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Northern Jutland, Denmark

Integrated IT solutions of the future meet high expectations Public transport authorities can now meet the high ­expectations from those looking for optimal and precise public transport services. Passengers expect timely s ­ ervice with constant updates on the status of the s ­ ervice. Drivers want well-defined and ­functional workspaces. M ­ anagement want efficient and p ­ rofitable companies. ­Political authorities want smart and green cities with public transport systems that act as their backbones. Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT), a public transport c­ ompany in northern Jutland, Denmark, chose FARA’s latest ­information technology to meet these high expectations. NT has worked with FARA to put real-time i­nformation solutions in place. NT started with a few hundred ­vehicles. But following geographic expansion and company growth, NT has continually expanded and upgraded FARA’s real-time information system.

The busses are equipped with 3G/4G, GPS and touch screens for the drivers. NT’s o ­ peration center has ­implemented active traffic control and traffic prioritization. These, combined with real-time passenger information for its websites and smartphones, total integration with the central database, national travel p ­ lanner and national travel card system make it e ­ asier for NT to manage its fleet, keep the service on schedule and optimize operations. Both passengers and NT have access to more ­information, making the service better and the job easier to do. G ­ etting access to traffic data in real-time makes it ­possible to optimize time tables and bus traffic planning, ­helping make NT an efficient and profitable company. All traffic data collected and sent across the system is processed and becomes an important element for ­traffic planners when they are preparing timetables. FARA’s solutions have been developed s­ tep-by-step to account for different expectations and needs. It is built on an open architecture and can be fully integrated with other existing IT solutions. Expanding NT has been p ­ ossible thanks to the open nature of FARA’s IT solutions.

FARA greener cities with better travel flow  
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