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Your trip, in your hands Time is crucial, for both passengers and transport ­providers. Delays mean unhappy customers and lost revenue. R ­ educing travel times and easing the journey are essential, if the ­ public is going to switch from cars to public ­transport. FARA is the leading IT provider of electronic t­icketing and ­travel information for public transport. Our i­ntelligent s­ ystems enable passengers to travel with ease, d ­ rivers to go unhindered, and public transport authorities to monitor, control and operate public transport. FARA makes it easier for passengers. Regardless of district, ­ county or country, passengers can access all the information they need for their entire journey on one website or mobile a ­ pplication. FARA’s integrated technologies help passengers plan their trip, buy their ticket and get real-time updates when travelling.

! Stay updated When is the next bus arriving? When should I get off? Are there delays? Get real-time updates every second and have a smooth journey.

Public transport is the future We live in the information age. Smartphones have increased travellers’ expectations of having constant access to real-time ­information. This is a global trend, but the Nordic countries, where FARA has its origins, were early adopters. Leveraging advanced technology in public transport is the game changer capable of making public transport people’s preferred form of travel. Public transport will be increasingly important in m ­ aking the wheels turn in our urban congested world. By 2050, 80% of the world’s projected 9 billion citizens will live in urban areas. The growing urban population will increase traffic congestion in city centers, unless we embrace a new approach. To move people effectively, improve residents’ ­quality of life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, green and smart cities will upgrade and expand public transport.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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