels.

As a certified practitioner of 7 years I can help clients work on physical projects and emotional/mental issues. As an on-going client myself for nearly 15 years I have worked the art accordingly and have let go of emotional issues, deep-seated fears, worries and old,

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the “art of releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms in the body. Our bodies

negative beliefs. Once I set the intention to release and let go my life really began to change. I offer this gentle, subtle, yet extremely powerful art to others. I can also show and explain what you can do to help yourself, because with this art we can help heal ourselves and enhance the quality of our lives. Changes can be dramatic and immediately noticeable, but usually occur quietly over time. Bill, a long time client has often said “Jin Shin Jyutsu is his secret weapon for all of his golfing and tennis matches.” To learn more about this beautiful inheritance and its history, go to www.

To experience and learn some self help contact

Priscilla Jones at 203-921-6437 to schedule an appointment.

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Independence. Dignity.Affordabilty.

Services tailored to your needs: • Companionship • Bathing & Grooming Asst. • Meal Prep & Clean Up • Light Housekeeping • Medication Reminders • Laundry and Linen Changing • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

• Errands & Transportation • Walking Assistance • Up to 24-hour Care • 1-Hr “Peace of Mind” Visit

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Massage: Extravagance or Essential?

Increase the Benefits with Frequent Visits Getting a massage can do you a world of good. And getting massage frequently can do even more. This is the beauty of bodywork. Taking part in this form of regularly scheduled self-care can play a huge part in how healthy you¹ll be and how youthful you¹ll remain with each passing year. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health. And remember: just because massage feels like a pampering treat doesn¹t mean it is any less therapeutic. Consider massage appointments a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan, and work with your practitioner to establish a treatment schedule that best meets your needs.

2279 Black Rock Turnpike • Fairfield • Across from Trader Joe’s Other Connecticut Locations:

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Westport (COMING SOON!) • Brookfield • Milford • Glastonbur y • South Windsor 16 MAY/JUNE

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Step Into the Next Dimension of Gymnastics Jessica Romer Next Dimension Gymnastics is one of the most advanced gymnastics centers in Connecticut. Russ & Patty Connelly and Tom & Judy Brady have combined to make Next Dimension Gymnastics a family owned and operated business for the past four years. With 15,000 spectacular square feet of world class gymnastics equipment and a regionally and nationally recognized coaching staff with many years of combined coaching experience, Next Dimension Gymnastics is the center of the gymnastics community. At Next Dimension, every participant will get the best gymnastics instruction available. All of our certified instructors are friendly and professional and work toward the mission of providing the highest quality gymnastics instruction to all children in a safe, fun and positive environment. At Next Dimension we encourage the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of gymnastics recognizing that success is not just measured in victories but also in the joy of participation. We offer programs for individuals from 18 months to adult that give many opportunities to participate in the wonderful sport of gymnastics. Our program, with classes designed for both boys and girls, is separated into two main areas; preschool gymnastics and recreational after school gymnastics. We are also well known for our tumbling classes, adult classes, and competitive teams. Our preschool classes emphasize coordination and motor skill development where children will learn to control and use their body movements. As children progress through the gymnastics program, they will be working on skills that are appropriate to their age and current skill level. We teach and reinforce the importance of strong gymnastics basics at all levels so that each gymnast can be the best they can be while having fun in the process. In all areas of our program participants will have the opportunity to enjoy every

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Olympic event (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance boys teams definitely shined Beam, Floor Exercise, Rings, Pommel Horse in 2009! and Parallel Bars). They can jump on one of Have your very own shining 2 “tumble trak” tumbling trampolines, our star celebrate their birthday in-ground trampoline or jump into one of with our fun and energetic the largest loose foam landing pits in Con- staff here at Next Dimension necticut. They can also enjoy the excite- Gymnastics. We offer the fantastic time in our facility. Other fun acment of our large rock climbing wall. In ad- most awesome birthday pardition to learning how to hop, jump, land, ties where the fun and excitement never tivities that take place at Next Dimension balance, swing and tumble our program ends! During the 1 ½ hour long exclusive include gymnastics sleepovers, cartwheel also presents opportunities for children to party everyone will enjoy jumping, swing- and back learn many valuable life skills. Within the ing, climbing, and have and overall great handspring clinics, parent’s night out, exhibitions, and other exciting events! structure of our gymnastics classes children time. will learn the importance of sharing, taking They will tumble through the obstacle Come in for a free trial class to see what turns, voicing opinions, listening, goal set- courses, play in the foam pit, and join in on we are all about. We are positive you will love the excitement, fun, professional inting, patience, respect, and a willingness to some awesome parachute games. try new things. Next Dimension is also a great place struction, state of the art facility, and of Most importantly, our number one goal for field trips! Take your pre-school class, course lots of gymnastics that make up our is to promote self-esteem in our students! scouting troops, or other groups to have a family here at Next Dimension Gymnastics. That is why Next Dimension has teamed up with the industry’s leading Child Development Specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman to enhance each child’s learning experience. Each month we focus on different power words that help teach students to share, discovSUMMER CAMPS er, and reflect on various character development ideas. When you sign up for multiple sessions Not only were our class programs a great success 9:00AM ! 4:00PM this year, but this was a FREE 8:30AM EARLY DROP OFF IF NEEDED banner year for our comHALF DAY OPTION AVAILABLE petitive team programs as AGES 3 ! AND UP well. We produced many SIGN UP TODAY!! individual state and regional champions ranging Next Dimension Gymnastics has 15,000 square from Prep-Optional to levfeet of fun including an In-ground trampoline, 2 els 4 through 9. We had 21 Tumble-Traks, a Huge Foam Pit, Cargo Net, Rock Climbing Wall & NEW Inflatables! individual state champions with many of those gym25 Lindeman Drive Trumbull CT 06611 nasts winning more than one event! Our girls and




Fine Jewelry

Midas Has The Golden Touch By Mike Lauterborn © 2010. All Rights Reserved.

on consignment or redesign the piece,” says Midas Touch owner Boroway. “We will also accurately FAIRFIELD, CT -- Midas Touch Jew- assess estate pieces to determine elers has the golden touch when their true value, with no hidden it comes to working with people agendas. You can count on us to interested in selling their gold jewelry and estate pieces. “We give an honest evaluation and fair value,” says sales representative Diane Hein, a staff member since October 2008. “We will never charge for a quote… estimates are completely free.” Founded in 1976 by Roger Boroway, Midas Touch has been an anchor on the Post Road in Fairfield’s busy downtown. As the retailer has grown more successful, it has supported and contributed to local charitable organizations and been an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce. It has also allowed Boroway to become an avid collector of fine art and a classic car enthusiast. While providing a full complement of jewelry services, Boroway says the shop’s gold buying services are a distinguishing element that makes Midas Touch stand apart from its competition. “We buy gold, platinum, silver and diamonds. We will advise the customer to sell outright, leave it


charge for an assessment.”

Midas Touch owner Boroway also operates a barter service called Adds Lisa Rolleri, who has been ITEX, the leading trading comwith Midas Touch for the past 3 munity for cashless transactions ½ years, “Think of the transaction across North America. More than as doing your part for “green”, as $270 million in transactions were conducted last year by the group’s 24,000 member businesses. The advantage to members is increased sales, cash conservation and new distribution channels. Business owners interested in joining ITEX can visit for more information. Salesperson Hein, who has been in retail for the past 20 years, says Midas Touch is the most exemplary business for which she has worked. “We try to be extremely helpful and listen to our customers’ needs and determine how we can assist them. We really bend over backwards to accommodate people.”

Midas Touch Jewelers is located at 1547 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824 next to Borders Book Store

Rolleri echoes Hein’s sentiments. “Midas Touch is upscale and we carry fine jewelry in all price ranges. Having worked on Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia and dealt with all types of jewelry, I feel Midas Touch has a similar wide range and good selection. The shop definitely ranks up there. We probe trustworthy. Before you throw it’s essentially a recycling process vide consistently good service out any piece of jewelry, bring it to you’re undertaking. At the same and competitive pricing, which is us and we’ll tell you if it’s real, not time, you’ll put a little green in good for the public.” real and its value… and there’s no your pocket!”

