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-NiE , 26 June 2019


Lend a helping hand

Acts of recognition HELPFULNESS should be the norm in our lives, but it seems to be a rare attitude in society these days. One way to encourage helpfulness is to recognise people who are helpful.

NiE Activity 1

The extract below is part of an advertisement for the Star Golden Hearts Award 2019. The public can now nominate candidates for the award. Read the extract and then, carry out the activity. In groups of four, look for a personality featured in The Star whom you would nominate for the award. Cut out the picture and paste it in the space provided. Then, give reasons for your choice.

Paste the picture here

The personality’s name:

Why you would nominate the personality for the award:

(April 23, 2019)

NiE Activity 2

The excerpt below has been adapted from an article published in The Star. In groups of four, read the excerpt. Then, carry out the activity.

Community closer after fire KOTA KINABALU: Victims of the Pasir Putih fire in Putatan may have lost their homes and possessions following the blaze over a week ago, but they found other things to be thankful for. For 18-year-old Qusyairah Amit, the fire left them with only some clothes and important documents but it brought out the good in the community. “At night, we see the men take turns sleeping while the rest conduct patrols around this community hall to make sure that the 60 affected families or so are safe from thieves.” The teen, who sleeps in the tent with her mother while her father and brother stay outside in their own makeshift tents, said the community was now much closer because of the fire. “At least we know in times like these, people can put aside their differences and come together as one to keep each other safe,” Qusyairah said. (Jan 22, 2019)

Imagine you were the Chief Minister of Sabah. You have been invited to address the community in Putatan. In your speech, you will praise the community for their team spirit, and encourage them to continue the culture of kindness. Write the script in your group. When you are done, appoint a group representative to give the speech in class.

NiE Activity 3

In groups of four, look in The Star for articles or photos of people whose helpful acts are worth noting. Cut them out and paste them on a sheet of A3 paper. Then, write down reasons why their actions are praiseworthy. When you are done, put up your work on the classroom walls and take a gallery walk. (Note to teacher: To get a variety of articles, have the students pick their materials from different editions of The Star.)


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