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Don Cheadle Gets Groovy


The Body Heat star, 66, reunites with her Romancing the Stone and TheWar of the Roses film partner Michael Douglas, 76, in the third and final season of The Kominsky Method (May 28 on Netflix). Turner reprises her role as Roz, the ex-wife of Sandy (Douglas), complicating his life when she returns to L.A. What was it like playing Roz? [Series creator] Chuck Lorre promised me some really great wiseass stuff, which I adore, and Michael and I just fall into place. Sandy and Roz had a terrible marriage and ended up hating each other. A little bit of War of the Roses goes on, so who else would play her? That was very irresistible. Tell us about your activism. I’ve been a supporter of Planned Parenthood since I was in college. But the two major organizations that I serve on the board of are Citymeals on Wheels and People for the American Way, started by Norman Lear. In my family, it was expected that we would get involved and be part of making things better.

Body Heat launched your career in the 1980s, but it made you a femme fatale. Did you love or hate that? I was determined that there was no way I was going to get stuck in that [kind of role]. So ÞÃiV`w]The Man With Two Brains, was a spoof of a femme fatale. And in Romancing the Stone, she Ü>ÃÀiv>iÀ`° >VwÃ> contrast to the one before. I don’t

have a body of work that you can absolutely say, “Oh, this is her type.” Now that you’ve had your COVID vaccinations, what was one of the first things you did? I had a dinner party for friends who are vaccinated. We sat there without masks, sipped wine and sat at the table like the old days. And it was weird because, in part, it felt so natural. But the other part was, “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

Black Monday, the darkcomedy series about a motley group of underdogs who wreak havoc on Wall -ÌÀii̽ãnäÃ`LÞà VÕL]}ÀÛiÃÌÌi½äà for season three (May 23 on Showtime) as Mo (Cheadle) tries his hand in the music business. But the singing sensation (Adrienne Wells) who becomes the star of his new venture just might prove too hot to handle. “This season is a bit of a departure from our last two, but it’s just as ridiculous and funny as it’s ever been,” says the Emmy-nominated Cheadle, 56.

7>ÌLÀÕ}ÌiÀÌ/6>vÌiÀÞi>ÀÃvw>` À>`Ü>Þ¶ÌParade.com/turnerÌw`ÕÌ°

Simon Cowell Returns to AGT America’s Got Talent returns for season 16 (June 1 on NBC) with more aspiring performers competing for the $1 million grand prize—and Cowell returning as judge after recovering from a nasty accident. The AGT icon, 61, was forced to miss the end of last season when off an an he broke his back when he fell off electric bike at his California home. “It was heartbreaking,” says fellow Õ`}i-w>6iÀ}>À>]{n] who’ll also be returning, alongside fellow judges Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. “I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I lost like six pounds when he got sick.”

MEET THE CAKE DETECTIVES Joel McHale hosts Crime Scene Kitchen (May 26 on Fox), a new culinary competition with a twist: Bakers must sift through left-behind VÕiÃvVÀÕLÃ]yÕÀ>` other mixing bowl leftovers, then re-create the “missing” recipe for celebrity judges, cake artist Yolanda Gampp and chef Curtis Stone, who’ll decide which “cake detective” comes closest to bringing back the dear departed.




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THELMA&LOUISE T ur n s 3 0

hirty years ago this Memorial Day weekend, we met friends-turned-rebel-outlaws Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon), their Ford Thunderbird and a then-unknown Brad Pitt in the road-trip saga Thelma & Louise. The feminist tour-de-force of female friendship and lost freedom snagged the leading ladies Oscar noms and drove the conversation forward for women-led blockbusters. On its anniversary, we reflect on the road-warriors’ style and share fun facts about the beloved fugitives. —Megan O’Neill Melle



J.D., the shirtless runaway thief in a cowboy hat (like the Stetson Straw Rancher®°*ÌÌ>`ifÈ]ääävÀÌiÃ>LÕÌiÀ>Li breakout role. $95, sheplers.com

Thelma’s dusty denim-on-denim look holds up 30 years on. Translate it today with a Tencel Popover Top and high-waisted ’90s Cheeky Jean—just add some dirt. $70, bananarepublic.com and $78, everlane.com


