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-NiE , 26 June 2019


Our fragile planet

It all comes back to us

THE planet is our home. We enjoy its beauty, and tap into its resources to improve our quality of life. However, when we are not good stewards of our fragile planet, our actions come back to haunt us in the long run.

NiE Activity 1

Do this activity in groups of four. Using pictures and articles from The Star, create a montage of human activities that can potentially harm our natural environment. Paste the items on a sheet of A3 paper. Then, explain how the activities bring harm to the planet and give solutions to curb the activities. When you are done, put up your work on the classroom walls and take a gallery walk.

NiE Activity 2

City council workers checking on the illegal dumpsite at Bukit Tambun in nibong Tebal, Penang.

Study the comic strip and image. Then, answer the questions. a. In your own words, explain why the man’s discomfort can be said to be self-inflicted.


b. How do you think greater awareness can be created among the general public to be mindful of their actions on the environment? List three suggestions.

(Jan 14, 2019) a. In the box below, list down some of the words or phrases used in the image to help evoke emotions in the reader. Discuss with your friend how these words or phrases bring the intended effect.


b. Observe the details of the image design, in particular the colours and positioning of the photograph. What do you think is the message intended to be achieved by the image? Discuss with a friend.

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Our fragile planet - It all comes back to us  

Our fragile planet - It all comes back to us