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Best Romantic Getaway Posted by Angella Grey on 24th, April 2012 How to Plan a Romantic Getaway There are a number of reasons why you might decide to plan a romantic weekend getaway. They range from being in disfavour with your significant other to just wanting to do something nice for them. Whatever your reasons for planning a romantic weekend, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure to follow the tips below so your romantic getaway goes well without a snag. 1) Plan your weekend well in advance Everyone appreciates spontaneous romantic gestures. However, no one appreciates those gestures if it means you have to stay at a one-star motel because you didn't plan far ahead enough to make reservations at a nicer place. Even though you may want your romantic getaway to seem spontaneous, make sure you actually put a fair amount of planning into it. Decide on the weekend far in advance, and make sure your partner doesn't have any conflicts on those days. It is quite the downer if you plan your getaway on the same weekend as her niece's wedding. Decide on your ideal hotel and restaurants you will patronize, and set up reservations at all of them far ahead of time. Your partner will appreciate the planning that goes into the weekend as much as they appreciate the time itself.

2) Do the things your partner likes Let's say you're a fanatical football fan and your partner likes to go to romantic dinners and stay at fancy hotels. Well, then don't plan a trip to the Giants game for your romantic getaway. Make sure that, when you're planning your romantic getaway, you do it with your partner's interests in mind. Part of the romantic nature of the weekend should be that you are able to do things that you both enjoy together.

3) Make sure you leave time for romance One mistake some couples make when planning a romantic getaway is to pack their weekend full of

activities. Remember that the goal of a romantic weekend getaway is to spend quality time with your partner. Thus, your schedule should include blocks of time where you can just enjoy each other's company. This might include drinks on the beach after dinner, a quiet night on the hotel room balcony with room service, or just a nice walk throughout town during the afternoon. Don't overschedule yourselves, and allow time for the romance to happen.

4) Leave all of your resentments at home We have to be realistic and understand that all couples have arguments and bicker at times. It doesn't matter whether we're on a romantic getaway or at home in the kitchen, arguments can happen whether we want them to or not. However, if you remember when you leave for your getaway weekend to leave any lingering issues at home, it will reduce the risk of argument while you're away. Just tell yourself that this weekend is for the two of you, and any problems can be dealt with when you get back. A romantic getaway can be a great benefit to any relationship. Just remember to plan ahead and keep the other tips above in mind. If you do, you're sure to have an unforgettable time with your partner! So also keep in mind,your partner will appreciate the planning that goes into the weekend as much as they appreciate the time itself.

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