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This book contains a collection of images taken in a number of locations, and of a number of people through out the last year or so. There are three separate but related projects presented together.

These are photographs taken over a month period spent in a subleased apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. There were often as many as ten people staying in the one bedroom apartment. These are portraits of the eight people who stayed the longest.

These are photographs of the clients and staff of the Salvation Army Aged Care program. They provide assisted living and much needed support; both physical and emotional, so that their clients can retain their independence and continue to live in their own homes.

These are photographs taken throughout 2011/12. They depict the interiors of the homes of people who let me, as a stranger share and inhabit their space for a number of days.

Thanks to all those photographed and all those who facilitated this or let me stay at their place.

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A small run photo book self published as part of university assessment. This book contains three intertwined projects looking at how we de...

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