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Psychology With Style Specialized Medical

Fabulous Fashion

Finance Fitness

Five Tips toFlow........................................5 Lose Weight ... That Are Not True!.............................................................5 Business to Business Money Tips For Young People..........34 Creating Doncaster............................................22 Excellence in Plastic Surgery with a Caring Touch ....................................................... 6 How a Website - Done Right - Can Give Your Business the Competitive Edge ..........32 Anya Kishinevsky, M.D. ..................................................................................................7 Westport Business Solutions, LLC ...............................................................................33 The Go-To Place for Health and Wellness.................................................................. & Self Development 34 Simple Secrets to Social MediaCareer Success..................................................................... Specialized Medicine Business To8-9 Business Rosenthal Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center ................................................ 10-11 Unleash Your Power.............................35 Excellence in Plastic Surgery..........6 & 7 The LinkedIn Lady...............................23 Medical Volunteers Needed ........................................................................................ 12 Career & Self Development

Measurable Results!..............................8 Twitter for Business.............................24 Staying Marketable at Any Age ...................................................................................35 Health & Wellness Not Just Another Meeting Place Fertility Massage....................................9 Making the Most of Your Marketing Catch A Healthy Habit .................................................................................................. 13 Fabulous Business Style Family Fun...........................................36 Melatonin Change Your and Mind weight ... Changegain....................10 Your Life! ...................................................................... 13 Tina Broccle Image Consultant ...............................................................................36-37 dollars........................................25 Are You Tired from Working Out and Not Able to Stay in Shape? ............................. 14 Experience Doncaster ................................................................................................. 38 Personal Care......................................11 Westport Business Solutions...............26

Radio Talk Show

Testimonials......................................27 Your Money Your BusinessID’s Out of Control...............................37 Employment Creating and Living a Magical Life: Part 1 .................................................................... 15 Daniel R. Kaufman, CPA .............................................................................................. 39 Partner With Us....................................28 Sales Professionals Wanted................12 Energy Savers .............................................................................................................. 40 Psychology With Style Dental Wellness

Smile and The Whole World Smiles With You .........................................................16-17 Photography

Health & Wellness

Radio Talk Show


Purging The Past.................................38 “Skins” and Porn - Where are the Women? ................................................................41 Family Photographer............................29

Personalized Get MovingPharmacy Fairfield..........................13 Do You Know Where to Fill Your Custom Made Prescription?.............................. 18-19 Partner With Us Home & Garden Red Dress Campaign...........................14 Partner With Us ............................................................................................................42 Your Money Your Business Old World Touch for New World Grape Legal Seed Extract..............................15 Understanding Your Money.................30 Treasures....................................39 Know Your Child’s Educational and Juvenile Rights.................................................. 20 Finance Fitness Estate Tax Planning for An Uncertain 2011.................................................................. 21 LIMRA: Government Financial Assistance for40% Less to Retire Than Men .................................................. 43 Women Save Women in Profile Small Businesses.......................31 Thinking Out Loud Eight Great Ladies!......................16 & 17 Women in Profile ............................................................................................... 22-25 Not Just Another Meeting Place Financial Survival of Sports a Divorce....32 & 33 ..................................................................................... Self Defense........................................40 Center of Connecticut 44 Contractors with Integrity Contractors With Integrity Shut the Door, What Do You Live in a Barn? .............................................................. 26

Concrete Hardscaping.........................18 CBJ Foundations, LLC ...................................................................................................27 Veteran’s Window Washing ........................................................................................ 28

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Fairfield County Women’s Expo ................................................................................. 29 Buy/Sell Agreements...........................19

About Us

Community Allow Me to Introduce You ......................................................................................... 30 Carolina House....................................20 CommunityLounge.................................21 Outreach Empower

Caroline House ............................................................................................................. 31


Matthew C. Abourezk, Family Photographer ............................................................ 45

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NLdeV Restoration ...................................................................................................... 46

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Spirit of WomanConnect............................................................................................. 47

Thinking Out Loud

“Make-Up” .................................................................................................................. 48

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July/August 2011


Fairfield County Woman Fairfield County Woman

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It is summer time and the living is tight but good. I say good because we here at Fairfield County Woman are so lucky to have such a great audience out there that support our publication, it reminds us to be thankful everyday. There is a quote I read the other day that I would like to share with you today, it is from an unknown author , “If you are kind and generous all the time it comes back to you many times over”. So even in the tightest times remember it is easier to be nice not nasty. It is time hit the beach and what better way to enjoy the beach than to have Fairfield County Woman at you side and that is where we will be. Because we go so fast you may not find us in the stores or the places we are usually, go on line and order a home delivery subscription. While you are there check out the new features and catagories. We are also pleased to announce our new online options to our clients and for our customers who enjoy Kindle reading we will soon be going to a kindle app . We are and always will be dedicated to educaton and we maintain the absence of political of controversial Issues. We keep you our readers in mind as we hold this ploicy. Thank you for your support we strive to reach as many women as possible and we depend on you for our success. Enjoy this latest installment and please don’t hesitate to let us know how we are doing, or what we can do to improve Call us any time 877-812-8693. Veronica Brillon, Publisher

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Fairfield County Woman


July/August 2011

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4 MARCH/APRIL July/August 2011


Fairfield County Woman

Fairfield County Woman

Psychology With Style

Creating Flow By dr. brett denkin


t the time I was living in Westport, CT, having returned from San Diego after receiving my doctorate in the fall of 1995. During this time in Westport, I built a successful psychology practice while working in a formal office environment. However, something inside me was dying. I knew deep down that a change was necessary. So in the spring of 2006, I decided to place my home on the market. Then with Tuck, my Labordoodle, in the back seat, in December ‘06, I backed out of my driveway and pointed my Audi convertible towards the unknown. Initially, I traveled to Pensacola, Florida. Two months later, it was onto Santa Fe, New Mexico. Life can be strange. Just a year later, I experienced an ordeal that lasted nearly eighteen months and culminated in a serious health crisis that nearly took my life. In the summer of ’09, I returned to Westport to start over. I had lost my practice, most of my assets and my health. In addition, I began to experience severe fatigue. In September, I moved back into my house, a frightening proposition, as I now had over a substantial overhead. Even though I still did not feel well, I put myself back in the game. I “cold-walked” into businesses throughout Fairfield County. During this “cold-walk” period, I would introduce myself as a psychologist and business coach who just returned to area. A chiropractor called me just an hour after I

Four and a half years ago, I unhooked my life.

had “cold-walked” into his office. Dr. Lander called me to set up a lunch meeting the following week. About a week later, I called him to ask if he knew anyone that I could connect with. He directed me to his weekly networking group (BNI). Initially, I was very uncomfortable with the idea of joining a networking group. But recognizing that I had no business, no cash and an abundance of “free time,” I put aside my preconceived notions and joined the networking group. Quickly, I began to see that joining this networking group was in fact a “no-brainer.” People were there to meet, connect, and refer. I quickly discovered that networking groups sure beat the heck out of “cold-walking.” So, from September ‘09 to September ’10, I met over 350 people for “coffee”. I use the phrase, “meeting for coffee” as my metaphor for meeting someone for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sometimes just a coffee! This “meeting for coffee” provided me the chance to meet people from so many different businesses and walk of life. During these “coffees,” I discovered that many people were still dealing with a lot of fear and pain from the devastating economic downturn. At this point, I became determined to contribute, to build my life back, and live “life” with intention, grace, and dignity.

gave referrals, or connected them with friends or colleagues, or just offered my time and perspective.

prefer to meet someone special organically…” and sure enough, I did.

A few months after launching “networking from the here and now,” something magical began to happen. Every so often someone would say, “I’d like to work with you!” Within a year of “networking from the here and now,” I had built the foundation for a very cool business.

I also told people that I wanted to meet a “soul-mate” writer. Someone who could help me write a fictional story, which I wanted to share with the world. And I did.

But it didn’t stop there. While my business was growing, my confidence returned. Slowly my health returned. All of which lead me to become happier, have more fun, and be more intentional about what I wanted to experience in life. I started to ask the “Universe” for what I wanted by expressing my intention to others. I would say things like, “…its not that I am opposed to the Internet, but I would

Over time, I developed an approach to networking which I like to call: “networking from the here and now.” My philosophy is simple; I would meet with a person and would literally want nothing. This approach provided me with a rich experience of connecting with another person. If the encounter was fun or interesting, I would schedule another “coffee”. Many times, I

These experiences and many others, like my radio show, are not random. I believe they are examples of “flow”. I didn’t date, interview writers, or call radio show producers. Instead each came to me, literally falling in my lap as though my intention was the driving force! It has become my mantra that to truly live, one must take tons of action, avoid nothing, be as present as possible and develop the confidence and clarity to follow your passion.

Open door with dr. brett denkin Wednesday night 9 - 10 on 1400WSTC 1350WNLK. Or stream live from my website

d r. b r e t t d e n k i n , P s y c h o l o g i s t , C o n s u l t a n t , C o a c h 203-247-2808 w w w. d r b r e t t d e n k i n . c o m Fairfield County Woman


July/August 2011

Specialized Medicine Excellence in Plastic Surgery with a Caring Touch surgery could only be preformed with a large “anchor” scar consisting of vertical and horizontal incisions. Dr. Kishinevsky performs these surgeries with a small vertical incision, also known as a “lollipop” scar, resulting in rounder, perkier breasts with fuller cleavage. Breast reduction surgery relieves longstanding back and shoulder pain by removing excess breast tissue but still achieving a beautifully-shaped, lifted breast. Augmentation can be safely preformed with saline or silicone implants to increase the volume of the breasts with the most natural texture and shape. During your consultation, you will have the chance to examine and fell both silicone and saline implants and to choose the style, size, and shape you feel the most comfortable with.

What is a “Mommy Makeover?”

By: Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.


ow can plastic surgery help me feel more confident and look younger for today’s competitive job market?

Depending on a person’s individual needs, an eyelid lift, face or neck lift can go a long way towards softening the effects of aging. As the eyes are often described as “the windows to the soul,” removing a bit of excess, drooping skin and the loose fat that makes up the ‘bags”, whether above or below the eyes, often takes years off a man or woman’s appearance. Dark discoloration can be removed as well, all without leaving a visible scar. A face and neck lift is designed to clean up the jowls and excess around the neck, recreating a clean, tight jaw line. The scars are hidden within the hairline, so only your hairdresser will know. The result is a natural, rested appearance, without looking fake or “done.” The results often last for more than ten years without a touch-up. There are also minimally invasive approaches to a younger appearance with Botox, injectable fillers, or laser resurfacing.

July/August 2011

In many cases, pregnancy and nursing take their toll on a woman’s body. Often, the skin of the abdomen loses elasticity, continues to sag after the pregnancy is over, and develops stretch marks that don’t go away. The skin of the breasts may lose its elasticity as well, wit permanent stretch marks and drooping of the breasts. The nipples and areolae can become large and displaced. A “mommy makeover” is a popular procedure that combines a tummy tuck with a breast lift to restore the tight contours of the pre-pregnancy body. A tummy tuck removes excess abdominal skin, stretch marks, and fat. It tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall and results in a flatter abdominal profile. A breast lift removes excess skin and stretch marks to recreate a more youthful, round, and perky breast. Not all stretch marks can be removed - those below the belly button and closest to the nipple are taken away consistently.

What are my options for reconstruction if I will be having a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer? In this day and age, there are so many options for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer to look and feel their best. There is no reason that any woman should be left with a defect or asymmetry. If a woman prefers reconstruction with her own tissues, the fat from the abdomen can be used to make a new breast with a TRAM flap. If a woman prefers a quicker recovery or a larger breast size, reconstruction with a saline or silicone implant may be a good option. A new technique that has been receiving a lot of attention lately is fat transfer for breast reconstruction. Liposuction is performed on the abdomen or thighs and the fat is saved and used to make a new breast or to fill a lumpectomy defect. Fat transfer is simpler and has a quicker recovery time than traditional breast reconstruction and can be done several times to achieve a larger breast size. Also, if you have been considering breast reduction or breast lift

How long do the results last? Surgery is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including a good diet and exercise. The results are technically permanent but may be significantly diminished with major fluctuations in weight. Women who are planning a substantial weight loss or future pregnancies are advised to postpone surgery. Women who smoke should quit all nicotine products for two months before surgery to reduce the risks of surgery.

What if I Would Prefer Fuller or Smaller Breasts? A breast lift can be performed at the same time as a breast reduction or augmentation with an implant with no additional scarring. In the past, breast reduction or lift


surgery and you will be undergoing lumpectomy; your breast surgeon can work with your plastic surgeon to perform these procedures together. Our office will let you know if your insurance will cover breast reduction surgery.

What should I expect from my consultation? When you make an appointment to see Dr. Kishinevsky, you will be greeted by a friendly, caring staff. Your wait time will be short, in a pleasant, supportive environment. Dr. Kishinevsky will perform a thorough history and physical, then recommend the procedures that would best suit your needs. She will take the time to explain the surgery in detail and to answer all your questions. You will be able to view before-and after pictures of different surgeries and to examine a sample of any implant to be used. For patients who are concerned with their privacy, we have a fully accredited operating suite, to ensure your safety and comfort. You will be able to speak with patients who have had the same procedures done. You will be able to relax and rest easy, knowing that your treatment will be in well-trained, caring, and experienced hands.