4 5



/iÀi½Ã>À`Þ>>VViÃÃÀÞÀi>ÃÃV>Ìi`ÜÌÌiwÌ> Louise’s starlet-tied headscarf. Hit the road in style with the hand-illustrated Silk Scarf of Blue Leopards by designer Jessie Zhao. $129, jessiezhao.com

A star was born in 1991, when Brad Pitt beat out future friend iÀ}i iÞ­Ü>Õ`Ìi`wÛiÌiîvÀÌiÀiv

The movie inspired many a meme, including this Funny Feminist Movie Postcard from Pretty Girl Postcards. $2.50, etsy.com

Upgrade Louise’s famous cat-eye sunnies with Velvet Canyon’s Beat Generation, an exaggerated take on the classic frame. $190, revolve.com

As the passing miles get grittier, so do the women’s costumes: Jewelry is swapped for a cowboy hat and embroidered tops for Did you know? The controversial blaze-of-glory ending, where the pair drive weather-beaten vintage off a Grand Canyon cliff, almost didn’t happen. Director Ridley Scott considered tees, like the Thelma Louise pushing Thelma out of the car before the nosedive. “I think the ending is & Louise Desert exactly how it should be because we get away. We retain control of our lives to Cut Out Tee. $25, the bitter end,” Davis has said, “and once we’ve tasted being in control of our kohls.com lives, we never go back.”

4 | MAY 23–30, 2021


Did you know? Holly Hunter, Frances McDormand, Streep Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn were all considered for the leads. As for Thelma’s controlling husband, Darryl? Davis recommended real-life iÝw>VjChristopher McDonald for the job.

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al roker

You’ll be ready for your next cookout with this advice from America’s favorite foodie, the Today show’s Al Roker. By Alison Ashton • Cover and opening photography by Melanie Dunea Food styling and food photography by Teresa Blackburn


hen Al Roker demonstrates how to cook just about anything on the Today show, it’s hard to resist the urge to head for the kitchen—or, this time of year, vÀÌiL>VÞ>À`ÌwÀiÕ«Ìi}À°ƂÃVÃÌ>`Üi>ÌiÀ>Today >`VÃÌvÌi3rd Hour of Today],iÀ]ÈÈ]Ã>ÃÌiÃÜý}Ìv`}ÕÀÕ° -ÜiÜiÜiÀiÀi>`ÞÌVvv}À}Ãi>Ã]Üi>Ãi`vÀÃv>ÛÀÌiÀiV«ià >`LiÃÌÕÌ`ÀV}̫ð

new orleansstyle shrimp Ìà ÀiiÀiV«i],iÀ}Ûià >`ÃÌÞ«V>Þ`i>ÃiÌ ÌiÃÌÛiÌ«>ÃÕiÀÌië LÞ>À>Ì}ÃiÃÀ« in a rich, buttery sauce before «>V}Ì`ÀiVÌÞÌi}À° Go to Parade.com/shrimp Ì}iÌÌiÀiV«ivÀÌà ÃÕiÀÌiv>ÛÀÌi°

tip 9Õ½ii`«iÌÞv>«ÃvÀ ÌÃëVÞ«ii>`i>ÌÃÀ«t

6 | MAY 23 –30, 2021

© PARADE Publications 2021. All rights reserved.



Parade asked Al Roker every grilling question we could think of—and then some. Here are his answers.

Sweet apple and lime add brightness and crunch to the slaw.

TURKEY-ANDPORK BURGERS WITH ASIAN SLAW Pairing ground pork and turkey makes for a juicy burger. The recipe yields a generous amount of the slaw, which can pull double duty as a side dish—it’s great with grilled VViÀwÃÌ° Go to Parade.com/burgers for this fresh spin on the traditional burger.

tip Don’t press burgers on the grill or “you’ll squeeze out all the juices so that you’re guaranÌii`>>À}i]y>ÌViÞ puck,” Roker says.

