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meaning of RIGOR.


At Far Hills, we hold students accountable not only for academic excellence, but also for the mastery of critical life skills that are the elements of lifelong achievement, happiness, and success.

they develop the self-esteem to stand up and perform.

students apart.

Shaping remarkable students. Building remarkable PEOPLE. A Far Hills education offers a richer, deeper, more complete educational experience.

A solid, proven academic approach. Dedicated specialists design and teach our curriculum in reading, writing, languages, math, and science. A variety of active, engaging, hands-on teaching methods are combined to provide intimate, focused on unlocking each child’s potential.

More than book learning. Life LEARNING. Along with inspiring passion for academic achievement, our mission is to inspire resourcefulness, resilience, and integrity. Children learn both

Accountability is KEY. Our students are not only measured by their academic performance, but also by approach to education. We place equal emphasis on both, and accountability for both is the foundation of our community, culture, and code of honor.



Far Hills rigor maximizes POTENTIAL at each level. As students develop and transition, they are equipped at each key point with the skills they need to move forward confidently, joyfully, and successfully.

Prekindergarten developmental time in a child’s life does not come purely in the form of worksheets and homework assignments. Carefully designed, research-proven learning based on intentional play at the lower levels assures preparedness, receptiveness, comfort, and success as each child moves forward.

Grades K-4 In the Lower School, we carefully, intentionally cultivate the genuine and lifelong love of learning. Students build strong fundamentals such as reading, writing, and math, blended with relevant life skills such as relationship building and social problem solving—coupled with an introduction to the concept of accountability.

Grades 5-8 As they embark on this time of young adulthood, students are prepared and eager, having built well-formed characters, strong personal values, knowledge, and skills. Upper School teachers then further build on this formidable framework to help each individual prepare for secondary school, continued leadership, and greater achievement.

DIFFERENCE can make a real difference in your child’s future.

of the life skills that will allow them to embrace opportunity and make the world their own.

inspired, but are inspired to be passionate about their potential as achievers and leaders in anything they pursue—in academics, in the professional world, and in life.

Come EXPERIENCE Far Hills. experience it for yourself.

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The Real Meaning of Rigor: More Than Book Learning. Life Learning.