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IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MUSIC Why Musicians Change genres


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This Month in MR. . . . Well, here it is. My very first issue of MR. magazine. It’s been a long process but I’m happy with the outcome.


Although I suppose my targeted audience (12-16 year old males) won’t be reading this issue. Nope, this is for all you industry professionals out there to have a nose and see if my skills are good enough for the real world. As fear-inducing as this should be I’m actually as cool as a cucumber.


I’m passionate about MR. magazine and if it’s not good enough for young men now then I’ll just go back, improve it and try again. So sit back and enjoy the pages of MR. magazine. If you like it then let me know and if you don’t like it then still let me know! Email me at fareisha.wallen@

Fareisha X

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Mark, 19, from Birmingham says: “This is my girlfriend, Sam. I’ve been with her for over two years now and I still think she’s as beautiful as when I first met her.”

Think your girlfriend’s a stunner? Then send a pic of her to fareisha. to show her off to all of the MR. readers.


Ice Bar Nano Speakers Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

This is a little pricey but well worth it. These body armour suits allow you to feel the impact of every kick, punch and bullet that may attack your character in a variety of PC battling games. It also comes with a copy of Call of Duty 2. Price: £149.00

This gadget is a waterproof casing that comes with integral speakers meaning you can take your Nano into the shower or bath and even whip it out in the rain to listen to your favourite tunes. Price: £39.99

If you can never wake up to get ready for school then this is for you. The alarm begins a countdown and once the count is finished the rocket will launch into the air. You then have to find the rocket to stop the alarm. Price: £14.95 Spud Gun

Remote Control Tarantula


This is great for anyone who enjoys a good prank. This remote control tarantula can scurry across the floor at your command with life-like movements and red eyes that light up. Price: £16.95


Eon Ice


FU GE FOR D Y A L EG T Dig this into the end of a potato and pull S E H R the trigger to fire your potato pellets! One t sT E spud is enough hour to last for hours of R a fun. Price: £6.95

This nifty little torch is the size of a credit card. It’s waterproof and shock proof. What’s even better is it needs no batteries and has a life span of 5-10 years. Price: £7.99

The Waboba Ball The Waboba Ball is no ordinary ball. Not only does it bounce on hard surfaces but it can skim and skip across the surface of water. Price: £4.95

It’s Not About the Music Think of Dizzee Rascal and the next artist to come to mind wouldn’t typically be Calvin Harris. Yet mixing Grime with Pop, Rock with Rap and even Funky House with Death Metal wouldn’t go a miss these days. But if you ask me it’s all getting a bit confusing with all this collaboration going on and I’d expect that hardcore fans are a little disappointed that their favourite artists are committing the ultimate betrayal by selling out. While I’m up for a bit of

Dizzee Rascal

much money out of us as they can, artists are no longer being true to themselves. Prime examples include Lily Allen who sings with a fake Cockney accent yet speaks like an angel. Then there’s DJ Ironik, a supposed bad boy from the ghettos of London. Unfortunately for him, his mum and neighbours exposed him as a “nice young lad” who grew up in a very nice part of London. Don’t get me wrong. I like all kinds of music but I like my Doner kebab to taste like a Doner kebab if you catch my drift. I know there’s a lot of people out there who may disagree with me though. So let me know your thoughts and opinions by sending a quick email to fareisha.wallen@ ARTISTS WHO HAVE CHANGED THEIR IMAGE

Blazin Squad lost their chavvy look along with five band members and are releasing a new single “Let’s start again”.

Nelly Furtado had the most dramatic change under Timbaland’s influence and went from a Bohemian babe to an even sexier RnB babe.

experimenting I don’t expect to buy a Jay Z album and be attacked by a gang of electric guitars. It seems like artists these days don’t care about the music but instead about making money. They care less about the loyalty of fans and more about the amount of fans they can get. As well as trying to suck as

Justin Timberlake went from Prince of Pop RnB ladies man.

Pink first came on the scene as a tough RnB diva but soon became a rock chick. 5

LIFE IN THE ARMY If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the army then the mystery is over. MR.have a chat with 21-year-old Daniel Bloxham. The Guardsman and Infantry soldier gives an insight to how he joined the army and what it’s like being a soldier.