203-259-4895 Hours: Tue-Sat. 9-5

Fairfield County Woman

Fine Jewelry


Mention You Saw Midas Touch In Fairfield County Woman and Receive One Free Watch Battery. This offer has no expiration.

We B

15 Roger Boroway Owner “While providing a full complement of jewelry services, Boroway says the shop’s gold buying services are a distinguishing element that makes Midas ADVERTISE WITH SUPERCOUPS (203) 445-8419 Touch stand apart from its competition. “


Highest Prices Paid

(203) 259-4895


We Buy Platinum, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Old Jewelry, Estates & Watches

Trade In Your Old or Broken Jewelry

1547 Post Road (Fairfield Center) Next to Borders Book Store

Trade-In For Store Credit or Cash

HOURS: M-S 9-5

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(?????) B/174/46/09/1S 2009 © COPYRIGHT


Women in Profile Priscilla Jones Priscilla Jones has been studying and practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu since 1996. In 2003 she became a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. Her primary focus and specialty is in changing and transforming her life. As a practitioner she offers her experience and expertise in helping others who are committed to making changes and transform their own lives. Priscilla graduated from Wingate University with a B.S. in Psychology in 1981 and completed her Masters and 6th Year degrees in Individual and Couples Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University in 1985. After spending two years as a therapist, she left the psychotherapy field and moved into the corporate arena until 1995. From 1985 through 1995 Priscilla held several positions for various corporations, including Bloomingdales, Nestle and Cadbury Beverages. When Cadbury Beverages went through a major restructuring, she decided to take a year off and went through intensive, in-depth soul searching to find her mission and purpose. In 1996, she was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu. For several years, Priscilla continued in her search to finding and fulfilling her spiritual path. Once she learned and began to fully understand how Jin Shin Jyutsu could be utilized for her life, she realized she could fulfill not only her mission, but help others who have the same needs and aspirations.

Anya Kishinevsky, M.D. Plastic surgeon Anya Kishine-vsky`s high level of training and experience has helped her develop a reputation for excellence in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology after graduating with honors from Johns Hopkins University in 1996. She received her residency training in general surgery at the Montefiore Medical Center at New York`s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2000, and her training in plastic surgery at the Yale New Haven Hospital in 2003. Dr. Anya Kishinevsky stays committed to continuing her education and training to provide her patients with plastic surgery services of the highest quality. In 2005 she received intense thinoplasty training in Texas under world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jack P. Gunter. She also received intense training in facial aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Dr. Kishinevsky believes in giving back to the community and frequently participates in charitable missions abroad, to provide free reconstructive surgery for children in need around the world. She is fluent in Russian, French, and Hebrew, and conversational in Spanish.

Adele R. Jacobs, Esq. Adele R. Jacobs has over 25 years of experience in the personal injury arena in Connecticut and New York. Prior to opening her own practice to represent the rights of injured plaintiffs in Connecticut, Ms. Jacobs had more than 10 years of experience as an insurance defense attorney in New York City. As one of the premier solo female litigators in the area, her goal has been to give the personal touch needed by injured people, or those who have lost a loved one, while using her expertise and tough mindedness to guide them through our challenging legal system. Her warm and friendly style with clients sets them at ease from the moment they enter her doors, and her experience and expertise, as well as her willingness to go the extra mile, make those clients certain they have come to the right place. With the recent addition of two associates, the ability to provide personal attention has grown even further. Ms. Jacobs has always been involved in community activities by serving on local and statewide community boards, and supporting many philanthropic causes. Ms. Jacobs has been recognized by her peers in Connecticut Magazine as one of Connecticut’s top attorneys for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, as well as New England Top Attorneys for 2009 and 2010.

Gina Brillon Actress Comedian and writer Gina was born and raised in Bronx New York .She attended Mary Mount Manhattan College studying creative writing and communication. Gina’s first taste of comedy was at a very young age when she was entered in a comedy contest with her twin sister Debbie they won the competition and Gina continued on to aspire to great achievements. She has been featured in Carolines Comedy Club, Laugh Factory in NY and LA, Gotham Comedy club in NY. Has been in production such as consequences, went to Coney Island, the Cyclist. Gina is branching out to live radio where she has stared “Think out Loud” her featured article. You can catch Gina on live radio at thinkoutloud., 203–656-9999


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Women in Profile Amy DeLardi Founder and Creative Director of Infinite Web Designs, LLC (IWD), Amy DeLardi leads a team of skilled professionals in designing custom search engine optimized websites and creating innovative graphic design campaigns. Services provided by the Infinite Web Designs team include: • Custom Website Design • Website Redesign • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Affordable Website Hosting • Copy Writing / Content Editing • Print Media Design • Logo Design • Brand Identity With over 16 years of web and graphic design experience, Amy has a deep understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help her clients obtain higher website search engine rankings by Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. Amy and her team also understand that a website is a valuable marketing tool that can drive sales, increase business and position companies above the competition. Although websites and graphic design campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses are the main focus of IWD, Amy is proud to give back to the community. She has donated websites to not-for-profit organizations including Fairfield’s, which raises money to combat childhood cancer. Amy also speaks to local business groups and organizations on the importance of high website search engine rankings and how a website is an invaluable marketing tool. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut and founded in 2001, Infinite Web Designs, LLC serves all of Fairfield County, New Haven County, Westchester County, New York and New Jersey.

Maryam Hedayatzadeh, M.D. During my undergraduate training, I realized that I wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives; becoming a physician would allow me to do just that. Once I entered medical school, my clinical rotation in women’s health interested me the most. Being able to educate, treat and work with women has been very fulfilling for me. I chose to continue to be an advocate for women’s health by becoming an OB/GYN; by doing so, I am able to care for women and have the fortunate ability to educate and empower them. Women`s Health Care of New England 761 Main Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 Tel.: 203-644-1100

Please visit Infinite Web Designs on the web at or call 203.510.3134 for more information.

Dr. Risa Sloves, D.C. , D. I C.C.P. Dr. Risa Sloves has been in private practice in Connecticut with her husband, Dr. Mark Joachim, for over 20 years. She is currently 1 of 10 Chiropractic Physicians in Connecticut to have a 3 year post-doctorate degree and Board Certification in Maternity and Pediatric Care. Dr. Sloves focuses on providing exceptional chiropractic treatment for all aspects of pre- and post-natal care and she is certified in both the Webster and Bagnell Breach Turning Techniques as well as acupuncture. In addition to helping pregnant women with common painful conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, pubic pain, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Sloves also provides pediatric chiropractic care including cranial sacral treatment for children of all ages and abilities. Some of the more common pediatric conditions that Dr. Sloves sees include colic, gastric reflux, torticollis, plagiocephaly, ear infections, asthma, allergies, ADD/ADHD, autism and sensory integration issues, scoliosis, sports injuries, “growing pains” and wellness/preventative care. Dr. Sloves’ goal is to help all pregnant woman have an educated and empowering delivery and to encourage families to strive for a life of optimal wellness. Her husband, Dr. Joachim, is the first and only physician in Connecticut to have advanced certification in the BioSET Allergy Elimination Technique which is a non-invasive, drug-free and injection-free approach that can diagnose and eliminate food, environmental and chemical allergies. He also runs the Non-Surgical DRX 9000 True Spinal Decompression facility in their office for patients suffering with herniated/ bulging, or degenerated discs, sciatica, stenosis and failed low back surgery. Dr. Sloves has been the Fairfield County Leader of the Holistic Moms Network for many years and she is the founder of Women of Wellness, a network of prenatal and early family care, in Fairfield County. Dr. Risa Sloves, D.C. , D. I C.C.P., Chiropractic Physician Board Certified in Pediatric and Maternity Care Associates in Family Chiropractic and Natural Health Care, P.C. 156 East Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 838-1555,,

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Annika Kahm, BS CLINICAL NUTRITIONIST • More than twenty five years experience treating weight related problems, eating disorders and obese bingers. • Trains and supervises other nutritionists. • Lectures both at professional conferences and for parent, school, and college audiences. Publications include the nutritional sections of three books: Controlling Eating Disorders with Facts, Advice and Resources (Oryx Press, 1992), Eating Disorders: A Reference Source Book (Oryx Press, 1999), and Eating Disorders… New Directions in Treatment and Recovery (Columbia University Press, 2001). Kahm has served on the National Board of the American Anorexia and Bulimia Association and is a member of the Academy of Eating Disorders and of the National Eating Disorders Association.