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation 203.656.9999 Fairfield County Woman

Specialized Medicine Specialized Medical

Plastic Surgery with a Personal Touch • Short Scar Breast

Reduction • Short Scar Breast Lift • Rhinoplasty • Eyelid Surgery –

• Facelift • Liposculpture • Tummy Tuck • Full Body Lift • Full Line

no visible scar for lower lid of Injectables

Call us today for a free consultation:

203.656.9999 V  :

.AKMD.  P R • D, CT   W D • F, CT 

Fairfield County Woman Fairfield County Woman


July/August 72011 MARCH/APRIL

Specialized Medicine Finally a Body Contouring Treatment that Delivers Measurable Results • Balanced immune function • Improved posture • Cleansing of Fibrocystic breasts • Reduced blood pressure

this extraordinary hands-on-technique and are certified to practice under the Lypossage name. How are my treatments scheduled? Each Lypossage session lasts about 30 minutes and are performed in a series of 18 sessions over the course of 6-9 weeks. It is important to note that for most clients, it takes 8-10 sessions before the results of the initial treatments become noticeable. After that, progress can often be quite dramatic. By Sergiana Bruno, B.S., LMT, MMP Certified Lypotherapist


hat is Lypossage and is it safe? Lypossage is a non-invasive, natural health treatment that helps to cleanse the body of toxins and retained fluids. Most clients find that Lypossage enhances their energy and mental clarity. While there are some contraindications for specific medical conditions, Lypossage can be safely experienced by most healthy individuals. It is much safer than surgical procedures such as liposuction. However, for those who opt for a more dramatic surgical result, Lypossage can be very beneficial before and after the liposuction procedure. Who can perform my Lypossage treatments? Lypossage Practitioners are specially trained massage and body professionals who have learned

Zone 3 (Face and Neck) • Firms facial tissue • Smoothes texture of skin • Increases elasticity of all tissue • Deep detoxification • Decreased allergy symptoms • Gets rid of jowls • Gets rid of dark circles around eyes • Gets rid of eye puffiness What are some typical results and how will I know what mine are? While results vary, cumulative dimension loss over five key measuring points in Zone 1 averaged 6.75 inches in the original study. It is not uncommon to find cumulative inch loss of up to 13 or 14 inches. Most women find that they will drop one or two dress sizes without a significant reduction in their weight. Your

What are the Zones and benefits in Lypossage? Zone 1 (Thighs, buttocks, and abdomen) • Contours from knees to waist • Reduces Cellulite • Smoothes texture of skin, fat, muscle • Increases elasticity of all tissue • Uplifts buttocks • Decreases size of abdomen • Deep detoxification of thighs, buttocks, and abdomen • Decreases PMS symptoms • Improved posture • Decreased appetite • Eliminated pain in inner thighs

ossage study were restricted from initiating any new diet or exercise program during the course of their treatments, we find that most clients become so inspired by their Lypossage results that they readily adopt lifestyle changes that help them make progress more rapidly. A diet rich in whole, organic foods and regular body movement will contribute to a terrific outcome. Avoiding foods containing refined sugars, preservatives, hormones, caffeine, and salt will keep your newly detoxified body in the best shape possible. Drinking significant amounts of water is also key to keeping the body hydrated and cleansed. What should I do on my own to enhance the results of my treatment? We recommend that you follow an at-home body care regime, including specialized Lypossage treatment products to stimulate circulation in cellulite-prone areas,

Testimonial “I wanted to share my thoughts with you on my more than positive experience with Lypossage. Wow!! After having 2 children, I always hoped to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but could not lose those 15lbs. Well, Lypossage has helped me get close to it. I lost 9lbs and 10 inches off my waist and lower body. I did not expect to achieve these results in just few months. Lypossage is the answer to women who want to lose those inches quickly; who workout and can’t seem to lose those few inches; a new mom that wants to lose the baby fat. You performed Zone 1-now I am able to wear jeans I could barely squeeze my waistline into last year. My rear end is smaller now, something I can definitely feel and see when wearing my jeans. I’m thinking maybe next summer I can wear a bikini again! Just the other day a friend said “you lost weight; I noticed it right away!” I feel a lot healthier and energetic, and it’s been great for my self esteem. I feel younger (which is a plus when you’re almost 45) and more vibrant. It really works! I’m coming back for Zone 2.” - Elaine, Stamford CT

Zone 2 (Upper Abdominals, Chest, Back, Arms) • Contours from waist to base of neck • Reduce flabby arms • Perfect for women who suffered Breast Cancer/Breast Disease • Reduce Lymphoedema • Lifts breasts as posture improves • Decreases fat pocket at armpit • Tones arms • Decreases or eliminates rolls around ribcage • Deep detoxification of chest, back, and arms • Stronger lungs • Decreased PMS symptoms

Lypossage Practitioner will weigh, measure, and photograph you before you begin your program and at key intervals to track your progress. Is there a special diet or exercise program? Though the individuals in the Lyp-

exfoliate and hydrate the skin, as well as improve it’s tone and elasticity. The Lypossage Home Care Collection should be available to you through your Lypossage Practitioner and provides state of the art spa formulas that will bring your skin and body into beautiful condition

Call Today For a Free Consultation: 203-807-3238 156 East Ave. • 2nd Floor • Norwalk, CT 06851 • July/August 2011


Fairfield County Woman

Specialized Medicine

Fertility Massage

Helping Women Reach Optimal Health and Natural Births


ergiana Bruno is a certified fertility massage specialist who helps women become healthier and prepare them to conceive a baby. She is the only massage therapist in Fairfield County who is certified in Fertility Massage. Sergiana learned about Fertility massage where she worked in an acupuncture office. In the office, Sergiana encountered a variety of patients with different conditions in which one of the conditions is infertility. She went online to find information about fertility massage and she realized that this modality exists. So she had her training in Pittsburgh, PA in 2011. Since many families suffer in having children in today’s society, Sergiana is devoted to solve this problem by providing this unique modality. What is Fertility Massage?

The techniques Claire used in her conception also included using fertility awareness, cleansing therapies and visualizations. The intention of this therapeutic fertility massage session is to support the body in cleansing, reducing stress hormones, balancing reproductive hormones, and stimulating the reproductive organs with reflexology. The session is also designed to support the client achieving a state of balance emotionally with visualizations, affirmations and prayer for those who feel most comfortable with that focus. Essential oils are added to the massage oil to tonify the reproductive systems. Castor oil packs are applied on the abdomen during the session for the cleansing effect.

entary lifestyle, holding excess weight in the abdomen, and poor digestion and eating habits. The abdominal massage and castor oil packs are a remedy for this condition. Adhesions Endometriosis Polycystic (PCOS)



How long do I need to take the sessions? Taking Fertility massage sessions are normally long term from a course of 3 to 6 months. A session lasts about 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Hormonal imbalances: HorFertility Massage is a combina- mones play a critical role in potion of specific massage tech- tential conception, as well as niques Claire Marie Miller devel- maintaining a healthy pregnancy. oped through her own experience of consciously conceiving her Pelvic Congestion: This may be daughter Jessica Hope in 1984. from abdominal surgery, sed-

What to expect in a session? Calming and Centering CranialSacral holds for balancing and centering

Balancing alignment


Shiatsu points to increase the chi (energy) through the reproductive areas

Balancing hormones through Integrative Reflexology techniques that stimulate the reproductive areas and endocrine glands

It is best not to receive this work when menstruating or possibly pregnant. Please discuss with your therapist the best timing for appointments.


Deep Relaxation Increased circulation through the pelvis Castor oil is used to detoxify the body


This fertility massage is now being used by many of Claire’s certified therapists with great success. Ann Marie Dameon, who took the Charlotte workshop in 2004, reported in her first year that 10 of 12 women she has used this protocol on have successfully conceived.

Deep Pelvic work to break up adhesions and increased blood to all pelvic organs

Call Today For a Free Consultation: 203-807-3238 156 East Ave. • 2nd Floor • Norwalk, CT 06851 Fairfield County Woman

Does Fertility Massage have success rates?

What are the benefits of Fertility Massage?

What are the possible causes Cleansing the digestive system of infertility? Age: The peak fertility for a woman is age 27. Although many do have successful pregnancies well into their 40’s, it may be more or a challenge for a large number of women.

Works in conjunction with Acupuncture

Receive $20 off for a 90 Minute Session or $50 off for a package July/August 2011

Specialized Medicine

Melatonin Demonstrates Benefits

In Helping Control Weight Gain and Prevent Heart Disease Associated With Obesity


niversity of Granada Spain researchers have shown that Melatonin, the natural hormone produced by the body and available as a supplement, helps in controlling weight gain, even without reducing the intake of food. Melatonin also improves blood lipid profile, as it reduces triglycerides, and also increases HDL cholesterol and reduces LDL cholesterol. Melatonin is naturally found in small quantities in some fruits and vegetables including mustard, Goji berries, almonds, sunflower seeds, cardamom, fennel, coriander and cherries. Thus, researchers are recommending the intake of these foods might help in controlling weight gain and preventing heart diseases associated to obesity.

Controlled Laboratory Trials

An Important Collaborative Study

This study was partially funded and supported by the Research Plan of the University of Granada, by the research group CTS-109 (Junta de AndalucĂ­a), Spain and the Erasmus Mundus programme (European Council). University of Granada researchers (from the Institute for Neuroscience of the Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine), conducted this research in collaboration with the Clinical Trial Service of the University Hospital San Cecilio, Granada, the department of Physiology and Pharmacology of the University of Salamanca, the department of Pharmacology of the University of Jordan and the Service of Endocrinology of the Hospital Carloss III, Madrid Story Source: University of Granada.

For more information contact 877 812 8693

For more information contact : University of Granada research- 877-812-8693 ers have analyzed in young Zucker diabetic obese laboratory subjects the effects of melatonin on obesity, dyslipidemiaand high blood pressure associated with obesity. Melatonin was found to be beneficial for young subjects that had not still developed any metabolic or heart disease. Researchers think that Melatonin might help prevent heart disease associated with obesity and dyslipidemia. Finally, authors state that if this finding is confirmed in humans, administration of Melatonin via supplementation and increased intake of food containing Melatonin might be a useful tool to fight obesity and the risks associated with it.

July/August 2011


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Specialized Medicine Introducing Personal Care from Your Custom Medication Expert By Michael Roberge, R.Ph


ave you ever been prescribed pills your doctor instructed you to cut in half? Do you have a family member who can’t swallow pills but that is the only way their medicine is available, so you crush the pill? Are you or someone you know on a medication that upsets their stomach? Are you on multiple medications and are wondering if one medication is treating a side effect caused by another medication? These situations were often presented to me as a community pharmacist at a conventional retail pharmacy in the 1990s. I knew I could help these patients because I was trained, as all pharmacists are, in compounding (customizing) medications. The problem was and still is for conventional retail pharmacists, the equipment and materials needed to address individual patient needs are not readily available. So, in 1999, I opened Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy completely dedicated to compounding (customizing) prescriptions. How is Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy different from other pharmacies? Our sole focus since 1999 is compounding customized medications to meet specific patient needs. Because Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy doesn’t fill prescription for mass-produced medicines, it is not a direct competitor with the conventional pharmacies. Therefore, chain and independent pharmacies across the state often refer patients to Compounded Solutions for prescriptions they cannot fill due to lack of equipment, materials or both. In addition, the personal care given to our patients by each and every staff member is part of each prescription. Our customers feel comfortable asking as many questions as they feel are necessary to understand their medications. One hormone replacement therapy patient recently told one of my staff “You are all are so willing and wanting to help people. You helped me understand medications I don’t even get filled at your pharmacy and how they interact with

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my hormone replacement therapy. You helped me understand why it was important to take medications at different hours of the day. You go way above and beyond to make your patients happy.” We take just as much pride in the quality of our products as we do in the quality care each patient receives. The University of Connecticut, College of Pharmacy and St. Joseph’s College of Pharmacy, have chosen Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy to teach their pharmacy students interested in compounding, proper compounding techniques and how compounded medications can benefit patient in all specialties of medicine because of our compounding expertise and reputation. For the past 12 years, Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy has been a resource to physicians in every specialty and their patients. The entire staff at Compounded Solutions looks forward to the opportunity to continue that tradition for you

pharmacists constantly refine our compounding skills by attending continuing education courses and seminars focused on compounding skills, formulas and techniques and new compounding equipment is researched and purchased in order to offer more services and options. Compounding is about innovation and therefore new ideas and concepts need to be incorporated regularly. Michael Roberge, R.Ph., the owner of Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy, licensed in Connecticut & Rhode Island, is a Certified Compounding Pharmacist and Certified Aseptic Compounding Pharmacist. The 2010 recipient of the Upsher-Smith Excellence in Innovation award, Michael is also an adjunct instructor at the University of Connecticut, College of Pharmacy and St. Joseph’s College of Pharmacy.

Are compounded prescriptions FDA approved? Every ingredient used to compound prescriptions at Compounded Solutions is an FDA approved ingredient for compounding. All formulas are researched for accuracy, compatibility and stability. Compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated by the State Board of Pharmacy, Department of Drug Control, which is a division of Consumer Protection. Final products of compounded medications actually are held to a higher standard than mass-produced medicines. Most prescriptions are mass produced medication that are filled at conventional retail pharmacies. Mass produced medication only have to be within 10% of their stated strength. However, compounded medications have to be within 2%. So a mass-produced medicine, that is supposed to be 100 mg will pass quality control if it’s anywhere from 90 mg to 110 mg, but a compounded medication can only range from 98 mg to 102 mg. You receive a more precise dosage when medications are compounded.

Gen Cobuzzi, R.Ph. licensed in NY and CT, and a certified compounding pharmacist has been part of the team since 2001. She has a community pharmacy background, experience in sterile compounding, and has completed a course in compounding Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Tell me about the pharmacists and staff at Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy. The staff at Compounded Solutions works diligently to provide their patients with the best product possible and the most personal service. Our

Our most recent addition, Cynthia Boccuzzi R.Ph., licensed in CT, joined our team in 2008 and has broadened our teams range with her background in hospital pharmacy.

Janis Covey, R.Ph., licensed in CT, has been part of our team since 2005. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Pharmacy and is a certified Geriatric Pharmacist. Janis initiated a Medication Therapy Management Program at Compounded Solutions in which patients receive consultation on the medicine they take and the conditions they are being treated for, in an effort to improve therapeutic results, minimize side-effects and coordinate care.


Some of our staff includes pharmacy students from the University of Connecticut, Butler University in Indiana and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy students are meticulous technicians and help us with research.

The remaining staff members are the ones who pull everything together for us and the patients by answering phones, packaging and shipping prescriptions, waiting on customers and handling the paperwork and data entry. They do everything else, so the pharmacists can dedicate themselves to compounding. How could I get my compounded prescription filled at Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy? Your physician can phone, fax or email your prescription to us or you can bring it in to our store located in Monroe, on Route 25. We have customers from all over the United States, so most of the prescriptions we ship directly to your home via UPS. Most prescriptions are processed the same day they are ordered, and if shipped to an address in CT or NY, will arrive on the next business day using Ground shipping. If you want to pick up your prescription, regular store hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM. Outside of regular business hours, there is an answering machine for non-emergency messages and a cell phone number for an on-call pharmacist (usually Michael, the owner) for anything that cannot wait until the next business day. What can Fairfield County Woman expect from Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy in upcoming issues? In the next issues, we will run a series on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Women (and their husbands). This is a topic that generates a great deal of discussion. Many women have read a multitude of books, clinical research and newspaper articles about Hormone Replacement. Our series will be an overview of Bio-Identical as compared to synthetic hormones. We welcome your questions and comments. You can contact us during normal business hours toll-free at 877-RxNeeds, online at www.compoundedsolutions. com , or by email at 179 Main St, Monroe, CT Phone 877-796-3337 Michael Roberge RPh

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Full Time/Part Time k

l k

The FC Woman is looking for sales professionals. Call on local businesses and area professionals. Part time and full time positions available. Training provided. If you enjoy meeting people, you will enjoy this job. E-mail your resume to or fax your resume to 203-349-5421

Help Wanted July/August 2011


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Health & Wellness

Get Moving, Fairfield ! T

he health of the United States has hit a new low, with millions of Americans at risk for heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association are responding to this crisis with a new national movement designed to change the way Americans think about their health. It’s called My Heart. My Life. It’s about embracing an overall healthier lifestyle to improve cardiovascular health. The American Heart Association has been committed to getting America moving through national cause initiatives that helps individuals, families and communities achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and nutrition en route to ideal health. The bad news… Cardiovascular disease is our nation’s No. 1 killer and physical inactivity significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Seventy percent of Americans don’t get enough exercise, blaming lack of time and lack of motivation. Add to that the sad fact that 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese. Being obese puts you at a higher risk for health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. The good news!

improve their heart health, reduce their stroke risk and lower their bad cholesterol and blood pressure. AHA Recommendation for Physical Activity for most healthy people: For health benefits to the heart, lungs and circulation, perform any moderate-to-vigorous-intensity aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes on most days of the week at 50–85 percent of your maximum heart rate. You can accumulate 30 minutes in 10 or 15 minute sessions. What’s important is to include physical activity zone, walk 30 minutes daily at is designed to promote physical 4mph. To lose weight by incor- activity and heart-healthy living. as part of a regular routine. porating exercise only (no diet When done regularly, these ac- changes), walk for 45 minutes This year, more than 1 million walkers will participate in nearly tivities are especially beneficial: daily at 4mph. 350 events. Your participation will brisk walking, hiking, stair-climbing, aerobic exercise, jogging, Join the Heart Walk move- help raise even more in the fight to save lives and fund the lifesaving running, bicycling, rowing and ment! research and education efforts of swimming, and activities such It’s true that heart disease is this the American Heart Association.  as soccer and basketball that incountry’s No.1 killer, but by exclude continuous running. ercising for as little as 30 min- The Fairfield County Heart Walk utes each day you can reduce is sponsored nationally by SubWhy Walking: It’s Easy your risk. That’s what the Heart way, Cause Sponsor Stamford Walking is the simplest way to Walk is all about. The Heart Walk Hospital and local sponsors start and continue a fitness jour- is the American Heart Associa- Aetna, Mercer, H.J. Baker Bro., ney. It’s easy, safe and costs tion’s premiere event for raising Inc, Norwalk Hospital, The Hour nothing to get started. Walking awareness about the benefits of newspaper and The Sun Prodhas the lowest dropout rate of physical activity but also much- ucts Corporation. Media sponany type of exercise. Physically needed funds to save lives from sors include Fairfield County active people reduce their car- this country’s No. 1 and No. 3 kill- Woman, 95.9 Fox Radio, and diovascular disease risk by 30%. ers - heart disease and stroke. It News 12 Connecticut. Walking is the single most effective form of exercise to achieve heart health. Locally, the Fairfield County Heart Walk will be Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day will improve circulation; reduce stress and anxiety; increase enthusiasm and optimism, improve muscle tone and strength; lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure; and promote weight loss.

