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Easier for passengers Today there are about 2 billion smartphone users. It is intuitive for these travellers to use their smartphones for public ­transport, just as they do for their other forms of t­ransportation. These passengers ­expect accurate real-time information. With FARA’s technology, it is easier to use public transport. We help you plan your trip, buy your ticket, find your bus stop and get real-time information about vehicle’s l­ocation and ­predicted arrival times on native mobile apps and ­applications. R ­ eal-time ­information makes public t­ransport much more accessible by h ­ elping passengers a ­ dapt to any change in scheduled timings. FARA’s solution supports different modes of transportation including buses, trains, and trams. A wide variety of languages and its universal design make FARA’s applications accessible to all user groups.

Get real-time updates Are there delays? Will I be on time? The provider can give ­accurate, real-time updates to passengers while they plan their trip, before they board the vehicle, and during the trip itself. Traffic information, s­ ervice alerts and transfer options are pushed to the passengers’ devices, bus stop displays and info screens on the bus. The maps show the ­t ravel

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route, and vehicle icons on the map show the journey progress in


­real-time. A continuous stream of information gives passengers

Arild Sundal

­confidence that they will arrive as planned.

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FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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