For further information, please call (203) 569-4964. 235 Dolphin Cove Quay • Stamford, CT 06902 152 East Avenue • Norwalk, CT 06851




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Bring your spouse or friends and join us for an evening filled with fine wines and food tastings from around the world. Discover new wines as you mingle with experts from Ralph’s Wines & Spirits .

Friday May 7, 2010 7:30pm Enhanced Home Experience Center/EA Gallery Port Chester, New York $125 per ticket

Exciting “silent auction” with items including golf outings, date night in NYC, personal training, spa treatments, Club level Yankee tickets, and much more. About Sole Ryeders Founded in 2007, Sole Ryeders & Friends is a charitable organization created to educate and raise awareness about current family health issues and to support local women's health and cancer-related programs. The name 'Sole Ryeders' stems from its founding members, who are residents of Rye, New York. The group, which has included over 100 passionate and diverse women since its inception, has raised more than $500,000.

To register please visit and click the ‘Past & Future Events’ tab or call 914. 412 .4884

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The Window People make healthy living easier






f the idea of healthy living evokes visions of discipline and self-denial, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got great news for you. The Window People can actually help you make your life healthier and more pleasant and with virtually no effort on your part. You will be more comfortable in winter and during the summer with the latest energy efficient replacement windows from The Window People. You can donate your space heater and fans to charity because you will eliminate drafts and escape incoming streams of heat. New windows with special coatings will protect you and your furnishings from damaging ultra violet light. Replacement windows, with their rich wooden or stream-

lined vinyl trim, give any home a quick and relatively inexpensive updated look. Windows that meet Energy STAR standards do not need storm windows. Washing windows will never again be a major chore because tilt-in windows are so easy to clean. Windows that sparkle simply make us feel more cheerful. If you have to strain to open or close your windows, you really need new ones. In addition to saving money on energy bills, you can get a tax credit of up to $1,500 on select replacement windows purchased before December 31, 2010. New front or patio doors will also update the look of your home, inside and out. Say goodbye to the heavy look of old, nicked,

over-painted doors that are hard to open and close. The Window People sell premium wood exterior doors in a large variety of wood species. Choose from many styles or request your own custom design for an entry door that is truly unique. Replace your scratched hardware with stylish Emtek locks and handles which are available at The Window People. The Window People, formerly

A-1 Aluminum Products Co., has been serving homeowners and businesses in lower Fairfield and Westchester Counties since 1932. Ted Davey and his knowledgeable, friendly team sell, install and service Peachtree doors and windows, I.W.P. and Therma-Tru entry doors and interior and exterior doors. Visit us at our showroon, website or call us at (203) 323-1804.

New Windows.

Perserve energy. Save a fortune on heating costs. Live more comfortably. CALL NOW


42 Magee Avenue, Stamford, CT | 203.323.1804 | Showroom Hours: Mon-Thur 8-4 | Fri 8-3 | Sat 10-2


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Home & Garden Veterans Window Washing Hi, I’m Joe De Vito and I started Veteran’s Window Washing Company several years ago, after recognizing the need for a dedicated, professional full service glass maintenance company in Fairfield County; a company that is tailored to provide personalized attention to any job, no matter the size. We are family owned and operated and located in the community we service. We guarantee you: “Professional Service First…Your Satisfaction Always.” We enjoy our work and love seeing our customers satisfied when our day is through. Also, we are most proud of the fact that our customers come to trust and count on us for all their glass maintenance needs. Clean windows and highly maintained decks and walkways add to a home’s curb appeal. Not only do we wash windows; but, also, repair screening and re-glaze window glass. We are equipped to clean most chandeliers and replace light bulbs in those hard to reach areas of the home. We, in fact, will do anything on a ladder that a homeowner doesn’t want to do. Some of our other services include: gutter cleaning and repair, power washing, staining and painting of exterior wood. Although no job is too small, some jobs may be too big; therefore, we always provide free estimates before we quote any prices so that no one has their expectations shattered. Because your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us, we are fully insured (our certificate of insurance is readily available) and licensed (CT Reg No: HIC 0618719) in the State of Connecticut. You may contact us directly by phoning: 203.313.2636, visiting our website:; or, emailing me at: Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

Advertise in The Fairfield County Woman

and watch your business blossom Phone: 203-600-4999 Toll Free: 877-812-8693


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Business Strategic Business Planning for Small Businesses By Jeff Malakoff, President, Financial Management Services Every business, regardless of its size, needs a written business plan. The business plan is a company’s roadmap for success. A thoroughly researched and developed business plan allows business owners to allocate resources properly, handle unforeseen complications and make good business decisions. A comprehensive business plan addresses the essential questions relating to the issues affecting a business including ownership, the form of organization, products and services offered, competition, competitive advantages, operational a n d marketing strategies, financial

projections, etc. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs believe a business plan is necessary only if they require outside financing or need to attract investors. While partially correct, a business plan can be used for internal/ personal uses, assessing the viability of business or securing approval from shareholders/ directors as well as raising bank loans or seeking venture capital/ equity. Despite the critical importance of a business plan, many small business owners delay preparing a written document. They argue that they don’t have enough time or that their business is evolving too fast to make a written plan meaningful. However, a well thought out business plan will precisely define the business and its growth strategy, identify the company’s goals and serve as a company’s resume to employees, customers and suppliers. Before a business owner begins writing a business plan, they need to have a clear understanding of their entire business and the environment in which it is operating which requires them to engage in strategic business planning. Too many people think strategic business planning is something meant only for big companies, but it is equally applicable to small businesses. Adequate research will yield answers to key questions such as - What service or product does the business provide? What needs does it fill? Who are the potential customers for its products or services and why will they purchase

them from your company? How will the company market its products and services and reach its potential customers? How will the company get the financial resources required to start the business? What is the company’s value proposition and its unique strengths and weaknesses. Once this information is collected, screened and analyzed a business owner can commence developing a comprehensive business mission, as well as company goals, and objectives. Acquiring this information typically requires a significant amount of time and energy. If a business is to survive and prosper, business owners and entrepreneurs must devote the necessary time to identify the niches in which they are most likely to succeed together with their unique value proposition and to identify the resources to succeed. Some useful tips for starting the research required to successfully write your business plan include: • Prior to commencing any research understand the underlying purpose of the business plan i.e.: whether it is for internal purposes, to raise money, secure approval etc. - as this will largely determine the comprehensiveness and length of the plan, the amount of research required, the use of external help required and the overall time scale. • From the outset, specify the structure of the plan in the form of a detailed table of contents as this will identify critical issues requiring research and/or external assistance.