We have so many excuses for not exercising: no time, no motivation, too expensive. But all it takes is 30 minutes of exercise a day to put someone on track to a longer, stronger, healthier life. People gain about TWO hours of life expectancy for each hour of regular, vigorous exercise. They If you are in your target weight

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held on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, CT. To get involved, form a team of your own or get your company involved, visit online at Call Heart Walk Director Michele Grand at (914) 640-3266 or by email at

July/August 2011

Health & Wellness Fairfield County Woman is pleased to announce our support of the American Heart Association and their Red Dress Campaign . It is important that we all show support to women all around the world in educating them on Heart disease . Fairfield County Women shares with you some photos of the event from June 7th with Lisa Oz wife of Dr. Oz television celebrity. Lisa Oz spoke of the importance of being present and how it helps your life in every way. When you are present in your life we all have a lot more clarity and you make better decisions and have healthier lives. Watch for more community Spot lights with Fairfield County Woman .

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Health & Wellness Resveratrol (from Grape Seed Extract) May Boost Blood F low in the Brain, According to New Study

More Important Findings About the Naturally-Derived Poly phenol from Grape Seed Extract For Cognitive and Mental Function


igh doses of resveratrol may improve blood flow in the brain and potentially boost brain health, say results of a new human study from the UK.

describes the low incidence of heart disease and obesity among the French, despite their relatively high-fat diet and wine consumption.

A single dose of 250 or 500 milligrams of resveratrol was found to boost blood flow in the brain but did not affect cognitive performance, according to new findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Interest in the compound exploded in 2003 when a research team from Harvard reported that resveratrol was able to increase the lifespan of yeast cells. The research, published in Nature, was greeted with international media attention.

“The results of the current study provide the first indication in humans that resveratrol may be able to modulate cerebral blood flow variables,” wrote researchers from the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre at Northumbria University. “Thus, it seems reasonable to suggest that the potential effects of this molecule on brain function deserve a great deal more research attention with a clear focus on both healthy humans and pathologic groups,” they added.

Since then studies have linked resveratrol to longer lives. Other studies have reported anti-cancer effects, anti-inflammatory effects, as well as cardiovascular benefits, anti-diabetes potential, energy endurance enhancement, and protection against Alzheimer’s.

The new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study, which involved 22 healthy adults, now suggests a role for the compound in brain health. The researchers ranResveratrol, a powerful polyphe- domly assigned the participants nol and anti-fungal chemical, to receive placebo, or one of is often touted as the bioactive two doses of trans- resveratrol compound in grapes and red (250 or 500 milligrams supplewine, and has particularly been ment). Forty-five minutes after associated with the so-called the dose, the blood flow and ‘French Paradox’. The phrase, cognitive performance of the coined in 1992 by Dr Serge Re- participants was measured over naud from Bordeaux University, a 36 minute period.

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Results showed that resveratrol ministered resveratrol can moduproduced a dose-dependent in- late brain function in humans.” crease in cerebral blood flow, but “No significant adverse effects no increase in the placebo group. have been observed in huThe researchers also noted an man studies using as much as increase in levels of deoxyhe- 5,000mg daily and animal toxicmoglobin after both doses of ity studies using order of magresveratrol, which they said was nitude greater dosages have indicative of increased oxygen failed to produce serious side efextraction and utilisation. No ef- fects,”  they added . fect on cognitive function was Source: American Journal of noted, however. Clinical Nutrition (Published on“One key issue regarding resveratrol and other polyphenols is that of the low bioavailability of the parent molecule in humans,” wrote the researchers. “The results here confirm that orally ad-


line) “Effects of resveratrol on cerebral blood flow variables and cognitive performance in humans: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover investigation”

July/August 2011

Women in Profile A

Amy DeLardi

my DeLardi leads a team of skilled professionals in designing websites and creating innovative branding campaigns. Services provided by the Infinite Web Designs team include:

s Custom Website Design s Website Redesign s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) s Print Media Design s Logo Design s Brand Identity

With over 16 years of web and graphic design experience, Amy has expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help her clients obtain higher search engine rankings. Amy and her team know a website is a valuable marketing tool that can drive sales, increase business and position companies above the competition. Although websites and graphic design campaigns are the focus of IWD, Amy has donated websites to not-forprofit organizations including, which raises money to combat childhood cancer. Amy also speaks to local business groups on the importance of high website search engine rankings and websites as a necessary marketing tool.

Amy DeLardi Founder and Creative Director of Infinite Web Designs, LLC 203 307 5107

July/August 2011


Angela Schutz

Anya Kishinevsky, M.D.


lastic surgeon Anya Kishinevsky`s high level of training and experience has helped her develop a reputation for excellence in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology after graduating with honors from Johns Hopkins University in 1996. She received her residency training in general surgery at the Montefiore Medical Center at New York`s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2000, and her training in plastic surgery at the Yale New Haven Hospital in 2003.

ngela Schutz is the Managing Director/Founder of Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC, an organization that offers career and executive coaching services, dream coaching, success empowerment workshops and professional speaking services. Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC combines state-of-the-art career services with effective personal growth techniques to help clients reclaim their confidence and land their next job quickly.

Angela holds a Masters in Psychology, five career coaching certifications and has been mentored and trained by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Success Principles and Tory Johnson, Good Morning America’s Career Consultant and founder of Women for Hire, the leading career organization for women.

Dr. Anya Kishinevsky stays committed to continuing her education and training to provide her patients with plastic surgery services of the highest quality. In 2005 she received rhinoplasty training in Texas under world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jack P. Gunter. She also received training in facial aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

Angela is a contributing author of The Gratitude Book Project Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude and of the soon to be released, The Gratitude Book Celebrating Moms and Motherhood. Angela’s book, Ask Angela a Jobseeker’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Job will be out by summer 2011.

Dr. Kishinevsky believes in giving back to the community and frequently participates in charitable missions abroad, to provide free reconstructive surgery for children in need around the world. She is fluent in Russian, French, and Hebrew, and conversational in Spanish.

If you are looking for a “roll up your sleeves”, “no holds barred”, innovative approach to up-level your career while discovering who you are at your core, Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC is for you!

Angela Schutz Managing Director/Founder of Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC

Anya Kishinevsky, M.D. 203 656 9999



Carol McManus

xecutive Coach, Business Consultant, and Social Media Strategist Carol McManus is the Founder and President of Ywait4success, a coaching, consulting and training business targeted to meet the needs of real estate owners and managers. Carol is a certified Executive Coach who personally works with entrepreneurs and business owners in any industry using laser-focused techniques and fast-track solutions to solve business challenges. Prior to launching her business in 2007, she was the Senior Vice President of Real Estate Operations for one of the world’s largest real estate franchises.

She is the author of “Ten Traits for Top Performers” and is currently working on her newest book, “Reinvent Yourself at Any Age.” After striking out on her own, it was essential to learn new marketing skills.Social media became her break-through secret weapon to success. Carol speaks frequently on how entrepreneurs can develop a successful strategy devoting only 17 minutes a day to social media. Her advice to clients usually includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Profile and Blogging, but her secret sauce is showing people how to use LinkedIn effectively to gain more sales leads, referrals, and new business without selling! Carol McManus carol.mcmanus@ 203 286 8760

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Women in Profile G

Gina Brillon

ina Brillon Actress, Comedian and Writer Gina was born and raised in Bronx New York .She attended Mary Mount Manhattan College studying creative writing and communication. Gina’s first taste of comedy was at a very young age when she was entered in a comedy contest with her twin sister Debbie won the competition and Gina continued on to aspire to great achievements in the world of Comedy. She has been featured in Caroline’s Comedy Club, Laugh Factory in NY and LA, Gotham Comedy club in NY, and has many short takes on U-tube. Gina has been in productions such as consequences, went to Coney Island, and the Cyclist. Gina is a featured writer for Fairfield County Woman with “Think out Loud” article. Not only a regular at clubs around NYC, she’s also known on the web, www. raves that Gina “reminded us that Whoopi Goldberg was not the last funny female to hit the NYC comedy scene.” Gina is branching out to live radio where she has stared “Think out Loud” her featured article. You can catch Gina on live radio at channel/thinkoutloud.

Gina is one of the funniest New Faces of the Latino and mainstream comedy scene. Gina Brillon

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Lisa Wexler



Sergiana Bruno

ergiana Bruno is a licensed massage therapist who practices in Norwalk, CT. Sergiana had graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy from Westport, CT in 2008. She also graduated from the University of Connecticut and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human and Health Development the same year.  Sergiana’s uniqueness makes her different from ordinary massage therapists. Sergiana works diligently in her practice and she dedicates her efforts to help clients reach optimal health. As a skilled therapist, Sergiana decided to use a new modality which is known as Lypossage to help women stay in shape without invasive cosmetic surgery. She wanted to help women have firmer body tone, reduced cellulite, and reduced sagging tissue underneath the arms. So therefore, Sergiana became a lypotherapist. She completed her studies at the Lypossage Training Institute in Alexandria, VA. In addition, Sergiana is certified in medical and prenatal modalities.

isa Wexler is the creator and host of the award-winning talk radio program, The Lisa Wexler Show, broadcasting in the Fairfield County, CT/ Metro NY areas from 4-6 p.m. weekdays on Coxradio’s AM 1400 WSTC/1350 WNLK. Lisa won the 2010 “Gracie” Award as Best News/Talk Show for her interview with Gloria Steinem and was awarded the title “Gold Coast Best Radio Personality” in 2009 and 2010 based on a reader survey.  She is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and the New York University School of Law, where she won the American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in Constitutional Law. The mission of the Lisa Wexler Show is to entertain and inform, with humor and empathy.  Lisa is particularly interested in giving voice to the voiceless, such as children, animals and oppressed women. 

Lisa recently published her first book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, co-authored with her mother, Gloria Kamen and sister, Jill Zarin. (Penguin/Dutton).   

She currently serves on the Board of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency Research and the Advisory Board of Jane Doe No More. Lisa Wexler has been married for 28 years to Bill Wexler, is the mother of two children and shares her pillow with her beloved Bichon, Sugar.

Sergiana Bruno, B.S, LMT, MMP Certified Lypotherapist 156 East Ave, 2nd Floor Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 548-7292 Therapeuticbodywork.2@

Lisa Wexler



Valerie Fields

alerie Fields is a facilitator of women’s events, an inspirational speaker and Founder of Spirit of Woman Unlimited and Spirit of WomanConnect.

Her passion to enrich the lives of women was born out of a recurring dream where she saw herself as a bridge uniting the common interests of women. She believes women are powerful beings and very significant to birthing much needed initiatives that will change our communities and our world. She likes to regard herself as a “connector of women” because she understands the value of connections and the amazing opportunities that are possible for every woman when they connect and share rather than compete and compare.

If you are a business owner, a woman entrepreneur or someone who wants to discover what you are passionate about and give life to a dream you had to defer, Valerie invites you to come and be a part of a dynamic networking experience that is focused on you and what you uniquely have to offer to others.

Valerie J. Fields 203 912 2756

July/August 2011

Contractors With Integrity


ver the past several years, staying at home to spend time with family and to save some money has become more popular. Simultaneously, as home values have dropped, many people have been reevaluating their home improvement budgets while trying to make their homes their own personal paradise. If an affordable way to upgrade your outdoor living space is what you’ve been looking for in order to increase the value of your home as well as finally have the comfortable and beautiful surroundings you’ve always envisioned, CBJ Foundations, LLC, based out of Bethlehem, CT, can make your dreams a reality. CBJ has recently begun offering decorative concrete hardscaping by StoneMakers. In April of last year CBJ’s team, lead by owner Carol Mulready, participated in an extensive training seminar to learn all of the ins and outs of this remarkable application. Carol and her crew spent time in a classroom setting learning the engineering and technical process, followed by hands on training. During field training, CBJ participated in the building of a 40’ retaining wall with a built in waterfall, a fire pit, a patio and walkway, patio bar, and stonefaced an existing retaining wall. Concrete hardscaping is anything you can imagine it to be- a beautiful stone fire pit, a tranquil waterfall, an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall, or anything else you can envision for your land. The work is completely customizable and is offered at a more affordable price than stone

July/August 2011

masonry work. An additional benefit is that your project can be completed in a fraction of the time real stonework takes. CBJ can create retaining walls, waterfalls, steps, patios, fire pits, and outdoor kitchen and bar spaces from concrete, carved and colored to look like real stone, rock, or wood. The StoneMakers’ application of concrete makes seemingly unaffordable hardscaping features, such as a waterfall or built-in patio bar, attainable to the average homeowner. As a business woman as well as a homeowner and mother, Carol fully understands the value of upgrading a home. She continually points out to her family, friends, and customers that your home should feel like your palace. Personally, she loves spending time with her family in the outdoor living area of her own home and really encourages others to beautify their property. Carol understands her customer’s desires as homeowners and says “Our motto is ‘Quality and Customers First’, so we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied when the work is completed and your home looks and feels the way you envisioned it. It’s important to me that the customer’s questions are answered, and we’ll work with you on all the details of your project.”

County. The process is simple and affordable. First, contact CBJ to discuss your vision for your property. “We can help you design the outdoor living space of your dreams. You can choose the look and color of the stone or wood. We have several books depicting the colors, textures, and patterns that you can choose from” Carol explains. Second, you’ll need to prepare your site and will most likely need an excavator. CBJ can offer recommendations on expert excavators if needed. Finally, CBJ will pour, shape, carve, and color your concrete project to look like real stone. This process usually only take a few days and you can be enjoying your peaceful new setting by the weekend! Concrete work is durable and the return on investment for installing hardscape work (the landscaping term that typically refers to outdoor landscaping other than plants and greenery) is tremendous. In the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) top remodeling trends, outdoor living areas ranked number four.