How did you become a soldier? I became a soldier after going into an army careers office and looking at the different jobs you can do but I wanted to be a soldier since I was young so I’d already made the decision before I went to the careers office and became a recruit. How long have you been a soldier? For nearly four years. I joined quite soon after I left school. What are the good points of the job? Getting a lot of time off and visiting other countries. It’s not like a regular nine to five office job but being up close and personal with the enemy is definitely the best thing. 6

What are the bad points of the What’s your annual salary? job? I’m going home with £18,00 Queen’s Guard duty when you a year at the moment. It’s not have to stand outside Bucking- that much but there’s loads ham Palace with those stupid of benefits like housing but hats on. It’s not that bad but I don’t do it for the money it gets boring sometimes. That anyway, I just enjoy being a and being on ‘pay and dine’ soldier. which means money doesn’t come out of your wages at the start of the month for food so you have to pay for it like Ever thought of joining in a restaurant and the food is the army once you’ve horrible. left school? Are you ever scared while you’re working? Definitely. Sometimes there’s nothing to be scared about but there’s times when I fear for my life but that’s what I like about it. It’s a real adrenaline rush.

Then why not have a look at your local army careers office or go to for a free information pack.

Model Behaviour If you fancy yourself as a bit of a looker then read on as we speak to 19-year-old budding model, Murat Emin to get the low down on how he’s cracking into the modelling business.

So, what made you want to become a model? I think I’ve got the look for it and I’d enjoy the job because you get to travel and have your face everywhere. Plus you’d attract so many girls and that’s always a good thing! Have you had much experience yet? I’ve done quite a few small projects and I’ve helped new photographers build their portfolio but I haven’t had my big break yet. I’m confident I’ll get discovered though. Would you say it’s a tough business to break into? Kind of. I’ve got my portfolio to show to people and I get contacted by different people but it’s never anything major. I’m still waiting

Do you think it’s harder for men to become models than women? Yes because women have got beautiful bodies as well as pretty faces. They can do so much with their look as well, like with their long hair and things. With me, what you see is what you get so if they don’t like the look of me when I go to castings I don’t stand a chance because there’s not much they can change. Is this your main job? No, I go to college as well. If this was my main job I wouldn’t be able to eat. But at the same time there’s a lot of opportunities I’ve missed out on because of college. If I had more free time I would probably have got a lot further.

What’s the pay like? It varies. Because I’m not a professional model I don’t always charge for my time. I negotiate my own prices basically. Sometimes small companies pay me quite well but if I’m doing a small student project I do it for free as they give me images to help build up my portfolio too.

TIP If you want to become a model start buy building a portfolio of professional pics of yourself. This is handy to show to different companies you may want to work for. 7


If you’re feeling peckish and want a quick snack but mum is nowhere to be seen then why not try a peanut butter and scrambled egg sandwich. It

sounds pretty nasty but peanut butter and egg is definitely the way forward. It’s easy to make and taste so good Gordon Ramsay would be jealous.

Egg & Peanut Butter Sandwhich

How It’s Done 1. Crack two eggs into a bowl and beat them together. 2. Put into the microwave for 1minute. 3. While the eggs are in the microwave get two slices of bread and spread the peanut butter on both slices of bread.

4. Once the microwave stops use a fork to lightly mix the eggs so they become more scrambled and put back into the microwave for 30 seconds. 5. Once the eggs are done put on to the bread to make the perfect sandwich.

Other Crazy Combo’s


Ice-cream and Fries

Ketchup on Toast

Fish finger and Ham Wrap

It has to be vanilla ice-cream and fries, not chips. Just get a plate of fries and a bowl of ice-cream (or a cone would be even better). Then just get your fries and scrape the ice-cream lightly with each one. Delicious!

This can be a bit sickly if you pour too much ketchup on so it’s best to get a small dollop on each slice of toast and spread the ketchup like you would do with butter. It’s been tried and tested and gets two thumbs up.

Those wraps that are used for tortillas are the best things since sliced bread. Well they’re even better than sliced bread because now you can have all your favourite fillings on the go without any bits falling out. Chop up some fish fingers with shredded up ham and mayonaise for a tasty treat.

Top Five Ways to Make £10 SINESS word of OWN CAR WASH BU surprised how quickly SET UP YOUR VERY be l u’l yo d an ds en fri get out in the ing cars for family and it’s the perfect time to er rn co You can start by wash e th nd ou ar st the summer ju mouth will spread. With oney at the same time. sun and make some m

MOW SOME LAWNS This is another great way to make some money while you enjoy the sun. Every area has plenty of busy parents or elderly people who can’t manage to do the garden ing. Mowing lawns can also be a great way to get some exercis e. Who needs the gym when a wh en a handy lawn mower can help you pump those muscles!

BABY SIT you boys got in on the e tim t ou ab ti’s t bu s ey’s year e on a this business for donk e while keeping an ey dg fri eir th id ra d Girls have dominated an on isi watch someone’s telev action. Getting paid to ly a strenuous task. rd ha is few kids

SELL UNWANTED GOODS You’ve probably got a whole rooms worth of old clothes and junk tha t you really don’t want anymore. Well a wise man once said: “One mans junk is another mans treasure” so why not trade your junk for some money. There are plenty of sites where you can sel l goods such as ebay and Amazon. You need to be of a cer tain age to buy or sell so get a par ent to set up an account for you. Although it’s best to sit back and watch how each site works bef ore you begin to sell. It can be a little tricky but once you get the hang of it anyone can becom e a pro.