• Creating a work program and timetable, which allows adequate time for researching, writing and redrafting, will provide the business owner the opportunity to allocate assignments and measure progress over time. • Recognize that the process could be much more difficult and take longer than expected. In such instances consider seeking external assistance, sooner rather than later, for the most critical areas of the plan. The more important the plan, the longer it will be and the longer it will take to complete. Typical business plans have 10-25 pages excluding appendices etc., require between two and four drafts and take 2-3 months to research and write, with more time devoted to research than writing. A well researched and written business plan can provide the structure and vision that will lead your company to success, so do your homework! Financial Management Services ( provides part-time CFO and Accounting/Financial services to growth oriented small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations in Westchester and Fairfield counties. We are totally committed to your organization’s success and stand ready to assist with your business plan needs. Contact Jeff Malakoff at +1.973.879.6135 or

A SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE COUNTY WOMAN NEWSPAPER Advertising And Promotion During A Recession The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) confirmed on December 1, 2008, that the U.S. economy has been in a recession since December 2007. Many economists believe the cur‐ rent recession will be the worst since the recession of 1981‐82. Times are rough, but that doesn’t mean you should lower your advertising budget; you actually should maintain or raise it, or just advertise smarter. A recent study by McGraw‐Hill Research showed that companies that maintained or increased their advertising during the 1981–82 recession, had gains in sales in the short‐run as well as the long‐run. The McGraw‐Hill Research study analyzed 600 companies from 1980 to 1985, and found those that advertised aggressively throughout the recession had sales 256% higher than companies who cut back on advertising. Consumers will continue to buy health care services, financial services, prescriptions, food, entertainment, professional services and every other type of product or service they have always purchased. During a recession, consumers are more discretionary about how they spend their hard earned dollars. They spend more time educating themselves about whom the best provider of a product or service might be and how to find them. Educational and informative advertising is most effective during tough times and now is the best time to get your message in front of a discerning group of buyers.

Contact us at 203-600-4999 or 877-812-8693 or at FCWoman.JRNL@gmailcom to learn more about how to effectively tell your story and enhance your brand during this economic downturn.

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America’s LinkedIn Lady Do you question what all the fuss is about when it comes to social media? Are you afraid of compromising your privacy? Do you think you don’t have time? Or are you someone who is already an avid Facebook user who loves exchanging photos with friends and family but doesn’t see the value of how it will benefit your business? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then please take a moment to read on.

Carol McManus Executive Coach, Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist Carol McManus is the Founder and President of Ywait4success, a coaching, consulting and training business targeted to meet the needs of real estate owners and managers. Carol is a certified Executive Coach who personally works with entrepreneurs and business owners in any industry using laser-focused techniques and fast-track solutions to solve business challenges. Prior to launching her business in 2007, she was the Senior Vice President of Real Estate Operations for one of the world’s largest real estate franchises and prior to that, the Chief Operating Officer of the #1 affiliate for the company, growing her Hawaii franchise’s bottom line by over 4000% in 3 years! She is the author of “Ten Traits for Top Performers” and is currently working on her newest book, “Reinvent Yourself at Any Age.” After striking out on her own, it was essential to learn new marketing skills and to make a fast impact on a limited budget. Social media became her break-through secret weapon to success. Carol speaks frequently on how entrepreneurs can develop a successful strategy devoting only 17 minutes a day to social media. Her advice to clients usually includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Profile and Blogging, but her secret sauce is showing people how to use LinkedIn effectively to gain more sales leads, referrals, and new business without selling! Carol can be reached by email at carol.mcmanus@ywait4success or you can call her directly at 203-286-8760.

Social networking is not only here to stay, but it is an essential part of the new media mix whether you are a solo-preneur, a local business or a national corporation. Social media vehicles are the new ways to reach existing customers, find new potential customers, and establish your personal brand in the marketplace. There are many choices; the most wellknown right now are Facebook and Twitter. While it is prudent to use more than one option, this article today is specifically about LinkedIn and why that should be the foundation of your social media strategy. LinkedIn is the only highly ranked site on the internet that allows you to have a comprehensive biography about who you are and what you do. Needless to say, you can accomplish the same thing on your own website, but chances are you don’t have over 50 million individuals accessing your site on a regular basis. Let’s put that another way. Your website could be the best website in your industry…great information, attractive design, easy navigation, and more. But without traffic your website is like bus depot in the middle of nowhere. You are there, ready to receive passengers, but the only thing floating by is tumbleweed and an occasional broken-down pick-up. On the other hand, if your presence can be found in the middle of Grand Central Station, then your passengers have no choice but to find you because you are in the middle of the action. Simply put, LinkedIn is the Grand Central Station of business relationships on the web and you want to be there. If you are a company in the B2B market (business to business), then this is without exception the place to be. And if you are a solo-preneur serving individual consumers, you will find that LinkedIn is the best way to position yourself to be found and to attract new connections. If you’re still not sure, here are some specifics that may influence you to give LinkedIn a try. The average age of LinkedIn users is 41 – certainly not the teens and tweens you will find on MySpace. The average household income

of LinkedIn users is $109,703 – respectable by any national standard. Looking for an educated audience? 80% of LinkedIn users are college graduates with a high percentage holding graduate degrees. One quarter of the users have a portfolio value of over $250,000. And most important, over 50% are senior level decision-makers in their businesses – hence the reason LinkedIn is ideal for the B2B market. Okay, enough of the statistics. So what really makes it work? The honest answer is you have to do some of the labor if it’s going to work for you. Here is a list to get you started. • An attractive profile with all sections completed • A high quality and current headshot as your photo • A network consisting of a minimum of 250 connections as your goal • Join a minimum of 10 groups and get actively involved in the discussions • Open access to your profile so that people can find you and find out about you even before they are connections (biggest benefit over Facebook)

Testimonials: “I was a skeptic about social media, concerned both about time and privacy. Carol not only opened my eyes to the possibilities, but proved to me that used effectively; social networking would impact my bottom line. I’m now a believer! I had my best year ever in 2009 and most of the new business came directly from LinkedIn thanks to Carol’s guidance.” J. Brand – Washington, D.C. “In the past 12 months, business use of social media, especially LinkedIn, has gone from being just a fad, to an absolute requirement for businesses of all types. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or someone who’s been using the internet for years, Carol shows you, step-by-step, how incredibly easy it is to grow your business with LinkedIn.” K. Herron - Boston, MA

Of course, LinkedIn is not the only site you should be using as part of your online media strategy. Any single strategy will have limited success. But this one is an arrow in your quiver that needs to be straight and sharp at all times. In the coming issues, !"# $%& '("&))*+,) -+(. $%&" /"%0#''+%,1* 2"1,3 +3#,(+($4 you will learn 5%&*3 $%& *+6# (% *#1", (.# '#7"#(' %0 %(.#" '&77#''0&* more secrets 0#81*# #9#7&(+:#'4 ;.#, 1//*$ (%31$ (% about how to use LinkedIn effectively to build your business.

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In the meantime, please send me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Please mention Fairfield County Woman in your invitation. Linkedin. com/in/carolmcmanus

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6/ ,"#+ 7"30& 84.0#9% :'"2")8"4; '%&:"4&8<808)=; 84."2%; '%."748)8"4; 349 &#..%&&; ),%4 ),8& 7'"#: 8& /"' ="#> ;#** 8# +, ?@@ -%"3' %" *#'' -.$ $%& -%&*3 *+6# (% 2# 7%,'+3#"#3 1,3 +,7*&3# -.1( $%& 0##* $%& -%&*3 7%,("+2&(# 1' -#** 1' -.1( $%& -%&*3 *+6# (% )1+,A !** +,B&+"+#' 1"# 7%,0+3#,(+1*A



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Business Business

It’s All About Them–Not YOU!

Keys to Mastering the Initial Sales Meeting to Help You Get More Business

by Christine Labate and Cindy Cornell You researched the company, polished your resume, practiced your pitch, prepared stellar Power Point slides, put on your best suit, arrived early, distributed quality printed docs, and talked, talked, talked about how wonderful you and your company are and what you can do for the prospect. You noticed the prospect has a signed Mets baseball; you pat yourself on the back for weaving your love of the game into the conversation. You feel you aced the meeting, start to pull out the contract and are shocked when the client says “Thank you, we’ll be in touch.” You know the phone won’t be ringing. WHAT WENT WRONG? Your focus was off. You pitched the client. A successful sales presentation is not an advertisement delivered in person—it’s a conversation all about them, helping to draw out their problems and wants so you can address them. Ideally, the client should be talking 80% of the time.

FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE. Next, talk about them—their company, its vision, strategic objectives, 5-year plan, and how this project fits into these goals. Ideally, you would have gotten some of this information prior to the meeting, helping you to begin to understand their true needs and business objectives. If this is the case, listen to the client and clarify what you think you already know. Sometimes a client will start a meeting by saying “show me what you’ve got.” Don’t let this undermine your focus to learn about them. An effective response is “I’ve been in the industry for a long time and have many success stories. That said, I think you will find information that is pertinent to this project more useful. Can we speak about your specific challenges?” During the conversation, confirm your understanding by periodically repeating back information they’ve shared (e.g., “So you’re telling me that you’re goal is to increase sales by 20% and you need tools to help you do that. Do I have that right?”) This shows the client that you are listening to them and seeking to understand their needs.

My mother always said it’s not about you and I always rolled my eyes. Turns out she was right.

GET SPECIFIC! Often what the client initially thinks they need may not be what will actually drive their success. To really get to the root of the issue, it’s important to ask open-ended questions both about the current challenge and how they’ve handled similar situations in the past. The information you learn here will help you to understand their expectations and formulate a customized solution using language that resonates with the client. Steer clear of questions that can be answered by a simple yes or no.

LISTEN FIRST. Get your customers talking, and you’ll learn the best ways to meet their needs. Active listening is the most valuable tool in a successful salesperson’s toolbox, including subtle signals like body language. A good way to bring everyone’s voice into the room at the beginning of a meeting is to ask each person to give a one minute introduction including tenure with the company, their title and their role in this project. This information will help you identify the influencers and the decision makers and to appropriately direct your questions in the meeting. At this stage, simply share a 10 second overview of your company and a succinct and relevant 50 second story on how you’ve successfully helped another client with a similar issue.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Now that you have a good idea of the client’s “problem”, it’s your turn to talk – your 20%. Now is the time to discuss why and how your product or service is the best solution. This is a good time to repeat the client’s “problem” – in fact, take it a step further and re-frame it more positively, as a quantifiable business “opportunity.” You might also share another very brief success story of how you’ve helped a client overcome a similar challenge. Remember, every client’s “opportunity” is going to be unique, so you don’t need to share an example of how you’ve solved that exact problem – just how you’ve handled similar situations and handled

FairfieldCounty CountyWoman Woman Fairfield

them well. The stories and illustrations you share will help your client to connect to you and understand what it might be like to work with you. Just make sure you are able to share your stories succinctly and in language that resonates with your target client! SUCCESS DEFINED. Success starts with you. Ask yourself, what does “wild success” at the end of this meeting look like? How do I want the client to feel and what do I want them to know, believe and do at the end of the meeting? Have a clear vision of your desired outcome before you even set the meeting; this way, every action you take along the way will be aligned with your goal, setting you up to close the deal. For an initial sales meeting, some elements of success might answer the questions, “Did I …?”: • establish a rapport with the client with them talking more of the time • show up as a solution • discuss any foreseen challenges to meet those objectives • interject in a conversational style stories about how I’ve helped other clients accomplish similar goals • discuss the project time-line, determine their budget, and confirm next steps, including accountability and timing

Above all, have fun! Be authentic and passionate about your work and the value you bring to businesses like your client’s. If you believe in yourself, it will make it a lot easier for them to believe in you as well. And remember, it’s not about you. Show up as a true business partner, appealing to the client’s sense of enlightened self interest, helping them to see that you CARE about them and are focused on their needs. If you care, they’ll care, beginning a beautiful relationship. COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION for Fairfield County Woman’s Readers Christine Labate 203 249 9292

Designs for Growth is a boutique agency that offers a full range of services, from impactful print communications to dynamic electronic designs, we create measurable and consistent results that build customer loyalty while bringing your brand to life.

Cindy Cornell 203 470 1324

The Hoshin Group helps its clients to see the choices before them and to become clear regarding not only their current reality and their potential but also their habits – how they think and what they do. Through our work with clients, we are able to facilitate change for our clients, creating sustainable desired and measurable results.

Million Dollar Design GRAPHIC

on a

Thousand Dollar Budget

Print Design advertisements brochures logos/identity magazines presentations sales promotions

Web Design

banner ads email newsletters interface design social media website optimization wordpress blogs

More Information Contact


designs for growth Here To Help You Do Just That



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&.5J.$22) +$%2,-$2) +&.') 2$"80$220=) +,-7) -7$) 0"-$2-) ,4) 2&#,"0) 8$5,") I) 7$0D,41) #0,$4-2) >-"0'?) +,-7) -7$,.) #<2-&8$.2)) %=) %0&11,41) "45) %=) %<,05,41) 9&00&+$.2) "45) 9"42) +,-7) D.&8,4$4-) 0,4'2)-&)!"#$%&&')"45)*+,--$. &.5J.$22)+$%2,-$2)<2$):$".#7CM41,4$C!.,$450=)-$#74,L<$2)9&.) ND-,8,O"-,&4)I)1,@,41)&<.)#0,$4-2)7,17$.)."4',412)+,-7)2$".#7) $41,4$2),4#0<5,41)P&&10$E)QN3E)/,41)"45)R"7&&


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



Z) U<2-&8))"45)G&.5J.$22)G$%2,-$)H$2,14)[)\$C5$2,14 Z) :$".#7)M41,4$)ND-,8,O"-,&4)]:MN^ Z) :&#,"0);$5,");".'$-,41 Z) /."45)65$4-,-=)U"8D",142 Z) U&D=)G.,-,41)_)U&4-$4-)M5,-,41 Z) 3&1&)H$2,14 Z) J.,4-)Q5@$.-,2,41)H$2,14 Z) J"#'"1,41)H$2,14 Z) ;".'$-,41)U&00"-$."0 64F4,-$) G$%) H$2,142E) 33U) 2$.@$2) "00) &9) !",.F$05) U&<4-=E) `$+) a"@$4) U&<4-=E)G$2-#7$2-$.)U&<4-=E)`$+)R&.')"45)`$+)b$.2$=()

LMNKOPMKNPNQ##R##!;A;6>1(1B-1C6D;CK@90 Fairfield County Woman


Fairfield County Woman




Fairfield County Woman

Law Professional

IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT Presented by Adele R. Jacobs, Esq. There are more cars than ever on the roads, and we are increasingly in a hurry wherever we go. Both are factors that increase our chances of being involved in an automobile accident. You have insurance, but the insurance companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s job has little or nothing to do with your personal well-being. If you are involved in an accident, there are several things that you should do to protect yourself.

drome. Everything that you tell the doctor is supposed to become part of the medical record, so if it is not told to him or her, then it definitely will not be included in the notes. If you have medical payment coverage under the terms of your policy, you need to make certain that your insurance company is aware that you have been injured, so that they can assign a claim number to the case. If you do not have medical payment coverage, then your health insurance coverage is primary. If you have neither, sometimes a doctor will agree to forego payment until your case is resolved.

First, you should not get out of your car unless there are safety issues, such as smoke or fire, or you are Third, if at all possible, have someone in danger of being injured further. take photographs at the scene of the Once you are safe, you should call accident, of the cars and the positions the police. You should not move your of the cars, as well as of any of the car unless you are in danger. Wait injured people in the car. If you are for the police to arrive, because the unable to take photographs at the physical evidence of the position of scene of the accident, take them as your vehicle is very important in as- soon thereafter as possible. If there signing fault and determining the is damage done to the car, check your mechanism of the accident and the policy carefully for rental car provipotential injuries. Many people do sions, and make an informed decision not want to be found at fault for an about whether or not you want your accident, and/or will seek to change own collision coverage activated, or their story of how the accident hap- you want the other driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insurance PERSONAL INJURY pened, making the position of your company to pay for the damage. !1.5&113/:7.*8@ @ vehicle and theirs very important. 43897:(9.43((.)*398@ Fourth, limit your@ conversation with 4,.9*8@ @ Second, if you are injured, seek medi- the other driver(s) to making certain *+*(9.;*74):(9@ @ cal assistance as well, as soon as #38&+*74):(98@ that everyone is @safe. If you believe possible. If you have children in the that you are at fault 1&>,74:3)!(-4413/:7.*8@ @ for the happening car, carefully assess the situation, of the accident, then once you have and if you have the slightest notion returned home or to a quiet place, AUTO ACCIDENTS that they have been injured, then contact your insurance company and &7((.)*398@ @ make certain that they are seen by4947(>(1*((.)*398@ a report the accident. If you believe @ @ medical practitioner. It is important "7:(0((.)*398@ you are not at fault, and the other #3.38:7*)4947.898@ @ to understand that even if there 3/:7.*8"4*)*897.&38@ are driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insurance @ company tries to no broken bones, injuries to nerves, contact you, you@ should know that 7:307.;*7@ .9 :3@ @ muscles, and your brain, are not al- you are not obligated to speak with ways immediately apparent. You them. They may insist that you have need to be consistently treatedMALPRACTICE for to speak with them, and that you MEDICAL your injuries, as the insurance com- must relateDeath to them Wrongful @ @ how the accident Brain Damage @ @ pany will use it against you if you do happened. However, you should not Spinal Cord Injuries@ @ not obtain treatment. If you go to a speakBirth withInjury them, @ @without the advice @ @ their goal may be doctor, do not be shy about telling of anMisdiagnosis attorney, as Nursing @ @ saying something him or her that you are hurting. This to Home enticeNeglect you into Surgical Misconduct@ @ is not the time for a â&#x20AC;&#x153;tough guyâ&#x20AC;? syn- that is not in your best interest. In