David Montoya, owner and founder of StoneMakers says about Carol, her company, and her involvement with StoneMakers: “In the construction field, CBJ is excited to bring this revo- people look at woman as inferior lutionary product line to Fairfield and with a sense of insignificance,

however coming from someone who deals with contractors from all over the country, I assure you I have yet to meet a person with the passion, tenacity and love for her craft as Carol Mulready has. Her attention to detail and constant quest for quality puts her in a category above the typical contractor. StoneMakers and I look forward to growing and cultivating our relationship with CBJ Foundations.” Carol Mulready has been in the concrete business for over 30 years. She has grown CBJ Foundations over the past 15 years from a small startup of 3 employees and borrowed equipment to a respected business of 10 employees and a fleet of trucks. She is an active member of the National Women in Construction Association, as well as the Better Business Bureau and the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce. Currently all three of Carol’s children work for CBJ Foundations. Her two sons work in the field and her daughter in the office. CBJ is a full service concrete construction company and can serve your foundation, waterproofing, and decorative concrete needs. Please visit CBJ’s website, www.cbjfoundationsllc. com, to read about more of their projects and see more pictures. To discuss your project, please call (203) 263-5183 or email

Carol Mulready CBJ Foundations 203 263 5183 Bethlehem, CT 18

Fairfield County Woman



he Importance of a Good Buy-Sell Agreement and he New Federal Women-Owned Small Business Program an insurance policy for each individual owner (e.g. a business with 6 individual owners would result cross-purchase of 36 life insurance policies (6 owners x 6 policies each); (ii) if among the owners there is a great age disparity, or if some owners have health issues which effect their insurability, a disparity among the owners in the cost of the premiums may be the result (i.e. the premium on a younger owner costs less); and (iii) the cost of funding the buy-sell agreement may be greater if the owners are in a higher tax rate than the business itself. Stock Redemption Agreements

Are you a part owner of a small business? If so, any small business with multiple owners (i.e. shareholders, partners or members) should always be concerned about what might occur if one of the owners dies. Can the surviving owners avoid interference from the family of the deceased owner? Will the survivors have the money available to pay to Estate of the deceased owner for the value of his or her interest in the business? For all of these reasons and more, small business owners are best served by entering into a buy-sell agreement while they are all alive. FORMS OF BUY-SELL AGREEMENTS AND TAX IMPLICATIONS The Cross-Purchase Agreement With the cross-purchase agreement, each owner of the small business purchases an insurance policy insuring the life of the other owners. The purchaser is both owner and beneficiary of the policies. Upon the death of one of the owners of the business, the surviving owners use the life insurance proceeds to equally purchase the deceased owner’s shares. The benefits of this type of agreement are as follows: (i) the family of the deceased owner will receive a tax basis equal to the fair market value of the decedent’s share of the business at the date of death, thus likely avoiding any income tax as a result of the sale; (ii) the life insurance proceeds received by the surviving owners are not subject to income taxation; (iii) for the newly purchased interest, the surviving owners will be entitled to a tax basis equal to the purchase price (this steppedup basis will likely reduce future income taxes if the surviving owners later sell their interests in the business); and (iv) the insurance proceeds are not subject to the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT) and because the policies are owned by the individual owners are also not subject to the claims of business creditors. The disadvantages of this type of agreement are as follows: (i) the plan is difficult to administer if the business is owned by a large number of people who must buy

Fairfield County Woman

Another commonly used type of agreement is called a stock redemption agreement, in which the business owns policies on the lives of each of the owners. When an owner dies it is now the business who buys the deceased owner’s interest with the insurance proceeds. The benefits of this type of agreement are as follows: (i) a prime advantage is that it is easier to administer for multiple owners (e.g. unlike above now a business with 6 individual owners would result in the purchase of only 6 policies); (ii) the business and not the individual owners will bear the differences in the cost of premiums due to age and medical differences among the owners; (iii) the business will not recognize income for tax purposes when it receives the insurance proceeds (the corporation must, however, consult its accountant to understand the possible effect of the entire transaction on the earnings and profits of the business). The earnings and profits will increase with the life insurance proceeds received, but expenses will rise due to the repurchase of the ownership interest, so all of the owners of the business should consult an accountant to understand the overall result of this type of agreement.

more than a 50% interest), that owner is deemed to have an ownership interest in the life insurance policy due to the owner’s ability to designate a beneficiary, as well as other ownership interests. Thus, the benefits on receiving life insurance proceeds may be substantially reduced if estate taxes are incurred as a result of the life insurance proceeds being included in the estate. It should also be noted that if you are a family-owned small business that the IRS will often dispute the purchase price of the buy-sell agreement as not being for fair market value. Due to all of these potential complexities it is imperative that any small business considering a buy-sell agreement consult its attorney, accountant, and life insurance agent as to the best type of agreement, life insurance policies and valuation of the business. No small business should enter into such an agreement without first consulting its accountant to discuss all of the possible tax ramifications, along with a skilled insurance agent to discuss the various types of policies that may be purchased. THE WOMEN-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS PROGRAM Last week the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that the Federal Government’s new Women-Owned Small Business (WSOB) program went into effect on February 4, 2011.

Estate Tax Implications

“Implementing the Women-Owned Small Business contracting rule has been a top priority for the Obama Administration and SBA,” said Admin. Karen Mills. “Womenowned businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. As we continue to look to small businesses to grow, create jobs and lead America into the future, women-owned businesses will play a key role. That’s why providing them with all the tools necessary to compete for and win federal contracts is so important. Federal contracts can provide women-owned small businesses with the oxygen they need to take their business to the next level.” See The Business Wire, February 1, 2011. home/20110201006619/en/SBA-Announces-Contracting-Program-WomenOwned-Small-Businesses

When a cross-purchase plan exists, the proceeds from the life insurance policies are not included in the deceased owner’s estate because he or she is not the owner of beneficiary of the policy. However, this benefit may not be available under a redemption plan. If the deceased owner possessed a controlling interest in the business (i.e. a shareholder who owns

This new Federal contract program will provide greater access to federal contracting opportunities for WOSBs. The program allows contracting officers to set aside specific contracts for certified WOSBs and will help federal agencies achieve the existing statutory goal of five percent of federal contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs. Id.

The disadvantages of this type of agreement flow to the individual owners. It is a significant disadvantage that the surviving owners do not get the benefit of a step-up in basis when the business purchases the deceased owner’s interest. Rather each individual business owner retains their respective tax basis in the business. As a result, if the surviving owners then sell the business at a later date, this may create the potential for greater capital gains.


The SBA released instructions on how to participate in the program on its website: To qualify as a WOSB, the business must be: (i) at least 51 percent owned and controlled by one or more women; (ii) be primarily managed by one or more women; (iii) the women must be U.S. citizens; and (iv) the business entity must be considered small according to SBA size standards. Another aspect of the program is designed to aid “economically disadvantaged” WOSBs. In order to be deemed “economically disadvantaged,” in addition to all of the requirements above, the WOSB must meet specific financial requirements, which are as follows: (i) the woman’s personal net worth must be less than $750,000 (with some exclusions); (ii) her adjusted gross yearly income averaged over the three years preceding the certification is less than $350,000; and (iii) the fair market value of all her assets is less than $6 million (with some exclusions). How does a WOSB participate in the Program? The steps are set forth on the SBA website, but are as follows: (i) read the WOSB Federal Contract program regulations in the Federal Register and the WOSB Compliance Guide (ii) Register in the SBA Central Contractor Registration (CCR) as a WOSB or an EDWOSB; (iii) Log onto SBA’s General Login System (GLS) and go to the WOSB program repository and upload all required documents; and (iv) update your status in Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). If your business, or someone you know, may bid on or otherwise qualify for a federal government contract, you should contact your local Small Business Administration Women’s Business Center for assistance. To find out the location of your area Women’s Business Center log onto the SBA website at: content/womensbusiness-centers

50 Washington Street, Suite 510 Norwalk, CT 06854 T.203.750.5868 F.203.750.5968 twitter: @sandorlaw DISCLAIMER: IRS CIRCULAR 230 DISCLOSURE: Under regulations issued by the U.S. Treasury, to the extent that tax advice is contained in this correspondence (or any attachment hereto), you are advised that such tax advice is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by you, or any party to whom this correspondence is shown, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending the tax advice addressed herein to any other party.

July/August 2011


Community Outreach

Vikki was a young married woman when she moved to the United States from Mexico with her American husband several years ago. New to this country, Vikki was determined after the birth of her children to learn English and teach her daughters the language as well. She heard about Caroline House, which was a little over a mile from her home. She signed up for English classes and enrolled her two year old twins in the pre-school. Rain or shine, in the heat or cold, Vicki pushes her stroller and shows up for classes. She has perfect attendance and is determined for her children to succeed. Vikki will graduate in June 2011. Her daughters who now speak fluent English will be placed into an English speaking kindergarten. She will finish at Caroline House with English and life skills to be able to advocate for her children at the pediatrician or with the twin’s teachers! Caroline House is a nondenominational education center teaching literacy and life skills to low income immigrant women and children. Founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, it is located on the East Side of Bridgeport in an impoverished neighborhood. Caroline House has nurtured and educated over 1,300 women and children since opening its doors. Caroline House promotes family literacy and views the parent as a child’s first teacher and reading as a child’s first subject. When mothers and children learn to speak English, children do much better in school and the entire family is more stable. Through the Mother and Child Literacy Program, Caroline House addresses Connecticut’s achievement gap, which is the worst in the nation among economically disadvantaged children. Every child who graduates from the Caroline House preschool is accepted into an English speaking kindergarten. Additional programs offered are after school and summer programs for underserved youth, basic literacy classes and citizenship classes.

574 Stillman Street • Bridgeport, Ct 06608 phone (203) 334-0640 • Fax (203) 334-0248 Fairfield County Woman July/August 2011



Fairfield County Woman


Empower Lounge is coming to Stamford! Empower Lounge: Bringing the best career, life-balance Meet Valerie Fields, local ambassador/curator for Eminspiration, events, resources and community to power Lounge Stamford: ambitious women worldwide and locally. As local ambassador for Empower Lounge Stamford and Founder of Spirit of Woman Unlimited, I’m excited about launching a vibrant online community that will provide local ambitious and passionate women a platform to share their passions, connect with like-minded women and find the very best local inspiration, resources, events and ways to give back right here in Stamford and surrounding areas.

With women making up half of the workforce and launching businesses at twice the rate as men, they want more than just the latest fashion advice. Today’s ambitious women seek the best tips-from-thetrenches, inspiration and support network to help them pursue their professional and personal dreams with gusto, creativity and focus. That’s why we bring you Empower Lounge:

Meet Misty Gibbs, Founder of Empower Lounge:

The ultimate online hangout for ambitious women of all ages, entrepreneurs and professionals alike, to gather worldwide and locally.

Misty is on a mission to empower ambitious, professional and entrepreneurial women around the world and in their very own community. After seeing the positive impact her first two sites, My Inspiration Lounge and Austin Women Online, had on women by giving them direct online access to curated, relevant inspiration, resources and events - Misty realized the need to combine the national and local online resources to offer one powerful online destination, now called Empower Lounge. Its “hyper-local to global” online community model gives entrepreneurial and professional women a new holistic, timely way to find and share the very best career, life-balance inspiration, practical tools, worthy events and trusted support – helping them achieve personal and professional success in a whole new way.

We’ve tapped into the collective power, wisdom and experiences of everyday women, worldwide and locally, to bring you an empowering mix of trusted advice, creative inspiration, practical tools, worthy events and ways to give back. All focused on helping you achieve a new level of success - life redesigned with less stress and more “you time” to recharge and reconnect, helping you make a difference in your world and achieve professional success on your terms.

At Empower Lounge National and Stamford, we make it easy to:

g Form meaningful connections with like-minded women g Discover and share curated inspiration, resources, charties and events g Share how you pursue your passion and balance it all g Empower your soul, business, career, time, and giving! There’s nothing ordinary about the global and local powerhouse of women and inspiration we’re bringing together. Be the first to know when Empower Lounge and Empower Lounge Stamford is live!

Like our Facebook Pages: and

“I joined Empower Lounge: Austin before I moved to Austin. It was a great way to get connected with some wonderful local resources quickly. In my first week here I found a woman’s business networking event that helped me begin building relationships immediately - both personal and professional - and helped me feel welcome in Austin. Thank you for creating AWO, Misty. It’s a fabulous resource to find just about whatever I need to settle into my new city.” -Laurie Cameron, Empower Lounge member

Follow us on Twitter @EmpowerStamford @EmpowerLounge Sign-up for our short daily emails

featuring the very best career, life-balance inspiration handpicked by our editors and shared by our members around the world by visiting Empower-

Calling all local advertisers

For more details on becoming an exclusive advertising sponsor and how we can connect you with influential women in your community – contact Valerie Fields at

Fairfield County Woman

I can’t say enough about what you’re providing for the world through My Inspiration lounge. It’s full of inspirational opportunities and an escape from the negative news. I used to be so imaginative; so took a toll on that, but now I have hope that I can belong to a network where I can relive that again! –Leondria Baxter, Daily Email Subscriber

Visit Empower Lounge at: 21

July/August 2011

Fabulous Fashion

Experience DONCASTER – a new way to shop for clothes… Designed by Patricia Clynewho designed her own label and formerly designed for Oscar de la Renta. Uses the finest fabrics available around the world… from the same mills used by the top couture designers. Style and design details rival the couture collections, but the clothes are also versatile and priced to suit your needs. Clothes are three-season wear and will work with what you already have in your closet. Available in sizes 2 to 24 and comes in petites and woman’s sizes-everything from suits, to casual to accessories! Make an appointment to see the collection in our Wilton Show Room Or any time at the Manhattan Showroom by contacting us: Gail Hanny 203 -762-5487 h 203-921-7023 c July/August 2011

Lisa Benison 203-761-1250 h 203-451-0070 c 22

Fairfield County Woman

Business To Business

Simple SecretsSmart to Social Social Media Success Simple Secrets to Media Success Being Socially Spells Success yourbusiness businessisisselling sellingreal realestate, estate, 2.2.IfIfyour

A Income LinkedIn stillimportant importantfor forlong-term long-termrereLinkedIn isisstill A Geography lationships, butaaFacebook Facebookpage pagecan canbe be lationships, but A Personal Interests extremely useful establishingyou youas asthe the extremely useful ininestablishing A Career ormarket Profession expert the marketyou youserve serve––not notby bytelltellexpert ininthe

By:Carol CarolMcManus McManus By:

By Carol McManus

Everyday daythere thereisissomething somethingnew newtotoreport report Every as it relates to social media. One of the as it relates to social media. One of the really can’t believe what has hapmost recent revelations wasspace the impact impact most recent revelations was the pened in the social media over that grass-roots movement couldhave have that grass-roots movement could theaalast 12 months. In general, we on changing the entire political structure of on changing the entire political structure have moved from fear and rejection of to an entire country. That’s both scary and an entire country. That’s both scary and uneasy awareness to conditional acinspiring! AASo story thatdo captured everyone’s inspiring! story that captured everyone’s ceptance. what I mean by that? heart awhile back was the unknown singing heart awhile back was the unknown Simply put, what seemed like asinging shiny talent from across the pond who, through talent from across the pond who, through new toy has become a business neYouTube became an overnightworld, sensation YouTube overnight sensation cessity inbecame the newan marketing yet –you youguessed guesseditit––Susan SusanBoyle! Boyle! Again, Again,aa – there are still many individuals and busilittlescary scarybut butabsolutely absolutelyinspiring. inspiring. little


nesses who are struggling with how to make it happen.

