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Learning is a treasure that follows its learner everywhere‌

Who are we?

Tatweer is all about human development. We provide and array of e-Learning programs and qualifications, making us the pioneering e-Development company in Egypt. We intend to make training as accessible, impactful and affordable as possible, using our Learning Management System that has proven to be the most advanced and efficient platform globally.

What we do? We are an e-Development company that provides both accessible and affordable learning programs to any given workforce on any type of training. We provide a simulation of the classroom experience and qualifications from internationally accredited bodies at an efficient cost thus combining the benefits of both traditional and online training.

Tatweer’s Key Strengths Unique and localized content that is available in English and Arabic. The courses’ content can be customized to any training requirements. A Learning Management System provides the platform for learners, plans their courses, tracks their progress and provides them with certification. Learners are provided with different interactive tools and assessment tools that will help enhance the learning experience in addition to becoming certified. Our programs are accredited by Edexcel, based in the UK and is perceived internationally as one of the largest and most credible e-learning accreditation institution.

Advanced LMS Technology Insure Compatibility

Insure Accessibility

Provide Sustainable Development

Global Content, Tools & Systems

Insure Maximum Integration

Customized & Localized Content

Our Programs For Corporations Entry-level development program Tatweer International’s Entry Level Development Program will help you acquire, develop, utilize and retain talents through a specially tailored process that is designed to match today’s dynamically changing business needs. Organizational Induction With Tatweer International, any form of organizational induction will be effortless. Tatweer International will customize induction or orientation programs in order to ensure that your employees know exactly what is required from them. Furthermore, this method will ensure complete standardization that isn’t possible through any other training method.

Our Programs For Graduates Employability Program The Employability Program mainly works on developing graduates on skills required by employers thus providing potential employers with highly skilled employees. Our Employability Program has succeeded in overcoming the three main hurdles in any graduates’ development programs, namely: standardization, qualification, accessibility and affordability. Recruitment We are planning to partner with two major recruitment firms who can help the individuals that we qualify to find a job based on their profile provided by their assessments’ results. The assessments present a full picture regarding any given individual as they unveil both their personal attributes and language and computer abilities, which allows them to find their bestsuited job.

Qualification and Accreditation To ensure that your money is not spent in vain, we have designed a rigorous screening process, which ensures that any given person that participates in any of our programs makes maximum use out of our learning solutions. The candidates’assessment process is divided into two parts: Aptitude Testing Ability Test English and Computer Placement Psychometric Testing Skills Attributes Assessment Personal Assessments

In our quest to provide high quality, world-class training programs, Leading Global Accreditation Association internationally accredits Tatweer International’s curriculum and course’s content. Our programs are certified by UK based Edexcel, internationally perceived as one of the largest and most credible e-Learning accreditation institutions.

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Telephone: +202-2750836 Fax: +202-27508327 Support: Address: Building #4 Street 151, Maadi.


Minibrochure done for Tatweer International for Human Development to be used as a marketing tool.

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