! definitely HAVE A PARTY vestment but can in tle lit a s ire qu ge e some cash. it re d drinks and char ak an m od to fo g ay in w is st om the be ill defiaround pr This is probably gh people you w vite your friends ou in is en te do vi to in u ed yo st ne If pay off. All you it’s best not to po ill be providing. w gh u ou yo lth gs A . in lk th e bu for th buying in ur parthem a small fee e sure you ask yo an you spend from th ak m ey d on an m e nd or ha m h get out of nitely make muc nd. tes as things can si ng ki or tw l your friends arou al ne g al tin ci vi so in on go s u te invi before yo ents permission 9

Groomed To Perfection. . . . Nobody likes that smelly old man who insists on sitting next to you on the bus, gassing you out. In fact poor hygiene is nothing but a f ree CLEAN IT UP


ticket to Billy-no-mates Lane. This is not the best place to be when you’re trying to win the affections of that girl you’ve fancied for ages. Luckily MR.

have made a quick list of all the essentials you could possibly need to look, smell and feel great.

Use Neutrogena visibly exfoliating wash to clear away any dirt and grime on your skin to prevent spots and blackheads. This can be used just on your face but MR. suggests using it in the shower for a full body cleanse that will leave you feeling fresh and confident. Price: £3.71 Superdrugs 150ml

E45 is an essential for any man. It’s a basic moisturiser that will keep your skin from drying and also help to heal any cuts and scabs you may have. It comes in a nice chunky tub so it will last for ages and most importantly it doesn’t look or smell to girly. You can display it in your room proudly without looking like your opening up your own beauty parlour. Price: £3.28 Superdrugs 125g


This product is so under rated. Forget your fancy gels and styling waxes. Dax can style your hair to perfection with minimum effort. With Dax a little goes a long way as a small dollop in your palm will style your whole head. It’s also easy to remove as it can simply be brushed out of the hair leaving no trace of it’s presence.

Price £3.03 Superdrugs 99g SMELL FANTASTIC


Drive the girls wild this summer with Hugo XY summer edition. It’s light and airy fragrance will leave the ladies drooling and you feeling like a stud without an overpowering smell that some aftershaves have. Price £28.00 Boots 60ml



H&M £34.99 11

fashion shoot

T Shirt: Topshop ÂŁ6

fashion shoot

Jeans: H&M £34.99

Cardigan River Island £26.99

Trousers: River Island £29.99 T Shirt: River Island £14.99

Jeans: H&M £34.99

Shirt: Burton £22

Stripes: New Look £12 Black: Burton £25

White: River Island £24.99 Red: New Look £15

Tell Me About It 17 again

Angels & Demons

X-Men Origins Wolverine

If you’ve seen Freaky Friday then you’ll know that this just is the same thing but with father and son. But it will still make you laugh loads in a it’s-funny-because it’s-true kind of way.

If you like a bit of science fiction then this film is right up your street. Tom Hanks stars as Robert Langon who tries to save the Vatican city from the resurrection of the Illuminati, a legendary brotherhood as they try to destroy the enemy.

This is another great instalment of the X-Men series. It’s full of more action and adventure as we get a chance to see the early life of James Howlett and he became the X-Man.


Green Day


21st Century Breakdown

A biography and self-confession of the rappers current life. He’s still as controversial as ever so if you like to hear a whole load of celebrities being slammed over some upbeat melodies then Eminem won’t disappoint you.

Unlike their previous albums, Green Day get serious and heavy. With tracks such as ‘Know Your Enemy’ and ‘Murder City’ it’s the perfect album to listen to when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Plug in the earphones, get under the duvet and let it all out.

Asher Roth

Asleep In The Bread Aisle

Asher Roth is the new cool dude in town. The album includes his underground single ‘I Love College’. The beats on most of this album are great for relaxing. Infact, they’re so laid back it’s enough to make you fall asleep in the bread aisle. 18


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ho aldin g to n o R r, vin playe ot be mo mn a l i AC M he will n in the su t a s y insist ester Cit am good at I h th I Manc e said: “ truth is e H mer. even if th d more.” e n y Mila had pla I wish

Also. . . . David Beckham launches the countries bid to for either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup tournament. The AC Milan player was also joined by Wayne Rooney and Gordon Brown.

Cricket England defeat the West Indies and win the Test series.

Football AC Milan’s Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that he will be taking over at Chelsea in the Summer.

MR. magazine  

The best magazine for 12-16 year old males.

MR. magazine  

The best magazine for 12-16 year old males.