Let’sfocus focuson onthe theinspiring inspiringaspect aspectofofwhat what Let’s is happening in cyberspace and how you is happening in cyberspace and how you Let’s see if I can make it easier for you. can apply it to your own situation. The goal can apply it to your own situation. The goal In this article, I want to give you a few get found, leavean animpression, impression, and isistotoget found, leave and simple steps to follow to get your social motivate others to spread the word on your motivate others to spread the word on your networking in gear. behalf. IfIfwe webreak breakthat thatdown downit’s it’sreally reallyaa behalf. simpleformula formula for success. simple success. Question #1 –for What type of business

are you in? Are you a professional GETFOUND: FOUND: youwant wantto toget get found, you GET IfIfyou you service provider? Are you afound, bricks & havetoto startby bygetting getting thegame. game. This have start ininthe This mortar business with product to sell to notime timeintraffic? inthe thehistory history youran business isisno your business toto consumer Areofofyou Internet be a wallflower. But I don’t recommend be a wallflower. But I don’t recommend toto based business? Are you a network my clients that they jump into the deep end my clients that they jump into the deep end marketer? thepool poolwithout withoutaafew fewcritical criticalswimming swimming ofofthe lessons. lessons. The list could go on, but self-identifying

your business theyou first step in your your Choose whatis sites you feel match your 1.1.Choose what sites feel match social media plan. personality, your business objectives, personality, your business objectives, whereyour yourpotential potentialclients clientsororcustomers customers where

Question #2 then –then What type of client or hangout outand and build complete andapaphang build complete and customer are you trying to attract? propriate profiles to attract others to you. propriate profiles to attract others to you. Be specific asare you can when conyou Foras example, you are professional conFor example, ififyou aaprofessional answer this question. Think about your sultantseeking seeking findnew newbusinesses businesses sultant totofind toto ideal customer – not would the general popuserve, then LinkedIn LinkedIn would be your your first serve, then be first lation. choice. You Youshould shouldbuild buildyour yourprofile profilehighhighchoice. lighting your your business business accomplishments, accomplishments, lighting

terpeople peopleget gettotoknow knowyou. you. ter

don’t like positioning information in the Use your your profiles, your updates, updates, your 2.2. Use your negative, butprofiles, in this your case I’m going to wall postings, postings, and and your your tweets tweets toto share share wall make an exception. Here are the comsomeofofyour yourintellectual intellectualproperty. property.That’s some aa mon mistakes individuals and That’s busiverydaunting dauntingand andformal formalphrase, phrase,but butsimsimvery ingeveryone everyoneabout aboutyour yourhomes homesfor forsale sale–– nesses make when using social media. ing plyput, put,ititmeans meanstell tellpeople peopleaalittle littlebit bitabout about ply Then I challenge you to go even deepbut by sharing your great knowledge about but by sharing your great knowledge about what you know. You would beamazed amazedthat that what you know. You would be er? Where does your customer shop? 1. They sell too much – prematurely – thehome homebuying buyingand andselling sellingprocess processand and the things that are obvious and come second things that are obvious and come second What type of car do they drive? What and without having earned the right to tipson onwhat whatresidents residentswant wanttotoknow knowabout about tips nature toyou youare arerevelations revelations others. nature totoothers. do they read? This list can go on and do so. toYour Facebook page is not the your community. your community. Build trust byserving serving others. Always be on, but you get the idea. same astrust running a quarter page ad be in 3.3.Build by others. Always youwant wanttotostand standout outon onTwitter, Twitter,ititisis 3.3.IfIfyou looking foropportunities opportunities sharepromote informathe newspaper where you can looking for totoshare informaimportantthat that–your your tweets reflectthe thekeykeyimportant tweets Question #3 What are reflect their current tionor orconnect connectyour people yournetwork, network, your service, product and yourtion people ininyour oror wordsthat thatothers others mayproduct besearching searching for. words be for. buying habits for may the or serpointpeople people tosolutions. solutions. Yourgenerosity generosity pricing. You tomust give before you can point Your Youyou willattract attractfollowers followerswhose whoseinterests interests You will vice provide? willpay paybig bigput, dividends because whatyou you get. Simply sharebecause your knowledge, will dividends what mirroryour yourmessaging messagingand andultimately ultimatelythe the mirror arereally reallydoing doing building trust andconficonfiare isisbuilding trust and your insights, your tips, your tricks, and services orproducts products youprovide. provide. or locaservices you A Shop or based on convenience dence andthat thatthrough thefoundation foundation forpeople people dence and isisthe your passion posts, for updates, tion wantingto todo dobusiness business withyou. you. wanting with articles, blog links, photos and videos A Shop based on price competition only promote yourself 1 out of ev“Yes, Carol! I want want beormore more – and “Yes, toto be A ShopCarol! based Ion uniqueness qualMOTIVATE OTHERS TO SPREAD SPREAD THE THE MOTIVATE ery 10 timesOTHERS you post!TO ity of product or service effective using LinkedIntotobring bringme me WORD: WORD: Since Sincethe thebeginning beginningofoftime, time,itithas has effective using LinkedIn Amore Reliesrefurrals, heavily on referrals and recalways been a business owner’s objective 2. They speak in language intended for always been a business owner’s objective leads, and and closed closed more refurrals, leads, ommendations get theircustomers customers sayindividual goodthings things mass media and not tototo one at totoget their say good business” business” A Makes buying decisions based on atotime. to their theirWhile friends, relatives andan neighbors friends, and neighbors yourelatives are putting update trust and reputation about why theyshould should do business with about they business with on yourwhy LinkedIn profiledo which goes to you. Your goal online through social media you. Your goal online through social media all your connections, you want the tone Ifthis thisisisyou, you,then thene-mail e-mailme metoday today If Take a moment to adapt these ques- and stimulate that same typeoflike ofresponse response isistoto stimulate same content tothat make it type read it was tions to your specific business – again, meant from your yourthat connections, your friends, from connections, your friends, oror for one human being sitting itto doesn’t matter whethertips youfor provide a atyour to receive myhottest hottest tips for Linkeyour followers. receive my Linkefollowers. their computer or reading screen on service or a product – your best in client Give reallycool tips,tricks, tricks,hints, hints, andyou se1.1.Give really tips, and seiPhone –cool make them feel like dInusers. users. Justput put hottips tips the their dIn Just hot in the has habits that you need to understand are crets thatintrigue intrigueand and inspirepeople. people. For For crets that inspire talking directly to them! subject line. subject line. so that you can reach them, engage example:What Whatare arethe thebest bestdays daystotoshop shop example: them, and ultimately do business with 3.for for freshget vegetables fish? What chemifresh vegetables ororfish? chemiThey lazy and fail toWhat participate them. calsshould should yoube be concernedabout aboutifwork ifyour your cals you concerned regularly. Social networking takes Youwill willreceive receivemy my You dry cleaner is using them? What is the dry cleaner is using them? What is the best (you’ll notice it’s the four letters in best the Top Must-Do’s have effec••Top 55Must-Do’s totohave So we’ve covered the Big an 3an–effecNow middle siteonline online find coupons? Whatshould should site totofind coupons? What of the word ‘networking’). You based on whaton you have analyzed, can’t youask askyour yourdivorce attorney before your tivepresence presence on LinkedIn you attorney tive LinkedIn develop adivorce profile and letbefore it sit your idle. where are your potential clients or cus- You hire him? hire him? can’t open a Facebook account Top 55 Mistakes Mistakes that are are driving driving •• Top tomers hanging out onthat the Internet? Be inspirational, motivational, and funny. 2.2.Be inspirational, motivational, and only watch what’s goingand onfunny. from peopleaway awayfrom fromyour yourprofile profile people The words and and videos that goonce viral first first The words videos that go viral the sidelines. You can’t tweet evA Websites – they use Google or other and sustain over time arethe the ones with and sustain over time are ones with ery 6 months and expect to be taken search engines to find you universalmessages messagesthat thattouch touchour ouremoemouniversal seriously. Thisisistotally totallyFREE. FREE. This tions. You Youdon’t don’thave havetotobe bethe theauthor author–– tions. A Blogs – they research your business you haveabuse bethe the publisher. Whatquotes quotes you have totobe publisher. What They their network. When and your reputation on the words of 4.inspire inspire you? What thoughts motivate you? you? What thoughts motivate you? LEAVE ANIMPRESSION: IMPRESSION: When youare are you meet someone at a live networking LEAVE AN When you others who have already done business Whatmakes makes youlaugh laugh (appropriate humor, What you (appropriate humor, event, you engage in casual conversausing cyberspacetotoconnect connectwith withpeople, people, using cyberspace with you please)? Share Shareit!it! please)? youhave havetotowork workaalittle littleharder harderthan thanwhen when tion to establish rapport and share bayou you areface-to-face face-to-face networking meetA Social Networking – they meetcomyou are atataanetworking ing. InInthe the Internet world,they they don’t have municate on the platform that is most ing. Internet world, don’t have the immediate immediate benefit seeing you you up up closely matched with the demographic the benefit ofof seeing close andpersonal, personal,feeling feelingthe the strength and psychographic analysis you did unclose and strength ofof your handshake thepower powerofofyour your smile. your handshake the smile. der Question #2.ororProfessionals, service Allofofthose thoseand things mustbe beimplied implied through All things must through providers, entrepreneurs hang out your wordsand and yourpositioning. positioning. your words your on LinkedIn. General consumers, soccer moms, young adults and like Allow your personality comethe through 1.1.Allow your personality totocome through hang outwords. on Facebook. Internet maryour words. Thisisiscalled called authenticininyour This authenticketers, niche specialists, and curiosity ityand andit itisisimperative imperative thatyour yourrepresent represent ity that seekers hang out on Twitter. Those are yourselfininan anhonest honestway. way. However, However,this this yourself generalizations to get you started. comes with a word of caution. If, by nacomes with a word of caution. If, by na-

A Age Range education your expertise, educationand andcredentials, credentials, your expertise, A Gender and supportyour yourinformation informationwith withrecomrecomand support ture,you youare areaalittle littlesarcastic sarcasticorordry-witted, dry-witted, ture, A Marital Status mendations fromothers otherswho whoare arerepresenrepresen- But mendations from you can’t leave this article until we then I recommend you pull back onthose those then I recommend you pull back on A Family size tativeofofthe thepeople peopleyou youwant wanttotoconnect connect talk a little more about what being tative Soquips in the written forum. Save your best quips in the written forum. Save your best A Ethnic Background (if important) with. with. cially Smart means.that I evolve generally forthe the verbalreally conversations that evolveafaffor verbal conversations

Askfor forhelp. help. Don’t Don’tbe beafraid afraidtotoencourencour3.3.Ask

sic information about what you each do age peopletotopass pass onthe themessage message othage people on totoothfor a living. You don’t scour the room ers. Sometimes Sometimesthe thesimple simpleact actofofasking asking ers. shoving business cardsI Ihave into everymakesallall thedifference. difference. haveaa friend makes the friend one’s hands asking them to call on you for whoregularly regularly asksme me re-tweet onTwitTwitwho asks totore-tweet their insurance needs, theirmakes real estate ter. Just Justthat thatsimple simple request makes easy ter. request ititeasy needs, their chiropractic needs, etc. forme, me,helps helpshim, him,and andstimulates stimulates metoto do for me do You must be engaging before you something that mightnot not havedone donewill on something that I Imight have on ever BE engaged. Remember, people myown ownsimple simplebecause because wanttotohelp help him my I Iwant him have get to know you before they will out. like you. They have to like you before Somy myadvise? advise? Get the game…share, they will begin to trust you. And they So Get ininthe game…share, giveback, back, connect, redirect…inspire and have to trust you before they will and do give connect, redirect…inspire motivate…and aboveall…have all…haveFUN! FUN! business with you. motivate…and above The use of social media – regardless of Testimonials: theTestimonials: site – will go a long way in networking your way to success in business. Be I Ismart, be use common donot notuse usesensitive, theterm term“world “world do the sense, and yes, havebut FUN! class” very often but CarolMcMcclass” very often Carol Manusisiscertainly certainlythat. that.Three Three Manus minutesinto intoher herpresentation presentationatat minutes “I the hadExecutive the benefit of listening to oneI Women’s Network, the Executive Women’s Network, I ofknew Carol’s presentations hosted by thisperson personwas wasoffering offeringthe the knew this the Connecticut Real audience morethan thanaaEstate courseInvesaudience more course inin tors Association. Carol presented “SocialMedia Media101”. 101”.Carol’s Carol’s exten“Social extenher insights on social media. I will sive background andexperience experience sive background and take her recommendations seriously givesher herthe theopportunity opportunityto tohelp help gives and in high esteem. I say with great peopleunderstand understandthe thebusiness business people confidence that Carol is one of the partofofLinkedin, Linkedin,not notjust justthe themarmarpart finest in her field and in taking her ketingpart. part. keting advise your––business will see posiN.Sutton Sutton OneSmart Smart Mother N. One Mother tive results.” ~ Mary Griffith (Fairfield,CT) CT) (Fairfield, Home Services, Inc., CT amworking working throughyour yourpropro“I“Iam “Carol is one ofthrough those rare individugram[LinkedIn [LinkedInSystem Systemfor forSucSucgram als that understands the basics of cess]and andrealize realizejust justhow howmuch muchI I cess] marketing and business in general, needtotodo doininorder ordertotobe beeffective effective need and translates her knowledge into usingsocial socialmedia. media.My Myeyes eyes ininusing today’s social media landscape. She havebeen beenopened openedand andininjust just22 have is a natural of those weekssince sinceI Istarted startedusing usingher her weeks ‘good’ teachers you remember in methodsI Inow nowhave have66people people methods life. She has the talent of making willmeet meetwith. with.Your Yoursystem systemisis I Iwill sense out of confusing concepts, takingLinkedIn LinkedInfrom froman aninterestinteresttaking and providing the pathway to apply ingplace placetotogo go onlinetotoaastep step ing those concepts online in a practical way bystep stepstrategy strategytotogetting gettingclosed closed by to win. I recommend her boot camp business.” business.” and individual instruction without DeLorenzo––NT NTFinancial Financial L.L.DeLorenzo reservation.” ~ Sal Provenzano (New York, NY) (New York, NY) Rand Insurance, Greenwich, CT Working withCarol Carol always a the Working with isisalways “Carol is without a doubt, one aof pleasure, She has an incredible pleasure, She and has an incredible most dynamic inspiring consulknack forhelping helpingmedia businesses knack businesses tants in for the social space.totoHer increasetheir their profitability increase profitability ininaabackoperational and marketing tough market. Carol brings her tough market. Carolwith brings ground combined herher social unique combination of expertise, uniqueexpertise combination of expertise, media helped our compainsight, andcare care helpbusiness business insight, and totoapply help ny understand and the tools owners, their managers, andtheir their owners, their managers, and necessary to compete in today’s onpeople to identify and implement people to and identify and implement line world reach our customers the changes thatthe thedifference differenceon on changes that inthe new and innovative ways.” the bottom-line. the bottom-line. ~ Barbara Cleary Herron SocialGrow K.K.Herron ––SocialGrow Barbara Cleary’s Realty Guild – (Boston, MA) (Boston, MA) New Canaan, CT

203-286-8760 203-286-8760

Fairfield County Woman


July/August 2011

Business To Business

Twitter for Business: 10 Tips to Get the Conversation Going simple.