We FIGHT to WIN for YOU DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T SETTLE FOR LESS!


203.648.4419 Fairfield County Woman AdId: R 2000901 - 01 CustId: 1200081896 Dir/Iss: FFMCT YP1 08/2008 UDAC: DT - PCW ATTUID: md5295 Date: 06/17/2008 08:48:AM


203.517.4632 YPH: 100263 Attorneys YPSH:

addition, you may often find that the other driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insurance company adjuster will call you frequently, under the guise of caring about how you are feeling. You are not obligated to speak with them. Fifth, obtain a copy of the police report, and if you feel that there are any inaccuracies, you must contact the police department, and make efforts to have it rectified or corrected. A police report becomes part of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;recordâ&#x20AC;?, and an insurance company will use it against you if they can. Sixth, do not be fooled into signing off on a quick settlement with the insurance company for any injuries that you may have sustained. Once you settle, you may never seek compensation for the injuries again from

that company, no matter if the injuries or your medical situation worsens. Again, it is wise to seek the advice of an attorney, prior to signing any releases. If someone else is at fault, do not be reluctant to seek compensation for your injuries, and hold them responsible for their actions. It is the cornerstone of our freedoms and liberties in this country to seek justice for ourselves. If you feel that you have been injured through someone elseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fault or negligence, stand up for yourself. If we can be of any assistance, please call: (203) 332-7700. The Law Offices of Adele R. Jacobs, LLC, stands ready to help you. Law Professional

0%23/.!,ÂŞ).*529ÂŞsÂŞ!54/ÂŞ!##)$%.43 0%23/.!,ÂŞ).*529ÂŞsÂŞ!54/ÂŞ!##)$%.43 -%$)#!,ÂŞ-!,02!#4)#% -%$)#!,ÂŞ-!,02!#4)#%  !# %@#""! Law Offices of MALPRACTICE MEDICAL

Adele R. Adele R. Jacobs, LLC Jacobs

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Personal Attention, Integrity, Expertise, and Dedicationâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;?


ADMITTED TO TRIAL ATTORNEY PRACTICE IN CT, NY, ADMITTED TO& MA PRACTICE IN CT & NY No Legal Fee On Personal Injury Unless We Win No Legal Fee On Personal Injury Unless We Win

Se Habla EspaĂąol Se Habla EspaĂąol

All Calls Returned Calls For Returned Call UsAll Today A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (203) 332-7700 Call Us Today For A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Personal Attention, Integrity, Expertise, and Dedication...â&#x20AC;?



Fairfield County Woman

AdId: R 2000901 - 01 CustId: 1200081896 Dir/Iss: FFMCT YP1 08/2008 UDAC: DT - PCW Rep: 14564 - ag4716 ATTUID: md5295 GAUDIO ANTHONY Date: 06/17/2008 08:48:AM


203.502.7330 MAY/JUNE 33


YPH: 100263 Attorneys YPSH: Rep: 14564 - ag4716 GAUDIO ANTHONY

Fabulous Foods r Publishe highly s nds, say e m m o c re e best this is th n. ow food in t

Store Hours: M-F 11 to 7; S 10-5 Closed on Sunday

Welcome to

Entrees of Fairfield is located at 1879 Black Rock Turnpike (Behind Billy’s Bakery) Our parking lot is off Katona Dr. Email: Phone: 203-572-0140 Fax: 203-572-0142

COOK ATMenu HOME MEALS May (5/3 – 5/29) MAY MENU (5/3 - 5/29)



Not exceeding 350 calories, 3 grams saturated fat, 300 mg salt

Hawaiian Coconut Chicken (5 pts) Moist chicken breasts brushed with a sweet and sour orange, pineapple and coconut sauce, then grilled to perfection. $17 Half/$28 Full Cook Time: 20 min Dijon Lime Salmon (4 pts) Fresh, flavorful salmon fillets baked in an invigorating blend of pineapple and lime juices, mixed with Dijon mustard, fresh ginger, and garlic. $19 Half/$31 Full Cook Time: 15 min Beef Burgundy (6 pts) Savory cubes of beef slow-cooked and infused with a burgundy and pearl onion sauce. $18 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 1 hour Athenos Chicken (4 pts) Tender chicken breasts, marinated and chocked full of the flavor of the Mediterranean. Lemon and oregano infuse each bite $17 Half/$28 Full ! Cook Time: 20 min Parmesan Crusted Tilapia (4 pts) Flaky Tilapia filets coated with a thin crust of Parmesan cheese, and Panko breadcrumbs - a light-tasting, palate-pleasing textural treat.! $18 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 15 min Orange-Pineapple Pork Chops (7 pts) Marinated with pineapple, orange, white wine, rosemary, soy sauce and garlic, and then dashed with Tabasco sauce, the mellow flavor of these boneless pork loin chops will awaken your taste buds with a surprising spicy kick. $18 Half/$29 Full! Cook Time: 15 min Mykonos Chicken Pockets (4 pts) Tender boneless chicken breasts seasoned with oregano, stu"ed with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese, and individually wrapped with artichokes. $17 Half/$28 Full! Cook Time: 35 min

Beef Satay (11 pts) Juicy strips of marinated sirloin steak served on skewers with a peanut dipping sauce. Makes a unique meal when served over rice, or great for cookouts and parties. $19 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 15 min Balsamic Honey Pork (9 pts) Tender, savory pork medallions sautéed and then glazed in a blend of honey, balsamic vinegar, garlic, rosemary, and Dijon mustard the perfect balance of sweet and tangy $18 Half/$29 Full ! Cook Time: 15 min Peach Zinfadel Chicken (NA) Tender boneless chicken breasts seasoned with oregano, stu"ed with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese, and individually wrapped with artichokes. $17 Half/$28 Full Cook Time: 20 min Chimchurri Steak Skewers (8 pts) This Argentine sauce combines fresh oregano, cilantro, parsley, and bay leaves with jalapeno peppers, red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and lime juice for an adventurous marinade perfect for grilling these tender steak skewers. $18 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 20 min Four Cheese Penne (9 pts)! Penne pasta covered with our homemade Signature marinara and cream sauces and blended with an assortment of rich cheeses. $17 Half/$28 Full! Cook Time: 45 min

A Half Order serves 2-3 A Full Order serves 4-6 Meals Include Side Order


Beef Flank! !

***Spiedies*** Entrees brings the Spiedie to Fairfield. Famous in the Binghamton area of Central New York, Spiedies are cubes of beef, chicken or lamb marinated in the special Spiedie Sauce, then grilled. They can be served right off the skewer or as a sandwich with a piece of Italian bread. Beef





London Broil Marinade selections: Entrees Classic – Oil, red wine vinegar, Worchester sauce,


***Kebabs*** Marinated beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetables cubed, skewered and ready to grill

Balsamic Glaze – Balsamic vinegar and honey glaze. Mandarin – Blend of soy sauce, pineapple juice, lemon, fresh garlic, and onion. Rosemary – Sophisticated red wine and rosemary mixture.

