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The Tella House: from 1882 is open all year round, and is “The perfect giftshop”. A shop you *must* visit, here you will find a wide selection of crockery, jewelry, knitting products, arts and crafts products. “Gallery Fargeklatten” has new art exhibitions every month. The Alma House: from 1851. Here you may rent a singleroom, doubleroom, familyroom or the entire house on day-to-day or week-to-week basis, hole year round. You will experience a historical enviroment with antique furniture from the 18th century, while you at the same time have got TV and wireless high speed internet connection. The Alma House is well know for good beds and a nice view overseeing the harbor. The Hilda House: from 1889. “The Christmas House” - year-round Christmas shop with a large selection of handmade Christmas ornaments and Christmas items.

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The Andreassen Cottage: from 17th century. Today it serves as a peat museum. Here you can see tools, pictures and the history behind the peat industry her at Andøya. In addition to a selection of the fishfarmers/milkmaids tools. The original mine was built around 1826 and stands here still. The mine was utilized to boil “Løyp” (boiled fish waste used to feed the livestock). It was also used as a smithy. They washed their clothes, and used it as a bathroom. The Heggelund Cottage: from the 17th century. Once used as a seahouse/rorbu in the harbor area - was moved to Veita around the end of the 18th century and then utilized as a house. Through furniture and tools you can experience how life were at that time, it was confined conditions here and a big family. The Nicolaisen Cottage: This building once stood at «Torgbakken» and was located with its gables facing the shoreline. From here the fishermen had an optimal view out towards the channel and the boat landings. There are still staple marks in the short walls as a reminder of the time when these served as a notice board for posting announcements.

OPENING HOURS: weekdays and saturdays11:00 - 16:00 Accommodation tel. (+47) 97 76 00 20 E-mail: Visits- and adress: Sjøgt. 38 A - 8480 Andenes NORWAY We also open for groups on request outside opening hours. Please contact us.

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W e w e l c o m e y o u. . . ... whether you choose to live in Veita - a typical North-Norwegian fisherman-farmer property from the 18th century - or live in our modern apartment “Kristina”. No matter where you choose to sleep you will be met by beautiful curtains and soft, pleasant beds. Bed clothes are dried in the wind - it smells heavenly! Welcome to historic, newly renovated overnight accommodation for tourists and local visitors featuring reasonably priced overnight stays in historic rooms. We are located centrally on Andenes Harbour in Andøy municipality. The island is renowned for its expansive moors, white sandy beaches and craggy mountains, the midnight sun and Andøya Rocket Range. With Veita as your home base, you can go on Whale Safari, admire the seabird colony on the island of Bleiksøya (one of Norway’s most famous bird cliffs), catch your own dinner straight up from the sea, or experience HISNAKUL, the Polar Museum, The Island Museum (Artscape Nordland), arts and crafts workshops, boat excursions and pleasant dining venues. For those who prefer to experience nature on their own, we recommend trout and char fishing in the mountain lakes, salmon fishing in nearby rivers, scuba diving, bicycle outings and hiking. Bikes, tents and fishing rods can you rent from us. “The Alma House” is particularly suitable for families and small groups. We have 4 bedrooms with a total of 8-10 beds. Well-equipped kitchen with dining room. Living room, shower and bath.Veita is also suitable for small meetings, courses and parties. The apartment “Kristina” has its own entrance from the street, beautiful view overseeing the harbor. Living room with cable TV, fireplace, wireless high speed internet access, double sofa-bed, fully equipped modern kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom with shower. There is 2 bedrooms - 6 beds. You may choose between accommodation in “The Alma House” or the apartment “Kristina” (new 2009). Both units lies in sjøgata street in Andenes approximatly 5 minutes walking distance from the Whale- and Northern Lightscenter. Reception for all units: “The Tellahouse”.

The buildings at Veita are good examples of how the working class lived in the old fishing village of Andenes some 150 years ago... The buildings in this area where closely concentrated, and were quite spartan in appearance. Historical sources tells us that Veita consisted of 3 main farms and 14 sub-farms. It used to live 120 humans in the buildings at that time. It confirms that it literally was confined conditions here.

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WE WELCOME YOU... ... whether you choose to live in Veita - a typical North-Norwegian fisherman-farmer property from the 18th century - or l...