Is it grilling or barbecuing? “I think we tend to confuse the two and say, ‘Come over, I’m having a barbecue!’” says Roker. “No, you’re probably grilling. But it’s OK, no judgment!” The difference? “Barbecue is low and slow,” he says. “By its very nature, you’ve got to take your time. Grilling is simple—that’s the beauty of it. It’s more high heat, or medium to high heat, and cooks stuff fairly quickly.” Oil the food or the grates? Oil the food and keep the grill clean. “Once the grill gets hot, scrub it so you can see the metal and then put the meat on,” Roker says. First thing he ever grilled? “It was a very, very long time ago, but it was either hot dogs and/or hamburgers.” .” Favorite grill? “It’s like, which one of your children would you keep?” he says about his six grills. “It depends on the day.” He has two Hasty Bake charcoal grills, three Big Green Egg kamadostyle grills (one large and two extra large) and an extra-large Kamado Joe (and an outdoor wood-burning oven!). Today show viewers got glimpses of his sweet setup when Roker shot grilling segments from his upstate New York home during the pandemic lockdown. Lone ranger or group griller? He typically doesn’t want helpers at the grill, not even his oldest daughter, Courtney, 34, who’s a professional chef. “It’s my turf,” he admits. Likewise, “Never touch another person’s grill unless you’re asked to do so,” he says. When the family quarantined last year, he and son Nick, 18, did team up to produce some lighthearted “What We’re Cooking” videos for social media, with Nick typically offering zingy off-camera commentary. In one episode, Roker Ì>iÃÌiV>iÀ>>`V>Vià VÌÀÕ}}À}ÃwÀÃÌ steaks. (They turned out perfectly.) Go to parade.com/roker for his tips for grilling a perfect steak every time. Favorite side dish? Roker’s wife, ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts (their family also includes daughter Leila, 22), makes a killer potato salad, Roker says. “She’s from Geor- The Roker family (from left): Al, Deborah, gia and she makes this Leila, Nick and Courtney potato salad that her mother made. It’s just the best,” he boasts. How tender is tender? Lots of people like fall-off-the-bone meat, but Roker thinks that’s overdone. “You want something that pulls away easily from the bone, but when you pick it up continued on page 8 MAY 23 –30, 2021 | 7

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Classic burger or mix it up? Roker’s turkey-and-pork burgers (page 7) are a delicious alternative to old-school beef. He’s also a big fan of lamb burgers LiV>ÕÃi>LÃ>v>ÌÌÞ]y>ÛÀvÕ meat that does well on the grill. Charcoal or gas? iwÌiÞ V >ÀV>vÀÌ iy>ÛÀÌ«>ÀÌð His favorite: hardwood lump charcoal that burns cleaner and hotter than briquettes, he says. He likes Fogo Super Premium Lump Charcoal (from $30, fogocharcoal .com) or Cowboy 100% Natural Lump Charcoal (from $10, acehardware.com). Favorite comfort food? Grilled cheese

Big discovery? He helped launch celebrity chef Rachael Ray’s TV career when he gave her a spot on Today in 1999. That led to her hit series 30 Minute Meals on Food Network. When Roker’s pro`ÕViÀwÀÃÌV>i`]ºÌ Õ} ÌÌÜ>à a prank and hung up,” says Ray.

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Ribs get tender thanks to a ginger ale braise in the oven, then caramelize nicely when wÃi`Ìi}À°>i>i>`Ì«\ À>Ãi ÌiÀLÃ>` >iÌiÃ>ÕViÕ«Ì£`>Þ>i>`ÆV>` ÀivÀ}iÀ>Ìi°

Go to Parade.com/ribs vÀ,iÀ½Ãw}iÀV½ÀLÃëiV>ÌÞ°


tip -i>Ã>Ûi}}ià make this taste like ÃÕ iÀiÛiÀÞLÌi°

/iÃià «i]VÀvÕÛi}}i skewers are a beautiful way to ÃÜV>ÃiÃÕ iÀ«À`ÕVi]>` ÞÕV>V>}iÕ«Ìi Ýv Ûi}iÌ>LiÃ>ÃÞÕi°º- i Ì iÃÌiÃi`Ã>««i>ÀiÛiv>ÃÌiÀ than the burgers, ribs or chicken >Ì>VÕÌ]»Ã>ÞÃ,iÀ° Go to Parade.com/veggie for this VÀÜ`«i>Ã}ÀiV«i° continued on page 10 MAY 23 –30, 2021 | 9

