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WORK portfolio Farah Haseenah Mohd Jais M.Arch Architecture RIBA Part II Graduate architect



TILING PATTERN FOR THE ENTRANCE STAIRCASE OF K3 FORMOSA HOTEL The Formosa Hotel in Melaka is a 10 PROPOSED storey, 2-star 4. Tender HANG TUAH, MELAKAdocuments BANDARAYAfor BERSEJARAH establishment in Bandar Melaka. It consists ofAT 80NO 12, JALAN Assisted in preparing the demolition rooms with 6 different room types. and construction tenders. My involvement with this 5. Construction OPTION 1 project is quite extensive, covering the following: Coordinated the demolition PROPOSEDworks TILES: and assisted in sourcing suppliers for various aspects of the interior 1. Project management works. Acting as the assistant project architect, I attended project meetings to take down minutes and Staircase: coordinated works that needed to be done. GUOCERA YTM36951A 2. Design development Alternative: Worked on both the exterior and interior design together with the firm’s ID department. 3. Authority submissions Conducted KM, Bomba and BP submissions. Nosing: GUOCERA SS6000D




Tiling pattern proposal.

Proposal for the signage and entrance.

Examples of options for the hotel elevation.

Nosing: BMS JL60232

2_MYANMAR GATEWAY HOTEL This hotel is part of a masterplan in a coastal state in Myanmar. The town is to be catalysed by a new oil rig nearby and this hotel is meant to serve the businesspeople conducting work there. It is a cosy, 60 room hotel with a resort feel. In the long term, this hotel is projected to grow to 100 rooms and accommodate a further 250 in later phases.


For this project, I produced the drawings and 3D renders to be presented to the client and project stakeholders.

Ground floor drawing and 3D renders.



3D massing.

This facility is designed to be part of a new and emerging typology catering to the aging and retiring community. It comprises of normal serviced apartment facilities combined with medical facilities and 3 main unit types - dependent, assisted, and independent living. Residents would be advised on the unit type most suitable to the level of care they require. Phase 1 and 2 are comprised of 100 and 120 units respectively. The project is in an early design stage. I am currently working on the overall masterplanning and 3D massing of the apartments.

Unit plans.


1_BUKIT JALIL SCHOOL PERFORMING ARTS HALL This school is located in the heart of Bukit Jalil. It is a private national school on a 1-acre piece of hilly land which posed a challenge due to its small size and terrain. It comprises 45 classrooms, a swimming pool, labs, administration spaces, dining hall, and extensive facilities for performing arts which the client required. This project is still in its design stage. I worked mainly on the performing arts hall, which is a separate, adjacent building. I produced working drawings as well as the 3D representation. Elevation proposals for the performing arts hall.

Hall section and sightlines checking.



This proposal is for an international school in Cheras. The client required the design of a sports hall combined with a performing arts hall and facilities. It is to be built on an existing car park. On this project, I produced working drawings and the 3D of the design. I also sourced suppliers for the flooring and equipment, and produced preliminary design specifications.

Ground floor plan.

Section through both halls.

Proposed elevation.



This entry was for the PAM-MBAM architectural design competition. The brief was to design the new Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) headquarters in Subang Jaya. The office incorporates F&B facilities, workshops, a banquet hall, a multipurpose hall, a library, and classrooms. Our design approach for this was to juxtapose the heavy use of materials with light aesthetics through the use of voids and light-wells. For this project, I was involved with the overall design, and production of drawings and presentation boards for the entry.

Ground floor

First floor

Fourth floor

Fifth floor

Prevailing wind direction diagram.

Stack effect diagram.

3D renders.

Work Portfolio - Farah Haseenah  
Work Portfolio - Farah Haseenah  

Portfolio of Farah's work as a Part II architect.