2. Schedule Your Golden Tweets

By having knowledge about the latest and greatest tools and tips you will be ahead of the curve and you will be able to skyrocket your Twitter success.

Twitter traffic varies throughout the day, and throughout the week. The busiest time on Twitter is at the end of the work day, between 3-5pm. Weekdays are far busier than weekends, and Thursday and Friday are the busiest days of the week.

3. Use Your Twitter Tools

By: Cynthia Cavoto President, Marketing That Works For You


witter is becoming a popular social media site for business owners to connect with their customers. But is it working for them? Follow these 10 tips on Twitter and watch your conversations get started!

1. Reciprocity is Key Follow and be followed, Retweet and be retweeted, follow and be followed. You have got to give in order to get, and the more time you are willing to invest in others the more likely they are to give you the time of day. Reciprocity is a powerful thing and you have to give a little to get a little. Once your network grows to several thousand followers don’t let it get to your head, I try to respond to everyone who sends me a @mention. This is the key if you want to build a big brand and a strong network. You’ve got to talk to people to really connect with them, it’s just that

July/August 2011

My favorite is TweetAdder, but there are many that are awesome. From Hootsuite, to Manage Flitter, to Twitter Marketing Software, to TweetDeck, there are many choices to explore.

4. Be Choosey Some people recklessly autofollow people, and this I do not recommend, but it still happens and these robotic follows devalue the action following someone. To really get someone’s attention the best way is to talk to them, and listing is a powerful method as well.

5. Engage Discipline yourself to respond to everyone that talks to you. It does take effort by its very effective in building your influence.

6. Relationships Take Time Relationships are not instantaneous, the take communication and sharing over time. To build deeper relationships with people you meet on Twitter it might make sense to connect with them on Facebook as well.

7. Add Value This point has been key to my success on Twitter, and my

ability to achieve thousands of retweets. Even if you are not an avid content creator you can still add serious value by sharing awesome content.

8. Don’t Focus on Selling Everyone likes to buy things but no-one likes to be sold. Twitter is a place to build relationships, and if you focus on doing that people will click your links and look for products that you have to offer. Focus on the connections and the cash will flow.

9. You are Your Brand Resist the urge to use your profile picture as your avatar. You are your brand, so act respectable if you want respect. I tend to tweet about one tweet an hour, sometimes a little more, sometimes much less. Conversational tweets don’t count, as they are only seen by people who are following both people tweeting.

10. Remember that Twitter is Still a Baby Although Twitter is a household


word at this point it is still only about 5 years old and it’s only been main stream for less than two. This means that there are still epic developments to come. By having knowledge about the latest and greatest tools and tips you will be ahead of the curve and you will be able to skyrocket your Twitter success. My final words of advice are these: building your brand through social media takes time and patience. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Just be consistent and genuine. And of course, have fun as you tweet! Social Media Strategist Cynthia Cavoto uses the public’s zeal for the internet – specifically social media websites – to help businesses promote their products and services. Cynthia Cavoto can be reached at or 203.414.5509. Visit to learn more.

Fairfield County Woman

Business To Business

Making The Most Of Your Marketing Dollars In 2011 By Amy DeLardi, Founder & Creative Director Infinite Web Designs, LLC


New marketing tools are constantly evolving on the Internet. While having options is a great thing, the steady stream of new marketing choices can make it overwhelming to know what is the best fit for your business. With the shift of marketing focus towards the Internet, it’s important your marketing plan reflects where your time, energy and money will be going. Internet marketing is made up of different components including social media, search engine optimization, and websites/blogs. According to a marketing report distributed by Hubspot, over the past year, 88% of marketers have maintained or increased their Internet marketing budget. Your website is the most important element of your Internet marketing plan, so be sure to plan for the resources to do it right.

Here are a few things to consider including in your marketing plan to help keep you ahead of the competition:



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of SEO in building and maintaining an advantage over the competition. You may have a great website, but if search engines cannot find it, you will not have an effective online presence. It is estimated 85% of individuals use search engines to find services and products, and of this group, very few will click past the first few pages of search engine results. SEO helps ensure a website will get more traffic by being listed in the top positions in the search engine results. Unlike most marketing strategies, SEO works 24/7 to give you a high return on your investment. Be sure to use a web professional to assist you in planning your budget as there are a number of SEO options out there to maximize your web presence. Your website is your best online advertising, so make it count by finding the right SEO strategy for your business.

“Just as you go for an annual physical with your doctor, plan for a website check up too.”

Social Media

(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, ect...) Don’t be fooled by the use of the word “social” or the fact some social media sites started out as a hub of activity for teens and tweens. Social media is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool across every industry and age-group, so be sure it’s in the conversation when building your marketing plan. Social media is not a fad, but a shift in how people communicate. According to Facebook, they have over 500 million users who spend over 700 billion minutes per month browsing personal and business pages. Not building social media into your marketing plan means ignoring a huge online population who may want the services or products you offer, so their dollars will be going into the pockets of your competitors who have embraced this new form of connecting. As an added bonus, the more you participate in social media, the more you are helping the optimization ie: the “findability” of your website. With so many social media sites online, there are sure to be many that would be an excellent fit for your business.

Website Wish List

No matter how much you love your website, there is always something you wish was better. A website facelift may help boost traffic to your site, and more traffic means more potential sales. More traffic also has the benefit of improving the optimization of your website (SEO). Just as you go for an annual physical with your doctor, plan for a website check up too. People expect websites to be contemporary with up-to-date information and features. It is important to apply resources that ensure individuals browsing your site don’t navigate away disappointed. Be sure that once a person gets to your website or social media venue they can find what they need quickly and easily. If you are considering a total re-design or maybe just a few upgrades, consult with a web professional to help brainstorm ideas on the future direction of your website functionality and design.

Most people have heard about or been directly affected by the power of Internet marketing. It is the job of businesses to determine the needs of their company and invest in the future. If you find the markets strategies of yesterday are not as effective as they had been, or believe your competition is passing you by, it’s time to try something new. In this day and age, some of the first new things to try are re-vamping your website, starting up on social media, and employing search engine optimization techniques to drive people to your website. Talk to a web professional today to help you create your online strategy to make sure your company gets the results it deserves.

Make The Most of your Marketing Dollars in 2011

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July/August 2011

Business To Business


n interview with Nevil Ede, CEO and Founder of Westport Business Solutions LLC (WBS), one of Fairfield County’s largest, full-service management consulting practice. FCW: What makes WBS different to other consulting practices and how does it support businesses in the Fairfield County area? Nevil Ede: Today, there are a lot of independent consulting practices in our area working with local businesses. For the most part, they do a great job in helping businesses address the particular problems they face as it relates to their own specific area of expertise. However, no business problems ever can truly be resolved in terms of looking only at a single focal point. If businesses are going to invest money in consultants, then they should require that that investment help them develop a sustainable solution – a solution that takes into account all the other facets of their business. At WBS we have developed (and TradeMarked) the concept of the “Enriched SolutionTM.” We look at every client need in the context of their business as a whole, bring in experts from different professional backgrounds and build a sustainable solution from the inception of the project. FCW: Can you give us a practical example of how this process might work. Nevil Ede: Absolutely. Imagine a business that realizes it needs to upgrade its computer systems to either replace systems that do not give it the information it needs to be competitive, or, their business has simply outgrown the capacity of what they have in place. Their first reaction is to contact an Information Technology (IT) specialist consultant. That is fine – to a point. However, choosing and configuring a new system is just a step in the process. How they buy and account for the elements of the new system are Financial decisions; how they manage their people issues (bringing in new expertise, training, procedures), these are Human Resources and Talent Acquisition decisions; how they contract for the purchase and management of the new systems are Legal and Logistics decisions. While an independent IT specialist can help with each of these areas, they are, by definition, not an expert. At WBS, we look at every solution in the context of supporting the needs of the business as a whole by using expert professionals for each element, and developing a sustainable solution that will support its future needs. FCW: Bringing in all these experts? – isn’t that going to be expensive? Nevil Ede: On the contrary. It is the most economic way of addressing each client’s business need. Each consultant works efficiently and expertly only at their particular piece of the solution. More importantly, they do it in cooperation with each other. At WBS, there is no

July/August 2011

redundant effort, no on-the-job learning, no need to go out and research things that are outside of a consultant’s area of expertise. The most expensive solution for any client is one that does not last – the infamous “Band Aid” solution. Our reputation is built upon building sustainable solutions that provide long-term value to clients. Finally, our rates are extremely competitive when compared to larger practices as we operate with a simplified infrastructure and a low overhead base. The consultant to whom the client explains their business needs will be the person responsible for developing their solution. FCW: Who are the WBS consultants and why is WBS so relevant to businesses in Fairfield County? Nevil Ede: Our consultants are all experienced professionals from the Fairfield County area with their own successful consulting practices. The have joined WBS because they realize that to bring optimum solutions to clients requires bringing in different professional disciplines working in concert with each other. Each consultant brings to WBS those facets of their skill set about which they are truly passionate and each believes in the concept of the “Enriched SolutionTM.” With regard to Fairfield County, while our clients span the Eastern Coast of the US and we have relationships with other professional practices around the world, this is where we all live. This is the community we belong to and choose to support. Miggs Burroughs the noted local artist designed our logo, local photographers provided our business graphics, local web-designers developed our website and all our banking, legal and insurance support is right here as well. FCW: Last question. This all sounds great if you are a big business but how relevant are you to smaller businesses in the area? Nevil Ede: It is true we have a number of large clients. However, we have a wide variety of smaller clients too, including some not-for-profits. Nothing is more satisfying for me personally than being part of helping a small client become a much larger one. To do that, we need to be relevant, competitive and help them build what I’ve talked about, namely, sustainable business solutions. I encourage any business in the area which is facing business issues now or in the future for which they need help, to reach out to us. There is no cost or obligation, and in the event that we can’t help you with what you need, we’ll help you find the resources that do. I see helping the Fairfield County Community grow as an important part of our role as members. After all, as I said, we live here too. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce WBS to your readers.


The Members of the WBS team (As pictured) Dianne Hennessy (Human Resource Services) Peter Winkler (Lean Business Optimization) Jay Gronlund (Branding & Intl. Marketing) Nevil Ede (GRC & Due Diligence) Richard Williamson (Finance & Treasury) Robert Donovan (Business Advisory Services) John Martin (Legal Services) Veronica Brillon (Human Resource Services) Marc Roberts (Talent Acquisition) Paul Weston (Information Technology) (Not pictured) Barbara Phillips (CPG Marketing) Peter Wrampe (Industrial Technologies)

WBS Testimonials: “WBS showed an amazing ability to quickly learn our industry and have helped our business build an infrastructure that will represent the platform for our future expansion and diversification. We now have so much more confidence in our key financial indicators as well as our ability to manage all aspects of our business.” Victoria McMillan – President, Victoria Nicole Inc. “WBS bring a true passion to their work, which is a core value we share at Pearlman’s. We had found their counsel to be thoughtful, insightful and balanced. The depth of the WBS team’s experience means that we are always able to look at our decision processes from a variety of different angles, quickly and concisely.” Bill Pearlman – President, Pearlman’s Jewelers Inc.

Westport Business Solutions llc “Building Solutions One Business At A Time, Building Businesses One Solution At A Time”

191 Post Road West, Westport CT 06880

203 221 2776 Fairfield County Woman

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Since I started working with the Publisher of the Woman’s thing have really began to change in my life. - Frank Sales I have received such recognition and popularity for my business since I place an article in Fairfield county Woman. - Linked in Lady, Carol McManus. Working with the Publisher of Fairfield county woman has brought new things to my business. - Matt Abourezk, photographer I got a call and they said I read your article. - Richard Sandor I have had customers from my article in Fairfield County Woman - Sergiana Bruno 011 une 2


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Fairfield County Woman

Amy Delardi, best web design in town, page 29

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Pl ea se Ta s s s Visit Us s s s ke On e.. . s ss s online a It’ s Free! s s t w w w. f airfield woman. com s


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Partner with us. Fairfield County Woman is the perfect place to help you get the word out. Greyskye can show you many ways to

Fairfield County Woman is the area’s only paper dedicated to educating women.


Greyskye® helps businesses with their branding 203-600-4999 and creative outreach, as they have for over 20 years. This includes print, web, video, packaging, Together we can be the combination you need to ® and, of course, virtual handshaking – social media. achieve substantial awareness and recognition in and around your community, and even help your For a FREE initial consult on educating 203-762-7800 others about YOUR BUSINESS, call us in. business grow.

keep it there.

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Darien, CT

Matthew C. Abourezk


Family Photographer


I have been a photographer for more than 30 years but it wasn't until my first son was born (12 years ago) that I became interested in Family Photography. I have been an avid photographer of children ever since. I'm startled by how quickly the moments of my sons' childhood have flown by, and I'm grateful to have recorded their lives so meticulously. I shoot family keepsakes. Although formal portraits are important, I am not a fan of typical “smile for the camera!” photography. I love to capture the joy in children. When kids are having fun, magic happens… magic that you can’t plan, magic that you can’t control, and magic that you will never see when you tell a kid to “smile for the camera”. Visit the Family photo gallery in my online portfolio. Look for the Galleries at:

Look for Matt’s photo Galleries at: Contact Matt ~ Ph (203) 249-7718 ~ Email:

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Your Money Your Business

Daniel R. Kaufman, CPA By: Daniel R. Kaufman, CPA Managing Member of Daniel R. Kaufman, CPA, LLC


I, and my firm, provide a wide array of services to a diverse client base, including real estate professionals, attorney’s, doctors and dentists, chiropractors, insurance agencies, and contractors. Computerized Accounting Systems I am fully expert in QuickBooks™ and Peachtree™ Accounting Software and can help you install, setup and configure your new computerized bookkeeping system. In fact, in 2007 I became a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor Once we install your system. My firm can help you customize it to meet your specific needs and resolve any issues that arise in your day-to-day use of the system. Bookkeeping Services From periodic “write-up” services or “real-time” check writing and bookkeeping, I can take the worry out of running the accounting function or your small business. Today’s entrepreneur may not have the time or expertise to keep up with the minutiae of bookkeeping. Bank reconciliations, loans, credit

July/August 2011

ginning of the year? How did we utilize those resources? What do have left?

he main difference between a small family owned business and its regional, national, and international competitors is not only the size of the companies, the expertise of management or the drive of the owners, but the breadth and depth of the information available in the decision making process. In this modern economy, a oneperson “shop” can work globally. There are no more boundaries.

