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RELEVANT, RESPONSIVE AND DIVERSE By Rosi Back, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Greater Mankato Growth


s we settle into the new year, most of us contemplate and set our goals for 2018. Let’s be sure to stick to those goals and see them through. And as we progress forward, we want to reflect and be grateful for all we have. Some of the most productive and resilient ag land in the world is right here in this vibrant region – right here in the GreenSeam. GreenSeam is not simply a place, but it is also a state of mind and being. We have a real and visceral connection to the land we stand on. We are connected to all the people and enterprises that support, supply and stand with us. And we have a heritage that links us with the hardworking past generations whose shoulders we stand upon. In Steele County, we see things continue to flourish. The October 2017 unemployment rate shows an incredibly low percentage of 2.1%. In March 2009, Steel County’s unemployment rate was at a record high of 9.7%. After eight years, the unemployment rate has dropped by 7.6%, which doesn’t just happen because of one business or organization, but because of the synergy and collaboration of an entire county. Steele County is a part of the GreenSeam region, which is made up of a diverse group of individuals and organizations. Agriculture is currently the largest business industry segment in the GreenSeam region, with more than

$15.3 billion in sales annually. Spanning an economic continuum from production processing, manufacturing, professional services, research, technology, education, transportation and more; a majority of businesses in the region are either part of the agricultural value stream or indirectly impacted. The region boasts an extensive list of agribusiness concentration and industry dominance amounting to nearly 1,000 ag-related businesses. The natural synergy of the local business community further fuels the opportunities for our region, as well as individuals seeking opportunities. The GreenSeam region has many opportunities – some that are directly connected to ag and others more indirectly connected. We should all be proud of this region and its accomplishments. One of our goals for 2018 is to continue to tell the world what the GreenSeam region has to offer. As individuals and businesses working together, we can continue to spread the word and this region will remain vibrant and diverse. That togetherness, that teamwork will promote the region like a rising tide that will lift all ships. Reflecting on 2017, GreenSeam has continued to see economic growth and investments in the future of agribusiness and a talented workforce. If you are looking for an expert or someone in the supply chain, we can help. We are here to help your idea or business flourish and expand. • @greenseamregion • #greenseampride • #iamag

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Forge february march final web