***ADDITIONAL SELECTIONS*** Balsamic Glazed Flank Steak (9 pts) Tender, juicy flank steak marinated in a balsamic vinegar and honey glaze. $19 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 15 min

Beef Chicken

Shanghai – Asian-inspired blend of molasses, ginger and soy.

Not exceeding 350 calories, 3 grams saturated fat, 300 mg salt

Oven Roasted Salmon (5 pts) Moist salmon filets marinated and roasted in a savory citrus blend of orange and lemon juices, chili powder, and smokey cumin. $19 Half/$31 Full Cook Time: 15 min Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin (5pts) Tender pork tenderloin coated and marinated in smokey jerk spices and habanera pepper for a full flavor with a bit of kick. $18 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 20 min Teriyaki Chicken (6 pts) Transport your dinner table to the East with these tender chicken breasts brushed with an Asian-inspired, sweet ginger sauce. $17 Half/$28 Full Cook Time: 20 min Italian Tilapia (5 pts) Baked tilapia filets on a bed of flu!y white rice, smothered in a tomato and black olive salsa - a delectable taste of the Italian coast." $18 Half/$30!! Cook Time: 20 min Balsamic Pork Tenderloin (5 pts) Scrumptious cuts of pork tenderloin stu!ed with slivers of fresh garlic, and marinated in a subtle balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and herb sauce. $18 Half/$29 Full ! Cook Time: 35 min Orange Chicken (6 pts) These chicken breasts are flavored with tangy orange zest, giving a fresh new twist to a classic Asian entree $17 Half/$28 Full Cook Time: 35 min Classic Flank Steak (4 pts) Enjoy this mouthwatering and deliciously satisfying choice flank steak. $19 Half/$30 Full! Cook Time: 15 min Tequila Lime Chicken (4 pts) Tender boneless chicken breasts marinated in a refreshing honey, lime, tequila, and cilantro sauce. $17 Half/$28 Full! Cook Time: 15 min

*Marinated Beef, Chicken & Fish* Place an order and your dinner will be marinated and grill-ready at pick up. Start cooking as soon as you get home! Choose from a variety of Entrees special marinades that perfectly compliment your protein selection.

Soy sauce, brown sugar, Dijon mustard and other spices.

JUNE MENU (5/31 - 6/26) ***FIT ENTRÉES***

GRILL MENU Available May 15th through September 15th



Portabella Mushrooms

Marinade selections: Citrus Pepper – Mild ancho pepper and lime juice blend.

Vegetables (Zucchini, Squash, Plum Tomatoes, Eggplant)

Honey Lime - Tantalizing blend of honey, cilantro, cumin, and fresh lime juice.

Tequila Lime – Honey, lime, tequila and cilantro.



Corn on the Cob – Herb, butter and parsley $1.75 each ! ! ! !

Tuna Swordfish

Garlic Herb Sirloin Burgers (8 pts) Patties made of lean ground sirloin seasoned with fresh basil, chives, garlic, oregano, and parsley and moistened with butter take your burger experience a step further. $13 Half/$26 Full! Cook Time: 15 min Gnocci a la Vodka (NA)! Penne pasta covered with our homemade Signature marinara and cream sauces and blended with an assortment of rich cheeses. $17 Half/$28 Full Cook Time: 15 min Cool Thai Noodles (8 pts) Cool fettuccine noodles with tender chunks of baked chicken, carrots, and bell peppers, tossed with a piquant sesame-peanut dressing (contains nuts). No cooking required. DO NOT FREEZE. $17 Half/$28 Full ! Cook Time: None

Don’t give up healthy meals for great taste. Try our mouthwatering, Registered Dietitian-approved “Fit Entrees” – delicious recipes not exceeding 350 calories, 3 grams of saturated fat and 400 milligrams of sodium.

Macaroni Salad!

Salmon Marinade selections: Maple Glaze – Ancho chili, maple syrup and brown sugar glaze.

Lemon Caper – Zesty caper, lemon juice, white wine, garlic, and parsley sauce. Dijon Lime – Invigorating blend of pineapple and lime juices, mixed with Dijon mustard, fresh ginger, and garlic.



German Potato Salad!!


Cole Slaw!




Fruit Salad! ! !




Save 5 $



On Dinner


Call, Fax or e-mail ahead your order so it will be all packed and ready to go when you arrive. Phone: 203-572-0140 Fax: 203-572-0142 • COUPON EXPIRES SEPT. 30, 2010

Fairfield County Woman

Fabulous Foods

Entrees of Fairfield is a meal preparation business owned and operated by seven women who have been friends for more years than we care to admit. Our customers tell us we’re the best kept secret in Fairfield, hidden downstairs behind Billy’s Bakery on Black Rock Turnpike.

grams. At least half of the meals are RD approved and identified as “FIT”–meaning each serving does not exceed 350 calories, 3 grams of saturated fat and 400 grams of sodium. All of our meals are free of preservatives. Dietician Courtney Sansonetti R.D. C.D.E of Rehabilitation Associates, Inc. comments “Entrees offers an economical meal The menu at Entrees offers meals planning option for my busy, health that are easy, healthy and economi- conscious clients who insist on cal. They are prepared with the wholesome, unprocessed food.” freshest meats, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and homemade sauces – Monday through Saturday you can delicious meals from our kitchen to walk into Entrees and choose from yours! a wide variety of delicious dishes for the individual, a family or a large Entrees just celebrated our second party. Homemade soups and side anniversary, having grown an ex- dishes, cooked-to-order paninis tensive, diversified menu. Offerings and quesadillas, and a robust salad include our original family meals bar round out the daily offerings. (feeding 2-3 or 4-6), as well as individual, cooked meals that are es- Our gift certificates are an ideal pecially valuable to older folks who choice for special occasions, like may no longer enjoy cooking. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We cater too. We offer a variety of seEach month a new menu includes lections great for any occasion. We meals that are fresh, fit and fast, can also customize a menu specifisuited to individual tastes as well as cally for your event. family needs. All meals have points calculated for those individuals in- A special offering for the summer is terested in maintaining weight pro- the Junior Chef’s Camp, scheduled

Fairfield County Woman

for five individual weeks, between June 28th and July 30th. Kids ages 8-12 will prepare fun and exciting kitchen creations.

crazy schedules, Entrees has allowed our lives to run more smoothly without going the fast-food route. It is wonderful that there are so many healthy choices, but the real reason Find us on the web at entreesfair- we keep coming back is that the, become a Fan on Face- food tastes great. book of Entrees of Fairfield or follow us on Twitter @ EntreesFairfld. Thanks, you are a unique resource. The secret is out! Let us help you Stephen Bodkin enjoy your next meal!


Entrees of Fairfield has been a great treat for our family. Each selection we’ve tried has been a crowdpleaser—not easy for our group with diverse tastes. Whether we choose to cook a fresh meal that has been beautifully chef-prepared or get a readyto-eat dinner because of

Sign up for our Jr.Chef Cooking Classes this Summer! Does your child love being in the kitchen? Why not have them join us for some fun in our kid’s cooking classes! NOW accepting Summer registration. Offered weeks of June 28th-July 2nd, July 5th-9th, July 12th-16th, July 19th-23th, July 26th-30th Come for a day or the whole week!

