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MOUNT LAMBAK Located at the foothill of Mount Lambak, some 5 kilometres from the town of Kluang is the recreational forest. It is a favourite retreat for picnics, bathing and mountain climbing.


Just 5 kilometres from Kluang town centre, the Mount Lambak recreational forest is a convenient destination for those who seeking a nature-getaway. Located at the foothill of Mount Lambak, this recreational forest is perfect for picnics, swimming and mountclimbing. There is also a small children’s playground here.




Tinggi Island offers a range of sea sports as well as comfortable accommodation with white sand beach and clear blue sea. Tinggi Island is one of the many captivating tropival islands that nestles the East Coast of Johor. It is white, sandy beach surrounded by alluring blue waters makes it perfect haven for those who want to escape from the mundabe world.


Tinggi Island get it’s name from a high hill rising 2000 feet above sea level. The island is painted green by the lush tropical forest that is rich with rattan, timber and othe valuable plants. It’s surrounding waters is rich with exotic marine life and beautiful underwater flora fringing it’s coral reefs, providing a breathtaking underwater view for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. The island was also blessed with natural fresh water and shelterd harbour, which explains it’s role as a stopover point for traders in the olden days. Apart from it’s physical beauty, Tinggi Island was also famous for it’s mystical characters. The locals believe that Malay’s most famous hero, Hang Tuah, had stopped here in one of his journeys. It’s believed that his spirit still guards the island till these days.




Foamy white surf lapping the shores. Teluk Buih offers a sheltered stretch of fine sand and is a popular retreat for the villagers.


The long coastline at Air Papan makes it’s way southwards and meets a small craggy bay which the villagers have named Teluk Buih after foamy white surf that lashes on to it’s shores. Teluk Buih offers a sheltered stretch of fine sand and is a popular retreat for the villagers. The beach is popular among picnickers especially weekends and public holidays. They can swim in it’s blue water, play games on it’s wide beach or just sit back and relax under the shade of the verdant vegetation.



TOP 10 delicious f o o d MUST TRY


Nasi lemak Nasi lemak is a popular breakfast to start off the day. Rice is boiled with coconut milk and often also with pandan leaves for added fragrance. The tender rice served on a banana leaf is eaten with spicy sambal chili, fried fish, anchovies, fried chicken and eggs. You can add additional ingredients like beef rendang which is very popular. In Johor, nasi lemak is often eaten together with otak-otak, which the seaside town of Muar is famous for.

Wanton noodles

Wanton noodles stalls are everywhere in Johor. The standard of wanton noodles is high in Johor or I am lucky enough to always get noodles that are springy and drenched in delicious, flavourful sauce. The Pontian styles of wanton noodles with it’s crunchy, eggy noodles and unique tangy spicy sauce has spread all over Malaysia, Singapore and even in Batam, Indonesia.

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Mee rebus Mee rebus literally mean boiled noodles. The boiled yellow noodles are the stopped topped with spicy sweet potato based gravy or kuah . The heart of mee rebus is in the gravy and Haji Wahid’s kuah is the most famous as it still uses many of the traditional ingredients such as grounded dried shrimps and peanuts. Haji Wahid’s is also known as Baidali mee rebus. In Johor, some stalls serve mee rebus with lamb shank or tulang and provide a straw to suck up the sweet gelatinous marrow in the shank.

Otak-otak Normally otak-otak are ready baked available in any store as seafood side. Familirarity otak-otak are made from the flesh of marine fish. For freshwater fish suitable for otak-otak are made of red tilapia dan cattlefish. Otak-otak wrapped in coconut leaves or palm leaves to be burned on charcoal or common kitchen. It is more delicious eaten while still hot.

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Laksa johor

The style in Johor is less coconut milk based but relies more on grounded spices for taste and flavour. The flavourful gravy is lighter in body than the variety found in neighbouring in Singapore. In Johor, the laksa is loaded with boiled egg, sprouts, onion and lots more.

Lontong kering Lontong kering is a popular breakfast meal in Johor. It is basically boiled rice cake served with ingredients such as fried tofu, beef rendang, fried chicken, fried vegetables and topped with spicy peanuty sauce which is very similiar to satay sauce. Additional side dishes like fried beef lungs and fried fish can be added, if one fancies.

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Nasi baryani


This is staple commonly found in Malaysia but it is Batu Pahat that indisputably claims the title of Nasi Baryani Capital of Malaysia. Normally served with heaps of fragrant top qualitty basmati rice and matched with a large chunk of either flavourful mutton rendang or chicken. A nasi baryani meal may look huge but most people are able to finish it all because it is so delicious.

Nasi ayam penyet Originally from Indonesia, ayam penyet is very popular, delicious set meal. Commonly found in food courts, ayam penyet is ideal for a quick and substantial lunch for the working crowd. Ayam penyet means flattened chicken in Indonesia. This dish consists of steamed rice accompanied by a large piece of fried chicken, fried tempeh, leafy vegetables, and a big dollop of good spicy sambal chilli.

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Murtabak is a stuffed pancake or panfried bread which is commonly found in Saudi Arabia. Depending on the location, the name and ingredients can significantly vary. Usually includes minced mutton, along with garlic, egg and onion, and is eaten with curry gravy, slice cucumber, onions and tomato sauce.

Kway teow soup A bowl of kway teow in steaming hot soup with chicken chuncks in the mix is enough to fuel you up for the day. This smooth and slurping meal is generally found in Chinese retaurants and hawker stalls as well. You might just find yourself putting your lips to the side of the bowl and steadily tipping it over to leave no tracks behind.

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