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10 | MAY 23 –30, 2021

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5th Generation Nitric Oxide Breakthrough Proven in Clinical Trials to Restore Maximum Blood Flow in 5 Minutes A newly improved version of America’s best-selling male supplement gives 70-year-old men the results they enjoyed in their 30’s. America’s best-selling male performance enhancer just got a lot better. It’s the latest breakthrough for nitric oxide – the molecule that makes pleasure possible by increasing blood fl ow right throughout your body. Nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize in 1998. It’s why “the little blue pill” works. More than 200,000 studies confirm it’s the key to performance. And this new discovery increases nitric oxide availability resulting in even quicker, stronger and longer-lasting pleasure. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the “gold-standard” of research) involved a group of 70-year-old-men. They didn’t exercise. They didn’t eat healthy. And researchers reported their “nitric oxide availability was almost totally compromised,” resulting in HALF the blood fl ow of a man in his peak.

ple listened to him speak at the recent Palm Beach They don’t always work. Health & Wellness Festival A world renown phyfeaturing Dr. Oz. NFL Hall sician explains why. He’s of Fame quarterback Joe studied nitric oxide for over Namath visited his clinic, 43 years. He is the physithe Sears Institute for Ancian-in-chief at a noteable ti-Aging Medicine. hospital in Boston. He says Primal Max Red has only a “defi ciency of bioactive been available for a few nitric oxide… leads to immonths — but everyone paired endothelium-depenwho takes it reports a big dent vasorelaxation.” difference. “I have the enIn plain English, these ergy to perform three times older products may inin one day, WOW! That has crease levels of nitric oxnot happened in years. Oh, ide. But that’s only half the by the way I am 62,” says battle. If it’s not bioactively Jonathan K. from Birmingavailable then your body ham, AL. can’t absorb it and won’t HOW IT WORKS perform. Loss of staying power Experts simply call it the starts with your blood vesnitric oxide “glitch.” And sels. Specifi cally, the inside until now, there’s never layer called the endothebeen a solution. lium where nitric oxide is 5th GENERATION made. with them.


Upon further research, America’s No. 1 men’s health expert Dr. Al Sears discovered certain nutrients fix this “glitch” resulting in But only fi ve minutes af- 275% better blood fl ow. ter the fi rst dose their blood He’s combined those nuflow increased 275%, back trients with proven nitric to levels of a perfectly oxide boosters in a new healthy 31-year-old man! formula called Primal Max “It’s amazing,” remarks Red. In clinical trials, 5,000 nitric oxide expert Dr. Al mg is required for satisfySears. “That’s like giving ing performance. Primal 70-year-old men the power Max Red contains a bigger, of 30-year-olds.” 9,000 mg per serving dose. It’s become so popular, he’s WHY SO MUCH having trouble keeping it in EXCITEMENT? stock. Despite the billions men Dr. Sears is the author spend annually on older nitric oxide therapies, there’s of more than 500 scientifi c papers. Thousands of peoone well-known problem

A new discovery that increases nitric oxide availability was recently proven in a clinical trial to boost blood fl ow 275% resulting in even quicker, stronger and longer-lasting performance. erful nitric oxide boosters and a proven delivery mechanism that defeats the nitric oxide “glitch” resulting in 275% better blood flow. There’s not enough space here to fully explain how it works, so Dr. Sears will send anyone who orders Primal Max Red a free special report that explains everything.

MORE CLINICAL RESULTS Nutrients in Primal Max Red have logged impressive results.

tric oxide to get you going. And testosterone for energy and drive,” says Dr. Sears. “You get both with Primal Max Red and Primal Max Black.”

