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Solid and stable ticketing solutions from FARA have been critical to help the driver do a good job and for us to maximise income from ticket sales. Trond Myhre, Marketing Director, Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk

Do a better job Drivers want to know their route, plan their day and be on time. FARA lets drivers see their whole route, and get a better idea of whether they are late, on time or ahead of schedule. And when they are running late, FARA’s systems ensure drivers can access the ­information they need to get them back on track without taking risks or shortcuts. The driver sells and validates t­ickets, and informs passengers while ­bringing them to their destination. Access to accurate information about ­connections, traffic and service makes it easier for the driver to do a better job, in a less stressful environment. In addition to displays on the bus and bus stop providing real-time information to the passengers about the expected arrival and departure times, the displays can also be used for advertisement, videos and other forms of infotainment.

Help passengers With FARA’s tablets, the driver can sell and ­validate tickets quickly and easily. Having the right

Contact person for

tools for efficient operations is critical. With a


­smartphone-like display that reacts to the light touch

Thomas Bach Petersen

of a finger, the compact, light and rugged device

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is especially designed to improve the ticketing


experience for both the driver and the passenger.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
FARA greener cities with better travel flow