The purpose of an accounting system is not just the collection, collation, and regurgitation of data in order to prepare a tax return or financial statement. These are compliance issues and have very little value. The true purpose of an accounting system is to provide the information needed in order to make intelligent decisions regarding the resources and assets of a business.

The accounting department is the main provider of information to the business owner. The main drawback is that the information provided is historical in nature. What resources did we have at the be-

There are two main categories of data sets. We are familiar with financial metrics and the information provided by them. Operating expenses, cost of goods sold, current assets, long-term liabilities. These

cards, fixed assets, and depreciation schedules, you could spend a significant portion of your time making sure that the information you need to make financial decisions is in good order. When are you going to have time to do what you are good at, the reason you opened your business was not to be a bookkeeper.

cial statement to extend credit, or you may just want a periodic snap shot of how your business is doing. I can prepare financial statements for internal, management use only, or can provide a compilation, review, or audit, if those types of statements are called for as well.

Income taxes Individual, business, estate, and gift tax, I have over a decade of experience helping people and small business meet tax compliance obligations. However, taxes are not limited to April 15th. The real goal; is not just filing your taxes, but also making sure that you only pay your fair share. Planning is a year-round pursuit, and if it is done well, you can sleep easy on April 14th knowing that you only paid what you were supposed to, and not one penny more. Financial Statements There are many reasons to have financial statements prepared. You may need a loan from a bank, your vendors may require a finan-

Financial Analysis Financial statements are a useful tool for running your business, a financial statement provides information that is critical in the decision making process, however financial statements of all types have severe limitations, the only see the past. In order to see where your business is going, how it compares with its peer group, how effectively the business coverts sales into profits, consider a more in-depth analysis using both financial and non-financial metrics. Business Valuation Are you buying or selling a business? Are you taking on a new partner, or working with a financial planner to make sure your family’s needs are covered with life insurance? Consider the fact that your


measures only tell half the story. The other data set needed to make intelligent decisions regarding your business are non-financial and change depending on your specific industry. A retail store might want to track overhead or sales by square foot. A professional services firm may need to know net income per billable hour. A restaurant should probably concern itself with revenue per seat or table. When we combine financial and non-financial data, we can begin to plan and take a proactive approach to solving problems before they arise. Until this point, your accounting system is only telling you what happened yesterday. It is not helping you dictate what will happen tomorrow.

small business is an asset that may have a substantial value. However, in most instances you cannot go to the Wall Street Journal and look up the stock price. How will you know if you are overpaying for the business you are buying, or if you have enough life insurance to cover your assets when you pass away? Consider having Daniel R. Kaufman, CPA prepare a business valuation so you know how much your business is worth.

Daniel R. Kaufman CPA, LLC d/b/a Sterling Tax & Financial Associates 871-E Newfield Street Middletown, Connecticut 06457

Phone 860-632-8780 Fax 860-632-8797 Fairfield County Woman

Your Money Your Business

Connecticut Capital Access Program

Receives Federal Assistance businesses employing fewer than 100 people. Loan guarantees are flexible and can be used for all business purposes including working capital, lines of credit, acquisition of machinery and equipment, and real estate. URBANK requires no additional paperwork for the small business owner; URBANK guarantees are provided through the bank.

By John Lobon


he U.S. Department of the Treasury and Governor Dannel Malloy recently announced that Connecticut will receive $13.3 million for additional financial resources for small business owners. The Connecticut Development Authority’s Capital Access Program, also known as URBANK, will supplement these funds. If you own a small business and could benefit from some financial assistance, this new funding may be just what you need. URBANK provides access to capital for small businesses by offering a firstloss guarantee of 30% on small business loans up to $350,000. The program assists start-ups, early-stage, and small- or mid-sized

Fairfield County Woman

URBANK was introduced by the Connecticut Development Authority in 1993 to promote the creation and retention of inner city jobs in Connecticut’s major cities and to assist the economically distressed regions of Eastern Connecticut. Because it was so popular, the program was expanded to areas classified as “distressed municipalities” and “targeted investment communities”. Today, with 143,267 small businesses operating throughout the state, and through collaboration with banking partners, URBANK now provides guarantees on loans to small businesses located anywhere in Connecticut.

For complete details on the URBANK program, please visit the following web page: To determine eligibility for Stage_Business/URBANK/

banking partners will start the process and enhance the potential for loan approval.”

URBANK assistance, bankers and CDA require the fol- For a list of lending partners, visit: http://www.ctcda. lowing: com/Partners/default.asp t A company’s demonstrated ability to repay For any additional information, please contact your the loan. bank or John Lobon, Senior t Reasonable cash flow Vice President of URBANK projections. at the Connecticut Develt A reasonable personal opment Authority. John and business credit his- can be reached by email at tory., or by phone at 860-258-7825. and t A one-time, non-refund- You can also log on to the able fee to participate in CDA website at www.ctcda. com for any remaining details. the program.

“It’s an easy access program for the small business owner,” said John Lobon, Senior Vice President of the URBANK program. “Just a quick call to any of our 31


3 1 $ r e v o e l v l i e a c e m r s r o t o f t ! ! e ! C r s o r e m n l i w o m s s e n i s u b

July/August 2011

Your Money Your Business

Financial Survival of a Divorce you familiarize yourself with each one so that you can make the best decision possible. Below are brief descriptions of several different options. I recommend that you conduct your own thorough research on each of these options as well.

By William Donaldson, CFP®, EA, CDFATM


ach year there are nearly 1 million divorces in the United States, or about 50% of all marriages1. The real tragedy, however, is the financial hardship that occurs to many individuals following their divorce. Too often, a divorcing individual unknowingly accepts an unfair settlement and finds that a few years later he or she is experiencing serious financial challenges. This outcome can be significantly improved upon, if not altogether avoided, if the individual first understands the most costly financial mistakes commonly made in divorce settlements. In this first in a series of three articles, I will summarize three common mistakes I often see. Each of them can be quite complex, so I strongly recommend consulting a professional prior to making a financial decision that will potentially affect the rest of your life.

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Process Once an individual makes the difficult decision to initiate the divorce process, the very next decision that should be made is how to do it. There are several options available and it is imperative that

July/August 2011

The first and most basic divorce process is what the legal system calls pro se, which is a Latin term for self-representation. In this process, you do not hire lawyers or other divorce professionals to assist you. You and your spouse simply roll up your sleeves, sit down at the kitchen table and work out your agreement. When there are simple financial issues and no children, this can be a very cost effective method. It’s probably not the best way to go when there are complicated issues to address such as parenting plans and alimony. Next in line on the divorce process continuum is mediation. With mediation, you and your spouse select a trained divorce mediator to assist you by facilitating your own negotiations. You have the option of hiring one mediator to handle the entire process, or to use a team such as a family therapist to mediate the parenting plan, a financial professional to mediate the financial issues and an attorney to provide legal guidance and draft the final agreement. The mediator(s) is not an advocate for either of you. He or she may not give you direct recommendations, but instead answer questions and provide information that will assist you in determining the best solutions for your particular situation. Think of it as the kitchen table exercise described above, but with a professional sitting with you to help you through the challenging issues. For couples who feel comfortable sitting together and negotiating with each other, this is an excellent, low cost alternative to going it alone. Another benefit, like pro se, is staying out

of court and keeping your negotiations private. Similar to mediation, Collaborative Divorce is a way of divorcing without getting the court involved other than to bless the final agreement. This process also requires that you and your spouse work together to negotiate an agreement that considers both of your needs. The main difference is that you each hire an attorney to represent your individual interests and to give you legal advice along the way. Collaborative lawyers are specially trained in this process and have learned to throw down their battle axes and work together with their colleagues and clients to negotiate an agreement without going to court. In fact, you will sign an agreement that states that under no circumstances will your lawyers go to court with you to litigate if an agreement can’t be reached. This critical statement changes the negotiation environment for attorneys who can no longer just threaten to go to court. Their focus is one hundred percent on reaching an agreement and settling your case. No time is spent on court filings and trial preparation – saving you from both added stress and spending a lot of money! Another advantage of a Collaborative Divorce is that other professionals are often part of the process, similar to team mediation. For example, a family therapist, trained in this process as a coach, is an expert in parenting and communications issues. A coach is a valuable asset in helping to create optimum parenting plans and to keep both spouses communicating with each other, which can become quite difficult at times. The end result is often a couple who communicate better after the divorce than they did while married. Financial professionals are also commonly used in this process.


Acting as a neutral, he or she will help both spouses to understand all of the financial issues pertaining to their situation, provide valuable tax advice, assist in putting budgets together, advise to potential pitfalls of dividing certain types of assets, create projections that help each spouse understand what their post-divorce future might look like, and more. To make the best decision for your future, you must have as much information as possible. Having a financial neutral involved will ensure that you do. The last stop in this process continuum is litigation. If your spouse refuses to use an alternative process, if you think your spouse is hiding assets, if he or she is abusive or over-powering, or if you simply feel that you need all of the protection available through the law and the courts, this process is probably best for you. However, beware that this is usually the most costly, stressful and contentious process there is. Legal battles can drag out for years, children often suffer significant emotional stress, and your assets can be severely drained by the time you reach an agreement. It is certainly possible to find two very good lawyers who have your best interests in mind and settle the case without all of the fallout as described above. But even with the best of intentions going into a litigated divorce, the process is designed to be adversarial and couples rarely emerge from it with good feelings toward each other. If you have children, you owe it to them to put their needs first and try to work things out with your spouse as amicably as possible. Do you want to be that divorced couple who can’t be invited to your child’s wedding because you and your ex can’t be in the same room together? Or would you prefer to be comfortable dancing with one another to honor the biggest event in your child’s life?

Fairfield County Woman

Your Money Your Business

9 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid Mistake #2: Letting Emotions Drive Your Decisions

value. However, the challenge lies in cash flow. How will the party that keeps the home pay the bills if his or her major asset is illiquid?

This is easier said than done, as a divorce is one of the most emotional experiences you will ever have. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about a divorce where thousands of dollars were spent fighting over an item worth hundreds or even less. When a mental health professional is involved, such as with a Collaborative Divorce or mediation, these issues are headed off at the pass and don’t become such expensive arguments over nothing. Another downfall of litigation is that these emotional issues are often fueled by the adversarial nature of the process. Don’t let this happen to you and be sure that if you are feeling upset over a specific issue consult with a licensed, reputable therapist.

One can borrow against the equity of the home, but that’s costly (closing costs, interest etc.) and it takes time to close the loan. In worst-case scenarios, the home must be sold, a smaller home is purchased and the remaining equity is utilized for living expenses. If your proposed financial settle-

ment has very little liquidity, be sure that you will have enough cash flow throughout the years to handle your living expenses. If not, you may have to consider selling the home, other assets or significantly decrease your expenses in order to meet your budgetary needs. In the next issue of this magazine, I will cover three more mistakes to avoid: not understanding the impact of taxes; not understand-

In many cases, the two biggest assets are the home and retirement accounts. If these are split equally in a settlement, one party may receive an illiquid asset (the home) while the other party receives a liquid asset (the retirement plan). What is the potential problem with this type of settlement? On the surface, this scenario may appear to be equitable assuming that the home and retirement plan are of approximately the same

Fairfield County Woman

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is contemplating or going through a divorce, or if you are simply looking for some solid financial advice, please contact me at 203-557-0890 ext. 300 or at 2009 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1

  

Mistake #3: Not Understanding the Liquidity of Your Assets Liquidity refers to the ability to access the cash value of an asset. For example, a bank savings account is highly liquid, because you can simply withdraw funds from an ATM when you need them. An antique automobile, however, is nearly illiquid because it is very difficult to quickly sell this asset to access the actual cash value.

ing the rules of dividing retirement accounts; and not properly dealing with debt and credit issues.

• • • •       --  33

 

July/August 2011

Finance Fitness

Money Tips For Young People Presented by Fairfield county Women 

lessons for an aspiring podcaster, how-to books for those with potentially lucrative hobbies, and Written by Kimberly Palmer a new wardrobe for office workers who need to impress the hen you start earning a higher-ups. Even hiring a maid steady income for the service is an investment in your first time, it’s easy to future if you use the extra time it spend too much on luxuries or creates to work on your writing to take on debt. But it’s also the or website. best time to set yourself on the path toward wealth. These tips, Cultivate your most based on the book Generation ambitious dreams. The Earn: The Young Professional’s primary reason many people Guide to Spending, Investing, don’t reach their long-term finanand Giving Back, will help you cial goals is that they fail to ever spend smarter, save more, and articulate—even to themselves— even give back to the causes you what those goals are. Do you want to quit your day job and believe in. knit full-time? Or open the next Save one-third of big cupcake shop? Or star on your income . Putting $1 your own reality television show? out of every $3 you earn into the If you’re having trouble putting bank might sound like a lot, and your finger on it, ask the people it is. At some times in your life, who know you best. Brainstormsuch as shortly after graduation ing with your significant other, or upon the birth of a child, when family members, and friends your budget is strained to capac- can help shake loose your own ity, it’s impossible. But at some thoughts. point, it will become not only Pay off all but your possible but essential to creating stability in your financial life. cheapest student loans That’s because significant sav- early. Student loans that carry ings are the only way to weath- a 5 or 6 percent interest rate (or er the inevitable tough periods, higher) are costing you much such as layoffs, as well as move more than your savings can earn toward longer-term dreams, such in this current low-interest rate as starting our own business. environment. That means paying Yes, saving such a big chunk of off a chunk of your student loans money each month means sac- will immediately start saving you rificing some comforts and indul- more money than you could if gences in the short term, but it’s you continue to make those slow the only way to get closer to that and steady monthly payments. ultimate goal of financial security. Of course, not everyone has the cash to pay off a large portion of Don’t scrimp on ca- their loans, and it will probably reer-related invest- take five-plus years after graduaments. There’s one area where tion to get to the point when you it’s okay to be a spendaholic, and can even consider it. But once that’s when it comes to investing you have a healthy bank account, in your future earning power. The don’t wait too long to start paycategory includes not only edu- ing off big chunks of those more cation expenses, but also voice expensive student loans.


July/August 2011

Don’t wait to invest until you have “extra money.” Waiting to start a

money. A similar lesson applies to giving to charitable donations: Use Charity Navigator to check retirement account until you feel the background of your chosen like you can afford it might mean organization before donating any that you can never retire. Don’t money to make sure it’s going to wait to open up a 401(k) account use the money the way you want if your employer offers it, even if it to. you start by contributing just 2 percent of your salary. Soon, you can raise that percentage to 4 percent, and eventually to 10 percent or higher. For extra motivation, plug your numbers into a retirement calculator on bankrate. com, and see how much you need to fund your golden years— it’s probably much more than $1 million.

Give back—on your own terms. Companies

know that we want to make a difference in the world, and they want to profit off of that desire. That’s why so many of them are cashing in on the $600 billion plus “green” industry by claiming to be environmentally friendly when they’re not. It’s so common that it has a name: “greenwashing.” Don’t be fooled by all-natural labeling; investigate why the company is claiming to be good for the earth before spending your


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Career & Self Development

Unleashing Your Power to Find a Job Frustrated?


