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ven at the top of the pyramid, it’s getting hard to find the right person for the job.

It's not news that Minnesota is facing a workforce shortage. You can find all sorts of statistics that illustrate the number of jobs expected in the state in the coming years, and the woefully low number of candidates that will be available to fill them. Recruitment efforts are in full force for positions ranging from welders to IT.

Finding workers to fill entry or mid level positions is one challenge. But finding candidates with experience and leadership that are willing to relocate to our region to fill management-level, executive positions, is quite another. "Currently, there are about 80 vacancies for management/ executive positions in the South Central regions. This is as low,

geographically, as we have vacancy data for," said Mark Schultz, analyst for the Department of Employment and Economic Development, South Central region. "Given the high percentage of these vacancies that require post-secondary education and/or one or more years of experience, this may increase the need for recruiting efforts. Additionally, given that there are only 1.1 jobseekers per vacancy in the region, this may also lend to an increased need for recruiting at this level, or any level actually." The Southeast region, which includes Steele County, also reports unusually low vacancies for leadership roles. There are 135 vacancies for management positions across the 11-county region, for a vacancy rate of 1.2 percent. For Steele County's largest employer, Federated Insurance, the gap in jobs needing to be filled and the shrinking recruitment pool is a top priority. Federated Senior Vice President – Director of Human Resources Lisa Hyland confirms her department's biggest challenge, now and for the foreseeable future, is recruiting and retaining well-qualified talent to keep up with projected business growth. To do that, Federated takes a proactive approach when it comes to finding talent. "We continue to focus on building high value relationships with our recruiting sources," Hyland said. "As an example, we dedicate resources | 41

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