HOW TO GET PRIMAL MAX To secure free bottles of Primal Max Black and get the hot, new Primal Max Redformula, buyers should contact the Sears Health Hotline at 1-800-764-0927 within the next 48 hours. “It’s not available in drug stores yet,” says Dr. Sears. “The Hotline allows us to ship directly to the customer.”

In a Journal of Applied Physiology study, one resulted in a 30 times MORE nitric Dr. Sears feels so strongly about Primal Max, all orders oxide. And these increased The problem is various levels lasted up to 12 hours. are backed by a 100% monfactors thicken your blood ey-back guarantee. “Just “I measured my nitric ox- send me back the bottle and vessels as you age. This ide levels, you can buy a test any unused product within blocks availability causing kit from Amazon,” reports the nitric oxide “glitch.” 90 days from purchase date, 48-year-old Jeff O. “Monday and I’ll send you all your The result is diffi culty in night I showed depleted.” getting and sustaining money back,” he says. healthy blood fl ow. Then he used ingredients The Hotline will be open How bad is the problem? in Primal Max Red and, “The for the next 48 hours. Afresults were off the charts. I ter that, the phone numResearcher shows the first woke around 3 a.m. on typical 40-year-old man ab- Tuesday ready to go. My ni- ber will be shut down to sorbs 50% less nitric oxide. tric oxide levels measured at allow them to restock. Call 1-800-764-0927 to secure At 50, that drops to 25%. the top end of the range.” your limited supply of PriAnd once you pass 60 just a measly 15% gets through. FREE BONUS TESTOS- mal Max Red and free bottles of Primal Max Black . TERONE BOOSTER To make matters worse, You don’t need a prescripEvery order also gets Dr. tion, and those who call in nitric oxide levels start declining in your 30s. And by Sears testosterone boosting the fi rst 24 hours qualify for 70, nitric oxide production formula Primal Max Black a signifi cant discount. Use is down an alarming 75%. for free. Promo Code PARAPMX3 when you call in. Lines “If you want passionate Primal Max Red is the are frequently busy, but all first formula to tackle both pleasure you had in your problems. Combining pow- younger days, you need ni- calls will be answered.





Healthy Moves

Want a brighter tomorrow? Do this now.

Go to act.alz.orgÌw` >Ü>i>ÀÞÕ>`ÌLi «>ÀÌvÌiÜÀ`½Ã>À}iÃÌ iÛiÌÌÀ> Ãi>Ü>ÀiiÃà >`vÕ`ÃvÀƂâi iÀ½Ã V>Ài]ÃÕ««ÀÌ>`ÀiÃi>ÀV°

FIGHT INFLAMMATION WITH FOOD You really are what you eat, and the wrong stuff can clog your arteries, hike pain and fog your brain. Blame inflammation, which comes from a biochemical reaction initiated by your immune system, says Cleveland Clinic’s William Welches, D.O., Ph.D. Bad carbs (white foods, sugar) promote inflammation, while

veggies help reduce it. His suggestions: Focus on fruit and cruciferous veggies and limit inflammation-boosting red meat and dairy. One sneaky trick: Eat salsa! It’s a great replacement for high-calorie dressings or dips and helps increase your intake of vitamin C, fiber and inflammation-fighting antioxidants, says Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian Andrea Dunn.

SLEEP SMART If we learned anything during the pandemic, it was that we want our immune systems to be in tip-top shape to handle whatever comes our way. “Sleep has a significant impact on our immune functioning,” says psychologist Michelle Drerup, director of behavioral sleep medicine at Cleveland Clinic. When sleep-deprived people are exposed to the common cold virus, they have higher rates of getting a cold, Drerup says. How much sleep is right for you? Most adults need seven to nine hours a night, she says. If you don’t feel refreshed the next day, you’re not getting enough.


WALK There’s no easier way to do your body a world of good than walking, whether you’re trying to manage your blood sugar, fight arthritis pain or stiffness or keep your brain sharp. If 30 minutes a day seems like too much, break it into three 10-minute strolls, says Cleveland Clinic exercise physiologist Christopher Travers, M.S. Even more fun: Walk for a cause. Events like Walk to End Alzheimer’s are held in more than 600 communities across America.

