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By Farah Hisamuddin

Alphabet Poem Me

A - ate a sandwich made by mom B - back to the play ground C - cat meowing D - dogs barking E - everyone enjoying the warm weather

F - fun was in the air G - giggling and gossiping H - hiding and calling I - Ice cream melting J - jumped over a puddle K - kids pranking L - little bugs flew M - mommy calling N - now time for dinner O - oranges for dessert P - plates were washed later Q - questions from classes at school needed to be answered R - read a book before sleeping S - sleepy and tired from all the homework T - ticking clock U - under the bed sheet V - very sleepy W - wined the clock to wake up early X - eXhaling and inhaling when sleeping Y - yapping in the middle of the night, sleep talking Z – ZZZZZzz, continuing on sleeping

Acrostic Poem

F un is always a must in a day in my life A rt is really important in my life time R unning to new experience is to like looking for a new friend

A pples is my favorite fruit H igh marks on my subjects is important

F unny is like a word we use everyday A rt is not a popular thing in my family ‘M akan!’ is what my mom calls us to eat I ce cream, my sister and I make homemade ice cream all the time

L oving each other is really important to us Y elling is what my mother does all the time

Sharifah Sweet, petit, singer, smart Wife of Hisamuddin

Who now dreams of being with her family, friends and in a peaceful place Who fears her father, cockroaches and her husband

Lover of antique, faux cake and family

Who would never eat a grasshopper, scream in public and kill someone

Who learned from teachers, experience and difficult situations or time

Who needs family, friends and Family's Love

Famous for singing, math wiz and Young News Reporter

Who feels sad, happy and excited Who wishes there are no jealous, irresponsible and annoying people

Who used to dream of being a doctor, to marry P. Ramlee, and finding her cat Resident of Desa Saujana, Kajang back Biopoem



Connection, admiration Caring, protecting, never-ending Ignorant and waiting impatiently Happiness

Shoes Warm, protective Walking, running, jogging Colorful, laces, shoe patterns, words Cloth, rubber, helpful, awesome Size, Feet Sneakers

Haiku Poem

Light of the bright moon Moves west, flowers' shadows Creep eastward.

Did you ever see a firework? Colorful, loud, big, high

Did you ever see a telephone? Ringing, calling, talking Did you ever hear a clock? Ticking, ringing, jumping ‌‌ annoying

Cat Cute, furry

Eating, playing, sleeping Playful, soft, lovable, cats

Fire, fire burning out of control. It started like a dimly lit candle A spark went astray It grew and grew Until it raged out of control Lives were lost along the way Those who survived moved on To better their life The rest left behind Broken hearted Still no clue did they have It was their own fault

Farah's Poetry  
Farah's Poetry  

This is a collection of my poetries from English B class, UNIS Hanoi.