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Your route. Your time Everything you need to know to make driving safe and easy

Plan your day

Be on time

Select what you want to see. ­There

A driver’s Android tablet displays a map showing the journey’s progress.

is also a function for voice and text

The tablet gets its location from GPS and sends this to the central system

­communication with the traffic

using the 3G network. This gives the driver an accurate, real-time view of the

­controllers. Assault alarms with

scheduled and achieved route. A red light indicates an early departure from

real-time communication increase

the stop, a yellow light indicates a late departure and a green light indicates

the drivers’ security and safety.

timely departure. Messages about delays or service disruption can be sent straight from the vehicle to the stop, informing passengers in real-time.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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