12 | MAY 23–30, 2021

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Books | WE LOVE |


or a compulsive read, Malibu Rising (June 1, Ballantine), $28, by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Daisy Jones & the Six) follows four famous surfer siblings (the children of philandering music legend Mick Riva) whose raucous Malibu parties attract all of 1980s Hollywood. “I started thinking of this decade of excess, and if I'm going to write about a wild party, ’80s Malibu felt like a fun place for my brain to go,” the author says. Within 24 hours, the party—and beach town—will go up in fl ames, but before that, you’ll fi nd a story of sibling bonds, familial fallout and the lasting eff ects of fame. “As alluring as it is, and as much as we adore the people we put on a pedestal, I’m interested in the truth behind the fame,” says Jenkins Reid. Check out three of her recommended summer reads here.

PROJECT HAIL MARY (Ballantine) by Andy Weir: A lone astronaut is the only person who can save humankind in this sci-fi interstellar adventure from the author of The Martian. “An absolutely thrilling novel that takes you on a wild ride.” $29

THE HEART PRINCIPLE (Aug. 31, Berkley) by Helen Hoang: “She is such a star, and I love everything that she does,” including this tale about a romance between a violinist and motorcycle-riding CEO. $16

Ask Marilyn By Marilyn vos Savant Most stars are millions or even billions of light-years away. So, might many of the stars we see in the night sky no longer exist?

THE IDEA OF YOU (Griffin) by Robinne Lee: “I recommend this especially if you like books about fame,” Jenkins Reid says. Th is four-year-old book is about a divorced L.A. woman approaching 40 who falls for the British lead singer of her daughter’s favorite boy band. “It’s romance and it’s beautifully written, but it’s so much more. It has fascinating thoughts about aging and older women with younger men. It’s just a knockout book.” $17

—Doug Bloom, North Branch, Minn.

First, the stars we can see with the unaided eye are much closer— less than about 1,000 light-years away. Still, because stars are so extremely long-lived, it is almost certain that the vast majority of them, including the distant ones that require a telescope to view, are still twinkling away. But it’s quite true that even if the brightest star in the sky (Sirius, which is relatively close at 8.6 light-years away) were to disappear tomorrow, we wouldn’t know about it for nearly a decade.

Available in bookstores and online

MY FAIR LADY IS BACK! Revisit this classic starring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza FLASHBACK Doolittle and Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins with the debut of My Fair Lady in 4K Ultra HD (May 25). Here are some fun facts about the Broadway musical–turned–Oscar-winning movie. C Shirley Jones, Shirley MacLaine, Connie Stevens and Elizabeth Taylor were all considered for the role of Eliza. C Julie Andrews played Eliza onstage but was not “famous enough” to LiÌiw] producers said. C Marni Nixon dubbed 90 percent of Hepburn’s singing.

Send questions to marilyn @parade.com




Complete 1 to 81 so the numbers follow a horizontal or vertical path—no diagonals.

















Visit Parade.com/numbrix for more Marilyn vos Savant Numbrix puzzles and today’s solution.

Go to Parade.com/beach for our full list of summer’s best beach reads. JENKINS REID BY DEBORAH FEINGOLD; HEPBURN COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION

14 | MAY 23–30, 2021

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(a $499


alue) 5 EASY PA OF $19YMENTS .80

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Prem Collector’s Box The office of President of the United States is considered one of the most powerful positions in the world. It is a job that requires strong leadership, level-headed thinking, and a sense of duty to one’s country. Throughout our nation’s history, a select few stand out for their strong leadership and determination to do what is right for all Americans. To celebrate these noble leaders, American Mint is proud to offer this limited-edition set honoring 10 of our greatest Presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump.

THE COINS IN THIS COLLECTION ARE: • “Brilliant Uncirculated” condition

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Yes! I want to order the10 Greatest U.S. Presidents in Color Coin Set(Item #987-019-6) — a $499.00 value — for just $99.00. I will be billed in 5 convenient monthly installments of just $19.80 each. My first payment is due with my order. Shipping and handling is FREE. I will also receive a Presidential Wristwatch absolutely FREE with my order!


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