Each day will have a different theme Mondays - Candy & Confections Tuesdays - Breakfast Buffet Wednesdays - Mexican Fiesta Thursdays - Fun Lunches & Snacks Fridays - Italian Abundanza Cost: $50/day $200/week Learn Basic Cooking Skills: Prepare food, eat in, or take home. Ages 8-12

Classes are 1:30-4:00 Monday-Friday

Sign up today by calling 203-572-0140



THE FAIRFIELD MUSEUM AND HISTORY CENTER A TRUE TREASURE TROVE The Fairfield Museum and History Center, a true Fairfield County treasure, was established in 2007 by the Fairfield Historical Society. The 13,000 square-foot museum presents engaging exhibition galleries, a special collection library and reading room, a family education center, an 80-seat theater overlooking Fairfield’s Town Green and a delightful, world-class museum shop with a range of gifts and especially for Mother’s Day on May 9th. The Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Fairfield, Connecticut and surrounding regions for present and future generations. The staff provides educational programs to schools in and around Fairfield County and helps to enrich the cultural and social life of the area. This privately-supported educational organization has quickly become an integral part of Fairfield, serving as many as 10,000 visitors a year, according to Michael A. Jehle executive director of the museum.

($100), Business ($100), Sustaining ($250), Patron ($500) and Benefactor ($1000) For membership, current program and exhibition information, visit www.fairfieldhs. org or call 203-259-1598. For group tour reservations and information, please call 203-259-1598 and ask for the director of visitor services.

May 8th with a gala preview party at the Museum (some tickets are still available at $100 per guest) on Friday, May 7th. The exhibit will close on June 6th. The works of 49 professional and serious amateur photographers, who were chosen as finalists, will be on display and attendees at the gala will have the chance to meet internationally reTwo Major Exhibits and Other Events nowned photographer, Jay Maisel Coming in May and June 2010 – of Manhattan, who has been a celebrated photographer for 55 years. The Fairfield Museum and History This year’s Center will be opening two major exhibitions in May and June re- This year’s IMAGES photographs spectively, as well as offering other can be viewed through the muevents. seum’s web site (www.fairfieldhs. org) and check our site also for inOur second annual IMAGES Exhi- formation about related programs bition will be opening Saturday, on photography during the month

of May. Don’t miss a special evening program with Jay Maisel at 7 p.m. on Thursday May 27th. And Save the Date for our second exhibit, IT’S A HIT! A HOMETOWN VIEW OF OUR NATIONAL PASTIME, a wonderful retrospective of baseball history, opening on Father’s Day, June 20th. Baseball played an important role in the social history of Fairfield and Bridgeport. From the emergence of “town ball” in the 19th century and throughout Bridgeport’s rise as a 20th century industrial hub, baseball helped galvanize the community, bridge the gaps between cultures and races, and served as a springboard for the national sport we know today.

“We are one of Fairfield’s most dynamic cultural treasure and we celebrate our diverse community and the important role it has played in national and world history,” Jehle said. “We are a vibrant cultural and educational resource presenting exhibitions, research facilities, programs and special events. Located at 370 Beach Road in Fairfield, CT, the Museum is open seven days a week. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for students and seniors, members of the Museum and children age 5 and under are free of charge. Annual memberships include students ($15), Individual ($30), Family ($50), Contributing


Fairfield County Woman


The Fairfield Museum and History Center It’s a Hit Will be on display through the end of 2010 and will include related programs and visits by celebrity baseball authors and players (still in the planning stages). OTHER PROGAMS IN MAY May 8: Dogwood Festival 75th Anniversary: The Museum’s Greenfield Hill Cemetery Tour, Noon to 3 p.m. As part of the annual Dogwood Festival over Mother’s Day weekend, visit the Greenfield Hill Cemetery Saturday, May 8th, on Bronson Hill Road between Governor’s Lane and Verna Hill Road, for a self-guided tour of one of Fairfield’s most historic sites. Come and enjoy re-enactment stories about interesting personalities buried at Greenfield Hill Cemetery by costumed volunteers from the Daughter’s of the American Revolution and the museum at 10 or 12 tombstones. Graves include some 126 Revolutionary War Soldiers and other prominent Fairfield citizens. Fee for this rain-or-shine event is $5. For more information, visit or call Fairfield Museum at 203-259-1598.

May 31: 3rd The Annual Memorial Day Community Picnic at noon, following the annual Fairfield parade. Continue the fun near the museum at no charge. Picnic will be held at the Fairfield Museum and History Center! Bring your blankets and picnic baskets and enjoy an afternoon of games and fun. There will also be vendors on site selling food and drinks. “We look forward to welcoming all new visitors to the Fairfield Museum and History Center,” Jehle added. “We truly believe we are one of the region’s undiscovered treasures.”

Contact: Steven Gaynes, Manager of Public Relations 203-259-1598 or 203-767-6645 (mobile)

May 26: 7 p.m. The Fairfield Museum’s new History Book Club will offer Apostles of Disunion; Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War, by Charles Dew. Join Dr. Matthew Warshauer of Central Connecticut State University for a lively book discussion in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We hope you have the opportunity to read the book, but it’s not required! Fee is $5 for members, $10 for nonmembers each session. Please preregister by calling the Fairfield Museum at 203-259-1598. For more information, visit www.fairfieldhs. org

Fairfield County Woman


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Thinking out Loud by Gina Brillon

30 Pushed My first thought on the day of my 30th birthday was “Oh my God…I’m old!” some people reading this might laugh and think “if she thinks 30 is old…”trust me all you above 30’s out there I understand that to you I’m still a youngin’ but it sure doesn’t feel that way. I am looking forward to the perks of the infamous 30’s. This is the year I will be awarded my wisdom, right? That’s the big sell of the thirties, that and multiple orgasms, I had always heard that in your thirties sex is it’s most amazing, Woo Hoo! However to me I am now in the contemplative years of my life That’s what I’m calling my 30’s my “contemplative” years, it’s so much nicer then thinking of them simply as not my 20’s. This is the age of thought, of evaluation. I think it is that way for a lot of people, men and women alike. Something about your 30th provokes a self evaluation. Remember when at 25 people would ask where you see yourself in five years? Well? Where are you? There is only one answer to the “five year” question that will always be right and that is, drum roll please, five years older. There’s the big TADA. We are all always trying to predict what the future us will be or be doing. If you had a chance to talk to the you from five years ago what would you have to say to him or her? Did any of your five year predictions come true? If I had a chance to talk to the 25 year old me I’d tell her to stop trying to predict where she will be and concentrate on where she is, but that could just my 30 year old wisdom talking. You would think by now I would have learned something, right? I was eager to have that epiphany, you know the one that’s supposed to happen when your thirty. I sat outside on the steps and waited, and waited and waited some more, Then suddenly, it hit me, the one thing I know for sure, I hope you’re sitting down cause this might shock you, are you ready? Here it is, the big epiphany that has hit me as I hit thirty, drum roll please, I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!!! I don’t know where my life is going, where the time went, why some things work out and others don’t, why people can be so hateful or so loving, why I’m not married, why I don’t have kids, why this new generation of men out there can now out talk women, why the weather here in NYC is as bi-polar as the people, and tens of thousands of more things that I just don’t know. Here’s one thing that I do know, while before this fated day I was pushing thirty I can now say that 30 has been officially pushed, and good ol’ thirty ain’t as tuff as she looks. It turns out thirty fits me just right. It doesn’t scare me, and I won’t go around calling it “the new twenty” because it’s not and any woman who says that should be ashamed of being ashamed of her age. Thirty has a life of it’s own, a fullness and wholeness, a coming together of a lot of years. I think I’ve just had another epiphany, the real epiphany is acceptance. I’m gonna own my thirties, just like every woman reading this should own there age. Own it ladies you worked hard for it and you deserve it.

Gina Brillon Actress Comedian and writer Gina was born and raised in Bronx New York .She attended Mary Mount Manhattan College studying creative writing and Psychology. Gina’s first taste of comedy was at a very young age when she was entered in a comedy contest along with her identical twin sister. Gina continued on to aspire to great achievements including being featured on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and other projects, MTV3, SiTV, Latina magazine and Several News Papers including the New York Post and the Daily News. She has been featured in Carolines Comedy Club, Laugh Factory in NY and LA, Gotham Comedy club in NY. She has also been featured in a number of independent film productions such as The Mime series, consequences, went to Coney Island, and the Cyclist. Gina is branching out to live radio where she started “Think out Loud” her featured article. You can catch Gina on live radio at


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