Can’t remember what day it is? Don’t know where to go on Monday morning? You must have just been laid off from work. By Angela I. Schutz


the most powerful tool you have to bring success into your life in all areas. For example, if a client comes into my office and says: I am 58 years old, no one will ever hire me. My response is always the same: You’re right! The client is horrified to hear their coach tell them they won’t get hired. I truly believe that what we say programs our mind to act accordingly. If you are constantly saying you “can’t get a job”, or “no one will hire you”, that’s what your mind hears. You have the amazing power to reprogram your mind and find success.

t is amazing how when we are working, we often complain about so many things associated with our job, like the lack of time to do what we love or the lack of respect for us personally or professionally. Once you lose a job all of those things become magnified. In fact, we often long for business and a sense of selfworth associated with being employed. Our focus changes and we can often become frustrated with the job search process. The first step is to become aware What can you do about the lack of how you are speaking. Do you of work? Is it really as bad as the use a lot of negative words in media would have us believe? your day-to-day speech? One On one hand, unemployment of the best exercise regimes to has been up for a very long time, follow is one that helps to reprobut on the other hand, there are gram yourself to think and act in still thousands of people landing more positive ways. Even on the jobs every day. What should you most basic level, who wants to believe when you are desperate be with a negative person all the for work and the media tell you time? Certainly, a Hiring Managthere is none and so does every er will choose the more positive applicant over the negative one. organization you know? The first thing you can do is take a deep breath, and begin to work on two very crucial things for job search success: your mindset and your resolve. The way you program your unconscious mind is one of the keys to job search success or failure. The mind is

Fairfield County Woman


Target your resume and and date, they have the job they were dreaming of. Writing your cover letter to touch on the goals down is another powerful skills and experience the organiway to reprogram your uncon- zation needs in the applicant. scious mind. Expand and use your netThe issue of resolve is one to be work of friends, family, and examined, as well. So many job colleagues to get introduced to seekers give up when they don’t get the immediate satisfaction new organizations.



of hearing from an organization Do your research and only soon after they apply for a job. apply to companies for Don’t give up and become fruswhich you would be proud to trated. Know that finding a job work. will take time, but there are some concrete steps to help you land Set measurable goals for the job faster: yourself that include the elOnly apply for jobs that you ements of how much by when, are truly qualified for. Don’t i.e. 5 resumes sent out by Friday! apply for jobs that are either above the level of the jobs you Remember, you have the power have had or below the most re- to guide the success of your job cent level. You are not the ap- search. Take the steps to set that power in motion today! propriate candidate.


Another very powerful tool for bringing about job search success is to write down the title, the name of the company, the time and date you will start your new job. I can’t tell you how many times I have suggested this exercise to clients and by that time



Angela Schutz is the Managing Director/ Founder of Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC, an organization that offers career and executive coaching services, dream coaching, success empowerment workshops and professional speaking services. Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC combines state-ofthe-art career services with effective personal growth techniques to help clients reclaim their confidence and land their next job quickly. 203-349-5421 July/August 2011

Not Just Another Meeting Place

July/August 2011


Fairfield County Woman

Radio Talk Show


quickly and quietly.

Nowadays, the Anthony Wieners and John Edwards of the world do not disappear. Rather, they cling to their public offices with a combination of bravado and defiance. They ask us – “What did I do that was so wrong that I should leave office? I didn’t break any laws, therefore I don’t need to resign. “ It’s the kind of statement that reminds me of the old mottoBy Lisa Wexler if you even have to ask, you’ll never understand the answer. nthony Wiener’s revela- But Sigmond Freud had a clue. tions of his sexual promiscuity, sexting and Freud divides the human perinfidelity are merely the latest sonality into three parts- the id, in a slew of mea culpas we’ve the ego and the superego. Our had to witness from senior impulses reside in the id. Lust public officials recently. Arnold has a really good time there. Schwarzenegger slept with the So does greed, jealousy, and family housekeeper right under thirst for power. The ego has Maria’s nose. For how many an awareness that the id exists, years? This indiscretion pro- but tries to keep it under conduced a child, the ultimate veri- trol. When the ego fails to do fiable evidence of his behav- so, the superego is the part that ior. Place Schwarzenegger on becomes embarrassed when the list with John Edwards, the the whole neighborhood finds almost Democratic presiden- out. Looking at these latest tial nominee who did the exact stories, I think we can all agree same thing, only this time while that the ids are out of control. his wife Elizabeth was battling Or rather, the ids are IN conterminal cancer. And let’s not trol. The id impulses are so forget Bill Clinton, famous for strong, so overwhelming, that both his own contortions of the they have knocked out the suEnglish language to cover up perego. Public apologies nothis sexual behavior (it depends withstanding, does anyone sewhat you mean by “is” ) and for riously believe that any of these unforgettably besmirching our politicians were sorry for their White House oval office. Sex- behavior? Sorry? Yes. But only ual shenanigans with politi- sorry they got caught. cians go back as far as politics itself, way past our collective California is debating passing memory. My first memory was a law that will expel students of Wilbur Mills, Chairman of who are caught sexting. That the powerful House Ways and seems a bit excessive to me. Means Committee, who was If anyone ought to be afforded seen in DC cavorting publicly some leniency in this area, it with stripper Fanne Fox. Once should be adolescents, with discovered, at least he had raging hormones and devices the good sense to disappear, too closely attached to their


Fairfield County Woman

fingertips. They don’t call it a “crackberry” for nothing. But the theory behind the punishment for teens is that we, as a society, want to discourage this kind of behavior. Yet Anthony Wiener, an adult holding public office, is not threatened with expulsion from Congress. There are literally no pubic consequences for his behavior. Our society is treating the kids as if they were adults and the adults as if they were kids. No wonder we are in trouble. In fact, as of this writing, Wiener is hoping to wait out the storm, praying that the headlines will turn to another topic of interest, something that he himself deemed “more important” when he first denied these allegations. Something like the budget deficit. Good luck, Congressman.

strange women and porn stars. No one wants a Congressman who texted both one picture of his bulging crotch in underwear and another of his private parts completely exposed. No one.


When initially accused, you lied about it. In fact, you urged others who were affected by your behavior to retain PR people to help them lie about it too. Understandable perhaps, but an unacceptable violation of public office. You are no longer trustworthy.


Your self-admitted addiction to this behavior shows an appalling lack of judgment. You opened yourself to intimidation and blackmail. How do we know if you weren’t already threatened and used your public office to minimize the threat? I must admit that I have dis- How would we know? liked Congressman Wiener ever since he showed his political Your effectiveness as a hypocrisy. Wiener was one of legislator for your district the strongest proponents of has been irretrievably tarnished. President Obama’s health care No one in Congress will make a plan, arguing that this plan deal with you. No one will want would be the best thing since to go near you for quite some sliced bread for everyone in the time. How does that serve your country. Yet after Obamacare constituents? was passed, Wiener personally sought a waiver for his home Your lack of humility and your district of New York City. May arrogance may have made you I have a waiver too, Congress- an ideal candidate for some, but man? I don’t think the plan is in this crisis those qualities only right for me either. serve to confirm our opinion of you as someone who is inFor the record, Congressman capable of seeing anything exWiener, here are four reasons you ought to have resigned cept your own indispensability. on the first day this scandal Guess what Congressman? Not only are you far from indispenserupted: able, you are taking the place of Your behavior is not con- some other person who would sistent with the dignity of serve your district with honor a Congressman of these great and integrity. Step aside, Mr. United States of America. No Id. It’s time for someone with a one wants a Congressman who healthy personality to take your texted vulgar obscenities with place.




July/August 2011


Purging the Past to Make Room for the Present and Future Steven Brillon Professional Organizer


e build memories all of our lives. With these memories, and as part of daily life, we accumulate a lot of material possessions that may not be so easy to part with or that we just don’t know what to do with after their usefulness has worn out. Some things are easier to let go of than others, but knowing that your possessions can be transformed by donation might make you feel better about the purge. Letting go also paves the way to more things for us to buy and… purge in the future. All you need is a starting point. In today’s world the electronics junkyard growing in our homes, all over the world, is where we most need a little more knowl-

edge. If we don’t know what to do with things then we just hold on to them or throw them in the trash, neither option helps us or the environment. In July of 2007 an e-waste recycling law was enacted by the state of Connecticut and as a result of booming technologies many familiar chain electronic stores have implemented recycling programs for the general consumer that makes things a little easier to manage when considering how to discard items in our growing electronics junkyard. Old cell phones can go back to your carriers for refurbishment or for parts. Old ink cartridges can be recycled at most office supply stores, sometimes for rewards toward your next ink cartridge purchase. At Office Depot you can purchase an electronics recycling box for $5, $10 or $15 and fill it with your old electronics and bring it into a local store

(check store details for acceptable items). Best Buy’s recycle program allows you to bring in your old electronics for free or low cost recycling. Their policy in Connecticut allows you to recycle three items per household per day. Some larger items may require a small fee. Visit the Best Buy’s website for recycle policies before making your donation. Staples also has a recycle policy which allows you to bring in your old electronic waste for recycling at little or no cost. Don’t forget about your local schools which might benefit from your donation of electronics. These are just a few recycle options that you may not have been aware of. Parting with our outdated wardrobe is a somewhat easier task as we’ve been doing it a lot longer than we’ve been recycling computers and cell phones. Eventually even the most cherished articles of clothing become

worn, shrink and simply no longer compliment us in the way our bodies have changed over time. Let go of those clothes that no longer fit or flatter and donate to a local women’s shelter or crisis center, thrift store, Salvation Army, Goodwill or church. Some of these organizations will even pick up your donations from your doorstep. When you purge a couple of those old outfits, remember that you get to shop for new outfits to look great in. With a little know-how on what to do with our material possessions who are past their usefulness we can clear some of the clutter from our lives. The greater importance of this purging is that when we clear some of the physical clutter in our lives it helps us clear some of the clutter and confusion in our thoughts and gives us a sense of control and order that can be reflected in other avenues of our being.

For more help finding out where you might donate some of your outdated material possessions check out the Connecticut Recycling Center’s Directory at or call Steven at 646-327-6645 July/August 2011


Fairfield County Woman

Home & Garden Old World Touch for New World Treasures

Nadia Louyer de Villermay of NLdeV Restoration

“A globe trotter for a good part of my life, I grew to appreciate the roles of our environment, traditions, and cultural patrimony,” says Nadia. “Today, I bring continents a little closer together by using Old World techniques to preserve the New adia Louyer de Viller- World’s heritage.” may, owner of NLdeV Retoration, brings her Nadia works exclusively traditional style and French with wood, follows her trainaccent to the furniture-fasci- ing strictly, making her own nated residents of Westport. materials and only using the techniques that were in use “My workshop is dedicat- at the time the piece was ed to the conservation and originally created. “My unrestoration of furniture and derstanding of the restorer’s gilded objects,” says Nadia. ethic informs my approach Trained in her craft in Paris to my craft. I believe that at the Institut National des any intervention must be Formations Artistiques, de guided by reflection, sensiVillermay apprenticed in Pa- bility and absolute respect risian restoration “ateliers”, for the piece of art. But the which once turned out some personality of an object deof the finest furniture of Eu- velops through time, and rope to fill the halls of Ver- these developments must be respected, not erased.” sailles and the Louvre.

Abstract from the article written by Ryan Doran in the Fairfield County Business Journal on september 29, 2008 entitled “ In restoration, ‘les’ is more - Old World Touch for New World Treasures”

shop focuses on custom furniture and cabinet restoration and refinishing, frame, furniture and wall gilding, inlay and marquetery, and work- desk leather replacement.

possible the past interventions that serve to itentify the period and personal history of the piece. Nadia’s



She has been honored with the Deb Ziegler award for Entrepreneurial Excellence from the Stamford Woman’s Business Development Center.

Fairfield County Woman

According to Nadia, a furniture restorer must be discrete in execution, involving no irreversible restauration, while preserving as much as


Nadia Louyer de Villermay NLdeV Restoration 68 Long Lots Rd. Westport, CT 06880 203 247 9711 July/August 2011


By Gina Brillon


better solution then said drop kick. Take the time, it’s just 10 seconds; to stop yourself and think, “ok that was messed up what he/she just said and I’m upset, I want to cause this person physical and/or emotional pain but wait, that could result in a lawsuit or I could lose my job. It’s not worth it” Now don’t get me wrong there are times when people deserve due punishment and by all means use the drop kick method if you are ever physically assaulted or put in any danger, However if you are dealing with the office moron or someone who in some way might be envious of you and therefore trying to bring you down there are smarter ways to deal with them here are a few semi-douche bag insults you can through at someone that could help in defending yourself without really insulting a person too much:

ometimes I attack people, not just because I moonlight as Ninja but because I feel like I’m being attacked. Many people go through the same thing; someone says something that may r “I’m sure if you apply yourself you can eventuor may not be meant to offend ally get it done” and BLAM verbal Ninja star to the face. How can we as an ever developing society avoid r “It might just happen to you one day, if you’re this scenario? Truth be told lucky” you can’t but there are ways to Handle it better; consider this r “I realize not everyone my gift to you (insert wink and works as fast as I do so I smile). understand” Being a stand-up comedian I unfortunately come into contact with extremely aggravating people, be it other comedians who think you’re awful at your job and have no trouble telling you, or racist executives you tell you things like “We don’t know if we want to use you but the good news is we need a Latin” either way you have to learn to deal with people who deserve to be drop kicked in the face Anderson Silva style. This is going to sound cliché and dumb but that whole count to ten thing actually is the trick to dealing with this people, you’re first instinct may be to attack but if you give some time for your brain to process what might happen if react harshly you might just find a

r “It’s ok if you can’t handle it” r “Maybe it’s just not your thing” r “Think about it, I’ll wait” r ”That’s ok I appreciate you telling me, I mean you should hear the things they say about you” Well I think I’ve filled your arsenals enough for today, now that you’re fully loaded careful where you aim, you don’t want to end up being one of the people who deserves a drop kick, you want to defend against them. Take heed to my words my fellow Ninja’s live long and prosper and all that Jazz.


Thinking Out Loud

Gina Brillon

comed ian s ac tor s wr iter

Who’s that girl? That’s the question on everyone’s mind lately when rising star Gina Brillon hits the stage. Gina is one of the funniest New Faces of the Latino and mainstream comedy scene. Starting when she was only 18 yrs old, she blew the crowd away with her very first performance at Stand-UP NY. It was only up hill from there, she would go on to grace the stages of The Comic Strip, Boston Comedy Club, and Caroline’s. Her comedy is the perfect blend of personal experiences, growing up racially mixed (Puerto Rican, Italian, American), and Sex Therapy (Brillon studied Sex Therapy before and during her stand-up career). Watching her on stage, you can really see that she loves her job. She has been featured in Comedy Centrals “New Faces of Comedy” and on Si TV’s “Funny is Funny” Brillon was also featured in a full-page article in the “Viva New York” section of the Daily News. Already a published poet, Gina Plans on writing feature films, shorts, and a sitcom based on her stand-up. Not only a regular at clubs around NYC, she’s also known on the web, raves that Gina “reminded us that Whoopi Goldberg was not the last funny female to hit the NYC comedy scene.”

FC Woman July/Aug 2011  
FC Woman July/Aug 2011  

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